Airlines collude to prevent minority travel with racist practices

I had the honor to travel with my boss, LTC Allen West, on a recent speaking engagement to Fresno to address the Sunbird Conservatives Conference, and I experienced first-hand the terrible travel-suppression practices airlines are using these days to prevent minority travel.

Former Congressman Allen West, a black man, was required to show his photo I.D. in order to board the plane. I was appalled.

But then for that matter, I as a woman, was also required to show a photo I.D. Such rampant sexism must end!

Tomorrow, I will fly back to Florida with my father, who is Jewish. He will also have to show a photo I.D. to board the plane. Can you believe the blatant anti-Semitism that goes on unchallenged in this country?

How can we allow this travel suppression to continue?

The argument from the Left regarding a photo I.D to vote is patently absurd.

Using this ridiculous argument, airlines are racist, every single government building is racist, retailers who require I.D. to accept checks are racist — and in the height of hypocrisy, the 2012 Democrat National Convention was racist for requiring a photo I.D. for entry.

But the fact is, Democrats aren’t really concerned about suppressing the vote, they’re simply concerned that requiring a photo I.D will suppress the FRAUD.

When their policies are failing the very communities they pretend to champion, when disenchantment is growing and minority voter turnout is predicted to drop in the midterm elections, how else can the Left assure victory without being able to double-count a few million votes?


  1. To my Democrat friends:
    When the cop asks for your ID, yell “RACIST PIG!”
    BTW. Don’t waste your dime calling ME for bail money. :-<

  2. You have to show ID to open a bank account, apply for food stamps, Welfare, Medicaid/Social Security, Unemployment or a job, rent/buy a house, apply for a mortgage, drive/buy/rent a car, get on an airplane, buy a cell phone, alcohol or cigarettes, etc., etc., etc.
    Dishonesty aside, there is no logical reason why you shouldn’t have to prove you’re a U.S. citizen to vote.

  3. The point is that voting is a right – opening a bank account of flying a plane is not a right. The RIGHT must be protected.

    • Voting is not a right. In fact, we have no rights at all. We either have unlimited rights or no rights. If we have inalienable rights granted by “God”, then how come we have 10 in our bill or rights while UK has 13? Did “God” give some people more rights than others? They are all privileges.

    • Really? Owning a gun is a right and look at the process you have to go to just to get a gun. If it is so important to the person that they vote they will make an effort to get a picture ID. The only votes being suppressed are the fraudulent votes.

    • Voting is not a right. It is a responsibility. In order to prove we are responsible, law-abiding citizens we show our IDs. I dont want someone claiming to be me to go vote in my name. Therefore, I am not offended to show my ID.

    • I have a right to have MY vote count. Fraudulent voters cancel my rights. Please protect my rights by requiring all voters to show their ID. It is that simple.

  4. in afganistan they have to have ID IRAN IRAQ also why shouldn’t we..are we that honest of a People? Ask sharpton, Rangel, Holder, Clinton, Carney, Most of all oBUMa!!!

    • It is only difficult if you are hiding from the law, or in the country illegally, but obozo is making that part easier for aliens.

    • Its not. I haven’t seen an EBT card but they should have a picture ID on them. After all what would keep them from being sold or used by someone else. If they don’t than they should and could be used as ID.
      If someone is so disabled that they cannot get out of their house to get an ID how do they get out to vote?

      • How? The next greatest form of voter fraud – libs knocking and filing out the forms for the housebound to sign. The libs love nursing homes…

      • Well they better have a camera and issuing approved IDs. I know that there are a lot of people that take people to the poles. Why can’t these same people that are so helpful take people to get IDs.
        I know that you are never going to eliminate fraud but should we just throw up our hands or at least try and eradicate as much as possible.

      • The greatest voter fraud does not need voter ID…the absentee ballot being filled out in the home with the help of “get out the vote” ACORN libs is huge.

    • Because the left wants people to be able to vote two or three times in different areas and use dead peoples names to vote liberal demoncrat so they don’t have to get the majority of actual votes but stay in office for ever!

    • It’s not. With voter I.D., it would only be difficult for Liberals to have to explain why voting results suddenly aren’t so skewed.

  5. It is a ploy that is so blatantly obvious you had to be living in a cave all your life not to understand. It would reduce voter fraud. I won’t say stop, because what security measures man can institute man can circumvent.

    • In Florida, we had to bring in our birth certificate to get a DL, unless we were illegal, then it seems to be waived.

    • That is a huge problem unless they are flagged as not being a citizen. He is handing out the right for aliens to vote. If fact I am going to research that.

  6. YES, we know that it’s wrong, and we know why they are doing it … Please stop trying to convince us that it is stupid, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

  7. The airlines do collude to suppress Jewish travelers. Just try to get to Qatar on just about any airline if your surname is Goldstein.

  8. This is the biggest bullshit post I have ever heard from this site. All passengers show photo ID. Get over yourself!

    • Heeellllooooo – it was all about making fun of lib voter ID argument and did you read the whole thing? The point is that everyone is racist by lib standards for demanding a photo ID.

      • What’s wrong with bow ties? My step son wears one. Dr. Who wears one. Nothing wrong with it. And the guy went back later and understood that he screwed up. We all do from time to time, no?

    • Hehehehe! I love when stupid people go beyond a reasonable doubt to prove how ignorant they are. Thank you, my day started crappy and then I got a good laugh.

    • Never mind, Scott. Pretend you didn’t see this posting and all is good. I’m pretty sure that this isn’t the first time sarcasm/the point flew over your head.

    • Scott Henn You my friend are completely retarded along with all of the other libtard trolls on here! You read the first few sentences and then comment to make yourselves look like idiots. Thus cementing the libtard status!

      • I am not your friend or retarded. And I am as conservative as they come. If you want to compare pedigree of academic credentials, bring it. Otherwise, blow me!

      • One I don’t brag about credentials but when you can’t even spell my name right even though it’s right in front of you, you’re not retarded just ignorant

      • Well since you resorted to profanity and couldn’t spell my name correctly on your last retort, I don’t think a comparison of intellectual credentials is needed. You are clearly showing your lack of intelligence. Thank you and have a great day.

    • Yes sarcasm. The point is we show ID for everything so why are they fighting voter ID…..they will not admit to voting fraud

  9. Is he trying to make the point that apparently 3/4 of the readers of this page don’t know how to recognize sarcasm?

  10. I live in Florida. My driver license is up for renewal. For US citizens:Items needed; government issued birth certificate or valid U.S. passport or naturalization papers, social security card or w2 forms or paycheck showing complete SSN. 2 documents showing residential address More than you need for being el-presidento.

    • That’s Right! What happen to showing your Marriage License and Divorce Papers? I’m okay with showing my Birth Certificate, Social Security Card and a Document with my address. But saying that, hell I was born in the State of Florida and should not be the one proving I’m not an illegal.

  11. Obviously, this author is unaware that voter fraud just doesn’t exist. According to liberal reports, you have a better chance of getting abducted by aliens than witnessing voter fraud and why would they have any reason to lie to us?!?!

  12. I am required to show a photo ID with my Medicare card every time I visit the doctors office. I guess that makes my Dr. a raciest also.

  13. Not only did she have to endure the humiliation of showing her ID, I’ll bet she also makes less money … because she’s a woman.

  14. Had me going for a second. That definitely hammers home how absurd it is for the liberals to defend ‘not’ showing I.D..

  15. augghh I hate dead people voting. Is there anyway a law can be written, to make it illegal for dead people to vote? They gave up their right to vote with their last breathe. Maybe a Death I.D. card with their rotting corpse picture displayed on it. Then again, If dead people are allowed to vote, should they not also, be able to fly, to another state to vote some more. The airlines would get more revenue because dead people are not afraid of flying or dying. hold on ! I think I’m on to somethi……….

  16. Why does it always have to be ” RACIST” We the americam people need to get off that ban wagen. Its called doing their job remember security first !!

  17. Ok, Ok… evidently I needed another cup coffee. I am neither ignorant or stupid. Sometimes a little dense. And the author was a woman, not a dude. I totally support voter ID…

    • Did everyone just crap their brains out this morning? I EXPECT this kind of stupidity from liberals, but it seems to me that there are more than just liberals who actually don’t seem to understand a damn thing about this article other than the lady said it was racist for her boss to have to show an ID. Get a freaking grip, would you???

  18. With voter I.D. enforcement, imagine the relief in cemeteries nationwide of all those gone from us, who could finally Rest In Peace!!

  19. No. The only thing that is “racist” is having to show an ID to vote.

    Being required to show ID in 1000 other instances is NOT racist.

    Obama giving millions to Kenya so that they can institute a Voter ID system is NOT racist.

    Mexico having a Voter ID system is NOT racist.

    Get it?

  20. On the voting issue I’m with Mark Levin; Besides voting ID, any one that are on the wellfare shouldn’t aloud to vote. We call it “Conflict of interest”.

      • “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.”

        Alexander Fraser Tytler

      • So true..I grew up on an Indian reservation and whatever politician that made the best promises always won.

  21. Wow.. just… wow… I can’t believe how many people just dont get it? I read the comments and its like the wind just blew right over their head… Good post LTC! You got them good! Now you can tell who actually reads your articles and who doesn’t and just assumes…

  22. To the author: Please go get a cup of coffee, sit and slowly sip. You need to slow down before you continue to embarrass yourself like this. EVERYBODY had to show an ID. There is nothing Sexist or racist about this. This is the post 9/12 world. Even military in uniform have to show an ID. If you want harassment, try being a photographer with pro equipment (or looks like it). Photographers are stopped from photographing bridges , courthouses and all sorts of things in the name of “Homeland Defense” (Even though it isn’t true.) You really embarrassed yourself on this one.

    • I think you are the one that should be embarrassed since you probably either didnt read the whole post or it went completely over your head… read it again and then think… just think… its called sarcasm 🙂

      • Not normally, just 9/11 is an important date. I try and look over them, because it’s easy to make typos when you are posting.

      • Rena: That’s “It’s”….not its. “It’s” is a conjunction………and it’s a combination of words…….in this case…..”it”….and “is” = “it’s”.

      • Normally I do not condone messing with the special people of society. Though the poster that said 9/12 was surely misquoting a tragic date that could have been prevented if it wasn’t so crucial to big government agenda, there is another plausible but unlikely explanation. 9/12 is the date of a great win in the “civil rights” and equal opportunity war as this was the date the U.S. Supreme Court ordered Little Rock High School to integrate which clearly falls into line with the original articles purpose as showing IT IS not always about race and maybe just maybe we are equal at times. :p

    • Lee, you are the one embarrassing yourself. Did you read the whole article? The point was to illustrate the ridiculousness of the left trying to suppress voter IDs. The author was using their argument against them to point out just how ridiculous it is. Do yourself a favor and read the entire piece before commenting. Remember the wise words of Abe Lincoln: “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt”

    • You completely humiliated yourself. You clearly do not comprehend sarcasm.
      The point is that yes everyone had to show I.D.’s to do anything so why not voting? Because all it will do is suppress VOTER FRAUD! Which in your case, considering you don’t understand too much. is logical

    • The obvious fact that you didn’t get the point that voting should be no different than getting on a commercial flight. Everyone should have to show photo ID to vote!!!!!!!!!

    • That was the point…that there is nothing racist/sexist/bigoted about requiring photo ID. She was using satire to illustrate the absurd liberal argument to voter ID.

  23. Does nobody get the obvious satirical tone of this? They made a black guy show photo ID: RACIST! They made a woman show photo ID: SEXIST! They’ll make a Jewish guy show a photo ID: RACIST!

    The author is pointing out how equal the treatment actually is across all lines <<;

  24. Nice article but the liberals who can read don’t care and those that that can’t read, also don’t care. Wait, what? /end sarc

  25. I’m confused. I’m reading where a black man, a woman and a man of Jewish faith have to show I.D. before boarding a plane, but I’m not reading where white people don’t have to do the same. I don’t like to assume anything, so if whites aren’t being asked to show I.D. please clarify that point. Otherwise, no argument has been made about anything.

    • Heh… its called sarcasm… its about how they are calling conservatives racist because we are asking for voter ID laws and the democrats are calling us racist..

    • You must never have flown on a commercial flight. The point is EVERYONE has to show a photo ID! When everyone is treated equally we are closer to ML King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. The argument is clearly made.

    • Please tell me you really aren’t that dense. Please? Do you not understand sarcasm? Do you not understand that the whole PURPOSE of this article was to show the blatant and utter hypocrisy the democrats have shown? Are you TRULY that ignorant of what is happening in this nation? SMH………….

  26. What is this bullshit!!! of course all people flying MUST show an ID and if you are cashing a check you must show and ID. My problem is that all voters are not being required to show a valid government ID, drivers license or passport. They should also be requires to prove they are an US citizen. What is the beef about that?

      • Just read that an EVENT with Al Sharpton, our president, ,who is pushing against the states that have written laws requiring ID to vote. Such lwas are a Republican effort to prevent minorities and seniors from voting. HUH???? If they can’t prove citizenship and show a government ID they should not vote. They should also have a requirement to have proof of residence in the district they wish to vote. I have had to do that all my life. Why is anyone different.

      • I am in full agreeance, so is the author of this piece. She was pointing out that hypocrisy. It was tongue and cheek.

  27. When I saw this article, I thought, REALLY another one. Then as I started to read this I was confused, everyone has to show an ID at the airport. Then the real reason this was wrote came to view ad I thought, Damn that was good. Nice way to try and get this through peoples head that showing an ID to vote has zippo to do with oppression and/or racism, and more with it being a way to stop the corruption.

  28. Everything the democrats do blows up in there faces. The democrats cheat to win. Obama clearly cheated at a second term and we all know it. If the republicans take over the Senate and already have the congress then Obama is doomed. So he will cheat again and if that doesn’t work he will continue to use racial divide tactics.

  29. Not only should you have to show your photo ID to board a plane, enter the DNC headquarters, a Federal building, cash a check, open a bank account, register your vehicle, buy property…..why should voting be any different? Recently I went to have an x-ray at a facility I have gone to for 10 years and had to show not only my insurance card but my photo ID. How can you possibly exist in this day and age without a photo ID? If you don’t drive you can get a state government ID card issued. Showing ID to vote ensures that our Democratic process is working fairly and it is ONE Vote per person.

  30. Ok, then explain this?? why are republicans also closing down voter hours, early voting, and closing polling places that predominately go dem??? this is hardly just about ID’s this is about not being able to win. so they are suppressing votes, dem votes, what about floridas voter purge, just about ID’s??? yeah righty

      • C’mon……go easy on Michael Brown. Its obvious to me that he has that glue bottle stuck to his nose again, and he’s trying to type at the same time. Give the poor lib a break willya???

    • Just as they should. If someone is really interested in voting, they will do so on ELECTION DAY. There’s no reason for the extended days, hours, or locations, unless you have a really good reason why you’re not going to be in town on Election Day. If someone is really interested in voting, they will find a way to make sure it happens.

      • Right Tevis. it is called Election Day for a reason, if they cannot make it then THERE IS ALWAYS THE ABSENTEE BALLOT, which will give them the right to vote even if they are away on Election Day, and seniors and disabled can also use the absentee ballot. There is no reason for the dems demanding more hours and days. Another gripe by the dems is voter ID. we have always had to have an ID to vote.

      • If they have a valid reason for not being able to vote on election day my state has a voting machine set up a number of days prior to election day. Also can apply for absentee ballot to be mailed.

    • Until the last ten years or so, every single person who chose to vote in America either made it to the polls on time, or sent in their absentee ballot to arrive on time. There never was any good reason or excuse to extend voting days, hours or processes in any way. For Pete’s sake, if you are not aware enough to know when our Election Day is, please do not bother. If you cannot figure that out and manage your time effectively, are you really an informed voter?

      • Cherry, you hit the nail right on the head. I think there have always been people who were simply uninformed and simply chose not to participate in the system. Perhaps they were trying to avoid jury duty, were just apathetic to voting, or whatever the case might be. The beauty of the system was that no one made it so that these people could not vote, but there was a little effort involved in exercising one’s right to vote. The Democrats ploy in recent years has been to scrape up every misfit and loser from every street corner, regardless of how unaware, ignorant, or apathetic to the function of government that individual is, and get them to become a “new voter”. Typical Democrats: instead of trying to lift people up and turn them into conscientious citizens who vote for the public and national good, they turn them into robot voters who can be bought by the most freebies. Now, the new electorate they are eyeing is the FELON vote.

      • Since liberals think the Constitution is a document of negative rights, hinders growth of government power and growth of entitlements, they are utilizing a warning of what could most hurt this democracy.

        “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess (entitlements) out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy…”
        Alexander Fraser Tyler 1813

        This was the basis for LBJ’s Great Society and has expanded over the decades since the creation of welfare, foodstamps and Medicaid.

    • Never heard these accusations before. Reference an article or news report please. Why do liberals always use name calling and ridicule instead of facts? Because the facts do not work out well for the left!

    • Florida’s voter purge (Notice the Capital at the beginning of my states name) was taking off voters that had passed away or had a Government issued ID in another state used for voting (Because voting twice is illegal).

      How bout the Blank Panthers hanging out at polls that are predominately Republican? (I can site this numerous times but maybe just google Blank Panthers at polls) and you’ll find more than enough.

      Quit being that guy.

      • Florida, then decided for some reason not to use the Federal Register to clean up ours. This is one pissed off Native Floridian.

      • I believe they were shut down by some judge that said they could not purge anymore. They were following legal instructions, they didn’t stop because they wanted to.

      • And I agree with you. They should have done this when they were supposed to do it. Now just yesterday they started talking about the SoE (Supervisors of Election) in Hillsborough, Dade and Flagler Counties are failing to keep up with the records like they are supposed to. Voters using commercial addresses to register. SoE Clerks not looking up addresses and contacting voters. It’s just another mess. But I bet we are not the only state with this issue, but we are the only one addressing it.

    • Really it how long should they be open to vote? Stopped and voted before i went to work and took no more than 10 minutes. What,,do we have to give the buses a couple days to get from city to city? And I lived in the city in a very mixed neighborhood . It go’s democrat every year and it was open 7-7. Please show me were these districts are and example of polling places in Democrat precints closed.

    • They were purging the dead people from their voter registration rolls. How could that be voter suppression; or is it ok for dead people to stay on the rolls so they can vote??.

  31. I offer to personally drive any American citizen within a 10 mile radius of where I live to the nearest government office to get their photo ID – no charge. Further, I will help any other citizen get the same assistance. Now what is your excuse?

  32. Im a white guy and get carded when i fly. Who cares? Its not racism to ask i.d. i work at a retail store and we require i.d. for checks as a safety precaution against identity theft. Get over it

  33. The fact that Obama and Holder and various other Dems are still traveling around and telling whoever will listen to them that voter ID’s are racist and not needed is very telling. But if you take their logic one step further. They are saying that buying beer and cigarettes, traveling by plane, and any other things you need your ID for are WAY more important than choosing your government who makes and upholds the rules of the land. Does that not make them look like juvenile fools? They literally make themselves less important than a 6-pack of beer. Is there no one who can make them look like the fools they are? Or are the American people too foolish to care?

  34. When I first saw the headline, I thought, Oh No! Please don’t say it is so…then I started to read it. You got me! LOL I agree with you, the argument against passage of voter ID laws is absolutely absurd. We have to pass the laws to prevent unfair advantages within the voter process that allows the deceased and illegals to vote.

    • That poor 102-year-old lady! Is everyone around her unaware that she can vote by absentee ballot? Someone should inform them of that immediately! I live in Florida and have never once had to wait more than a few minutes to vote, even during the high-turnout elections.

      • Oh, and every person who votes, knows they need to provide their photo ID to the people who check us in and give us our ballot to mark. We have state-issued IDs and if you have the paperwork needed to enroll in school, you can also get a photo ID.

      • Not sure who you’re referring to as “you guys”, but our polls are open from 7AM to 7PM on election day. I have always received an option to vote absentee by mail if I choose, and early voting is also still a choice, with a schedule for early voting mailed to registered voters well in advance. I can understand not being able to make it on Election Day, but with the other choices available, there’s no excuse for someone claiming they were denied the chance to vote.

      • You got it backwards. The GOP WANTS to count absentee ballots.Military absentee ballots haven’t been counted before the election results in any presidential election since 1996. The DNC has assured one thing or another to delay or lose them every time. If the military had been allowed to cast their votes, and had them included in the vote count, there never would have been a Bill Clinton second term or a demoncrap president since then.

  35. She had me going for a minute. I too ( cauc) have to show my picture ID. It was extremely easy to obtain. and gives me great comfort to see that everyone else in the ticket line has to show theirs.

  36. you are offering a strawman argument.

    Voting is a Constitutional right that can not be abridged.
    Airline travel is not in the Constitution.

    i support the idea of voter IDs… but you are completely disregarding the real argument of those who oppose them.

    Your argument is absurd as people who argue that registering guns is not a violation of anyone’s rights because people register cars all the time.

    • It’s disregarded because their argument against photo Id is the straw man. She pointed out the exact hypocrisy. It takes NOTHING to get photo ID. Driver or non-driver. They want to cheat, she’s right. Voter Id would make cheating MUCH harder.

      • As I wrote, i support voter ID.
        but… I understand the Constitutional argument of those that don’t.

        It would be easy to get a voter ID… and it would be easy to register your guns… but both, while not difficult to do, are technically unConstitutional.

        the comparison to showing ID to board a plane is absurd because the issue is not about the difficulty of obtaining ID… the issue is about the Constitution.

      • It’s a constitutional right for CITIZENS. Guess who’s using the lack of conformation to steal our rights….it’s also a right to ONE vote…It’s not unconstitutional for people to show Id to vote. Just as they had to make their mark when they voted way back we should show our ID.

      • Again… I, personally, have no problem with voters having to show ID.
        But there is a Constitutional argument that those against voter ID laws do have.

        The right to vote shall not “in any way be abridged.”

        The point about that right not being abridged is in Section 2 of the 14th Amendment

      • That’s the thing having ID does not abridge their right to vote. So their argument is a mute point therefore back to straw man.

      • i agree with you, but you and I can not state that definitively.
        There is a legitimate argument to be made that requiring an ID is an abridgment.

      • well anyone can make an argument for or against anything. I just believe that this one falls very flat.

      • Brendan, OK we all get that you are not against it. No need to say it for the thousanth time. The point about requiring an ID to vote is that it is a right guaranteed by the constitution for AMERICAN CITIZENS. You should have to prove you are an AMERICAN before you can affect our elections.

      • Because you keep saying how you can understand the other side’s argument. American citizens’ right to vote shall not be infringed. Showing an ID to prove you are an American citizen does NOT abridge that right. Using your logic, an underaged person (an American citizen) should be able to vote, or a convicted felon (also an American citizen) should be able to vote. Therefore, the phrase “shall not be infringed” does not apply to every citizen anyway. I apoligize for calling you a moron, but every single one of your posts begins withthat same line about understanding the other side’s argument.

      • “The right to vote shall not “in any way be abridged.”

        To deprive; to cut off; — followed by of, and formerly by
        from; as, to abridge one of his rights.

        The purpose of showing ID is to prove you are who you say you are. Voter ID in no way form or fashion abridges your right to vote. If you have valid ID you can vote period, end of story!! No need for you to drag the Constitution into it and look for ways to circumvent it.

      • I’m sorry you dislike the Constitution and are incapable of having an adult discussion.
        Go troll elsewhere.

      • Actually, there is a Constitutional argument FOR showing a picture ID that proves that at some time you have showed up and proven you are a citizen, since the Constitution denies voting rights to those who are NOT citizens! Which is why, in states which issue concealed carry permits, those permits can be used to prove citizenship…because in order to obtain a concealed carry license have had to show proof of citizenship and proof of residence in order to obtain those permits!

        The only way to equate a government gun registry to requiring voter ID is to also say that those who vote must show proof of HOW they voted to a government representative who will retain that voting record for future use. Which is exactly what they do in North Korea…and it ensures a 100% vote for their ‘dear leader’.

      • She isn’t arguing on an equal basis. She is claiming that showing a voter ID is the equivalent of the government having a register of who owns every single gun in America. They are not even close. No one is saying that everyone should be allowed to purchase a gun without showing an ID, just as they are not arguing that everyone who votes must register HOW they vote with the government. Showing a picture ID to purchase a gun and showing an picture ID in order to vote, with that picture ID being something that proves you have at some point in time showed up with proof of citizenship and proof of residence is a reasonable request both when buying a gun and voting. Which is why in states that issues concealed carry permits, those permits are acceptable voter identifications!

      • huh, what I read was her comparing having to show voters ID with having to show ID to board a plane/drink/drive/ANYTHING, nothing about guns…. I think you completely missed the point of the article. But please go and argue with her about what she meant… ((sigh, and rolls eyes))

    • It’s a matter of protecting my rights as a legal voter against those of an illegal/fraudulent nature who negate my vote. The core voting principle is you get 1 vote…if you allow violation by not sufficiently validating the single vote principle the rest really is a mute point.

      Then you compare it to gun registration, who rights do I take away by not registering a gun?

      • Your rights are not taken away.
        My point by comparing gun registration laws to voter ID laws is that neither is an inconvenience, but both of their opponents do have Constitutional grounds to argue them.

      • The argument against gun registration has nothing to do with convenience. Showing my ID, proving I am an American citizen and am indeed who I say I am is a very reasonable request when I am purchasing a gun. What is unreasonable is allowing the government to retain the knowledge (a registry) of which guns I have purchased, just as it would be unreasonable for you to have to keep the government informed about who you chose to vote for! The government has no business knowing which guns are in my home, any more than it has any business knowing how you cast your vote. Both are MEANT to be private information and should be kept from government registers in order to prevent government to from controlling either your guns AND your vote! BUT the government DOES have a legitimate reason to ensure that those who purchase gun AND those who vote in American elections are American citizens and that we are not selling guns or allowing votes by illegal aliens, registered felons, etc. You are not basing your argument on equal terms!

      • Brendan: Friendly advice: Bail out now. You are clearly out-thought and outgunned, intellectually. Try to extract yourself with some shred of your dignity intact.

      • This is not Mexico.
        As I said, I support voter ID laws and feel that it would make elections more trustworthy.
        All i am saying is that I understand the Constitutional argument of those who oppose them.

      • Brendan,
        please explain the “valid” constitutional argument against voter IDs. I will bet anything that if somebody showed up in a small town in Vermont in 1800 and was not known to any one (assuming a very small village where everyone knew everyone) he would NOT be allowed to vote. Oh yeah, they didn’t have photo ID’s then

      • Section 2 of the 14th Amendment.
        “Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States according
        to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in
        each State, excluding Indians not taxed. But when the right to vote at
        any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice President
        of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the Executive and
        Judicial officers of a State, or the members of the Legislature thereof,
        is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such State, being
        twenty-one years of age, and citizens of the United States, or in any
        way abridged, except for participation in rebellion, or other crime, the
        basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion
        which the number of such male citizens shall bear to the whole number of
        male citizens twenty-one years of age in such State.”

        The argument against voter ID is the whole part about the right to vote not being denied “or in any way abridged”

        The changes made over the years include lowering the age to 18 (as per the 26th Amendment) , allowing women the vote (as per the 19th Amendment), and allowing blacks the vote (as per the 15th Amendment)

      • “citizens of the United States” – that requirement has not been changed, and as there are many in this country who are not citizens, positive ID of the person voting becomes very important.

      • i, personally, don’t think it does.
        All I am saying is that those who do think it does do have a Constitutional argument… the same way that gun rights advocates have a Constitutional argument opposing registration as an infringement.

      • You are arguing apples and oranges. There is a MASSIVE difference between being asked to show an ID that proves you are a citizen and live where you claim to live in order to vote or purchase that gun, than there is forcing someone to register a gun they have purchased with a government entity! Just as the government has not right to keep track of who you vote for, the government has no right to keep track of my guns after I have proven I have the right to purchase and own one!

      • you made our point…..”21 yrs of age, and CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES” voter ID will help enforce this……

      • ….and exactly how would you propose that we KNOW that someone is eligible? Oh, I forgot….what we’re doing now works perfectly well.

      • If by “perfectly well” people having voted a dozen or more times for 0barry. We need Voter ID because he stole the last two elections outright.

      • Brendan, I have never heard anyone use that argument for not getting an ID. It is always whining that it is too hard or costs too much to get a photo ID.

      • If you enter the following words….
        Voter id laws constitutional
        … Into a google search, you will find several cases

    • I get it…I get where you are going but….
      Splitting hairs and nitpicking won’t stop voter fraud and the loss of more Constitutional freedoms….
      When you acquiesce to being fondled to get on a plane…a photo ID to vote becomes pretty innocuous!

    • No one believes you should not have to show your ID to purchase a gun….so why would anyone believe you should not have to show your ID to vote? Showing an ID in order to vote does not prevent anyone from voting any more than simply showing an ID would prevent anyone from owning a gun.

      • i agree… and I think most people would also agree that voter ID laws (if properly implemented at no cost to the voters) are a good thing.

        I am simply pointing out that there are some diehard voting rights purists who believe ANY change to voting laws is a slippery slope that can lead to further unConstitutional laws.
        there are also some diehard gun rights purists who, on Constitutional grounds, oppose any gun laws, including presenting ID

      • I’ve been a die hard gun rights purist for decades and have NEVER met anyone who believed that it should be illegal to require someone purchasing a gun to show an ID. The idea simply does not exist. Now we also realize that some people are not going to run to the police station to show their ID for a ‘backyard’ sale of grandpa’s old shotgun, but no one would ever question that someone walking into a gun store be asked to show ID.

        What we actually need to do is scrape every one of our voter registration rolls and put small voting offices in every neighborhood, or better yet send vans into every neighborhood, where people can show up with their proof of citizenship and proof of residence and have a picture ID printed out right in from of them, place their thumb print on that ID, sign it, have it laminated and then put into an envelope addressed to the place they have just claimed as their residence and then have them place that envelope into a sealed mailbox located right there in the voter registrar’s office or van! That way everyone will be able to obtain free of charge a picture ID with a secondary proof of identity that cannot be tampered with! It is easily doable, cheap, foolproof (double blind, neither the person registering nor the person doing the registering can mess with the card after is prepared) and accessible to everyone in their own neighborhoods! Instead we have ACORN wandering the streets being paid to collect names from everyone they can beg to put their name on a piece of paper, using fake addresses (and I know this because my son was approached in 2008 by an ACORN representative AFTER voter registration had closed in our state and when he told them that he did not live in that city, he was merely visiting someone in college there, he was told to just put down his friends college dorm address. When asked how it would work, since voter registration was closed in our state, he was told that he didn’t need to worry, if he would just put his name down, someone at ‘headquarters’ would make sure his name was on the voter registration when he showed up at the polls! Fortunately, he didn’t comply) to register people that do not even exist!

      • That would be me. What part of “shall not be infringed” don’t you understand?

        in·fringe: inˈfrinj/ verb

        1. actively break the terms of (a law, agreement, etc.). “making an unauthorized copy would infringe copyright”

        synonyms: contravene, violate, transgress, break, breach; disobey, defy, flout, fly in the face of; disregard, ignore, neglect;
        go beyond, overstep, exceed; infract

        “the statute infringed constitutionally guaranteed rights”

      • I believe you should not have to show an ID to buy a gun.

        I believe the 2nd Amendment is very clear about “shall not be infringed.” That means, if I could afford one, I have the God given right to own an aircraft carrier with a full complement of aircraft if I wanted to.

        I am a Constitutional purist. What it says is what they meant. Period.

    • By “abridged” do you mean “infringed”?

      That said, the rest of what you wrote is word salad. There isn’t a point in there.

  37. So if your against Voter Photo ID, how about the purple dyed finger that
    you get with your ballot in some counties. Or would that end up in
    court forever trying for a ‘safe’ dye. Negative side od dye would be
    voter turn out in Chicago would drop as dye doesn’t stick to dead people.

  38. I am absolutely for voter ID’s. Anything to slow down the voter fraud. I think the voter ID needs to have a picture and a birth date.

  39. When we all must show our photo ID s to vote we know that those who cast a vote are legal to do so, they are who they claim to be, and are registered to vote , and this makes for a FAIR election. Since honest fair elections should be the #1 goal , even one illegal vote is one too many!

  40. Well I will say this, there is no shortage of black people working in the Airports. Is it the fact that everyone is under suspicion since we have had to live with terrorism ?. Some people are just so sensitive but don’t think about the airlines having to keep us all safe. I would think that anyone’s money is good. After all they are open for business to make money.

    • Read the whole article, not just the headline. The article is not about racism or sexism or anything except the left’s proclamation that asking for an ID places an undue burden on minorities and the elderly, when the truth is, the only reason the left does not want those who vote to show ID is because they want the voter fraud they have put in place to continue!

  41. Love this, but I am a w male, Christian and for some reason I also have to show a photo I.d. to board an air craft. My hair is prematurely white could that be why?

    • That must be it; too white! Mine’s about half way there, but I’m a “minority” natural redhead! I have to show ID too!

  42. Thank you for this tongue in cheek piece, I couldn’t agree more that voter fraud being perpetrated is why the left doesn’t want voter ID and its ridiculous to think otherwise. However I’m glad you stated it while others seem to tiptoe around the issue going on defense rather than just stating the lefts motives plainly… It is not rocket science.

  43. All Blacks do not present this as an argument. Those that do are wrong on a lot of counts, but you can not ever fix stupid. You are or you are not. Simple as that. That little old lady that has difficulty getting her voters ID has no problem getting to vote, or for that matter to do a lot things far more demanding. The intent to be criminal in your activities has spilled over into voter’s rights. As a Patriot, I object to the idea that I should be law abiding and respectfully of law enforcement, but I am and I do because I love the freedom that I have as a result..

    • “All Blacks do not present this as an argument.”

      Uhh… yeah. As evidenced that it was on Allen West’s web page.

  44. Oh Lord have mercy, I’m glad I am someone that reads the articles and NOT just the headlines! I surely thought I was going to have to unfriend Mr. West’s page, lol. I was absolutely appalled when the “president” commented the other day saying that the G.O.P. wanted everyone to get pass ports in order to vote. PASS PORTS?! No one has every said that voters need pass ports! He is such a blatant LIAR! Here’s an idea, why doesn’t the states or government give those who truly can’t afford a picture I.D. a voucher to cover the cost of one? There are MANY ways for people that truly can’t afford a picture I.D. to get one! They are just being ridiculous!!!!

    • Dione, most states will give free ID’s to people who cannot afford them. I know the State of SD does provide free photo ID’s if they go to the DMV.

      • Even more basic: If family had not been so redefined, splintered, encumbered, and outright vilified . . .

        Many expenses used to be covered within the healthy family structure without having to appeal to political government at all. It’s called Family Government — the kind that used to raise leaders who were both competent and honest. It’s not Government that is our problem, but the politicians and political system that hijacked it!

    • The DMV has vans that go to colleges, nursing homes and other places where people may not have transportation just to provide those ID’s. And if you can’t afford that ID, it is given to provided to you for free. So there really isn’t a reason not to have one unless you are just invested in ensuring that your people get to vote more than once!

      • Oh thank you Steve, I could not have lived without that correction! I love when the word police come out. You must stay pretty busy. If that’s the worst I do, I’m doing pretty good 😉

  45. The more you try to keep us from the ballot the more we will show up to vote you out of office. Some republicans are actually re-thinking that whole vote supression strategy. It tends to galvanize those they want to keep from the ballot. Those strategies heve been known to backfire. The more you try to keep people from voting the more they will show up to do just that. They know which party wants them to stay home.

      • Obviously the article went right over Rafael’s head. Maybe standard testing should be required before voting too. If you need to show ID for everything under the sun, why is it such a problem for voting. Darn, those dead people just won’t be able to vote anymore. People who don’t want to show ID are the racist ones.

      • All the mindless emotional reaction only further PROVES the active existence of the huge fraud-culture aspect of our current society.

      • Immediately after signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964:

        “I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”
        ~ Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One

        The SOB was right.

      • I think you hit the nail on the head. What the democrats are saying is that minorities are to dumb to get a photo ID and that they don’t want them at their rallies because they require a photo ID before they can attend. I know what hypocrite means evidently they don’t.

    • What? Are you one of those who have been voting twice? or seven times? You want to keep doing so without getting caught?

      The IRS must be against all persons whose last names begin with M, because they keep insisting I pay my taxes! How financially suppressive they are to us M folks!

      • Could you please be specific for the benefit of the readers!

        I could tell you how I was prevented from voting by a simple “rule change”. I should have kept up awareness of such matters if I really wanted to vote. That rule change hadn’t been publicized nearly as much as current voter-ID decisions!

        Become aware. Then act POSITIVELY on what you become aware of. Don’t waste it on hate, resentment, or controversy!

      • In 2008, my polling place was changed (they added a new zip code, yadda yadda yadda…) so, I had to go and find the correct place to vote. I found it on #3. Anyway, at the first polling place (where I had voted many years before,) a church bus full of old black church ladies pulled up. Their reverend handed each a voter registration card as they got off the bus.

        I went to the second polling place, was turned away, then the third. As I was exiting there, after having cast my ONE vote, the same church bus pulled into the parking lot. The minister handed the same church ladies, what I presume to be, different voter registration cards. It was then I noticed that he had shoeboxes full of the things!

        I could not resist, so I went back to the second polling place and waited. Eventually, THE BUS ARRIVED THERE TOO!

        I understand that this happened in all predominantly black precincts across the country.

        Now someone try to convince me that 0barry didn’t steal the elections.

      • i imagine it’s just as much a challenge for you to tie your shoes too. Not everyone is a whiney loser like you bucko, grow up….

    • No one wants to stop you from voting…we merely want to stop you from voting more than once! And the only people who would disagree with that are those who were planning to vote more than once!

      • I just noticed Rafael X has 1 follower. With sooo many people believing the same things he does I am worried. Just kidding not worried just laughing so hard I can hardly type. BTW I don’t have any either but I don’t take myself that seriously. Rule 62 for those who know what that means.

      • “No one wants to stop you from voting…we merely want to stop you from voting more than once!

        Speak for yourself!

        If Rafael is not a US citizen, then I don’t want him to vote even once!

      • I would rather there be an intelligence test, on knowledge of the Constitution and how the government works before anyone could vote. That would eliminate a LOT of low information voters, which I suspect Rafael X is.

    • Rafael, I could support your theory if you have proof that anyone has stated that all “BLACKS” or “DEMOCRATS” have to have photo I.D.’s. I do believe they are suggesting “EVERY” American have one. Have you ever gone to vote and been told that you have all ready voted? There is probably always going to be voter fraud, but the harder we make it for immoral people the better. Another thing, the fact that we have military abroad and their votes are not being processed, hell they aren’t even being opened, is disgraceful! If it weren’t for our military, we wouldn’t have the freedom to vote! As far as racism, I don’t know about you but when I bleed I don’t bleed black or white, I bleed red! YES, there are racists and sexists (and other “ist’s”) in America and there always will be but we will NEVER change it with negativity. Negativity breeds more negativity and positives breeds more positive.

      • Thank you for explaining this so clearly, Dione Smith. If something isn’t a hornet’s next, no amount of disturbance will produce any hornets. But if it is a hornet’s next, it only takes a little nudge for them all to come out stinging.

        So, the voter-fraud hornet’s nest has been revealed for all the world to see. All it took was the little nudge of stricter requirements. All it took was a little honesty being taught by some non-profits to stir up the IRS hornet’s nest!

        Honest folks: Just keep on nudging. Find ALL those hornet’s nests. Keep teaching the TRUTH about equality, justice, and what is TRULY American. Keep reminding everyone who the real terrorists are. Keep insisting that real nations have controlled borders and Constitutional ways of doing things. Keep reminding the populace that we are a nation established on laws and not on lawyers!

        Nothing that is hidden will stay hidden forever. It will all come out in the open and be shouted from the housetops. It’s up to us folks who remember this to play our part in the nudging to prayerfully facilitate the revealing process so things stay under control as long as possible.

        Yes. Peace today doesn’t mean a lack of conflict. It means to facilitate the inevitable conflicts using wisdom that only comes from Above. Christ said, when He came the first time, that He didn’t come to bring peace, but a sword. Only He can teach us how to wield that sword. We are not here to cause unnecessary conflict. We are not here to start WWIII. But we are here to pray, “Your Kingdom come, so Your ways will be lived here on earth just like they are in heaven.”

        We have the example of our Pioneer. We have His Instruction Book. His present-day ministers are available upon request (just make sure to check out in the Book HOW to identify His real ministers).

        We have so much going for us, so why do we continue to miss out?!

      • Thank you Joseph! I was raised on a military base and I NEVER saw racism. We lived among, and played with, all ethnicities and it was great. I think it is horrible what this president and his administration are doing to this country, but what is worse is that the same people that have worked and lived side by side for so many years are now starting to believe that their white or black neighbor that they have known for years are now racist. It’s terrible!! Like I have said in other posts, THE HOLOCAUST STARTED WITH RACIST SEPERATIONS STARTED BY THEIR GOVERNMENT THAT THEY ALL BELIEVED WERE ON THEIR SIDE!!!! We are all the same people that became so close after 9/11. Lord have mercy on the souls that are breeding this hate, their punishment will be very fierce and very long. :'(

      • Thank you Dione! I experienced a similar absence of racism as I began to grow up in a medium-sized town on the western edge of the Appalachians near Pittsburgh. When I was 10, we moved to Philadelphia and quickly began to see and experience racism for the first time. My sisters and I were suddenly almost the only white children in the entire school. We began to experience other forms of bigotry besides racism as well. Every difference or seeming difference was exploited as a possible bone of contention.

        My sisters and I were gifted kids. The hardest thing for us was the fact that it was like having to repeat two years of school. My fifth-grade class was being taught what I had been taught in third grade Worse yet for me, I had already learned much of the same material at home and on my own before I was taught it in school. On the plus side, this practically forced me to step up the self-teaching process, but I got even further ahead than my fellow students in school.

        Then, I got accepted into an elite junior high school. I think it was a month or so before I was to start attending that school that I was notified that because of adjustments in racial “quotas” I was no longer accepted at that school and had to suddenly adjust to the fact that I was about to attend one of the worst gang-infested schools in the city.

        Would anyone else have more excuses to become a racist than I would seem to have? But I ignored those excuses and kept my dream alive of a whole world lacking racism like that town I began to grow up in.

        Now I hear about Jews being singled out as having to register with the government in certain parts of Ukraine! That is the outrage, not EVERYONE here being required to get photo-ID voting cards. As you said earlier, no one group is being singled out for the requirement, but the liars are proclaiming their dishonesty as if it were otherwise!

  46. This would be funny, if it wasn’t for all the people who died at WTC if the airlines weren’t as vigilant about checking ID as they as today. Maybe if the airlines were a little more “racist” they would have “profiled” these terrorist bastards and stopped them from committing one of the worst acts perpetrated on this country.

    Hey Mike, do you know any good dead baby jokes?

      • Good God, no one wants to see you naked for any reason, we just want to see your ID for you to vote. How hard is that? Anyone can get an ID. If you are bed ridden and can’t get to the licensing office, you surely couldn’t get out to vote any way. They even have people who will pick you up and drive you there and home, for free, and most places you can get free ID’s. So what is the problem???

      • That is also a possibility. They can be mailed to you using your SS# and address. They do that in Washington so most can vote by mail. This way it is controlled and harder to get ballets for the dead, illegals etc

      • Yes iMO do not want a person unable because everything fell through the cracks like the 92 year old in Texas. There are a lot of people who do not realize that they are going to be effected. The catch 22 is those born in years before the technology and laws on birth certificates as many retired, handicapped,etc,would not have driver’s license or even id’s as everything now is electronic. Groceries delivered to your dwelling or car so the person has even less reason to need the standard ID’s that were common. More young people are not driving. With Many people who do not need, they have no need to have.

  47. I was two paragraphs in it wondering if I had gone thru the mirror or something when it finally hit me. We need to show I.D. for so many things already I can’t imagine anyone today without it. Voting is perhaps one of the most important rights we have, we need be sure it is as secure as possible.

    • Yep, she had me going too, and being a pilot’s kid through the ’50s and ’60s, I was trying to figure out what policies… I’d sure missed them!

    • Actually there are many. In today’s world once you are in the system it is enough. An elderly or handicapped voter may never need to show picture ID everything is direct deposit. Now with the European card coming that might be a way to ensure against identity fraud and theft

  48. I will be glad when we can get trustworthy computers so that we could fingerprints for ID. No voting more than once and no dead people voting. Democrats would probably say that it discriminates against someone.

  49. Anyone receiving welfare, for whatever reason, loses the right to vote…period. That will go a long way to fix what ails America…that is, if there is an America left to fix after these Demoncrats get through with it.

    • I would back a law that you must be a taxpayer to vote. Originally, that’s close to what the Founding fathers envisioned. They said you had to own land. With the rise of cities, that became impractical.

      We could easily make voter registration occur when you file your tax return, rather than when you renew your driver’s license.

      • Good idea. Only people who actually pay net tax. Many people file but pay no tax or get money back (EITC and similar). There are some theorists who have shown logically that when government is about spending, it becomes a circular free-for-all of various groups after the money. I think one theorists last name was Usher.

  50. That proves nothing. The voter problem is better served by paper back-up and enough worker longer voting days times. We might go with the way Australia requires everyone to vote. Ancient Greece did! Perhaps a different system of birth certificates is needed free passports to every American citizen. Let’s realize that until the cyber age many people were effected by fire or destruction of records. There was a wire system of recording in the 1950’s that is less susceptible to destruction. A new system is needed. After all a birth certificate is just a piece of paper. With today’s criminals using computers altering is very easy.

    • yes altering is easy, but for most people like Obama there were no personal computers when he was born. yet having several different fonts on ok. I think not. typewriters had one font for per letter.


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