Group pushing military for atheist chaplains. Pray tell, why?

Oxymoron is defined as “a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction.” Here’s an example for you: atheist chaplains.

This morning Fox and Friends reported that the Military Order of Atheists are indeed meeting with Pentagon officials to push for “atheist chaplains.”

Now I thought the definition of an atheist was one who does not believe in God, the Creator, a higher spiritual being. I thought that atheism wasn’t a religion, just a personal preference — a choice. Chaplains exist to provide spiritual guidance and conduct services for their respective religious constituencies in the military. So why do atheists require a chaplain?

Recently the same organization asking for chaplaincy, the Military Order of Atheists, demanded that no uniformed military chaplains be allowed to participate in the National Day of Prayer. So why should they care if they don’t believe in religion, prayer or God anyway?

If an atheist service member, who doesn’t believe in a spiritual being, requires counseling, why not just go to a military counselor? Are atheists now going to ask for a chapel or that the military provide them with a certified atheist “chaplain” to marry them? I must ask again, why does a group that doesn’t believe in religion want to have chaplains, a title completely associated with religion? Are we now saying that atheism, or non-belief, is actually a religion itself and an equal belief system?

Seems to me we’re just playing another game of political correctness with the US military instead of focusing on the real mission: fighting and winning combat engagements. Where does this end? What will be the next special interest demand?

It’s all confusing (but maybe not quite as confusing as transgender troops) and once again, a small special interest group ends up garnering a platform with the Pentagon leadership — don’t they have more pressing issues? I would prefer hearing that the Department of Defense will conduct an audit to expose wasteful spending. Like that’s going to happen.

Of course there will be the usual emotional outcry from liberal progressives and secular humanists, but can y’all just tell me why atheists need a chaplain?


  1. Who cares. Maybe if West wanted to have a hand in military policy he shouldn’t have committed war crimes and got kicked out

  2. I have no theoretical problem with it, being an Objectivist, but he’d have to be a rare breed who’s very well versed in dominate religions, demonstrated a positive opinion toward their roll in society as well as having a history of leadership in life coaching, counseling and community development. Even then, there should be no more of them than the proportion of atheists in the military, if that many qualified ones could be found.

  3. This raises the question– What would these officers (chaplains are officers) DO with most of their time they are being paid for… the majority of a chaplain’s time is spent conducting religious activities–services, ceremonies, “pastoral care” counseling, visitation, etc.

  4. I know…The atheist chaplains will use the same scripts for different events as Christians….they’ll just substitute “Nobody” for every place God (or Jesus) is mentioned.. The height of idiocy.

    • I can hear it now: Nobody loves you, Nobody created the Heavens and Earth, Nobody saves, I could go on and on, but Nobody told me to be good today.


  6. Atheism is it’s own religion.
    Religion is a group of people who believe in one faith.
    Atheists all believe there is no God. therefore they are their own religion.
    Also note that and Evangelism is a group of people trying to persuade others that their beliefs should be followed.
    We see everyday the Atheist’s Evangelistic actions. Getting Atheist Chaplains is but one shining example

    • Do they believe in the Devil???? I’ve never heard of an atheist chaplain? What would they say to the atheists? Someone is stirring us up again, just to get attention…let’s be careful what we read as it might be to ALARM US LIKE putting a pit bull against pit bull….None of these groups are as strong as God’s people and we will come to the aid of our Lord, when it is time…Atheist is not a religion, it’s just a bunch of people that have been taught by their parents or have been hurt severally…they don’t understand that God has given us FREE WILL….if we mess up it is OUR FAULT NOT GOD’S FAULT….if we are wrong so be it…we will soon know…BUT IF WE ARE RIGHT….HOPE YOU ENJOY HELL…..

      • Atheism is a religion, just not in the same realm that you or I believe in. The rest Of what you say I agree with

      • Atheism is not a religion. Faith is something that you have in something. That something exists. Atheists do not have belief or faith in anything. They have a belief that something is not. Just because someone believes something is not true does not give them any basis of religion. I don’t believe you are a moron, but that doesn’t make that a religion. If, however, I believe you are the next coming of Christ or whoever, then that can be the basis of religion. The belief in something, NOT the non-belief in something. Believing there is no God is just a non-belief. It is the antithesis of belief.

      • If they all believe in one thing, that is having faith in their one belief, just not a god

      • Atheists don’t think there is a God. They “know” there isn’t. You can’t preach a non-belief. In fact 99.9% of atheists are against organized religion, in fact they’re all together anti-religion. Atheism isn’t a religion therefor they can’t have chaplains, priests, holy men, preachers and so on.

      • I agree that all atheists I have meet disagree with organized religion on moral grounds, myself included. It has been responsible for some of the most horrible acts of inhumanity in history, allowing someone to believe that the evil they have done is morally right because it was commanded by the divine.

      • religious (stereo-typically) views in a nutshell… Atheist- believe their is no god, wants to make sure everyone else believes that, too; Agnostic- pretty sure there is no god, doesn’t really care if anyone else believes that, too; Deist- Pretty sure there is a god, doesn’t really care if anyone else believes that, too; Theist- believes there is a god, wants to make sure everyone else believes that, too…

    • So, if I can find other people who think Obama is the worst president and person ever born, then we can form a religion? Great! Any would be followers out there?

    • You sir are an imbecile, as your definition states a group of people that share the same Faith. Athist have no faith hence being an athiest. No faith no religion. They belive their is no higher power or do you really intend to tell us they have faith thier is no higher power lol ass hat….

      • Simply not believing in a higher power doesn’t mean not having faith. Unless you’re a hard skeptic or a nihilist it takes faith to build a worldview. That is to say faith-based assumptions taken as tautologies and guiding philosophies. Not all atheists have the same faith, but they all have faith in something. In the west, the predominant strain of faith is in what science has to say never questioning the validity of its major assumptions about what the world is and how we can know about it. In the east, it’s wisdom-teachings like buddhism. So, unless you doubt your own existence or think all of reality is entirely meaningless you have faith.

      • they all have the same belief, faith has nothing to do with it. You belittle yourself by using childish insults.
        Your opinion like you aren’t worth much

  7. If Atheism is a faith and has chaplains, I demand separation of the atheist faith and Government. Atheists have forced their faith on me for years and by forcing their ideology in schools, government meetings, and every area of my life. I think in order for them to have chaplains in the military they must proclaim themselves a faith.

    • At least the moment of silence will give us a moment away from the whining some of these atheists do. Most…no. Some…definitely.

  8. This atheist is inclined to agree. The only reason I can see for doing this is if somehow a “chaplain” enjoyed some special privileges not afforded to to a counselor. I have no military experience whatsoever, though, so that’s pure speculation.

    • There is currently a Counselor who is not of any religion. They are called “Psychologists”, “Psychiatrists” and “Licensed Care Social Workers” who use objectivity based on science and not religion!!

      • They also don’t necessarily share the believes of an atheist soldiers, and they aren’t as readily available as chaplains are.

  9. Well, they likely heard that the Israeli army has some special needs folks enlisted, and perhaps they just want to put together a crew of their own.

  10. As an Atheist in the military, I am asking the same question. Why do I need a chaplain? I didn’t even know there was a Military Order of Atheist…and I don’t appreciate them speaking on my behalf.

  11. What do these atheists think they will get for conciliatory remarks from their “atheist chaplain”? My personal tgought is the “atheist chaplain” would just look at the other atheist and say, “pffffft….don’t look at me for help, you’re on your own. And personally I think your fckd”. Lol

  12. I served, and I am an atheist. In general, I personally see no need for the chaplaincy. I don’t know of any atheist divinity schools or seminaries.

    This seems to be an exercise in childishness.

  13. Chaplains wear an insignia of their faith on their respective collars (a cross for Christian chaplains, etc.) What insignia will the “atheist chaplain” wear on his or her collar – a figure zero?

    • Atheists believe in many varying things. Lumping all of us together and saying we all believe this or that is unfair. The only thing that binds us together as a community is that we do not believe in god, or the divine as many do.

      • But, as you stated correctly, atheists don’t believe in a Higher Power. Chaplains are there to help soldiers who do believe their lives are guided by a spiritual ruler and direction to live life positively while attempting to understand the evil in the world. Atheists don’t believe in such a source and therefore, if they want to discuss their thoughts, a counselor would be a better choice instead of a Chaplain.

      • A chaplain is there to help all soldiers, regardless of beliefs, it has nothing to do with only being for soldiers who believe their lives are guided by a spiritual ruler. Atheists need help, just like everyone else.

    • When an atheist has a problem, they need someone to talk to. They need someone talk to who can relate to them based on their beliefs, rather than someone who relates issues based on a Biblical worldview.

  14. As a veteran and an atheist I find this moronic. Atheism is a choice but many who are religious do not understand that we are as whole a loose nit affiliation of people. We have no doctrine or guiding principles other than our own conscience. This push for an atheist chaplain division is at best an act of foolishness, and at worst a supreme waste of resources and a tool to be used to further divide the people in the service and Americans as a whole. I do not care what religion you devote to or claim, I only care about the content of your character.

    • Atheists have problems and issues just like everyone else, and they need someone to talk to sometimes. It helps to talk to someone who understands your philosophical foundations (for lack of a better term).

  15. As ludicrous as this appears, this atheistic group sees an opportunity (with Hagel as SecDef) to diminish and destroy the Chaplaincy. Like termites, the Left is attacking every foundation of our country, including the Chaplain service. Disgusting.

  16. Um, the Communists already had this in their Army. It was called the Political Party Commissar. I recommend we call it the “Political Correctness Commissar” in the US Army; wanting to be politically correct of course.

  17. This is all a slippery slope. If atheists want chaplains, female soldiers might press to have chaplains that don’t rape them. Not in my America – I say!

  18. When I was deployed, my roommate (who is an atheist) was going through some family issues, and needed help. They would either send him to the chaplain or to see a doctor at the TMC. He didn’t like going to the TMC because they would just prescribe him something and tell him to let them know how it goes. Going to the chaplain wasn’t any better, because he wasn’t much help if you weren’t a Christian. If you were a Christian he would talk with you about the Bible and pray with you, etc. If you weren’t a Christian, he would ask you to pray with him and then not have much to say.

    He needed an atheist chaplain.

    • Don’t be an idiot. Atheism is about no religion, no God, no one to answer to in the hereafter, since the belief is that there is no hereafter. He needed merely to talk to another atheist who could tell him exactly what he needed to hear. Don’t worry, be happy. Every will die and no one will care what you did in your life, so go out with a bang at a young age and take as many with you, since morals don’t have to exist in an atheist world. Just screw everyone for your own benefit. See, easy.

      No chaplain necessary.

      • With the vitriol that you spew hate towards the very humans that God certainly loves as much as you, I’d certainly hope there is no afterlife, Richard. There is a special place in hell for the kind of hateful being you present yourself as. For your sake, may there either be total unjust mercy for even the most disgusting, or may there be nothing at all.

      • Wow, I didn’t realize cynicism is considered to be hatred. I was not being hateful. I was being cynical and ironic. I was pointing out the fact that most people who call themselves atheists believe that there is nothing, no higher being, to hold themselves morally responsible to. Therefore, it would make no sense that they would need the guidance of someone called a chaplain. A counselor, perhaps, but not a chaplain. I don’t hate atheists or anyone else, so you don’t have to worry about me, thank you. And BTW, where is this so called special place in hell?

      • No, see – you can’t, and clearly don’t want to understand an atheist, especially one serving this nation, enough to ever speak for them about what they believe or are going through. Atheism isn’t an absence of morality or ethics, it doesn’t mean you don’t care about others, but you clearly took all humanity from them because they don’t worship like you (not that you’ve given any indication that you worship, especially a loving Christian God). What you said was nothing BUT hate. Let me refresh your memory – “Take as many with you, since morals don’t have to exist”, “no one will care what you did in your life”, “just screw everyone for your own benefit”, who exactly are you trying to fool about your bigotry? Me? The internet? That’s not irony, that’s just HOW you feel, clearly. You don’t need to back down from what you feel – own it. Because if you do believe that, and you do believe in God, you have Him to answer to on why you tear down your brothers, especially those in armed forces that protect you. Jesus tore down the bigots, he tore down those that made a mockery of God and love – he tore down the legalists, the pharisees – he didn’t tear down those that believed differently, he didn’t tear down the lost, he loved them. He tore down people that destroyed love. Now tell me what you’re doing again? You don’t have to be perfect, but you also don’t have to be the exact effing opposite of what you (most likely) believe.

      • So AN, are you telling me that Jesus told atheists to go ahead and believe whatever you want to believe, you’ll still get a pass into heaven for your good deeds? No, he specifically said, good deeds alone will not get you into the Gates of Heaven.

        Jesus did not hate those who rejected him or mocked him, he forgave them, and gave them a Way to enter the Kingdom of God. He also taught us that it is our choice to accept this Way or not. Should we choose not to accept Him and ask Him to come into our lives, the consequences are also clearly elaborated upon in the Bible.

        My point was to say that morality is a Judeo/Christian value. Life is lived with a sense of morality due to the teachings of the New and Old Testaments. Atheists should have no need to follow these, since they don’t believe in God. Is this incorrect of me to believe so?

        It was an angry atheist who insisted that, and I quote as best I can recall his words; “one day you will be dead and no one will care what you did in life”, “I don’t care who’s feelings I hurt, as long as I’m happy”, “I hope you and your family die a painful death for your mythical God.

        Perhaps this doesn’t truly reflect all people calling themselves atheists, but unless you can convince me otherwise, I have no reason you change my mind. Now, how have I made a mockery of God and love, again? I’m confused.

  19. Atheist chaplains? I have another oxymoron for you: government intelligence.
    What on Earth would be the purpose of an Atheist chaplain? Would they be in charge of assuring Atheists that there is no afterlife, nothing to look forward to, no one to answer to, when life is over, it’s over? That’s REAL moral support. My guess is that there are a lot of “suddenly born again” Atheists on the battlefield, looking at their blown-off limbs 10 feet away and drawing their last breaths.

  20. Horrible! Obama goes to church to show off and irritate true Christians! Why do we tolerate such an azz! The Bible states emphatically that we come to our God in the name of Jesus Christ! Why can’t we override Obama! Period! He has no right, or intelligence, of the Holy Bible to take Jesus out of the Chaplains use of the Bible! He and his wife talk of the troops and this morning the Air Force General was talking of how strong we are! If that is so why has Putin kicked us off of the space station when we started it! And when we started helping Russia I wrote the Russia could not be trusted and the first chance they get the dork us good! But of course this is what Obama wants—isn’t it? And I just read that 20 states have dumped the dollar! The video show Obama throwing a temper tantrum? Is this correct!

  21. I will try again! The bible states that anything we do with God has to be in the name of Jesus! When Jesus was crucified the curtain where the Holy of Ho-lies was residing in spirit was torn in half and we believe this meant that we all had a path to our God, in the name of Jesus! First of all religion is private! But having God and Jesus taken from the Soldiers is just another step being taken to weaken our military! And since going to Chapel in the military is up to the Soldiers own choice so what would happen if the men would set up their own worship centers! What would be the penalty then! Col. doesn’t anyone see what Obama is doing and our society is being decimated by other religions defying our God! And would atheists go into combat and give comfort to a wound or even dying soldier! How many chaplains have held men dying in their arms whispering the word! I have read about the stress the men, under God in the name of Jesus, of God have suffered remembering the tears for a wife or loved one and only a God man in the name of Jesus can give the last minutes to a dying soldier such faith under the presence of a Holy God, in the name of Jesus, and this allows many a brave soldier the right to leave the world in comfort! An atheist could not do do this! Now writing this there can be no point of contention as mentioned is the writings I made, with all due respect!

  22. I will take a shot at answering this one, Mr. West. Atheists want chaplains for the same reason that Christians want chaplains: they want a person of similar worldview available to discuss and lead rituals (i.e. weddings and funerals) in times of grief (losing a fellow soldier, for example), times of difficulty (risking one’s life in an operation), and times of celebration (marriages, coming home, etc). Atheists get married, are mortal, and die, just like Christians. Like Christians, many have deep,
    philosophical ideas about the world around them and their place in it. We just don’t believe in your God.

    Your comment about a military counselor misses the point entirely. Military counselors are useful, of course, but they are unlikely to share the same basic ideas about life as the atheist. They are, in fact, likely to be Christian and might even
    suggest that an atheist use religious methods such as prayer to engage with and deal with the pain that goes with being a soldier. Such can be a profoundly alienating experience.

    Mr. West, do you believe in justice? We provide something to our Christian soldiers that we do not provide to our atheist soldiers–officially sanctioned solace. Does not justice demand that we rectify this imbalance? Is not injustice anywhere a threat to justice everywhere, or do you not actually agree with the ideas that particular Christian preacher?

    Let’s also take the time to address your concern that defense money should be spent to cause warriors to “fight and win combat engagements”. Mr. West, are you a
    moron? Depressed, alienated soldiers are bad soldiers. They lack alertness. They make tactical errors. They take stupid risks. They work poorly with others in their unit. They generally bring down morale. There is even some risk that they will “snap”. Investment in the psychological well-being of your soldiers is good military strategy.

    One final point, Mr. West: I am angry. I am being gentle and polite in this post because wrath and vitriol are rarely a good way to effect change. But your complete lack of understanding for your fellow soldier quite frankly disgusts me. You once stated that you would “walk through hell with a gasoline can” for your fellow soldier. This post makes it obvious that you only meant this statement to apply to your fellow Christian soldiers–that you think your fellow atheist soldiers do not deserve
    such consideration. Your site also states that you are “steadfast and loyal”. It is obvious that you are neither steadfast nor loyal towards our atheist soldiers and veterans, who have fought, been wounded, and sometimes even died for the country you claim to love so much. The fewer soldiers like you in the US military, the better. Does that answer your question, Mr. West?

  23. Mental health. Have you noticed mental health being discussed in the media lately?
    Read this next paragraph very slowly,
    If a soldier goes to a psychiatrist, it’s on record. If a soldier goes to a chaplain, it’s a privileged conversation. How many people just need someone to talk to and don’t want to ruin chances for promotion in the armed forces and just go on in despair and end up killing themselves or others, if not just out of distraction, then sometimes on purpose? That is what the most important point is.
    I went to church all my life until recently. I was a Christian for a long time, then a theist. I actually did really believe in a god.
    The armed forces are full of people who do not believe in your particular evil god, who commanded his people to go kill the men and women and bring back the cattle and spoils and 32,000 virgin girls for the priests. We don’t need religion in school, we don’t need it in government. If you want freedom to follow your religion, then others can follow their lack of religion, which is called rationalism. If you expect your particular type of Christianity to be allowed, then everyone gets a shot. This is why freedom of religion also means freedom FROM religion.


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