Muslim father deeply offended by Easter egg hunt flyer depicting bunnies

And here’s yet another reminder of how stupid that “coexist” bumper sticker truly is. Hat tip to Gateway Pundit for reporting that a Muslim father is upset because his children were traumatized by a… well, a flier for an Easter egg hunt. Oh, the horror of getting an invitation to join other American children in a time-honored tradition of hunting for colored Easter eggs. Really scary huh? As reported in the Detroit Free Press, some Muslim parents are concerned about public schools in Dearborn handing out flyers to all students advertising an Easter egg hunt, saying it violates the principle of church and state separation.

A flyer with the highly inflammatory “Eggstravaganza!” was given to students this week at three elementary schools in the Dearborn Public Schools district, which has a substantial number of Muslim students. The flyer described an April 12 event at Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church in Dearborn featuring an egg hunt, relay race, and egg toss, and included images of eggs and a bunny.

“It really bothered my two kids,” said parent Majed Moughni, who is Muslim and has two children, ages 7 and 9, in Dearborn elementary schools. “My son was like, ‘Dad, I really don’t feel comfortable getting these flyers, telling me to go to church. I thought churches are not supposed to mix with schools.’ ” Moughni said he’s concerned about “using school teachers paid by public funds … to pass out these flyers that are being distributed by a church. I think that’s a serious violation of separation of church and state.”

First of all, the flyer was approved by the school district. Second, it was an invitation to an event that was not religious or church-related, only took place at churchs ground. Thirdly, I believe Mr. Moughni fails to realize that his religion, Islam, is a totalitarian ideology which has no separation between mosque and state. Islamic Sharia law dictates every aspect of a Muslim’s life and decrees the most heinous of punishments, such as stoning for women — and not with chocolate or marshmallow peep stones, but real ones.

It seems this burgeoning Muslim community in “Dearbornistan” actually believes it can coerce the remaining non-Muslims there to live in fear and cower to their intolerance. Sorry, sir. Ain’t happenin’.

Maybe Mr. Moughni can explain why the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) — an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist funding case and subsidiary organization of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood — is suppressing the first amendment right of free speech and free expression in the showing of the documentary “Honor Diaries” which we have featured here.

This is how it happens America. There are those who enact the Islamic principle of the hijra — “migration” — in order not to assimilate but infiltrate and eventually dominate the host country culture. We see it happening across the Atlantic Ocean in Europe. It becomes a spreading cancer that uses the host country’s freedoms and principles to turn it upon itself — as Mr. Moughni attempts to use “separation of church and state” as an argument.

However, if I may, let me teach this cheeky fellow a lesson in American history. You sir, will not find the concept of separation of church and state in any founding document, not the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, or the Federalist Papers. This concept was articulated in a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury (CT) Baptist Convention addressing the desire to have neither a State established religion in America nor a Head of State who was also a Head of Church, as was the case in England.

So Mr. Moughni, take your manufactured aggrieved status and feel free to return to a country more accommodating of your beliefs, if you wish. Just know that we will not be intimidated. And if you’d like, I’d be more than happy to provide one-on-one instruction to your two little fellas about what it means to live in a Constitutional Republic, as opposed to an Islamic Republic.


  1. He has two choices, he can choose to not take his children and deal with it or he can go back to where his religion of choice is the only game in town!

  2. Would Christian parents be offended if the school handed out flyers inviting their children to attend a nonreligious event at a mosque????? I say yes they would be.

    • no You have it wrong I wouldn’t be offended if I got an invitation to a mosque, I would laugh and throw it away. People need thicker skins this politically correctness is just plain crap.
      They use the PC to drive their agenda, which is to get rid of christianity and intimidate people.

    • Not if one happened to be living in a predominantly Muslim culture. Anyone with experience in the Middle East will acknowledge that mosques are used for all sorts of purposes, such as hiding weapons caches and as a safe house for AQ terrorists.

    • Most kids don’t even read that much into the religious aspect of the flyer. They see a bunny and egg hunt. So, if a nonreligious event at a mosque flyer circulated to my kids school, no, I would not be offended. I would throw it in the trash as I do with the junk mail that I get daily. And not make some big damn deal over it like this father did. Last I checked, it is still a free country.

      • My sentiments exactly. I think the son probably wanted to attend but this is the father’s trumphed up way of saying no w/o looking like the bad guy. Can’t believe the son said those words.

    • Brandy you must not be from here. This my dear is America,,Here let me spell it for you …A M E R I C A… Easter eggs have nothing to do with Christian beliefs! It is just an American tradition..Let me say that word again…American..There it is again that word…American. So whoever does not agree with wait for it….wait for it… AMERICAN traditions can go back to their own country and be with people that celebrate how they want. I can’t see an american going to their country and having an uproar because my child was invited to a muslim thing. Oh wait where are we?? Oh yeah we are in Afghanistan they must be muslims here.. I don’t want my children seeing anything Muslim!!!! Yeah I can see that happening..

    • No, I don’t think they would. And if they did they would be as petty as the man in this piece. Most people who’ve come to the US have assimilated yet still keep up with their own traditions. They don’t try to force the country to their ways. Their are two groups of people doing that in our country now. If we don’t wake up it will be too late. If they want to come to this country they should want to be OF this country.

    • I would not be offended. In fact I might take them just so the could see what other cultures are like. I had some very nice Muslim neighbors in FL and attended a couple of their “ceremonies” and thought they were very nice. So I don’t see why this man is so afraid to let his children experience a NON-CHRISTIAN event with a bunch of other kids and have some fun! It’s just the Easter bunny & finding hidden eggs – not like Jesus is going to be there handing out crosses and rosary beads! Loosen up guy!

    • You would be in the minority then and YOU should get over it. Religious freedom doesn’t mean that you won’t be exposed to to other religions or beliefs, it means your free to practice YOUR beliefs. Nor does it mean that you are allowed to force others to honor your sensitivities.

  3. “Dad, I really don’t feel comfortable getting these flyers, telling me to go to church. I thought churches are not supposed to mix with schools.” Yeah… I’m sure your son said that, Skippy.

  4. Here’s an idea…. if you don’t like it, leave our country and go back to the hell hole you came from….

  5. You say we are not intimidated, yet our politicians are. They give in to every special interest group that cries the loudest. They give in to these groups, while taking away from the true Americans. Our politicians are a complete disgrace. If you don’t like what we do in our country…..gooooooo home!

  6. I seriously doubt if a 9 year-old muslim boy knows enough about the Constitution to question the separation of church and state. The father made up the story as his basis to complain.

    The Easter Bunny has as much to do with religion as Santa Claus. It’s the kids’ version of the holiday and has nothing to with actual biblical events or our acknowledgement of them.

    I have to wonder if the dad complained when muslin kids were given permission to leave class every day to pray. Christians can’t pray in school or even mention God, but muslims get special prayer privileges. I say shut up and stay home if you don’t want to hunt Easter Eggs.

    • The principle of separation of church and state are not in the Constitution nor any of the other founding documents, either.

  7. In his country, there is no separation of church and state. The Mosque IS the state. Shariah law is for Muslim countries and, contrary to what Obama says, this is NOT a Muslim country and it is a largely Christian country. Obama and his minions will likely come to his aid. He should move back to where he isn’t offended by bunnies and eggs.

    • hear hear! We do not want you here. Move back to your origin in the middle east. Where you can molest little girls and screw goats.while worshipping a Pedophile.

  8. and one more thing….. I am offended every time I see a woman in the USA, the land of the FREE, wearing a ghost costume dressed all in black with her face covered.. Maybe all of you tolerant muuuusy’s should allow your women to dress the Americans dress.. not the way barbarians would have it….. go back to your desert…

  9. if you do no like the way we run America, go back to the one you came from, this is OUR country, when you come here, you except OUR ways, we do not change to suite you!!!!!!

  10. The big news here is that this petty tyrant has been denounced by his own muslim community who realized that he’d awakened a sleeping giant.

  11. Uh-huh but he sees no issue with rescheduling football practice at the high school because of Ramadan which is directly related to religious practice of Islam.

  12. I’d just like to point out, as a Christian, that eggs and bunnies have absolutly NOTHING to do with Easter as Christians observe it. Those are totally secularist/humanist icons more set up for observing the Spring Equinox with symbols of birth and re-birth. And while I’m sure they picked the church because it has plenty of open space for hiding Easter eggs, why don’t you tell your kids to grow some skin and stop being butt-hurt. It’s not like they’ll burst into flame because they got too close to a cross.

  13. Time to DEAL WITH THIS SO CALLED RELIGION. WATCH …. HONOR DIARIES as a documentary and have your mind BLOWN by the atrocities that these so called humans practice on their own people and especially their women. Rent it. Watch it. Promote it. Let’s RID OURSELVES in our country of these invaders.

  14. Once again, I hate to say it, but Vlad Putin has got it right…….. here is his short speech in case any of you missed it.

    On August 04, 2013, Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressed the Duma, (Russian Parliament), and gave a speech about the tensions with minorities in Russia:

    In Russia, live like Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, it should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Sharia Law, and live the life of Muslim’s then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law.

    Russia does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant themspecial privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We will not tolerate disrespect of our Russian culture. We had better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Muslims are taking over those countries and they will not take over Russia. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of Sharia Law and Muslims.

    When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the Russian national interest first, observing that the Muslims Minorities Are Not Russians.

    The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a five-minute standing ovation.

      • He stated in his book that he would support the Muslims in time of conflict so he is just hiding his true agenda until he gets enough appointed to positions to cover his behind.

      • Why does it matter where he came from?
        He’s a conservative and feels the same as us on matters.
        I consider him a black man. And pretty damn smart too.

  15. They came here for a better life or to make ours worse. Lets give them a chance to have the better life by telling them to get over it . If they don’t like the flyer we won’t be offended if they throw it away. They choose to be here so by default they must adapt or leave. Either decision will be acceptable with us. Religious freedom or freedom of any kind can be confusing but most people get used to it..

  16. Dear Muslim father: Your objection is duly noted. After careful consideration, your extreme minority view will not have any effect on the a planned activities of the vast majority who enjoy this and many other activities to which you may object. Believe it or not, the majority has rights too. You are of course welcome to join in the festivities or not. … Your choice!

    Have a nice day!

      • Or stay because you have every right to stay. And maybe the majority will quit immediately asking you to leave because of a dispute over a flyer.

      • It’s more than a “dispute” over a flyer and you know it. It’s about live and let live…everyone is too quick to be offended and insist everyone else do it their way. I’ve done it too but it just gets under my skin when the minority starts insisting traditions of the majority be altered because one person objects. It’s insane. You can’t please everyone.

  17. In 1872 the Muslims invented the condom, using a goat’s lower intestine .

    In 1873 the British somewhat refined the idea by taking the intestine out of the goat first.

  18. Yes, I agree with Mr West about the absurdity of the comment on the separation of church and state coming from a former citizen of an Islamic country. If I moved to another nation, I would learn their language, their customs, their history..what is considered offensive to them and blend in as long as my beliefs were not compromised. I would certainly not raise a commotion like this man does..if you are making the choice to live outside of your country, quit belly aching, teach your children what you want them to know when they get home and suck it up!! Don’t expect the country to change for YOU…I wouldn’t have the nerve to do that!!

  19. Is Dearborn Michigan a Muslim state, or does it seem that way? Can America send some freedom fighters there asap and clean house?

    • It’s hard to believe what they have done to Dearborn MI, most people have no clue. Dearborn has certainly become a target rich environment.

  20. Next in the news ‘Majed Moughni, Islamic father who was offended by the Easter Eggstravaganza blows up the Easter Bunny’

  21. Oh Lord, God…. I pray for our country, I pray that we can get people in there that have more COMMON sense than BS.. I pray that the people can take back our country from the “must please everybody” “offend nobody” liars and hypocrites… the “scribes and the pharosies …” oh the shame of it all… oh, the utter shame of it all… I feel so lost in this sea of be careful what you say at all costs and at all times… do not open your mouth to utter one thing that can be misconstrued to OFFEND even the slightest of ingrates and freeloaders…. just shaking my head…shaking my head.

  22. Shouldn’t he be out blowing himself up? Or teaching his kids how to spray-and-pray with an RPK? Teaching his sons the most effective way to beat their future wives?

  23. America is starting to wake up from this nightmare. If these “people” think they can push their way in like they have done in europe, they are in for a rude awakening.

  24. If you read the statement you would see that what the Father objected to was that the Flyer was from a Church and distributed at School.

    That is not allowed here and there are no Muslims in this town.
    We don’t put our carts ahead of the Horse.

      • I am not the one who fails to see that passing out Religious Flyers is against the Constitution.
        We had the same issue with Jewish and some Christian Religions concerning Christmas parties.

      • It’s an Easter Egg Hunt Darla……………… an Easter Egg Hunt……….. that’s all…… not an invitation to a stoning or honor killing. Not an invitation to join a cult or suicide bomb someone.

      • exactly, it is just an American cultureal tradition that so many people are trying to destroy

      • Actually passing out a flyer probably should come under the “Freedom of Speech” act, but our lawyers and politicians have so perverted the Constitution that we now have people who think they can’t hand out literature.

      • Not church affiliated – the egg hunt was to take place on church grounds. So, if it were to take place at the school grounds he would still be offended! That is the issue. He is offended because he came to a nation knowing he didn’t believe, practice or intend to participate in America’s holidays, traditions etc. He should have moved to England, Canada, Netherlands anyplace else that was more suited to his liking and comfort.

      • Don’t waste your time trying to explain the separation of church and state to a liberal. They have no clue what the founding fathers meant. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”
        “The point of such an amendment is twofold. First, it ensures that religious beliefs – private or organized – are removed from attempted government control. This is the reason why the government cannot tell either you or your church what to believe or to teach. Second, it ensures that the government does not get involved with enforcing, mandating, or promoting particular religious doctrines. This is what happens when the government “establishes” a church – and because doing so created so many problems in Europe, the authors of the Constitution wanted to try and prevent the same from happening here.”
        It is about the government not establishing a church – not about handing out flyers or exhibiting a cross or a manger.

      • Seriously, it shouldn’t be a big deal, and individuals like you with your attitude are ruining our country. THROW AWAY THE DARN FLIER. YOU have a problem if you are going to let a piece of paper offend you. I’m not offended when Jehovah’s Witnesses come to my door with stuff regarding their religion. I listen with the respect that all humans are entitled to, thank them, then send them on their way. People are so quick to get their panties in a wad over something as simple as a holiday. If you don’t celebrate that particular holiday, then don’t go. I’m not upset when someone wishes me a happy Kwanzaa instead of Merry Christmas, I take it as them wishing me a happy holiday in their own terms. GET A LIFE – there are bigger things to worry about than a easter egg hunt flier.

    • You know if you were a Musilm’s wife you’d be beaten for posting in a forum. Keep defending them, you silly, clueless woman.

      • That is why I choose to follow the Constitution of America. Which prohibits passing out Church Flyers in School.

        The School System here agrees with me.

      • the Constitution says no such thing … Mr. West referenced the LETTER from Jefferson that addresses the “separation of Church and State”, maybe read the article before showing your own ignorance?

    • Your mistaken. It clearly says it was an invitation to an event that was not religious or church-related, only took place at churchs ground

  25. If parents would just chill and tell their children not to get upset over such minor stuff, we’d all be better off. We have lost all common sense.

  26. If you don’t like our celebrations and the way we do things here, move back to whatever Muslim country you came here from. I’m tired of catering to groups that don’t seem to like anything Americans do, but have no problem moving here so they are not living under repression in their own country. If your children are so offended, keep them home. It was an invitation to attend, not an edict directing that they MUST attend!

    • But Gerrie, it isn’t an American celebration. It is a Christian celebration. Come on, now…you know it is true. Gerrie?

      • oh, come on now arcc. you lost your argument many posts ago. why don’t you just give it up already? you’re smarter than that, right,,,,,,you know that is true, right?

      • Nope. I know I’m right. I know it is sad to read poor rationalizations to violate the constitution and attempt to assimilate other religions into Christian practices. That’s what I know.

      • I don’t know what religion you think it is part of, but none that I know. Show me some proof of this.

  27. Just tell your kids, that you live in a country that loves and respects all religions. Including ones that can be barbaric. When they get such a “disturbing flyer” to just trash it and move on…

  28. Christians should be offended by Easter BUNNIES, but we are tolerant. Bunnies are really not what Easter is all about but if that’s what you want to focus on, then be my guest. Just leave me to my own beliefs…and leave me the hell alone so I can worship God!

  29. All the school district has to do is give in simple as that. Next will come the lawsuits. If Christians would do the same things, be offended, start lawsuits, do the exact same things. If Christians don’t stand up there won’t be a Christian society left in 20-30 years

  30. I have never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. You have got to be kidding me. The fact that he claims his son said this to him really makes me wonder what is he being taught and why are you really here. Don’t come to our country trying to dictate and change The American way of life. Easter Egg hunt a problem? Maybe it would be better for this man to move his family to a culture that fits their beliefs better. That’s putting all of this nicely. This is very insulting to me.

    • And the Jewish and many Christian religions insult you when they complained about Christmas parties in School as well?

      • I didn’t watch Seinfeld when I heard about festivus I had to look it up.
        My opinion to each their own.
        But children are a different story.

      • Actually yes. It was a decades old tradition. Back in the day people who didn’t agree with it would just keep their children home. They wouldn’t try to keep others from celebrating. People that make a big stink are trying to keep others from celebrating. They want to bend others to their way. It’s their way or no way.

      • He only complained because it was distributed from a Church.
        Read the statement. The Law is on his side and the big stink is being made here.

      • The article does not state that is is a church sponsored event, only that it is on church grounds. If the United Auto Workers Union is sponsoring the event then it is not a religious activity! Why don’t you read the whole article!

      • The flyer did not have to say it was a sponsored event.
        The reason why is they are the sponsors.
        Had someone else sponsored this they would have said so.
        In the public statement the Pastor said it was part of their ministry.
        What is their Ministry?

      • It is a Church sponsored event. I read the article in the free press.
        Besides if it was not a church sponsored event then there wouldn’t be a problem.

      • Not true, Patricia. We don’t want to stop you from celebrating. Have fun! Be spiritual. But our constitution doesn’t allow for the state to promote religion. Have the church pass out the flyer to congregants, through other like-minded churches, advertise in the paper. All fine. All non-governmental.

      • I grew up in a fundamentalist church that didn’t celebrate Christmas or Easter. I simply didn’t take part in the festivities. That’s what tolerance is, not trying to suppress others people’s traditions.

      • The Church passed out these flyers in a public school.

        Someone Muslim or not would have had the same reaction.
        That is what tolerance is.

      • Can’t say I have ever had that happen to me. It insults me that everyone in the US is so sensitive about every little thing that may happen whether intentional or unintentional. Everyone is afraid to speak anymore in case they say something wrong and offend someone and really did not have that in mind at all. As I have open my mind to read some of the more responsible posts about this subject I did so with the intentions of learning something new. With that being said I do not believe this should have even went this far. The gentlemen could have very simply went to the school system to point out the issue and ask that religious flyers not be handled this way in the future. IDK like everyone does not know if that was done. If that did not work and it happened again I would then maybe make it a news worthy issue. With that being said, I do no think this was done intentionally but only to include all the children in the egg hunt to have a little fun with other children.

      • I hope it wasn’t done intentionally and I didn’t think it was.
        I agree it shouldn’t have went this far I did not see a comment from the school but they should have said sorry it wont happen again.
        We should IMO be more careful not to offend children or sway them to any line of thinking. That is the parents responsibility.

        If it were adults only in this situation I would have thought, get over it.

  31. Either join and enjoy our ways in this country or more importantly, contribute rather than criticize our ways and traditions. You should have done your homework before you came here.

  32. As celebration of Christian holidays is part of our culture – If he is so traumatized by western culture, perhaps he should return to the culture where he feels comfortable. When in Rome do as the Romans.

    • Those celebrations may be a part of your culture, but not mine. You see, that’s the nature of America. You are free to celebrate, just as I am free from you pushing your beliefs on my children in public school. See how that works?

      • Really? When my ancestors came to America they chose to become Americans. And embraced her culture, language and traditions even though they didn’t reflect their birth cultures. That is called assimilation. That is what makes a country strong. I don’t belong to any church but I will not prohibit my children from taking part and experiencing the traditional AMERICAN culture. Too many of our traditions are being attacked – many people don’t recognize they are being used as a tool to destroy our AMERICAN culture.

  33. Wouldn’t it be “Great” if we demanded our Elected Officials pass a bill for America?
    On July 04, 2014, the ? President, addressed the United States of America, and gave a speech about the tensions with minorities in America: In America, live like American. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in America, to work and eat in America, it should speak English, and should respect the American laws. If they prefer Sharia Law, and live the life of Muslim’s then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law. The United States of America does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities need The United States of America, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We will not tolerate disrespect of our American culture. We had better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Muslims are taking over those countries and they will not take over The United States of America. The American customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of Sharia Law and Muslims. When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the United States of America national interest first, observing that the Muslims Minorities Are Not Americans.

    • Reba the law that decided this was in 1964. It is American Law.

      The problem was the flyer came from a Church.
      When I taught Sunday School we were instructed the best way to gain adult attendance was through the children. (Baptist)

      I do have any issues with Easter.
      But I also understand this Fathers statement. It was because the Church distributed this flyer. It is that simple.

      This is from “faith and freedom” concerning the 1964 ruling.

      Ninety percent of America’s youngsters attend public schools. These students come from homes that espouse a variety of religious and philosophical beliefs. Given the incredible diversity of American society, it’s important that our public schools respect the beliefs of everyone and protect parental rights. The schools can best do this by not sponsoring religious worship. This principle ensures that America’s public schools are welcoming to all children and leaves decisions about religion where they belong with the family.

      • Nothing “religious” about this! It’s simply a flyer for a kid friendly event of colored eggs to picked up by kids – nothing more! Just that it happens to be on the grounds on a church, shouldn’t and doesn’t matter – they don’t have to attend. The “coexist” bumper sticker and political correctness are doing nothing for our country and it’s time we take it back! The guy is appalling!

      • Why is it a problem that it came from Church? They were only
        advertising an Easter Hunt, nothing about Services or anything else related to the Church. Most people wouldn’t care if another religion
        sent a flyer to advertise a fair or something they were having, because they are not advertising there Church, only the activity. A little much I think that people can’t deal with a flyer from a Church letting people know that an Easter Hunt is being held. I find that Christians can’t do a damn thing, but Muslims can pray in the middle of streets in some cities, demand this and that, but let Christians say or do something and Muslims go berserk. This is “Our Country” and we have the right to celebrate our religion as well as anyone else. What right do the Muslims, Hispanics or any other nationality have, to come into our country and try to change our ways after we welcome them? They don’t have a right to dictate a damn thing in “Our Country? The majority are probably not even legal. The “Sleeping Giant” has been awakening, because of crap like this. Saying that, New York or any other state better not serve the Muslim meals they requested at schools, because that is bringing religion into the schools. See, it works both ways and will never end.

      • The flyer said egg hunt. Maybe he should have had a nice meeting with the church to further understand the intention. Instead he cried and complained about it. I worked in an office where I saw a lot of Muslims. Some embraced their freedoms and were as polite and charming as can be and then there were the others who were rude and arrogant and treated me as if I were less than. I never caved in and eventually they sat when I asked them to and waited their turn to be seen like everybody else. They tried to complain to my boss, and he defended me. He was also a Muslim himself. He let me take care of it and like I said I never caved in, I am the boss of me and they need to follow the office rules that I enforced. They tried and did not succeed. Believe me they cried wolf a lot!! I stood a little taller each time!

  34. Seriously, I have had enough of these damned muslims already who do they think they are? Go the f*&# back to the shithole you idiots came from all of you.. THIS IS AMERICA you assinine sons of bitches. Fall in or Fall out your choice. We prefer all of you who cannot fit in and become an asset to OUR great nation, Gets back on your camels and ride off into the sunset back to your own country.

  35. He must not realize that the easter bunny and eggs have NOTHING to do with Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, WHICH, by the way has nothing to do with the term “easter”! He needs to go back to his home country if this bothers him.

  36. Mr. Moughni fails to realize that his religion, Islam, is not the the main religion in this country . if he and his kids are uncomfortable with other religion celebrating Easter then they have the RIGHT TO GET THE “F” OUT OF OUR COUNTRY and stop complaining The united States Of America is ONE NATION UNDER GOD . We did not ask his family to move here that was their choice so now learn our traditions and holidays or shut up.

  37. Then get the Hell OUT OF MY COUNTRY ! You are not good enough to be here . NOT because your a muzzie. BECAUSE YOU ARE TO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!

  38. I guess it is safe to say this Family wont be attending the Traditional Easter Egg Hunt on the White House Lawn this year THANK GOD FOR THAT! AMEN.

  39. as I recently told a Scotsman who’s lived in the US for many decades “You came here for something your native country couldn’t offer, so why on earth would you try to change this country into the very country you went away from for something different? America is unique, it is not here for you to try to make it like the rest of the world – you have an abundance of choice in the same lifestyle you enjoyed in the UK, but to have what America has to offer, you have to let America be America.”

  40. Muslims will systematically dismantle all American traditions. We are expected to be tolerant of them. They tolerate nothing outside of Islam, and our government is just fine with that.

      • The flyer was from a Church. This was prohibited by American law in 1964.

        The Faith Groups that support this are as follows.

        American Baptist Churches, USA
        American Jewish Congress
        Anti-Defamation League
        Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs
        Central Conference of American Rabbis
        Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
        Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
        Friends Committee on National Legislation (Quakers)
        General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
        Mennonite Central Committee
        National Council of Churches
        National Council of Jewish Women
        National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council
        North American Council for Muslim Women
        Presbyterian Church (USA)
        Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association
        Soka Gakkai International – U.S.A.
        The Church of Christ, Scientist
        The Episcopal Church, USA
        The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
        Union of American Hebrew Congregations
        Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America
        Unitarian Universalist Association
        United Church of Christ
        United Methodist Church
        Women of Reform Judaism, The Federation of Temple Sisterhoods

      • But it had nothing to do with religion. It came from the church, because it was on that particular churches property. Should it have come from the Easter Bunny himself? So everything a church distributes is always about religion or considered religious? I happen to know of plenty of churches that organize motorcycle rides. You could be a satanist, and still go on the motorcycle ride with them. This was an Easter egg hunt for kids…….all kid were invited. The flyer was not trying to get the kids to worship the Easter Bunny., or Jesus, or Ala the pedophile.

      • Thank the Lord, Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit that my church and religion isn’t on that list

  41. … and the camel you rode in on! Your “religion” is, as Col. West pointed out, a totalitarian ideology, nothing more. I will point out that Moohammed was a pothead pedophile, not a prophet. His ideology is spread by violence… always has been! You are a slave to Islam. What the hell are you doing in the USA? No good, I bet!

  42. Hopefully the school district will not allow his daughters to wear headscarves to school. His religion should be kept out as well!!!!!

  43. Either throw away the invitation or like others say, LEAVE! This is an AMERICAN tradition! If you don’t like it, tough!! I’m not Catholic, but I don’t get offended when I get invited to a fish fry! Geez! Get OVER yourselves!!

  44. Surprisingly the muslim in the white house hasn’t stopped the annual
    TRADITION of the Easter egg hunt on the south lawn

      • In belief system and more than tolerance, lest we forget Obama’s indoctrination in his “own” church taught by none other than Louis Farakhan – the minister that dropped off the face of the earth to save Obama’s face from being associated with him, enough to get elected!

      • arcc……so, you think barry is a christian? wow. just wow. next thing, you’ll believe that there is an easter bunny……

      • oh, you mean the church run by farrakhan? now there is a special kind of christian…..

      • relax, arcc…….just go ahead and admit it….you hate america. no big deal, it’s a free country, you can do that. the majority of us LOVE AMERICA.

      • I’m just waiting for you to get something correct, Carolyn. I love this coutry. “America, right or wrong. When right, to be kept right. When wrong, to be made right.” -Carl Schurz

  45. nothing about the flyer told anyone to go to church! as far as the dad citing seperation of church and state here’s a heads up for him. that means that the government cannot force people to practice any one religion.

    • Actually, nowhere in the Bill of Rights or Constitution does it mention separation of church and state, that was in a letter by Jefferson. All the Constitution says is the state shall make no law, designating any religion, but Jefferson hated Islam, as it made no sense. He went after the Barbary Pirates, who were bloodthirsty Muslims. He would be very upset to think we allow Islam in America, as it is totally contrary to the Constitution and Freedom.

      • Public Prayer in School passed in 1964. The amendments to the Constitution have been updated

      • Maybe you should read it again? Because it really does say a Church can not pass out flyers at a public school.

  46. Not religious? It is an Easter holiday event. You do see the religious connection, mr. West? When religious observance becomes considered secular, but is still connected to the religious holiday, it is time for a wake up call. Public schools, beyond comparative religion electives and the portion of history that includes the establishment of major religions, should not be involved in the promotion of faith-based celebrations. Let the houses of worship do it themsleves. (And by the way, just because the school system said it was okay, doesn’t make it right, legal or Constitutional.)

    • You have no clue what you are talking about – “Congress shall make no law respecting an ESTABLISHMENT of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”
      “The point of such an amendment is twofold. First, it ensures that religious beliefs – private or organized – are removed from attempted government control. This is the reason why the government cannot tell either you or your church what to believe or to teach. Second, it ensures that the government does not get involved with enforcing, mandating, or promoting particular religious doctrines. This is what happens when the government “establishes” a church – and because doing so created so many problems in Europe, the authors of the Constitution wanted to try and prevent the same from happening here.”
      It is about the government not establishing a church – not about handing out flyers or exhibiting a cross or a manger.

      • The Easter Bunny/egg hunts is to Easter
        Santa Claus is to Christmas.
        They are both secular alternatives to religious holidays…thus, not religious.

      • Yes, you are correct. And a very big part of our AMERICAN culture which the left is intent on destroying.

      • Look at the court decisions, Chi. The interpretation by the Supremem Court has clearly ben that public entities (government, schools, etc) may not participate in promoting a religion. Why are cheshes not allowed on public land? This clearly applies to a school handing out Easter flyers. Just keep that stuff out of the public schools. That’s all I ask.

      • Do you pay school taxes? We do, so what right do you have, to tell the taxpayers what they can and can’t do? Take a vote of the local’s in the school district and see what the results are. It’s a freaking flyer, for Easter Egg Hunt, not Church!

      • Okay, you pay taxes to. Take a vote of all taxpayers and see if they agree or disagree about the flyers in school. (Another Post)
        Douglas Semack • 4 hours ago
        The Leaders of the Arab Community In Dearborn, Not only Support the Easter Egg Hunt but also have donated Money to it.

    • From a legal standpoint He could sue the School Board and win. I myself wouldn’t be so quick to pass judgement about the scope of his comments.

    • Let’s see! You come to “”Our Country” and then demand change. You have removed Prayer from our schools, you have removed the Pledge of Allegiance from our schools, you want special meals in our schools, but an Easter Hunt can’t be advertised in the school? You are no longer welcomed here. We are tired of our American Rights being taken away and you and your type that are never happy have awakened the “Sleeping Giant”. When I went to school, if you did not want to say prayer, you did not have to. That was not good enough for you and now you want to stop something else. We as a Nation are very giving, but the giving has run its course, because of this kind of crap. I hope people start taking back their towns, cities and states and run everyone out, including the Elected Officials that have helped you take our rights away. If you don’t want to accept America the way she is then go back to own countries. Do us a favor and take Obama with you. (PS-Easter is not Religious Anything).

      • I actually laughed out loud at ‘Easter isn’t religious anything.’ is it secular, then? Please tell me what the holiday commemorating Christ’s resurrection is. Please. I want to know.

        First of all, Reba, I was born in the US, as were my parents and their parents. So please, try again.

        The pledge was not challenged by people of non-Christian religions, but by parents who did not believe in G-d. See even the latest, in Massachusetts:

        A little history might help you.

      • Maybe you should change your picture, since it’s misleading.
        The article you attached, says it all. If you don’t want to say two words, then don’t say them. Why should we change everything in “Our Country,” because a few can’t put aside their thinking and want to change everyone else’s beliefs? My point is: You are entitled to your beliefs as anyone else, but quit trying to take away ours.

      • 1) How is the picture misleading?
        2) No one wants to change your beliefs, just illegal or unconsitutional practices.
        3) No one wants to (and how can one) take away your beliefs.

      • I will say it again; you are entitled to either go or not go. You are entitled to your beliefs as well as everyone else. I don’t get why a flyer telling children and parents that an Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Church grounds is a problem when there was no mention of anything religious. It is no different than the Easter Egg Hunt on the White House grounds. He is just another individual trying to shove their crap down people’s throat.

      • And I shall say it again as well. Easter is a Christian holiday. When you promore an Easter event you promote Easter, which is great, but not in a public school.

        I agree, let’s NOT have a Christmas Tree or Easter Egg Hunt at the White House. If a President holds a pribate party in the White House because of his or her beliefs, fine. But our government is not based in any one religion, and should be free from it.

      • These are our traditions and you have your traditions. We don’t tell you how to celebrate yours and you don’t have the right to
        tell us how to celebrate ours. So, we will agree to disagree!

    • teach oral sex and abortion and that all republicans are bad.. the hell with any moral values that comes with religion… that way those at that top can take advantage of an immoral, sex addicted, dummed down country..

      • Let’s skip the spelling of dumbed for the moment…
        Religion has its place and its value. I am a religious person. Where it doesn’t belong, though, is public school. I teach my children the morality of my faith as well as my personal morality. If the school wanted to teach it differently, I wouldn’t be happy. Would you? We hear the compalints about Sharia Law, but if our schools and government take up the religious mantle, how different will we be? We are America- home of the free. Let people go to worship at their own places, and children learn free of religion in the public schools.

      • Pornography has replaced ozzie & harriet and leave it to beaver. Soon it will get to the point where teachers can just do it in the classroom with the students. Oh wait, are already there.

        And muslims (in case you have not noticed) have been changing the rules in the schools but the best you athiests can do it attack the “turn the other cheek” religion, the cowards you are. . You know you wont have your head cut off of you burn a bible..

      • Wow, Corey. Wow.

        1) I don’t believe that teachers are having sanctioned
        sexual relations with students. Breaking
        law and policy is a matter for stricter enforcement and careful guarding
        against those things that allow inappropriate relationships to form.

        2) When you wrote, ‘you atheists’ to whom are you referring? I’m not an atheist. Are you? Maybe you meant ‘we atheists?’

        3) I haven’t seen on attack on Christianity (the ‘turn the
        other cheek’ religion). I have seen a
        father defending his children against unconstitutional use of public schools as
        a forum for religious belief and celebration.
        This case involves a Christian celebration, but it is the larger legal
        and constitutional issue that is at stake.

        4) I would be sad if anyone burned any book. What a waste!

  47. Thank you Robert Ray for posting that! What a great speech! If only Obama would get on board. However, I feel that the majority of Americans feel the same way. The Muslim men are trying to get Sharia law into our system. We need to let our Governors, Senators, congressmen and women, and whoever will listen to us, know that we will not stand for it. They are always trying to find ways to use our laws against us to benefit them! This is not about race, its about morals. They know we have laws that prohibit child abuse and rape. They want to make it ok for them to do it. I’ve read all kinds of horrible stories that come from the middle east and I know many of you have done the same. They come here with that ideology when they should be leaving it behind. We will not conform to their ways. They need to conform to our ways. This is our home, our country, the home of the free, the home of the brave. They need us, we don’t need them and they know it. Their soldiers don’t fight for us, heck they don’t even fight for them, but our soldiers fight for them , their freedoms. Maybe they should be teaching that to their kids. Instead they worry who will marry their 12 year old daughter, or whether or not they get to beat or stone, or rape those poor women. Who stones the men when they commit adultery? Every one of those gals should learn how to defend themselves. I would love to see those men receive a good bully beat down. Maybe then they’ll think twice about laying their grubby disgusting hand on the ladies. I hope the rest of our 50 states follow the 7 states who signed an anti-sharia bill. I ask, any women who feels that Sharia law is ok, then how would you feel if you were getting beat up by your husband or brother, cousin etc. They should protect you, not force you to live in fear! Sorry for the rant but this subject makes my blood boil! Being offended because of a flyer is stupid. Stupid is as stupid does! Ok I’m done!

  48. Dear Muslim Religion, don’t be chaotic the only thing you have to do if you got invitation from anywhere and you don’t want to attend , Don’t need to be a church what so ever toast them into trash can. If i were you that’s what i am going to do rather than make. like An idiot you live in the modern world not in middle east. When a person act like that in the modern world look really stupid, so If I were you just dance to Music. you know i always received an invitation from different religions. Sometime I attend to just look at how they teach, but if I don’t like it. I take it and threw them in trash, No big deal

  49. This is why I think religion in general is a growing problem and will only lead to destruction. There is a true danger in this world and it actually is stoppable if people wake up.

  50. This guy trying to pull the same bu-lshit as the muslims in NY – demanding their school provided lunches be halal – they are testing and seeing how much they will be able to get away with. Better stop that political movement now

  51. There’s a little thing that sets on the floor called a TRASH CAN–toss it and shut up!
    There’s a WHOLE LOT that I am “deeply offended”about–just can’t find a trash can big enough!

  52. One more reason why Islam should be banned in a free society. It’s anti-freedom and it promotes killing. Go live in a Muslim country. (Islam is a political theocracy, invented by a bloodthirsty pedophile, in order to control an uneducated population, and suppress women.

  53. Well I think he is over reacting a bit. But I can also see his point. And if you don’t see his point and are replying with your go home cause this is a christian nation attitude then you are the closed minded douche and not him. Sorry but this isn’t a christian nation and it was founded on religious freedom not christian values. And to say that it is a non-religious event held on church grounds is just retarded. The only reason the church does anything is to promote obtaining more members…duh. Oh and I am agnostic for the very reason of lack of religious tolerance. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Read a little Vinson, read and study up. We are a Christian nation. When is the last you have been to Washington and viewed a few of the buildings, like the supreme court building and others with scriptures, Moses and the ten commandments, etc. Prayer, sunday school, bible studies in the WHITE HOUSE, on and on. You have given into many who’s claims are false. Just because we have fallen from our traditions does not negate the facts. Get some old history books, study them, then come back and try to prove your case. AND no I don’t see his point, except from his Islamic belief system. I would oppose him on that alone. His religion is oppressive and gives no tolerance for ANYone who believes otherwise. That is not the GOD this country was founded on and has guided us through the years. The God christians serve is a God of love, mercy, grace. We serve HIM because HE first loved us and we want to live for HIM not out of fear. It is a joy, a honor and a way of life .

    • It is not a church function the article clearly states that, it shouldn’t be that hard to understand. And no not everything that happens on church property is a means for “recruitment”. I don’t even go to church however I’ve been to carnivals held on church property and craft fairs and I have to say that I never had anyone try to hand me their religious “propaganda” and get me to join up!

    • Vision, you’re correct about being founded so that all could have freedom OF religion, or NOT. However, the country was founded on Judeo-Christian values. There is a historian who uses source documents (not regurgitated documents from his colleagues of the present) in his work and writing. His name is David Barton ( and it’s fascinating stuff.
      For instance, during the revolution, there was a group of men who were militia leaders in thier various communities called “The Black Robe Brigade”. The name stemmed from the fact that they were all preachers, ministers, or religious leaders. When they were needed they took off the black robes worn for religion and led thier troops in war.
      Another fact; over half of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence were religious leaders.
      Don’t believe all the crud that our educational system now calls history. Most of it is either false or misleading.

  54. Gee. I wonder if hes offended when members of his vicious and bloodthirsty religion stone people to death and behead others. Of, when they hijack and fly plane loads of innocent people into buildings occupied by other innocent people. Or, when they sexually mutilate female children. I doubt it. He reserves his self righteous indignation for easter eggs and furry bunnies.

  55. Go back to your own country, then you wont have to worry about your children getting traumatized by AMERICAN traditions.

  56. Majed Moughni-

    And what if all children would not have been invited? You would have been crying racism and persecution of Muslims.
    Why don’t you move back to your homeland since you are the racist.

      • It is not a church function they are just using the church property! Do you not read? Or do you have a problem with reading comprehension?

      • It is 100% a Church function. Sponsored by the Church. Where do you not comprehend that?

      • Be serious. Why didn’t Majed Moughni just throw the paper out. The most oppressive group in the world can be takin seriously about nonsense? I know they are opposed.

  57. I am offended that we allow this kind of intolerance to remain in our country! If you don’t like other religions (and especially if you are a Muslim), then LEAVE our country. I suggest Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, or other similar nations where Sharia Law is the law of the land. But you can just bite your tongue while you are here…or I can shut your mouth for you! Are we clear?

  58. It is a free country, so you can have your freedoms and everyone else can have their freedoms. If you don’t like the freedom you are free to leave

  59. Then they need to go to a country…where they don’t have Easter Egg hunts, because the certainly don’t belong here. They can take their phobias back to the Middle East now.

  60. Amen Mr West. I hope and pray the schools will not back down. WE need to stand against the hateful, vile cancer that is trying to usurp their ideaology into the very fabric of America. WE are a Christian nation and most of us don’t believe in Allah or your prophet. We believe in Jehovah God and Jesus Christ His son. You can believe what every you choose but learn a little about our constitution before trying to use it for corrupt reasons.

    • Actually, Bob I respectfully disagree with part of your statement. As a Christian of the Baptist persuasion, I do believe in allah and Islam. Islam is a religion of evil, with allah the chief devil in charge. How can a ‘religion’ that is so controlling, so filed with hate for any who are different from that proscribed by the ‘prophet’, and so without love be otherwise?
      By the words of thier ‘holy’ books, the actions ever since the ‘prophet’ was ‘divinely’ inspired, this misbegotten ‘religion’ has set of to conquer the world and progressed to a frightening degree. Most of Europe and much of Asia is already lost to it. We must preserve our nation and safeguard our freedoms by voting intelligently, and teaching our young the truth of our history and the responsibility of being a good citizen.
      Thank you Mr. West for bringing much needed attention in so many areas.

  61. It is against American Law for a Church to distribute flyers in Public Schools.
    The law was decided in 1964.
    So this Muslim should leave America because he agrees with American Law?


    • darla – did you even read the article above, or did you just hope to impress us with your wit and intellect. try reading it before you post……. quote from the article above : “…Second, it was an invitation to an event that was not religious or church-related, only took place at church’s ground.”

      (i bet you voted for obama too)

      • The word Easter is religious so is the tradition of colored eggs.
        Easter meaning “To Rise”
        The colored eggs meaning new birth.

        The Church sponsored this event, Means paid for/organized and distributed flyers concerning this Event in Public School .
        It is against the law. The Church could have sent flyers home to invite everyone to come stand on the lawn. It would still be against the law.

      • You must have incredible reach to stretch this column so far. Do you cross the street when walking so any breeze that crossed the church property will not touch you. Do you close your eyes while driving so you don’t have to see a church from a public road, yes I am exaggerating just to show how ridiculous we have become, If you are offended by an invitation to anything they DON’T GO

      • How about just DON’T ATTEND? Honestly, people are/can be put off or offended by any number of things. Get over it. This “type” is so narcissistic and selfish they’d rather step on other people’s toes to have their own way. I’m offended by the circus. Maybe I just WON’T GO! The audacity and the stupidity and the outright selfishness of these people should offend us all. Church or no church, leave people alone and get over yourselves. It’s really quite boring.

    • Why don’t you (Darla Buckland) go live in a muslim country; since you would rather take their side rather than Gods OR JESUS CHRISTs? Christians know we will be persecuted until Jesus returns to rapture us out of here. I’m guessing you have no idea what this means, but know I will pray that someone will tell you about Jesus, and the awesome love and sacrifice he made for YOU Darla.

      • Explain that to me after you explain how people are trying to justify the importance of Easter as a religious holiday to judge others .
        Save your prayers for those that would offend children in Jesus name.

      • Saying a Church is not Religious and their ministry along with sponsored activities are not Religious.

        Every Christian I know holds Easter as one of the Most Religious Holidays.

        But it is fine to deny the importance of the Holiday and disregard American law just because it offends a Muslim.

    • You are missing the point, it is a severe manipulation of the law. The invitations are just that invitations. Separation of Church and State was to make sure that the government could not dictate what you believe, not to stop easter egg hunts. to be the devils advocate on this proves that you are a person who believes in taking advantage of loopholes. besides that easter egg hunting has to be the most secular activity i can think of, it has nothing to do really with Christianity or Islam. atheism is a belief structure as well and it seems to pass its way into our classrooms too, but you are not making a stink about that are you….

    • Where in the article does it state that this is a church sponsored event? It does not, it only states that it was being held on church grounds. That’s it. And honestly do you really think the kids participating in this understand the meaning of easter and the eggs? So many people in this country seriously need to pull the big sticks out of their asses!!! I’m sick and tired of the mentality that if I don’t like it then no one is going to get to enjoy it!!!!! This man (and you) need to put your big girl panties on and see this for what it is! A flipping easter egg hunt for little kids to have a good time and ENJOY BEING CHILDREN!!!! Then again people like you seem to enjoy taking the joy away from kids.

      • “Part of our ministry in Dearborn is to invite the community to let them know we’re here,” she added. “We’re offering various kinds of programming, fun opportunities, so what we can be engaged with the community.”said Pastor Neeta Nichols of Cherry Hill.

        Ministry for what?

      • here’s yet another reminder of how stupid that “coexist” bumper sticker truly is. Hat tip to Gateway Pundit for reporting that a Muslim father is upset because his children were traumatized by a… well, a flier for an Easter egg hunt. Oh, the horror of getting an invitation to join other American children in a time-honored tradition of hunting for colored Easter eggs. Really scary huh? As reported in the Detroit Free Press, some Muslim parents are concerned about public schools in Dearborn handing out flyers to all students advertising an Easter egg hunt, saying it violates the principle of church and state separation.

        A flyer with the highly inflammatory “Eggstravaganza!” was given to students this week at three elementary schools in the Dearborn Public Schools district, which has a substantial number of Muslim students. The flyer described an April 12 event at Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church in Dearborn featuring an egg hunt, relay race, and egg toss, and included images of eggs and a bunny.

        “It really bothered my two kids,” said parent Majed Moughni, who is Muslim and has two children, ages 7 and 9, in Dearborn elementary schools. “My son was like, ‘Dad, I really don’t feel comfortable getting these flyers, telling me to go to church. I thought churches are not supposed to mix with schools.’ ” Moughni said he’s concerned about “using school teachers paid by public funds … to pass out these flyers that are being distributed by a church. I think that’s a serious violation of separation of church and state.”

        First of all, the flyer was approved by the school district. Second, it was an invitation to an event that was not religious or church-related, only took place at churchs ground. Thirdly, I believe Mr. Moughni fails to realize that his religion, Islam, is a totalitarian ideology which has no separation between mosque and state. Islamic Sharia law dictates every aspect of a Muslim’s life and decrees the most heinous of punishments, such as stoning for women — and not with chocolate or marshmallow peep stones, but real ones.

        It seems this burgeoning Muslim community in “Dearbornistan” actually believes it can coerce the remaining non-Muslims there to live in fear and cower to their intolerance. Sorry, sir. Ain’t happenin’.

        Maybe Mr. Moughni can explain why the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) — an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist funding case and subsidiary organization of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood — is suppressing the first amendment right of free speech and free expression in the showing of the documentary “Honor Diaries” which we have featured here.

        This is how it happens America. There are those who enact the Islamic principle of the hijra — “migration” — in order not to assimilate but infiltrate and eventually dominate the host country culture. We see it happening across the Atlantic Ocean in Europe. It becomes a spreading cancer that uses the host country’s freedoms and principles to turn it upon itself — as Mr. Moughni attempts to use “separation of church and state” as an argument.

        However, if I may, let me teach this cheeky fellow a lesson in American history. You sir, will not find the concept of separation of church and state in any founding document, not the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, or the Federalist Papers. This concept was articulated in a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury (CT) Baptist Convention addressing the desire to have neither a State established religion in America nor a Head of State who was also a Head of Church, as was the case

      • Again! Please point out where in this article that it states that it was a church sponsored event?

    • They don’t agree with our laws or anything else in “Our Country” and that is why they continually try to change everything.

  62. It sickens me to think of what the birthplace of some of my kinfolk has become. It sickens me that a road named after my family, and a stones throw away from Ford Road and The Henry Ford Museum, has been infested by people like this. I know the true horrors of places like Dearborn. These people don’t want the American way of life. They want to take advantage of what this country has to offer and start a new Muslim was of life. This is why they don’t blend with us. They amass in a single spot, slowly spreading out like a disease, and destroy everything just so they can rebuild a Muslim sanctuary. Sadly this has already happened to the extreme in some of our European allies. The problem is our country is so vast it’s hard for most to see the problem until their neighborhood is infested. They want to change our laws, our way of life. If their way was so great we would be invading their home countries. However I think each and every one of us knows exactly what they would do to us if we even attempted that….we’d be headless long before the day is done. Wake up America!!! They are giving our country away.

    • I was raised in Detroit, again a stone’s throw away from Dearborn. My grandparents are buried in Livonia and I’m sure they must be doing somersaults in their graves, every day at what’s become of that area. I have no problem with them practicing their religion, however, it is an invasive ‘religion’ where anyone that disagrees with them or their beliefs, should be executed…. That my friend is NOT religion and it’s NOT worshiping God.. It’s one man’s very old twisted view of the world… if they don’t like our country with it’s Judaeo/Christian beliefs.. they should have stayed in their own country… and they are very welcome to LEAVE.

  63. What’s even more absurd than this man and his failure to educate his two young children on why they’ve misunderstood the situation is that there are non-Muslim Americans who cower and bend to this garbage. They think he’s right! So now no one gets to have Easter Egg hunts, no one at school gets to be invited to any events ever again because of the fear of “offending” these people. An invitation is not the same thing as an edict. In America, you have the choice to turn down an invitation and not be stoned to death for it.

  64. If the word Eggstravaganza offends you, you are free to leave – and don’t let the shores of our Christian based country hit you in a$$ on your way out. Just because the current administration bows to your religion doesn’t mean the rest of the US embraces it. I am tired of people coming to the United States and then get offended . Tough.

  65. here is one better, the real reason for Easter. Jesus Christ, not some floppy eared rabbit, and if you don’t like it too bad, im tired of having to not talk about Christ because it offends, but we have to shut our mouths while everyone elses beliefs are shoved down our throats

  66. Should have listened, the History Channel. Eggs have been a symbol of fertility, and pagan fertility ritual. Jesus celebrated Passover that is on the 15th of this month not the pagan Ishtar festival of fertility for more sex this year called Easter.

    You should read this, it is written in easy to understand Si-Fi format:

  67. The father definitely over reacted.

    I can only imagine how you, Mr West, and many of the people commenting on this thread would react if the situation were reversed… and it were your Christian children being given invitations, handed out by teachers at public school, to attend a children’s event at a Mosque that celebrated a Muslim holiday.

    As long as you would be okay with that happening, then you have every right to mock this Muslim father for his reaction.

    • Wouldn’t bother me in the least. I could simply choose to not go! Interesting that more mosques have been built post 9/11 than since the beginning of this nation and we never heard any of these complaints until after 9/11 – just an aside.

      • Then you, sir, are more tolerant than many others in this thread and I commend you for that.
        As to why we haven’t heard about these issues except in the last decade or so…
        i suspect that has a lot to do with the growth of the internet and, particularly, websites like this

    • You know what Brendan; if it was accepted for one then it should be accepted for all. It has nothing to do with Religion, just an invitation for an Easter Hunt.

      • Easter has nothing to do with religion?
        As I wrote… what if it were a children’s event at a Mosque to celebrate a Muslim holiday?… like a carnival on the grounds of the mosque to celebrate the first day of Ramaddan.
        No religion would be preached… but it would still be related to the holiday and on the grounds of a mosque.

        And the real issue is that these invitations were handed out by teachers in a public school.

        Yes… I think the father is over reacting to the Easter egg hunt invitation.
        I am simply giving a hypothetical example, reversing the situation to illustrate that many people here would probably share the father’s feelings if the roles were reversed.

      • No an easter egg hunt that is meant as something fun for kids is not religious unless individual families choose to make it that way. I’ve brought my children to many easter egg hunts over the past 17 years of my life and nary a cross or mention of God to be seen or heard. Like I said before people need to pull the big fat judgemental sticks out of their asses and let kids be kids!

      • No one is dragging your happy butt to go to anything. If you don’t want to participate, that is fine. You don’t have the right to shove your beliefs down someone else’s throat.

      • Now we agree! Wonderful. Do not shove your beliefs (your Easter, for example) down the throats of public school students.

      • Maybe you should “Home School” your kids since you can’t deal with a Flyer to children about a fun activity. Instead, you have to take something totally innocence and blow it into something it isn’t.

      • passing out an invitation is shoving it down someones throat?! its called offering someone a chance to be included. They can say no. Its not like the people tell you you have to come and wont take no for an answer. I think youre overreacting to a simple flyer.

      • Phillip,
        The shoving language was actually from the post above mine, and I responded with the same words for emphasis.
        The issue is not the flyer, as I see it. It is that children believe (by instinct or indoctrination) that their school tells them things that are right and true. That leads to a lot of social pressure from majority on minority, it may lead to questioning what the student may hear at home. Schools educate, but according to the constitutional expectations, public schools do not promote are appear to promote religious views, practice, or beliefs. They may, according to the courts, educate, but I cannot see this as that. Do you?

      • i see it as a simnple invitation to a fun event for children that is being turned into something much more than its intent. I also see it as an example of how people are very sensative these days and easily offended by something innocent and simple. jehovas witness actually go door to door and harrass people and no one cares but these people hand out a stupid flyer about hunting eggs and the world is in uproar. I guess I just dont see it as cataclysmic as most people seem to.

      • I haven’t hear any end of the world reactions, but I invite
        you to try and think of this from the perspective of parents who are trying to
        pass their beliefs on to their children in the face of overwhelming societal
        emphasis on Christianity. Whatever the religion
        or the belief that religion is not right for them, having tax-funded public
        institutions promote religious events makes the challenge that much harder. Add to that the protection of the first
        amendment, and schools should not be doing it.

        I hope I don’t come off as crazed. I am very patriotic, but my education has
        taught me that America is a free populace and a secular government. Easter Egg Hunts may be a blast, but they are
        a part of Easter, which is a part of Christianity, and that is the domain of
        the church, not the public school. That’s my two cents.

      • if you believe our govt is secular explain in god we trust on every monetary denomination or that there are sculptures of moses and other religious references all over the govt building in washington DC. Explain marriage by a priest that the state has to license? explain the word God in the pledge of allegiance in schools? While we are discussing tax-funded public institutions , should the tax payers have to pay for a rediculous law suit like this one that he will surely win?

      • We are not perfect, Phillip. I agree with you; those icons shuld be removed. the phrase on the money is not secular, and I’d support removing it. Tradition, though, is powerful. The pledge is challenged all the time for those two words (including in Massachusetts courts as I type.)
        And yes, the government pays lawyers to defend the government viewpoint on all types of cases, including those involving the establishment clause.
        All I’m advocating for is that we try to live up to the ideals of the founders. That’s it.

      • i guess thats where we disagree. Our founders were all about God. I respect any persons disbeliefe because even though I believe in God i have no real proof. All i have is exactly that blind faith. I get the athiest point of view what I dont get is why they are so scared or angry when someone even utters the word God OR aq church hands out a flyer to hunt for eggs. We are becoming way to sensative. SOmewhere along the line we became so worried about everyon elses beliefs that we have a total disregard for those who do believe ie: athiests getting angry and demanding the removal of the metal cross at ground zero. If youre athiest its just an addition sign to you:) why do athiests seem to want to abolish religion? I find organized religion to be brainwashing and cult like. I feel its about control and most are hypocrits BUT I believe on freedom of religion. Faith gives people hope. Hope is what keeps us going. If someone finds that in God or church and they arent hurting anyone then why must people stomp on it?

      • I will say this though ARCC. you debate with respect and intelligence and i can agree to disagree with you respectfully. Too many people are hostile and nasty over these subjects and i dont get it. So i appreciate a healthy debate with respect.

      • Some Atheists are scared, or angry, just as some (fill in
        the blank here) are. It is the nature of
        humanity. Not being one, I can’t explain
        why some say or do what they do, but I can suppose that like me in this
        discussion of religion in public schools, they might feel that there is a push
        and an assumption of a belief in G-d (or a particular way to believe in
        G-d). When I see an assumption of
        Christian belief, yes, it stings a bit.
        I understand that it may have no malice, but it also has no effort to
        temper the assumption that the person on the other side of the ‘Merry
        Christmas’ is Christian. Suggesting that
        saying ‘Happy Holidays’ to people you don’t know well enough to know if they
        are Christians upsets some Christians. I
        have heard it labeled as an attack on Christmas. I’m not sure how it is, given that your
        belief is not called into question, just your assumption that I believe. Again, I know it isn’t said in a mean
        spirit. But it is said with the clear
        indication that you don’t care if I celebrate it or not.

        Maybe that is hard for you to connect with, but I’m trying
        to share the experience of ‘the other’.

      • We put “In God We Trust” on our money because of growing pressure from the religious to do so after the Civil War.

        “One Nation Under God” was added to the Pledge in 1954 because of the Red Scare of Communism and has nothing to do with the US being a “Christian Nation.”

        Marriage by a priest is an merely a ceremonial event and it has no bearing of any kind of lawful marriage as licensed by the Government. That is the reason that you have to get a marriage license in order to have your marriage recognized for tax benefits, property benefits, spousal support benefits, insurance and estate benefits, child benefits, hospital visitation benefits, etc. None of these would be offered if you merely got married in a church and didn’t make that marriage known to the government. That is also why you can go to the justice of the peace or go to Vegas and get a married and you never have to enter a church to make it official.

        All of these things show that the government is meant to be a secular institution. Religions are free to be practiced without government interference.

      • oh and i am a parent of two and if i go by your statement of “parents who are trying topass their beliefs on to their children in the face of overwhelming societal
        emphasis on Christianity.” I dont feel pressure by people such as yourself or athiests? or jehovas witness, muslims, jews? really? when we live in a culture as diversified as this we are all pressured by something or someone somewhere. Its called being faithful and strong to what you believe and respecting what others believe and no matter who throws what at my kids they will follow their heart and not get offended. If someone wishes my irish catholic family Happy Hannaku (im sure its spelled wrong) I appreciate the good nature and I just say thank you and you as well. Going by the sensative people on this page I should say well im offended because I celebrat Christmas so stop shoving your religious beliefs in my face!!!!! Thats not tolerance or acceptance and it works both ways.

      • I dont’ know what pressures you feel coming from the minority in our society, Phillip. What you do have working for you as a Christian parent (if I read that correctly) is the tsunami of backing your kids see all around them. What does it say to your children that the White House puts up a huge Christmas tree, not to mention is most windows of homes they pass each holiday season? I imagine it supports what you teach. I think Christmas is fine. It is, though, everywhere. So when that isn’t what you teach, you have to teach even more diligently.
        For my kids and those of non-Christina parents, the public face of Christian observance and celebration is a reality we deal with. Start to promote them in the secualr governmental area, and yes, we have to speak up.

        And by the way, Phillip- when someone wishes me a Merry Christmas, I do just what you do. Thank you, and to you as well. No need to assume anger that isn’t there on my part.

      • i wasnt implying you dont im making the point that its not shoving religion in ones face. as far as christmas being everywhere please keep in mind whether our founders were wrong for what they did to the natives or not this is a society founded on christian beliefs. Having sid that we should welcome all and enjoy the knowledge of other cultures but no I dont beleive CATERING to them is healthy. Respect and catering to are different. And Christmas is the most hypocritically chastized holiday because athiest, jews etc open gifts on the 25th also. Oh and we christians may be the majority as you say (thoughid have to research the percentages) its now been called a holiday tree as not to offend the sensative people and their defenders such as yourself. I find it amazing how beiing a christian/white makes me some sort of well to do with no problems individual. I like how you assume I couldnt possible face any discrimination or have any pressues put on me based on the liberal point of view. meanwhile in the same breath you seem to imply that i dont have any pressure because im christian and its all over the place.

      • Come on now, Phillip.
        Holiday Tree? Who calls it
        that? The desire to place religious
        symbols (I know, I know- or symbols of religious holidays that in and of
        themselves do not have a religious significance) and couch it in a PC euphemism
        is wanting to have one’s cake and eat it too.
        “Well, what if we keep our Christmas tree but we call it a holiday
        tree? Then you can use it
        too!” If Islam changes Ramadan to
        The Everyone Fast will you adopt it?

        If non-Christians choose to celebrate Christmas (you mention
        opening presents on the 25th- I assume a s a part of a Christmas celebration)
        they certainly are not the ones talking about the saturation of the
        holiday. (And I agree- it is silly to
        celebrate a religious holiday when you don’t believe in the tenants of the

        Again with race, Phillip?
        When exactly (please quote) did I display an assumption that you face no
        discrimination or pressures? Please
        remember that if, for example, I go to the police because I was mugged, having
        the officer tell me not to complain because he, too, was mugged will not serve
        my cause, and not his either. If you
        feel social pressure coming from the left, voice it, but please understand that
        your freedom to believe and to celebrate your faith is not permission to bring
        those beliefs and celebrations into the public square. Your church, your home, even your business
        are places you have every right to practice your faith. If you alienate employees, you may lose them;
        who knows? I’m just talking (and have been for a while now) about public,
        government-affiliated places and circumstances.

      • its funny that athiests and people who are against religion say that Christmas and Easter are religious holidays yet as an athiest Im pretty sure you still open gifts on dec 25th. Either it is or it isnt please make up your minds. As far as easter you ever think that just because it is done in honor of a religious holiday that maybe as an athiest can enjoy christmas this is a non religious way to still benefit from the holiday? Thanksgiving is technically a holiday about a feast with christians and american natives but its not considered a religious holiday. Just because they passed out a flyer to hunt for eggs doesnt mean it was an attempt to force religion on anyone. Give it a break.

      • You completely misunderstood my post. If you want to argue your point, argue it with someone else who is actually having that argument.

      • i understtod your post and the many others you psted as well but are you gong to tell me you arent of the point of view that the easter egg hunt wasnt a religious event? it wasnt the church interfering where they dont belong?

      • yes, atheists can definitely enjoy the holiday seasons. Now that every religious holiday has been completely commercialized, we don’t have to have the slightest attachment to the religious parts of the holidays but can still eat all the goodies and get all the presents we want without stepping one foot into a church. I have always enjoyed these holidays because to me they are fun times to gather with friends and nothing more.

    • I would be fine with that happening, because it is not mandatory!! I can throw away the flyer and not go! Our local university had a Muslim week of sorts that included panel discussions on culture, religion and what not. People who were offended stayed home. They didn’t go crying about it to news media. I didn’t go because I just didn’t care.

    • So what did he do with last years invitations ? ….. Come on Brendan don’t act like he moved ( or even lived here his whole life ) here and was unaware of the way things are done . If i moved my family to an area were my religion and so on were not the norm i guess i would expect it and wouldn’t be bothered ……… unless of course i wanted everything done to fit my religion .

    • To me it would be a chance for my child to learn about others way of life. When we become so scared that everything that happens becomes a religious frenzy something is wrong. there are too many people in these United States and unless we learn to live with each other we are doomed. Yes I am Christian, yes I believe in my God his birth and his death. But just because I invite someone to an event does not mean I am trying to convert someone from their own beliefs. Just because I discuss religion with someone of a different faith does not mean I am trying to convert someone, maybe I am just trying to learn about what you or someone else believes in. But we can not learn, because if we mention the name of God we are considered outcast Belief weather it is Christianity , Muslim, or others is a part of the person, it can not be ask to stop at the door on the way out of their house. And if a person is so unsure of their own convictions that they need to stop other from their beliefs they may need to take a second look at their own faith. Because if someone talking around you about a different faith makes one uncomfortable instead of wanting to join in an make a difference in the conversation needs to take a second look at their own beliefs.

    • Well if that happened with my children it would get one of two things a) thrown away or b) possibly go check it out, but hey I’m not close minded like that. Would I make a stink over it…. nope I wouldn’t.

    • Easter Egg hunting does not celebrate a Christian tradition. it is actually a pagan tradition that celebrates the goddess of fertility named Esther. Constantine tried to overlay many pagan traditions with Christian Holy Days to assimilate the heathens into just behavior. The comparison is apples to oranges. The islamic childrens event would be how to rig a car bomb not hunt for pagan eggs. Get a grip….

      • “Constantine tried to overlay many pagan traditions with Christian Holy Days to assimilate the heathens into just behavior.” It has been a part of this Christian holiday celebration since the 4th century.

    • You don’t want to go then don’t. It’s that easy. No need to F it up for everyone else. The guy is an asshat that is seeing how far he can push it. Of course in that city…what would any one expect. It’s already lost and any non muslim that is still there should leave and watch that dump crumble.

  68. I amazed at all the truly hateful and negative comments from people who call themselves “true Christians.” I’m just wondering what part of your hateful words and vile anger is Christ-like?

      • Reba I could think outside the box on this one because I have done it many times before.
        I made my decision years ago when I was upset because we Couldn’t say grace before lunch in school. (at loud).

        There was a song I wanted to sing in Choir and it was not allowed.
        I will admit I did not like it, but I grew to accept it and now I understand it.
        Just a few kind words to hopefully dispel a little frustration.
        You have done the same to me. Peace

      • and by CRAP do you mean all religions and their venom that they spew, or is Christianity and its hate-speech exempted from that?

    • Being a Christian Myself, Does NOT mean I have to sit by and watch our country and OUR God be put down by muslims who believe in a different god(left uncapitalized for a reason). If they dont like it, it dosent mean we HAVE to cater to what THEY want!!!

      • I’m not talking about caving. I’m talking about the hateful speech that people are propagating here and the one-sided perspective that I am seeing throughout this blog. It’s really disheartening. It is speech like what I am seeing here which clearly makes people fight against Christians because there is nothing Christ-like in these reactions and responses.

      • One person in their comment said this is what turned him away from religion.
        This is what I have seen in the public sector long before I read it here.

      • I agree with the hate speech It should not be addressed by Christians..I just think it is having to do with the muslims religion being forced upon us..I agree that if they want to practice what they think is a religion, then by all means yes let them, but they need to give the Christians freedom to do the same. The father could have just refused to let his children go, If he had not received an invitation he would have been mad because he didn’t get one..In this case your damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I say let all religions worship in PEACE, without fear of someone cramming it down their throat.

      • I completely agree except that the fundamental points of all religions is that they are touted as being the ONLY religion. In that fact alone, we are at an impasse. When you have such substantial opposing and competing views and in some way, they are all bent on world domination or destruction as the outcome if they don’t get their way ( and yes Christianity has that same doctrine of imposing by force) then we are living in a world that is set up for failure all due to competing books that were written and passed down thousands of years ago based on non-verified and constantly changing and varied interpretations of stories none of which were first hand. I am scared to live in a world where these views are all treated with this much respect. Respect is something earned. With religion, respect is something that was gained through force. Plain and simple and not really a debatable point. I would log to live in a peaceful world. I don’t think that is possible with edicts from religion that say “live my way and practice what I practice or die.”

      • I as a Christian am obligated By God to tell of his death a resurrection..But if anyone choses not to believe,it is like God said..Do not cast your pearls before swine and wipe the dust off your shoes..I will NEVER force my Christianity down any ones throat..It must be their choice.. With that said I still think that their has to be a freedom of religion, because you are not going to get ANY ONE to heaven but yourself.

      • I completely agree with everything you said. Thank you for having what so few other people on this site seem to have; grace.

      • I don’t “assume” anything. You prove my point with your initial comment. Post again when you are smarter.

      • Wow. Post again when I am smarter. Apparently civil discourse is your strong suit. Believe whatever you want, dude. But before you continue insulting strangers on the internet, you might want to Google “the Crusades” or, I don’t know, crack open the Old Testament. Better yet, take a look at some of the hopelessly miopic comments in this thread, and then tell me again how Christianity doesn’t have its roots in violence, or how open-minded and tolerant most Christians are about anything that might challenge their faith just a little.

      • Thank you for your clear-headedness, Pete. This is what I am constantly baffled by with religious people. All of these Christians saying that no other Christians gets it. It is amazing how They were somehow anointed by the Lord to be the only people that seem to have any comprehension when they read the Bible. Here is a thought for all of those that say that other Christians don’t get it. They should try going to a Christian church that is not their denomination and see how many other Christians “don’t get it” and then ask themselves why they are fighting other religions instead of trying to fight their own religion’s other denominations. That is the funny thing about The Word of God. No one agrees with it. That is why there are so many freaking denominations and interpretations of the same text. And even that text which people follow today was translated and edited and amended and reworked over and over again. I wonder if people actually understand a little fact like “the King James Bible”” is called that because it was edited to align with what King James believed at the time. There are things that were taken out of the Bible to align with what King James was trying to impose while he was ruling. It’s amazing to me that people think after they read the Bible that they know the Bible. They completely don’t understand that they have to read history as well to understand the Bible. But apparently WE don’t get it at all. That’s rich.
        Thanks for having some smarts.

      • This is actually what I am talking about. Why is it that you, who knows nothing about me, can make a pronouncement that I know nothing about Christianity? I was born to Christian parents, was raised Lutheran, went to Bible School, was confirmed in the church, led Youth Group with my mother and father for 8 years, have read the Bible and understand it. What is it that I don’t understand and what is it that I said in my passage above that demonstrates that I know “NOTHING” about it? Please explain. From what I was taught, Christians don’t spew bile towards others, according to most of what Jesus taught. Why is that ok for you to do?

      • Well, if you read this little part of the bible called The Old Testament, it was pretty much filled with murder, genocide, infanticide and rape. Some of that was because people didn’t believe in God and some of it was just God being kind of a douche.
        Now people will say, but the New Testament wiped away all that.
        Oh really, does that mean that the Old testament was a lie and didn’t really happen, in which case why am I supposed to believe any of the Bible of it is all lies.
        Or if you are saying that the New Testament changed the way that people practice the faith, then all I can say is that you God is still an ass because he still commanded all of those things.
        Either way, I see no reason to follow something that has such empty morality.
        Also, the way the Christian Doctrine was spread was INCREDIBLY violent. You might want to go back in your history books to refresh yourself on it.
        I am in no way faulting you or calling you out as so many of these posts seem to be very vile and filled with 3rd grade name-calling, but there was no shortage of violence in spreading the Christian doctrine.

      • All those Christian suicide bombers are a serious problem. You are so clueless it’s laughable. The best part is the muzzies would just as soon kill you as look at you. Yes “you” specifically. You represent what they hate. Yet you defend them. Fool

      • I lost my sister in an abortion clinic bombing by a Christian man who claimed to be saving the babies for Jesus. She worked next door as the manager of a Card and stationary store. Instead of absolving all Christians of their wrong doings, why don’t you lump everyone together and mean, spiteful, hypocritical and delusional. I have no love for any faith. I think they are all ridiculous and unproven. I honestly don’t want anyone to think I deserve to die because their screwed up imaginary friend in the sky said so. I have already suffered loss in my family because of it. If there was a hell, I would want that man to burn in it that killed my sixte, but there isn’t so I just have to assume that everyone who believes in religion is crazy. I like people, but I seldom like their beliefs. And that would include your beliefs for calling me clueless. I am not the one worshipping something that doesn’t exist.

      • Go to Jerusalem and speak to some of your modern day counterparts. I was there last summer visiting and I was truly amazed at the boastful pride I saw from each religion about who they were and why they deserved respect. It was staggering.

      • You are not stupid for agreeing. You are smart for seeing the world for what it accurately is.

      • your points are well said and valid but this article wasnt about religion. It was about an easter egg hunt that was held at a church just as easily as it could have been held at a Knights of Colombus hall. the easter bunny is no more about religion than santa claus is. it is a fictitional character made to increase sales on a holiday and in no way was this muslim family being harrassed or forced or even asked to koin the church. All he had to do was throw the flyer out. This blog has gone off the deep end waxing philisophical to the tune of religion when this article wasnt about that. Its real simple too many people are too easily offended and in the same breath they claim they are offended that their way of life isnt shown respect they are denouncing others rights to what they believe. Somewhere along the lines christians have been villified and told they are stupid and wrong. I personally have a strong faith in God but do not believe in organized religion BUT i believe in everyones right to put there faith in church as long as they arent hurting anyone. Lets stick to the actual topic on hand shall we?

      • I have no issue sticking with the topic of this blog, but I was replying to the multitude of angry and vile comments that people were putting forth. It is laughable for people to say “respect my faith” and then spew forth the insultingly uneducated and gross words that I have seen all over this blog. And when one tries to say “there may be a more civil way to have this discourse,” the attacks get personal. As if we all better be angry and vile to this guy and force him to go back to the Middle East or we need to be shipped off there with him. It’s ridiculous and insulting. It is spiteful, vicious, infantile attacks like these that makes me walk further and further away from those that represent the Christian faith in this country.

      • I do understand what you are saying and agree the vile way in people respond is exactly that. Having said that i do believe this man is an ambulance chaser who lacks integrity and is looking to have this country cater to nonsensical offense. Having said that:) I can say it without viscious vitriol and condemnation. So I will agree with you on how the hypocrisy of religious people can make one feel as you do. That is why Im not a church goer but pplace my faith in God himself not man.

      • We don’t say die, we say go away!!! DON’T TREAD ON US!!! We say don’t bother us with such idiotic things!!! As people have said, throw it in the trash if it offends you!! This was an innocent jesture by a group of people who happened to be holding it on church grounds not to offend anyone!! Simply outrageous!!!

      • There are plenty of people all over this world that are still killing in God’s name. In every sect of religion, it is happening. As much as we think we are immune to it here in the US, it happens. When people bomb abortion clinics, they are doing so because they are fighting for their biblical understanding of saving those baby’s lives all the while killing other people. When people are beating and bullying gay youth into killing themselves, they are doing it because the Bible tells them so. Sorry to say, but all religions have a major element of force and carnage attached to them to persuade people to follow. Christianity didn’t spread through Africa and Europe and the Middle East originally through butterflies and fireside chats. It was spread through violence, force and acquisitions of territories. Just because there aren’t mass killings now for Christianity doesn’t absolve it from the fact that that is how it got here.
        And keep in mind, the America we live in today didn’t look anything like this 200 years ago and it won’t look anything like this in 200 years. We hold on to it so tightly now because we feel like this is how it is supposed to be, but the world always ebbs and flows. We have to get used to that as much as we might not like where it is going.
        As much as I want things to stay one way, they never will.

      • i am ASSUMING that you are as equally vocal about the violence that islam perpetrates against all other religions? or is your righteous indignation aimed only at christians?

      • Yes, you can ASSUME that I am very vocal about all of the violence that all religions shove forward. From bullying in God’s name that has led to a rash of suicides to people flying planes into buildings. Taking a life is taking a life and I, for one, am sick that ANY religion can drive any person to inflict pain or suffering on people. It is this kind of hate and violence and irrational beliefs that drove me from religions years ago. They are all culpable in this game of killing in God’s name.

  69. What a whiny a**! Seriously you don’t like it don’t go! These idiots think everybody has to conform to them! Well guess what I’m Jewish and I STILL celebrate in fun stuff like that for my kids because they LOVE it! As long as they’re happy then I am too! And this guy? He offends me because I’m Jewish, he needs to leave then! GTFoutta here with your BS dude! Go whine to someone who cares!

    • Bobbi I appreciate your comment because the Easter Bunny, eggs and hunts have nothing to do with Christians celebration of Christ on the cross and rising from the grave. It’s the commercial side of the holiday like Santa Claus. I’m so happy to see you allow your children to participate in the fun side of the celebration, it’s more of a celebration of Spring.

  70. It’s actually kind of funny how this one guy’s opinion has pitted all of us against each other in a fight to the death about which ones have the right to free speech. Seems like we’re all doomed. It doesn’t take much.

  71. why am i having a hard time believing this comment from the wimpy muslim father ““My son was like, ‘Dad, I really don’t feel comfortable getting these flyers, telling me to go to church. I thought churches are not supposed to mix with schools.’ ”

    yeah, right,,,,,,a 7 or 9 year old would make that observation! more muslim lies.

      • As a former teacher, a mom, and a grandmother, I agree with Carolyn; kids not only do not speak like that, kids don’t care! Oh, I taught many Muslim children as well.

      • I was taught the separation of Church and State in the 3rd Grade. I was 8.
        I have heard many children ask why they dress, attend Church ,
        and celebrate Christmas differently.

        Elmo has a Holiday Video concerning the differences in holidays.
        If the children you deal with has never asked questions at this age what are you teaching them?

      • Darla Buckland

        Do you really think that the Muslims of Dearborn Michigan want a separation between Church and state?

      • Yes I think they want a separation between Church and State just like the majority of people do in Public Schools.
        Name me a parent that doesn’t want less toy ads at Christmas?

        It is different between children and adults. They don’t need the confusion.

      • Darla Buckland

        Muslims as a group want a separation between Masque and state? Please, be serious. What will you say when sharia law is implemented in Dearborn?

      • Reba

        I agree with you BUT it is being implemented in Europe. Many of the Muslims who have immigrated to the US want to change what the US attempts to do: women’s rights, gay rights, religious tolerance. CAIR – which was sited in this story seems to me to be on the forefront -from the story the idea of migration or ‘hijira’ -to not assimilate (like every other immigrant group has done) but to infiltrate and eventually to take over the host country -I see this as a virus

        principle of the hijra — “migration” — in order not to assimilate but
        infiltrate and eventually dominate the host country culture.
        principle of the hijra — “migration” — in order not to assimilate but
        infiltrate and eventually dominate the host country culture.
        the hijra — “migration” — in order not to assimilate but infiltrate and eventually dominate the host country culture

      • Reba

        Yes-you are correct. We should be diligent. I think as was sited in this story the group to watch is ‘CAIR” –Council for American Islamic Relations.

      • Reba

        I am with you-I have no idea what will wake people up. Everything is a so politically correct – if you say something based on fact you are called a racist.

      • All I know is that “The People” need to come together and work together. Hard to do when you are so spread out. I still don’t understand why nothing can be done with all the crooks in “Our Government”. We have Laws and regardless who is Elected, someone in this country should be able to remove them. We have lost our Judges, Supreme Court, Elected Officials of “Our Country” and we sit here like we can’t do a damn thing, while it gets worse. Recall and voting will not do a thing, because it’s like playing Russian Roulette. Where are Sheriff Joe and the rest to remove them?


      • the content in which they allegidly spoke is plausable but it was a direct quote and children do not speak with such articulation.

      • yes, darla, i have children. i am also a child psychologist. and, no, darla, 7 and 9 year old boys are not making those sorts of statements.

        ? darla. do you also believe in the easter bunny?

      • Well the Children that age here are maybe they are more intelligent?

        Maybe you should listen to more children.

      • And you probably believed 0bama when he told you you could keep your doctor. And your plan. And costs wouldn’t go up. etc etc ad nauseam

  72. I’m offended by this man and his unreasonable demands. I’m also sick of everything Western being demonized. And I wholeheartedly agree with Allen West’s sentiments. He is writing as a concerned American, not from a Christian point, so get over it.

    • the problem isnt guys like that muslim its the “Americn” people who think this guy has a valid argument. Just look at some of the posts here from athiets who are terrified that an egg laying rabbit somehow is the face of the church trying to indoctrinate his family. these people are the problem because they are what gives voice to guys like this muslim.

  73. hell, even the buddhists are taking up arms against the onslaught of the cultural jihadists. you know things are bad when the buddhists become militant!

  74. Dearborn schools offer halal meat which is what their religion demands,,,so in my opinion it’s no different.

  75. Since when do Easter egg hunts have ANYTHING to do with the Christian celebration of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead??? This father needs to do some studying before he attacks! Bravo for Allen West and his strong stands!!

  76. The nerve of this man. How dare u ?Try to speak out in your country where
    ever your from..I think you are over-stepping your boundary.

  77. Majed Moughni –

    Do me a favor please. While you are in the US please don’t put a bomb vest on your children and send them into Starbucks to take out the Jews and Christians.

  78. It is all about tolerance and understanding. How will young Muslims ever understand and assimilate into our society if the Muslim parents do not allow children to be exposed to the customs and beliefs of others. I believe that most Christians would be tolerant of and interested in learning more about the real traditions and beliefs of Muslims if the Muslims were open to sharing without proselytizing. It would seem that Muslim parents would welcome this since they have chosen to live in the USA. Could it be that the muslims have no interest in assimilation?

  79. Those fliers should not have been distributed at school. Easter is a religious celebration and this event was sponsored by a church. This is clearly proselytizing no matter what anyone says.

    • I never saw any endorsement of one church over another on that flyer by the State of Michigan. I’m an agnostic, but I can read the f*cking constitution, unlike some of you simians.

    • first of all its an easter egg hunt thats all! second even if they were just throw the damn flyer out! enough already with everyone being so hurt and offended over nothing. IF you or anyone chooses not to believe in God that is your right but its others right to believe if they so choose and sending this flyer was not an attempt to indoctrinate anyone. The thought of that is absurd and rediculous.

    • what religion does it celebrate? Christianity is not a religion, it is a philosophy, and if you read the article, you would have noted the part about the Constitution not mandating a separation of Church and state.

      • “Christianity is not a religion, it is a philosophy”

        Religion: : an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods

  80. I have to agree that schools need to not be involved with anything “church” related. If it were at a park in a field, that would have been better. But he is overreacting, too.

      • We believe in the Constitution and the amendments that clearly state The Public Schools are not allowed to be involved with Church.

      • Yes they do. Possibly you should try education yourself. They teach this in public school.

      • Show me where…

        Public school? Public indoctrination center, you mean?

        Since you apparently did not even take the time to read the full article, I’ll quote part of it for you:

        “However, if I may, let me teach this cheeky fellow a lesson in American history. You sir, will not find the concept of separation of church and state in any founding document, not the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, or the Federalist Papers. This concept was articulated in a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury (CT) Baptist Convention addressing the desire to have neither a State established religion in America nor a Head of State who was also a Head
        of Church, as was the case in England.”

      • It is against the law, the law was passed in 1964. Allen West is incorrect in his statements.
        If a person doesn’t like this law they should complain to the Supreme Court.

      • Darla is correct. THere is statutory or written law, like the constitution, or statutes passed by states, and then there are the courts’ interpretations of those law, which also becomes law. As I mentioned earlier, there was probably a law outlawing abortion in Texas (or Oklahoma, forget where) when Roe v. Wade came down, but after the US SUpreme Court ruled, even though there wasn’t a written statute in many states allowing it, women could legally get abortions. That’s judge-made law.

      • I suggest you read the decision, I’ve copied it for you above. It appears to go much further than just prayer in school.

      • Then if you had read it and understood it, you wouldn’t have said it was just about school prayer.

      • From Engel v. Vitale, not that you will bother to read it: “There can be no doubt that New York’s state prayer program officially establishes the religious beliefs embodied in the Regents’ prayer. The respondents’ argument to the contrary, which is largely based upon the contention that the Regents’ prayer is ‘nondenominational’ and the fact that the program, as modified and approved by state courts, does not require all pupils to recite the prayer but permits those who wish to do so to remain silent or be excused from the room, ignores the essential nature of the program’s constitutional defects. Neither the fact that the prayer may be denominationally neutral nor the fact that its observance on the part of the students is voluntary can serve to free it from the limitations of **1267 the Establishment Clause, as it might from the Free Exercise Clause, of the First Amendment, both of which are operative against the States by virtue of the Fourteenth Amendment. Although these two clauses may in certain instances overlap, they forbid two quite different kinds of governmental encroachment upon religious freedom. The Establishment Clause, unlike the Free Exercise Clause, does not depend upon any showing of direct governmental compulsion and is violated by the enactment of laws which establish an official religion whether those laws operate directly to coerce nonobserving individuals or not. This is not to say, of course, that *431 laws officially prescribing a particular form of religious worship do not involve coercion of such individuals. When the power, prestige and financial support of government is placed behind a particular religious belief, the indirect coercive pressure upon religious minorities to conform to the prevailing officially approved religion is plain. But the purposes underlying the Establishment Clause go much further than that. Its first and most immediate purpose rested on the belief that a union of government and religion tends to destroy government and to degrade religion. The history of governmentally established religion, both in England and in this country, showed that whenever government had allied itself with one particular form of religion, the inevitable result had been that it had incurred the hatred, disrespect and even contempt of those who held contrary beliefs.FN13 That same history showed that many people had lost their respect for any religion that had relied upon the support for government to spread its faith. FN14 The Establishment Clause *432 thus stands as an expression of principle on the part of the Founders of our Constitution that religion is too personal, too sacred, too holy, to permit its ‘unhallowed perversion’ by a civil magistrate.”

      • Are you a mental defective? That is not a LAW, and it has to do with the imposition of school prayer.

      • I give up. I guess you don’t understand that the LAW is what is written AND AS INTERPRETED BY THE COURTS.

      • Which brings up another issue – the courts are supposed to enforce the Constitution and the law – not interpret it according to their whims and personal beliefs.

      • I agree, but one person’s whims and personal beliefs are another person’s well-thought out legal arguments. Just depends whose ox is being gored.

      • I retract my other statement, or I would, if I could find it. It was snarky and unnecessary… sorry.

      • Having said all that, I will tell you that I am appalled with women who wear the burkah in our society. I What kind of a message does it send? To young girls? To young boys? For the life of me, I can’t understand it. I also believe in my heart that some religions are better than others and some pastors and religious leaders are better than others. But I’m not ready to let my government, public schools, civic leaders, etc. give the imprimatur of acceptance to certain religions over others. Being raised in a jewish/catholic/baptist family, having been to bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs, having taken communion at catholic churches and attended adult baptisms at the river, I listen to my family members–all of whom I love and would give my life for–and I realize, if they can’t get along, how on earth will the world, without all the personal ties that bind.

    • its an easter egg hunt they arent trying to push God or Christ on anyone. Its coloring eggs and hiding them then looking for them. Athiests are rediculous. So afraid of God or speaking of him so offended. When an athiest goes on a tirad to me about how God doesnt exist I dont get mad or threatened I just say ok thats your opinion. truth is there is no pushing of religius belief in this situation. Its a friggin easter egg hunt designed to be fun for kids!!!! enough already!

  81. Here we go with a Muslim wanting to impose himself and his beliefs on everyone else. If you don’t think like me you are wrong attitude. Heaven forbid he just throw the flyer in the trash and move on…. Not to mention he is a sleezy lawyer.

  82. Just all gone nuts. Cant say anything cant do anyting. This is just one of the reasons I left the U.S. Living free on a island off the coast of hondruas 12yrs now.

  83. Wow, so this is one of those websites where you can’t disagree with the herd, or people will say things like “shame on you” or “up yours” or “if you don’t like it, leave” or “post again when you are smarter.”

    These are my favorites websites to post on. I think I’ll stay a while… until my freedom of speech gets squashed and I get booted for being too open-minded.

      • Which facet are you referring to: the reckless, “accomodate at all costs” Islamophile movement, or the “believe my religion or you suck” movement? 🙂

      • well, pete, your comment is pretty jumbled, so the best i can respond is that, i guess the buddhists experience the islamic cultural jihad in their countries a bit differently than do the jews and the christians in their countries.

        you seem befuddled by the “cultural jihad” concept…….

      • No, I am not “befuddled” by the concept of cultural jihad. I was trying to inject a little levity, but it obviously doesn’t translate on a comment. Oh well…

        What I meant by “reckless, accomodate-at-all-costs Islamophiles” is quite simply, people who change our way of life around so that Muslims can feel better. I think it’s fair to give a certain amount of latitude to different faiths to show benevolence and tolerance. What’s actually happening around the world is far more terrifying. Most governments now over-accomodate, for fear of reprisal. Islam isn’t a religion; it’s an ideological code of conduct born from Sharia Law. It’s absolute nonsense. The difference that most people seem unwilling to acknowledge is that while most Muslims are intolerant pricks, not all of them are jihadists that want to blow stuff up. It’s sort of the same thing with Christianity: the Bible says gay people should be stoned, but most people just choose to be uncomfortable about it rather than actually pressing someone to death with big rocks. Most governments don’t make the rational choice though, instead opting for a more “all-or-nothing” accomodation.

        Being tolerant of the existence of something you don’t like is one thing; bending over because you’re afraid another building might blow up? That’s something else entirely.

      • “Islam isn’t a religion; it’s an ideological code of conduct born from Sharia Law” That’s not correct Islam is “the religion of the Muslims, a monotheistic faith regarded as revealed through Muhammad as the Prophet of Allah.”

      • The parents in this story that complained SHOULD have complained since the flyer was given out by the school. There isn’t one ounce of innocence in this event. I can’t imagine anyone being naive enough to believe that no proselytizing will occur at this event. Separation of church and state protects everyone including Christians. Many of the hypocrites in these comments would be livid if the school handed out invitations to a Ramadan Carnival after school.

      • Sharia Law was developed after the Koran since it doesn’t provide may instructions for a legal system. Also “tolerance” has morphed into cultural relativism which is of no value in modern society. Cultural relativism makes the mistake of implying that you can’t make informed judgements against a particular culture that you are not a part of. Modern academics have poisonously indoctrinated that the cultural relativist version of tolerance in a moral imperative. This is not the case, it is not immoral to judge systems of ideas from other cultures. Sharia law is something that should be vocally opposed as barbaric and immoral. Sharia law isn’t acceptable in a post bronze age world. The same is true of old testament law in the bible.

      • What difference does that make? This is about public schools and the Church flyer.

        Or should we not have special protections for school children ?
        Tell them if they dont conform they should leave the country?
        Maybe we should just make Easter Non Religious and do away with minors.

      • of course darla, i could count on you to engage in concrete thinking. you seem to be unable to grasp the larger picture concepts and implications. so for you, the low-info, “narrow” thinker…..yeah, this is just about eggs and bunnies.

        rest easy, darla, there are actually people of principle and courage that will stand to save your sorry and silly self

      • Yes please explain to be the larger concept of passing out a Church flyer in a public school and how that is legal considering the law passed against it in 1964

      • Doesn’t anyone actually understand what the flyer was about? No religious services, no indoctrination, just an Easter Egg hunt which happened to be on the church lawn. As a believing Christian, I see no real outward relationship between the Easter Bunny, Easter eggs and Jesus. To many Christians, the Easter egg may well be a symbol of new life just as Santa Claus may be a symbol of love and charity, but neither appear in the Bible or any religious texts. Muslims, or any other group that gets their panties in a bunch over stuff like this, should chill out. I am much more upset over Sharia law in my country than his children should ever be about a darn Easter egg hunt!

      • I feel a such a high degree of certainty that NOTHING religious will transpire at that easter egg hunt located at a church. I’m completely positive that no members of the clergy or congregation will even try to guilt children into submission by using the Jesus Christ Masacre as a catalyst of shame. If this can be passed out then don’t complain if Muslims hand out a flyer for a Ramadan celebration after school. Of course hypocritical Christians only believe that separation of church and state only apply to non christ-centric religions. Also name the Sharia law that you are being persecuted by?

      • If you believe in this law and its because you believe in the seperation of church and state I ask are you married?

      • well my point was if you agree with the law because you believe in the seperation of church and state do you believe in marriage? marriage is a priest or minister marrying a couple but the state must sanction it with a license. So are you against marriage then?

      • You can choose to be married according to a Religious ceremony. Or By a Justice of the Peace.
        The Laws have to be respected first then the Religion.

      • actually never mind. I will not be returning to this blog because it just makes no sense to defend this man. Likberals are killing this country (no im not a republican im an American) trying to reason with athiests and liberals feels like trying to heard cats. I wish everyone well but God help us!

      • No I am not against marriage by the Church. Either way a person is married.
        American Law is to be written to Cover Americans.
        Church has their own Laws/observances/traditions expressed by their ministry.
        There are different Religions practiced by many Churches.

        The Bible tells us to obey the laws of the land. Romans 13

        “3 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same:

        4 For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.

        5 Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake.

        6 For for this cause pay ye tribute also: for they are God’s ministers, attending continually upon this very thing.

        7 Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.

      • laws have to be respected? why because big daddy govt says so? free thinking is what this country needs badly. Maybe we need to question laws that make no sense? In this specific case it was a flyer for egg unting not a recruitmnt letter. The tax payers will pay dearly for this man to win a rediculous case where no one was harmed because THEY say its law. Our society is truly a bunch of sheep who want to be led. Who cares who sent the flyers? They werent harrassing in any way. I just dont understand why liberals are so sensative and athiests are so hell bent on snuffing out christianity.

      • So we can disrespect any law we don’t agree with? Just ignore it?
        These are children. They go to school with other Children.

        I didn’t allow my children to do things growing up. I would not appreciate any organization to promote in school something I didn’t agree with.

        The first thing a child asks when they are told no, is Why ?
        Then later, but all my friends are .
        I agree they were not harassing. But they were wrong.

    • The issue is a complaint from a Moslem about one of our society’s oldest cultural events. Were you really open minded you wouldn’t be concerned about it. Or maybe if you were smarter…

      • That’s right, Well Done (?), go ahead and make me right. Vindication is a good flavor for my coffee.

  84. the Easter bunny is nothing more than a commercial marketing scheme… it has nothing to do with the cross of Jesus.

  85. His children were given an invitation to church grounds where people plan to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ by participating in traditional festivities that recognize the religious holiday. I’m a Christian myself, but even I can tell when church and state are being intertwined. And if you don’t think Easter is about religion, I suggest that you read 1 Corinthians 5:6-8

    • actually, matthew, the easter egg thing is much more pagan than it is christian. it is a fertility symbol. have you no tolerance for the pagans? have you no understanding of christianity, you bible-quoting “christian”?

      PS -i am not a christian

      • I like your argument, Carolyn. While its obvious that Easter was initially a pagan ritual, there is no doubt that the world today recognizes it as as a celebration about Jesus. If the man viewed the holiday as a nonsensical holiday, and the event wasn’t at a church, he would have no problem with it. But the separation of church and state is clear in American law. The correct way to do this would have been to send the invitations home in a sealed envelope and not target the children if you don’t believe in separation of church and state. Eggs, in general, were a traditional symbol of fertility, and rebirth. In Christianity, for the celebration of Eastertide, Easter eggs symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus: though an egg appears to be like the stone of a tomb, a bird hatches from it with life; similarly, the Easter egg, for Christians, is a reminder that Jesus rose from the grave, and that those who believe will also experience eternal life.

      • matthew – methinks that you make far too much of this separation of church and state strawman, and that you are on shaky ground, at best, when you engage in such an argument.

        further, according to your argument, the WH should not be hosting the annual easter egg hunt b/c that is a case of the gov’t promoting a specific religion.

        you are also avoiding the issue of the ‘cultural jihad’ that muslims are waging all around the world. this is a fact, no matter how uncomfortable that makes you. this is not about eggs and bunnies, this is about something far more sinister and dangerous. perhaps you are one of those people who will not heed the danger until you hear the whoosh of the sword coming down on your neck

      • Churches do not pay taxes, they do not pay taxes because they have Religious Exemptions. My Grandfather and Uncles are Pastors which also comes with special privileges because they are Religious. A Church is Religious, any event they sponsor is Religious.
        Other Countries do not protect Religious Freedom but we Do.

      • I’m thankful “Our Country” protects our Freedom of Religion.
        We have Jehovah Witnesses that come to our door every couple of weeks. Even though we are Catholic, we listen, take the flyer and thank them. I don’t care if you are Baptist, Methodist, Jewish or whatever. I personally don’t think Muslims/Islam has a true religion. They are not going to stop, because they have goals to take us down.

      • Regardless of whether the law is strawman or not, it is law nonetheless. And the point you bring to the table about Muslims being dangerous suffers from both fallacies of hasty generalization and irrelevant premises. First of all, most Muslims in the world aren’t on a mission to destroy America. Most people in Muslim countries who AREN’T Muslim still hate us because of how we treat their countries, not because they’re Muslim. Also, the actions of Muslims on the other side of the world have nothing to do with American Muslims in terms of danger. That’s a slippery slope that leads to American concentration camps for Muslims to keep our children safe at school.

    • 1. What religion was promoted by the flyer?
      2. Even if it did endorse a specific religion (which it did not), where in the Constitution is it forbidden to give religious literature on school grounds, as long as no religion is forbidden from doing so?

      • Public Prayer in Schools is the general term for this law.

        The Engel v. Vitale case came about because parents in New York challenged a prayer written by a New York education board. These Christian, Jewish and Unitarian parents did not want their children subjected to state-sponsored devotions. The high court agreed that the scheme amounted to government promotion of religion.” 1964

      • Oh really so funny because every school practices this law.
        But we will tell them you disregard this law as irrelevant. I am sure the Supreme Court will over turn it.

      • It went to the Supreme Court who agreed and expanded this.
        Engel v. Vitale was only the beginning.

    • No. They were not. It is an egg hunt. The word Easter was not used. Eggstrvaganza was the name of the function. As a High Priest in the “Church of the Bunny” (not a real church as far as I know) may the holy hand grenade on Antioch fly up your nose, then count to 3. not 4, not 2 unless it is on the way to 3.

  86. An Easter hunt has nothing to do with the Easter Celebration and is only an American created holiday in America that he and his children need to partake in to assimilate into America. Easter egg hunt is ridiculous and was created to create free trade and finances, nothing else to do with religion. Jesus rising in three days after his death and taking the keys away from Satan for our sins and us eternally dyeing has absolutely nothing to do with egg hunting in America. Most of you folks are just racists, ignorant and hateful and you have forgotten you yourselves didn’t assimilate in this country you stole from the keepers and Original Natives for you simply murdered them, then continued on with your innate evil behaviors in doing what you wanted to do. Stop trying to force others to do as you do because you chose to do them.

  87. Moreover, I went to Catholic School in America as a child and did not attend a Easter Egg hunt there and you criticize him? You are all Hypocrites! Allen West is an idiot and he needs to stay far from anyone’s children!

    • Um, could you please explain what your attendance or lack thereof to an Easter egg hunt has to do with this? If anything, you support that this isn’t really a religious ceremony.

      • No she is saying a Church is a Religious organization regardless if they have an Easter Egg hunt or not.

    • So, you didn’t go to Easter Egg Hunts, who cares. If you are a true Catholic, do me a favor and not admit it, because you make the rest of us Catholics look bad.

  88. In
    God We Trust. It’s on our money. God Bless America. One Nation,
    Under God. If you don’t believe in God, don’t move to this country. I
    refuse, anymore, to make allowances for jack-asses. This is asinine.
    Church and State should have never been separated. Look at our money.
    We are losing our freedom in our home country because of having to be
    “politically correct” and sensitive to others. F that. I’ve been used
    and hurt too much by non-Americans.

    • ‘In God We Trust’ replaced ‘E pluribus unum’ (out of many, one) as the US motto in 1956, and was not on ANY US currency until 1957. The pledge of allegience, which includes the phrase ‘One nation, under God’ was adopted by congress in 1942. The separation of church and state is supported by the First Amendment, and well over 200 years of case law.
      Thank God – actually thank Thomas Jefferson – that we can disagree about religious preferences – apart from issue of government and law.

      • Not true! Two-cent coins from **1864** clearly have “In God We Trust” on them. Besides, the last verse of our national anthem–Written in **1814** states (among other references to Heaven & a higher Power): “…and this be our motto: in God is our trust.” Additionally, My Country ‘Tis of Thee & America the Beautiful ALL refer to God.

  89. Please run for president Mr. West!! If our country has any hope of survival, it is going to be from brave orators as yourself who are wise enough to know that kowtowing to the Islamofascists does not appease them; it only emboldens them and threatens the integrity and long term stability of our nation.

  90. Let’s be honest. This statement, by this racist, was a two edged sword. If the teachers showed the respect that the father wanted and handed the flyers to only non-muslim children then the teachers would be excluding his children and therefore start a racial conflict. What the father really wants is that all non-muslim activities should be stopped and muslim friendly activities be promoted.

    • What this Father really wanted was for the Church not to give out the flyers at a public school.
      By Law he is correct.

      • The CHURCH did not give it out. The SCHOOL did. It is about eggs and a hunt for candy. It is held at a church location. It did NOT say anything about Jesus, Christ, Christianity. Separation OF church and state, not separation FROM church and state. Seems he’s ok with his religion ruling every aspect of their lives – mosque, home, school, etc. Just not ok with ANOTHER religion. Oh but wait – it has nothing to do with religion. Unless it’s the church of the Big Egg. Funny – he’s trying to say his SEVEN year old came home and really said “I’m uncomfortable with this?” Seriously? Perhaps he thinks WE’RE 7 years old and might believe that. What a crock. Inclusiveness ends where christianity begins – they can have their religion in every aspect of their lives – what about the respect for another religion? Apparently they don’t teach that in their country – so he moves here, and then wants to squash it here.

      • It was the Church who sponsored these flyers and by their own Pastors admission said it was part of their Ministry.

      • so the church sponsoring it doesnt make it a religious event. If a military base was inviting families to an easter egg hunt does that make it a military recruitment? stop thinking of it as religious it was a hunt for colored eggs that a fictitional bunny laid. Thats all!

      • A Church is defined by Law as Religious. They do not pay taxes. Good grief how much more obvious can a person get?

        Don’t tell me my Church is not religious and their ministry is not religious so you can ignore American Law to degrade others.

      • where did I say a church is not religious? you are good at twisting words and trying to sound intelligent BUT what I said was that THE EVENT wasnt religious. In no way did religion come into play on the flyer. Are you correct in the interpritation of the law? yes.. but its absurd. Our society is succumbing to people such as yourself that will follow any law no matter how rediculous because big daddy govt says so. we are supposed to be tolerant BUT not when it doesnt suit the liberal movement. It was an innocent flyer and everyone is up in arms. Its absurd. and when you respond that it is the law I will have responded sheep follow leaders lead. If a law is stupid and tax payers are wasting their money on this stupid lawsuit I say it should be changed. No harm was done and no offense was meant so maybe you and the others like you should get tougher skin and just throw the damn thing out!

      • Their ministry could be a simple as trying to spread love. Our church has an outreach ministry. Every year we throw one wing-ding of a bazaar. This thing has gotten so big that we don’t have to send out fliers any more. We raise in excess of $30,000. each year and every bit of it goes to the poor. The church organizes it and the entire community – no matter their religions – attend and buy knowing they are helping other people of all races and creeds. Maybe people just need to stop being so petty and join in the fun.

      • I have nothing against the Church and their ministry, Or Egg hunts.
        But I do agree with the laws and the School and Church were wrong.
        What if next time it is an atheist? What if it is Westboro?

        What if it is a snake handler? When Kennedy was elected Christians did not vote for Catholics.

        As far as I am concerned I can decide for myself , but I don’t think we should cross the slippery slope with children.

      • Fortunately, I think Westboro will collapse as their ringleader is now dead.

        The atheists crack me up. They don’t want religious holiday symbols on public land, but they are perfectly willing to replace those with their symbol of nothingness. If nothingness reigns, then they are technically the preferred religion. How’s that for a kick in the pants?

      • I think Westboro has been in a decline for a couple years.
        The Leader who just died had been thrown out well over a year ago.

      • 1) what is a symbol of nothingness?
        2) atheism is no believing in a God because there is a lack of evidence to support that. So what part of that is a religion? There are no atheist churches. There are no atheist doctrines. there are no atheist bibles to follow. I’m not sure I see how not believing in something makes for a religion all of a sudden.

      • The Engel v. Vitale case came about because parents in New York challenged a prayer written by a New York education board. These Christian, Jewish and Unitarian parents did not want their children subjected to state-sponsored devotions. The high court agreed that the scheme amounted to government promotion of religion.

      • Darla, I understand your point, but Engel v. Vitale is the case name. People are asking for the name of the actual law. It probably has a number rather than a name.

        I am fortunate to live in an area where people are big-hearted enough to recognize that the invitation is meant as a loving gesture to include everyone in the community. We are not Catholic, but my daughter attended the local Catholic school because of the quality of education there. Jewish students have attended this school. It’s not about an Easter egg hunt. It’s about the quality of education and daddy needs to stop his griping. He wants his 15 minutes of fame.

        As a teacher, I can tell you that more than likely those two little kids probably just handed the thing to their parents. I don’t buy his story about their complaints.

      • Darla is right. Law is made in more than one way, there is the actual statute, and then there is law made by the courts interpretations of those laws. In this case (not having read Engel v. Vitale) I assume the law violated was the US COnstitution. I doubt there was a law that allowed women to get abortions in Texas when Roe v. Wade became law (indeed, there was probably a law outlawing abortions) but the court’s interpretation of the constitution MADE it law that women could get abortions. I hope this clears it up for you.

      • Engel v. Vitale was an issue that caused the Supreme Court to decide Prayer In Public School. It was further expanded to Bible readings and all Religious acts. The Civil Rights and Discrimination has protections written in as well.

        And yes Abortion was made illegal in the mid to late 1800’s
        Roe Vs Wade interpreted that law.

      • You didn’t need to clear it up for me. I teach law and Constitution. The problem is that people always say something is thus and such – such a it’s a law, but they fail to back it up with the actual documents. We all do this from time to time. Some people just wanted clarification.

      • I wasn’t being snarky, btw, Some people don’t get the concept of judge-made law, and I was trying to use a concrete example. I agree people need clarification sometimes, and I admit I am NOT a constitutional law expert by any stretch of the imagination!

      • Okay. Not a problem. I’m not an expert… but I get hit in the face with it everyday, and I’m enjoying the conversation. We’re getting ready to have the mother of all thunderstorms so I probably need to get off of here. I hope we can converse in the future. Have a good one.

      • I am not an expert either. Just a person who cares about children and tries to see both sides of an issue.

      • I believe the children did question the flyers. I have seen this happen at Halloween .
        I agree it is not about the Egg hunt. It is about the fact the Church sponsored it and sent the invitations to the public school. This is inciting to children and they would want to know why they can’t go.

        I am not sure of the number of the law, parts of this is covered in the Civil rights, the Discrimination , and if you look up Prayer in Public School you will find much information.
        Remember it is more limited what you pass out to children.
        I think that is what everyone is forgetting.

      • Too much protesting here. There many things enticing children all the time. I just think people get into an uproar when one isn’t really needed. So, when his children complain because they can’t have the latest gadget on the telly, is he going to whine about that about that to the press. I think not. Maybe I’m a bit more open-minded than he is. My child is from India.

        I appreciate your views and you make excellent points. My kid loves to try all sorts of foods, She’s been to a Muslim home to eat. She did tell me the other day that I might be a little to laid back.

      • When a child starts wanting everything on tv I turn it off.
        I think this one is protested to much because it is a Muslim.

        But you know what parent does need one more thing added to their job?

        And I think children should be exposed to various cultures what better way than food?
        But it should always be the parents choice.

      • That is true. I just think he could have handled it a bit better. We are starting to storm out and I need to get off of here. I hope we can talk again. It has been a pleasure.

      • I don’t believe this child said it either. This is his father’s opinion, which is fine behind closed doors. It reminds me of parents taking their children to demonstrations and the children have no clue nor do they understand what it is all about. That is something I think a law should be for, no children at demonstrations. All he has to do is not take his child and do whatever they believe in. So tired of it!!!!

      • I do believe the child said it. But I do also agree that parents should not take their children to protests or demonstrations.
        To me it is not about the Easter egg hunt it is about the Church inciting children at School.
        The kids know they are different. Some parents will allow their children to participate some don’t.

      • An inciting incident is an event or action that propels the plot of a story forward. It is the thing that makes the protagonist or hero take action. It acts as.

      • And agree which is why he should either throw the flyer away or try to hold his own event and see the outcome. If then he gets negative reaction for his event then he certainly would have a case for being offended. Either way I believe school shouldn’t allow it to be handed out.

      • Darla, tell us. What law was violated? You are apparently one of the many who think the left’s slogan “separation of church and state” is in the constitution. The bill of rights says Congress will not establish a state religion. That’s all it says. The school can hand out invites to any public event, especially one that has been part of our culture for generations. Moslems don’t have to like it. Besides, there is NO WAY his kids said what he is saying they said. In fact I doubt they said a word.

      • The Engel v. Vitale case came about because parents in New York challenged a prayer written by a New York education board. These Christian, Jewish and Unitarian parents did not want their children subjected to state-sponsored devotions. The high court agreed that the scheme amounted to government promotion of religion.

      • The Prayer in Public School law passed in 1964.
        The Civil Rights laws also passed in 1964
        Discrimination Laws.

      • The First Amendment – ” “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise”. The establishment and free exercise clauses provide the basis for the separation of church and state interpretation upheld MANY times by case law.

      • upheld wrongly and setting a precedent (to the delight of our nemesis Satan) for removing Christianity from this country. We are a nation founded on religious principles with freedom OF religion, not freedom from religion. Lets call it what it is, a plot of the devil to steal America’s blessings because a nation full of God fearing people just doesn’t suit his purposes. How far have we fallen in the past 50 years? It will continue to snowball until we are morally and spiritually bankrupt.

      • It’s an EASTER egg hunt…EASTER is a religious event….public schools passing out flyers for an EASTER egg hunt is indeed a crossing over of the church & state separation….I agree with Darla…By law he is correct! Not that I don’t think he ought to just ‘get over it’, but how much of an uproar would it cause if public schools were handing out flyers for some Muslim holiday activity…???

      • By a liberals interpretation of the law only. The intent of our founding fathers was never to exclude God and Christianity from society, in fact quite the opposite. It was to promote freedom OF religion and not freedom FROM religion. They proved that through their actions and writings which are widely ignored in the discussions today. Only later was separation of church and state pushed as an issue and it’s a perverted interpretation that has been pushed by modern day secularism and political correctness.

      • By the High Court in 1964. Try actually learning the Constitution (which by the way has been updated since the Civil War)

      • You’re cut and paste skills don’t impress me, but oddly enough you prove my point exactly. I just don’t think you can form rational thoughts on you’re own, so I doubt you’ll even understand why.

      • It is the law. I don’t have to impress you , If you dont like the law take it up with the Supreme Court. If this Father sues concerning this he will win.

      • To violate the law requires STATE action, a child inviting kids to his church, no state action. But if the school principal gets on the intercom and says, “You all are invited to Noah’s bar mitvah this Saturday” then you have state action, and that’s not allowed.

      • sadly he will but keep in mind the woman from McDonalds who won her lawsuit for burning herself with coffee that clamied she didnt know it was hot also won.

      • I watched the documentary on that. The coffee was over the temperature and McDonalds had been cited 3 times concerning this. That lady was burned bad she had to have skin grafts.

      • she put the cup of HOT coffee between her legs while driving. Are you really defening that victory in our judicial system? no matter how hot it was who the heck does that and doesnt expect to get burned?

      • She wasn’t driving, her daughter was and they parked in the parking lot when she opened her coffee to put cream in it.
        There are rules to determine the temp. of hot beverages.
        This pot was boiling .

      • A Church is Religious. If it wasn’t it would be a building. You can’t separate this Church from Religion.

      • so you think the religious aspect of easter is about a magic bunny who lays colored eggs so kids can hise them and find them? um hate to tell you its not.

      • Finally somebody said it. I was trying to figure out how to choose my words and put it in writing. Excellent point.

    • Supported by American Law which I am beginning to wonder if I am the only one who knows anything about this?

      • Because it violates the Church and Public School.
        The Church sponsored the event. Had they given the flyers out anywhere but at public school they would have been fine.

        This law passed in 1964 concerning prayer in School has been expanded to include all Church activity in the School.
        The reason they did this is because they are children and it protects parents rights to teach all forms of religion or none at all.

        ” The Engel v. Vitale case came about because parents in New York challenged a prayer written by a New York education board. These Christian, Jewish and Unitarian parents did not want their children subjected to state-sponsored devotions. The high court agreed that the scheme amounted to government promotion of religion.

      • So if I understand correctly legally it doesn’t matter what the activity is only that it is held on Church ground. Even if it was a blood drive the fact that it’s being held at a Church it cannot be promoted on School Ground?

      • If it is sponsored by a Church as part of their ministry they can not. There are very few events that can be promoted through the School. All the Churches here know better. I wonder what is really going on?

        Some Churches have rooms that they rent out to others which clearly isn’t part of the Churches ministry. Like the Meeting in Cincy with Sharpton. LOL I seem to remember that politics and Church was strongly condemned there.

      • You are welcome.
        I hope that was clear enough, you can have a non Church sponsored event on Church property. I wouldn’t bring a keg.

        But this Egg hunt is sponsored by the Church who does not pay property tax because they are Religious.

      • It is a church activity. Its about easter… you know the death and resurrection of Jesus. Ever heard of it?

      • It is pretty much the same thing as Christians who have Christmas trees and exchange presents.
        Some Christian Religions do not believe in this. Regardless Christians believe Christmas and Easter are religious holidays.
        I was taught the Word Easter means “To Rise” and the Eggs symbolized new life. I have no clue where the Bunny came from.

      • what does hunting for colored eggs laid by a magical bunny have to do with Jesus? in no way was Jesus or God mentioned nor was any religion or religious subject mentioned. Its a kids activity for fun please stop making this into something its not

  91. Mr. Moughni, please feel free to pack you and your family up and move to some 3rd world chit hole Muslim country. Do not come to our country and tell us what we can and can’t not do. We do not need or want you here!

    • Mr. MessyMaddie2, please feel free to pack you and your family up and move to some 3rd world chit hole European country. Do not come to my country and tell me who can and cannot live here. We do not need or want you here!

  92. If no specific religion is forbidden from passing out literature, how is it considered an endorsement of a specific religion?

    • All religion are prohibited from passing out literature in a Public School.
      The difference no one is considering is they are children, Minors. You can’t just do anything or say anything to children with out their parents.

      • but it wasnt religious it was an easter egg hunt…this is what I dont understand. this whole thing blew up into religion when it was a hunt for colored eggs laid by a bunny.

      • It is Religious when It is a Church. I was a Sunday School Teacher this is how they do out reach. The Pastor said it was Ministry. and This is not allowed to be promoted in Public Schools.

      • I walked away and realized some people really do not understand this. I have read to many hateful comments. But not from you.
        Think of it like this, your child comes home with an invitation to hunt eggs at Westboro. It is not a disruption of a service members funeral.
        Your child really wants to go. You say no we don’t believe like they do.

        It is what the Churches Represent.

      • Well we certainly wouldn’t want someone passing out a flyer to your children or say anything about it. God forbid the easter bunny interrupt some kids dreams of jihad.

      • The thousands of Somalis and other Muslims who commit female genital mutilation. The thousands who try to practice this even after moving to the UK and USA. World Health Org Key Facts:
        Key facts
        Female genital mutilation (FGM) includes procedures that intentionally alter or cause injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.
        The procedure has no health benefits for girls and women.
        Procedures can cause severe bleeding and problems urinating, and later cysts, infections, infertility as well as complications in childbirth and increased risk of newborn deaths.
        More than 125 million girls and women alive today have been cut in the 29 countries in Africa and Middle East where FGM is concentrated (1).
        FGM is mostly carried out on young girls sometime between infancy and age 15.
        FGM is a violation of the human rights of girls and women.

      • “There is no mention of FGM in the Bible or Quran.[102] Although its origins are pre-Islamic,
        it became associated with Islam because of that religion’s focus on
        female modesty and chastity, and is found only within or near Muslim
        communities. ”

      • I noticed how you glossed over the fact that Atara just showed you ignorant you are in terms of the atrocities performed in MUSLIM nations. But that is ok we know its common procedure for Liberals to misdirect and obfuscate when they are proved wrong.

      • Outside Islam, FGM has been practised by the Christian Copts in Egypt and Sudan, and by the Beta Israel of Ethiopia, the only Jewish group known to have practised it. Judaism requires male circumcision, but does not allow FGM

      • You need to go up the page and click on the “honor diaries” before you open your mouth about this subject. You do not know what you are talking about

      • You really are deflecting off the real subject which is the freaking easter egg hunt. Take your BS and peddle it elsewhere. We all know that the Muslim culture abuses women so don’t try to prove how wrong this person is about genital mutilation. Do you really think people will be like “Oh, well since they don’t do that, we’re sorry – I’m okay,and you are definitely you’re okay.

      • I’m not one who mentioned it first. You don’t seem to know the first thing about muslim culture. If you did you would know there is no such thing. My point actually was Christians and Jews practice that same genital mutilation. But hey if your only purpose is to stick it to the libtards you are free to remain ignorant.

  93. Not only Muslims but other people that come to this country like from Mexico and try to change our flags, culture, if they don’t like the way things are done in this country pack your back to where you came from and we will mighty glad to see you go.

  94. One more thing I understand our So Called President made it possible for several thousand muslims to come to this country when he in office, that should tell where he stands on America

  95. ” Maybe we should all be a lot more offended as often as possible to fully embrace thisnew culture of knee-jerk offense and give it every chance to work. After all we in the West have many more reasons to be offended by the religion of peace than it has to be offended by us.” Listen to the long list of why Pat Condell is offended!

  96. Now, if some muslims passed out some flyers in a school for a muslim tradition, this article would bash the ones who pass out the flyers. you idiots arel etting old beliefs of non-coexistence cloud your minds and make you out as bigots

  97. I think it’s because the kids aren’t old enough to know about things that go on under the burka, like ovulation…

  98. I don’t see him standing up for that 9 month old accused of attempted murder in his home land. Butch up America

  99. If they are offended they can go back to their country, this United States of America not United States of Islam. Screw you and the camel you rode in on.

  100. Mercado, if I’m not mistaking your first name is white and your last name is Spanish, so I am assuming that you are not native to this land as well. ; )

    • free spirit, you are definitely mistaken!! This Country(USA) was founded on the theory of God and a Christian nation! You don’t have to be a Christian or worship Christianity to enjoy the greatest nation in this world!! But with that being said, if you don’t like it here, and you can’t honor our Country’s customs and want to push your anti-American beliefs upon us, you can go back to your third world country, and please take your co-conspirators and fellow haters with you!!!! “May God Bless America”

  101. let’s not tell people to go back to their country because that would include all the millions of Americans who are not native to this land. I am sure Native Americans would love having their land back after what all the heartless NON-MUSLIMS did to them.

    • I see your point and totally understand what you are saying, but I speak to an individual or illegals. It’s kind of hard when you are tired of being screwed over at every turn. I try my best not to be mean and nasty, but today, it hit me wrong.
      PS: I wasn’t born when the land was taken, but knowing history, I hope it never happens again.

    • I don’t even see where it says that Mr. Moughni isn’t a native of Detroit. The article doesn’t suggest he’s not American, only that he’s not Christian…

    • of course you do realize that Native Americans weren’t the first one’s here, right? how about we stay with current day and quit looking into the past where neither you nor I were involved.

    • Bless your little heart- you comment is stupid. I am sick and tired of people using the Native American stick in an attempt to make an intelligent comment. My Dakota Sioux grandfather taught me that anyone born here is a Native American. There are Americans who happen to be Sioux, Cherokee, Creek and, so on; as well as, Americans who happen to have French, English, and German ancestry. The point is, certain immigrant groups are refusing to assimilate and, , just want to colonize. Those third world type do need to leave as soon as possible. While they are able.

    • native americans migrated here from asia….they did not originate and evolve here…mankind originated in africa and migrated from there

    • *yawn* — go back to your Obama Kool Aid and welfare son. This conversation is for adults. Mommie didn’t say you could come out of the basement….but since you’re eager for attention, maybe you could provide some examples of what you’re claiming?

      • How about all the crying about hijab day on this very website. You can spare the little attention you have left and take care of the electric scooter granpa.

      • well that didn’t answer the question….wonder why? can you please outline how Christians are ‘apoplectic’ when someone is offended by their Christianity?

        “It was not telling anyone to go to church. It was not a summons. You,
        sir, failed as a parent by not simply explaining to your son the
        difference between an invitation and an actual threat. Please teach your
        child common sense. Also Easter eggs are not religious. Anyone with
        half a brain would know that”

        apparently you have no brain. go play in traffic kid.

      • It was church sponsored doesn’t matter if it’s a blood drive. It was that way before the Muslim guy came here he’s not imposing anything on anyone. He’s not doing anything the Christian right hasn’t done. Like all the crying and boycotting over the Mozzilla CEO losing his job, or rushing to the barricades to defend Phil Robertson bashing gays in Rolling Stones and all those complaints about intolerance against black conservatives.

  102. Well, if he isn’t comfortable, maybe he needs to return to a place that doesn’t do these things; maybe this relationship isn’t working but a lot of people were here first and most people don’t want to have to change everything because there is constantly someone who is “offended” who tries to control everyone else….if we keep this up, some day we will all be prisoners in our homes, not talking, not making art or music or interacting and we might as well all be dead…so I guess the bottom line is that you need to teach your children to assimilate in this new country they live in…we do not ALL have to change for you because everything in this country is not always ALL ABOUT YOU. If you haven’t noticed, other people live here, of many nationalities and cultures and have lived here maybe longer or a lot longer than you and we all have lives that don’t have to be controlled by you and your very sensitive children. At the moment many Americans are very upset that our President is doing what he’s doing, getting into our lives more than we would all like, contributing to Muslim causes, the very people who would harm us and have in the past so this problem to many is not of a great magnitude – there are a lot of big, serious things going on in this country – so put it in perspective. Throw the stupid flyer away and calm your kids and just look into it without making a huge stink. I don’t know if you are Arab or Muslim, but this is America, not Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, etc. maybe one of those countries would be a better fit.

  103. No sir whats offense is your religion demanding prayer rooms in schools so your little precious can get out of class during the day to do whatever it is you do, cant have it both ways…although you seem to be winning that one due to gutless politicians all to willing to cave into your every whim

    • Yo make a valid point. But I agree that one who is praying is inward and has nothing to do with luring others to your cause. There was another article where a little girl wanted to say a blessing before she ate her meal. I dont see anything wrong with that either.

      • There is something wrong with it if a special room has to be set up for you to do that praying, and if your praying interferes with classroom time, and if your prayer causes a “religious” are to be set up in a school. When I pray I don’t need a special room for it – I can do it anywhere, anytime and nobody has to know, and public time and attention and money certainly does not have to be given to it.

  104. I am deeply offended that he is offended. His children were traumatized by pictures of bunnies and eggs. My children were traumatized by pictures of airplanes flying into buildings.

    • This is very ignorant. One opinion is given, and because he is Muslim, since the author won’t let us forget that fact, he is criticized for it. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, wouldn’t you agree? And since he has given his opinion, he is basically being subject to racism. Muslims can’t control the actions of extremists, but they apparently are held responsible for them.

  105. A Bunny–Any reason for that third world trash to complain. They are not here to assimilate, their goal is to displace the citizen population- complaint by complaint.

  106. Eggs and bunnies are pagan fertility symbols anyway, nothing to do really with Christianity, though I suppose he would be even more horrified to know that, as would the Christians……

    • Don’t be silly. Bunnies and eggs are universal. No one is “horrified” or surprised at the fact that pagans existed before Christianity or Islam existed, and used the same symbols or ate the same foods or whatever that we do today. That doesn’t make the symbols or food or whatever especially pagan. It makes them human.

      • Hi Auggie. Allow me to gently disagree. Yes, we still us these symbols, but we don’t attach the same meaning to them. Ask the majority of people in Christian countries what the eggs and rabbits symbolize and they will say “Easter”, if that (for most people in the UK it’s all about the chocolate, as they don’t go to church, they don’t even vaguely connect it to the Christian calendar any more). For pagans, these things had a very real meaning, broadly fertility, an innocent, if important, idea in itself, but one that Christians get hot under the collar about, being far too natural and close to the “s” word”……………anyway, though I imagine it is largely Christians who organise these egg hunts in the States, I think the man is being very silly to see it as some sort of attack on his culture and spoil the fun.

      • Hi Malinda. Difficult to say weather it is “most”, or just “many”. In Britain Easter is now just a festival of chocolate, as I see it, people don’t see it as a Christian festival, let alone think much about the origins of the symbols. I would be interested to know how American Christians view this. I suppose the egg hunt is just a bit of fun for the kids, which is why the man, IMHO, is being so silly.

  107. This man is apparently a professor at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law. Really! No tolerance for our customs. Pitiful. Is it any wonder that people don’t like Muslims who flaunt their religion, but refuse to accept other religion’s points of view.

  108. get the hell out if you don’t like it .. send your kids to a private school these people need to go. Who flippin whines over a flyer if they were not given on he would have cried discrimination


  109. I know with a high degree of certainty that nothing religious will transpire at that easter egg hunt located at a church. I’m completely positive that no members of the clergy or congregation will even try to guilt children into submission by using the Jesus Christ Masacre as a catalyst of shame. If this can be passed out then don’t complain if Muslims hand out a flyer for a Ramadan celebration after school. Of course hypocritical Christians only believe that separation of church and state only applies to non christ-centric religions. Also name the Sharia law that you are being persecuted by?

    • it is a stupid flyer not interested than don’t go .. why make such a big deal out of nothing. Things go on all the time that people do not like.. who cares just go about your own life … Geeze people need to stop the BS

      • In answer to your question about being upset about ‘Ramadan Flyers” were passed out during or after school. . . .my answer is yes, I would be upset. Why? you might ask. Am I a hypocrite? No again. I would be just as upset if flyers about the KKK, or Skin-Heads were being passed out. Religious implication . . .NOT in the slightest. I’m against flyers advocating killing people, beheading non conformist, burning churches, coercion, etc. The Islamic way of thinking is more that a religion . . .it’s a way of people control. Sharia Law is a tool of that way of thinking, and I’m NOT for that either.

      • We have Easter egg hunts at the School sponsored by The Legion, and local business.
        The Churches also have Easter egg hunts.

        The difference is the Churches are Religious and the local business are not.
        That is what this is about. Church Sponsorship promoted in a public school .

      • Many Muslims treat Sharia law the same way Christians treat the old testament…they disregard it. The old testament is nothing but a manual for how to be a self absorbed genocidal maniac in the same way the Koran is. Bronze age morality has no real place in modern society. I can’t even begin to tell you how much real persecution the few gay students at my local high school go through at the hands of Christians. Does this mean all Christians behave this way? No it doesn’t. The problem is fundamentalism in any religion causes extremism. The extremists in any religion should be shunned but to paint everyone in any one religion as an evil demonic swarm betrays a lack of knowledge on your part.

      • I was taught that the Old Testament was like a history lesson.
        I don’t understand how people can try to tell me that Hobby Lobby should have exemptions under the RRFA because the owners can not ignore their Religious Belief for their Company, But A Church Can when they have an Easter Egg Hunt?

        That is a weak faith and insulting to the Church.
        I asked a 10 yr old just now about this , her first question, Who sponsors it. I said the Church, she said then if the Church sponsors it, then the Church is doing it for the Church and they will ask you to come back to Church. So it should not be in School.

        I know these kids are bright but they are not genius, they do get this.

        And finally I would like someone to show me in the Bible where it is ok to discriminate ,Hate, and persecute others to begin with.

      • OK, so here’s my position about this so-called “Separation of Church and State. FIRST: it’s not in the US Constitution. SECONDLY: The whole idea and intention of a separation of church and state was to keep the state out of the church . . . .NOT the other way around.” (Do your research please) THIRDLY: I support any Christian activity in any of our Public Schools, and at the same time I advocate we keep out any Non-Christian Religious groups. Now that aught to ruffle your feathers quite a bit.

      • You can support whatever you wish But our laws don’t . That only to prevent the State from involvment in the Church new talking point ? It’s wrong try Constitutional Law, not fox.

      • Despite the fact that I am a Mother of an Iraqi Disabled VET Yes I would.. I really don’t care what others do I would have tossed it .. To each their own .. I understand it should have not been handed out in a public school. I get the whole church and state issue, which if you read the article is explained. What I do not understand is why it has to be a major issue. People are hyper sensitive. If he doesn’t want his children subjected to these things than place them in a private school or take to a country where they will be taught what he wants them to be taught. Freedom is about differences. NOW as far as Dearborn having a large Muslim population I am sure when the Muslim holidays come they have there thing This is a “Christ”ian holiday let them have theirs. I do not however like the idea of the Muslim population attempting to push their beliefs on other either. Their religion and government are one and the same. Did our founding fathers not fight for that separation among other things during the revolutionary war. Lets see if this becomes yet another frivolous lawsuit …

      • an insult says more about the person flinging it than the person it is directed at. I like to read others opinions even if mine are different. I warn you do not bring Illegals up LOL … That is my sore spot !!! and Obama care well ok Obamawack in a whole. You have some very valid points but come off harsh, debating is a way of educating each other. I have the same problem when it comes to illegals so …

      • Thank you for your insightful wisdom. Please tell me more about how ignorant I am. I only wish to be more like you.

      • “you are making ASSumptions. and as for handing out flyers for a muslim event…..most of us would not care…..if we did not want to go, we would throw the flyer away…….THAT is what is called tolerance. you, on the other hand are a member of the thought police, and given your seeming knowledge of what “would happen” at the egg event, you just might be a psychic thought policeman. geeezz, is there no end to the progressive multicultural insanity??” This was certainly sarcasm free.

      • Thank you Malinda for your very detailed intellectual response. I value it greatly and hold very dear to my heart. It held so much deliberate thought and great verisimilitude that I can’t believe I hadn’t considered that view point before. You have opened my eyes to my own self deception. I weep before you and ask for your forgiveness.

      • Little Josh Horner, go sit in a corner. And continue to eat your curds and whey. Cause your mind is small and you look quite droll. Judging from the picture on this page.

      • Oh the absolute height of comedic satire!! Shakespeare couldn’t match your wit Robert. Not since Larry the Cable Guy has the world seen such mastery of cultural comedic awareness.

  110. What?? Mr. Moughni should get used to this stuff if he wants to live in the USA! Bunnies and Eggs are not religious symbols any more than Santa represents the birth of Christ. These are secular symbols which allow children of all religions to celebrate together.

    • I can’t believe that anyone would be naive enough to belief that this would be a proselytization free event. That they would believe that the congregation and clergy would be completely silent and not try to invite the children back for a service. Would you be happy if the local mosque handed out flyers for a Ramadan Carnival? Likely not.

      • josh – you are making ASSumptions. and as for handing out flyers for a muslim event…..most of us would not care…..if we did not want to go, we would throw the flyer away…….THAT is what is called tolerance. you, on the other hand are a member of the thought police, and given your seeming knowledge of what “would happen” at the egg event, you just might be a psychic thought policeman. geeezz, is there no end to the progressive multicultural insanity??

      • maybe you shouldn’t make assumptions here is something I posted earlier. “tolerance has morphed into cultural relativism which is of no value is modern society. Cultural relativism makes the mistake of implying that you can’t make informed judgements against a particular culture that you are not a part of. Modern academics have poisonously indoctrinated that the cultural relativist version of tolerance is a moral imperative. This is not the case, it is not immoral to judge systems of ideas from other cultures. Sharia law is something that should be vocally opposed as barbaric and immoral. Sharia law isn’t acceptable in a post bronze age world. The same is true of old testament law in the bible.”

      • Authors on this website make it a habit of conflating Islam, Jihad, Sharia and Arabs on one big monolithic block. Makes the fear mongering a lot easier.

      • There is actually a lot of ignorance on both sides of this issue. The conservative right demonizes them too much and the overly compassionate left makes too many excuses for their behavior.

      • I always adopt the attitude that if two sides are screaming at each-other from the extremes. The truth should lie somewhere in the middle.

      • There was nothing in this flyer that represents it as a religious holiday. This guy looks for ‘stuff’ to offend him & is secretly delighted when he finds something. He loves to be ‘outraged’ .

  111. He’s offended by Easter? What about the savage “rituals” or “traditions” they have of gutting animals live and laughing while the poor thing bleeds out? Mther FKker I’ll show them something offensive! You don’t like it LEAVE!!!

  112. That’s why America has freedom of speech, freedom of religion. Our country has had these believes for 238 almost years so why does one religious group want to change America instead of changing for America. It’s a privilege to live here if you don’t like it you have the freedom to leave!

  113. If Christianity offends them so much, why did they move to a nation predominately Christian? They have a reason to be here and it’s not to be a part of this country. Their agenda is evedent to me and I’m sure to anyone with a brain.

  114. If they don’t like leave…… Go back where they came from, if they want their traditions here, screw them America don’t want it… Happy Easter.

  115. Yeah, well, maybe suitable retribution would be a beheading. Does anyone else doubt that one of his boys was uncomfortable because of separation of church and state? They probably begged to go have fun. BTW, I’m glad this guy doesn’t have girl children!

      • No, because they were almost a thousand years ago and no relevance to today and secondly, despite what liberal colege professors will tell students, the crusades were NOT an unprovoked attack against the Islamic world, but was a delayed response to centuries of muslim aggression which was increasingly growing. It was never about Christian imperialism or an attempt to convert muslims to Christianity (as it is today with Muslims towards other religions). Instead it was about land and recapturing Christian lands and defense of Christianity….never about Christian dominance. Now f course i dont expect you to believe this because you have most likely been indoctrinated through liberal history books which say something more like – the poor Muslims were just sitting there minding their own business when the big bad mean Christians came along and for no reason at all just attacked them. I’m sorry to inform you that is a BS account of events

      • So to summarize, the Christians were attacking others, but they say they were justified and killed everyone who disagreed, so it’s ok.

        Whatever justification the victors gave, it doesn’t change the fact that Christians left their homeland, went to someone else’s and killed them for believing something different.

      • Maybe there isn’t a list because non-Christians didn’t want to wasting their on making one. Maybe it’s because they not fueled by hate. And the source of your website that you provided isn’t biased at all.

      • Its interesting how reporting ACTUAL events that happened is considered “hate” that means in order to show non-hate or love, we must turn a blind eye to these instances and pretend like they never happened or dont exist. That just blows my mind how people like you think….how convenient for the perpetrators of this violence to have their crimes excused, forgotten and covered up by people like you. They love people like you

      • I’m not saying these crimes don’t exist. I am merely saying that 1) Muslims are not the only group that commits crimes, and 2) the website you provided is not credible (meaning that they may not be all true facts) since that there are no sources. And let me ask you one question before you attack me again, will insulting Muslims (not saying you are) on this page stop all crime completely?

      • Really ? Name one example of a Christian attack on Muslims ? Just one.
        Ok so you think these are all made up lies of attacks that never happened huh ? I googled several of them and found other news sources corroborating it. Part of the reason why its hard for you to accept is because you dont recall hearing about any of these on CNN or MSNBC or the Huffington Post. That isnt by accident…its intentional…but if you deny media bias exists, you wont believe that either. Thirdly, i dont think insulting Muslims is the answer but I DO think we need to draw attention to these crimes and stop acting like they dont exist or pretending like there are just as many involving other religions, because we all know its not true. We can not redefine reality or re-write history in the interest of being politically correct. We have got to stop the PC non-sense and call a spade a spade.

      • I am not saying that they are made up lies.Heck, I googled some myself. But if you read the list, you can see Muslims are suspected for the crimes on some of them; some are allegations. And “Part of the reason why its hard for you to accept is because you dont recall hearing about any of these on CNN or MSNBC or the Huffington Post. That isnt by accident…its intentional…” thank you for telling me how I live my life. And I agree, these hateful crimes do exist and we need to reduce it or put a stop to it completely.

      • And one more thing, I never said anything about Christian attacks on Muslims, I was being a little more general

      • P.S. you have to understand people are sick of living in fear….they are tired of dealing with a culture/religion that wants to kill us for no reason. That is where the anger comes from.

      • But those are the ones who arent really following the faith…the Koran is full of verses commanding followers to wage war against non-believers. These are the verses causing terrorists to kill. So its hard to constantly give the benefit of the doubt when you dont know who the enemy is. I have always said since 9/11, that if peaceful Muslims want to blame anyone for being profiled (if you will) they should look within their own religion and what its preaching…dont get mad at Americans…we were the ones attacked…get mad at the extremists and do more to denounce those particular verses which are perpetuating this ongoing violence. But Clercs wont question the verses…they’ll only argue ambigously that the faith is only about love but when you mention those verses they get defensive and hostile

      • One of the most quoted verses in the Quran is the one that reads, “Kill them wherever you find them” (2:191-192). It’s interesting that those who quote that verse always exclude the beginning, which reads, “Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for God loves not transgressors.” This verse is referencing a specific war. The only time Muslims are permitted to kill someone is if war is being waged against them and they are defending themselves. “Permission to fight is given to those upon whom war is made because they are oppressed” (Quran 22:39). Of course, those who argue that Muslims want to kill “the infidels” exclude major Islamic principles from their argument so that they convince people to adopt their hateful views.

      • You are suggesting i have hateful views ? Got some breaking news for you…I’m not the one cutting people’s heads off, throwing acid in women’s faces