More Florida voter fraud? 3000 registrations list UPS stores as residence

If there is one thing I learned in the 2012 election cycle, it was about voter fraud. My conservative warrior associate, Katherine Engelbrecht, and her organization, True the Vote, took up the mantle against the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections, Gertrude Walker, who admitted to sending “questionable” results to the Florida Secretary of State. It was somewhat disheartening that the Florida Secretary of State and Attorney General sat back, watched the news reports, and did nothing.

With that background, I’d like to share a story written by Gregg Prentice: “Voter Fraud? If they’re not catching the easy stuff, what else are they missing?”

Prentice asks, are some of Florida’s Supervisors of Elections skirting the law? Supervisors are tasked with maintaining an accurate voter roll. One of the requirements of the Supervisors is to ensure voters provide a legal residence address. Yet a December 2013 analysis shows more than 3,000 voter registrations statewide listing their residence address at a UPS store, potentially illegally.

Florida Law is clear and, with minor exception, requires that voter registrations listing other than an address of legal residence should not be accepted, because they are “ineligible” (F.S. 98.045 (1)(h)). In fact, it’s actually a felony to willfully submit any false voter registration information (F.S.104.011(2)). Accordingly, if these “ineligible” registrations are found to exist, Florida statutes also provide for their prompt correction or removal (F.S. 98.075(6) & (7)).

So there you go. It’s a felony for this to have happened, but how can it be that a citizen watchdog had to uncover this Florida voter fraud while the people paid with our taxpayer dollars have not a clue? Is it not a mandated responsibility of the Florida State Supervisors of Elections to maintain these voter address rolls? I’d say so.

A review of the state-mandated voter registration list reveals that of the 3,000 UPS store registrations:

– 1,200 match addresses already known as commercial that were ignored
– 500 match addresses erroneously marked as residential
– 1,100 have no match at all.

The question is, when stories like this surface, how can the voting electorate believe there is integrity in their electoral process? We’ve reported here on the Hamilton County (Cincinnati) Ohio poll worker, Melowese Richardson, who voted nearly seven times. She was supposed to have a five-year sentence but thanks to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, she served just about 18 months.

Oh and by the way, she wasn’t charged by the federal government with any type of voter fraud allegations — so much for Eric Holder’s concern about voter suppression.

You see, the real voter suppression comes when fraud exists, as it negates an individual’s lawful and proper vote. The fraudulent shenanigans in the 2012 Congressional District 18 election in St. Lucie County — and to some extent Palm Beach County — amounted to voter suppression. But as we reported previously, it’s not voter suppression Democrats are worried about, it’s fraud suppression.

In the case of the UPS store registrations, it’s not a recent phenomenon. More than 2,300 of the more than 3,000 recently discovered UPS store registrations had the exact same UPS store listed as their residence at least 15 months prior. Approximately 800 of those 2,300 likely “ineligible” registrations voted in Florida’s during the 2012 General Election.

Worse however, since Federal Elections occur in even years, the Supervisors are required by law to perform their primary “list maintenance” during the odd years. Yet these 3,000 UPS store registrations were identified in December of 2013 as the Supervisors’ odd year voter roll efforts came to a close.

So it’s pretty clear too many of our Supervisors aren’t nearly as effective in their jobs as one might hope – and they’re not complying with Florida statute.

So in which counties did this occur?

According to the report, of the 67 counties in Florida, 38 were clean. The majority of the “unclean” counties have said they’re working on it. But three counties have not responded at all or weakly: Broward, Orange and Hillsborough. Prentice says Broward county receives the “here’s your sign” award with fully 40 percent of the 3,000 potentially ineligible records, and simply responding “they’re in process.”

Note: Broward represents only about 10 percent of the total state population.

Hat tip to Gregg Prentice for doing this research. He truly deserves recognition as a “Guardian of the Republic.” And in order to preserve this Republic, we will need many more Guardians. I challenge others to do the same in their state as Gregg has done here for us in Florida. “In a universe of deceit, truth becomes a revolutionary act” — and this is just the tip of the iceberg.


    • The guy was an ACORN lawyer… are you surprised? People seem surprised to find out that “community organizing” turns out to be voting fraud and suppression of actual results.

      Obama dropped his open pride for ACORN about the same time he left his beloved Reverend Wright twisting in the wind.

      • Ya Ron Paul was cheated out across the country and he had enough delegates for there to be a vote at the RNC between the two but Reince Preibus and the moderate (read republican in name only) people changed rules on the fly even after the rules were tailor made for Romney the previous time the RNC met.

    • Shocked that it hasn’t been stopped, that Americans are letting it happen, that people that are not doing their jobs have not been punished. And shocked that their are people of such low integrity.

  1. There is a very easy way to stop the voter fraud and it is so simple. Instead of having to pay for a US passport the government should give one free to all its citizens and use this as the only voter ID. that is it no more fraud. But the democrats will never accept that they will say it is too expensive. Well just cut one of Obama’s vacation that should pay for everyones US passport. When you vote the machine register your passport id number and will not allow a second vote for this passport eliminating voting more than once in that state or any other state. And only citizens can have a passport so that eliminates all illegal aliens and permanent residents. and voila problem solved once and for all.

    • I fully support cutting obama’s vacations. Seven last year alone! The complete cost of supporting Britain’s entire royal family in their lavish life-style in 2012 was $57 million. The cost of supporting his royal highness (POTUS), her royal highness (FLOTUS) and the 2 girls was $1.9 BILLION! Only two problems with this solution that I see. One, this would be, in effect, a national ID card, and since all passports now have chips in them, they could be used to track you anywhere in the world. The second problem is the voting machine itself. When dingy harry was competing against Sharon Angle, the SEIU programmed, stored, maintained, and set up the voting machines for Nevada. Not only that, they also removed the results and delivered them to the democrat attorney general to be tallied! Nothing could possibly go wrong there! There were numerous complaints from people who, when going back over their ballot to recheck it, found that their Republican vote had been switched to democrat! I think that there has to be some way that the machines could be made tamper-proof, but at present, they’re not.

      • I saw Sharron Angle at an event presentation. The voter fraud that harryreid brought into the election is …..words fail for the criminality of this disgusting protoplasm.

    • Love the idea. By the way-isn’t gun registration an ID process-but it does not seem to suppress guns-not that I would want it to-go NRA.

      • In the state of Florida, unless you get a concealed weapons permit or commit a crime with a gun, there is no gun registration. The dealer has to keep sales records but they are kept privately.

        The ATF is now being reported in a few instances (since the ATF got it’s director after not having one for years) of going around to gun stores and trying to copy some gun stores entire records. Which is illegal, they are only allowed to take records of suspected individuals.

    • A lot of people are afraid to let the federal government handle their voting info because they are under so many investigations of criminal activities against conservatives. I can’t blame them, hell, look at the people who have been automatically switched from republican to democrat after visiting the ACA/Obamacare site! It is very concerning for these up coming primary elections

    • WE ALL need to turn their logic on them-requiring a DL is driving suppression-why have one-just for fees? Silly-we don’t need no stinkin’ driver’s licenses.

      • I actually would support abolishing drivers licences. So long as you can prove at least once in a state that your set as long as you live there. If you move and come back then you have to take a driving test again. I mean, look at it as it is now. There are so many freaking unsafe drivers on the road that come here from all over and if they already are an adult they just have to take the written test, an eye test, and then they get their picture taken and off they go. So, having drivers licences doesn’t make anyone safer. There are plenty of other forms of ID, not that I’m advocating for people to always have to carry a passport, social security card, or both certificate. If anyone disagrees with me on this then aside from the voter topic what reason is there?

      • I think photo ID at registration, which must be done in person, together with photo ID to vote will help. But DL are given to people on visas working here legally, as well as legal residents who are not citizens, yet either of these could use a DL to vote legally. It isn’t just the illegals. DL can be used to ID someone, but at some point *citizenship* must be confirmed, as well as the right to vote, eg no felons. DL do not demonstrate citizenship.

      • Seems to me if citizens are being FORCED into participating in Obamacare, then why shouldn’t they force all citizens to have voter ID. If you don’t sign up for Obamacare, you’re fined. If you don’t have a voter ID…you don’t vote. It’s that simple. If voting is that important to you, you’ll get one.

  2. I still haven’t gotten over election night. Hearing all of the reports of poll workers being pushed out of the polls, black panther members trying to intimidate voters, and knowing that there was widespread fraud with the machines. Then there was the Canadian high school whose teacher recruited teens to go across the border to try and influence voters in a key state to vote for Obama. Thank goodness, public outcry stopped that in time. It’s just too important to take every measure possible to fight against this fraud.

    • Dems have won the last 2 elections due to massive electoral fraud. We all know it. We witnessed it. Reported it to deaf ears since overwhelming majority of SOEs in Florida are registered Dems. There’s honor amongst these rats, they don’t squeal on each other.

      • Before I even read this post of yours, I too, was writing of the “deaf ears”-and these are the people we pay with our dollars. Everyday, it seems closer to a revolution.

      • Not to mention the letters that were sent out to retired democrats that are still controlled by their Union “owners”, telling them how extremely important it was “for the security of their retirement benefits” that they re-elect Obama! I personally know someone in Florida that received one of those concerned forcefully-intimidating letters! Along with the intimidating presence at the polls. Can we imagine what would have happened had this behavior come from the republican side?

    • It’s okay, the American strong are waken up and there will come a time when they won’t take it anymore. Not the voter fraud not the Southern poverty law center not the rainbow coalition push, no of it. We’ve had enough of the abuse of the American tax payer.

  3. I’m one of those UPS registered voters. I live and work on a yacht. Ft. Lauderdale in Broward County is considered the yachting capital of the USA and maybe even the world.

    I’ve had the box for the eight years I’ve been down there. I have no other address and receive my mail there, as do many other boaters and “yachties” in the community. No voter fraud involved. I know that’s not the entire explanation but I’d say there are at least a couple hundred others in my position. Perhaps this isn’t as big a story as Mr. West would like to make it out to be.

    • Haley, if you were to participate at least once as a volunteer in the voting process and witness the abuse with your own eyes, your story would be different and definitely you’ll understand that the story is MUCH larger than “Mr. West would like to make it out to be.” I know your community quite well as being part of the yacht management world myself for a number of years and you are correct but this particular workforce is very minimal. And Mr. West was specific to the county NOT being Broward. At least pay attention when reading an article!

      • Perhaps you should pay attention:

        “The majority of the “unclean” counties have said they’re working on it.
        But three counties have not responded at all or weakly: Broward, Orange
        and Hillsborough. Prentice says Broward county receives the “here’s your
        sign” award with fully 40 percent of the 3,000 potentially ineligible
        records, and simply responding “they’re in process.”

        I’m merely pointing out a not insignificant reason why this might be the case before we all go screaming “Voter fraud!”. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist or it’s not a problem. Just that in this case there may be more to the story than voter fraud pure and simple.

      • Perhaps a little more digging is warranted in the case of UPS “addresses”, but this is not the only report of (possible/likely) vote fraud to come to light recently, such as the 44,000 voters discovered to be registered in Maryland and Virginia… I’m sure a few of those were due to innocent oversight, but how many aren’t? And without an audit of the voter rolls along with voter ID, the fraud will continue.

      • AnnabellaDee-me too-and several others I know-because of our direct and personal volunteer participation in the voting process, witnessed massive voter fraud-this was in Cook County Illinois-which you may know is the most corrupt county in Illinoi, which lays claim to the most corrupt city in Illinois, which is in the most corrupt state in the union. And, yes, it was reported to the head of voter process, David Orr, just another corrupt dem, who laughed at the reporting of these many felonies.

      • The BMV doesn’t seem to mind. It’s on my driver’s license, so if I were to show ID to vote, it matches. No fraud.

      • I obviously only speak for myself. I say “no fraud” only in my situation, in which I am certain there are many others. I don’t say “no fraud” in that it doesn’t exist. It certainly does.

      • Since you are supposed to vote in the district that you live in for the offices in that district, maybe they should make a special voter list for you guys just like the military, where you have an APO type box number. You need to be tied down to some address that can be proven to be legit. How can you vote for a local office unless you vote in the district that the UPS box is at. From the way you describe being out of the country almost all of the time, you really are not tied to any district. It sounds to me like you should only be allowed to vote in the Presidential election because the other offices should not matter to you.

      • That’s pretty much what I do. I don’t participate in the local elections as I’m not there much. I did vote in the presidential election though.

      • I understand. It is still kind of iffy though in my opinion. You should double check the laws to make sure you won’t suddenly get hit with it.

      • If you don’t stand with all that realize this is a major problem? Then you side with those that have benefited from it.

      • I’ve never denied that voter fraud isn’t a problem. But it is possible to believe that voter fraud exists and is a problem and yet still believe that this particular story or alleged instance of it *might* be somewhat overblown. This need not be a “with us or against us” situation.

      • If you don’t take a stand and realize this is a major problem, then you stand with those that have benefited from this criminal activity.

      • Well, as a US citizen (a concept that I used to be proud to declare) he/she has a right to vote. I live in Peru and still have a right to vote – I just completed my voter forms and I have to use my last legal residence in the US.

      • Depending on the laws in the state of your last legal residence you may not be eligible either. I’m not sure you’d be legal to vote in my state. I’m pretty sure you need to be a resident of the voting district in order to vote. If you are out of the country indefinitely, I don’t think that would cut it here.

    • I’m going to make a guess that those UPS registration addresses came with P.O. Box numbers that did match up with the actual name on the registered box-just guessin’..

      • Actually, the benefit of a UPS address is that there’s a physical address, not a P.O. box, so packages will still be delivered and someone can sign for your mail for you. Not that that fact has any bearing on voter fraud, just a little FYI.

    • If you are still registered at that box and it can be verified that you are still receiving your mail there on a regular basis and your ID address matches the box i would think that would not be a problem. Afterall that is your address ..right?

      • All correct. My driver’s license has that address on there, I receive all of my mail there and I have no other address since I live on a boat that travels the world. Not common, but not unheard of in South Florida either.

      • It changes weekly, so no. The boat is registered in Jamaica, where I’ve never been. We’re in the Bahamas right now, moving to a different part of the Bahamas next week and then heading down to the Virgin Islands after that. The boat does not have a permanent slip anywhere.

      • If I were a DemonCrat, I would think YOU and your “boss” is avioding paying taxes. The Registration is from Jamaica? Sounds as if you are doing a John Kerry or John Edwards or was it another Democrat that kept it moored in Rhode Island instead of Mass. to avoid paying the Registration or some type of tax? Hummm….. Just saying……Hummmm.

    • I assume the yacht is at a marina and the marina has a boat slip #. Even RV parks have mail boxes for their spaces in the office..

      • I assume you didn’t see my response below. The boat does not have a permanent marina. We are in one area of the Bahamas right now. Next week we will be in a different area of the Bahamas. After that we will be head down to the Virgin Islands. There are many different marinas we will be at down there. Then we will go back to the Bahamas. Later this year we will be back in Florida. Where we dock depends on pricing. We might not stay there if we have to go into a shipyard for repairs. Next summer we will be in the Mediterranean and so forth. I do not set the schedule, my boss does. I have no way of knowing where I will be and for how long.

      • Full time RV’s have the same problem. They have to have some sort of address for voting, getting tags, insurance, the never ending taxes, and a drivers license.

      • understood but RVs only stay in the US and I’m unfamiliar of any R.V. situation where the people who actually operate it aren’t the ones who own it and set the schedule.
        I live on the boat and we keep the boat where the boss wants it. We also charter the boat so we will have to move the boat with as little as 24 hours notice to pick up charter guests.
        it’s a bit more complicated than what you’re imagining. I’m not saying it’s right or fair but it is what it is.

      • Sounds like a fun job, but with a lot of responsibilities. Fair winds and following seas. Billy Bob, USN. Retired 24 year Tin Can sailor.

    • According to the piece, registering through a UPS box is illegal regardless, so whether its done for legit reasons or not, its not allowed. Once you start ignoring the rules, the fraudsters quickly find ways to take it for advantage.

  4. Poster case for voter ID’s but then we have to make it go through a screen first before they get submitted and printed to be sent to voters.

      • Iris scans would be too expensive and personally, I don’t want even the state government to have my thumb or iris scan on file ripe for alphabet soup boys to hack and download under the guise of “national security”. I do have my finger prints on file with a police dept to rule mine out from when I got car jacked, and for my CWP, but this is a bit different. Not to mention that just getting voter ID laws passed down here would be enough of a hurtle. Throw in a thumb or iris or any other biometric scan for that matter and no privacy agency such as ACLU will let it pass. I’m just trying to say that to try and eliminate the loose ends of election officials who are either pandering to their own political ideals, being bribed, or just lazy and collecting taxpayer funded checks just to sit around and pretend they’re doing their jobs. That to try and make it tamper proof while respecting everyone’s privacy and walk the line to avoid special interest groups like Al Sharpton’s or even just the DNC from finding a way to pretend it’s discrimination. Which it most definitely is not.

  5. Time to call fraud for what it is, voter fraud is one of the worst crimes committed. We need to call these people out and expose them for what they are. Criminal cancer.

    • So many liberals I’ve debated have said we don’t need voter ids because there is no evidence of fraud. Nice to have some proof. Wish someone could get past the Philadelphia democrats and check out those voter rolls. I can only imagine what they would find.

      • Why do I have to show an id to get a library card that I then have to show to just borrow a book? Why it works, who knows, but people then return the books or they are charged for them. I think this library card thing is reader suppression. Oh, and movie watcher suppression, too.

      • I don’t think the library card analogy is accurate…most of his supporters can’t read and don’t need one. If the left thinks requiring a photo ID is suppression, then they should make a concerted LEGAL effort to help those poor folks get one. If they can dole out welfare programs, certainly they can dole out legal photo ID.

      • Funny, the few welfare and food stamp recipients I’ve casually known have all had NUMEROUS different IDs so can they collect under several names…and think they’re just being clever. It’s hard to positively identify someone who’s been married, divorced, and shacking up all of their lives and answer to half a dozen different names. One I know has 4 kids with 3 different last names, claims them as dependents, and her welfare mother claims them, too, because she babysits them. Nothing wrong with that, is there?

      • Perhaps there’s no evidence of voter fraud because no one is required to provide a photo ID. So far as voters being unable to vote if they’re required to provide a photo ID, to anyone who uses that as an excuse for opposing requiring a photo id, explain to them that the number of people who might be unable to vote as a consequence is so small as to be insignificant. Even then, people without a photo ID can still vote. Their vote will simply be set aside until such time as they can provide proper identification.
        In a recent group protest against states requiring photo ID to vote; anyone wanting to participate in the protest was required to provide a photo ID before being allowed to participate. Even the DNC (Democratic National Convention) required anyone wanting admittance to provide photo ID’s.

      • I am with you 100%! I live in Pennsylvania where things are beyond nutty. The diehards on this one refuse to acknowledge logic and reason. I read the latest court decision shortly after it was announced (they are fighting our law in the state courts) and the guy offered logic that was no better than what John Roberts provided for obamacare. One of the organizations fighting the law was a group that supports homeless people. As far as I know it has not yet been appealed. Our Attorney General is a democrat that thinks she is Holder and doesn’t have to defend laws she doesn’t like. So frustrating, but I really appreciate the suggestions. I never used the DNC requirement for photo id. That will be a good one to pull out next time it comes up.

  6. Due to these people not doing their jobs, we are saddled with Obama and thugs. Obama is likely a foreign agent with no eligibility to even be president. What arre we paying these people for who are supposed to be checking this stuff out? They will have to be checked on from now on as they are failing America and their stewardships.

    • Can’t wait until Ted Cruz(R) tries to get on the ballot. The DemonsCrats will yell HE ISN”T ALLOWED TO BE PRESIDENT BECAUSE…. his mommy or daddy wasn’t born here or….. Do as I say, NOT as I do… Yea, Obama, the foreign born President.(No, foreign born FRAUD)

      • I think Ted Cruz is an amazing guy and I’m glad he’s in congress, but he has even said that he was born in Canada. I’d vote fire a president Cruz but excluding the questionability if obama, Cruz would technically not be legally allowed to run for president. He recently said he was forfeiting his Canadian dual citizenship but it doesn’t change his birth certificate.

  7. I hope this information is clear and is corrected before the next persidential election- because we know that election was full of fraud!

    • A lot of people knew this to be true, yet no one pushed for a re-vote, re-count or anything! Hell, people didn’t even make a stink about our military’s absentee ballots not being entered!!

      • I would hope come this Mid Election and 2016? There is NO FRAUD. It’s totally Disgraceful! So help me IF this happens again? I’m through with Voting! I’ve had it and I’d hope Voter ID is a MUST! Time to get TOUGH!

      • The National Republican Party,but not the states GOP party signed a deal with the frauds(the Demoncrats) NOT to challenge any fraud/ voter ‘discrepancies’ , so, the individual states party must take on the Feds. When that has occured, the Feds SUE the state. See Arizona, Floridah, and Carolinas, Virginia, and I think even Texas was “TARGETED”. That ID is required amounts to: MINORITY voter SUPPRESSION. Now, just try to card that welfare or food stamp check. See how that goes….. We will be called RACIST. Go figure.

  8. Allen-my phrase for a longtime, because I know and experienced voluminous voter fraud in the 2012 election and I believe bo stole it with voter fraud and not a victorius majority, has been “fraudster suppression’ when discussing voter fraud-because the comparison would between nouns-rather than a noun and a verb. Fraud suppression is actually what we want to achieve.

    • WOW! And no one investigates this huh?! Ridiculous, because if it were the other way around, the federal government would be fining “you” for your grandmothers fraudulent votes, and keeping your Federal tax returns!!!

  9. My dad and mom voted on last pres election when I saw there name ck off next to mine I sounded the alarm I told election official these people were both dead they said well they voted I must be mistaken I said fraud and lee county depity jumped in and said move alone or I will be escorted out I said there’s Frau d. He take it up with gov.

    • They were telling you that you didn’t know your dead parents were alive. I think anyone that knew their parents would know if they were alive or dead. You were right there was fraud, and they should have made a note to take them off the list. Since they probably could not match the names up with the machine,they would not be able to void the vote that day, They could make sure “they” never voted again. They are supposed to be able to match the names on the list with death records. Someone did not do their job.

  10. Need to check group homes where disabled and mentaly challenged adults live. I was in the post office several elections back when a young man in line was telling us how he was mailing in absentee ballots for the people he takes care of. “They are so excited to be voting for the first time.”. (Michigan) In 2012 I was at an election worker and poll challenger class and a woman who was going to be an election worker on a major university campus had been told that she was just to hand the student a ballot if they showed college picture ID card. REALLY! I wonder how many of those students were from out of state and/or out of country and posibly voted absentee as well ???
    Also, from my own family experience some out of state students who had been legally allowed to register to vote on campus in Ohio’s Hamilton County were still showing on the election rolls after they graduated and returned home or left the state. 2012 I tried e-mailing and calling the Ohio Secretary of State due to the lateness of the discovery. Nothing was ever e-mailed nor called back. F.Y.I. They did toss one woman, election worker, who voted several times in jail for one year, only to release her before serving her complete sentence. I wonder if she is going to be an election worker in 2014?

    • Group home absentee ballots…scary, huh. My liberal sister, who takes care of my father in his retirement home, “helps” him and many of the residents there fill out their absentee ballots. Oh, by the way, she worked on Obama’s re-election campaign in Ohio. She’s got a photo of herself shaking O’s hand and grinning like a Cheshire cat. Who do you think the old folks unknowingly “voted” for?

      • Should be reported so possibly there can be watchfull relatives at the very least:a Secretary of State investigation, and/ or send the info to True The Vote. I hear that some states have civilian volunteers going over the voting rolls. Perhaps the state will do their job if they know that they have people watching and investigating. I have also been thinking that it may be a thought provking to have posters made up and tv and radio commercials detailing the penalties for voter fraud.
        Some may think twice if it is worth ruining their future for the benefit of their canidate.

      • This “lady” whom voted 7 or 8 times that was sent to prison only served 18 months and was “busted” out of prison by The Reverand Sharpton, got a “Rock Stars” welcome by Sharpton as such a GREAT Democrat Citizen. Bet she is still able to vote and help with the voting process. I’ll betcha.

      • I’ve been complaining about this since the 2000 election. My mother was in a nursing home at the time. When I went to pick up her absentee ballot, I was told she already sent in an absentee ballot. Supposedly, they were only supposed to give them to a family member. My mother had a stroke and could not have marked her ballot. Someone would have had to do it for her. She would never have voted for Gore, but I wonder just who was marked on her ballot. When you multiply that by the number of residents, and the number of nursing homes in Florida, it’s no wonder things were close that year. Lots of fraud and dirty tricks that election. But that’s the past. I have no problem with requiring photo ID to vote, and would like to see them stop the early voting.

  11. I didn’t notice in the article whether the perpetrators were registered as Ds or Rs, but it doesn’t matter. The election process is one of the most important things that adults have to participate in, and fraud of any kind at any level is unacceptable. Voting has become just a competition in which the best cheater becomes the winner. We’ve had enough of this charade…seats being “bought” with cash or favors, ballot box stuffing, the lobbyist nonsense, and all the rest of the fraud. Look where it has gotten us; the most corrupt administration in history, from the Oval Office on down.

  12. Each and every fraudulent vote negates an honest vote. This is not at all fair to the legitament voter! Voter ID is a must! Stop the stupidity!

  13. I believe there was voter fraud on an unprecedented scale in 2012. I now have serious reservations about the accuracy of our elections.

  14. “As long as I count the votes, what are YOU going to do about it?”

    Widely attributed to William M. “Boss” Tweed (legendarily corrupt 19th Century New York City Tammany Hall (i.e., Democratic Party) community organizer and machine political boss)

  15. Obama himself said ” It’s not the votes that count…it’s who is counting the votes that count.”. And who has the contact on voting machines and counting…George Soros…surprised.. Nope!!!!!

  16. Colonel West, I hold Governor Scott for the results in the last election. He is the one that
    is responsible for not firing the ones that did not do their jobs and not throwing the ones that committed fraud or broke any law, in jail. The people in Florida are still asleep and
    should have been demanding that he do something. I think it is time to bring in the National Guard to secure elections in our state. If someone tells anyone that fraud is going on and they do not immediately do something, then they should be thrown in jail. If I had told an officer that fraud had been committed and he told me to run a long, I would have made sure I got his name and reported him. If the people volunteered at the Supervisor of Elections to help monitor and make sure things were above board, we would make an affect. It is time you ran for Governor of Florida!

  17. Where can we find those other counties?
    I’d like to know how Lee County ranked.
    Please advise as to where I can find that info.

  18. Obama and his minions have made a mockery of our election system here and its past time to stop the lying SOB’s

  19. Perhaps it is time to return to all elections occurring on ONE DAY and when you have cast your vote, your finger is dipped in indelible purple ink that will wear off with time but will prevent multiple voting. It worked in Iraq, why not here?

  20. Americans can no longer just delegate and toss money at something and expect someone else to take care of them. Some will take care of themselves first with no reguard for their voter’s (employers) interests, only their own self interests. Everyone must be vigilant and aware. Not to vote was to vote. To say (or do) nothing is to do something ( which you may not want.)

  21. I think that the absentee ballot should have more stringent requirements and that there should be more accountability and security at the local levels. Military ballots should be counted and the deptartment/ person(s) holding up the ballots should be held responsible for a timely distribution and re delivery to the United States. Jail time could be the incentive to do their job and abide by the laws.

    • In some blue states, absentee ballots for the military, who largely vote Republican, were sent out so late that they did not even arrive until the week before election. On some bases, the voting official would not release the troops to pick up their ballots or return them. A large percentage of the military ballots were never counted. According to some estimates, those uncounted military ballots could have changed the outcome of several of the 2010 and 2012 elections. I agree that significant jail time should be the reward for such malfeasance. Of course, holder the hood should be in prison right now for what can be proven that he did and didn’t do, in defiance of his sworn duties.

  22. Early voting should also be eliminated. We have absentee ballots so there is no need to open the polls earlier than the election date. This contributes to fraud. Who is watching where these early ballots are being stored? Who is watching the watchers? This goes for absentee as well. Voting day is voting day.
    We need to have more people participating at the polls as poll challengers. There should idealy be at least 3 shifts at each voting precinct. Starting at the opening of the of the ballots and machines to the end count and closing of the ballots and the machines.

      • A paper ballot, an ink stained finger, and a digital picture snapped when signing the ADDRESS list, to ensure you can not vote twice, as the pharmacy list does with Medicare/ Medicaid prescriptions say “You already got your meds filled and it is too early to refill” That would alert another voting district or booth set-up to check, then send in a voter inquirery noting an attempt to double vote, which would then be audited. ONE voter day.
        That would help decrease fraud, but I’ll betcha the Feds would sue any and all states that try to stop these frauds. Feds don’t even want you to have to show ID. How retarted(as is politically correct: mentally suppressed) LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC. and may God have mercy on the public servants souls.

      • Voter ID linked to SS# would allow easy checking to see if a person was registered more than once ANYWHERE or voted more than once.
        It would also identify a bunch of fake or stolen SS numbers.

  23. Democrats lost America’s first Civil War because they enslaved Black people. Democrats are going to lose America’s second Civil War because they attempted to enslave everyone else…

    • I have said before, that 100% of military votes should be counted. The voter laws should clearly state that the ballots must be turned in and counted within a week of the Nov. and ADDED to the count BEFORE the Presidential candidate is announced. Obama made sure that the Military votes DID NOT get counted as
      2/3 were cast SUPPORTING the Republicans. If (and it soon will be) the the military were 2/3 vote favored Democrats, The prez would fly Air Force One overseas to personally collect them.(The prez is filling the ranks with the “gay” and robot-Democraps whom will kiss his buttocks upon asking) This blatant denial of the military vote count, just shows his true HATE for our once super-great patriot driven military. It is all about destroying and politicizing our country. Vote out all the career poloticians. Two terms and “SEE YA”

      • The scary part about what you wrote Robert, is if that change actually happens the military will severely lose effectiveness. But then, I tend to believe that’s all part of the current WH occupant’s plan.

  24. We should all fight voter fraud. Even one fraudulent vote cancels out your or my vote. I want my vote counted, don’t you?

  25. The biggest voter fraud in my opinion .. is the system itself. A Govt with the ability to hack any and all electronic devices … including an electronic voting system … can get any results it wants.
    Time to return to paper ballots .. marked with an ink-dipped finger.

  26. “Supervisors aren’t nearly as effective in their jobs as one might hope ” it seems to me they were highly effective if your intent was to steal an election and I believe that was exactly their intent. The Democratic-communist party will do or say anything to win, “The end justifies the means”.

  27. All one has to do is purchase (for $10.00 here in Colorado) a CD of Democrat voters in the county in which one lives—then you can check all the addresses on file! (For more money you can get a list of all Democrats in the state, but that would be a monumental job of checking all those addresses!)

  28. I would not be surprised to see that Obama did not win the last election. However I warn people not to act like the Liberals did in the 2000 election, where to their dying breath they will claim the court gave Bush the election or that Bush “stole” it. Strangely these same people are now claiming that there is no voter fraud at all, it is just a Republican myth to suppress the minority vote. Just how preventing voter fraud will suppress the vote they have never been able to explain, well, not without a whole lot of lies and myths.

  29. Why isn’t the Attorney General Pam Bondi doing anything about this voter fraud? Why isn’t the Elections Board doing something about this? Without there cheating, lying, intimidation and down right voter fraud, the Democrats couldn’t win the race for dog catcher.

    • About that, I’m not so sure. Since the Commiecrat/RINO axis gives out taxpayer funded goodies to all and sundry, they don’t really need to resort to voter fraud, per se, although must depends on the political climate where the election is being held. Usually, they just keep the goodies flowing, and the grateful dependents of the state happily vote to keep them in power, one vote per person by these people tends to work just fine. There’s also the matter of the in-the-tank LSM that does their opposition research for them, for free.

  30. The only way for the democrats to win is with voter fraud & intimidation! Prove us wrong!! I am sure that the only way Obama won the election is with voter fraud & the intimidation tactics! The SOB knew he was being thrown out of office! Time to call in the FBI, this is a FEDERAL CRIME! When just one poll worker admits that she voted for Obama 6 times, you know it was going on all over America! Toss out the FRAUD POS POTUS!

  31. That infuriates me. Why since “Hell”der is so worried about voter suppression isn’t there an investigation and charges being brought against either slovenly work or outright illegal shenanigans.

  32. We have beome too trusting and now lazy. We think that we have voted in a trusted candidate who said all of the right things prior to the election. Just like a business owner who feels conident and hires an employee to manage their business and then that person is not the person they said they were. Unchecked that business can go out of business. That employee moves on: no skin off of their nose, but the business owner lost everything because they were not diligent in staying on top of what was going on and protecting their interests, hard work, and investment.
    The same with our investment in our country. We can no longer say” this is America and it can’t happen here” and go along our merry way thinking that voting is all we needed to do. We more than ever need to get back on the job, do things ourselves to double check the employees before the country is lead away and we don’t know what happened. .

  33. The U.S. is always sending “observers” to oversee correct voting procedures in other nations (Jimmy Carter is always a favored choice to do that). Perhaps some outside observers should be overseeing our elections instead.

  34. Remember sir, the new mobile homeless (people living in vans, motorhomes and travel trailers). They have to have an address for such mundanities as auto insurance, driver’s licences and voting, not to mention bills still being sent by US Mail.

    Thank you for your service.

    • Well, how do you police a person that is mobile say living in a van, no permanent address just using a UPS store mail drop. He or She votes in a county their in. Goes to another state and votes again… This is the problem i see.


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