Florida high school teacher fakes orgasm in class — and keeps her job

I'll have what she's having.

Parents today have so many factors and variables working against them when it comes to a quality education for their children. As we all know, America has unfortunately fallen behind other countries in the world when it comes to academic achievement.

As a result, my wife Angela and I decided to invest in our daughters’ future by sending them to private parochial schooling. Aubrey graduated from a Catholic high school and Austen attends a Christian high school — not only is a quality education important but a moral one as well.

Hence the backdrop for another sad story coming out of Florida. Hat tip to LTC(Ret) Dr. Rick Swier who reports that a language arts teacher at a Miami-Date public high school actually simulated an orgasm in front of her students.

According to a recent Education Practices Commission of the State of Florida report, Christine Kirchner, who teaches at Coral Reef Senior High, regularly discussed sex, virginity and masturbation, simulated orgasm and gave massages to students in her language arts class during the 2012-13 school year.

Kirchner is no weird outlier. In 2008 she was appointed by the Miami-Dade School Board to the Lesson Plan Development Task Group. Kirchner was elected Vice President At-Large and sits on the Executive Board of the United Teachers of Dade (UTD).

For her actions, Kirchner was found guilty of “gross immorality or an act involving moral turpitude” and in violation of “the Principles of Professional Conduct for the Education Profession.” Gee, ya think?

Her punishment? The Florida Department of Education accepted a “Settlement Agreement” which consists of a letter of reprimand and placing Kirchner on two years probation. Kirchner accepted the Settlement Agreement and will return to her classroom at Coral Reef High School and retain her position on the Executive Board of the UTD.

I’m quite sure the teacher’s union had a play in this case. Now, you can understand why parents are seeking out charter schools and home schooling is on the rise. As well, you can understand why our public schools are failing our children and not preparing them with quality instruction promoting critical thinking skills.

So what’s your assessment? Should Ms. Kirchner return to the classroom, and is this just another case of dismissing and rewarding abhorrent behavior?


      • Yes, in order to be objective, one needs context. There are two sides to every coin. Don’t get me wrong, I like an angry mob just as much as the next guy, I just like to have a bit more info before I go grab my torch and pitchfork.

      • Thank you. I agree in most cases this is not appropriate behavior, but still would like to know if she was reading a book, a play, reenacting a scene from a movie, talking about sex ed, etc etc. It also doesn’t say whether it was a joke, how old the kids were…. that’s why I said this article is horrible.

      • Name calling already? Pathetic? Kind of ironic you calling someone a name that means “arousing pity” to a post that is loaded with intellectualism. Hmmmmm Couldn’t hang huh with the smart crowd if you tried.

    • You need context? The article is quite clear that her role is a ‘language arts’ teacher in a high school environment.

    • Agreed.
      How did she talk about sex?
      Was it in relation to the subject at hand?
      Was it in response to a student’s question about something they were reading?
      …or did she bring it up out of the blue?

      Language Arts covers everything from basic freshman vocabulary to seniors discussing and debating existentialism.
      What was the exact course and curriculum she was teaching?

      Her sexual comments could have been crude and completely inappropriate.. .or they could have been mature and relevant to the topic.

      There is too little information to make an informed opinion.

      • Holy crap, if you want all that information why not attend the darn hearing yourself. So, lets mandate that Allen West provide all legal documentation on anything and everything he discusses. I’m sure you don’t require it of MSNBC or CNN, do you? So why here? Might you be racist?

      • Actually, I would expect detailed information from anyone reporting a story.
        MSNBC, FOX, CNN, BBC… whoever.
        It’s journalism 101… providing facts and context.

        this so-called article just wants its readers to be outraged without providing detail.

        i don’t expect Mr West to know all the details.
        but i do expect him, or anyone else, to have all the details before reporting on it.
        This article is shoddy writing meant to reenforce an opinion about public schools and unions and get a knee jerk reaction from people who are easily outraged.

        Clearly, the teacher acted inappropriately enough that some action was taken against her.
        Mr West argues the action against her didn’t go far enough based on what she’d done… without actually offering insight into what exactly happened.

        I’m not a sheep.
        I don’t like being told that I should be angry.
        I’d like to know why first.

      • Glad I am not the only one that won’t follow the media like a sheep. I like to form my own opinion not let it be formed by vague article and some nutjob commenters with their lynchmob mentality. Americans are being played so bad.

      • There is no conceivable context in which faking an orgasm for a high school Language Arts class you’re teaching could be considered “mature and relevant to the topic.”

    • The “context” is likely not public info, due to the nature of the charges and the ages of the victims. She was found guilty of the listed allegations and punished (-that’s another discussion). The charges are specific. The context can be specifically implied. If her actions were within the scope of subject matter, there would have been no allegations. If you want more details, find the smut in the unofficial releases, or The National Enquirer.

  1. First, she should no longer retain her position on the Executive Board of the UTD. Secondly, she should have been put on “unpaid” leave for the rest of this year, and next year. Or perhaps, let go period. Our schools are dumming down our children, and this needs to stop. We can no longer afford for this to continue. We all pay into the school system, whether we have children attending or not. It’s time for ALL OF US to take a stand and say “NO MORE.”

    I think it would be so cool to pick a day out of the school year, and people in every state in the country show up at a board meeting. We could stand united and make a difference.

  2. If she’s that good at faking there’s certainly a bright future for her in prostitution or politics….oh, please excuse my redundancy.

  3. How is this behavior any different than what Harry Reid does on the senate floor? Harry gets to keep his job, why not the teacher?

    • How does her mate(??), know ? Why does she know how to “fake it”?. What a mess her life might be to have that kind of knowledge and she wants to share her unhappiness with her students.

  4. All you parents of young men who are her pupils, don;t worry she has told the class “If you REALLY want to remain a virgin you can, (see her after class if not) to which no red blooded coursing through his veins teenage male student has ever wanted to, (tis all a yute thinks about at this age)

  5. So now we’ve gone from Common Core to ‘Common Whore’? WTF is going on with these teachers. She has no business touching students in any way. Who knows what else has transpired.

  6. Why are the parents not marching on the school demanding her resignation? We, as parents, need to regain control of our children. When these things happen, parents need to organize a “pull-out”. A day to keep students home en-masse. Schools get paid for attendance. This would send the only type of message the district understands. Financial.

  7. Of course she should be decertified for any teaching position, ever again, in any public or private school. However, it takes two to tango, and any and all administrators, supervisors, superintendents, and school board members who connived with and agreed to this “settlement agreement” should likewise be terminated immediately, with no severance pay and no appeal. Collectively, this motley crew is a clear and present danger and threat to the morality of our children, and they need to be neutralized forthwith.

  8. Slap on the wrist. And what are the parents of this school doing? As a parent, I can’t see how this was justified, I just getting better and better. Now do all this in front of a child, that wasn’t yous in your home, what do you think would have happened to you, if reported?

  9. When you consider the number of teachers that are banging their students these days, they probably didn’t hear anything new.

  10. I thought the article was satire when the subtitle was “what is this world coming to”. Guess I was wrong.

  11. She would fit right in in the social sciences teaching a college class where instead of a slap on the wrist she would be encouraged to play out her fantasies!

  12. No child of mine would step one toe in her classroom. Parents, not the unions, not the school board, not the government, hold the power. Nothing will change – until parents stand up, en-mass, and refuse to allow THEIR children to be subjected to this INSANITY. This “Teacher” should be jailed!

  13. How does ANY classroom conversation move from education to faking an O? The steps in between I would speculate are equally disgusting if not moreso.

  14. this is just another reason that kids today are so numb to morality , they are taught that it is just sex, it is nothing more than a good night kiss to kids today , this country is turning into sodom and gomorrah , be looking up folks!

  15. It started being out in the open with Bill Clinton as far as I am concerned. Oral gratification isn’t sex, Bull it isn’t.
    The lack of Morals in teachers is rampant. With female teachers having sex with their male students, Make teachers playing with their female students. It to me is unconscionable and reprehensible.
    She should be fired never mind any settlement. Band from teaching or any other job of responsibility around minors.

  16. Col. West, how does this compare to your experience in the public school system as a teacher? Were the other teachers anything like this?

  17. you can bet she has no respect from any of the students the guys will all think she is easy and the girls will talk about her like a dog. If parents would unite and demand their kids do not have her for a teacher she would be let go and other teachers would grow a stem cell.

  18. It’s very difficult to fire a teacher. Since she’s been disciplined before without any real punishment, I have a feeling this teacher knows she can do whatever she wants. Most of the time school systems simply move bad teachers to another school.

  19. If a NYC teacher is guilty of molesting a child or using drugs they get to visit the RUBBER room and get paid not to teach .. Got to love the UFT as no accountability and if ay contractor turned ot the same product a teacher in N YC does they would be jailed for fraud
    Charter schools and private schools out perform the others that the unions want them shut down. IMHO

  20. Language arts class? What kind of language was she demonstrating? Good luck on getting the school district to do anything more than the letter of reprimand. She will just go somewhere else and teach, two years probation won’t stop her….

  21. I am shocked that she was able to keep her job….no, the union kept her job. It is gross and inappropriate behavior and borders on psychological bullying of students. I would sue the school if my child were one of her students and pull them out FAST! I had a high school Spanish teach that was involved with one of the football players. She did not return the next year. Or any year after that. The football player got a lot of attention, however, became a sort of walking hero among the others on his team. Ewww.Back then teachers weren’t accused of sex with a minor if it was a female teacher. They were run out of town as sluts……

  22. If it were a senior collegs class in sexology it may be apropriate, however, and less a level in education and of course age of the students, is not allowed. This so-called teacher needs to be charges with contributing to the delinquency of minors for all the students she was in front of.

  23. She should be fired and charged with corruption of minors. What kind of perverts are being put in our schools as teachers. This is a disgrace. There need to be consequences to the School Board, also. This is reprehensible.

  24. If I were a parent of a child in one of her classes I would not let him/her go to her class. If the school insisted, I would fight tooth and nail to stop them

  25. There is no room in class for this kind of nonsense and that’s all it is. Nonsense… Let’s teach whats on the agenda

    • Good point, but a woman can fake an orgasm fully clothed. I think a man would have to be touching himself for an orgasm. That is just my opinion.

      • How about if a male teacher was giving “massages”? and pretty sure neither have to touch themselves to simulate orgasm, all he has to do is hold on to a desk,,,,

  26. Were the charges even criminal? They sound like bootlicking administrative charges to me.
    She should have had to face criminal charges in addition to any administrative charges. I am not conversant with Florida State law, but in Ohio she might have faced at least 7 different criminal charges…and should have.

  27. This is to sad. Just symptomatic of the utter decay of morals in so many areas of our society. We may have passed the point of no return.

  28. She shouldn’t be in a classroom around our children. The next time we hear about her, it will be about how she has been sleeping with the students

  29. It’s Florida, she’s a teacher (Union job) and she’s a woman. Basically she can do anything and never have any repercussions. Of course, once she’s accused of raping a student everyone there will be up in arms and asking why ‘wasn’t she fired previously?’

  30. When it becomes of import in public education to fake orgasms in the quest for higher-education, can live orgies be far behind. Perhaps this is what is meant by Liberal Arts. I have yet to hear of Conservative Arts, but I believe it is well past time that I do!

  31. In the late 70s and early 80s my two daughters attended parochial schools because at that time their dad and I were very aware of the classroom environments in existence in public schools at that time…30 to 35 years ago. I felt that I had to find the schools that deserved my girls, and I found the parochial system was by far the best. Caring parents must take an active role in seeking the best learning environment for their children. (The older daughter attended Purdue and received a degree in electrical engineering, and the younger daughter attended West Point and served in the army for 22 years, retiring with the rank of LTC.) They received a sound educational foundation in the parochial system, far superior to what they would have received in public schools.

    • Well lets see… here is what the report said…

      “According to the April 4, 2014 DOE Education Practices Commission of the State of Florida report:

      During the 2012-2013 school year, Respondent [Kirchner] discussed
      inappropriate topics, such as sex, virginity and masturbation, with her
      language arts class. The conversations made several students feel
      uncomfortable or embarrassed.

      During the 2012-2013 school year, during a lesson with her language
      arts class, Respondent [Kirchner] simulated having an orgasm. The
      simulation made several students feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

      During the 2012-2013 school year, Respondent [Kirchner] gave
      massages to students of her language arts class. The massages made
      several students feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

      Kirchner was found guilty of “gross immorality or an act involving
      moral turpitude” and that she violated “the Principles of Professional
      Conduct for the Education Profession.” Kirchner was found to have
      violated Florida State Statute 1012.795, paragraphs (1)(d) and (1)(j),

      read it here… http://drrichswier.com/2014/04/15/miami-fl-language-arts-teacher-simulates-orgasim-maturbates-and-gives-massages-to-students/

      and here…


  32. So glad my kid wasn’t a part of this bitchs class, I’d be in prison right now. She gets no punishment, nothing? How about the parents suing the hell out of the school and this teacher for child abuse?

  33. [email protected]

    There are too many like you. Why don’t you just open up a “red light
    house” and get it over with. You are nothing but a whore.

    If I lived in Florida I would give you the same treatment I gave one of my own children’s teacher’s…and that bitch has never held a teaching job again! I have made sure of that. Mothers who care about their children should be running your ass out of town on a rail and then marking where you go with emails and letters to make sure you never get near children again.

    I am sending this email to you and the school board and the Governor of your state.

    Your going to become infamous…I hope that’s what you wanted!

    Mrs. Sheila Bishop

    An American Patriot
    for the Constitution of the United States,
    our Bill of Rights and our Sovereignty

    Walk gently in our precious world.

  34. A real charmer. A level of professionalism that all her peers should strive to achieve.
    I am so glad I have no children in school, I would hate to have them see the determined dedication, the terrible, incredible depths that this individual reached for in her attempt to make intellectual debate and teaching skills something to be proud of. I am…….astounded.
    Semper Fi

    • NO!! Not in “Today’s” Publix Govmint Skooles. The NEA (Education/Teachers’ Union) wants to teach sex ed, which includes self pleasure, in 2nd grade. Our schools are horrible and should NEVER have been federalized.

    • She IS a sexual predator. Grooming her students to be as ugly-natured as she is. Where are the parents? This tap on the wrist she got should be majorly protested.

  35. Never okay to be that “open” in front of students. All I can think of is when I originally started teaching, if you gave the finger (not nice, I know) while driving and were seen by a parent and reported… probably not fired, but really disciplined. Now, really, she might really been having one….mental stimulation. Gross.

  36. And we wonder what’s wrong with our kids and this country. These people are just sick and God is withdrawing from us. This person should be fired and the unions removed from schools and the public employees.

  37. I believe I’d be sitting in her “classroom” while she was teaching her
    my grandson! I don’t think she’d appreciate this big “ole” MawMaw in her “language arts” class. What kind of “language” is she teaching?
    I can’t believe she still has a job and I can’t believe she “sits” on any board!
    I bet the boys love her classes! I know my three sons when they were in school would have wanted a front row seat! Lord help us JESUS!
    If she gave one of my sons a “massage” in class, I’d have her up on charges of sex abuse! Child molestation!

  38. If I’m correct, Florida teachers are very underpaid compared to other developed states. You Get What You Pay For…!!!

  39. She should have been fired immediately. Particularly because the department of education found her guilty of an act involving moral turpitude. So glad my kids and grandkids are all adults.

  40. She is one sick twist and needs to be out of the classroom. No wonder our country is going down the tubes with people like this making this kind of activity ”normal’ in the classroom. She is disgusting and the state of Fla. must be run by imbeciles.

    • Really???? What kind of sicko pervert are YOU? The school is no place for anything like this, no matter if is wasn’t “too graphic”. This was a LANGUAGE ARTS teacher, not the sex education teacher, and I don’t even think a sex ed. teacher should pantomime the “finale”.

  41. They know the majority of parents aren’t involved. They know that the majority of us aren’t involved enough to slap their hand. The educational system not only doesn’t train children to think critically they overtly cripple that ability. How else could a charlatan like Obama be elected, or even win a primary. We have created a fantasy world and reality will crush us if we don’t awaken and actually bring charges against this teacher and fire those that reinstated her.

  42. maybe one of these muslims that like to rape women will run in to her and give her a reason to act like a slut in front of a crowd. home school.

  43. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?….. First, what scholastic benefit was this “lesson” supposed to serve? Second. did this titillate or educate? Would this this reduce the tragedy of teenage pregnancy or increase curiosity?
    This was horrendously bad judgment. While I will go along with giving her another chance…. I would require her activities be closely monitored / supervised and instant dismissal for any future infractions or lapses.

    • I think anyone in front of a classroom should have enough common sense to determine what is/isn’t appropriate. This person apparently doesn’t and, therefore, should not be teaching.

      How can we expect more from our kids when this is what they see by the adults they’re supposed to respect?

      • I can empathize with your view….but almost everyone should get a second chance…. we all screw-up once in awhile….and while admittedly this was STUPID ….. not sure it warrants dismissal….. in fact it might be better if she corrected herself…. repaired the potential damage she did…..but I would support stripping her of all other awards / positions of authority

      • I thought hard about what you wrote. I think this goes past “stupid”. Our young people are hit from all directions with “bad” messages – the teacher should be an authority figure they can look up to.

        What subject was this person teaching? What part of a high school curriculum would include this? Nothing my kids took, thank God.

        Yes people make mistakes. But there are degrees of mistakes that can cost you your job and, sadly, I think people like this person just make parents’ jobs harder if they’re trying to instill some sense of morality in their kids. So I don’t think she should be able to go right back to the head of the class, especially not at the same school.

      • How did her actions contribute anything to the Language Arts class she was supposed to be teaching? If it actually did contribute to a discussion of a piece of literature, it might be a good idea to go through her list of required reading for the students. I’m not sure how she could repair the damage she did. There are now images in these students’ brains that will always be there, barring some sort of brain injury that I hope they don’t experience.

        There are some actions for which the consequences are more harsh. There are some actions for which a second chance is not given and the person has to suck it up and live with the very bad consequences of a very bad or very stupid choice. That’s life here on earth. (Eternally? Perhaps a different story.)

  44. the point is that she forced the conversation. it wasn’t her conversation to have. if she wants to talk about sex, she should find someone of legal age to talk about it with, why is that so hard to grasp for so many teachers these days??

  45. I really don’t see what the problem is. I’ve seen worse stuff on tv these days and I’m sure the teacher had a good reason for doing what she did not just getting her students off. Have a little faith the world has worse things to deal with, like OBLama

    • Let me shed some light on it for you. High school is only 4 years of preparing your child for the work place, to hopefully be a contributing member of society. I ask you, If say a male student were to do this in an office with females present, how long do you think it would take the hr department to possibly fire him and the women to file sexual harassment suits? This teacher is not the health teacher, that is the reason we have a “health” class, so these discussions can be properly facilitated…. I can’t help but wonder what would of happened if it was a male teacher doing this in front of his female students? They are suppose to be the example of professionalism, to hopefully counter some of what they see on tv and computers.

    • So because they have this sort of crap on TV, it is ok to have it in our schools? Schools are teaching everything EXCEPT what children need to make it in the world without sucking on the government teat. Something is vastly wrong when our children come out of school knowing all about sexual positions, persuasions, stimulation, masturbation, etc., all taught with the school’s blessing, but they can’t read or do math beyond 2nd grade level. They have no concept of History or Geography or Science (other than of a sexual nature).

  46. Way to teach kids what professional behavior isn’t, dipstick. Now that she’s on probation, maybe she’ll act like the good role model the kids need and deserve, assuming that isn’t asking too much of this immature, twisted moron.

  47. This woman was lost in her own desires to please and appease the children, along with herself. she obviously thought she was being cool, thinking she was showing the students that she was like them. But I believe she had a hidden desire to actually disciple them personally in her special private way.
    She should have been arrested and fired. this type of teaching is best done within the family or in a special group or class setting, monitored by a trained adult.

  48. Unions need to be outlawed. Competition will take care of what they used to. Of course, with their political clout and MURDERING people, it will never happen. We live in a land now controlled by greed and gangsterism.

  49. There were minors – how about registering her as a sex offender?
    What if a male teacher was up there hunching the air and pretending to have an orgasm? Hopefully, the local “dads” would visit him some night if the local police didn’t do anything about it. Would you leave your daughter in his class? Why is this any different?

  50. They re-moved Jesus, God, and the Holy Bible, but open the door to the devil. This is what happens when Liberals take over. There are Godless, and people expect them to have mortals. That’s not part there training. There are taught that we come from Apes and animals have no mortal, or need God.

  51. She belongs rotting in a prison cell..If that had been a male teacher doing the things she did , he would be in prison and labeled a sex offender for life … This is total BS.

  52. This teacher should have been fired and barred from ever teaching anywhere again… She is part of the problem with what is going on in the schools today. I wouldn’t put a child into public schools today if they paid “me”.

  53. ABC… easy as SKEET SKEET SKEET! Pull your kids out of public education!!!!

    Money talks! If no kids are there, they don’t get funded! Instant implosion of the game!

  54. obama has no character, as he was mentored by Communist Frank Marshall Davis, an admitted pedophile who said that the young underage women/people he slept with needed him because they needed a good experienced sex teacher (himself). In other words, obama comes from the same creepy place Communist pedophiles come from.

    • I fail to see how this story has anything to do with Obama. I’ll be the first to criticize Obama for something he’s actually responsible for. There’s more than enough that we can legitimately criticize him for without having to make things up.

      • I agree, since this behaviour has been going on for longer than Obama was in office and even Bush… it goes a lot further back than that.

      • obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, brought up having sex with underage girls in an interview. Davis was not only an admitted pedophile but also admitted to being a Communist. He and obama were very close in fact, obama referred to him in his own book as “Pops”.

        My point is…Communists/Leftists/Liberals are creepy people and obviously so is this union-commie-supported teacher West discusses in the article.

  55. We have sick idiots in our schools and gov. None of them have any common sense anymore. Haven’t teachers been fired not long ago for posing for playboy? Home school is great for now but, the gov. won’t allow it to go on, they can’t indoctrinate the children!

  56. Here I am 65 years old and can’t get it any anymore and she is doing this in front of kids rather than dirty old men like me that would truly appreciate a little charge again!

    DANG IT!


      • Get Obama out of office and the Communists out of the educational field and you won’t have teachers like this!

        You don’t “get it”!

  57. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is getting to be more accepted by society due to abortion, sex ed. In the schools, homosexuality accepted, breakdown of religion in schools and so on ! This permeates society in all areas of life and it was just a matter of time. It will only get worse in the future and unless a moral change occurs in the elitist faction of society, the masses will degenerate as in the days of Noah !! Long live Amerika !!!

    • What sex ed in school? When I was growing up we had sex ed in grade school that only included learning about our body changes and they are not co-ed. Then again in high school to learn about pregnancy and why not to have kids… We were never taught about orgasms and masturbation and never had an example given to us… They need to go back to the old way of teaching it because today they are promoting it in the media through very explicit movies and music and even making it a game in GTA.

      Im not saying that we need to censor all those because adults should be allowed to watch and do whatever they want but parents need to be more responsible for what their kids are doing and watching or playing in video games.

  58. Was there a reason for her to do this??? I would like more facts in the story. Also, I am surprised none of the students filmed it with their cell phones. Regardless, this is just creepy.

    • Her reasons, whatever they might’ve been, were irrelevant, as she was teaching minors, & it had ZERO to do with the subject she =allegedly= taught! No, this scandalous deviant has NO reason that would excuse her illegal & immoral actions! Why are you eager to find an excuse? Do you have a moral compass?

      • Of course I have a moral compass. I just could not fathom this behavior. How does one actually just jump into this?? I am also well aware that some article authors love to post extreme headlines, and conveniently not back up their stories. Journalists love to get us all in a dither, before we get all the facts.

      • Good. Glad to hear you have one, but these days, people “jump into” doing this very sort of thing a LOT. If you’re unaware that this is the case, then you simply need to read / listen more, as it’s a DAILY outrage, what the Leftist do, even to children. Anyway, just reading ONE journalist isn’t good enough, clearly. One must look for others who see the item / event & report on it. I’m not stupid; I know to check sources. So do you.

  59. Not everyone has the option of Catholic or private schools. If you are well off enough to pay for it, fine. If you are poor enough, you will get scholarships. If you are part of the great unwashed lower middle class, you are too “rich” to get scholarships and too poor to pay, so you are screwed. If one has to work full-time to support your family, you cannot home school either. Just fleeing public education is not the answer because it leaves the majority of American children in failing and sometimes immoral schools.

    Charter schools are not the answer. They come and go. They have less oversight and sometimes are really failing schools that look good on paper. They often look better on paper because they can pick and choose students to come in and force out poor students. They often hire less qualified but more tractable teachers.

    Society needs to change. We need to stand up for what is right, but we need to balance that with not imposing our will on others to end up becoming Saudi Arabia. It is a difficult line. We should start by using capitalism, We should start refusing to buy music with vile lyrics. Stop going to movies containing what once would have been considered pornography. Stop accepting relative morality. Teach our children that somethings and some lifestyle choices are just wrong. Refuse to teach inappropriate materials in schools.THAT is the only way to change things.

    • You are a union teacher, eh? How is it that you say capitalism is the answer but not charter schools, when charter schools are a small capitalist step. How about the voucher system and regulating the unions, which have become as corrupt as the entities they formed to protect against. How about firing dead beat teachers and idiots like this one? OH, because that would be forcing our will upon them. Forcing decency and BASIC morality on those in care of our children is not only acceptable but necessary. I agree with you when you say we need to stop accepting relative morality, but if that were the case then there would be a commonly accepted morality, and those who did not share in the common beliefs would make accusations like, “You have no right to force your will on me.” I also agree that we should refuse to teach inappropriate materials and insist on teaching that somethings and some lifestyle choices are just wrong. In fact they are doing that, but the only thing that seems to be wrong anymore is believing that something is wrong.

  60. One only has to read what the board found her guilty of given in the article.
    I am afraid some reading that damning indictment do not understand the gravity of her
    actions. She must be removed from teaching any class and undergo
    psychiatrist treatment. Abnormal behavior should not be ignored. Real life
    is not a movie.

  61. My God, just how low can we go as a society? Firing with cause was in order, if not arrest and conviction for contributing to the delinquency of a minor!

  62. Our schools should not tolerate this behavior from a teacher or school board member.
    She should be removed from any teaching position in our schools permanently.

  63. Should she go back to class, NO, Will she go back to class yes, like you said, do wrong and get rewarded, do something good and get in trouble.

  64. All I got to say is u can’t hide sex for ever from ur kids if they are in high school trust me they already know all about it. Public or catholic school don’t judge either one there are teachers doing their best. No matter what school. Humanity sickens me. It’s a shame a darn animal is more loyal the a human . People just got to have something to talk about.

    • I do not think a Teacher of any kind should demonstrate a fake organism.
      With all you just said don’t you think we should not help or kids learn more about sexual things? Sure we can’t hide sex from them but we shouldn’t push the process along don’t you think? This is amoral.

  65. Side question: I know that Allen West taught high school for a year…was this that school or that district?

    Now, addressing the issue at hand…an orgasm, real or faked, in front of students is absolutely inappropriate and not even germane for sex education classes. That Christine Kirchner has done this repeatedly (she was obviously reported on more than one occasion) should have gotten her fired. Even in a system of progressive punishment, this should have been enough to, if not get Kirchner fired, get her teaching license revoked (which would have forced a firing). Oh, and the real icing on the cake is that Kirchner isn’t even a sex ed teacher—but a language arts teacher.

  66. Nothing happens to this teacher or to teachers who induce students to cheat in Miami-Dade because the Superintendent, Alberto Carvalho, supports Common Core and Race To The Top, so Obama and the Feds leave him and his school district alone.

  67. Government schools supported by our tax dollars should be put out of business along with ALL teachers unions. All public schools should be operated locally with no government interference.

  68. Amazing !!.. That so many so many commenting here are going form the pulpit to the class room to dictate what should be taught in school what is moral and not moral!!.. Becoming judge and jury telling she should be locked up in prison for something that’s not even a crime!!.. Let the tax payer for something that’s not even a crime adding to the burden of over crowding prisons and jails!!.. This group of people should go to classes on critical thinking that they missed in school and common sense which very few posses!!.. What’s interesting is they try to out do each other how long and how she should be locked away!!..The one that was the most laughable was send her to Gitmo !!!.. This brain dead moron doesn’t have a clue what’s wrong with this statement except for his own insecurities he wanted to make a comment that out does others!!.. He is beyond help at this point his Neanderthal brain doesn’t have the capacity to comprehend !!!!…

    • She should have been arrested for corruption of minors or at least fired and give back her pay to the tax payers.
      This is a society that calls good evil, and evil good(Isaiah 5:20). 2Timothy 3 is surely in effect today.

      • It’s obvious you didn’t understand what I posted your Neanderthal braine world alow it responce proved it!!.. Quating verses in the bible makes you a puppet unable to think on your own!!.. That’s what God gave us as higher beings !!., to bad he missed you and some others that bring misery in the world , religious wars, fundimentast Muslims !!.. The Talban the worst of the lot!!.. You probably support them because you are not much different!!.. Cheers!!..,

      • LOL, you’re typical of your ilk. There’s something wrong when you deny immorality when its right before you and call someone else a moron.lolol
        Unable to think on my own? The CARNAL mind is at war with God(Romans 8:7).
        You trash the Bible and talk about God? You are MIXED up as the Author of the Bible IS God(2Timothy 3:16; 2Peter 1:20,21) and is Spirit and alive(John 6:63; Hebrews 4:12).
        I use to be heavily involved with outlaw bikers and thought on my own and it led to misery.
        The Lord God Jesus Christ saved me decades ago and I rely on His leading me which is much better than relying on myself. But you wouldn’t understand that.
        Religious wars, Muslims etc. are just Satanically inspired religion and NOT Christianity which is an eternal personal relationship with the living God, Jesus Christ in Whom is hid ALL knowledge and wisdom(Colossians 2:3).

      • That was eloquently stated, and I am glad that you gave your life to Christ and turned from Evil.

      • THANK you. Worse than drugs, gambling, anger issues etc. is the SIN of RELIGION. It’s so DECEPTIVE.
        True Christianity says…DONE by the grace of God(Ephesians 2:8,9; Titus 3:5) and we REST.
        ALL religions DEMAND…doing and that appeals to the flesh and gives the person a FAKE sense of righteousness. Religious people are in BONDAGE and many don’t know it. Peace.

      • You need to stop being a N I G G E R, and I’m using that word correctly. By the way retard it’s spelled brain, not with an added E, their is no spelling of the word brain that is correct, even British people do not spell it that way. And it’s quoting again not spelled with an added A. Both of your statements are riddled with spelling errors. If evolution ever did take place, their is no way on God’s green earth that you would ever amount to anything more than a plant, and even then I think that would be too complex for you.

      • @ Run a muck……………….oh sorry,rodermck……. What was that movie, oh yes, Dumb and Dumber, you fit right in, stupid is as stupid does. For the record maybe you should take an English class. Brain does not have an E at the end of it nor is the word Quoting spelled with an A in it not to mention some of your grammar in all of your posts. So while you are bashing people with your liberal mouth, LOOK INTO A MIRROR !!!!!

  69. This is the problem, people in any government job, can continue to defraud, abuse, embezzle, any other crime you can think of, and operate with total impunity.

  70. Steadfast & Loyal my butt. Your votes against our freedom make you an enemy to the Republic. You might have some of the sheep fooled with your empty rhetoric.


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