Hey Holder, you want some cheese to go with that whine?

Black conservatives are constantly berated, denigrated, and demeaned by white liberals, and yes, other blacks. We are called the most vile and disgusting names all because we take a principled stance on providing solutions to the many pressing issues facing our Republic. The whole episode evidences an interesting hypocrisy as it seems for liberals it’s always all about color, never character. While on the Right, it’s all about character, never color.

Therefore, it was all but expected to have US Attorney General Eric Holder run to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network and complain like a whining baby about being confronted on his failures and held in contempt by the House of Representatives.

According to a report in the Washington Free Beacon, Attorney General Eric Holder played the infamous race card while speaking before Al Sharpton’s National Action Network on Wednesday. Holder told the audience that he’s proud of the significant strides and lasting reforms his department has achieved “even in the face of unprecedented, unwarranted, ugly, and divisive adversity.” Holder then infers he and President Obama are encountering a different type of “treatment” from House Republicans due to their race.

I must ask the Attorney General what type of cheese he would like with that whine?

Eric Holder is by far the most incompetent political attorney general ever to hold that office — does my saying that mean he will play a race card against me?

Holder has not been forthcoming with countless requests for documents and information from the people’s House which has oversight over his government agency, the Department of Justice.

Holder is supposed to be the top law enforcement official in America, not a partisan hack using his office to implement a liberal progressive vision of social justice. He failed to prosecute the New Black Panthers on the voter intimidation case in Philadelphia. He has conducted no investigations into the incident surrounding Benghazi. He has not directed any interviews with the conservative organizations targeted by the Internal Revenue Service — matter of fact he assigned an Obama donor to investigate and we all know what her findings were: “not a smidgen of corruption.”

He has vowed to counter a Supreme Court decision on the Voting Rights Act and has brought forth charges against sovereign States in several instances.

So instead of being a man and accepting responsibility for his failures, faults, and shortcomings, Holder runs off like a coward to the charlatan Al Sharpton and stands before the mindless lemmings of the National Action Network and submits a plea of being victimized. Not just for himself, but also for the biggest liar to occupy the White House, Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama and Holder are a disgrace not just for the black community but for America. The two of them possess some type of superiority complex that demands they be held to no standard of conduct. And when questioned, they use their skin pigmentation as a crutch and excuse.

Obama and Holder both need to “man up.” Heck, Condoleeza Rice displays more strength, resolve, and testosterone than these two cry babies — she certainly possesses greater qualifications and a higher character than the two of them put together.

Obama and Holder are the reflection of the liberal progressive socialist belief in Affirmative Action. The standards are lowered in order to create an equality of outcomes. Black conservatives are the result of determination, drive, will, and the belief in equality of opportunity — therefore we don’t complain or use a race card when attacked. Actually, we realize that when liberals attack us, they do so out of petty name calling, never challenging our insights, perspectives, or thoughts.

Oh, I can’t wait for the liberal progressives heads to explode because of this post — one thing for certain, I will not complain using a race card.


  1. Col. West, there are many that know and are not walking around with blinders on! Thank you for speaking out against these atrocities against the the people of this Great Republic!

  2. This criminal regime just doesn’t get that we conservatives dislike them because of their ideology and hatred for America, not their skin color!

    • I think they do know why we dislike them, but they know that they can drum up popular support with their constant, holier-than-thou race-baiting, because people tend to believe what they want to believe. It’s about emotions, not facts. Plus the fact that they don’t have a rebuttal for what we know to be true about them.

  3. This was on another website in regards to Eric Holder……….. I don’t know the authors name, but he pretty much covers everything.

    There is little that needs to be added to what is clearly a public display of arrogant invulnerability. If Holder were found with five dead children in the trunk of his car Obama wouldn’t fire him. He’s Obama’s Himmler. It’s not about Holder doing a job, filling an office for the people of the US.

    It’s about raw and unapologetic power. They enforce the law as they see fit, when and if they see fit, against the will of the people, against the sovereignty of the states, against the constitution, against God himself — and with ultimate bias toward the consolidation and expansion of their own power. In this capacity the entire principle of a representative federal republic is already kicked in the dirt. All the small impediments they’ve faced have been intimidated or bought off.

    They see themselves as the savior-revolutionaries of the bad old capitalist USA into a new socialist state. They lie at every turn to facilitate that outcome. They stonewall, keep secrets, deny the people access. Each thing they’ve said is always manifestly the opposite of what we get. Keep your own doctor or health plan? No. Most transparent administration in history? History of what planet?

    This is a racist regime too, one dependent on the loyalty of all African Americans. If they didn’t steal this last presidential election they certainly made great efforts in that direction — and they plan on doing even more in the upcoming elections, all the while proclaiming that there is no voter fraud. In their minds anything that results in their empowerment cannot be fraud because they’re the good guys.

    The constitution, the churches, the middle class, the culture itself is merely an impediment to be overcome in the establishment of the new order. On every single issue, those once either not decided or else lied about outright, this regime is betraying the people of the USA. They are quite simply and undeniably totalitarian socialists — and the most flagrant criminals ever to hold high office in this country.

    Now Obama, having failed at each and every initiative he’s undertaken (except for the undermining and subverting of the nation) is proclaiming himself a compulsive feminist. He’s looking for something to turn into the next issue, some way of regaining a counterfeit edge in the upcoming elections, some means to cast the Republicans and all who oppose him as anti-women. The famed war on women.

    The facts do not matter. The damage Obama’s policies have inflicted on women of all types is irrelevant. It’s the rhetoric that counts, and the continued support of a co-conspiring media, the same horrid people who helped put this saboteur in office in the first place. Holder’s Obama’s henchman, his Igor, his Himmler, his hatchet man, his lackey, his lawyer — not ours. He has never undertaken a single thing on behalf of the freedom of the people of the USA, only racially defined efforts, gun control efforts, opposition to religious groups seeking relief, attempted expansion of the FCC’s power to regulate, international criminal proceedings designed to quell freedom of speech and free commerce in the USA, and enforcement of political correctness codes and absolute prosecution of the people to force them individually and as states to accept the yoke of Obamacare — that expensive, unjust, inefficient, destructive and impossibly complex death panel and template for totalitarian rule.

    Where is our representation? These evil despots arrogantly refuse to even release documents to our representatives. They are outright criminals and should be brought to justice. I know we all want that — -and the question is how? The entrenched interests, such as the Acorn type groups, the abortion industry, the fat cat beneficiaries of the administration’s distractive green agenda and so forth — are the only true supporters other than pitifully deluded individuals who utterly misunderstand human nature and willingly allow themselves to be deceived rather than give up their infantile delusions.

    Holder is invulnerable and he knows it. They can’t touch him, regardless of what he does. The only crime in this kind of dictatorship is a crime against the person of the leader, just as it was for Hitler. As long as the wicked lawyers like Holder maintain their sworn personal allegiance to the Fuhrer – they’re secure. They answer to no one. They’re above the law — and above the people.

    Author unknown

  4. I guess Mr. West you would be a racist. But they always pull the race card. Derelict Holder and Sharpie are quit a couple of real scumbags. It’s amazing to me that people are so ignorant that they listen and trust anything these two say. People are so blinded by their rhetoric.

  5. I just want to know when Allen West is going to run for President. I cant think of ANY politician that even comes close to this decorated American patriots showing of honor, integrity and uncommon valor! What say you America, West/Carson!? maybe Carson/West!? Our nation doesn’t deserve such men to guide and defend us but we definitely need them!

  6. The race card is what you play when you have not justification or reasonable answer for what has happened or you have been party to.

  7. Thank you Mr. West for having the intestinal fortitude to take a stand against Obama and the entire Democratic party. Sometimes I feel so helpless and hopeless when I see the crimes they are committing and getting away with. I pray that you and Ben Carson will come together and run for President and Vice President. We need strong, honest, intellegent, Christian people to run this country not the Godless, spineless bunch running it now. I’m white and I truly believe that under your guidance that everyone, not just blacks will rise up and become what God intended for them to be. It’s time for blacks to stop playing the victims and rise above the entitlement mentality that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have taught them.

  8. “Eric Holder is by far the most incompetent political attorney general ever to hold that office” Is this any wonder when he was appointed by the most incompetent president we’ve ever had?

    • I don’t think this administration is as incompetent as some would have us believe. It appears to me that their goals are to divide and conquer, and it’s working. They stir the pot with Obamacare, Common Core, racism, voter ID, devaluing our currency, racism, Fast & Furious, character assassination, subversion, and did I mention racism? All the while, their main goal to collapse America, continues unabated.

  9. barry and holder can never and will never “man up”, because they are not men. They are little boys who cry and hide behind their mothers/wives skirts.
    Neither of them have any honor, dignity, ethics, integrity or trustworthiness. They are what I would consider as loathsome, contemptible, morally bankrupt, fake and unfit to lead.
    They should be impeached then tried for treason.

  10. Yes indeed Allen West …….

    also it was great to see Sarah Palin revived some famous Heston language after the corrupt lawless LYING Eric Holder put forth his idea to track Law-Abiding Gunowners with “gun bracelets” yesterday ….

    Palin to Holder on gun bracelets: ‘You don’t want to go there, buddy’ http://www.bizpacreview.com/2014/04/10/palin-to-holder-on-gun-bracelets-you-dont-want-to-go-there-buddy-111695

    … yup you CORRUPTOCRAT ~> pic.twitter.com/SNIU7VAkwJ

    • The revelations about this “Heartbleed” software encryptation vulnerability that could allow hackers and others with nefarious aims to break into software and any devices that operate using software – presumably including the so-called “smart gun” safety bracelets that Holder is touting — should GIVE PAUSE to anyone who is advocating these things and should give rhetorical ammunition to anyone who opposes them. After all, who can say definitively that criminal hackers, terrorists, agents of a foreign government – or perhaps even government geeks operating out of the basement of DOJ headquarters – WON’T use “Heartbleed” or some similar software glitch or vulnerability to break into and electronically take control of the “smart gun” bracelets and use them to disable firearms so equipped – leaving millions of law-abiding American citizens seeking to exercise their Second Amendment rights and protect their own lives and those of their family members against criminal marauders, terrorists, foreign invaders or worse, DEFENSELESS? Something to think about.

    • As long as you’re being honest, can back up what you say with facts and aren’t promoting hate, you can and should say what you want.. Yes you’ll get called names, so what?

      If you won’t stand for what’s right, how can you expect others to do it for you?

  11. I think as parents we should teach our children the differences between being Democratic, Republican, Independent etc., the youth today are mostly led by our schools and we all know how most teachers lean. Our churches should also “get schooled” on our principles. God bless you and your family, and I pray this great nation will soon have a great man to call president, President Allen West and first lady Angela West.

    • The sad reality is that there are many of us who wanted the first black president to be successful and an American with a love for his or her country. We have many blacks who would have fit that description, Allen West being just one, but the mainstream media was led down the primrose path and couldn’t help but endorse the illegal occupant now in the White House. So much for their abilities to determine a good choice. I have to say that in reality, Obama and Holder are actually accomplishing what they intended, and we will reap the rewards of all the lawbreaking that these two have inflicted on our country. Time to rid our country of these two and charge them will all the headaches, and heartaches they have caused for the American people.

  12. When those leftists’ heads explode, we’d better invest in hazmat suits to protect ourselves against being splattered by what they have in place of brains.

  13. Holder should be impeached. NBP, F&F and pro bono work supporting the terrorists at GITMO.

    Wasn’t he an SDS member with Ayers as well? Does despising Ayers make one a racist?

      • Many liberals thought it was absolutely side-splitting hilarious when an Iraqi threw his shoes at then-President Bush while the latter was visiting that country (throwing shoes is a sign of extreme disrespect in the Arab culture). I wonder if any of the same people are laughing now since it was their golden girl, Hillary, who was disrespected and insulted that way? I guess you could say the shoe is on the other foot – or at least it WAS.

  14. Col. West, come over to LinkedIn and join in on our conversation. The American Legion page we welcome you Sir. As far as the Attorney General, well he has a very poor image of himself just as our President. Iranian-born Communist sympathizer Valerie Jarrett is Obama’s courage.

  15. People had better start taking these threats from obama and his regime wanting to put us all in chains seriously. The time has come that we should demand that they be put in handcuffs and marched to jail. We should not stand for being threatened by our own government.

  16. “Obama and Holder both need to “man up.””

    “Eric Holder is by far the most incompetent political attorney general ever to hold that office — does my saying that mean he will play a race card against me?”

    “Holder is supposed to be the top law enforcement official in America, not a partisan hack using his office to implement a liberal progressive vision of social justice.”

    ” Actually, we realize that when liberals attack us, they do so out of petty name calling, never challenging our insights, perspectives, or thoughts.”

    It would seem as though you have contradicted yourself, Adam.

    It looks to me like YOU are the one succumbing to “Petty Name Calling”.

    While I agree with most of what you said, this article DEFINITELY seems like an attack as opposed to a discussion of Mr. Holder’s ability to perform his job as Attorney General.

    • So it is OK in your eyes if Soetoro, Holder, Jackson-Lee, Cummings, et al break the law, call others names, threaten reporters and Congressmen but are untouchable by Conservative like Col. West (retired military) and Dr. Ben Carson (noted surgeon)? Typical liberal. Holder and the others have proven beyond a doubt they cannot do their jobs ACCORDING TO THE CONSTITUTION!!!!

    • An attack against Holder? Seriously? We already know he lacks the ability to perform his job, that’s why he’s in contempt of Congress and is still refusing to hand over what the Oversight Committee is requesting. There is a difference between an attack and a response. Mr. West is rightly responding to the typical throwdown of the race card any time someone in the administration is confronted…confronted about their job performance. It’s never just the race card, there’s always some denegration of conservatives or Republicans that comes along with it. I think we are rightly quite sick of it. It is the liberals and progressives who are always crying, “attack! attack!” It’s a diversion and a distraction, nothing more. They know they can drop that racism language all day long and it’ll rally the base and shut down anyone trying to get some truth out of these people. It’s not an attack if it’s true. And who is Adam?

  17. I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

    Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Eric holder seams to not understand, MLK’s thoughts are in play, and he is only being judged by the content of his character, and his character is significantly flawed!!

  18. MLK was a republican. Fact according to daughter. Mr. West sure looks like a black American to me.
    Only black sissies play the race card in this day and age.
    And I am old school!
    Yah know over fifty we now has a target on our backsides. I guess we are too close to being non productive!
    Oh my Obama is over fifty! Lands sakes! That old fart is still in office?

  19. The different type of treatment must be in reply to the different type of way They are breaking their oaths of office, circumventing Congress,illegal EO’s, Lieing to Americans, Ruining the medical Insurance and care to Americans, breaking the laws of the Land, not securing our borders, allowing illegals to have Free Everything While denieing Our Vets. Over running our states, and voter fraud, and Obstruction of Justice. Wasteing Tax payers money. Shall I go on? It’s not Your Race , It’s Your Incompentance and the Results there of.

  20. Holder is nothing but Owevomits bitch. He’s a pussy incapable of doing the job he’s been assigned to do. He does just the opposite, he frees Black Panthers, arrest people for making “videos” that spawned the Benghazi debacle, he sues states for wanting to implement voter registration laws. He’s criminal, treasonous and a huge douchebag.

  21. If I was a black person I would resent these two (Obama and Holder) trying to constantly insinuate their failures being because they are black and trying to garner sympathy where none is due. They are so sorry they use their skin as an excuse as a failure. They are trying so hard to garner sympathy from someone, anyone who has anything in common with them, that all they have is their dark skin. People are sick of it. Christians of all ethnics see through this. We are bound together by one Spirit and one accord. It bothers these two hedonists that they are unable to break that cord.

  22. I have the utmost respect for you Colonel. I, for one, appreciate you speaking your mind. I do disagree with you in one statement however, and that is when you referred to Holder as incompetent. In the course he has chosen to follow, that of destroying the United States, he is unfortunately doing a very good job. I don’t know how the other countries in the Americas feel about his successes, but as a legal citizen of this particular American country, the United States, I think he should be removed from his plush position and placed in a small cell at Leavenworth, Kansas. He is truly as big a threat as his buddy Obama, who should be in the cell next to him. Keep up the good work Colonel West, we need you, and more like you, whatever their color may be.

  23. Great article, Holder and Obama, should be charged with sedition, both lawless, both anti what America always stood for, freedom and the American way… not the Obama way nor the Holder way..when are these two pro-Marxist, pro-Islamo-fascist icriminals going to be arrested?


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