Questions for “Guardian of the Republic”

This week, we invited our Facebook followers who’ve been reading my new book, Guardian of the Republic to submit questions. Hat tip to Gail van Alphen and everyone who submitted questions.

What would your propose to do about the illegals in our country and border security?
We must first realize that illegal immigration is a multi-headed hydra causing problems for our national security, healthcare, economic, education, and local criminality.

Having learned from Reagan’s 1986 amnesty deal, I would ensure border enforcement and security is the first priority. I would cease taxpayer-funded benefits to those here illegally. We need to reform our tax code and unemployment insurance policies in order to get Americans back to work and paid quality wages. I would begin working with the agriculture industry to assess their needs and how we can best implement a guest worker program for seasonal employment. As well, we need to simplify our legal immigration process.

I would conduct a full review of our student visa program and demand we account for every single person. For me, it would be a multi-phased endeavor. “Comprehensive legislation” to me means a 2000-page document no one reads and is full of caveats. We need a common sense phased step-by-step resolution that has measures of effectiveness that triggers moving to subsequent phases.

The first objective is border security. We cannot solve the illegal immigration situation unless we control our borders — and not everyone crossing our porous border is coming here to work.

Under what circumstances would you put boots on the ground? Do you believe our troops’ lives should be used overseas when loyalties keep shifting?

I believe we need to move away from a Cold War posture that is based upon forward positioning to a more power projection military force. I do not support long occupation-style warfare, but rather strike operations that have clear and defined operational and tactical objectives.

I do not want any deployment for a combat Soldier to be more than 8 months in duration. Having been a Soldier for 22 years, I would not commit our forces unless there is a threat to our national security policy, freedom of maneuver or threat to our allies — and my definition of an ally would be very strict and narrow precluding the shifting sands of loyalties.

The best thing our nation could do is clearly identify and define the enemies of the United States, and indeed the enemies of liberty and freedom. I would always use all elements of national power — diplomatic, informational, and economic — before committing the military. However, I do believe in Reagan’s “peace through strength” maxim and would seek to develop a military focused on being a deterrent but quite capable to quickly deploy, fight, and win.

Is the electoral college system still working?
My concern is that the electoral college is being gamed and that the liberal progressives have turned national level elections into a science. If you review the 2012 presidential election results, you’ll find that Mitt Romney won something like 72-73 percent of the counties in America. What that tells me is the Democrat Party has learned to target what states and what counties are necessary to garner the 300-313 electoral votes for victory, as we have seen in 2008 and 2012.

What is happening is that voters in the unimportant “flyover” states are basically feeling their votes don’t matter. And what unnerves me right now is that George Soros is behind a movement to take us towards a popular vote system — wherever he is that is not good.

I understand why we established the electoral college, but I realize now how we have manipulated it by the takeover of liberals in the urban population centers. Case in point: I recently visited the state of Washington. Everyone considers Washington to be a “blue state,” but 34 of the 39 counties there are Republican. The five counties that tip the scale are all in the greater Seattle metropolitan area, including the islands. So is the electoral college working? Not as originally planned. It’s a tool now based upon the concentration of populations in certain areas.

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Colonel, regarding the electoral college, if the system is being gamed what are your thoughts on a solution? I agree that a popular vote is clearly not among them.

Theresa Ferranti

Will you consider running for president? Why or why not? You’ve already got my vote!

John Fry

What would you do to squelch the abuse of executive orders to circumvent the constitution? Would you or could you consider criminal prosecution?

John Walker

Will you go after these criminals that have robbed the American people over the past two elections.


A Guardian of the Republic is a requirement, not an empty suit with lips.
Guardian Lt Col Allen West has our vote!

Beth Drake

I have been reading your posts and really like the way you think. I have said that they are not illegal aliens but criminal invaders. They invade our country, invade our schools, take our jobs, get free housing and free food. But what about those of us who have paid taxes all our lives, we are not “entitled” to that which we earned.

marlene lapierre

Mr. West, I like your thoughts on immigration. I don’t understand why liberals don’t realize, that terrorists are coming into this country via illegal borders !! Does this administration have a brain, and do they really care. Or – do you think that this administration is being threatened by The Brotherhood ???

I know what the problems are. I know *who* the problems come from. That is unimportant at the moment. The important issue right now is finding that person who is well versed in the problems at hand and has the strength, the character and fortitude to rise up and lead us into fixing this problem. Col. West, I will be greatly disappointed if you do not get yourself on the 2016 ticket. You are my own personal hope for the future. You are *our* hope for the future. I would simply never understand why if you do not get yourself… Read more »