Brandeis caves to Islamist pressure by denying honorary degree for Muslim women’s advocate

Ayaan Hirsi Ali. (Photo: EPA/OLIVIER HOSLET)

So many people come to America as the beacon of liberty, freedom, and democracy. Many come to escape persecutions from elsewhere. And such is the case for Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a woman who fled due to threats upon her life from a vile misogynist ideology that sees her as nothing more then property.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, writer of the film “Submission,” which criticized the treatment of women in traditional Islam, fled The Netherlands for her life after the film led to the barbaric murder of Dutch film director Theo Van Gogh. Ms. Hirsi Ali came to America because of the promise this country offers: freedom from persecution, freedom to speak the truth, freedom to express your thoughts. And at the one place where you would think those freedoms would be accepted and tolerated, an institution of higher learning, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is once again being persecuted.

As reported at, Brandeis University has transformed an accolade into “a moment of shaming” by withdrawing a plan to give an honorary degree to a Muslim women’s advocate who has made comments critical of Islam, she said Wednesday. The university decided late Tuesday not to honor Somali-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali at the May 18 commencement after receiving complaints from some students, faculty members and others, including an online petition.

It is even more shameful that the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has launched a full-scale attack against Ms. Hirsi Ali to block showings of her documentary, “Honor Diaries.” So it seems the persecution Ayaan thought she was escaping has found a home right here in America.

We should be ashamed of ourselves. Where are Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and Sandra Fluke decrying a “War on Women?” Where are the ladies of “The View?” What say you Ellen Degeneres? Cowards — cowards all of you and same for Brandeis University.

Ali, who was raised in a strict Muslim family, renounced the faith in her 30s after surviving a civil war, genital mutilation, beatings and an arranged marriage. She was a member of the Dutch Parliament from 2003 to 2006, has been quoted as making comments critical of Islam. That includes a 2007 interview with Reason Magazine in which she said of the religion: “Once it’s defeated, it can mutate into something peaceful. It’s very difficult to even talk about peace now. They’re not interested in peace. I think that we are at war with Islam. And there’s no middle ground in wars.”

Sounds pretty accurate coming from someone who has experienced the harshness of the “religion of peace.”

Brandeis, outside Boston in Waltham, Mass., said it had not been aware of Ali’s statements earlier. “She is a compelling public figure and advocate for women’s rights, and we respect and appreciate her work to protect and defend the rights of women and girls throughout the world,” said the university’s statement. “That said, we cannot overlook certain of her past statements that are inconsistent with Brandeis University’s core values.”

What pray tell are the “core values” of Brandeis University? One has to ask if Brandeis would even invite young Malala Youfsazi to speak at the university.

It is certain that Brandeis University has acquiesced to the defenders of hate and the enemies of truth.

In her defense Hirsi Ali stated, “What was initially intended as an honor has now devolved into a moment of shaming. Yet the slur on my reputation is not the worst aspect of this episode. More deplorable is that an institution set up on the basis of religious freedom should today so deeply betray its own founding principles. The ‘spirit of free expression’ referred to in the Brandeis statement has been stifled here, as my critics have achieved their objective of preventing me from addressing the graduating Class of 2014.”

Yesterday we wrote about the formation of a Muslim political party and UN Resolution 16/18. This is how it begins, incrementally, and slowly as we surrender they become victorious. When tolerance becomes a one-way street it leads to cultural suicide.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, I salute you and stand with you, and will be a Guardian of the Republic in which you believe.


  1. Brandeis University apparently supports the misogynistic oppression of women, stoning of rape victims, female mutilation, forced “marriage” of little girls to old men, domestic violence against women, and the so-called “honor killings” of women and girls. Interesting stance for an American university, but really not all that surprising. Any thoughtful person of good character would be embarrassed to be associated with a degenerate university like Brandeis. I would hope that Brandeis would divest itself of its investments in burqa factories and stone quarries. Most unbecoming.

    Hirsi Ali is a courageous woman of principle, who joined the courageous Pakistani schoolgirl, Malala Yousafzai, in the recently released documentary, “Honor Diaries” which chronicles the oppression of women by misogynistic fundamentalist radical Islamists. CAIR has been trying to suppress the showing of the documentary on American university campuses, as they are very much afraid of the truth. I would encourage people to view the trailer and order the DVD, as it is quite well done and
    very enlightening.

    • Many American universities, those with honor, stood up to Cair and showed “Honor Diaries;” Brandeis was not one of them. I suspect they receive funding from Muslims.

    • you have a plan? Or do you just want to go and kill all politicians? I hear this everywhere, but who’s going to lead this “revolution”?

      • They plan on occupying public places until their demands are met… that leading members of the administration step down.

        That sounds a lot like the Occupy movement with their stated goal of occupying public places until the leaders of wall street who caused the collapse be arrested.

        That sounds interesting and I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

      • You may not have read the previous post by me, the Occupy Wall st group was funded by Soros for the express purpose of up ending the 1% of the rich. Spreading out wealth to the 99% of people which is socialism at it’s finest.
        This has nothing to do with Socialism. This is taking back our country from people who want to destroy our country.
        Your comparison is like comparing eggs to fruit, they are both spherical, but that’s where the similarities end.

      • “This is taking back our country from people who want to destroy our country.”
        That’s actually the same thing the Occupiers said.
        They probably wish they were organized and funded by Soros.
        Their biggest problem was that they were completely disorganized and the radical loons took over.

      • The Occupy movement was created by George Soros for only one reason and that was to counter the Tea Party and Conservative movement. He didn’t think about how dumb and violent these young people would be and how they would do more damage to the cause (and their surrounding area) than help it. They were only a bunch of kids who, when asked what their movement was about, could only answer with something that suggested that they really didn’t know what they wanted but they knew that, whatever it was, they wanted it now.

      • Soros didn’t create the Occupy Movement. There isn’t one reliable site on the net with evidence. Notice I said “reliable”. If you search, the first 6 pages are conservative sites closely related to blogging.

      • What the hell is wrong with you people?? Haven’t you done ANY research by now??? Washington D.C. is a private city/state that has nothing to do with this country. If you really want to take this country back we HAVE TO TAKE THE CAPITOLS, NOT D.C.

  2. In it’s place the Muslim Alliance will show “My love for Aisha”…a heartwarming story about a 9-year old girl forced against her will to marry a goat loving prophet.

  3. I have a feeling–and it’s just a feeling on my part–that Brandeis was credibly threatened with radical Islamist violence if they allowed Ayaan Hirsi Ali to be honored. Brandeis University is located 9 miles west of Boston. They are the only non-sectarian Jewish-sponsored college or university in the country. Founded in 1948 (a memorable year for Israel), named for Justice Louis Brandeis, their colors are even blue and white. If my suspicions are correct, the university may be sacrificing their reputation for the safety of their students. Only a theory–but one that has more plausibility for me than the broad brush of cowardice. I wish they would honor Ms. Hirsi Ali. Maybe one day, if there is more to this than what appears on the surface, Brandeis will step up to her standard.

    • This is not the first time Brandeis has coved to the muslim’s. Last Year, they allowed Muslim demonstrations to take place but refused Jewish and Christians the same ability

      • Yes, you’re right. Sadly, I was desperately searching for some reason for this, trying to grasp at some reason to believe that an academic institution would act this way. But you’re right. Far too often, our colleges and universities do cave in to what passes for political correctness. Why, when this particular issue is so obvious I simply do not understand. Good luck to you, Patriot. And to all of us…

  4. Ms. Ali has a lifetime of showing strength and courage under horrific circumstances. She truly is a shining example of independent thought, and Brandeis University’s policymakers should be ashamed of themselves!

    • I too, Ali join you in your cause and deeply regret the decisions our “leftist/socialist” higher institution has made on your behalf….be not mistaken, this country is in for the fight of its life, and I for one will give my last drop of blood to take America back!!

      MOLON LABE!!

      • So, your point? Does it change what she went through? Maybe she would have also pointed out how this country tolerates those rights as those rights would not exist were she came from, along with forced marriage and the mutilation.

      • My point?
        i was responding to a comment wherein it was suggested that she would have been received differently if she were an abortion advocate and a feminist.
        In my response, I pointed out that she was.
        that is all.

      • Well I would say that the Democrat party has a problem on their hands. Reading her bio it would appear her views fall inline with the Democrats. That being said the left are the ones that want to keep her silent with their alignment with the Muslims as it will totally destroy the War on women theme. Their hope is that she just go away. The MSM will do their part and will not give any coverage of this story. The horror that she would get people to think and see the hypocrisy of NOW and the likes of Sharpton,Jackson, and the NAACP and she is a immigrant . Freedom of speech is for all.

  5. Outrageous, Hypocritical at best. They support women’s rights all over the world just not muslim women’s rights. SO it is obvious that any university or college can be bought by the muslims. Brandeis must be so proud of themselves.
    I suppose it should be a surprise, when you realize they are from MA. spineless state in which I live.

  6. This is an EXTREMELY courageous truth-telling woman, who puts her very life on the line by speaking out

    Brandeis’ behavior is utterly SHAMEFUL … what a poor excuse for an institution from FREE AMERICA they are …

    • The reason she was denied was not anything to do with “caving in to Islam”… It was that she was promoting full fledged war with all Islamic Middle Eastern countries. She’s as radical in her views as the Islamic Jihadists are in theirs…which wouldn’t sit well with any university of higher learning.

      • Asked before ,,a copy in print please,,, not excerpts from a liberal news site …video maybe… Do you have anything I want to read it or listen to it.

    • Wait, what do I hear. Is it the wind blowing. Nope just Kevin without proof being windy. Sorry exodus if I reply to you instead of the target but I don’t want some people to get paid for replying to them when they are paid shills which I believe some of these people must be. They get talking points instead of thinking for themselves. Seems like they believe anything that is said on the Huff po and msnbc.

      • The number of years is closer to one hundred. Woodrow Wilson, may the Lord have mercy on his soul, was a big proponent of European Socialism that predominated European faculties. Many of these faculty members came here to serve as advisors in his cabinet. The majority settled into American academe after Wilson’s term was over. Another bunch was brought over by Franklin (Destroyer) Roosevelt, may the Lord have mercy on his soul, they joined academe after FDRs reign was over as well. We have never recovered.

  7. This woman is worthy of something better than Brandeis ‘s. honorary degree. Let them have the degree and shuv it. She IS a real WOMAN, has lived the mutilations, tortures and ostracism that Pelosi, Fluke, and the other garbage bags decreting themselves victims could never imagine living through.

  8. IMPORTANT!!! Please all of you share this site all over to everyone all over the world! Go to this Universities site and leave your comments there! Universities are a business, they will not like their reputation ruined by this travesty!

  9. Brandeis is primarily a Jewish college, named after Louis Brandeis, a Harvard educated lawyer and Supreme Court Justice. He was a virulent progressive.

    Seeing how his namesake college is bending over backwards to accommodate those that would wipe them from the planet, one can only imagine how they would have dealt with Hitler in 1930s Germany. I suspect there would be no Jews left at the end of WWII had the Brandeis administration been around at that time.

    Cowards all.

    • First…this was an *HONORARY* degree…not anything she worked for, or deserved.

      The reason she was denied was not anything to do with “caving in to Islam”… It was that she was promoting full fledged war with all Islamic Middle Eastern countries. She’s as radical in her views as the Islamic Jihadists are in theirs…which wouldn’t sit well with any university of higher learning.

      • Who cares if it was a degree or a free lunch? Brandeis caved because they are gutless. They have a history of this kind of gutless behavior.

        She exposes the terrible treatment of women in the prehistoric middle east. That makes her a hero, not a radical.

      • Kevin as usual makes accusations without facts or actual quotes. Typical low info voter. Why don’t you prove what you accuse her of. What a tool.

      • Have you ever listened to her ? If so were? And please tell us what she said. A degree was offered and rescinded after they were pressured and it’s absurd to say you know what may be said. Think of your logic will you. Please show me something or anything you have in print of any speech she made. Not MSNBC cut outs ..a speech of hers.

  10. She renounced Islam after ” surviving horrors on her country” and what about men who renounces Catholicism due to priest sexual abuse? Would you still have issue if he was refused a degree for his criticism of the church?

    • You can’t even compare the two. Sexual abuse by some priests is not a practice of religion. This woman was forced, as dictated by her culture, to undergo genital mutilation. Do you have any idea what that is? Essentially, her clitoris was carved out of her because women can’t be trusted to remain faithful to her husband if she can experience sexual pleasure. Is that horrific enough for you? Is it ok with you that she’s a little critical of religions and cultures that force grotesque thing upon female children?

      • Genital mutilation is not mandated by Islam. It is not mentioned anywhere in the Quran. Jews and Christians also practice FGM in certain part of the World. It’s a tribal practice and most Muslims are against it. Google is there for everyone.

      • Well her particular tribe’s brand of Islam wasn’t against it…obviously. So you’ll have to forgive her for attributing that horrific procedure to her upbringing. Just because it’s not mentioned in the Quran doesn’t mean it’s not happening in the name of Islam. There are a lot of things not mentioned in the Quran yet they’re done in the name of Islam, terrorism is probably a good example. There is practically only one group of Jews to have ever practiced FGM and that sect is in Ethiopia where FGM is common anyway…let’s not use other religions to justify what this woman has been through.

      • I’m not justifying anything, FGM is a barbaric practice no argument there. All I’m saying his it’s not religious. Lot of things happens in the name of religion and Islam is not the only religion used to subjugate women.

      • Ummm…she’s from Somalia…so if we’re not going to be hypocrites in this debate then one can’t say her experience with FGM was related to Islam, considering it shares a border with Ethiopia and is infinitely more ruthless in terms of living standards and that has nothing to do with religion. There’s no argument here. You just refuted your own claim.

      • Mango I think I will believe you more than born218. I also think I will believe the lady from Somalia who lived it rather than someone who didn’t like say oh I don’t know maybe born218. No arguing there.

      • most people also practice male mutilation. Cicumcision being one that people practice without ever considering it mutilation. It all needs to stop!

      • Male mutilation? It is so painfully obvious that you have no medical knowledge at all. Doctors do that now for reasons that have nothing to do with religion. Something against a certain religion?

      • ROFLMAO…I have TONS of medical knowledge! YOU have no idea what my background is. It has NOTHING to do with religion…it has everything to do with people THINKING they need to do this for cleanliness reasons…which is totally bogus!

      • mmmmm. Care to share the tons of medical knowledge with the American doctors who continue this practice. BTW I give my real name and with research you can find out why I know you have very little knowledge, let alone any medical knowledge.

      • How about honor killings and forced marriage and stoning and not being able to drive or be educated? A OK.?

      • Sikh, Christian and Jews practice honor killings and forced marriages. Again religion (any religion) is always the justification for subjugating women,

      • So, wrong is wrong.i do not care what religion it is. Brandeis is a joke and that is my opinion for rescinding because they received pressure from Neanderthals.

      • First, I stand behind my statement. You CAN compare the two. Both had horror perpetrated on them. Both spoke out and received no support from their community, and were disillusioned over their religious and left.
        Secondly, gen mutilation is a cultural practice not the a religious law. Mostly practiced in tribal African countries.

    • This will be the only response to you. Have your genitalia been mutilated and have you been forced to marry ? There is NO justification ! The two wrongs does not make this right and you will just be hypocritical in my eyes trying to make this somehow acceptable or dismiss it. BYE

    • I am sure that a number of nominal Catholics abandoned their faith due to the failures of the few men involved. But, I think that they were just looking for an excuse.

      • I don’t think anyone has real numbers, but I know people leave their religious for different reasons.

    • Have you really never seen or heard that term in the news at all ever? Sheesh. Islamism is more than religion, it’s that Islam should dictate all aspects of life, social, cultural, and political. Islamists don’t want anything to do with other cultures or ways of life, hence, the complete lack of tolerance for views other than their own and/or critiques of Islam. Google is pretty easy to use.

      • There is no such thing as “Islamism”…it’s another term coined from the ignorance of FOX “news”….

      • Ha..ok. Keep your head in the sand if it makes you feel better. Islamism is very real…it even has it’s own Wikipedia page…like I said to Shabazz…Google is super easy to use..try it out some the time it took you type out the tired, old “it’s Fox New’s fault” line you could have learned something about Islamism…ya know, then you yourself would be less ignorant.

      • Don’t pay attention to idiots. You can’t teach them. You can teach the ignorant but not the stupid or as the Bible calls them “willfully ignorant” not ignorant mind you but willfully. You can not educate them no matter how hard you try. I don’t think they can know the truth. Again the Bible speaks of them too.

      • We might not be able to educate them, especially if they don’t want to learn, however, we can do our best to shut them up! And that’s usually pretty satisfying.

      • I would normally agree but I have been in conversations (2) with someone with darla at the front of her handle and she just starts to lie completely when caught. When they are Idealogs they resort to either outright lying or calling the person with whom they disagree ugly derogatory names.

      • Yeah well the ideologue trolls are just a fact of internet life. I usually try not to feed them because it’s not worth the aggravation, but every so often I’ll bite if I can’t resist responding. However I go into it knowing full well that it’ll be nothing but a crap flinging fest. Can’t take the high road all the time…sometimes you have to fling it right back at them.

      • I know I have gotten caught up in them myself and will probably get caught up again. Please remind me if/when I do it again. God bless you.

      • And they throw out comparisons to justify abuse. Any women on here have any objections to having your genitalia mutilated? I am sure even the ones on the left do not or would not like it.

      • It has it’s own Wikipedia page? That just means that someone took the time to make that page, and that information is not verified by anyone. Any buffoon can make a Wikipedia page.
        There is no such thing as “Islamism”, it is a term that someone, a very paranoid anti-Muslim person made up.

      • Here’s the captain of the PC police…stop your nonsense, I was being sarcastic you tool, a simple Google search reveals that Islamism is a thing…as in it exists, people talk about it, it’s a defined concept. You’re just not happy unless your labeling someone “anti” this or “anti” that are you? It’s not good…It prevents you from talking about the reality of the situation.

      • What is an Islamist???? The only ones I see that have no tolerance for others is most of the people posting here. You say that you are open minded and tolerate anyone, as long as they are a white christian.

      • Blah blah blah…you’re confused. You haven’t read anything posted by anyone here because if you had, you wouldn’t have said something so ludicrous. Go back to Huffington Post and MSNBC sites where your party lines are accepted as intelligent thought.

      • So the only ones who are intelligent are the ones that think like you? You and others on this post and this website are doing exactly what you are accusing Muslims of doing. You have not proof or back-up of anything you say. You just dont like them because they are different than you.

      • First, time to brush up on your reading comprehension skills because I’m not “accusing Muslims” of anything. I’m describing the reality that is Islamism. You can pretend all you like that it doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t make it true. All you have to do is Google it so the idea that I don’t have “proof” is again, absurd. Your refusal to read and inform yourself doesn’t mean you know better than me. Islamism goes beyond ordinary Islam, ordinary, moderate Muslims aren’t the problem, and nobody is saying they are, but the fact is that there is a more extreme element that has no intention of coexisting with us, and to me, that’s not ok. Why it would be ok with you is rather perplexing. Stop telling me “I don’t like them because they’re different from me” because that sounds childish and immature. There’s a difference between addressing real concerns about the reality of the situation and expressing blatant prejudice. You are either not informed enough to have a productive discussion about this without resorting to “you just don’t like them, you’re anti-Muslim” tactics, or, you feel that any talk that’s critical of anything related to Islam is the same thing as prejudice. You need to be a little more nuanced than that if you want to be able to hold a conversation about this with the adults.

  11. To me, this is like someone giving up being an Athiest to become a Christian.. She has been saved by America and now we treat her like dirt.. WHY ?? She has proven herself not to be Muslim. Shame on Brandeis University ..

  12. I keep wondering how the liberals, who are almost militant in their support for gay marriage and gay rights, can support Muslims when that religion deems homosexuality as a crime that is punishable by death.

    • They (muslims) SAY they are against homosexuality, but in reality they are HUGE proponents of it!!! google bacha bazi…and be amazed! The muslim men are sooooooooooooooooo gay! This evil islam is nothing but satanic…..

  13. As sickening as BU has acted, they are following the widely publicized and political actions of the GOP congressional employees!! The GOP displayed the same racially biased action against THE PRESIDENT for supposedly, and proven to be incorrect from the get go, being of the same religious beliefs….that is being a Muslim, which Ms. Ali was. She is ok for being a former Muslim, but the president is being criticized for “ALLEGEDLY BEING” a Muslim. How stupid can this university be, and how hypocritical can you, Mr. West and those that now praise her be!!?? You people are unbelievable!

  14. I emailed Brandeis and told them what I thought about it, they are COWARDS ! One thing I told them is that is so very sad that one abused woman had more courage than their entire university. I admire Ms Ali greatly.

  15. Islam honored the woman
    Beat, assault, imprison, trade, and wife-swapping
    As many as your faith can rightfully accept

  16. Say no more – CAIR = George Soros who backs the Democrats. You would think Valerie Jarret would be all over this one along with Obama. If he can stick his nose into a murder trial why can’t he stick up for a real lady?

  17. Patteel..I total agree with your post. Also, Where are the supporters of women’s rights. Brandeis should be boycotted..Shameful.

  18. They give obama the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing but can’t honor someone who truly stands up for peace. WTF?!

  19. You must understand that Saudi Arabia and other big-oil countries pump millions and millions of dollars into American colleges and universities in the name of “Middle East Studies” and similar monikers. Presidents of these colleges have NO intention of jeopardizing that source of blood-money by even minor criticism of Islam. It boils down to dollars and cents, nothing else. That’s also why Jewish students on many U.S. campuses are targeted for beatings and harassment for “supporting Israel” and being “anti-Palestinian.”

    • Cite your sources please, not a single word of that is accurate. First off do you even know a fragment BU’s foundation history? Secondly, “Saudi Arabia and other big-oil countries” pump millions and billions and trillions of gallons of oil into the American military, and yet the US presence does not decrease in the middle east…are you so ignorant as to believe they control American higher education when they can’t even maintain their own playing field? This is such a baseless claim that my jaw is literally touching the ground. Jewish and “pro-Israeli” students are targeted? Look up UCLA’s recent divestment resolution and be enlightened. Dude…where do you live? Definitely not America. Don’t tell people they “must understand” when you are feeding them misinformation. So ridiculously irrelevant. With regards to this article now, I feel for the poor woman she’s gone through a lot and this university has clearly made some heavy mistakes…but none of which are irreproachable, and none of which have anything to do with your statement buddy. #Sorrybutnotreally

    • WOW I see born218 really gave you an earful. Ha Ha not really. Pot calling kettle black. I saw no cited sources in his claims. Just typical leftist claims. Huff po and msnbc would be so proud.

  20. How tolerant of the lovely Islamic Group. Ever the understanding types.
    If Brandeis wants to be tolerant of all religious beliefs, they should insist upon tolerance of everyone and that means that Islam should denounce their own intolerance and admit to the ritual slaughter of hundreds of millions of other faith based people all over the world. It is time for “institutions” like Brandeis being TAXED at 50% since they cannot live according to their own principles. The oil rich Muslim supporters, who want publicity here and elsewhere should pay the going rate.

  21. You are right. The more we coddle the Islamists under the name of tolerance, the more they will demand and the less THEY will tolerate. Brandeis is named after the first Jewish-American Justice of the Supreme court, which was a victory for tolerance in its day. The Jews have worked long and hard for acceptance in this country, and this action by the university puts all American Jews to shame.

  22. The reason she was denied was not anything to do with “caving in to Islam”… It was that she was promoting full fledged war with all Islamic Middle Eastern countries. She’s as radical in her views as the Islamic Jihadists are in theirs…which wouldn’t sit well with any university of higher learning.

  23. So is it the USA’s practices to give honorary degrees to immigrants? What about the people that are already here, who have fought against racism, segregation. and other atrocities toward a people. Where are their honorary degrees?

    • Well, Condi Rice, former Secretary of State, was also “uninvited” from a commencement speech, which usually comes with the honorary degree, by Rutgers.

    • We give honorary degrees to foreign nationals. At the commencement of one of my daughters, the former PM of Ireland gave the speech, it was good, and it was short, and she got such a degree. At the commencement of my other daughter, Henry Winkler, born in the US of German Jewish refugees from Hitler’s oppression, who played The Fonz, was the speaker/honoree. He’s would come closer to fitting your requirements. David Robinson, aka the Admiral, has been so honored. He puts his money were his mouth is, unlike so many who want to put other peoples’ money where their mouth is. He also should meet your, or anyone’s requirements.

  24. There is more hatred, intolerance, and genocidal bullying in this country than elsewhere in the world. As for Ayaan Hirsi Ali, whose pedigree is not exactly a laudable one, since it is filled with dishonesty and lies to hear it told by the Dutch… You reap what you sow, and when you throw stones, expect that in the interest of justice, some people will throw stones right back at you… Sometimes the content of one’s character can make or break the effect of words on the listener, therefore, if you are delivering a message coupled with an emotionally laced tirade, rather than poise and unbiased position, then expect an audience that is similar to ‘Jerry Springer’s audience’, as opposed to Oprah, and Katie Couric. or Ted Koppel, Peter Jennings, and George Stephanopolous – all classy and relatively UNBIASED individuals. Personally, I do not believe in castigating an entire group of people, based on religious, ethnic, racial, gender, national origin, etc, especially someone who has an ax to grind, or a personal grudge or issue to settle. The crime is that she is using the public forum to ignite fires about a highly combustible topic. She should be more responsible for her choices. As far as I know, and I may be wrong, I haven’t heard of any lectures, speeches, or new organizations formed by Ms. Ali, directed at resolving or eradicating FGM on a global level at all. If she is an advocate for ridding the world of this practice – a practice that has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam, then that is what she should be concentrating on, rather than using it as leverage against Islam, which is her real target/agenda. Furthermore, as an Atheist, she shouldn’t be speaking as an authority on any religion, period, that is, unless she speaks on or against ALL religious traditions. Admiring her is okay, if what she proposes is for the good or benefit of all. However, admiring her and giving her accolades for fueling hatred and anger, against innocent people, who have done nothing to deserve her brand of redemption, is terribly unfair, and does not benefit anyone. This is not what being a good person is all about. Just my opinion.

    • If the USA is so awful, why don’t you leave? Muslims bring their wars and biases here and then complain when others do the same. We do have criminals here that were born in the USA and many who were not born in the USA., We could definitely do without the foreign ones, especially the extra Muslim terrorists that are creeping and crawling into our country lately. By the way, many atheists speak about the evils of various religions here. Everyone is still allowed to speak about what ever they want (although your types are trying to gnaw at this too) I have no more patience for people who come here and then try to change our country into some sort of skewed version of their own (that they bailed on)

  25. …and as far as Brandeis rescinding its invitation, well, how many times has a university rescinded an offer of acceptance to a prospective student, after discovering that student had blatantly lied on his/her application? I don’t know much about Ms. Ali, however, I do empathize with her feelings about Female Genital Mutilation, and the plight of ALL women who are victimized by ANY man or society, from any religious/non-religious or atheist background, and from ALL walks of life. What I do not understand is how people who live in this country, miss what are obvious contradiction: ho initiated the terrorists acts during the: Oklahoma City Bombings, Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook shootings, theater shootings in Colorado, Fort Hood (twice), etc, in addition to, the numerous acts of violence against women and children that happen more often here than in most other countries around the world? Hence, who are we to talk?? The West, has has made murder a lucrative and legal business. calling it by other names, like: abortion, stem cell research, capital punishment, WAR, friendly fire, etc does not change the extremely high death toll, nor the names of the perpetrators.

    Finally, by rescinding its offer of an honorary degree to Ms. Ali, Brandeis exercised ‘bravery’ in the face of adversity, rather than fear. The University administration should be applauded for this decision, because listening to the voices of over 7000 of its affiliates, and strangers, it exercised the ultimate democracy.

    • You are beyond ridiculous. You spin and spin the truth to fit your convoluted ideology. A few will listen to you but the majority know that you are full of $hit!

  26. The left cannot sugarcoat this no matter how they try. We have a very educated black immigrant lady speaking about what she personally endured and she is silenced? Are black women not allowed to speak about abuse of women? N.O.W. Will end up in a very tight corner staying silent . Hello Sharpton and Jackson are you out there?

    • Those two creeps only cater to ignorant people who cater to their race baiting. Ayaan is an intelligent woman and has nothing to do with these two clowns.

  27. Educated immigrant women are not the Democrats pot of tea are they. She probably has a I.D and is legal so she obeys the law and is of no use to the party. Can you imagine if she where illegal the press she would get! You people here on the left can spin it all you like or try and justify this somehow but you are wrong and you know it’s wrong! This women speaks of abuse she received and somehow it’s ok to dismiss her freedom of speech to tell of what she endured’,,,,,WHY? How hypocritical can one get!

  28. More liberal hypocracy. This women has made something of herself, that’s strike one. She speaks out about the atrocities done to women by muzzie goat fornicating, sadistic muzzie men, that’s strike two. And the third, she’s legal, and educated, that’s all the left needs to make a mockery of her. Well they tired to at least, turns out Americans are sending letters, emails, and withdrawing their kids from this Feducation system of Brandeis University. Brandeis is getting so much heat over this. But what kills me is why aren’t other university’s asking Ali to come and speak. Silly me, they’re all leftist progressive indoctrination centers for the future.

  29. Brandeis was founded by the JEWISH COMMUNITY!
    That may have much to do with the decision. ISLAM is the Jews sworn enemy and calls for their destruction and annihilation off the face of the earth and it is not gender specific!

    Many times things are NOT what they seem! ‘Gotta’ read between the lines.
    Would a Muslim University anywhere, ever honor a Jew? Let’s be real!

    • Did you not read the article, She DENOUNCED the Muslim faith, the Jews should praise her for being so brave. You dont get to just quit being a Muslim, without being hunted for the rest of your life !!

  30. Honorary degrees are a nickle a carload. If I was Hirsi Ali I wouldn’t want an honorary degree from such a liberal crapcan as Brandies. If I did get one, I would hide it in the cellar under the pile of crap I was intending to throw out; I certainly wouldn’t hang it on a wall where anyone would see it. In my opinion, Brandies is just another nest of anti-USA progressives that needs to be shut down.

  31. Ayaan, the shame is on this uneducated institution which poses as an institution of higher learning. Truth never brings shame, deceit and corruption always do, the shame is on and belongs to brandies.

  32. Its sad what all she has had to endure, however I don’t really know anything about her. She may be truthful to disowning her own culture and religion but who really knows these days? Who am I to judge her? Only the true God knows her heart!


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