Resignation of South Korean PM could provide a “teachable moment”


liberal progressive socialists often talk about how America needs to stop being so, well, “American” and take lessons from other nations. Well, I’d like to offer an example for President Obama and his administration to follow: South Korea.

As reported by via the Associated Press, “South Korea’s prime minister resigned Sunday over the government’s handling of a ferry sinking that has left more than 300 people dead or missing and led to widespread shame, fury and finger-pointing, blaming “deep-rooted evils” in society for the tragedy.

South Korean executive power is largely concentrated in the president, so Chung Hong-won’s resignation appears to be symbolic. Presidential spokesman Min Kyung-wook said President Park Geun-hye would accept the resignation, but did not say when Chung would leave office.”

On Sunday, South Korean PM Chung said “As I saw grieving families suffering with the pain of losing their loved ones and the sadness and resentment of the public, I thought I should take all responsibility as prime minister,” Chung said. “There have been so many varieties of irregularities that have continued in every corner of our society and practices that have gone wrong. I hope these deep-rooted evils get corrected this time and this kind of accident never happens again.”

Personal responsibility, honor, integrity, character — these are the examples set by this action. Some may call it symbolic, but heck, I’d go for some symbolism like this in America.

In this country we have the incompetence and lying of former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who is rumored to be thinking of running for the Senate. We have a lawless, corrupt Attorney General who instead of taking responsibility for Operation Fast and Furious, whines about taking him to task and cries racism. We have a president and administration replete with scandals – I’ll just pick one, Benghazi, where four Americans died — that he refers to as “phony scandals.” And despite her lies and deception about the incident, millions think Hillary Clinton is fit to be president?

South Korean Prime Minister Chunh Hong-won was not on the ferry that sunk. He was not the captain of that vessel. However, he is taking responsibility, as a leader, for the response of his government.

Damn, if Obama took responsibility for all the Americans who’ve lost their jobs, lost their healthcare insurance, and have been lied to, or the veterans who died waiting for care, maybe his legacy and poll numbers would be better. After all, President Richard Nixon resigned over “breaking and entering.”

You hear that? It’s the sound of all the liberal progressive trolls typing away saying, “George W. Bush should have resigned. George W. Bush should have been impeached. George W. Bush got us involved in wars.” Well, need I remind you that former President Bush actually went to Congress for approval – which Democrats gladly gave him.

Leaders take responsibility for their actions, I know something about that. They don’t blame, whine, or throw “hissy fits” like Obama does when questioned by Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry about his “Obama Doctrine” foreign policy – as if he even has a foreign policy.

Respect of leadership has nothing to do with skin color, it has everything to do with character. President Obama and his minions have none. He should turn Air Force One around, go back to South Korea, and have the newly-resigned Prime Minister Chung provide him a “teachable moment.”


  1. Obama would have to look those word up in the dictionary to even begin to comprehend the meaning of them. Then he would just get a good laugh out of it.

  2. Thats not an example. How does quitting make anything better? The right thing is to make things right and be a leader. If leaders resigned every time they messed up we would not have a country. Obama is a idiot and is unfit to lead. But he did not only do one thing wrong, he has never done anything right. If the military ranks resigned every time they messed up there would be no accountability and there will be no success. We can only learn from failure and try to better ourselves from it. Mistakes will be made, we just need to not repeat them. As a man if I screw up I take accountability for my actions. I don’t quit and throw the problems on someone else though.

    • When a leader has grossly failed, has massively demonstrated corruptness, has shown a repeated ineptitude, the RIGHT thing is to remove themselves from service. There is a difference between failing and dishonoring the office by repeated failure and complete lack of character. But then, such a level of honor and integrity is long since gone. He’s lucky we aren’t calling for Japanese culture; Seppuku would be in order.

    • It’s a different culture in Korea and Japan and China. Although a leader may not have anything to do with something that goes wrong they are still responsible. You admit your mistakes and take full responsibility for them. It could have been worse. He could have killed himself. Maybe you should watch Night Shift with Michael Keaton.

  3. barry would knows no dishonor. He would hold the office as long as possible no matter what he did wrong. Since doing wrong hurts this country he revels in it.

  4. obama was taught to hate America and everything she stands for and most, if not the majority of us, were taught to hate, protect and defend America from everything HE stands for.

  5. Obama has been indoctrinated into this system of irresponsibility from the day he was born, his parents took no responsibility for his upbringing and this is the cornerstone of his character. He has spent his entire life defending the indefensible and riding the wave of self-centered idealism, this is a man who actually believes the lies he tells, in science this is known as a sociopath. In our present state this is known as being political, even Hillary Clinton can’t escape her part in Benghazi. Yet Barry O’bummer has done just that, in the age of instant information the ability of people to remain focused on an issue is so greatly diminished that we no longer feel it reasonable to demand coherent and factual information. Instead we flip channels until we find the next bright star. I think the days of society being in lock step with demanding the truth have passed and now we suffer the consequences of our actions, just take Mikey Weinstien (sp) for an example, he reasons that any mention of a Christian God is abhorrent, whereas the constant noise of the call to prayer by the Mullahs is music to his ears. Why you ask, because by embracing such a scourge as the “religion of peace”, he fully dishonors and rejects the basis for a free and peaceful United States. If he could he would demand all citizens of this great nation be sent to re-education camps that he, himself is charged with conducting and his remuneration would be higher than that of Harry “I didn’t do that”, Reid. Imagine a country with the stability of Libya, now you see the path these things we call representatives wish us to be, slaves to the vagaries of their deluded self interest’s and ego’s.

  6. Well some people have finally caught on looking at the posts on this one. Too bad there were only a few of us decrying the record of then senator Obama in 2008. It’s unfortunate people have to go through hell to realize what they’ve lost. Instead turn off America Has Talent and stump for candidates in Nov. that have character to replace all the rotten dead wood in DC.

  7. West, you and your Republican buddies have no right to use words like personal responsibility, lying and teachable moments. I guess you have conveniently forgotten about lying, irresponsible, immoral leaders like David Vitter and Mark Sandford who despite getting caught red hand cheating on their wives were easily elected back to Washington, DC. In the case o Sanford, the fine voters of SC voted for this a-hole only because they wanted to keep their state republican. Looks like party lines are stronger than a person’s sense of morality.

    Also, it’s the right that loves a good hissy fit. Whenever they don’t get their way they simply blame someone else and cry to FOX.

    • Philantropussy, just how hideous ARE you under that mask, anyway? Are you sure that you are not Mileena? You seem to be a long way from the Outworld and not in your usual purple leotard.

      • Of course, throw insults at me when you have nothing valuable to add.

        P.S. I don’t look good in purple.

    • Mixing apples with dumb oranges Ppuss but since you would compare the importance of Benghazi etc. to republicans that cheated on their wives and lied… forgot to mention the dem….Bill Clinton.

      • No, Mine fits. What do you can personal responsibility and lies anyway? If not a men’s character?
        Of course I forgot Bill, as well as Schwarzenegger, McCain, Ruiliani, Trump. Funny how these adulterers show up on TV and speak for the republicans party.

    • Hey Philanthropussy, I don’t think Colonel West wouldn’t, and hasn’t already included some “so called” republicans/conservatives in the “integrity challenged” category of current and former politicians. There are several “fake” republicans/conservatives out there. They need to resign also. You’re certainly entitled to defend any idiot you choose however.

      • I hope you didn’t think I was defending these men.
        I just hate it when people compare our society or how Amer do things to other countries . Our country is only 400 years old. And our people are from many different countries with there own cultures.

      • Did you not pay attention in school ? The United States of America did not become a country until March, 4 1789 when the states ratified the Constitution as of today We are a little over 225 years old.

      • Thanks for the lesson. I bet were type of kid who reminded the teacher she forgot to give out homework .

      • No I was not that kind of stupid asking for work where none was needed. If someone is to be condemned because they want more homework to reinforce ideas learned in the lecture, then fault lies with the condemner(s) for defending ignorance. It is my experience that these people end up addicted to one type of drug or another or are stuck working low wage jobs for the first 10 or so years of their adult life. These are also the same people that ask why do I need to know math this is so stupid and has no application to the real world, which is the most ignorant statement anyone can make.

      • That’s really interesting. Can you gave me back the 40 seconds I wasted reading your post?

      • It sounded as though you may have been defending them. IMHO, this prez has been the worst in modern day history. From his hidden agendas and appoints of various czars and other positions of high power (ie: holder for instance) he is pretty much indefensible. Why would anyone want to defend him. He’s like the guy in charge of everything, but, due to “plausible deniability”, accountable for nothing. Only in politics and oversized government, with too many layers of bureaucracy can this be reality. BTW, how did you come up with 400 years?

      • A spend my time of this post showing the hypocrisy of the republics , West, black republicans and gun nuts . I support the amendments , liberals , non terrorist Muslims, Common sense, pre Obamas and future pres Hiliarty . I fight who the true and against republican BS.
        I was born and raided in the DCMetro area and taking history of From Carter to Obama. So I’ve all it all before .
        I believe the first Amer settlement started in Jamestown 1607. It didn”t last long , but least they tryed.

      • Are you saying that republicans / conservatives have a monopoly on hypocrisy and hidden agendas?? As a small business owner/ contractor that has provided numerous jobs, paid countless thousands of dollars in personal, business, and employee taxes, as well as operate my business in a fiscally responsible manner for over 30 years, I’m curious how you feel about the several trillion dollars in national debt accumulated under this president . Also, as a guy who was raised around guns, hunting, and target shooting, and own numerous pistols, rifles, and shotguns, as well as being a believer in the purpose of the. 2nd amendment, does that make me a gun nut? You can’t be serious about HRC. She’s about as qualified to be president as our current Nobel peace prize winning president. As a side note, you might think about spell checking/grammar checking your posts so that your thoughts are more clear and easier to fully comprehend. No disrespect intended .

      • No , both sides have a monopoly of hypocrisy. I roll my eyes at sone of the things the demos do and call them out on it .
        Thanks for being a small biz owner. You create Amer job and contribute to the Econ . But your party has no problem when big biz takes Amer job out if the country to SAVE MONEY and help that country’s Econ . To make it worse, take no responsibly for their work conditions . ( what’s the loss of a third world’ 11 y/o finger. ) where’s the savings to the Amer customers, anyway?
        I call you gun nuts bec you fall for the manufactured paranoia the NRA and gun manufactures create whenever Demo president mentions gun control . Do you know how much the gun people and politicians made after Newtown and Obama gun control measures? Obama’s assault on guns made everybody $$$$. Hey demos , buy stock in gun marker. !!! Help the Econ not the Sec Amendment!!!
        HRC would make the best president . She doesn’t talk down to people and plays the blame game . You people have split the US into us and them , them being lazy gov takers, foreigners , slutty women. UnAmer socialist atheist losers. That’s not America son. Just ask Romney’s 47%. HRc is tuff and believe it or not, well respected by people on Cap Hill. Whatever joker use pit against for has a 15 PTA lost automatically . Please continue with Benghazi. You have ” unanswered questions, witnesses Obama doesn’t want to talk, and smoking gun memos !!!! ( demo have smoking gun memos on Christie too) All smoke and mirrors . Nobody cares about Benghazi away. Think about how many major events Americans had to deal with since Benghazi- Newton, Aurora , the sequester , wild winner weather , firefighter deaths. Mudslides in CA, floods and tornados . But that’s not going to stop you from hanging Hillary on it. Whitewater? dullsville .
        Lastly, I am not emcombraded with structure . My thoughts are free formed . It’s not how i write, it’s how I feel. If you don ‘to it, then don’t read it. Memorize name name and skip it. There are plenty of progressive liberals on this site to screw with.

  8. I live in South Korea, and have for well over a decade. This “resignation” is purely symbolic and cultural. It has no value or merit from a western nation’s point of view. Koreans here are actually chastising the P.M. for resigning so he doesn’t have to deal with the fallout.
    Don’t read ANYTHING into it. There’s nothing there other than a “get out while the gettin’s good” moment-similar to an American administration official saying, “I take full responsibility.”


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