US GDP up 0.1% — global terror up 40%. Business is booming somewhere.

Wow, those insignificant junior varsity jihadists have sure been busy! In its report on global terror, the State Department reveals terrorist attacks increased by 40 percent in 2013. But no worries mon, they are on the run and decimated!

Highlights from the Annual State Department Global Terrorism Report include:

– A surge in the number of aggressive al-Qaida affiliates and like-minded groups the Middle East and North Africa poses a serious threat to U.S. interests and allies

– There were more than 9,707 terrorist attacks around the world in 2013, resulting in more than 17,800 deaths and more than 32,500 injuries.

– Most of the attacks occurred in Afghanistan, India, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Somalia, Syria, Thailand and Yemen.

If you’ve got some time, it’s quite an interesting and disturbing report, which you can read here.

Maybe I should become a radio DJ because “the hits just keep on coming.” Yesterday we learned our Jan-Mar GDP growth was just one-tenth of a percent. But hey, in Obama Bizarro world, that’s just fine. Anyway, it’s those pesky, mean Republicans keeping Obama from moving forward with his agenda — thank God, or else GDP growth would probably be negative something.

And did you all catch the glorious performance by White House mouthpiece Jay Carney yesterday? It seems the emails in question, according to Carney, are not about Benghazi — even though the subject line says “Benghazi.” What a tangled web these incompetents have woven.

I think somewhere along the Kyle Petty cross-country route, I’m going to just let loose a war cry. I don’t know how much worse it can get, but there’s always tomorrow.


  1. Hope springs November 2014. Maybe impeachment proceedings are in the future. One can only hope. No one died in Watergate, 4 people died in Bengazi. Yes we got hope and change, hope the change in my pocket is not taken by this administration hell bent on destroying the middle class and business in the USA. They are almost there. Makes me sick to see and hear what this POSTUS believes and has accomplished toward his goals of total transfromation of our country. Thanks to all the dolts that voted for him 2 x’s.

    • As long as the elections are honest, we have a chance. Since the IRS was used to silence the Tea Party in 2012, I wonder if it is even possible.

  2. With barry’s open borders and letting in Syrian refugees who are seeking asylum that have terrorist ties. There is no doubt in my mind, that there will soon be terrorist attacks in this country. Before we know it we will be in a mess that only be found in war torn countries.
    Things are escalating at a rapid pace. We are branded by the left as Domestic Terrorists yet the real terrorists run around unhampered. Land grabbing by the BLM for Harry Reid and his Son’s benefit.
    bary is decimating our military while he builds up the alphabet armies, swat teams and supplies LEO’s with military gear.
    It is not if, but when is the manure going to hit the fan. Soon enough I fear

    • If I may add to what you’re saying…
      It is my understanding that Barrack Hussein signed over immigration to the Islamic majority UN. Who now dictates who can immigrate to the US.
      And we know that the Islamic majority UN favors muslims…
      Which means… open borders aren’t the only problem…
      But of course… open borders are like the satanic Islamic Ottoman Empire… no boundaries… no nations… no states…
      Which brings me to say…
      The destruction of the Ottoman Empire at the end of WWI did one thing… basically separated the muslims into their specific sects. The Sunni in their respective areas… and the Shiite in theirs.
      Not a wonder why the Luciferian Globalists are aiding, funding and helping satanic Islam cleanse their nations of Infidels… separate and cleanse… separate and cleanse…
      This will all make more sense when the antichrist Caliphate/Mahdi reveals itself.

  3. The GDP growth (or rather, non-growth under obama) should concern each and every one of us as we should not want to see ourselves ending up like Greece.

    • With a 17.5 Trillion Dollar Debt and 128 Trillion Dollar Unfunded Liabilities in the future, I wonder if we won’t end up like Greece anyway. Do not mean to sound negative, I just see this Administration running up the debt even further while chasing more businesses out of business. It’s like a slow-moving car crash…

      • You don’t sound negative…sounds like you’re able to see reality.
        People need to find their own way to revolt but first, the people who believed in obama and put him into power by voting for him need to wake up and see that he has not only lied to them but has used them. They need to realize just how offensive he is by making them seem like weak victims instead of helping them stand on their own and produce jobs. The people that voted for him need to understand that once he has ALL of us down on our knees, starving and desperate, he will take even more control over our lives and kill off America as we know/knew it. There needs to be an uprising but first, those that voted for him need to stand up to him now and tell him he’s “finished”.

  4. I’m telling ya… I’m really liking Allen West more than ever!
    Folks… you want to grab hold of this nation? Vote for candidates that don’t support satanic Islam.

  5. mr west is right and one ide not bee afraid to fallow for the simple reason he seems to know what he is talking about we see this junk going on and No one seems to be either willing or able to stop it why ? lets be perlite and call it fear .fear of being tagged as racist they are afraid of not being politically or socially correct Bs thats part of what’s gotten us in the shape we are in . its time we and our So called leaders got our nerve back but OUR God back where he belongs and kicked the progressives and liberal idiots out on their buns what i feel are the minorities special interest and the big brother government and business interest are doing us no good if you think big business are good thing ask your self what happened to the little family farms what happened to good holsum farm grown foods we use to know and why all those additives in our groceries try reading the labels you’ll get the ideal

    • People need to realize that when they pay more at the grocery store it’s because of the out-of-control Liberal Progressives and their addiction to adding costly regulations to everything. Liberal idiots? NO…more like Liberal Addicts!

  6. Mr. West is one of our great Americans! And he ALWAYS speaks facts & presents the truth. Anyone who disagrees with him is positively, absolutely, a “racist, a “bigot” & “ignorant”! SOUND FAMILIAR?!


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