Romney and Bush again? GOP needs to learn some war tactics.

Early on in my military career, I studied the principles of war: mass, offense, simplicity, unity of command, unity of effort, economy of force, and the key ingredient, surprise. I sure wish the Republican party would apply some of these fundamental principles to campaigning – particularly the last one. Here we go again.

As reported, while speaking at a fundraising event for the Archdiocese of New York’s Catholic schools last week, Jeb Bush was asked what his “immediate plans” were. According to an attendee, he said, “I’m thinking about running for president.” The answer was met with applause and a standing ovation, after which Bush said: “Can someone call my mother so she can hear this?” the source told

Gee what a surprise, another predictable Republican Party action, and of course the rationale is that former Governor Jeb Bush is the most electable candidate – just like Bob Dole was the most electable candidate. John McCain was the most electable candidate. Mitt Romney was the most electable candidate. And according to CBS commentator Bob Shieffer, former Governor Romney has intonated that if Jeb Bush does not run he may consider running again – for the third time. It seems the behind-the-scenes cabal also known as the GOP establishment is once again planning to anoint a presidential nominee using the criterion of “whose turn is it?”

Back on the subject of warfare, there are five forms of maneuver for offensive operations: turning movement, infiltration, penetration, envelopment, and the infamous “frontal assault.” The Republican Party seems to prefer the last choice, frontal assault, which means your adversary sees your predictable actions miles away and is well entrenched, prepared, and ready to engage and seek the initiative.

Consider the last three Democrat presidents — Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama — they were all certainly not the “expected” candidates. They were the surprise candidates who became the nominees, based not so much on talent, but rather some aspect of their personality — mainly rhetorical skill.

Let’s be honest, Jeb Bush will first have to overcome his last name, and Americans do not like dynasties – other than that tv show from the 80s. As well, Gov. Bush will have to overcome divisive issues he supports such as cCommon Core and his apparent advocacy for illegal immigrant amnesty in order to pander to the Hispanic vote. And truth be told, if the 2016 election comes down to a Bush vs Clinton race, I predict the lowest voter turnout for a presidential election in quite some time — Americans will just see this as a contest of entitled political elites, predestined and manipulated by the party establishment.

Back in September 1787 at the close of the Constitutional Convention, a Philadelphia socialite named Mrs. Powell asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well doctor, do we have a Republic or a monarchy?” Franklin replied, “We have a Republic if you can keep it.”

Seems we might be heading towards political royal lineage in America, and that’s not what this Constitutional Republic was intended to be. I hate to rain on the establishment parade, but give us back our Republic, and allow everyday Americans to decide our leaders, not you and your media and entertainment elites.

America is not about nobles, commoners and serfs. And I believe there will be a “surprise” candidate in 2016 who will infiltrate the status quo and envelop them before they realize it.


  1. If it weren’t for Senator Cruz, Senator Sessions and Rep. West, I would drop out of the Republican party, drop out of politics. Sick of the GOP establishment.

      • We’re not talking presidential candidates here; we’re talking about people we respect. Even though the article speaks to candidates, this particular post speaks only to those we respect in government. I hardly think Sessions would be considered a candidate either.

  2. ‘sigh’ Key quote from above
    “… Back on the subject of warfare, there are five forms of maneuver for offensive operations: turning movement, infiltration, penetration, envelopment, and the infamous “frontal assault.” The Republican Party seems to prefer the last choice, frontal assault, which means your adversary sees your predictable actions miles away and is well entrenched, prepared, and ready to engage…”

    Soooo…the media will (temporarily) seem to “like” the traditional Rep establishment candidate (think “democrat lite”)…that person will get nominated…if their VP looks to be too “radical” i.e. actually someone who might get votes and give a good vision, that VP will be QUICKLY taken out by massive media attack (Sarah Palin)…

    Rinse and Repeat!

  3. If you think the conservative turnout for Romney was low, wait until you see how bad it is if Bush is the nominee. It’s an open door for Billary and the completion of the destruction of this country if Bush is the Republican nominee.

  4. Well let’s be clear if Cruz or Gowdy is not on the ballot. YOU WILL LOSE THE ELECTION WE WILL NEVER SUPPORT A RINO…. so it is the republican party choice if they want to lose or win the next election. Stop pushing rinos that the liberals chose for you

    • I am 100% for this vain of thought. For others viewing….Let’s rid the pride….and consider the best possible candidate…who has proven his worth and correct persuasion of leading this nation on the right path to strength.

  5. If Allen West and Ben Carson don’t run then I’ll give up! Oh wait…if 2 black men run, what will the Liberals call us?

  6. All Republican Party strategists need to read and study, “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. They have seemed to embrace a loosing strategy for the last few elections. They need to get serious about winning for a change.

  7. You need to remember, Cruz and Rubio are not eligible to run for President. Not interested in Jeb Bush and I will not hold my nose to vote for him or anyone else, again. I’m not interested in anyone that has a last name that previously held office, or anyone that ran before. We need Trey Gowdy, to replace Holder and Allen West to be ahead of Military.

    • Lies. Cruz was a citizen at birth and therefor natural born. He already released his documents. Stop spreading these lies.

      • No lie. Ted Cruz had dual citizenship when he was born in Canada and his dual citizenship is Canada and United States. Still is dual, until his paperwork is complete.
        Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His father was born in Matanzas, Cuba and came to the United States and became a naturalized Citizen in 2005. His mother was born in Wilmington, Delaware, which gives Cruz Dual Citizenship. Cruz was applying for United States Citizenship, but it hasn’t gone through yet. Both parents have to be born in the United States, to be President of the United States. I like Cruz, but we have been bashing Obama since day one, because people believe he was not born in the United States. We can’t have it both ways. See Below:
        Since Cruz was born in Canada, commentators for the Austin American-Statesman[132] and the Los Angeles Times,[133] have speculated about Cruz’s legal status as a natural-born citizen. Because he was a U.S. citizen at birth (since his mother was a U.S. citizen who lived in the U.S. for more than 10 years as required by the Nationality Act of 1940), most commentators believe Cruz is eligible to serve as President of the United States.[17][134][135][136] After hearing that according to legal experts he is a dual citizen of Canada and the U.S., Cruz announced on August 19, 2013 that he would renounce his Canadian citizenship.[137] On December 28, 2013, Cruz told the Dallas Morning News that he “retained counsel” and he was “preparing the paperwork to renounce the citizenship.”[136]

        Don’t agree with this statement he made and it concerns me.
        (On April 12, 2014, Cruz spoke at the Freedom Summit, an event organized by Americans for Prosperity, and Citizens United.[138] The event was attended by several potential presidential candidates.[139] In his speech, Cruz mentioned that Latinos, young people and single mothers, are the people most affected by the recession, and that the Republican Party should make outreach efforts to these constituents. He also said that the words “growth and opportunity” should be tattooed on every Republican politician.[)

      • #1 The Constitution doesn’t say anything about having dual citizenship. It wasn’t intended for that. It was intended to prevent non-US born royalty from taking over our politics. Ted Cruz is not a foreign prince.
        #2 he never applied for Canadian citizenship. It was given to him under Canada’s law but neither of his parents were Canadian. His dad is Cuban and his mom is American.
        This is obviously a distraction by you and people who support someone other than Cruz because you cant stop his supporters and you can’t attack anything on his conservative record.

      • I’ll say it again Joshua, I like Ted Cruz and what he has done so far. No distraction from me, but get your facts straight before you accuse me of attacking him, which I’m not.

        (#2 he never applied for Canadian citizenship. It was given to him under Canada’s law but neither of his parents was Canadian. His dad is Cuban and his mom is American).

        Ted Cruz was born in Canada and that made him an automatic citizen. His mother was born in the United States and that is why he has Dual Citizenship. He is doing the paperwork to drop his Canadian Citizenship and to become a United States Citizen, but it is not completed yet. My feelings are he should have already done this, before he was allowed to run for Senator. Either way, I have not seen anywhere that approves his running. If it happens, and he is the last one standing, I don’t have a problem supporting him.

  8. Ok, first things first. Why would any one from the Republican Party even care who the Democrats think should be their nominee?? Every time one of those talking heads (think Ron Burgundy) starts trying to push someone (Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush) I cringe because I know there are enough people who actually pay attention and think their opinions should influence their decision. As far as celebrities go: Celebrities are not the characters they play on TV and in the movies. If you actually knew the people, you probably wouldn’t even want them as neighbors. They should provide almost no influence over your life, except they play characters in front of a camera (written for them by someone else) for entertainment purposes only. Why in the world would people put them on a pedestal, idolize them and be influenced by their opinions? This country will continue circling the drain until people start thinking for themselves again.

  9. LTC WEST I would like to see you take a more pro-active leadership stance. It is nice that you blog and post here. The truth is powerful and I do commend you for doing so.
    That said, we need someone to “take the bull by the horns” and make it obvious that we mean business. The May 16th march on Washington could use some Large well known Patriots.

    More to the subject of the thread. It seems as though the establishment of the GOP want their typical candidate. Bush, Christy, Romney etc. Just to get the Liberal’s re-elected. The more I hear the more convinced I am that the gOP doesn’t care what the people want, only what they want.

    Feeling like the GOP has sold us out is not a good feeling

  10. I changed my voter registration from Democrat to Republican in 1980. I changed it to “Unaffiliated” 2 years ago and I reply to every GOP email that I get (begging for money) with the reasons why.

    They are tone deaf and will let the party disintegrate if it means that they can maintain their power sharing deal with Democrats so they can hang on to their cocktail party invitations and graft money for just one more election cycle.

  11. US Politics have devolved into something that can’t be distinguished from Professional Wrestling.

    Both are just extrinsically controlled theatrics with bad acting, trash talking, drama and conflict between good and evil. And at the end of the day, they all get on the same bus and ride off with your money to the next town full of suckers.

    It’s nothing but theater, folks. It’s designed only to keep us occupied while the world they’ve ruined crumbles. Bread and Circuses.

  12. They have learned war tactics: the art of surrender and begging for menial positions of power in exchange for their betrayal.

  13. GOP needs to fight period. The GOP needs to fight politically as ferociously as we fought in Iraq and fought al quaeda because this fight is for the survival and the life of this great country!

    • True! It’s time to take the gloves off, put our sense of fair play and crawl into the gutter with them and beat them at their own game. Unfortunately, the GOP tends to be polite and respectful we are a classic example of nice guys finishing last. NO MORE MR NICE GUY!!!

  14. True conservatives need to win the war within their own party before taking on national change can be considered.

  15. Jeb Bush is a crook and I would never vote for him. We need a new Candidate that truly represents us, not another Bush. Remember the S & L bailouts people, Bush was in it up to his eyeballs.

    • Tpagrl7,
      What did Jeb steal from you and on what facts do you base your opinion?

      I’m not aware of any misconduct by him while he was the governor of FL. If what you say is true I would certainly not support him.

      If you can you provide some tangible evidence I would sure like to see it. I follow politics fairly closely but frankly Jeb had not been on my radar for quite a while.

      • I don’t know that Jeb is a crook, but he carries a lot of heavy baggage with him. First and foremost, the 2000 election, which a whole lot of Gore supporters are STILL saying was a “selection”. Next, the Bush brand goes with him, and while Dubya was able to ride on ’41’s remaining popularity, too many people still think ’43 was an imbecile and responsible for the collapse of the economy, “illegal” wars, and perpetration of war crimes. Third, if Jeb is trying to convince us he’s conservative enough for the same load of GOP stay-at-home voters who sulked in their living rooms instead of voting for either McCain or, emphatically, Romney, then he is truly delusional, with his “show the love” immigration policies, no doubt influenced by his Latina wife. Fourth, doesn’t it occur to Jeb that the nation is becoming increasingly uncomfortable with continuously passing the baton between rotating members of political dynasties?

      • He does have some baggage but so does everyone who has actually done something unlike our current POTUS who never took a stand on anything so like Obamacare, we had to elect him so we find out about him and that is not working out so well.

        If Hillary is the candidate she has enough baggage to keep samsonite in business for a while.
        As for 43’s record he at least got the consent of a bipartisan majority before taking action overseas and after we got war weary a lot of folks bailed on him and said they were against the war before they were for it and all of that double talk political speak. I’m not sure I want to hold that against Jeb but I know many will just as some hold Lewinsky against Hillary.

        What we need is someone with a clear and consistant message who is charismatic with the guts to get in the gutter and be just as unscrupulous, dirty, nasty, and personally destructive as the Democrats regardless of how many lives they ruin in the process. …that unfortunately is how far we have descended in American politics.

        Taking the high road and being nice, polite and honorable is typically who the GOP is but nice guys finish last…..just ask Romney. So all’s fair in love and war and anything goes in politics.

        It’s going to be an interesting two years but once a candidate is selected we must ALL get behind him or her and support and defend them until the bitter and drive people to the polls. Sadly we sling so much mud in the primaries we hand a loaded gun to the opponents by tearing our candidates apart during the process. So now we wait…

      • Illegals and Common Core.
        I will not vote for Jeb Bush again nor anyone else whose name has already been in the White House. Nor am I interest in McCain and Perry for starters.

      • I don’t know Reba Rick Perry had done great things in/for TX. Why do you rule him out? He has a lot of positive name recognition and no scandals. How about a Perry/West or a West/Perry ticket? Personally I’d support that ticket. You have am experienced governor and a retired military Colonel. So on one hand Perry knows how to govern and the other has military/foreign policy experience. I’d go to bat for that team. You thoughts?

      • I’ve seen a few posts about Perry, but I was not really impressed with him the last election. I don’t rule anyone out, until someone is chosen to be the one. I’m looking for someone that is a Conservative and has the track record to prove it. Who is for our Constitution and will support all “The People”, not just certain groups. Someone who follows our Laws and will do what is right for “Our Country” as a whole. A person who is willing to audit and find the problems, then fix it; not someone that comes in and starts doing things without finding the problems first. Allen West needs to be over the Military, not the President.

      • Looks like we are in the same camp. With the exception of West. I have heard him speak numerous times and he seems to me to be exceptionally well qualified for the position. His military background affords him strong leadership skills coupled with a broad range of experience and knowledge regarding national defense and foreign affairs. His experience as a US Congressman lends credibility to his baseline knowledge of how Congress works yet he is not a career Washington insider. Through out our history the some of our est presidents have been former military. I think he would be an asset to the ticket.

      • Believe me, I’m a staunch Military supporter and a Military Brat my whole life. I will be the first to say we need more Military in “Our Government”. I just don’t always agree with Col West thinking. I don’t know much about other Military Leaders, but I do think Col West would be a good person to be over “Our Military” and to clean house, because that is where his strength is, not as President. I like Dr. Ben Carson, but he doesn’t have the background to run “Our Country”. We are going to have to have a strong person who stands with “Our Country” and to go after the ones that tried taking “Our Country” down. We need someone who has many areas of knowledge and does not have to depend on others, to tell him what he needs to do on each issue. Other words, knows enough to make a decision, after everyone gives him the information. I like Trey Gowdy and wish he would run. Right now, they are pushing for Jeb Bush, who I will not vote for, period! Let their records prove who the one is.

      • Reba
        I understand your thought process but I remind you that thought process led to Obama getting elected. ..twice. and he had no experience in anything. I believe whoever the candidate is (even our worst candidate )will be better than the other sides best candidate.
        To many Republicans and independents simply stayed home on election day and the result was the other side won. This to me us akin to cutting off your nose to spite your face sometimes we have to choose the lesser of the evils we will never find the perfect candidate. As much as I admire and respect John McCain he is not my idea of an ideal president I voted for him because in my mind he was better than the alternative which was Obama.
        I would urge you to consider voting for whoever ends up as the party candidate even if it is a candidate you can get completely behind, because the lack of a vote is essentially a vote for the other party. We can’t win if we don’t vote.

      • For those that didn’t vote last time, I’m still mad at them. I’m tired of holding my nose when I vote, but I will always vote. If the Republicans and the Tea Party put up someone that is not a Conservative and stands with “Our Country” and “The People”, we will lose and they will be finished.

      • That’s a joke Perry hasn’t done sht! He takes credit for everything he has no control over and no blame for the budgetary spending increases every year since he was to governor and nation leading property tax increase.

      • Your emotions seem to have gotten the best of you and your response is disjointed and unintelligible.

      • If this is true it is certainly disturbing and caught me off guard. Should he run this will be a hot topic during the primaries. Any such connections with Islam is a non starter for me. I was shocked that less than a decade post 9/11 we elected a president with muslim ties and the middle name Hussein and now look at the damage he has done. Unrecoverable damage

    • He’s a liberal with the occasional dalliance into conservative like economics as we have come to expect from liberals running for office. They run from their unsupportable records.

  16. Romney would have been a good president. He knew what was going to happen. Predicted it and everyone laughed at him. His business sense is what we needed and still need. We must have someone in office who understands what a budget is or there won’t be a country to run. He wasn’t my first choice, but he was a damn sight better than this tax, spend and destroy the military idiot we have.

  17. Curmudgeon Republicans need to learn to support the candidate they have, as opposed to the ideal, dream, candidate who agrees with them on every single issue. Wake up, there are a not a few Americans who don’t agree with us, whom we have to learn to live with (part of the key is limited government).

  18. No disrespect to Mitt , but we need some new blood tht intimadayes the democratic liberal party , someone like Carson, Allen West ,Howdy , Cruz

    • Cruz and Rubio are not eligible. Dr. Carson does not have the back ground to be President and Allen West needs to be ahead of the Military.

      • Idk about Rubio but Cruz is natural born. His mother is a US citizen which grants him citizenship at birth.

      • You just need one parent to be born a US citizen. He already released his documents. His dad became a citizen after they moved back to Texas. Congressional Research confirmed his eligibility last year.

      • Finally someone with a clue and understanding. My son also has dual citizenship, here in the USA and Philippines, but because mom was born in the Philippines he can never be President of the USA, (not that I would ever encourage that). Rules/Laws are for all and its high time we ALL follow them no matter what our status is. That includes not only the lay people but Politicians all the way up to the POTUS and Illegal Aliens. My wife and I went through the process for her to come here and paid whatever fee’s were necessary and waited 14 months after being married in the Philippines before she was allowed in the USA. No amnesty.

      • Joshua keeps telling me I’m trying to stop Ted Cruz from running. I don’t have a problem with Ted Cruz running as long as he falls within the laws. My biggest point is, he ran for Senator and won before he even attempted to drop his Canadian Citizenship and only is now working on it. Joshua says it’s been approved for him to run, but I have never seen anything on it. I don’t see how, since he still has Dual Citizenship and his mother was born in the United States, but his father was not born in Cuba. Rubio also has the same issue and is not eligible to run for President. I don’t even understand why it’s allowed in any elected official position. We have creamed Obama on this issue and we can’t have it both ways.

  19. I would like to see Romney run again, but not unless he takes off the nice-guy kid gloves. He was nicer to Obama in ’12 than he was to his primary opponents in ’08. Well, it’s time the GOP stops devouring its own and starts slugging the opposition, especially Hillary, and that lying POS on the Senate’s throne, as if the nation depends on it, because it does;.

  20. “Consider the last three Democrat presidents — Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama”

    Do Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton not have middle names? Just Barack?? OK

  21. So Alan, what would you do if you got elected, and they came and showed you the video of them blowing JFK’s head off, then for dessert they show you the shooting of Reagan, and then tell you that so long as you do what you’re told, nothing…ah, ‘untoward’ will happen to you.

    What say you then? Will you risk assassination to tell your country the truth about what goes on in washington?

  22. boy that one got deleted quickly…okay, I guess I know that Mr West is just another that’s going to sit and work hard to preserve the status quo. oh well, I briefly considered voting for you.

  23. I’m pretty sure the owners of the GOP corporation are not going to let a candidate arise that will actually be something normal everyday conservatives will really be able to get behind.
    Of course, being that they are also owners of the democrat corporation, they dont have much interest in seeing a landslide against one face of their operation.

    If a bush, clinton, romney, or any other “I’m qualified because of who I’m related to” candidate gets nominated or selected to win…

    will it really make any more people wake up?

    If you dont take the money out then the money will keep controlling things.

    If you dont end the federal reserve and set term limits for congressman, forget it. Our ever failing currency will be inflated away to nothing, the laws get decided by whomever has the most lobbying purchasing power, and once again the people lose out.


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