Obama fiddles while Ukraine burns

The situation in Ukraine is spiraling out of control before our very eyes, and it all could have been prevented by strong deterrence.

After Putin’s latest announcement condemning the Ukrainian government’s actions to take back its own property, John Kerry stated, “Following today’s threatening movement of Russian troops right up to Ukraine’s border let me be clear…the window to change course is closing.” I do agree with John Kerry, the window is indeed closing, and it’s our fingers that are about to get smashed.

The Associated Press reports, “Russia announced new military exercises Thursday involving ground and air forces near its border with Ukraine, swiftly responding to a Ukrainian operation to drive pro-Russia insurgents out of occupied buildings in the country’s tumultuous east. The Ukrainian move, which killed at least two people, brought new threats from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who denounced it as a “punitive operation.”

It seems that a new Ukrainian military offensive has resulted in the deaths of now five pro-Russian insurgents. “If the Kiev government is using the army against its own people, this is clearly a grave crime,” Putin said. Putin’s statement, and the announcement of new military maneuvers, sharpened anxiety over the prospect of a Russian incursion into Ukraine. Could the death of the five pro-Russian insurgents be the “trigger point” that Putin has been seeking to provide him the cover to invade Ukraine under the auspices of protecting ethnic Russians?

During my 22 years in the military, one of the maxims I learned is that “the enemy has a vote.” Regardless of your plans and intentions, if you do not consider the most dangerous possible course of action of your enemy, you will not be prepared. If not prepared, you will probably not attain victory. This philosophy of warfare is an integral part of the thought process of any military leader. That was why Sun Tzu’s Art of War was mandatory reading when I was a young Lieutenant. While traipsing across Asia, I would advise our commander of the armed forces, Barack Hussein Obama, to pick up a copy and read it before heading back to America.

Why? Because he’s getting his “clock cleaned” by Russia and China. Events are unfolding and escalating to a point where they may not be contained — and as history has evidenced during World Wars I and II, each war encompassed an ever-increasing global conflagration.

While we have deployed a very small contingent of American paratroopers from Vicenza, Italy to Poland and the Baltic States, no one is really fooled — most importantly Putin. In Army vernacular, this was either a demonstration or a feint. The difference is important. Both of these are deceptive operations, but with divergent objectives. A feint is used to deceive the enemy, while you move to conduct an operation elsewhere — a prime example was in Desert Storm when we made the enemy believe we would conduct a major maritime amphibious operation landing in Kuwait while we secretly moved into the deep desert. A demonstration is the presentation of forces with no intention of conducting any further operation. It is an attempt to deter enemy aggression without action.

Vladimir Putin understands these tactics and quite surely at this point, sees the repositioning of the small number of US troops as a demonstration, not a feint, and that means he disregards their existence — especially so when President Obama stated early on that “there would be no military option.”

I ask you, who has the upper hand in this situation?

This seems to be a pesky little problem for President Obama. Perhaps Jimmy Fallon’s comic caricatures on The Tonight Show, such as the Obama/Putin/Dr. Phil skit, are not setting well with the thin-skinned Obama — who is being portrayed as more of a bystander to global events than an influencer. If Obama continues his role in this crisis as bystander in chief, we could see a repeat of the 1930’s “protection” of ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland — and you know how that ended up.


  1. He has no clue, nor does his administration, on how to strongly leverage prevention of a world crisis. America must make serious corrections in the elections of 2014 and 2016 or it will all only get worse.

  2. What I want to know is at what point will we the people finally say enough and stand as one against this mad man. People say that Obama is an idiot moron and worse…but the fact of the matter is they are wrong…dead wrong. Obama is extremely intelligent and well aware of what he’s doing. He’s been systematically making the US weaker on the world stage for years. He’s slashed our military almost to breaking em defunded em to almost poverty levels. If Russia moves on the Ukraine we will be forced to set on the side lines and watch. So ill ask again…when will we say enough?

  3. Despite pathetic appearances of *we’re gettin ‘tough! … * coming out of the 0 Regime, I believe what we are seeing from the evil gal pal val/obama is the promised (hot mic) *flexibility*

    I think Putin and obama may have an *understanding* … probably have always had an understanding …

    “There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed ….”

    DEO VOLENTE … may it be so

  4. it is indeed a awful we have a coward for a PRESIDENT . ] i am sorry to say i dont’ know .why no one does’ nothing and just let this man continue . ]

    • Russia just has to give their nod to switching the petro-dollar to the Yen or ruble. This would crash US economy, something the dictator in charge of the US has long planned and wants. Many of us already knew that. . If our dictator tries economic sanctions to a greater extent then I bet Russia gives the nod.
      No need for outright war

  5. Can’t Obama, Kerry, and Putin realize that they need each other to combat Islamic extremism? While they quarrel, Russia and the US are under grave threats from radical Islam. We need Russia, Russia needs us.

    • Putin realises it & knows it. Obama is a moslem who embraces the Muslim Brotherhood, appointing many of them to high office in Washington. Kerry is Obama’s lap dog.
      Neither Obama or Kerry WANT to do anything about the threat of islam/moslems.

      • Gee, you figured all that out all by yourself, didja? In your head, the only place where the calumny festers (other than Fox “News”)?

  6. Sick and tired of obama’s song and dance. Right about now he’s got the entire nation wanting to do a little tap dance upside his head.

  7. Since WHEN has Ukraine had anything to do with US foreign policy? Elucidate me.

    All this trouble because neither the EU or US could accept the fact that Ukraine & independent sovereign state with its’ own democratically elected President accepted the Russian offer of Natural Gas for $Billions less than what the EU was offering.

    Then some Ukrainians began demonstrating because they were pro EU, which has historical roots, because usually those from western Ukraine were more aligned with EU (e.g. Nazi collaborators during WW2) while those in Eastern Ukraine were almost always pro-Russia. And Kiev is about in the middle of Ukraine.

    The demonstrations were peaceful enough before the SHTF.
    What caused the SHTF? Visits from Soros, Victoria Nuland who said famously “F*ck the EU” & the treasonous Senator McCain & Murphy.
    WTF did THEY have to do with Ukraine? Since when is McCain appointed to Foreign Affairs?

    It was AFTER their visit that the protesters became armed & violent – NO coincidence.
    Soros & McCain turn up somewhere & people start dying.

    Then next move NATO starts to get involved & moves missile ‘defense’ systems closer to Russia – how the hell do you think Mr Putin & the Russkis would feel about that? Think it might be seen as a provocation & threatening?

    Next was the secession of Crimea. After the fall of USSR & Ukraine became an independent country, Crimea itself was given autonomy.
    Crimea was ALWAYS part of Russia until 1954 when Kruschev ‘gave’ it Ukraine – not that it mattered because they were all part of the USSR.
    Crimea voted OVERWHELMINGLY to become part of Russia again.
    Not to forget that Russia has it’s Black Sea ports & fleet based in Crimea.

    Ukraine has NOTHING to do with the US nor the EU nor is it a member of the EU.
    Not that I’m saying Putin is squeaky clean – but compared to Obama?

  8. What would you suggest, good colonel? you offer nothing in the way of advice or suggestion. Would you encourage ground troops in UkR? Poor effort here sir.

  9. Liberals never learn…weakness encourages conflict.

    It’s been demonstrated time and time again, but Liberals continue to live in their fantasy land

    • Right, right… …and big toughies like W sure showed everyone how to avoid conflict, hunh? Tell it to the graves.

  10. I’m a two time war vet, and I’m 100% disabled. Before you start talking about going to war make damn sure your standing out side a recruiting office saying as you sign your contract for military service. But, if your going to do the same crap you all did after 9/11 ( sat on your ass and watched it on CNN) SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

  11. Thank you Wheeler for your service. I wonder if my father could have avoided his wartime service had we stepped up with significant pressure/sanctions before things got out of hand? Hmmm. Who was it that preached “Peace through Strength.” Oh yes, it was a leader who brought down the Iron Curtain and led to the dissolution of the USSR. And what events are now trying to put back together the USSR? And by the way, I have friends in eastern Ukraine–they are wonderful, peace loving people. They love the west and they do not want to return to their days under the Soviets. Read about Ukrainian starvation to get an idea.

  12. Obama open mic slip: ‘After my election I have more flexibility’

    What did he mean?

    The nation and the world has been learning what this traitor had in mind.
    He know he would not follow the Constitution because he know that he
    had the following co-conspirator in his pocket-Harry Reid, Hillary
    Clinton,John Boehner, Mitch McConnell

    John Kerry Mick Hegel , John
    Robert and many others including all the Generals, and Admirals of
    the Army,Navy and Air Force..

    His plan is to use the
    “crisis in the Ukraine” which Obama and Kerry planned with Putin
    to declare Marshall Law in the US. Obama as dictator will then
    surrender the US to the Russians and Chinese who will have greater
    military forces because of his reduction of the American Armed
    Services and our nuclear power.(Dismissing our best train military
    nuclear staff )

    Obama had military training
    with both the Russians and Chinese in preparation for the take over.

    With the help of the
    Russians and Chinese ,Obama will do what every dictator throughout
    history has done to consolidate his power= Destroy his enemies.

  13. Mr West, you remind me quite clearly of the characterization that says that when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. I think you have totally misjudged Obama’s interest level and intent. At this stage, committing ANY resources into this theatre is making a strong statement, and American forces are, right now, demonstrating a commitment to a very much broader theatre than just the Ukraine.

    At this stage the diplomatic statement needs only to be of intent, with capability, capacity and sustainability being building blocks of follow up to show increased concern should Russia continue to lean forward as it has. You should also keep in mind that every other nation in NATO except Canada and the USA has a better logistics circumstance, and in terms of demonstrating stronger intentions than what has been shown to date, is better placed to accelerate any increased military build up, if indeed, it is required at this time; it is, after all, their back yard.

    The logistics picture gives Russia the upper hand, and that circumstance will always prevail because it is their back yard, too. What you should keep in mind is, that if this gets out of control, this enemy will fight back with the full spectrum of capability, unlike the situations of the Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. The energy card hasn’t even been played yet, and that will be the best weapon of all.


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