White House says taxpayer-funded schools must enroll illegal aliens

I suppose even the word “lawless” is insufficient to explain the Obama administration anymore. We don’t need to have a “comprehensive” amnesty policy. These liberal progressive socialists will enact their desired brand of social justice by any means necessary.

As The Daily Caller reported (via Yahoo), the Obama administration pointedly told American public schools on Thursday that they must enroll the children of illegal immigrants despite little to nothing in the way of legitimate documentation concerning how old the kids are or where they live. The lecture came from Attorney General Eric Holder and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, according to a Department of Justice press release they obtained.

My first question is, who pays for it? And I’m sure you know the answer.

In their joint statement, Holder and Duncan announced updated federal guidance informing officials at taxpayer-funded K-12 schools about new, federally permissible enrollment practices. The updated guidance stresses the need for flexibility in choosing which documents illegal immigrant parents can submit to show a child’s age or whether the child actually even lives within a school’s attendance boundary. The new guidance specifically stresses that school districts cannot require certain legal documents including a parent’s state-issued driver’s license any time it might prevent a child from enrolling because of a parent’s illegal immigration status.

“The message here is clear,” Duncan said. “Let all children who live in your district enroll in your public schools.”

Now of course, if you disagree with this “updated federal guidance,” you’ll be castigated as mean, hateful and depriving children of an education – even if they are here illegally. So much for our sovereignty.

Holder based his guidance on Plyler v. Doe, a 1982 class action case filed on behalf of a group of school-aged Mexican children in Smith County, Texas who could not establish that they had been legally admitted to the United States. Justice William Brennan wrote the Court’s 5-to-4 majority ruling. The slim majority concluded that a Texas law preventing the children of illegal immigrants from attending public schools was unconstitutional because denying the children basic education contributes to “the creation and perpetuation of a subclass of illiterates within our boundaries.”

Thus, The Lone Star State could not show that the law served a “substantial state interest” — which is the legal lingo for the constitutional test applied in cases involving illegal aliens. And that’s why whoever sits on the Supreme Court can affect the very the existence of the American Constitutional Republic.

Last Thursday, Holder went on to say that the federal government has “continued to hear troubling reports of actions taken by school districts around the country that have a chilling effect on student enrollment, raising barriers for undocumented children and children from immigrant families who seek to receive the public education to which they are entitled.” Entitled? I disagree.

The Daily Caller said the attorney general and his department will now double down on ensuring that illegal immigrant children are allowed to attend American taxpayer-funded schools. “Public school districts have an obligation to enroll students regardless of immigration status and without discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin,” Holder proclaimed. “The Justice Department will do everything it can to make sure schools meet this obligation. We will vigilantly enforce the law to ensure the schoolhouse door remains open to all.”

This comes from the same Eric Holder who refuses to support an independent investigation into the VA death list case. This charlatan is the most partisan political hack Attorney General in the history of our country.

So, there you have it, my fellow American taxpayers, start doling it out for educating illegals — this is after all the “Hope and Change” America voted for –twice!


  1. I am so glad … at 71 years old I will not have to deal with the decisions of you obeywan supported ideals of more taxes for.. gay, lesbians and transgender tax breaks, marijuana for stress and rewritten history that forgives Democratic politics for slavery and the KKK.

      • ROFLMAO—I started paying into S.S. in 1956 along with every employer who matched my contribution. Tell me “phil pussy” do you really think any state has sponsored, paid into or supported S.S.–other than dems repeatedly trying to add more tax when we start drawing from the money WE paid.
        Note: I don’t mind paying the extra tax on the money that was already taxed when I earned it for the federal government administer my huge check each month.

      • Please, drop the formalities, just call me pussy. Plain old simple pussy.
        I only wish the democrats had the power you think they do.

      • Dear pussy, I just read through some of your past comments.
        One thing that sticks out “in Dan Aykroyd’s words” you are an ignorant slut.
        Please list the states, counties and cities where you can purchase a firearm without a background check.
        will wait for your response—LOL

      • In 33 states, private gun owners are not restricted from selling guns at gun shows. Buyers who purchase guns from individuals are not required to submit to the federal background checks in place for licensed dealers. Critics say that firearms can be obtained illegally as a result, calling it the “gun show loophole.” Proponents of unregulated gun show sales say that there is no loophole; gun owners are simply selling or trading guns at the shows as they would do at their residence.

      • The private sellers at those shows are less than 1% of gun sales nation wide and if they trade or sell without going through a federally licensed dealer they are breaking the law and are criminals. Do you think passing more laws will make criminals obey them?
        Law abiding gun owners go through an annual background check in all states by the state law enforcement agencies that goes back 5 years even to past addresses in different states. They issue a license good for one year and you cannot buy a gun without a current one.
        We have laws on the books to prohibit and punish illegal gun sales and ownership. Judges do not enforce these laws and are lax in sentencing.

      • You asked and I answered. If a nut case, illegal, terrorist anybody wants a gun, they can. Especially with a bag of cash.

      • So you agree The problem is not gun shows or law abiding gun owners. It’s the criminals who can purchase a gun in the parking lot from another criminal. Even a Macy’s parking lot.
        More laws regarding registrations or restrictions of ammo, type of gun and size of magazines will only make happy criminals.

      • The problem is we can not have a reasonable discussion about guns without gun nuts screaming their rights are being violated from the start. We have a problem with gun violence in ALL parts not Chicago, fool. And you can’t give everybody guns thinking only responsible people are buying them .

      • Crimes committed with guns are down 59% nation wide for the last 50 years.
        Also I would like to know who is giving guns to everybody? Or are you just screaming

      • Kind of like method and heroine…yep more laws really put an end to those crimes too…

      • I’m still waiting for your apology for calling me a ignorant slut. Unless you like ignorant sluts….

      • You mean the same state sponsored social security that he paid into his whole working life? That one?

  2. Holder is NUTTY. Way to expose your true colors. I can’t believe a grown man like him could think this is sensible.

  3. “denying the children basic education contributes to the creation and perpetuation of a subclass of illiterates within our boundaries.”

    I thought the Democrats wanted future voters. Subclass of illiterates, Democrats. What’s the difference?

    • From what I’ve seen, many of the poor deny themselves an education. That’s something rich people say when they romanticize about the poor. Quite frankly, the poor and working class see no value in an education. Forcing it onto them is just a waste of money and cheapens degrees for those that did care about school. Look at all the illiterates that have college degrees now. It’s happening folks. After years spent in the teaching field, I just see no value in mandatory education for the poor. If the poor child and family want an education, I have no problem with them getting one. For all the rest, they can go work at McDonald’s or a farm for all I care. It’s just life. People need to be realistic.

      • Is that what you’ve learned from watching MSNBC? If we are talking about statistics, statistically speaking, the majority of Democrats tend to be young, single women and black people. Not really the most highly educated block on the planet. more like reactionary, irrational and easily manipulated.

      • I actually learned it from going to college, lol. With that said, I’d be interested to know where you get your “statistics” regarding what constitutes the “majority of Democrats”. As far as MSNBC goes….I don’t subscribe to confirmation bias (seeking out only information that supports my beliefs, in case you didn’t know) as many conservative Republicans and the far left seem to do. I’m more interested in the facts.

      • You say that you are more interested in the facts, that’s good. “Confirmation bias” is only sought out by the most insecure of our society. On both sides of the political spectrum, there are those who fear any idea that does not conform to their pre conceived ideas of their own political and ideological world view.

        That being said, I was not suggesting that there are not individuals in all of the groups listed above that are not of above average intelligence. Yourself included.

        It has been my personal experience that College has become a liberal seminary and a bastion of intolerance, rather than institutions of higher learning in critical thinking. Where conforming to socially driven ideology has become more important than math, science and history.

        Leftism is a scourge of society and does not uplift, it only brings society down to the levels of the Bigoted social engineers who designed it.

  4. I grow more dismayed every day. Our current regime breaks laws, ignores laws, makes their own laws and each day our Congress sits on its hands doing nothing. I keep hoping “maybe today we will see Congress take action” only to see the day pass with Congress supporting all the illegal acts. By refusing to hold anyone accountable Congress is showing its approval by silence.

    • You won’t see Congress take a stand because you have a Democratic controlled congress and a Democrat in the White House. They don’t want to make their party look bad. Sadly, the same thing happens when Republicans are in office too. People should do what is RIGHT and not play party politics.

      • Well, the GOP is also afraid of being labeled racist if they do what they need to: start a serious impeachment investigation.

  5. Love how they say it’s a “right”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but our rights are for citizens,if they are not citizens then the only right they have is to be treated like a human while being deported.

  6. I know that education is important but if it is manditory for tax-payer public schools to accept them, then it should be manditory for private schools to accept them at no cost also. After all, the private schooled children’s parents may pay taxes too.

    • It does not matter where your children go to school; you still pay taxes for public schools. So now you want to double tax the parents that can afford to send their children to Private Schools?

      • I misread what you were saying. They would not be Private Schools if they accepted them at no cost. At this point, people should be standing up and refusing to pay taxes for Illegals in school.

    • Wrong is wrong regardless of when or under whom it was passed. You really aren’t that ignorant are you?

      • Considering the article blames President Obama and his administration for this law (a term I use loosely until I research it myself to find out what the actual facts are), I would think a response calling out under whose actual administration it was ruled on is perfectly appropriate. Of course that doesn’t coincide with your rhetoric so in your mind, it’s ignorant. Typical. Pot…..meet kettle. You’re black.

      • Actually the article blames holder for pushing something that was passed back then. Of course we are still faced with an AG who refuses to enforce other laws he is required to. Lawlessness is where you pick and choose which laws to follow or enforce which is exactly what obozo and his minions are doing…

  7. We have had illegal children in schools forever and we the taxpayers pay for it. Hell, some don’t even speak English and have to have someone translate for them. Where Is Congress?

  8. It’s simple folks. Illegal immigrants vote democratic because the dems give them hand outs and free stuff at the expense of all hard working Americans, period.

    • That is true James. However, do not forget to include the republicans that wish to allow illegals to stay, to promote slave labor for their very rich business buddies. Follow the money and there you will find the abuse of power, from these self serving, narcissistic politicians of both political party’s!

      • Yep. IMHO we live in a kleptocracy parading as a democracy. Said kleptocracy cashes in on all facets of profitized illegal immigration and immigration “reform”. Meanwhile, the unaware public buys the illusionary idea that one side or the other actually will fix illegal immigration.

  9. I guess this means I don’t have to follow any laws I don’t agree with anymore. I can simply use obozo and the DOJ for precedent…

  10. Washington Simultaneously Creates – And Then Pretends To “Fix” – Illegal Immigration – For Profit

    This is what I have figured out after working for the US Border Patrol and ICE for 26 years and then studying illegal immigration and Mexico’s drug war for another 9 years in retirement.

    Washington’s cronies have the “illegal immigration” markets cornered:

    Create trade policies (NAFTA/CAFTA) that favor the bi-national elites

    Create illegal immigration that exchanges undocumented labor for foreign remittances

    Create border crises that will require billions of US tax dollars in crony “border security” boodle

    Create propaganda that hides the true motives of illegal immigration and immigration reform

    Talk about the “perro” chasing its tail and making billions in the process.

    RIP America, with love Washington.

    The majority of Americans rant and rave about the symptoms of illegal immigration while not realizing that Washington sets the parameters of this debate.

    This entire mess is based upon multi-national political corruption. Corruption that capitalizes upon cheap labor, remittances, drug profits and billions in border security boodle.

    Brought to you by all the governments involved who disregard the lives of their own citizens, the sweat and tears of the undocumented and billions upon billions of US tax dollars.

    We have indeed met the enemy Pogo.


  11. we are already doling it out! my granddaughter’s 1st day of school was delayed for a whole year. Americans better wise up. when we took my granddaughter to register for the 2012-2013 school year so she could start school here in Nashville TN, we were told that there was no room for her and many other American children in her district because they needed the classrooms, teachers, books, and money for her education to teach English as a Second Language children. She had to wait for the 2013-2014 school year to begin her education. what do you think will happen now with the thousands of children/adults that will now begin to flood our schools?


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