Seriously does anyone really believe Obama’s pronouncements regarding Benghazi?

President Barack Obama stood today in the Rose Garden and did his best “end zone dance,” spiking the ball and all. His antics however drew a penalty flag not just for immature showmanship, but for lack of credibility. The proprietor of the 2013 Lie of the Year and three of the top six Washington Post Pinocchio awards in 2013 fails to realize — beyond his loyal acolytes — no one is listening. Obama is a man with no, and I mean zip, zero, credibility. And a revelation today just put a torpedo into the listing USS Obama regarding Benghazi. Not that it’s any surprise.

According to a report by the Washington Times, “Before the Obama administration gave an inaccurate narrative on national television that the Benghazi attacks grew from an anti-American protest, the CIA’s station chief in Libya pointedly told his superiors in Washington that no such demonstration occurred, documents and interviews with current and former intelligence officials show. The attack was “not an escalation of protests,” the station chief wrote to then-Deputy CIA Director Michael J. Morell in an email dated Sept. 15, 2012 — a full day before the White House sent Susan E. Rice to several Sunday talk shows to disseminate talking points claiming that the Benghazi attack began as a protest over an anti-Islam video.”

Morell is scheduled to testify before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence tomorrow on Capitol Hill. This new revelation certainly brings back to the forefront a question of integrity from the White House about the September 11, 2012 attack that resulted in the death of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens – the first event of this magnitude since President Jimmy Carter.

I find it impossible to believe anything that comes out of the Obama administration — noted by many as the most secretive presidential administrations. It’s just so 1984 here in 2014.

There are countless unanswered questions about Benghazi, which the White House continues to stonewall – just imagine how a Republican administration would be hounded mercilessly by Democrats.

To me, the preeminent unanswered question revolves around the talking points used by Ms. Rice, then-U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Were they written by a CIA that ignored the assessment by its own station chief inside Libya? If so, it has emerged as one of the major bones of contention in the nearly two years of political fireworks and congressional investigations into the Benghazi attack.

Mr. Taylor reports that, “a former intelligence official told The Times that Mr. Morell did tell the White House and the State Department that the CIA station chief in Libya had concluded that there was no protest but senior Obama administration and CIA officials in Washington ignored the assessment.”

Multiple sources confirmed to The Times on Monday that the station chief’s email to Mr. Morell was written after one of the teleconferences during which senior CIA officials in Washington — Mr. Morell among them — made clear to the Tripoli station chief that they were examining alternative information that suggested there was a protest before the attack.

After the exchange, Mr. Morell signed off on the CIA talking points given to Ms. Rice promoting what turned out to be the false narrative of a protest.

Apparently, what transpired regarding Benghazi is that the Obama administration made a conscious choice between the truth and the political excuse, a scapegoat. Obviously, the last thing Barack Obama wanted surfacing two months before the 2012 election was a terrorist attack emanating from the country against which he’d just used American firepower to destabilize. Benghazi did not fit into the campaign narrative that al-Qaida was on the run and decimated — hard to sell that line with a dead Ambassador and abandoned US Navy SEALS. So it seems the administration chose to promote an unconfirmed media report about a demonstration, fully knowing it was false.

So, how many of you believe anything emanating from the mouth of Barack Hussein Obama? I certainly don’t believe 7.1 million Americans signed up for Obamacare. I truly do not believe there was a spontaneous demonstration as a result of a crude anti-Islam video trailer. And I do believe Obama has more flexibility for Vladimir Putin since his reelection — that truth is being played out in the Crimean peninsula and Ukraine.


  1. I can’t believe one single word that comes out of this pres or anyone in his administration. They are all trained liars. I’m not sure how he gets them to LIE for him. That will come out some day when a book is written by someone with the guts to tell the truth. Some day. In the meantime, as soon as his face comes on TV, I hit the mute button so I don’t have to listen to another LIE.

    • Katie, I can’t listen to his voice or see his face. It literally makes me “Nauseous.” I have never before seen an administration as evil as this one. I pray we can take the senate this year. God bless us all.

      • I will be working hard delivering literature, yard signs, making phone calls or anything else I can do to help get rid of the low-life dems in the house & senate. We have to get a majority in the senate or we are in for a potentially disastrous 2+ yrs more of obama. God help us. Just started working on my taxes & since I’m making statements against this administration, I fully expect to be audited. Guess I will tell the agent, “Oh sorry, but it will take me YEARS to get all the information you have asked to see.” Hah.

    • We wouldnt have him there in the first place if we had just hand counted the votes by real people instead of the “all-to-easy” manipulated computer. If our NSA has the ability to invade Iranian computer programs controlling centrifuges, how hard would it be change vote “a” to register vote “b”?

  2. If his mouth is moving, he is lying. He and hillary are masters at covering up problems that plague them. I do not care what the excuses are they both have blood on their hands

  3. As with all criminals, Obama is a liar! Those who voted for this FOOL have blood on their hands as well and will be held accountable at some point. You left wing nut jobs are responsible for the continued destruction of America!

    • Does this mean that everyone who voted for Bush and Cheney have blood on their hands too? After they invented, “weapons of mass destruction” then led us down the path of the yellow brick road that led to thousands of Americans killed plus 100’s of thousands of Iraqi soldiers and civilians killed. Obama gets 4 people killed in Benghazi and is a loser but Bush and Cheney get off Scotts free? Somehow the math doesn’t add up.

      • Thousands of Americans killed? In Iraq? Some how YOUR #’s don’t add up……so sadam Hussein should have been left in power? Really? After the invasion of Kuwait, and the constant threat of a rogue nation in the region? By the way are you REALLY defending Who will go down in history as THE WORST AMERICAN( IF YOU CAN CALL Barack Hussein Obama an American ) president ever???? Open your eyes……..he is AWFUL…….OZZIE, U R AN IDIOT

      • The ‘weapons’ has shown up in Syria as was expected, and briefly reported during the first Iraqi war.Remember the chemical weapons attacks?

      • It’s been proven that there were WMD’s. They were hidden in Syria. In your delusional world, you think that we should have let Saddam live and kill more people? We didn’t kill “100’s of thousands of Iraqi soldiers and civilians”. Those who were killed were insurgents. The Iraqi soldiers fought alongside us. Insurgents (terrorists) were killing a lot more people through suicide bombings and beheadings. Your rant is completely ignorant and delusional.

  4. Bottom line, how much more can this country endure by this completely transparent Anti-American Traitor, before anything, ANYTHING can be done to remove him and his cronies from occupying the White House any longer??? We are being decimated militarily, emasculated in the eyes of the world by a weak, spineless man with absolutely no feelings of pride or patriotism for the country he took an oath to defend. And his wife is the most repulsive, indignant, self-important disgrace of a First Lady to ever traipse the halls of the White House; so much so that the term “Lady” is a complete misnomer in its truest form. The Narcissistic Couple need to be removed immediately….with BHO being found complicit in the covered up murders of 4 innocent patriots.

  5. Does America really have to suffer him for his entire term in office? Is there no system in America for recalling a president who is a traitor and a threat to his own people?

  6. Let’s be honest, politicians as a whole have no credibility. That is what happens to any profession that refuses to police itself and in the case of politicians, is modus operandi to get elected and re-elected. The real question yet to be answered is how much of this crap is the taxpayer going to tolerate before we truly revolt?

  7. Both Obama and Bush jr should be hung, Both has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. Bush jr was an open crook, The first one That was blatant, I still believe he loved our country. Even tho the Saudi war on Iraq killed up to 1 million people with over half being civilians. But Obama I don’t even know were to start, This man almost started WW3 over another Saudi war with Syria, he arms terrorists, backs terrorists in Egypt, destroys our health care system. The list can go one and one, We as Americans need to stop allowing this to happen. If you take one down the rest will stand down. I can honestly say this president scares the crap out of me. We the people need to make a real change this nov

  8. Allen: No to necessairly change the subject, but I have read the statement “We constantly hear about Social Security running out of money, why don’t we hear of Welfare running out of money” Could you explain the difference, and why Social Security is reaching “broke” status with all the money being paid in, and does the government actually use social security funds for other government projects… Thanks

    • Edward….Congress has already earmarked and spent the Social Security money before it’s withheld from American’s paychecks. That’s why they have to borrow money to pay Social Security recipients……They drained the Social Security coffers years ago….

      • Yes, that is true, and President Johnson took money from the so-called lock box, so there is no wonder that social security is running out of funds. Had they invested the money, there probably would be enough to
        fulfill the payments for social security for many more years. Again, we have a government that never recognizes the fact that when you steal allocated money for one thing and use it for anything other than the original intention, it becomes a catastrophe.

    • The politicians have “borrowed” (stolen) from Social Security for years! While we have been paying in, the bastards has been taking it out to use on their pet projects. Look it up, while Johnson was in office they “borrowed” from Social Security & then again when Clinton was in office they Stole $2.4 Trillion from Social Security. The politicians use our paid in Social Security & Medicare as their own personal piggy bank. Oh we need a trillion $$$$$ for Obamacare so lets go borrow more from Social Security! It is time to vote all of the democrats out of office to make Obama NOTHING BUT A LAME ASS DUCK!

  9. They all should hang for treason. Demacrats are socialist candy asses and the repuplicans chimed in and jumped on the socialist band wagon. REVOLUTION

  10. I am appalled at the Benghazi aftermath. I don’t know what was really going on over there leading up to the incident. What has been obvious since it happened is that BHO didn’t want to engage–so, he may have had some reasons bound by states secrets. Yet, that gets all blown away when he sends Rice on TV with a completely unbelievable rant about a movie–that is my flag on the situation. Whatever the reason there may have been not to engage. Because of the stupid position Rice represented, I am left believing nothing from this administration on this issue, and conclude that they were only trying to get BHO reelected. Given that, the decision makers over that night should be sternly disciplined, even imprisoned.

    • I still believe it is not BHO, it’s his handlers runing his job, directing whoever to say whatever while he vacations, travels and continues to give meaningless speeches. BHO is no less an “Empty Suit” tha he was in 2008. Just has more handlers to provide readership to the nation.

    • Susan Rice got a promotion as one of Obama’s security advisers! You think he will let her out to tell the truth? Please they all, Obama, Biden, Hitlery & Rice should be in prison for the rest of their natural life! Everyone know that not one person in the Obama administration has EVER been held accountable for what they have done. I guarantee that Obama sent Susan Rice out there to lie on his behalf so he could go to his fund raiser in Las Vegas! All of these Wild Boars should be tried for TREASON & given the known punishment! To be hung by the neck until they are DEAD!

  11. We all know this to be true but what will be done about it? Finger pointing is just that with no end results. As long as we have a DOJ that’s as crooked as Obama and a do nothing Congress we will never get the players prosecuted…….

    • The only thing we can do is vote come November, And hope we have more patriots in the US that are Rep, Conservative, anything but democrat. I have read almost anything I can find on acts being sent to the senate by the Rep. That me precious Harry Reid is setting on. they do not have the power of the pen like the so called president has. And when Reid stops everything it is hard to get matters taken care of. Remember this is a one sided government. We have a house full of Democrats that know what Mr. Obama is doing is wrong and fail to help resolve the problems we are facing. Maybe they are scared of Obama to. I guess with half/part the DHS being terrorist, I would be two.

  12. Have you heard about the Veterans Party of America? If not it’s on Facebook. Perhaps there’s a solution.

  13. The massacre at Benghazi has distressed me since it was happening. To know that our government did nothing to protect an ambassador and an embassy in a foreign country makes it clear how far down America has fallen under the lack of leadership of Obama. So sad. Joan Hansen

  14. In the meantime while everybody knows the attack was not due to a video . The guy who made the video still sits in prison put there by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama he is the scapegoat. That should be very scary to all of us!!

    • Scares me. Could you specify which attack was not caused by the video?
      And which attack was causing the guy who posted it to be found guilty of probation violation to be jailed?

  15. Obama will never be tried for treason,hell simply leave the white house when this term is over.and hell be paid taxpayer money from our pockets.and live a lush wonderful life with his transgender wife and or his gay lovers.the whole American govt is corrupt ,Obama should be tried and convicted for what he did to this country.its soooooo unbelievable that hes gotten away with this ,this long.and hell probably stay in office longer than the allowed 2 terms. he is satan incarnate

    • One of the biggest problems we have is Harry Reid…..he never allows anything from the House to be put on the floor of the Senate. The House would like to vote for impeachment….but Reid stands with Obama and will never allow it to happen.

  16. When I heard of the attack I was angry. When I heard the B.S. cover-up story I was outraged. These leftists must think we are totally stupid. Someone must face the consequences for the abandonment of our people.

    • They are trying to undermind Hillary for 2016. Has nothing to do with embassy attacks, American embassies where attacked 13 times under GWB. More than Carter and Obama combined.

      • If we trolls leave, the IQ level will be lowered.
        You need us to take the blame for a your mistakes.

      • Is this a trick ?
        if we mention Bush, you people will hunt us down, shoot us and feed us to Cleney.

      • I would think someone with such an elevated IQ would be able to discern when sarcasm is being used.

      • Shhh, we were told not to mention Bush. Everything bad the ever happened to this country started with Obama.

      • That’s according to the memo I got . And of course we demos will send you reps a similar memo after Obama, err after Pres Hillary.

      • Hiding behind a mask pretending to be something you are not. go away, troll. Darn you’re stupid

      • Yes, but those embassy guards were armed with something other than clubs and fought back. The Benghazi guards cut and ran. Only one american was killed in those attacks and he was hit by a car bomb on his way to work. Bush didn’t leave Americans swinging in the wind like Obama and Hitlery did.

      • Sorry, but that entire comment was factually incorrect. More than 50 people died in terrorist attacks on diplomatic facilities under the Bush Administration.

      • Killery was in charge of the embassy’s all of them! Why did she refuse the asked for added security? Why was our people not pulled out when the British embassy pulled out their people? Why did Killery stand up in front of the families & LIE HER FACE OFF? I know what difference at this point does it make? It make a difference for those that believe in JUSTICE from the murdering scum bags!

      • You Are Correct..Typical Liberal Democrap…Hide The Name…Probably In Moms Basement on Her Old Computer..
        Sempre Fi’

      • LOL! That’s right! Curled up in the fetal position in their Mommies basement talking to Siri. Losers!

      • I was talking to Siri. She says she misses you and forgave you for leaving her for Rosie Palmer.

      • Rafael.
        No, we don’t have to undermine Hillary. Her record speaks for itself. “What Difference Does It Make”?

      • We can only hope people open their eyes and see the truth.
        Myself, I will not vote for anyone that has the last name of Carter,
        Clinton, Bush, Obama or anyone else that has ran previously. We shall see!

      • ‘Clinton: With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided that they’d they go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again’

        Why does every one leave out part of the sentence when they “quote” her?

      • OMG are you actually saying you are for Hillary Clinton?? Wow! So i guess maybe you should take a trip to Benghazi and when you dont return she can say “What difference does it make now?”. You are loopy.

    • Carter and Clinton set the stage for 9/11, so Bush would get the blame. Remember that it was the Clinton white house setting the stage for the communist take over by Obama and the demoncrats

      • Abagail, you forget to mention the Reagan and H.W. Bush Administrations between those two. You also conveniently dismiss 8 years between the Clinton and Obama Administrations. Were you making a joke about Republican logic, or were you actually being serious?

    • No but Bill Clinton was in in the White House for eight years up to January 20, 2001. Clinton’s administration significantly weakened intelligence gathering and the ability of agencies to work together. Clinton continued to treat Islamic terrorism as a domestic crime issue even after several significant terrorists attacks in the US, one against the World trade center, and against American facilities in the Middle East during his tenure. He left nothing for Bush to work with.

      • Just stating the facts and tired of the left trying to blame Bush for everything. You do recall how the Clinton Administration dealt with terrorist attacks using our domestic criminal justice system. And you do recall the “wall” his administration put up to prevent agencies from working together so the dots could be connected (9/11 attack). The Bush Administration dismantled the wall and caused some of us concern he had gone a bit too far.

      • That’s right, so what was your point about President Bush, being in a restaurant when he was killed?

      • The point is the Bush Administration had 8 years to find one person and they couldn’t do it.

      • If he deserves blame for Putin why wouldn’t he deserve credit for Bin Laden? I’m starting to see a double-standard in your argument.

      • It was our military that took him out. It was under his watch and I’m glad Bin Laden is gone. I have no problem giving him credit for it. No double-standard here.

      • Was Bush supposed to be in some other certain place at that time? Like where? The man is a civilian eating at a restaurant and you had a problem with it??

      • You have no defense against these facts, so why dont you back yourself up with other facts?

      • Clinton also allowed Bin Laden to go free several times. And the reason Al Gore is so keen on Global warming is to get all this Arab talk off the burner.

  17. OSLIMA is a lying pile of horse crap as far as I am concerned! He wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in the ass! He needs to be taken to the tallest tree and strung up for being a traitor and a Muslim Brotherhood supporter!


  18. We heard today from Morell, acting head of the CIA, who changed the talking points and signed off for the CIA. He said he had no pressure from the White House. If that is the case, why didn’t Obama and Hillary fire him as well as the analysts who supported this horrid call and made them look like fools.

  19. The man is a consummate liar, the truth has never been in him and doubtful ever will be, but that and a $10.00 won’t buy you a cup of coffee. The press is bought and paid for. America has been sold up the river, by a traitor.

  20. No one ever mentions that poor guy who made the film that they claimed precipitated the riot at Benghazi. Obama and Clinton had him prosecuted and he went to federal prison for a while. Not sure but I think it was for a year or so.

  21. To the four dead in Ft Hood shooting R.I.P. to the people who were wounded tonight. Our thoughts and prayers are with you

    • Also, the administration said they would find out why, so, it will be classified as
      Work Violence and the Vets and people will lose more gun rights.

      • Not to mention that they other day the FBI and the Marines were searching for a guy that claimed he was he was going to pull another ft Hood style attack, coincidence? I think not

      • Haven’t heard yet, but the one they were looking for was just reporting to Boot camp on 7 Apr. Don’t think it’s the same person. The FBI cleared him.

      • I just read that the shooter was being treated for depression and anxiety. The report said he was taking medication like ambien.
        Problem is that is not a class of medicine for mental illness.

        This even at the early stages can not be classified as anything but mental illness.
        It is so sad and my hearts and prayers goes out to all .

      • They said he and someone else was arguing before the shooting started. Not all the facts are in yet, so I’ll wait till they come out with more information. He was having problems sleeping and I think that was what the Ambien was for. Yes, it’s very sad and the whole country should be praying.

      • I read that about the argument but they wasn’t sure.
        They did confirm the ambien. And that he was being treated for depression.
        I thought I read a while back that Ambein caused some side effects like sleep walking .
        Just a consideration I had , Me and my investigate everything.

      • Nothing wrong with your investigative side, when I have time, I do the same thing and that is how we learn more about an issue. Everything has side effects, some things worse than others. He did have problems sleeping, but will have to wait and see what the argument was about.

  22. I don”t believe a damn thing he says. The only thing he has kept his word on is “Change” ( for the worst.)

  23. You know if Americans simply turn off the television and refuse to listen to or participate in anything and everything we can I think DC might start getting the message. They suck, they have done nothing but lie and I can’t stomach it anymore.


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