Does Facebook have a hypocritical agenda?

You may have noticed our Facebook page was down for part of the day last Friday. Apparently, Facebook had received a number of complaints about a story we’d posted last March regarding the establishment of the Republican Party.

In it we described how the Party had been established in 1854 to break the chains of slavery and ensure the unalienable rights endowed by the Creator of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness would be for all Americans.

We also reported how the first black members of the US House and Senate were Republicans. The first civil rights legislation came from Republicans. But it was the Democrats who gave us the KKK, Jim Crow, lynchings, poll taxes, literacy tests, and failed policies like the “Great Society.”

To drive home the point, we included a famous statement made by Democrat President Lyndon Baines Johnson as he confided with two like-minded governors on Air Force One regarding his underlying intentions for the “Great Society” programs. Interestingly, the original link we used for the quote was taken down, but you can still search for it. Fair warning: it includes a racial epithet.

Apparently, quoting the words of a U.S. president qualified as “hate speech” and so our page was blocked. We were not condoning the words – in fact the whole point was to expose them. But nonetheless, Facebook determined it was hateful.

According to their posted Community Standards, “Facebook does not permit hate speech, but distinguishes between serious and humorous speech. While we encourage you to challenge ideas, institutions, events and practices, we do not permit individuals or groups to attack others based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition.”

But clearly Facebook has its own standards for what is hateful, serious or humorous — and what is not. Somewhat hypocritical standards, if you ask me.

For just days ago, a reader, Mr. D. Goodman, shared with me the results of his complaint to Facebook about “hate speech.” He complained about some pages, which gave a rather hateful suggestion to Jesus Christ and Christianity. As you can see below, Facebook had no problem with that at all.


“We reviewed the page you reported for hate speech or symbols and found it doesn’t violate our community standards.”

Of course not. These days, Christians are fair game for everyone. It’s not hate speech, it’s just a “free expression of ideas.” Of course, if you express thoughts about Islam, for example, you may be barred from speaking at a university (as happened to Muslim women’s activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali), arrested (as happened to a British politician for quoting Winston Churchill) or murdered (the fate befalling Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh).

If the N-word is so heinous (and we clearly find it to be), then why is it celebrated culturally in rap music, sports locker rooms and motion pictures? Why is it acceptable to use it in those contexts, but not in the context of quoting a U.S. president? Perhaps because the president in question was a liberal progressive?

Some may say these two examples are purely anecdotal, and we would love to have this theory disproved. But it certainly seems Facebook has its own hypocritical liberal agenda for controlling debate.

Are we wrong on this?

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  1. I noticed the same thing when I reported a photo that was posted of my friend. They don’t care unless it is on the liberal agenda…

  2. Facebook has begun its death spiral, but it would be great if a conservative entrepreneur could launch a competitor site and speed up FB’s end. Lot’s of people hate Facebook, but right now it’s the easiest way to get a lot of easily viewable information from folks like you without clogging up our personal email.

    • David, I appreciate the balanced input. This was a concern of mine. I, being unafraid of dissenting views, favor no restriction on ignorance. Nor, the dissemination of truth. I mean, lok at what a dumb ass polyduces is…Please, identify yourself…I will take it from there, thank you.

    • Let me tell you “polyduces” there would be NO Christians if there were no Jews —JESUS CHRIST the fondation of Christianity(Christian=little Christ) was a JEW.

      • Why do you reply to me”WARIII” about “most Christians would have a pretty good idea of this fact” when I was giving that information to “polyduces” and then you called me “pollywart”? Do you know to whom you replied?

  3. I am a conservative….do not support the Obama agenda….and without ANY bad language have been permanently blocked from commenting. It always tells me I “have been temporarily blocked” but that was MONTHS ago

  4. It amazing how social media sites like the block users who express conservative opinions. I know a couple people who were suspended on Twitter because they held conservative beliefs.

  5. Generally speaking this will be Facebook’s undoing. Right now social media is ripe for fracturing, meaning more niche social media outlets (i.e. maybe a Christian one) will emerge to challenge Facebook. Eventually Facebook will be a shell of its former self with only the hateful left and self-indulgent remaining on there.

  6. If we are constitutionally protected to be able to speak freely, then there are no racial epithets or religious blasphemies. There is also no such thing as a fat lip. Even our founders were aware that there are consequences for offending others. It seems that they forgot to put in that famous cocument that freedom to speak does not mean freedom from the consequences of being wrong. This concept was fairly well talked about in the Federalist Papers, but those were not incorporated into the legal document. Judges ignore them at will.

  7. Wondering what there views are going to be when they need to suck up to another party affiliation down the road….

  8. I always imagine the Facebook censorship team to be a bunch of unwashed kooky kids picking their noses. The sum product of all their work makes no sense. If it were my job, I’d leave work everyday wondering what the hell I accomplished.

    • At least the Republicans had the good sense to make this clown their nominee for POTUS nor do they hold this turd out as some sort of hero of their party… The D’s? Well not so particular

      • Atwater was nixon’s champaign manager. Nixon was the one who thought up the southern strategy and recruited the racist democrats to the Republican Party. That’s something West doesn’t mention.

      • So I guess that makes LBJs grossly racist remarks okay right? And by your reasoning LBJ’s remarks make Atwater’s remarks fine and dandy? Nice- around and around it goes and no one is ever held accountable as both sides play the race card- the only real losers are the minorities that each side besmirches and harms. Well done

  9. Here’s one I asked to be removed and they refused…

    You reported DEATH TO AMERICA AND ISRA`EL for containing hate speech or symbols.CloseStatusThis group wasn’t removedDetailsThank
    you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate
    our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of
    making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the group
    you reported for containing hate speech or symbols and found it doesn’t
    violate our Community Standards.
    If you have an issue with something in the group, be sure to report the
    content (ex: a photo), not the entire group. That way, your report will
    be more accurately reviewed.Report DateJune 25, 2013OwnerDEATH TO AMERICA AND ISRA`ELReasonHate Speech or Symbol

  10. Hate is something everyone has. Weather it be a food or a person or a thing. Control is the key and thinking things through. Thanks Allen

  11. A few people have the right idea, vote with your feet and your money. I’ve found the biggest hypocrites are often republican, so this is a bit like calling the kettle black. They speak about the sanctity of life, but are often the first to call for war and the death penalty, to vote for a bomb instead of a sanction or diplomacy. They say they don’t want the government to tell them how to live or take away their guns but scream for the government to intervene or do something when it is speech or action that doesn’t fall in line with their Christian values. Guess what? Facebook is a private company and they can enforce this rule how they want. Vote with your feet and dollars, that’s what you would say if the roles were reversed, so quit bitchin and take your own advise for once.

    • Your total ignorance of the history of American warfare is laughable. I am amazed at the seemingly universal need of the left to skew the facts. It is like.”Well the truth don’t fit the narrative…so.I will just make a new truth” Or are you just that ill-informed?

      • I’m the one laughing because you completely ignored the point of the post and interjected something else that I wasn’t even talking about. I wasn’t speaking about the history of war, the comparison I was making was the “Rights” need to solve every conflict or problem with a gun. Syria, Crimea, Iran, north Korea, when these stories come up it is the bobbleheads on the right saying send in the troops, the President is a pussy, blah blah. I’m sure you can pull up a fox news clip on YouTube that will make my point for this.
        Have anything to say about my actual point, which was to stop using Facebook because it is a private company and they can do what they want as long as it doesn’t violate federal laws?

      • Again you say so much more than what you claim your point is. All conservatives don’t support going in to Iran, Koreea, Syria etc.. Are you an artist because you paint with a broad brush?

      • Lol, ok, whatever. I apologize for making broad statements. After reading other posts it is clear that is not happening in any other comments.
        Are you leaving Facebook yet?
        Is Allen West and his campaign leaving Facebook?
        Of course not because that is what is popular and where people are, it is where family and friends are. Facebook will eventually be replaced by something else, but it won’t be a Christian based social media site. For all your numbers you still can’t make this into the country you want it to be unless you do it at the point of a gun because people will always disagree on some level. Sorry, there I go adding more than one thought to my comments again.

    • I call BS on this analogy or whatever you call your skewed “logic”. Because I stand up for unborn children and believe Murderers should be punished you would automatiically call me a warmonger. Really check your stereotypes at the blog door.

    • Don’t want abortion, but don’t want to cover contraception. Are for freedom of religion but can’t stand to see a mosque in their neighborhood. Are for free-speech unless that speech is subject of race, religion, guns, global-warming, immigration. Are for free enterprise except when the hand of the market slaps them in the face. Are color-blind but are also “black conservatives” (emphasis on black). Love stereotypes except when someone assume they live the woods or a trailer-park… You get my drift

  12. Mr. West, in all seriousness, I think it may be simply because you are black they took it as “hate” speech…allow me a moment of offense…..The left can not stand a “house n—” Some stupidity needs to be plainly painted. Please continue to speak out, sir. . While posts like this can easily be seen as offensive, the greater offense is anyone thinking they know what is offensive better than I do, and thereby “shelter me from harm” In defense of my wording, you and I both know this is not the 1,000th time this vial depiction has been used. The left is terrified of a migration of free thinking blacks in to the Republican party…. I long for the day where Mr. King’s dream comes true……and my point lacks credibility and leaves only the offense. Why would we hamper the interim evolution?

  13. There’s a simple way to get the other Facebook page removed.

    Replace “Jesus Christ” with “homosexuals” and replace “Christianity” with “homosexuality.” It will suddenly qualify as hate speech.

      • If ONLY your post were true.

        Then we could be rid of the anti-Islamic/anti-Muslim pages that only aid in deceiving sheeple, like yourself….

      • INFIDEL means one who does not suck up to a FALSE MOON GOD. Unlike YOU. Piss on ALLAH, piss on MUHAMMAD, piss on the Qur’an. By the way DEUCE….there’s a shoe on your head.

  14. Facebook is no friend of conservatism and certainly just the opposite rather it is a supporter of liberal progressivism. I mean after all the book progresses are the ones who run it. But I’m sure they have a very high-minded ideas themselves and as one poster noted changes words around a homosexual homosexuality and a firestorm would ensue. Christians are fair game because of the ignorance of the world and Jesus told us that they hated him and likewise they would hit us so we’re not surprised by this. Sadly though these people are prophesying their own doom by the rejection of the Savior!

  15. But it called Allen West an Uncle Tom..isn’t that racism? I also complained about this site..I am waiting.personally I think sex and cursing should not be allowed either because they seem to just pop up sometimes while on fb and you never know when a child could walk in. We need something better than fb to use.

  16. I find the irony in this is overwhelming. I recently questioned the President’s hatred of Christians and his support for all things Muslim on another site, and I was instantly (an only, no other argument) described as racist. To which I linked to a number of black writers such as yourself, and then you were all labelled “Uncle Toms” and shills. There is no logic to this – it went beyond logic years ago – in the West we have now entered the age of ‘Nineteen Eighty Four” style politics and the coming clampdown on Christians and political subversives is not far away – it’s already happening in the UK.

  17. Friends and I have reported the “Slutty Mary Should’ve Aborted” Page with the same response. Meanwhile, The Question Evolution Project’s Page replied to an atheopath by pointing out the logical fallacies he had committed in his comment, and THAT was worthy of all the Admins being put in the time-out corner for a day! Also, I’ve reported “Jesus T*tty F**king Christ” and similar Pages with the same, “No violation here, mate” response. Also, we have reported blatant hate speech against Christians, and they do not enforce their “rules”. But what happened to you happens frequently to Christians and Conservatives. Fazebook is not too big to fail, and may become as relevant tomorrow as MySpace is today.

  18. The page F Jesus that’s mentioned in the article is terrible, but I’ve found one that’s worse called “F*** Your F**ing God, You Ignorant Blinded Dumb F*** ” In their ‘About’ section they tell people “Now go piss on a bible and burn down a church”. The front cover has a disgusting picture of Jesus being eaten by 12 zombies in a sick parody of the Last Supper. I’ve reported it to FB and been told it doesn’t violate their community standards. If that doesn’t violate their standards then what does??? There is also a page called “F*** Muhammed” that would be deeply offensive to Muslims. I’ve written about these things on my blog post here

    • In addition, “Jesus F**king Christ”, “Jesus T*tty F**king Christ”, and more. There needs to be an alternative to Fazebook, let the zombies run the thing and sensible people can move on. They’re not too big to fail, and can become as “relevant” tomorrow as “MySpace” has become today.


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