Sam’s kiss was “brave?” Villanueva has a Bronze Star – now THAT’S brave.

The NFL draft is over and there was much ado over former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel and the first openly gay football player, Michael Sam. Of course, more media attention was given to Sam and “that kiss” when he learned he was drafted.

And astonishingly enough, comments about Sam’s kiss with his boyfriend drew some football players fines and a trip to adult timeout. Remember when NBA player, Jason Collins, came out as openly gay and the attention he received? Front page covers and a call from the president himself.

However, has anyone heard even a peep about Alejandro Villanueva? Well, he was picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles – a strapping fella at 6’9″ and most important, a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point, and a former Army Ranger.

The defensive lineman spent the past four years as an active member of the United States Army. The Eagles watched him perform at a regional combine in Detroit last month. He last played football in 2009 for Army as a wide receiver, converting to that position before his senior season. Villanueva served as the Black Knights’ offensive captain in 2009 and led the team in receptions (34), yards (522) and touchdowns (five). He began his career at Army as a reserve defensive lineman and transitioned to left tackle in 2008, starting all 12 games at that position as a junior.

Villanueva graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point with a Bachelor of Science in systems engineering and was commissioned into the Army in May 2010 as a lieutenant in the infantry. During his first deployment to Afghanistan, Villanueva earned the Bronze Star Medal for valor for moving forward under enemy fire to pull wounded soldiers from an isolated position, according to the Eagles’ release. He later volunteered for the U.S. Army Rangers program and served two more tours in Afghanistan.

Villanueva will bring to the Eagles a sense of duty and honor and a toughness that goes beyond just playing the game of football.

Alejandro represents the best America has to offer and I wish him great success in training camp. Hopefully, this young man will have a distinguished career just like that of another Service Academy graduate, David Robinson of the US Naval Academy, who had a stellar career in the NBA with the San Antonio Spurs and was affectionately nicknamed “The Admiral.”

Or perhaps that of famed Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Roger Staubach, also a Naval Academy graduate. Caleb Campbell of West Point, was the first Cadet to be drafted in the NFL IN 2008, 7th round, 218th overall pick.

Alejandro’s story should be getting the headlines, not the Jay-Z elevator beatdown, which reflects that worst of our character.

Johnny Manziel may have a Heisman trophy and Michael Sam may be a novelty, but Alejandro Villanueva has a Bronze Star, and trust me, that’s something special.

The Philadelphia Eagles will soon learn what the motto, “Rangers Lead the Way” truly means. Hooah Ranger! Army Strong!


      • “I actually am informed” …I’ve heard that phrase so many times from liberals it’s hard for me to not immediately guess what they’ll say next, (but I don’t because that’s illogical). Liberals love to boast about how informed they are, yet are often unwilling to actually counter argue anything civilly. Having debated hundreds…literally hundreds, I think that’s a fair statement to make thus far.

      • What would you like to argue about, Ethan? If you’ve debated hundreds of liberals and are still unable to convince them of whatever point you’re trying to make, maybe you should take a class in rhetoric our something, sounds like the problem may be with you.

      • I agree with Ethan because I do study “The Constitution of the United States”, “The Federalist Papers”, “Economics by Thomas Sowell”, Philosophy, Phycology, and hundreds of other History books and auto biographies you have obviously never read. First thing a Democrat does in a debate with anyone is begin calling us racists, or uneducated where its been proven in pole after pole, Republicans have a higher income, have higher education levels and a greater incite into our Constitution, who wrote it and why. Not a single Democrat can answer one simple question. While you may vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016, what was her greatest accomplishment at Secretary of State? You may now say I am anti Women. Just name her singular greatest achievement as Secretary of State. Go ahead and call me names, because you can’t do it……She had none….Period. She rode the Pony and dived off after Benghazi.

      • Forgive me, but I think you mean PSychology and PolL. Not being disrespectful, sir just pointing it out so you will be aware when you use those words next time. Spell check can be rather treacherous (and obtuse) sometimes, as I have sometimes learned to my chagrin. Again, thank you for what you have done for your country and its people and God bless.

  1. This story did make the headlines. It was actually on ESPN’s front page for several days 8-9 days ago.

    • Ahahahahahah!!!! You think it was staged!!!!! Ahahahaha!!! You think the President staged the kiss Ahahahahaha!!!! Classic!!!!

      • Yes I do think it was staged,only a chucklhea like you would think it wasn’t . Obama is gay too and they say Michelle is a Transgendered

      • Ahahahaha!! Nice!!! Your views are hilarious! I can’t even take you seriously! I think maybe you want the president to be gay, but if he were, he’d be out of your league. Sorry man. Ahahahaha!! Staged kisses and the president is gay and his wife is transgender!!! How do you explain the kids?! Ahahahaha! You crack me up!

  2. Agree totally. Totally disgusting how the press staged that for KIDS to see on TV!! And I DO NOT AGREE what some people say is “teaching moment” for kids!

    • I think bigotry is disgusting, and that love is not. If you want to get upset about a guy kissing his lover on TV, look no further than every other kiss on TV ever. Don’t try to pretend that a guy kissing a guy is somehow less PG.

      • How is it less PG? Because it bothers you? I assure you that when your kid grows up they’ll be bothered by how ignorant you are.

      • Dylan, a guy kissing a guy means squat to me in the long haul. What upsets me is that it is broadcast on TV to innocent children who are not mature enough to understand the difference between a man and a woman, a man and a man, woman and woman, Bi-Trans. What I am against is the “Indoctrination” of puberty and pre puberty children. (let’s call them what they are). This story making TV or being in the news is disheartening to me. Children should be children first and not have sexuality in their face on every program they watch. I think it is unworthy of TV displaying a corpse in a shooting or severe accident. Why does TV news omit these photos which could possibly deter teens from drinking or texting while driving (in the public service) while providing on every channel options to sex that are not according to God’s word. Are you another atheist that thinks you will not be judged. Your soul will die with your body and you will be eaten by worms. Your soul is energy that cannot be created or destroyed according to modern physics. Your soul is energy and will have to go somewhere. Here I enter Pascal’s Gambit. “It is better to wager that God exists and gain everything, than to wager he does not exist and lose everything.” Indoctrinating children or influencing them to become members of the Gay community is a bad thing. I think only grown ups can decide their identity and daily presenting them with that option is creepy and against God’s will. If you wager their is no judge at St Peters Gate, I think your on a bad road. I am not a practicing worshipper or even saved that I know of. But teaching children alternatives before they are mature enough to make up their own minds is a fast track to hell.

      • What your child sees is up to you, but you’ve clearly have demons in your head if you think that it’s wrong for your kid to see a man love a man. By the way, did you know that if your kid is gay, he’s gay way before he knows that even exists?

    • I agree totally Bridget. The point being that this should have been about a Bronze Star Army Ranger selected in the draft. My pet peeve in all this world is why Sitcoms in prime time always have Gay people and why do we want our children exposed to this in every media site they read. When you are a grown up, you make choices, some of which I do not approve, some I could care less. Why expose children to the idea that gays are funny and give them that option in puberty or before. I am NOT saying we should teach children to be homophobic or hate full but rather not give them the idea that it is an option in their personal lives until they are old enough to make their own choices. I call this “Indoctrination,” and I personally consider it wrong. In a youngsters formative years, they should study the 3 “R’s” and not have gays in their face even on Nick at Night. I was horrified by what I saw on Nick after 10 or 11 PM. We have grown adults watching TV laughing at these Gay folks because it is so comical. What do kids learn when their own mothers and fathers are busting out laughing as their kids lay on the floor watching TV laughing at the same stuff. I think TV has taken away the parents responsibility to talk with their children and steer them into relationships. a parents involvement is no longer needed. Hollywood has already gave them 3-4 options when the bible only gives one. What’s funny is the same Liberals that create this stuff just announced today that HIV is again rising in the male population due to gay sex. We can’t have American oil and natural gas independence This because of climate change but we can encourage children to become gay and actually increase aids in our back yards. What Gives? This may truly be a “Teaching Moment” for us Conservatives who wish to protect our children from the Progressive, Democratic, Hollywood agenda by pulling the plug on our cable subscriptions. If we did it en mass under a banner or organization, “We the people” could change what is broadcast on our TV’s. Free enterprise works on free people choosing what they WILL pay for and what they will not. We can stop this crap if we create an organization and get people to suspend their subscriptions for three months. Think of it?

  3. Thank you for posting this, Col. West, or I would not have known, not being a big ESPN fan. The Bronze Star is certainly an accomplishment, although I suspect Villaneuva will not bring it up. So is graduating West Point. Becoming an Army Ranger is a HUGE accomplishment, especially for a guy as large as Villanueva. Rangers don’t tend to be the really big guys, but they are tough guys, and determined. (I say this as the wife of an Army Ranger.) They don’t take any crap off anyone either, something the Eagles’ opponents will discover.

    So Congratulations, Alejandro. Rangers Lead the Way!

    • I can’t wait to see this hero after he cashed his multi million $$ check and spent a weekend with his new buds.

      • I hope that was a sarcastic statement otherwise you are a Ignorant unamerican POS bc rookies in the nfl rarely cash multimillion dollar checks or even million dollar checks for that matter he will make a base salary which is a good amount of money but thanks to the horrible tax code in this country (which someone like you probably benefit s from through entitlements) he will only receive about half of so before you go running your mouth about someone who was willing to lay down his life for his country and the people in it maybe you should do a little reading instead of repeating the bs you hear from unreliable sources. AND HE IS A TRUE HERO!

      • Wake up? To what? And the fact that u hide behind a fake name tells me all I need to know about you…coward!

      • So Jason is your real name ?
        Dude, my hero Brett Favre, the best player ever. Even he a couple of questionable things . Dick pics to female reporters, anyone?

      • It damn sure is and what does Brett favre have to do with any of this u sound like a straight moron diverting away from the fact that you have no idea what your talking about or are just plain stupid which would explain all of your post…bottom line this man is a TRUE hero deserving of the honor you on the other hand are a small invaluable idiot deserving of nothing but a beat down for not realizing that without men like him you would not enjoy the freedoms and luxuries you are allowed in our country

      • It’s from a joke about crazy rich people who leave lots of money in their wills for their pets. It’s a rich cat that does charity work .

      • I am a Vet of over ten years, dual service, Air Force and Army. After Grenada, a Black soldier came to C Troop 4/7th Air Cavalry at Camp Stanton Korea. Our company assembled under the Flag Pole to present this newcomer with a Bronze Star, 1st Oak leaf Cluster. This means his second Bronze Star, one from Vietnam, the other from Grenada. I caught up with him drinking alone at a club in the Ville and asked him, “How does a quiet man like yourself earn two Bronze Stars.” In Grenada his Helicopter was shot down and all were injured beside him. His chopper came under heavy fire while his crew members were all injured. He carried an M-16 with a grenade launcher and single handedly removed everyone from the helicopter while returning fire with enough ferocity to retrieve everyone from the helicopter before it caught fire and burned. He saved them all while risking his life. I asked him how he had the courage to do this and he said, ” to save my brothers and because it was his job.” This is the first true hero I had ever met.” My Message is that a Bronze Star, Army Ranger will be formidable on any NFL team. He has a mindset and experience that will make him a serious weapon of choice. From the Battlefield to the Grid Iron. He will be tough.

      • Thank you for your long tour of duty you served for the Republic and its citizens. God bless.

      • Victor,

        Thanks for recognizing your Heroic acquaintance/friend. He certainly deserved all the recognition that he received.

        Most people do not realize that every veteran ever drafted, or those that enlisted (I enlisted just as the Vietnam Was was getting “hot”, back when the draft was the law of the Land) or will enlist in the future, have an equal chance of being heroes. The luck of the draw is the determining factor, which means the placement of each individual Soldier, Airman, Sailor, Marine or (Coast Guard) Guardian in service as to where they will be located and the circumstances of that location, and/or the events that occur every day and night, 24/7/365!! How each of those active and veterans conducted themselves during the events of crisis is what makes–or does not make–them heroes!

      • You are a bitter person. Oh- and a typical hypocrite. And you just called me bitter. Apparently liberals don’t consider themselves as bitter, angry, haters as long as it’s against someone they hate. You are truly disgusting.

      • And heroes don’t party?
        Sorry doll, but you are the bitter one. You say the worst, insulting things . You never add anything positive to any postings . Anger isn’t energy

      • Actually, does anybody know if this Ranger man has a wife already? If he does, it may be difficult for him to stay faithful to her under the pressure. “Magic” made that crystal clear with his notorious infidelity to his wife in another sport. THere have been other sports “stars” that have proven valuable object lessons in this regard. I think the Ranger man will do just fine though. As a Ranger, he knows about discipline and mental toughness. I suspect he’ll do just fine. You don’t get to be Ranger if you don’t have your head screwed on straight.

      • I don’t like putting people up on a pedestal. I was in the military too and met many HEROS too. All had feet of clay.

      • How so ALL of them have feet of clay, exactly? As I recall, that is a reference to the prophecy of Daniel the prophet in the Old Testament book that bears his name regarding Nebuchadnezzar, Darius, and the Babylonian and Medo-Persian empires and their eventual fall and destruction, to be replaced by the King of Kings after Armageddon, Jesus..How did you differ from all the others, then? WHat made you different from them, and was it a positive and moral reason?

      • That is certainly true. I am hardly the good and moral person at times that my friends and wellwishers seem to assume I am by default. It’s what comes of having a sin nature, the whole “Lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life” thing in spades. My friends and relatives would most certainly turn on me in a heartbeat if they were aware of some of the things I’ve had to do just to survive here in “Little Chicago” including spending time as an adult model for a spell. All is not gold that glitters, as they say….more like iron pyrite in my case. But I note you answered rather vaguely. All groups of type A personalities in various professions and callings have their foibles, and sometimes it gets them in very public trouble and in front of the media spotlight. What, exactly were the “heroes” you spoke of doing, or not doing, that they should or shouldn’t have been? How did YOU differ on what was going on? Did you confront those involved in misconduct and try to take it through the chain of command, or did you keep your head down until your time was up and you could safely get the heck out of Dodge? I’ve heard of Petraeus of course…who hasn’t? I’ve also noted that military culture has a rather large binge drinking problem at times, it’s caused rather large number of accidental deaths and suicides from what I’ve heard. It may also be a soldier’s way of self-medicating to deal with untreated PTSD or the horror of witnessing what Muslim fanatics can do to innocent people that has damaged their psyche. it’s not like the VA has been very helpful in a lot of cases from what I’ve heard about, including the more serious matter of those vets put on a secret “delay” list and winded up dying needlessly from conditions that could have been successfully treated had they been taken care of stat lijke they should have.These people who didn’t die in Islamic Hell holes and actually got to come home unlike some of the their friends and comrades in arms only to die from neglect? NOT a desirable situation by any stretch of the imagination. Even a completely undisguised civvy like me can be appalled and disgusted by what’s been happening under the auspices of Dear Commissar and his merry merry men.

      • You are saying the most bitter things. You also want us to respect all of your rantings in the name of open-mindedness and diversity, but do not afford us the same courtesy.

      • No, I’m not bitter or disrespectful . I think West article is silly. I haven’t heard one person say the kiss was brave. It was spontaneous bet 2 people. ESPN didn’t know it was going to happen.
        That said, I was in the navy station in San Diego on Imperial Beaxh were the Seals train. Work hard , party hardier. I wS on a West PAC ( tour of pacific). When we stopped at certain ports, they gave us a sex talk. who. What, where, cover up.
        Plus, my neighbor used to play pro ball for the Dolphins and would tell me about after game activities .

      • Likewise with Sam, who is also a so-called hero for kissing his boyfriend all over national news…I can’t wait to see what he’ll be doing with his millions either. Money is money and they are both players. The fact remains that Villanueva has served his country already; putting his whole physical life at possible jeopardy for those of us playing armchair quarterback at home. He has passed physical tests and training the likes of which you and I will probably never see. If he has been to battle, he has seen things you and I will never see. So yes, he is a hero. And it’s men like him who keep the Hitlers of the world from taking over whole continents again. That includes our continent from which you can, for now, say any old ignorant thing you want and only have to face the court of semi-public opinion. Not a hanging or an executioner as in Africa or the Middle East; your women will not be stoned for being rape victims, and no one is going to steal the daughters OF THEIR OWN FAITH for the title of “Boko Haram.” Yes, Villanueva is a hero, and he always will be….not because of his “unchosen sexuality” but because of his CHOSEN sacrifice to stand in the way for others.

      • I’m not saying he’s not a hero. All I’m saying is let’s see how money, fame, bitches and ho’s will effect him.

      • Oh, for heavens sake! I don’t know who you are or why you come to sites like this, but please go away.

      • Why?? I comply with the rules . I thought this was a forum of free speech and an exchange of independent thought.

  4. You said it! It seems only the ignorant in this country pay attention to the fluffy b.s. the media tells them to love. I find it pathetically amusing to see them comment on things like “The Kiss” and they think they are so superior- like they are soooo open-minded so they MUST be intelligent (this is what goes on in their little brains). Who gives a rat’s ass about all their lame crap? They are so occupied with meaningless things- and this is how they “live”. It is truly sad to see people who worship surface materialistic ideas.

  5. Sorry – it wasn’t the kiss – it was the media promoting the kiss when they have no space for actual news.

  6. this is completely missing the point! obviously, alejandro’s service was courageous and appreciated, but you have to see how his NFL experience as an ultra-macho soldier is going to be easier than sam’s. nobody has ever been rejected or harassed by football players or football fans for being too typically masculine. sam’s time in the NFL will undoubtedly be more challenging than villanueva’s, and his willingness to take that risk is brave AS WELL.

    • Sam was picked in the LAST round and IMHO picked only because he’s gay. The last round pick to me speaks volumes on his actual gameplay.

      • Actually Sam went in the correct range for a player with his measurables, production in college, scheme fit, etc. It sounds like you think he shouldn’t have been picked because he was gay.

      • You’re right, I don’t think he should’ve been picked because he was gay. I DO think that his announcing it was a way to pressure the NFL to choosing him.

        Being gay does NOT affect your gameplay or is a “disability.” You can bet there have been gay players since the dawn of the NFL and they didn’t let their lifestyle dictate how they work.

        Given the amount of lawsuits over “equality” (and I use quotes because what I’ve been seeing is more than equality being demanded), the NFL would naturally be pressured to select him in the draft so they wouldn’t be ridiculed for not choosing the first “openly gay draftee”

        Now, I don’t care if you’re straight, gay, bi, or whatever personally. It’s your personal life.

        But when I have a HUGE feeling that his inclusion was due to the fact he’s gay – and it was a factor given the publicity after his announcement, I feel it’s unfair to the ones who were not selected and could’ve been better.

        Even you have to admit that it was at least PART of the reason he was drafted.

      • Well, considering that there were probably THOUSANDS of College players looking for a slot in the NFL, even being picked in the LAST round, or even the last pick in the draft, is not something to be ashamed at. Only 256 players are picked out of the draft, out of a pool of at least 3,000 who think they may be good enough to go into the NFL via draft.

        Still and all, I do think that all this trumpeting of his homosexuality is nauseating.

        Of course, I feel the same way about celebrity marriages, engagements, child-havings, divorces, etc., That’s their own business and I don’t care. Just don’t think that I need to applaud it.

    • Preferring to play ‘wide receiver’ is not a brave choice in life. A
      stupidly brave one, I admit; considering that the vast majority of new
      HIV cases are in homosexual men.

      I really don’t care if a couple of dudes are gay. So one plays football. So damned what?

      I do not agree with homosexuality on religious grounds; I do not go out
      of my way to demonize homosexuals (FFS, I share a house with a lady
      couple). My issue has almost always been the media fawning over this
      like it’s fcking news!

      I don’t need reminding every fifteen
      seconds of someone’s homosexuality. It has been my experience, working
      with homosexual men in the past, that every time criticism is given; the
      one offering critical advice is labeled a homophobe. Everything can’t
      be about how someone is gay; so why is that all we ever hear about when
      it comes to people like Michael Sam and Jason Collins? You do realize
      that there’s more to an individual’s character than who they prefer to
      bed, yes?

      So why is it that with so much of the media and so many
      of the homosexuals I’ve known (all but a scant few; oddly only the
      homosexual women I’ve known) seem to base their entire livelihood around
      their sexual proclivities? They’ll only watch “gay” TV shows/films,
      only eat at “gay” restaurants, only attend “gay” clubs or activities.

      I play online video games to pass the time now (I’m a now permanently
      disabled vet), and you’ll KNOW when the faceless/nameless online avatar
      you’re gaming with is gay: They’ll be sure to tell EVERYONE; and

      Quite frankly, I could not possibly give two damns about people being gay. I still don’t need to hear about it.

      • Yeah, i usually write multi-paragraph impassioned rants about stuff I don’t care about. Maybe you should be asking yourself why you think about gay sex so much.

      • Do you know what “projection” means or did you see someone smarter than you using it an online argument and decide to try it out?

      • lol, throwing out random gay slurs counts as debate. i’m really shocked that the republican party is in such turmoil.

      • Aww, i’m sorry I caused you to have a meltdown. Maybe you should have your mommy give you some warm milk hahaha

      • It’s less that I think about gay sex and more that certain individuals of that persuasion are constantly trying to make me think about it.

        You realize that is what words are for, right?

      • Oh man haha. That is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. “Gay people are forcing me to imagine them doing it!” “Certain individuals of that persuasion?” So you’re basically mad at gay people for turning you on? You should step back and look at what you said, it’s very telling and interesting.

      • They are constantly shoving their sexuality in every ones face. I don’t like it when straights do it and I don’t like it when gays do it. Keep your sexuality in the bedroom. No one wants to see it or hear about it. I don’t push mine on you, keep yours to yourself, gay or straight

      • The increased prevalence of HIV amongst gays has been disproven years ago. Ignoring that comment you made, this IS news for the same reasons Jackie Robinson was news, if the public didn’t have such a problem with it then it wouldn’t be news.

      • Actually, the two situations are NOT as comparable. Jackie Robinson’s entry into the Major Leagues was opposed and openly villified by MOST of the players in that first season. Also, being Black is NOT something Jackie could keep to himself, even if he’d wanted to. It was glaringly OBVIOUS.

        Being a homosexual, however, is NOT something that is glaringly obvious. It can be kept to oneself; and even if one felt the need to ‘come out,’ that does NOT make it a “brave” choice. Most of society really could not care less if someone is a homosexual. What many object to is how often it’s TRUMPETED; how often the MSM seems to think we NEED to know these things.

        We do NOT. Just like we didn’t really need to know that Obama was part-Black (of which I am NOT certain. We do know he is half-white, but what of it?).

        Frankly, if the public really had a big problem with Michael Sam’s being gay, they’d be quite vocal about it. Some people do have a problem with homosexuals, just as some people have a problem with black, white, hispanic, amerind, east asian, south asian, west asian or oceanic people. However, I believe the real irritation many feel is that it’s being shoved in our faces.

        As for LT Villanueva’s military service being all over the news, I heavily dispute that. This is the first I heard of LT Villanueva’s Bronze Star in any media. Perhaps it was all over the news in Philadelphia, where he was drafted to the Eagles, but I hadn’t heard anything about him in any of the national news outlets, and particularly not to the degree of Michael Sam’s “kiss” with his homosexual lover.

        That is all I have to say on it.

  7. Thank you for creating an environment for a reasonable discourse, AND the story was uplifting. I like hearing about real men and real heros.

  8. Heard a peep? This was all over the place the day the Eagles signed him. It had it’s own segment on Sportscenter and article on the front page of ESPN. And Michael Sam a novelty? This article is nothing more than a subtle stab at the progression of gays and gay rights from an ignorant man. A man who thinks sexuality is a choice.

    • You are missing the point entirely. This article is about the Main Stream Media promoting their idea of what is heroic and completely ignoring another faction of heroism. Who cares if someone is gay or not?! Why is it freaking breaking news?!

      • Missing the point? I stated that they didn’t ignore this whatsoever. It was in fact everywhere when the Eagles picked him up. The article is false. And this man is knowingly against gay rights and gay marriage.

      • if you search “alejandro villanueva” on google there were 8,320 results. It was all over the news when they signed him. It sounds like you just are looking for stuff to get angry about. try getting a life instead, it does wonders.

      • It doesn’t matter. A child cannot consent regardless. It is therefor a crime. Nobody was ever imprisoned for BEING a pedophile, they were imprisoned (or should be) for practicing pedophilia. You might consider a new pen name.

      • It doesn’t matter!?!
        So what’s your personal opinion then? Is pedophilia a choice? or are they genetically predetermined to be sexually attracted to children? What is the root cause? That is the question. Is it a “lifestyle choice?” Or is it sin?

      • My personal opinion is that I don’t know what causes pedophila and I don’t believe anyone else does either. Why the concern? Are you a pedophile? If you are, then just don’t act it out on children and nobody will kill you when you land in prison.

      • I know what causes pedophilia, homosexuality, and all sexual immorality. Sin.
        That was my original point that you were not able to grasp, that I was being facetious. I already knew the answer, I was just posing the question make a point. All sexual immorality is a choice. He is choosing to sin.
        The depravity of man is no big secret. There are those who would like to deny sin, but that is usually to cover up for their own immorality.

  9. To Alejandro Villanueva: our thanks, gratitude and best wishes for his new career.
    obama and his social media can kiss our butz. Now wait a minute, I didn’t mean that to be literal, just figuratively speaking of course..

    • You’re on the page for ALLEN WEST…and the subject of this story is a Hispanic, Alejandro Villanueva….and you’re here to talk about GOP racism? GTFOH lol.

    • Nice, it’s weird that you think liberals are freaks, but where will you be when the GoP no longer wins elections because of how backwards and ignorant they are? That’s the road you’re on now that you’ve all come out against the gays.

      • Dylan GOP backward and ignorant? You liberal tool. Look at our country in the hands of liberals. Morality at an all time decline, economy in a shambles, the respect of the United States by the world embarrassing. Nearly every big city and many smaller ones that are decimated like Detroit, as just one example, are run by liberals/Democrats. On the other hand the cities that are flourishing are run by Conservatives/GOP. Have you been living in a cave for the past eight years? The liberals/Dem’s are running like scared rabbits because they know a reckoning is coming for their crimes against our once great country. Now that you have emerged from your stupor pay attention you liberal ignoramus. Watch and learn how the Conservatives have woken up and see the cleansing that will be coming in the Senate and White House. Freaks? That’s an understatement! Traitors, liers, baby killers, the real war on women, the poster children for failed leadership are all descriptions of liberals my ignorant, low-info liberal.

      • None of that started under Bush. It all happened because Obama is black, right? Are you under a rock? Because the GoP all but threw in the towel after the embarrassment of last election, don’t get mad at the liberals when you never win another election, blame your racist bigotry.

      • You’re on the page for ALLEN WEST…and the subject of this story is a Hispanic, Alejandro Villanueva….and you’re here to talk about GOP racism? GTFOH lol.

      • LMAO Dylan! You just keep tripping over your liberal stereotype which is all liberals know how to do when confronted by the truth and actual intelligent argument. In one paragraph you managed to play both the Bush Card and the Race Card! Congratulations for continuing to validate everything wrong with liberal thinking. This last comment doesn’t even justify further debate with you. Pathetic, and if it were not so doggone predictable and sad you choose to play those tattered and worn out cards, it would be downright humorous. Instead you’ve stated everything we already know about liberals just making it boring to engage further.

      • Never win another election? That’s hilarious after the Liberals/Democrats just got annilated in theses last mid-term elections. Of course as a liberal you immediately throw out the race card and call me a “racist bigot.” How dare you when you don’t even know me. I don’t care what color anyone is. I care about how the Constitution is adhered to Mr. Flowers. You sir need to return under the rock from whence you and the rest of the liberal’s slimed out from.

  10. they are both brave. one is brave for putting his life on the line for our country – nothing braver than that. but at the same time, you cannot downplay the bravery it takes to stand up to the disgraceful social norm of homophobia. gays have been harassed by our nation for long enough and it is pretty damn brave to stand up a nation of bigots and say “this is who i am” and be proud of it.

    • If it’s true about how “the truth will set you free” then any day now we ought to start hearing obama and hillary tell the truth about Benghazi.

      • It past the truth telling. If that was all there was to it, just stop the persecution. If memory serves however, militants on free love and homosexuality began a campaign…
        And its never been homophobia that causes pushback on homosexuality.
        Its is love and desire for moral conduct in the interest of your blood, your country, your nations social life.
        Its never going to work with homosexual heros

  11. Brave: to endure or face (unpleasant conditions or behavior) without showing fear. Why can’t both of these men be considered such?

    Yes, he never fought for our country but isn’t he going to be in a battle of its own kind? Both of these men are standing up for the rights of people in our country just in different ways!

    It’s not Sam’s fault that the media chose to highlight him over a decorated serviceman. The sad fact is that being a member of our troops isn’t nearly as controversial or news worthy these days in comparison to a person celebrating a huge milestone by kissing the person they love on television. Frankly until our mindsets change this will nearly always be the case :-/

    On a brighter note, I can’t wait to see both on these mean tear it up these season!

    • Because one “bravery” is open pursuit of societal suicide (homosexuality can’t be good when if everyone did it, it would certainly end life on earth).

      If every American man would behave with the same selflessness and ensure his endeavor is right (as defending freedom and the US Constituiton surely is) we would likely be often peaceful in fact, free in reality, and always peaceful in spirit.
      Villanueva is the brave one, the other guy is the depraved one.

    • You can quote Webster’s all day long. How dare you compare butt pirating to a combat veteran. You make me want to puke.

    • Sam knew very well that the liberal/socialist/Democrat Mainstream Media (LSDMSM) would put him in the spotlight. He counted on it. If he hadn’t declared his sexual preference, he probably wouldn’t have been drafted. He’s too small to play defensive end, and too slow to be an outside linebacker. The sloppy kiss wasn’t about “going into battle.” It was about setting himself up to write his tell-all book about anti-gay bigotry in the NFL after he gets cut. Which I think he will be.

  12. u are all diluted. homosexuality is a sickness. though to much of a stigma for them to bare so they cry foul and make it the worlds problem. nothing brave about sleeping with a same-sex partner. nothing at all. and if it werent for their sexual preferences u wouldnt know a thing about micheal sam or jason collins and rightfully so. fuckin pathetic. its such a big farce on humanity the whole lgbt movement. i hope it falls apart soon, one day, here’s hoping.

    • Usually the men who are the most out spoken about their disdain towards homosexuals are struggling with their own sexuality. Your comment is screaming closet case homosexuality and insecurity.

      • The only thing airan is screaming about jason; is how people like you and sam, make real men want to puke. Keep your day job and leave the psychoanalyzing to the professionals.

      • Jason you just once again validated the ignorance of liberals and the usual homosexual response to real men. Real heterosexual men don’t struggle with their sexuality you idiot just because they find the homo lifestyle revolting. It’s a natural reaction to be disgusted with it. The homosexual’s are a small loud mouth minority who think that shouting down Christian beliefs or natural revolted reaction to their lifestyle is going to be the answer. Well I have news for you, the backlash is in full throttle and we are sick of being PC and sitting on the sidelines while the homosexual’s try to force their lifestyle on society as “normal.”

      • And where did you get that from? Another meat gazer? Mother Nature exist to reproduce. Man on man produces a shi__ty deal, Man on Woman produce offspring’s.

      • yet in nature there are many cases of homosexual animals. live your life, stop caring how others live theirs…

      • Why are you so fixated on what gay men do? Closeted much?

        Also, your whole argument on producing offspring is flawed. What about fertility issues or people who simply don’t want children? Plus, people, especially highly ignorant folks as yourself do not need to reproduce in this already highly populated world. Humanity stands no chance.

      • The world can do without your offspring. Btw, you seem very obsessed with what homosexuals do in the bedroom…

      • John, I think homosexuality may be a genetic trait. But, acting on those desires, that is a choice.

        USMC 1970-1974

      • It is said that there can be a genetic predisposition towards excess in the use of alcohol and other intoxicants, high risk gambling look for a big score, and random violence and brutality Should we look kindly on these vices and try to make the excuse they were “born” this way too, as an all-purpose cop-out for irresponsible and sometimes even dangerous behavior, for them and also for innocent parties as well, such as this despicable knock-out game crap that has even claimed the life of a world war two veteran? Sometimes people just have to say, “Enough is enough!” “If My repent of their wicked ways and seek My face, I will hear their prayer and heal them and their land.” No amount of political games from whatever party will EVER substitute what has been lost to this nation by people abandoning Christ and serving the false god archdevils Belial and Mammon. Unless this nation revives in faith and trust in God more than government, this land will NEVER be restored. It’s as simple as that.

    • No. Homosexuality may sometimes be a “sickness.” Sometimes a person may simply be born that way. But homosexuality is usually a choice.

  13. CAN YOU PLEASE TALK about him the next time you are on Fox news???? let’s start a discussion and then hopefully media would pick up!!! tks

  14. Right on! The NFL was the last bastion of manhood and now the homo minority has even slimed into that. This guy is what real men are about! I’m disgusted with the NFL and the vile homosexual attempt to silence Christians and their beliefs. Screw PC! It’s time to fight back against the pestilence!

  15. I agree with lite n bubbly, this should be on Fox news. Does it not hold enough American interest because it’s not controversial enough. Give those that deserve recognition and forget the liberals 15 minutes worth of famers. I’ll say it, to see two men kissing was something I wish I had not seen.

  16. No faggot ass sinner deserves anything. They all need to be strapped behind my confederate flag truck and taken on a good old fashion fag drag. Christianity is the only truth and the only way. “Creative” thinking is for faggots and atheist. You do what the bible tells you or else pay the consequences. Anyone who deviates deserves no respect. We Christians are the superior, we are family, we are proud, we are correct in every way and faggot’s and athiest’s are incorrect. Deviants are not allowed in our circle of faith. Conservative Christian power!!!

    • You “sir”, are an idiot. If you actually read your Bible toy would know that we are commanded to love one another. God hates the sin, not the sinner. Thankfully for all of us, otherwise we could never be saved.

      • You call yourself a Christian and thereby shame all of us, “good old fashioned drag”?
        But I guess when you don’t love yourself, it’s easy to transfer that to others. At a guess I’d say you are an “Internet troll” just attempting to stir something up and make people who actually believe in the teachings of Jesus look bad.

      • All else aside, I have no doubt he doesn’t like this kind of talk. Can you picture these words in His mouth?! I can’t!

      • Well, there was NEVER any account of someone who was genuinely a seeker having to get Mary to run interference with Jesus to get them in to see Him. He DID, on the other hand, have some rather choice words of disdain for the Pharisees and money changers, the latter of which he threw out of the Temple, as you may recall. Christ wore the mantle of the last prophet as well as the Savior of mankind. People should remember that in the matter of the women caught in adultery, another sexual misdeed axin to homosexuality, He saved her from the hypocritical Pharisees that were going to stone her to death, and apparently let the guy she was with get away scot-free, as he was apparently nowhere to be found when they tried to pull this con on Him. It should also be noted that He said, “Does no-one condemn you, then?” she said “No-one, Lord.” He then said, plainly, “Neither then do I condemn you. Go, and sin no more.” People should remember the latter part, and draw the appropriate moral for dealing with this sort oft thing.

      • Ah……”go, and sin no more” is the operative phrase. Seems you dismissed that totally. Pressing one’s homosexuaity on a population fails that test. We all sin — and repentance is required. Without that, it is what it is — SIN. No sugar-coating.

        Oh, and adultery ISN’T akin to homosexuality. It is sin, not a perversion.

      • I did not. dismiss it at all. That was what I meant by saying “the latter part” of the statement by Jesus. Perhaps I should have said “the last part of His statement to her” and been more clear. I apologize for that. People often focus on the fact that Christ did not condemn her, and DO ignore the little detail that He told her “to sin no more” as unimportant. While it is true that homosexuality is referred to as abomination, so was idol worship, if my memory serves. “Touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you,” was it not? Further, what is abortion but worship of Molech in an entirely secular venue (or so they think). “The calamity of the innocent.” Wasn’t that part of Job? Lastly, anything that takes what God commands of us and twists it into something else is dangerous to us and can result in our earthly undoing if we are not careful. For example, the Biblical injunction of not being involved with usury has cost me dearly and put me heavily in debt. So have my time as adult model when I was desperate and had no other way of obtaining meals to survive, as the charities in Little Chicago have been overwhelmed by the Timken plant closing and sending a lot of its workers home. Choices that ignore God’s dictates will ALWAYS have consequences, but they can hidden and subtle, at least at the time.. I wish more Christians would understand that and be more careful in their deeds when people who have been to dark places try to warn them about what can happen to them and to count the cost of their actions carefully. It is always best to be watchful, and pray. For a time, I had become quite carnal and had forgotten about that. My loss. Anyways, God bless, and I hope you NEVER have to go through what I have had to through my own poor choices.

      • I meant no intent to nitpick, but so often many take part of a phrase and ignore the major, following portion. Off the line a bit but as an example akin to the adultress, so many know Jeremiah 29:11 which is plastered all over the place: “11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. 12 Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. 13 And you will seek me and find me, WHEN YOU SEARCH FOR ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART.”

        As with the adulteress, the Lord requires a response from us as He does in Jeremiah.

        I believe every one of us has at some point, to some degree, occupied the dark places of which you speak. Not perhaps the same but there nonetheless. But we have been rescued by the Blood of Jesus. He is Francis Thompson’s “The Hound of Heaven” and what He wants is simply — us.


      • In the eyes of God all sin is the same. the unrepentant liar goes to the same as Hell as the unrepentant a homosexual.

      • While I agree sin is sin to God. His manner of judgment is beyond my, or anyone’s, comprehension. Does He consider some sins worse than others (as I might), I don’t know. No question His mercy far surpasses mine. The answer: stay away from sin and sinful occasions and repent immediately should they occur. They have already been paid for. <

      • Matthew 26:28
        This is my blood of the new covenant, which is shed in exchange for the many for the release of sins. >

      • It correlates perfectly. God the Father cannot be in the presence of sin. Christ came to save sinners. Liars, homosexuals, and hypocrites can all be forgiven and covered by the blood of the lamb
        When God looks at His children he only sees the covering of the blood of Christ. Just as the Jews in Egypt put Lamb’s blood over their doors and the angel passed over them, God’s wrath will pass over those who are covered by the Lamb of God.

      • Oh I don’t disagree and know the OT beginnings of the Israelites being covered by the lamb’s blood (a precursor of Jesus’ own blood).

        What my question to you was a/the judgment of God, Unless a sin is so flagrant (which many are) and without repentance, that’s one thing. But God gives light in varying degrees and there are those who in their unawareness (and some in my own family) do not “recognize” sin as sin. I pray they are enlightened before God calls but leave in His hands any determination of their guilt — with whatever knowledge and awareness God has given them. <

      • I don’t understand. God does not have varying degrees of sin. Sin is sin. The punishment is the same whether you are aware of it or not. When we submit to Christ as Lord and Savior he covers ALL of our sins.

      • I am NOT talking about saved people. I am talking about unenlightened souls. What about the bush man/woman who has little or no awareness of wrong or right, or a limited view. I choose to leave them in the hands of God — and not play God.

      • That is wonderful. You have a free card to get into heaven not matter what you do. There are varying degrees of sin, for example is lying the same as murder or rape? There should be different punishments for these sins, earthly and heavenly.

      • Well said. If Sam can play, he can play. His Combine and Pro Day performances, however, suggest that he probably isn’t good enough to make it in the NFL. I think he declared his homosexuality to give himself an edge, and an excuse.

    • As long as your claiming to be a Christian, You might as well add Tea Party member, Veteran, Gun owner, and anything else your lying liberal troll a$$ want’s everyone to think is evil and hateful ! Your about as much of a Christian as Adolf Hitler was !

      • Points well taken! Doubt that Smith gets it though! A lot of hate projected in his post! Do you not agree! And the Superiority complex kinda make me think KKK aka National White Peoples Socialist Party aka Nazis of America group!

    • Thats rather unchristian and hateful. Jesus loves and wants everyone to be saved. There have been gays and lesbians who changed their lifestyle after becoming Christian. And not all homosexuals are haters. Theres a bisexual girl i know named Emily and she does not go around parading about her sexual preferences nor does she hate Christians.

    • Your silly, bigoted, screed suggests that you are anything but “superior,” let alone “correct.” The Bible says, “Condemn the sin, not the sinner,” Dimwit. God is the Judge, not you. Leave it at that.

      • Regardless of the fact that I disagree with Bill Smith, he DOES have the right to say what he feels. As YOU say, God is the Judge so, you should be a little more compassionate.

        USMC 1970-1974

      • Yeah, I know. I should take my own advice more to heart.
        Thank you for your service. I was in the USAF at the same time!

      • You’re right. Dumb as he is, I should take my own words more to heart. Thank you for your service.

      • I cannot leave it John! Sorry but I must tell you this you are Oh, so correct and God Bless you for speaking up! Your forthright statements are right on target my brother and I am, well I think you know and get my point! God Bless you and yours!

  17. Well Michael Sam only had 2 NFL teams he could be part of. The RAMS took him inside their backside organization, but if he fails there, the PACKERS may be where he gets it in the end.

  18. The picture of the homosexuals kissing was disgusting, and the Drudge Report kept it there for a time, which was not a good thing. Why didn’t Drudge mention the Bronze Star pick Villanueva? Giving attention to the homosexual community is granting them more of what they want. Our children and grandchildren need role models who have morals and do not do drugs, etc., but the headlines seem to be won by the opposite types.

    • Good point and another case in point by the name of Tim who got nothing but ridicule from the meelie mouths of media!

    • Could not agree more wholeheartedly………………that display of two queers swapping spit on National TV was disgusting and perverted SICK. Kids watch that stuff – what are their parents gonna tell em?
      Obama has a really creepy obsession with homosexual and perverted sex………constantly commenting on it and shoving these freaks down our throats in an attempt to get us to endorse their foul behavior and except their abhorrent behavior as “normal” and “okay”…..well, maybe for HIM it is normal, but not for the rest of us.

  19. Mr. West, please keep writing about our true heroes like Mr. Villanueva. I didn’t see the kiss and have no intention of looking it up.
    P.s. When are you going to run for president?

      • If he becomes president, then he will be the first TRUE black president. Obama being only half an half.
        But I know the MSM will find a reason to disqualify him.

      • Well, West isn’t a member of the Commiecrat/RINO axis, and that would be all the reason the Lame Stream Media would need to go sniffing around as opposition research for their axis fellow travellers to find as much as possible that they could magnify into a scandal and thus sell papers and ad clicks, and serve their own ideological biases as well. Axis types are rather practical types about that whole kill two birds with one stone thing.

  20. Surprise! Not a word all weekend about Villanueva. As a matter of fact, this is the first time I’ve heard of him. Maybe if he’d come out and said, “I’m the first heterosexual Army Ranger,” Trey Wingo would’ve brought him up in conversation? Nah. He had “Sam stars” in his eyes. Wingo acted like he wanted to take Sam to dinner!
    I say again, Michael Sam declared his homosexuality for one reason: to insure that he was drafted. The sloppy kiss was meant to insure that every NFL fan remembers that he’s the 1st openly gay player to be drafted. It’s burned into the memory of anyone who saw it, especially those who, like me, would like to un-see it.
    Sam’s Combine and Pro Day numbers show that he’s slow, doesn’t have much vertical leaping ability, and he isn’t that strong. He’s too small to play defensive end, and too slow to play outside linebacker. He knows all that. Now that he’s been drafted, if he doesn’t make the team, none of that will matter because he’s got an edge. If he gets cut, it will be because he’s gay. Alejandro Villanueva doesn’t have that edge, and wouldn’t think to give himself one anyway. If he gets cut, it will be because he simply isn’t good enough.
    Sam will write a tell-all book about “anti-gay bigotry” in the NFL. Hollywierd is already salivating over the movie rights.

      • Sam was good enough to play college football. Maybe he’s good enough to make it in the NFL, maybe not. Now, because he’s declared his homosexuality, it’s no longer about “Can he play?” We may never really know, unless he turns into the next Lawrence Taylor or Bruce Smith. If he makes the team, there will be those who will say he made it because he’s gay. If he’s cut, it will most assuredly be because he’s gay.
        Fat isn’t good for a football player, although when Art Donovan played for the Baltimore Colts, his nickname was “Fatso.” In fact, that’s the title of his autobiography. Read it, if you get time. It’s a very funny read.

      • I have to admit to bland ignorance on such things, frankly. Football types are usually pretty burly from what I’e seen, they need a lot of muscle mass to withstand all those impacts, don’t they? Surely that doesn’t qualify as “fat” in the usual sense of the word, certainly not fatty tissues in any case. Most of them look like they don’t have a superfluous inch of body fat on them that I can see. It’s good to see that with this Ranger guy devoting himself to learning academic disciplines and moral values as well as maintaining a healthy and fit body. A lot of footballers tend to leave the former two undone and concentrate on the latter, if Michael Vick and some of his cronies like Hernandez in the NFL are any indication. Alas.

      • The game has changed. Art Donovan used to be a guest on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. I remember that he was lamenting how football has become a year-round occupation. He said the only weight he ever lifted was a “12-oz. Schlitz.” Google a few clips of Artie on the Tonight Show. The man told some hilarious stories.
        Alejandro Villanueva is a graduate of West Point. He played his college football there. He played in the Army-Navy Game.
        I’ve always seen Michael Vick as highly over-rated, even when he was in college. According to the “experts,” he was going to “revolutionize” the quarterback position. I saw Johnny Unitas in his prime, and Vick didn’t come close to him. Which is another reason that I don’t pay much attention to the talking heads on ESPN.
        Even years after his release from jail, I can’t forgive Vick for what he allowed to happen to those dogs. Maybe he didn’t participate, but he must’ve known about it. I’m glad that the Ravens never signed him. Aaron Hernandez? If you support the death penalty, he’s Exhibit A.

    • He makes the wrong move in the shower in his first season he may not make it through one season! Some of the seasoned players are not real thrilled about this you can be sure!
      Only time will tell!

  21. I wish this land was still fine,

    And i knew there was a wrong and right,

    But things have changed since 1789,

    Freedom of speech, wtf?,

    Now there hardly is none,

    Freedom of religion? ,

    Not at all,

    For now we have commies in control.

    Christians are being punished wrongly every day,

    But you get rewarded for being a abnormmal gay?

    Children are taught that darwinism

    • Is the only way

      What was once a Christian nation,

      Has now fallen away,

      From from Jesus Christ ‘s way,

      Welcome to communist USA

      • “Freedom of Religion? Not at all” “For now we have commies in control…” “Christians are being punished wrongly every day” “Once a Christian nation…” “Has now fallen away from Jesus Christ’s way…” “Welcome to communist USA”

        As you can see I’ve just re-quoted quoted certain parts of your posts – essentially the entire post. Literally every single thing that I re-quoted is absurdly false.

        1) You still have 100% of your religious freedom. Please explain to me how the government has prevented you, or anyone, from practicing their religion.
        2) There is not one single communist in the American government. Perhaps you would like to read up on what Communism is before you call someone a commie.
        3) How are Christians being punished any more than anyone else? Answer: they are not being punished at all. There is no systematic oppression of Christians, because much of the punishing is coming from a predominantly Christian system.
        4) We never lived in a Christian nation. Sure, we live in a nation that happens to have a lot of Christians in it, but our nation (according to the Constitution) was, never has been, and never will be a Christian one.
        5) Jesus Christ was never president, last time I checked at least.
        6) Again, you may want to look up the definition of Communism.Ta

  22. The liberal media in this country is a vile, venomous pit of waste! I wouldn’t waste my time with such lying hacks, that are pro liar, pro obama, pro homo, anti hetero, pro muslim, anti Christian, pro drugs, pro abortion, pro open borders…what is wrong with this picture.If you are a man like Villanueva, your lifestyle is not consumed with another mans rectum like Sam.
    Very PROUD OF Villanueva, wish we had an entire country of honorable men like that, or Congressman West!
    Not a bunch of pansy rectum riders like Sam. What happened to freedom of speech, punishing people for being anti faggot!

    • I can tell you love being censured about as much as I do! Of course when I get really riled I most definitely require some severe censuring and sometimes deserves it while at other times I feel not so much! Keep fighting the fight friend perhaps one day we will be glad that we did!

      • I’ve been banned for my “Rheytoric,” on different sites of late. They don’t seem to really appreciate the finer things in life, like the TRUTH!

    • WOAH!!!! ANTI FAGGOT???????? Start listening for the KKGay black helicopters my friend. Don’t agree? Either do I, and I call a spade a spade, or a Fag a fag! Am I Homophobic? Hell no! They are heterophobic and myself? I’m “Woman Centric!”

  23. I wish Mr. Villanueva a great career and wish the same to Mr. Smith. Col. West out of all people should celbrate them both. Mr. Villanueva fought Mr. Sam’s freedom to be himself.

  24. In these days of flagrant Godlessness, the highway shrinks and the multitude of satan’s followers increases, but….

    “….. a highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness; it will be for those who walk on that Way. The unclean will not journey on it; wicked fools will not go about on it.” Isaiah 35:7-9

    Colonel West is a man of honor. Let us pray we will some day meet him on that Way of which Isaiah speaks. <

    With gratitude to all those who have given of themselves in life and death for this country who owes them so much.

  25. Great article – Alejandro should be in the limelight not some freak- show gay that probably won’t amount to anything anyway. The main-stream news is so very lopsided that you just can’t trust them anymore. Thanks Allen.

    • For what it is worth, I think we should stop using the word ‘gay’ and call these people what they are: homosexual. If they are so damn proud of being homosexual, they should be proud of being called that.

      I wish Alejandro a lot of luck and hope he does well.

      USMC 1970-1974

      • Seimper Fi Marine and thanks ever so much for your service Sir! God Bless you and yours and May America Bless God Again!

      • Thank you, also. I believe God WILL bless the US again but, it’s going to take some time to prove we deserve the blessing.

        USMC 1970-1974

      • Agree! But their intent is to have society conform to them, even in definitions — not the reverse. Part of that Obama “change, change, change”. And thank you for your service, marine!

      • Well, I guess I will NEVER get along with them. I will NOT conform to their standards, no matter what.

        No thanks is necessary for my service. It was an honor and one that I never take lightly.

        USMC 1970-1974

      • We are mired in a warped hedonistic sociery “led” by a male (not man) of such questionable characteristics that this country is ripe for the works of the evil one. Every day shouts that.
        But you DO deserve thanks. And my respect goes with you.

      • Yes, this country is in deep trouble. But, as long as there are people such as you and me who care, we still have a chance.

        And, thank you for your respect.

        USMC 1970-1974

      • Let us not forget we must be led and only can win with the Lord in the forefront. <

      • It is supposed to be an Honor to serve your country. I agree with all of my American Patriotic Heart.

      • Thank you for your loyal service to the Republic and its citizens at a time when the military was despised for their calling. There are those like me who will always respect what you did for others and will ALWAYS have your back. Remember that. Semper Fidelis.

      • Those citizens back then really ticked me off. But, I never regretted my service and still don’t regret it to this day. I appreciate your kind comments and your backing.

        Semper Fi

        USMC 1970-1974

      • Woody, Never forget, but most of all, NEVER REGRET! That would cheapen the lives of all of our fallen brothers! Remember that please, if that I may ask of you?
        I am a survivor of Oct. 23, 1983, as a Marine, that date you should know! I will NEVER FORGET IT!

      • I will NEVER regret my service, it helped make me what I am. And, it would be a dis-service to our fallen brothers.

        I have not forgotten Beirut, but I had to look this up as I had forgotten the date. I’m glad you were able to survive, so many didn’t. I’m afraid something like that will happen again with obama reducing our military strength. I can’t figure that lunatic out.

        I just wish more people cared about the military and our problems. I think it’s changing a little but, there’s still a long way to go.

        USMC 1970-1974

      • Haven’t you got anything better to do? At least if you are preoccupied with being snarky and rude towards ME, perhaps it will distract you for a while so you will leave others more worthy than me alone for a bit. I’ve been using the useful Flag function btw. We’ll see what we’ll see. Also, for all your use of the word “communist” to refer to me, it is psychopaths like Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, and “Uncle Joe” Stalin, as well as the charming group in North Korea, that have a tendency to murder their political opponents in massive numbers rather than try to reason with them. A word of caution: be careful when you use terms like that. It will trip you up every day of the week with anybody who studied history in High School before the 5th columnist infiltrator revisionists “corrected” it to reflect their desired cant. and spin.

        Navspecwarcom, 71-73, 82-88, 90-95, 00-05! We have a lot in common!
        Real heroes wear dog tags, not rainbows!

      • My preferred term is sodomite. If the adherents of this lifestyle don’t like it, TOO BAD, SO SAD. I’m not politically correct!

    • There are articles about Mr. Villanueva on ESPN, USA Today, New York Daily News and unlike Mr. Sam he is already under contract. Eagles seems pretty proud of him. Both these young men deverve credit.

  26. Outstanding Col. West and SPOT ON! There is NOTHING about being homosexual that is brave anymore than there is about being hetrosexual for crying out loud. Let our heroes be folks like Villaneava and those who have done good things for their nation and/or community like Tim Tebow who not only helps everyone on his team but those in his community and even those overseas as a servant of his God. (My God too BTW). They bad-mouthed Tebow right out of the NFL but welcomed back people like Michael Vick! Disgusting

    • It’s not really that surprising. Being moral reprobates themselves a lot of the time, they can relate to somebody trying to turn a dishonest buck. Hell, Vick should run for Congress. He’d fit right in with the current Rome on the Potomac crowd.

      • You do not know me, sir. I am of mixed racial stock, Romanian and Native American. I wouldn’t exactly be welcomed by the white power and latter-day Nazi followers that follow after Hitler’s twisted vision, as I wouldn’t be either blonde or blue-eyed enough to fit in with the Norse ideal, nor do I share their vile hatred of others who are not Aryan or WASP enough.for them. My vision on race relations is really rather simple, treat some based on the fruits on their character, not their skin color or perceived race. It was the vision Dr. King advocated for, and I wholeheartedly agree with it.

      • Waaaa
        I never heard such a whinny crying
        little baby
        You expecting some kind of prize for
        being such a baby

      • It not “whining” to point out he fallacies in your attacks on others. Do you kiss your wife and kids with that mouth? I strongly suspect you don’t bother to mind your P’s and Q’s when dealing with others, either.

    • Being out in a sport still has a cost. Although he was division champion he did not get picked up till late seventh round. Had he not been “out” do you really think he would have been picked up that late with his record at Missouri. NO. So yeah professionally it still cost you in career, and money. That is not an issue at all with vets, nor should it be. With any luck by the 10th out gay athlete no one will think about it ..but I doubt it. As long as folks hate, and look for reasons to discriminate there will be someone to call attention to it.

      • Maybe, just maybe, his combine sucked? Ever think of that? Nope, because he is gay and MUST BE PERFECT! MIERDA DE TORO!

      • I believe if he hadn’t come out he probably wouldn’t have been drafted at all. There are a lot of more talented players who didn’t get drafted that will get picked up by NFL teams. The theory is St. Louis was the fail safe. They had three seventh round picks.

  27. Great as always from RET. Colonel Former US Representative and always Steadfast and true! My salute of honor to both you and to ALEJANDRO VELLANUEVA! Yes in Capital letters for those of you who may have objections! For his Bronze makes him worthy to shout his name! If you do not feel so then just keep your yap shut! I get your point loud and clear Mr. West Loud and clear! May the Lord Bless you both and I am hoping for your return to Washington soon Sir, for I support your Steadfastness and truth of conviction!

  28. Glad to see attention brought to Villanueva, there’s no doubt about his bravery and the fact that he’s an American hero. I wish his story would have stood alone though, rather than using it to bring down or insult one of his peers (and I bet he wouldn’t want his story used to disparage his colleagues as well).

      • They both play football, therefore they are peers. The same way that if they were both rangers they would be peers. And that isn’t an impossibility – they allow gay people in the army these days after all. Yup, there are plenty of gay people doing the same job that Villanueva did, fighting bravely. I’m sure you respect them in the same way.

  29. There is a 5 year commitment after attending USMA.. How did he manage to get out of that? He still his one more year of his obligation.

  30. The thing is there are plenty of former military personal playing sports. Yeah its brave to go to war and fight and all that, but that’s a choice. Some may say being gay is a choice, but to be the first person in history to be in something is pretty special no matter what it is.

    • Special, really? Nothing about his coming out was special when compared to a real American hero such as Villanueva OR any of the other brave warriors who protect us everyday. What really gets me about your post is your “yeah its brave to go to war and fight and all that, but that’s a choice” when you should be thinking “thank god there are people willing to fight for our Country and protect people like me”. You and other people who think this gay ball player is somehow special needs to re-evaluate their thinking process and/or adjust their priorities

      • I never said HIM coming out was special. I said being the first in anything is special. Please read before coming at me with a fallacy. Who are you to say what a “real” american hero is? If someone opposes war they are seen as not patriotic. Honestly I don’t think people protecting Iran is protecting me. Gay athletes are not my priority. Rather individuals who go against ideological views of what society views as “right” is more my focus.

      • Well, don’t run in any Marathons. Don’t accept a job as an Ambassador. Do not stroll through a Military Base like Ft. Hood. I think that as you are trying to defend your comments, you do seem to be best at home in front of your boob-tube…watching sports?
        I just thank Col. Allen West for a story that makes “most” people feel good that BOTH he and The Army Ranger are Americans.
        You can stay home and comment on sites like this about Firsts: First Kenyan Prez, first female Sec of State that refused to protect Americans, first Alinsky-ite President, first prez to not cover his heart while Nation Anthem is being sung. Your possible “firsts” are starting to make me… never mind, I’m sure we all “get it”.

      • Semantics and double speak, same conclusion! Go away liberal gay butt kissing troll!

      • You said “I don’t think people protecting Iran is protecting me”? What people are you talking about that’s protecting Iran and what are the “ideological views” and “right” to which you refer? I suppose since you mention opposing war you must fall into the category of a Politically correct Liberal. Well, I have news for you, most of we people with a grain of common sense oppose war but at the same time we realize that at times it is necessary to protect our Country and us. These men and women who serve in our military do not get to make the decision that takes them into harm’s way, instead they go and do what they were trained to do without any fanfare and that is the “right” in this discussion.

      • Thank you Barto! Appreciate it when someone can realize our “voluntary service” is not for self but our AMERICA!

      • A left winger, eh? Man, the mental deficiencies become more apparent every time you post.

    • How about you make the choice to go to war then? He went for his country and so you didn’t have to…not for the media or for publicity.

      • You said it! And I went into your profile and thank you for your service! My dear, dear nephew was point man for his troop and saved all by spotting a slight glint of the sun (or was it THE Son) on a tripwire in the underbush. God’s blessings to you, ole crabby!

      • Are you sure that that is not your shrinking testicles and pubic hair? Such the bad a$$ you are! A real go getter at the mom jeans store, eh? The only thing that you are capable of pushing is a fart out of your butt, and even that is questioable! Go away little man, you have no reason, except to troll, to be in the company of real men, and veterans at that!!

      • I did a-hole, for 13.5 yrs. in the NAVSPECWARCOM! 71-73 Nam, Mekong Delta Region, 82-88, Beirut Lebanon, oh yeah, look this up, Oct. 23, 1983, yup, I effin survived, 2 tours of the Persian Gulf after that, and Nicuaragua and Columbia as anti drug interdiction. That ended in 88. Went back in 90-95 for Desert Storm and Bosnia. and continued afterwards as a volunteer Combat Instructor to teach cherries how to stay alive.
        Have been shot twice in the head, but both glancing, I’m here, those shooters are not. I’m a trained Long Distance Shooter, nuff said. Now for you, Why don’t you sign up pussy willow!

      • Yeah… I am having a hard time, following CVS’ math. Unfortunately, most NAVSPECOP folks wouldn’t brag about it, and so most of the folks claiming that experience turn out to have been nothing of the kind.


    • Wow, is THAT a stretch — “but to be the first person in history to be in something is pretty special no matter what it is.” A total distortion of honor. It seems you have to go around the block for a few years until discernment settles in you. Blessings in that. <

    • As an Army combat vet with over 22 years of active duty I will tell you outright that your comment is a cold slap in the face to ALL of us who serve for YOU and the rest of this “sick, depraved, left leaning” country of liberal leaning lunatics just so you have the right to bash our values, patriotism and pride that was graciously given with our blood and the blood and lives of our friends and comrades. You apparently have never served in the military and made a bond with a guy who holds your life in his hands every day and vise versa-until you do, keep your sh*thead, assinine comments to yourself. That’s my freedom of speech lecture for the month! Hoorah troops!!

      • Thank you for your service and welcome home, Rob! Have you ever known leftists to be appreciative?

      • You know, as divided as America has become because of the left or the right or the progressives or the Tea partyer’s, we are all still American’s living under one country and trying to believe in one Constitution. this is the true American value that should be promoted always. All American’s should be appreciative of what we all have, despite our difference’s.

      • Jay Assunto, you sound like a snot-nosed kid who wasn’t even born when Rob served our nation. You are also a liberal, so I doubt you even had a job to help pay Rob’s salary!

      • And I hope you enjoyed your 2 seconds of misplaced fame too comrade! KMA! Have a great day!

      • He also helped pay his own salary. Military pay is taxed. Additionally, if you are good at being a member of the military, there are incentives for you to re-enlist and make a career out of it. He must have been a good one. The government wanted him to keep giving of himself. Thanks Rob.

      • Oh please, Jay, get a hobby! Get dressed and out of your parents’ basement and try to make a contribution to society!

      • Now why would Jay want to do that? Then he’d have to go and get one of those icky job thingies as opposed to being able to sit on his arse & troll conservative web sites while doing bong hits all day long!

      • I chose to join the military in 1965. I volunteered. A good research project would be to learn the ratio of volunteers vs. drafted. Yes, some volunteered for specific branches, to avoid being drafted into the Army. To countermeasure those numbers, there were those that volunteered and joined the Army. College ROTC programs are heavily weighted by Army volunteer numbers.

        For many, military was a choice, as it is today.

    • Yeah, it’s brave to go to war and all….really? Kind of cavalier, I’d say….I think we should give more attention and accolades to people who extend themselves without regard for their own self-interest and safety rather than someone who is of a particular group that seems to be getting much media glory.

  31. I realize that people who don’t know/don’t care about sports at all now know about the Sam story. However, if you’ve been on any sports media outlet (espn, in the past couple months, the story of this Army Ranger couldn’t be missed. First it was a big deal he was even at that combine. Then it was a HUGE deal that the Eagles picked him up. I completely disagree with this article’s stance that nobody has heard about this story before. Props to Villanueva and the Eagles, nonetheless

  32. It’s realistic to say that those who are opposed to Sam kissing his boyfriend or being gay are homophobic. Why does it matter how much coverage he gets? News sources showing this are showing that it’s not only okay to be gay but to be yourself. People need to focus less on what Michael Sam or anyone is doing for that matter and worry about themselves

    • Honestly, I am tired of the “gay” conversation. It’s not a shocker for most folks anymore, yet there are those who continue to jump up on a soap box and get their panties in a bunch, looking to make a big deal out of a statement made that includes a “gay”. That energy needs to be put somewhere constructive, like at what is really happening to this country,

    • I hate guys kissing guys! PERIOD! Because they are hitchiking on the hershey highway! According to the CDC and the NHO and the WHO, Syphillis is a major problem in America of recent time. Guess where it is centered? Faggot young men! No, I’m not homophobic, I’m “WOMAN CENTRIC!” KMA!

    • Horseshit, I’m not homophobic. I just don’t enjoy watching members of the same sex kiss. I don’t enjoy watching people jump out of airplanes. I don’t enjoy watching slasher movies, I don’t enjoy watching canoeing down the river, I don’t enjoy watching golf, I don’t enjoy watching runway models. Yeah, I’m planeophobic, slasherphobic, canoeophobic, golfophobic, and modelophobic kinda gal. LMAO!

    • News flash. The kiss, the cameras (yes more than one camera), the cake. All for a reality show the Mr. Sam signed up for BEFORE the draft. The Rams are really pissed. Pretty sure the slim chance he had of making the team on his skills just got pissed away. For a guy who says he wants to be treated just like any other player, he sure wants everyone to know he is different. That’s not homophobic, that’s just my observation.

      • Too true…one can’t be one of the crowd and be like everyone else AND stand out! They can’t seem to decide which to choose.

    • That’s a crappy post, Trent. Hell, I don’t like when my face is rubbed into the gay agenda. People like you are just gay spokespeople who would agree with anything they say and for those who don’t like it when the gay agenda is shoved into their faces are labeled the overused “homophobic”. Well, personally, I’m not afraid of labels…so label me whatever you want, but deep down, I know you’re wrong. Just like a deluded soul, keep spouting your support and equating those who kiss with the likes of my father who went to Vietnam and fought hard because he wanted to.

  33. This Marine salutes 1LT? Villanueva. The Eagles will now have some leadership!! I hope he makes the team because he WILL excel. 6’9″ Thats a big man to corral. And I’m confident he’ll be calm under pressure, a true leader.

  34. As usual, Rangers go quietly in the night. No bling. No cameras. No kidding. The Eagles are a lucky team. I am going to have to keep an eye on this team too.

  35. Our world today, perverts are heros, heros are evil, right is wrong, wrong is right, protecting our unborn is evil, torturing and murdering our unborn is glorious, a nation completely morally and socially corrupt.

      • That in it’s self should tell you something.If you met ten strangers and nine told you one thing and one told you something else. Who should you believe? Point made

      • Jay, dear, please acquaint yourself with proper use of our language–the term is itself, not it’s self. Clearly your ignorance knows no bounds, Whether it be English or politics.

      • So often, we have the grammar police monitoring comments. Yes, there are a lot of errors but why so many in the last few years? Smart phones. Hard to keyboard on and as hard to proof. I pretty much let it go, as long as I get the message.

      • Bill, your reply is very measured and reasonable. I got Jay’s message, and to me and some others, his tone is condescending, as if he knows everything, and we who agree with Allen West are wrong and stupid. It’s this air of superiority that makes me head right for the criticism because he and his ilk DON’T know it all and should check their attitudes at the door.

      • That doesn’t mean the nine are right. Just because a majority in this case say it’s right doesn’t make it so.

      • So back in Nazi Germany if I asked 10 Germans if Jews were inferior beings and should be slaughtered and if 9 of them told me “yes” then I should believe them? How about if I ask 10 muslims if women are inferior beings who shouldn’t be allowed to vote, attend college, drive, have an opinion voiced, etc. and if 9 of them told me “yes” then by your logic I should believe them as well? You really are an idiot.

  36. Way to go “Big Al!” You lead by example and who knows, some of the “other perversion, oops! Persuation” my change their demeanor and come back to see the light of clarity. Hooorah Ranger!!

      • Lmao… you want to compare kissing another man on television to facing enemy fire on some God-forsaken foreign battle field in the same
        context of bravery? REALLY? You are a MORON!

      • Hey my father served in Vietnam and chose to go there to fight and was brave enough to. Ask the jerks who “kissed” to do that, likely they’d pee their pants. Trying to similarize the two is very stupid.

    • Jay, what a reply…. I’ll be willing to bet Col. West has accomplished more in his lifetime than you have. Your lack of understanding shows me who the idiot is.

      • There should have been court martial on West for his involvement in the beating and simulated execution of an Iraqi police officer.

      • Oh my God, our military men fight and die for our Country and to help people that hate us. I am sure Mr. West has always acted as a decent man, and if he did such an act as you say, I am sure it was to save American soldiers, unlike the cowards that you are supporting who flog women who become Christians and are going to hang her after the baby is born. what a wonderful bunch of muslims, I bet you are a Liberal. If those countries and their freedoms are so great move there.

      • I’m betting that Jay’s biggest accomplishment in life is living in his parent’s basement and shaving his hiney for his BF!!

  37. Hey Allen when putting together your list of brave Americans who served in the military and played professional sports, why didn’t you mention Pat Tillman? He didn’t get a Bronze Star, but wouldn’t he qualify as being brave? He gave his life, I’d say that’s bigger than a Bronze Star. Did leave him off because of the uncomfortable questions that might arise about why an Atheist was killed (likely murdered) by his own countryman?

    • The list is about military members who later went on to have careers in sports not athletes who later joined the military.

    • Guy, this is the first time I’ve ever read that Tillman was an atheist. I sincerely doubt that the men who killed him gave a fig about it. Fragging is not unheard of in the military, though. It always comes from soldiers or other military having no self-discipline and a hatred of an officer’s authority and the constant drip-drip by the disgruntled to undermine that authority in the minds of gullible men. It’s totally conceivable, too, that it really was an accident as the Army claims. Men don’t kill their officers just because of something so slight as his atheism. If that were the case, there’d be dead officers all over the place.

      • Tillman was not an Atheist, he was a Christian. I heard him speak on television about his faith in Jesus. Recheck your story.

  38. Part of why you haven’t heard much ( but I did see it though), is that he wasn’t even drafted, he was a free agent. That said, I hope he makes the team, I can’t wait to see him flatten some DB, especially one from Dallas. 😀

  39. You know like I know why Alejandro Villanueva’s story won’t get as much press as Michael Sam’s. Sam is controversial and polarizing and its those those things that the media thrives upon and want. Soldiers aren’t controversial. They’re respected and admired. You’ll rarely see anyone ostracizing a military person, but unless there’s another war or battle you’ll rarely hear about them in the media unfortunately.

    • Don’t forget the fact that Villanueva will most likely vote GOP like the overwhelming number of soldiers do!

      • Now I know why the overwhelming number of soldiers vote for GOP. They’re smart and they’re tough. They don’t put up with crap and are willing to fight for our lives out there on the front lines! Spot on!

      • My point was that the MSM has a liberal agenda. (homosexuality is one of the biggest components of that agenda) Hence they won’t report on something that goes against that agenda.

  40. I feel very fortunate to live in a country that can still produce leaders like Villanueva and West, both of whom portrayed the proudest traditions of our military. They stand in such a glaring contrast to so many cretins in professional sports and the entertainment industry, to say nothing of certain political circles.

  41. West you are ‘spot on’ …..there is nothing brave about kissing my wife , unless it is someone besides me……thank you for holding our Really Brave Ones up….we have lost more than just the Benghazi 4 over the last 5 years…….we need to stand behind the Brave that still gives us the freedom we have ….the Obama Administration does NOT….

    • Both who? Why is it brave to kiss your lover?Anyway a bronze star far out weighs a kiss on anyone. This guy has integrity and kisses dont reflect any amount of character.

      • Typical liberal parrot. Nothing intelligent to respond with. Your screen name is indeed appropriate.

      • I’m not sure who you think I’m parroting, but I’m pleased to be on the side that is correctly pointing out reasoning errors.

      • Typical liberal parrot. Nothing intelligent to respond with. Your screen name is indeed appropriate. x2

      • hee hee. That’s pretty funny. Don’t feel bad, though, I’d probably just give up at this point, too.

        Seriously, though. There’s no shaming in acknowledging a mistake. We all do it. The appropriate response is to take responsibility for it and learn from it. That way you can avoid doing it again.

      • Bravery: brave spirit or conduct; courage; valor. Synonyms 1. intrepidity, fearlessness, boldness, daring, prowess, heroism, pluck, spirit, audacity, nerve, mettle, spunk. See courage. (As per Hmmmmm……I don’t see how any of these definitions would apply to a man kissing another a man…..except maybe spunk….but of course that would have to be taken in a “slightly different context!” I hope I’ve educated you somewhat.

      • Yes, in fact you have given me some education. I think I assumed too quickly that people understood how fallacies work.

        Let me explain. Of course Villaneuva is brave. There is no argument there – an incredible story. We are admire him and what he did. The fallacy here is to think that because Michael Sams was brave in a different way, that he was not brave at all. If we look at the list of adjectives you provided, though, we easily recognize that Michael Sams demonstrated spirit, audacity, boldness, and, yes, spunk. Two examples of bravery. Both different, and both legitimate.

        Hope that helps to clear things up.

      • You know what would’ve been brave on Sams’ part? NOT making his sexuality an issue and instead letting his ability do the talking, NOT making a spectacle of himself by kissing his BF on tv, and NOT taking advantage of the whole situation by pre-agreeing to cash in by doing an Oprah-run reality show. I really don’t see how it’s brave to be an abject fraud just looking to cash in on controversy!

    • I voted down your comment. You obviously are oblivious to how our men and women really suffer for the jokers who are “brave” to kiss someone of the same sex. Maybe you really never served in the military to understand these two are NOT the same…so if not, politely shut your mouth for you absolutely have nothing to offer.

  42. Villanueva is brave and a hero, Sams is just a homosexual acting improperly in public in front of small children. I don’t want to see anyone’s sexual displays in public, especially two men or two women, I don’t do it, and I don’t want that crap in my face, or my grandchildren’s. It is what those who are pushing the homosexual agenda want. Indoctrinate our children and teens into that lifestyle. Well, no thanks.

    • um, not sure if you know or not. homosexuality is not a choice, you can’t push children to be gay if they are not born so. its genetic. and no, if the parents are gay that does not mean the children will be. hundreds of factors decide the chances of a baby being born gay or not. order of birth, amount of hormones the mother produces during pregnancy and so on. i have nothing against what you said about public display of affection, if you feel that people shouldn’t do it, that is a valid opinion and should be respected. but your faulty thinking that children can be turned gay is not just wrong, but stupid. do some research and find the facts.

      • The psychologists are the ones who have stated that homosexuality is not a choice. They are wrong. For every one that says choice I can show you a psychiatrist and an MD that says it is a choice. One that was made at sometime in the 8 yrs.old to the 12 yrs. old time span. Made as a result of many childhood experiences, arrested emotional development, and factors resulting from certain injuries to the brain. These can be in total or any combination of them. The order of birth would not be a factor..Studies were done through the ’70s and into the early ’80s on the effects of a number of thing as regards multiple births. On the

      • people that are gay are pretty much unanimous in NOT choosing to be gay. Who’d want a life persecution, ridicule and abuse? It’s not a choice, no matter what junk science you might try to site.

      • I didn’t make the post with any anger or spiteful intent. I only reported on the facts as I know them. The study was valid and peer reviewed. It took 12+ years to complete. You may not like the results but they are what they are. If you want argument you need to argue facts and not spiteful comments that hold no truth. My point was that there is no proof that homosexuality is a choice. A natural act would also be repeated in nature among the lower animals. Homosexuality is not. One study does not create a fact. This one will have to be performed again, under the same conditions, with all the same controls in place and the results will have to be repeated with no significant changes in them. Other studies will have to be researched to determine if the grounds are truly valid. This won’t be settled for 15 to 20 years at best. The studies examining the other side of the argument will need to follow the same path and, ultimately the “Movers and Shakers” in the field and the peer review professors will have to read all studies, debate the results, determine the proper outcome, and announce the verdict.
        Now, what do you want to argue about?

      • Name the study. There is no controversy as far as the science community is concerned. Neither here or anywhere else in the scientific world. The political and religious world have plenty but then they have always fought scientific data on any issue the choose to ignore. Both are opinion based and do not require science.

      • Sir, I suggest you do your research. Homosexuality was considered a Mental Disorder until the 70’s. There has never been a large population of homosexual, only until recently, when people have forgotten who God is and what is right and what is wrong. A person is not born homosexual. Can you tell me how many little children you have found that are homosexual? None. It is a lifestyle choice, and as such it is not normal. Do you see other animal species that the same sex of have sex with each other, No. That is because you cannot reproduce through homosexuality. It is wrong and their are many people who have come out of the lifestyle after getting saved. I believe not only has the total decline of morality contributed to homosexuals but also, the removal of the father from the home. Where there is no father to show boys or girls what a man is suppose to be, you have boys, and girls, but especially boys looking for a father’s affection in unnatural ways, ie., homosexuality.
        Have you heard of NAMBLA, a pedophile organization that actively recruits young boys and teens to become their lovers. I feel sorry for them and I pray for them, but their lifestyle is wrong and now they are attacking those who disagree with it. Do what you want in the privacy of your own home, but quit shoving it in everyone else’s face.

  43. Just a sign of the decay of morals in this country. We can live with it, or we can fight it. Only you as an individual can make that choice, but if you don’t fight it, it’s not right to complain about it.

      • I am already boycotting NFL because of what they did in Arizona – threatening the governor if she didn’t veto the religious freedom bill.

  44. So when will it be that America will have enough? How much will it take for us to punish those leaders? How much will it take for us to punish the NFL and NBA and truly boycott them? How many people are willing to ignore the Super Bowl and NBA Finals? How many millions will be willing to make the change and make sure they pay for their actions? Remember with them, money talks. If enough Americans say enough is enough, they will have no other option than to listen…even if its begrudgingly.

  45. I’m here to clear the air on my previous posts. I fully support our country and have a great amount of respect for those who decide to enter into our military. Is the Sam thing overdone? Sure it is, but that is the medias fault. Myself or anyone else trying to see the other side will get no where. I point the finger at the media for showing stories such as this that will cause problems and make people fight and argue just as we have done here. Let the choices of people who have nothing to do with us not matter. Rather there needs to be equal amounts of stories on each topic. I apologize to those I offended and did not mean any disrespect. I’m proud to be an American and I greatly appreciate those who have and continue to serve our great country

      • I find your statement a little odd. You are attacking the very people who defend your freedom to live here in the United States and say (at least for now) whatever you want, and be whatever you want, if you actually work for it and strive to achieve. What is Sam’s achievement, a football contract, because he is gay or can he play. There is no comparison to a patriot and hero who serves his company and then comes home only to be disrespected by the Government who sent him to fight for other people’s freedom. People who do not even want freedom, and if you lived under their rule you would be missing your head, unless you are a Muslim and practice Sharia Law. Shame on you, go put yourself in a foxhole before you attack our military and veterans.

      • You are a vile piece of inhuman excrement and there is a very warm eternity waiting for you.

      • Many “brown people” as you put it, serve in our military also. Did you forget the civil war? Bosnia? Or the Revolutionary war? All of these wars were basically white’s fighting whites-except Bosnia, some of our troops were black, brown, asian, etc… Do your homework, and read your history before you make assinine blanket statements like this one.
        MOLON LABE

      • Funny, i’m a vet & in over a decade. We prayed for peace while we trained for war. I cannot recall color ever being involved!

      • I have the First Amendment right to free speech, and religious liberty!
        Thank God, you don’t have control over what I say or believe. I will speak my mind and the truth about homosexuality wherever and whenever I want. If you don’t like it tough! Move to a Country that controls people’s speech. And why hide your face, afraid to put a face with your big mouth.

    • The Media has an Agenda…and it’s not a Hidden Agenda either. Unfortunately ‘Progressives’ or ‘Marxists’ or ‘Leftists’ have a strangle hold on the Media from the ‘ownership’ to the ‘announcers’. IMO TV has been used by those who want to radically change America. Most are lead and saturated by the media; it is their chief or only source of information, not only in Newscasts, but in every part of Television programing. Hollywood is another source of ‘dumbing down’ the America Public. I’m more than afraid for this once God fearing country. From Canada.

  46. There are many stories like this about so many of the NFL draftees. Big woop. A gay man in the most manly sport in America? A much bigger story dude. Sorry. Oh, and I have two friends that served in the Iraq situation, one a mother of a beautiful son living in TX. The other buried in Grand Rapids, MI because of a roadside bomb.

    • Wow! What an extremely intelligent comment! Stay up nights thinking that up, did ya? Please don’t put any more energy into more biting, sharp remarks because you’ll need that energy for your “Do you want fries with that?” job.

    • Mark,

      Your comment proves the validity of the low-information Liberals. It’s always the Liberal Progressive Socialist to use bullet points to personaliza the commentator or speaker or dignitary to the lowest denominator of name calling, rather than dwell on the substance of the article or speech.

  47. On the mark as always, Col. West. I can think of another vet who played in the NFL: Chad Hennings, AF Academy graduate, A-10 jockey with 45 combat missions, and DE with Dallas.

  48. Is the Media just nuts? Who would want to see two men kissing? If they want to do it privately, that is their business.
    Woman do not want to see men kissing, 95% of men do not want to see it.

    I am not knocking homosexuals but I do not want to watch.
    I am so sick of the media who think they control everything.

    Col. West: I wish to God we had a president of your character, intelligence and loyalty to America.
    God Bless You.


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