Day 3 – Las Cruces to Midland: Feel The Energy

Before I get to my recap of Day 3 of the KPCRAA ride, I have a brief, but important, public service announcement.

First of all, congratulations to my former colleague, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), who has been appointed the lead investigator on the Benghazi Select Committee.

Second, based upon his insidious comments today, White House sophomoric mouthpiece Jay Carney needs to go read The Spirit of the Laws by Charles-Luis de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu. This treatise, published in 1748, was the paradigm used by James Madison, author of our Constitution, as he developed the principles of separation of powers, coequal branches of government, and the system of checks and balances which have been our governing philosophy, rooted in the rule of law. Carney (i.e., Obama) does not have the privilege of telling the legislative branch that they will not participate in a select committee called forth by the people’s representatives.

We are potentially on the verge of a Constitutional crisis, and I know who loses — certainly not the American people.

The Obama administration and the Democrats are playing politics with the lives of Americans, more specifically four dead Americans. This is despicable, shameful, and inexcusable. Thanks to a lawsuit initiated by an American citizen’s watch group (Judicial Watch), unredacted emails were finally produced by the State Department, and they are damning. Democrats are playing a very dangerous game if they choose not to support the Select Committee. If they believe they will always be in power, they are mistaken.

Third, former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice displayed immense “grace under fire” as she withdrew from her speaking engagement at Rutgers University. It seems “Snookie” is an acceptable commencement speaker but Ms. Rice is not. So much for that whole free speech thing.

Now, I sit in the brand new Homewood Suites in Midland, TX, formulating my thoughts and insights from today’s ride. Kyle’s dad, the famous “King” Richard Petty, has joined us here. The theme for today’s missive is “American energy.” To quote the town’s water tower proclamation, “Feel the Energy.”

After morning briefing and prayer, we departed Las Cruces, NM, this morning at 8 a.m. We ascended towards White Sands and the city of Alamogordo. It was nice to pass by Holloman AFB, home of one of the US Air Force’s Tactical Fighter Wings.

Leaving Alamogordo, we began a picturesque climb into the Lincoln National Forest. Our first stop was in the stunningly beautiful town of Cloudcroft, NM, with a 9,000 ft. elevation. The air was cool and pristine. We would miss that later in the day. As we began our descent heading towards Carlsbad, NM, you could really feel the temperature change at about 3,100 ft. As we approached the city of Artesia, you began to see certain things pop up in the landscape.

Our second stop for the day was in Carlsbad. Boy, did the city turn out and give us an awesome welcome. Mayor Dale Janway and the sheriff were there, along with a nice crowd. The BBQ was awesome; I wanted chicken tenders and they ran out! As I talked to the mayor about the city, his eyes lit up and you saw it, American energy! Carlsbad is part of an incredible oil and natural gas boon that has brought an immense amount of economic activity and success to the region we traversed today.

What we must come to realize is that there are three pillars to American security: the economic, energy, and national defense. Energy is the linchpin between the two. It helps grow our economy and gets Americans working — and I am not talking about government subsidized, crony capitalistic wind and solar ventures. As we produce, consume, and perhaps even export, we enhance our national security as we move away from dependence on organizations like OPEC and countries like Venezuela. We must not allow ourselves to be taken hostage, as Europe has, by dictators like Vladimir Putin.

Energy security is the center of gravity on the 21st century battlefield. Hollywood got it right in the movie Dune where he who controlled the spice controlled the universe. The country that controls their energy security needs and requirements will be a dominant global hegemony.

When we departed Carlsbad, NM, heading to Midland, we went through Eunice, NM. The town’s folks turned out to greet us as we drove through, and guess what? They were leaving their places of employment to wave us on. Then we crossed over the border into Texas. The welcoming sign for the city of Andrews said it all, “Welcome to Andrews, Texas, We believe in God, Country, and Free Enterprise.”

That sign expressed the essence of the American spirit and American energy: a rock solid principled belief system, a desire to work, and earning their own keep. It’s not about sitting at home, “finding one’s self,” and receiving a government subsidy check.

When we arrived at the Midland Homewood Suites, I had a chance to chat with the Mayor Jerry Morales who beamed (with energy) while discussing the economic success of his city. There was new housing construction and a sense of growth there in the Permian Basin.


Those who stand against the Keystone XL pipeline do not possess the American energy I saw on display in the Lone Star State. President Obama’s lack of decisiveness evidences cowardice, not the indomitable spirit of all true Americans.

What I saw, on Day 3 of our ride, was American energy being drawn from the heart of this great land and springing forth from the heart of the people here in eastern New Mexico and West Texas. As we harness both, the greater days of our Republic lie ahead. God has blessed us with energy resources and energetic souls. American energy is the key ingredient to the restoration of our Republic.

Tomorrow we head into Texas hill country, finishing our day in Austin. I have had an incredible three days going through California, Arizona, and New Mexico. Who knows, may see y’all again under different circumstances?

Steadfast and Loyal!


  1. I grew up in Alamogordo and was stationed at Holloman from 93 – 99. I have ridden that route through the mountains on many occasions. I envy you on this adventure, I hope to be able to join next year. Ride strong.

  2. Glad to have you visit our fair city in West Texas. Born and raised in SE New Mexico but I got here as fast as I could 🙂 Enjoying your trip updates every day. Be safe.

  3. barry and his administration’s arrogance knows no bounds. They think they have a dictatorship already. The Democrat Alliance of billionaires and millionaires think that conservatives are a danger to this country. Soros and Company plan on investing millions into the 2014 elections to buy the results they want .

    This is a link to the story at Canada Free Press, however it is being reported by many different sites on both sides of the fence

    • Looks like Soros, Hillary and Jarrett and their DA (Democracy Alliance) have been caught with their pants down! OH, the HYPOCRISY!!

      • Hypocrisy is the tip of the iceberg. It would not be the first time, nor will it be the last that they are caught conniving . They get a pass with the MSM propaganda machine. They all see with distorted glasses that, we the people (conservatives), are evil and are a danger to this country. Projection, projection.

  4. LTC West: Given the current hostile environment we are living under in obama’s Bizarro world, there are no greater circumstances begging for your leadership.

    Allen West for President 2016!

    • Agreed, and if u feel you may be able to serve the country better as vice president (which is the person who is usually considered the “brains” behind the presidency) then we would certainly not mind having u there either! thanx for your consideration.

  5. Col. West. Wasn’t 5/3 the first day of the ride? According to Kyle Petty site, Tuesday 5/6 you’re supposed to be Day 4 pulling into Austin, TX correct?


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