States’ rights triumph in SCOTUS Michigan decision

This week the Supreme Court upheld the State of Michigan’s constitutional ban against race and gender preferences in college admissions. This is important for two reasons: first, the Court has ruled that the state and Michigan voters have the right to change their constitution and second, it does not mandate colleges change or lower standards in order to manage outcomes.

Liberal progressives have always believed in promoting equality of outcomes over equality of opportunity. They’ve always felt it was caring to change, alter, or lower standards and qualifications in order for those deemed “less privileged” to be able to play in the same sandbox.

I grew up in a system of pure meritocracy that held no regard for skin color or gender but allowed individuals to advance based upon their competence, character, and ability to assume greater responsibility: the US military. I will be the first to say there is a degree of cronyism even in the military, but it can only advance a career to a point.

My dad drilled into me a simple rule: never see your skin color as some crutch or obstacle that prevents you from taking advantage of the opportunities afforded. He taught me that success in life came from knowing the standard and exceeding it.

I fully support the Court’s decision – and I know that means some will call me (as usual) Uncle Tom, Sellout or Oreo because they advocate a government “guarantee of happiness” as opposed to the unalienable right to a “pursuit of happiness.”

As reported by Fox News, the Court voted 6-2 in favor of the ban with Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg dissenting. Sotomayor’s dissenting opinion said the decision tramples on the rights of minorities, even though the amendment was adopted democratically.

Interestingly, at 58 pages, Sotomayor’s dissent was longer than the combined length of the four opinions in support of the outcome. Apparently it takes more time, effort, and paper, to promote a failed argument rather than convey the simple truth — hence why we should all beware when Congress advances legislation called “comprehensive.”

I’ve always wondered why is there no concern for affirmative action in the area of sports and athletics? Why don’t we lower the standards in order to allow everyone to participate? We don’t, and minorities and women who want to excel, indeed do. They know the standard required and they exceed it — but we should be afraid of the “every kid gets a trophy” crowd.

So why not the same with educating our children and promoting greater opportunities for their future — just challenge them and ensure the resources are available. That’s why we need competition in education through school choice. We certainly do not need common core standards but states and local school boards to develop, promote, advance, and institute the policies that prepare the next generation.

The key to a bright future and the vital ingredient in equalizing opportunity in America is a quality education. Liberal progressives argue that minorities are at a disadvantage because of failing schools. However, when there is any effort to escape the failing schools especially inner city schools — the liberal progressives block those attempts.

Consider this interesting paradox. Once upon a time Democrats stood outside the doors of institutions of higher learning denying blacks entrance. Today, Democrats stand inside the doors of failing schools denying blacks the ability to escape.

Barack Hussein Obama cancelled the DC school voucher program. He unleashed Attorney General Eric Holder against the school choice program in Louisiana. And NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has set his sights against the charter school programs in his own city, Success Academy in Harlem, one of the highest performing schools in NYC.

So, Justice Sotomayor’s lengthy dissertation is hollow as the only group trampling on the “rights” of minorities in the area of education has and continues to be Democrats — their preference is for teacher’s unions.

I applaud the SCOTUS decision and Michiganders should be proud of setting this example. We should teach our children this simple maxim: tell them what they can do, what they can achieve, and enable them to seize the opportunities afforded. Do not tell them how the standard must changed or lowered so that their outcomes are managed. Make our children victors, not victims.

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Eugene Sedy

Is Allen B. West running for public office? Perhaps he can do more outside of politics. He writes with clarity of purpose. I like that. I am wondering also why the SCOTUS got this one right. I argued with a conservative talk show host in the Seattle area back in 2003 when this thing started. He was on the wrong side, unbelievably. We should all be encouraged by Michigan’s victory, because it is our victory, too.

3/1 Marine

“I am wondering also why the SCOTUS got this one right.”
Because conservatives have a slim one vote advantage?

Jupiter C.

The libs around the country seem to be very upset today, hoping this isn’t a trend.


1975, Houston, Texas, I passed entrance application, polygraph, physical agility requirements for the Houston Police Department only to be turned down by Civil Service as explained (off the record) by a CIvil Service examniner that I was the Wrong sex and Color, thanks Equal Rights and Affirmative Action!


The same thing happened to one of my sons in’94 who applied at ITT and didn’t qualify for enough financial aid. The financial aid officer told him he was the wrong color and gender. I was a single mother of three bringing home $900 a month. Reverse discrimination at it’s finest!


“Make our children victors, not victims.”

Well said.


Hard to argue against racism when you support selective racism! Oh wait never mind I forgot about how liberals and hypocrisy can exist in the same world of the liberal.


Competitive atmosphere, promotes and gets people to excel at whatever the task is. Be it sports, academia , or jobs.
Liberals remove this through political correctness as early in children’s lives as possible. Example:
Little league where No one keeps score. No one tallies how many runs each person scores. It stops anyone from trying to excel at anything, It dumbs down people and makes them lazy.
Makes the people more dependant on Big Government. The malaze sets into people and the nation slides into a third world abyss.
I applaud the Supreme Court in their decision and LTC West’s article

Claudette Miller
My brother and I were raised by two blind parents.Our parents taught us we had to work hard to improve our lives because no one was going to give us anything. We were also taught that if: “If anyone else can do it, we can do it.” My parents worked hard at anything they could do and NEVER took any government handouts. My brother was a Nuclear Engineer in the Air Force and has worked as an Electrical Engineer since leaving the military. I received two Master Degrees while working (usually 2 jobs) and raising my family as a single… Read more »
Janeen Alley

All states need to adopt this vote! We all need to get involved in the political arena for our children, grandchildren & our great grandchildren! I believe to advance children to learn on their own & not just be passed along so they never have to do anything competitive! It gives them a crutch to lean on. Bravo SCOTUS! You did yourself proud, all states should have a say & NOT the federal government period!

Joe Toad Conlon

Well said, West! Racism is ugly…it seems, more so, when it’s in America; and, worse still, when it’s government imposed racism. While there are those those who will busy themselves, picking at the scab Affirmative Action has left on the face of Justice in America; we must always protect our Constitution by remembering that to cheat Justice for the sake of Liberty is to lose both.