Tim Scott attacked for not voting his color

Here we go again. More deplorable race-baiting comments by South Carolina Democrat Congressman Jim Clyburn – this time directed against South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott.

Senator Scott has already endured a racial assault coming from North Carolina’s NAACP President Rev. Barber and now this: Clyburn thinks Scott doesn’t vote “according to the color of his skin.” Then which way are white people supposed to vote?

According to the Daily Caller, Assistant Democratic Leader Rep. James Clyburn complained in a Thursday Washington Post article. “If you call progress electing a person with the pigmentation that he has, who votes against the interest and aspirations of 95 percent of the black people in South Carolina, then I guess that’s progress.”

Yep, it’s just another case of liberal progressive hypocrisy regarding civility in political discourse. And it’s further evidence of the abject disdain for black conservatives — those who have escaped the 21st Century liberal progressive plantation — to the chagrin of the modern day overseers, such as Clyburn.

Silly me, I thought Senator Scott represented his constituents no matter what their skin color. Obviously, Clyburn has been given the command to attack, obstruct and undermine Senator Scott’s reelection efforts “by any means necessary” – Alinsky-style.

What got under Clyburn’s skin? Senator Scott was simply out walking the walk. According to the Post, Scott was working at a Goodwill store in Greenville, S.C. alongside one of his constituents who didn’t know who he was. When James Copeland, who happens to be black, was told of Scott’s identity he said, “Oh, wow, I thought he was just some guy off the street. He was really speaking on my level. I felt like I can relate to him. I’d vote for him. Absolutely.”

And there you have it. The greatest threat to progressive socialists is if prominent black conservatives are successful in conveying those principles and values in the black community. As a result, the white liberal “massas” get upset and put pressure on the overseers to clamp down, as Clyburn did. But it makes no sense. If Clyburn actually believes — which it seems he does — that the Democrat party has the interest and aspirations of the black community at heart, he is delusional.

Clyburn has allowed himself to become the liberal errand boy sent to collect the bill and keep blacks in their place in exchange for a “leadership” position. As a matter of fact, did anyone hear a peep from the NAACP, National Urban League, or Congressional Black Caucus Chairman, Rep. Marcia Fudge at the manner in which Rutgers University treated former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice? Of course not, because for these black overseers, Rice got her comeuppance since she is decidedly not part of the “black order.”

After all, it was the Democrats who were once responsible for those Jim Crow laws, ad nothing much has changed. The new version Jim Crow laws are aimed at those who must be destroyed, denigrated, demeaned, and publicly humiliated — and not a sound from the liberal media.

I can almost bet this story wasn’t covered on ABC (America Barack Channel), CBS (Constant Barack Station), NBC (National Barack Channel), CNN (Clueless News Network), PBS (Public Barack Station), or MSNBC (Most Serious National Barack Channel) – but if they did it would probably be to blame Sen. Scott.

And over at Bloomberg News, Francis Wilkinson wrote a nasty column entitled, “Do Republicans lower the bar for blacks?” Seriously? I suppose Wilkinson never saw Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) during a House Armed Services Committee hearing ask the US Pacific Command Admiral about the island of Guam tipping over if more Marines were deployed.

Or how about Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) stating that the US Constitution is 400 years old? We all know the bar is set very high for Rev. Al Sharpton.

This is the new Jim Crow, and it is also the modus operandi of the Democrat party: intimidation, fear, and coercion.

But it’s not going to work – at least not with me. As my former Commanding General of the First Infantry Division, General Gordon Sullivan would state, “If you came looking for a fight, you came to the right place.” No retreat. No surrender.


  1. Every time someone black calls another black person an Uncle Tom I think the one called that should turn around and say THANK YOU. The problem is that most of the namecallers have never read Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Uncle Tom was a man of simple tastes that protected the others from the brutality of the overseer and the master. I would think the namecallers could find a worse person to use as an example of their agenda.

    • Along with John ConYours! Both these old buzzards should be put out to pasture along with the same bull they shovel onto their constituents.

  2. As a resident of South Carolina, I am so proud of Tim Scott because he is voting for what is right for the people not for the color of their skin. He will get my vote in the next election! People of color, who voted for color in the Presidential election, got what they deserved … a horrible 6 years with 2 more to go. I am so glad I am not a racist.

    • Tim Scott didn’t need a gerrymandered district, such as Diamond Jim’s 6th District to get elected to the House.

    • I love how leftists all believe that places like South Carolina or Louisiana are full of racist Republicans. So then how did Nikki Haley, Bobby Jindal, and Tim Scott get elected? (Yes, I know Scott was appointed to fill DeMint’s term, but he was elected as a Rep.)

      Another one that gets me is that if a white Republican beats a black Dem, there are always cries (from the usual suspects) about racism playing a role, but I never hear anything when a white Dem beats a black Republican.

  3. In case you need evidence of democratic racial prejudice, it’s easy to find. Their patronizing of and pity given to blacks is *true* racism.

  4. libs will stop at nothing to get their leader what he wants. they would toss their own baby mama under the bus for the holy one…mid terms can’t come soon enough…

  5. The posterboy for Plessy v. Ferguson, ASSISTANT Minority Leader Clyburn meets the posterchild for the American Dream, Senator Scott.

  6. I am sad that Congressman Tim Scott won’t get my vote (out of state resident) but surely has my support. God bless you Congressman, America is blessed to have servants with heart like yours. Keep doing what you’re doing and God’s light surely will shine through you for America especially SC’s citizen to see.

    Col. Allen B. West, thanks for just eye opening article. Your post always lift me up with renewal spirit of hope.

  7. Clyburn is not only “delusional,” but he appears to be seriously demented. Sen. Tim Scott is an outstanding human being, and the people (all the people) of South Carolina should be proud to have him as their senator.

  8. There are black representatives and then the are representatives of color that represent the people of the United States. It is obvious the Clyburn is the former. It is a telling indication at how passionate they are to keep their base on the Democratic Plantation. If you talk about sellouts, it is the Democrats that espouse poor programs that keep the poor on just enough assistance to keep them that way for life instead of trying to get them educated and prepared for jobs that will let them progress and succeed in life for their families. Democrats are like carnival barkers, they talk a good game but what they are selling is something you don’t want to smell.

  9. i like the posting policy here. why is one to use “reasonable discourse” when it’s used to promote abect ignorance from this guy clyburn? maybe he can join other ignorant democrats like the idiot from georgia and the idiot from texas and they can discuss they’re rank stupidity on the island of guam while it capsizes!!!!

  10. There were 11 republican presidents after the civil war to RFK. Why didn’t they do something about the human rights violations of Jim Crowe?

      • So the civil wR was a waste of time , money and lives if it didn’t complete the job.

      • Do you really believe the civil war was about anything other then money and power? That’s funny.

      • No , I know it was more than just slaves.
        I can’t understand what people think FREE means ? You can’t enslave black people, but they can’t drink from the same water fountain ?

      • I can be free, but that doesnt mean you HAVE TO invite me to your house and serve me a dinner. personal preferences and freedom are completely different things. I can hate Indians, dont speak to them, dont sit close to them and vice versa and both sides will still be free.

      • That’s fine . You can secretly discriminate against me all you want. Just don’t physically hurt me, insult me , steal from me. If all you want to do is say hello, cool.

  11. Before last Pres election Scott gave a great sermon at my church. My church is a good 60% black. Watching the black people not even listen was a shame. He started out speaking of the election and stated I do not want you to vote Republican, I don’t want you to vote Democrat. I want you to vote Christian!! Vote for the person you believe will protect our Christian values.

  12. What are the libs ‘n lefties gonna do when OKLAMHOMA elects #TeamTW to the US Senate this year?

    LOL ….. it will be interesting to observe the way they try to SPIN such an occurrence using a RACIST angle, will it not?


    Some of the BEST, real, ONE NATION Leadership, America has to offer in this pic- see a special moment being shared ~> pic.twitter.com/RWMKKu0nH9

  13. If you vote for somebody because of the color of his skin, you are as much a racist as the person who votes against somebody because of the color of his skin.

  14. Sorry to tell anyone, but Obama wouldn’t be president for multitudes of WHITES that voted for him. So please anyone of color, PLEASE using the RACECARD!

    • I am living proof that you are ignorant. I am recorded as voting for obama in the last election, but the truth is that I was refused at the voting booth. Educate yourself. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one, smh.

  15. Congressman Jim Clyburn is a perfect example of racist. He thinks and acts like skin color is the only thing that matters. Being right does not. How disgusting.

  16. Love you Allen West, Admire your stance and truthful honesty and Observations.
    And I admire Tim Scott.

    Although the POS … Jim Clyburn is just another “Sheep” being strung along, over superficiality and intentional divide over dishonesty, slander and wrong-doing by the Liberal Agenda .. How Pathetic and Sad … 😐

  17. Allen I admire the Hell out of you for the bad treatment you get an you fight back, you have my vote anytime an I would follow you to,if you was my commanding officer, AB3.

  18. If General Sullivan was the commander of 1ID when you were there, were served in the Big Red One together on Custer Hill. Keep up the fire.

  19. How the heck a”BLACK” man can get away with RACIAL discrimination is BEYOND me. We are all AMERICANS first–aren’t we? I would be infuriated and insulted if I were of an ethnic group being browbeaten and BULLIED regarding whom I voted for… Obviously this man thinks he is ABOVE the rest because he IS black? Well what about the others (i.e. voters) he would surely need to get elected? Very poor judgement and was obviously raised a racists by the very definition of the word.

  20. Sorry for the all caps, and racial comment about the racial comment made by Jim Clyburn. But Mr. Clyburn is dragging the race card into it and against one of his own? Rule number one: Never downgrade anyone–just state differences between what you have to offer. Doesn’t Clyburn realize this comment just makes him look aweful? Just terribly aweful in his basic character as a person. He shouldn’t be representing anyone with such a narrow-minded viewpoint.

  21. I used to be a racist for seeing the color of someone’s skin. Now I’m a racist for NOT seeing the color of someone’s skin.

  22. Tim Scott is my senator and I will be voting for him in the coming election. You always have my vote, Allen West, in your continuing fight for truth and morality.

  23. If I were a resident of SC I would be voting for Scott. The fact that it would tick off Democratic Plantation Blacks and their condescending, white-guilt suffering liberal supporters would just be icing on the cake.

    • As a Senator, Scott should be speaking for the citizens of South Carolina…not just Blacks in general.

      • Cite some examples please or are you just upset that he doesn’t do what many have complained that white politicians do and that’s looking out for whites only?

      • Supporting cutting someone food-stamps if a member of their family participated in a labour strike. Disproportionate amount of black people rely on food stamps or on unions to help them reach the middle-class. And the truth is I wouldn’t vote for anyone who puts faith above reason, black or white.

      • I noticed you failed to mention what factored into that support or do you even care? We can get into a long discussion about food stamps but the fact remains that food stamps aren’t the only food assistance programs out there. Even people with children find themselves only having to provide one meal for their children during the course of the day because of meals provided through the public schools. As for unions they are not blameless for the state of our stagnant economy and job growth. Conservatives like Scott would like to help make decisions that will open opportunities for growth where there are jobs and not so much reliance on public assistance which has become an income option for many who are capable of doing what’s necessary to support themselves. Conservatives like Scott understand that public assistance comes with strings and does not really help people get ahead. It keeps them beholden to the government and any organization lobbying for the creation of more public assistance.

      • A certain Lebron James grew-up on public assistance and we all know what he grew up to be thanks to certain NBA player’s union who made sure people with his talent where fairly compensated. So the public assistance creates dependance meme has no empirical evidence. It’s like telling an handicapped person they must love their wheelchairs. As for Tim Scott I don’t have issues with him not “voting his color” but I do have issues with him voting his religion.

      • God, you are dumb. welfare creates dependant people, that wont be able/willing to start working again. Thi is the fact empirical and you cant deny that by pointing to an individual. Statistics speak against your opinion. – Longer on welfare – forever on welfare.

      • Which stats, what studies. Show me the data you are just spouting bumper sticker garbage. And you did not address the fact that Unions made millionaire out of pro-athletes.

      • Kasarda and Ting (1996) argue that poor people become trapped in dependency on welfare due to a lack of skills along with spatial mismatch. Post-WWII, American cities have produced a surplus of high-skilled jobs which are beyond the reach of most urban welfare recipients, who do not have the appropriate skills. This is in large part due to fundamental inequalities in the quality of public education, which are themselves traceable to class disparities because school funding is heavily reliant on local property taxes.

      • There are a number of additional factors in addition to alleged inequities in public education. Many of our most successful and educated Black people have come from similar or worse education conditions. Until expectations are raised within our homes and Black communities monies poured into failing education systems will continue to produce failed results. Liberals making excuses and pushing their bigotry of low expectations need to back off and allow minorities to find it within themselves the needed motivation and nurturing to produce the results minorities are capable of producing.

      • Our most successful and educated black people have come from similar or worse conditions. But just like Lebron James they are the exception rather than the rule and therefore don’t carry anymore weight then he does. Liberals are not pushing anything in the black community, people are smart enough to make up their own minds. Republicans are the one who disengaged the black community. All of sudden they wake up turns out when 95% of the black community voted for Obama. And what do they peddle “higher expectations” most black people would answer our lives are hard enough thank you very much.

      • Sorry but I disagree. I have been around long enough to witness the damage to the Black community by following the liberal lead. Conservatives haven’t just awaken to what’s going on. Based on your predictable response I’m concluding you have only been listening primarily to the typical rhetoric from the liberal camp. Well I was far more liberal when I was younger but age, experience, and wisdom allowed me to see with my very own eyes the destruction. I’ll never forget a rude awakening to the number of Black girls who were not terribly concerned about having babies out of wedlock during the 70’s. Why? They knew public assistance was going to be their safety net. The out of wedlock births in the Black community compared to several decades ago is all the proof a wise person needs to understand it is the Liberal “Great Society” started by President Johnson that put us on that road. You can’t blame conservatives who were able to see the big picture and potential destruction that lied ahead. Like it or not we can be our own worst enemies and following bleeding heart liberals has only made our lives harder as a result. Blacks have been following liberals since the 1960’s as a way out of poverty yet far too many remain perpetually poor. It’s time for the Black community to shed the victim costume and start thinking as independent people thank you very much.

      • And I use to be a conservative when I was younger. My welfare recipient mother always made sure I worked hard in school and kept telling myself I owe everything to my efforts. But after falling on hard times I realized I had a lot of help growing up. Thanks to my mom’s government check I didn’t have to stand in a corner all day so I can eat at night. I could focus on learning and school and police never picked me up. In the end the public assistance dependency you people speak of is not cause but a symptom of a larger issues.

      • So yo slip from Scott is a racist against fellow blacks to now a religious issue. Looks like your only education is the 5 D’s of Dodgeball. What an enema bag (douche is too good for you).

      • Our morals and values are adhered to religiously by many whether or not they claim to identify with an established religion. If you have a problem with Scott for that reason then you have a problem also with yourself for voting by what you are driven by from within.

      • A union who manage to get the owners to share revenue 51/49 has something to do with how it’s members are compensated. I already asked about the numbers of the numerous we keep hearing make welfare their career choice.

      • From what source do you require before you will actually entertain the likelihood there are people who aren’t interested in leaving public assistance? I’ve been around nearly 52 years and have witnessed this in person. I don’t need a biased liberal survey, complete with respondents who may not be honest about the data they are providing to know what’s going on out there.

  24. We need more good, hardworking, honest, humble people like Sen. Tim Scott in DC.
    Lib-Dems know no shame. What else could explain the likes of Sheila Jackson-Lee??

  25. Clyburn’s bizarre comments are part of the the 21st Century version of the Fugitive Slave Act. If someone like Senator Scott has escaped from the Progressive Plantation, it is Clyburn’s job, assigned to him by the Massas who run the place, to try and drag them back there. Scott, like Colonel West, Herman Cain and a growing number of others, REFUSES to wear the chains that Clyburn is apparently so happy to wear.

  26. The Democrats have attempted to turn our language as upside down as they have their phony democracy. Those who allow them to get a ways with it are people willing to be controlled by Democrats.
    Todays Democrats try to establish a culture cemented in the Democrat agenda. Anyone who wants to disagree is assigned to an unpopular group, racist, homophobe, sexist, etc.
    I have an idea of why Democrats do not venture outside of their preplanned agenda. I think they are following the tactical plan of their news Media. The Democrat’s news isn’t always supporting Obama because they agree with him. They have an agenda to support, and he is a part of the agenda. If they say nothing that is critical of their agenda, the agenda is automatically supported. It is a simple process but it works with enough people for them to hope for an eventual success for the agenda. Speak no ill of the agenda, speak no good of that which is critical to the agenda.
    Marvin Fox


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