Social egalitarianism hits new height of absurdity with baseball bleachers

You simply can’t make this stuff up — but I have to ask, where does it end? When will the American people rally and cast aside this cancerous ideal of social egalitarianism? Now it’s baseball bleachers, for goodness sake.

As reported by The Blaze, “The U.S Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights has forced a school in Michigan to tear down a brand-new set of bleachers for its boys’ varsity baseball team because the new seating is nicer than the girls’ softball bleachers.” Yes, they ordered seats torn down – which by the way have been in place six years ago — because they were nicer than the girls’ softball bleachers.

The raised seating deck for the boy’s baseball team was paid for and installed by parents. Fans who’d come to watch games at Plymouth High School in Canton, Michigan were having a hard time seeing the game through the chain-link fence, according to WJBK-TV. The parents installed the new bleachers themselves and even added a new scoreboard.

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However “someone” complained to the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights that the bleachers were unequal because the boys’ bleachers were nicer. Government officials investigated and agreed. The school was told it had to remove the new seating because it was “no longer equal” to the adjacent girls’ softball bleachers, which have yet to get a makeover of their own. Further, government officials said, the new boys’ bleachers were not sufficiently handicap-accessible.

The school agreed to tear down the new bleachers after government officials issued a citation. The superintendent also said that the school doesn’t have the money to renovate the girls’ bleachers. They will, however, add a new scoreboard to the girls’ field soon.

In other words, the government doesn’t want us to better ourselves, with our own resources. This is by far one of the top asinine decisions — among many asinine decisions — that have emanated from this Obama administration.

Fear, coercion and intimidation are the liberal progressive socialist tools to get people to bend to their will. These bleachers were built using good ol’ American initiative, innovation, investment, and hard work. The parents of the girls’ softball team could do the same.

What lesson have the kids been taught? They’ve been exposed to the danger of socialism, where everyone is at the same level in shared misery, and no one is allowed to rise above — regardless of individual liberty and initiative. Whoever made the complaint, I hope you feel good about yourself, but the day is coming when America casts aside this insidious concept of fairness and equality of outcomes. And it better be sooner rather than later.

The parents ought to sue Arne Duncan and the Department of Education to recover their expenses, don’t you think?


    • Best answer yet!!!! I was 16 in 1964 when I read Atlas Shrugged for the first time……it is astonishing that it has all come to fruition. Even at 16 I would have never believed my country and our world could be THAT STUPID! But here we are…….

  1. This will end when people say no, and mean it. If it were my choice those bleachers would stand for eternity, and I would dare anyone to come on property and try to touch them.

  2. Sounds like a certain liberal femi-nazi needs to be taken out behind the woodshed.

    It’s no wonder that this person has remained anonymous.

    • The parents of the girls’ team obviously suffered from an inequality in the wealth department. The parents of the boys’ team will now be required to share their good fortune with the girl’ parents. It’s only fair, you know.(sarc.)

  3. I am SICK AND TIRED of garbage like this coming from the left. If I had my way, I’d start a full blown revolution myself to get rid of these parasitic wastes of life.

  4. So what. The parents of the girls softball team could do the same thing and build even better bleachers. All will be equal as soon as congress demands that no one can have anything better then another. So get ready for 12″ flat screen TV, Cars cannot be newer that 7 years, Retailers must carry the same products so all are equal in “quality” and price, Limits on how much you can purchase per year, No homes many be larger that 1100 square feet and all appliances must be the same as everyone else. Sounds fair, Is this what we want?

  5. Why even bother having sports or any competition in schools any more? One team will always win and that’s not FAIR. Just give everyone who shows up a trophy and go home.

    • Even kids know the difference. When my boys were young and playing little league baseball, the league tried to give them trophies for coming in dead last place in the entire league. Both of my boys asked me why they were getting trophies for not winning one game all year? Both left their trophy on the table and we went home. I was proud of them for knowing the difference.

      • to whom would we send the dues ?
        If the umpired yelled “STRIKE” would all the players walk off the feild ?

      • That’s funny. Of course you realize there would be NO umpires because you wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by making a ruling against them.

    • I agree…but this could be a disadvantage to some students which could not “show up”. I hereby decree that each student entering the school system be given an “A” and a trophy of his her chosen activity. This would be mailed to their home and would no longer need attend school. This would encourage individuality and all stupid people would be on an equal footing.

  6. There are many levels in this story that illustrate compulsive reaction rather than sound decision making. Naturally, the US Department of Education would further investigate a complaint, even an anonymous one that alleges inequality. It is obligated to do so.

    It is the next step that defies sound investigation and decision making. Even if it was proper to issue a citation( and I suspect it that was not required), no school is ever in a state of completed construction. Every district allocates funds from real estate taxes to prioritize its improvements. In this case, one such improvement was solely borne by parents and created an apparent higher quality product.

    The school’s knee jerk reaction to this citation is the most troubling. To ever remove something that was paid for and installed out of the good stewardship desires of parents is the worst possible choice if this school ever wants to see a school referendum approved again.

    In response, to the citation, it would seem logical that developing a plan to replace the girl’s bleacher and bring the bids to a hearing should have been the logical reaction. Then putting the replacement cost based on the reasonable and comparable bid could have been approved by referendum if the school was financially unable to immediately cover the costs.

    • Why not “DEMAND” that the school board have an I.Q. equal to that of its students? That way the board will need to wise up or go home?
      What this is really about is that the school board wants its students equally as stupid as they are.

    • The fields are separate probably because of the difference of rules in softball and baseball. Softball fields are smaller, and the bases are closer together than on baseball fields. Two separate fields would be more convenient than moving bases around for each game. Plus, you can have a baseball game going on at the same time as a softball game, or practices. Two fields isn’t discriminatory, it’s common sense.

      • they need to change the rules…..obviously they see the girls as a weaker vessel which suggest, implies they are “less”. I demand the rules apply equal to each. In addition the teams should be balanced as in girls and boys play on the same team. No girls teams allowed. Same in football, wrestling etc. We should discourage separation of sexes when we all know they are equal.. Actually I think women are smarter but then that is a personal observation.

        As we are number 17 in the world for education I can see this is a major issue as our students and children will only have sports as a careers in the future.

    • Thank you for posting that. been telling people this is going on and no one wants to believe it. Christians can’t pray or have a necklace with a cross, but muslims have footbaths paid for with OUR money. Now we can’t afford to put up bleachers so when they are donated, we tear them down. SOCIALISTS! And the stupid ignorant jackasses who vote for socialism are so damned dumb they don’t get it! Makes me so mad I could spit! Socialism is a mental disorder!

      • Now you’ve gone off the deep end. How and where exactly can Christians not “pray or have a necklace with a cross”?

      • Kids (and teachers) in the public schools can wear necklaces with crosses, or rosaries, or Stars of David, etc., every day if they wish to. And private prayer is free to do any time, any place. Now when you tell ME how and when I should pray, that’s another matter — and that’s what some people apparently want to do. Don’t cloud the issue by trying to make it seem as though Christianity is under attack. Forcing Christianity on people via the government, or governmental institutions, is wrong. Freedom of religion includes freedom FROM religion.

  7. Lets end school sports and make it all city recreational ….. I am sick of school boards being in charge of sports …… just an idea …

  8. If the federal government does this then they can take anything away that is paid for by donation s. These would be things like computers for the class room, reading and math coaches, art and music teachers. These are just a few things paid for by PTO’s in Alabama when the school system cannot afford them. This act isvtrue communist.

    • If the items you mention were ONLY for the use of one gender of students, then there would be a problem of discrimination. If the computers or coaches or teachers were available to all students regardless of gender then there is no problem. The problem is discrimination based upon gender… NOT that somebody donated something.

  9. WHY DOESN’T THE GIRL’S SOFTBALL TEAM PARENTS PAY FOR THEIR OWN BLEACHERS???????????????????????????????????????????

    • Lazy? Cheap? Or perhaps, with the exception of the one anonymous idiot complainer, they are satisfied with the bleachers they have?

  10. Here’s a thought… /sarcasm Now that the boys’ baseball bleachers are to be torn down and the viewers returned to leaning against a chain link fence, the girl’s softball team will then have the better bleachers… The next obvious step, to maintain equality, is to tear down the now better girl’s bleachers and put up a chain link fence identical to that at the boy’s field. /sarcasm

      • You know, Julie, you and Wayne are right. When I wrote that, I was attempting to point out how a ridiculous decision leads to ridiculous results. But perhaps a taste of their own medicine is called for in this case. Here’s another thought…. They should put up a plaque naming the fences after the person who complained!

      • julie
        you forget ,the complaint was anonymous!and since when did we give any credence to someone that can’t put their name to it!

  11. Hey softball parents, why don’t you stop whining and raise the money like the baseball parents did to put in nice seating. Just more of the “oh it isn’t fair” mentality that is taking over this country. When will this insanity stop? In real life everyone doesn’t get a trophy, that job they applied for along with dozens of other applicants, or that scholarship. Here you have a group that went out and raised money to put in the seating and because you have someone who is to lazy to do the same and only wants to cry and whine being pandered to.

  12. But . . . but it’s GOOD FOR THE ECONOMY! It creates jobs – putting them up, taking them down, building a fence, taking down the fence. Now think how many jobs will be created if we do this once a week!! Now, if every school were to do this, the GNP would increase by at least $2 Trillion and we’d have full employment. Once we discover how successful this concept is, we can begin tearing the whole school down at the end of the school year, and re-building it before the next school year begins!! Before we know, we’ll all be rich!! And let’s not forget the lawyers he will be paid to bring the lawsuit to order the tearing down – and to oppose the tearing down – and then to order the rebuilding – an to oppose the rebuilding!!

    • I’m with ya on that. Doctor’s and nurses will be needed as well for those which get injured. Splinters, stepping on a nail or two can be painful. This would lead to the use of obamacare and more sign ups. We could hire illegals to demolish and cart away. This would show our desire to help the under class, less privileged and lack of racist attitude on our part. Everyone wins.

  13. The country has completely gone off the deep end. Just when you think it can’t get any crazier it does. We’ve become a country of sheep afraid of our own shadow. Where does it stop!

  14. Sue them and tell them to pack sand. It’s time that we tell them no and mean it. We need to make a stand and tell them we are not going to bend to their will and pay their little fine, and sue the pants of the Dept. Education and whoever else decides to play havoc with our lives. As an old Navy friend of mine once said, you can kick a dog enough and he will bite your leg off. Enough is enough!

  15. Obviously the members of the board of education that voted to have the bleachers torn down are clearly educated beyond their own intelligence! The wiser thing would have been to suggest that the baseball field with the new seating be used for ALL baseball and softball games at the high school!, If there were other reasons why the girls softball team could not use that field then a secondary suggestion would have been for Ann Duncan to raise funds from parent to UPGRADE the seats at the girls softball field!

  16. Is the concept of 2 countries still a possibility? We can use the name United States of America & Freedom while the leftist states can coin the name United Socialist States of Handouts. Or just allow Putin to annex them.

  17. Since they tore down the boys bleachers doesn’t that mean that the girls’ bleachers are now nicer? In true fairness, they should now tear down the girls bleachers. Since the boys don’t have any, neither should the girls.

  18. It’s possible the person who complained didn’t expect this kind of response. Maybe he/she just thought the school would be encouraged to upgrade the girls bleachers to be as good as the ones the boys enjoyed. That person probably didn’t even consider that the parents for the girls side could have done the same thing and organized a group to do just that. So sad that all that time and money was wasted when parents just wanted to do a good thing for their children.

    • Maybe the WHINER should have had a bake sale, or a mulch sale, or a raffle.

      People….STOP WHINING and fix your own issues and problems.

  19. What will they be doing for the girl’s football team, to give them the same accommodations as the boys team?
    Oh, what’s that? No girl’s team. Guess we better scrap high school football around the country, in order to be fair, and all.
    Jack Asses…

    • They don’t have to scrap boys football… however under Title IX they do have to provide an equal opportunity for female athletes to earn a scholarship to college. This has led to a growth in other female sports including lacross, soccer, softball, bowling, gymnastics, etc.

      Without Title IX and the protections it provides there would be no female athletics in college… and many deserving female students would miss out on the chances of a higher education.

    • Here in Iowa, girls are allowed not only to play on the football team but can also wrestle on the wrestling team. However, boys can not play on the girls volley ball team.

  20. Baseball fields are difficult to use softball games because baseball requires a raised pitching mound and the basepaths are of diffrent lengths. However, removeable mounds can be purchased and double base mounts installed.

  21. Please read up on Title IX. Title IX was put in place to ensure equal opportunity for athletes (and other items) regardless of a student’s gender. Without such protections in place there was a significant disparity of male to female athletes receiving opportunities to “earn” a college education through athletic scholarships. Since Title IX female students have an equal opportunity to earn an opportunity to attend college as a result of athletics.

    I understand the gray area here is that the district did not pay for the seats in the first place… and they were paid for by some baseball boosters. That being said, the school district had an obligation under Title IX to NOT allow the parents to build the seats in the first place. That was their mistake. Building the bleachers created an imbalance.

    We wouldn’t tolerate giving male students better classrooms or bathrooms at the school… so why should we tolerate giving them better athletic facilities. If some generous parents gave money to put in “cushy” chairs or computers in the school that only the male students could use or paid for “boys only” tutors… that would obviously be wrong. There is no difference when it comes to athletic facilities. Athletics provide an opportunities that should not be limited based upon gender.

    The opportunities that athletics offer both boys and girls are helpful in giving some students the chance at a better life through a higher education. Showing preference for one gender over the other is wrong.

    • So you’re agreeing that the girl’s bleachers should now be torn down, because they now have better facilities than the boy’s team.
      Or does this only go one way?

      • No, the district should put the same old metal bleachers the girls are using back in place at the boys baseball field. Almost every baseball / softball field I go to has the exact same uncomfortable metal bleacher setup. More than likely that is what the boys field had prior to the ones the parents built.

      • JimB ** Do you realize how assinine you sound? Are you just uncomfortable w/the truth? Would you please enumerate what all you have as far as possessions, assets and wealth and I’ll determine if you are allowed to keep them. I sure hope you don’t have all of your fingers and toes because some folks don’t. Due to this inequality of digits, we’ll send someone over to claim what we think you shouldn’t have. About Monday at 3 pm sound ok with you?

      • You definitely got that backwards. Biggins is an illustration of the insanity that masquerades as “equality” in today’s totally warped and twisted society. Instead of tearing down the boys bleachers, why not just improve the girls? For that matter, why do the bleachers have to be equal AT ALL?

        Any appeal to Title IX is ludicrous at best. The nature of the location where the parents and support park their rear ends has NOTHING to do with the equality of opportunity to PARTICIPATE in any given sport.

        The girls were given the same quality of equipment, coaching, uniforms and playing surface as the boys. Ergo, all the requirements of Title IX were met. The characteristics of the area in which parents an supporters park their rear ends has NOTHING to do with the equality of opportunity for the girls to participate in the sport – unless, of course, they were actually playing the sport in the bleachers.

    • Here’s the solution: Do away will all HS Sports and let the Communities establish their own extra-curricular activities paid for by private citizens and business entities. Get the Government completely out the equation. Now that the NLRB has decided that College Students can Unionize: do the same there and require teams to finance their own facilities. They want to be treated as big business and get paid for their ‘services’; simply require them to finance their own activities like any business would be required to do as set forth in a business plan. Welcome to the Real world boys & girls! A radical idea? You betcha!

      • And the students would get real life experience in how do draw up a business plan, raise the money and control the expenses. Real life lessons.

    • Oh, so there is a law so it’s ok. Thanks for clearing that up. When the law to kill Jews was written in Germany it made it ok too.

      • Going to the “Hitler” and “Nazi” analogies are always clear indications of the lack of intellectual honesty of the person using those analogies.

      • Not really. Not when anybody who isn’t blind or stupid can see the parallels all around us.

      • not going there doesn’t make it not so, it happened and a lot of things going on today mirror what happened in history, People that don’t know and respect their history are doomed to repeat it.

      • If you read the thread, you would see I didn’t bring up Hitler and Nazi’s, I just responded to the comment that denying it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. People ARE doomed to repeat if they don’t learn from their history.

      • There were no laws written “to kill Jews in Germany.” Laws were passed that discriminated against Jews. The Nazis hid their death camps from the rest of the world precisely because they knew not even the German people would have their support if they knew the truth – which would have been inevitable had they “passed laws to kill Jews.” The law that JimBiggins refers to was written, in part, in order to AVOID the creation of situations that would lead to discrimination (or the appearance thereof). There are no parallels between the two situations. Shame on you for comparing the Holocaust to the loss of school bleachers – Good God, what a leap……..

    • So why didn’t the school see if the other parents would do the same thing? Or why didn’t the team start a fund raiser to raise the funds to replace their bleachers?

    • I have to say that this does not seem gender based. Parents got together to make a positive difference. The girls team could have easily done the same. Gender is being used as an excuse here. I have a daughter and a son. I don’t feel in anyway that raising money for one team discourages the other. If it were my kids I would work to raise money for both. The point is that one is being punished for the others laziness or ineptitude. The law is not intended to be used as a tool to punish the other sex. @jimbiggins your use of this law does NOT make it right. Work harder and shut the frick up.

      • Sorry but most businesses and the men in your family will support boys sports teams…but will sit on their hands and wallets when it comes to supporting female sports!
        Why…because male sports’ teams get the attendance at games that female sports never will. It is what it is!

    • Are you stupid, or just ignorant? The students do not use the bleachers, so the title ix does not apply. Moron. This has nothing to do with gender preference and everything to do with controlling peoples lives. Libtard Troll.

    • this guy thinks he is a lawyer….if the girls teams wants nice facilities they can pay for it. girls have the same oppurtunities in this world as anyone else…

      stop fabricating a non existant problem….

  22. Hmm, when I played sports in High School, the Varsity football team had a much nicer field than the JV team, (including spectator seating), same with baseball, soccer, JV basketball played their games on the old court, you get my point. What the hell has happened to my country?

    • This is 100% a gender discrimination issue… not a Varsity versus JV issue. The issue that if the boys varsity soccer program had a huge stadium with turf field, live announcer, and great locker rooms… while the girls varsity soccer program had a dirt field with porta-pottie… that would be discrimination based upon gender. Not sure if you have a daughter or not, but if I ever do have a daughter I would want her to have the same opportunities afforded to my sons.

      • Hello, whatever happened to local control, i.e. a school board, and principals, etc. guiding these improvements? Why does EVERYTHING become a Federal case? What nuthouse logic prevails here?

      • why not bring them UP to the level instead of them bringing the others DOWN? Did you read where the PARENTS installed the bleachers? Why don’t the PARENTS of the other team do the same??

      • I am sure if you wanted to donate the money it would cost to do so they would gladly accept it. Perhaps a wealthy parent on the baseball team made the donation. Perhaps the softball team doesn’t have a wealthy parent. Without that who is going to pay for it?

        I really don’t want my school district (and me via taxes) to have to pay for something each and every time some parent group oversteps the bounds and makes a mistake that violates the rules.

        The school district made a mistake when they allowed the parents to install the seating at the baseball facility. The zero cost option for the school district to bring the equality level back down is to remove the additional bleachers… that is unless YOU want to get out your check book.

      • the parents didn’t have anywhere to sit. Maybe the school couldn’t afford it, it looks like some have money because they banned together, heck maybe they even had fund raisers, ever heard of them?? There are lots of ways to handle things without running to your nanny government.

      • and by the way, I have in my lifetime of having children and grandchildlren in the school system, donated plenty to the school system, time, money and anything else I could help with.

      • Jim Biggins, are you for real? Which team brings in the most money? Which team has the most fans? You want to bring the boys down to the girls’ level because YOUR daughter deserves better? Why aren’t there women’s Pro Basketball and football teams? Women should DEMAND that the GOVERNMENT start up and fund women’s pro football – like the LPGA they could have LNBA AND LNFL AND LAFL! Now THAT would be FAIR! We have to have EVERYTHING FAIR, NOW! FAIR, FAIR, FAIR! Let’s have the government come in and control ALL sports, ALL music, ALL entertainment, ALL education. Let’s make sure that ALL students get the SAME GRADES no matter how hard they work! LET’S make SURE all people get the SAME PAY, no matter what they do. CERTAINLY those who flip burgers and dish up tacos should get the same pay as a teacher or doctor. After ALL, they all work hard at their jobs, don’t they?

        Your reasoning makes about as much sense as what I just said! DUH, DUH, DUH, DUH!!!!!

      • Gender discrimination would result “Only” if one gender was allowed to use the new bleachers and the other not. I don’t remember reading about that happening the article.

      • you have no clue there was no intent of discrimination but only that you envision in your own mind grow up and learn to accept that life is not fair.

    • It’s not yours anymore. The current regime is dismantling everything they can. The bleachers are a perfect example.

    • Simple amazing that people can hate Obama so much that he gets blamed for something he or his administration had nothing to do about in the first place.

      • It was a federal ruling so yes, it was his administration. Theyhave become thugs of the new reich and we the sheeple better wake up!

      • Seriously, you don’t think this administration had anything to do with this? This administration has their hands in everything and has turned “Our Country” upside down. It has nothing to do with hate!

      • It’s not Obama personally, it’s the whole liberal/socialist mindset that he is promoting. Our country is beginning to look like a carbon copy of “Animal Farm”, and if you can’t see it happening, you need to reread it. Life is not fair, it never can be. That’s why we need God in the picture. Without God, we have ultimate selfishness which is deadly in the long run. If people want everything to be “fair”, they can move to China or North Korea where everything is “fair”. The government controls it all!

  23. A solution to this manufactured problem: Do away will all HS Sports and let the Communities establish their own extra-curricular activities paid for by private
    citizens and business entities. Get the Government completely out the equation. Now that the NLRB has decided that College Students can Unionize: do the same there and require teams to finance their own facilities. They want to be treated as big business and get paid for their ‘services’; simply require them to finance their own activities like any business would be required to do as set forth in a business plan. Welcome to the Real world boys & girls! A radical idea? You betcha!

  24. I wonder when they start demanding the brightest students be handicapped someway (drugs, blurry glasses, noisy hearing disrupters) to dumb down their learning ability? Gee, underachievers are being discouraged from trying when the smart ones get higher scores! Our government has become the worst bully of all.

    • They have already started dumbing down in the schools. Look at the children school books and papers. Parents must stand up!

    • If we take the policies of this administration to their final conclusion, we will end up with a country much like that portrayed in the satire movie “Idiocracy”.

  25. While I am sure Obama didn’t order this done, or even know about it, I am also sure he has created the bureaucratic climate that allowed this to happen by appointing hard-leftists who revel in doing this stuff. Both absurd and disgusting.

    • I hate it how the democrats have taken over all of the governments, federal, state and city, including city school boards, and then force their agenda in our face. I can’t wait until the tea party takes over the whole government or at least enough to get one or two one the boards. Maybe then we can make our own school laws and get prayer back in school…

  26. Doesn’t seem like the boys have equal seating to the girls now. Sounds like they don’t have ANY seating now. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    • The boys should sue…and then they can tear down the rest of the bleachers and everyone can sit on the grass!! (sarcasm, of course)

  27. The students were not using the seats only the people that paid for them so I do not see how Title IX applies. There does not seem to be a disparity in equipment or facilities that the students use only seating for visitors. Are girls allowed to play baseball if they are good enough? Can they try out for the team just like the boys can? Can boys try out for softball just like the girls? I think Jim Biggins has lost sight of the true meaning and purpose of Title IX. Are students allowed to use the bleachers and if they do I’m sure female students are allowed to sit in them.

  28. The obvious solution was to immediately start a boys softball team and a girls baseball team…using the existing fields… since they use different styles of playing fields, both fields would be equal based on gender.

  29. The school should have asked the parents of those on other teams if they’d like to contribute to providing improved bleachers for other sports activities. In jr. hight and sr. high I was the captain of basket ball,the track team and was a cheerleader. We had nothing compared to our football players. I didn’t like it, but it wasn’t taken to a civil rights activist association. People need to get a life, and get over it.

    • It’s very likely that they DID do that first – but I imagine that there was a time-limit given to the school to correct the situation, and they probably couldn’t come up with the funds they needed in time – which, in today’s economy, shouldn’t surprise anyone.

  30. Sue the school board collectively and individually for the cost of the bleachers and destruction of private property. Get the names of individuals and name them separately in the lawsuit.

    • Um… once you donate something it becomes property of that person. Once the parents donated the seats to the school, the school owns them. They are no longer private property they are public property. Add in the fact that they are installed on public property and I don’t believe you would have much luck with your law suit.

    • The article said that it was the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights that someone complained to. I don’t believe the school board had any say in the decision – but this story does make one wonder how hard the school district fought the decision. (I imagine that they capitulated rather quickly because there was little hope that they would win their case…..and THAT is indeed sad).

  31. Where did all these Stupid People running our Government Come From? Don’t they have a life for Christ Sake, mind your own Business, and keep you hand out of our pockets.

    • they were voted into office. Thats where they came from – voted in by people who wanted to believe what their mouths were saying – not what their past history in government (not matter how small) showed. Pathetic – rather than have people need to have photo ID to vote, perhaps they should be required to take a history to demonstrate they have more of a clue than those they intend to vote for…. or, maybe we could just print more money (an Obama recommendation to assist the poor) so they can buy nicer cars to GET to the voting stations…. it all makes perfect sense. Then we wouldn’t need to hire bus’ to pick every one up so that they could have their right to vote whether they are Americans or not… a sad turn downward of our Nation.

  32. Apparently a lot of you folks don’t understand! It is really pretty simple; the only way to make everybody feel better, we must drag everything down to the “lowest common denominator”, or the “unfortunates” will feel bad………… You’ll need to define “unfortunates”………………………….

    • I can define unfortunates for you. Welfare hoes in the ghetto. That’s these socialists eventual goal for all Americans.

  33. What? No transgender teams? Outrageous! Ban all teams until transgender students are given their own teams with equal facilities.

  34. While they are at it, all students receive the same grades and go to the same colleges, and no competitive sports; otherwise someone loses.. keep it all equal so no one has their feelings hurt. America is becoming a cesspool of idiocy, but that is what happens when a idiot is at the top.

  35. That’s it! We have the biggest whiners and babies in this country – and
    THAT to go along with the biggest idiots in our government! Since when
    can the Dept. of Education come in and tell a school in Michigan that
    they have to tear down the bleachers for the boys’ baseball field (which
    were paid for and installed by the parents!) because the girls’
    softball bleachers weren’t as nice as the boys? If the girls want
    better bleachers they can get their parents to do the same. And if they
    have to raise money to do it, they can raise the money! What absolute

  36. Don’t understand why the softball team/families weren’t motivated to raise funds for their own new bleachers. So stupid. I hope those who complaint feel like crap now. Way to go! Parents’ money wasted, now money wasted to tear it down. Now no one has anything nice. Hope you feel you got your justice, morons.

  37. This is just one more step in the big foot trying to stomp on America. Little steps continue until the entire Bill of Rights and Constitution have been obliterated by stupidity.

  38. Its treated like a grant for the school’s here. If the school doesn’t use it as wanted or they would ever do something this stupid, they have to give the money back. Might not be a bad idea for them to make this type of law there too.

  39. This is so upsetting… I can’t stand this “everyone is equal” attitude… The parent who complained probably has their kids in those ” everyone gets a trophy” leagues…

  40. Well if they are going to be this asinine about all things being equal, then they should also install urinals in the girls bathrooms.

    • Remove the bathrooms entirely, let them relieve themselves in the woods. How dare anyone have a building or running water when the rest of the world doesn’t.

  41. Debby Lacher Griffin


    2 minutes ago
    Are some of these people for real? Which team brings in the most money?
    Which team has the most fans? You want to bring the boys down to the
    girls’ level because YOUR daughter deserves better? Why aren’t there
    women’s Pro Basketball and football teams? Women should DEMAND that the
    GOVERNMENT start up and fund women’s pro football – like the LPGA they
    could have LNBA AND LNFL AND LAFL! Now THAT would be FAIR! We have
    to have EVERYTHING FAIR, NOW! FAIR, FAIR, FAIR! Let’s have the
    government come in and control ALL sports, ALL music, ALL entertainment,
    ALL education. Let’s make sure that ALL students get the SAME GRADES
    no matter how hard they work! LET’S make SURE all people get the SAME
    PAY, no matter what they do. CERTAINLY those who flip burgers and dish
    up tacos should get the same pay as a teacher or doctor. After ALL,
    they all work hard at their jobs, don’t they?

    Your reasoning makes about as much sense as what I just said if you believe this!! DUH, DUH, DUH, DUH!!!!!

    • There already IS a WNBA, there HAS been women’s pro baseball, and as I understand it there is a women’s football league. They may not be as popular as the men’s versions, but I personally like women’s basketball better, because there is actually a lot of teamwork and passing.

  42. Instead of punishing the Boys parents for wanting to improve the seating that they paid for out of their own pockets, make the parents of the Girls pay for new seating for the softball games, after all! it’s what the government does best these days , Make People pay for things they don’t need ie. obamacare!

  43. One day we will push back instead of cowering under the tyranny of gray-faced bureaucrats. A heartfelt and conscientious NO! will be the rallying cry for liberty.

    • I hope it will be soon – the tentacles of those pushing for a socialist society are far reaching into the “smaller aspects” of our society, and will soon have overtaken so well that there will be complete take over. Dare I say God Bless America and may those who seek to return our country to the land of the free Stand up and protect her. In this case they have successfully driven those tentacles into every home in this district, and those who are touched by it – by using the students, who bring home the incident, regardless of how they feel about it! Shame on the school board members who just handed the reins of their district to the disgraceful government we currently have in place

      • One day, one of these government officials will touch my life and I guarantee they will regret it.

  44. Find that person and make their life hell. It shouldn’t take long to get a name and address. Whoever lives in that area, if you don’t find out who complained, they’re just going to keep acting like that. They need to not be able to avoid the consequences of their actions and they need their disease eliminated (stupidity). So for anyone who went to any of those games, use process of elimination because I promise you there was always one whacko who complained about exactly that every time they were there. It’s them and once you put the information on the web, try to make it viral : )

    • Exercise, physical fitness, teamwork, goal setting, good sportsmanship, community pride, parental involvement. They all add to and enhance academics.

    • I think some of the taxes they pay is put towards the education of their children’s school. In fact, some of the taxes I pay is put towards the education of children, and I don’t even have any children. If I had paid for improvements at my local school, of any kind, and title 9 tore those improvements down, then I would be at war with the dept of education. I don’t understand how Title IX, which is supposed to govern sports in schools, can do this to parents? This is another very good reason to eliminate the Dept of Education, and with Common Core, I wouldn’t want to spend even one penny of my money on the education of anybody. There have been some very good high school wrestling programs eliminated because of Title IX. How is this federal law good when enforcing it only seems to eliminate some athletics, instead of adding more? “If Sally can’t play, then Johnny can’t play, either” I don’t think Title IX had this in mind when it was passed. That’s where the current administration comes in, any current administration. Of course, the current administration, though, seems to have an illegal tendancy to only enforce the laws that fit with their agenda. I wouldn’t know who to blame this on, but I don’t think one of Obama’s czars will make it right.

  45. Although I agree with the idea that the Feds should keep their hands off of education completely, I have to wonder why a school is spending taxpayer money for anything related to sports to begin with. Where did this silly notion come from that sports and education are tied together, and both should be taxpayer funded? You want your kids to play a ball game, fine. Pay for it yourself.

      • Yeah, read that. It was in the article. Try reading my post. In my opinion, ALL sports related items should be paid for voluntarily by the parents of those kids participating.

      • No, not at all. Did you miss the part where the school is working towards paying for a new scoreboard for the girls team? Get back to me when everything sports related is paid for by the parents of the kids that play. Until then, I’ll be off engaging in MY sports of choice, which are not taxpayer supported.

    • Flashing, a lot of high school sports programs pay for themselves. They generate ticket sales. In some schools, one sport can often generate enough income to pay expenses for all the sports. Should the athletes and the sports program not benefit from this? Apparently, you have not participated in sports? Some people think that sports builds character for a lot of reasons that you will probably never understand. “Silly notion”? “taxpayer money”? In sports, Flashing, kids prepare for an event. It’s can be very similar to actually reading an article before you comment on it. Have a nice day.

      • Of course, this still doesn’t address the connection. What is the connection between sports and education. Of course, I should clarify that. The “chosen” sports.

        Anyone who wants to participate in sports other than those “chosen” sports is on their own. And yes, I did read the article. Try reading my reply next time, before responding.

  46. I say the parents who paid for the bleachers should grow some balls ,and draw a line in the sand ,and just say no we will not allow the bleachers to be torn down PERIOD.


    • Yep, it needs to be shut down, but that will not happen with this administration. So, it’s time for the parents to stand up and take their schools back and their children’s education back. Hey parents, you also pay taxes and we own the
      schools and what is being taught to children.

  48. So how is this equal? The girls still have bleachers…even if they aren’t real nice. And now the boys don’t have any bleachers at all. So, my question again…How is this equal?

  49. I have never seen so many different federal departments that contribute so little. Wonder what the ROI on these tax payer funded enterprises are. Seems to me the people working in these departments, like the US Department of Education’s Civil Rights department, justify their existance by creating wotk for themselves.

  50. Before you get all excited about suing Obama or Duncan, you might want to consider that these are part of Title IX, passed in 1972 and signed into law by Richard Nixon. I suppose you could file suit against Nixon, Eliot Richardson, and Birch Bayh, but you might be hindered by the fact that Nixon and Richardson are dead, and Bayh has been retired for some time (and is, imagine, pushing 90 years old.)

    The idea that the school has to tear down the bleachers is stupid. They have to put a plan in place to make the two fields equal within a certain length of time. It’s time for the athletic department to have a few car washes and candy sales.

    • They don’t have to put a plan in for anything. They can do whatever they please. Besides, the men should get better bleachers because they are better athletes.

  51. Liberals take absurdity to unprecedented levels, but if they go along with it, then they get what they deserve for supporting liberal candidates.

  52. Perhaps the lesson should be that if you build, build to code. That includes ADA compliance. How was this project completed with no building inspection? That’s what inspections are for.

    • Shut up, you twit before I hack into your computer, find your IP address, where you live and punch you in the face.

    • Who says it wasn’t. It also said ‘ the new boys’ bleachers were not sufficiently handicap-accessible.’ What that could mean is that instead of the ramp having a 20 degree slope it was 22 degrees. Or instead of having 40 feet of handicapped spaces they only had 38 feet. And what does the code actually say?

  53. The paperwork alone, to file a lawsuit, would cost more than it would to just tear down the boy’s bleacher seats, and let it go to rot and ruin. Everything’s going to look like Detroit before it’s all over.

    The Ming Dynasty was one of the highest cultures this world has ever seen, but it eventually ended because there was too much “administration class” involved in making decisions for the peasant population.

    “What we got here is failure to commun-cate.”
    (R.I.P. Admiral Denton; Fly High, Naval Aviator, and touch the face of God.)

  54. Let both teams share the field…ie equity automatically or rotate boys and girls on each field ….again equity???Duh???

      • Equity means equal so let girls play hardball and let the boys play softball…I mean sometime soon women if not now already women are in combat..heck separate but equal on schools was busted so why not integrate the teams fully…I am saying this just to stir the pot not that I agree…infact males and females are different and I bet some of those boys parents have girls too…also you could move the bases and adjust the field (some school districts I’m sure do that because they can’t afford two separate fields…also where are all the girls football stadiums to be equal???Oh I’m sorry I forgot we are using common core where equal means approximately equal or something…DUH…

      • In education “the same is not equal.” Believe me I know that’s insane but it’s also the way it is. Just part of this insanity.

      • Many schools don’t have seperate fields. The dimensions on a softball field are slightly less. I don’t know how I made it through High School playing both baseball, and softball on the minor (youth baseball) league field, those were such trying years. Same brick dust, same mound. Same 200 foot fence. I was so mistreated I only hit one out of the park homerun while my firstbase wo (men), a female softball champion hit three on the same field. IT was so unfair of the Varsity team to have cheap wooden bleachers while our field had grass and dirt to prop your own chair in. Women’s softball won titles 3/4 years, Varsity Baseball, won half their games the best year. Yet no one complained about inequality, they were there to have fun.

  55. This is what our Country has become ? My God people are dying over seas and all we have to do is Whine about civil rights ? you people are sick and coruupt God help you

    • Whine about civil rights? Where do you think those people overseas would be now if they’d “whined about” civil rights?

    • No, you’re sick, Mr. Mcintosh. Civil rights are precious and must be vigilantly guarded. Remember Nazi Germany? I can’t even believe your post.

  56. This is absolutely criminal. There should be a suit and against the liberal, weak kneed superintendent who didn’t have the gumption to tell them where to go. No principles.

    • I agree. The superintendent should have told them to go ahead and cite them, and let the public know exactly what happened.

  57. By that “logic”, shouldn’t every spec of the earth look like the Sahara desert? How unfair is it that rain falls on the wicked and the righteous?

  58. This is a perfect representation of socialism at its very finest. This is exactly what happens to every country that adopts socialism or has it forced upon them. Everything gets ruined, including livelihoods, prosperity, knowledge, even survival. Socialism turns a country in to a living hell. It’s an ideology of tyranny, control, failure, and misery. Oh, and mass murder. The Soviet Union murdered millions more than the Nazis did. And its all covered up with pretty lies. As for property, just look at the hideous cement buildings all over eastern Europe, state-run farms where nothing could grow, even drab clothes, rampant alcoholism…the list goes on and on. Socialism is slavery to the state, and my fellow citizens are falling for the propaganda. We need all Progressives out of office now, and the socialists shouting down objections to Common Core, persecuting Christian business owners, dancing naked in front of priests, chanting devil worship, marching for the murder of babies, forcing socialized medicine on us (which Lenin said was the keystone to the arch of the socialist state)….need to be stopped by freedom-loving patriots!


  60. See, herein lies the problem with bans and restrictions. Instead of being proactive and helping the girl’s team build new bleachers, the boy’s team was forced to take a step backward as a penalty for success. Just once I’d like to see equality brought about by improving someone’s situation instead of making things equally bad.

  61. How DARE you hillbillies question this reasonable ruling? WE are LIBERALS and WE know what is best for YOU. Now then,,,,,,get back in line for your healthcare or NO government cheese for YOU ! HARUMPH!!!!!!! ( it sounds better if you read it in a condescending British accent )

  62. If the bleachers were in fact tore down, does that not make the girl’s field “more equal” because they now have bleachers and the boy’s field does not. Time to go back to the government and make them tear down those unfair bleachers.

  63. In 1933, Stalin murdered 7 million Ukrainians without firing a single shot. He used his forces to confiscate their crops. The Obama administration is not in the least bit hesitant to use government agencies to harass and destroy those not in lockstep.

  64. This sounds like an episode of Portlandia. it’s a funny show on IFC that really captures the insanity of Liberalism and make it hilarious. They will probably have this as a plotline soon.

  65. Welcome to ole barrys DIctatorial Socialist Republic, thanks to all of you OBMABOT IDIOTS who put him in office TWICE!!!!!! Talk about STUPIDITY!! DUH!!!

  66. Now I suppose the girl’s bleachers will have to be torn down because the boys do not have bleachers as good as theirs since their bleachers have been removed: fair is fair!!!

  67. How in the high holy Hell is this a Civil Rights issue? Were blind, left-handed dentists barred from attending games??? This bullshit wouldn’t fly here in Georgia…

    • It was built & paid for by the parents of the boys. I’m sure the girls all have parents/guardians that could have done the same thing, so yes the option was there for the girls the same as it was for the boys!

    • I was actually angry, all that hard work just wasted. Curious as to if other options were on the table. Or did they just tear it up?

    • What I meant here is, unfortunate so many are given zero options these days. We have idiot’s telling others what to do.

  68. The school superintendent just has no cojones. There is no federal law that can force him to tear down something just be cause it is better than something else. And what is this Boys have something better than the Girls. What the heck are we getting into here, Separate but equal????? That argument was a racial thing back in the 60’s with Separate but Equal schools for Blacks and Whites in the South. We need someone to stand up and say H### NO to the federal Bureaus. There aren’t any such laws that they can tell school to have equal anything in gender type of sports.

  69. Gotta love PC libtards.. Someone isn’t equal. Let’s bring everyone down to their level! Of course, instead of bringing everyone up to another level..

  70. This country needs to be turned upside down and get rid of this entire administration and congress and get people with principles, morals, brains and desire to live by the constitution. This socialist $h-t must go. Stupidity.

  71. if they didnt drag by the hair the elected locals to stop the socialist action then SHAME ON THEM!!! BUT to hell with just sueing…get the elected recalled…and line up sane AMERICANS to run and fill those positiions….work on the campaign…become committee people and oust the party heads who endorsed them to begin with. TO TAKE BACK THE COUNTRY YOU EITHER VOTE OR YOU WAR. I PREFER TO WAR WITH VOTES!!!

  72. Where was the local sheriff? A sheriff is the most powerful person in a county. He could have put a stop to this unconstitutional demand. Besides, anything to do with education by the federal government is pretty much unconstitutional, because education is not one of the powers delegated to it by the sovereign states. Therefore, it is up to the states to decide what is going to be done at and with the schools. We have to have the backbone to stand up to these tyrants. If every state in the union would nullify every federal law having to do with education (including Common Core), the feds wouldn’t have the power to do things like this.

    • Good points, but the biggest problem is that the States are not standing up. Now, Common Core is in the schools and they are not doing anything about it until the damage is done. Go figure!

    • In reading another publication on this inequality of bleachers, it was stated that the school is receiving Federal Dollars. By receiving this money the school is subject to all Federal guidelines from the US Education Dept.
      However, the other publication ran a video of the Districts Superintendent being interviewed by the writer.
      From watching the Superintendents demeanor, posture, and what is called body language I came away with the impression that he didn’t place much value on PE, and he acted somewhat relieved that the bleachers were being torn down.
      I doubt that he looked for a better solution, or even that he devoted any time trying to find a solution that all parties could agree too.
      He seemed to think this matter was nothing but a distraction wasting his time.
      He impressed me as being one of the new breed of school administrators that are so far out of touch with the real issues, that he is incapable of making a reasonable decision.
      We should all be very concerned as this is not an isolated incident
      Do you want our children, who are tomorrows leaders, being instructed by people like this?

  73. The entitlement generation at it’s finest. My first thought is how can the bureaucrats force them to tear down the bleachers? And whose “Civil Rights” are being violated? But, my second thought is why have separate fields anyway? Can’t they play baseball and softball on the same field and use the other for practice? When I went to high school we didn’t have a field we played at the local park. We didn’t even have a football stadium we played our “home” games at our biggest rivals stadium when they were playing away. But no one ever complained that the other schools must tear down their stadiums because we didn’t have one. This sounds like the work of a self entitled, militant, liberal, progressive, feminist and the fact that our tax dollars paid for a socialist, bureaucratic committee to make this outrageous decision just disgusts me.

  74. This is egalitarianism in a nutshell. Achieve supposed equality not buy building up, but by tearing down. Achieve equality and uniformity of misery. Except not.

  75. The whole idea of Socialism is imbecilic, It never has and never will work beyond a very limited period of time, or as long as stepping on people and taking their money is sustained, It is pushed by Ideologic imbeciles and carried out by fanatical imbeciles. Why we are allowing this to happen is imbecilic. Not taking steps to end this imbecilic political movement is in itself imbecilic. Carrying out imbecilic orders or imbecilic executive directives is imbecilic. What happens when the entire nation becomes totally imbecilic?
    America as founded is beautiful. It has become ugly as a result of imbecilic traitors. The “agenda’ prospers as a result of cowardly imbeciles.

  76. WhyTF do we have a “Department of Education Office for Civil Rights”?
    WhyTF do we have a “Department of Education”?

  77. Are they going to tear down the girl’s bleachers too? Only fair thing to do. “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” ― Karl Marx

  78. Now to be equal things I guess the girls bleachers will be torn down also so things will be equal.. We sure have some dumb asses in the equal rights offices..

  79. Well to be equal now, they should tear down the girls bleachers. Sounds like something out of Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut.

  80. I think the parents should be reimbursed. Really what has the world come to. Instead of complaining about what they didn’t have they should have worked together to better the girls field. Surely if they can replace the score board they could have found donations and fundraisers to improve the girls field. Teach them to work for the improvement and have pride in what they have and what they have accomplish
    ed. Tear out an improvement is the craziest thing I have ever heard. What an abuse of power.

  81. I think it’s ridiculous but don’t blame the Obama Administration. They are enforcing a law passed by congress and signed by Nixon in 1972.

    • Education is important. And someone needs to be in charge of it as it’s not going to run itself. So I would say no to abolishing it. But, it does definitely need some attention. People need to actually BE educated instead of just thinking they are educated because some idiot at a school told them they were. **Responsibility.

      • Education is important and someone does need to be in charge of it…. At the local level not at the federal level. The Dept of Ed should absolutely be abolished and states and school boards should be running schools.

      • If Education is truly important its probably a good Idea to keep all levels of the government out of it.. Just saying.

  82. Fight the Government with all you have! They cannot force Socialism on everyone! If you let them force this, what will be next!


  84. I know of NO public school official, board, or superintendent that has any courage or common sense. I would have directly shredded that citation and given it back to the government official that gave it to me and told him to go back to the issuer and tell them to use it as a suppository. I’d tell them to bring the LIAR-in-Chief and that other crook Holder down to my school and tell me to take the bleachers down himself. I’d then tell those two corrupt pukes where they could both go. It would take a court order, and a swat team to take them down, and I would still ignore such damned insanity. The damned socialist liberals are successfully destroying this country. And with the corrupt elections, it will be next to impossible to stop these fiends from Hell.

  85. Now that the boy’s bleachers have been torn down can we get the girl’s bleachers torn down? Progress under Obama, newer/smarter!

    • Right! Now that the boys have nothing, it is only fair and equal that the girls also have nothing. If this keeps up, it may be necessary to tear down the whole school in the name of fairness and equality!

  86. As James has already said, but needs to be repeated: If this is all about ‘equality’, and because the boys seating was nicer than the girl’s, then the girl’s seating should be REMOVED, because the boys have NO seats now! Fair? Well, if the girl’s feel so hard done by when the boys have better seating, then the boys have a case for counter-acting and having the girls’s seats removed altogether, as the boys have NO seats now. Let’s apply the same idiotic logic to them – and see how they feel!

    Other than that, this is LUDICROUS. Besides, is it not ILLOGICAL/HYPOCRITICAL to have ‘competition/standards’ effectively ruled against, when the very idea of what the games are for is for some people to win, and some people to lose? Are they going to prohibit winners, because the losers don’t like it?

    If the girls didn’t like the boys seating being better, then they should set about improving their seating as well, NOT bitching over what they don’t like! Why oh why do girls always have to be SUCH poor losers? If they can’t win something, they seek revenge with big ‘daddy’ behind them: the state…..except that state is IN a ‘state’!

    • Ian, have problem with women? The “girls” did not complain. Perhaps reading comprehension should be in your skill sets.

      • Don’t make this a feminist issue, don’t you dare victimize women.. Clearly you have an issue, in all fairness, as the government claims, the girls’ bleachers should be removed.

      • Dread Moon, I rather think it’s not ME who’s made this a feminist issue, but the absurd environment created by leftie do-gooders, who are invariably feministic. Wake up!

      • Apologies, Dread Moon – I didn’t see that your message was to Patriot929 – though I do think it is a feminist issue, sadly. Somehow it always seems to rear its ugly head, one way or another. Oh the mamby pamby do-gooders and the state!

      • Patriot929,
        Do I have a problem with women? I have a problem with whiners, yes; and more often than not it’s women who whine. I have BIG problems with with women who can’t stand up for themselves in a FAIR manner, yes. As an anti-feminist I certainly don’t have much sympathy nor patience with the double-standards and hypocrisy of feminists, which is precisely why I’m anti-feminist, NOT because I dislike women, generally, but the specific group who have been whining and bleating for near on 60 years.

        You cannot say it wasn’t ‘girls’ who complained, as it wasn’t specified. You don’t know WHO it was, so you need to check your facts before accusing others of lack of reading and comprehension skills. No need to attack someone personally. Again, and is often the case when trying to address an imbalance in society, women get very defensive and accusatory, instead of looking at the problem and trying to solve it. Personal attacks and over-sensitive remarks aren’t very productive.

        Irrespective of ‘who’ complained, my point stands: When something is perceived as working in favour of boys or men, women often can’t accept or take it things very well. They’d rather wreck something than accept that they either aren’t as clever, aren’t as good, or aren’t as lucky as the case may be. So when someone such as I DO decided to stand up for common sense and good sportsmanship, I do not want to hear yet more harping from the female camp.

        Now take your facetious comments elsewhere and put that energy into positive change instead of erroneously pointing the finger at someone who’s guilty of nothing but pointing out the sad state of our gynocentric society – got it!?

  87. They use their Liberal minions to instigate the issues that they then step up and use our own “so called” education system against the kids they are supposed to be making intelligent and advantaged in this life! The education department needs to go and all the activist Judges as well!!!

  88. Couldn’t they have just roughed up the bleachers…you know made some splinters so they would not be as nice as the girls?…you know by their actions of tearing down bleachers they added to global warming…AND climate change.

  89. Absolutely sue! THEY paid for the bleachers. It is not their fault that the girls softball teams parents did not or could not do the same. I’ll bet even the kids are sick over this in BOTH sports!

  90. so instead of working to raise others up we must instead tear the successful down? If the girls enjoy softball so much then they should raise the money.

      • guess what Leshne Donna. I am one who gets social security only because it is mandated. I had this money taken from my paychecks from the time I had my first job at age 16. I would much rather have had the option to put my money in an interest bearing account and now would have more than enough money to draw from for retirement. But because of the total abuse by the government and the social security $’s contributed, I do not have that available to me and because I did not have a high powered job was able only to save some to my 401k’s that I had at some jobs. So don’t go throwing that nonsense out about seniors being so well off with social security,. It is an atrocious, losing, money grabbing scheme that as is the norm, the government has bungled.

      • Your argument makes no sense, at all. First of all Social Security will be bankrupt before the time I can collect, which will be in 2033, I’m 21 now so I wouldn’t be able to collect until 2058, also have you ever met someone who can live off of their social security income? No one can, that’s why they get a job in which case they are then re taxed on that money that they are now earning and it goes into social security. Social Security is a broken socialist program created by the left, because the dirty secret is you were suppose to die by the time you reached 65, and be unable to collect, my Grandma died at 58 never collected a day in her life, her Money she worked her ass off to get, and my Dad didn’t collect her money that was owed to him, my Dad didn’t get her social security money. Also in 2 years everything you put into the system has already been paid back to you, after that your living off of other peoples dime. Thought that was socialism, but I guess since it was signed by FDR, that it’s not. But an ignorant stupid liberal like yourself, fails to think with common sense, or show any ability for critical thinking. I pity you, and will pray that you grow a brain. Feel free to reply when you make a somewhat intelligent counter argument, though I highly doubt it being as how all you can do is drink the kool aid, and not form any opinions on your own, and have to be spoon fed everything from MSNBC, ABC, CBS and CNN. I finally understood your comment the second time, no Republicans often read more than liberals, because it’s required for our jobs, or we don’t see anything worth watching on TV.

      • what does not make sense is having this article posted in the first place. the issue of the chairs is not about socialism. its more about mis-placed political correctness, abuse of insider “school” power and people who are too scared to stand up for what is right and fair. to turn this into an essay about broad based fears of our country becoming socialist is just wrong – bad form – spin, in the wrong direction. as for social security not being there for “you” you got a lot of years in front of you to make sure that does not happen…..time’s a-wasting….oh and by the way, if you can’t state your case without mounting a personal attack, i got news, it ain’t me who’s stupid.

      • Your remark isn’t even close to the truth. Yes people paid into social security and I paid into it for over FIFTY YEARS. Had I taken that same money and deposited it into a savings account paying just 2.5% a year in interest I would be able to have a retirement paying 10 times what social security pays for the rest of my life and still not have touched a penny of the principal. Do the math. Allow for compound interest and inflation.

      • Social Security is NOT a socialist program; I paid into it my entire life starting at 16 years of age; The corrupt Government stole the money from it and that is why they say it is bankrupt because there is no more in it to steal!

      • Right! Its not a socialist program. It is a social program. We have many of them. They work well in our participatory republic that is also called a democracy. But is has a principal of “socialism” in its function in that it covers all. Very easily confused. There are many blended programs that hold principals of other political bents but do not define us as a socialist or other kind of political country. And, yes, there are greedy factions that would like for you to think they represent democracy that would like nothing better than to steal that money and use it to their own devices. That also has nothing to do with spinning up the bleacher issue at this school as a socialist plot to take over America. I would be more concerned with corporate person-hood and back room deals that the corporatocracy makes with our elected officials that will bleed this country dry all the while pointing the finger at good social programs that have helped millions. Again, these things will only change if you and I participate in the process.

      • Except that his grandparents paid IN to social security. It’s not charity. You don’t want me to “collect”? Fine, give me back every penny that I’ve paid in and I’ll invest it myself.

  91. Where will it stop? you can’t add an addition to your house without upgrading your neighbors also? Want a new car? then you must also buy one for your neighbor. isn’t Socialism GREAT?

    • Ask Nancy, Harry, and Obama. The only thing he has said that was truthful is that you will see change you can believe in. You got exactly what he promised.
      After the first four years he was voted in again, and now we reap the mistake and by the end of the 2nd term we’ll be lucky if we’re not all in a class to learn
      Russian, Chinese and how to survive a socialist society.

  92. As long as we the suckers, keep dishing the money and electing Rinos and Libs, they will keeping wasting. Here it’s how all will ends: Just like Greece, bankrupting the Country( Michigan, California, ) as a sample. For the last 60 years they have been taking God, good ethics, moral values, commumm sense and the English linguage from the Pub Screwools curriculums. And now with the fancy name “Commum Core” which it is another push even harder to finished the job sooner. You can’t have a sound and free Nation without fallowing God’s Teachings.

    • I can only guess YOU were taught using “common core”. You really have no room to criticize the school system, with your appalling grammar and spelling.

      And as for Libs and Rinos, you would have to be pretty stupid to think you’ll get anything different with republicans in office…we need a third party, or it will just be more of the same.

    • The only way we’re going to stop this stuff is to enforce our immigration laws and if Muslims want special food prepared then they should pack a lunch. It worked for a hundred years and it will work again. Enforce our immigration laws and vote 100% of all current members of Congress and the Senate out and replace them with new ones. Term limits of 1 term of 3 years for Congress and 1 term of 3 years in the Senate. No retirement, no health insurance, no perks, no travel allowances, nothing except a salary in line with a mid grade executive.
      Add one more rule: To run for President of the United States you have to have
      a valid birth certificate, you must unseal all records of your previous positions and education from birth to the day you announce you’re running for President.
      If you have not paid your taxes, have a felony on your record, served time in prison, for any reason, you’re disqualified for public office. If already in one you’re removed forthwith.
      Last is that when you swear the oath of office and you break any of the articles
      and amendments to the bill of rights and constitution you will be removed from office forthwith.

  93. Another reason the Dept of uneducation needs to be abolished. Why cant the parents of the girls softball team build their own bleachers like the boys did? And shame on the school district for caving, grow a pair and stand up for your rights

  94. I’m confused. Mr. West says the seats have been there for 6 years, but then he (and the Blaze article) say they were “brand new.” Six years old is not brand-new.

    • It’s concrete block and UV resistant polymer seats. It’s just like new. Probably took years to work it’s way through the ridiculously slow and inefficient government bureaucracy. Schools can’t be having any construction that is non union and outside the corrupt pay offs associated with unions anyhow. How would school administrators retire in a fashion to witch they are accustomed without pay-offs? This is up there with cash for clunkers, that was a boon mostly to foreign car manufacturers, for stupid. Problem is, the very people who should see the folly of their voting “progressive” will never see this story because the MSM will filter it. Get out there and find a soapbox people, before it’s too late. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  95. Ignorance gone to seed. Why didn’t they just raise money to get new bleachers for the girls. How Absolutely left wing stupid is this?

  96. Should have added a ramp to make it accessible and had a bake sale to raise the money for the girls. Oh…. bake sales are not legal,lemonaid stand?,nope, same problem. How about getting a bunch of off duty carpenters to donate their time? No the damn union would screw that up,along with a tripling of the cost.Yup! tear the whole damn stadium down and make the children play in the street! Oh…. Thats why the darned thing was built in the first place.

  97. I got the impression the school didn’t care about both fields and let the parents doing whatever they wanted just as long as someone else paid for it . Well this apathy just bite the school in the ass. I think it’s sad the parent’s work had to be torn down, but big picture, the girl’s field should have gotten some help too . The boys got new benches and score road . What did the girl’s field look like with loosely benches and a 50’s looking score road ?
    The school had to come up with $$ for both fields within their budget with the gov is breathing down their necks. Good luck kid athletes this may not be your year.

  98. Just more of the “wussification” of America. This is not a lesson we want our kids to keep near and dear to them. Jealousy and resentment are now being taught in our schools.

  99. Detroit needs to be surgically removed from Michigan, along with all outlying suburbs, etc., the rest of us shouldn’t be funding their idiocy.

  100. Now, the boys’ bleachers are no longer as nice as the girls’, especially since they aren’t there anymore. To make them equal, it’s time to tear down the girls’ bleachers.

  101. How can you teach the youth when the so called adults act like Idiots?
    Maybe I’m to old fashion but I* would have told them where to shove it.

  102. They should have told the feds to ‘stuff it!’ They should have not destroyed the hard work they did but should reconstruct it.

  103. Why tear down the boys’ bleachers? Why not throw a fund raiser so the girls can have new bleachers too? I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around such ignorance! This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard…right after, “Barack Obama is now the president of The United States”! (Either time, but especially the second time!)


  104. People who actually pay attention will have noticed a complete lack of horse sense too often emanates from government bureaucrats – and where and why were they given dictatorial powers??!! Cities, counties, states should never have taken federal tax revenues and given up their own freedom. I am 75 and I have never lived through a scarier time than right now. Even though Nixon’s administration was arrogant and thought they were above the law, they were called to account – no-one seems to want to step up to the plate and the infringements on liberty are much, much more invasive and dangerous right now!

  105. Is there not enough proof yet? Liberalism is a mental disorder. Its past time to lock these idiots back up in the mental institutions like we used to.


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