Update: Muslim community unites in support of Eggstravaganza in Michigan

Majed Moughni holds the offending article (photo: Ryan Garza/Detroit Free Press)

It appears we have a peaceful resolution to the Easter egg crisis in Dearborn, Michigan we reported on earlier today. According to the Daily Caller, a display of impressive common humanity and even more impressive common sense broke out over the weekend in Dearborn, Mich. after Muslim parent Majed Moughni complained about flyers handed out at public schools advertising an Eggstravaganza Easter egg hunt to be held at a Presbyterian church.

On Sunday morning, Muslim leaders in the Muslim community stood together in solidarity in front of the Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church in Dearborn. The Muslim leaders and Cherry Hill Presbyterian’s pastor, Neeta Nichols, denounced Moughni’s complaint about the Easter egg hunt. Nichols and the Muslim leaders also urged area Muslims to come to the Eggstravaganza and have their children participate. The Muslim delegation donated $500 to the church. The money will go toward the purchase of even more eggs. The Saturday, April 12 event will feature a traditional Easter egg hunt as well as an egg toss and a relay race.

As we reported, Moughni had asserted that the flyers passed out at three Dearborn public schools violate the separation of church and state widely ascribed to the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause. The local backlash was fast and furious after Moughni complained, notes The Arab American News. Local Muslims took to social media by the hundreds to condemn his puzzling stance against Easter egg hunts for kids—and to condemn the Detroit Free Press for publishing what they viewed as a misleading article in the first place.

There was nothing misleading, but I am pleased to know the Muslim leaders in Dearborn realize the negative perception surrounding the area and Mr. Moughni’s actions did not help in dispelling those beliefs. It is a good thing when communities can come together. I for one do believe there are Muslims, such as my friend Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, who want liberty and freedom and the true coexistence of Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

It is however imperative that the American Muslim community confront the issues headlong and finally do as the other two major religions have done, undergo a reformation aligning themselves with principles and values promoting individual sovereignty, not subjugation, lest we ascribe a more unpleasant inference to the literal translation of the word Islam as submission.


  1. I’m suspicious…suspicious that this was a set up by the muslims to try and disspell the growing anti-trust by Americans to get us to let our guard down…I would love nothing more than to jump for joy at everyone coming together but my instincts are screaming set up and they have never failed me, ever, in my life….

    • I have to agree Sherry… I too would love to have the world live in peace, but I’m also a realist and this sounds a little ‘too good to be true’. I can only pray that I’m wrong!

      • The only way to change Islam is from the inside. These people get the “free exercise thereof” part of the First Amendment and by standing with this church they stand for their own freedom of expression in the form of the prayer rooms they have been granted at many Detroit area schools.

    • I so agree with you. You always need to second guess your enemy. Perhaps they do mean well but my instincts tell me the same thing. WATCH OUT

    • agree – they paid the church $500 – so now they will no doubt expect to be allowed to come in an “preach” about how good islam is.

    • There’s a Pakistani Muslim doctor serving 30 years in prison for having helped the infidel Americans locate & eliminate Osama bin Laden. There are many other examples

    • I’m sorry but I teach in the Dearborn public schools! This is no smoke screen! Mr. Moughni is a lawyer and a publicity nightmare in our community. He stands alone in his views.

  2. Not every Muslim is a terrorist and I do believe a great many of them are happy to live free. Depending on the sect, many of them were also imprisoned or killed in their own homelands. I hope that this is a true olive branch of the practice of “tolerance” as such has been so graciously extended to them and their own religious freedoms. Time will tell and we will see, but for the moment, I am thankful to see this on display.

    • If they truly wanted to live free, then they would reject Islam and choose another religion that wanted to live peaceably or even none at all. After all, Muhammad called for the death of ALL INFIDELS. That means every Christian, or Jew, or Hindu, or Buddhist, or anyone else for that matter who doesn’t subscribe to the sick beliefs in their Quarantine.

  3. I’m originally from the Downriver area of Detroit (of which Dearborn is
    included), and have to say that as small a step as it may be, I think
    it’s a good first step.
    I’ve been asking my Muslim friends for years
    now, why the community doesn’t come out and denounce when people do
    stupid or violent acts in the name of Islam. The closest thing to an
    answer I ever get back is usually along the lines of, “of course we
    don’t condone that”, but I can never get an answer as to why things
    aren’t denounced by their religious leaders.

    Finally, as silly a
    topic as this might seem to some, Muslim leaders have publicly called
    out one of their own. Maybe, if enough support is shown, they will see
    that it is a good thing, and sooner or later they’ll actually speak out
    publicly against violence as well.

    • That I think would help to ease tensions world over. If you dont condone the act come out and speak against it. Kind of the youre either with them or youre against them. Not that this would completely solve it, but itd be an important step in the right direction. I too knew a couple of mulsim families back in school that were wonderful people. Its a shame.

    • They don’t denounce the actions of other Muslims for the same reasons Germans didn’t speak out against Hitler. Fear

  4. I don’t think these people represent the muslim of the area , they represent only themselves , christian don’t have to make propaganda in school , and more of that is what they are brainwashing children is bullshit

    • Wow, our VA has an annual Easter Egg Hunt. Non-denominational. Large areas are needed for the hunts to accommodate the large numbers of children expected. It is assumed that a lot of churches have the needed space for hunts.

    • I agree Pte. Schools are brainwashing our kids. The schools are teaching revised and incorrect versions of history, misrepresenting The Constitution and Bill of Rights and teaching them to that society owes them a living.
      Thank God I can homeschool to teach them the truth.

  5. Wow, Impressive. This is the first time I have ever seen muslims stand up against one of their own. It’s a good start let’s see if it keeps up.

    • yea i’m betting the muslims will now expect to be allowed to come into the Presbyterian church there and “preach”.

      • Well I do not know about that, but honestly I am waiting for the other foot to drop. I will remain cautiously optimistic

    • Don’t count your Easter eggs before they are hatched. They probably realized the what the likely backlash would have done to their facade and have slyly decided to chooses their battles a bit more wisely.

      • Really? where do you get that I put ALL my eggs in one basket? I believe that if this is true and it is well intentioned then that’s good. If it isn’t we will soon find out.

    • What do you mean? They stand up to their own all the time. I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “suicide bomber”. Of course, this is the first time I’ve seen them collectively stand up on the side of Christianity or American customs. As another commenter suggested, I remain cautiously optimistic. Troy was infiltrated though the guise of a goodwill gesture.

      • I said I remain cautiously optimistic, do you ever read what you write? This has nothing to do with Troy. Where do you get the Trojan horse scenario from $500? You have one hell of an imagination

      • Yes, I read what I write. As with you I remain cautiously optimistic that this gesture on the part of the Muslim community can be taken at face value and not an effort to convince Americans, especially Christians, to let their guard down. Now, tying this with the Trojan horse, the Greeks left what appeared to the Trojans to be a goodwill gesture in the form of a horse. The horse was in fact a hollow gesture, in that Greek soldiers were lying in wait for the unsuspecting Trojans to do what the Greeks failed to do on their own merit- breach the walls of Troy. Now do you follow? This gesture on the part of the Muslims could be the “Trojan Horse” to convince us to let our guard down.

      • You just don’t get the point, The $500, does not buy a lot of trust, it is just an offering as an apology. it doesn’t have anywhere near the magnitude of a Trojan Horse

      • Post crazy over this issue, but saying that:
        Today, my pet rabbit and I tested coloring Easter Eggs. I put them in the cups with coloring and sat them on the floor. She worked hard turning them over with her paw. All afternoon, I kept waiting for her to stand-up and sing Church songs and Preach, but she never did. 🙂

      • Lmao, very cute. I left my 9mm next to my head on the nightstand for a whole week and guess what! it didn’t kill me or even try to shoot me. Go figure!

      • Lol. Yea, the first article posts were amazing. I should post about my rabbit on that one. I couldn’t resist! We have had some bad storms since last night; how about your weather?

      • Running myself into the ground for the last two weeks. Moved my mother into Assisted Living, but not sure it’s going to last. Moved my sister about 1/2 hour away from us, on the Alabama line. Have to help her unpack tomorrow and then go back down Thursday to see my mom, take her groceries and to the doctors. Between now and the 16th get my stuff done at home before my treatment on the 17th. Life is fun, isn’t it?
        How about you?

      • well to be honest I took a lot to get here. I fought my fires for many years. It was not an easy task to get myself into this situation. I had a hectic life for a very long time and now I get to kick back and relax

      • Yea, I keep trying, but every time I get to that point, my family explodes. They will be the death of me yet. LOL

      • Well see that’s where we differ, The only family I have is my son. No wife no girlfriend to contend with, hence no fires to put out

      • Sorry to hear your family is gone, but I’m glad you have your son. Yes, they can be a pain at times. 🙂

      • we are in between fires at the moment lol, he’s a great kid, not a risk taker, good student, kind of independent.

      • That’s great, if he is on our side. Maybe he will go far
        and make it big in Washington and straighten them out.

      • Nope, I did learn Spanish and some french but I have totally forgotten the french and remember spanish very little

      • When I graduated in 1972, I had spoken and wrote Spanish for 4 years. When we came back to the States, hardly anyone spoke it and it went away. Damn shame, isn’t it?

      • you either use it or you lose it and with that I bid you a good night see you tomorrow my friend

      • I appreciate your assessment of what I understand and don’t understand. Maybe you can plan my day for me for tomorrow seeing you seem to know me better than I know myself. The $500 can be start of something good, and maybe nothing at all. The reference to the horse is a metaphor much in the same way the $500 is a metaphor of goodwill. I wasn’t aware metaphors need to be size-relevent.

      • it depends on the scenario, Is an MMA fight the same as The Roman’s and the Carthaginians? of course not. It is all perspective. What’s on your plate for tomorrow? I can plan it out for you it isn’t rocket science

      • Depends. If each are the elite (for example) of their respective roles, then yeah. They would be equals. Much in the same way a train was the most efficient mode of transportation 100 years ago and the plane is now. However, head-to-head, the plane covers more distance, and a greater variety, so in that scenerio, the plane is superior. With regard to my day, if I spell it out, I’m sure the effort alone with provide the answers. Thanks anyway. Seems you’re on here often.

      • I use to dispatch a hundred trucks a day I am sure I can figure out one person’s schedule.
        We see things differently 2 men squaring off in a ring has no comparison to 5,000 Roman soldiers against 5,000 Carthaginians. even though the numbers are the same The Carthaginians didn’t stand a chance against the Legionnaires.
        can you equate a paper airplane with a Boeing 747? After all the are both airplanes of course not. maybe that’s a better analogy for you

      • They standing up against one of their own and the public way it has happened is priceless. While I understand why you feel the way you do the only way to change Islam is from the inside by partnering with reasonable people such as these good people. If they do not stand with this church they can kiss their prayer rooms at the school goodbye.

        They get the “free exercise thereof” part of the First Amendment and I am glad for it.

  6. donald wilson… this isnt even about any religion …. its advertisement ….. advertising an event in a public school that has nothing to do with the schooling of the children there ….. when did our schools become advertisement platforms for religions and businesses …. if one organization is allowed to advertise their event , then why cant ALL other organizations do the same …. what about a pagan festival inviting all the kids to come to their event , or a that man boy group being able to pass out flyers there as well … what about candy stores passing out flyers with an invitation to come to the store after school and have some candy ….. the list can go on forever ….. the bottom line is this …. if we allow one organization to advertize / invite , then we are obliged to allow ALL of them to do the same …. but lets not forget …. children go to school to get an education , thats what our tax monies pay for …. not to be bombarded with invitations to every event and holiday celebration in the world …. thats not what we are paying for

    • You sir are an asshat! It’s an easter egg hunt not nambla meeting! Try putting on your common sense hat and stop sucking the fun out of everything! And guess what???? Doesn’t really matter what you think they had a peaceful resolution to what shouldn’t have been a problem to begin with!

    • You Sir are a Ogre…..Easter egg hunting is and has been for many years and Children’s Tradition over many years…..And You are trying to take it away from our Children…….. If you or anyone else doesn’t approve of it….then keep your kids home….To all the people who love their kids enjoying the hunt….join in on the fun…. For a school to pass out a flyer for the Church is for the children’s good….Not for anyone else’s..the Easter egg hunt has nothing to do with Religion…..The Church is just the people putting on this for ALL Children in the Neighborhood…..and I think that’s very nice of them…..and I can tell you …No Where on that flyer did it exclude any child of any race, religion or creed…..so Mr Wilson I think your comment was totally uncalled for….

    • The Grinch is alive and well – his name is Donald Leroy Wilson. You are saying that churches should not sponsor any fun events for children because they may have a religious overtone? The invitation didn’t say the kids must come to church services, it just invited kids to come have some fun with other kids! Don’t worry, you aren’t paying for it, the churches cover the tab.

  7. Almost a scary thought. You know they like to infiltrate, the next thing you know they will be running the church.

  8. Sounds fishy, hard to believe they are giving in so easily. Maybe they are not quite ready to fight their fight, but eventually they will run you all out. Look at Europe

  9. Boy I wish this is as good as it sounds…. But for some reason I think there is something NOT being said…. I would love to believe that we could think the Muslims are allowing their children to participate with children in their schools and neighborhood… In the USA do as thee Americans do….and DON’T criticize our people, religions or government for what Our Traditions are…. Who knows…You might like the USA better if you join in and not back us into a corner…. Because of this being our Country we WILL come out fighting… I hope this is all on thee up and up…

  10. Separation of church and state in the schools would be violated only if kids were required to go egg hunting. DUH!

    • FYI – READ THE CONSTITUTION It does not say anything about the separation of church and state. it says: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

      • and zealots always forget the establishment clause part… which is why you are free to practice your religion however you want…
        The government can not promote a religion.
        That would also, technically, include prohibiting public school teachers inviting students to a church event.

      • You obviously have not read a public school text in a long time. There is PLENTY of religion in them… and Islam gets a pass. I already addressed you ignorance about Jefferson, Danbury Baptists and state churches.

      • yes, religion is in plenty of text books… history text books.
        there is a difference between learning about religions in history and promoting a religious belief.
        As to the Danbury Baptists…
        Don’t be so quick to pat yourself on the back for not knowing that 1802 came after 1791.

      • The Establishment Clause is in the First Amendment to prevent the government from establishing a state religion and mandate everyone submit to it. It is not there push all individual’s religion expression out of every public space, school, council meeting, etc.. That is a construct of the rabid atheists who are no better than the Taliban.

        You are a special kind of stupid my friend. Think before you comment next time eh.

      • James Madison would disagree with you.
        Next time, instead of getting your interpretation of the First Amendment from religious zealots who are looking to push their religion in public places… maybe you should get your interpretation of its meaning straight from the man who actually wrote it.

        Here you go…


        Also, comparing people that don’t want religious beliefs forced on others to the Taliban shows that you have a backwards view of the world.

      • It is not freedom from experiencing someone’s religious expression. You sir are a special kind of stupid.

      • That actually is not the case. You have the freedom to not express a religious faith however you have no right to tell others that their religious expression is not allowed. And that expression happening in any area of government does not Establish a state religion. YOU FAIL HARD!

      • You can practice whatever religion you want… you can even urge others to follow your religion and preach to people you meet.
        The government can not promote a religious belief…
        That also means that they can not allow a promotion of religion on their property or allow government employees to promote a religious belief in the course of their work.

        You seem confused on this issue.

      • what you see as promotion is merely allowing individuals their free expression. Allowing that doesn’t equal Establishment. You just keep failing harder each time you comment.

      • hahaha
        Individuals can express and promote their religious beliefs, just not through government.
        The Constitution makes that clear.
        James Madison, who wrote teh First Amendment, clarified that for people like you, who don’t get it, by leaving behind writings, explaining it.
        And the courts have also clarified it.

        Examples of promoting religion in the workplace…

        A private business owner can hand out religious literature to customers.

        A worker for a private company can also do so, as long as it is okay with company.

        A government worker can hand out religious literature on his/her free time,outside the workplace… but not while at work where he/she is a representative of the government.

      • what you describing is the codifying of Agnostic and Atheistic beliefs (which meet the criteria of a religion) which violates the Establishment Clause

        EPIC FAIL on your part.

      • Do you know what words mean?
        How does not being allowed to promote religion through government equal atheism or agnosticism?
        You’re not making sense.

        DO you think that not promoting religion is the same as promoting atheism?
        Telling people they can’t promote a belief in God at the workplace is not the same as telling people not to believe in God.

      • Semantics
        The term “separation of church and state” did not exist at the time the Constitution was written, but the intent is clear.

        James Madison, the man who penned the First Amendment, left behind countless writings explaining the meaning of the First Amendment.

        Separation is part of the First amendment, even though the word isn’t.
        the meaning is clear and ignoring it because the phrasing doesn’t use the exact words is absurd.

      • JD….what does that mean to you? Would it not mean they are not to favor one over the other? If they are not to favor one over the other, then would that also mean they are not to adopt one as a collective government group? If they are not to adopt a particular religion, then is that not also fitting to the term their separation of religious alignment regardless of it being that of the church, synagogue, or masque? The term “Separation of Church and State” is a reference more so the an exact title. After all, the Federal government is not a state, rather a collection of many states. Just thinking through my fingers.

      • He is Risen!!! Jesus is risen, your sins are forgiven. That’s what it is all about. He died and on the third day he arose. He conquered death. We no longer have hell and everlasting punishment to look forward to. Whoever believes on him shall be saved! Is good news right!?

      • Pretty sure she is talking about EGGS AND RABBITS having nothing to do with Jesus Christ’s rising.

      • Christians celebrate the death and RESURRECTION of Jesus at the time known as Easter. That is what this time is about for Us who are Christians.

      • the bible is pretty adamant that it is the Passover that should be celebrated and not a Pagan-easter celebration that has connections false gods and false religions and false gospels. The Passover only and it’s connected holy days; the days of unleavened bread.

      • Jesus said: Let us keep this feast. The Passover feast connected to the Holy days. I believe the word Easter is mentioned only once in scripture.

      • Easter is about the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his exiting from the tomb and ascending into heaven. It has nothing to do with egg hunts, bunnies, candy or baskets.

    • Eggs and rabbits were originally the symbols for a pagan ritual of reproduction and procreation that occurred during the same time as Easter. They have NOTHING to do with the Biblical Easter story. Like most of the Biblical holidays, they were designed to blend with original pagan holidays in order to hide the Christian celebrations from persecution.

  11. Not to mention that Mr Moughni is almost certainly lying about his little daughter being upset about the “separation of church and state” with regard to flyers for an Easter egg hunt being passed out at school. More likely,he thought his Muslim friends would all pat him on the back and tell him what a hero of Alllah he was.

  12. Now that he is an outcast in the Muslim community, will he fall victim to sharia law and be executed/beheaded?

  13. The Muslim leaders were just trying to appear to appease the Presbyterian church in public to try and get the masses on side. muslims are sneaky and cunning.

  14. “…flyers passed out at three Dearborn public schools violate the separation of church and state widely ascribed to the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause.

    There’s NO SUCH THING in the Constitutional Amendment as separation of church and state. That’s a crutch for the ignorant!

    • It’s in the First Amendment.
      No… the exact words “separation of church and state” do not appear as that expression did not even exist at the time the Constitution was written.
      But the intent is clear.

      If the intent is not clear enough for you… I recommend looking up the writings of James Madison. He wrote the First Amendment and left behind many writings over the years, explaining its meaning.

      • Brendan, you are embarrassing veterans everywhere. It is NOT in the first amendment…I bet that you have not even read the document to which you took your oath. Don’t feel bad – I did 20 years and didn’t read it until I retired. Get a Constitution and READ it. The “expression” DID exist and it was something that Jefferson wrote it to the Danbury Baptists. At that time, there were state churches that were supported by the state… but NOT by the federal government. Now quit trying to act like you know something without knowing what you are talking about. butt hurt in 3…2…1…

      • I’m not sure why you’re butt hurt over this or why you felt like telling me that.

        First… the expression did not exist yet.
        You offer the letter to the Danbury Baptists as proof that the expression existed.
        The Constitution was adopted in 1787
        The First Amendment was adopted in 1791
        Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists was written in 1802.

        Now, the last time I checked… 1802 was not before 1787 or 1791, so you might not want to use the letter to the Danbury baptists as proof the phrase existed when the Constitution was written.

        Second, I recommended you look up the writings of James Madison, since he wrote the First Amendment.
        So you don’t have to take my word for what Madison meant when he wrote the First Amendment.

        I’ll take his word over yours when it comes to what the words he wrote meant.

        “Having always regarded the practical distinction between Religion and Civil Government as essential to the purity of both, and as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, I could not have otherwise discharged my duty on the occasion which presented itself ”
        -James Madison, Letter to Baptist Churches in North Carolina, June 3, 1811

        “Strongly guarded as is the separation between religion and & Gov’t in the Constitution of the United States the danger of encroachment by Ecclesiastical Bodies, may be illustrated by precedents already furnished in their short history”
        -James Madison, Detached Memoranda, circa 1820

        “Congress should not establish a religion and enforce the legal observation of it by law, nor compel men to worship God in any manner contary to their conscience, or that one sect might obtain a pre-eminence, or two combined together, and establish a religion to which they would compel others to conform”
        -James Madison,
        (Annals of Congress, Sat Aug 15th, 1789 pages 730 – 731)

      • dang kelly … you serves twenty years on blind faith ,,,, swore an oath to protect the constitution against enemies , both foreign and domestic , and didnt even know what it was that you swore an oath to ….. you are the real embarrassment ….. people like you , are the main problem with the entire world …. swearing alegience to something you dont even know what it is you are swearing to …. in those twenty years , i got a feeling that you were part of some of the programs , and operations that cost lives on both sides…. you helped that happen , without even knowing why ….. its to bad that this goes on every day all across the world … if people just knew what they were really fighting for ……. if you have children in the services , i trust that you sat them down and explained to them what they were really fighting for

      • Brendan, the provision guards against a state-run church…period. I suggest you slow down, read it carefully along with the other amendments and think seriously about what each one says.

      • No… it goes further than that.

        It is not about a state run church… it is about the state endorsing a religion, or giving preference to any religion over any other.
        And by not being allowed to endorse or promote a religious belief, that also prevents the government from promoting religion through legislation or through public means.

        But don’t take my word for it.
        Take the word of James Madison. He wrote the First Amendment.


      • From your own source (did you actually read it?):
        “Madison’s summary of the First Amendment:

        Congress should not establish a religion and enforce the legal observation of it by law, nor compel men to worship God in any manner contary to their conscience, or that one sect might obtain a pre-eminence, or two combined together, and establish a religion to which they would compel others to conform (Annals of Congress, Sat Aug 15th, 1789 pages 730 – 731).

  15. Glad to see the neighborhood will have an activity that brings people together instead of dividing them. It’s good to see some tolerance instead of hatred.

  16. It is always better to invite your neighbor to a party. Then they don’t call the law on you when you start having too much fun. Same thing. His daughter probably didn’t even know about the separation of state and church. She probably just wanted to go to the Easter Egg Hunt. I don’t know if these people really want to be subject to those laws of the Muslim people back there. Here in America, no one has to abide by the law. Well except people with money. Those who stand to lose something probably should be law abiding.

    • I am sure if they weren’t invited to youth activities like this, then someone would resort to call that prejudice. Anything to support their personal agenda. The church and school were in the right on this one. Some people…..

  17. I just wish they would let us live our lives…..they can live here —- by the way, are they all American Citizens? When in America, live the America way…..we like our Book of Rules, Constitution, etc. Why did they come over anyway—DUH, I think we know why!! So annoying!

  18. Well…there IS hope! I might say I consider this a good first step. However, I remain focused on the rest of the chinese proverb that the journey is one of a thousand steps.

  19. Islam is by it’s nature a terrorist organization. I just don’t see how something so basically flawed can reform. There is no base from which to reform. At least Christianity had the Bible to reform from when the mainstream church was murdering dissenters. The Koran is the source of terrorism in Islam. Hard to reform away from core beliefs of murder and subjugation and then murder.

    • So you studied the Koran.. or just repeat reactionary talking points?

      there are hundreds of millions of moderate muslims who peacefully practice their faith while disregarding certain archaic violent passages in the Koran… in the same way that millions of peaceful Christians still practice their faith while disregarding archaic violent passages in the Bible.

      • studied the Qur’an, the Hadiths and the Sira…as well as the Reliance of the Traveller (sic)… have YOU?

      • And I am a vet too so don’t wave the “I know nice Muslims in the Middle East” flag at me. I do too… the ideology is not the individual Muslim. Learn the difference.

      • I find that the most educated and intelligent people on a subject spend their time posting their resume on yahoo article comment threads.

      • I studied the Qur’an Brendan. Please note that the difference between the practice of Christian faith as you espouse, versus the views of moderate Muslims, can’t be compared. This is because the ideas of ‘striving in the ways of Allah’ and subjogation are the core fundamentals of Islam, whereas in regards to Christianity, you are dissecting stories in the Bible that aren’t the fundamentals of it’s faith, but rather stories to make a point. Also, no I didn’t read the English version of the Qu’ran as those versions arent real translations. Have you? Can you explain to us what ‘strive in the ways of Allah’ really means in Islam, or should I just assume you studied the Arabic Qu’ran and already know? If anybody wants to make anymore ignorant statements about Islam, they should study Islam or learn faster and read a book by Robert Spencer called ‘not peace but a sword’ , if they want to take an honest look at Islam’s fundamental beliefs. This man came from generations of Islam and his family was around during the end of the Ottoman Empire. He will be the first to tell you, ‘it’s not a religion of peace. Don’t be fooled by what you want to believe, even those moderate Muslims (why use the word moderate if theres nothing to worry about), struggle to explain their faith, whilst living peaceful lives. That’s not hate, thats just facts that need to be looked at

      • Here is a quick 50 minute lesson on Islam from Brigette Gabriel–someone with firsthand knowledge (i.e. someone who lived in Lebanon and experienced what happens when Muslims become the majority of a nation).

        Brigitte Gabriel: Radical Islam: The Plan to Dest…: http://youtu.be/PFO1AtjoUoo

      • We are America, does any of the examples provided of the religion of Islam’s rise to power of having within its Constitution the previsions of the Separation of Church and State? If not, I fail to see how these examples are relevant to the point of view regarding this situation. If you fear what they can become, then you lack faith in your nation and of its people the ability to ensure the Constitution remains enforced. I would not view myself as a true follower of your nations beliefs and convictions, if I feared our country would falter on one specific admission of people, or granting of freedom to one particular sect or belief over another.

      • Bud, look around you!!! The Constitution IS being run over. And Christians are being insulted, and denied rights in minor instances, at this point. This is the first steps to take away all rights of Christians in this country and the rest of the world.

      • I would not even begin to argue your point of concern (other then the inference that I am failing to look around me) they mirror my own observations. What I would suggest is not to blindly start swinging at all around you, but focus on the origin of these attacks. Our governments role is to protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights. If this is their duty, then isn’t their duty performance slacking? So how can it be a certain group of people who are perceived aggressors? Would it not mean our Government in ALL BRANCHES are complete failures in meeting their obligations of held offices?
        Also, reluctantly I suggest that these actions are merely distractions created to rattle our cages, and take away our focus of seeing the “real” objective to the enemies of this country…..(at the risk of being labelled a wackjob…it is my opinion that they enemies are not foreign to our country) It is common to see that their assessment of our nature is we react emotionally to a situation, rather then with clear and level heads, if you disagree, set back and watch the level of hostilities that are thrown back and forth at one another…and lets not forget we are all (mostly) countrymen and women here by nationality.

      • Our real enemies are the “leaders” that we keep electing and the leaders who aren’t elected into power but rather hired into power.

      • “….you lack faith in your nation and of its people the ability to ensure the Constitution remains enforced.” Duh, that already has happened a long time ago. Welcome to America

      • Simplistically put, until Islam comes to similar enlightenment that Christianity experienced with the coming of Jesus and, hence, the far less violent and less vengeful teachings of the New Testament, its “moderate” followers may rightly be called hypocrites and remain under suspicion of practicing taquiyya as taught by their Qur’an.

      • Yes I studied the Koran. The Koran is full of militant talking points. I have no need to make them up. Where are those hundreds of millions of Muslims when it comes to reining in their violent brethren? Non existent. You are using the Islamic talking points and the atheist leftist talking points in compairing violent Islam with the Bible. Try reading the teachings of Jesus and come up with the same attitude as Islam. It is impossible. Old Testament issues were under a theocracy that was led by God Himself who knows the hearts of men. There is no bases for violence as practiced by Islam against all non Muslims, in the Bible. None whatsoever. The protestant reformation was all about RETURNING to the true Word of God and against the evil practices of the Secular Church of the day. No comparison what so ever again.

    • Speaking from 3 years relying totally on those “muslims”, propaganda has fostered a generalized opinion that the few represent the whole…very sad. Those that circled me and kept me from harm, even while the tanks were burning in the street, were no less devoted to their muslims beliefs. There are criminal organizations who base their criminal acts and cloak them in a religious package, and then again there are (what I call) fellow humans, who take part in humanity. Those who have no ill will to fellow humans, and have no need to project hate towards others. Some of those I speak of, are practicing the Muslim faith.

      • and whats to keep those criminals you speak of , the ones cloaked in religious package , from having flyers passed out in a public school …. as i said before …. if one is allowed , then all must be allowed

      • Your question is an unfair one presented for rebuttal, simply because it is situational and dependent on content. Easter Egg hunt, or the invasion and beheading of all those who fail to take our religious beliefs as their own.
        Easter egg hunt ~ actions that clearly merit in the name of societies best interest and meriting tolerant to others religious practices
        Invasion of property and beheading ~ although it could be held by some as a “religious belief”, it could equally be held as trespassing, terroristic threats, and intent to commit murder.
        If we have a sound and unbiased judicial system that has the courage to judge not on politically correct opinion, but rather laws acceptable to humanity, I don’t see this fear of that particular sect of people taking root in our nation.

      • you dont seem to understand the question ….please…. let me try to put it into context ….. as i explained before on another post of yours …… the flyers are a form of advertisement …. for one thing or another , in this case , an eggstravaganza …….the question , is still the same ….. if that advertisement is alowed , then why wouldnt any other advertisement be allowed in all fairness

        and by the way what exactly is an eggstravaganza , the flyer does not specifically make that clear …. we most likely assume it is an easter egg event , but it could be part of an indoctrination …. sometimes , something so innocent looking can be something entirely different ……. im sure that when the muslim faith was brought to those who you say may be intent on beheading unbelievers it wasnt brought to them as a way to kill people , but instead as a religion of peace and order of peaceful living , and only later turned those people into people capable of killing in the name of their god …… so the question remains …. if one seemingly innocent organization is allowed to advertise on public school property , then it is not fair that others should have that same right

      • My experience mind you…the Muslim faith was not introduced to the people as a tool for violence, at least those I associated with and relied on. They were raised Muslim, as was generations before them. What WAS brought or should I say introduced by fear was what the PROPER MANNER a Muslim should be, act, do (this of course is to promote a groups agenda and justification of lawlessness) Then is justified and key parts amplified to ensure the given radical groups adhere to it, or else.

  20. NOW those Muslim leaders, void of any knowledge of teaching or views not expressed in this followup report, but basing opinion strictly on this single act, displays to me the strength of America and those that make it up. Based on this single act alone, those Muslim leaders who stood together in opposition of this grandstand act, merit the title of being American citizens, and I personally would love to me them. Their freedom of religion should not be permitted to be a dividing line between our nation nor our people. As this act displays, we stand united and solid against any that exploit sensitivity to simply make a name for themselves.

  21. After watching Hannity tonight, I feel that Mr. Moughni was right for being upset. The school has no right to pass out flyers for any event that isn’t happening at school. I wouldn’t expect the school to be doing this. I agree with him, the church should be coming to my house, introducing themselves to me and not passing anything out at the school. I don’t care what group it is, the school shouldn’t be involved with such things. Teach my kids and leave it at that!!!

    • our schools pass out flyers for State Fair, and many other upcoming events. Posters are on the walls for concerts and other local events.

    • You are fully within your right to express your opinion on the matter, and I will not begin to assume I know you, nor the right to demand you yield to my way of thinking as one, superior to your own.
      I personally do not share in your beliefs nor find fault in the schools actions (given that it was placed as a stack of flyers and announced of its content with the option that the children feel free to take one home if they wish, or if the teacher physically walked down the isle and place one individually on each students desk, instructing them to place it in their folder to be taken home to their parents. This level of clarifying the exact action of the school has not been provided)
      Religious fanatical types are within ALL religious sectors, and agree with you to the extent (assumption on my part here) that it has no place in our leadership structure, preventing it to be a driving factor in making policies. Funny this very statement can also be an overlay to my personal views of political parties.
      I would welcome a flyer from a Muslim mosque, Jewish synagogue, Catholic church with no radical knee jerk reaction any more then if it was a flyer sent home of my own religious beliefs.
      Tolerance to others rights, with a teaspoon of understanding, is the best path here I personally believe. I think that kind of crazy thinking could also be held as a possible necessity if one wishes to be part of any society. I am sure you may see this as being an agreeable neutral ground.
      Failure to being tolerant and demand your way of life be held above all others and should be given the first of consideration would be (again as all of my words here my own personal opinion) a display of extreme self-centeredness and borderline anti-social behavior.
      Hope this was not taken as me insulting you, it was not intended on doing so, simply a presentation of thought.

      • are you replying to bernard , or to everybody in this stream …… because bernards post dont seem to be any sort of kneejerk reaction based on his personal beliefs ……. the use of the school house as an advertizing medium is what bernard is adressing …… the main point about that would be …. if one organization is allowed to use the PUBLIC, TAXPAYER FUNDED, school system to advertize, then all organizations will be able to do the same ….. and that means ALL….. besides the fact that there are millions of organizations that could potentially do this , there by filling every spare inch of school property with stacks of flyers, ( by the way , the original article showed where the flyers had been handed out , not placed in a stack ,,, it did not say if it was habded out by student , teacher, preacher , or who ) , but some of those organizations are even pedophiliac in nature , some drug culture, some suicidal, some for profit….. where is the line to be drawn in advertising in a public building

      • Mr. Wilson, other then the act itself being associated with a Christian based holiday timeframe, please describe to me the practice of hunting hidden eggs and its correlation to the practicing of the Christian holiday of passover please?

      • Additionally Mr. Wilson, having read your reply and fixating on my use of the word “kneejerk” was not an attack on Mr. Brown’s opinion. It was a description I elected to use in the context of my own opinion given my scenario. I have no more right to belittle his opinion as do you mine. If you should wish to attack it, there is nothing I can or will do, nor attempt to shift your opinion either way because if you should begin to conduct yourself in that manner you are clearly emotionally charge state of mind when it comes to regarding that particular topic. Reason is highly unlikely when someone is in that state of thinking. It would be my position to understand that fact and simply allow you room to vent. Everyone has lines that they will not cross, and convection that they will not waver. That is actually a good thing. Re-reading my conveyance I actually wish I had not used that word for one simple reason, then it could not be assumed it was an attack on someone else’s opinion. Once someone takes it that the thought is presented as an attack, it no longer hold validity. Defense shields up, reception it reason severed. 🙂
        So if the use of that word is what stimulates the rebuttal, rest assured I meant no offense against another opinion. Often my own are flawed…

      • I took the use of ‘kneejerk’ to mean if a flyer was sent out with intentionally negative speech which would give a kneejerk response, then it should not be allowed. Very common sense approach you wrote.

      • it seems that i havent made my self clear , if you think i was fixated only on the word , kneejerk …. please excuse that part , and concentrate on the rest …. iagree , if you hadnt used that term i wouldhave not used that term , so lets just kick that part of the conversation to the side …… my post was intended to show that the advertising aspect of the flyers is what bernard was talking about

      • OK now I see what’s happening. I see reason for our
        disagreements, and sadly I see no resolution. That part is fine and doesn’t bother my in any regard, not trying to bend anyone to my will. I think that both the use, and mindset that this is an “advertisement” is unwarranted. Looking up the definition only reinforces my hold on the matter.
        ~FYI~ quotation marks were used to bring attention to what I am focusing on, regarding my view and our difference”

        Advertisement – a public promotion of some “product” or

        Announcement – a public “statement “containing information
        about an “event” that has happened or is going to happen
        **Wolfram Alpha**

        With neither the understanding of not having the flyer in front
        of me, nor the knowledge of exactly what went down at the egg hunt. I am left to assume (as all are that did not physically see the classroom act of issuing these flyers, nor activities at the hunt) that this is nothing more then a social event for children to participate in if they wish. It being nothing more then an event (again I have not been provided info that suggests otherwise) I
        see no issue with the schools conduct. Kids like egg hunts, and info was provided that one will be going on in the near future. I see no wording that suggest that this was a product, clearly is was not; nor do I see wording that warrants this to be a service. If I am missing something, then I’m all ears.

      • ok , just wait around until election time and then you will see hundreds of examples of political and ideological advertizing

      • so the banners hanging in the high school gym and baseball field that advertise my business aren’t good? What about the ads and coupons I put into the HS paper? Are those not good? I guess the basketball, volleyball, baseball and softball teams don’t need the money I pay to put those banners up….kids shouldn’t have to be exposed to commercials at school….right?

    • Our public schools pass out flyers like this, providing it is not an invitation to a “religious” service. It does help create a sense of community and informs the parents, for those interested. No one is forced to do anything. You see different cultures represented as Santa hands out candy canes, colored eggs are hidden and found, etc. As tolerant and accepting as my community is, they would never give in to the demands of a Mr. Moughni, either.

    • There are many many community programs that send out flyers through the schools so why not this one as well. The boys/girls scouts, boys/girls clubs, YMCA, city run sports events for schools for kids to sign up and the list goes on to even events such as raising money for community programs such as shelters and food storage’s to feed the poor…

    • Contrary to what one might think, hunting eggs and bunnies have nothing to do with celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The word Easter. comes from a pagan goddess Ishtar who was the goddess of fertility. Why the Christian church as a whole incorporates it into the celebration of Jesus being our Passover lamb slain for our sins and His Resurrection is hard to understand.

      • Eggs represent life, and Easter is near the dat of the resurrection of Christ. It’s a celebration of life, new beginnings. Not death or persecution of Christians.

    • I totally agree Bernard, why would anyone want a well rounded child exposed to all kinds of organizations, activities and traditions. Screw that! I’m with Bernard, just teach my kids math and English (and continue doing it poorly) and everyone is good to go.


      No parent ever!

  22. Nice to hear there are reasonable Muslims living in Dearborn. Getting along and having fun together helps to build a good community

  23. This is how they infiltrate by taking up your cause so they look like your friend…but that is not what their motive is…be afraid… be very afraid….

  24. Seems as if the backlash of negativity made them compromise like civilized people. They still hate and abhor Christians and their way of “Western Living”

  25. Whenever cockroaches like these come out from under their Islamic stones they should be rounded up and deported immediately!

  26. The media and our government would have us divided to so they can justify profiting from war and cleanse the earth from overpopulation. If we all made the decision to not fear and not hate we could be at peace no matter what God we believe in or how we worship Him/Her. It is scary to let your guard down but I think it’s worth it.

  27. I live and work in this great community. I am proud to say that I as a devout Christian, have many good Muslim friends. One Muslim does not speak for the entire community. Most Muslims love America and the freedoms that she provides.

    • Don’t believe a Muslim! They are liars and deceivers. In the end their purpose of “kindness” is only to gain ground in the conquering of America! There is NO place for Islam in America! There is NO place for Sharia law in America! Islam can NOT assimilate into other cultures. There are NO such thing as a “moderate” Muslim. ALL Muslims by the law of the qur’an are jihadists in waiting!

    • I differ, I was married to a muslim. from egypt and some can be moderate but as long as they worship the quran and the hadith, all are a potential threat and hate non muslin infidels. I once asked my ex if he would ever strap on a bomb and detonate? he said only if I had too

      asked him ” is Islam the only true religion? ” he said yes. Muslims are taught not to trust the Jews or Christians as friends. basically converse with them to convert to Islam.
      my ex openly told Me plenty of times he hated the Jews and blacks. Muslims don’t hate? everyday they kill so many jews and Christians burn down churches and temples. and just like many one man religions that have come to exsist such as joseph smith, the mormons and Mohammad with islam are a Cult. pure and simple…..

  28. Is it me or do you feel like somethings up with this action… Sorry but been stabbed in the back so many times by so many Im a bit suspicious about this… I’d be saying keep a close eye on this…

    • It is political posturing. They are Republicans . It would have been much easier if this were against the Dems. (for me anyway).
      This man has sued facebook, the Dem candidate he lost to, and McDonalds.
      He won the McDonalds settlement.

  29. They have to occasionally concede on silly things like this to get any respect. But the Koran, Hadith, and Suri still tell the story of what they really believe…and that ain’t pretty for our country.

  30. Sounds like Mr. Moughni could very well be a “closeted” terrorists planted here to cause unrest among our peoples!

  31. Don’t be fooled folks….This is not as open and shut as it may seem. They want to lull us into a false sense of security and then drop the hammer…..DON’T trust them…DON’T EVER TRUST THEM……

    • Doc, a middle eastern saying goes somewhat like this, “You may be my brother, but I wear underwear” Having personally needing to stand down, at gun-point, an entire sector of my perimeter when it was secretly revealed of the plans that this particular sector (being manned by indig of the local area) (Fallujah) intended on allowing insurgents to infiltrate our encampment the coming night, seeing many of those who were involved in the plan and knowing the long duration of working hand and hand on friendly conditions, did not alter my opinions to a bias state. I understood that if my family was exposed to threats and it was the difference between their death or my duty to foreign people in my country…. I can’t rightly say I blamed them and do the same thing. 4 years later I found myself being the only foreign person in the entire element, I did not live in fear for myself, I had the comfort of self to remain aware of my situation, those around me, their previous conduct in various situation and how easy it would be to collect a 100k bounty (going rate at the time for any Americans head) if they would only give me up. Those along with many other factors and person skills coupled above all with respect to those who I rely on when I shut down for sleep. I give credit to them that I am here replying with a level head.

    • yes, never trust. because. Islam allows Muslims to lie, decieve, trick. eliminate people. I know married a man from epypt. the mosques don’t have separation of church and state mosques have. indoctrinated Muslims and converts into jihad. Islamic teaching are not peaceful only to Muslims that believe Islam is the only true religion, and one day will be the world religion and sharia law will rule the entire earth. they are on a mission since 632ad. appox. when Mohammad proclaimed that he is the last phophet of alla. by the sword most of the middle east was taken by force by the blood of innocent people. god save us! !!

      • Uhhh, There are over a hundred versions of the Qu’rin…which are YOU quoting? You left out two other sects of Muslims…shame on you!

      • Wayne, idk about hundreds but the quran is meant to be read with the hadith which Is the life and teachings of Mohammad as witnessed by his wives etc….

  32. Watch closely now. Next time the Muslim community has an event, they’ll insist that the schools pass out flyers. It’s ALL about promoting Islam.

      • Equal time is merely a restating of evening out the playing field. A nation or a town cannot legislate morality, nor provide a clear road to success, both are silly.

  33. If you think the muslims (Islam) aren’t harmless, ask yourself, “where are the jewish, the hindus, the buddhists, or other religions” not complaining?

  34. Allen:
    I think you missed the boat on this one. On the copy of the flyer I saw, they were announcing an Egg Hunt. There was no mention of Easter or any religion, except that the event was being held at a church. Still, I’m glad there was a peaceful resolution and that the Muslim delegation is even participating.

  35. As a Christian, I oppose the easter (fertility goddess) festivities that churches participate in. These things have no link to the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, and is blatant paganism.

    However, if a church wants to do them, I won’t protest. If Christians are this stupid, and their leaders this clueless, as to worship a fertility goddess and indoctrinate their children… as the Apostle Paul said, “If a man wants to be ignorant, let him be ignorant.”

    • Last I checked, Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the central event of the Christian faith: the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after his death by crucifixion

      • I suggest you look up the origins of Easter (you can google it). Easter is the German name of the Greek goddess Isis, the fertility goddess. Eggs, ducks, and the rites of spring are mixed with the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus.

        Like most of the pagan holidays have been conjoined to Christian celebrations (see: Santa Claus, et al), “Easter” has been blended in with the passover season, the Jewish celebration of the passover lamb sacrificed to protect the children of Israel from the angel of death in Egypt (you can look that up, as well). Jesus was the passover lamb, once and for all.

        Rather than make uninformed, snide comments, perhaps you should educate yourself.

      • Andy, you need to give up while you’re behind. You never get ahead by arguing…you lost the point years ago.

      • We’ll see how you explain this to the Lord on judgement day, I’m sure you know better then He does and can show Him the error of what pagan is.

    • oh good grief, so because my kids color some eggs, my wife and I hide them in the yard and then the kids search for them we are all of a sudden worshipping some pagan god? Get a clue bud. Reality is Easter is a time not only to celebrate Christ but to also celebrate family. We all take time off and come together. During family time, there are traditions and fun….it’s called bonding and life. I am sure Jesus smiles down on my family when we spend time together outside in the yard laughing and having fun on Easter Sunday. I am pretty sure he isn’t crying at the nonsense of us worshipping pagan gods.

      • That’s not what I said. You are the one who needs a clue. Or better yet, learn how to read. I’m talking about churches and ministers who lead their congregations in such idolatry. You’re not “all of a sudden” worshipping the fertility goddess Easter, you’ve been doing it all your life. I’d demand that my pastor stop calling this holiday “Easter” and call it Resurrection Sunday or better yet, Passover, as the Jews do. Jesus is OUR Passover Lamb. He’s not the Easter bunny and I’m certain that He is frustrated that the greatest event in human history – God raising him from the dead – has been degenerated into his followers teaching their children to anticipate the arrival of a magic bunny.

        Wake up and smell the coffee. Moses came down from Mt Sinai with the 10 commandments only to find… the Israelites worshipping a golden calf. We’ve turned the birth of Christ into a similar pagan holiday – the winter solstice – complete with worshipping trees and ornaments and the arrival of a magic man bearing gifts. Continue to be willfully ignorant if you want, but I will not join you in celebrating the rites of spring nor the winter solstice. Wiccans celebrate both of these and they laugh at you as you blindly teach your children that it’s about Christ.

        I think colored egg hunts are tons of fun for the children. But please – please – teach them the truth… that Easter is degrading the message of the resurrection and the Passover. You are responsible to teach your children the truth, and you will stand before God and give an account of your life and what you did here on earth.

        Please read Jeremiah chapter 23, and Revelation 20:12-13. Until you do, talking this way to me makes you look foolish.

        You shall know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall make you free. – Jesus

      • No, you are the stupid person…Judgmental Christians are no more than whitewashed tombs. Get over it. Your testimony is outshouted by your actions.

      • Wayne, I don’t normally engage 12 year olds, but in your case, I’ll make an exception. Listen well…

        Making snide, immature comments doesn’t make you smart, it simply keeps you from learning and understanding. Stop smoking dope and re-enroll in school.

      • Wayne, where were you when God created it all? How did He get it done without your great brain? Rather then attacking people who know pagan history and how it’s been funneled into todays Christianity, try picking up a history book and read it for yourself. How’s the inside of your whitewashed tomb looking these days…oh wise one. God has a lot to say about those who seem wise in their own eyes, you need to get a clue you’re doing the enemy’s work here and he’s tap dancing on your head laughing.

      • Ignorance of pagan history takes many forms too. Blind leading the blind, sad seeing so much PC in order to keep traditions that aren’t biblical. I’ll hide a colored egg when I see Jesus and His disciples hiding them.

    • Stop being so critical. The egg represents rebirth, spring represents rebirth. Isn’t that what Easter is about Christ’s rebirth? It’s not pagan to have an egg hunt it’s a celebration of a new life. All the symbols of spring are there and spring represents a new beginning. It’s what we were taught by our church. The whole idea of the egg hunt is to make children happy and closer to their church.

    • Andy ,that’s your personal problem. Don’t foist it on the general population. Historically true, but how did you fare at Christmas? It’s easy to proof text. Stop it..you know it’s disingenuous.

  36. I’m happy to see Muslims coming together to stand up like this. I only wish they would stand up against jihadists and not only a guy protesting an Egg Hunt.

    • Natalie..the historical precedent for this exists in the Bible. Live at peace with al men…love your comment. Christians and Muslims have been united for years in Egypt to defeat MB. And FYI, they are starting too…again, Egypt. Greece. There is a backlash from the public Muslims to fight back. Thousands are having visions of Jesus calling them to Himself.

  37. Thank you for seeing this for what it is…a chance for a community to set an example for their children of how to come together and support each other. Live and let live. Everyone has their rights and is entitled to their beliefs and their “space”. The Golden Rule can work even today.

  38. Don’t believe a Muslim! They are liars and deceivers. In the end their purpose of “kindness” is only to gain ground in the conquering of America! There is NO place for Islam in America! There is NO place for Sharia law in America! Islam can NOT assimilate into other cultures. There are NO such thing as a “moderate” Muslim. ALL Muslims by the law of the qur’an are jihadists in waiting!

  39. I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t care for the idea that Disqus “Down Votes totals are NOT shown. A “Down” vote is as EQUALLY IMPORTANT to the conversation as an “Up” vote. I believe this is showing a bias to the readers, hopefully, unintentional but nonetheless, a bias. This leaves a very unbalanced reporting taste and not inline with open and transparent which I “thought” Disqus presented.
    Hmm, how many “Up or “Down votes will this get? Who knows? We won’t….:-/

  40. That’s right everyone…. celebrate the Santa at Christmas and the Bunny at Easter. There soon will be Holidays to coincide with the Muslim Holidays and soon all of our kids will worship imaginary things that bring presents in the night.

    It’s just a matter of generations.

    • Shame on your broad generalities…the Muslims and Christians in Egypt have united to defeat the MB. Get out of your cultural and religious ignorance and look at history. Check out Egypt. It’s posted in YouTube.

      • Actually Wayne, I was referencing how non-religious acts have taken precedence over religious holidays. Spring celebrated by one group and the resurrection of another. Now you can buy chocolate crosses and eggs hunts are held at churches. I was in no way dissing Christians or Muslims. I was simply stating that the Pagan Celebrations will over take us all regardless of religion.

        PS, I said nothing bad about either group or religion. *frowns*

  41. Republican candidate Majed Moughni lost badly in his primary bid to take on Democratic U.S. Rep. John Dingell in the November election, but he’s hoping to win $25,000.

    The Detroit News reportsMoughni has filed a lawsuit in Wayne County Circuit Court charging Dingell with plagiarism for allegedly ripping off his “Make it in America” campaign slogan.

    Dingell’s camp called the lawsuit frivolous and pointed out he used the slogan as part of a larger party strategy for the upcoming midterm elections. “Democrats are fighting to turn the ship around with the Make it in America plan, because we know when we focus on manufacturing, we see success,” staffers wrote on Dingell’s campaign website in July.

  42. Well Allan I hope you’re right. I have grave concerns reguarding the Muslim community. Like taqea (sp?) (where a lie is good if it gets the results you want).

  43. I don’t believe any Muslim when they say they are for the Easter egg hunt. They just want to push away any negative press towards them, and lie to the American people. When our guard is down they will pounce. They will lie to our face and stab us . I watched that lawyer/father on Hannity. He gave a flimsy excuse for being against it and kept saying he was for Americans. He looked like a crazy Muslim.

    • i saw that show too i think it was very rude of hannity to keep asking the guy why was he so mad then didn’t even let him answer without breaking in and not letting him talk,it was just wrong ,i think the guy was right ,he just invited him to make him look like a fool,I’m a tea party supporter,what ever happened to love your enemies or at least let them explain themselves ?

  44. I can see nothing good coming of this. Water and oil do not mix. I don’t trust any of them. We have one in the White House and he has done nothing but bring ruin to our country. Muslim’s have no conscience about lying to your face to obtain what they want and what they want is world domination. What better way to obtain this than to infiltrate the church’s under the guise of “let’s get along”? The American people need to wake up and see that we are still under attack and instead of letting our guard down we need to be ever vigilant before we completely lose the US of A to these haters. Think of how they treat their own women and children, now think of how much worse they will treat those of us they consider to be “infidels”. They’ve already taken over the liberal mindset idiots and once they take over the Christian’s on their own turf, there is no hope left.

      • When it comes to Muslim’s, to have any kind of optimism is to ensure ones own death and destruction. Don’t trust them…EVER.

      • You haven’t seen the movie Lone Survivor, have you. A group of Muslims save this ONE American soldier’s life! They risk THEIR lives to save this ONE American soldier from the Taliban. I am also a Christian not a Muslim.

      • And it is a MOVIE. My point is this, there are good and bad in all races but in REAL LIFE when you put trust in a godless Muslim “faith” because they may have a few good people, you are setting your country up for annilation from within. ALL Muslim’s will always side with “allah” and won’t think twice about killing the infidels which in their mind is you and me all other Christians and anyone who won’t submit to their evil mindset.

  45. Why would muslims take issue with eggs being hidden by a rabbit, it has nothing to do with Jesus. If it were a Passover service with unleavened bread and wine they would all stand together against that.

  46. The Muslims better walk in a straight line here in America because if they don’t they will probably suffer the militia, red necks and baptist invading their town and deciding to stay just to keep them in line. I will donate to these organizations. Muslims have to be kept on a short leash.


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