Obama sends Ukraine MREs but considers shoulder-launched MANPADS for Syria

What irony. The Prime Minister of Ukraine met with President Obama and asked for weapons support — but instead he got MREs (Meal Ready to Eat or as we called them Meals Refused by Everyone). Now after visiting with the Saudi King, Obama is considering a change in policy for arming the Syrian rebel forces — Sunni Islamists.

According to ABC, “The Obama administration is considering allowing shipments of new air defense systems to Syrian rebels. President Barack Obama’s possible shift would likely be welcomed by Saudi Arabia, which has been pressing the White House to allow shoulder-launched surface to air missiles, also known as man-portable air-defense systems, or MANPADS, into Syria.

Allowing MANPADS to be delivered to Syrian rebels would mark a shift in strategy for the U.S., which until this point has limited its lethal assistance to small weapons and ammunition, as well as humanitarian aid. The U.S. has been grappling for ways to boost the rebels, who have lost ground in recent months, allowing Syrian President Bashar Assad to regain a tighter grip on the war-torn nation.The actual MANPAD shipments could come from the Saudis, who have so far held off sending in the equipment because of U.S. opposition.

I ponder what the difference is between supporting Ukraine and the Islamist forces in Syria? Isn’t in interesting how President Obama has shown an inclination to support Islamists as he as “pivoted away” strategically from the Middle East. He supported the Muslim Brotherhood government of Mohammed Morsi. He supported Islamists in their takeover in Libya – and by the way, his actions there were in violation of the Wars Powers Act. And when was the last time you heard anything about Iran’s nuclear program cessation?

I hope we’re not so shortsighted to forget that 35 years ago the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. We sided with the Mujahedeen and provided them Stinger missile systems. Of course one of those Mujahids was a tall Saudi named Osama Bin Laden.

According to ABC, the president is not expected to announce a final decision on the matter during his overnight trip to the Gulf kingdom. As recently as February, the administration had said Obama remained opposed to any shipments of MANPADS to the Syrian opposition. The U.S. has been concerned that the weaponry could fall into the wrong hands and possibly be used to shoot down a commercial airliner – gee, ya think??

Among the reasons for Obama’s shift in thinking is the greater understanding the U.S. now has about the composition of the Syrian rebels, an Obama administration official said. The official wasn’t authorized to discuss the internal deliberations by name and insisted on anonymity.

The window of opportunity to make any effect in Syria has long since closed. And I would hope President Obama would consult with Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu about issuing shoulder-launched MANPADS to fighters aligned with al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood. With Obama, actions always speak far louder than rhetoric.

And how many times did Obama state, “Assad must go.” Gee, I wonder what color that line is now?


  1. barry works for the saudi’s, That’s why he gives them whatever he wants. He says he is considering, like pretending he is thinking about it, ten to one odds he has already sent them. It would be like him to do since he already sent them from Benghazi months ago. That’s how syrian rebels have been shooting down Assad’s helicopters.
    Personally i like they idea of muslims killing muslims as that means there are less of them we will have to deal with later. The backstabbing of the US by barry is on going process. That has to end

    • Yeah, explains why Obama bowed down to the Saudis in the photo. Completely bowed down. Saudis must have funded his education for him. Look like Saudi Arabia does own Obama.

      • The Rinos and dems out vote the conservatives, they know trying to stop it is like trying to stop it from snowing. You can tell the sleeping population all you want but until the population wakes up it’ll be too late

      • Getting it out to the public doesn’t seem to work much either. Everyone is so damn apathetic its pathetic… -.-
        Too many people these days don’t give a damn anymore, one of the reasons for such low republican/conservative turn out. I know there are more out there that didn’t want him in office but they lost hope… Maybe now that this county is being run straight to hell they will finally get off their asses and vote these elections.

      • I hear what you are saying. Honestly, I think they have done enough to wake up many people and Harry and Nancy have really done us a lot of favors. Just the Health Care alone
        has awakened many people. My concern is the Republicans that didn’t bother to vote last time. There will always be individuals that vote the same way, regardless of what the administration does. We can only hope that more wake up. On the flip side, it’s up to the ones that are running.

      • Not likely. The public education system has worked perfectly. Most of the population is brain-washed and lacks the critical thinking skills needed to see past the liberal BS they were brought up in. What other result would you expect from 12+ years of “teaching” by leftist ideologues?

      • I quite agree, however its the people that allow it to continue. Most I’ve talked to that hate Obama and whats going on sit and complain when I ask them who they voted for they say they didnt vote because there wasn’t anyone worth it. So I told them, then its their fault because no vote is another vote for him… They want to sit back and think that if they aren’t being affected by whats going on then they dont bother, but now they are being affected because of this illegal law, they want to complain about it… I just shake my head and walk away..

      • What good would that do.. Obozo has a Pen and Phone remember? lol…besides look what happened last time we relied on the congress to do anything for us.. they gave in as usual… we need a party with the balls to actually stand up for this country not bow down to Mecca…

      • I must have lost my mind for a minute. LOL I would rather them try to stop it and let him use his pen and phone then to just let it go.

  2. I knew it wasn’t long before this traitor of a president would implement his brand new “Missles For Muslims” campaign

  3. Obama never seems to do anything in America or our allies favor. He should be in prison for many things he’s done. I suggest Gitmo.

  4. He’s sending the MREs because Mooshelle told him that what would calm everyone down is “the proper nutritional values”.

  5. He spent the tax payer’s money to find out what the latest news is, because he was afraid they would tape his phone calls and find out what he is up to.

  6. Quote “…The U.S. has been concerned
    that the weaponry [hand held missile launcher mentioned above]
    could fall into the wrong hands and possibly be used to shoot down a commercial airliner
    – gee, ya think??”

    I’m no weapons or strategy expert.

    But why arm …or rearm…the proven unstable guys of the Middleeast???

    • No, he is not an idiot. I have a feeling he is being controlled by a larger entity. He is brilliantly enacting controls which seem to be completely subversive to the progress and solvency of the United States of America.

    • Syria is one of The last countries not with Rothschilds central bank cronies. This is all about money ,oil and Power .

    • Obama was selected by the Zionists to take America down and make it an Islamic Caliphate by 2016. It’s working. When will his supporters wake up? We are all in this together. We all need to unite against this TYRANT.

      • you are right except for one thing you have your peoples mixed up Zionists are Jewish. Muslims are Arab, it is the Arabs that are trying to make a Caliphate not the Jews

  7. It’s not that Obama is clueless and dangerous. He knows EXACTLY what he is doing and dangerous. Liberals need to come to grips with the fact that Obama cares not about the America that our forefathers formed. He was raised to despise Americas freedoms and love of a free market system. He clearly stated he wanted to fundamentally change America and part of his scheme is to weaken us and have us destroyed so it can be rebuilt in his vision of extreme socialism. Maybe they do realize it and actually agree with it. We’ve been trying to pound these facts into their heads for 5 years now and they call us paranoid and racist and everything else to avoid the issue. Every move Obama makes is something illegal and anti-American. He wipes his ass with our constitution and the rights it is supposed to guarantee us. It’s time to rise people! It’s time to rise!

  8. This author would have you believe that supplying man pads through Saudi Arabia to the rebels in Syria is a new idea, based on a Saudi request. In fact, despite the author saying that Obama had been against arming the rebels, that is exactly what he was doing in Benghazi, and they were being shipped through Turkey at the time. He now intends only in changing the shipping route. The incredible thing is that now it has become an activity that is being exposed to the public, instead of covered up like before.

  9. It’s right DavBow, nothing new here. He’s doing this behind the curtain for long time. We’ll find out that the some of the guns used on the attack on Bengazy was suplyed by US. Just like the Fast and Furiously. He is arming his mislums brothers under the hood (brotherhood), he care less if the rebels are getting killed, as long as the brothers are wining the fight.

  10. Obama arms drug lords innocent people died and still are, he funded the MBH in Libya and Egypt where innocent people died and still are now he wants to ARM Syrian terrorists who are killing innocent Christians so it would seem that America’s president is in fact a jihadist and yet our congressional leaders are ok with this!!! When will the people wake up and replace our own corrupt officials?

  11. Unfortunately, the author seems to be criticising O for not
    taking out Assad. That part of the equation in all this would be a tragedy for Syrian Christians, because they would probably be more likely to be victims of genocide.

  12. Speaking of Ukraine, the US militarily supported the secession of both Panama and Kosovo from sovereign countries. But now we hypocritically tell Russia you can’t support the secesion of Crimea from Ukraine. If we had the legitimacy to say that, we might be correct, but we lost our legitimacy a long time ago.

  13. The Islamist rebels should be the last ones to get supplied with weapons. I’d supply Assad way before those sub-human Islamist vermin!

  14. It is illegal for a U.S. citizen to get involved in another country’s war. How much more so when it is government employees, and it involves religion, and taking sides, which is state endorsement of the side that they are working on behalf of. This is separation of church and state, along with illegally delving into a war between two parties that the U.S. is not involved in. If it were a Christian president getting involved in other countries wars over religion the liberal Christian hating Democrats, and their media mongers, would be raging over it!
    Carrie Geren Scoggins

    • What about when Putin looms large if the opposition wins? Putin does want to build a worldwide empire of states that are loyal to him, thus isolating the USA in that regard. The Syria situation makes sense when you factor in the Russian angle.

      • The main stream press is spewing theories and guesses about Putin’s motives regarding Ukraine, but
        they are not telling us the whole story because of political correctness. They don’t tell us about the Islamic angle. In reality, I don’t believe Putin is trying to rebuild the old Soviet Union as some would have us believe. The media gives Obama a pass and the Obama administration policy seems to always be on the side of Islam (foreign or domestic). Keep in mind the Russians have been fighting the Mohamadans for centuries and the 20th and 21st centuries are no exception. The Crimea is a strategic trade route through the under belly of Russia and they cannot allow the region to be dominated by Islam. Under the old Soviet Union, the Muslim population was pushed out of the Crimea and was replaced by Russians. This eliminated the Islamic threat to Russia’s trade to the Black Sea (bad enough, from a Russian point of view, the Turks are in control of the Dardanelles and Bosphorus). Under recent Ukrainian rule the Muslims were moving back into the Crimea in large numbers making it uneasy for the Russians (keep in mind the anti-Russian demonstrations in Ukraine had a large militant Muslim component). Although Ukraine needed to stay friendly with Russia, they adopted western PC to be more acceptable to the EU and US and did nothing to stop Muslim immigration to the region. Well, Putin pretty much tells the west to shove PC up its a** and will NEVER allow Islamic rule of the Crimea. This is why, IMHO, the Russians got involved in Chechnya, Georgia, and Afghanistan. Only three nations in the world are truly standing up to the spread of Islam: Russia, China, and India. The western nations, including the US, have virtually surrendered due to PC. Yeah, Russia and China are not our best friends and India is sometimes questionable, but they know Islam is bad news and are at least fighting it.

        It’s a tough call for the Russians because they can’t fight us and the Muslims at the same time. They learned that fact in Afghanistan. If Obama gets the US involved over there, it won’t be because of a “Free Ukraine”, which is the lie he will feed the American People. It will be to weaken the Russians enough to hand over the Crimea to Islam. At the same time, expansion of Islam requires the crushing of Russia.

      • I don’t think that Putin is trying to rebuild the Russian Empire; however, he is trying to build a network of allied governments that would render NATO and the USA essentially irrelevant. The problem is that one has to pick one battle or the other (in Islam, or Russia).

  15. Obama’s giving Egypt 20 F16’s, when the Muslim Brotherhood take over happened, along with billions of our tax dollars, and now giving weapons to Syrian rebels, somehow makes Ollie North look like a puppy!



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  17. Ukrainians are highly unlikely to fire on Americans; syrian ragheads will fire on Americans given the chance. Do a smell a raghead in the white house?

  18. I’d have to say as time goes on Obama has become more and more transparent as to his intentions, and alignment with Islam has become very apparent.

  19. Should be obvious. GOP wants to fight in Syria. US bigger than all sides, got our guy on the inside. All’s cool. But in Ukraine, well if nothing else, there’s an enhanced chance to piss off Putin. And while being a war hawk is cool and everything, you want to be careful around folks who might shoot back. So no weapons for Ukraine, but plenty for the middle east country that many fewer people know where is.


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