Navy losing sailors and SEALs over emphasis on social issues


Hate to say “I told you so” but President Obama’s disinterest in enhancing our combat capability in favor of social egalitarianism and a warped sense of social justice is indeed having an impact on war readiness.

According to the Washington Times, “A Navy F-18 fighter pilot and former Top Gun instructor is publicly warning admirals that retention is beginning to suffer from the military’s relentless social conditioning programs. Cmdr. Guy Snodgrass said sailors are becoming fed-up with the constant emphasis on social issues — an apparent reference to gays in the military, women in combat and ending sexual harassment.”

“Sailors continue to cite the over-focus on social issues by senior leadership, above and beyond discussions on war fighting — a fact that demoralizes junior and mid-grade officers alike,” Cmdr. Snodgrass wrote last month March on the U.S. Naval Institute website. The Washington Times said “it is a remarkably frank assessment from an upwardly mobile fighter pilot who is due to become the executive officer of a F-18 unit in Japan.”

You have to wonder if this accomplished Naval fighter pilot will still get that prized assignment after his revelations? Well, we reported here how the Chief of the US Coast Guard said the Commander-in-Chief basically threatened senior military leadership to “get on board with his social agenda for the military or retire.” So I guess that’s the answer.

Cmdr. Snodgrass says applications to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis started dropping last year. But even more concerning, there is an erosion of trust in senior leadership which is harming retention in the special warfare community, including Navy SEALs, with a record number of lieutenants leaving. Of course President Obama will fix that issue since he announced women will be allowed into the Navy SEALS in 2016. Hey, Barack, “GI Jane” was a movie.

But what Cmdr. Snodgrass really takes on is this sense of politically correct behavior modification by way of intimidation, coercion, and relief of command. In my final years in uniform we referred to it as the “zero defects” military. I recall the Clinton administration’s decree of “Consideration of Others” training while we saw our training resources, such as ammunition and spare parts, drained away. (Oh, and in case you missed it, the Pentagon is planning to destroy $1 billion worth of ammunition).

Snodgrass lists long wartime deployments as a leading retention negative. He also tackles a touchier issue, what some sailors have referred to as “political correctness,” such as the banning of uniform patches that might offend someone.

Cmdr. Snodgrass writes of “a recent shift within the Navy to eradicate behavior that is, by its every nature, ineradicable.” “Put simply, there is no dollar amount that can be spent, or amount of training that can be conducted, that will completely eradicate complex issues such as suicide, sexual assault, or commanding officer reliefs for cause — yet we continue to expend immense resources in this pursuit,” he says.

The US military has always been a target for liberal progressives to attack and break down, all because it is an institution that stands on honor, integrity, discipline, selfless service, and character. But most importantly it is a meritocracy, the diametric opposite of the “social justice” agenda — it focuses on the equality of opportunity to excel, not the equality of outcomes. The military is a bastion of tradition, and we know progressive socialists hate traditions.

What Cmdr. Snodgrass highlights is why this Commander-in-Chief, President Barack Hussein Obama, is not held in high esteem by our men and women in uniform.


  1. The Chi-cans, Rooshkies, Mooslims all want to see the USA destroyed to one degree or another. What does our Prog Messiah do? He intentionally is running off the best and brightest in the name of diversity and acceptance. There is not one segment of our Country that Sotero has left unscorched.

    We have to be the stupidest people on the planet. Thanks again incredibly low information Voter.

  2. Once again, barry is destroying the American way of life. He will do it by any means possible. He has no respect for anything American, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the citizens, the MIlitary and it’s Veterans. With no Military strength we are completely vulnerable and that is exactly what he wants


  3. I continue to believe that these “social issues” in the military were designed to do just what this article addresses.
    Weaken our military and our country.
    🙁 I am not a happy American right now. I hope there are a few brave souls in the military who will stand up and fight for what is right and keep our military strong!

    • sounds like fear of what you do not understand. You don’t have to like it but you seem to think they are gonna convert you or jump in bed with you. Afraid is what you are

      • LOL that’s so far off it’s wierd , so you don’t think it could be that normal people just don’t want them around ,

      • He is right to be afraid. Homosexual assaults on males in the military (often by those higher up) is in the tens of thousands per annum. Few males report rape. If they do, it is likely to be ignored and/or the perp walks free.
        It is all too common. Do an internet search on male victims of sexual assault in the U.S. military. It is disturbing to say the least.

  4. We are demilitarizing … but we are also militarizing our civilian federal agencies .. Obama promised this in 2008 … why is anyone surprised ? We may be on the edge of WW3 – I don’t think we could prevail anymore …

  5. What’s more important? Combat readiness, or a big win at the polls? It is time and for so many reasons to bring back the draft! If we’re not going to be combat ready, let’s spill the blood more evenly. And now might be the time to address equality. And that whole issue of cutting back on military hardware and supplies, let’s assure those who make such decisions do so with the thought that it could be their children with not enough ammo or training.

    • Its not the draft we need to bring back, it is ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’ Hopefully, the next occupant of the White House will have the guts to do that.

      • No we need to go back to “it is NOT allowed” , you get caught and you recieve a BCD(Bad Conduct Discharge) just like it was in the 60s 70s and the 80s.

      • If we are to have a military that is anything beside that in name only, there must be cooperation between the members of each unit, Women should NOT be in combat positions and men that lust after men should not serve. Women will in combat make a man forget what his duty is(protect the unit as a whole) and not focus on a woman.By the way women serve on US Navy vessels and the pregnacy rate is somewhere over 75%, sure helps morale with the competion for their affection. And men that lust after men can be counted on to cause dissension in the ranks either becuse they want their “rights” or because they are coming on to others in the ranks, which will probably get them hurt. The military has one job–DEFEND the nation– these things make that job much more difficult.

  6. Col. West nailed it. The military is hated because it is a meritocracy and opportunities to excel are based upon abilities that all don’t possess equally. That is just not fair. So as with all progressive ideas, everyone should be made equally average. Lower the bar…excellence is hard.

  7. If I was on a Navy ship and saw 2 guys kissing, I would puke first { I don’t get sea sick} then throw their asses overboard…no matter what the consequences! I sure as he** wouldn’t feel good about showering with these fudgepackers hanging around! I guess bath house Barry has come out of thew closet swinging???

    • I was on a Navy ship… 2 actually and NO ONE is allowed to do that onboard. There is a saying… “keep it away from the flagpole” and that is where it should stay.

      • “…NO ONE is allowed to do that onboard.”

        What do you want to bet that the sodomites get a pass on any behavior that they want? They’ve already marched openly in uniform in a “gay pride” parade against military protocol.

        They are basically untouchable – as I predicted.

  8. Sir, this is not a clear and present danger to our nation. This is a catastrophe of epic proportions. I’ve always been leery of politicians that never served in the military. They have no idea of “good morals, good order and discipline” in accordance with the UCMJ.

    But we see that the continual decline of this once named, “superpower,” is now a super dud, filled with orders from the top to “socialize” our military to the point where the enemy will laugh at our new uniforms.


    Ladies, if you are offended, I mean no harm, BUT, the last thing the enemy expects in theater is a social soldier, marine, sailor and airman. The enemy expects killers on the other side of the weapon. Not…..he’s a homosexual. He’s easy. Then if they capture him, they’ll dress him in drag (something that some “american fighting men” are used to doing), and read propaganda.

    • I believe homosexuality is a sin, but I don’t believe it necessarily implies that a man is a wuss because he prefers men to women. Don’t forget the Scots went to war in kilts and were feared for their no-holds-bar fighting style.

      • That’s true, however kilts in those days were acceptable. These days, when you see a man in one, what would you think? This is what’s been made normal. Homosexuality and sensitivity training. And that’s the problem. Sin is never normal. With God in heaven when the angels kicked out the devil, sin was the issue because in heaven, sin is not normal. I understand where you are coming from but kilts are acceptable today because of the false notion that homosexuality is normal.

      • And everytime a solder kills an enemy, they have sinned, btw. Though shall not kill? I pretty sure that one is on the top ten list of sins while the other is not.

      • No, killing the enemy in combat is NOT a sin. What the Commandment is referring to is murder. If killing the enemy in combat is a sin, then why did God tell Joshua and the Israelites to kill ALL the people inhabiting the lands He gave them when they went in to possess it? That would have God ordering and condoning sin, which is impossible. Also, the OT and NT both are quite clear that God finds homosexuality to be an abomination. There are multiple statements to that effect in the OT and NT. I recommend you find yourself a good King James Study Bible, Nelson’s is pretty good, and read and study it. If you are a true believer then you will see in the OT and the NT that God tells us not to do or condone this behavior. Before you get on your high horse and quote Matt 7: 1 (Judge not, that ye be not judged.) you need to understand the contextual meaning of this. This means not to judge a persons motives. That being said, look at 2 Thes 3: 6, “Now we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw yourselves from every brother that walketh disorderly, and not after the tradition which he received of us.” and 2 Thes 3: 14-15, “And if any man obey not our word by this epistle, note that man, and have no company with him, that he may be ashamed. 15 Yet count him not as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother.” Here we are instructed to point out obvious transgressions, things contrary to what God has told us, when we see them. This is not judging what a person has in their heart but pointing out when they stray from what we have been taught. Notice verse 6 also calls for us to separate ourselves from people who willfully disobey. Once the transgression is pointed out and the offender refuses to return to God’s teachings, then we are to not socialize with them. We need to continue to try and get them to repent, but other than that, sever contact.

      • The history sir of Kitts and skirts…do no way come close to being in the same basket….you are comparing apples to oranges….

    • It is blatantly obvious that you never served…. Skirts? seriously? I did 20 and I rarely wore skirts… did my job in addition to dealing with Neanderthals like you.

      • Beg to differ. I did serve on the USS Savannah AOR4, served as an Operation Specialist, under three CO’s, Breast, Connor, the Silver Fox, McGowan. All three Vietnam era pilots with over 300 combat missions. All three commanded carriers and made RADM. In an era where the concern over social issues weren’t even a part of serving. Glad you did your job, however, when it comes to morals, the Bible is very clear. Leviticus 18:22 and Romans 1:18-32. And I stand by every word of my statement.

      • Male Chauvinism? Not sure about that, but testosterone is a real thing and it does make a big difference in training and muscle development. The military is not the place for social justice campaigns. Our enemies don’t care about social justice they only care to advance their causes.

      • Yelp even our ladies are tuff as nails…they put their pants on one leg at a time just like our men….

  9. The last 5 years has been cutting the military to the bone, more sexual harassment training ever and eradication of all thing christian related in the military… look at the latest poll of chucky hagel, lowest approval rating… it would be tragic once all the fighting men and women leave and all you have are not leaders but a bunch of “yes man”……

  10. “War is politics by another means.”
    ~Carl von Clausewitz~
    “Subversion is war by another means.”
    ~Sun Tzu~
    The subversion of warfighters is war by another means.
    “A nation divided against itself cannot stand.”
    ~Abraham Lincoln~

      • Watch what they do, not what they say. The gay mafia still runs the church, as it does Hollywood, just there it’s Jewish.

      • The Roman Catholic church is the the same chruch as it was before Vatican II it is hand in hand with the social destruction of our culture

  11. Our soldiers are there to protect the integrity of our country. We love them because they protect America. Obama hasn’t a clue. Social issues should never interfere with the safety of our soldiers or country. I don’t care what a soldier does in his or her private life.

    • Actually BHO knows exactly what he is doing, he destroys the nation by dividing the populace with racism and envy for others money and possesions, and he’s dividing and destroying the Military, whose job is to defend our nation,
      His desire is to make himself king and he is doing a great job of it.

  12. Soilders are trained to shoot , kill, and capture.. In a nut-shell. They need to focus on staying alive, not having to worry about if they’re hurting these to fruits ( in the pic ) feelings.

  13. That’s right…and I’m sick to death of it too! THERE ARE MUCH more important things to address. I don’t give a rats a$$ whose doing whom as long as they do their job!All this is just a diversion technique to keep Americans fighting with one another while our phony “leader” undermines everything this country was founded upon. WAKE UP!

  14. Good Lord, what a disgusting picture.

    Midway, Leyte Gulf, Coral Sea, Okinawa…. If we had a homo navy during those battles we’d all be speaking Japanese today.

  15. I am certainly glad I retired before they did away with DADT policy. However, I really feel for those that are serving today and are having to deal with this bull$hit! I pray that our military leadership will find the will and have the wisdom to make the right choices.

    • As the saying goes, “When I joined, it was illegal, then Clinton made it optional. I am just glad I retired before Obama made it mandatory!”

  16. Reading this I wonder if this is a cover for a bigger problem… Our VA…years ago in the mid 70’s…when we went to reinlist we were told that we would not be guaranteed our benefits ….Our military are paid below living wage and they know that…but then to leave them out in the cold when they have given and given of their blood and limbs knowing our boys…they may be sick of seeing girly men…believe me they will take care of that…but not allowing them to vote year after year…then when they need help…they from neglect.. Who would serve under those conditions… Think about it….a soap in a sock will man up anyone… We the people now have to fight for our Military…..

  17. I feel sick. What these people do in their own rooms out of sight is their business. I kinda feel lie there is going to be an AIDS epidemic in the military.

    • But you were OK with racial integration? African Americans make up 14% of the U.S. population, but they represent 44% of new HIV cases. The picture is even bleaker in black women, teens, and children. In 2009, the CDC estimates that the rate of new HIV infections in African American women was 15 times as high as the rate for white women.

      • That is because most white people are not discouraged to get married by the threat of funds being cut off. Black girls have many more sex partners because the right of immorality is pushed on them from when they are infants. The drugs and perversions are running amuck in their society, more than in whites, because they are only used by Democrats for their votes. Putting them in positions to kill off their populations by abortions, drugs and illness by their lifestyles, all encouraged by the Dems. Black people are held down by the Progressives and only let out of their slave ghettos to vote, unless they are one of the few who realize they are just being used and abused and pull themselves up and get out of that environment. God bless them and those who see beyond the free phones

  18. The amount of ignorant and hateful comments towards gays on this board is appalling. Is it possible you guys really do need classes on how to respect other people and not act like scumbags when you encounter them? Also, the incidence of rape and sexual harassment in the U.S military is still ridiculously high, proving that even these classes don’t get through to some people.

    • No “class” is going to get through to somebody who is mentally capable of raping another human being. That’s like trying to teach a sociopath that murder is wrong, but how do you reason with somebody who is unreasonable? You don’t. Therefore, clearly, the class is pointless.

      As for respecting gays, I respect all people I meet to a certain degree until I have reason to do otherwise. But I don’t respect or acknowledge as “normal or natural” the behavior that gays participate in… because it’s not natural in any biological sense, and not normal to me. I tolerate gay behavior, meaning I suffer that with which I do not agree. That said, gay individuals should not be treated any differently under the law, and I don’t see any reason to have animosity toward them on a personal level. I’ve met and worked with plenty of pleasant gay people, and they’re like anybody else in attitude and personality; Some are alright, some are assholes. But again, that doesn’t mean I’m going to embrace their behavior in favor of some pseudo-tolerance/diversity ethic that is being guilted onto everyone by social pressure.

      A species that cannot reproduce with the same sex should not then have an attraction to the same sex – if they did, that species would die off. Hence, homosexuality is not natural in any biological or evolutionary sense. Homosexual behavior between species does not count, as those species are NOT attracted to one another and only partake in that behavior for the purpose of reducing tension in competitive groups. If they were truly homosexual, with an attraction for the same sex, then they would cease to exist because of reduced or zero reproductive behavior. In other words, if people want to partake in homosexual behavior, that’s their free choice, but don’t try to tell me it’s natural…

      • The level of ignorance in your post makes me wonder what kind of an asset you are to any organization.

        1- You can’t teach a rapist not to rape, but you can teach a poorly socialized individual what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t acceptable behavior.

        2- You don’t need to acknowledge as normal or natural gay people, interracial couples, or whomever it is that you have a problem with. You have to treat them with respect while you are working with them, or you can get the hell out. It’s that simple.

        3- You clearly have a poor understanding of natural selection. A tribe which has extra adults who by and large support the breeding pairs will succeed over one which doesn’t have those extra males to hunt and farm and females to farm and nurture. Tribes with gay people will thrive over tribes that don’t have gay people. That’s why the Babylonians were ruling the Israelites, and why the Hebrews saw the Babylonians as having sexual practices that were strange to the Hebrews. Next thing you know, you have admixture to the Hebrews from the Babylonians (the whores Oholah and Oholibah) and gay Jews, and the Hebrew tribes start to thrive.

      • Yes, well I suppose that’s better than being indoctrinated and grossly misinformed. That leaves little doubt as to whether you could ever be an asset to any organization beyond menial labor.

        1 – Simple conditioning of behavior, as such a class would suggest, is not the same as treatment for mental disorders. One must be psychotic to believe that rape is acceptable and enjoyable, and no amount of rehabilitation or “socialization” (nice progressive word) will inhibit the desire to do so. Why? Because “socializing” implies that without such benign guidance, we would all be raping and murdering each other. It assumes the absence of internal conscience and the rational mind’s ability to recognize the value of the rule of law… which happens to be lacking in most murderers and all rapists. Rules will suffice for those who are willing to follow them (the majority), and consequences for those who will not. Sane, decent people don’t need a class to tell them not to grope women…. Common sense anyone?

        2 – I do treat homosexuals with respect… and I said as much… though I realize basic reading comprehension skills aren’t common these days. It becomes my business when their behavior is forced onto me with pro-gay curriculum in
        college social sciences courses, or “gay sensitivity training” at
        work, or the repudiation for the need of “don’t ask, don’t tell”.
        It’s at that point that their being homosexual is no longer simply being tolerated. It’s in my face, and in the case of don’t ask, don’t tell, it’s dangerous.

        3 – A natural selection lesson it is. Traits that add
        nothing to survival or the reproduction of offspring are generally not prioritized to be passed down to offspring (or do not survive to be passed on). A homosexual attraction within species doesn’t just “add nothing”; The genetic variation that led to homosexual attraction was clearly inhibitory to reproduction, and thus survival (remember that natural selection doesn’t care about the species as a whole; it acts on individual organisms based on fitness and reproductive value, and THAT determines the survival of the species – so save your tribal bs that is based entirely on a causation fallacy). Natural selection would normally weed out this anti-survival variant, except that natural selection is a response to our environment which in turn causes variation in traits. Our environment, of course, has greatly improved over the centuries. The relative (compared to other species) wealth, comfort, and longevity produced by civilization has led to the development of a much less harsh environment that allows humans to be much less biologically competitive than we would have been if we were still living in huts and hunting with spears. In other words, the only reason the “homosexual trait” has been around this long in humans, despite its obvious inhibitory tendencies toward reproduction (which is the cornerstone of natural selection), is because humans as a species have been able to adapt their environments so successfully that natural selection is no longer filtering such a trait out. In the same way that disadvantageous traits may survive to be passed on when we use advanced technology to save struggling newborns, the homosexual trait (and many others) continues to be passed on in heterosexual offspring (and through surrogacy) due to insufficient negative environmental stimuli (i.e. humans are no longer dying off or failing to reproduce because of those traits). By the way, I am not suggesting we kill homosexuals or let those infants die (as I’m sure someone would have somehow irrationally inferred – probably you).

        So considering that the “homosexual trait” is filtered out by every other species (except for the ones that can reproduce with the same sex), I’d say I have a very solid reason for concluding that homosexual attraction in humans is not natural and, as an extension of that, homosexual behavior is not normal. You could say its continued existence is only made possible through the suppression of efficient differential reproduction as a result of the byproducts of our rational minds.

        Anyway, society doesn’t cooperate like a “tribe” and homosexuals may be productive members of a society, or they may be drain on it, just like any other member. The question is not about their productive capacity or lack thereof – it is about their behaviors which stem from sexual orientations that are inconsistent with nature. And were it not for the damn activists trying to shove the “natural and normal” crap down my throat, I wouldn’t give a damn.

        Example: Homosexuals want to join into a union that has traditionally been between a man and a women for over a thousand years, even though civil unions exist? Notice that they’re not fighting to afford civil unions all the benefits married couples enjoy. Seems less about equality and more about normalizing homosexuality (and pissing people off). In any case, let people vote (as they have in many states) and decide democratically.

  19. I was a kid in the sixties. As I watched Walter Cronkite talk about the hippies, the protests, the drug culture, and the civil unrest; I always wondered what things were going to be like when that generation came of age and took over the reigns of government & corporate America (not quite in those words, I was only 10). And here we are. The hippies grew up (those that survived the drugs) and they kept the same warped values they had when they dropped acid. The inmates are running the asylum.

  20. your a sick person Mr.West. How dare you cite honor and integrity to be a bigot.
    Politicians like you, using the military as your punch line is what is making the military and retention weaker, as people in uniform face longer deployments while calling our brothers in arms a burden on the system. We’ve all served with gay service members, whether we knew it or not. If our job, the progressiveness it’s always made, and the fact we are tolerant and embrace diversity, isn’t a political ploy, stop making it that way to insult the Commander in Chief because he and his supporters don’t vote the way you do. Your freedom to hate is not one i signed up to protect.

      • agree, but I want the best man working for me, black white gay straight tall short whatever. personal life is non of my business, same way i can understand why so many fellow sailors marry so many insanely obese women.

      • Boot, I think you are totally missing the point! The point is that Obama and his administration is spending way to much time and money talking about, and focusing on, all these issues (and making issues where there weren’t any) all the while cutting the funds and needed materials to properly prepare our military for battle! ALONG WITH CUTTING OUR MILITARY PERSONEL! The entire time we are talking about how every country has gone mad (thanks to this administration), and wants to rid the world of America, he is using political correctness to aid them in doing so! If you go down the list of things that Eric Holder has done, along with Obama, plus democratic governors in NY. city, and other city’s, it’s NUTS! Political correctness along with all the cuts to our most fundamental things are destroying this country!!!! I remember the days when kissing, even your spouse, in uniform was forbidden unless given special permission, like for instance returning from overseas.

      • democratic GOVERNORS in a CITY? read a book. and PDA is discouraged, not prohibited. in 2004 first kiss was won by a black sailor, who was married to a white woman… not one local media outlet broadcasted it. bigotry is alive and well in the GOP and their demagogues. “tell us what to do hannity and west, we could be next!!!”

      • OH YES, YES! I combined two lines and made a mistake! Sorry you couldn’t read between the lines! When my husband was in the Navy, things weren’t “DISCOURAGED”, they were either “ALLOWED” or “NOT ALLOWED”! That’s the problem with the military these days, no rules, just suggestions! Oh and PLEASE tell me where the bigotry is in the GOP! All you democrats have done is spread hate and lies, you are the poison of this country!! Hell, the poison of the world! Are you happy with what your party has done to the world?? I guess ignorance is bliss in your teeny tiny brain!

      • I spent seven months living on a Tank in the desert. No PX, no nothing, us, sandbags, camo nets, and the scorpions, lizards and snakes. They flew us home on Christmas eve. We arrived at 1 AM and loaded buses to Post. We arrived and got off the bus AFTER we insured our uniforms were ready, as our wives waited in the parking lot. We then filed off the bus, in ranks inspection and filed in the gym to begin recovery (While our wives waited in the parking lot), turned in our weapons, did the paperwork drill, and accounted for all sensitive items (While our wives waited in the parking lot). We filed back out, formed back up, final headcount. Instructions to return the next day, while our wives waited. Our wives came over, band playing, and we walked together to our vehicles. AFTER we got in our vehicles we conducted our DOA. And went home. No holding hands walking to the car, no kissing while in uniform, no public displays at all. Last year military dot com had an article about a Marine Sergeant who was seen in a Gay Por n movie, wearing his dress blue jacket, in the act, with his Medals on. When it was brought before the DoD IG, on the mil dot com follow up, the IG said “There is nothing I can do, he didnt break any regulations”. Which told me right there, the military was falling to pieces.

      • disgusting US traitor. “ill accept and worship the military… so long as them gays ‘taint part of it”

      • repressed sexual fantasy’s joe? Ill hook you up with a few marines dets I know. they’ll satisfy you and put you in your place.

      • Pay attention Boot! You really missed the point of the article. This admonistration has decimated the military at an alarming rate. Retention is down, morale is below the sidewalk crack sealer, equipment is in shambles. All of this can be attributed to the lack of focus by the crooks in DC on the real issues. Social issues are not the reason as much as the over emphasis on how to keep Johnny or Jill from crying over a hurt feeling.

      • retention is down due to a damn near all time high in deployments, and a lack of advancement coerced by a flood of people in the military due to a severe recession.

      • You want the best man working for you. So based on your comments, let me ask. Does that mean someone who promotes their gay, progressive, tolerant, lifestyles? Or is that someone who can fight, help win wars and help defend this nation?

        I served over 20 years, I never once heard where being tolerant and your sexuality was part of fighting.

      • Gay people, women, blacks, orientals, Asian Pacific Islanders, Anglo-Saxons, Celts, Poles, Mexicans, and Puerto-Ricans

    • Interesting. I didnt see where LTC West made one single comment that applied to your references. Lets see.

      Disparaging the military. NOPE
      Called our brothers in arms a burden on the system. NOPE
      Insulted the Commander in Chief. NOPE, just told the truth.

      Your comments. Progressiveness, Diversity, Tolerance, Gay.

      Is that what you think the defense of this Nation is about? Then maybe you should find another job. I hear the former ACORN is hiring.

      • Disparaging the thousands of currently gay military members I’ve had the privilege of working with who believe in our country despite it’s citizens who hate them… it’s pretty clear.

      • You think your the only person who has served within the military? Is this the first time in history the US Military has defended this Nation? Because that seems to be the attitude I am seeing from a lot of people. What you stated hasnt got a GD thing to do with winning wars or defending this Nation. The SOLE purpose of the US military.

    • Boot, I think you have missed the whole point. Its not so much gays in the military, its the flaunting of it. There have always been gays in the military. But there is a code of conduct to which all military must adhere. Like it or not, when the gay life gets flaunted in a military environment, it is very demoralizing to those who are not gay, which means most of the other troops. Gay Pride Parades, Drag queen shows, making out in public, etc., are just some of the actions that have no place in a military setting, which would include being in uniform while off-base.

      • Gay people don’t demoralize straight people. i think what you mean is that bigots lost this battle, and losing it pisses them off. Gay Pride Parades are held in cities. Drag shows are held in night clubs. Making out in public is something that juvenile and insecure people do, gay or straight. Gay Americans have as much place in the military as you do, and if you don’t like it, you know where the door is. Say, “Yes sir.”

      • My comments made were based on articles read in the news. I did not say, nor mean to imply, gay people demoralize straight people. My reference was to those in the military. With the gay agenda being pushed it is causing changes that are not the focus for having an armed service. It is not the fact that gays are in the military, it is the way it is being fostered that is the problem.

  21. Clearly some of this ammo is for weapons not used by civilians – but much of this ammo is 9mm, .45 Auto or 7.62 NATO (.308 Winchester) – all calibers that are commonly used by target shooters. Sadly, current law does not allow this ammunition to be sold as ammo – however, it can be sold to people who break it down for sale to civilians as bullets, powder and casings – which can be used to hand load ammunition. However, this administration is the same one that decided to crush fired cartridge cases rather than to sell them for production of reloaded ammo – this in spite of a federal law REQUIRING that it be sold for this purpose. The really stupid thing is that this ammo would bring a very good price given the ammo shortage……

    • There’s only an ammo shortage because of this administration! They are stockpiled, and put so many rules ago ammo businesses, they had no other choice but to shut down. I don’t think for a second that ANY ammo will be destroyed, I think it will be given to terrorists.

  22. “But what Cmdr. Snodgrass really takes on is this sense of politically correct
    behavior modification by way of intimidation, coercion, and relief of command.”

    This is something a third world dictator would do, or an upstart Hitler or Stalin, or
    someone who read “1984” and thought it was an instruction manual.

  23. I for one hope they keep it up. The local militias are swelling with competent former NCO’S, Officers and enlisted men who are absolutely sick of the liberal agenda. The regime’s social experimentation is only fueling it’s opposition.

    • You are assuming that everyone who stands for the Constitution shares your prejudices. I probably make you look liberal in my positions on Second Amendment issue and immigration. I oppose lowering standards in the military, for anyone whether it’s a woman of any orientation, a man of any orientation, or a person of any race. However, those standards can and will evolve over time as needs dictate. If you look at the shirtless and swimming photos from WWI those men would not appear physically fit much less of the superior physical condition of our supermen. Obviously, standards changed over time. The military is going to change. There will be opportunities for people who might not have been considered in the past. Any other way would waste potential.

      • If someone is paying people to waste time on internet forums, please let me know so I can go get paid for this.

      • Having retired over 20 years ago, I tend to agree with you on the current and past standards. I know I could NOT work serve under the current REGIME, financed by Soros. They are definitely weakening the will of or troops, and having senior officers & enlisted leave for various reasons.

    • I agree, you guys really need to try out armed revolt against the government. I bet it would turn out really, really well. I mean the military is just a bunch of fags, dykes, libs, and muzzies right? You could take ’em easy, go for it!

  24. The
    LGBT community has no business being in the military! Women have no
    place in combat except support functions in non-combat area. And this is
    all the fault of that dipshit Homosexual Obama!

    • I really don’t care if gays serve. However they like the straight people in the ranks need to keep their personal sexual preferences to themselves. The military work place is a place of work not a fetish club. Furthermore they don’t deserve a medal and are not national heroes just because they happen to be gay and in the military. The dimocraps smeem to think that the military needs to be turned into a mobile bathhouse with rainbow flags waving in the masts before the military is “equal” to their satisfaction.

      • Straight people decidedly do not keep their sexual orientation to themselves. How do you imagine that they do? Not only that, but any gay man can tell you that straight guys waste little time in trying to figure who is gay or straight. They want to know if you are married, if not then do you have a girlfriend, they practically ask you outright.

      • What a ridiculous statement. Something as simple as putting a picture of your wife on your desk proclaims your heterosexuality to the world. Should we ban that?

  25. If ain’t broken don’t fix it ,leave it well enough along and all that . BUT NOOOO ,leave it to our “chulo” President whoring for votes .

  26. You know what kind of man would make an exceptional president? Maybe one who is a former military man himself, one who has the highest moral and ethical standards, one who understands that God created man and woman but with separate, distinguishable, gender specific roles; all very important yet most very different. I site the Holy Bible as my evidence. Oh ya, and a God fearing man who has a personal relationship with Jesus. Mr. West, do you happen to know such a man?

  27. Lets put it to a vote since there are a few on here promoting “tolerance” “gay” and all the other crap that has absolutely nothing to do with war fighting.

    If LTC West were to run and win the nominations, and against Hillary because we know thats who they will probably throw out there. Would you vote for:

    A. A woman who has thrown this Nation under the bus as a whole. Who was 100% responsible for leaving Americans to die in Benghazi, Libya, then lied about it and now is apoligizing as if that makes it OK.


    B. A rising star in the Officer Corps in a Combat Branch, who sacrificed his career to save the lives of his troops (Your sons and daughters), being retired after the very people Hillary works for defended terrorists against him?

    Ill take B thanks.

  28. Promote Vice in the military and you will destroy it. (Machiavelli). Destroy Excellence by lowing standards, so that women can “qualify” is destroying Excellence, and will destroy the military. This Marxism—to remove Christian Virtue from the military (which is essential to militaries (Machiavelli) and to “pretend” women and men are interchangeable (radical egalitarianism of Marx to destroy the concept of mother and father/male/female) will destroy Reason and create just chaos and insanity.

    But that is what zero wants—to destroy our military—make them like the muslim Afghanis and Saudis, who prefer the little boys for sex. He wants just evil people in our forces who are obsessed with sex (homosexuals) and who are tempted 24/7—and that is why he is inserting women into the Seals….to destroy Excellence and Virtue (which is essential to great militaries who don’t kill their own citizens).

    He is purging the Christians, so only low character people or muslims or homosexuals are serving… we have people like the Afghani soldiers—who can’t be trusted.

  29. There seems to be an assumption on this page that a military which does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation is a manifestation of liberalism in general or the Obama administration in particular. This is simply not the case. This has been in the works for a long time. Also, any person who thinks he doesn’t or won’t have a gay family member is an idiot.

    • Well I guess you are an idiot because there are no homosexuals in my extended family. Since inferior liberal thought dictates we have a homosexual gene which makes us homos. I guess my family got blessed not to have this evil in our gene pool. Then again there is no such thing living as a homosexual is not gay or happy but it is a choice. You decide to become a peter eater.

      • There is no such thing as a gay gene. Gay is a choice and a perversion. No normal man or woman should have to be around that if it bothers them. Normal is normal and should be respected, Perverted is perverted and should be accommodated if possible but not at the expense of normal people. Your rights should stop where mine begin

    • You are correct this has been in the making for a ” while”, by liberal loons… But it has been fully been implemented by the Obama regime. In time, this will prove to be a huge disaster, and could cost us everything we hold dear to our hearts as Anericans….. Time will prove I’m ( and others) right. Remember this post…. Remember it well!!!

      • My dear, if you were able to predict the future you would have something better to do than this.

  30. I have a story
    Blacks in Minot North Dakota
    took over the Chow hall in 1973.
    Our Senior NCO’s came to our barracks
    to save the blacks. We all had guns.
    even given the military prohibitions.
    Stupid people assume stupid people follow rules.
    We were much nastier than the pussies
    they now use these days and this was
    Air Force.
    I don’t care What your race or nationality is.

    I just want you to act like a human
    being. I’ll happily obliterate you if you don’t
    respect human life and freedom.

    • Hopefully you saved them and court martialed their ass. Or did you tough guys back in the 70’s condone the use of force the break the rules?

      • They sent them all away. My best room mate was from DC
        and used to brag about stealing from the “Man”.

  31. Yeah – have to agree. I get sick of sitting through a sexual harassment brief every quarter. Did the white house staff have to do that after Bill got a BJ in the oval office??? And don’t even get me started on the whole “go gay” thing and women in combat. Lot’s of women compete in triathlons and marathons, but SEALs could do it with a 100 pound pack on their back. Thus the difference in men and women in combat. I can see an operator going “can I carry some of that gear for you Ma’am?” Good luck with that.

    • As a women and a gun owner…. I agree with you 100%!! Our creator made us biologically different for a reason…. HE made no mistake….. The mistake by our commander in chief will reveal itself real soon….. He is playing GOD, and God will not be mocked!!

      • I hope your right but the Ghetto Trash has been getting away with this crap for years with no fight at all! We should have been Revolting years ago. I am starting to doubt America wants a Constitution.

      • Good reply. However, I want you to know I am not one of the males who feel I am better simply b/c I am male. There are plenty of things women are better at than me and I know several female officers. My hat is off to them for the way they perform their duties and run their squadrons. Women are an important part of our armed services, but being a SEAL is a whole different level. I used to work with SEALs as a member of a JSOC. Most of the buff guys you see at the gym would fail out of Buds in the first week.

    • typical Liberal double standard. If you are gay you can show PDA, if you are muslim you can promote religion etc. etc…

      • Every sailor gets one kiss when they get off the boat. Why should it be any different for the gay servicemen/women?

      • They both look like they are in uniform to me and if you are not in the military you cannot even begin to understand why serving openly gay in the military is a problem

      • Looks like he’s in a fleece jacket to me and I’ve never seen a sailor with a beard! You’re right, I’m not in the military. But I am married to it. My husband is an officer. I volunteer for the command. The fact that we’re two dudes has never caused an issue. He just got back from a year in Afghanistan. Guess what? No problems there either!

      • Uh – Sailors can have facial hair – although his is a little extreme for regs. Mostly operators that have beards. I am also an officer and like I said – unless you have been in you would never understand and it does not have anything to do with sexual preference.

      • who cares – still do not agree with gays in the military – never have never will – 6 more years to retirement 🙂

      • Apparently you cared enough to claim there is some kind of double standard with absolutely nothing to back it up. You’ve got 6 more years of serving with gays and lesbians. Hopefully you can endure the stress and hardship! LOL And before you retire and start another career I’ll let you in on a little secret, gays and lesbians work in companies outside of the military too. We aren’t going anywhere!

      • yeah and hopefully they have more to prop up their career than saying I am gay and lesbian. see some of us have to work and make it on our own steam and not get preferential treatment b/c of some affirmative action bs. and since I will retire as an o4 with close to 30 I may or may not work when I retire but I surely will not work for any co. that singles people out for things other than their work performance. that is why we work after all. the cc is just playing politics to demonize the gop – he could care less about you people – and most americans for that matter

      • No one is suggesting that gays should be given preferential treatment. How do you get preferential treatment out of equality? This is why West, his supporters, and the tea party in general gets laughed at. You’re an O4 in the military claiming that your Commander in Chief doesn’t care about Americans. I’m just shaking my head…….

  32. 1 morality, that’s it. If you show questionable morality, why would I want to serve in the same unit as you? As a former Marine, I wouldn’t serve today. The government threw all the real leaders out and replaced them with “yes” men.

    • Below: Nick • 3 hours ago

      I for one hope they keep it up. The local militias are swelling with competent former NCO’S, Officers and enlisted men who are absolutely sick of the liberal agenda. The regime’s social experimentation is only fueling it’s opposition.

      • Eric, I apologize for missing your post.
        First of all, I thank you for Your Service. I am sorry you are one of the ones pushed out. It is horrible what is being done to “Our Military”.

  33. It is generally accepted now that a black lesbian Muslim will get priority selection over almost any other demographic. So good people see this as no longer a military organization but rather a social program of the week and they just walk away.

    • I’m with you. It seems most Americans think Obama is inept and just doesn’t know what he is doing! Why are they so blind? It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that Ghetto Trash has an agenda. You have to be a complete Idiot to think he is just an incompetent Fool! Our so-called Representatives gives him a free pass to destroy our freedoms and Constitution. What the Hell?

      • Sorry, but Obama is not ghetto trash. He was born into and lived his whole life in luxury. He came from money, only attended rich exclusive private schools and has never known a minute of poverty. He is a rich spoiled brat. Just because his skin is black, does not mean he has any knowledge what life is like for a normal black person, he just uses his skin color to get votes. He calls them useful idiots. Please do not demean our black Americans by adding BO to that group.

  34. The military has morphed from a fighting arm of the country into a petri dish for social engineering and experimentation.

    • That suggests that it has ever been something other. It simply hasn’t. Pick a time and there has been an issue. Class issues, race issues, ethnicity, nationality, loyalty, division; pick a war, pick a decade.

      You probably perceive that there was a time of “normalcy” or lack of change. This is like the people who think they remember the “good old days” of economic prosperity. Again, pick a time. The 1950’s is a favorite. The 1950’s was an illusion. Those well paid jobs for high school grads in the factories weren’t the standard, they were the height. The reason those people could enjoy a lifestyle above their station was because back then The South was America’s India and China.

      While auto workers earned good pay and future retirements, White women in the South were working in garment factories and paid by the piece. Black people worked in agriculture and food processing, jobs not covered by minimum wages or unions. While coal was shipped off to run the power plants so suburbia could have electricity, miners went home to houses with a stove and an outhouse.

      Perspective is important. There were no good old days for everyone.

      • Those well paid jobs for high school grads in the factories weren’t the
        standard, they were the height. The reason those people could enjoy a
        lifestyle above their station was because back then The South was
        America’s India and China.

        also, factories could not simply relocate to Europe, which was still a mess a decade after WWII.

  35. Boil too many frogs long and slow enough in the pot soon many of them will jump out, nudge the burners and start a fire.

    Can you pronounce “coup”?

  36. Well that was/is Obama and Co. Plan all along. Remember he wants a civilian Milatary ( one under his complete control), he has NO use for patriotic Americans! This man is leading us into a Cival war…. Thank GOD we will have REAL fighters on the right side….

    • Do you have any idea how ignorant you sound? Obama is just a president. He’ll leave office soon enough, and be replaced by someone else who will sell us down the river of corporate interests in a slightly different way.

      Obama is not the problem, he is but a part of the problem. There are much most powerful forces at work here.

      • Right, Obama will become even a bigger problem once out of office, but if we can get someone with integrity into office, maybe we can save this nation. That is not Hillary, she is Obama in a pantsuit. No Bush or Clinton or Obama in office again. They are all part of the Progressive agenda. They all belong to the same group, pushing for a one world Government. None of them are patriots for America

      • Conservatives need to prioritize. Stop worrying about stuff like gay people getting married and done deals like abortion. Immigration and globalization are the true threats to our way of life. Corporate executives and the Forbes 400 need to decide if they are Americans or international apoliticals (Mel and Susan Profitt)

  37. Obama has no idea what the military is for, worse is he doesn’t care! This man is unfit for duty as anything but a community organizer.

    • How come everyone thinks Obama is an idiot that does not know what he is doing? That Ghetto Trash knows exactly what he is doing and has been
      getting away with it for years. The only way to stop this American hating Muslim is to remove that Abomination from office. It will not fix all our problems but
      will stop this Puke from destroying our Constitution and Right!

    • Why does everyone think Obama is nothing but a Lame and does not know how to run a country? They are Dead wrong! Obama knows Exactly what he is doing and has been following his agenda since day one. The change Obama wants is to Destroy America, Period! !. Destroy the Economy 2. Divide the nation by Racial Hate issues. 3. Destroy the Military 4. Build his Civilian Army
      5. Executive Orders to invoke Marshal Law and Rid the Constitution! That’s the plan. Now he has his Change. A Socialist and Communist State. Just read his book! Its all in black and white and America doesn’t give a Sh*t.

      • I have tried to tell people this so many times, but they think you are just a nut, conspiracy crazy. I know it sounds crazy, but I heard two interviews in 2008 from Kissinger and Soros. I thought it was crazy, but researched what they said, checked out who they said they represented and dang, if they were not telling it like it is. I really hoped they were senile, but no.

  38. The former commander of the Blue Angels was just relieved from duty after someone filed trumped up allegations of not punishing those under his command for making anti-gay jokes.

  39. This is what Obama want’s, a military that won’t stand against socialism, and will not be able to defend America against it’s takeover.

    • Unfortunately, Obama is not the head. The real power put him in as Pres to push their agenda. He is a puppet used to bring down the country. He has been promised the first OWG Presidency, if he accomplishes his task. Soros said he is here to help him destroy our economy. He outlined how he will do it. He only has one more step. He just invested heavily in futures, betting our economy will fail, now all he has left to do is make one phone call and in the morning, our economy will be gone. Total failure and he will make trillions of dollars. This is straight out of his and Kissingers mouths.

  40. No sane person would join the military these days it is not a safe place for anyone who believes in duty, God and is a conservative.

      • I’d be thrilled to believe that Country mattered. Has anyone done a poll of the service members to find our where they stand on illegal and mass immigration?

      • This vet says enforce current and all immigration laws before you pass any new laws.

        Even Obama has said he will pick and choose which laws to enforce.

  41. Please stop mischaracterizing the CDR’s paper. Your article is nothing but inflammatory, divisive, and quite frankly immature rhetoric with no intent other than to incite more division between perceived conservative and liberal battle lines that don’t exist for the vast majority of the population. For a former service member and officer, you should be ashamed of the way you have misrepresented another service member’s genuinely thought provoking and insightful paper to further your own agenda.

    • Allen West is trying to shore up his support by ginning up anti-gay animosity. The reason it works is the astounding thing: It works because underlying all of this is resentment in the military towards the racial integration and affirmative action in promotions. That’s the “social engineering” that really gets under their skin. They look around at the enlisted housing on Belvoir or Quantico and see the white women with black children and know that every dire prediction made by their grandfathers has come true. Standards were lowered. Promotions were driven by quotas. Unqualified people got in position where they can network with other unqualified people. And white girls got pregnant by black guys. As Ralphie May would say, “It’s not politically correct, but it’s correct.”

      • And white girls got pregnant by black guys.

        I fail to see how it is a problem if it occurs in the context of a “union for life of one man and one woman in the holy estate of matrimony” Murphy v. Ramsey, 114 U.S,. 15 at 45 (1885)

      • Yes Michael, we should all take the advice of a failed real estate agent and mail clerk in Long Beach.

        Every theory you’ve ever put forth from the NOM blog on has been laughable and entirely wrong.

      • Meanwhile, we have 11 million illegal aliens costing billions of dollars a year in social services, and who at half their actual fertility rate and with only one family member brought in per person will add 55 million people to the US population within 25 years.

        Meanwhile, we have a Navy that has too few ships to rule the waves.

        Meanwhile we have a President and several members of Congress as well as The Crown who refuse to treat Islam like the creeping menace that it is.

      • Meanwhile we have housewives and domestic enemies who think gun control is a terrific idea.

        Meanwhile we have people who claim to support the First Amendment but think that “hate speech” and “discrimination in public accommodations” should be against the law.

        Meanwhile we have hate groups like the Knights Of Columbus operating in plain sight while idiots do a war dance because one hackjass goes on a shooting spree and calls himself a Klansman.

  42. What progressive liberals don’t understand is that the lift of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy satisfied the rights of a minority (homosexuals) and violated the rights for privacy for heterosexuals. I am retired Navy. I have no problem with homosexual men and women serving their country. However, I have a problem with how the Obama administration FORCED this policy without taking into consideration the rights of heterosexuals. Living onboard a ship for nine months is like being stuck in your house for nine months. You can’t leave. Now, picture your 18 year old daughter being forced to shower and share a sleeping quarters (no bigger than the average full size bathroom) with heterosexual men that she hardly knows. A violation of HER privacy, right? Well, that’s EXACTLY what is happening to heterosexuals in the military right now. They are being FORCED to get dressed, undressed, shower, and use the bathroom WITH other men and women that are openly attracted to the very same sex!! A VIOLATION OF PRIVACY! The military needs to FIX this, and the American people (especially those who have NEVER served) need to STAY OUT OF IT while they do.

    • Sex segregation has nothing to do with privacy. Sex segregation is about protecting females from heterosexual male misbehavior. As we know, heterosexual males don’t limit their sexual misconduct to females, as some of them (much like male dogs) try to dominate or humiliate other males via sexual assault. So it’s really rather disingenuous to raise the shibboleth of sexual attraction in the same sex environment, especially when the victims of sexual misconduct in that environment are often men preyed upon by straight men who in some prison mentality figure that it’s heterosexual to do that.

      • Thank you George for displaying how one can be COMPLETELY detached from reality. I know first hand that homosexual men are NO DIFFERENT than heterosexual men. I filed harassment charges back in 1994 against a fellow sailor who tried to give me oral sex while I was sleeping. Don’t tell ME that gay men have more control than straight men. You’re COMPLETELY ignorant!! Being openly gay in a room full of heterosexual men (where they have to change clothes and shower, etc..) IS a violation of privacy. Your comments are completely ignorant.

      • Sexual harassment is always wrong. But being gay doesn’t mean you’re any more predisposed to do it. Should we segregate the gays in public life too? Separate showers at the gym? Separate restrooms in public places? Maybe if as a straight man you get leered at in the gym locker room you’ll know what you put women through on a daily basis!

      • Except that the vast majority of the people in the military who see combat are men… not women. Anything that disrupts or interferes with their mental stability, or invokes a feeling of danger, however irrational those perceptions may be, should be removed and not encouraged. The military is not a social experiment nor should it be concerned with satisfying individuals’ egos for the sake of expressing sexual identity – and especially not at the cost of needlessly endangering lives.

        Women know what to expect when they sign up for the military, or indeed, when they walk down the street. But at least most of them acknowledge the opposite sex’s attraction as normal and natural, if not embrace it.. The same cannot be said about a homosexual man “checking out” a heterosexual man. Such behavior breeds feelings of unrest and leads to trust issues where they can least be afforded: in battle.

      • I see that your aptitude for inference is nonexistent, though not surprising as inference requires reasoning ability – of which you have none, if your comments here are any indication.

        So what I’m saying… is what I said.

      • That wasn’t a violation of your privacy, it was sexual misconduct. The military doesn’t really have a lot of respect or accommodation for privacy. My dad tried for thirty years to make improvements on that score because he neither liked showering or going to the bathroom in the visual company of other men. It had nothing to do with sexual orientation, he just thought that enlisted men deserved some privacy and modesty. And as high up the ladder as he was, he couldn’t institute the kind of changes he wanted to, because for some reason there are folks who think the whole naked shower butt slapping towel snapping thing is part of the bonding. Do you feel that way?

  43. Well, how about when you decide to protect and defend the “land of the free” you do it with the honor and hope of ALL being free, not just who you feel should be. Grow up people. For those of you so concerned about what the homosexual is thinking of you in the locker room I can tell you this. “You really arent as cute as you think you are and more then likely your not even a factor in that persons thoughts.” SMH


      According to absolutely irrefutable physical evidence. Homosexuality is one of the most dangerous activities one can do. The only cure according to the CDC is to only have sex with one uninfected partner because condoms don’t work according to statistics. They are either not used and they are ineffective against the most common STD’s

      Every city reports massive rising of STD’s among MSM.

    • That has nothing to do with this article. Fighting for freedom for all people has nothing to do with forcing political correctness in the military.

      And ironically enough, political correctness is actually a restriction of freedom.

      • So denouncing discrimination and sexual harassment is nothing but political correctness? This is not 1950. It’s time you grew up and joined the rest of America on these issues.

      • no thats not what I think , just don’t think fagots belong in the military,don’t think the rest of the soldiers should be made to have them around

      • That’s the same backwards argument that was made against integrating black and white servicemen… that it was unfair to some of the whites that didn’t want to see blacks.

      • That depends on what you consider discrimination and sexual harassment. Some people would say any differing view is discriminatory, and a joke is sexual harassment. That sort of political correctness, which is only concerned with some people’s feelings and not people’s freedom, has no place in the military.

        “It’s time you grew up and joined the rest of America on these issues.”
        I’m not sure I’m the one in the minority here. Maybe you should be joining the rest of America in opposing forced political correctness. Also, isn’t it a bit hypocritical for you to tell me to conform to your view while defending people’s right to be different?

      • Sorry, but you don’t have the right to be discriminatory, racist, or sexually inappropriate in the work place. And yes, that includes jokes. The military is no longer a white boys club. It is a reflection of our society as a whole. You MUST treat all members with dignity and respect.

      • The difference being that the military is no ordinary workplace. Many soldiers don’t get to come home at the end of their shift. To limit their freedom “in the work place” would be to limit it all the time. Perhaps more importantly, though, in the military there are far more important things to worry about than offending your coworker.

        And again, discrimination often differs between people. To some people simply being a Christian is discriminatory to homosexuals, but to tell someone not to practice their faith would itself be discriminatory.

    • so you don’t think that strait folk’s in the military don’t have the right to not want to bunk with queer’s that’s a little one sided

  44. Says the disgraced LTC who was forced to resign and retire in order to avoid a court martial. This article is nothing but a hit piece to push far right ideology that the American public has rejected. You lost, remember? And lastly, do you not find it even slightly hypocritical that as an African American you are advocating against the freedom and equal rights of other minorities? Seems blatantly unpatriotic to me!

      • Lemme guess, you’re one of these straight guys that thinks every gay man wants to sleep with you, right? The repeal of DADT has gone very smoothly with almost no issues. And guess what, the gays were already in the military serving right next to you!

  45. I love how he’s our Commander In Chief, yet nobody with common sense in the military supports or likes him. From the lowest rank to the highest. More conversations happen at work about him then with civilians. But seriously he is a POS and is going down in History as dismantling our country and weakening our military.

    • Hey look, I can post from the CDC too:

      All those stats show is that more education is needed among the higher risk groups. Lets look at the African American population shall we? Why do you think they have the highest HIV infection rate? Could it have anything to do with the stigma of being gay in that culture and people keeping their sexuality on the “down low?” Anytime you shame and repress people due to their sexuality you push them toward irresponsible behavior.

      And if you’re trying to make HIV a gay disease, you are terribly uneducated and probably willfully ignorant.

  46. This squatter was not vetted in ANY way shape of form! He has NO qualifications to be a dog catcher much President of the United States! But CONGRESS sits on it’s hands, liberals and other Democrats WILLINGLY allow, follow, and suborn the destructive, illegal, ignorant acts he commits because the voter IQ now HAS to be around a 3rd grade level. IF they vote at all!

  47. The funny thing here is the total lack of perspective of some people, literally missing the first for the trees. Are the gay soldiers the ones with the ghetto, gang, and prison tattoos? Are the gay soldiers the ones with connections to LA and Chicago street gangs?

    • Could you elaborate on your point? I’m stuck on…” so you feel gay people are….better dressed and represented than the other soldiers” I’ve never met a soldier with gang or prison tats or connected to any gang….I really am interested in a little clarity, Im not being sarcastic.

      • I should have said “prison style”. Obviously we don’t have soldiers who have been in prison. As for gang affiliations, google it.

      • We do not allow people with, Gang Affiliations, in the Army. We also don’t allow people who didn’t finish High School in the Army.

      • Just go to your local Army Recruiter web site. I think I should know what MY Army does as I served and still work as a USO volunteer.

      • I asked enough and was part of the conversations with them when Obama pushed his law. I saw very good officers put in for retirement and very good NCOs decide not to reenlist. I now see those who really aren’t that good who work their way up the ranks through the old, “Who you know instead of how you perform.” Funny how a person who aparently never served tries to act as he knows more than a man who spends 8 hours a week volunteering with the military. A man who works with the VFW getting peoples claims from the VA pushed through after denials. Yes, you know so much more about the military.

      • Until very recently the Army was taking people with a GED and convicted felons. Now that we are drawing down from two wars, they have tightened their recruiting standards again. Below is a link for you about the FBI and its investigation into the gang issues in the military. As far as my ability to comment on this issue, my husband is active duty and I volunteer for the command. I’m in regular contact with both officers and enlisted members. The repeal of DADT is a non-issue!

      • Until very recently? First during my time the Marines stopped taking GED’s The Air Force followed around 94 / 95. The Army started ten years ago with the exception of some hard to get MOSes. It is not a Non-Issue saying that is no different than Obama’s people saying, “Benghazi was a long time ago.” It is wrong and I’ve noticed most people who support the new rule are not the best. In fact they stand behind what put Lt. Michael Behenna in Leavenworth for shooting a Terrorist who was directing artillery fire killing Americans. The fact you call yourself “Reasonoverhate” makes you look like the hippies who support Jane Fonda and spat on the Vietnam Vets. They really loved such names. I have no love or respect for “Progressives.” In fact I see officers and NCO’s being asked to leave the military because the new Progressives who claim to be Tolerant and want Tolerance have them put out because they speak up for the Army I served in. I even have to tread lightly as a pure unpaid volunteer to keep people who speak the way (and you have spoken very professional by the way.) you do from baring me from helping. And I don’t discriminate. Example: It is very clear I don’t want to have open gays serving, but if one is being denied his claim from the VA and he proves it, like everyone else I helped, I will help fight to get that soldier his or her claim. But most progressives I have to deal with don’t care and would have me out tonight if they could.

      • I looked again. Most of the people About Come is talking of are GED’s because of Home Schooled kids. Kids with Home Schooling were being blocked by progressives. There was a big lawsuit against the Air Force a short time ago that stopped the block of home school kids. Especially when a lot of them were home schooled or part time home schooled because they moved a lot. Like most dependent kids were in a different duty station with a different school system every three years.

        It is primarily the GED’s belonging to High School drop outs the DOD as a whole are blocking.

      • That would be relevant if I had claimed that the Army permits people with gang affiliations to join, or had mentioned people without high school diplomas… at all. But I didn’t, Blanche, I didn’t.

      • Oh really? maybe you can explaine the gang related grffiti i have seen in afganistan.Sure as hell didn’t row a boat over there

  48. I don’t think that men and women in the military should have to worry about such things. Their lives are already stressed enough with war and protecting our country. I believe Obama made a “very bad decision” when he allowed people to be open about their homosexuality. The majority of citizens don’t want to know, or care to know what goes on in others lives. Members of the military don’t need to have gays forced down their throats. I think gays have more rights than the rest of us.

    • So a man putting a picture of him and his husband on his desk is somehow flaunting his sexuality? Why is it ok for straight people to do it but not the gays?

      • I think you’re missing the direct impact that being open about it in a closed situation would have. Say I am in the Army and so is a gay woman. If she is open about it I would feel uncomfortable about showering or relieving myself in front of her as I would a man….it’s human nature to feel some sort of modesty when with someone you are not in a personal relationship with and you are to remove your clothes.

      • What you’re discussing simply is not an issue. gays and straights get naked in front of each other all over this world on a daily basis. And if you ask a service member that has served in a war zone they will tell you that when they get to take a shower looking at other people’s junk is the absolute last thing on their mind!

      • I did serve and that about having other people around in the nude is an issue. I still remember two “Shower situations.” One was a guy who ended up (Trying to keep this clean.) with something sticking out. Four guys literally threw him out of the shower room. One was a homosexual who did tell a guy in the shower that he had a nice one. It was learned two weeks later that he liked what he saw in that shower.

      • BTW, I don’t like showering with anyone. I don’t like mens rooms which have no privacy. But you know that is part of the deal when you enlist.

      • From my civilian point of view that’s how I am too, so that’s where my thoughts were coming from.

    • How do you think that gays have more rights than the rest of us when they are still struggling to have equal rights?
      Please tell me what rights gays have that we don’t have?

      • Right now, gay unmarried couples can live in base housing, the non military member can use the PX and commissary and the same cannot be said of the girl friends of straight members. Gays in California can get free invitro care to have children, straights can’t. Those are but a few, not equal rights but special rights.

      • 100% false. Once DOMA was overturned any plans to offer same sex partners any benefits was dropped. You have to be married just like everyone else. If you claim otherwise, please provide your source. As for CA in vitro care? I have no idea. A source for that would be nice too.

    • Elizabeth it started with that dumb ass Clinton and Obama has taken it to a whole other level. This country is becoming weaker and softer by the day ….God help us all.

      • Yes. While a gay person can do a “job”… I seriously doubt that a gay man, (unless he is a big biker type) would fare well in close combat. I’d send in the gay chics to protect the gay men.

      • I wish you’d say that in front of my Marine and Army friends that have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, protecting your freedom to be ignorant.

      • It’s funny that most of these comments are from civilians. Gay people have been in the military since it’s beginning. Nothing changed now besides the fact that they can be open about it. The civilians commenting with ridiculous situations in which a service member cannot perform their duties simply because of their sexual orientation are laughable at best. A LARGE majority of jobs within the military are NOT directly combat related, so all these “well if a guy is gay how is he gonna focus on firing at the enemy if he is staring at his comrades butt” type of comments are falling real short to make a point. People are taking the most extreme combat situation and trying to make a point of how the most extreme stereotype of a gay individual and their sexuality will conflict with their ability to perform.

        If you aren’t in the military give it up, you don’t know what it’s even like being in, the culture, or the attitudes of the average service member(you know, the people actually serving, not sitting at home) towards this specific topic. Stop with the ridiculous situations, i’m choking on the ignorance in these comments.

    • *sigh* majority of people in the military(that i have come across) don’t care if someone is gay or not, you do. Majority of people in the military don’t feel as though gays are forced down their throats(because they aren’t), you do. You are not in the military…someones sexuality PROFESSIONALLY adds no more stress to me or any other service member unless they allow it to PERSONALLY. Having equal rights does not equate to having more rights ma’m. It’s not like with the repeal of DADT gay service members run around in rainbow camo or anything ridiculous like that, it just means they don’t have to lie to get in and if they have a spouse they can get the same benefits straight service members get..

      But i will say while people don’t care if someone is gay or not, or while they don’t want someone to commit suicide or harm another individual, or while they don’t want someone to be sexually assaulted, we get tired of all the BRIEFINGS we have to sit through that don’t really DO anything to help, and those do get shoved down our throats constantly.

      • YOU said, “It’s not like with the repeal of DADT gay service members run around in rainbow camo or anything ridiculous like that,” YES, they are. Seen it with my own eyes.

      • tried youtube, but to no avail miss. I find it VERY hard to believe you have seen american gay troops in rainbow camo. I’m not talking about people dressing up as service members but i mean legitimately walking around a base or post like that. Please provide the link.

  49. I’m going to submit the notion that if gays in the military, women in combat and sexual harassment issues makes you leave the military, there is at least a decent chance that the military is better off without you.

      • intelligence is equated to a dislike of an overbearing political agenda that may be detrimental to national defense – wow – no wonder people cannot reason with people like you

    • I take it you never served. Fact is, I did and TheAblePatriot was spot on in his comment about the forced intimate conditions you live in. Be honest, if you were in your school gyme class, would you mind sharing your dressing room and open shower with other men around you? That isn’t even the surface of the issue.

      • In all my many years, not once have I been naked in a group while thinking that I was desirable to anyone else in that group. I was actually more interested in extricating myself from the situation as quickly as possible. Now I have observed that there are some men, who identify as heterosexual, who spend and inordinate amount of time naked with other men. In fact, at my gym there is a group that seems to spend one hour playing ball, and two hours playing locker room/sauna/whirlpool/shower/beer. Oh, the point of this is that you are full of crap. If all you have to worry about it who might be looking at your pecker, obviously you are leading a charmed life.

      • Wow! You now have to resort to name calling. I served six years in the US Army and proud of it. I work with friends who spent between 20 and 30 years. They say the same I do.

      • I got out in December 1991, and still work with the USO at Eucom. I’ve
        also worked last year with students who wanted ROTC Scholarships. Everyone here
        is active duty and know more about what is going on than I do. Now, as everyone
        keeps pointing to men in the shower together, here is my final statement.

        I was able to go to a German Sauna
        without a problem. For those who don’t know, saunas in Germany are Co-Ed and
        FKK (Frei Korper Kommunity) Everyone is naked. I had no
        problem walking around with all those young ladies. Of course over the last
        years, German’s are starting to stay away from such Saunas for various reasons.
        Now, just how would a group of young American women react to me coming in their
        open shower with them? I can honestly say, “I would have no problem and be 100%
        control of myself, but I doubt those women would be very comfortable.

      • If the rules of the military were a popularity contest, then perhaps you and your friends would matter.

      • yeah b/c now it is all about the gays – bottom line is if we only relied on the power of the gay to protect our country we would either be muslim or communist ruled in very short order. I am pretty sure the muslims like to kill people like you – you may take that into account before pissing off all the straight men and women who protect your freedoms – morale is very low in the military right now and morale has a lot to do with winning wars – unless you have forgotten about Vietnam

      • It’s funny how in all those examples you cited, the guys trust each other and are comfortable enough to shower in the same room with one another because they assume that none of them are attracted to one another. But suddenly, everyone knows that Jesse is a homosexual and he’s showering in the same room as everyone else… This may simply translate to some sports players being uncomfortable, and maybe even cost them some games, but the dangers are much more fatal in combat. Trust between our servicemen is not something to experiment with and subvert for the sake of political correctness when lives are on the line.

        And somehow you don’t see the problem with this because… you’re mentally retarded? I don’t mean that as an insult – I just can’t fathom how anybody could miss something so painfully obvious. And yet, here you are repeatedly demonstrating the truth of your severely limited mental capacity. Yes, I’m sorry – that was an insult, but clearly true nonetheless.

      • Here’s an exercise for you: try to stop thinking about sex all the time. My point was that when I am in a locker room, I’m not looking for dates or worried that someone else is. I take care of business and get out of there. Frankly, my experience in high school was that the person in a locker room most likely to make a personal remark or observation about your body, or to make some lewd suggestion, is a heterosexual male.

      • It’s interesting how you’re basically having a conversation with yourself throughout this entire thread. Your strategy is to mischaracterize your opponent (straw man) and then proceed to disassemble the straw man as if your opponent actually made that argument.

        Thinking about sex all the time? No. Heterosexual guys don’t feel threatened or develop trust issues with their comrades because they’re preoccupied with sex… It’s natural in human psychology to be feel uncomfortable around people or in situations that are foreign or irregular. Most people, while used to the idea that homosexuals are everywhere, are NOT used to being in a locker room, naked, next to another man who may or may not find them attractive. The question of attractiveness, as a function of self-evaluation (ego), is not important so much as the unavoidable and admittedly irrational discomfort that can result from such a situation. In other words, a man in a women’s locker room may not necessarily be attracted to the women he sees, but that doesn’t stop him from checking them all out or giving them looks. In the same way the women would feel uncomfortable with a man checking them out in their locker room, men feel uncomfortable with another man checking them out in their locker room. The lift on “don’t ask, don’t tell” means that homosexual men can be open about their nature, and that his squad members are very aware of this fact while standing in their shower with him (especially if he has announced it).

        Granted, if you served with somebody for years and just found out they were a homosexual, it probably wouldn’t affect you too much because you may have already experienced combat with him and know you can trust him. I imagine it’s like the difference between finding out your long-time friend is a homosexual, or meeting a homosexual for the first time. In the former case, you might be surprised, but as long as he isn’t attracted to you, then nothing really changes between you two. In the latter case, it’s a lot like a women not knowing whether some guy really just wants to be her friend or is trying to date her. If she really doesn’t like the guy (or just doesn’t want to be in a relationship), she can’t help but be on the defensive to some degree (which may or may not stall or entirely preclude the possibility of friendship).

        So the moral of this fun story is that there are involuntary physiological responses in both sexes that have nothing to do with “thinking about sex all the time”. These responses cause us to be defensive against that which we don’t understand or what is unknown. In the case of servicemen in the military, this can cause fissures of discomfort or trust issues to develop between their comrades.

        I’ll admit that one can’t really know for certain the extent of the dangers involved without in-depth observation and studies. In any case, if servicemen are quitting because of it, then that is another problem entirely, and one that will need to be addressed if it worsens.

      • Well the fact is there have been gays in the military. With DADT there were still homosexuals – they just weren’t allowed to say. Chances are if you’ve ever taken a shower with a group of people at least one of them had a leaning.

      • You didn’t serve and don’t have a dog in the fight. I served and yes, one had a leaning. We kicked him out too.

  50. Question: if serving in war zones increases one’s chance of dying, why do liberals want to send women and gay people into them?

  51. The FACTS are simple…

    Homosexual behavior in the midst of heterosexual men and women IS and ALWAYS WILL BE disruptive to military bearing and military standards. Allowing them to serve openly and freely will cause resentment and ultimately discipline issues. Why?

    When heterosexual men are forced into intimate conditions with homosexual men, problems are inevitable. It would be akin to putting heterosexual men in the presence of heterosexual women and forcing them to live in very intimate conditions … sharing baths / showers / sleeping quarters / etc.

    Are we ready for OPEN “G.I. Jane” conditions in our armed forces? I guarantee you we are NOT ready for that…and that is why I strongly urge good, sensible, and honest people to stay as far away from military service as possible.

    I speak as a 20-year combat veteran. If you are not equal or greater than that in your service to this nation, KEEP YOUR COMMENT TO YOURSELF because you will not like my reply even a little bit!

    As someone who willingly left my life on the line for the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, I have earned the right to say AND believe what I want to believe…therefore, shut up and color, little liberal children!

    • Why don’t you point me to some examples of all of these issues? Gays have been serving for years. DADT has been implemented for 3 years this September. The sky did not fall.

    • It’s always interesting when people who claim to respect the military make the case that gay Americans should be discriminated against because heterosexuals can’t be trusted to be professional and highly disciplined.

      • I would die for any American – including gay ones, but if I had to choose to fight with a gay or straight team member I know who I am choosing – just b/c the president handed out another exec order does not mean people have changed their minds – all it means is we do what we have to keep serving and providing for our families – we still dislike gays in service as much as we did before and nothing is going to change that – so keep joining clubs where you are the outcast so you can feel even more discriminated against

    • With respect, this is your experience. Trust me when I say that the young people of today see things differently.

      • I haven’t met any…the young people aren’t as vocal but the ones I’ve come in contact with don’t like it anymore then I do and I’ve been retired for 18 years.

      • Of course they do. The PC police have brainwashed them into not knowing what morality is. Anything goes, if it feels good do it.

      • I can tell you that it sure would feel good to stick a 10 inch pole up your ass and watch you suffer, but I wont do it.

        Your morality is based off some stupid piece of fiction used to brainwash illiterate people for centuries called the bible.

        My morality is allowing everyone in this world the right to love who they want. What are you so afraid of? Everyone turning gay? If you’re secure in your sexuality like I am, I cant see why the F anyone would care about what some other dude or woman want.

        Unfortunately Mrs. Whitebread America, you have likely never faced discrimination. You know nothing about what it’s like. Don’t speak of what you don’t know.

        It sounds more to me like you’re brainwashed. Go follow your “arbitrary” life rules, put on a fresh episode of Hannity on Fox News so you can pretend like they do that a mass majority agrees with your views, and rot until you die in a puddle of regret, hate, ignorance, and stupidity.

        Its a good thing that your kind are going extinct anyways you cobwebbed crotch.

      • Once again because someone is white it is assumed she’s never been discriminated against. I’m white and I’ve been discriminated against several times for being white and I’m not even a racist but it is assumed so because of color. I am three colors. RED WHITE and BLUE just like you.

      • oh please mrs mcguire, share us your heart-wrenching tale of discrimination. Im serious. Id love to know EXACTLY HOW you were discriminated against

      • actually the white conservative male is probably the most discriminated against person in the usa right now

      • I love how liberals who do not believe in the bible try to convince people who do believe in the bible it is fiction. it has more literary evidence as to it authenticity than any other book in history. there is actually more proof of Jesus than of Julius Caesar, but keep trying to convince us it is false for some reason or another – I have no idea why

      • Of course, conservatives can never, ever be wrong about anything. If people find a better way they’re all “brainwashed.”

      • You see nothing wrong with immorality. If that is acceptable to you we have nothing to discuss. I won’t reply to your baiting. I will pray for you.

    • TheAblePatriot is exactly right. I was a USMC officer that did 4 years of active duty back during the Desert Storm time frame. I encountered about 20 incidents of homosexuality during my brief period of service. In every single instance (this was pre DADT), the issue of homosexuality arose after offensive conduct on the part of a homosexual. It was either an indecent assault by a gay on a straight Marine or the gay was beaten into oblivion by a straight Marine after receiving unwanted advances. More often than not, the straight Marine received a courts martial for the assault, but in every single instance, the event was started by gay conduct. It is completely insane to allow and, as is the case today, encourage homosexuality in the military. Oh, and in case you are wondering, I was a JAG USMC officer, so I know of which I speak. Often, these incidents were dealt with as assaults…………..but they were really homosexual related! I WOULD NOT SERVE in todays military, and many of our true serving warriors are likely to not continue serving. This article does not surprise me at all.

      • Why don’t you point us to some verifiable current issues that the repeal do DADT has caused? I’m sure you can dig up one or two. But this wide spread panic by straight service members and inappropriate behavior by gays and lesbians you people continue to assume and push just isn’t happening.

  52. So let’s ask ourselves why it is, that as we head into the midterm elections, and Rush Limbaugh declares that the DNC strategy is to convince blacks the the GOP wants to reinstitute slavery, that some black GOP shill is trying to gin up animosity over a dead issue.

  53. “The US military has always been a target for liberal progressives to attack and break down, all because it is an institution that stands on honor, integrity, discipline, selfless service, and character. But most importantly it is a meritocracy, the diametric opposite of the “social justice” agenda — it focuses on the equality of opportunity to excel, not the equality of outcomes. The military is a bastion of tradition, and we know progressive socialists hate traditions.” This sounds like the rhetoric used to keep people of color from serving equally in the military and society. I hold suspect the opinion of anyone over 35 on this issue. I trained new recruits and cadets in the US Coast Guard. From my observation, they don’t have a problem serving with gay folks and are supportive.


      • As Christians we are to rebuke sin and try to lead the person to repent to being saved by Jesus Christ from the eternal lake of fire.Whether or not the person wants to accept the word and repent then accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior is up to them That’s not done out of hate but love. While there are probably idiots that hate the person that’s not what following Christ is about.

  54. I am currently a gay, married Army Officer that has had a successful Company Command (while being open) thanks to a post-DADT repeal environment. My perspective comes with deployments during both the pre and post-DADT repeal years and echoes stories from 100s of other gay service-members as we tend to be a close networked group. I believe that the power that lies within the strength of our military as an institution combined with the resilient professionalism of our Service Members transcends well beyond the partisan debates that occur on both sides of the fence. The author highlights examples of Service Members willfully separating from the Military when the organization is no longer a fit with their personal or professional lives. These decisions are made by Military members on a daily basis for a myriad of reasons. The Military is one of constant change that requires a long term embracing of both adaptable leadership and “followship” in order to have the most success and fulfillment in this career path. With force reduction measures currently being aggressively implemented, the Military is currently well over-strength with more career Service Members wanting to stay in than there are billets to accommodate them – therefore I don’t see retention being a major concern in today’s environment. The ability to live transparently allows stronger camaraderie and unit cohesion when Service Members don’t have to lie about their personal lives. Anyone that has gone to a combat zone with their unit will understand how important this glue is to the overall success of the mission. I have seen Soldiers step up for the first time with confidence with a desire to develop as leaders because they no longer have the fear of their orientation leading to reprisal or punishment. Isn’t this what a true meritocracy should really look like? Reading through many of these posts I can only conclude that many of these opinions are derived from generations prior to the millennials. I would challenge the readers to see just how accepting my generation is of the GLBT community when compared to the Founders, boomers and Xers. This is no small point when this is now the vast majority of the Service Member population. I am proud to be part of an organization that has expanded rights with sensitivity, tact and prudence and I disagree that it has negatively impacted readiness

    • ArmyCPT81, thank you for your service, but with all due respect, the reason you have a successful company command is because 1. you’re an officer, and 2. What happens when a complaining soldier goes through the chain of command as he is supposed to? No matter how low that complaint is by the time it is thrown out, the answer is the same. “We are required by law to put up with homosexuals.” Don’t mistake forced acceptance for voluntary acceptance.

      • Chris ~ My Command was an HHC at 1 star HQ where many of the personnel in my Company either out-ranked me or had enough experience to know exactly where to go for maximum firepower if they felt it was needed. I also fielded two Command climate surveys where Soldiers could express any concerns 100% anonymously and there were minimal issues identified on this subject. If a complaint was formally filed I am very confident that the in-house (or higher level) Inspector General or Equal Opportunity rep would have brought it to my attention…information was not hidden from all other cases from these sections. I am interested to hear your experiences if you feel this isn’t the norm.

      • Of course no SM in their right mind would write heavy UNpc comments like that. (not about blacks or women either for that matter)The command would either punish the whole group until the person who wrote the comment was exposed and punished to the nth degree or conduct a covert spying mission to see who might have written it.

      • I suppose the real question at hand is why anyone would even have a need or desire to post non-PC comments about gays, minorities or women if the person in that category is a fair, dedicated and compassionate leader. Do you disagree?

      • dude – could you post a pic so I know who not to drop the soap around on my next deployment

    • You refer to the vast majority of the service population being gay – maybe it’s because heterosexuals don’t want to serve with people they don’t trust or feel uncomfortable with.

    • If you look on Facebook or do a google search there are gays serving as Marines, and doing their jobs. I understand some people disliking this on religious grounds, but then again they may not like the idea of Jewish or Hindu Marines. There are Jewish Marines who do their jobs, so why not gay ones?

      • Robert, The Corps is the most macho, homophobic, manly branch of the services. That’s not me saying it, that’s just the culture. Marines are warriors with deep rooted traditions. I’m not saying that a gay cant do a good job, but its more to it than that. It’s all about unit cohesion. If that unit cohesion and trust is compromised in any way, you’re setting yourself up for failure. As Marines, you train, bleed, and sweat together. It just wouldn’t feel right if my buddy and I are in a firefight and he decides to tell me that he’s gay. That’s betrayal. There goes your unit cohesion.

      • Believe it or not, on Facebook there is such a character, Russ Marine, or something like that and his mates are OK with him. In any event, if you have the guts to join up, even if you’re a little funny, you’re better than most straight guys like myself who would run if anyone was shooting at him.

      • Oh, I work with active duty Marines. I know about Russ! I hear them talk about his situation and its not pretty, trust me.

      • What specifically isn’t pretty? There is naturally going to be more opinions (pro and con) when someone is highly visible on social media

    • same here. I can’t imagine a dumbass redneck like you protecting this country. on the bright side, now you have more time to bang your sister and produce more little inbred idiots to populate this country with your ignorance.

  55. Our military doesn’t want to be known for social issues but rather, as a force to be reckoned with. The biggest, the baddest, the brightest and most feared among our enemies and any of those even contemplating doing our country harm.

      • Really! I thought the military has always been about doing what it takes to defend our country.

      • So the people defending your freedoms shouldn’t get the same ones? I find it HILARIOUS that you far righties are still talking about this almost 3 years after the DADT repeal. It is a DEAD non-issue!

      • What? Last I checked, you were the one supporting limiting soldiers’ freedoms by forcing political correctness on them.

        The military’s #1 goal is defending America. If the DADT repeal negatively affects that, as this article suggests, it is not a “DEAD non-issue”.

      • Please point me to this mountain of evidence of all of the negative effects that the repeal of DADT has caused.

      • I said this article suggests negative effects, not that I personally know what they are. If such effects are suggested, they should be looked into, not ignored. That would provide the “mountain of evidence”, or prove such a mountain doesn’t exist.

      • It’s already been proven the mountain doesn’t exist. Any independent issues of abuse of authority, sexual assault, etc. should be felt with swiftly, regardless of sexuality.

      • If that were true, this article, which cites an active Navy pilot, wouldn’t exist.

      • glad you are using your real name so I know not to drop the soap around you on my next deployment 🙂

      • OK – morale is so low in the military right now that when the reduction in force began it was estimated that 75K people would be cut from the AF, but people had the option to separate if they wanted to – way more than 75K signed up. oops! Better recalculate. Gays in the force had a lot to do with that. It was the same way under Clinton – morale sucked

      • it can swing the other way – since 1980 there have been 2 dem presidents and already you all think you own the country – let interest rates go up and the FED stop pumping 85 billion – yes billion – dollars a month into the economy and we will get to see how failed the policies of this administration have been – and then who is going to rebuild America – gays and all the people on welfare??? No – you will need those hard working conservatives that you all hate

      • wrong again – keep trying. although it is entertaining to see how much a liberal thinks they know about the military but does not

  56. LTC West: “the military is a bastion of tradition, and we know progressive socialists hate traditions”.

    -You got that right, Sir! And some simply do not want to be part of obama’s Down Low Club.

    • At one point not all that long ago those traditions didn’t include people,like Allen West. How soon he forgets!

      • What year did we racially integrate the military and what arguments were used against it? It strikes me as wildly hypocritical that an African American is complaining about current day integration of the military. Especially after it’s already done. That ship has sailed soldier!

      • You fail to mention that race has virtually nothing to do with physical ability, unlike gender.

      • OK – now you really are losing credibility. Blacks fought for the USA in the war of 1812 – in the battle of New Orleans and fought for both sides in the civil war – America is not much older than that – I guess you did not absorb that info from your spouse

  57. This article is more then the military dropping DADT it’ about lowering the standards so more minorities will be eligible to serve in special units. I don’t mean race I mean gender. If you read the book “Duty” Robert Gates explains Obama’s reasoning. And its real simple to figure out Obama.

    AS an example: Let’s say you need to climb over a 5 foot wall wearing standard 782 gear. But this 5 foot wall represents climbing in and out of some sort of personnel carrier. Well if you can’t climb over this 5 foot wall, you won’t be able to get in or out of the personnel carrier.

    But in Obama’s world, that does not matter, what matters in Obama’s world is that that he wants a certain number of females in certain positions. So he is telling the trainers that the trainees only need to climb a 3 foot wall to qualify. He does not understand the why of the 5 foot wall or cares to. All he just understands are the poll numbers for public approval.

  58. BHO wants our military to be weak. He wants America defenseless. It will hasten free America’s destruction.

      • Apparently you don’t know what the word drivel means. I guess when most of what you spew is drivel it can be confusing when you see actual truth next to what you post.

      • Yeah – she is a legend in her own mind. Probably works as an officers secretary and thinks she knows all about the military

      • Probably by watching the budget debates, what Hagel is saying, and the news about downsizing the military you dolt.

      • We’re just getting out of two very long wars. We need to downsize and fight smarter. Our defense budget is very bloated. We could use some of that $$ to support our veterans!

      • As previously stated, you have no experience, no direct knowledge. You have no idea what you are talking about- fight smarter-really? Go get the knowledge and experience it takes to make this statement. BTW- I am a disabled vet and the VA sucks.

      • The VA is a MAJOR disappointment. There is a worthy cause to scream, yell, and complain about. There is absolutely no excuse for the way our veterans have been treated. Gays in the military? It’s over and done with and a non-issue.

      • I am a prior E who relied on the VA for healthcare when I was finishing college. Based and my experiences I kept thinking – all the people asking the GOV to run healthcare have no idea what they are saying 🙂

    • While I don’t condone homosexuality for personal reasons,Gay don’t have anything to do with not being able to get the job done.People have the perception that they’re all soft and sissified. If they were that soft and delicate they wouldn’t have joined the military in the first place. Yes BOH wants America defenseless from the inside as well that’s why he wants our guns and weapons. We will be easier for the terrorist organizations he has allowed into the country to kill us infidels if we’re unarmed. Check out the US maps of states with mosques and states with Islamic organizations I guess is the more PC term for them.

      • You don’t condone homosexuality? You mean you aren’t a homosexual? I am also not a homosexual, does that mean I don’t condone it? I mean I do everything within my rights to prevent homosexual sex (meaning I don’t have homosexual sex).

      • I never said they couldn’t fight, nor did I say they were all sissies. I do know a lot of people are glad to be out of the service rather than serve with them. They have spoken up on line. BHO has also not supported our military, forced people who wouldn’t turn against American civilians to retire, not done what was right by the veterans and made things difficult for Christians in the service. The way the military are treated will make fewer people willing to serve. In Afghanistan they often don’t get hot meals when they get off duty. They don’t have a commander-in-chief they can respect. BHO is doing everything to weaken our military.

      • My reply to you was meant to be more in agreement with your statement. I wasn’t saying you thought they couldn’t fight or were sissies. It’s appalling that our men and women can’t get a decent meal while he funds terrorists and other anti America groups even in this country.If my people can’t get hot decent meals than our POS in chief and his family should have to do without as well.

  59. I think the military need REAL man to fight, right? And what about a guy with a lipstick on and high heels on the battle-field?

  60. wow, talk about a dick. do you throw this crap up because you’re even more irrelevant than you were before? I have no respect for men like you in combat. Its too bad no one put a bullet in that thick, ignorant, skull of yours while you were in “combat”

    • My aren’t you just full of tolerance or is that Crap you are full of? Don’t bother replying we all know the answer.

      • Oh too bad, I guess I did reply. I love this conservative BS argument of “tolerance” for their INTOLERANCE! Its completely absurd and hypocritical.

        It’s like saying, “hey, I hate black people and I dont think theyre human, therefore they should all be banned from being outdoors” and then asking you to be “tolerant” of my belief.

        It astonishes me how completely stupid and ignorant conservatives are. Or how completely maniacal and devilishly clever they are in hiding their bigotry and hate under the vale of “good ol american values”

      • thank you for pointing out that fact…most people keep trying to equate being gay to being black..I damn sure can’t go into the closet until the coast is clear. I don’t need to say a word for people to see my black face.. and braindead thinks it’s intelligent…

      • And that is where the divide between stupidity and ignorance is. Fools like you still believe being gay is a behavior and not something you are born with. As if a gay person wanted to be gay and go through life being ridiculed and not being able to pro-create with their partner. Yeah, what an appealing “behavior” that is to have. you truly astound me

      • nah – that was the DEMs that treated black people like that and still do. Oh, you are too dumb to make it on your own sweetie – let me make sure you get this big fat welfare check. where conservatives are intolerant is what you do is none of our business so stop asking us to be accepting of it – America is based on different strokes for different folks – pardon the pun – so you do your thing and I will do mine, but when you start saying I have to agree with you that is where the intolerance comes in

      • you can be as intolerant as you want – but when you make it policy or part of a campaign, that is where the line is drawn. Bottom line: you can not make discriminate against perfectly fit human beings from serving in the military nor can you tell them they can’t be married (and since when is “marriage” only a Judeo-Christian thing anyways? I recall Pagans getting married long before any monotheistic religion).

      • since the voters say so – America is still a democracy right – but then again I am not sure with all the executive orders and judicial activism going on – hopefully they will make a gun grab and then we will see who the true majority is

    • like anyone cares what a homo who has never been in combat thinks of them – just keep collecting your welfare check and shut up

      • I think he’d like you to fight Gomez. How bout you join? and while you’re at it, please walk into a heavily armed Taliban-controlled village yourself so we don’t have to hear you’re pathetic jokes again 🙂

      • Sorry braindead…I’ve served and retired… too late for your pathetic self…Maybe you should try serving it may bring out the undead part of your brain…By the way I may not have that much of a problem walking into a Taliban village since I look like them. All I need is to grow a beard…

      • All to late I retired from that life…but I will say I could walk into a Taliban controlled village and pass as a goat herder…since I look like one without the beard… and who’s joking?

    • I’d love to see you stand a chance against the IDF. they are the most well-trained soldiers in the world and if you had any military training or intelligence whatsoever, you would know this. Keep talking out of your ass fairlane

  61. I declined re-enlistment once homosexuals were allowed to openly serve. Not because I hate them, as I knew a few that served honorably and kept it to themselves. I am proud of my 6 years, starting in ’04, and my deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq (1 each) and other smaller nations in the middle east.

    I declined to re-up because I knew once homosexuals were to openly serve, the sensitivity training and promotion of what I consider deviant behavior would become mandatory. We’d all be taught to embrace it. No thanks.

    Add in the the forced integration of females into majority male units, and all the problems they cause – its never listed as the reason for the spike in sexual assaults. Women have zero reason to be in combat arms. Many men don’t belong there either, these days, when the recruiters are pressured to get gang-bangers and meth heads to sign up.

    The Services are a shadow of themselves, promoting “progressive” causes over fighting and winning wars. The military has become a left wing toy – like giving a toddler the keys to a Ferrari. They have no idea what it does, how to operate it, but by Gaia, they’ll make it better by getting their grubby hands all over it!

    What a mockery. I’d laugh if it wasn’t so sad.

    • So two consenting adults forming a life together is deviant behavior? So much for that freedom you were fighting for!

      • In homosexuality’s case, yes. Deviant behavior is behavior that deviates from normal behavior. Heterosexuality is undeniably the norm, making homosexuality the deviation by definition.

        Aside from that, what part of disagreeing with homosexuality deprives others of their freedom? And isn’t the disagreement itself a protected freedom?

      • The word deviant has a strong negative connotation to it which is why you continue to use it. 70% of Americans believe that ENDA should be passed so that gays and lesbians can’t be discriminated against in the workplace. Only 21% oppose such protections. DADT repeal also polled in the 65-70% range. People that believe in and want to discriminate are becoming a smaller and smaller part of American society, thankfully!

      • So what it’s still outside of the normal…period…if your feelings get hurt…well so what

      • I don’t even remember a time when I used the word deviant before my last post. I was simply pointing out that by definition it does apply, and can rightly be used to describe homosexuality.

        While I’d like to see the source for those statistics, I’d like to point out that I’m against discrimination in the workplace, including against homosexuals. I’d also like to point out that, unless those polled for the DADT repeal were all in the military, it’s an irrelevant result.

        I wish that were true, but discrimination based on religion is on the rise. Rather than reduce discrimination, society has transferred it to new victims.

      • facts posted on MSNBC I assume – fortunately 99% of the people in the military are straight – if not I guess I am just lucky that I have never served with any – oh yeah – wait – I did serve with a guy who got a young airman “passed out drunk” and gave him oral sex while he was sleeping – when the airman roused an saw what was going on he filed a complaint and an investigation began – the SSgt pulled his truck in his garage before going to prison and killed himself – sounds pretty deviant to me

      • So I guess straight people never commit sexual assault? Abuse and assault is wrong no matter what your sexuality is. Stop trying to turn people issues into gay issues.

      • I have a feeling that an 18 y/o drunk male Airman would not have had a problem with a female supervisor giving him oral sex versus a male as evidenced by the fact he filed charges

      • So sticking your sexual organs into another persons waste system is not deviant sexual behaviour?! Sure its not. Why not a sheep or dogs waste system then? We are heterosexually reproducing organisms, it does not get any more clear cut than that. Look around you, the normalization of deviant behaviour is destroying the nation.

  62. These scenarios have already occurred. Here goes:
    A young male service member is approached by his NCO and is subject to unwelcome homosexual advances. If he “goes along to get along”, he will not receive the undesirable “assignments” that he knows that he will get if he refuses his NCO’s homosexual advances. In addition, his “fitness reports” will reflect his “attitude” toward his homosexual NCO. If he refuses his NCO’s advances, there will be trumped up charges of insubordination for any little infraction.
    A homosexual commanding officer will “look the other way” when his homosexual subordinates take “free reign” and assault “straight” military personnel. Attempts by “straight” service members to report such incidents will be met with “extra duty” and other “punishments. The “chain of command” will be of no help.
    In both cases, promising military careers are cut short–all because of rampant homosexuality in the military.
    These two situations have already occurred, and will continue to do so, as long as “political correctness” reigns supreme.

      • It already happens with females, too. This is an anti sexual assault post. We should be attempting to reduce the number of sexual assaults that occur. The gender and sexuality of the perpetrators and the victims is irrelevant to that argument.

        As far as blaming it on homosexuals, he is plain wrong. Heterosexual people commit sexual assault and cover it up more frequently than homosexuals. But this is neither a sexuality nor a gender problem, it is a people problem.

      • well it is a sexual problem too – since people of all sexual orientations are fallible and make poor decisions – do you think it would be a good idea to place an 18 year old male in a room to bunk with 3 females – then blame it on the male if something happened versus saying – that was pretty stupid to put a young male full of testosterone in a room with 3 females. that is what you are suggesting the military do with gays – right

      • Well, I guess now we know where the rape mentality comes from. Do you really think that a gay guy makes it to 18 years of age without the ability to function in a same sex environment? Where the hell did you clowns go to school?

      • uh – not sure about the whole rape thing – but if you think it is wise to put someone who is attracted to the opposite or same sex for prolonged periods of time in a personal environment – unlike school – where people sleep and wear underwear for prolonged periods of time – where the hell did you go to school. but then again I am a science major so I guess I did not get exposed to all the brain washing

      • You keep saying things which suggest that you don’t see sexual impulses as something you or other males have control over. Now I was thinking about your posts yesterday on my run, and it occurred to me that there is a dynamic difference between gay men and straight men when it comes to sexual availability. Something which a straight man might not understand.

        Gay men don’t have to play games to get laid. We don’t have to woo. We don’t have to buy dinner. We don’t have to promise promotions, or preferred assignments. In fact, military gay men are in the catbird seat. All they have to do is put on the uniform and walk down the street. They can even be older or a little out of shape, and that uniform works every time.

      • sadly with the morals of most people nowadays I am not sure that is entirely accurate and I can attest that by the number of people I treat who have std’s in the military – let me put it like this – when I trim for a deployment or for a PT test I usually do not keep a bunch of junk food in the apartment – if I was an alcoholic I would not hang out in bars – if I was a druggie I would not go to parties where people did drugs and if I was gay I would not want to be stuck in a room with a bunch of young – physically fit guys in their underwear b/c as you attest – moral do not really enter into the sexual equation for you guys

      • nor is it no big deal as you are implying – I am a prior E before getting my degree – my direct supervisor was gay back in 94 – he got one of the young airmen in our unit drunk – so drunk he passed out and he started to perform oral sex on him – the airman woke up during it and later filed a complaint – while being investigated by the OSI my supervisor killed himself – but please keep telling me how little I know about gays in the military – the only way liberals can believe some of the stuff they hold on to is to demonize conservatives b/c we are “a waste of time” we could not possibly be right

      • Then you really have no first hand experience. My husband and I both served, when you earn your stripes let us know.

      • I have nothing but respect for your service in the military but to tell me I know nothing about this issue is extremely dishonest on your part. And I’m being polite.
        I have the utmost confidence that the men and women of our military can conduct themselves in a dignified, respectful, and professional manner. It astounds me that other Americans seem to think they exist on the intellectual level of a boys high school locker room!

      • As a matter of fact, right now the biggest issue is gangs. The high school mentality, why yes, it does exist. It also exists with the junior officers.

      • some of us still serve the flag and the Constitution over the BS clicks and political agendas. I came in in 91 and took a break to finish college before coming back in as a “zero” – got a few years left – hope you are enjoying your retirement

      • Stick it. The military answers to the civilian, not the other way around. Or did you miss Constitution 101?

      • big difference – I have a wife but she has no idea about the training I have done – the missions I have been on – or what it even takes to pass basic. that is like saying I am married to a chemist so I know all about chemistry – stop talking like you know what you are saying – you are obviously pro-gay – but how serving openly applies to the military you have no idea. Let me ask you this since most gays “hate” Christians as I guess you think we hate you b/c of your screen name – would it be relevant for a military paper to cover an article or a commander give a person preferential treatment b/c they saved 100 souls at their local church and if no why not?

      • articles posted is base papers and online that are printed simply b/c the person is gay – not b/c they helped accomplish the mission or contributed to it – in the military that is all there is and nothing else – whatever you do in your own time is your business and has no place in the unit

      • no I am an active duty officer and have seen the problems homosexuals cause first hand including suicides – anyone regardless of any reason who weakens the integrity of the service and the unit has no business in that unit – and I do not have to be religious to dislike gays – I dislike anyone who says I have to agree with them or they are going to complain and sue me

      • Sounds like you are still blaming gay people for other people’s behavior.

        It’s fun to argue about stuff, but this is a done deal. It’s a done deal because it was the right thing to do. Whether you believe your prejudice is based in religion is irrelevant, it is based in religion at its core. We know when the first European law against gay people was passed, who passed it, and the reason he passed it. Everything which followed was an expression of that original act in the fourth century by a Christian Roman emperor and carried through by the state church of Rome and descendant governments.

      • you are funny – it can swing both ways. DEMs have only had 2 presidents elected since 1980 and you guys think you own the country.

      • I was in the military. In the Marine Corps, the commanding officer is next to God. Although most service people take their service seriously, there are those who would use for personal advantage and gratification.
        I stand by my statements.
        Best regards,

      • People have abused their positions of power since the beginning of time. As was stated below, that’s a people problem that has nothing to do with someone’s sexuality. Anyone that abuses their authority should be reprimanded and/or punished for it.

      • OK. we’ve picked on gay people for a few days now, let’s talk trash about mulattoes and their obsession with blond white women.

      • the article is about gays not mulattoes…can’t you read? Besides Blonds have more fun so it isn’t just mulattoes who are obsessed. Unless mulattoes are the only ones who can enjoy blond white women…

      • I don’t like showering with mulattoes. How do I know they won’t steal stuff from my locker?

      • Fact,,,, why have there been so many CO’s relieved for sexual misconduct…and a general was court martial for sexual misconduct… profession in the field but unprofessional in the bed…

      • I like my women “unprofessional in the bed”, well, at least the ones that aren’t “professionals in the bed”. Just sayin’.

    • Also, a rejection will be turned around to be hate speech and they’ll be disciplined for being hostile. It’s a mess. This stuff has already been going on. What was that Dem Congressman from NY that finally got tossed out for assauting young men, after getting away with it in the Navy?

  63. If you’re not mature enough to be able to serve with gay troops, you’re not military material. Frankly, if you’re so concerned about what your fellow soldiers are doing with their genitals that it hinders your ability to do your job you need to see a psychiatrist.

    • Disagree on the second part. Being concerned with a coworker who sexually assaults people to the point where it interferes with work may be rational.

    • Ben have you been in the military or are you just running your mouth like all civilians? Who know nothing about the topic…or are you another non-deploying POG…

      • My too, of course you’re deaf to your own bigotry or is it ignorance regarding bigotry. By the who has the foreign accent??? Jorge?

      • I’m not the one advocating discrimination. See, that is the point. It’s one thing to have your own supremacist opinions, the world is a pecking order (or a pissing contest if you prefer) and everyone has an idea of where he and his tribe rank. But our country, which is an expression of my tribe and therefore I feel ownership of it, has rules that even most of us don’t really like, but which we respect philosophically and obey civically.

      • Even though we are supposed to be civilized I believe a high degree of discrimination is imprinted or hardwired into our ego. Our country has been fictionalize from the onset and it won’t change. However, I believe certain rules have a purpose, for example qualification for specific jobs i.e. weight, size, body shape, intellect etc… We may not like the rules but they have their place…according to the author making certain types of rule changes are having an adverse affect on the troops. The bad thing about the government is that is too large and lethargic to respond appropriately and in a timely manner.

      • The military has a history of identifying the obstacle and devising success around it.

        I think that any objective military historian would say that the history of the European military is replete with adaptation to social issues. The history of the American military is no different. There have been issues of class and ethnicity from the outset. There have been debates about priorities and philosophies.

        Lots of gay people served in the various wars of this nation. The argument here is that knowing people are gay is somehow a burden on people who would rationally assume that there are gay people. It makes no sense. It’s like anything else: all that really changes is your awareness.

        Also, let’s not pretend that there is no common ground. Open and honest people can have a good time together without being in agreement. Open and honest people can trust each other. I voted for Obama because I support national single payer. I got gypped. I don’t trust Obama as far as I can throw him. I actually would trust Romney more than Obama. Sometimes you have to make difficult choices. Choosing to respect the people you serve in the armed forces with is not a difficult choice. You are supposed to put your differences aside and work for the common good. How can you claim to be doing that while declaring gay people to be untrustworthy?

      • man – you sound like Dr. Spock – the guy who wrote the book about how you should raise kids while never having kids of his own. just stick with the whole “go gay” and F everybody else without trying to rationalize why the 99% of the people n the military are wrong that do not want homo-s there

      • He never served a day. He’s just the indoctrinated product of a rapidly failing modern liberal public “education” system. Us honorably discharged veterans know what it’s like to live in tight berthing spaces with bunks stacked three high and barely walking room between them. There’s no place for the homosexual drama there. Homosexual sex assaults have gone through the roof since the repeal of DADT and retention of personnel has become a problem for the military with the single reason being the homosexualization of the armed forces by the homosexual in chief. Normal, balanced, heterosexual males are just walking away from the military in refusing to reenlist and the fact they are doing so in the worst domestic labor market since the Great Depression is really telling.

      • you called it. The AF recently wanted to get rid of 25K due to sequestration. Separation boards started, but morale sucks so bad right now about 3 times that volunteered to get out. Oops!

      • Highest military suicide rate in history, morale in the military is pretty much dead. Your army is only as good as it’s commanders and if the Commander in Chief himself is a weak leader the entire military suffers. The entire military IS suffering from weak, ineffectual and misguided leadership.

  64. Regardless of what is said homosexuals have every right to serve. It does not matter if sexual events occur these are awful, yes, but it happens just as often to women by Heterosexual males. Do not blame this on gays.

    • no – I blame it on the stupid politicians who care more about political points than the men and women willing to die for their country

  65. Hey the nice thing about all of this, is when they lower the standards anyone will be able to be a ranger, green beret, or Navy seal. No need to worry about pride in service, or pride in position, even the scrawny guys can be green berets.

      • Educate me. Could it never happen that you need a special ops person who is smaller or lighter? Most of the guys who claim to be military supermen look like they are training for a job as a fitness model. They’re huge, or “swole” as they like to say.

        I’m reminded of some TV show about special ops where the black guy that is the team commander decides to go talk to the Arab terrorist in person. So this American negro walks through the streets of a mythical Persian town and nobody notices.

      • dude you have no idea what you are talking about – I have worked with SEAL teams 6 – 8 – and 2. Some dudes look like NFL linebackers and some look like grocery store clerks and yes a few look like models. However, there is a reason why SEALs and PJ’s and Combat Controllers call Air Show drops Hollywood drops. They are carrying no gear. If you are a SAW gunner for one of these teams just your weapon weighs 68 pounds. Take into account that in a desert environment they have to carry in all their water and you can easily have to hall between 200 and 250 pounds of gear on a recon or sniper mission. As a result all of the Spec Ops guys meet the same fitness quals regardless of what they look like. There is no preferential treatment in SEAL teams and no one wants to be paired up with a weak link just b/c the DEM party is trying to score political points.

  66. Usa continues to decline. There will be civil.unrest before it’s all said and done. People are getting ready to strike back on this gay crap. It’s out of control .

      • That may be the way degenerates like you think of women, but I understand and appreciate them for more than they can offer in a mere hour.

      • That’s the way this degenerate thinks of that common slattern you asked to marry you.

    • After all of your other arguments fail, threaten violence. That’s a sure sign that your side and ideas are losing!

    • Anyone who thinks he’s going to strike me “on this gay crap” should be prepared to be in considerable pain and then none at all.

    • I’m sorry for George Mason’s comments below. He is a undeniably a scumbag and you are undeniably a beautiful, smart woman.

      • I think the word “scumbag” is more appropriate for the person who thinks that equal rights for gay people is “gay crap. It’s out of control.”

  67. What Obama is trying so hard to fix is the military’s overwhelming propensity to vote for a conservative agenda – an effect that appears to last a lifetime. Sure, it’s not as strong a voting block as the Black vote, but it’s significant enough to warrant discarding absentee ballots from service personnel en masse in contested elections.

    • Yeah Jack. you hit it right on the nail…idiot.

      Not everything Obama does has a secret agenda and this would be the most pointless reason ever to allow gays to serve openly in the military.
      That’s like saying Lincoln freed the slaves so they would one day vote republican.
      I swear, sometimes i am astonished by the stupidity of people

      • LBJ pushed the Civil Rights Act so that Blacks would vote Democrat. Why is it so beyond belief that this is at least part of Obama’s agenda? Indeed, it is harder to believe that he actually thinks his ideas will actually improve the military.

      • Everything Obama does is to suit his agenda of gaining more power and enslaving the American people. He cares little about the social issues or any other issue he promotes. This illegitimate imposter is a Trojan horse and cares way more about the Muslim Brotherhood and Muslims in general than he does the American people.

  68. Under the P.L.D.s [Progressive Liberal Democrats] ideas of equality, the “alternate chosen lifestyles, trump all other rights! Especially those of the right, and even more so the Practicing Christians!
    Where do the “Gay-Rights” stop and the Christian’s begin? Plus since when does the Minority within the minority determine our course? They all abhor proselytizing, UNLESS THEY ARE THE ONES DOING IT!
    http://[email protected]

  69. Bathhouse Barry likes drugs and bathhouses. He’s pushing his homosexuality on the entire country forcefully using the government that he now heads. Of course normal moral MEN are going to get sick of the forced homosexualization of their berthing and living spaces and having to watch the homosexuals play out their faggot fantasies daily in their presence with the enormous mega drama these perverts bring. They want to live a normal life away from the perverted immorality of Bathhouse Barry and his immoral addicted liberal supporters. And, sexual assault is up 50% since the repeal of DADT in the military as “fresh meat” in the form of “new boots” are preyed on by old homosexuals.

  70. I went into the Navy as an E-3 and at my EAOS I was an E-3. They didn’t like me. They kept trying to brand me as a homosexual, even though I am not. This is the Navy’s fault for engaging in hate and stupidity. The people that are getting out lack discipline, patience and self constraint. Far too many of the officers in the Navy have a disturbed and narcissistic demeanor. Their behavior is the foundation of the problems with the military, not this supposed orientation.

  71. Hmm… I guess I do hate. I hate being groped in berthing, and I hate that the zero tolerance policy on sexual harassment doesn’t apply to gays .. And I hate that fact because should my CO prosecute a gay sex offender, he may very well lose his job. What is a lost E-5 worth compared to 0-6?? Yep. I chose to maintain my sense of self worth by removing myself from a degrading situation. So, maybe I can support the tyrannical oppression by gays when I am once again allowed my most BASIC of human rights; to have control over who touches my body.

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  73. I wrote this poem last year because of what I saw in the USA. It was written after I looked up at the stars on a midsummer eve.

    The Stars written by Donna R. Lands (DRL)

    Goodness does not destroy and murder whilst evil enslaves ,rapes and kills. Humans sought as slavery thrills.
    Stocked and hunted as prey once the kill, the thrill has gone upon its merry way.
    They will come knocking at your door and maybe they will see you no more.

    Watch out for the shim sham shadies who sweet talks the men and ladies!
    Indeed my friend-Take the heed
    Do not let them steal your brain for this is only what keeps you wise,worthy and sane!

    Wake up and shake up..your sleepy little head and check the stars for what is read and never dead.
    Boil and bubble… toil and trouble what does the old man grow???
    For it is his treasure that you haunt and want, truly you seek to know
    He will not let you miss until he grows into the beast of the east to take you to the darkness of abyss.

    Have you not heard the truth is in the word
    Seek the truth that leads the way and you will know what is the wisdom of the day
    No worries my child for the lifting up is peacefully mild..
    So rest your sleepy head and gaze upon the stars that are read and never dead.


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