Who deserves credit for Benghazi Select Committee?

Today Speaker of the House John Boehner announced he will finally bring to the House floor a vote on H.Res 36 which would establish a Select Committee, with subpoena powers, to investigate the Benghazi incident.

We should all applaud the efforts and diligence of Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va) for his resolve in gaining some 190 co-sponsor signatures for this legislation. It’s obvious, with the recent revelations from the lawsuit brought about by citizen watchdog group Judicial Watch, that the Obama administration had little to no respect for the House Committee hearing process.

Their continuing supply of heavily redacted emails is evidence of their contempt of Congressional oversight, but moreso, their desire to hide the truth from the American people.

Per Speaker Boehner’s press release:

“Americans learned this week that the Obama Administration is so intent on obstructing the truth about Benghazi that it is even willing to defy subpoenas issued by the standing committees of the People’s House. These revelations compel the House to take every possible action to ensure the American people have the truth about the terrorist attack on our consulate that killed four of our countrymen. In light of these new developments, the House will vote to establish a new select committee to investigate the attack, provide the necessary accountability, and ensure justice is finally served.

“The administration’s withholding of documents – emails showing greater White House involvement in misleading the American people – is a flagrant violation of trust and undermines the basic principles of oversight upon which our system of government is built. And it forces us to ask the question, what else about Benghazi is the Obama administration still hiding from the American people?

Judicial Watch, led by Tom Fitton, has uncovered the most egregious lie — among many other lies — of the Obama administration when they stated the White House had nothing to do with promoting an anti-Islam video as the cause of the September 11, 2012 attack.

The emails, non-redacted, clearly show Ben Rhodes was behind orchestrating a blatant falsehood. The emails also point to a collusion between the White House and the Obama campaign team. Government officials are not allowed to participate in political activities, that is a violation of the Hatch Act. I for one do not believe that young Mr. Rhodes came up with this all on his own.

And yesterday, in an interview with Brett Baier on Fox News, former Obama national security officialTommy Vietor embarrassed himself, the administration, and caused even greater concern about what transpired that infamous night.

Finally, Speaker Boehner has come to realize a five different committee process is not effective.

I am glad to see Rep.Trey Gowdy (R-SC), a former prosecutor, will take the lead on the Select Committee. It will be interesting to see how many Democrats vote to support the establishment of the Select Committee. Do they put party above country? More importantly, do they put Obama and Hillary Clinton above the murder and subsequent cover up of four Americans, including a US Ambassador?

The Benghazi Select Committee is long overdue, and I believe it came about because a citizens watchdog group proved more effective than our Congress.


  1. Dude, you are sooo right. Thank God for Judicial Watch who managed to get the un-redacted e-mail. If so many of these documents had not been altered, this would have been finished a long time ago. Greg Gutfeld, “This is not the White House, it is a FRAT HOUSE. The puerile participants make a mockery of out investigative process. This administration make themselves look worse every day. But what difference does it make? (It makes me sick, that’s what!)

  2. ..the cover up of the cover up should lead all American’s to believe that this is not a “phony scandal”, and is much bigger than most American’s can stomach. it will lead to taking out some trash in November.

  3. Judicial Watch and every angry American that has put pressure on this “Transparent Administration” to release unredacted information on this Non-issue scandal.. Any democrat that votes to not establish the committee is purely there for party business, and not for the truth to the American people.

  4. I think it’s all about timing. Bringing this forward now may be quickly followed by some major distraction. Then Hilary can say once again ‘what difference does it make.”

    • Whatever direction Hillary thinks her life is headed, whatever aspirations she has politically, life is going to make an abrupt 180 degree turn.

      • I don’t know…these people are like flies on a turd…they just get bigger, bolder and packing more disease.

  5. My problem is, we are so close to election time what is the real intent here, will something really happen or is this just a plan to make us say look there finally doing something? 5 years of lies and deception on one side and nothing happening on the other.

    • It will probably come to light that some house members were in the know about the gun running to Al Queda. Maybe that is why they are taking so long. Covering tracks and such. But the truth should come out.

      • Now, you are getting to the heart of the matter, Shiek. It is what is beneath that has DC scared and dragging their heels. If the American people really knew what this Administration had done, the call for Impeachment would be loud, clear and SWIFT.

  6. I think Kathrine Herridge and Brett Baier from FOX news deserve the most credit for keeping this alive in the publics eye for as long as they have even after all the flack from the left they had to put up with. Hats off.

  7. I’m going to enjoy watching this play out after all the frustration with this Obamanation of an administration running amok. We’ve been squirming for 5 years watching border guards die, ambassadors die, military die trying to server their country. The audacity and arrogance that this was in our rear view mirror makes this all the more gratifying. Thank You Representative Wolf, God Bless America.

  8. I’m glad they are finally doing something! But that said I do not trust the ppl as far as I can throw them. They too dragged their feet until an important election is in site, and that’s playing politics with murder! I was taught if you stand by and watch someone steal and do nothing, you are more guilty than the one that stole! Beohner knew better along with McDonell, Issa, Cantor and the list goes on! It’s time to purge!!!

  9. Who is responsible for the Bengazi investigation? The American People Are, as we wanted Bohners head On A Stick if he continued to block this. Way to go AMERICA.
    Pat yourselves on the back.

  10. I am glad that this process has finally started. It still remains to be seen how far the White House will go to cover it backside. It has already proven that the law is considered no obstacle or challenge to its power.

  11. I had NOT seen that Trey Gowdey had been tapped to take the lead on the committee. Whether that means as chair or chief prosecutor/investigator is not as important to me, but I would slightly prefer to see him as chairperson.

    • They should plan the results of this investigation to come out after the 2014 elections…By then the Senate will be Republican

  12. This is great news. Cometh the hour cometh the man! Trey Gowdy is simply superb and just perfect for a leadership role on this matter. He is a bulldog with the grip to match.

  13. I give most of the credit to Trey Gowdy….hands down. But there are several others who did really good work on this. I’m just glad we have these folks in office and fighting the good fight….

    • Rep. Frank Wolf was instrumental is pushing this forward by gaining the signatures necessary…let’s give credit where it is due! It took many good people but there has to be a motivator to keep the ball rolling!

      • I agree, they all deserve lots of credit, no doubt. As I said, there are many others who’ve really worked hard on this…and I love them for it…..

  14. I hope they don’t devise an end run around this. I thought by the 4th of July 2013 we would have seen impeachment proceedings, but it is taking so much longer than I could have ever imagined in the ‘land of the free, and the home of the brave.’ God bless Judicial Watch and their perserverence.

      • and it’s still a liberal, we need to put someone we want in control as speaker of the house then impeach the pres and vice president, democracy depends upon it!

      • That’s the plan, if we don’t win we’ll use the system to take back our country. Same thing can be done if they win the presidency again, We will impeach that and their vice president even before they are sworn in this time.

  15. Rep. Wolf had 190 signature as co-sponsors and Boehner is finally moving on a select committee. We already know Obama is a lying coward but how long and what does it actually take for Boehner to quit giving the regime a free pass?

  16. Meh just another episode of grandstanding by the republican house. Took so long because timing is perfect now. Those facing primary challengers can go back home and say they voted for the committee and do their kabuki dance for the media.

      • It is probably to do with what has been coming out of the jets recently, seems that it doesn’t work on everyone luckily.

      • Yes it is baffling…..I never have understood it. I guess they just view the world in a different way than I do…

    • The obama dictatorship has been one of the harshest we have seen this century, the only thing keeping him from being just like kim jong il is the fact that he knows that the tea party will vote the liberals out!

  17. I am glad that we’re finally being allowed to investigate Benghazi, the truth about Obama ordering the attack himself to retrieve the last remaining copy of his Kenyan birth certificate which was being held there for safe keeping until Romney would use it for his October surprise, That is why Romney seemed happy after the press conference, he thought that it was still safe, but sadly it was lost in the fire.

  18. No matter how many committees, organizations, investigate the egregious abuses of this administration’s handling of the Benghazi murders, what was really going on behind the publics back, namely illegal gun running.
    This administration will continue to stymie any and all efforts to find out the truth.
    Protect, deflect and project is all they are capable of. They will never be forth coming with pertinent truth

    • We also need to investigate why that video of Clive Bundy was released, it is obvious distraction from Benghazi.

      • yep, the ones responsible for it should see justice, same with so many of the false flag secret ops he has run over the years to prevent investigations into Benghazi. so few have had investigations into who is behind releasing the information. Once Issa uncovers these people we can put a stop to Obama’s false flag crime syndicate.

      • Yes the ones responsible are barry and hillary we all know that, However they have to do it by paper trail. They have made it darn near impossible to trace as they have stalled it for two years. Either the emails are redacted or destroyed.

      • Which is why i know Obama planned Benghazi to destroy the last known copy of his Kenyan birth certificate, why do you think they were sure to use fire?

      • That’s one of several reasons Stevens was killed. He was a CIA operative in Africa for 20 years. He knew too much

      • that is how he knew where to get it, the NSA had wiretaps so they knew he had the Kenyan BC

      • Replying to your assanine comments are an insult to intelligent life,oops sorry now you’ll have to google that won’t you.Dipstick !

      • magic Johnson is behind that he is wanting to buy the team for to rich brothers that don’t want anyone to know who they are.

  19. Jesus deserves the credit, he answered our prayers and granted us an investigation into Benghazi, I hope the anti-christian liberals do not get in the way of divine hearings.

  20. the list of things that need honest investigations are more than i can number at the moment but dan its past time this intire administration are delt with as the criminals they are and dont bee fooled its not just the left or the demicrats that cruption goes on on both sides of that fence and from the top all the way down trought each and every agencey you care to name .

      • The truth is the answers we want, not what ever it is they will find, we know Obama ordered the attacks to destroy the Kenyan Birth Certificate that was being kept there, we want the world to know!

      • The TRUTH is what it is..it may not be the answers you want…..although I agree that OBAMA & CO are liars and there was a cover-up for Obama’s political agenda…… to get himself reelected!

      • The truth would be better than the answers you WANT. The left draws conclusions they Want. We should just look for the truth, even if it drags down your favorite republican politicians. Truth matters.

  21. Congressman Gowdy will be black mailed by the Nazi NSA as will anyone who will
    testify against the Hitler regime. Moreover, Congressman Gowdy must be bodily
    protected by Special Ops and not the compromised SS (secret service).

    • I hope the blackmail doesn’t stop him from doing his job as it needs to be done!
      Hopefully there is nothing in his past they CAN blackmail him with…
      I expect the vicious smears….that’s par for the course!

  22. Trey Gowdy is a very good pick to head the investigation. He will not be intemedated by Obama gang of thugs..

    • Agreed. The one thing I would suggest is that he have a security detail lurking about. This Administration, in my humble opinion, is very dirty, they do not play fairly or nicely. The ramifications of any real dirt found is going to be profound and it could topple a President. Mr. Gowdy needs to move forward, but be very careful.

  23. Kudos to Frank Wolf and Tom Fitton for their determination to keep Benghazi on the front burner. Hopefully the timing of this is good enough to kill Hitlery’s chances of running. One commie was enough.

    • It is why she is holding back on announcing for 2016. She wants to see how all of this will pan out as she knows that it can very well be the deal breaker for her. I just want the unvarnished TRUTH to come out, and if it goes to the top of the food chain, then so be it. And if it does, and it is proven, without any doubt, I believe Mr. Obama should be Impeached, forthwith. No more lies, no more mud throwing, no more diversions, no more collusion, no more duplicity, no more Wizard behind the Curtain. The Truth Needs to Be Seen Now…

  24. Sadly it will not make a difference as they have no BITE to go along with their Bark. More claiming the 5th or resigning or just saying we dont know is all they will get!

    • That’s why Gowdy will find the perfect one to offer immunity to and the rest will fall on their knees and ask forgiveness from the American People. But the American People will not falter…will not fall for more of their LIES and TRANSGRESSIONS and all these TRAITORS will meet their deserved fate.
      At least that’s the way it goes in my script.
      God Bless America…..and Canada too. 🙂

  25. Don’t expect to hear this story on CBS. Ben Rhodes brother runs CBS news division, and they will do everything under the sun to bury the story.

  26. This is great news! – Gowdy has been a CHAMPION for WE the People wrt both the #Benghazi and the #IRS scandals…

    But I am somewhat concerned that the HOR Leadership may be grooming him for
    Speaker if Boehner steps down (since Gowdy has built and will continue
    to build huge CRED with Conservatives) … remember Boehner has bought a FL condo and is discovering that he needs a medical procedure for a back problem ….

    If Boehner steps down = resigns * for medical reasons* (maybe this select committee phase has been stonewalled up until now because he is implicated in what was really going on in that Benghazi **Consulate**, without full Congressional Authority?) … then the GOPe will want someone who is pro-amnesty (a Crony of the Chamber of Commerce), to take Boehner’s place

    Gowdy and the other Reps from SC appear to all be pro-amnesty … and Gowdy could well be flying high after the Benghazi dam bursts

    I can see the GOP Establishment very content to let Boehner go, if they get a replacement who is *theirs* wrt amnesty

  27. My prayer is that this Select Committee Investigation of Benghazi is only the tip of the iceberg, and that all of the lies, coverups & murders of this regime are exposed for the World to see.

  28. It is well past time for Boehner to go! He has obstructed justice at every turn in the road. Boehner says one thing to the American people, then turns around & kisses Obama’s butt! Trey Gowdy is the best, I love his take no prisoners fiery attitude. Trey Gowdy for Speaker of the house in 2014, & POTUS in 2016!

  29. Trey Gowdy has been an excellent interrogator and would be a valued member of a select committee. When the Republicans win in 2016, I would love to see him in the position of Attorney General. Col. Allen West deserves to return either as Secretary of War or Veep. Rand Paul for president.

  30. Will send gratitude and thanks to Rep Wolf and Tim Fitton/Judicial Watch. No doubt Gowdy will bring forth the long-awaited justice in this case. He will eat them alive!

  31. The best news is Trey Gowdy heading the group – he’s an ex-district attorney and for six years was a federal prosecutor in South Carolina. He is a pit bull in the guise of a southern gentleman and knows how to get the answers America should have had over a year ago. I will enjoy watching the investigation to see the “worms” squirm under his questioning. Many thanks also to Rep Frank Wolf who has been working on this for a long time and Judicial Watch for pressing forward until they got to the smoking gun. Go to Judicial Watch’s website and support them, they are doing what the GOP didn’t do (and won’t do!)

  32. It will be interesting to see how many Democrats vote to support the
    establishment of the Select Committee. Do they put party above country?

    Whenever an opportunity arises for Democrats to prove they really, truly care about this country, place bets that they’ll do it. Eventually, you will become bankrupt.

    • All we democrasts are going to do is watch republicans fall all over themselves to get their face on TV. American don’t care about Benghazi anymore.

      • They will care about it once we finally get hearings on it so they can see what we know to be the truth.

      • well the x-files is mostly faked by the very same MSM that reported what we know so far, how can we trust what is outthere now unless we go get more they haven’t reported on yet?

      • I welcome the new investigation. I want to hear what this new smoking gun memo means, new evidence , interviews . Please put this thing to rest. But I have a feeling if the republicans don’t find anything they will still keep it going.

      • not until Obama is impeached, Hillary disgraced, john kerry expelled, taxes cut, and biden impeached too.

      • are you crazy or just an idiot? Since when have the Americans not cared about Benghazi anymore? I am an American and I CARE..thank God you are not the voice for Americans you seem to think you are!

      • Gee, yo know if someone had bothered to read a memo written by an FBI underling warning about Muslims taking flying lessons in AZ things would have turned our differently

      • It was FL, but back to THIS subject. Giving arms to an enemy will not go well for those involved. Probably some R’s in that bunch is why it is taking so long. Hey, when you are trying to deflect, just jump to “blame Bush” it is much faster.

      • No, the memo said – warning iof unusual number of Muslim extremists are learning to fly in AZ.
        I’ m sorry I’ don’t know what you mean about giving arms to the enemy . I was writing about how American hava a short attention span, a lot has happened since Benghzi and they have moved on .

      • All they have to do is walk into a gun show in TX, with no background check , pay with alll Amer cash for all the guns they want.

      • You don’t go to gun shows, I do. That is not how it works. Yes individuals can sell 1 or 2 guns privately. This is called straw sales and is far less than 1% of the sales there. Most sales are from FFL vendors who set up shop for the weekend. Background checks are standard as are waiting periods (if one has not been vetted via a FFL or CCW) required. The arms Hillary and Obamma gave to Al Quida are rocket launchers, machine guns and surface to air missiles. Now if you can figure how to get those types at a gun show, I’m there.

      • I guess you don’t know terrorist hide small arms in their beards . How about the Mexican cartel driving into TX to buy guns? Or internet sales ?

      • Mexicans, or others driving to border states to buy guns is ridiculous. Why buy a $1000.00 semi automatic firearm such as a semi AK-47 (what we can get) as opposed to a $200.00 fully automatic AK-47 that get’s shipped into Mexico all the time? Not Just Mexico but All of South America. You are either stuck in your liberal utopian spoon-fed propaganda or just get your jollies trying to get a rise out of responsible people. I will (not promising) endeavor to ignore any future engagement’s on your part.

      • You will ( but promising ) endeavor to ignore any future engagement? on your part.
        What does that mean Shakespeare ?

      • You are wrong Ms. P.; Americans do care about Benghazi and want to know why our Military and Civilians were left to die without any attempt to help them. If there are people in “Our Country” that don’t care about Benghazi anymore and don’t care about “Our Military”, then they don’t deserve the protection of “Our Military” and need to leave.

      • Wow, if only the republicans read your post before they defended embassy security .

      • American don’t care about Benghazi anymore.

        Assuming just for a second that there’s some truth to this, that would be a rather sad statement about the American public. The government leaves members of its diplomatic corps high and dry to be slaughtered by barbarians and no one cares?

        Well I care, and while the dead can’t be brought back, what needs to happen is for there to be some accountability from those that are (and were) in charge, and steps taken to avoid a repeat of this fiasco. It has nothing whatsoever to do with getting faces on TV. It’s all about responsibility, and it’s time the people supposedly in charge started to take some of it. if they can’t or won’t, then they have no business being where they are, and an immediate resignation would be the most appropriate course of action.

      • You morn your dead and I morn mine. I don’t think any of those dead 5 years old got a military funeral and death benefits. No one gave their parents a flag and said -their country is grateful for their service.

      • You make it sound like the deaths of the diplomatic corps in Libya was just an accident. Their deaths could have been prevented; they could even possibly have been saved.

        Instead, the civilian “leadership” in Washington sat on their hands. That is at the very least negligent, and at the worst, dereliction of duty. That kind of misconduct from a government official MUST be answered for.

      • Dude, Bush’s war was dereliction . Let it be, you republicans think you smell blood.

      • Dude, Bush’s war was dereliction .

        By this “reply” (if it can be called that) it’s pretty obvious you have no idea what you are talking about.

        Go back to high school, finish it, then come back here when you are able to post a coherent thought.

      • This is the last word I’m going to have on this subject. I’m tired of repeating myself.
        You and your republican buddies can form a big circle jerk around Hillary. Stoke it all you want, nothing is going to touch that lady.

      • “All we democrasts” Sorry, couldn’t help it. You yourself do the spelling tactic a lot. I am just guessing but I bet it is red wine that you drink. Am I correct? Not a Merlot I am thinking Cabernet, probably not box wine but in the less than $7.00 a bottle variety. Am I close?

      • You try so hard to get attention, it’s sad… You don’t have anything to say but to bs your way through a conversation and slam the thread of real American people who want to protect thier country and keep thier freedoms. Your actually boring to listen to, you keep making your comebacks every few comments. You claim all the right wing and conserv are all nuts. You also talk about how you watch Fox News and think it’s all lies. Let me ask you this…why the hell are you here in this thread?? Why do you need do much attention?? Are u desperate honestly?? The name you have is stupid, it cries out for more attention which you beg to have. Go get a life, and or go back to your dark hole you live in, you got nothing to talk about and your killing the conversation.

      • I thought this was a forum of independent thought and expression? When I signed up for the website I agreed not to write anything vulgar or disrespectful . Subsequently, have never been censored or warned . If you don’t want to read my opinion, skip it. Obviously , you don’t like pussy, I’m not everybody’s teats .

  33. Here we go against. Republican Grandstanding. Yet another opportunity for republicans to go on TV and say the same talking points all day. “We have new questions, we have new witnesses , we have cool computer graphics -COD style. We will make HRC talk ” ( that sounds similar , where did I hear that before? Sounds a bit like the democrats when they went after Christie.)
    Good luck losers. It’s going to be a battle to get on TV first .

    • This however is not a political witchhunt, this is a very important problem that is finally getting an investigation, after how long? Why didn’t they do it sooner?!
      Christie however has been investigated fully and it is rather insane to think that there was anything wrong done at all by anyone on his side other then not knowing about the traffic study before giving the press conference, they didn’t have all the information at the time yet the Democrats want to continue to attack Christie.

      • Not a political witch hunt? All I’ve been hearing from FOX and the republicans screw Rice, HRC and Obama. Impeach if there is evidence .
        Also Christie was investigated by state republicans who haven’t yet released all the interviews to the house demos or media

      • Thanks to the next to zero coverage of Benghazi, most Americans think Ben Gazi is a person. Maybe an ex jedi from the desert planet of Tattoine, well done MSM, well done.

      • I guess no one told you about his promotion a decade ago. It was a great party. It must be terrible to be out of the loop.

      • Of course people died in Benghazi that could have been saved. I know that doesn’t matter to you. Hey you don’t even know those people. I think it wouldn’t matter to you if you did. You are just that kind of person.

      • I care more about the 20 kids that died in Newtown abd the 12 in Aurora. As well as the countless more this country forgot about thru sense less gun violence . Bec I’m that kind of person

      • Well those 4 folks that died had nothing to do with that. I think you just like to stir the pot. Never part of the solution just part of the problem. Don’t reply just keep tearing people apart and criticizing. I know your mama would be proud.

      • When I heard about the Benghazi mess, I wanted to get correct info like everyone else. Esp when Michele Bachman said she had undeniable prof and witness of a cover up. Your side had congressional investigations and nothing new came out. They grilled HRC, she came out sympathetic. FOX feed the dead marines mother’s false info to upset them on TV. All your witnesses you claim ” Obama wouldn’t let speak” were duds , Now you found a smoking gun memo. It’s TV time for republicans again!!!!!!!. Let’s pull out the old questions and witnesses, only change to wording. How many times will we hear ” the administration is not telling the truth” on the steps of congress? How not have Marco Rubio say it in Spanish for our Latinos people!!!

      • Until this administration tells the truth and provides the answers to the questions. Until the ones that were there, testify about what happened. Until all the Military and Politicians that were involved, answer the questions. I’m not interested in anything but the FACTS and TRUTH. Here is the clincher though: The Democrats are not wanting to be a part of the Committee, so what does that tell you? They don’t want the FACTS and TRUTH, nor do they want the FACTS and TRUTH to come out.

      • The reps had 5 other committees and had Plenty of times to ask questions and it’s never enuff . If I were a demo I would not see the need to watch the republican dog and pony show .

      • With this Committee they will be able to bring everyone in to testify, including the ones that were there that have been kept away to this point. That’s okay Ms. P., let the Democrats sit back and watch the dog and pony show, because it speaks volumes on how they feel about “Our Country” and “Our Military and Civilians”. Even though you are a Liberal, I find it hard to understand for someone that once served how you cannot want to know what happened.

      • and when Colin Powell went before the UN with his pretty maps, you said what?????

      • The republicans don’t care about the truth. They are using Benghazi as a fund raising tool.

      • The only person I know that doesn’t care about anyone that was gunned down, is the individuals that did it. They don’t follow the gun laws like law abiding citizens do. Do you think Gangs are purchasing guns lawfully? There is a big difference between them and the ones that purchase them legally. You blame the citizens that are conscious and take training to make sure they know how to handle firearms, instead of blaming the ones that do the awful acts.

      • The 4 folks didn’t have anything to do with that. They were doing the job they were asked to do. They ask for help many times but it never came. You know I think you just like to stir the pot. Not part of the solution just part of the problem. What a waste of life.

      • not true, the democrats are the majority in NJ and chair the committee on the bridge, of course the democratic mayor who made the accusation has been proven a liar.

    • When the gun running to Al Quieda comes out, I think the networks and MSM will give it more than 6 seconds.
      When Hillary’s participation comes out in covering up the gunrunning comes to light bye bye ClintonII. Is Al Gore still available? Who else ya got, Pelosi?

      • Good luck with getting rid of HRC. Whatever republican loser runs against her is already starring out 15 ipts down.
        The real race is the reps. From the movie Thundersome-. 7 men enter- one men comes out.

      • “From the movie Thundersome” Searched, couldn’t find it. I should try next under “red-wine typo’s”

      • Hey, did you hear about this?

        80% of House Republicans support Benghazi Resolution. Please explain to me why it was not 100% and who were the ones that did not support it?

  34. How about thanking the American people who really pushed and pushed for straight answers from our crooked political figures. If not for the thousands of petitions, this would not be coming out.

    • It is just like the Justin Beiber deportation petition which Obama ignored, another thing he deserved to be impeached on, he is supposed to do what the people want!

      • The US could really benefit from getting rid of all the Justin Biebers that live in our country. Instead we open our borders to all of them.

  35. Oh heavenly Father, we ask of you that you free us from the oppression of the dictatorship that has taken our guns, and is forcing Sharia law on our people so only gay marriage will exist. We ask of you that the impeachment hearings for Benghazi go forward so the world can know that Obama ordered the attack to insure the last remaining copy of his Birth Certificate from Kenya was destroyed, we ask that Biden is impeached as well since it will be easier to put our people in charge, so that we may lower taxes on Job Creators, institute national stand your ground laws and abolish the 14th amendment. we pray in your name… AMEN

  36. Judicial Watch did a great job on this and they have more to come. This should have been done about 2 years ago but it took Tom Fenton and JW all this time to get at least a teaser of information. I’ll bet there is a lot more where that came from.

  37. It is embarrassing that our elected officials have made this more of a political battlefield and not a quest for answers. Four lives were lost while working on our behalf. For us NOT to want to know What Happened, Why it happened, and What we can do to avoid it next is criminal. The fact that this has gone as long as it has with no answer is beyond criminal. I don’t care about the politics. I care about remembering those who went before us to soon and what we can do to avoid it from happening to our children. We are living in an era where immediate misinformed action makes the public view so they can pretend all is ok and has been resolved. We need to complete actions and put fixes in place. Then affix blame and responsibility.

  38. Boehner is a disgrace and to think we gave up Steele for this idiot who now after two years of others demanding he do something to bring closure for these poor families after their tragic losses thinks to put together an investigative team, and then has the gall to take credit for it!
    What an absolute asinine imbecilic jackassery this guy has made of our great Nation!
    My Southern just wants to feed this worthless fool to the swamp and be done with him!

    • Boehner will cry if you hurt his feelings. (what a wuss.) He would not stand for anything much. Get him a box of Kleenex.

      • Amen Brother blackyb…
        I would love to see a number of Reps take the Speaker of the House position getting rid of this whining idiot Boehner, Trey Gowdy (R SC), Steve Chabot (R-Ohio), David Schweikert (R-Ariz.), Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.), Bill Flores (R-Texas), Trent Franks (R-Ariz.), Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.)…
        These are just a few of the top 25 and anyone of them would be a breath of fresh air compared to John!

  39. I wish we could get Louie Gohmert on the committee, but Boehner hates him since he voted for Col. West for House Speaker. Gohmert was a JAG officer and Judge. He would be a great addition.

    Col. West, if you read this, maybe you can start a campaign to get Gohmert on the committee.

  40. I just don’t trust Boehner. Him setting up the committee, is obviously to help cover for Obama/Hillary. How can anyone trust him? We really need to get him out of the speakership–FAST!

  41. The WH is the reason we have a select committee, we now have a reason for one, before we just wanted one hoping to find something. Gowdy will be great if he can keep everyone focused and not trying to make a name for themselves.

  42. Keep standing Colonel West. We are behind you and where you are going. You, Trey Gowdy and Louis Gohmert have my respect.

  43. Buehner should have done this 1.5 years ago. Why didn’t he assign a select committee to the IRS scandal ? He needs to go now !!!

  44. Now that Republicans have given up on trying to repeal Obamacare, they are forced to fall back on previously debunked “scandals”. By all means, get a “Select Committee” going on the IRS “scandal”, too. You guys are hilarious. Or ridiculous.
    After all the lies you told and all the money you wasted, trying to kill the Affordable Care Act, the American people are embracing it in droves, and shouting its praises to the world. So, with no new ideas to offer in the coming election, and with a record of absolute negligence and failure in the House, the anti-American Republican insurgency is try beating the Benghazi dead horse. Apparently the falsified emails ginned up by the former car thief and arsonist Darrell Issa weren’t embarrassing enough to make you turn your attention to the honest work of trying to repair the damage done to our economy by your last idiot President and his criminal administration. Your only goal is to continue to hurt working Americans and blame it on Obama, hoping that someone….anyone….will believe your incredible fantasy that the “Kenyan Muslim Impostor and His Demonic Lesbian Cohort” were personally responsible for the murder of our Ambassador in Benghazi. Like I said, you guys are ridiculous.

    • Let me try to be more clear:

      In April of 2004, Bill O’Reilly said, “You don’t criticize the Commander-in-Chief in the middle of a firefight. That could be construed as putting U.S. forces in jeopardy and undermine morale.”

      On March 19, 2006, Sean Hannity said, “He’s the Commander-in-Chief. And what I find frankly repugnant about you and some of your fellow Democrats- you have undermined our president.”

      On December 7, 2005, Pat Robertson said, “And furthermore, one of the fundamental principles we have in America is that the president is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces and attempts to undermine the Commander-in-Chief during time of war amounts to treason.”

      On November 23, 2005, Michelle Malkin said, “Can we do it without distorting their legacies and pandering to anti-American elites worldwide and using their deaths to embarrass and undermine our Commander-in-Chief?”

      On January 22, 2002: The U.S. Consulate in Calcutta, India was attacked. 5 people were killed.

      On June 14, 2002: The U.S. Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan was hit by an al-Qaida suicide bomber. This attack left 12 dead.

      On October 12, 2002: The U.S. diplomatic offices were bombed in Denpasar, Indonesia. (No one was killed at the Consulate, however 7 Americans were among the 202 deaths in the surrounding area.)

      On February 28, 2003: The U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan was attacked leaving 2 dead.

      On May 12, 2003: A diplomatic compound known to be inhabited by Americans was attacked by al-Qaida in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This attack left a total of 36 people dead, 9 of them Americans.

      On July 30, 2004: The U.S. Embassy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan was attacked, leaving 2 people dead.

      On December 6, 2004: The U.S. Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia was attacked by al-Qaida. 12 people were killed.

      On March 2, 2006: The U.S. Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan was hit again by a suicide bomber. This time 4 people were killed, including the U.S. diplomat, David Foy.

      On September 12, 2006: The U.S. Embassy in Damascus, Syria was attacked, leaving 4 people dead.

      On January 12, 2007: The U.S. Embassy in Athens, Greece was attacked. (No one was killed in this attack.)

      On March 18,2008: The U.S. Embassy in Sana’a, Yemen was attacked. 10 were killed in this attack.

      On July 9, 2008: The U.S. Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey was attacked, leaving 6 dead.

      On September 17, 2008: The U.S. Embassy in Sana’a, Yemen was attacked again killing 16 people.

      All of these attacks occurred while George W. Bush was President. 100 people died in these thirteen attack on US facilities. How many Congressional investigations did the Republicans mount into THESE FAILURES to protect Americans?

      Republicans are transparently hypocritical. They are shamelessly anti-American. Being conservative is FAR MORE important to them, than defending this country and her people. Your arguments are baseless and invalid. You can’t remember anything that didn’t happen last year and you believe anything Fox News tells you. You are sad and pathetic excuses for human beings and a disgrace to this country.

    • Every single thing you said is absolutely,utterly, BS. The deal is they were left to die with no help, anybody home?? What of Obama’s scandals have been debunked? You can’t debunk a scandal when over 60% of the country thinks they are valid? Its amazing to see there are apologists like yourself everywhere. You paint a big line of BS, using facts that have nothing to relate to the subject. You despise the constitution of the USA,obviously. You name call, condescend, and ridicule what you don’t understand. You are what normal thinking Americans would call a Rock….Rock On!

      • Why is it obvious that I despise the Constitution? Where did I mention the Constitution?
        Where did you get your “60% of the country” stat? From Fox News, or directly from your own ass?
        We clearly have different definitions of “normal, thinking Americans”. Actually “thinking” instead of repeating Republican talking-points, would be an important qualification.
        You are correct; I do tend to call Republicans a lot of disrespectful names. But if you don’t like it when I call you stupid, you should stop saying stupid things.
        As to the actual Benghazi scandal; you claim it’s about the failure to provide timely support to the beleaguered embassy. Others say its that the Administration lied about “some internet video” being the cause of the attack. Pick one. Or don’t. Both of those empty claims have already been thoroughly debunked. No…not on Fox. But pretty much everywhere else.
        This newest “select committee” will actually be the FIFTH Congressional investigation into the events at Benghazi, and probably the fifth to determine that there was no wrongdoing. How much tax money do Republicans intend to waste, asking the same questions, over and over again? And yet, as I point out in my other post on this topic, they couldn’t find the time to mount even ONE committee to investigate Bush’s failures, or the ONE HUNDRED casualties of HIS negligence. Color me skeptical.

      • (And yet, as I point out in my other post on this topic, they couldn’t find the time to mount even ONE committee to investigate Bush’s failures, or the ONE HUNDRED casualties of HIS negligence.)
        Why didn’t the Democrats?

      • That’s the point. Only the Republicans are desperate enough to blame enemy action on the President. They loudly declare that such behavior is treasonous, until it’s a Democrat in the White House. It’s the hypocrisy of the demagogues that sticks out, in all these “scandals”.

      • I can’t tell which way you are going.

        (Only the Republicans are desperate enough)
        ( It’s the hypocrisy of the demagogues that sticks out, in all these “scandals”.)

      • Because Democrats didn’t need to grandstand to show Bush’s incompetence. He did it all on his own. And democrates didn’t want to politicize the 13 embassy attacks under Bush since they where attacks on the American people.

      • Rafael, do you honestly believe the Democrats give a damn about the “Our Military” and the “American People”?

      • Rafael, because of their actions. Personally, I’m not interested in any games with this Committee and I don’t know anyone else that is. We will see if the Democrats decide to be a part of the Committee to find out the truth or to just play games.

  45. What will this committee find that was out the reach of the previous 4 or 5 committees who investigated Benghazi. Except for an affinity for more Kabuki theater.

  46. The article ask “Who deserves credit for Benghazi Select Committee”; Jboe (Boehner) sure does not deserve credit for anything except the carnage he has allowed to happen to the United States of America during his watch. The only reason he is plugging this committee is that he thinks that doing so will save his sorryarse. Hopefully it does not save him so that he can go going his buddy Nancy pelosie.

    • Given that we have a Marxist in the White House, these are indeed scary times but the fact that there are people still supporting him, is even scarier.

      • Oh honey…Barry ain’t no “Marxist”, not even close. I’M A MARXIST. He’s not. When you guys first started talking all this stuff about the President being a “commie”, and whatnot, all us ACTUAL COMMUNISTS dug out our hammer and sickle flags and ran out to the street to watch the new commissar drive by in his communist Cadillac, tossing other people’s money out the window while declaring his allegiance to Allah. Didn’t happen. We waited a long time for Hussein to start nationalising oil companies and executing billionaires….all us hippy pinkos, there on the curb…waiting for Barack “Stalin” Obama to show up and change the world. Sadly, we’ve had to accept that he ain’t comin’. There isn’t a “Marxist in the White House”. At best, he’s a 1980’s era Republican, back before you all went batshit crazy.

    • There’s nothing unusual about wanting to know why – after all of the run up, the signs, the other country’s bailing out, the other attacks – did our State Department ignore pleas for additional security. Why was there no backup? And after the incident, was there a coverup? [It sure seems like it.]

      But then again, maybe you’re just not interested in the truth.

      • Army Gen. Carter Ham has testified that he personally called Ambassador Stevens to offer additional security, but that his offer was turned down, twice. The Ambassador’s deputy, Gregory Hicks, has said that doesn’t make sense, given the tense situation on the ground.
        The basic question here is, what is the Republican Party trying to claim actually happened? Darrell Issa butchered some emails and carefully edited some State Department documents to create the illusion of wrong doing….of some sort. But he never came right out and described the horrible secret that he “implies” is the root of this tragedy. What, EXACTLY, do all of you think happened?
        Do you believe that Obama and Clinton deliberately sacrificed our embassy staff? For what purpose? Or do you believe the Administration just wasn’t paying attention, and got caught by surprise, and then lied to cover it up? I might be willing to accept the first part of that statement, but not the last.
        It is absurd to believe that the President conspired to allow his own people to be killed, unless you’re a member of the absurd cult that continues to question his birthplace and his loyalty. But it’s clear that the ferocity of the attack came as a surprise. As much as Fox News wants us to forget, there had, indeed, been violent demonstrations in twenty-one countries over the racist right-wing anti-Muslim video “The Innocence of the Muslims” , both before and after the Benghazi attack. It seems entirely reasonable that the initial impression would be that this was part of that overwhelming chain of events, or that it might have taken a couple of days to get accurate intelligence regarding the action of opportunity by the local militia. Susan Rice released the information she was given by our intelligence services, based on what was known at the time. Very soon after, the President announced that it had been an act of terrorism. That’s not a coverup.
        The Republican Party is using this tragedy for political gain, and shamelessly, for fundraising. This event has been investigated REPEATEDLY, without returning any evidence of the scandal that the Republicans so desperately need to improve their election chances. And conservative voters have chosen to ignore or forget the DOZENS of far worse incidents that occurred under Republican Presidents which were not subjected to this level of pointless scrutiny That’s why I conclude that this is a scam; a waste of time and tax money, for the benefit of the Republican Party.

      • The prior investigations were a sham – they didn’t have all of the evidence, they couldn’t force anyone to testify.

        You’re trying to claim that Stevens asked for additional security and then turned it down? Really? BTW, Stevens doesn’t get to turn down security – it’s not his role as ambassador. Someone else had to refuse it.

        It looks to me like the administration didn’t think it would happen before the election. When it did – they worked hard at making it a non-issue for the election. Beefing up the security would have looked bad. Moving an adequate force near the embassy would have looked bad. Twisting the narrative that a planned coordinated attack was simple a random protest about a video was a way to deflect it. Obama said during the campaign that it had to be ‘fully investigated’ before any determinations could be made – and then he swept it under the rug…

      • Yes, Daryl Issa’s investigation is a sham but everyone seems to “forget” the Senate Select Intelligence Committees report on Benghazi released in January 2014. That was a bi partisan investigation that has produced the only creditable report to date. This investigation was not done in front of a TV camera to produce sound bites for Fox News. Try actually reading it.
        According to Gen. Ham and repeated by Admiral Mullen, Stevens turned down two offers of more security. Both testified that there was no way to mount a response to the attack in Benghazi. These were in guys in charge who made the decisions, not some low level officers giving third hand opinions. You can of course ignore their testimony because it doesn’t fit certain rhetoric but then you need to come up with some actual solid proof.

  47. You right wingers are so stupid. There will be a crisis in the coming year that will allow king Obama to remain in office indefinitely. It’s been the plan all along. You right wing hacks will never understand that their are powers behind the.scenes that we don’t even know exist. Democrats will win back control of the house simply because the powers that be have already declared it. Think about it, why did king Obama tell Putin that after his election he will have more flexibility ? I’ll tell you why , it’s because he was already told that he would easily win the election. Theirs more to it than you know folks open your hearts and minds to the truth.


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