Why Operation 300 matters so much

Back on August 6, 2011, six months after Navy SEALs had terminated Osama Bin Laden, America suffered the single largest one-day loss of life in the ten year combat operation in Afghanistan. It was also the largest loss of Navy Special Warfare life in their history.

The mission that fateful evening entailed US forces going into the Tangi River valley in Wardak Province in Afghanistan after Taliban leader Qari Tahir. A series of questionable events led to the shoot down of a CH-47D helicopter, call sign Extortion 17. Thirty lives were lost including 16 Navy SEALs.

One of those was 30-year-old Aaron Vaughn, who left a wife and two children.

After his death, his family, parents and sister Founded Operation 300 which hosts adventure camps for children who have lost their fathers as a result of military service.

The camps provide an opportunity to participate in activities that embody the spirit of adventure that characterized the lives of their absent fathers while fostering a culture of courage, strength, freedom, endurance, honor and godly morality embodied by fearless patriots throughout the history of our American Republic.

The Annual Aaron Vaughn Memorial Frogman Swim is the primary fundraiser for Operation 300 Camp. I will be honored to participate and help support this great cause. The swim this year will be on Saturday, June 28th in Jensen Beach. The goal is to raise $100,000 and all monies raised will go to the charity. I hope you’ll join me. You can find out more and register here.


  1. LTC Allen West: Leading by example, steadfast and loyal.

    May God bless the family of Aaron Vaughn and the family members of his SEAL team.

  2. I have always been baffled that the administration identified those who were involved int the OBL operation–it seemed like an invitation for retaliation.

  3. They learned during the Raid on the OBL compound, that they had been sent on a ‘Humbug’ P R mission for Ali Bama’s Glory. Bin Laden had been dead. Their raid confirmed the fact, That Bull Sh-tBama had nothing to do with Bin Ladens Demise!– So– They had to GO!! Just like the Benghazi 4!


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