Day 5 – Austin to Beaumont, TX: The Doors of Life

I knew it would happen sooner or later. My first disappointment of the KCPRAA occurred today after I got to my room in Beaumont.

I turned on the TV for news updates to Fox News, of course (the source for highly-informed voters/electorate), and to my dismay the channel was not available. My two choices for national news channels were CNN and MSNBC, the stations for low-to-no information voters. No worries, I can always check out reruns of Green Acres or Petticoat Junction; far more intellectually stimulating than the Most Serious National Barack Channel or Clueless News Network.

It was a short ride today and the weather was perfect, cool, overcast, but with a strong crosswind. The traffic in Houston was rough, even in the middle of the day, but we all arrived safely to Beaumont, greeted by a very welcoming crowd.

My day began with an awesome 4-mile run along the Colorado River running trail in Austin. It was great to have such a professional police escort provided by the City of Austin Motormen. I really enjoyed chatting with a several of them, especially Gunslinger, a former Army Ranger. There was a super nice lady who came by and stopped to share some small talk.

For breakfast, we pulled into the Krispy Kreme, and yes, the “Hot Now” sign was lit up. I met a fella there from Indiana named Terry who had a copy of my book, Guardian of the Republic, for me to sign. After a nice breakfast sandwich and a donut, we were off. First stop: Waller, TX, where I met several folks who had come out to cheer us on.

After leaving Austin, TX, the theme for today’s ride hit me: reflections and doors.

In December 2003, in Tikrit, Iraq, after undergoing an Article 32 hearing, I stood before my 4th Infantry Division Commander, now Chief of Staff of the Army, Major General Ray Odierno. I submitted myself to the Article 15 Non-Judicial Punishment of $5,000 for the actions I took while a battalion commander.

Many of those who watch CNN and MSNBC castigate me as a “war criminal.” I find this hilarious and absurd. I wonder what they call a person who, instead of taking an action to save American lives, took no action at all? Matter of fact, said individual allowed four Americans under Islamic terrorist attack to be murdered. As far as we all know, said individual went to sleep due to a strenuous schedule of campaign fundraising events the following day.

Not only that, but said individual then proceeded to lie about their non-actions and cast blame elsewhere. When I was asked, during the Article 32 hearing, if I would take the same action again, perhaps I should have blamed my actions on a video and all would have been fine? Instead, I responded, “If it is about the safety and lives of my men, I would go through hell with a gasoline can.”

To the useful idiots and mindless liberal lemmings who refer to me as anything other than Lieutenant Colonel, Retired, Allen B. West — with 22 years of honorable service, rank, and benefits — you are delusional and confused. You criticize me, a commander who stood up for his men, while you embrace a cowardly commander-in-chief, Barack Hussein Obama, who did nothing while Americans died. It is both disgusting and despicable.

After being a man of honor standing before General Odierno, I redeployed back to Ft. Hood, TX, arriving on December 17, 2003. My wife and I made our decision that I would retire in 2004. At the time, Angela was a financial advisor with First Command Financial Services and they offered her a nice position in South Florida, where she had extended family. Three days later, we loaded up the charcoal gray Chevy Suburban with a U-Haul trailer and two yap — yap Pomeranian dogs — and departed for Florida.

Leaving Austin, TX, today, I reflected on the route we were taking. It was the same route our family took a little over 10 years ago. While Angela and the girls slept, I felt trepidation in my heart, as God closed a door in my life. No chuckleheads, I was not forced out. We were moving to South Florida to establish our home and Angela’s career, but I would return to Ft. Hood to finish up my tour and retire, effective August 1, 2004.

I did not know what lay ahead for me in life. I thought I would be a high school teacher and a track coach. Nah, Someone had a different plan.

Today as I drove that same route on my motorcycle, I thought about that door closing — testing our faith — as God prepared me for a new mission. I considered one of my favorite verses from the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans:

“Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.” (Romans 5:3-6 NIV)

It was a tough time, awaiting the hearing in Iraq and being removed from command, but it was all part of a grander purpose — to build up my faith, perseverance, character, and hope — but not in man.

Back in December 2003, when I traveled the roads taking us from Ft. Hood to Austin to Houston to Beaumont, the folks who came out to see us today had never heard of me. Somehow, something amazing has happened in the intervening years. Everything worked out okay. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28 NIV).

Aubrey was 10 years old at that time. Now she is 21 and just finishing her junior year of college pre-med/biology. Austen had just turned 7. Now she is 17 and finishing her junior year of high school. Angela has become one of the top producing brokers for Raymond James. And me, well, I am blessed beyond my imagination.

Reflecting upon the closure of one door, as God opened a greater one (one of which I just drove my motorcycle through), I want to share with you that we should not run away from trials, travails, and tribulations. We should count them all joy as we are being perfected for a greater purpose. A diamond is but a rock until it undergoes intense pressure and heat. Steel is purified by intense heat. We cannot seek to live a life where our goal is to go from one oasis to another. Sometimes we have to cross a desert in order to develop inner strength.

Many are asking me to consider a huge undertaking. If God had not placed a challenge before me and closed one door, perhaps a new mission would not be possible. Here I am, traveling along the same path I took in December 2003. I am traveling with my “Band of Brothers” and meeting my beloved countrymen and women along the way, sharing my perspectives as well.

A new door has opened and faithfully I walked through it. This morning a couple of our Motor Marshalls, former NC Highway Patrolmen, expressed their delight in my publicly sharing my faith. I told them I have no choice. I ain’t perfect, but I do know that God guides my steps and protects my family.

We did not stop to rest back in December 2003, but today I had the opportunity to reflect upon those doors that have opened for me. Where will this journey lead me? Only God knows. What a journey it has been so far!

Why do I remain so committed amidst all the hateful speech and attacks aimed at me? Simple. “‘No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me,’ declares the LORD” (Isaiah 54:17 NIV). So I press on and thank God for this moment to reflect upon the doors of life.

Day 6 tomorrow: into Louisiana and stopping in Nawlins!

And to all of you who have asked me that one question, well, I will consider and be in prayer about it, and chat with Angela.

Steadfast and Loyal!



  1. I already voted for you as a write-in twice. ’08 & 12. You know what they say. ” three’s the charm “. Go for it!

  2. If you ever want to go to all 50 states to research information for two books, I can escort you! I did that in 2010 in three months, it was brilliant and you meet a lot of awesome Americans along the way. In 2010 even Democrats were regretting their vote for Obama.

  3. Sometimes people lash out because they’re incapable of dealing with their own inadequacies, but then there are some that lash out simply because they’re butt holes. Having those kind of people around make us appreciate the good guys that much more. Safe travels!

  4. Thank you Lord for blessing us with someone like Mr. West!!! We that believe in you Lord and our Heavenly Father God, know that this country needs a strong man to bring us back from the evils in power right now!!! I ask that you please protect Mr. West and all that stand supportive of him as they venture through this beautiful countryside!!! God Bless Mr. West!!! We love and need your strength that we no doubt know you have! AMEN!!! STEADFAST AND LOYAL! MR. ALLEN B. WEST FOR PRESIDENT! A REAL AMERICAN MAN TO DO A REAL AMERICAN JOB!!!

  5. I could have warned you about Beaumont, Colonel! In any case, I hope your visit to the rest our God blessed state was rewarding.

  6. I gave to your campaign when you ran in Florida…and I’m, not even from that state. I will donate handsomely to your campaign, for whatever you decide to do. Men like you don’t come around often, Col. West, so we need to cherish it when it does

  7. You are a man of honor and courage. It is my fervent prayer that the Lord will lead you to seek a leadership role in the governance of our Republic. Whatever that role is, you will have my full support, financially and otherwise, as you strive to achieve it.

  8. Never give up your faith nor compromise your faith. Should you run be prepared for persecution for your faith while the public totally ignores your strengths and experiences.

  9. At your going away party in ft. Pierce,I shook Angela,s hand. & said,”I want to be the first one to shake the hand of the next first lady” 🙂

  10. Lt. Col. West, you have the strength of character and the integrity to lead this nation out of the swamps the Demonrats have led us into. You are the one man who has entered politics in the days since Ronald Reagan who has the gift of being able to inspire as a leader should with a vision of a future that is bright rather than what the Demonrats and their media lackeys call ‘the new normal’. I would be proud and honored to cast a vote in your favor and to fight at your side – in any circumstances. I would vote for you and I would be honored to work for you as well. Please consider running for the presidency. You have an inspiring message that the people of this nation need to hear!

  11. Wishing you all the best, whatever your decision may be. Hope you not only pray about this, but also listen to the others prayers for a YES vote. Now…….off to do some research.

  12. Col. West – are you planning any trips to the Northeast (NH, MA area)? I would love to meet you, and would consider it an honor!

  13. If there is any way in this world that I can help you if you choose to run for President…just say the word !
    I’ll be happy to carry a few gasoline cans for you Colonel !

  14. God does if we are lucky close one door to open another that we might grow in grace.
    How wonderful it would be to have a man unashamed of his Christian Faith and dependence on God to be our President. Please God let us see some light at the end of this darkness.

  15. I would welcome you as a candidate for president and as president, perhaps Michele Bachmann, my first choice when she ran, as VP.

  16. Col. West, I have not campaigned for anyone since my college days in 1968, when I was a hippie for Nixon..But I will eagerly jump into the campaign for you if you decide to run.

    Please, Col. West, we need a man of integrity, character, and courage more than we have ever needed such a man since 1776. Our first president accomplished many miraculous achievements in battle thanks to the providence of God, and his faith in Him. I sincerely believe you would achieve the same results, with that same guidance, against all odds.

  17. My own personal opinion is that he would be a very good President. He has intelligence, experience and courage. And after obumma I think we may very well need his military expertise. Obumma has left us in not only a vulnerable position in the world, his bring a lot of muslims in, ignoring ties with jewhadis (that’ll make beg to drink pig blood).. We are vulnerable and we need a leader with experience. intellect and courage.

  18. Col. West, I did my service 1962-1965 in the USASA (Army Security Agency) just as Viet Nam was getting hot. I often reflect on not having served in that conflict and remember the convulsions that shook our country to near devastation. By the grace of God we went from an “I – me” society to a “we” society, unfortunately history is repeating itself. America is again a gratuitous societal system expecting something we never worked for and disdaining anything the requires the most miniscule toil on our part.
    Thank you for your service and never ever regret your actions. Those who have never served will not likely ever understand what motivated you. It is my most sincere hope that God will lead you to a decision that make it possible to bring America back to it’s fundamental beginnings.
    Rick Wynings

  19. I am praying with you and Angela, that you listen carefully for the still quiet voice of the Lord. I would be proud to have you as my candidate for the Presidency of the United States and I like you want our Father’s perfect will. I am confident the right decision is being formed in yours and Angela’s heart. I am the former widow of LAPD Narcotics Detective Norman R. Eckles and I know he would have loved to have known you. My husband Lary and I will do whatever we can, should the Lord move you to run.

  20. Col. West, the fact that you would even consider running for president has renewed my hope that God has not forsaken this nation. I stand with you and am praying for you and your family. God bless.

  21. Col. West, welcome to my area of Texas. I was pleased to see a photo of you with my friend and Blue Knights president DJ Alvarez. May you, and those with you, be safe on your journey and always Ride With Pride!
    Dennis Monk
    Blue Knights TX XIX

  22. God bless you & your family. I definitely would be proud to have you for my President. And, I will definitely be praying that God will show you the way to go. I don’t have the finances to donate to causes, but I CAN call, email, share on FB & Twitter, etc. We need to take our once great nation back!

  23. I am so ready to have a true American back in the White House and running this country, Lord willing it’s not too late to put this shambled jaded country back together. I wish you Godspeed Mr. West!

    • Thank you for being a loyal friend of our Republic and hopefully soon the Keystone Pipeline will be strengthening our friendship.

  24. Col. West, it was indeed an honor for me to meet you on Wednesday morning and tag along for part of the ride. Thank you for the autograph book signing and taking time to talk. It was an honor and worth the ride from Indianapolis Indiana. Hopefully this ride reinforces in your mind that God has a different purpose for your life. Let him lead you down that path. Keep both wheels down and enjoy the ride.

  25. It would be great to have a man of integrity occupying the White House. Go for it
    Col. West. My veteran buddies and I would be glad to tap dance into hell with you.
    When you’re in the mid west we’d be honored to ride with you.

  26. Col. West, If you run for president you have my vote.. We need a man like you to run our country. If it’s in GOD’S Will it will happen. You are a man of God, you are a Loyal American Patriot plus you are a Soldier in the Army of God…
    May God be with you and your family. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  27. You will have my vote. My concern is, does a genuinely good man who truly has America’s best interests at heart, have a chance with today’s electorate?

    • What do we have left to lose? They’ve trashed the Constitution, foiled every investigation through outright contempt and evasion, eaten all of our disposable income through an unsound energy policy that forces us to pay more at the pumps, more at the grocery store, more to our power companies who have been forced to buy “free” solar and wind power at inflated prices which they pass on to us, cut many of our jobs from full time to part time under the guise of helping us with bad health care that we still can’t afford no matter how they try to sell it, and now they want our only means of resistance taken away from us through stronger gun control laws while THEY supply dope dealers with the tools of the trade. What do we really have left to lose except possibly a wasted vote and most definitely our lives? He’s worth taking a chance on!

      Look to history. The real killing starts AFTER the Communists win and have total power at their disposal, not while you’re fighting them.. What we’ve seen so far is merely a pillow fight, but it must stop now!

      • I’ve been watching LTC West since before he became a Congressman. He commitment and love of this country has never wavered. That includes his time in the service putting his own life on the line and proving his loyalty.

        To sum it up; there is no risk in voting for LTC West. He’s proven himself worthy of serving our country in higher office. It’s our job now to help him get there.

      • That’s what I’m saying. He’s also the only politician who appears to actually understand the true nature of Islam and the very real threat we face from that quarter.

      • You know Don you are correct in most everything you have said but we have not lost everything yet, They are still trying to steal our weapons. What they don’t realize is that people become very very dangerous when they find themselves with nothing to lose. The day of reckoning may well come soon and they will find that they don’t have enough blue shirt goons to protect them.

  28. looks like this hotel in Beaumont TX needs a kick in the ole GULLIBLE A$$ … **__**

    I do like these unique Westie acronyms …

    Most Serious National Barack Channel


    Clueless News Network.

    “Life is hard. It’s harder when you’re stupid.” ~ John Wayne

    (so true …. **__**)

    • Most every hotel I stay at will have CNN on their lobby and breakfast area TV. Whenever possible, I tune in anything else besides CNN or MSNBC -preferably FOX if for no other reason than to offset the leftward slant (and slander) that pervades CNN, MSNBC, et. al. Then I watch the reaction in the room; Rarely is anyone even slightly disapproving- most are pleased that the channel was changed.

  29. Someone smell some fresh air? What a difference from the foul hot air pumped daily from D C The man wore and WAS the uniform, which is something the Lib pukes will never understand. We salute you colonel and pray your battles are short, your enemies few and your life remains blessed Ivy Men

  30. I have prayed that you would consider running and we all know you would be a great President who could undo all the damage that other Presidents have done to our country. We need you Col. West. You are our “John Wayne!”

  31. Col West with Sarah Palin as VP, time to clean the garbage out of DC. Take no prisoners, throw the muslim base in our govt out quick and the rest will fall or run

  32. Mr. West, our country is in trouble, can you help? Please discuss this with your loved one’s and consider running for president…our country is in trouble. Thankyou.

  33. allen west i totally admire u for being and man of strong convictions and understanding we need u to undo all the bad america has had forced upon them please run for president and save america

  34. Col West, I am truly praying for His will to be shown to you. I also understand the dynamics of His “door operations”. I am a preacher’s kid and can deeply empathize with you and some of the situations you are undergoing. there is one particular situation that really stands out in my mind: I was a teenager and in junior high at that time. we were in Houston. my dad was assisting a group of believers establish a new church(we are Baptist). the only means of funds for our living was, my parents drove school buses and we also had an upholstery business. these were the only means of support for us–a family of 4.
    that being the background, this is the specific incident(s) that occurred at that time. we had bills to pay, there was no food in our house, we had no monies to our name. the ONLY thing that we could do, was pray. so that is what we did. during the session of prayer, we had the door-bell ring. and my dad being a man of faith, showed his measure of trust in Christ, did not stop the praying, within a few minutes the door-bell rang again. he continued in prayer, a few minutes there was a hard knock, but he continued in prayer. when we had finished our praying, we went to the door—and there was a box of food. I could cite multiple other times where people came up and simply placed money in his hands. and at that particular time, we had need for something—either a bill, or food, or clothes for my sister or me. so I know personally that He is faithful to His children.

  35. I call him “Mister West” someone that really stands for something. A true conservative.
    No one has to ask if he is a God fearing man, and really loves his country. It will be great to have a African-America as President of the United States of America that we can respect and trust. It has been a terrible division between all races under the present wrecking ball Obama. I believe Allen West will bring unity back between all of us Americans.

  36. Col West, if you do decide to run for President you can count on my vote. I am also career military (MSgt, USAF retired with 21 years and 2 tours in VietNam). It will be refreshing to have a President that has the backbone to make the tough decisions other than which golf club to use.

  37. Thank you Allen, I love this idea of you being in the WhiteHouse. I also think Sarah Palin should run with you. Now this is a winning ticket even the liberal crowd can’t argue about. One thing still disturbs me tho, I wish people would stop referring to you as “AfricanAmerican” and just use what you are, a true American. By putting that African part in there it still says there is a racial undertone to it. I hate racism from all sides and we should be doing everyhing we can to get past it. I know you’ve been praying for us, along with us and I’ll keep doing the same too.

    • I heard a video where LTC West sad he was not an African – American or a Black American. He was an AMERICAN! He is a man of GOD. We are all GOD’S children – our skin tone, nationality, …. means Nothing. Being a person of GOD is what is important. I pray that God allows me to call LTC West – Mr. President. He is what this nation needs! I will work in any way possible for LTC West and our Great United States of America.

  38. You have my vote sir! And I too have duked it out with some online uninformed liberals bashing you for things they seen on CNN or MSNBC! But the uninformed voters days are numbered! Because in 2016 there’s going to be a new sheriff in town. And I pray that it’s you Col. Allen West!

  39. I believe LTC West is one of the very few today that truly “gets it”. We will need to put on our armor and fight to put him in the White House if we want to save our Republic.

  40. God Bless you and I hope God and Angela persuade you to run. Thank for your continued service to our great country and God Bless America.

  41. Col. as a retired USN former senior enlisted and mustang LDO Lt. Commander servicing 28 years of active duty, I can understand the difficulties you endured to insure that at all costs your people come first. I spent two flying tours in Vietnam as an ASW / AEW flight tech and radar operator air crewman flying 168 missions. You are the kind of leader we need to overturn the disaster that has occurred in the last 6 1/2 year which will continue to deteriorate until replaced. Experience in leadership, corporate management as and Infantry division commander and unjustly reprimanded for protecting your men strongly throwing off adversity, you continued to service this country in a meritorious and honorable manner. I was saddened when you lost you last election. I learned quickly as an aggressive leader that being out front is lonely and sometime perilous but courage and knowledge overcomes and success is rewarding. I am currently a retired Pastor and active in the American Legion serving as Department Commander a few years ago. I agree with several of the other comments that we are all one race, the children of God, citizens of the Constitution and all American. People should never separate like animal breeds and become packs apposing each other as this president has force upon us again. Sir, you have my backing an d vote.

  42. As one Patriot who has served and loves America to another, I sincerely hope that you are the one that God raises up to lead us out of this abomination that has come upon our beloved nation. Colonel – GO FOR IT!!

    • Governor of Wisconsin is also on my Radar. I have a short list and none of the republican parties choices of Cristie or Jeb Bush is on it. I also like Cruz and a few other mavericks but would vote for Col West in a heart beat.

    • It SHOULDN’T matter that they are black, but who are we kidding? In this day and age everybody is considered “RACIST” if they don’t vote for a black person running. That’s how we ended up with that TRAITOR Obama. I personally would prefer Ben Carson to run, but since he hasn’t decided definitely, I would vote for Col. West. if he were the only logical choice. Both men are loyal Americans and men who believe in God. If they ran together, we would have the black, the military, the medical, Christians, and the patriotic voters. Both would be stronger together than apart.

      • IMHO Col. West and Dr. Carson are both wiser, more capable, and more trustworthy than ANYONE I’ve seen run for President or VP in the last 25-30 years!

  43. For facts, history and inspiration, I keep two books on my kitchen table; the Holy Bible and your book, Sir, “Guardian of the Republic”.

    Wanting to keep our Republic a “Republic”, you have my vote!

  44. Allen West has my vote!!! He has the values, the loyalty, the patriotism, and the honesty to be president. Colonel West is also an experienced military man so he would be great for foreign policy. The best presidential ticket would be Allen West for president, Sarah Palin for vice-president and John Bolton for secretary-of-state. We just have to hope and pray that Allen West could beat the candidate from the Democratic party and that the blacks will support him even though he is a Republican. Allen West is the BEST!!!!!

    • There are lots of blacks that voted for Obama just because he was black. I was hoping Allen West would run because he stands the best chance of winning against the voting people on gov aid. I just hope he can stand up against the pressure of the elite that always seem to hurt the integrity of their candidates when they are afraid of losing.

      • From my observation, Allen West has a mind of his own and can withstand the pressure from anyone. He has strong values which he won’t go against. He is not a capitulator!!! One never knows until the situation arises, but this is my observation.

      • Col. West calmly lets prople hurl their insults until they have no more, then systematically dismantles their baseless claims.
        The little weasels lurking around posting here would be laughed out of the room by everyone else present if they had the nerve to show their face to Allen West and say the things they do here.

      • What the colonel did that got him in trouble with the leftist run military was nothing short of heroic. If he runs on that issue alone he will neutralize low info voter screen because they will try to make him look bad with it. There is no real soldier who would find fault with what he did.

      • His troops under his command loved him .The military today has been purged by the muslim in chief without any reporting on it by the msm. what you have now in command are no backbone yes men to the obamination regime.

      • At least he stood up for him men and took responsibility for his actions, unlike our pretend POTUS who left Americans to die while he went on with his campaigning and golfing.

    • I like the way you think!!!!!! I agree with your ticket completely. That’s my dream ticket!!!!! I’m with you! Now let’s make it happen!!!!! We have to get everyone out to vote, send everyone we know emails of everything he says. Because that is the only way people are going to hear what he says. The media sure isn’t going to let others know about him and who he is. It’s all going to be up to us.

      • Thanks for supporting my viewpoint!!! Republicans must NOT sit home as in this last election.They must realize and understand that Allen West and a ticket like this will make the USA a great and respected nation again. We need true Republicans, not moderate ones!!! Liberalism is a plague that MUST be eradicated!!!!!

  45. By the way, to all of the black Americans who don’t know; Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and released the slaves, so why don’t the blacks support the Republican party?

  46. I love motorcycling and I wish that I lived near the route that Lieutenant Colonel, Retired, Allen West is traveling so that I could join in and support him. 🙂

  47. Sir, please run for President. We need someone of your moral character in the White House. Someone we can finally trust, who says what he believes and does what he says he will without dancing in the shadows. Send us a yard sign, we will be proud to put it in our yard to show our support for you. Our prayers go with you and your family to keep y’all safe and in good health for the rigorous campaign ahead. Please sir do not turn your back on those who need you so desparately. You have our vote.

  48. Once a war criminal…ALWAYS a war criminal. That isn’t “God” you’re hearing, but the voices in your sick head.

  49. Please take a seat in the back of the GOP Clown Bus, along with Alan Keyes and Ben Carson. A bit of friendly advice – don’t sit too closely to Herman “hold the pepperoni” Cain.

    • You sound like a racist SAM HAM .Oh you must be a member of the demoRAT party .THAT MAKES SENSE out of the post you

    • It would be refreshing to have men like Allen West and Ben Carson elected to office (Alan Keyes would be fine, too, but I’ve never heard it said that he is considering it) – two people who love this country. One of them has extended knowledge of foreign affairs and served his country HONORABLY for many years and the other knows what we really need as far as health insurance, health care, and how to run a business. He was respected and honored for his accomplishments well before his infamous speech. Neither of them are just community organizers and academic elitists who have never accomplished anything. Theories are one thing; actually doing something is completely different. And we can all see how well they’re doing.

      I would be honored to campaign for either or both. They will be slandered and maligned, just like you guys did to Herman Cain. That is the typical strategy from Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Make it up – it doesn’t have to be factual. That’s why Reid and Pelosi keep coming up with statements from their imaginary friends that they’ll never name. So crooked. And if you don’t wake up and realize that you’re just a pawn in their game soon, you’ll soon realize that you and the others like you mean nothing to these people.

    • You are obviously just another one of the happy and docile prisoners on the Progressive Plantation, dancing to entertain your masters, including Head Overseer Obama – while Colonel West, Ambassador Keyes, Dr. Carson and Mr. Cain have liberated themselves and won’t allow you and those of your ilk to tell them what they must think and believe.

    • Not gonna happen. Everyone knows he’s a scumbag, not to mention getting fired from PJ Media for being a racist scumbag.

  50. They call you a “war criminal”, because you are one. And please do run, we want to laugh some more, loser.

    • ^ You are scum. A traitor and the enemy of this nation. This man stood up for his men and you more than likely support the vile dirtbag in office.

    • The cowards who know nothing about war need to crawl back under their beds and cower in fear. Leave running the country to REAL men!

    • It isn’t a sin, it is a health law only…. geeeeeee… only the dems think food is a sin and shouldn’t be eating anything unless you ask them first. Sorry, I eat what I want and will vote for whom I want.

    • LOL, Oh, the “wise” words from the mouths of the low information voters!!!! Is that all you have? Fatty? I’m sure he has been called far worse and it didn’t phase him a bit.

  51. Amazing how scared they are of you Sir. They troll pages like yours to hurl invective. Vile students and minions of Saul Alinsky, George Soros, and Obama. As you so clearly stated, they prefer to support a coward who ignored pleas for help from those in service to our country instead of standing up for men in his command. You Sir are a hero. They are the disgrace.

  52. Col. West, you are the kind of leader this country is hungering for. You faced up to the situation back in 2003 and your men would still follow you knowing that you had their back. We, the people, would follow this kind of exceptional courage and valor missing in our highest office today. As for the door closing in Florida, we know that there was a lot of fraud involved in preventing you from from being reelected. But, there was a higher purpose in mind for you. You considering running for the highest office and being Commander-in-Chief is the first ray of hope for many of us who have been under a dark cloud for 6 1/2 years. You have my support!

  53. Col. West, for the first time since 2008, I feel there is hope for our great nation. No country and its people has ever needed you as desperately as America and Americans now need you. Sir, I will consider it an honor to help you carry that gas can through Hell.

  54. This nation has not had so great a man to contemplate becoming president since Dwight Eisenhower. I commend you, sir, for your service to your country and your dedication to your men. Should this door be opened for you, I have no doubt you will march forward into history as the most effective president of this century.

  55. In my 67 years of life and 42 years of voting, I have only voted twice (both times for the same man) without holding my nose and voting for the lessor of two evils. It would be an honor to vote once again without holding my nose and that vote would be for Lt Col Allen West.

    If we make it to 2016, I feel certain we only have this one last chance to save and redeem our America to the once great country our forefathers fought for.
    I, for one, will relentlessly hit the streets campaigning for you, just as I did in 2012 in the Draft Allen West campaign.

  56. Time to put all of the baloney about the 2003 Iraq incident to rest, once and for all. Colonel West’s critics and enemies carelessly throw around a lot of bogus B.S., claiming he is “a war criminal” or that he “tortured” prisoners, or was “court-martialed” or was “drummed out of the Army,” none of which is true. Bottom line:
    West went the extra mile in an effort to protect the men in his command, in
    effect throwing his up-till-then spotless fast-track Army career on a grenade
    for them (if this incident had not happened, he’d probably be a general by now).

    If he had taken the easy way out and had gone strictly “by the book,” (obeying the so-called “rules of engagement” written by weasel lawyers and politicians and Pentagon bureaucrats NOT to protect our front-line soldiers, but to instead protect the reputations and careers of the military brass hats and their civilian superiors by giving them plausible deniability in the event of some incident generating bad publicity and allowing them to create lower-ranking scapegoats), and had he thus failed to get the information need to stop this planned terrorist attack out of a hostile, recalcitrant and uncooperative detainee suspected to working with and for the enemy, he or some of his men might have been killed, wounded or captured had the planned terrorist attack taken place.

    And in that case, had any of the people in his command have become casualties, it would have been HIS sad duty to order the dead body-bagged and shipped off to the military morgue at Dover AFB and their personal effects boxed up and forwarded to their next of kin, HIS sad duty to order the wounded to be airlifted out and HIS sad duty to write letters of condolence to the families of the deceased, saying what good soldiers and wonderful friends they had been. But that DID NOT HAPPEN, quite probably because of West’s actions, and NONE of our soldiers were

    THAT’S the bottom line — and that’s HUGE.

  57. Our Hero! you have served and Protected our country Honorably for 13 years. Now it is Our Turn to Protect you from these outrageous allegations from our Government. Our Government Cleared you of these charges years ago and now you are forced to clear your name again.We Thank you for your Service


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