Smith College latest to cave to students’ fascist-like behavior

Last night I appeared “On the Record” with Greta Von Susteren to discuss the commencement speaker cancellations due to student protests — the most recent being International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director, Christine Lagarde, canceling her speech at Smith College.

What is happening at our American colleges and universities? It truly seems a small group of intolerant, spoiled fascists are getting the upper hand. Once upon a time, these institutions of higher learning were places for serious intellectual discourse and exchange. However, today it seems there can only be one perspective — far Left liberal progressive — and all else is shunned, if not actually denigrated.

Recently, I spoke at DePaul University on the subject of the Middle East and Israel, as I reported here. I was looking forward to an exchange on the topic since I had read that a group there was pushing for the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) agenda against Israel.

At the beginning of the presentation, I saw about 30 or so dissenters, disengaged. But at the proper stroke of the clock, they all arose and went outside to protest. What lesson did these children learn? They looked like pouty little cowards who had no desire to learn, let alone be challenged.

Unfortunately we seem to be allowing a generation of what Vladimir Lenin termed “useful idiots” to be harvested on our college and university campuses. But what is more distressing is that the adults — at least the rational ones – don’t seem to be in charge anymore.

Consider the case at Brandeis University with Ayaan Hirsi Ali and how that school’s administration cowered in the face of being confronted by an Islamist organization, the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Instead of making a stand, they acquiesced and CAIR sent out victory fundraising letters and the children (hardly to be called students) were rewarded by getting their way — Pavlovian indeed and they’ll go on believing this form of arrested development works.

I recall the despicable treatment given to General David Petraeus and former NYC Police Chief Ray Kelly on college campuses. That abject disrespect and gall of these unappreciative gremlins was unconscionable.

Of course in America, we always want to cast blame somewhere. Well, the blame has to be cast upon the adults. Are we witnessing The Death of the Grown-up as Diana West wrote in her book? Are we seeing a complete abdication of the roles and responsibility of being a disciplinarian and leader? If we don’t get control over what is happening on our college and university campuses, promoted by radical professors masquerading as adults, then what happens in the future for our Republic? If we’re only raising perpetual children who yell, scream, pout, and froth at the mouth to get their way, who will lead?

If we continue to allow small, loud, and intolerant groups dictate discourse in America, what happens to our ability to address issues by hearing all sides of a solution? Last night Greta told me to not hold my breath in believing that university presidents will take control of these situations and be adults – that’s quite disconcerting.

There must be free speech, freedom of expression and the right to petition our government for redress of grievances. But what we are experiencing is something totally different: it is the complete shutdown of any dissenting viewpoints. Quite un-American and quite totalitarian.

When the other side has to resort to name-calling, you’ve won the debate. And when people scream and yell to shut down your voice, it’s because of their lack of intellectual rigor masquerading their fear.

I hope these young people will come to realize how it works in the real world. When your boss doesn’t give you want you want and you throw a hissy fit, some really big fellas called “security” will carry you out and your briefcase will follow. Sadly, too many parents – the adults – aren’t teaching this lesson early on.


  1. The parents are at fault for raising a bunch of idiots. God is returning & I’m pretty sure he will seek retribution from these Nazis

  2. This sort of stuff makes me hope our grandchildren do not desire a college education. Why would a responsible, mature parent want to send their child to one of these schools of progressive indoctrination?

      • Yep. Decent, normal, industrious young kids with a work ethic get to learn how to succeed and support themselves and the rest of the PC world can starve to death. Works for me.

      • And who pays these hard workers? And who gets promoted over hard workers without degrees?

  3. Of course not….in a world where every one wins (since we don’t keep score in this game…), “selfies” are the rage [“look at me!!”], and instant gratification gets more and more instanter; when disagreement means one is either a). a racist, b) an intellectual ignoramous, c) a conspiracy theorists, d) politically incorrect or e) all of the above……what do we really expect of many college students??

  4. I see the same thing in the high school where I teach. Luckily, I teach with other adults and we don’t let the students get away with it. Some of the ones I discipline the most love me the most. What a lot of parents don’t understand is that children need you to discipline them to know you care about them. Teenagers’ brains are still developing and they still need adult guidance – even college students who havn’t hit that magic age of adulthood (which is actually different for each person.)

  5. These students have the right not to go to hear a speech. They do not have the right to deny others the right to hear the speech. They do need to kick their student loan asses out of the college.

      • The protesting students do not have to attend. Let the ones who care about the speaker attend.

      • Again, it’s their school and graduation. How was the speaker selected? How was the finial decision made?

      • Invitations for a college graduation speakers are generally done by a committee of student government and administration. Suggestions are taken from the potential graduates. Just because a vocal minority objects is not a reason to cancel a speaker. Since when does a minority rule?

      • Minority rule probably has legacy parents who made big donations. Or college admin are a bunch of pushovers.

      • So nobody bothered to ask the admin before finalizing the event what they thought ? Who signs the checks?

      • Well, the admin should remember that and not cave. The speakers should remember that and not remove themselves from the situation . Where are the alumni ? Boosters?

  6. I don’t think anyone should care. It’s their graduation , the focus had be on their accomplishments and hard work or not controversy.
    BTW, you forgot to mention Eric Holder was to give a speech at the OKPD graduation 4/24/14, but canceled due to protests.

    • So if I was graduating and they wanted a speaker I objected to, I would not be allowed to protest? To not ’cause a fuss’ you would force me to attend and hear something I do not like? I think the ones causing a fuss should not attend. No more controversy.

      • I want to know who made the decision to get that particular speaker and who was consulted.
        Why do I feel I’m back in the 60’s. This kinds of things happen all the time in colleges.

      • No, civil discussion happens not a total eradication of a certain type of thought process, ie conservative. Islam is like that. They are all for minority rights when they are in the minority but once they are the majority the child rapping and Sharia begin. Then there are no minority rights.

      • From the examples I have seen of some college students, they wouldn’t have understood the speaker anyway, they have been way too dumbed down. They can barely process a thought now days.

  7. Good point “…When your boss doesn’t give you want you want and you throw a hissy fit, some really big fellas called “security” will carry you out and your briefcase will follow. Sadly, too many parents – the adults – aren’t teaching this lesson early on.”

    PS Alumni of colleges that pull such tactics should NOT give the college $$$ (and let them know why)…

  8. What do you expect to happen when most of our colleges have been taken over by ultra-liberal professors who are not teaching but indoctrinating their students? And now the indoctrination is starting younger and younger with common core. Hitler had it right….indoctrinate when they are young and you can control the population.

    • that’s pretty much a racist divisive comment. tolerance IS a two-way street. now go burn your crosses elsewhere.

    • You have evidence of your accusations or just more nonsense from those that are all for killing their unborn but not the enemy? You come off as the fascist, do you know what that word even means?

      • OK, how does my statement line up with fascist beliefs as you know them to be? “Fascist” doesn’t mean “Someone I have different political beliefs from.”

      • Once again,
        1. You have evidence of any war crimes other than Hillarie’s & Obama refusal to save Americans lives? Focus on the points that matter liberal. I’m sure your all for a woman’s right to murder her child because it’s an inconvenience. I call that a human rights violation.

  9. the youth are rebelling against the war mongers and the ills of society. they must be spoiled little brats to all you delusional brainwashed masses. of course you will never wake up to the reality. this generation is on track to be the best yet. they won’t accept the bigotry that the previous generations would, they won’t celebrate war criminals like the last generations would. thank goodness all previous generations are slowly dying off to make way for the kids of the next. they will undo the bad in the world that we have let flourish. and we all have, we just like to turn a blind eye and act like it’s never our fault. the only ones throwing hissy fits because their children won’t fall in line with what they want. sounds like they are on track to be good free thinkers not conforming to what society demands like all previous generations did. this article is the biggest self delusioned piece of garbage i’ve read in a while.

    • The reality would be the real lack of understanding from the youth. You come off as a liberal nut job so let’s go over a few basics, humans cannot control the weather but we can steal money from the employed masses & waste it on climate change because of stupidity and alarmists. You mentioned fixing all the ills and letting the world flourish, so how’s Barrack working out for ya? He was going to stop the rising seas, etc. It’s amazing how when your every need is taken care of that you understand how to cure the world. Do you support Sharia law and women’s rights also? Most liberal morons do and can’t distinguish the glaring contradiction therein. You cannot comprehend this article because you’ve never held your buddy while he bled to death for a free country you do not yet appreciate. I suggest taking your privileged world view to Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba, or some other area and come back to reality. For a shorter trip just cross illegally into Mexico and see how friendly & hardworking they are. After all you’ll just be “undocumented”. Until then accept your communist views for what they are, uninformed youth. Like a child you need to be taught what you do not know, hot pan burns type thing. Keep up the ignorance and about 30 you’ll wake up I hope, maybe not.

      • You speak as if I am some white kid suffering from affluence, maybe because you are a old white man suffering from affluence. I’m not even an American but I am a northerly neighbor. I come from a country that supports women’s rights without supporting sharia law, note how you equate the two? You are a bitter sad excuse for a human. I am also not a Democrat or liberal, because I am not a partisan puppet such as yourself. You only comprehend your own hate and bile so I will not waste anymore time on you. Besides you’re an old white man, you’ll be gone from this earth soon enough.

      • You sound incredibly intolerant of people who aren’t just like you. And, if you really don’t think you are a liberal, you need to reassess yourself…………you are a liberal.

      • When you’re dealing with his level of stupidity it’s nearly impossible to reason with that kind of thought process or lack thereof!

    • The brainwashed products of government indoctrination centers have become good little Hitler/Obama DemoNazi Youth.
      It is 1984 and the thought police are out en force.
      There are no free thinkers in this low information mob, Jeremy and that includes you. Are you a paid dissembler for the DemoNazi Regime or just willfully ignorant?

    • I fear Jeremy that you are but another of those “free-thinkers” indoctrinated into this form of far-left wing mindset that believes it is free thinking. Your belief that mind-numbed students, who have been fed one viewpoint throughout their school years, could approach any topic with free thought is an absurd illusion. They are robots, made for voting Democrat, and believing only the liberal side of any debate. I believe also that you spent so much time in school listening to this kind of dribble that you ignored the rules of punctuation. While you show your intolerance to other ideas, you might spend some time learning some basic rules of writing.


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