Labor protest group prohibits members from protesting against it

Stop the presses – here’s yet another example of liberal progressive hypocrisy.

The Restaurant Opportunities Center, an activist labor union which organizes protests against fast food restaurants, apparently forces its own employees to sign contracts prohibiting them from protesting.

As reported by the Daily Caller, the organization has 13,000 members and nearly a dozen affiliates across the country, according to Florida It organizes protests against restaurants that it believes have violated fair labor practices. It even encourages activists to pester restaurant customers by placing giant inflatable cockroaches outside the doors to the establishments.

Workers may not strike, picket or interfere with the organization’s operation in any way — even though these are exactly the kind of tactics that the group believes empowered workers should use to fight for their rights. It’s even written into their collective-bargaining agreement:

“It is mutually agreed that there shall be no strikes, lock-outs, sit downs, Sit ins, slowdowns, Sympathy Strikes,­ picketing, stoppage or interruption of Work, or direct or indirect interference or interruption of the operations of Employer during the term of this Agreement. The Guild shall use every reasonable effort to prevent the above actions by any of its employees employed by the Employer.”

So, let me put this into simple southern vernacular. The Restaurant Opportunities Center, a labor protest group, engages in protesting restaurants but does not allow any type of petitioning grievances by their employees against their organization. Yep, this is indeed Bizarro World folks. It is the height of hypocrisy – that’s if you believe liberal progressives possess any semblance of integrity or character. Honestly, when I first read this story I thought for sure it was a hoax.

But it just reinforces the progressive socialist mantra of force and coercion — the only two means by which these folks can get their ends met. And of course they won’t tolerate any type of protest against them, these elitists. How much more of this exists in America? Seems to me these union leader folks live pretty well — nice fancy offices and such. Yet, they support amnesty for illegals, which would be disastrous for our American employment situation. Maybe one of these days the AFL-CIO, NEA, SEIU and others will have an internal protest — but then again, maybe their contract prohibits it as well?


  1. It would appear the ROC is the front for an Extortion Ring. They’ll protest anyone, that doesn’t comply with their demands. Since their members are restricted from protesting it implies, if the hierarchy gets their palms greased sufficiently the eatery is free to do as they please.

  2. n organization that just does protests against certain types of establishment – why is this not a criminal activity – i am thinking RICO, harrassment and restraint of trade at least

  3. Until Union representation and business owner can forge a cooperative relationship for mutually sustainable growth there will exist this incompatible dyslexia of no good for either side and of even worse result for America at the heart of the matter.


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