Convict Jackson Jr. gets $8.7k a month disability for “mood disorder.” I should be so crazy.

(photo: Scott Strazzante/ Chicago Tribune)

Whenever you hear our dear politicians in Washington DC say there’s nothing more to cut or that they’re just like us, let me give you a friendly reminder. As Breitbart reported after his jail sentencing, convicted ex-congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) receives $8,700 per month in government disability pay, as well as a partial federal pension of $45,000.

That generous $8,700 in disability comes thanks to Jackson’s sudden development of a “mood disorder” as the federal government began looking to indict him. Jackson, who was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison, had no history of mental illness during his prior 17 years in Congress.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if Jackson Jr. eventually gets a pardon from his Chicago buddy, Barack Hussein Obama.

I firmly believe the Congressional pension program needs to be reformed, right along with instituting term limits for Members of the US House and Senate. A political elitism is being created that does not bode well for the American interest because it only serves self and special interest.

As I flew out to San Diego for Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America, my prayer on National Prayer Day is that Americans wake up and realize there is more to life than “Dancing with the Stars” and Donald Sterling-type distractions.

If we continue down the path of the welfare nanny-state and dependency society, what shall we pass on to subsequent generations? Think my fellow Americans, start to think.


  1. He gets $8700.00. per month for mood disorder and I can’t get 1 penny for PTSD OR DEPRESSION AFTER 20+ YEARS OF ACTIVE DUTY SERVICE IN THE ARMY AND 2 COMBAT TOURS IN Iraq. At 100% disability (IN which I only receive 20%) I would only receive $3100.00 per month. The fleecing of America continues.

    • Thank you for your service . . . I am truly sorry for the way our nation – the one you fought and bled for – is treating you and other veterans like you. It is a shameful act of ignorance, neglect and quite frankly, ingratitude – especially from this current administration.

    • Thank you for your service.

      What I don’t get is that SSID/Medicaid cleared me due to autism, ADHD, OCD, and depression, yet VA can’t clear a war hero who risked his life and blood to fight for our nations’ interests.

      I have known that VA is socialized medicine and is considered a medical Hell on the earth for years, but this really blew me away. I never thought VA was this bad.

      God protect you. I hope you receive more deserved aid as soon as possible.

      • What you’d find interesting is that the Government doesn’t pay my disability, I do, I pay my own disability. My disability payment is deducted from my military retirement, sent to the VA, and then sent to me tax free. My Retirement payment is reduced by $258 a month, So I do not have to claim disability as income, and that amount is tax free, $3100 a year. It takes me 3 years to equal 1 month of his “Disability”

  2. My understanding is he would not take the ‘deal’ until they approved a ‘disability” of $8k …now how do you get disability (for not working) when you obviously CAN’T work while in prison? He gets free medical and was moved to another prison because that one HAD mental health medical..His medical is ‘bipolar’ BS. He is also an alcoholic and drug user. HOW do you get a pension when you are a FELON??
    Looks like ‘daddy’ Jackson was a big help getting federal money for his son. Daddy is a millionaire from our federal funding also…but had to rely on government to take care of his son…What trash this is..

  3. I am a cardiac patient in heart failure, and i have been turned down twice and am waiting for a year now for a hearing from a judge. And I thought i had reached the pinnacle of being po’d for the day…i was wrong.

  4. These Liberals will never Dis one of there own. They always make sure their buddies are taken care of on the taxpayers dime!!!

  5. And my wife gets a measly $900.00 disability pay from Social Security? This assmaggot needs to fry and the people who approved this travesty needs to fry with him…..

  6. Wow! And my friend who ended up getting medically retired from the Army due to injuries, PTSD, Depression and anger (umm..mood disorder anyone?) couldn’t even get the “back pay” from the point he was disabled from Social Security and even though he has kids to feed, his “family max” is only $2800/mo?!?! This REALLY pisses me off!!

    • He should be able to get more than this IF he is 100% disabled. He needs to get with a qualified Veterans advocate to see what he should be getting. DVA or American Legion, State Veterans Affairs officer.

      • Thanks! I know that according to the VA he is 100% but I think he said the Army gave him less than that, like 70 or 80 I think. I’ll tell him what you said though. He has a Wounded Warrior Rep that he talks to on post every now and again. He’s only been retired now about a year… But thanks for your info, I’ll pass it on to him.

      • yes ma’am…they are covering his children, that’s how I know his “family max” is $2800 cuz thats what the Social Security told him. He was only getting like $18 or $1900/mo before he had the two kids. He told me the whole big long story but not knowing the ins/outs it was somewhat greek to me….just seems that those that need it never get as much that those that scam it…

  7. In The REAL WORLD…
    People On SSDI Get ALL FUNDS CUT when In JAIL!!

    Sempre Fi.

  8. I worked for over 20 years before I finally had to give up due to disability . . . wish I made 8K+ each month . . . Of course, I know it’s based on your salary that you made while working and the more you make the more you pay in . . . so I suppose that’s just life! Still stinks!

    • You are right about disability being based on salary. However, isn’t disability a “government paid” benefit that you do not pay into?? Medicare/SS are what we pay into. How does that figure into paying for disability? I am not well versed on the disability issue. Does anyone know who/what/why/how this works???

      • What you receive from disability is from your Social Security “fund.” Now depending on how long a person worked (paid in) vs. how long a person draws SS (whether by age or disability) they may get back more or less. So if Jackson paid into SS $8k per year he worked (17 years) then he could draw disability/SS at $8k per year for 17 years and come out even. After that, its all gravy. When he turns 67 (I think that’s the age now) it reverts from disability to SS. The terms are just semantics. Rarely does anyone draw out exactly what is taken out of their wages over the years. It works like insurance in a way. The gov’t is betting that some will die earlier (before they draw all they paid) to help pay for those who live longer and draw more than they paid.

  9. Why aren’t the veterans on disability who had their pensions cut mobilizing to march on the steps of the capital? Do they need pointers from the likes of Al Sharpton to show them how? Storm the gates!!!

  10. How is his disability this high? I keep hearing all these claims of disability payments but I don’t actually know anyone getting this much. Nor should be get disability while incarcerated. Probably depends a lot on who you are.

  11. and my daughter has had several surgery’s on her back, that hit the sciatic nerve and she can’t seem to get anything, this is really disgusting. Guess it all depends on who you are, and who you know

  12. mood disorder? I know a lot of people who should be wealthy because so many of them have this problem! I never knew being an a$$hole was a disability.

  13. I suspect that this is bogus information: long-standing federal law prohibits anyone from receiving Social Security benefits, which includes disability benefits, for any month in which they are incarcerated for the entire month. All it takes is someone to alert the Social Security Administration, then for them to verify the information, then they will stop paying him and take action to recover any amounts overpaid.

    Most jails in this country provide monthly reports to the Social Security Administration of prisoners there for the full month as to stop these illegal payments.

    Further: Social Security benefits are confidential. How would the person originating this claim be able to assert this?

    It sounds like more baseless rabble rousing. Stick to the facts.

      • OK Overtime, it is a fact that Social Security benefits are discontinued while a recipient is incarcerated. It is a fact that the maximum Social Security disability benefit is $2,642 per month. It is a fact that a recipient’s Social Security benefits are confidential (thus challenging the credibility of this claim). Thus, based on those three facts, yes, this is false information.

      • You act like the law gets followed all the time, and that there is no fraud; both of which we know to be false. Just because the law is written that way does not mean it’s being followed – you are assuming, and you know what that means!

      • Well lets just review here, first I wasn’t trying to be derogatory towards you, however you didn’t seem to have the same courtesy toward me. However lets take a look at the biggest law of the land right now…..What did congress make sure to do with it. They made themselves and staffers exempt from the law. That would mean that there are other laws that they have made themselves exempt from. I’m not saying that this is the case however I am saying that you did jump to the conclusion that LTC West was talking about SSI disability, when he never said that. There are many different types of government disability.

      • First, if has been repeatedly and definitively shown that Congress did NOT exempt themselves from the ACA. Secondly, what other government disability are there that you are referencing? I could not find any that paid more or that paid in addition to Social Security disability.

      • If he is receiving benefits in violation of law, perhaps those complaining should report that to the Social Security Administration. Then, they can stop his payments (obtaining an order for overpayments) and/or prosecute him (and/or others involved) for Social Security fraud. I am willing to contact the Social Security Administration if anyone has any credible evidence.

    • You said yourself you “suspect” this is bogus. Truth is, you don’t really know, do you? The Shamateur might have contravened the law via the “executive order” mechanism we all know he is so fond of, and it wouldn’t be the first time. The record is *quite* clear regarding this.

      If you have definitive evidence disproving this, produce it. Otherwise, shut yer yap.

      • If you have definitive evidence PROVING this, produce it, otherwise, shut YER yap.

        If there were an executive order issued, it would be available in the public record. Where is it? He “might” have contravened the law? Boy, that is flimsy speculation.

      • I don’t have to prove anything, Bozo – you’re the one comining on here stating it’s a false story because YOU “suspect” it.

        As far as “flimsy speculation”, you opened *that* can of worms, ‘genius’.

      • First off, this article makes the claim that he is getting disability, without providing any proof. Where is his proof? It is YOU who speculated that Obama issued an executive order granting him special benefits. You raised the issue: where is YOUR proof?

        There is definitive proof in the social security law that (1) social security benefits are limited to a certain amount, (2) that social security benefits are confidential, and (3) that social security benefits are discontinued while incarcerated.

        As for your immature name calling, I will not respond in kind.

      • article mentions a possible FERS disability program whose math would be, 1st year: 60% of salary ($174,000) which would be $8700/month and then 40% of salary after that. However, this is PURE SPECULATION because privacy laws prohibit release of this info without a waiver of the subject. There is no evidence showing he even applied for this program Snopes says this is indeterminate for now. Any RETIREMENT he is entitled to under the law/rules wouldn’t be available to him until he reaches the right age, in 2021, IF he isn’t stripped of all that due to reform laws current or future.

  14. This sicken me i feel ill just thinking about it, that family is on the same level as pimps & prostitutes and yes he will get a full pardon as they walking into the sunset as tax payer foot the bill. there are things i really what to say but my mother is watching from heaven and she wouldn’t approve and so i’ll take pause.

  15. $8,700 A MONTH for “DISABILITY”??? Our Veterans are being screwed over even trying to GET what little money they MIGHT get from the Feds and this POS is getting $8,700!! PLUS he STILL gets $45,000 for Congressional Pension!! Where are our REAL leaders?? This should be stopped AND he should have to REPAY EVERY CENT!! He already “doing time” in a place that can barely be called a prison. CUT THIS CRAP OUT OF THE BUDGET AND SAVE MILLIONS!!! Holy cow, IM PISSED!!!

  16. $51,017 Median family income in 2013

    $8,700 * 12 = $104,400 + $45,000 = $149,400

    We the people pay per year a convicted felon who stole from his constituents just $3651 less than 3, III, trey, tres, dri, three times the national median income.

    Write each and every member of Congress representing your state and tell them:

    NO, NAY, NOPE to ANY tax payer $$$$ payed under ANY circumstances to ANY member of Congress despite ANY longevity they may have. They need to make it PRIORITY ONE in both the House and the Senate on changing this disgraceful practice of Congressional nepotism.

    Get out the broom folks!!!


  17. $51,017 Median family income in 2013

    $8,700 * 12 = $104,400 + $45,000 = $149,400

    We the people pay per year a convicted felon who stole from his constituents just $3651 less than 3, III, trey, tres, dri, three times the national median income.

    Write each and every member of Congress representing your state and tell them:

    NO, NAY, NOPE to ANY tax payer $$$$ payed under ANY circumstances to ANY member of Congress despite ANY longevity they may have. They need to make it PRIORITY ONE in both the House and the Senate on changing this disgraceful practice of Congressional nepotism.

    Get out the broom folks!!!


  18. If us Veterans could get that disability pay, we could pay for actual Healthcare. Other than my current Nurses at the VA, I have still am treated rudely and fighting to get help on concerns is ridiculous, deny help and they do not have to take responsibility

  19. I know for a fact Social Security Disability cuts off once incarcerated. The congressional pensions need reform. But how we going to do that, if it must pass Congress? And yes, I’d bet he gets a full pardon from his homey – BO.

  20. The maximum Social Security disability benefit is $2,642/month – FAR from this amount claimed. Social Security payments are discontinued while a recipient is incarcerated. Social Security benefits are confidential, thus challenging the credibility of this claim. Sorry to disappoint, but this is false information. Mr. West, you should validate your information before you post it.

    • Doesn’t sound right, does it? I have never heard of anyone receiving this kind of payment from Social Security or disability. If it is true, I would sure like to know who authorized it and how they are getting away with it. As far as being incarcerated, he could be receiving it because of the Health diagnosis.

    • JJjr is not receiving SS disability this is a separate disability insurance supplied by the Congress to there members.

      • Could be, but I would like you know which one, because I’m not aware of that type of insurance for Government Workers.

      • Can you cite the section in law that authorizes this, because I cannot find anything. Congress gets the same federal pension that all federal employees get, at the same rates.

      • What part of ‘this is a disability payment, not a pension’ are you not comprehending?

      • Whether it is a disability payment or a pension, it has to be authorized somewhere in law.

      • i saw your JJjr and instead of jesse jackson junior my mind popped up jesse james junior…somehow doesn’t seem that far off…

    • He is not collecting SOCIAL security. He is collecting disability from a private policy that your tax dollars paid for. It is based off your income like the person above stated. It just isn’t social security. You are right social security has limits. The private policy doesn’t. He was smart, that’s for sure

  21. He was a law maker…I would venture to guess he may have a little inside info on what benefits are available and what needs to be done to get them before he gets incarcerated. There’s 93,000+ pages of regulations. I bet there’s something in there WE don’t know about.

  22. Alot of this discussion is off base. Most large corporations offer disability insurance separate from Social Security and is based on your salary usually 60% thats why it is so hi. The difference is we pay for there insurance.

  23. Sorry but this is bull crap and we as tax payers should demand an immediate halt to this. If he were just a regular citizen the guvment would have already ceased these payments…

  24. do you still get a military pension even though you were discharged for disgracing your uniform by committing war crimes?

    • If that was intended as a shot at the Colonel, you blew it..

      Would suggest you try wearing a uniform for a while before you talk about disgracing it.. That way you’ll have a clue what you’re talking about

    • Your comments are that of a person who has no F’ing clue what our military has given this country. This man and countless 10’s of thousands have fought for this country and some have been severely injured or died to give you the right to spout such bullshit and you don’t even have the guts to use your real name.
      So my suggestion to you is stop talking out of your ass…because your mouth would know better than to say such horrible things as you just did here! I feel sorry for you because the best part of you must have ran down your mothers leg when you were born!

      • I believe he was using the universal “you” meaning that a soldier would not get benefits if they had dishonored their uniform as Jesse Jackson Jr has dishonored Congress… If that’s even possible…

      • I respectfully disagree Lonnie, he was definitely acussing him of committing war crimes because he was doing his duties.

      • Was Colonel West discharged for disgracing his uniform by committing war crimes? No.

        Think about it. Your assumptions don’t hold up when you consider eadtuff’s actual words.

        Until eadtuff states otherwise, I choose to give him the benefit of the doubt. As should the rest of you.

      • Sorry Lonnie I disagree he is acussing him of war crimes because he was doing his duty as a soldier. He should be thanking him.

    • “War crimes”? Until you or anyone else has walked miles in a soldiers boots, walked the walk and talked the talk…do not even spout that BS!

    • eadtuff, go somewhere that you can disrespect others that have kept your freedoms alive. No other country in the world gives you the freedom of speech to be disrespectful and not get bloodied or beaten. Its guys like us that put on the boots to protect the scumbags that decry us as criminals.

  25. If you were paying attention that is why he stayed on as long as he did. And the house leadership (?) let him get away with it.

      • mathchopper, were you there? We know who we fight for, and it is not the press where most of the disinformation comes from.

      • Correct, but we can’t “fix” non-vet internal enemies the way we “fixed” foreign enemies, can we? And that is the reason our country is totally intercoursed.

      • When bullets/RPGs/etc. start flying, you are fighting for each other – and all of the political BS goes right out the window. But aside from feeding the “war machine” companies (and their stockholders), idiotic “Wilsonian” wet dreams, and the Big Banks (think Federal Reserve Bank owners, the IMF, et. al.), just who wants these never-called “wars”?

      • Not really. Just about every so-called “war” our young men are forced to fight doe nothing to protect the United States of America; but it sure as hell jacks up the federal debt. Want to know who is winning? Find out who holds the IOUs!

      • How many terrorist plots funded by Iraq were dismantled, how many innocent lives of car bombs, and possible nuclear weapons, or chemical weapons were saved? There’s a bigger picture than your ability to safely travel around in your safe little world.
        When acts of evil are committed by others, it is those with the power to stop them that must act.
        Al Qaida, Boko Haram, Taliban, and the PLO, are all sponsors of terror. Americans have unofficially become a world police force with a mission to thwart terrorist activities.

      • We can’t AFFORD to become a “world police force”! Nobody likes us playing GLOBOCOP, least of all me; and I’m a U.S. citizen born and raised. What is more, Scumbag Saddam should have been dealt with back in 1991. Why overthrow regimes that were of no real threat to the U.S. – only to place muslim brotherhood scumbags in power? Momo (Qaddafi) had pretty much been pacified, Mubarak was absolutely no threat to us, and Assad could be “reasoned” with.

        And as for the “mission to thwart terrorist activities”… when you decide to take point. Anyone who knows anything about islam, the quran, the sunnah and haddiths should know just EXACTLY what is behind the muzzies feeling froggy. It is islam! They have been fortified with trillions in petrodollars over the last 50-60 years. Their imams are calling for “jihad” and are promising 72 virgins for any of the mentally-challenged that hear them, if they fight and die in the cause of “jihad”.

        They have the leftist media and academia (not to mention the likes of Bill Clinton, George Bush and Condoleeza Rice), and now OBummer to aid them in their misinformation about islam being a “religion of peace”; and the same old “tiny minority of extremists” meme. Need I remind you that it only took a “tiny minority of extremists” – 19 to be exact – to bring us 9/11. These were 19 jihadi SOBs that had no business being in this country to begin with!

      • I agree that we cannot be the worlds police force, I spent 20+ years in the Army. The reality of the world situation as with every UN action with a coalition of forces, The United States has the largest percentage of troops in harms way. And back to my original post, this guy Jackson Jr. is receiving $8700 a month for being convicted of stealing and currently incarcerated and the government is cutting veteran’s benefits every year. A soldier that is 100% disabled can only get a maximum of $3200 monthly in disability from the Veteran’s Administration.

    • Thank you for your service Mr. Dill, I am sorry about your injuries but I am glad you were able to return to your family, too many heros were not able to come back. I wish I could shake your hand and thank you properly.

    • Dear David, I agree with you completely. You should be given anything you want and the best care in the country. We have certainly let our priorities go to hell. Jesse Jr. should be ashamed of him self for even taking ay money from our government that should go to much better causes.

    • jjj is shamefully working the system.
      he did nothing to earn this.
      the amount he’s stealing is about 6X my retirement pay.
      20yrs @ e6.
      and believe me, i worked hard for it. (didn’t sacrifice anything like you did though)
      i have to wonder if people in his party feel any political embarrassment about this. one can only hope.
      thanks for your service. i hope things are coming along well.

    • In a way, I am glad I cannot see you, because of shame. I am ashamed that a man like you lost your leg for me. You fought those 7th century animals who would kill me for kicks and giggles, and slaughter my Countrymen. You lose a leg, and you will carry the memory of combat and loss with you for the rest of your days. And you have to read of some pimp politician getting huge sums of money while he is in prison. It’s embarrassing. We own Jackson nothing. We owe you EVERYTHING!!! God Bless you. May you find peace, thank you for your Service, and welcome home.

  26. I “suspect” James is not comprehending the difference between ss & private ins. co.
    Also, the benefits anyone would get paid is based on your salary!
    And the fact is that this man had a very high salary that’s y those benefits are high…IM not in any way saying things is right cus if he’s in jail then he should not receive anything, but he probably does have a family that do not live like u n I, n need to survive! Thus, it wud almost be the same if his fam wud collect welfare!

    • after trying to read and decipher your post, i concluded that man in fact has descended from apes, some of us not as far as others.

      • Pretty sure that was sarcasm on “TonysTake” part… just sayin.. 🙂
        Don’t know him and the name being the same is pure coincidence..

    • It makes me wonder if Bundy was correct. Picking cotton isn’t all that stressful and the poor boy would probably still have his wits about him. Forcing people to earn an honest living is racist.

  27. Also the disability payments should be revised, “mood” disabilities now tops any other kind of physical illness.

  28. $8700 a month for a “mood disorder” with no previous history? That gives ME a bad mood.
    Where’s MY money??

  29. This is absolutely ridiculious! This makes no sense at all. This guy should not be getting a dime.Hell, he is in Prison for gosg
    H sakes

  30. This is sofa king ridiculous. But look at the facts. Daddy is the number one agitator, he lived in Chicago and is a member of the corrupt Illinois’ government.

    • It appears that it must have included in that 100% systemic corruption that must be faced. His pension should have been lost, yes lost and forfeited, and his needs should be met as though he were any other person, never holding a federal slot which right he long before forfeited by his criminal actions.

  31. Sick and mental gets a check and pension for a bold face liar and thief!
    Foxes watching the hen house is clearly evident.

  32. I wanna know how one can get $8700 in disability payments when I know people who have legitimate disabling ailments who can not even get disability. Who is paying this idiotic, lying, cheating, POS?

    • “We the People” are paying Jackson. The apple didn’t fall far from father tree as Jesse Sr. turned living on the dole into an art form.

  33. Navy Ace Duke Cunningham was not allowed to draw his pension in prison. I guess only democrats can do that.

  34. We need term limits and no pensions for the self-proclaimed elitists who forget that “We the People” are the bosses and they are the employee. When do American’s wake up and start eliminating this ilk from long-term raping of the public coffers?

  35. It’s a learned behavior. He was thought by the best in the business. As a US congressman you are thought how to be corrupt early. It’s part of 90 day probation period. This is not shocking a black guy learning the American way. Good for him!

  36. Damn 8.7 K a month would sure as hell take care of any MOOD DiSORDER I
    might have.
    Put him in a cell with Bubba that should change his mood.

  37. Our “VETS” come back from WAR and can’t even get help…and this SUDDEN disorder, politician gets this much??? THE WORLD FUBAR!!

  38. Not only the Vets get shafted so do most Seniors, average of 1000 to 1500 a month. And this clown has a MOOD problem? Well, we all have a mood problem too. Send us our checks please!

  39. That $8,700 should go to the prison to cover the tax payers burden to take care of him. That goes for anyone that collects SS / SSI / SSDI

  40. He should not get anything. What is wrong with this county. We have military waiting to be seen, dying while waiting. Retires loses what they were promised. Yet a low life like this can collect more than someone who spent 20years in military.

    • As LTC West pointed out, Jackson Sr is one of the overseers of the Democrats Plantation. So yes, of course Sr taught Jr…had to if he wants to stay on the Plantation.

  41. And here I am at 55 years old and REALLY disabled trying to make ends meet on my big $580 a month disability payment

    • I get $401 a month for agent orange exposure and heart disease. Guess I should have got me some of that sweet, sweet ‘Mood Disorder’.

  42. It’s interesting that he went 17 years without being diagnosed with a mood disorder. Either he was fairly nimble at keeping his mood disorder under wraps or he is a malingerer.

  43. Do us all a big favor Jesse Sr. and Jesse Jr, “Get Frickin’ Lost. Go find a nice deserted island and go there and pound sand up you Azz!

  44. Being in prison should negate any pay from any government agency. I’m pretty sure you can’t collect SS when you turn 65 in prison

  45. This turns my stomach, it’s a slap in the face to American families that are barely making ends meet right now because of jerks like Jackson. Mood disorder? Jackson and most of Congress need some “disorder” placed on their posterior ends as we kick ’em out of office!

  46. I never understood the problem about Congressional pensions. I support them, personally, but I am flabbergasted to see that a convicted criminal is on that roll. There may be no honor among thieves and politicians, but you’d think a convicted criminal wouldn’t be allowed a pension!

    I draw a monthly SSID/Medicaid check worth four hundred forty nine dollars. This is because I am, at twenty years of age, mentally incapable of working an actual job more than two hours a day. I have autism (Aspergers Syndrome), severe OCD, ADHD, depression, and a heart defect called “WPW”. This means I cost a fortune in very powerful drugs to keep stable.

    Unlike Jesse Jackson, I have real, diagnosed medical conditions. Depression is not like his petty “mood disorder”; it is a hard road to walk. The same goes with autism.

    The fact that Jesse Jackson makes almost twenty times that A MONTH is bad enough.

    -and yet, it gets worse!
    As several war heroes have said, their benefits and pensions are far less than JJ2 there. That is the true disgrace. My family went seventeen years without my government checks, and they could do so again if they had to.

    A soldier, though, not only deserves his benefits; he oftentimes needs them to get by.

    The fact that we pay disgraced criminals a bigger check (heck, a check at all) more than the men who risked their lives and blood for our interests for wars that, excluding the Gulf War and the Afganistan Campaign, were essentially unnecessary, is a true insult to everyone who earned their checks.

  47. You have to hand it to the Jackson’s they have made a science out of extortion of public funds and playing the system. They are a creative family.

  48. $8,700.00 a month??? Maybe a year. But not a month… How in the hell does he get sooo much money for being disabled? Never heard of anyone getting this much money. That, my friend is disgusting. And to top it off he gets a salary of $45,000.00 yearly?

    • Thats why the Liberal LOON DemonRats keeps on WINNING and Winning Elections No Matter how Bad the person is that gets the NOD they will ALL circle the Wagons and Push them to the finish Line to WIN all the Republicans can do is FIGHT against each other and tear each Apart and then we have to Deal with ALL the Rhinos ! GOD help us !! but GOD has Left the Building [AMERICA]

  49. No more professional politicians. American politicians were meant to be recruited and returned to the working class.

  50. Yep I give you the united states Government people!! Give them a break, they work sooooo hard against us!!! How Pathetic

  51. Darn – Would have liked to have been on the Cruise Benefit Ride – But the weather up here is just horrible to get the Scoot out just yet. It’s May for crying out loud.

  52. The bigger problem is an electorate that wants to see the likes of a Barack Obama/Eric Holder Autocracy as our system of Government. Obama and Holder are symptoms of a crumbling and corroded electorate.

    • A “BLIND ELECTORATE” none the less, must be pretty hard from under a “ROCK” to keep watching your own back!!! There COMMING!!!!! LOL!!!


    • I’ve heard that military retirement payments stop during the period that a retired service member is incarcerated. I’m a Navy retiree and don’t plan on testing the system to see whether it is true or not.

    • If they don’t stop, they should stop. What a load of horse pucky this is. Besides, I thought SSI disability was only paid if you absolutely cannot work due to your disability. Jackson, Jr is only slightly crazy. No reason he can’t still make license plates, with several former governors of Illinois.

      • He is only crazy for convience, he thought he would get away with his embezzlement by claiming to have bipolar issues. There are many people out there with this disorder who cant get on SSI disability. It is shocking that this creep is allowed to get anything since he RESIGNED and went to prison. Something is so wrong with the system.

      • But, but, but…making license plates is manual labor! JJ Jr. can’t do that, it would involve actual work which is something he’s never been required to do.

    • its according to what state you are in and if the DemonRats are in Charge of that state ! If they in Charge he gets it

  54. Be sure to check your VOTER REGISTRATION with your local registrar (usually the County Clerk {or equivalent}

    • sorry smitty…what you said used to be true, but is now a joke….our politicians, our police, and our school administrators police themselves….the only ones that lose their jobs are those caught doing something on video tape….i always vote, but the stupidity and apathy of the brain dead cell phone staring under 30 crowd is astonishing…..we live in a society where 99% of the people are total morons and are happy being morons….they pay no attention to the news and you want to talk politics, they look at you as though you are the weird one….they just want to get drunk and play candy crush and vote democrat every 4 years because they are morons….and they outnumber MENSANS like myself 10,000 to 1….my vote is practically worthless

      • NEVER Believe your vote is worthless, the only worthless in this election is obozo, do not give up your right to vote that would be like admitting this “scoundrel” wins!!!

      • “where 99% of the people are total morons and are happy being morons”

        Then odds are extremely high, you’re a moron as well.

        And “MENSANS” would know 10,000 to one isn’t even close to 1% of the country.


        BTW, half of the eligible of the country don’t vote, meaning your vote is effective 2x what it should be.

      • LIke I said Photo Voter ID is a MUST to win Elections and to KEEP the Liberal LOON Braindead from Winning by FRAUD and voting several times

    • Smitty we live in a controlled technocratic Oligarchy that only provides the illusion that the people have a say in their democracy. If our founding fathers were alive today they would be called ” Conspiracy Theorist & Domestic Terrorist”. The only form of true democracy will come in via – wiping the hard drive & reinstalling the original 1776 Operating System. My question is – what will be the straw that breaks the camels back?
      We need to implement –
      • Term limits of 6 years with 75K salary caps
      • Bio-metric voter I.D. card with an encryption key that will make hacking the vote impossible. Same principals used in quantum computing.

      • “illusion that the people have a say in their democracy”

        Half the populace doesn’t vote, that’s not a conspiracy.

  55. Why is it that a person getting social securty which they have payed in,,,will lose it if they are in a hospital more than 30 days in one month,,,and he’s in prison for doing something he knew was wrong,,,something is f’ed up here,,

    • The whole system is out of whack. We need term limits and elimination of PAC’s. Need to put Congress on Social Security too. No more lifetime full pay retirement for a two year stint as a government employee.

  56. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE seriously consider running sir. If your true interest is to help well the nation, then please take action and help right this course. God speed sir.

  57. If a Congressman, Senator, or anyone holding a position of public honor (defined as a position to which one is elected or appointed) resigns from office, and a guilty plea or conviction was the impetus for a resignation, the pension shall be forfeited. Additionally, one shall not be eligible for any payments for disabilities while serving the sentence (which does not include just jail), and one who resigns, or is expelled, in such a manner shall be ineligible to run for or be appointed to a position of public honor for the rest of one’s natural life.

    (One who is expelled from office already loses the pension.)

  58. Fibromyalgia, emphysema, an arthritic back and depression from chronic pain wasn’t enough for me to claim it. To see someone like that getting so much incarcerated makes me want to cry as we live paycheck to paycheck.

    • Get yourself a good Disability attorney. I am sure you have anxiety also????
      You should qualify, depends on the state a lot though.

  59. Senators and congressmen should pay into and live under social security period. This should not be a life long “career” and this may be one way to ensure it wouldn’t be. And how is he getting this much? I smell a rat!

  60. Everyone wanting to post here, should instead get on the phone to their congresscritter(s) and senator(s) (or e-mail them) and *DEMAND* to know why this is and to have it stopped IMMEDIATELY!*. Whining and pissing about it on a comment section will do no one any good.

    Screw this punk who’s done no one any good in his lifetime and his daddy is no better! They’re both liars and thieves!

  61. Col. West …please take the manure fork to DC and clean the crap out of BOTH parties but especially the enabling one.

  62. Why should there be any sort of pension system for elected officials? Holding elective office should be a temporary public service, not a long-term career. It’s not like they’re working for minimum wage; they can live on a lower level and put some of their salaries into retirement accounts, if they like.

    • Do you happen to know the specific law? I would like to write a letter to my congresswoman and my two very liberal senators from Washington state about this. When I was forced out of the army on a medical discharge after being injured in Iraq, the VA decided that my broken back with nerve damage, PTSD, hearing loss in my right ear, and a burned out thyroid gland only amounted to a 70% disability rating. That qualifies me for benefits of approx. $1450/mo.

      I would like to know how disgraced former congressman, Jesse Jackson, Jr. has qualified for nearly $9k/mo. in disability benefits for alleged mood swings. Hell, my 13 y/o daughter has mood swings! And PTSD isn’t a smooth walk in the park when something triggers an event either.

      Anyway, without trying to sound like a jealous person or someone who doesn’t understand the Bible when it says, “Thou shall not covet,” I don’t understand what makes Mr. Jackson’s illness 6 times more worthy of monetary compensation as a member of the federal government than I am? I’d like to see how that’s calculated.

      • Hey Chris, thanks for the link to the pamphlet. It had some useful information, just not any to answer the question as to how JJ, Jr.’s compensation is calculated. I have not found any regulation that warrants any mental health disability, even if rated at 100%, to receive $9K per month in compensation.
        On a separate note, do you live in or work in Kitsap County? I lived there for nearly 20 years and thought, at first, you were trying to tell me something about my mental health when I opened your link, lol!
        Take care and thanks again.

      • the amount determined depends on “how severe” you disorders are..and i have know some really messed up people who are so bad they can not leave there house,finish a sentence,or use a toilet because they think its something else! and they are not recieving a 10th of what jackson jr is getting.
        and thank you for your service,and born and raised in fort worth ,tx

      • and i bet if you found a motivated enough attorney,or congressman jessy jrs benefits would be quickly modified

      • So would I, Richard. Everything is so twisted in this country anymore, we can’t get the truth, but we sure know we’re being lied to. I’m so sorry for all your injuries. Thank you for your service.

  63. God bless Col. West. Who says the government ain’t corrupt? What an unmitigated disgrace. Shame on the lawmakers. TERM LIMITS.

  64. Since when is it a disability for being a thief and crook. His mood swings started when he knew he was caught. This makes you sick to here such ignorance in government. Where is any oversight on this crap!

    • He has a bad case of creative mental disorder….totally made up. He has always been such a crybaby, he can’t even serve his time with dignity. And the amount he is receiving is totally out of the norm.

  65. Disability along with the rest of the scams should be based on what you’ve paid in voluntarily.

    No one should be forced to subsidize this crook, nor millions like him. End disability “insurance”, along with every other “insurance” scam, e.g., ObamaRxCare, socialist security, medicare and medicaid.

    • Those of us with bona fide disabilities can’t get this kind of payment. We’re told: “Sorry, there’s nothing we can do.” I hope JJ Jr. chokes on all that money.

  66. I’m a disabled veteran and I only receive 1136 dollars a month for 21 years service and this ass wipe criminal gets 8,700 dollars plus pension while in Prison??????? If I went to prison I’d lose my disability. And Blacks have the damn nerve to say the white man is holding them down, when all I see are Blacks driving Mercedes, Audi’s, BMW, Cadillac Escalades, even Jaguars around where I live and then this shows up. It’s a dam outrage. Damn Communist Democrats have really corrupted our nation pandering to muslims, illegal invaders from mexico, homosexuals and abortionist. and environmental terrorist and wack jobs from the UN. When in the hell is it gonna end LTC West, when?????

    • I salute you Sgt. Snuffy….What a slap in the face….This low life getting $104K/Yr. He’s going to prison so he files for disability, and naturally he gets it. I agree with you 100%, it’s like having the low life’s rule the nation…..Everything they’ve ever thought of turns to s..t, and is never funded. Dems a great at mouthmatics, but never learned mathematics, and the idiots vote them in.

  67. Really, most amounts with SSDI is 1700 or less. When you are in jail, I believe you are not allowed to collect pay, oh excuse me, different rules for some people.

    • Military people,active duty or retired lose their benefits while in the pokey,not these guys apparently

  68. Suppressive, or anti-social, people won’t take responsibility for their crimes, will go as far as feigning sickness immediately after getting caught, or proven they are wrong. Like father like son…Semper Fi Nam 66-67

    • Father continues to coach and validate son in victim-hood . . . Aberration is contagious. Imagine being the son and having to drink the swill that Jesse brews daily. I’ll lay a bet that Jesse is getting “his” share of the 8K . . .

      • “The Law of Exchange” is something for something.” “The Law of Criminal Exchange” is something for nothing. The first leads to abundance and prosperity, the second, San Quentin. One is already in jail the other might not be so lucky…Semper Fi

    • You’re right about “Suppressive or anti-social people can’t see consequence. They won’t take responsibility for their crimes, will minimize them by feigning sickness immediately after getting caught, or proven wrong” that happened to me by a woman who victimized me and assaulted me on school grounds, a colleague who brought two witnesses to my classroom door. When the event was over I called my parents to come down to that school ( I was a young teacher and they were worried about this loony stalker) she heard they were coming and faked a heart attack and went out in an ambulance to cover her tracks. The board and administration allowed her back that following Monday without medical approval papers. What happened after that attack those men were harassing her and when they finally got her retirement papers they threw a party and wanted to give me a medal. She found out threatened my life and the school concealed those attacks and helped her to twist those events on me. My family and myself have lost everything we had because this broad was connected to the local mafia and covered her tracks while and succeeded in destroying my life. Those were threats but I paid with my life!

      • Right, having a suppressive person on your lines can be hazardous. America currently has a president, attorney general, and a few others that are very suppressive. If you are still connected to that person I strongly suggest you write a “letter of disconnection”, i.e. explain they are no longer to contact you in any way shape or form, cut communications completely. If they don’t comply get restraining order and if that doesn’t work shoot’em. I’m being facetious only because it’s against the law but…Semper Fi Nam 66-67

  69. I’ve been thinking about this and have a couple of questions. First, who is paying this disability insurance? Is this something members of Congress get as part of their compensation? If so, I would challenge that Mr. Jackson, Jr is unable to work NOT because he is bi-polar, which can be managed with meds, but because he is IN PRISON!!!!! If he was not currently incarcerated, he should be able to hold down a job, especially one with virtually no physical and mental challenges such as serving as a congressman from Chicago. If a doctor says he can work, dude cannot get disability. If he QUIT his job in Congress prior to beginning his long-term visit in the Big House, he does not qualify for long-term disability, because he quit his job. Something is very fishy here.

    • If what Allen West wrote is true, this is insane. Congressional members who draw $l70,000 annually should never be drawing $8,700 dollars per month disability. I can assure you that no lower plebeian government employee gets such astronomical disability or pension.
      We should fix the social security system by putting all congressional members and the president on the same plan as the other recipients.
      Letting the first Ft. Hood massacre Muslim perpetrator draw full military officer salary while awaiting trial and stalling his trial for so long was also insane.

      • Well, actually, the amount is consistent with other long-term-disability payments when your salary is in the $170K range. HOWEVER, I reiterate my question as to whether he should be eligible for ANY kind of disability payment based on the fact that bi-polar disorder, which he claims he has, is controllable with medication, and he would be able to hold down a job, assuming he was not in PRISON!

        Overall I agree with your comment that Congress should be held to the same rules as everyone else in the public and private sectors. Why on earth would someone who has only served one term in Congress be eligible for any kind of pension payments? The companies I worked for that paid pensions required AT LEAST 30 years of service to qualify for a full pension.

        I also agree with you about the Ft. Hood Massacre guy. So he is a Muslim terrorist (no matter how the White House tries to whitewash it) and they pay him his military salary while he is awaiting court martial for murder. At the same time he argued that he should not have to adhere to the military code of conduct by shaving his beard because he is a Muslim first and a soldier second. And they CAPITULATE for heaven’s sake! What is the matter with this administration!

  70. Well, there you have it, we can all claim a disability mood disorder because we’ve had to put up with the insane Obama administration for the past five plus years. Just listeneing to Reid and Pelosi is enough to make anyone nuts, so, where do I sign up for my share of everyone elses money?

  71. Sign me too. I’ve had a small business for the past 20 years and trying to keep it afloat just eaking by. I keep expecting better results. That’s nuts right?

  72. This really makes me SICK. I have had continuous illnesses since 2003. After a couple of tries at getting disability (I had worked for almost 30 years) I finally got a date set. My disability was denied for the stupidest reason imaginable. Anyway I have been in appeals since 2009. I have a new lawyer and with the help of Senator Graham of SC someone has finally pulled my records. After his note about moving this along, I promptly got a letter saying I was denied. So here I am in appeals again, this has been going on for over ten (10) years. I’m pretty sure my tiny bit of money will not hinder Jackson at all. All I want is for them to do what is right. Giving this man this kind of money for whatever illness he is claiming and denying mine for Lord only knows. I guess they think I chose to lose almost everything I had, miss the last ten years of my son who was 5 at the time’s life and growth. Yes, I gave up all of that just so I could get money from the government that didn’t even come close to what I was making. Figure it out!

  73. A mood disorder? I have a lot of disorders how do I sign up for this gravy train? Better yet which way to the vomitorium? Convicted and serving time yet gets paid more than Honorably Discharged Disabled Veterans. What is wrong with this picture?

  74. that like steeling money ,reward the crooks in our government, Jessie Jackson is the father off shack down. too bad he get away with this .he wanted Obama’s sit ,in congress . steeling moneys and wife also. all the waste on them they got rewarded.

  75. The point is if you get discharged from the military under other than honorable conditions you, or your dependants receive no benifits. I believe being thrown in jail would be other than honorable don’t care what party you are from. He should not get jack.

  76. And just what has this jerk done to qualify him for that kind of money ? give me an answer that makes any kind of logical sense….

  77. Unfortunately term limits would quite literally take an “act of congress” to enact. Since those that will be effected by it would be voting for it, don’t hold your breath for them to be enacted any time soon.

  78. My friend gets 400 a month and 43 in food stamps. Hes in a wheel chair and lost the use of an arm. This is sick! Just sickening!

  79. I thought convicts weren’t allowed to receive any income of any type to include disability, Social Security, and Medicare. Why is this happening?

  80. I know a couple of ppl on disability and there checks are around 1100.00. And they have yrs of medical records, psychological profile, medication list for over 10 yrs. One of my friends was denied 2 times and only got the 3rd time with the help of a lawyer and it took over 3 yrs from filling out the first app to receiving a check. So what makes him so special.Obbama has made it clear that the only way to get ahead in this country is to be a criminal. He just released 68,000 ppl in our communities and neighbor hoods, not just probation violator, a large number were murderers and rapists. They were all in this country illegally and our law is supposed to make them serve their debt and then send them back where they came from. Nothing Obama and Obama it’s are doing makes sense anymore!!!

  81. Him and his whole damn family are just a bunch of parasitic haters that suck off the rest of us. Just hang him for treason and make an end of it.

  82. What. A. Heinous. Scam.
    Good lord. $8700 a month?
    We don’t pay our teachers that much, and they’re at least marginally useful.
    This. Is. BS.

  83. The only ones who come out on top, with BIG disability pay is scammers like Jesse, Jesse JR, Sharpton and the likes. While normal people get $2000 to $3500 for disability. Jesse, Jesse JR and Sharpton made their money on racism and bilking people out of their money. I would like to know how they made their money. I doubt if they ever worked. Since Jackson was a Congressman, he should return 1/4 of the money he received from the tax payers. People like these play the system very well. Examine Congressman Conyers and see what come out of the shaking of his closet.

  84. People need to start standing united and put a stop to this crap. I know what you are saying my wife draws retirement disability from Social Security, $199.00 a month. She was drawing $630 a month on Social Security Disability. Because she was living with my, for the whole 10 years, the Social Security is charging her with fraud and refused to accept a waiver. I asked them how she can be guilty of fraud, then the double talk started up. Hell, they awarded her the disability, they made direct deposits into her bank account, they adjusted when she got any raises, where is she guilty??? She is Schizoid personality disorder, and there isn’t any phoniness about her problem. And people like the Jackson and Sharpton get away with bundles of money.


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