Holder wants tracking bracelets for gun owners

The beauty of the Founding Fathers is that they were simple and precise in their writing. Take for instance the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, part of the individual Bill of Rights, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” – that seems pretty straight forward: “shall not be infringed.” But our liberal progressive comrades seem to have a problem with reading comprehension. Take for example the new proposal from our esteemed US Attorney General Eric Holder regarding infringement.

As the Daily Caller reports, Attorney General Eric Holder wants to explore “common sense” gun reforms, like mandating tracking bracelets for gun owners, which they would need to wear before they could activate their firearms. And I can just imagine who would be responsible for registering and “activating” our assigned bracelets. What sort of a crazy mind comes up with an idea like this? But what is even more disturbing is the fact he’d actually say this in public on the record!

Holder made his remarks while testifying before a U.S. House of Representatives appropriations committee on Friday. He acknowledged the existence of the Second Amendment, which gives people the unqualified right to own and carry weapons, but nevertheless expressed support for several gun control measures that he described as “common sense reforms,” according to The Washington Free Beacon.

“One of the things we learned when we were trying to pass those common sense reforms last year, Vice President Biden and I (truly a caucus of two idiots) had a meeting with a group of technology people (liberal progressive special interests) and talked about how guns can be made more safe by making them either though fingerprint identification, the gun talks to a bracelet that you might wear, how guns can be used only by the person who is lawfully in possession of the weapon,” said Holder, referring to so-called “smart gun” technology. “It’s those kinds of things that I think we want to try to explore so that people have the ability to enjoy their Second Amendment rights while at the same time decreasing the misuse of weapons that lead to the kinds of things we see on a daily basis, where people, kids especially, are struck down.”

As a law-abiding citizen, I don’t need a government-issued bracelet or fingerprint registration, read “shall not be infringed”, to allow me to enjoy my Second Amendment right. Bottom line, why would I trust “Mr. Fast and Furious” to decrease the misuse of weapons and the dissemination and promulgation of illegal weapons? And here we go again with big government believing it can come into our homes and decide how best to protect our children!

Message to Holder, there are safes for that very reason and many of us keep the gun separate from ammunition — we are smarter than you think.

I was just out in the State of Washington this past Saturday and Sunday speaking in Wenatchee and Walla Walla and there was a recurring question, “What do we do when they come to take our guns?”As I told folks, the liberal progressive socialists will never try to take your guns outright, they’ll just devise means by which they infringe upon and constrain your ownership — with this sort of “smart gun” technology.

Just so you know how it works, a smart gun requires the shooter to be wearing a bracelet or watch with an RFID chip that communicates with the gun and allows it to fire.

I wear two bracelets on my left wrist honoring three Soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. One was given to me by their mothers and the other by a First Sergeant. I never take them off. I certainly will not be taking them off for any government bracelet, watch, or any other tracking device to infringe upon my Second Amendment right and provide this onerous corrupt government a means to monitor my activity with MY gun.

Molon Labe!


  1. Too bad they don’t turn all this creative energy towards tracking gang members or violent felons with tracking technology, instead they focus on law abiding citizens.

  2. Department of In-Justice, Backassward Holder wants to treat innocent non-criminals as criminals and treat criminals as innocent victims of society. Under this administration, Right is Wrong and Up is Down.

    • Hmmm…Sounds like the Bible was right when it said in the last days men would call good evil and evil good. Might be the Bible had something there.

  3. So…are we going to put trackers on silverware since they make people fat? They talk of “common sense” but they don’t know what that means. Common sense is teaching gun safety and respect. And…arming the law abiding citizens. If you don’t want to own a gun, fine. Don’t. You don’t see gun owners pushing for a law to make everyone have a gun. Why? Because it’s a choice and a right. Stop infringing on my rights because sooner or later, Mr. Eric Holder, it will be your rights that are infringed and you will be the first to cry foul.

    • They own the banks now, just disable your debit or credit card when the healthcare fascists report you as obese and you attempt to purchase “unhealthy” food.

  4. These “common sense reforms” make perfect sense to statists like Holder, who just want to control us and take away our personal liberties.

  5. You folks do realize if things keep going this way there will be a day of reckoning/revolution in this country. It will get bad ugly before it gets better.

  6. ass holes are everywhere leave our constitutional rights alone Dont thread on us we are real Americans .Get out of our country and go to a communist country where you belong..

  7. Unfortunately they may come to take your guns. Looks to California, Connecticut and soon, New York. First they make some of the weapons illegal to own, or a certain number of them illegal to own. Next they provide you the opportunity to turn them in to become compliant with the new law. Last, they come to get any left over, all in order to satisfy the (unconstitutional) state law.

  8. And what happens to the jobs of those people manufacturing guns when the gov’t creates regs to mandate those guns are manufactured with such devices? No one would buy them. It’s that slippery slope on a very large mountain.

    • They are good at giving out food stamps. What bothers me is that when we all go on food stamps, who will provide the food? Oh yeah, I forgot, we will be the slaves in the fields plowing for those who didn’t turn their guns and swords into plows!

  9. Once any state’s or the Federal idiot congress pass any law we’re forced to obey it whether it’s constitutional or not or it gives the government the perceived right to arrest us and confiscate our firearms. We need to STOP electing or re-electing anyone that votes yes on ANY infringements of our Constitutional rights! The supreme court is NOT protecting us from these violations to the Constitution anymore! We must protect ourselves through our actions at the voting booth! And we need to be more and more aware and vigilant to stop voter fraud! They are stealing our elections and our freedom!

  10. And naturally, these “smart guns” would be programmed with a “back door” so that the government can, using the software, deactivate every last one of them at their whim. You’d have tone a real dummy not to see THAT one coming!!!

    Mr. West, Sir, every time you open your mouth or write anything, I like you more and more.

    • I recently read a fictional book where they did just that….turned off the device leaving the owner helpless against a tyrannical government. Why should we trust them to do any different?

  11. Nothing more than a tracking device. So they can watch your every move.
    No thanks. I will stay with the good old fashioned trigger safety.

  12. These marxists never think beyond the “brilliant idea” phase. What happens when a bunch like anonymous hacks into the bracelets and a citizen in peril gets an error message at the very moment they need their firearm. Bumps in the road huh?

    Completely useless idiots!

  13. I’ll wear a tracking device,,,ONCE all the gang bangers and criminals that have stolen or illegally bought guns wear one. The only ones that would have a tracking device are the honest gun owners who have gone through a background check and legally bought their guns. Perhaps Holder should put the tracking device up where the sun don’t shine,,,then we will know where and what he is up to.

  14. The States better get their butts in gear and start passing laws that cut off the Government from having any impact on State Rights. If someone does not do something soon, we are going to have a Civil War in “Our Country”. “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” – that seems pretty straight forward: “shall not be infringed.” (Until the Government puts the Militia under them).

  15. Holder is just part of Barry’s plan to minimize America. Citizens with legal guns are not the issue. What about the ILLEGAL guns in the hands of criminals like the gang bangers in Chicago where I live.

  16. People quickly figured out how to unlock a stolen cell phone. I’m sure that someone could figure out how to unlock a stolen smart gun.

  17. I think now we know why the media made the story about Firefox so big, smoke and mirrors, my friends, smoke and mirrors. They want to sneak this through when we’re not paying attention because we’re distracted.

  18. Anytime a politician of any stripe uses the phrase “common sense” I get nervous. Holder is a very stupid person and should be removed from the AG’s office.

  19. This is the kind of thing that motivates me to continue to buy guns and ammunition for my future generations. Ok ,well, I am off to the gun shop to see what my next “dumb gun” is going to be.

  20. That’s fair if Holder and all his cronies wear electronic, GPS tracking, ankle bracelets and pink tutus every day.

      • I’m not giving in to anything,
        I simply made a true statement and if the truth disturbs you than you are a sad basket of paranoia.

    • I carry my phone in a sleeve until ready to use it. All the sleeve does is make the network tell callers I am unavailable. I’m not paranoid, but why put yourself in a position of always being a suspect?

      • I don’t worry about being a suspect because I don’t break the law and it actually could prove my innocent if wrongly accused of a crime.
        I have many guns and have been listening to people for over 50 years about someone coming after my guns, ,, I’m not worried.
        People are behaving as if owning a gun is some new kind of fad and they just get all upset about anyone saying anything about them,,
        I’m not worried.

  21. The tracking bracelet would by accompanied with a big yellow star or gun symbol, to be worn on the outside of ones clothing at all times. Failure to do so would result in the immediate arrest and detainment of the offender, for an unspecified amount of time.
    Heil Obama!

  22. My father is a retired police officer, currently a US Marshall. He’s against any and all “common sense” gun laws. Common sense is don’t pull it until you need it. I’ve very sadly had to use my hand gun not once, but twice to defend my life to a car jacker, and an armed robbery attempt. Had I been wearing a bracelet that screamed he has a gun, I would probably have lost my life.

  23. Holder will get his wish when Osamacare starts requiring RFID chipping for all to verify insurance coverage. The chip will contain all personal information; including gun ownership. Just sayin’. Much Love, God Bless.

  24. IF Holder himself wears this tracking device- that would be interesting to see…. The only way this would be fair is if Holder and other Congressman who own guns wear this tracking device themselves…Otherwise, it’s ridiculous and an infringement of 2nd Amendment rights. This doesn’t solve the problems we’ve had with a bunch of thugs that raid movie theaters, universities and now Fort Hood. There’s another reason why it’s been so easy for criminals, minors and other thugs been able to get a hold of guns they have no right of having….There should be another alternative than using a tracking device because i’m there’s more cons than pros to this idea.

  25. Government officials should wear a audio,video and GPS device at all times while they are doing their elected or appointed sworn duties…how bout that!

  26. First off Col. West thank you for your vigilance. What needs to be assressed further is the fact that ANY device, no matter how secure, can be hacked.

    For instance the government, any government for that matter, could decide to just turn them off so they wouldn’t work and therefore in an instance render us unarmed. Defeating the whole reason for the second amendment. I know. I’ve been in IT going on 25 years……

    • Additionally, the increased cost’s of these devices and other methods such as “micro-stamping” will make firearms cost-prohibitive for the end user and if no one is buying them, the manufacturers as well. Kind of a back-door gun control.
      I am of a mind-set that there is no “gun control, only people control.

  27. When should a US Attorney General have an “agenda” – when his office in the Dept of Justice is to enforce laws and hold people accountable for failing to honor the law –

    including prosecuting overt ELECTION FRAUD – as what occurred in the 2012 presidential election – when voting machines were manipulated to only accept votes for “one” presidential candidate = Obama,

    reports in the early morning hours of election day – across The USA = voting machines failing to accept votes for Republican presidential candidate Romney, manipulation of Election results in the Popular Election – in order to “trick-out” the numbers on the Electoral Votes – for Obama to “win” re-election – through ELECTION FRAUD.

    Obama/Biden is an Illegitimate Government.

    on the day of the 2012 presidential election =

    a COURT ORDER was required in – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – to re-instate Seventy-Five Republican Election Officials, Poll Workers, Poll Watchers – who were either physically removed or prevented from entering the polling stations.


    These corrupt machinations should have DISQUALIFIED Obama from the 2012 presidential election – if not all Democrats –

    and is cause for The Democratic Party to be completely DISSOLVED.

    • I was thinking the same thing.. seems it would make it easier for them to find us so it will be easier to round us up and put us in camps… gotta love this administration…

      • The libs have been blasting me all day about my believing in conspiracies. It is as plain as the nose on their faces but they cannot see it. It’s like they are brainwashed. What’s more is they are convinced that they are logical and we are imagining things.
        If they were lit on fire. you couldn’t help them because they would claim we are nuts

  28. This is nothing new, they have been talking about doing this for cops so their gun couldn’t be used against them. I will guess they haven’t got that to work yet. Also it would be easy to disarm the legal gun owners when the computer turns off all guns.

  29. The scourge in the White House and Obama admin would love nothing more than to shred the Constitution. The only reason Obama studied it, was to figure out how to destroy it.

    • That is what he was “teaching” as a “lecturer” – on Saul Alinsky’s book = RULES for RADICALS – dedicated to LUCIFER –
      on how to rip the US Constitution to shreds –
      although Obama and the 2008 Obama presidential campaign intentionally “misrepresented” him as a Constitutional Scholar – and “Law Professor”.
      While The Obamas had their 2008 presidential campaign intentionally “misrepresent” them as “distinguished attorneys” – during the 2008 presidential campaign, both of them were placed under a court-order for disbarment – because of their underhandedness and then some – and had not had a license to practice law in close to SIXTEEN Years – at the time of their 2008 presidential campaign.
      The Obamas are an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE to The United States of America – and to humankind.
      Obama has Joe Biden as VP, so that Obama would appear to be “smart”. Biden is Obama’s “token white”.

    • They’re not. This is new technology for new weapons. No where doers he say this is going to apply to existing weapons. This whole article is totally inflammatory and misrepresents what Holder is talking about. Just seems that most here are looking for a fight that isn’t getting started.

      • I know there is an agenda, but it is is not thought out. Holder said what he said and it is anti-American and against the constitution. same goes for 0bamacare. they cannot implement it, PERIOD.

  30. Another waste of taxpayer money! This will only cost 2 billion. Where do these stupid people come from and for the life of me I can’t understand who voted for them.

  31. By Obama’s own words as a US Senator – in forcing the resignation of Antonio Gonzales – under the Bush Administration – for the mere appearance of impropriety,

    Eric Holder as US Attorney General should not only be FORCED to Resign –

    but Holder should be prosecuted for his deceitful practices of law – and LYING before our US Congress – submitting False and Misleading information – as a COVER-UP – to carrying out Obama’s POLITICAL VENDETTAS and Holder acting as defense counsel for Obama and the Obama Regime’s Criminal activities.

    According to Obama’s own words as a US Senator, the Attorney General is supposed to be “the people’s attorney”. –

    not to operate as the attorney of a sitting president.

    Obama’s use of Eric Holder as his “enforcer” for Obama’s POLITICAL VENDETTAS – should have Obama forced to RESIGN –

    besides Obama forced to resign as POTUS –

    for his refusal to FIRE HOLDER!


    Barack ‘Enemies List’ Obama Flashback: Demanded Bush Atty Gen Resign For Carrying Out “Political Vendettas” Of Admin [Video]

    On May 26, 2013,

    Flash forward to 2013 and we have an Attorney General who has created the most politicized Department of Justice in history. Yet, today Obama has forgotten all about those high-minded concepts that an AG that should be “the people’s attorney” and is happily standing by his political enforcer, Eric Holder.

    Now Obama is the President who has an AG that acts as his political enforcer, a man who does his job as if it is part of his boss’s political campaign instead of an autonomous office whose goal is to enforce the laws of the United States of America. Not only that, but we have an AG that is far and away more political with his actions than any AG in history.

    Yet, Obama stands by this partisan hack even when members of his own party call for his resignation.[…]

    Via CNN: Transcript of March 19, 2007 Larry King Live broadcast:

    Larry King: All right, the most important — I guess the major issue at hand these days is Alberto Gonzales’ firing of the U.S. attorneys.

    What’s your read?

    Senator Barack OBama: Well, I voted against Alberto Gonzales’ confirmation for precisely the reason that we’re seeing now. My–and I said this on the floor of the Senate–that although he seemed to be a capable attorney, he seemed to conceive of his role as being the president’s attorney instead of being the people’s attorney.

    And part of the role of the attorney general is to say to the executive branch here are the limits of your power. Here are the things that you can’t do.

    I don’t think Alberto Gonzales ever told the president that there was something he could not do.

    And so, as a consequence, when the White House decides that a–a U.S. attorney is not carrying out the political vendettas of the White House, then there are some questions as to whether Gonzales was encouraged to fire these individuals.

    You’ve got a situation in terms of the FBI where the procedures used for issuing national security letters seemed to have been completely sloppy and based on erroneous fact. There doesn’t seem to be any oversight there.

    What you get a sense of is a–an attorney general who saw himself as an enabler of the administration as opposed to somebody who was actually trying to look out for the American people’s interests.

    And for that reason, I think it’s time for him to step down and for another attorney general who can exercise some independence to be put for the reminder of this president’s term.


  32. Democrat ERIC HOLDER as US Attorney General has YET to prosecute


    provided by The State of Minnesota – from the 2008 presidential election –

    wherein any forged and fraudulent absentee ballot vote used for democrat Al Franken – to “win” the election for the US Senate seat =

    The Democratic Party “stealing” the US Senate seat for Minnesota – from the incumbent Republican who actually “won” re-election –

    is also a forged and fraudulent absentee ballot vote for Democrat Barack HUSSEIN Obama as POTUS – for 2008.


    Eric Holder as US AG has yet to begin to prosecute the MASSIVE VOTE FRAUD surfacing from the 2012 presidential election =

    Obama/Biden is an Illegitimate Government – along w Eric Holder as US AG.

    on the day of the 2012 presidential election =

    a COURT ORDER was required in – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – to re-instate Seventy-Five Republican Election Officials, Poll Workers, Poll Watchers – who were either physically removed or prevented from entering the polling stations.


    These corrupt machinations should have DISQUALIFIED Obama from the 2012 presidential election – if not all Democrats –

    and is cause for The Democratic Party to be completely DISSOLVED.

    Obama and his THUGOCACY- operating within The Democratic Party as a CRIME SYNDICATE – “tricked-out” the numbers in the Popular Election –

    for 2012 = “stealing” the Popular Election –

    to “trick-out” the numbers on the Electoral Votes –

    for Obama to “win” re-election through a COUP!

  33. Ironies of ironies!

    Law-abiding gunowners don’t need tracking bracelets, but LAWLESS Officials LIKE YOU DO, Eric Holder, you CORRUPTOCRAT!


    (and the REST of the scandals YOU are NECK DEEP IN!)

  34. Holder wears a collar – from his wife who became uber-wealthy – w her sister owning ABORTION CLINICS.
    So why can’t Holder pay for his own PERSONAL TRIPS = TWENTY-SEVEN – in his improper use of US Govt aircraft – for his personal travels w family members, friends and associates = EXTORTING MONEY from the US Treasury – under false pretenses – by Holder abusing his power and authority as US AG – to force the US Taxpayers to pick up the tab for his 27 “personal Trips” –
    that could not be disguised as Official business – or part official/part personal – as Holder’s other means to not pay one red cent for his travels.
    Holder’s JOB as US AG mandates that he is to PROSECUTE the Fraud, waste and abuse of our US Taxpayer money – by Govt employees!
    By Obama as POTUS interfering in a Special Prosecutor being appointed for his various SCANDALS and CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES – by Eric Holder as US AG refusing to allow a Special Prosecutor to be appointed – as an INDEPENDENT investigator,
    Obama has Holder investigating himself – for Holder’s role in the use of Holder and his office as US AG to participate in and perpetuate Obama’s POLITICAL VENDETTAS.

  35. Hey Holder – We the People want the same tracking device – that You claimed was devised for the weapons from your gunrunning scheme = OPERATION FAST and FURIOUS – when You and Obama were arming Illegal Aliens and Narco-Terrorists, providing Safe Haven on US soil for CRIMINALS to purchase weapons!!!!!

    Contrary to Eric Holder’s (false) claims as US AG – before our US Congress – inquiring into Operation Fast and Furious and Holder’s failure to “track” weapons,

    NO TRACKING DEVICES were placed in the weapons sold through Obama’s gunrunning schemes w OPERATION FAST and FURIOUS.


    We demand the same “tracking” devices – for law-abiding US citizens owning guns = NONE!!!!

    Otherwise, it is more of the same for your skullduggery as US AG = arming criminals w weapons through your nefarious Operation Fast and Furious – having no concern of how your gunrunning schemes – has Jeopardized our NATIONAL SECURITY – to arm Illegal Aliens and Narco-Terrorists, providing safe Haven on US soil to CRIMINALS to purchase weapons –

    while commanding strict Gun Control of law-abiding US citizens – refusing to accept our Constitutional Rights as guaranteed by the US Constitution –

    that you and Obama took an Oath to protect.

    Obama’s dangerous RULES of ENGAGEMENT forced upon our US Border Agents – to only use BEAN-BAG AMMUNITION when approaching people who crossed the US border illegally – who “might” be armed – when you deranged people were arming Illegal aliens and Narco-Terrorists – was intended to jeopardize the lives of our US Border Agents, for the reason that YOU – Mr. Holder and DOJ attorneys – operated to harass and intimidate Gun Shop Owners – who were forced to participate in yr gunrunning schemes – to remain silent when weapons from yr Operation Fast and Furious began showing up at CRIME SCENES in the cold-blooded Murders of US citizens on US soil – our US Border Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jaime Zapata – and at Crimes scenes in Mexico with Mexican Nationals –

    until WHISTLEBLOWERS called to members of our US Congress and exposed it ALL.

    Do you think, Mr. Holder that Obama’s “gift” to the Mexican Govt – to share 50/50 in an Oil Well – is enough of a PAY-OFF to keep you and yr DOJ attorneys involved in Operation Fast and Furious – from being turned over to The Meixcan govt – to be prosecuted for trial in Mexico – as what the Mexican Govt demanded – when your gunrunning scheme Operation Fast and Furious – to arm NARCO-TERRORISTS – became known to the Government of Mexico?


  36. Mr. Holder should initiate the program with all the “gun owners” in the West-end of Birmingham, AL or in his backyard on the mean streets of D.C.

    • I answer: Eric “The Red” Holder is the AG because 6-8 decades of top-down government indoctrination centers, euphemistically called “schools,” have succeeded in inculcating the left’s agenda. Too large a percentage of this nation’s population are completely ignorant of how our government is supposed to function – they believe it exists to give them things, at the expense of others who work and struggle to create tangible products. We have also departed from the belief that [true] rights are God-given, not the creation of a central government. Ask most people to list the rights the Constitution “gives” them, and they will begin to list a number of things, many not even in the founding document. The correct answer is that the Constitution never gave me a single right – it codified rights extant and told the federal government where it may not tread. In fact, the only entity that was provided “rights” in the Constitution is the federal government, which is entirely a creation of the compact between the states. There is another important factor in play here: the media in this country are populated by the products of these schools, collectivists who believe they are a significant part of the ruling class intelligentsia. They are loathe to speak out negatively regarding Barack Hussein Obama, because (1) he is black, and (2) due to factor number 1, they worship him as the Egyptians did Pharaoh. Independent thinking, intelligent individuals like Col. West are to be castigated – destroyed – because they pose very real threats to mindset of brainstems who “faint” when their throngs gather at lovefests for dear leader. There is much more to this, but, like the average, patriotic, thinking American with a work ethic passed down from preceding generations [a dying breed], I must tend to my chores.

      • I love what you write ConLawyer. You have an excellent mastery of the English language and know your constitutional history well. Just to add: The constitution does not grant any ‘rights’ to the government, only ‘limited powers’ that can be revoked at any time by the people. Only the People have rights, for rights are unalienable. Thanks again for you cogent thoughts.

      • I appreciate the kind sentiments and observations. I was a cop for over 20 years and then went to law school. The focus of my practice is civil rights, which has a substantial constitutional component. Thus, I had better be somewhat conversant with our native language. Godspeed, my friend.

  37. What is to stop the government from sending a signal to your “watch” to turn it off completely? I don’t know much about RFID technology, but the more advanced tech gets the more the gov. is able to intrude in your life.

    • Jaydee, you are quite right. The government can create an electronic component that must be inserted in the device, allowing them to deactivate it at will. That will neutralize the threat of ‘a well-armed citizens’ army’, will it not. So if they mandate electronic components, why not insert a GPS device as well, it does not transmit, only receives, so not detectable. Once GPS signals are received, the same RFID enhanced interface can capture stored GPS locations and upload them to the government. Or more simply, the GPS data can be sent in realtime to a ‘secret’ site to monitor all bracelets. If I can think of it, you can be sure that the evil forces under Holder have already got it in their playbooks.

  38. Why don’t they just tattoo a number on my wrist, throw me in a re-education camp and be done with it? Any argument about the logistics of this is pointless. Such a proposal isn’t just an infringement on our 2nd Amendment rights, a natural right codified and recognized in the Constitution, not granted by it. This is an infringement of all basic human rights. A government of, by and for the people does not track and register said people. It’s the other way around. We watch them. They should fear us.

  39. Try pinning one of those slaves’ shackles on me and you better be prepared to duck.I WON’T betaking center mass shots (body armor). I’ll be taking “T zone” shots.
    Better to die standing as a patriot and free man than on your knees as a slave!

    I wonder what hallucinogen is responsible for the “vision” these people have of America past, present and future?

  40. Mr. Holder can go F%#k himself along with the current administration, why do we explore the fast and the furious and Mr. Holder can explain to Congress and the American people how the Administration sold guns to drug cartels, and this scumbag want slave bracelets worn by gun owners. Mr. Holder we the American people has something to tell you. Kiss our American A$$es.

      • Not really?, I think Mr. Holder needs to wear some bracelets (IE) silver one’s. As they cart him off to jail. for let me think, obstruction of justice, lying under oath, International gun running(IE) Fast & Furious, then we can talk.

      • You’re right an orange jump suit would be good for starters. Along with the rest of the administration. Damned few worth their salt, if any.

  41. I don’t think Holder knows what Common Sense is. His idea just sounds stupid & juvenile. Like some 7-8 year old kid. I wish he would use Common Sense and resign!

    I’ve seen 10 year kids with more Common Sense than this man exhibits

  42. Holder needs a gag in his mouth. What a poor description of a human being. He and his “boss” really need to return back to the jungles of the stone age. PUTRID MAGGOTS.

    • @ cetude, You should run off of a cliff somewhere, never to be heard from again. Besides, guns and ammo are already over-priced in case you have never taken the time to actually look. And oh by the way, Obama already tried this; it didn’t work.

      • When the national debt reaches $18 TRILLION – which will happen around July 2014 – Congress will be more receptive toward the idea. Here is a FACT: Once the national economy crashes – and IT WILL – there will be coast-to-coast rioting and everybody will be using their GUNS and shoot and kill and take what they want.

      • Knock it off cetude, You are an alarmist and are trying to get people all fired up over something that is not likely to happen on the scale you are purporting. And IF it were to happen (economic collapse) then a tax on guns and ammo is not going to do anything whatsoever to alleviate the situation. Number one reason is, there is already enough ammo out there to have a war with (limited duration) and second, once the ammo runs out, people will resort to other weapons. Your argument is null.

      • Hardly an alarmist – but realist. The Federal debt went up a HALF TRILLION DOLLARS in as little as four months. The Great Depression of 1929 – the stock market and banks crashed – just like that – overnight – but it took decades to reach that point. Since Ronald Regan deregulated banks history IS going to repeat itself. And if you don’t think the nation won’t riot – you don’t know much about human nature. Even when the food stamps stopped there will be riots. Now imagine what would happen if the social security checks stopped – government pensions stopped. Medicare and Medicaid stops. That’s a TRUE government shut down and even granny will be tossed out in the streets.

  43. Just what I need when some nut-job is trying to break into my home in the dead of night to rape or rob. Instead of quickly grabbing my handgun, I’ll need to go looking for some idiotic, brain-dead “fashion” accessory (just what all the “fashionable” gun owners will want to wear! NOT!!!)…

    Gee… can I get it in designer colors to go with all my outfits, too? I would want to look chic when I go to court to testify against the animal who savaged me because I couldn’t find my lovely bracelet in time to protect myself.

    Let me stress it again: BRAIN-DEAD!!! And dead is dead if you can’t adorn yourself fast enough with your gov’t sanctioned bling!

    How about we put a tracking device on Holder — and keep him under house arrest until we conclude his impeachment AND criminal trials… Then we can throw the key away! Let’s take it one step further — and give him an adjoining cell to the Obamanation of Desolation, the illegal alien, stealth moslem, communist-in-chief currently squatting in the White House… Yeah, that sound fantastic!!!

    Hey, Holder… Bling this, you moronic threat to personal security and the US Constitution!

  44. With all due respect, Mr. West, neither party seems capable of comprehension when it comes to the Second Amendment. “shall not be infringed…” We are not permitted to BEAR ARMS in most, if not all, States without a carry permit. That, in itself, is infringement! The Second Amendment does NOT state, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed, unless they have failed to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit from their State Government…” BOTH sides of the aisle have been chipping away at this right that the Founding Fathers gave us in the Second Amendment…and that is but ONE EXAMPLE of the way that ALL career politicians have been selling us down the river for decades!!!!!

  45. JackJusttheFacts nailed it on the head when he stated, “neutralize the threat of ‘a well-armed citizens’ army'”. I do believe every action taken by our Politicians have been in a ‘rule book’ created by the Powers Behind the Throne. They are re-creating America in their image, of course, there will be a revolutionary reaction. They know it and we know it is coming. Unfortunately, they will have our military at their disposal and too many of our children, husbands and brothers and sisters and mothers will be killed or shipped off to some FEMA camp. Sounds like a Sci-FY movie but it is real. Now, we have the enemy of the American People forming their own political party. They too will try and re-create America in their own image. We have cowards in Washington that will not stand up to this take-over of America. The Obama’s are on vacation and Biden forgot his medicines, again, and Holder is out to obey Obama and together with Hilary we have a country divided against itself. Perfect Chaos~this is only the beginning of change in America….you and I have no say in the matter…sit back and watch TV and play your video games, hide your head under your pillow and pretend that the world revolves around you. That is the new American Way…PEOPLE WAKE UP! Fight Back, Take Action and Watch What Your Politicians are doing with Eagle Eye’s. America has been invaded by foreign and strangers, ENEMIES to our Nation! Just like the terrorist of 9/11.. Do I dare equate the two? You BETCHA!


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