Team Mitch has a great ad…except for that Duke boo-boo

There’s one thing you don’t screw around with in Kentucky — and that’s basketball — especially right in the middle of the NCAA tournament. This week the Sweet 16 matchup in the Midwest Region pits Louisville (defending national champions) against Kentucky. So enter Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell and what is truly a phenomenal ad, except for one thing as reported by our friend Jacquie Kubin at Communities Digital News, “Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was ridiculed on Tuesday for his newly-released campaign ad, which included a shot of Duke University’s basketball team winning the 2010 NCAA national championship.”

It is a powerful campaign ad, but folks up there in the Bluegrass State will remember that one slight. McConnell came off as a man ready to be Senate Majority Leader as he said, “We will debate our ideas openly. We will vote without fear and we will govern with the understanding that the future of this country depends on our success.”

But at the 1:09 mark, the ad features a shot of Duke basketball players Jon Scheyer and Lance Thomas celebrating their victory against the Butler Bulldogs in the 2010 national championship.

I’m quite certain some poor little staffer has gotten the royal boot over that one. It’s obvious the person who put the ad together, along with those who reviewed it were not familiar with Kentucky basketball. They were obviously searching for Kentucky home white uniforms — oops, they picked Duke instead. In such a precarious situation in a state like Kentucky, I would have shown a clip of Louisville winning the national championship and a clip of Kentucky.

I know, many of you will say, who cares? Well, y’all have never met a basketball fan from Kentucky — they are serious.

As a commander I stressed this points among several others: attention to detail. One man does, another man checks. I guess they will the next time.


  1. As ads go, the boo-boo is nothing like Herman Cain’s “Thank you for smoking” ad. Or, for that matter, that PC joke’s entire campaign.

  2. Just another indication how disconnected the GOP entrenched politicians are from the people are suppose to represent.


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