Ukraine tanks Obama’s approval ratings

Foreign policy used to stand out as a not-so-bleak spot in the public’s waning assessment of Barack Obama, reports the Associated Press, but not anymore. He’s getting low marks for handling Russia’s swoop into Ukraine, and more Americans than ever disapprove of the way Obama is doing his job, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll.

The poll says overall disapproval of the job Obama is doing ticked up to 59 percent – a record high for his presidency.That’s still well below the 72 percent disapproval rate that former President George W. Bush recorded in the AP-GfK poll in October 2008. Still, AP says Obama’s 41 percent approval rating is a “sobering number” for fellow Democrats running in this fall’s House and Senate elections.

However I think there’s a huge difference between the Obama and Bush approval ratings. You see, the mainstream media and Hollywood elites went apoplectic in their attacks George W. Bush. They were indeed the 5th column, leveraging their power by not objectively reporting the news but becoming an enabler for progressive socialists.

I recall the daily death toll tracking from Iraq and Afghanistan by the media — now they don’t even mention Afghanistan yet fatalities have skyrocketed. In fact seventy-three percent of all U.S. deaths in Afghanistan have taken place since 2009.

But when you turn over to ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN or MSNBC, you get a totally different news perspective — actually, you’re getting the White House talking points. If those networks were just 40 percent as critical of Bush towards Obama, I believe Obama’s approval ratings would be totally in the gutter.

AP says Obama gets the lowest marks for his handling of the federal budget, immigration and the economy. Support for Obama’s education policies, which had been a strong point, dipped into negative territory this month, too. Now he’s hit a new low on international relations – just 40 percent approval. Majorities say they dislike Obama’s handling of the Ukraine situation (57 percent) and his interactions with Russia (54 percent).

We recently reported on the “headline mentality” of many Americans. Well, one of the respondents to the AP-GfK poll validates that assertion: Richard Johnson, a politically independent retiree in Redmond, Wash., said the United States shouldn’t have gotten involved at all, especially since many Crimean residents favor Russia. “They’re protesting in both directions, right?” Johnson said. “So I just feel like we’ve got enough problems here at home, why are we looking for more trouble?” Johnson says Obama is trying to do what’s best and he supports him nevertheless.

Apparently Mr. Johnson, just like Mr. Obama, struggles in understanding geo-politics — and just so everyone understands, a geo-political foe is a defined nation-state, while terrorist organizations are non-state, non-uniform belligerents. They are enemy-supported by geo-political foes, like Iran.

So because we have an uninformed electorate and a weak President, Vladimir Putin will continue on his march to restore the Soviet empire — but hey, what difference at this point does it make? Perhaps we need to send a new “reset button” since it seems the batteries on the other one went out. I love Mr. Johnson’s statement that he supports Obama “nevertheless.” I’d love to ask Mr. Johnson and all liberal progressives: what do you all believe is best for America? Clearly what Obama believes is best is failing. Or maybe he believes failing is best.

All of this somehow brings to mind the refrain from “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers:

You gotta know when to hold ’em
Know when to fold ’em

Know when to walk away
Know when to run

You never count your money while you’re sitting at the table
There’ll be time enough for counting
When the dealin’s done.

Perhaps the inner circle Obama disciples should sit down with the President and help him realize it ain’t working and it’s time to fold ‘em. Because lately whenever Obama opens his mouth, he digs a deeper hole. Maybe winning reelection made him believe he’s invincible, so he’s counting his money at the table. But this recent trip to Europe hasn’t gone so well. What’s the sound of one hand clapping? We’ve got video of it from the Netherlands. Meanwhile, his wife, mother-in-law and daughters are living it up in China – a country by the way that supports Russia.

But then again, why should Obama care? He’s not facing reelection.

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Obama’s so busy getting photo-ops for midterms and vacationing he has no time for Putin’s world power grab.


Being president takes work, work that he has no desire or intentions of doing. He’s too busy planning his next golf game and figuring out how much farther away he can send Michelle on the tax payer’s dime.

dave pitts

If all those news agencies mentioned really do start reporting the news and not white house talking points, I am going to buy stock in a company that sells anti-depressants.


Nice…LOL…thanks…I needed a good laugh


BHO has been telegraphing his weakness ever since taking office and bowing down to leaders he should have never bowed too. At the same time he was doing his appology tour. What else does one expect from the bullies of the world. Weakness spells opening for more bullying. That is what BHO asked for and that is what he will and is receiving. There can be no other explanation other than BHO is Carter on Steroids.


In 2012, the parking lot of where I work was filled with Obama 2012 bumper stickers. I saw no Mitt stickers on any of the bumpers. Now, I have not see one Obama sticker. In fact, no one is boasting, “Obama’s my man!” No one. I used to see posters of Obama haning in the offices of my co-workers. Hmmmm they are not hanging today. Obama has managed to lie to and disappointment every group that voted for him. It is one of those times I want to say that I told you so, but I wish it wasn’t so.


The MSN is nothing more than a Propaganda machine for barry anyway. I expect no less from them. barry’s trying to destroy our country through economic and weak military means.
Ukraine is a by-product of his deliberate weakness and “I will be more flexible after I get re-elected”. not to mention he said I like this, I am getting really good at killing people”
He practices on yemen for The US citizens later on.
barry does not care how his ratings are his eye is on his goals of destroying the country


He’s not facing reelection, he’s got a lot more “flexibility”.


There was a book written about Obama several years called “The Amateur.” That says it all, he is a complete amateur when it comes to foreign relations and he is too stupid and too political to work with smart people like Allen West who know a lot more about the middle east than the ACORN organizer does. He will make a total mess of our international relations and stir up more trouble with his amateurishness. No wonder why Putin is laughing at him….we would be too, if it wasn’t so serious…..

D Jackson

..”Meanwhile, his wife, mother-in-law and daughters are living it up in China – a country by the way that supports Russia..”
NO NO NO!!! They do not support Russia, especially the taking over of Crimea like he did. Putin screwed the pooch when he disregarded the Budapest Memorandum and broke international law. China did not stand behind Russia when the UN security council voted on Crimea. China may have stood by them in the past, but after this stunt Putin pulled and broke the law, China tells them they are on their own.