Weinstein continues assault on Christian faith in military

Painting by Arnold Friberg

This past Sunday we shared a picture of an Easter sunrise service in the desert of Iraq, after combat operations had ceased during Desert Shield. I mentioned Mikey Weinstein, his Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and his personal crusade against any display of the Christian faith in our military.

It didn’t take long for his angry little head to pop up again with yet another assault on Christian faith. As reported by the Stars and Stripes, Mikey last week sent a letter to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel demanding that the DoD withdraw support from a National Day of Prayer event planned for May 1st. Mikey wants to crack down on what he sees as “fundamentalist Christian domination” of the U.S. military.

What is it that has ol’ Mikey so upset? The Army will be sending a chaplain and the Military District of Washington will contribute a color guard, a vocalist and a military band.

Apparently, Weinstein told Hagel he had no issue with the non-sectarian National Day of Prayer, but said the NDP Task Force had taken over the event “to promote their rapaciously exclusivist religion as the quasi-official religion of the nation.” Mikey maintains military participation in the event violates a number of DoD regulations, including prohibitions on appearing to endorse non-federal entities such as the National Day of Prayer Task Force.

However the Task Force vice chairman, John Bornschein, says that’s untrue, because the military is sending its assets at the request of the congressman sponsoring the event, Rep. Robert Aderholt, R-Ala., rather than the non-profit organization.

Weinstein has somehow been granted a platform by the Obama administration to stir up the pot. He objected to proselytizing by U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral William D. Lee during the 2013 prayer event. In 2010, Weinstein objected to the participation of evangelist Franklin Graham in a prayer day observance at the Pentagon after Graham said Islam was evil. Graham was later dropped from the program.

As a former Air Force Academy graduate, you’d think Weinstein might be more focused on the readiness of the service. I wish he’d have as much vigilance in presenting to Secretary Hagel why canceling the A-10 Warthog is a bad decision.

Both the House and Senate open sessions with prayer, asking for wisdom, discernment, and God’s counsel. The face that looks upon the Speaker’s rostrum in the House chamber is that of Moses. Once upon a time church services were held in the Capitol. Rep. Aderholt is a member of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, of which I was also a member, and I currently support the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation — they meet in the Capitol and pray. None of this is in violation of the Constitution and does not seek to establish or promote any particular religion.

I attended the National Day of Prayer event and it is hardly about establishing a “national religion.” In my home, and also in my former Congressional office, hangs a picture of General George Washington in uniform kneeling in the snow next to his horse praying at Valley Forge. No doubt Mikey would have protested against Gen. Washington and perhaps even sought to have charges brought against him for his simple action of his faith.

But Mikey Weinstein is just another foot soldier of the progressive socialist Left that seeks to eliminate the Judeo-Christian faith heritage of our country.


  1. Liberals have been genetically identified. DRD4 The sooner non-Liberals realize, above all else, this is the way these types of people behave. They cannot change.

      • Yes it is. That’s why Marx and Engle wanted the Government to be the opiate of the masses so people could never govern themselves freely.

    • Followed by the Marxist Stalin killing 35 million of his own people. Who’s the next person you are going to quote, Pol Pot or Mao Zedong? If everyone (including Christians) followed Christ’s commands this world would be paradise. Though none of us can completely follow Christ (which is why we need Jesus) striving to follow is the best course for the citizens of this nation to take. Eliminating Christ out of some self centered desire to not have ones feelings hurt is the most absurd concept ever foisted upon this nation.

    • …..and most who study history have a massive amount of respect for Karl Marx and his writings. NOT!!!!! His works when read by sane, intelligent people are a lesson in what not to elect in a leader. This statement like most of what he said did not work for the people and never will. There will always be an opiate for the people. Today, for many it is Obama and free stuff, and always much is paid to get back a sane sensible approach to governance. Yet many of you keep repeating the nonsense of a bygone era that failed. What is up with that?

  2. That’s right. Let’s send our men and women out to risk their lives for people like Weinstein (who reaps the benefit of their sacrifices) and then take away any faith and hope in their lives by stripping them of God. What I would like to know is what IS it that people such as Weinstein are really fighting for? What are they REALLY afraid of? Because they can take prayer out of government programs, schools, etc., but they can NEVER take God out of the hearts and minds of Christian men, women and children…..God bless you in your work in exposing the truths and unjustices Mr. West! We stand strong behind you.

  3. Good news, my daughter is a current freshman in the AF Academy, and believe me, there are MANY practicing Christians in these new classes. The bad thing is, they have really reduced the amount of cadets that get picked to go to the Academies. The good news is, that a large number of them are homeschooled or Christian students, because of the higher standards they have imposed on them. There are good future leaders there!!!

    • Thank you to your daughter for her service, and a heartier thank you for bringing up a young woman of values and principles. God bless all our past, current and future leaders of our men and women serving at home and abroad of any religion that believes in the Judeo-Christian values our Republic was founded upon.

  4. Please let Mikey Weinstein know I will put him on our prayer list. And I ask every
    Christian to pray for his conversion. Prayer works.

  5. He said he would fundamentally change or country and he is doing it from every angle possible. This is the most dangerous war going on right now!

  6. One correction Col. the term “Judeo-Christian” does not make sense. You can not be Judaistic (which fails the system and means of salvation, which is by grace through faith, by serving in futility the works of the law) AND a Christian (who IS SAVED by GRACE THROUGH FAITH, which are gifts granted by GOD and not by our works). Judaism is dead because Christ’s death, burial and resurrection annulled the entire system of sacrifices and the physical building known in Jerusalem as the temple as well as the need for priests (As He is our high priest, prophet and King). It is through the manifestation of the Promised Messiah, Jesus Christ the Son of God who now mediates between man and God in the Covenant of Grace that we look toward. All this work of redemption is now applied by the Holy Spirit to our hearts which have the letter of the Law written on them so that by the blessings and work of Him we obey. Not the other way around (obedience for salvation). Just a thought I would mention it as I see many politicians and public figures continue to use this term and, well, Christian’s ought to know better.

    • Brandon, the phrase comes from the fact Christians and Jews helped found and build this country…and don’t forget…we both believe in God the father. Everything else you got right.

    • Brandon, if I might interject a personal opinion on this point; I don’t think the term “Judeo-Christian” means what you think it means. Most people I know do not use the term to define a faith system, but the roots of a faith system. Jesus himself was Hebrew, and a practicing Hebrew, at that. He followed the tenants of the religion, read from the Torah, was Bar-Mitzvah’d, the whole deal. He HIMSELF said that He hadn’t come to destroy the law, but to fulfill it. The difference, I think, lies in the fact that Jesus reminded men of the SPIRIT of the law, not the LETTER of the law, that was more important. The law at the time said that the adulterous woman should have been stoned to death, so that the mark of sin be crushed from the heart of Israel. Jesus reminded the Pharisees that LOVING one another, and FORGIVENESS were at the heart of the law. That teaching removed much of their power and authority, which is why so many hated Him. He didn’t “annul” the temple, in fact, he told the people, “Destroy this house, and in three days I will make it right again”. He was alluding to the fact that the true temple was his body, and that holds true for us all. WE are God’s church, His Home and house. Think of it this way: at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion, there was no such term as “Christians”. They were mostly Hebrews, who followed their teacher and prophet, and hailed Him as the Messiah! God Himself has said that Israel is His chosen people. We believe in the same God, we just have differing beliefs about the Messiah. That’s the root of the term “Judeo-Christian”, I think. Hope this helps…

      • @Tim Carr: Tim, Judeo-Christian is a derogatory term originated by Non-Jew, Non-Christian critics of both, who were neither. It was basically a catch-all term used by atheists, and the other “Freedom FROM Religion” yappers, primarily Atheists and Wiccans., who try to increase the validity of their beliefs by desultory references to Jews and Christians, often accompanied by a sneer and an upturned nose, if you get my drift. Then, the Godless Liberals decided to sneak it into the conversations within Government as a handy identifier to be used when looking for scapegoats, or diversions. Hope THAT helps.

    • Sure are… are you suggesting that we force folks to believe in a specific faith, or that we should only recruit based on a diverse percentage plan… like 20% of this religion, 20% of that one, etc…??? It’s not primarily christian by design, but by the desire of those who Enlist… nobody is turned down based on their beliefs, or lack of beliefs… how much fairer could it be????

    • Erin, whether you like it or not, millions of Christians fought and died, and are still dying, to preserve your right to make uninformed statements.

    • It is not about the military. It is about the constitution that guarantees freedom OF religion not freedom FROM religion. Please read it. It is very enlightening.

    • It’s NOT primarily Christian except for the fact that MOST military people ARE Christians. They don’t want special treatment, only to be able to celebrate their beliefs as freely as others are.

    • Perhaps because most of the people in the military are Christians. If you have ever gone to the Chapel at the Air Force Academy, you might be aware that all major religions are recognized and accommodations are made for all to worship, or not . Prayers used to be said freely ,because ,let’s face it folks our military need prayer. Prayer is not a punishment ,it is to reinforce one’s beliefs and gain strength and courage for the work that you do on earth. Now if you do not want to pray I will support you, but what harm do you see in having someone pray for you.

      • Funny, how each and every troll who comes here has the same game plan criticize everyone and anyone, but do not debate on facts.
        You have no plan no alternative ideas on how to deal with anything.
        You have nothing of any value to add to the discussion

      • Yeah, I see your pal mcrognale has SOOOO much of value to add to the discussion. All you yahoos can do is make threats and call names; you have nothing of any substance to offer.

      • I do not know mcrognate let alone call him a friend. but your projection is undeniable. still nothing but worthless criticism

      • That’s because you cannot comprehend what you read.
        Name me one thing that Weinstein has done for the peoples of this nation

      • Your childish I know you are but what am I, just doesn’t work in the adult world. go play in your sand box little boy

      • Put up something of substance besides insults. Act like an adult and you might be taken more seriously. As far as I’m concerned, you’re just another loser compensating for lack of endowment by prancing around with a gun and playing soldier (something you could never have been).

      • Insults are all you deserve. I would rather be a civilian that to be a despot soldier that you were

      • Integrity, honor, dignity, and honesty are everything you are lacking. Everything you have posted is a lie.

      • Of course you would say that. I would not expect you to come out of denial and claim your are a worthless pile of dung!
        Grow up little boy

      • Your childish I know you are but what am I, just doesn’t work in the adult world. go play in your sand box little boy

      • I do not know mcrognate let alone call him a friend. but your projection is undeniable. still nothing but worthless criticism

    • For those who might care I wore the same uniform under the same oath that Mikey took. I did not dishonor my uniform or betray my oath. Mikey does whenever he opens his pie hole. I am Captain, USAF Ret. He is a disgrace to the uniform and all the other men andwomen who served honorably.

  7. Once upon a time there was a thing called the French Revolution we’re men who did not listen to the people were placed in the guillotine maybe there is one thing the French got right. What’s been happening in this country in the past 30 years is sickening. I’m still proud to be an American but I am really disgusted and pissed off with this government.

  8. Whaaaaaa?????? He actually still goes by “Mikey”?!?!? Bwahahahaha… Sorry had to throw that out there!!!!!

  9. “Only
    in Atheism does the spring rise higher than the source, the effect exist
    without the cause, life come from a stone, blood from a turnip, a silk purse
    from a sow’s ear, a Beethoven Symphony or a Bach Fugue from a kitten walking
    across the keys…..”

    James M. Gillis

  10. If these people spent as much time worrying about themselves as they do other people this would be a much more peaceful place.

    • He’s only doing what he was told to do: Stir up the pot. Although, to stir it so effectively, he must have some personal vendetta, Maybe?

  11. Why is the guy sticking his nose in a place he had no business with in the first place? I dont want this douche telling the military what to do. Atheism is religion to these people and they are infringing on the rights of many in this case… But Chucky Hagel will buckled to this fools’s demand.

  12. Funny, does he complain about lighting of the menorah at the White House during hanukkah? Was a complaint ever lodged about this?

  13. With a third-generation communist in the Oval Office, eliminating the Judeo-Christian faith history of our country is a real possibility.

  14. The real issue here is NOT what Mike Weinstein says. It’s the whole nonexistent argument for the separation of church and state that we seem to have subtlety accepted.
    The Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment just says ‘Congress shall make no law,’ meaning collectively Congress shall not get together and approve a state sponsored church! So we need to not accept the premise that Weinstein actually has a legitimate argument- he does not.

    • What needs to happen is someone finally go after these Atheist groups and sue them for taking Christian rights away. There is no “separation of church and state law” and nothing in the Constitution or Amendments stating “Freedom ‘From’ Religion”. Christians need to stop backing down and bowing their head at these attacks and stand up for what we believe in.

      • under Liberal Judges who rule from the bench?
        There is no compromise. Facts are the facts, You can complain all you want, it will do you no good

      • Liberal judges who interpret the Constitution as it should be done, not right-wing shills that are bought by the special interests.

      • again your opinion isn’t worth much. projecting as usual it is Left Wing shills that are bought by special interest groups that are funded by George Soros

      • Chicken sh_t, see you have no proof of what you say or you would have already listed it. You are truly pathetic

      • Ignorant azz, it’s all over the web, from legitimate sources. Why should I waste my time looking up and posting something you’re going to ignore? I’ve seen the Soros claims, and they’re BS.

      • Because you are a fool troll who has no worth here. You have no proof of what you say. You are full of typical libtard BS

      • Well again that is your childish beliefs like your not believing in God. I pity you and will pray for you

      • God-belief is childish, adults have no need for fairytales. “I’ll pray for you” = the Christian catch phrase for “EFF YOU”.

      • See that’s where you go wrong. Your lack of faith in God is also your lack in faith of yourself. You lack faith in anything including the religion you follow. The democrat party is full of people who have lack of faith in themselves

      • BTW If I wanted to say F-ck you I could easily do so. Unlike you at least along with my honor, dignity and integrity I do not have to

      • You make the claim there is no God but can’t prove he doesn’t exist, however with all around us there is plenty of proof He does exist. Just because you lack faith in what you can’t see is your problem not ours.

      • No, that’s a load of crap. There is no proof “all around us”. The problem is yours to prove.

      • I showed my proof, in everything we see around us there is proof of Intelligent design. Believing in God is no more “childish” or a “fairytale” than believing in the Big Bang or even in Black Holes, where physicists say “no one has ever seen a Black Hole, but they exist” (Dr Kaku). And now they are questioning that theory …

        I see Gods hand in everything because it is too perfectly designed to just happen by chance, when matter has “exploded” to create all the billions of different species and objects through out this universe, most of which we have not even discovered yet, shouldn’t that matter have stayed the same? Why did it change into the many different species and objects? Each DNA is specific to each species whether we are talking about human, dog, mountain lion or plants and other living things. Who or what coded the code?

      • That’s not proof, that’s just mental ma$turbation. “Look around at everything” is NOT proof.

        DNA of related species is very similar. Humans share over 90% of the same DNA with apes.

      • Well perhaps it isn’t enough for you but it is for me. When I study micro-biology, chemistry, astronomy, physics… any of the sciences really I see God’s hand in it. With all the complex and precise order of cells and chemical makeup of each plant and animal life I can’t imagine that it just happened by chance. That all of that is around me just happened to fall into place from one source of matter that caused the big bang. It is to perfectly in order and had to have come from an intelligent being, whether we call him God, creator or what have you.

        When I listen to lectures from professors who sit there and say “Then there was this division of the heavens and earth” and I think that was told to us thousands of years ago and is NOT something just discovered, it reinforces my belief in a super being behind all that we see and don’t see…

        You can go ahead and mock us for believing, but people of your sort believe strictly in science, where science itself is fallible and has even admitted to “never seeing” black holes but they believe they are there… who is the one’s repeating what the Bible long taught thousands of years ago, they are just figuring was right… Have a good day sir… and God bless you for your service…

      • Because you are a fool troll who has no worth here. You have no proof of what you say. You are full of typical libtard BS

      • Ignorant azz, it’s all over the web, from legitimate sources. Why should I waste my time looking up and posting something you’re going to ignore? I’ve seen the Soros claims, and they’re BS.

      • Chicken sh_t, see you have no proof of what you say or you would have already listed it. You are truly pathetic

      • And the four Marxists? Steyer? Soros? Katzenberg?

        Wait, you’re pals with the pervert Bryan Singer, right?

      • You can’t comprehend the fact that the Constitution never mentions a wall and liberal judges make it up to suit their Marxist agenda. Are you a Marxist infiltrator within the ranks?

        Paid off by who?

      • Funny how Jefferson understood the wall exists, as well as Madison, primary among the drafters of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Liberal judges? No, Founders, who knew a he11 of a lot more than you.

      • Funny how Jefferson was in France while the Constitution was written.

        Funny how the wall Jefferson assured the Church, would prohibit gov’t intervention into the Church.

        Care to actually quote Madison?

        Funny you can’t comprehend a simple phrase. Need it spelled out again?

  15. Boy oh boy! What a bunch of whiny X-tian wimps. Sobbing over being denied something they have no right to in the first place… just looking for sympathy to salve their own inadequate self-images. Real Christians (eg; MLK, Dietrich Bonhoeffer) who understood both democracy and the limits of religion and who suffered for their convictions would be ashamed and disgusted to be included with y’all.

    • “Sobbing over being denied something they have no right to in the first place.” Exactly what is it that they don’t have a right to? Members of the military participating in a religious event does not break any law or any part of the constitution. On the contrary, preventing the color guard from participating in the event would be a direct violation of the 1st amendment.

    • Get your folks straight; Bonhoeffer was a Christian, MLK was a pretender who used it to accomplish political goals.

  16. ‘America is like a healthy body, and its resistance is three-fold; Its spirituality, its morality and its patriotism. If we can undermine these three areas, America will fall from within.’ ~ Josef Stalin

  17. This is all smoke and mirrors with what’s going on in the Middle East to Christians. America is a Christian Nation,and tolerant to a fault.

      • If you dont believe in God then why spend all this energy fighting the people who do believe in God.So that must mean you do believe

      • Who is a threat?? People who believe in something that you don’t.Your a complete idiot. Do you see them trying to stop you ??? They could care less what you think. Your just someone who has nothing to believe in and it bothers you that people believe in GOD, I bet when your on your deathbed or if you get in a bad accident or have cancer and your going under the knife.
        Myself ,I could care less what you believe in

      • If someone doesn’t believe in God then why would they try to stop people who believe. So he is stopping something he doesn’t even believe in then he letting God rent a lot of space in his head

  18. Except that Aderholt and NDP personnel are on record as saying HE is supporting THEM. Please put your seditious lies where the sun doesn’t shine and stop harassing decent Americans.

  19. This is just more of the Communist Agenda. Fight the core beliefs of the US, deflate the morality and ethics of it’s people. Fight Christianity wherever it shows up. Especially in government and the Armed Forces. This is how they are trying to defeat us by using our own laws against us.

      • Most Jews are atheists except orthodox and giving him that honor means nothing. If he were not an atheist, he would not be trying to destroy the Judeo- Christian influence in the military. Haven’t your read the hideous things he has said about that heritage in the US?
        Subject: Re: New comment posted on Weinstein continues assault on Christian faith in military

      • Really? “Most Jews are atheists”? I’ll grant that there are many Jews who are cultural, rather than religious, Jews, but your comment is mind-bogglingly ignorant. I don’t know where you get your “knowledge” of Judaism (or where any of these commentators get their “knowledge” of Judaism or Mikey Weinstein), but as a 2nd-generation Army veteran (Jewish) I find many of these remarks quite frightening. Oh, & news flash: The USA is not, nor has it ever been, a “Christian” nation. There is absolutely no mention of Jesus or Christianity in either the Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution. Maybe you didn’t know that many of our Founding Fathers were Deists, not Christians. So wake up & realize that yours is NOT the only faith in our country, or in the military, & your religious views aren’t established as part of our government (we aren’t a theocracy).

      • So, you’re an expert on Judaism, & on the US Constitution as it applies to religion. If you can find ANY mention of Christianity or Jesus in either of our founding documents which supports the view that the US is a “Christian nation”, I’d be happy to admit error on that matter. If you can prove that “most” Jews are atheists, I’d like to see that evidence, too. Until then, try presenting facts instead of just spewing insults.

        This article shows that, though aspects of religion were the basis for our country’s governance, no specific faith was ever invoked: http://www.forbes.com/sites/billflax/2012/09/25/was-america-founded-as-a-christian-nation/

      • Actually I am not ignorant as you presume. Although my four college degrees don’t guarantee perfect knowledge, I do a great deal of study of Jews within my Christian faith. I also am not condemning Jews, rather I care about them as I would pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Are you aware of the earliest inhabitants of the country, Christians and Jews coming for religious freedom? The primary purpose of people coming was for freedom from religious persecution. Most were Christian and the greater body of historical evidence indicates that our legal system was almost wholly based on Jewish law from Moses.
        You are absolutely right that the founding documents do not mention Jesus but religious precepts are inculcated in numerous aspects of our founding documents and the nation was built on prayer from the beginning. We never have been nor ever intended to be a theocracy and many leaders were originally deists. One of my degrees is history and another in biblical studies, so I am fully aware of history, so you have provided me with no news flashes. Our nation was known as a Christian nation for many years simply because Christians were a majority until recent years but we have never desired a theocracy. You just have it in your mind that Christians hate Jews I suppose, but the opposite is true. I love the Jewish people and would stand with them til death as their enemies try to swallow them up and push them into the sea.
        Subject: Re: New comment posted on Weinstein continues assault on Christian faith in military

      • Thank you for your well-thought-out & civil reply to my comment. I apologize for my use of the term “ignorant”, but I’ve heard so many remarks that were so far off-base that I jumped to conclusions.

        No, I don’t believe that most Christians hate Jews, though I’ve seen my share of self-proclaimed Christians who certainly did. Sadly, there are many people who do seem to desire a Christian
        theocracy in the US, seeking to enshrine specific religious (Christian) beliefs
        into US law. There is also an increasing number of Christian dominionists who believe the US should use military force to spread their faith, & this is a great concern to me because of the nature of the world today.

        I do wonder how many people who have posted inflammatory comments to the above article are aware that some states, such as Virginia, originally were going to establish Christianity as an official religion; In Virginia the idea was nixed at the urging of the Baptist Church & several Founding Fathers http://billofrightsinstitute.org/resources/educator-resources/americapedia/americapedia-documents/va-statute-for-religious-freedom/ Though freedom of religion is guaranteed by law, I believe freedom FROM religion should also be assumed to be a right; those who came to this land to escape religious persecution would likely agree. Anyone who has been approached without warning & been urged to accept another religion besides their own, by a person who won’t accept a polite “Thank you, but I already have a faith that I intend to retain”, would better understand what “freedom from religion” means.

        Maybe some day, everyone will accept that there are different faiths, different ways to worship, & as long as 1 doesn’t adversely impact others then it’s OK to believe whatever faith one chooses. We should learn to live & let live. Sad that religious differences are currently a primary impediment of peace. I bid you shalom.

  20. some one tell that hate filled little man to shuv it up his you know what and climb a long tall pine backwords see if he gets the idal he demans bs

  21. He belongs to the “Culture of Critique.”

    If you’re not familiar with Kevin MacDonald or TheOccidentalObserver I suggest you start reading. He predicted this a long time ago.

  22. We need to take this LITTLE MAN WITH THE LITTLE MAN SINDROME out and tie him to a tree and let every person he has SCREWED AND LET THEM ALL TAKE A WACK AT HIM, and then tell him why they think he is wrong…

  23. I am going to try this one time Col. West in the hopes that it may open your eyeballs to your single biggest blind spot…ready? Please verify anything you either don’t believe or can’t accept and you will discover that I am correct.

    Mikey Weinstein was named one of the 50 most influential Jews in America by the Forward, one of the nation’s preeminent Jewish publications….not atheist not muslim not Christian publications but Jewish …Mikey Weinstein is a Jew …which in and of itself is not a big deal until you hear the endless list of anti Christian rhetoric that comes out of this mans mouth …rhetoric that if you were to replace Christian with Jew and played it back to people you would be arrested in several different countries …why do we tolerate this repugnant little man?

    · In a 2007 interview, Weinstein said: “I’m at war. You’re talking to a guy with the gun smoke in his face.” He went on to say: “We battle the Christian Taliban.” (Tulsa World, October 13, 2007).

    · In a 2008 interview, Weinstein called the Department of Defense a “crypto-fascist faith-based initiative.” (David Belden, “Backward Christian Soldiers,” Rationalist Association, January 7, 2008)

    · In a documentary on anti-Semitism, titled Constantine’s Sword, Weinstein said: “We don’t have a Pentagon. We have a Pentecostal-gon. The Constitution doesn’t guide them, but the book of Revelations and the New Testament.” (“’Constantine’s Sword’ Cuts into Anti-Semitism,” abcnews.go.com, April 20, 2008)

    The list of incredible things this man has said is virtually endless.

    In 2012 Weinstein endorsed the Southern Poverty Law Center’s classification of Christian groups as “hate groups.” (Ken Klutkowski, “Pentagon Taps Anti-Christian Extremist,” Breitbart, April 28, 2013).

    “When it comes to pushing the multicultural, anti-Christian agenda, you find Jewish
    judges, Jewish journalists and the largely Jewish funded ACLU at the forefront,” he writes, “anti-Semitism is no longer a problem in society; it’s been replaced by a rampant anti-Christianity.” – They’re the pinheads who pretend that “separation of church and state” appears in the Constitution.

    It is the ACLU, which is largely funded by Jews and has a legal department that is almost exclusively Jewish, that is leading the attack against Christianity in America. It is they who have conned far too many people into believing that when the First Amendment states that Congress is prohibited from establishing a state religion, what it really means is that a Christmas wreath can’t be placed on City Hall. They also cynically ignore the part that prohibits Congress from “abridging the free
    exercise” of religion.

    While you guys are all here being useful idiots for Israel …the country who did 911 … the country who sells our advanced weapons systems to our enemies and our nuclear secrets to China …Israel the apartheid state …Israel the terrorist state that if you look closely you will discover that we share very few values with…..the country you are defending is in the USA using our courts and jewish judges to dismantle everything from Christmas to our entire Christian heritage….While our military gets manipulated into going into the middle east to fight Israel’s wars they are here thanking us by taking apart our country’s values and morals.

    Most of this country’s “Czars” who are unelected people with huge amounts of power are Zionists who seem to be able to survive from one administration to the next …how is that possible? These people could never be elected so they become appointed czars due to the clout they have through the various zionist groups and their money.

    I’ve lived in Israel and the country that you think is Israel and the reality of who these people really are could not be further apart. Islam is a potential threat but nothing even close to the threat we face right now from the Zionists (like yourself I’m afraid). The Zionists are not a live and let live kind of people …ask 40 million Christians in Russia …they target Christians and Christian groups and their long term goal is to wipe out Christianity …they make no secret about it …look at what they do and really listen to what they are saying

    • While Weinstein may be a Jew by birth, he does not believe in GOD..period! Jews already simply do not believe Jesus was anything more than a popular Rabbi who had a gift of ministerin, but they do believe in GOD! Athiest ( which Weistein claims to be) “believe” in nothing but themselves!

  24. I feel that we are suffering many consequences in America for not standing up for Christ and giving voice to Weinstein and people like him who would see our very Christian foundation destroyed. When we allow this or “deny Him” Christ will turn His face from us. When all is right with God, we will see a return of favor to America. Our problems in America are on so many fronts that they are bigger than any man and need God’s greatness to heal us and set us on the right path again. We should constantly pray for God’s guidance and wisdom in dealing with the little men of this world and follow His guidelines to a T. Let them have their “free speech”, but turn a deaf ear to their mumblings and complaints and let God’s word reign. It is odd to me that everyone–the Muslims, the atheists, the illegals, etc.—wants to take over America and come here but bring their own culture with them and tear down what is here and replace it with what they had where they came from. Why not just stay there to start with? What if you turn America into the Middle East? or Mexico? or Russia with no faith? or a million other places. They come here because of the uniqueness of the nation and want to destroy it and change it. Go figure!!! We need to PRAY for America.

  25. “No doubt Mikey would have protested against Gen. Washington and perhaps even sought to have charges brought against him for his simple action of his faith.”

    No doubt Mickey should leave the country he despises.

  26. that is an evil man! AMERICA needs JESUS now more than ever!
    I plead the blood of JESUS over each and every one of our service men and women in the United States military!
    America has to return to God! Call out to JESUS!

  27. Once again for all, including the administration, the 1st amendment in plain English:
    Congress shall make no Law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Now after that I can not imagine the armed forces having any laws prohibiting religious freedom if I am wrong I apologize I am not a service person. But I do not believe there should be any restrictions for anyone concerning whatever faith they wish to engage in. It is primarily meant as a distraction and to gain control of people. If only for once the military would ignore it and stand up for the Constitution they swore to uphold this nonchanch would faid. You give in once it will just continue as all these distractions have as the administration continues to take our rights away daily. When will we stop them, when we lose all our rights it will be TOO LATE enough is too much.


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