Video: New theme song for disenchanted liberals

Last night O’Reilly had on Huffington Post President and Editor Arianna Huffington who was plugging her new book, Thrive O’Reilly started out by asking her a question on liberalism — actually progressive socialism. He inquired why she, as a staunch liberal, couldn’t see the failures of that ideology — as we recently discussed regarding the mass exodus from France.

She was totally unable to respond and, well, I actually felt sorry for her — kinda like Barbara Walters coming to the realization that Obama was not some “messiah.”

I know y’all enjoyed the video of the Obama supporter burning her “Obama Homeboy” t-shirt. Seems like many of those under the spell are beginning to feel a bit disenchanted.

Why, that reminds of me of the lyrics from one of my favorite songs from the 80s:

You can’t finish what you start, if this is love it breaks my heart.
You made me promises, promises
Knew you’d never keep
You made me promises, promises
Why do I believe?

They can’t keep their doctor or their healthcare plan — maybe not even their cell phones. Still don’t have jobs. Mean ol’ Vladimir Putin and the Iranians still don’t like us. What’s a liberal to do?

I sense liberals are a bit down in the dumps and need a boost. So, I’m happy to provide a little serenade from one of my favorite songs of the 80s, “Promises, Promises.” I think it captures the liberal mindset right now, and the prison symbolism couldn’t be any more appropriate.

So, take a break, and enjoy this “Ode for Disenchanted Liberals” from yer ol’ buddy Allen West.


  1. Again, West you give wrong, misleading and half turves to make your point . I just saw the interview and huffington said nothing you attribut her to.
    When BO ask about liberals , she responded as an news editor. She runs Hiffington post, which later she saids goes after Obama for high rates of poverty, immigration too. ” Hoffpost is not right or left ” Oreillly didn’t object .
    When asked about liberal media’s love fest with Obama, ” she said ” it’s completely inapporperate”
    Also, PROGRESSIVE SOCIALISM are your words , not BO’s.

    • here we go again, I will explain this one more time. This is a “Conservative site” as advertised. He does not have to give any other view point but his. You can agree or disagree, but do not expect him to be a Journalist as he does not have to be one

      • So, it’s okay with you if he gives misinformTion. I AM A ROBOT ABD WILL BELIEVE ANYTHING.

      • You didn’t gain anything by saying that the last time, you are embarrassing yourself all over again.
        It is not misinformation, you are suppose to be a grown up. Figure it out for yourself, you know how to peruse the internet watch TV and read newspapers get over it PP

      • It is NOT BS and it is not misinformation, It his his opinion no more no less. You are entitled to your opinion and he is entitled to his, if you disagree that’s fine. In most cases I agree with his opinion and you do not


      • You should stop the stupidity. I thought you better than this. I thought we had progressed to intelligent conversation and now you digress to this. I am disappointed in you

      • I never said anything about leaving the site, I said I truly thought you had advanced in your posts to an intelligent debate not the childish “:I am a Robot” crap. I do not mind debating you if you hold to an intelligent discussion.

      • no, I have plenty of debates with people on this site. Some friendly. You are the one who claims I’m unfair.

      • I never said anything about you being “unfair” I said you ranting to me is childish and immature.
        I would be glad to debate you any time as long as you debate with intelligence not childish immature rants

      • Just read some new stories West is railed up about , but I ‘m fading fast and too tired to defend the liberals . I’ll catch u tomorrow .

  2. MORE MORE MORE. More of your bronmance with Putin.
    The Russian Econ is worse than the US and many are looking at Crimea as a distraction to Russian Econ problems. Lots of investors are nervous about the outcome of Crimea and that will damage the Econ .
    As for Europe helping us with sanctions against Russia? They want money to help offset the money they will lose. guess who ‘so going to come up with the cash ? But that’s Obama fault, right ?

  3. Ha Ha Good one, LTC West!
    Here’s another…”Little Lies” by Fleetwood Mac. Or how about a Lib singing “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. HahaHaha…now watch your resident trolls throw their tantrums. Oh, look at that! One of ’em has already started! Too funny…hahahahaha…

  4. It’s called “cognitive dissonance”. It’s the mental defense mechanism that keeps the squirming minds of socialists operative by basically short-circuiting all their logic paths whenever an impossible conflict arises.

    If A = true, and If A then B, and suddenly you’re confronted with the reality that A is NOT actually true, then the B you love so much is also not true.

    Since accepting this would require socialists to abandon their deeply-held and horribly fraudulent beliefs, which would cause them pain and necessitate self-awareness and circumspection (all things they believe are unnecessary), they’ll simply stutter impotently in place, whirring like a broken hard drive, until their wormy minds can concoct a new set of logic paths that allow for A and B to be true again.

    Don’t worry, they’ll think of something. They always do. If they weren’t capable of lying to themselves, they would have gone insane years ago.

  5. Allan West. So help me if you dont get rid of that aggressive pop up that you cant get rid of,
    that promotes your book I will stop promoting and sharing your great website. I have never been subject to such an aggressive pop up in my life! STOP IT!


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