Was 2013 sniper attack on CA power grid preparation for an act of war?

A year ago Americans were riveted to their televisions over the horrific scenes from the Islamic terror attack at the 2013 Boston Marathon. This year, the event was once again compelling for the right reasons, as Meb Keflezighi became the first American man to win since 1983 and Rita Jeptoo set a women’s course record. They ran strong, Boston strong!

But a year ago, there was another attack that while not horrific, was disturbing, and has gone largely unnoticed.

On April 16, 2013, snipers waged a 52-minute attack on a central California electrical substation. According to reports by Fox News and The Wall Street Journal, the sniper attack started when at least one person entered an underground vault to cut telephone cables, and attackers fired more than 100 shots into Pacific Gas & Electric’s Metcalf transmission substation, knocking out 17 transformers. Electric officials were able to avert a blackout, but it took 27 days to repair the damage.

The FBI doesn’t think the incident was a terror attack, an agency spokesman told the Journal. However, Jon Wellinghoff, chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission at the time, disagrees. Wellinghoff, who spoke to the Journal, based his conclusion that this was terrorism on the analysis of experts he brought to the crime scene. The analysis pointed to the shell casings having no fingerprints and evidence that the shooting positions had been pre-arranged. No arrests have been made in the case.

But you have to wonder if this is even being pursued by the Obama administration?

My concern is that this may have been a dry run for something far bigger. We should be demanding an update on the investigation as to the perpetrators of this attack who escaped without detection.

If this ends up being a dry hole and just the work of some bad apples, I’ll accept that conclusion. However, I cannot accept the blatant disregard of a deliberate, well planned and executed attack on an electrical substation that left not a trace of evidence — that my friends is not amateurish.

Nothing in this day and age of the new 21st Century battlefield can be taken for granted — nothing.


  1. Why is the GOP leadership in Congress not demanding some type of action on this? I don’t even remember seeing this on Fox News, it may have been but the coverage evidently did not last long if they focused on it. This whole administration is out of total control and has put themselves above the law; above the Constitution (which they simply refuse to admit even exists anymore); and above the people of the United States. Where the heck is the GOP opposition in the Senate and the House and the RNC????

  2. this sounds like the same idiots that were pointing guns at federal agents during the bundy ranch idiocy. they probably thought the power station caused chemtrails or something. LOL. maybe hannity will have whoever did this on his show too

    • State tool! It’s okay… I used to be one too, (unfortunately). BLM has no right nor authority to act like the military. The ONLY legal authority to take action against Bundy was the Clarke Country Sheriff (Gillespie). He was also supposed to uphold Bundy’s rights. He did neither until it was all over and he stood on the stage with Bundy as if he supported him all along. He shirked his Constitutional Duty and should be removed as Sheriff of Clarke County. Bundy owes the government money. He didn’t pay and that’s not right. BLM brought in a few hands and a “contracted” Army and metaphorically “put a gun to Bundy’s head.” That’s a clear unconstitutional overreach of BLM authority and a severe violation of Bundy’s rights. Bundy may have been adjudicated a “deadbeat” but he’s not been adjudicated a “Federal Criminal.” What you saw on TV was not a bunch of “idiots that were pointing guns at federal agents.” What you saw was a lot of Bundy’s neighbors, friends, and fellow American Patriot Citizens who would have killed every single one of those “federal agents” had even one of them been stupid enough to pull a trigger. “Idiots” don’t reason. The Patriots out at Bundy’s ranch showed extreme discipline and REASON, i.e, they didn’t fire a shot when REAL idiots would have, given that the “federal agents” WERE POINTING GUNS AT THEM FIRST! Wake up eadtuff. Stop being one of what Lenin called, “useful idiots.”

      • let me guess, you stopped being a state tool when the party you didn’t vote for got elected, right

      • I stopped being a State tool when I discovered both major parties are instruments of the State, and their agendas are not very different from one another at all.

  3. I had not heard about this and I immerse myself in news. I don’t see how “cutting phone lines” and then shooting would NOT be a terrorist act. I find it amazing a man holding one of the most important seats in Congress can call a rancher grazing cattle a ‘domestic terrorist’ yet THIS issue has virtually no publicity. What is going on here?

    • Let’s not forget that when Maj. Hassan killed all those people at Fort Hood, obama and holder called it workplace violence, not terrorism!
      And we thought we won the war against communism! Our government is now using the same tricks as the old Soviet Union. Their ideology is winning over democracy, just as Khrushchev said. (“We will bury you!”)

      • Since 1990 we and the Russians have had a role reversal. We have become Stalinist and the Russians have become Mussolini.

    • Me too Puddentain. I hadn’t heard about this until reading this post. And I too keep my nose in the news. This is very disturbing. I get the sense that this is another one of Obama’s games of distraction. That would explain why, as you said, the event has gone mostly unnoticed. And the fact that it has not been investigated raises a huge red flag.

  4. Agree completely! The German’s had similar plans during WW2 in the east to shut down transportation and production. We got lucky and the FBI nabbed them. And the terrorists like to emulate what 1930-40’s Germany attempted. I don’t know how many times we have to be warned from their own mouths about this kind of jihad activity but a plethora of video evidence is available to corroborate what their intent is. Hundreds and thousands of acres of Forests have been burnt, we’ve caught a Muslim who got stuck in a water pipe at a water treatment plant in N.J. which was protected by a fence with barbed wire! How much more shall we suffer? How much more foolish do you wish to be sheeple!?

      • We probably wouldn’t have heard about the Bundy Ranch ordeal had it not been for other ranchers getting involved and protesting. The government doesn’t want us to know whats going on and the media lapdog tries to minimize it as much as possible until people like Reid speak up and call them “domestic terrorists”.

  5. Anyone who thinks that the horrific wildfires that have engulfed the West in the last few years were accidents or caused by “lightning,” had better wake up. Islamic terrorists have known for years that our power grid and huge swaths of forested landscape make inviting targets of opportunity. The costs in terms of dollars are in the billions. The government always has a glib and unsatisfying answer to the causes of these fires and power outages but the plain facts are, they are intentional and targeted. Welcome to the next level of terrorism.

    • I’ve lived in Phoenix, Az. since 1973. I remember there would be warnings on all radio and tv stations for controlled wild fires. That ended sometime in the 90’s. The communistic environmentalists/epa put an end to all that. Now stuff burns (for whatever reason) and it gets blamed on “climate change”, formally known as “global warming” formally know as “el ninia/el ninio”. And yes as far as terrorism, I have thought of that for years. I’m also equally concerned that the Democrats appear to ally with terrorists over Conservatives.

    • The Palestinian Arabs love to attempt the torching of forests in Israel, too. The Jews plant millions of trees in their care for that small patch of land, but the Arabs despise it all.

  6. I think it was a “terrorist” attack. That said, “they” did leave a “trace” of evidence. Spent shell casings, whether they contain fingerprints or not, contain a LOT of evidence. If the “terrorists” REALLY were a little less “amateurish,” they would have had a person for each rifleman with gloves on, to pick up ALL of the shell casings. Now of course that ammunition could have come from anywhere, but the firing pin impressions on the primers can still point to specific weapons if found. And I sincerely hope they are.

    • watching CSI again? Way to many ifs in your statement. Seems like they were confident that the value of the casing were not that important.

      • Wasn’t talking about the science. I am sure the casing were logged into evidence along with the case report. Since the FBI is involved they have all the resources to compare the tool marks IF the weapons were ever found. They also stated no fingerprints found. Which would only yield any help if they were in AFIS. But can also be valuable IF a suspect is ever found. Must have been nothing to indicate where the rounds were purchased. That was my point.

      • “Probably because you wont get any information out of them since it is under the jurisdiction of the FBI now”

        SUSPECTS ?? But you wrote NO INFO ABOVE, luv…

      • You are absolutely right Carl. In fact, there were FIFTEEN APCs loaded with Ukrainian troops just last week who got surrounded by a boatload of Eastern Ukrainian civilians (supportive of Russia) who were in a foul mood. The military commander of the Ukrainian contingent said he wasn’t going to fire on Ukrainian civilians and his troops concurred. To “extract” themselves from this delicate situation, the troop Commander agreed to hand over the firing pins of all the AK’s to the civilian leader. Took less than a minute I understand. That said, unless you’re willing to toss the receiver and barrel too, matches can still be made. Fruitless at this point, I will admit, but consider this: “What if it were a group of gangbangers who shot up that substation only knew how to load and fire their AK’s and NOT take them apart? In either case, I don’t think “terrorists” are really concerned with changing out their firing pins. If you get THAT close to them, I think they’ll go down shooting.

  7. See, folks, cut wires and 100 shots into an electric sub-station, interrupting power for almost a month, isn’t a terrorist act; however, citizens in Nevada, protesting government abuses, THAT’S terrorism! Please learn the difference, peasants.

  8. There is a possibility that cutting the phone lines was for a separate objective and that the shooting on the power station could have been a diversion to make it look like a terrorist attack. Just exploring another possible avenue. One should check crime reports in areas affected by the phone line interruption.

  9. I agree with Gary that the inordinate number of suspicious forest fires in the west are likely terrorist related. There also could be environmental terrorist, there could be communist or Jihadist terrorist. Environmentaland or communist terrorist would do this to create speculation about global warming to gain support for the EPA which is constricting and destroying U.S. economic growth. The MO is relevant.

  10. Since we have invited the enemy right into our parlor, we need to be hyper aware. These were not just kids having fun. It was a dry run to test the system. The country would be in chaos if power grids went out at the same time all over the country. It would tie up law enforcement and other resources. Leaving the country wide open for who knows what.

    It is a fact that testing our systems of response times, systems back up, public reaction and a whole host of other things that,not being battle trained, I cannot conceive of.

    All is not well in America citizens.

    • Don’t worry Pam….ever seen the flick Red Dawn (original)??? Don’t you worry, the real American people will take action when absolutely needed. Trust me.

      • That is so comforting. Yes I saw that movie and so glad that you told me a handful of teenagers are going to save the day.

        How will they do it since Patrick Swayze is dead?

      • I would say it would be more of true patriots, people who are going to refuse to give up their guns, mostly in the south. People here said it would be a cold day in hell before the government gets their guns. Not to mention a lot of police and even National Guardsmen have spoken up to say they will not follow an order to fire on our own citizens and will protect this country at all costs.

      • A lot ?

        LMAO !

        So, you southerners need guns, because the gubberment is coming to take them ??

        Sounds like the solution is to sell them to fellow nuts & move …

  11. I investigated a series of very similar incidents in the 90’s, in a small town in NV. I was never able to get enough PC for an arrest, but when the suspect realized he was the focal point of an investigation, the series of shootings at our power substations stopped! Was just one young man with an AK-47, and a piss poor sense of right and wrong.

  12. Since 9/11 (inside job), there has been an on-going deliberate attempts to destabilize, weaken the United States, destroy its democratic institutions, its environment, its economic might, its sovereign military, the constitutional rights of its citizens. Employing such tactics would be consistent with this agenda by the oligarchic elite now expropriating the public’s assets, while enslaving them to a police state grid.

  13. Obama probably devised the planned attacks.
    Remember in Germany ‘the night of the broken glass’ was orchestrated by an carried out by Hitler’s minions to prove the lawless nature of the communists to give a reason to assume absolute power over the German people to stop these crimes,
    Do you think Obama is any different? With Reid calling those at the Bundy ranch domestic, tax dodging, deadbeat terrorists, do you think that is going away. Barry knows that in the 2014 elections he is going to take a ass whipping of biblical proportions so what does he have to loose? If he incites the militias into responding with guns, then he can call for marshal law and ‘invite’ UN troops to restore order? Do you think that is not possible? Is it a coincidence that the UN member countries are also joining in for a total dis armament of America, do you ask why? Why is Barry now once again, in a election year, insisting on a gun registration scheme? At this point you can bet millions of American’s will refuse and a footing is then set for a civil war that will be one of the bloodiest and costly in mankind’s history.
    Yep, we are headed down a road that is inevitable. Millions of Americans will simply say ‘we would rather die on our feet than live on our knees’. You can bet Barry and his communist ilk will see that is just the way they planned it.

    • We can simply NOT fall in the trap. Worried about this American spring in May. Do they not think it will be infiltrated by the same trouble makers that love to escalate protests? All it will take is a few weapons carriers….

  14. As a former officer I have to shake my head at times what really passes for investigations of crimes these days! They either have their head up their asses or are being told to stand down.

    • Can’t really say without knowing the size of the department and resources. But something is strange when the FBI can put and exact time frame of 52 mins and no explanation. That is a long time to spend on a crime scene in the open air. Also was supposedly a isolated area.

      • This is the Federal Government, they have all the resources in the world and money is no object. This is not a couple of knuckle heads shooting up a place for fun. There is no way in hell you can insert rounds into magazines with out living finger prints unless you are making sure you do not want to leave any. This case on face value is a major concern. Either they are hiding facts or worse yet not investigating.

      • it was a professional job start to finish, I guarantee you that it will not be investigated as it was probably a barry sponsored event

      • Thanks, for your “guarantee”, it’s worth at least what I paid for it & the opinion was free, too…

        “….or are you are you that ignorant?”

        Take a do-over, rover…. good puppy.

  15. Instead of wondering if this is being pursued, a deliberate implication that it is not, why don’t you ask local law enforcement if it is still being investigated?


  17. There are a lot of interesting ideas in this comment feed. Certainly a lot to think about. I hope people start paying better attention to what is happening in our country. Many times I’ve been stunned to hear comments like, “politics is boring,” “current events don’t interest me,” or “I don’t understand it.” (Well get informed, I say!) This mentality is quite startling! This disturbing and growing trend concerns me. Our fascination with technotoys and entertainment, which takes our eyes off the ball, is dangerous. We were caught sleeping September 11, 2001. How quickly we forgot…how quickly we were ready to return to complacency and our preferred ignorance. Too many are reluctant to admit that something is, indeed, amiss. Our enemies are not going away. They are only fortifying while we turn our attention on the Kardashians or our electronic toys and fancy houses. With hate groups vowing to destroy us, which are growing by the day, can America really believe that the bad guys are on the run and aren’t really up to something?

  18. This was obviously a planned attack done by professionals. They knew what to go after without causing a major problem and get in and out without detection. Without surveillance see them or tripping alarms. I seriously doubt it was a terrorist attack. Terrorists always advertise they did it so they get the full effect of the purpose for the attack and that is to terrorize.
    This was deliberate sabotage, by professionals who knew what they were after. I have no idea why they stopped with the small amount of damage they did.
    Emmanuel said never let a good catastrophe go to waste. This has been in the news lately to draw attention to yet another “Gun Violence” incident. where guns need to be banned

    • Did you get a sense of the location? It didn’t look isolated. That much gun fire would surly draw attention, especially for 52 mins?

      • It does seem quite strange that they were able to perpetrate this for such a long time and get away. This is a sad state of affairs if this shows what our response time will be in the event they are able to do this on a wider scale.

      • Of course I am sure the gun fire wasn’t going on for 52 mins. But they somehow came up with a time frame of that length. Wonder how they determined they were on the scene for 52 mins. Very exact, strange.

      • These installations usually have security cameras. So they probably got how many there were. The fact that they say they were “snipers” and shot with assault rifles, as indicated in the video, is contradictory. They were either snipers or an assault team. Snipers shoot bolt action rifles one shot at a time. If tt happened exactly the way the video showed, they were full automatic weapons, which only the Military are suppose to have. They shot from close range, while snipers stay as far away as possible. Snipers police their brass(meaning they pick up their spent shell casings). They said there were 100 casings found at the scene. An assault team wouldn’t police their brass.

      • Actually they stopped teaching us to “police” our brass some time ago. When you get into a fire fight those habits kick in and it was resulting in officers not reloading in time. That came home to me on the night shift when meth head was trying to run me over. Had just bought a semi auto shotgun. Always trained on pump, first thing I did was rack it, mistake. But fell back on my training, oh well. In fact we had to drop our magazine and replace it without taking our eyes off the target. Real pain in the butt to have to find your mags in the grass and police the brass after a long day on the range.

        I also thought there surely were cameras. That is the only way that they could have obtained as much info as they had. I also know trained snipers do use bolt action rifles. The range at FBI training course was so far need a scope,lol

      • Hi Pam I never realized you were in the Service! thanks for your serving and I did not know that stopped teaching policing Brass

      • Well that certainly put it out of the realm of vandals. Silencers wasn’t on my mind, should have been.

    • I can’t say it wasn’t a terrorist attack if they are just “testing the water” so to speak. If they let on their plans then they would have to change tactics on the bigger scale.

      • Terrorists cannot help themselves they are like trolls they have to take credit for everything they do

      • True to a point. When I studied this in school, some acts go without them making some sort of announcement, mainly because they are doing trial runs. Its not always the case, especially if they are able to cause massive damage or cost many lives. It would also depend on the organization that is doing the attack and what they want to come of it.

      • If it were terrorists that would not have been so precision oriented, they would not have stopped by shooting what they did, they would have used molotov cocktails and lit the place up

      • Perhaps, depends on what outcome they are seeking 🙂 and what terrorists we are talking about. I’m just not ready to let go of the “terrorist” plot just yet. I may be wrong and being overly suspicious, but after all the attacks so far who knows?

      • Even if it was Domestic Terrorism, there would have been more widespread destruction of the plant. This was a limited strike, just enough to get a point across for whatever reason.
        Whether it is barry’s “don’t let a catastrophe go to waste” or some excuse for the DHS or surveillance drones to fly over the country? Until the left announces what they want to do with it, it will be just speculation

      • True, I just don’t want to get caught with my knickers down. There will always be this nagging voice in the back of my mind that says it could be terrorist groups whether domestic or foreign, especially since our borders are so porous anyone can get through.

      • Wear suspenders and your pants won’t fall down lol J/K
        The answer is just to be vigil and time will reveal the truth about tha attack

  19. Being that our government is the biggest terrorist in the world, it would make sense that this was not investigated…

  20. Two facts need considering. One it’s Cali, an anti-gun hotbed and two the proximity of the substation to a large gun range. Guns are in the hands of anti-gun activists and you can be sure that any crisis they could bring would serve them well including shooting up a power station. You would think the FBI would have collected brass at that range across the road. I find it hard to believe there wouldn’t be a match to one single casing there. That said, I’m certain we aren’t being told the details of what they do know and as certain that if the finger of guilt would land unfavorably that it would be held at bay for political purposes. Just remember that the FBI has all the evidence it needs to prosecute the Weathermen”s bomb attacks (Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn) yet it’s held in limbo.

  21. If a republican is winning in 2016 polls, watch out, there’ll be power failures in any districts/counties that matter to the electoral college and aren’t being won by the democrat.

      • Do some research Rena-tard, there’s evidence all over the country, and especially in key districts, of obvious voter fraud, and whaddya know, in every instance, Obama always comes out with over 100% of the votes of the registered voters in those areas. Really? Gee, is something worth investigating? And for your info, there’s a programmer who has testified under oath for having been hired by a dem to program voter fraud – to literally code to change votes of people so that the outcome is 51-49 in dems favor. Hmmm. It’s in court testimony, under oath, and with affidavits, everything – but whaddya know the lameass media haven’t covered the story because it reflects poorly (aka it would put their guy, Obama, in jail or worse, to death for fraud, treason, aiding/abetting the enemy) if they were to pursue the story! What do you have to say to that? Who is stupid now, dumbass? You’re a clueless moron you stupid f**ing liberal! And yeah, voter fraud was part of the reason Obama won. The other part is that half the country is F***ING retarded, useless, POS who are looking for handouts! Which part are you from?

      • Thank you for your “kind” response, however when I first read your post, it sounded like you were blaming republicans for voter fraud, and since I don’t want to accuse anyone of changing their post, I’ll just say I misread your post and leave it at that. At any rate, you are right and I was wrong as like I said I must have misread your post. My mistake as accidents do happen occasionally on here and anywhere for that matter which I’m sure you have also done on occasion, unless you are perfect which I highly doubt you are.

      • Hi. In looking back to my original post, I have to admit, it was awkwardly written. And well, my second post was a bit “over the top” – can I blame it on alcohol? Take care!

      • That can work … I try not to judge too harshly but I can come off sounding like a complete b**ch at times. Next time I’ll make sure I read carefully… Have a good one 🙂

  22. Wow Allen west is desperate. I guess if you can no longer make a buck being a congressman start a website to make a few bucks off whitey. I don’t blame him it’s a smart move he knows a lot of middle aged white folks will pay a pretty penny to listen to a black man be critical of king Obama. It’s just sad that right wingers always fall for it.

    • Yep, we fell for it alright. Us “whitey’s” are following and admiring Col. West not ’cause he’s intelligent, honorable, principled, ethical, or that he had a successful academic and military career, and was, for one term at least, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. No, you’re probably right… Us “whiteys” probably just follow him because he’s black. Oh, by the way… could you please post your resume here so we can compare it side by side with Col. West’s? If it’s impressive enough, us dumb white folks might want to “pay a pretty penny to listen” to you. S’pecially if you is black!

      • That bitch isn’t smart he got his ass whipped after one pathetic term. He should be embarrassed because members of congress are usually reelected 95% of the time he’s a loser and he was a disgrace as a solider. And BTW if I were black I would definitely take you right wing hacks money it’s too easy. I happen to be a southern white male so unfortunately I wouldn’t stand out in your party.

      • You would definitely stand out in the crowd. Your loud boorish demeanor, Your stupidity, Your Racism, Your pathetic attempt to be a troll. You are an embarrassment to the South. You are an embarrassment to White people everywhere.
        If you were Black, you would be in the ghetto without a computer, no job, living off barry’s EBT card and obama phone to call your local drug dealer.

      • You mean black, like your “host” right ?

        “If you were Black, you would be in the ghetto without a computer, no job, living off barry’s EBT card and obama phone to call your local drug dealer.”

  23. Whether it was domestic or foreign terrorism, it’s still a very serious situation, and should have been all over the news on EVERY station. I’m sure this administration didn’t want us to know about it. Remember, those killed at Fort Hood, where the Muslim shouted out (alalalala allah), our president made a decision to call it workplace violence. It’s no wonder, as this president doesn’t want “terrorism” on his watch. Just another reason for impeachment.

  24. oh it was terrorism alright, funny it is the majority of shell cas-ings of the type of that made up D.H.S’s am-mo purchase. They knew where comm was, they were seen to the extent of the flashlight signaling so someone was close. hmmmm,…………………..hmmm!

  25. LCol. West…please lead us out of this darkness and back to God and America…freedom and liberty. God Bless Israel…God Bless America.

  26. Personally, I wish the media had not publicized this attack to the entire world; it only broadcasts our vulnerabilities to every malevolent maniac – heaven knows there are far too many of them. These were people who knew exactly what they were doing – they first accessed a phone company manhole to cut off communications & alarms; then they proceeded to the substation to take out targeted equipment.

    • Wrong….hiding your head in the sand is the worst thing. Exposing this weakness is the best way to deal with it.

  27. It has the appearance of a “poke and lets see what happens” mission. The electric grid is the most vulnerable piece of infrastructure we have. We need to harden it. A simple slatted-fence would have made it harder to see targets. Simply put, put up some curtains or fences right away to make targeting harder to do as well as the use of decoys and dummy infrastructure.

  28. In roughly the same time frame, an eastern Tennessee nuclear power plant was the scene of a firefight between a guard and an unknown intruder. The guard was on patrol and saw a stranger around 0200. The guard attempted to stop the stranger and the stranger opened fire. The guard returned fire. The gun battle continued until the guard called for reinforcements over his radio. At that point, the intruder broke contact and retreated toward the lake. The intruder was not captured.

    1. Whoever this was, they were perfectly comfortable going toe-to-toe in a gunfight against an armed security officer. This points to someone who has been in combat enough times to feel pretty comfortable when faced with a gunfight.
    2. The intruder apparently arrived and departed via the water.
    3. It’s unlikely that this was a lone wolf attack, given the stealth & speed of his arrival and departure.
    4. Although this story was reported by the local media, national media failed to report on this event. Even after the California attack made national news, there was no mention of the Tennessee attack.

    There might be 2 different groups/cells involved in these attacks, but I strongly suspect that they both report to the same organization.

  29. I had heard about this before, but “sniper” doesn’t seem to fit (at least with the animation of the attack). A squad of people all shooting the same thing rapidly is just as bad, but I’d expected a “sniper attack” to be more “shoot out the insulators” or some such.

    Thank you for the details of the attack, in any case.

  30. What this was is stage one of an attack on the City the station supports. However the attack failed to plunge the area in a black out. I suspect the plan was to cause a black out, then follow up with a Mumbai style attack on the city streets. When stage one failed, stage two was called off. All this means is they will try again. This is basically a plan Manson wanted to do.

  31. I remember reading this the week it happened. Don’t remember where, but it wasn’t anywhere on the mainstream. Seems to me it either wasn’t a professional action, or it was, as others mention, a test. Either way, it shows our weakness. As a lineman in the past…there’s not much we can do to protect our current grid…..it’s all out in the open, easily accessible, and next to impossible to defend….add to that computer control (and probably old school technology) thus easily hackable..
    ..I recommend D-lights….wakawaka lights…..solar generators and battery chargers…as well as a good supply of new tech alkaline batteries that stay charged for 10 years…Sanyo Enerloop rechargeable NIMH batteries can be recharged 1800 times, hold the charge for 7 years…I’m not an endorser….just an enthusiast of being able to have power and see at night.

  32. My personal wish is that we would have more people like Allen West. Many veterans would follow this man…and I, being a non veteran would do so as well. Look at his credentials….see what he stands for….it’s all good! Someone has to be able to rally people … It’s not me! At least not on this level. Some day soon we will need people like this to help us climb out of the chaos we have created by our passive, sheepish, non-action. I’m already on the list…and not afraid!


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