Awkward slow clap for Obama’s remarks in the Netherlands (video)

In the absence of an adoring, perfectly-staged audience for President Obama’s droning pronouncements, the crowd response is…basically nothing.

It’s not just the poll results in the US that show respect and approval for Obama’s performance are plummeting – he just can’t seem to take the show on the road.

As CBS reports, at the conclusion of a joint news conference in the Netherlands with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, President Obama gestured and thanked the crowd as only a single person in the audience responded with an awkward slow clap.

Ouch. That’s really gotta hurt.

CBS says the near non-response from the audience comes amid reports from the UK Guardian newspaper that President Obama will arrive to the EU and NATO G7 conference in Brussels with a 900-strong entourage that includes 45 vehicles, three planes and a price tag of €10M ($10.4M) for the president’s 24-hour stay.

And about those poll figures? A CNN/ORC Poll seems to confirm what everyone in that room in the Netherlands was thinking. Asked if leaders of other countries respect Obama, only 39% said yes.

Finally, people are waking up to the fact that the Emperor has no clothes. But is it too late?


  1. About that “reset” with the world… apparently, those in foreign countries are on to Obama more quickly than half of Americans are.

  2. Without the pomp and trappings of the Office of the Presidency, this man-child called “Obama” is nothing – a complete “zero” of non accomplishment other than trying to destroy this country.

  3. The power of the press used to be an American principle. Now that we know that our press frequently scripts press conferences with giving questions beforehand and having answers provided — our press are simply props!

  4. It is almost really embarrassing to even see Obama show up at an event, let alone make a speech, and let the world know how really clueless this man really is. I personally think it’s totally asinine for Obama according to this article to show up at the next meeting with a 900 strong entourage, 45 Vehicles, and 3 Planes @ 10.4M for 24 HRS. Do all of the leaders from all of the other Countries attending, have this much attention to one Person? I would like some serious feed back I think this is Insane and Stupid. Let alone Ignorant.

  5. “privacy”. “individual rights”… Ha. The people in that room clearly know that your word is worth nothing, when you talk about “rights” and the “rule of law” yet you go against the so called “principles” that you are talking about when it comes to your citizens and their rights…. They know he is full of it. Funny, but also sad that we have this leader. I dont take joy in seeing this, its just disgusting really.

  6. Perfectly appropriate response to empty rhetoric. It’s mostly embarrassing to the brain dead idiots that have clapped and cheered for meaningless slogans like “hope and change” and “we are the ones we have been waiting for”. Looks like Europeans just learn things faster than the average, dumbed down american.

  7. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. I’m pretty sure everyone outside of America can see what a failure this guy is. Now if we can only get everyone in America to realize this. This man looks defeated and he knows people are starting to see through him. I hate to see the leader of the US receive this kind of reaction, but this was funny as hell. Time to call it quits, Barry.

  8. When Obama speaks it always sounds the same. His speech-writers surely don’t have much to do. One speech pretty much covers it all. Same old mundane stuff. He never says anything pertinent just appeases the less sharp of the crowd.

  9. of course it’s too late, this dummy has another 2 years in the WH! But the fun won’t end with him, wait until they drag out the next set of clowns who want the job with the wicked witch of the north leading the pack! Oh boy are we in trouble!!

  10. Amazing how Americans put their party before their country. It’s like people pray for the nation to fail when the other team is in power. That more than any policies are what is destroying this great nation.

    • The one putting party first is Barack Obama…he puts the political ideals of the Democrat Party first and foremost (sprinkled with bits and pieces of communist ideals like “wealth redistribution”, class warfare and forced sharing).

    • Seriously GG, the poseur is a lying fraud who has not done anything but serve himself and his parasitic progressives. The man’s life is a fabrication, he routinely breaks the law, he uses all government agencies as poltical weapons, his economic, educaltional, health and foreign policies are toxic, and his political appointments are driven by hatred for white people and capitalist America.

    • evidently, the ones that are praying for the nation to fail, are those that voted the inept, unqualified, con man named obama

      • How about all the ones that stayed home instead of voting for Romney? McCain had far more GOP voters go to the polls than Mitt. Maybe the GOP needs to get a real contender instead of crying about the other party.

    • There is a huge difference between wanting failure and seeing it. If there’s a turd in the punch bowl you need to notify the people who are drinking the punch, as unpopular as that may make you.

  11. Dumb ass article.
    It was a press conference in front of reporters, not a public rally.
    When have you seen the press applaud at a press conference?

    • They do it all the time, in appreciation of the king stepping down from his throne to mingle with the little people. So tell us, why did the one person clap?

      • Are you a child?
        Clearly you don’t like what i wrote and i can only guess that since you can’t think of a rational way to express that you dislike what i wrote, all you can do is hurl insults.

      • Nah, not a child. Just have a low tolerance for close minded people making dumb ass comments like yours. Read beyond the words son, dig a little deeper into what you are being told. It might help you understand the world a little better. There. Like this better?

      • Beyond the words? Dig deeper?
        That has nothing to do with the fact that Obama was speaking at a press conference, not a public rally.
        I pointed that out and all you can do is respond with insults and now mumbo jumbo about reading beyond the words about what I am being told… all of which has nothing to do with what i wrote.
        You’re a child.
        You didn’t like what I pointed out so threw insults and now babbke about unrelated things.

    • Brendan has not come to the conclusion, that not everyone, in the world, is as easily duped and deceived, by obumbles the clown

      • No. I simply came to the obvious conclusion that this was a press conference and not a public rally.
        But hey, go ahead and distort facts to fit your beliefs if that helps you.

      • and, pray tell, how do you know what obumbles the clown has, or hasn’t done, since his records have been sealed

  12. One thing is for sure, it wasn’t Mooch applauding bucause She, Mama Mooch and the Moochette’s were in China blowing our hard earned tax dollars……

  13. I have noticed that among world leaders Obama is ignored at international functions. Evidently international functions are not the same staged media events as in the US. Whatever, what an embarrassment to our nation?

  14. In finding the nearest rock (to crawl under out of embarrassment) I couldn’t decide whether to stow it away to throw later or hide under it. He actually felt entitled to applause. Mr. Obama, in some countries an applause happens only when they actually LIKE what you said and DON’T think you’re a liar. Some of the world is actually reading between your lines.

  15. the problem is, he has stomped on all of the issues he just said has guided America… he is a fraud and they know it

      • Lovely way to hold up your end of a debate….when all else fails, use insults and attack a person’s intelligence. Very human of you…clap clap clap (sound familiar? That’s the sound of one person applauding).

  16. i take 100% pure joy in this. liberals boo’ed George W., and now they can have retribution as to what the whole world think of the garbage they elected! BOO!

  17. I don’t really get the impression he even knows the meaning of half the words he said.

    “Rule of law…

    …dafuq did I just say?”

  18. They apparently haven’t been watching ABC, NBC, CNN, or other boot-licking American news media telling them all how great OLiar is.

  19. In biblical times, just before Daniel was sent to the lions den, he told the King, (whom did not want uphold the law, realizing he had been tricked into signing the law) a king that does not follow the law, can no longer be king. My point is this, we do not have a king, although Obama may want to be one. We do have a President that refuses to follow the law. So how can he still remain President?

  20. Guess he should have taken his MSM fans along with him to kiss his butt. It’s for sure nobody there was going to.

    • Didn’t notice that. Will have to force myself to watch the video again. Maybe it would have been better for him if Moochell would have been there!!!

  21. Well that is both priceless and very sad. Wish Americans could see his true self like the rest of the world is seeing, a total fraud. So sad that the perception of America has fallen so far in the eyes of the world. I would love to have know what was being said and what the laughter I heard in the background was about. In light of this article, I would say it is us, our President is us in the eyes of the world.

  22. Expected MSNBC report on this speech: ‘the crowd was so awestruck by President Obamas presence, it was apparent they did not know how to properly acknowledge his stirring commentary. A singular memorable moment amongst many we have witnessed. Truly symbolic of his influence on the world.’

  23. Unfortunately, the world’s lack of respect for the fumbling clown is the same lack of respect that they have for us as a nation. Obama’s short time in office has unraveled two centuries of Americans’ hard work and dedication to building our great country. Can we ever achieve that respect again?

    • Yeah, it wasn’t the invasion of Iraq that alienated our allies and inspired our enemies–it was…what, again? Obamacare, I guess. Good historicity there, Patti. Here’s an idea: actually go overseas and ask 100 people in each of 20 countries, “Who do you like better: Bush or Obama?” But no, that would require actually caring about the truth, so you won’t (and Allen West can’t figure out how to use travelocity so he ain’t going). Having been in Asia and Europe during and after the Iraq war, I can tell you Bill Clinton was by far the most popular president in US history among people in every country I visited–but that was pre-Obama. My guess is now it’s a close call, but notably no Republican is ever even in the conversation because of their insistence that the world accept American primacy and exceptionalism in all things even when it is clearly contrary to the facts (e.g., witness the braying idiots decrying that the “best healthcare system in the world” is being screwed up by Obamacare when in fact the US is not even in the top 20 by any standard measure). Now THAT is embarrassing.

      • What great President ? He’s a Traitor to the American way of life and the Constitution ! He’s a outlaw president , who thinks he’s a king . He’s more like the court Jester !!!

  24. “Finally, people are waking up to the fact that the Emperor has no clothes. But is it too late?”

    I hate when people say this. “Is it too late?” Was it too late for America in its infancy for us to fight the British even when they were already on our shores? Was it too late to stop Hitler? Was it too late to bring down the Soviet Union? The thing about time is that it is everlasting. It is never too late to do anything. In the words of Charlie Chaplin, “And so long as men die, liberty will never perish!”

      • Not to be “that guy” but it was the Japanese that bombed Pearl Harbor. :/ We went after the Germans first in order to protect Britain and our strongest foothold in Europe though.

      • dude … that was John Belushi’s line in “Animal House” … you really got to get out more! LOL
        btw … in terms of “too late” … there IS that little $18 trillion dollar debt and $100 trillion in UNFUNDED LIABILITIES. Plus the trend is creating MORE debt … accelerating the death march. Turning this around … you are talking about replacing about 90% of the congress AND the president … for probably 20-40 years to undo all the damage. The enemy OWNS the dead-ucation system, the media, and is importing millions of illiterate losers from every cesspool in the world with promises of eternal freebies … too late is not far-fetched.

      • Yeah I didn’t say the line, that was the other guy and I never saw that movie. I do need to get out more though, you are right on that. There will be a turn around once crony capitalism is struck out.

      • And it was the progressive president FDR who ignored the intelligence we had about the pending attack in order to involve the US in the war…

  25. I was struck by the things that he referenced, “Checks balances dues processes, Rule of law, individual rights”, the hypocrisy was striking. These are not characteristics that this administration is known for..

  26. awkward slow clap? lol that’s an understatement. It was more like 1 person slow clapping and everyone else getting up to leave.

  27. We have a lieing idiot, Muslim running our country……so what else is new. I know, more red lines drawn in the sand. And now…….a visit to the Pope. What’s this visit for, he’s openly attacked the Catholics at every turn. I guess tell the Pope in person.

  28. When asked a question that she couldn’t or didn’t want to answer, my daughter, at 10 or 12 yrs.old, would go into a long spiel and keep adding things as they popped into her head. I used to call it defensive speak! That is exactly what Obama does! When asked a question he ends up making a long drawn out speech because he is not sure whether what he is saying is being believed by those listening. With my little daughter it was amusing. When the Pres does it I believe it is because he is a habitual liar and therefore feels the need to embelish!

  29. It’s not like someone threw a shoe at Obama.

    I guess Bush never had the same entourage. I think he flew couch and carried his own bag. Hey, Bush, did you eat a Royale with Cheese in Paris? Or La Big Mac?

      • clearly your reading comprehension and / or dyslexia is acting up.. read my post again, this time without your liberal blinders.
        And for your reading pleasure search plane crash white house September 1994.

      • Yes I remember Clinton . I voted for him twice and will. Hilary too. But I don’t understand “or shot at it like when Clinton was president” shot at what ? When did this happen ?

      • Oct 30, 1994. The “it”, like in most sentences, referes to the previous noun in the statement. In this case, the white house. No joke your reading comprehension is abysmal. So, by the way, is your ability to clearly articulate a question.

      • djmc993150 . . .And I assume “English” is your primary and was your first language?” Don’t you think ur a little harsh with someone who is speaking in English when it’s obvious it NOT her primary language. Perhaps Philanthropussy would respond to you in her native language and then you can reply in her native language, and we can see how your grammar, syntax, spelling, and subject-verb agreement qualifies you to be so critical. Comment on the content . . .not the form please.

      • Someone was asking you to clarify something for them. You could have taken the opportunity to have a good “teaching” moment – possibly winning someone over to your side, instead, you chose to insult their intelligence, make fun of a debilitating learning disability, and mock someone who was brave enough to admit they didn’t know everything. Way to be human dude.

      • LOL – don’t tempt me to use words that insult an entire group…….it’s much too tempting.. 🙂

      • and so are “YOURS” trying to sound “INTELLIGENT”!!! “FAILED” kinda like “ALL” of o-dum ass’s policies!!!

      • Put down your glass of “kool-aid” down and take 2 steps back away from that glass!!! “DUMB-ASS”!!! WAKE UP!!!

      • Wow Jimbo, you must be a great parent or employee. ” if you don’t get it the first time , UR a dumb ass” Support much? How many wives? How many kids who still talk to you ?

      • Some nit-wit with an accent and a funny name pulled an SKS out from his raincoat and fired at the west wing from the PA Ave sidewalk. The POTUS was home at the time, but no-one was hurt before some civilians tackled the li’l som-a-bitch and disarmed him for the SS.

  30. What a B.S. headline. This is Europe, you dolts! Europeans don’t clap for anything. Do you hear people clap in catholic church?

  31. Had you bothered to check the facts, this was a press conference, not a speech. Applause is prohibited (and if you watched the unedited version, you’d see/hear no applause for the wildly popular Dutch PM, either, cuz IT’S A PRESS CONFERENCE). Remember when conservatives were the “realists”? We miss you, Ronnie, Barry, etc.

    • did check the facts and please go back and look at history if the like you they clap; there is an unspoken rule about clapping or the applause and yes they do. pull your head out obaminator he is not the mesiah; you do not have to defend.

    • Surely you jest. The LSM has drooled over Ovammit for 6 years now. They trip and stumble over one another to get to Ovammit and kiss his ring. Clapping for his ridiculous speeches full of lies and deceit has become the norm. Since when have journalists been true journalists? Maybe when GW Bush was president but, not since then.

  32. Allen West pitiful claps send a message to Barrack Osama. The World Leaders are speechless that we would vote such an idiot into the presidency, despite the fact he came out of nowhere. How shaming to the USA!

      • wow… there are thousands of videos on the internet that prove otherwise?
        thousands of internet videos that would prove your point… yet you were unable to provide a link for even one?

      • That is an absurd response.. but i agree. You are not entitled to your own facts.
        yet… YOU were caught lying and making up your own facts.
        I said the press odes not applaud presidential press conferences.

        You stated there were thousands of videos on the internet that proved your claim that the press does applaud at presidential press conferences.

        i asked you to provide a link for just one video of the press applauding the president at a press conference.
        you said there were thousands on the internet… but here we are, a month later, and you have not provided a single one.

        Somehow, you think that makes me the one making up his own facts???

      • No @Brendan – it’s not about me thinking you make up your own facts. It’s about you already proving by your rants that you are full on incongruity. Keep banging on that keyboard! LOL

      • You have not been able to dispute anything I wrote.
        You stated there were thousands of videos on the internet proving your argument against me that that the press applauds at press conferences.
        I asked you to show one… just one example of the thousands you claimed exist.

        You failed to provide a single example, proving you were lying.

        And now, after all this time, instead of admitting you were wrong, you resort to childish unsupported insults.
        I am calling you a liar… and i am supporting it with your own specific words.
        You made a claim that there were thousand of videos showing the press applauding.
        Show one… just one… or shut up

  33. I can’t believe he’s bringing 900 people with him for a one day meeting ! He loves to spend our money ! He’s a Traitor to the American way of Life !

    • Me either, cant blame this “useless IDIOT” on me, he’s the WORST President EVER!!! He and his “kool-aid” drinkers can and”SHOULD” LEAVE “WE THE PEOPLE” don’t want this “NEGRO” to do anything, he has already proven he has “NO CLUE” on International Affairs, again he’s a “USELESS FAGGOT”!!!

      • He’s not a “negro” He’s only half black, if that… his RACE has nothing to do with this. His POLICIES have everything to do with this. Please, when you interject race into this you are no better than Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

      • No he’s more of an American hating,rate baiting ,socialistic piece of tihs.It don’t matter what color he is he’s still a great big pile of steaming puke so full of lies he ready to explode.

      • He could be purple with white polka dots and I would still despise him because of his policies and his narcissistic attitude. He has been propped up his whole life and those around him thinks he walks on water. I think he believes it himself; the perfect speaking puppet.

  34. Who was obama giving that little handwave to down in the front….valarie jarrett, a guy, or was it just some koolaid fan or his lover??

  35. The way he blatantly lies and so easily PUBLICALLY does the complete OPPOSITE of every word he said here should anger every American, and probably does anger every county that was America’s allies!! The “check and balances” (that he no longer respects and/or uses because he has a phone and a pen), the “core values” that America has always believed in, as in “privacy” (um…..NSA and IRS, etc., etc., etc.), “rule of law” (that he doesn’t enforce, unless he agrees with them), “individual rights” (Only if you’re a democratic liberal progressive…….. IRS, etc., etc., etc.) that “has” (because it certainly isn’t guiding HIM, or his panting and tail wagging followers, now) guided the United States for many years, and will continue to guide us in the future. The only people that still believe him, and trust him, are those who are staunch democrats and will defend that “party” no matter what. There is NO changing their minds, even with the proof right in front of their eyes. There’s fighting between republicans because “some” don’t care what party you “say” you support and are part of. If you don’t believe in the core values that started the republican party they will call you out on it, not defend you.

  36. I am no fan of Obama, but I am a fan of the truth. I couldn’t help but notice that Obama wasn’t shown in the same shot as the indifferent audience. Although, I haven’t heard the audio either.

  37. What else can be expected when an incredibly incompetent black Narcissist is elected by a Nation of “have not parasites” that have overwhelmed the Americans that work for a living with their “vote” This guy sucks…end of story

  38. You voted for the unconstitutional and unAmerican NDAA – so why the hell are you still pretending to be a patriot … You are “out of the closet” now you phony *&^$

    • There were no applause because, contrary to the description of this video, it was not a public speech… he was answering a question at a joint press conference. It was just press in attendance, not the public.
      there are no applause at press conferences.

      • Then you haven’t seen the press conferences in the white house because his cheerleaders applaud head-on, even at Carney when the fraud is not in the room. It depends on the subject and the answer.

  39. I hope it hurt and hope he realized that people are not buying his BS. I am afraid that there is going to be a war because obama has done nothing to protect anyone and our friends. Putin will do what he wants and obama is going to sit on his ass, Congress needs to make some important decisions and send assistance to the Uranians, pass the Keystone Pipeline, open some lines of oil and coal in the US to help the EU, tougher sanctions on financial resources/banks, approve some fed lands for fracking, send military assistance (weapons….) instead of “rations” (What good is food if they attack these people with no way to protect themselves?), a presence of the US in military ships…. There are many things to do, but like the Netherlands, people are tired of obama’s words because he is not a leader and is letting the world down my refusing to go along with being a stand up president and strength brings peace. We are the peace keepers and he has destroyed the respect, the strength… honor…. in the US or his presidency. I guess that is what happened when people voted in a community organizer, someone who had no work or business experience, never served in the service…. Now our entire world is in serious risk of NUK’s, war and…. Why would anyone clap for this guy?

  40. Oh, I remember! Most of the world was falling over themselves when it came to this clown. That just proves my dad was right all along, when he said most people rally aren’t very smart!

  41. This thing is completely clueless. Remember when his buffalo…..I mean wife, grabbed the Queen of England up and HUGGED her??? Has the cow never even seen a movie with the Queen in it??? But this is the shocker: THEY WERE ACTUALLY SURPRISED WHEN THEY WEREN’T INVITED TO THE PRINCE’S WEDDING!!!! CLUELESS.

    Well, here’s a hint: Y O U A R E H A T E D.

  42. This flat tire has so many holes in him, the commie democRats will never be able to pump him up. But they keep trying.

  43. Lies, lies lies and more lies that’s what we were trying to tell you in the first place.This man is full of it up to his eyeballs.I want to thank the people of the Netherlands for such a rousing applause.the one that did clap was someone who was planted in the crowd just trying to draw an applause.NOW that’s what the people of the United States should be doing.Let him talk then when he’s finished TURN YOUR BACKS AND WALK AWAY.

    • clearly the whole lot of them were racists to the tee, how else could you explain the abYsmal response? it couldn’t be his incessant lying, or his incoherent foreign policy, or his wrecking ball to the world? No, none of these. But in America, we’re not suppose to ask, else be labeled, ridiculed and ostracized by political and media boot lickers.

      and where the F are our leaders in Congress?

    • Seriously, what did they really expect from a half-man that has never run so much as a lemonade stand??? Have they learned their lesson? I certainly hope so. It’s time to take our country back and stop the non-stop lavish vacations and golf trips on our dime! 900 people to the summit? really…
      What an embarrassment this fraud is. You all who voted for this fraud should be ashamed of yourselves. I will not count myself in that mix. He is not and will never be MY president. I expect much more from my leaders.

  44. Europeans were hopeful that Obama was “the answer” not only to America’s problems, but for their problems as well. They are naive, but they are not total fools! They now realize that we have a true fool at the helm, and they shouldn’t have cheered him on in 2008. But bottom line is that we should blame our own “Low Knowledge Voters” for having fallen– TWICE, MIND YOU– for the hype and inaccurate perceptions about Obama. They propelled no more than a clown into high office.

  45. To Brendan – for some reason, there isn’t a “reply” under your response to me. If there was not supposed to be any applause, then one person would not have offered any. The press can and does applaud. They didn’t in this case, because they don’t agree with him.


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