Hank Aaron needs to review history regarding the KKK

I grew up in Atlanta a serious Braves baseball fan. After church we would catch the Number 6 Georgia Ave bus over to Fulton County Stadium to take in a Sunday afternoon game. I still recall the names: Felipe Alou, Rico Carty, Mike Lum, Clete Boyer, Joe Torre, Felix Milan, Bob Horner, Dale Matthews, David Justice, Tom Glavine, Greg Maddox, John Smoltz, Dusty Baker, Terry Pendleton, Sid Bream — but of course the venerable name all Braves fans adore: Hammerin’ Hank Aaron, the true American baseball home run king.

As I grew up I sold Cokes at Fulton County Stadium. Our church, Fort Street United Methodist had a concession booth. You can imagine my disappointment when I couldn’t be there — since it was a school night — when Hank Aaron crushed a pitch by the LA Dodgers’ Al Downing for 715 — as called on that day almost exactly 40 years ago today.

I actually got to meet Hank Aaron when I attended Marist School for my 8th and 9th grade years. Both his sons, stellar athletes, Hank Jr. and Larry, attended Marist. To say that I idolized Hank Aaron would be an understatement. He was a man among men and his courage was simply awe-inspiring. His calm gentle demeanor and warm smile were just, well, special. I can still close my eyes and see Dad and him chatting during Marist football games.

Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I saw this story from the CBS Atlanta, that baseball Hall-of-Famer Hank Aaron compared Republicans that oppose President Barack Obama to the Ku Klux Klan.

Speaking to USA Today on the 40th anniversary of his then record-breaking 715th home run, the 80-year-old Aaron said that Republicans are hindering Obama’s job performance. “Sure, this country has a black president, but when you look at a black president, President Obama is left with his foot stuck in the mud from all of the Republicans with the way he’s treated,” Aaron told USA Today Sports. “The bigger difference is that back then they had hoods. Now they have neckties and starched shirts.”

Perhaps Mr. Aaron should remember that back then the folks in the hoods were Democrats. Perhaps Mr. Aaron should assess Barack Hussein Obama based upon his character and not his skin. Perhaps Mr. Aaron should realize that it was the former Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo) who stated that deference was given to Obama by blacks and that if anyone else were in the White House they would be marching. Perhaps Mr. Aaron should see that the national unemployment rate for blacks is 12.4 percent and there are no excuses. Perhaps Mr. Aaron needs to be reminded that Obama canceled the DC school voucher program for deserving minority (i.e. black) children in one of the nation’s worst school systems.

I am black, from Atlanta, raised by awesome parents, and based upon principle I challenge the policies of President Obama. Does that associate me with the KKK?

This is the type of incendiary speech America does not need. Were blacks who opposed President George W. Bush also racists?

Aaron says he’s kept the racist letters he received as he was chasing Babe Ruth’s home run record. “To remind myself that we are not that far removed from when I was chasing the record,” Aaron explained to USA Today Sports. “If you think that, you are fooling yourself. A lot of things have happened in this country, but we have so far to go. There’s not a whole lot that has changed.”

Sir, a lot has indeed changed, America basically voted for someone to be president, twice, not because of any qualifications, but BECAUSE of his skin color. Some would consider that a major accomplishment. I don’t.

Do I still idolize Hank Aaron for his astute achievements? Absolutely, he is one of the greatest to ever play the game of baseball. Do I still admire him? Yes. But sir, you are wrong in your assertion about Republicans who challenge President Obama.

Let me give you a final comparison. Back in the day it was Democrats who stood outside the doors of higher education obstructing black children from attaining a better education and opportunity. Today, those same Democrats stand inside the doors of failing schools, trapping black children and obstructing them from seeking better education and opportunity. Same party, just reverse positions, and I wish I could spend one hour speaking with Mr. Aaron to enlighten him on these points.

Hank Aaron hit 755 home runs in his magnificent career. He did it with his own skill and ability. He IS the standard by which all other home run hitters in baseball measure themselves — he is in the 1 percent and there was no fair share or shared home runs. He achieved it because of equality of opportunity, not equality of outcomes.


  1. No respect for him now after these dumb comments. I don’t care what the hell he did. Ty Cobb was known to be racist…he’s no better than Cobb now.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. He needs to stop listening to the Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons and liberal media. He is stil the home run king. He did it without steroids.

  3. Sometimes,all we can hope for is someone seeing through their own eyes and not through the eyes who want to blind us from the truth. We could be a United Country except for the people who want us to be segregated yet today. Thank You Mr. West, for seeing through your own eyes.

  4. Excellent writing Colonel. Every man, woman, and child that we have in this country that are like you sir, the stronger this country becomes.

  5. We are all countrymen/women in this great nation. You, Sir, are correct that we have come a long way. I tried very hard to teach my girls not to look at color, to look at the person. It lasted until pre-k when her teacher pointed out the difference as being color. I dont go around announcing my color of my skin because it doesnt matter! I am a true American mutt. A mix breed if you will. I have numerous kinds of Native American, Irish, Scottish, and some kind of outlaw. ( we changed our name at one point) No telling what else. The only thing I am proud of is the fact that I am an American and I love each of my American brothers and sisters, even when their politics differ from mine.

  6. My heart is broken for you! I know what it feels like when someone you look up to turns out to be not what you thought. It truly feels like a kick in the gut! I’m glad to know you still admire him for his accomplishments.

  7. Mr. Aaron stated that he kept those racist letters. Perhaps he should research who the authors were and their political affiliation before making such statements.

  8. Every kid, boy or girl, who loved baseball idolized Hank Aaron. Thank you for writing this article. The foundation of my youth is just a little less shaky because you did.

    • Mark Levin said on the radio today that perhaps that letter is part of the problem…he bet that for every letter Hank Aaron received in that vein, there are hundreds of others telling him how much they admire and look up to him. He suggested Mr. Aaron carry a letter like that with him as opposed to the hateful one.
      Levin was fired UP over this today. Rightfully so.

      • Nothing more pathetic than an old man holding onto decades-old resentment of anonymous strangers…

  9. I’m a white guy from Ohio that’s 51 years old and I too idolized Hank Aaron. I remember watching him hit that home run and even as a youngster I cried in happiness for him. I am thoroughly confused about folks that I see to be very intellegent men such as Hank and Bill Crosby that still think Obama is a good man. Is it pride or such a disappointment to see how things turned out with this President. I just don’t get it.

    • You’re not too far from your room; so why not go inside and be quiet; your drivel is not even wanted here!! Nitey nite!!


  10. I hate reading, but my childhood was filled with reading about two people.: President Abraham Lincoln and HANK Aaron! This is disappointing. The same feeling I got when General Colin Powell put his support behind BHO. He lost all respect. Why? Because it came down to skin color and nothing else. I have never made a decision on anyone based on skin color, not will I. I wish the minority would stop believing that to be the case, but that’s what Al and Jesse tell them.

  11. it’s his opinion, I don’t agree with it. He lost his integrity with me. MR WEST, IT’S DALE MURPHY, NOT DALE MATTHEWS.

  12. I saw the headline and could NOT read the story because I did not want to ruin any respect that I have for Hank Aaron; a man that TRULY had some serious racial and hate obstacles to overcome and STILL manage to achieve unbelievable greatness. Barrack Obama has had everything he’s ever gotten handed to him by WHITE PEOPLE. I would have hoped that Mr.Aaron could see the clear differences between his own accomplishments and that of his President. Vastly different Mr. Aaron; NOT EVEN the same as back then, and I am truly disappointed that yet another prominent “African-American” can’t, to this day, get passed the color of his skin, which the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have continued to spout, are the root cause of the black communities struggles.

    According to Mr. Aaron, It’s NOT because Barrack Obama is an incompetent criminal, it’s because he’s black that he is unable to lead this country in any appreciable positive way, and now the world can thank “Hammerin’ Hank” Aaron for verifying that for all us, along with notable black celebrities as Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, and Morgan Freeman. Apparently a much more worthy, honorable, and respectable black man than Barrack Obama, named Dr. Martin Luther King, whose words; and the most important words ever spoken I might add, do NOT resonate with Mr. Aaron at all.

    “I have a dream
    that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not
    be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their

    So as Col. West so aptly and correctly points out, Mr. Aaron is willing to blame any and all of Obama’s failings strictly on the color of his skin, and not the content of his character.

    Shame on you Henry Aaron. Shame on you.

    • Oh, please! Give me a break; he was no good as an LTC (that’s Lieutenant Colonel; he could not make the full bird!) and you want to promote him to Commander in Thief? Hank Aaron lived those days; Allen speaks from the books! Paper will hold anything you want to write on it, but life experiences there to stay! I was a republican until I realized what the party stand for. No more!

      • And I guess comunity organizer is better qualified, go ask those in Chicago if they believe that story!

    • Colonel West would also make an excellent Secretary of Defense. He was, as my late father (enlisted in Army pre-WWII, received a field commission during the war, served as a military governor in Japan post WWII, fought in Korea, served a total of 28 years & was highly decorated by US & ally countries) would describe: a “Soldier’s Soldier.” Colonel West looked after the well-being of the troops under his command instead of playing the politics game pursued by some grasping, power-hungry, ladder-climbing officers who would just as soon throw their subordinates under the Humvee if it furthered their ambitions.

  13. the democrats figured out that they could use the black community as a voter base, so they changed their tune…….The dems were always the racist

  14. I bet if he checked the records of all those racist letters he received 40 years ago, he’d find out almost every one was written by a Democrat voter.

  15. “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and
    partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his
    grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.” ~ Booker T. Washington — “I am a Republican, a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any otherparty than the party of freedom and progress.” ~ Frederick Douglass. ———- Did any of US learn these quotes from great black leaders in our public schools? NOT. As Booker T. said, there are people who WANT the oppression to continue, the race-baiting to go on, and it does – today, with the help of many narrow minded, paid-by-the Libs, racist, people – Caucasian and of Color. SHAMEFUL.

  16. Yeah, I once thought that “Hammerin’ Hank” was the greatest thing since sliced bread. But now, I realize that he didn’t have brain one.

  17. Guess ol’ Hank don’t know who made up the KKK or who created the KKK or who blocked the door way of school in MS. Would that be Democrats??? You betcha’ Hey Hank, who boycotted the civil rights act of 1964?? Would the be Democrats?? You betcha’. Sorry you’ve grown old, senile and ignorant in your old age.

  18. How utterly disappointing. I’m more than willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, owing to all of the REAL racism he endured. Sensible disagreements with a black President are NOT real racism. It’s contrived political BS.

  19. Hank does not need a history refresher because he was not recalling history. He was recalling experience.

    It’s almost-but-not-quite historically accurate to say that Democrats comprised the ranks of the early KKK. But you fail to point out that they were Southern Democrats who, even today, don’t make up the liberal faction of the party that people in this thread most certainly associate with the term “Democrat.”

    You also fail to mention the turning point in American history when the Republicans transformed from the Party of Lincoln to the party of corporate interests and preserving the status quo, and the Democrats began to take on their much more liberal tone. Blacks began defecting from the Republican Party in the early 1900s because the party no longer represented their interests as it had during and immediately after the Civil War.

    The progressively more liberal Democrats abandoned such affiliations as the KKK, and their ranks were replaced with people aligned with more socially and economically conservative…wait for it…Republicans.

    They were the KKK of Hank’s era. So, while it’s certainly hyperbole to associate congressional Republicans with the Klan, it’s not as far-fetched of an analogy as you make it out to be when a black man – one who knows what it’s like to receive death threats for daring to outperform a white sports idol – speaks from experience, not history.

    You just can’t have it both ways, folks. You hate Democrats because they’re such raging liberals and then turn around and blame them for fomenting racial hatred and fighting to maintain the status quo. It was a Democrat, a Southern Democrat no less, who 50 years ago this week succeeded in getting the Civil Rights Act passed. The Democrats of today are no more like the Democrats of 1865 than the Republicans of today are the Party of Lincoln.

    • I suppose I can grade on a curve, given the era and place where Aaron performed. Much like elderly people whose benignly-racist comments I ignore today. They grew up in a different era, with different words, with different rules. We have to be VERY careful applying modern-day mores to past generations.

      I realize it must have been an emotional victory for those who participated in the Civil Rights movements to have a black man elected President. I can understand how they would be predisposed to defend that man from criticism.

      But I cannot abide a poisonous philosophy that seeks to squelch any and all criticism as based in racism. That is horsespit.

      • Obama isn’t black, he’s a mulatto. His mother was white, not recognizing that makes you a racist. If Obama was 100% white with the same qualifications, he never would have been elected into office!

      • Lots of less qualified Whites have been elected. Warren Harding, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, etc., etc.

      • Harding, Reagan and Carter all served FULL terms in all offices to which they were elected. Further, Regan and Carter were Governors, Harding was a Lt. Governor. Also, Reagan served in the US Army Air Corp from 1937-1945 and Carter served in the US Navy from 1943-1953. So, no, not a lot of less qualified whites have been elected. Sorry, facts are hard.

      • Pres. Harding was a newspaper publisher. Pres. Reagan was the governor of CA. Pres. Carter was a farmer & governor of GA. All 3 of these former US Presidents were far more qualified than Obama.

      • I watched Mr. Aaron break the record and was all in favor of his doing so. I admired him and still do. He happens to be wrong on this, but he remains a fine man.

    • The same southern Democrat who said (about passing civil rights legislation), “We’ll have those ni**ers voting for us for the next 200 years.”
      He would have never passed civil rights legislation without the aid of Republicans. Your version of history is very much that of the “revisionist” variety — the kind that makes LBJ a hero when the motivation for his wanting to pass the legislation was solely political — the same sort of political motivation that prompted every Democrat’s wet dream – JFK – from voting against civil rights legislation in 1957 when it was offered by Republican President Eisenhower. And you can triangulate and spin yourself into a tizzy with your KKK was really a republican outfit nonsense – that’s patently false. I believe the Democrat Party’s beloved Robert Byrd… a Senate institution is the only (former) Klansmen to ever hold a senate seat.
      Try harder next time.

    • Johnson only had republican support! History is a tricky thing when you change it? Well I guess the dems were to busy fitting the sheets!

      • Historically inaccurate statement. Go look up the vote tallies on the ciil rights act of 1964 and the voting rights act of 1965 for the correct info. I dare you to come back with the yea and nay vote totals for each party.

      • Senate Republicans voted for the Voting Rights Act of 1965 by a margin of 30-2; Democrats by 47-16. Republicans: 15 to1 in favor; Democrats: 3 to 1 in favor.
        The Democrats’ filibuster failed thanks to Republicans. The 1964 Act was about the same margin. Thanks to Republicans, for the first time a Democrat filibuster against a civil rights act failed. Albert Gore, Robert Byrd, and Sam Ervin led the filibuster.

      • 1964 Civil rights act. The Senate version, voted on by the House:
        Democratic Party: 153–91 (63–37%)
        Republican Party: 136–35 (80–20%)

        54 day filibuster by 19 senators, 18 of them Dems. It took Republicans to end the filibuster and force Cloture.

        Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd voted No.

      • Those numbers reflect what I said happened – Bipartisan
        support. They do not reflect “Johnson only had Republican suppport”. Everett Dirksen and Hubert Humphrey worked hard in the Senate together to beat the filibuster. Now all those southern conservatives have switched to the Republican party and they are dragging that party down. It will take a Republican LBJ to beat them back. Instead you have a bunch of Mitt Romneys pandering to them.

      • Well I finally looked up the vote tally from 1964 civil rights act and what do you know,facts are a pesky thing. Both Senate and house has democrats at 60% for and republicans over 80%, you can’t erase history.

    • Did Huey Long and Lester Maddox stand for tax cuts, constitutional governance, and a strong national defense? Why did JFK and LBJ oppose the initial CRA?

    • I am not sure I get what both ways you mean. If you mean, because you may call yourself a liberal, it automatically means you couldn’t push to maintain the status quo, that is false, although liberals just don’t see it that way. Most people who stick to the status quo do so because they can’t stand principles or ideas/ believe them to be harmful, which could be true if a given idea is bad. But absent principles, politicians do what gets them elected, which is democratic but strictly speaking, democracy isn’t exactly going to overcome the status quo. Your not going to change if your first priority is doing what the majority wants(not saying majority is always wrong). Now both parties are filled with unprincipled types who just want to get elected, but the democratic party (the name kind of gives them away) have always been more democratic(not a compliment) and looking to appear to be the voice of the people, and therefore standing up for things, that only later(like 40 years) turn out to be rediculous shameful positions.

    • I lived that time and place and you are flat dead wrong. I was a Republican and supported civil rights. Racism was and is a collectivist phenomenon.

    • I didn’t realise today was ‘see how much garbage you can stuff into one comment’ day. I think you are a close contender for 1st place.

      The KKK was the strongarm of the Democratic party, disarming Blacks to overpower and intimidate them. The only change is they moved from force by brute strength and coercion to force by other methods.

      I’d recommend you invest in some better reading material, perhaps starting here: http://www.nationalblackrepublicans.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=pages.DYKKKKTerroristArmoftheDemocratParty

    • Well I kept reading to read the Shill statement and here is the first one. For the most part what Johnson did was set back the nation when it came to race. He callously decided to use race to further politics instead of helping the people of color get the real help to succeed. You ignore many of the points people make and defend a small area in typical liberal fashion. Liberals and the grievance industry hurt the black population nto the conservatives. The “republicans are racists” is typical made up rhetoric since no debate can be won by the left on the facts. But you definitely live up to the typical lefty commenter. I hope your a paid shill and don’t consider yourself some kind of free thinker because like all lefties, you aren’t one.

  20. And Hammering Hank hit his home runs without steroids. But opposing Obama is not a black-white thing. Obama is a progressive, and speaking politically, a progressive who wants the government to control everything. A progressive is a communist and a totalitarian, Aaron=good in baseball, bad in politics.

    • A progressive is a communist? I think you’re the one who needs an education in politics. That is just a completely uninformed statement. Please go read anything about the social history of the United States between 1900 and 1940.

      • You are right that progressives were and are not communists. Their left-wing ideology is fascism. The progressives in the early Twentieth Century we enamored of Mussolini, not so much Lenin and Stalin. Socialism and fascism are two sides of the leftist coin, but are not identical. Woodrow Wilson was an admirer of Mussolini. He was also, of course, a racist.

      • They are…..marxist ideals down to the core going back at least to the 1980’s. Woodrow Wilson coined the term because back in his day “communist” was a “four letter insult word”. And your Kenyan in our WH is also communist being raised that way from a pup.

      • If progressive and communist meant EXACTLY the same thing we wouldn’t need two separate words, but I stand by my statement in that both communists and progressives want the government to control all major industries. True, I could have said with equal accuracy
        that progressives want what the National Socialists in Germany wanted prior to WWII or what many democrats want today (which come to think of it is, for democrats, pretty much, communism.) Governmental control of the economy is what they all want.

  21. I wonder what would have happened if the USA Today “reporter” would have pointed out the true history of the KKK to Hank. What if the “reporter” asked Hank about the Civil RIghts Act and Voting Rights Act, and who was for them vs who was against them? What if the “reporter” had pointed out that when fire hoses were turned on blacks, it was Democrats on the other end of the hose?

  22. Excellent article, Colonel West. I’m proud of you. More proud than I am of Aaron who hit the ball nice and hard but doesn’t think straight about these matters.

  23. Democrats:
    – Vehemently fought to KEEP slavery
    – Vehemently fought AGAINST the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution
    – Founded the KKK
    – Instituted & enforced Jim Crow laws
    – Vehemently fought AGAINST giving the vote to Blacks
    – Vehemently fought AGAINST the Civil Rights Act
    – Vehemently fought AGAINST school integration & blocked schoolhouse doors
    – Vehemently fight AGAINST school choice & vouchers for low income (Black & other minorities)

    + Forcefully fought to ABOLISH slavery
    + Forcefully fought AGAINST Jim Crow laws AND to repeal them
    + Forcefully fought FOR giving the vote to Blacks
    + Forcefully fought FOR the Civil Rights Act
    + Forcefully fought FOR school integration & blocked schoolhouse doors
    + Forcefully fight FOR school choice & vouchers for low income (Black & other minorities)

    I could list more comparisons, but you SHOULD get the point!

    • Most of what you state is historically accurate except that many republicans fought for segregation, and the national republican party was split on the civil rights bills. Unlike today, the republican leadership in the senate worked with the democratic president to get the Civil rights act of 1964 and the voting rights act of 1965 passed. Those acts were supported by the national democratic party and most democrats but were opposed by the southern democratic conservatives. Today those southern conservatives no longer identify as democrats but are staunch republicans who, among other things, still oppose the voting rights act of 1965 and lawsuits to force segregation in school districts. And school vouchers is in no way a civil rights issue. It is an effort by religious conservatives to get public money for religious education.

      • “Today those southern conservatives no longer identify as democrats but are staunch republicans…”

        Can you name one?

        How about Tennessee Senator Al Gore, Sr.? He did NOT vote for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or support the Voting Rights Act in ’65. He’s dead but neither he nor his son ever became “staunch Republicans.”

        And do you know the facts about what Republicans did and sacrificed to keep David Duke from being elected to the Senate as a Republican?

        Sorry but facts simply do NOT support leftist revisionist history. But you believe whatever it is that makes you feel better.

      • BAW is right on, and also not to mention what LBJ said after signing the civil rights act. Quote…”We’ll keep those niggers voting democrat from now on”. He certainly was right on that one, in fooling black Americans into joining and supporting a democrat party that as long as they got the black vote the dems would “take care” of them which has also happened.

      • The facts prove you wrong:

        Civil Rights Bill votes:

        The original House version:
        Democratic Party: 152–96 (61–39%)
        Republican Party: 138–34 (80–20%)

        Cloture in the Senate:
        Democratic Party: 44–23 (66–34%)
        Republican Party: 27–6 (82–18%)

        The Senate version:
        Democratic Party: 46–21 (69–31%)
        Republican Party: 27–6 (82–18%)

        The Senate version, voted on by the House:
        Democratic Party: 153–91 (63–37%)
        Republican Party: 136–35 (80–20%)

        40-41 out of 204 Republicans is not “many”; it’s hardly a ‘few’.

        112-119 out of 315 Democrats, on the other hand, is very many.

      • Unlike today, Mr. Palmer, the democrat in the White House worked with the republicans in Congress to get those acts passed. LBJ actually knew how to work with the opposition and compromise, something the community-organizer-in-chief never learned.

    • Could add the internment of Japanese.

      Also, idolizing Margaret Sanger who spoke at KKK rallies and came up with abortion as a way to wipe out black Americans.

    • Except you overlooked that in 1950 you could not find a single black Democrat (they were southerners). Maybe Allen West would have been a Democrat had he been around. The GOP pushed them out with the Southern Strategy.

  24. LTC West: Buck and Snooks raised you right. Sad that Mr. Aaron struck out. If he doesn’t get squared away on the facts he’s going to find himself benched with the rest of the Liberals who have been betrayed and lied to by obama. Twice.

    • They were far right conservatives who voted in the democratic party but were opposed to the national democratic party leadership. Today those people are all staunch republican voters. They’re still there. They just changed parties.

      • Do a little research. The alleged “dixiecrat” ideology switch is a myth perpetrated by liberals. The truth is most of the dixiecrats stayed in the Democratic party. There were only three who switched and in fact the only remaining former member of the Klan who is in congress is the democrat Robert Byrd.

      • I know the vast majority of liberals are too busy re-writing history their way to be bothered checking facts so I am saving them time. Here are facts awaiting liberal interpretation.
        History of the Democratic Party

        October 13, 1858 During Lincoln-Douglas debates, U.S. Senator Stephen Douglas (D-IL) states: “I do not regard the Negro as my equal, and positively deny that he is my brother, or any kin to me whatever”; Douglas became Democratic Party’s 1860 presidential nominee

        April 16, 1862 Republican President Lincoln signs bill
        abolishing slavery in District of Columbia; in Congress, 99% of Republicans vote yes, 83% of Democrats vote no

        July 17, 1862 Over unanimous Democrat opposition,
        Republican Congress passes Confiscation Act stating that slaves of the Confederacy “shall be forever free”

        January 31, 1865 13th Amendment banning slavery passed by U.S. House with unanimous Republican support, intense Democrat opposition

        April 8, 1865 13th Amendment banning slavery passed by U.S. Senate with 100% Republican support, 63% Democrat opposition

        November 22, 1865 Republicans denounce Democrat legislature of Mississippi for enacting “black codes,” which institutionalized racial discrimination

        February 5, 1866 U.S. Rep. Thaddeus Stevens (R-PA) introduces legislation, successfully opposed by Democrat President Andrew Johnson, to implement “40 acres and a mule” relief by distributing land to former slaves

        April 9, 1866 Republican Congress overrides Democrat
        President Johnson’s veto; Civil Rights Act of 1866, conferring rights of citizenship on African-Americans, becomes law

        May 10, 1866 U.S. House passes Republicans’ 14th Amendment guaranteeing due process and equal protection of the laws to all citizens; 100% of Democrats vote no

        June 8, 1866 U.S. Senate passes Republicans’ 14th
        Amendment guaranteeing due process and equal protection of the law to all citizens; 94% of Republicans vote yes and 100% of Democrats vote no

        January 8, 1867 Republicans override Democrat President
        Andrew Johnson’s veto of law granting voting rights to African-Americans in D.C.

        July 19, 1867 Republican Congress overrides Democrat
        President Andrew Johnson’s veto of legislation protecting voting rights of African-Americans

        March 30, 1868 Republicans begin impeachment trial of
        Democrat President Andrew Johnson, who declared: “This is a country for white men, and by God, as long as I am President, it shall be a government of white men”

        September 12, 1868 Civil rights activist Tunis Campbell and 24 other African-Americans in Georgia Senate, each one a Republican, expelled by Democrat majority; would later be reinstated by Republican Congress

        October 7, 1868 Republicans denounce Democratic Party’s
        national campaign theme: “This is a white man’s country: Let white men rule”

        October 22, 1868 While campaigning for re-election, Republican U.S. Rep. James Hinds (R-AR) is assassinated by Democrat terrorists who organized as the Ku Klux Klan

        December 10, 1869 Republican Gov. John Campbell of Wyoming Territory signs FIRST-in-nation law granting women right to vote and to hold public office

        February 3, 1870 After passing House with 98% Republican
        support and 97% Democrat opposition, Republicans’ 15th Amendment is ratified, granting vote to all Americans regardless of race

        May 31, 1870 President U.S. Grant signs Republicans’
        Enforcement Act, providing stiff penalties for depriving any American’s civil rights

        June 22, 1870 Republican Congress creates U.S. Department
        of Justice, to safeguard the civil rights of African-Americans against Democrats in the South

        September 6, 1870 Women vote in Wyoming, in FIRST election after women’s suffrage signed into law by Republican Gov. John Campbell

        February 28, 1871 Republican Congress passes Enforcement Act providing federal protection for African-American voters

        April 20, 1871 Republican Congress enacts the Ku Klux Klan
        Act, outlawing Democratic Party-affiliated terrorist groups which oppressed African-Americans

        October 10, 1871 Following warnings by Philadelphia Democrats against black voting, African-American Republican civil rights activist Octavius Catto murdered by Democratic Party operative; his military funeral was attended by thousands

        October 18, 1871 After violence against Republicans in South
        Carolina, President Ulysses Grant deploys U.S. troops to combat Democrat terrorists who formed the Ku Klux Klan

        November 18, 1872 Susan B. Anthony arrested for voting, after boasting to Elizabeth Cady Stanton that she voted for “the Republican ticket, straight”

        January 17, 1874 Armed Democrats seize Texas state government, ending Republican efforts to racially integrate government

        September 14, 1874 Democrat white supremacists seize Louisiana statehouse in attempt to overthrow racially-integrated administration of Republican Governor William Kellogg; 27 killed

        March 1, 1875 Civil Rights Act of 1875, guaranteeing access
        to public accommodations without regard to race, signed by Republican President U.S. Grant; passed with 92% Republican support over 100% Democrat opposition

        January 10, 1878 U.S. Senator Aaron Sargent (R-CA) introduces Susan B. Anthony amendment for women’s suffrage; Democrat-controlled Senate defeated it 4 times before election of Republican House and Senate guaranteed its approval in 1919. Republicans foil Democratic efforts to keep women in the kitchen, where they belong

        February 8, 1894 Democrat Congress and Democrat President Grover Cleveland join to repeal Republicans’ Enforcement Act, which had enabled African-Americans to vote

        January 15, 1901 Republican Booker T. Washington protests
        Alabama Democratic Party’s refusal to permit voting by African-Americans

        May 29, 1902 Virginia Democrats implement new state
        constitution, condemned by Republicans as illegal, reducing African-American voter registration by 86%

        February 12, 1909 On 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s
        birth, African-American Republicans and women’s suffragists Ida Wells and Mary Terrell co-found the NAACP

        May 21, 1919 Republican House passes constitutional
        amendment granting women the vote with 85% of Republicans in favor, but only 54% of Democrats; in Senate, 80% of Republicans would vote yes, but almost half of Democrats no August 18, 1920

        Republican-authored 19th Amendment, giving women the vote, becomes part of Constitution; 26 of the 36 states to ratify had Republican-controlled legislatures

        January 26, 1922 House passes bill authored by U.S. Rep.
        Leonidas Dyer (R-MO) making lynching a federal crime; Senate Democrats block it with filibuster

        June 2, 1924 Republican President Calvin Coolidge signs
        bill passed by Republican Congress granting U.S. citizenship to all Native Americans

        October 3, 1924 Republicans denounce three-time Democrat
        presidential nominee William Jennings Bryan for defending the Ku Klux Klan at 1924 Democratic National Convention

        June 12, 1929 First Lady Lou Hoover invites wife of U.S.
        Rep. Oscar De Priest (R-IL), an African-American, to tea at the White House, sparking protests by Democrats across the country

        August 17, 1937 Republicans organize opposition to former Ku
        Klux Klansman and Democrat U.S. Senator Hugo Black, appointed to U.S. Supreme Court by FDR; his Klan background was hidden until after confirmation

        June 24, 1940 Republican Party platform calls for integration of the armed forces; for the balance of his terms in office, FDR refuses to order it

        August 8, 1945 Republicans condemn Harry Truman’s surprise use of the atomic bomb in Japan. The whining and criticism goes on for years. It begins two days after the Hiroshima bombing, when former Republican President Herbert Hoover writes to a friend that “The use of the atomic bomb, with its indiscriminate killing of women and children, revolts my soul.”

        September 30, 1953 Earl Warren, California’s three-term Republican Governor and 1948 Republican vice presidential nominee, nominated to be Chief Justice; wrote landmark decision in Brown v. Board of Education

        November 25, 1955 Eisenhower administration bans racial
        segregation of interstate bus travel

        March 12, 1956 Ninety-seven Democrats in Congress condemn Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v. Board of Education, and pledge to continue segregation

        June 5, 1956 Republican federal judge Frank Johnson rules
        in favor of Rosa Parks in decision striking down “blacks in the back of the bus” law

        November 6, 1956 African-American civil rights leaders Martin
        Luther King and Ralph Abernathy vote for Republican Dwight Eisenhower for President

        September 9, 1957 President Dwight Eisenhower signs Republican Party’s 1957 Civil Rights Act

        September 24, 1957 Sparking criticism from Democrats such as Senators John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, Republican President Dwight Eisenhower deploys the 82nd Airborne Division to Little Rock, AR to force Democrat Governor Orval Faubus to integrate public schools

        May 6, 1960 Republican President Dwight Eisenhower signs
        Republicans’ Civil Rights Act of 1960, overcoming 125-hour, around-the-clock filibuster by 18 Senate Democrats

        May 2, 1963 Republicans condemn Democrat sheriff of
        Birmingham, AL for arresting over 2,000 African-American schoolchildren marching for their civil rights

        September 29, 1963 Gov. George Wallace (D-AL) defies order by U.S. District Judge Frank Johnson, appointed by President Dwight Eisenhower, to integrate Tuskegee High School

        June 9, 1964 Republicans condemn 14-hour filibuster
        against 1964 Civil Rights Act led by U.S. Senator and former Ku Klux Klansman Robert Byrd (D-WV), who served in the Senate until his death in 2010. At Byrd’s funeral, former Democrat President Bill Clinton said, “He once had a fleeting association with the Ku Klux Klan, what does that mean? I’ll tell you what it means. He was a country boy from the hills and hollows from West Virginia. He was trying to get elected. And maybe he did something he shouldn’t have done come and he spent the rest of his life making it up. And that’s what a good person does. There are no perfect people. There are certainly no perfect politicians.”

        June 10, 1964 Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen (R-IL)
        criticizes Democrat filibuster against 1964 Civil Rights Act, calls on Democrats to stop opposing racial equality. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was introduced and approved by a staggering majority of Republicans in the Senate. The Act was opposed by most southern Democrat senators, several of whom were proud segregationists—one of them being Al Gore Sr. Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson relied on Illinois Senator Everett Dirksen, the Republican leader from Illinois, to get the Act passed.

        August 4, 1965 Senate Republican Leader Everett Dirksen
        (R-IL) overcomes Democrat attempts to block 1965 Voting Rights Act; 94% of Senate Republicans vote for landmark civil right legislation, while 27% of Democrats oppose. Voting Rights Act of 1965, abolishing literacy tests and other measures devised by Democrats to prevent African-Americans from voting, signed into law; higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats vote in favor

        February 19, 1976 Republican President Gerald Ford formally
        rescinds Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt’s notorious Executive Order authorizing internment of over 120,000 Japanese-Americans during WWII

        September 15, 1981 Republican President Ronald Reagan
        establishes the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, to increase African-American participation in federal education programs

        June 29, 1982 Republican President Ronald Reagan signs
        25-year extension of 1965 Voting Rights Act

        August 10, 1988 Republican President Ronald Reagan signs
        Civil Liberties Act of 1988, compensating Japanese-Americans for deprivation of civil rights and property during World War II internment ordered by FDR

        November 21, 1991 Republican President George H. W. Bush signs Civil Rights Act of 1991 to strengthen federal civil rights legislation

        August 20, 1996 Bill authored by U.S. Rep. Susan Molinari
        (R-NY) to prohibit racial discrimination in adoptions, part of Republicans’ Contract With America, becomes law

        And let’s not forget the words of liberal icon Margaret
        Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood and someone Hillary Clinton has said is one of her heroes. Sanger said, “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through
        a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population….”

      • a very worthwhile recounting of facts too many on the left would rather not know. a very “inconvienent truth.”

      • Sir, you are mistaken. The racist Democrats were on the left. Albert Gore, Sr. was an excellent example of a left-wing segregationist.

      • You are sadly mistaken. I grew up in the south during the period of desegregation and bussing. The “Southern Democrats” were not happy with that decision. Wonder why????

      • That’s correct Kenny. This transformation took place after President Johnson successfully push through the civil rights legislation. The racist southern Democrats felt they no longer had a home so the Republicans decided to (shamefully) embrace them and their votes. Now they are Republicans.

      • Is that the same LBJ who was the senate majority leader that voted down the Civil Right Act that the republicans tried passing under the Eisenhower administration along with JFK. BTW LBJ first got support from the republicans because he could not get support in his own party. Do a little research and learn the facts.

      • I have read many of your posts. A lack of facts certainly hasn’t stopped you from embarrassing yourself, has it?

      • Pick up a history genius everything I stated is fact you must of had a public school education or skipped class that year but you can still look it up and maybe do a little research on your own if any one has taught you. However you do not seem to be very self motivated that is why you vote the way you do any way good luck getting through life unless you are a public employee and live off everybody else.

      • you obviously have a public school education so next you pick up a history book do it for yourself and this time open and read it you might learn something everything I stated is fact.
        Good luck getting through life if you can not read hopefully you are getting through life but I will say a prayer for you that you can get enough self motivation to learn how to read.
        GOD BLESS

      • What I stated about LBJ and JFK 100% accurate. Next time you get a history book open it and then read it you may learn something this time. Do a little research on your own you might learn something. I can promise you I know more about American history than you will ever know.

      • I never said being like me I just no more about history and laws of The United States of America. But typical liberal you see what you want with blinders on geius. So more importantly did you looj it up and learn something?

      • my mother’s family were southern democrates who wouldn’t dream of voting for anyone without a “d” after their name. (and would have been horrified if anyone so much as suggested it!) they were also FLAMING racists.

      • Wrong, You are to blind to see the truth The great society that the democrats still puish today has destroyed the African American community. Before welfare the the fatherless rate was 7% now it is in the 70’s but the democrats do not care as long as they get the vote.
        LBJ and JFK voted against the Civil Rights when the Eisenhower and the republicans were trying to pass the bill. In fact Lbj was the Senate majority leader. Later when LBJ was president and pushed fore civil rights he did not get support from his own party he went to the republicans for support. Now both parties TOTALLY SUCK!
        You can look it up it’s fact.

  25. Maybe you should contact him and ask him if you could spend that hour with him. After all, I don’t think he’s reading your Facebook posts.

  26. Hogwash Mr Aaron! To make a blanket statement like that just shows ignorance. Obama got elected with a lot of Republicans voting for him. Aaron is going to lose a lot more fans than he’s going to gain with preposterous, baseless comments like that.

    Furthermore, Margaret Sanger who started Planned Parenthood and is a hero of Hillary Clinton was closely aligned with the KKK and was world class racist who advocated genocide of blacks.

    So does that make Hillary a racist?

    P. S. Loves me some Allen West.

    • I do not think that Hank Aaron gave much thought about how many fans he might lose. I think the source of his comments were personal conviction.

  27. There are so many great people who are Republicans and they are not racists, but to paraphrase a Dos Equis meme . . Racists don’t always vote, but when they do vote, they don’t vote for Barack Obama! Additionally, racists are now emboldened to come out of hiding, since it is quite popular to ridicule the black man in the White House. Yes, you are surrounded by them.

    Mr. West’s comment “Perhaps Mr. Aaron should remember that back then the folks in the hoods were Democrats.” is of no relevance at all to the conversation. President Obama is not being thwarted by the old Democrats of the south. What is Mr. West’s point? He has none. We are talking about today. It really does not matter if a racist calls himself a Republican or a Democrat. Besides everyone with an education and knowledge of history knows that those southern Democrats became today’s strong southern Republican block after the civil rights movement. Mr. West is merely quoting trivia.

    • Richard, don’t forget that you don’t have to be white to be racist. I think plenty of racist people voted for Barack Obama over the past two elections

    • You are misinformed Richard Williams….. George Wallace and his like or ‘type’ were never ‘conservatives’…… No one said all democrats are racists….. but that they were and are the party of racists. And it is not just republicans saying that, but all who open their eyes to see it.

      • Hi Kenny,
        You said, “George Wallace and his like or ‘type’ were never ‘conservatives’.” Be sure to check out the book “George Wallace: Conservative Populist” by Lloyd Rohler. I’m sorry, the rest of what you said did not make any sense to me.

    • So by implication, you’re suggesting that only people who oppose or oppress black people can be racist.
      Richard, a racist is any person who elevates or denigrates any people due solely to their race. Therefore, plenty of people who voted FOR Obama based solely on skin color are, in fact, racist. Please, educate yourself so that the problem of racism can be lessened.

      • No Jacob, I did not imply that. I do not believe that to be true at all. Please read my comments again and work to improve your own comprehension skills to help eradicate ignorance in America.

      • I know, HJD!!! Jacob had to make it personal and attack with his little “Please educate yourself so that the problem of racism can be lessened.” I thought is was unnecessary too! Don’t worry about me HJD, your kindness is appreciated nonetheless.

      • Yeah, right. Like your condescending tone is nothing more than what it is…bowlshyt. Trust me, I’m not worried about you in anyway.

      • Says you. I think anytime one has to bring up racism if one dislikes this president, they should expect pushback.

      • My main point was to agree with Hank Aaron that the President does indeed have to fight a lot of racism. That does not mean that those who disagree with the President are racists. No, not at all! Don’t think that for a minute! Those who hate the President? Yeah, I’m suspicious.

      • I read you comment and you indicated racist are coming out now in opposition to the president then you say if you disagree with him you may be republican if you hate him you maybe a racist. Your whole assumption is racist are coming out against him so you did paint the racist as those who oppose Obama and implied because he is black in your narrow reasoning. care to clarify your own remarks?

      • Forgive me if I copy and paste comment to HJD. “My main point was to agree with Hank Aaron that the President does indeed have to fight a lot of racism. That does not mean that those who disagree with the President are racists. No, not at all! Don’t think that for a minute! Those who hate the President? Yeah, I’m suspicious. I don’t think there is any shortage of people who feel that way.” This is the world we live in. I am not trying to be unclear. I hope this helps. Disagreement or strong disagreement is fine! If hatred is what you feel the problem may be an internal one.

      • “Racists don’t always vote, but when they do vote, they don’t vote for Barack Obama!” 95% of black people polled in the 2011 election planned to vote for Obama.
        (Source- http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/27/us/politics/obamas-support-among-blacks-remains-strong.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0)
        Okay, Chuckles, I’ll make you a bet. If you can show me any other reasonable interpretation for this statement, I will admit to being ignorant. If you can’t, guess what- you’re the ignorant one. I can back my statement. Can you?

      • It was never my intention to get caught up in name calling, so forgive me for implying that you are ignorant. That was wrong. Blacks always supported “the party of Lincoln” until the time of the civil rights movement and President Johnson successfully pushed through civil rights legislation. Republicans were (shamefully) happy to accept the newly found support of the bigoted southern Democrats.

        The popularity of the Democratic party is based on the perception that they are the party that will address the need of the middle class and poor people in American. They think it is important to have “safety nets” in place for the poverty stricken and the elderly. Yes there are those who take advantage of that system. Democrats should never deny that . . . but Republicans are trained to repeat the mantra that virtually all of these people are welfare bums and are beneath contempt! I believe that they are mistaken about that, and I also think that it is a very un-Christian assumption to make.

        Blacks were going to vote for the Democratic candidate whether he was black or white. Of course blacks have been understandably proud to have President Obama in the White House. I will also say that “hope” is more than a word to express how blacks and many other Americans have felt about this President. I do not believe they voted for him because of racist feelings towards whites. And yes, there are blacks that have racist feelings towards whites.

      • Jacob, where did you get that definition of Racist. Merriam Webster define it this way:

        Full Definition of RACISM
        : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
        : racial prejudice or discrimination

        i don’t see anywhere it states “who elevate”. You can’t make your own definition to fit your argument

      • If you have to explain your argument, its a false argument. The definition is cut and dry. Blacks don’t think they are a Superior Race over another race, thats a stupid argument you are making. Voters in this country make voting decisions on a variety of things, most of the time its out of familiarity, Women voting for Women, whites for other whites, Hispanics for Hispanics, that doesn’t make you racist or sexist. What makes you racist is not to vote for someone because of their race or a woman or man because of their sex. Black as whole has overwhelming voted for White Candidates, nationally and locally. Can most whites say the same about black candidates ?

      • I was going to abstain from any more discussion, but this was too stupid not to reply. Point-for-point seems appropriate.

        “If you have to explain your argument, its a false argument.”
        Okay, just- what? Someone being too stupid to understand an argument somehow renders it magically false? You must come up against a lot of false arguments, then.
        “The definition is cut and dry. Blacks don’t think they are a Superior Race over another race, thats a stupid argument you are making.”
        So let’s see. You speak for all black people? That’s true? Can I get verification on this from every black person? This group might just disagree. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_supremacy
        ” Voters in this country make voting decisions on a variety of things, most of the time its out of familiarity, Women voting for Women, whites for other whites, Hispanics for Hispanics, that doesn’t make you racist or sexist. What makes you racist is not to vote for someone because of their race or a woman or man because of their sex.”
        Okay, so now you ate saying that (almost) nobody who votes is capable of making a decision beyond the comfort of the familiar? Does this offend anyone else? It does me.
        ” Black as whole has overwhelming voted for White Candidates, nationally and locally. Can most whites say the same about black candidates ?” This is the stupidest thing yet. First off, you offer no proof. I could, but it would actually run counter to the point i guess you are trying to make. Also, it doesn’t address anything I stated earlier.
        In summation, everything you just said is stupid, and all of it fails to address the issue that you brought up in the first place: superiority. Bring something worthwhile to the table, or just stay out.

      • if you are going to quote me, please do me the favor of getting my quotes right. You used my statement of the definition of racism is cut and dry and blended it to look like this –

        “The definition is cut and dry. Blacks don’t think they are a Superior Race over another race, that’s a stupid argument you are making.”

        That’s quite some editing on your part, don’t you think? Second I never said I spoke for All black people, however I am in the position to understand the black race far better then you and have a better take on this issue than you.

        Prove me wrong by telling me that the majority of different races tend to vote more heavy toward their race then other races, Studies have shown that if there is a Hispanic candidate, he or she would garner most of the Hispanic vote if they represent their majority party..

        I never said as you claim that – “Okay, so now you ate saying that (almost) nobody who votes is capable
        of making a decision beyond the comfort of the familiar? Does this offend anyone else? It does me.

        What I said was I believe most votes on familiarity with the candidate, Not All. It the offends you, who give a S#it,

        It is a fact the Blacks has overwhelming in History has voted for whites, How many Blacks have ran for President, Governors Senator, Mayor, Congressman over white counterparts. Very Few. So who do you think blacks voted for. Damnn are you that thick headed and stupid.

        In summation, All you did was provide grandstanding statement that amount to nothing but Hot Air

      • Wow. Just wow. You refer to me as thick, yet you don’t even recognize a direct quotation of yourself? I cut and pasted it. It is your exact words, in the exact order you typed them. I even went back and checked for some freak error, but no. It’s legitimate. If there’s something wrong with the quote, it’s because you typed it wrong.
        Also, you said that “Blacks don’t think they are…” Blacks. Not “some blacks,” not “blacks in my area,” not “blacks I have discussed this issue with,” just “Blacks.” This term, as you have used it, is all-inclusive. Your conceit is that you speak for all black people. I can’t put it any simpler than this.
        And another thing- you are assuming that you are in a far better position to understand black people than me. Where is your evidence? How do you support that statement?
        Ultimately, I’m done here. Your (possibly intentional) obtuseness is tiresome. You’ve backed up exactly one claim with a source, and you were so very, very wrong. Your enthusiasm is admirable, but you need to temper it with some facts.

    • I can’t stand this President because he is destroying the Constitutional Republic with his socialist/communist/muslim ways! He is not even a natural born citizen but is a fraud who has spent 2 million dollars to hide his background info to win votes from real racist who vote because he is black (rather half) so racism is mainly been exercised by the democrats not Republicans we really d not care about the amount of melatonin in someone’s skin!

    • This is a pretty stupid response, unless you are one of those who consider ‘reverse racism’ impossible. In which case you are a fool.

      • you are calling him a fool because he has a difference of an opinion…….seems the label attaches to you

    • Before I say anything, while I never voted for him, when he was first elected, I was honestly excited for the country, maybe he will change things for the better, he didn’t. And before you go screaming the democrstic mantra of, “if you don’t like obama, you are a racist”Let me say this, I served this once great country for 10 years as a US Navy Corpsman, yes I am of European background, meaning I am white, but I am in no way shape or form racist. And I hate who we have in office right now, not because of his skin color, but for what he has done to this nation. He is the one who has used the “race card” incessantly to try and drive a wedge between the citizens of the US and it seems to have worked very well.
      When you try to state this fact, the democrats who have, as some say, drank the kool aid, can not be reasoned with. And will just argue and call whomever doesn’t agree with their “lord and savior” (yes he had been called that) is just a stupid racist, hates women, children, and the earth in general.
      I just want to know when people like you are going to open your eyes up and try to see the other side.

      • I have tried. I have been a Republican all of my life. I am 59 years old. I finally made a decision to walk away from it when this new Republican party became so overwhelmed with anger, paranoia and hatred. This is not your father’s Republican party.

      • I have been a Democrat most of my life but switched about 3 years ago. Just like you for the Republicans, I am overwhelmed by the subterfuge, arrogance and bullying of the current Democrats. Every time I see Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi or Jay Carney, I want to suck on a pistol.

      • I am sorry your experience has been bad. Mine has been bad as well. Politics can be sickening. I would be in favor of a new party with “Love One Another” as their No. 1 plank!

    • well I am a democrat and I would never vote for Obama. It has nothing to do with his color but his principles and lack of character. I am frankly sick of party lines and the racist card. I am far from racist.

      • Well that is good Gloria! Do Republicans have party lines? What are those character flaws that you refer to? How far is not far from racist? What Democrats do you support and why? How is that different from President Obama?

  28. Maybe Mr. West should notice that the red states of today were blue states at that time.
    early 1960s – Arthur Ravenel, Jr., before running for the South Carolina Senate, later U.S. Representative from South Carolina (1987–1995)
    1960s – James F. Byrnes, the former 104th Governor of South Carolina (1951–1955) and 49th United States Secretary of State (1945–1947)
    1960 – Claude R. Kirk, Jr., later 36th Governor of Florida (1967–1971)
    1961 – Charlton Lyons to run for Louisiana’s 4th congressional district seat
    1962 – Dave Treen, later U.S. Representative from Louisiana (1973–1980) and 51st Governor of Louisiana (1980–1984)
    1962 – Jack M. Cox, to run for Governor of Texas; losing to later Republican convert John B. Connally, Jr.
    1962 – James D. Martin, former U.S. Representative from Alabama (1965–1967)
    1962 – Ronald Reagan of California, while an actor and former Screen Actors Guild president.[4] Later 40th President of the United States (1981–1989)
    1962 – Floyd Spence, while a South Carolina state Representative; later a U.S. Representative from South Carolina (1971–2001)
    1963 – Rubel Phillips, former Mississippi Public Service Commissioner, to run for governor of Mississippi
    1964 – Howard Callaway, prior to becoming the first Republican U.S. representative from Georgia since Reconstruction (1965–1967) and later 11th United States Secretary of the Army
    1964 – Charles W. Pickering, later Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi (2004)
    1964 – Strom Thurmond, while U.S. senator from South Carolina (1954–2003) switched to the Republican party on September 16, 1964.[5]
    1965 – Albert W. Watson, while U.S. Representative from South Carolina (1963–1971) (resigned before switching parties and regained his seat in a special election)
    1965 – Arlen Specter, while running for District Attorney of Philadelphia (1966–1974), later U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania (1981–2011); in 2009, he switched back to the Democratic Party but later criticized Democratic party leadership.[6]
    1965 – Roderick Miller, member of the Louisiana House of Representatives, after unsuccessful run for judgeship in 1964
    1966 – Marshall Parker, to run for the U.S. Senate in South Carolina; twice defeated by Fritz Hollings
    1966 – Thomas A. Wofford, former U.S. Senator from South Carolina (1956), before write-in campaign for State Senator from South Carolina
    1966 – Len E. Blaylock, to support Winthrop Rockefeller for Governor of Arkansas, later U.S. Marshal for the Eastern District of Arkansas (1975–1978)
    1966 – Jerry Thomasson, switched from Democrat to Republican while an state Representative to run for Attorney General of Arkansas
    1966 – Henry Grover of Texas, switched from Democrat to Republican while a state Representative before successfully running for Texas Senate.
    1967 – William E. Dannemeyer, while serving as a superior court judge before returning to the California State Assembly, later U.S. Representative from California (1979–1992)
    1967 – Allison Kolb, former Louisiana State Auditor (1952–1956), while seeking a political comeback running unsuccessfully for state Treasurer, lost 1956 Democratic primary for state auditor
    1968 – William Reynolds Archer, Jr., while a member of the Texas House of Representatives, later U.S. Representative from Texas (1971–2001)
    1968 – Will Wilson, former Texas Attorney General (1957–1963) switched to support Richard M. Nixon in the 1968 presidential election
    1968 – James L. Bentley, Comptroller General of Georgia (1963–1971), switched to Republican, along with four other statewide constitutional officers. Bentley then lost the 1970 Republican gubernatorial nomination.
    1970 – Jesse Helms, two years before running for the U.S. Senate from North Carolina (1973–2003)
    1970 – A. C. Clemons, while serving in the Louisiana Senate
    1970 – William Oswald Mills, later became U.S. Representative from Maryland (1971–1973)
    1970 – Bob Barr, who later became U.S. Representative from Georgia (1995–2003); later left the GOP to run as a Libertarian for U.S. president in 2008
    1971 – Tillie K. Fowler, who later became U.S. Representative from Florida (1993–2001)
    1972 – Ed Karst, while serving as the mayor of Alexandria, Louisiana; later returned to the Democrats and then became “No Party”
    1972 – Robert R. Neall, before serving in the Maryland House of Delegates. He switched back to the Democratic Party in 1999
    1972 – Trent Lott, prior to running to become U.S. Representative from Mississippi (1973–1989) and later U.S. Senator from Mississippi (1989–2007) . He was

  29. if Hank Aaron chooses to make a fool of himself so be it. He still will be the true Home Run King. Sad because he was idolized by millions who cared less about his skin color. As for poor maligned Obama he is a Black Communist and only Black voters racist behavior can change that. Vote Black because he was Black is as racist as Mr.Aaron portrays others.

  30. Hank did it all when the fences were further away too……. but he is still a confused, ill-informed slanderer.

  31. Amen! A glaring example of why we should not hold our athletes and other public figures in high regard. They too are human and make many missteps along the way. Sorry to see that Aaron will now be remembered for a comment that was not well thought out but may show his true feelings. How many flocked to his games to see him play and cheer him on in his search to break a records and never once thought about his skin pigment!

    • I did, I was raised a Cardinal Fan, but I rooted for Hank to break the record and was watching when he did! I am sorry Hank feels so hurt all these years later, the content of character is what matters in politics and people!

  32. If it was up to Democrats, black people would still be picking cotton in the fields. Mr.West is right on point. Thank you sir.

  33. It is so sad to see a great man like Hank, famous for individual accomplishment, be so obviously Mislead by Democrat propaganda. For surely he isn’t dumb.

  34. I cannot hold back and must respond to this dumb rhetoric by Allan West. Perhaps Mr. West should be more truthful in his statements. I grew up in Mississippi and there was one defining moment for southern Democrats in the 1960’s. At the convention in 1964, the national Democratic party voted to seat part of a diverse group of delegates from Mississippi at the national convention because the regular delegation did not include anyone of color. When the national party demanded that delegates from MS, AL and other southern states pledge to support Lyndon Johnson’s ticket, they walked out in protest. Most of those delegates not only supported Goldwater but switched to the Republican Party. Those people and their decedents now make up a significant portion of the Republican Party as it is today. I love it when Republicans point to the fact that several Democrats were KKK back in the day. Well most of those Democrats became Republicans so Hank Aaron’s analogy is absolutely true. Having said that, I understand why Allan West has to continue saying these inflamed things about not only the President but others whom he does not like as well. He is beholden to the GOP for his career because they consider him to be their spokesperson from the Black community who can say what he wants to say about our President and get away with it. He is not held accountable for his words. Nuff’ said!!!

      • Perhaps Mr West has integrity and honor. There is nothing wrong with “cheques”, but he would do much better if he were to align with the left and plunder the country like the current administration.

      • You mean the way he wants to plunder the public school system to subsidize private schools? You mean that kind of plundering?

      • More like to maniplutae healthcare to ultimately get control of a huge sector of the economy, or waste taxpayers money in Solyndra-like failures. How about ignore the economy and push a petty political agenda at the expense of everyone in the US. The use of the EPA, IRS, NSA and other acronymns to harrass and intimidate citizens. Making special accomodations for unions because you know they don’t want to lose the mobster vote. Come on Malcolm. I suspect you are smarter than this.

      • As am I. The public education system is suffering at the hands of teachers unions that never had eduction in their agenda. Schools are having to tapdance to get federal funding. Teachers are bound to awful curriculum being shoved down their throat. Parents expect the schools to babysit their little babies but many aren’t willing to put in the effort to see if the little darling actually did their homework. Zero tolerance policies to make hand wringing sissies that sit in the corner feel good about themselves while not doing anything. I can complain all day long, but what’s the answer?

      • I only used those words. You just used the longer, beat-around-the-bush version. You’re welcome.

      • gotta love when someone needs to reword someone else statement to make them appear racist. Why don’t you make a valid point instead of projecting your ignorant vocabulary on to someone else.

    • You DO know that the Republican Party was founded as the anti-slavery party during the 1850’s, right? It was a Republican, Abraham Lincoln, that gave the Emancipation Proclamation that all slaves were free men in 1863.
      Former Senator Robert Byrd, a Democrat from West Virginia, was a known member of the KKK yet it seems he got a lot of the black vote. Such hypocrisy!
      I’m curious how you feel about the likes of Condoleeza Rice and Clarence Thomas. I notice they get shunned for being black Republicans yet they worked hard to get where they are.
      Or Bill Cosby who has time and again pointed out how black vs. black is seldom ever reported and how their slang, dress and a few other things are of their own doing and self-leading into poverty. Having worked as a youth councelor myself with young people of color, I’ve encountered too many who address each other using the “N” word and told me repeatedly that “they have always talked that way and refuse to change it.”
      Allan West speaks the truth. You just choose not to hear it. Hurts, doesn’t it!

      • John,
        Since you asked, I really love Condoleeza Rice. She is smart and very intuitive. Would make a great leader. We have some differences, but I can appreciate our differences rather than shun them. Justice Thomas is another story. He is entitled to his opinion just like Allen West and I will defend their right to say what they want to. I also have a right to my opinion and it does not mirror theirs. While I am at it, let me tell you some Republicans whom I truly admire and who also worked hard to get to where they today: JC Watts, Jack Kemp, Jeb Bush, General Colin Powell, Michael Steele, Bob Dole, John B Anderson, and others. I could care less that you have worked with young people of color. You obviously don’t look at the world through the same prism as I do. For your information, Bill Cosby is and will forever be one of my heroes. Dont’ be mistaken by what he says and don’t put him the same sentence as Clarence Thomas. The thought makes me ill. Clarence Thomas can’t hold a candle to Bill Cosby.

      • Those questions make me sick, what do they care who we look up to? Does anyone tell white people who they should admire?

      • Let me put it this way, you’d get shamed if you were to admire Miley Cyrus no matter what skin color you have; so in a way yes, someone does tell white people who they should admire and rightfully so. It takes an ethical and moral based society to keep a large population in order. When people start turning away from functional and constructive ideas, you have yourself a toxic ideology to contend with (cough). I can tell that you are bigot from the lack of any legitimate knowledge in your responses; but, I thought I would clear things up for others who have the capacity to reason objectively.

      • So noted. Maybe we don’t see things through the same prism as you say but making a positive difference to those kids means a lot for me. The names I mentioned had one thing in common that I respect, they all worked to get where they’re at which is something today’s youth has no value of.

      • John, you just showed your trump card. In your post in response to my post, you mentioned that you worked as a youth counselor for young people of color. Since that was your statement, I have to assume that your statement in your last posts regarding “something today’s youth has no value of” is referring to young people of color who probably are black. I am not saying that you are a racist or bigot because I believe your heart is in the right place. However, you have to be very careful that your comments are not insulting to the Black community like Paul Ryan’s were. Essentially, you are both saying the same thing that is very much aimed at the Black Community. Stay well

      • I was addressing it in a racist tone. I state that in general young people don’t get the value of an honest days work and I’ll throw my own son in that. He’s a work in progress on that front. If I offended, I do apologize as that wasn’t my intent.

    • Regarding dumb rhetoric, you mention Lyndon Johnson’s ticket. Wasn’t he the same individual that said:

      “I’ll have those [email protected] voting Democratic for the next 200 years” and

      “If you’ve got ’em by the balls, their heart and mind will follow.” oh and this one

      “These [email protected]&roes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a
      problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before,
      the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do
      something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just
      enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference. For if we
      don’t move at all, then their allies will line up against us and
      there’ll be no way of stopping them, we’ll lose the filibuster and
      there’ll be no way of putting a brake on all sorts of wild legislation.
      It’ll be Reconstruction all over again.”

      That’s pretty telling of your defining moment and those that supported him.

      • Didn’t LBJ also say “We’ve lost the South for a generation”? It’s been three generations since the South always vote republican. Are they beholden to some kind of groupthink?

      • “Always” is a strong and erroneous word in this case. If you would like to discuss groupthink, there are many more accurate applications of it we can apply. Perhaps herd mentality would be more accurate.

    • Allen West loves to give history lessons. But not once as he ever mentioned Goldwater. He loves quoting LBJ saying the N word but never goes much past that. He is like one of those Islamist Mullahs who assumes he’s the only one that can read Quran and mislead followers. Thank god for public education anyone can open a book and learn for themselves.

      • “Thank god (sic) for public education”? You mean the same leftist public education system that has done so remarkably well for black children? With leftists at the helm, the products of these bastions of ignorance may be able to OPEN a book, but may not be so able to READ it.

    • I believe it was WEB DuBois who said “Unions have done more to keep black people down than the KKK could ever dream of.” Today, who is it that is forcing black children to remain in the very worst schools – denying them school choice?

      Also, the gap between the very wealthiest and everybody else is the biggest it’s been in nearly 100 years. Higher energy prices and hyperinflation of food prices have a disparate impact on the middle and lower classes. So this is good for black folk, right?

      Oh wait…..

      But, hey, the stock market’s at an all-time high. So this has a disparate positive impact for black folk, right?

      Oh wait…..

    • oh yeah he is accountable for his words. and why should one have to be for the blacks or whites…….how about for all americans which Mr. West is. Perhaps you need to put your racism behind you. It is the likes of Obama who has brought back racism and divides this country once again

      • Gloria, I am really getting very annoyed with people who have never
        experienced racism thinking they are experts. YOU ARE NOT!!!!!. You have acknowledged that you are a white person. Being that’s the case, you don’t know what racism is, what it looks like and how it makes you feel. Furthermore, you have no intuitive sense of subtle racism which is the worst. When I first moved the suburban Chicago, every time my wife went shopping somewhere or someone came to the house to render a service, they wanted to know what sports team I played for. You have never had to worry about driving down a street in a neighborhood that is not yours and getting stopped to be asked what you are doing there. You have never flown across country in first class only to have people stare at you trying to figure out if you are a movie start or a rap. Having said all of this, it’s not your fault that you are naive about racism. We are shaped by our life experiences and racism is one experience that you will never have. What bothers me is you think that you know. Trust me, you don’t and never will.

      • And how would you know I haven’t experienced racism? See you don’t but of course you have to set me straight . You are making assumptions (racist) because I am white.
        Guess what dude I have a lot of family members that are black, mexican, chinese etc. so please do not pretend you are the expert on racism just because I am white. My ancestors suffered a genocide of their peoples. Something far more horrible than what neighborhood you belong too. btw I have suffered many of the things you have mentioned while whining how affected you are. You are no different just a black man holding a chip on his shoulder waiting for someone to push it off so you can yell racism. You sir are the true racist and you are allowing your world to be controlled by it. Your loss truly

      • Gloria, I will make you a deal. I will tell you what its like to have a baby and then you can tell me what its like to experience racism.

  35. Mr Allen West, you are my hero! If you run for president, I will vote for you! And yes: I am white.
    Despising Obama has nothing to do with his color, but with his character! And the freeloaders he calls his wife and mother in law!

    • I’d rather ask WHY they voted for Obama. If it’s because of his skin
      color, they’re racist. If it’s because of his qualifications, they’re
      stupid because he had none. So, do you want to be racist or stupid?

  36. Black people been voting for white candidates ever since they where “allowed” to vote. They vote for one black guy and suddenly we are on the verge of some race-war? Instead of calling black people “racist” ask yourselves why in the world a black person would vote for Mccain/Palin or Romney/Ryan.

    • That’s simply a lie. Scores of millions of us would love to have a principled, honorable man like Allen West in the White house and would be extremely honored to call him president.

    • Color has absolutely nothing to do with it. I’d gladly vote for Col. West should he run. It’s about principles. Obama has not shown anything that supports him being good for this nation. He has no pride for these United States. Obama does not show the American Principles that this country was founded on. People such as Col. West do.

    • oh really? I’m an immigrant to this country- so I am not white. I did not vote for Obama because – He supports partial birth abortion. When babies come out alive from the procedure- you can kill them! He’s views are very Saul Alinsky. He dictates people to have no ‘conscience rights’. It would be cool if a minority becomes a president- but not this guy!

    • malik, you are an idiot if you truly believe that. a disgusting idiot. and how dare you call me a racist because i dont like the moronic policies of an inexperienced president who has done nothing to help anybody but himself.

      just because YOU are a racist doesnt mean everyone else is. kindly go f yourself you jerk.

      • Herman Cain was doing pretty well in the last republican primary. Once he was ahead in the polls white women started coming out of the woodwork claiming he molested them. Why is that? My theory is he wasn’t supposed to lead let alone win. He was just there to be Obama’s black critic. Once it was determined he wasn’t up to the task he got discarded.

      • After a disastrous slide in the poll. Besides no one knows what kind of conversation ensued with his wife.

      • Yeah the Democrats no longer needed their “female plants” to derail a very deserving Black Conservative. My gosh an educated, successful black businessman who was a real threat to Obama’s reelection, the Democrats needed to somehow neutralize Mr. Cain and managed to accomplish what they set out to do. Your racism is showing Mr. Shabazz.

      • Really? He was also a threat to the republican establishment choice Mitt Romney. It would have made more sense for the Obama campaign to wait for the general election to torpedo Mr. Cain. The threat he represented to the other republican candidates was more immediate.

      • I planned on voting for Mr. Cain. what he does in his bedroom is his business. I think what came about was truth but due to other politicians playing dirty. You cannot blame that on the whites or the blacks. For all we know it could have been Obama’s people. I didn’t vote for Obama and would never as he was not what the country needed. Evidence proves this today.

      • Why Mr Cain? Why not Mrs Bachman or Mr Romney. Or even Mr Santorum who in my opinion was the most principled conservative in that race. Why Mr Cain?

    • I coudn’t possibly be that people disagree with Obama’s fiscal and social politics. We white people are too stupid to consider such things.

      You know, Mr. Shabazz, I also opposed Bill Clinton. Pssst… He’s *white*.

      • Looks like only the 95% blacks who voted for Obama are the ones who are too stupid to consider such things.

      • Yeah, and how’s that working out for you? Since black employment and opportunity has not improved under the one you voted for at 95%. But you are getting more welfare these days. I guess you at least have that.

      • I talk macro, you talk micro. If you want to talk about what is actually happening in the nation, let me know, k? Else you’re just boring me.

    • I am white and never consider whether a person is white or black while voting so why do you believe blacks should consider that? Seems racism starts with the thinking. I would vote for Mr. West in a heartbeat and not because he is black but because of his common sense ideals.

    • There are many blacks that may be on the GOP Presidential ticket that I would be more than happy to support. As a matter of fact if Dr. Benjamin Carson decides to run for either party I would be behind him 100% no matter who he would run against. On the Wednesday after Barack Obama was announced the winner in 2008, the thought never even crossed my mind that we now had a black President. The color of the mans skin had no bearing on my decision to vote for McCain/Palin. I felt that they would have done a better job especially considering Palin’s track record in politics. Now with the job participation rate being at an all time low and the Democratic policy of trying to destroy the American economy, I still feel my decision to leave the Democratic Party made more sense. If Barrack Obama was the purest White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant to ever step into the American Political Arena he would still be the wrong man to be our President as would Joe Biden still be the wrong man to serve as our Vice-President.

      • Lyndon Johnson is the one who made it happen, sending the Republicans on a scramble to pick up all the racist voters that he pissed off.

      • Yes, and he was a Democrat and he got two major civil rights bills signed. You asked what voting for democrats got them, and I told you. It’s true that when Lincoln was president, the Republicans were the ones looking out for black Americans’ rights, because back then, they were the liberal party, but you specified the past 50 years. 50 years ago, it was 1964. The Democrats were the pro-civil rights party, and the Republicans were restructuring their platform with the explicit goal of appealing to racists.

  37. Who sold the blacks from Africa to be slaves in America? What is the of political affiliation of the Americans that were against the abolition of slavery in America? Was it a Republican or Democrat president who abolished slavery in America? Who got rich from Jesse Jackson’s or Al Sharpton’s race-bait activism?

    • Who shows up at the White-House waving confederate flag? Who made it rich exploiting the TP? We are in 2014 get with the times.

      • Was it Al Sharpton? Oh wait, no, he made it rich ranting about the TP. Jesse Jackson? No, he made it rich by complaining and extorting money from any company he threatens to picket.

        Shabazz must be griping about Sarah Palin again…

      • Pigs are pigs. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The thing we need to strive for is for each person to be judged as an individual as that is the only right way to do so. Some people are beyond accepting people for the positive things they do to bring credit to themselves and their community. Mr West is a fine man as I suspect are you. The beauty of our country is that each person has the chance to succeed, it just takes work and discipline to achieve success.
        The confederate flag has been taken from a symbol of State’s rights over Federal imposition to a symbol of oppression of a people who have more melonin in their skin that I do. Fairly or not, that is what it has come to represent.

        There are plenty of people on both sides of the aisle that view pigment of skin as an issue and it is a shame. Give credit where it is due and place blame accordingly as well. President Obama has done several things that I am proud of as well as several that I am not. It is the nature of the beast we call politics and I just hope that some day the Libertarian party is embraced more than the left and the right.

      • and who show’s up at polling places with their swagger and clubs and poked out lips and black costumes, TRYING to intimidate white voters making sure they’re going to vote for obama. so mr. shabazzz name your poison. i think you were never educated, more like indoctrinated to believe the swoft we endure as president. i’ll let your “educated” self look up the word swoft that will give you something to do, besides spouting your racist rhetoric.

      • you get my drift in a language only you can understand. is that the best you have? and you have to put someone else’s picture in your profile? and you have no profile either. are you really barack obama hiding out in here? hahahahaha

    • “Was it a Republican or Democrat president who abolished slavery in America?”

      Was it someone who valued state’s rights or federal power?

      Was it a conservative or a liberal?

      Was he with the Union or the Confederacy?

      All far more apt questions than one of a political label that has changed meaning immensely over the past 50 years.

  38. Many Blacks still feel what Hank Aaron feels. We don’t have to look far, look at Michelle Obama who was never proud of America until Barack got nominated. And to date, she continues to puts race into politics.

  39. I don’t know what’s more impressive… Mr. West’s comments or the fact that a few are so threatened by them that they’re spending half of their day trying to refute them.

    • Mr, West comments are only threatening to himself. Everytime he writes one of those op-eds he loses a little more credibility with the black community.

      • If by “black community” you mean people who are strictly black-centric, then I would agree with you. He loses credibility with people who are strictly black-centric, by not being black-centric.

        There is right, and there is wrong. Allen West chooses to be right, regardless of who it makes him popular with.

      • I’m not the only one being “black-centric” Mr West never addresses how cancelling school vouchers affects white kids.

      • pull out the poor me card every time you speak malik ? stand on your accomplishments. you seem to be just as educated as me perhaps more so , but for some ununderstood reason you need pity because of the color of your skin. perhaps you make a living keeping the great divide between two cultures, its a shame you do not spend your time mending but defending this divide.

      • at a 98% divide in black and white in the dc area who do you assume reaps the reward of these vouchers?

      • Like I was saying you are his target audience. Mr West talks past and over most black people.

      • You are taking those remarks entirely out of context. The context was the District of Columbia, which is overwhelmingly black. A very successful voucher system was cancelled, to the very vocal protests of the overwhelmingly black beneficiaries of the program, because it doesn’t fit the leftist Democrat narrative.

      • Well thank goodness he does not seem to care. If everyone had his same convictions to say what they feel instead of saying what they are “supposed” to say, I think we would all be better off.

      • You’d be surprised how many hard working black citizens agree with him but are afraid of repercussions from-yes, liberal black folks.

      • The tone of his articles. His systematic criticism of whatever the President does. All the conspiracy theories he promotes. Always the same targets in order, President Obama, Al Sharpton and Eric Holder.

      • what black community would that be, YOUR “black” community i suppose certainly not the intelligent black community the black people you refer to have been screwing each other for their own personal or political gain for years and of course not to mention the many so called black “reverends” that were paid off by the governors of mississippi under the “sovereign code” of 1964 to spy on the civil rights leaders and their activities.of course with a made up copy cat name like malik shabazz, i won’t expect your kind to do any type of american historical research. of course you can’t have any military experience which shows in your race baiting comments.

      • intelligent? geez i enjoy how i just leave liberals to their own “devices” to make my point. and you take the obama’s or sharpton’s or holder’s or jackson’s or reid’s or biden’s at face value? this really is rich!!!!

      • I hope if he’s not elected then he is appointed to some good position. We need leaders like him.

      • He loses credibility because he tells the truth, says a lot about the black community, so does having Jesse “shake down artist” Jackson and tax cheat race baiting FBI informant Al not so Sharp. If it is only about skin color to you than you have failed as a human. Dr King is frowning down upon you are your ilk.

  40. Excellent article. Did anyone else notice he did not call anyone names or demean anyone? This is the way politics should be. It is a shame that his district was too blinded to see what a fantastic leader he truly is. I only hope to see him back in congress very soon.

    • West knows exactly what Hank faced. He’s just selling the narrative that it should not matter anymore. He’s been disingenuous and it’s sad. He seems to be a man of honor, but somehow stuck with a certain dogma he can’t stray from however so slightly.

    • and for you to say that hank aaron faced anything different than any other black person is just stupid on it’s face. and while i’m at it who were the ones that made him or any other black person suffer…… democrats, in the person of lester maddox, george wallace, orville fubus and barnet and johnson governors of mississippi. not to mention dogs clubs and firehoses, lynchings and mysterious disappearances of civil rights workers at the hands of mississippi state police, as well as bull connor democrats all. so take your idiotic responses and stuff them, much like a democratic voting booth!!!!!

      • I agree with you, but only to an extent, as Hank Aaron observes, because we still have the GOP, the black kid born today will face what his grandparents faced. Only in that sense do all blacks face the same thing, as you insinuate.

        Republicans need to ask why, during that time of Lester Maddox, you could not find a single black Democrat. Oh, maybe a few, like the Allen Wests of those years. Most blacks were Republicans then, because it was before Nixon and Reagan’s “Southern Strategy.”

  41. Mr.
    Aaron, Thanks to you and all those others who, solely on the basis of
    his skin color, put a RACIST in the Spite House. He has nearly
    completed the task of DESTROYING the America that, warts and all,
    afforded talented men like you an opportunity to live a good life only
    dreamed of by people in other nations.
    That said, not to worry, Mr.
    Aaron. Give Obama another few years and America will join those other
    nations in the One World cesspool.
    And we thank you for that!

  42. I cannot believe anyone is so ignorant of American history. No, not Aaron, the people on this site. Look up “Dixiecrats” and “Southern Strategy”. Democrats were the conservative party back then. Gradually between the FDR and LBJ presidencies, Democrat policies liberalized, and Republicans willingly and intentionally courted the racists. To act like the modern political parties have anything to do with the parties back then is disingenuous at best, and most likely just plain ignorant.

    • Brian, put down the crack pipe and stop listening to MSNBC. THE Dixecrats remained in the democrat party. Even Pres Hardin back in 1920 was for civil rights. You’re probably too young to know all this. What you’ve been spoon fed is left wing revised history. Fin yourself some history books that were published before 1960.

      • So in order to find out the history of America since 1960, you want me to read books published before 1960? That makes a huge pile of sense.

      • Brian, if I’m going too fast for you let me know and I’ll dumb it down some more. If you want to learn un revised history dating before 1960 you’ll need to find history books that were published prior to 1960. What you think you know and what you were taught was REVISED HISTORY.

      • So when I mention the Johnson presidency and the Southern Strategy and the conversion of conservative Democrats to Republicans, which all refers to 1964-69, how would that help?

      • How about you do your own research on how many conservative democrats became republicans and report back on what you found. I bet you’ll never use that talking point again.

      • The Republican party made it an explicit part of their campaign strategy to woo conservative democrats. Just look at election maps. The south remained conservative, but started voting Republican. It’s right before your eyes. There were a few politicians that stuck around since they were incumbents, but several who switched at the time as well. Strom Thurmond most famously. Why don’t you explain to me what you think the Southern Strategy is, maybe that will help.

    • What do Republicans stand for now is what matters as well as Democrats.Move forward. The debt is mounting and gutting the military will not help that just increase unemployment, although military members will seek and find employment, not play the system.

  43. I’ve always wondered where the racist southern demos went after they left the demo party? And why were the tolerate reps so eager to accept them?


        You people crack me up. You repeat the same lame story but never think things thru. Whoever feed you this crap, gave you enough to stick it to the liberals and blacks, but stop short of telling the full story.

        Yes the demos are the party of intolerance. A rational person would ask why the changed. A complete switch doesn’t happen over night. Why would the demos vote for a yankee who will promote civil rights for people they held down for years? Why would Johnson, from TX, continue the fight? Remember Johnson went to the reps for help. Why did Nixon garner some much support from the south during presidential race of 69? Even thought Nixon did his own part of civil rights. why did he continue with the Southern strategy?

        Also, when the south left the demos, they took the KKK with them.
        CLOWNS AND FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ad hominem insults are the tools of the desperate and you completely missed the point. You have nothing to offer.

      • YOU meaning you
        PEOPLE meaning people, which I assume you are. So is anyone going to answer my questions or are you going to continue attacking me?

      • I have not heard of a KKK news story since I was a child, which is a very long time ago. Are they still around?

      • You had me dancing in my undies. Sorry to say, you got the wrong. McCallister. It’s her former communication director. Someone started a rumor about one of Palin’s kids. He commented on it . Thanks for the effort . Keep vigilant, solider.
        FYI, it’s funny to watch the rep party eating their own. They want the kissing McCallister OUT ASAP. If not, they can’t go after Bill Clinton.

      • You just made yourself irrelevant. Anyone who could make that statement cannot be taken seriously.

      • Look up who stood in the way of civil rights passing in the late 1950’s. It was LBJ! Geez you youngsters don’t know $hit. I’d demand my parents money back from whom ever taught you. If I was you.

      • Well, he changed his mind. The more you know, the better you do or it caved to pressure. Either one

      • LBJ was a opportunist, he used the civil rights movement for votes. He like the democrats today don’t give a dam about civil rights or women rights or gay rights. Back to LBJ he couldn’t get enough democrats to vote for civil rights act. The republicans were the majority that voted for the act.

      • Yes, I said that about LBJ. He wSn’t worried about votes since he didn’t ‘r run fue a second term.

      • That’s assuming he did not care about Democrats coming after him. He said he was concerned about votes; I see no reason to doubt him.

      • LBJ actually did run for POTUS for a 2nd term. He barely won the NH primary against McCarthy who at the time was considered a very weak opponent. Four days later Robert Kennedy entered the race and LBJ’s internal pollsters found that RFK was destroying him. Johnson then withdrew from the race citing health concerns.

      • Speaking of which this administration is trying to rewrite and indoctrinate our school children with the Common Core books. Noire like a fairy tale

    • Who says they left? LBJ opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. So did Al Gore Sr. and Sen. Robert Byrd as did J William Fulbright ( Bill Clinton’s mentor.) Wasn’t Bill the one who said Obama couldn’t even carry his bags? Don’t kid yourself the racist Democrats have gone nowhere. Only now they are bi-racial racists.

      • Wow, the pot your smoking must be really good. Not many people can type and trip. Great revisionist.

      • Revisionist? Why don’t you provide us with cites, links, historical evidence that Galindo is wrong? Hint: You won’t be able to because his recitation of HISTORY is accurate.

      • As I remember , you were the one with the statements . All I said was you are a revisionist . You need to prove your BS .

      • Byrd – who was hailed as a hero by liberal Democrats despite having been an official of the KKK and venerated as some sort of conscience of the Senate and defender of the Constitution because he incessantly criticized George W. Bush, was the ONLY member of the U.S. Senate with the (to me disgraceful) distinction of having voted against BOTH Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas when they were nominated to the Supreme Court. It might be legitimate to vote against one or the other on ideological grounds – Marshall was quite liberal and Thomas is very conservative – but to vote against BOTH of the only two black men to ever be nominated for the SCOTUS? Libs can tap dance around and claim that Byrd supposedly “outgrew” his youthful racism and supposedly regretted his Klan background and wasn’t really a racist – but how could he justify those two votes, taken in tandem? Was Byrd still a racist in his old age? Well, as the old saying goes, if it walks like a duck, and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, you don’t have to be James Audubon to figure out that it probably IS a duck.

  44. Sir, I salute you. You made me cry, you are such a patriot. This is the country I grew up believing in. I went to college in the 70s and really believed in the dream of world where people would be judged on the content of their character , not the color of their skin. It almost seems like we were making progress and now suddenly, we’re heading backwards. Thank you for your unflagging efforts, God Bless you & your family!

    • obama and his “friends from low places” have almost succeeded in setting back civil right to the 50s. People are sick of him and sick, sick sick of the left idiots crying racism when it clearly isn’t.

  45. Lest we forget that Reps and Dems have flip-flopped a few times in history. Orwellian. Keep believing the bullsheet. If you derive any sort of pride from your party accociation, you aren’t a patriot or an active voter, you’re a lemming.

  46. Lest we forget that Reps and Dems have flip-flopped a few times in
    history. Orwellian. Keep believing the bullsheet. If you derive any sort
    of pride from your party association, you aren’t a patriot or an active
    voter, you’re a lemming.

    • I need more information about the flip-flops. I was a conservative democrat until 1983 after Reagan proved some things to me. The democrat party in Texas was as racist as any other state. I know my dad took me to listen to every democrat he could. The dems threw around the N word all the time. It made me ashamed because I had a Godly grandmother who taught against hatred of any other human regardless of skin color. I had a lot of troubles because of that. The democrat party (in Texas) did not want people like me. I see little difference in the democrat party today. Now they tell minorities that they can not get ahead without government help. Is not that just as racist? I am now an independent voter.

  47. Wasn’t Mitch Mcconell who said his stated goal was to make Obama a one term President? On what basis did he make that assertion? That was before the IRS, Benghazi and Obamacare. On what basis did he make that assertion besides to pander to those who did not like the black man in the White-House?

  48. When Obama’s supporters run out of legitimate rebuttals to republican complaints the last refuge is to cry “racism”. I had a poster of Hank Aaron hitting 715 on my bedroom wall for years. This is just sad.

  49. You sir are the epitome of what it means to be an American. I salute you and thank you for your service. I look forward to your continued leadership down the road.

    • I dropped out of the Democratic Party during the Carter Administration when I sensed it was turning into a hate group. I guess some folks are inclined to just stay in a state of denial. By the way, when you were asleep, the Democrats (the Party of Slavery and the KKK) had everyone at each other’s throats under Bush Jr.

      • I too changed parties , but I was a Republican. I saw no difference between Demo’s and Repub’s. I am now an Independent, but your right, I did not see the problem of hate in the Democrat party or under Bush. Both have people in them that will never stop the agenda of racial hatred. It is so blatant now. Just look at what AG Holder said a few day’s ago at the Press club about the way he was treated by Congress. He plays the race card when he get’s his butt burned and so does the Pres. I am not asleep now. I am just wondering if it is too late already to reverse the damage. A lot more damage can be done in the next three years. But, how do you convince Low info voters?

  50. Thank you Mr. West. It seems no matter what improvements are made in this great nation the left is never satisfied. They choose to view everything from the negative point of view. So appreciate that your comment is to say look how far we have come. No one will forget the injustices, but we should also be able to commend where we have come now. I am so exhausted of hearing how any opposition to Obama must mean you are a racist. Even Holder got into the act yesterday. Keep up the good fight. God Bless.

    • When they have their backs against the wall or know that they have failed they go to the blame game and race card. I guess some are not man enough to admit that they have failed.

  51. I watch as Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s record and couldn’t have been prouder than if he had been my son. He was an incredible baseball player. I am sorry he has come to this place. The greatest enemy the blacks have today are sitting in the white house and congress where they continually bypass young black men, steal their self esteem by giving the jobs to illegals and keep putting money in their pockets for doing nothing (when many could) an just breaking them down. Allen West knows what he is talking about.

      • Who do they vote for? You can’t keep blaming the republican’s for the black plight in this country……who do the black American’s vote for? Democrats, period. Just look at Chicago and Detroit, then tell me it’s the republican’s……IT IS democrats who keep black people in poverty by continuing to support teachers unions who support failing public schools…..Once again, who do they vote for? Until they realize that their own voting habits keep them on the Democratic plantation nothing will change.

      • Black people keep themselves in poverty for various reasons that have nothing to do with who they vote for. Second of all schools don’t fail, students do. Where you go to school matter less then the time and effort spent on one’s education. If you want school choice pay for it yourself. Every children is “deserving” of a proper education and it doesn’t make sense to take from failing students to subsidize private schools. As long as conservatives will keep using the word “plantation” they’ll keep on being ignored by black people.

  52. Black, White, Yellow, Brown…Republicans have honed their finger pointing blame
    to a self destructive partisan vitriolic point worthy of only disgust. Disasters like Enron, no contract Halliburton bids, Cheney’s f-bombs at the podium, 911 invasion, Iraq invasion, unfindable WMD , gas prices, the bank bailout and subsequent slimy behavior of its’ management bonuses, unchecked illegal alien immigration for the sake of big business, Reagan’s failed amnesty program, Black Water’s unfettered lawlessness,
    Republican tea party antics closed the government….
    please stop the bickering….the art of compromise must be revised before we all self
    destruct……pitifully , we the people suffer the actions of the self righteous politicians
    who are vastly removed from our realities…..of whom some did not know what the UPC code was on goods ( G. Bush Sr. )…give me a break there’s plenty of crap to go around….leave Henry Aaron out of it….can you imagine a politician chastising anyone
    what a joke….

  53. Republicans passed numerous bills to prevent government shutdown. It was Comrade Obama and Harry Reid who shut it down with orders to make it as painfull as possible just to make Republicans look bad. If you believe otherwise then drink another glass of koolaide my friend. Allen West please run for President. We need a patriot to restore our country. Not a Muslim sympathizer to continue to tear it down.

  54. After Obama won the election, I was stunned at the number of people of color who I admired, emphasis on “ADMIRED”, no longer do, because of their rantings on America and the people who are descendants of various European races. Then to watch our own president say things like “if I had a son he would be like……..” , and to not do anything with the black panthers intimidations at some polling places, astounded me, disappointed me to say the least, but his racism came out loud and clear….and he is only like 1/6th Kenyan! What a hippocrit he is. He made it ok to be racist in this country and it isn’t.

  55. Yup Hank blacks have a long ways to go as long as they can’t let go and dwell on the past. It’s up to Ya’ll to make that decision.

  56. This is a great article, a great reasonable argument, Mr West but I doubt Mr Aaron would read it if brought to his attention. I not only doubt he would read it but, if he did, he would not agree with it. Unfortunately, Mr Aaron appears to be one of the sheeple.

  57. If Obama was such a murdering (Benghazi, b/c ultimately its fault falls on the CnC) liar, then we would stand behind him. Its not the color of his skin. Its the words out of his mouth and the total lack of respect for the American people and the U.S. Constitution is why he is loathed. I have lots of color in my family. Im a “Heinz 57” myself. So to each & every American I say…leave the race card at the door!

  58. If Obama wasn’t such a murdering (Benghazi, b/c ultimately its fault falls on the CnC) liar, then we would stand behind him. Its not the color of his skin. Its the words out of his mouth and the total lack of respect for the American people and the U.S. Constitution is why he is loathed. I have lots of color in my family. Im a “Heinz 57” myself. So to each & every American I say…leave the race card at the door!

  59. Mr West has become a politician–forgetful of the truth. He knows full well that the southern democrats, the Dixiecrats that wore the KKK robes proudly were the same ones who switched parties when Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Right Act and The Voting Rights Act.
    Strom Thurmon, Mr Segregationist, who ran on a segregation platform for President in 1948 as a States Rights Democrat is the perfect example. He died a republican, not a Lincoln Republican, but a confederate flag toting republican, having switched parties in 1964.
    A majority of American are willing to try to ignore a person’s skin. But Hank Aaron is absolutely truthful, that ain’t the case in most of Dixie.
    Don’t believe it, there are churches that will not let Mr. West enter their doors simply because of the color of his skin.

    • Really? How did the Civil Rights act pass again? All Democrat support was it?
      How about this famous quote, “I’ll have those ni***rs voting Democrat for the next 200 years!” Remember that famous LBJ quote?

      Strom Thurmond? That the best you can do? How about Grand Cleagle of the KKK Robert Byrd? Was he a Republican?

      What do you say about all that Mr. History?

  60. The saddest thing about Allen West is that he believes that by emulating the attitudes and values of some conservative Whites he is actually somehow “acceptable” to them. Part of that “emulation” requires that he down play or deny:
    – the historical reality of the Republican Southern Strategy
    – the rejection by Dixiecrats of the Democratic Party as far back as 1948 when Strom Thurmond ran as a segregationist presidential candidate and later found a home in the GOP (and died a staunch Republican), a party that now houses many former former southern Democrats
    – this nation’s history of slavery, Jim Crow, unequal adjudication of justice, racial profiling, voter suppression etc.
    … among other ugly truths of America’s racial history.

    When Black Republicans can be embraced by the Republican Party while also embracing the reality of race and racism in America for all Black people – rather than cherry picking Black “success” stories to reinforce America’s racial mythology and make conservative Whites feel good – then people like Allen West may have some credibility in the broader Black community.

    He apparently has no idea how his constant harping on how we Black people (other than he and other “enlightened” conservative Blacks) are somehow brainwashed, too stupid to make informed political decisions, slaves to the government teat and stuck on the “Democratic plantation” does little more than make him sound like a victim of racial Stockholm Syndrome … and a shill for the Republican plantation.

      • What’s it like to be a coward and hide behind race-baiting lunacy? Allen West would make a fine Republican president and every Conservative I’ve ever met speaks fondly and excitedly about this man. It isn’t mere emulation that he is pulling off. He is being who he is. He hasn’t allowed his race to define who he is. He’s an individual. Which is what is sorely lacking in the African-American community. Individualism. When the day comes when no one is asking, “Is he black enough?” That’s the day we become the post-racial America that you progressives claim you wish to see, but do everything in your power to stymie.

    • That’s a ridiculous load of excrement. I’m Conservative. I’m White. I love Allen West. I want Allen West to run for President. I would love if Ben Carson ran. I would vote for them readily, support them in my community, and stand behind them. You don’t even see the racism in your own post. You claim these black men are merely emulating white men? What is it to be white? I live in a state that is nearly 97% white. Every single Conservative I talk to is 100% behind the sentiments and beliefs that Allen West and Ben Carson espouse, furthermore, we’re ready to put men like them in the Oval Office.

      Stop projecting. YOU are the one who believes these men only enjoy the support of whites because they “act white”. That’s your opinion. Own it, don’t ascribe it to others.


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