15-yr-old arrested for Philly brick attack; race of victims not mentioned. Why?

New update in the Temple University student assault case: NBC Philadelphia reports, “Philadelphia Police said a 15-yr-old girl has been arrested Tuesday and is expected to be charged with aggravated assault for allegedly hitting a 19-year-old Temple University student in the face with the brick, nearly knocking her teeth out. Four other teens, a 17-year-old, two 15-year-olds and a 14-year-old, have also been taken into custody related to the assault. Detectives say these teens may also be arrested soon.

The arrest came four days after the unprovoked brick attack. The 19-year-old woman, was walking with her 20-year-old boyfriend around 6 p.m. on Friday evening when she says a group of girls and boys began taunting and touching them. When they pushed back, the girls allegedly started swinging. “My boyfriend pushed the girl away from me that hit me in the face and then the girl’s sister came at me with a brick,” said the victim, who asked that her identity not be shared.

What a shame this young lady withholds her identity as the victim, undoubtedly due to fear. We’ve come to a point in America where victims continue to live in fear for retribution attacks. Her boyfriend was interviewed, but he asked that his face not be shown on camera.

Some may ask why we’re following this case? The point is simple: trend analysis. Police say there were two other attacks that took place within minutes of the brick attack. But isn’t it interesting the media won’t report the race of victim? Again I have to ask, why? If this were black-on-black violence, does no one care? But because the victims were white, it doesn’t fit the narrative of the Left. We never stopped hearing about the “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman.

Another Temple student, a 20-year-old junior, said she was walking down her street when she was punched by a several girls, just 15 minutes before the brick attack. Capt. Frank Banford, commanding officer of Philadelphia Police’s Central Detective Division, said “the girls are also responsible for a third attack in which they allegedly assaulted another woman who is a Temple University student.

How does the academic mind work? Temple spokesman Ray Betznger said the university has no immediate plans to review its notification procedures. He says that could come at the end of the semester when officials typically review all university procedures.

Hate to say it, but Temple University may just need to get ready for the deluge of lawsuits that I am quite sure are coming. And they had best not wait until the end of the semester.


  1. Lt. Col West

    Thank you for being just a solid stand up MAN ! I would like to some day meet you , shake your hand and thank you for your service in /out out uniform. I only wish the halls of congress were stacked with more men like you.

    Greg Messer
    USMC/US Army Vet
    Tea Party Values

  2. Gotta get these bricks off the street. I mean kids are killin other kids with these unregistered bricks…. Yes this sarcasm is old, now you know how we feel liberals…

    • Thank you! I cant stand bricks. Especially those red bricks. They are the worst…. lol you had to make sure to be racist towards the brick withput being racist towards the brick. Doesn’t make sense?! Excellent! That’s the liberal way!

      • Why? Is he our first half black prez? What Brian said is true. The black on white crime rate has escalated since Obama took office and made a HUGE deal out of the Treyvon Martin case. Have you heard him make any speeches about black on white crime? No, you haven’t.

      • I think they are liberal trolls trying to make Allen West supporters look like they are racist against black people. They panic when we don’t follow their game plan.

    • i agree one hundred percent — it is another one of his dirty tricks’ and it is not the last cause it seems’ to get worse . ] i cant’ believe that our country is getting so bad but seems’ no one gives’ a sit about it ]

      • You are correct. They have been enslaved by socialist policies and emboldened by a racist President. He has no intention of ever helping his people out of poverty. He is doing the opposite of empowering them, he is making them even more dependent and helpless.

  3. Quick solution , if there were 8 perps and one in custody the one that is in custody if found guilty should have the max penalty times 7. This will show these animals that the people are not going to put up with thier nonsense any longer.

  4. Temple is endangering the lives of its students by not notifying and warning their students about these attacks. The statement that they will wait until the end of the semester to discuss it makes it worse.

    • Anyone who has ever been anywhere near Temple’s campus knows to watch their step. I remember well waiting in the car for my wife outside of the admissions office while she was inside for an interview. I was scared to death, in a locked vehicle and this was 1985. I was back again last summer and it has not changed a bit.

  5. What hell is up with a boyfriend who doesn’t accurately assess a threat to his girlfriend and allows this to happen? Put the obvious race-based hate of the crime aside — let’s address the pussification of the male of our species. If one of my family members gets attacked, I won’t be giving interviews on camera — I’ll be out in the street taking pounds of flesh. Damn straight I’m going to “profile” an obvious threat to my well-being. Dumb, brainwashed kids make the best victims.

  6. Just like the knock out game. The liberal media, or should I say the propaganda arm of the Obama Administration, don’t want to tell you it is blacks attacking whites. P.S. Al Sharpton can kiss my ass. What a race baiter.

  7. Kobeef ,agree 100% with your assesment, that seems to be a problem with todays males , maybe they should do a hitch in the Army or Marines before attending college. Also the males in the student body should grow some balls ,form a gang, and if true justice is not forthcoming then let it be known that they will deliver the justice

  8. I can pretty much bet that if a law-abiding citizen dropped one of these scum-bags during an attack, it would make national news in an instant.

  9. So where s al Sharpton and jesse Jackson there always attacking race crimes oh that is rite they are the problem they will only be heard from when black is attacked

    • There is no Black owned corporation or organization to extort
      money out of in this case. That is what those two DNozzels do. I have to believe Dr. King is just rolling over in his grave.

  10. The reporter who did the story, Nifertiti Jaquez, is a political radical. She refers to the attackers as “boys and girls”, as if it matter when you get hit in the face with a brick. The media in Philly is corrupt and politically correct in a town that is not safe to visit. There are plenty of cops near the Liberty Bell but you have to be extremely careful in some areas, especially around Temple University.

    • hate to say the obvious but in a civil society having to “deal” with securing the peace is requisite so a) ether the penalty for these crimes are harsh enough and consistent enough that it acts a legitimate deterrent or b) without a recourse then policy needs to be made that identifies the profile of the typical offenders and you find a way to segregate them publicly. Period.
      Seriously – yes I said segregation. If you have a segment of a civil society and laws are passed to secure said civility. Then if a sub-culture (segment) of your society is disenfranchised enough that they are going to vent their discontent on the remaining mass of citizens by causing death/physical harm or theft/destruction of property then there has to be some measure of control.
      I gave you two – in lieu of any real legitimate and effective action (…or real parenting/accountability). Discuss…

  11. They’d stop getting a tuition check if my kid were attending school in that god forsaken city and they didn’t want to change their alert system and beef up patrols….

  12. Notice that the perps were described as “8 to 14” to automatically assign juvenile immunity to them when they were in fact 14 to 17. Big difference. When will their first concern be the victim, regardless of race?

      • Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics are working on it. In NY City about 50% of all black babies conceived are aborted. That is why the black population hasn’t increased significantly in the last ten years or so.

      • Indeed however, hastening it with good Ol Irish Recompense, will improve America, even faster.

  13. Obozo’s People-sub human beast with all the morality of hyena’s on a carcass. Lord-are you Gimmerat parasites pure SCUM !!!!

  14. If they think they are all bad and big shots doing this crime then make there identities know. You want to be all grown up then let us know who you are not get arrested and have Mommy and Daddy bail you out because you are a kid and scared and say you are sorry. You have no remorse.

    • B.s. race wasnt mention because its not politically correct to point out thst a large portion of american crimes are committed by one of America’s smallest cultural groups. (African Americans)but we cant say whats real.

    • Zimmerman made no racial slur, Martin however did. For all we know they followed them because they were white and aledging that is as valid as aledging Zimmerman a racist. Race could have very well been the mitigating factor here. To say so diffinitively it didn’t without the facts smacks of agenda. In other words you have no idea that it didn’t matter.

    • It never does matter if it’s black kids, especially ones that are beating up whites. Let a white mob of teens go beating up on innocent blacks and see if race matters.

    • It does make a difference because if the girls were white & the victims black it would be prosecuted as a hate crime. It is a reverse type of discrimination. It is well known that this being perpetrated by black mobs nationwide & has gotten much worse since Obama got in office. They seem to think they are protected because of what Holder said about not prosecuting my people. It isn’t true, but it is perceived that way by young blacks.

  15. The male victim is a candy ass given that situation again, turn and grab one. Member of the attackers, place your fingers in his/her eyes and announce your intention to push the eyes to the back of their head unless they move on…

  16. You know who should be pissed off about this,but wont be(black america) its understandable when black people attack whites. I bet you, if the white girl that was attacked name was (treyvon)iuqe. Black america would be pissed. Im just so sick hearing reports of violence potrayed by black people,and not hearing any outrage. Nowa days you cant even call a black person who’s committed a crime a criminal, without being call a racist or sell out.

  17. These young thugs are not mere high-spirited juveniles; they are organized Domestic Terrorists who are receiving directions from older adults in a campaign of escalating racial violence and fear. This past winter, during the Christmas Holidays, I saw a buildup of young, black, unfamiliar faces in a small PA town Northwest of Philly. Most of were wearing white t-shirts (the weekend was unseasonably warm) and they were crowding the sidewalks in groups of 8 to 12 or so, talking loud and making derisive and obscene comments as they walked between couples and pushed past people just so they could jostle them, perhaps in hopes of someone voicing an objection. A young girl walked out ahead of a group of 8 people, 6 of whom looked like high school seniors or maybe college freshmen, and approached me and stood in front of me to block my travel, and asked me if I had any change. I said that I had a pocketful of it but none of it to give away to people on the street that I don’t know. She started to get loud and mouthy just as 3 of the older, larger guys tried to bum rush me. It didn’t go well for them; although I may look like a victim to some, I spent 10 years working in stripjoints as a bartender and bouncer, and even after I started managing groups of such clubs, I rotated through all of them as a relief for my bouncers. In addition, I was a Light Heavyweight Boxing Champion in my younger days, and I am a student of Target Focus Training, which is just brutal in it’s quick devastation of any attacker. The reason I didn’t become a victim in this incident was because I have learned to pay attention to my environment, and look for things and activity and such that are unusual. I also pay attention to who is watching me, and what they are doing in relation to my movements in my community. The TFT is something that everyone and anyone, of any age over 8 (my opinion) can and should learn in a fairly short time. Lower your victim profile by being alert and making sure that people around you in any environment know that you are alert, and if someone approaches you in a suspicious or an aggressive manner, let the misery belong to them.

  18. Hugely unpopular opinion here, but I’m going to run with it….
    ~I really think we should ‘bring back the draft’, maybe not mandatory combat involvement, but definitely military training for ALL youth, regardless of race.
    ~Every young person should spend a minimum of 2 years in service to our country immediately upon graduation from high school. So much could be accomplished during this time; self defense training, respect, discipline.
    ~Many of today’s youth have no sense of pride, they do not know where they come from, where they are going, and that they are Americans FIRST.
    ~Boot camp alone would teach them teamwork, to value each other as human beings all on the same side.
    ~People join gangs to get a feeling of belonging, a sense of fierceness in a place they otherwise feel helpless and have no control. The Military is the best place in the world for brotherhood and a sense of pride and inclusion.
    ~The youth would also become an asset to our country, helping others in America through programs like aiding disaster victims during their term in service.
    ~So many are on the government hand out that this would also give them a ‘job’ to do right out of school, and then they can choose to make the military their career if they want to, or go on to college.
    ~The training would get them in the best physical condition of their life, and the color of their skin would change from black or white, to red, white, and blue.
    ~I heard a man say that Obama was ‘the father of our country’. Aside from being historically inaccurate, he really looked up to Obama as a father figure, because he did not grow up with a father. The military is a family of brothers and sisters, and can ready today’s youth for the world.

    • and then we should make it mandatory for non felons to carry conceiled weapons so when this happens the niggers will be shot in the face.

    • So, let our country train our children. I am not totally opposed to everything the draft and military teaches kids who enter into it. I’ve seen a few kids that I wished would join the military to knock some sense into them. The people in the US do not “train” their children anymore with any type of morals, that is why there are parents in case we all forgot that. It is a scary thought to think about the future of the United States when parents no longer do their job and we try to throw God out of everything. If all these “important” people, like the President, even media and movie stars could encourage proper examples as parents or morals it might help some, when parents fail. Our young people look up to these people and are greatly influenced by it. This story is pathetic…..you won’t hear too much about this if anything at all from the media. Horrible. Prayers for the families that have wounded kids.

      • The spot we’re in is due to a failure on many fronts. I blame poor parenting, irresponsible movie makers who glorify violence, men who just rut then walk away from the responsibility they’ve created (and the women who let them)…sports figures who whether they like it or not are roll models. I agree, military boot camp type training would be good. After two years, the kids could decide whether to go back to civilian life or continue in a military career. My daughter was never a troublesome child but I did see a huge improvement in her decision making and personal responsibility when she joined the Navy. She loved it. I believe in Israel, such service is mandatory.

      • There is also a voluntary civilian national service in Israel
        for those that cannot or do not wish to serve in the Israel Defense Forces.

    • While I agree we need to do something to change a generation that is growing up as disrespectful and lazy. 15 years ago I would have agreed with you, but I would never entrust my children to today’s military. It has and is becoming something entirely different. That’s not to say that I don’t believe they should serve. I believe your points are valid and pardon me if I’m wrong but it just seemed to me like you are saying that military service with “fix” these attitude. A child’s training should be done in the home and should start at birth. By the time they are of age to join the military, it may be too late. The only thing that will save our youth is a return to the fundamental values of the traditional family. When this happens, there will be a change in the attitudes of our youth and the country as a whole.

    • The problem with the Draft is all the people that don’t want to be there will make training, and life, difficult at best. They won’t care, won’t obey, and won’t care. Unless the Drill Sargeants, or Instructors can physically beat them up, they have no reason to get along. Look at the military in the ’60’s and ’70’s.

      • Unfortunately many of our young have no allegiance to our country or our flag. The Liberals/Progressives have been redefining our history for 40 years or so & our young have no clue why or how this country was formed. The Constitution has been downplayed & history twisted & distorted. One school lesson book totally lies about the Second Amendment & says it requires gun registration & bans on some guns. If our young are taught this, the history & reason for this country will disappear & we will wind up like a second Europe. Israel requires every young citizen to join their Military & they do so proudly. Our youth have no inspiration to do so & no longer see it as an honor.

      • Well, they do have the court martial and confinement systems in place for dishonorable/disobedient troublemakers. I think in the beginning there would be some resistance; but peer pressure and counseling helps turn kids around. In the end most people with a military service background achieve pride in themselves and their accomplishments, respect, dignity, and maturity. Without it, you see where things are going.
        Continuing education can be a part of the program which will prep kids for college, but all who are physically able should be required to serve in some capacity. Just my opinion.

      • Yes, some tools will be available, but the ones that don’t want to be there won’t act the same as those that do.

      • Well, they can run up to Canada, or elsewhere. No one forces anyone to live here. Planes leave every day for destinations all around the world.
        (but I understand your point)

    • Good idea, but it will not happen with this administration. This administration wants all Americans on Government Subsidies and a Socialist/Communist Country.

      • You have definitely seen Obama’s intent. He is right now destroying our military & removing our ability to protect the USA. He is a Marxist & always has been. Socialism is his way of destroying our society as he knows it is always a failure. He hates Americans & everything the USA stands for. Regardless of what he says, he dislikes whites & admitted he had animosity toward his white Communist Grandparents. He doesn’t really care about blacks either as he is basically ethnic Arab & his heart is with Islam.

      • Thank you for your Service.
        I couldn’t have said it better, except I wished the Americans would wake up, before it’s too late.

    • what does that have to do with anything? Are you implying that this girl deserved to be attacked because of a verdict in an unrelated crime 1200 miles away? I’m confused…

      • Even if it saves the lives of innocent people? Would you have shed a tear if someone could have killed oj before be beheaded two innocent people? Dumb question. You dopes probably would have. Ugh.

      • Nobody wished Trayvon to be dead. He basically killed himself by assaulting an armed citizen. That is allowed even in nature. Self preservation is a natural instinct. Animals do it with claws, teeth & strength. Man uses intelligence so strength isn’t a factor. If humans were like animals the weak would always die at the hands of the strong.

      • Nothing confusing about it. Thugs who perpetrate such nonsense won’t do it again they’re dead. These thugs in Philly should be grateful they aren’t. Why would you attack anyone whose capabilities are unknown?

      • Philly and Temple University are both gun free zones. It just screams out to the thugs that this is safe and fertile hunting grounds.

      • His mother wanted nothing to do with him while he was alive, but is exploiting his death all the way to the bank.

  19. Roving packs of hyenas and thugs. They don’t report it because it is black crime…and that doesn’t fit the media agenda.

  20. They don’t report it because they don’t have higher standards or expectations of minorities than this. Just like they think minorities are too stupid to get an ID and too lazy to work for their own money, they don’t like their slaves getting too uppity and acting like civil society aka …. Typical white person as Obama would say.

  21. There is another story being ignored. Girls just keep dating these small, weak, non athletic skinny jean wearing guys… How’s that working out for ya?

    • We have a name for them: Metrosexuals. Basically they are males who have allowed themselves to be overly feminized by militant feminists, television and liberal teachers in academia. It works out well if you like being dominated by everyone else.

    • ZZZZZZZZZZZ your’s is one of the most idiotic comments I have read in a long time. I don’t care if they are short, skinny, have acne or are skin and bones. They are human beings as are the girls being assaulted by these cowards. Maybe a few more of these thugs need to be dropped on the spot with a bullet. Color need not matter. If they happen to be black? Oh well… If they weren’t on the street looking for trouble, they wouldn’t have to worry about finding it.

      • Linda, you stated, ” If they weren’t on the street looking for trouble, they wouldn’t have to worry about finding it.”

        How did that work out for the victims? Trouble found them soon enough. Now intelligent people will question why? Could it possibly be they looked like soft targets? There has always been bullies preying on those who look like easy prey. Metro sexual males are commonly targeted for this reason. Those girls didn’t fear him and had no respect for him.

      • If you act like a victim, somebody will notice & you will be their victim. If you look weak or act timidly, you will be judged as such.

      • ADLoggy so if we will not show fear we will not get beat down? Really? Okay if you say so…but just in case if you happen to know any of those thugs up Arkansas way you might just tell them, women here do carry and know how to hit a small target..so they should be easy..of course people know fear in this situation, and should be able to defend themselves, but the metro sexual thing are THEY scared it my rub off on them? Don’t hold water to me even children know its not air born. Then they need a good education? Yes that’s even provided free for them, so the ignorance of said thugs is first on the parent or lack thereof, and on them for not realizing there is more out there than a life of crime and prison…

      • Earline, I said nothing about victims showing fear or not. I’m saying when predators see clueless weak looking men they are emboldened to prey on them. Men have been feminized for the past few decades. They have been drugged in schools as boys to make them more docile and to be more like little girls, Hollywood always displays men, from teenagers on, as the weaker of the two sexes and the women are the brains, the defenders, and so on. But reality is if you look like easy prey (aka wimp) you are likely to be targeted in urban settings. Why do you think women are targeted for violent crime and robbery more than men. I’m from Texas myself and grew up in Houston. You learn to project strength ( my arms actually fill out my shirt sleeves) and to know your surroundings. That way I don’t have to shoot anyone though many deserve it.. Metro sexual men are these skinny, designer jean wearing, more worried about their hair type of guys (think of the TV series Friends). Even women who want to do violence don’t really fear or respect these guys abilities to defend themselves. Also, these guys are more than likely against Concealed Carry. It too scary for them.

        BTW, women who carry and refuse to be victims are the best in my book. .

      • Human beings? Yes.
        Useless in a street fight? Very likely.
        And yes, I’m sure we can just avoid trouble by staying indoors 100% of the time. What the hell were they thinking, that they could just walk outside and maybe go to dinner?

      • Thoren NO they could NOT go to dinner, unless of course if it were to rob the restaurant maybe?

  22. These hate crimes against Whites have been going on for decades. DA’s do not prosecute, cops will not respond and the media has a mandate to push white crime and cover up black crime. It’s called RACISM on a grand scale and it’s also called GENOCIDE according to the world leader on the subject of genocide. When we teach our children to hate whites, what do you expect? When Obama claims whites are not covered under our Federal Hate Crime laws, what do you expect? This is a case of Jews walking to the ovens and/or Blacks enslaving other Blacks. History repeats itself.

  23. Blatant racism by the media. Its all about double standards. Its going to backfire sometime soon, and they will not like the outcome.

  24. The worst part (aside from the obvious injuries sustained) is that if the victims defend themselves, they will automatically be considered “racist” and the mass media will run with it, blasting it to every corner of the world…and then Eric Holder will send his goonsquad in to arrest and prosecute the “hate crime” of defending themselves.

  25. The sad news is parents will still pay for their kids to go to Temple. I want nothing to do with any institution that supports a demoncrat city like Philadelphia in any way. The city is lost and heading down the drain like Detroit.

  26. I seen a video interview with the boyfriend, he was white. At the time the race of the attackers wasn’t being disclosed by the media or the boyfriend. He seemed like your typical libtard. I doubt if this experience opened his eyes.

    • Any one want to take bets that after these upstanding young ladies are released that they wind up breeding and having fatherless kids that they will burden society with.

  27. If everyone would just mind their own business and stop sticking their nose in things that do’t concern them, we would have no problems.

    • You are very naive! It has nothing to do with minding your own business. The two students were doing just that. The smart ass thugs were looking for a victim. It is almost becoming epidemic in major US cities.

  28. This incident teaches us several several things.

    You can’t count on the police being there to protect you.
    You better learn how to defend yourself or you become a victim like this girl and her “boyfriend”.
    Man up and learn how to defend your girlfriend. Take some self defense classes.
    Brick versus face: brick wins. Gun versus brick: gun wins. You aren’t defenseless. Stop letting the democrats try to make you that way.

    • I am an advocate of the right to bear arms, but being realistic.. if surprised.. your gun does no good, and can be taken..!!

      • Hence point number two: Learn to defend yourself. Part of that is being aware of your surroundings.

      • Sounds to me like they were surrounded for a block. They were aware before it really mattered, just weren’t up to the challenge. I don’t even know what to think of Temple University’s response to this so far. At the end of the semester? Looks like they want this mess to just go away. I guess it doesn’t do much for enrollment when the rest of the country finds out your school is in another of many war zones.

      • If you allow them close enough to gain access to your weapon you have already broken rule one of self defense. Take a course as you obviously don’t know the first thing about it. There is no such thing as surprise if you are aware of what is happening around you. That is where a good self defense course is important. it will teach you how to keep yourself out of imminent danger because you will recognize it before that happens.

      • an armed man or woman is prepared and aware of their environment wake up nitwit be prepared when in areas that are thugged up. As a YT you need to know that pack animals will attack, otherwise you are not long for the gene pool casino.

      • Rule one never let them within arm reach.
        You shouldn’t have to give them a warning, if hearing the safety
        snap off isn’t warning enough, then looking down the bore should get
        there attention.
        Speak softly but carry a big gun.

    • Susan Mireles, I would have protected my girlfriend is this situation, but I’m not a 20 year old college student who was on a lunch break. I’m not so impressed with your post. Unless you’ve be hassled or attacked by little kids I’m thinking that it can be at least a little disconcerting for most people. It’s not natural to want to reach out and punch 8 yr olds or even 14 yr olds. As I read your post I was wondering what you would have done in this situation? The “boyfriend” part was a low blow from you to a kid you don’t even know. As for needing to be aware of our surroundings, seems to me that the victims here were very aware of their surroundings for at least a block. If not a brick, a fist can do a lot of damage. There are some very big 14yr old kids on this planet. I played organized football for 8 years. I’ve also taken some martial arts training. It takes training and experience to deal with some situations. Sometimes your only defense is to go on the offensive. In this situation, unless he didn’t even see it coming, the boyfriend should have probably attacked the brick. I think the fun part of all this is over now. Hopefully these college students and all the students at Temple have learned something from this.

    • Totally agree! Do not depend on our fine government or the law enforcers to protect you. The police get there to take the report and the government steps in to screw you over one more time. Don’t depend on anyone to defend you. Who knows, your neighbor might be a chicken.

  29. This happened in Louisville this past weekend. Race wasn’t mentioned either. The excuse this time was they were gathered to remember a teen who was stabbed on a bus by a man that was probably defending himself against a bunch of angry teens misbehaving. Several people were attacked and beaten in several places in downtown Louisville. Police didn’t file reports or help a man on the Big Four pedestrian bridge after he was beaten in front of his granddaughters. We have Thunder Over Louisville coming up to open our Derby festivities and people aren’t going to want to come and enjoy our beautiful waterfront for fear of being viciously attacked by a mob of unruly and disrespectful teens.

      • Yep definitely. They are on tv making excuses for it like that makes it ok for them to behave in this manner. Those poor uneducated and underprivileged children didn’t mean to act like this. They don’t know any better. What a load of horse hockey.

      • Arm yourself! If stun guns are legal, get one. A million volts deters unruly teens very quickly as none of them want to be the first to feel it. Just the crackle of it disperses them very quickly.

  30. Almost as disgusting as this act of violence are the number of jerks on this site being so critical of this young man, who when confronted suddenly by 10 young punks could not act quick enough to realize the best means of defending his girlfriend. Besides the fact that they were totally outnumbered, did it occur to any of you what this young man had to consider if he chose to hit a minor? He did push one girl away from his girlfriend, how was he to know her sister would come back and throw a brick in her face. Having a brother and two sons, I know how any man that is not a jerk feels about hitting a girl or women. It’s not ok in their book. I’m betting if he had knocked the girl out instead of just pushing her the same people who are criticizing him would be making fun of him for hitting a girl. Our country isn’t just becoming more violent, it also has a growing number of self-righteous, I’m better than you, mean, jerks who find fault in everyone but themselves.

    • If you are being assaulted punching out the assaulter is a valid response regardless of their sex. I don’t condone violence against females but if they assault you, you have a right to protect yourself. The girls sister didn’t throw the brick, she used it as a bludgeon & that means she was closer than he should have allowed. I would protect my wife or daughters with my life if necessary. I won’t condemn him, but he could have done more to protect her. Pushing her was valid but since it wasn’t dark, he should have seen the sister with a brick in her hand.

      • In theory, that is true. In reality, however, whenever a man hits a female, he will be subject to far greater scrutiny no matter what the behavior of the female. This is not fair, but it is reality. If I were a male teacher, for example, I would never, under any circumstances be alone with a student of either gender without a third party present. Why? Because people believe it when students accuse male teachers of terrible behavior, and then the man has to prove he didn’t do it. Men don’t get a fair shake in this “fair and equal” society.

      • I agree. However, if I am on the jury, I will not consider gender. If a man is defending his life against a female attacker, then more power to his defense.

      • I would protect my husband and my children and my grand children –as an automatic. I am the mother bear. I will rip you apart, and I will die trying if I am defeated. But I do carry.

      • I agree with you that a man should be able to hit a women or girl if he or someone he is with is being attacked. However, I also know how many in society would ridicule him if he did hit a girl. It’s not fair and I don’t agree with such a stupid standard. However, there are a few, not you, on this site who have really been ugly toward this guy and I’m betting they are the same ones that if he had hit the girl would be making fun of him for that. It seems some have to cut others down in order to feel good about themselves. I also agree with you that he let the girl get too close, but having been a victim of crime myself I can honestly say when confronted suddenly, you don’t have much time to think about the proper response. It could be that he was more focused on trying the get the both of them away from the situation that he did not even see the girl with the brick approaching. The guy and the girl were both a victim of a crime and the last thing a victim needs is to be ridiculed by others in addition to what has already occurred.

    • You have the right to defend yourself against a minor if the minor poses a life threat. Which being out numbered by people who could be your size, could be a life threat by itself. I agree that not many of us would have been able to stop the teenager from slamming the brick. And the way our justice system works in favor of the criminals, it is really hard on the victims. Have you ever seen the movie, “A Time to Kill.” I think after awhile, people will get justice.

      • Totally agree that our justice system works in favor of criminals, especially when minors are involved. In 1987 my car was stolen by a 15 year old, he proceeded to joy ride and totaled my car. I was asked to appear in court, though I don’t know why because it’s not like they ever called me to the stand or could have cared less about what I had to say anyways. The young man was already on probation for committing the same crime 3 times in the past. The only thing different this time was he totaled my car and injured another person in the accident. When the sentence was read I was disgusted. Extended probation and a warning to get a different hobby from stealing cars. Unless that young man made some drastic changes in his life, I’m sure he is sitting in prison today because he was never taught a real lesson when he was a minor thanks to our court system.

      • I have a pet peeve when people throw out stats that have no clue how to use them. Furthermore, when they use them to support their viewpoint, and they use them incorrectly. Understand that you have to know the overall population breakdown of the USA to better grasp the hate crime statistics. You might even have to understand the types a crime different races are more likely to commit to understand the stats.

        Yes, there are more white people in the USA. Therefore, I would expect the percentage of hate crimes committed by whites to be larger. I would expect the percentage to be within one standard deviation of the percentage of the white population or about. the same. So if the white population makes up 77% of the USA population, it would be usual to find that 77% of the hate crimes were committed by whites.
        But it is not. It is only 54%.

        Now on the other side–there are only 13% black.So I beg the question–why do blacks make up 23% of the hate crime offenders?

        You can google all these stats yourself. http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/00000.html http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/hate-crime/2012/topic-pages/offenders/offenders_final

        FBI Statistics on Hate Crime Offenders

        While there are 5331 hate crimes, only 48 percent were race related.

        Now these stats below are describing hate crimes as a whole–not just hate crimes related to race.
        Nevertheless, it is expected that the percentage of offenders should be majority white because the US population is majority white. 77 percent of the USA population is white while only 55% of the hate crime offenders are white. Now, there 13% of the USA population is black while 23% of the hate crime offenders are black. This is disproportionately distributed. I would expect that 13% or about 13% of the hate crime offenders would be black and 77% be white based on the USA population distribution of race stats. 23% is nearly double the percentage of the black population in the USA.

        Keep in mind, that first the incident has to be coded as a hate crime and then coded as a race hate crime. This is all pending on if they know the race of the offender and if it is deemed as a race hate crime. So if a crime is not reported and recorded as a race hate crime and the race is unknown, these the statistics do not reflect the occurrence of the incident.

        Law enforcement agencies that reported hate crime data to the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program identified 5,331 known offenders in 5,796 bias-motivated incidents in 2012. In the UCR Program, the term *known offender* does not imply that the suspect’s identity is known; rather, the term indicates that some aspect of the suspect was identified, thus distinguishing the suspect from an unknown offender. Law enforcement agencies specify the number of offenders and, when possible, the race of the offender or offenders as a group.

        *By race *

        In 2012, race was reported for 5,331 known hate crime offenders. Of these offenders:

        * 54.6 percent were white.

        * 23.3 percent were black.

        * 8.8 percent were groups made up of individuals of various races (multiple races, group).

        * 0.9 percent were Asian/Pacific Islander.

        * 0.9 percent were American Indian/Alaskan Native.

        * 11.5 percent were unknown. (Based on Table 9.)

  31. Here is a must view about crime stats by race in the USA: There is one group completely left out of the FBI’s crime stats by race, Table 43. Hint: It is not blacks. But if you can combine this race’s crime rates with white perpetrated crime rates it makes the black’s rate of crime look a little less skewed. It also hides another liberal agenda related to illegal immigration:


    What you will find is Hispanic/Latino crime rates are actually combined and added to white crime rates.

    • That is widely known by most intelligent people that the census/FBI combine Latino’s/Hispanic into Whites which unfairly adds additional crime to the White population… If you go to the FBI’s/DEA/ATF, etc wanted list it is hilarious to look at the pictures of the perps that they list as white.

      • The US federal government race codes are designed and assigned to inflate the Hispanic population, keep the “White” as the majority by adding a multitude of races, and deflate the African America population numbers. Why? Fact is if the AA were ever determined as being a small majority, they couldn’t throw down the race card anymore.

  32. Filthadelphia, the city of bruthaly love. I will play this stupid game but I play the Glock out version. Start killing these selfish little democrats and this behavior will become much less popular.

  33. As a person who studied, and has a degree in sociology, It’s my professional opinion that President Johnson’s War On Poverty (and most other liberal programs based on giving other people’s money away), is the genesis of this form of societal deterioration.
    Add to that, our weak immigration laws which promotes a detrimental population increase among those who do not become assimilated into American culture.
    The best civil solutions are to not vote for Democrats and RINOs in future elections and get back to living and teaching to future generations, the Judeo-Christian precepts found in the Holy Bible….And outlaw Sharia law and the spread of Islam.

  34. The students could post to a board on campus [anonymously] whenever a crime occurs and students could be informed to check that daily. Or better yet a website could be cheaply done for people to post to about crimes in their area.

  35. Why isn’t Bill Cosby, Temple Graduate, speaking out about this. Oh right it wasn’t white on black racial crime!

    • I Bet he doesnt even know about it!! I could only find this news on local NBC10 local WPVI ABC6, FOX29, KYW CBS3..and Get this!! DailyMailUK.com the Brits are Everywhere!!! Nothing on NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, not sure about FOX

    • I think you’re picking on the wrong person. Bill Cosby is known for speaking very frankly to African Americans, telling them they need to do better (keep parents together to raise children, value education, stop making fun of people that want to do better with their lives, etc.). Bill Cosby is not the one to play the race game as much as, say, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and their ilk.

      • you do know that celebrities are experts ….they know everything! lol
        Celebrities should keep their mouthes shut!

  36. HUD Is Now purchasing houses outside the cities..moving the children to better white areas..their thinking they would act better!! Seriously?? Their parent is just a shell of a person it is the Drugs..So now there will be more bad areas of each state outside city limits ..Philadelphia already has the money to build in the rich white neighborhoods!!! http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2013/08/09/hud-proposes-plan-to-racially-economically-integrate-neighborhoods

      • Philadelphia should be creating jobs!! Not taxing homeowners 300% and building more then 1500 rentals/sec 8 houses! Guess they are not happy with half of the city being a wasteland so they have to make the entire city a wasteland..

  37. 16-year-old Najee Bilaal, 15-year-old Zaria Estes, and 15-year-old Kanesha Gainey have been charged with Aggravated Assault, Conspiracy, Possession of an Instrument of a Crime, Terroristic Threats, Simple Assault and Recklessly Endangering Another Person, but no Hate crime charges have been filed.

    • In none of the interviews I heard from the girlfriend or boyfriend, did they mention race of the assailants. So, it’s hard to call it a hate crime after the fact. Remember just bec it’s a black on white crime doesn’t mean it’s a hate crime. Accusations doesn’t count .

      • Ok.. 3 more people we were supposedly attacked after the brick incident by these same feral thug girls. So if all of the next victims were white then it is most definitely a race hate crime and even Philanthropussy’s biased racial views couldn’t make any excuse otherwise. Only thing left for race baiters like Philanthropussy is Denial.

      • So if West gets into an argument with an white person, it ‘s a hate crime if he punches the guy?

      • Why , West is black and to what I ‘very read, all of you say black on white crime is automatically a hate crime .

      • HMM. blacks attack whites viciously. don’t steal or take anything but yet they are somehow reported as robberies.. What is wrong here?

      • Hate crime-The reason for the crime has to be hate –violating a person because of thier race, gender, sexual orientation or religion or age. It is not just about black and white people. If we were all purple, you would still have violent crime between groups of people who are different.

      • You must realize that if a white does or says anything unfavorable about a group of blacks or a black person, that white person is called a racist. So you have to flip it around. Would not it be the same if a black person says anything unfavorable about a white person or group—would not that be racist as well? The road goes both ways.

      • So if your wife or g/f is victim , she wouldn’t say the assailant is black. So the cops will be looking for a man, any men who fits the description of a man . Please tell me where you live so I can avoid your crime filled city, bec nothing gets solved there. Unless the victim is black, then crimes get solved.

      • So you would encourage a white family member or friend not to report the assailants color for fear of being called racist. And it’s fine with you for blacks to point fingers at whites. Great. Tell me where you live so I can avoid your crime ridden town bec blacks have put all whites in jail .

      • I said West hits him. West said the white guy insulted him. The white guy said he did no such thing and West is being racist for suggesting that bec the white guy has no problems with black and claims to be colorblind .

      • Are you really that stupid? These feral thug gangsta wannabe’s were intentionally targeting these victims for theft of the purse and harassment.

        In regards to your stupid analogy with Mr. West… If West is conversing and get’s into an argument with a white person and hit’s them that is not a hate crime unless West already predetermined to hit the white person regardless. Now if Mr. West decides to pick out a white person, intentionally start an argument to hit them because they are white then yes it is a hate crime….

      • so in this particular situation. At what point were these feral thug girls engaging in conversation that took a turn for the worse. Further, after assaulting the white female in the face with a brick these same feral thugs go on to assault at least three more white vicitms. Please tell me how this is a misunderstanding of the feral thug girls behalves. How could any competent person mistake these girls actions for anything else than intentional assault on white people. Where is the black victims? it must just be coincidence that only white people were attacked by the same girls…

      • West is credible , thugs are feral thugs., every group of black girls are understandably criminals.guess what presumptions don’t coin in court. Oh yeah, you people don’t trust courts . Even if the judge was appointed by a republican and the jury was approved by both parties. You justice is hang the thug right quick .

      • You are too funny… You are speaking as if we don’t know the true story of what happened. 4 victims were white-fact, the attackers were black girls- fact, white victim hit in face with brick- fact, same black girls attacked other whites after first brick attack- fact…… There is no speculation in this situation… your intentions and motivations are so very clear and perverted and you are no better than the thug girls you try to protect and make excuses for.

      • Sorry but assumptions will get you nowhere on a court. Of course if Your best friend, West calls you from jail for whatever reason , you would say, too bad dude. You must have done the crime so say there.

      • So what. Just bec it’s a black on white crime doesn’t make it a hate crime. You people said Zimmerman wasn’t a hate crime even though it was white on black. What’s the difference?

      • No, if these girl are convicted if the crime, then they should do the time. But all the comments I’ve read on this story is it’s automatically a hate crime . Guess what , not every black on white in a hate crime.

      • How, spoken like a defense attorney . The only problem with that is, you can’t read minds and the black girl can say that same thing about their motives .

      • Then why is it an automatic hate crime if a white kills a black while the white is trying to defend his own life? Oh wait a minute–that was “could have been Obama’s son” beating the life out of a HISPANIC dude.

      • There you go again, talking trash about nothing you can prove . 60% of hate crimes are anti black , 30% is anti white. Last year there was about 809 anti white crimes and about 1200 anti black crimes . That!’s according to FBI stats. Which of course , you people don’t trust the FBI and can only trust right wing nation enquirer . And why can’t that be West’s son? Like West’s son would never wear a hoodie and be walking in an area he’s unfamiliar with?

      • Hmmm your percentages are wrong! If there are a total of 2009 hate crimes and 809 are anti-white, then anti-white crimes would be at 40% and not 30%. 60 % would be anit-black crimes. And I would challenge the mere small numbers of 809 and 1200. You would have to describe the sample and give me the parameters and criteria. I would like to know the definition and the methodolgy as well. Geography would matter too.Was this in a specific region? State? Between what two dates?

      • Oh, you scrutinize my numbers, but you can say whatever without proving it. You people never qualify the info you give. .My number are right, you simply don ‘t want to believe it.

      • Do the math!
        1200 plus 809 is 2009. 809 divided by 2009 is 0.40268. Multiply by 100%. 40.3 % or 40%.
        It is not scrutinizing your numbers. Is is doing simple math!Which makes me question the balance of your statements.

      • Your math was wrong. Its is okay. I deal with this stuff all the time. When people throw % out there and rates and all these stats–I cannot help but question them. take care.
        I don’t think as humans we can handle the truth or facts. So as a society, we come up with excuses and rationales to make us all feel good. We lower our standards so all can get by. Life is good and thank God I don’t live where all this mess is!

      • It must be great to live in a safe all white neighborhood and only drive thru crime ridden black hoods on the way to the highway.

      • Well TC RM said ” I thank God I don’t live where all this mess is”. I was making fun of him . I’m sorry you can’t get humor.

      • I don’t know if you or agreeing with or me not. I was responding to TC RM’s comment about ” living where all this mess is”

      • Besides, your numbers are too small if you are talking hate crime in the USA. In South Carolina alone, we would have numbers that exc 2009 total hate crimes.

      • When did it automatically become a hate crime when whites attract blacks? I guess that question all the time and get no answer . You people will believe anything. And why dies it have to be Obama’s son? Can’t it be West’s black son beating up a Hispanic ?

      • The interviews are edited… tell me at what point during the interview did they ask the victims who were the attackers or describe the attackers? they don’t ask or they don’t show it…. and we all know why they won’t say who the perps/attackers are.. it’s not PC..

      • As I remember , the victim described the crime , “the girl ” was what she said. So, it’s a grand conspiracy . Great. Paranoid much? Do you check under your bed before you go to sleep at night?

      • LOL… Yup.. someone smashed a brick into someones face but they fail or refuse by choice to name the race of the attacker… I really hope you are pretending to be an ignorant idiot and really are not an ignorant idiot.

      • Well some ignorant idiots on this story say victims are afraid to ID race bec they don’t want to appear racist. I was making fun of their logic . I’m sorry you don’t understand humor

      • Honey YOU were the one who said it’s basic PC that the victim didn’t say the color of the period on who hit her in the face .

      • First off, those little animals attacked TWO OTHER women that day, both of whom were white.

        Second, did it ever occur to you that the interviewer avoided all mention of race during the interview or that, if mentioned by the victim, the race was edited out before airing the interview?

        These race-based attacks will continue on as long as people like you continue to cover up the hate crimes by avoiding or even denying hate is the basis of the crime. People like you help ensure future victims. Good job.

      • First, I’m not making excuses for these girls. All I am saying is just bec it’s a black on white crime doesn’t make it a hate crime. Assumptions are dangerous bec people end up taking matters into their own hands and do damage.
        Secondly. , you abd the rest are simply paranoid. The right wing media gas feed you so many fear-mongering crap that you can’t think straight . Black people are out to get you , you can’t trust anyone but us, the right wing is controlling and exploiting you and you let then.
        I have no idea why you leave your house at all. Since the black animals are everywhere , the police don’t want to help you bec you are racist , news media favors minorities, Obama took your guns , atheist don ‘t let you have Christmas, and homos want to have sex with you .

      • Let me get this straight: You’re not making excuses for these thuglets, but I’m paranoid (as are all the victims of the ongoing hate crime spree, apparently).

        Ok, gotcha.

      • I guess I have to clear it up for you. ( again ) .
        I am not making excuses for these girls .
        You are paranoid
        And I never mention anything about victims. That’s your paranoia tricking you .
        If you want , I can say it in Spanish – You-o Es paranoia-ista

      • Sure you are. You’re denying they’re targeting whites but using coy insinuations to do so (just ‘cuz they’re black and attacking whites doesn’t mean their racist).

        When you look in the mirror, thank yourself for helping create future white victims of black attacks. Good job.

      • Actually I said just bec it’s a black on white crime doesn’t make it a hate crime .
        Paranoia will destroy ya.

  38. I suggest that the lady students invest in good handguns, get training, AND CARRY! I suspect that the shrews who attacked this student are black, but the lamestream media won’t say.

    • Men and Women should carry! Learn how to shoot. Acquire training. Take the firearm ownership seriously. I have a hand gun. I have it loaded at all times with hollow points. I hope I never have to fire it. However, if I ever aim it, i am planning on shooting!

  39. Well since the University does not want to get warnings and alerts out for it’s students maybe students ought to boycott going to Temple and head to a university that cares about it students regardless of ethnicity. Maybe a huge reduction in student enrollment would get their attention.

  40. I don’t get the complaint, is the media not hyping the attacks enough. Or is the problem about the “academic types” not surrendering the obvious hysteria displayed in the comments of this article. What’s wrong with the victim wanting to stay anonymous didn’t she go through enough already?

    • It is easy to understand why you do not understand. You cannot relate to the victim because of the color of their skin.

      • I can’t relate to the victim because I never got hit in the face with a brick. And I can’t relate to the agressor because I never hit anyone in the face with a brick and guess what? I’m black.

      • So in order for you to empathize with the victims you must be hit in a face with a brick.. I can arrange that and Im white…

      • I said I can`t relate not I can`t empathize. Just for the record that young woman did get assaulted and the people who assaulted her deserve to be pusnished. Just to get that out of the way. Please don`t hit me in the face with a brick.

      • I hope everyone missed the comment above that spoke of relating based on the color of ones skin?
        Rafael did not make the comment.

        reasonnotfeelings Malik Shabazz • 2 hours ago

        It is easy to understand why you do not understand. You cannot relate to the victim because of the color of their skin.

      • You should not have to be hit with a brick to relate or hit someone with a brick to relate. Your skin color should never matter. You should be able to relate because you have compassion for human life and for a human being. The pain must have been tremendous. And if we continue to ignore why one group of people attack another group of people, we wil never resolve these issues of violence. I am white. You are black. And neither you or me would harm each other. Why? Because of our values and character. Not because of our skin colors.
        I wish we would all stop labeling people by race. Maybe people should be labeled by Compassionate or not. Humane or not.

      • Again I meant that I can’t imagine what it’s must fee like. No one should get assaulted like that walking down the street. I meant to say I don’t know what it feels like. But when things like that happen it`s not about groups it’s about individuals.

      • Unfortunately, it is not about one person. That one person touches many. The victim and the criminals all touch many people. You have to ask yourself, Why on earth did that person want to hurt the other person? More than likely it was Peer pressure and the mob affect. But you do make a good point–I am not like everyone else who is white, who is female, who is straight. My viewpoints differ along with my values and beliefs. And i do wish people would look at peope one by one. But as humans, we cannot. We label. We departmentalize. We compartmentalize. Excuse my spellings please. But you know what….if we speak loud enough and often enough, we might be able to make it a little bit nicer closer to where we live.

      • Unfortunately, it is groups most of the time. Our Country, this great Nation of ours has never been so divided as now. It pains me to witness and hear the maliciousness that is being spewed by everyone. I can only pray that we will have a President that will unite us not divide us. This has been retribution in full force.

      • I think the conversations and discussions are good. Sometimes if you acturally read and “listen” to what the other person is trying to say, we might get somewhere. Don’t gloss it over as we need to all live in peace. Fact is, we need to live and be civil. We don’t have to love everyone. But we can be civil with anyone.

      • This is not the only black on white incident that occurred recently. Last Sat. in Louisville, KY. a 13 yr. old girl was assaulted as well as a mother and her children. Didn’t hear this on Main stream media did you??

      • Of course not. You wouldn’t want to give the black people a bad rep would you now? I think people just need to start defending themselves.

      • ok lets blame the single parent who has no parenting skills who spits out a baby every year so she can get “her stuff”!

    • She is afraid to speak out. She is afraid that she will not be protected and worse will happen. She is afraid that our system defends the criminals moreso than protect the victims. Yes she has been through enough. And she will live in fear.
      The identity is not being revealed because of fear. The media would have been all over this incident if it were white on black. The problem with ignoring the black on white or black on black–Society will never fix the problem.

  41. Concealed carry is the answer to this vermin infestation…It’s only going to get worse, folks. American culture is disintegrating and Der Fuehrer Obama is managing its decline…lock and load.

    • unfortunately, yours is perhaps the only answer, an armed society being polite and all that. But you must remember that until that assailant picks up a weapon be it a brick,rock, 2×4,etc. it might be difficult to defend in court. I wish we had a court decision that declared that preparations to tape the event signaled intent to do harm, but we don’t.

  42. Might be good to sentence these ugly female gangstas to spend the summer in a metal storage container on a hot Philadelphia street. Sweat some of that attitude and hatred out of them. They are animals that don’t deserve to live in a civilized society. The rich history of Philadelphia is being re-written by milllitants, corrupt cops, and the sheep who don’t protect themselves with superior measures.

  43. Please PRAY for the Victim!!! This a is a HORRIBLE TRAGEDY!!!!!! ARREST all the people who ATTACKED this Woman and Charge them as ADULTS!!!


  44. I am wondering why people are still choosing to enroll with Temple University. There are many, many universities from which to choose. You couldn’t pay me enough to enroll at TU when the surrounding area is so dangerous.

  45. Why the hell would people be suing the university? And why the hell is the university responsible for “updating its notification system”?

  46. Black on white crime? What’s new this has been going on for years and every one is suprised what a bunch of blind fools.

  47. Pretty bad when the university is fully aware of near campus attacks, and then chooses not to “mention it to the students. Are they going to wait for a homicide before they “mention” it. They are not living up to their responsibilities. Guess they’ll just have to get sued before the”mention” it.

    • These universities always under report crimes…None of them want to be considered as dangerous. They will lose tuition money and that comes first!

    • The University was not fully aware of these attacks. One of the girls did not even call the police The police went to her.
      When the University was made aware of it they notified the students
      They already notified the students that the streets were unsafe and not to walk alone.

  48. Universities and Colleges are responsible to report and make known to the public crime on campus, hate crime on campus, and arrests on campus. In addtion, they are also resposible for any sidewalks, roads, or area nearby the campus. This is the Clery Act.
    And if they do not make known the circumstances of the crime or the incidents, they can be fined heavily.

  49. Let me guess.. when we hear from the parents of these feral ghetto trash thugs they will say that they were such good kids… honor students…

      • The School was told by the reporters As I said the police were not called by one of the victims who lived a few feet from the station. She went home instead.
        Are you even remotely aware of all the violence that occurred there last weekend?
        I read their paper and find it interesting that this one is receiving all this attention here.

        One would think police officers hurt breaking up a fight, 3 people stabbed, a woman right off campus attacked and raped by 2 men. Really?

  50. Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness. We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love… Our aim must never be to defeat or humiliate the white man, but to win his friendship and understanding.


    • I think the black man won and deserved the white man’s friendship when Obama was elected and at the same time the black man lost the white man’s friendship when Obama was elected.

      • Friendship was sincere then Obama and Holder began their tyranny of racist bigotry. The DOJ began changing rules of what constitutes a hate crime and now looks completely the other way when blacks commit violent hate crimes or any crimes for that matter.

      • It’s not the entire whole race of blacks that act like vicious feral animals but there sure is an alarmingly large number of blacks that seem to think it’s ok and nothing is wrong as well as being in denial that there are severe problems within the black community. No other race in today’s age does what blacks are doing. Knock out games, flash mob violence, gang violence…etc…

      • Please give me one example of a majority white, asian or latino flash mob violence in the past 2 years….

      • I am pretty sure I could find one . But you do not know this was a flash mob.
        A non black man was charged for a knock out crime.

        Where I live last month 2 white adult males beat/raped/ and robbed a 16 yr old black boy.
        Drove him to the hospital dumped him the parking lot.

        He died, it took authorities over a day to identify him.
        His black mother was at work at the time. (just to cut through all the stereotypes)

      • It is funny that you managed to find and point out the one and only person charged with a hate crime in a knock out attack was a white man despite the hundreds of knock out attacks from blacks (which some resulted in deaths)…. the funny thing is the white man that was the only person ever charged with a hate crime by Holder had video recorded himself saying “I wonder if this will make national news” before he committed the sucker punch. Sure enough it made national news and Holder charged him with a hate crime.. But yet Holder has never charged the Hunderds of other knock out attacks by blacks on whites as hate crimes despite witness and video evidence.. Double standard bigotry..

      • It wasn’t funny I was reading about it a few nights ago.
        The law is not as simple as one person hits another of a different race and automatically it is a hate crime.

        Just like there are different degrees of murder.
        This man (who I wouldn’t say is white) video taped his actions, This could exhort others to do the same.
        The PA looks at everything a person does, adds up the offenses and then makes a case.

        Regardless unless you know all the evidence it is futile to make broad accusations.

      • The News Report and Philadelphia Police Called it a Flash Mob! Because the witness is a girl that was told to join the Flash Mob! The group was running down 17th street yelling FLASH MOB to gain members!!!

    • Is that a someone who actually read Martin Luther King instead of just throwing his name around? Word my brother word.

    • We need to stop labeling people by their race. That is the first step. Then we need to apply the law with equality. And we need to understand, no one was created exactly and equally to another. However, we need to appreciate the human being. And understand that some peope are just downright evil.

  51. The perpetrator will have to pay for damages plus penalty – all while disqualifying herself from gainful employment through a felony conviction. Sort of counter-intuitive.

    • It is but they have not had a trial yet . There is a chance that this was not a random act.
      If it was then diversion programs could be effective . Considering their age.

      • Someone that takes a brick and smashes it into someone’s face and then goes on to attack others with no remorse is a special kind of person that can’t be helped with diversion programs or counseling….

      • You don’t know that either. I am not saying she shouldn’t be punished for what she did. I am saying that she has a right to a fair trial and there are 2 sides to every story.
        There is a chance that this was a random act of violence.
        There is also a chance that it was provoked .

        I find it more than a little odd the victim knew that the other girl was the first attackers sister.
        In the next statement she said, “I knew it was her sister because she called her”

        Did the attacker say “Hey I want my sister to come hit you with a brick?”
        Read the statements of the 2nd victim, who broke free and ran home? A police station right beside her house? I don’t buy it. A person is attacked they are going to run the station.
        How did she know they were not coming back?

        How did the ‘driver’ know where the girl lived to send the police there?
        There is many things that doesn’t fit in this.

      • Your a special type of stupid. You must be a noblameo drone. Take all your ifs and maybe and shove them where the sun don’t shine. And look at the Crime. She hit a young lady in the face with a brick. A Brick. If she hit her with a feather we wouldn’t be talking about this. She should be punished for her dirty deed. Your kind always looked to defend the attacker. And attack the victim. Funny how that works. And it was “Provoked”the girl was white. Useless idiot you are…

      • I am aware she hit her with a brick. And I said she should be punished.
        My if’s are what is defined as law.

      • No need to be rude just because you don’t agree with someone. If you read up on Darla’s comments, you’ll see that she doesn’t resort to insults and name calling when someone disagrees with her. I’ve disagreed with several of her comments – and she’s always been polite and respectful. Have you ever heard of the expression, “you draw more flies with honey than with vinegar?” If it’s your intention to win someone over to your way of thinking, you’ll get a lot further with a civilized, adult conversation. Try it.

      • I have found when there is really nothing to disprove a comment this is how some respond.

        I did read something last night that is leaning me out of the middle concerning this. But I guess time will tell.

        I have 3 kids you almost have to be FBI trained to get to the bottom of a few incidents. Maybe I just question everything.
        But the thought that maybe some bulling may have been involved.


  53. Race of Victim not mentioned? Let’s see when it was the attacker it wasn’t mentioned (according to the author) because they are black.
    So the victims must also be black.
    I solved it

    • WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If the victim is white..it is Not Mentioned!! If It Even goes In to PRINT on the Local News!! Why dont you go back to MSNBC and Toll there

  54. Welcome to ObamaNation! More black on white crime.Black thugs have been
    emboldened to commit violent acts against whites since the racist AG Eric
    Holder refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers’ for voter intimidation,
    during the 2008 presidential election in Philadelphia and his reluctance to
    prosecute black on white crime.

  55. BRING BACK THE REFORM SCHOOLS! Any crimes with kids under 21, lock them up in a strict envirement till 21, no exceptions! They need to be shown who is the BOSS!

    • i went to my polling place and was asked by one of these assclown black panther idiots if i was voting for obama, i said it was none of his business. he stepped right up to me with his black clown costume and said i should vote for his boy obama. i politely told him “before you get any closer, look down.” when he did he saw my shield in one hand and my service glock pointed at his crotch. then i go into the polling place and they didn’t have any republican ballots just democrat ones. voter fraud? never. voter intimidation non existent. just ask any democrat.

  56. White people commit more hate crimes than any one. Reading some of the comments here this should come as no surprise.


    By race

    In 2012, race was reported for 5,331 known hate crime offenders. Of these offenders:

    54.6 percent were white.

    23.3 percent were black.

    8.8 percent were groups made up of individuals of various races (multiple races, group).

    0.9 percent were Asian/Pacific Islander.

    0.9 percent were American Indian/Alaskan Native.

    11.5 percent were unknown. (Based on Table 9.)

    • You do realize that Hispanic/Latino are included as being White….FACT Also, Hate crimes are under reported for Blacks due to Holder / DOJ rewriting the laws and not prosecuting blacks for hate crime acts… FACT…. and Blacks committ over 55% of all violent crimes in USA despite only being 13% of the population. FACT

      • I am aware that Hispanic/Latino are included as being white.
        I am also aware that it is not Holders responsibility to prosecute all these Crimes.
        They did not rewrite the law, it is the same law as written in 2009 when it was passed.
        You should reconsider what you claim is a fact.
        I found 3 cases of Prosecution of hate crimes related to the knock out game.
        1 white, 1 black, and one I am not sure but he is neither white nor black.

        “Baldwin’s arrest marks the second time in two months that New York police have charged someone with hate crimes related to the knockout game, which involves attempts to knock a person unconscious using a single blow, often to the head.

        Police apprehended Baldwin after he’d allegedly gone on a spree of five assaults between December 21 – 27. He was identified by witnesses in a police lineup, and was officially charged on December 29.

        “Who would do that? Who would attack a 78-year-old woman?” New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind asked when reports of that attack first surfaced. “This is just hitting someone, attacking someone, it could be my mother, your mother. It’s just scary and crazy.”

        In November, another Brooklyn resident named Amrit Marajh, 28, was arrested and charged with assault as a hate crime, as well as aggravated harassment, for allegedly striking a 24-year-old Jewish man.

        In December, Texas resident Conrad Alvin Barrett, 27, was arrested and charged with a federal hate crime for reportedly assaulting a 79-year-old man and saying, “Knockout” before feeling the scene of the crime.” rt

      • ((not Holders responsibility to prosecute all these Crimes.)) TRY Prosecute NONE of the Hate Crimes!!! Nor Voter Intimidation in Phila

      • There were 2 prosecuted in NY. They have to have enough evidence to charge a person.
        I do understand your frustration concerning the crime in your area. But allowing this racial divide for the sake the white ego commenting on here is not going to solve anything.

        This incident may have been a hate crime , it may not meet the legal definition of a hate crime. Which has to be ‘racial slurs’ heard by a witness.
        This is why the knock out games could not be charged as such.
        It is the law.

      • Thank You Jeff for including the White Hispanic..(BTW MSNBC Stared that with Zimmerman) I read stats on Phila and the stats combined hispanics and white together..to increase the white population..it went from 32% to 40+% how convenient

      • Zimmerman was the first time I recall hearing the Media report a man including his Name as White.
        This was the one word that drew my attention to the report.

    • what kind of crap is that. black people just don’t get charged with “hate” crimes. the liberals have different names for them that ameliorates the issue. things like knock out game, or gang related. this fbi is skewing the results with just enough supposed black figures to lend credibility to their report. its utter bull crap. here’s a question i would ask, if i hit a stranger in the face with a brick, is it because i “like” them. it’s just more political folly. being a thug / gangsta is just that.

      • It says above that blacks committed 23.3 percent of hate crimes.
        I don’t know where you arrived at your comment.

      • it’s simple hate crimes are considered a violation of one’s civil rights which is a federal offense. when was the last time a black person was charged with violating a white person’s civil rights. think hard now.

      • That’s a no brainier here are the latest FBI Statistics.

        Of the 5,331 known offenders, 54.6 percent were white and 23.3 percent were black. The race was unknown for 11.5 percent, and other races accounted for the remaining known offenders.
        Most hate crime incidents (32.6 percent) occurred in or near homes. Over 18 percent (18.3) occurred on highways, roads, alleys, or streets; 8.3 percent occurred at schools or colleges; 5.7 percent happened at parking or drop lots or garages; and 4.1 percent took place in churches, synagogues, temples, or mosques. The location was considered other or unknown for 12.8 percent of hate crime incidents. The remainder of hate crime incidents took place at other specified or multiple locations.”

      • So a city (Philadelphia) with over 75% black living there is going to have hate crimes from the 15% white people??? You Live on another planet!!

      • What about the mob of teens that beat a black woman on Feb 14 in Philadelphia..they were black teens..and she was just walking with her daughter back to her parked auto!

    • Everyone knows that “hate crimes” is code word for crimes by white men against non-whites, or heterosexual men against gays. Otherwise there would be a lot more hate crimes brought to the attention of authorities…. Try visiting public high schools in California if you don’t believe me.

      You can’t even get basic protection from the Labor Board in this country if you are white and someone is racially attacking you.

      “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” –Mark Twain

    • For one think..the stats changed from one year to the next!! Oh I’m Shocked!! First of all this is a pile of BS..maybe the hate crimes are not reported..How about the baby that was shot in the face?? He was white..media didnt even report on it..OH BTW Black on White is Not Called a Hate Crime so there is your Stats!!! Holder will Not investigate any crimes or voter intimidation if it is black on white!

      • Not to change the subject but I sent an email to the Gov office of your State .This is horrible conditions and someone needs to step in.

      • A hate crime against a white person is called anti white. It’s in the FBI stats that way. Also the reason why FBI crime rates aren’t reported right away is due to the facts need to be complied and processed . And it’s not just hate crimes , it’s crimes against women, kids, different religions and the handicapped . I would advise you to take off those IHATEOBAMA goggles, they are not doing you justice .

      • I’m not a big fan either , but I was in Dallas a couple weeks ago and stopped in the Bush Library. I’ be never been to a presidential library before . I must admit it was great. It did make Bush look good. The 9/11 room was great. Very emotional. He really did a good job on that one. He was more than a pres,

      • I find little good I can say about President Bush. I think if I met the man on the street I would have a cup of coffee with him and would enjoy his company.
        As a human he seems to be very likable.

        I seen him in an interview where he refused to criticize Obama instead saying, “I know how hard it is to be President”
        The Republicans acknowledged his legacy by not inviting him to the RNC.

      • Wait a couple years . Everyone will love him. Absence makes the heart grow fonder . I saw him on oprah after he wrote his memoir. He examples the Katrina mess. He said legally , the state LA, had to ask for help. I ca believe that. LA is one screwed up state.
        Now , he’s painting . Just like a retiree.
        I bet 20 years after Obama leaves office, you’ve be saying, he’s wasn’t THAT bad.

      • I am sure in a few years I will be saying he wasn’t that bad. But I have this odd way about me that thinks everyone has good and not so good qualities .

      • No, I’m not kidding. At the Bush library book store. There’s a pic of opening day with all the living pres and wives . It was really great to see all of them together .
        Like when you go to high school class reunion abd see an ass [email protected] Time has passed by, your feeling have changed.

      • I didn’t think you were kidding. I have not met a library I don’t like. Even so I always felt the Bushs’ as people have good personalities and I think I would like them.

        I wouldn’t judge Bush on 9/11 because that was such a horrific event, that would be unfair.
        I don’t agree with anyone on everything, I just think the Republicans dishonored him . And it makes me mad when they go around saying the left is.

      • True. But the reps back then are different than the ones now. Much too angry , it’s only going to get worse . If the reps take both houses , all they will do is stop whatever Obama wants and get try to get rid of Obamacare. If people think congress is do nothing , just wait .

      • Angry and greedy. They run on fiscal policy but ignore all the spending on military since the only way they know how to solve a problem is to shoot someone. (can’t imagine where I picked up that idea)

        They fail to look at all the wasteful spending they cause.
        50 votes to repeal obama care? People don’t realize this costs money.
        Issas continued conspiracy hearings? 20 million on the Irs alone and this is after the FBI found no wrong .

        They need out until they realize compromise is part of their job.

      • I don’t want to tell you how much Darrel Issa is worth. I heard he was the richest politician, but the number is sickening . I’ll let you find out by yourself.

      • Cause you know I will go be sick as soon as I am done posting this.? I didn’t like it when I found out how much Boehnor is worth.

    • That is not true and you better get your facts straight you moron!! Blacks commit almost all the crime there is.

      • Okay, let’s play nice. May I suggest that we all just grow up. I just can’t stand Political Correctness it’s causing me to barf.

      • I can’t stand that people can not seem to look past the color of a persons skin.
        If someone hit me in the face with a brick, I wouldn’t care if it was a black, white, mixed, or what ever. You know why? It would hurt just the same.

      • When you say black do you mean West, Ben Carson and Caine too? Or are black conservatives diff than the rest?

      • Well if you are doomed than so was I when my comments got misplaced.

        There are actually a couple people on here that really do not think the color of one’s skin is more important than anything else, they stand out like a rose among thorns. (that is not sarcasm)

      • Sorry my comment was to CGFGX. You were trying up be the peace maker and I appreciate that .

    • Blacks only make up 17%, whites 53% of the population so even IF your stats are correct, blacks are committing crimes at TWICE the rate of whites, know your facts!! Blacks make up 75% of prisoners…

      • NO IT DOES NOT INCLUDE THIS BABY or Thousands of Other Victims!!! Because there is No Law of Reverse Hate Crime!!!

      • I don’t want to be the nit-picky person here, but one of my pet-peeves are the terms “reverse hate crime” and “reverse racism.” Think about it – those terms are racist in and of themselves because they imply that hate crime and racism belong to one race (which is usually assumed to be white). And we know that hatred and racism are HUMAN traits. Every human being, no matter what their skin color, is capable of being racist. Please – can I convince you to not use those terms for everyone’s sake?

    • Darla, did you know that all Hispanic and Latino crimes are rolled into the “White category” Look at table 43 of the website you posted from the FBI. Do you notice that the largest minority group in the USA is not listed. Now you know why. It skews the actual crime rates of white Americans and hides the crime of illegals. The democrats love this.

    • Hatel to tell your audience , but this it your completely wrong info. Darla honey listed the FBI web page to give her credibility but she hoped none of you yahoos even bother to check it out. Just Spread it like gospel . Too bad bec I saw the site yesterday and the numbers are all wrong. There are more anti black attacks than anti white attracts . Darla, Please gave more respect for your audience than to lie to them.

      • I call you out on leading people to wrong info and all you do us correct my English ? Just goes to show how committed you are to your cause

      • Please forgive me, I was confused. Everyone keeps correcting me and I thought that was how it works here. Remember I am new here.
        Actually I have quite busy working on a puzzle. I love puzzles.

        I was overly concerned about a poster here the poor man has been non stop posting about the deplorable conditions in Philly.
        It is nothing to do with race except all the whites will leave this area.
        Yet here is his comment concerning a 2 yr old whose hair caught fire from a candle . She is seriously injured.

        “FedUpWithPhila BANNED NOT BROKEN• 18 minutes ago

        her hair..goes up very fast ..how sad.”

      • You think? Let’s start with unmentioned. Yah know, the ones that the media never reports. White senior citizen beaten almost to death by young blacks (Seattle, WA) white senior citizen brutally attacked in NYC,
        by blacks. During Zimmerman’s trial, a white male, approx. 30yrs. old beaten to death in GA by young blacks. In CA grade school young blacks sexually attacked a young boy and this is not an incident that transpired last wk. in CA on a 3rd grader. There are many incidents that the media refuses to cover. They have been protecting this President and will continue to protect him and many of his incompetent dangerous allies.

      • Okay, how about this-
        Conrad Barret (white) played the knockout game and killed 76 y/ o black man. Idiot boy recorded himself .
        3 white students at San Jose St attacked black roommate.
        James Byrd (black man) killed after being dragged behind pick up truck driven by white supremacists
        Brain Carranza and friends beat up a black man on night of Obama’s election. Victim in coma fir weeks, but survived.
        S. Sandstorm and G. Eye ( white) killed W. McCay ( black) in Missouri .
        Do you want more?

      • No, we could play this game of wits for ever, and frankly it’s not going to get us any where is it?

    • Hate Crime Stats
      in 2012 there were 5331 hate crimes recorded/documented. Hate crimes being that the attack on the victim was solely due to the victims race, gender, sexual orientation, age, or religion. Of the 5331, 48% were hate crimes based on race. Of the 5331 hate crimes, 54% were white offenders; 23% were black offenders; and the remaining percentage was unknown or other races. Note the stats only give the percentage of offenders by race but not disaggregated hate crime categories.
      So all we know right now is that 54% of hate crimes are committed by whites and 23% by blacks. Next, the USA populations is 77% white and 13% black. With the majority of the USA population being white, I would expect that the majority of hate crime offenders should be white. However, I would not expect that the percentage of hate crime offenders who were black to be nearly twice the percentage of the black population. When you look at stats, you have to look at the total population as well as the definition, methodogolgy, paramters, and criteria of the stats. We can argue all day long about how many hate crimes are not covered in the media. But the real question is how many more hate crimes are not being documented. Even the FBI stated in their report that they avoid disaggregating these data by specific hate crime categories like black on white, white on black, and so on. Until we stop trying to collect and present data to support our views and let the data tell use what is happening instead, we will never resolve these issues of violent crimes.

    • Hate Crime Stats 2012
      in 2012 there were 5331 hate crimes recorded/documented. Hate crimes being that the attack on the victim was solely due to the victims race, gender, sexual orientation, age, or religion. Of the 5331, 48% were hate crimes based on race. Of the 5331 hate crimes, 54% were white offenders; 23% were black offenders; and the remaining percentage was unknown or other races. Note the stats only give the percentage of offenders by race but not disaggregated hate crime categories.
      So all we know right now is that 54% of hate crimes are committed by whites and 23% by blacks. Next, the USA populations is 77% white and 13% black. With the majority of the USA population being white, I would expect that the majority of hate crime offenders should be white. However, I would not expect that the percentage of hate crime offenders who were black to be nearly twice the percentage of the black population. When you look at stats, you have to look at the total population as well as the definition, methodogolgy, paramters, and criteria of the stats. We can argue all day long about how many hate crimes are not covered in the media. But the real question is how many more hate crimes are not being documented. Even the FBI stated in their report that they avoid disaggregating these data by specific hate crime categories like black on white, white on black, and so on. Until we stop trying to collect and present data to support our views and let the data tell use what is happening instead, we will never resolve these issues of violent crimes.

    • I copied and pasted this from an article on examiner.com – Read it carefully, and keep in mind that statistics are often twisted and manipulated to mean whatever the group publishing them WANTS you to think –

      In the past year, a multitude of media bosses have publicly confessed to censoring black crime. Some of them proudly confess, and say that the censorship is for the public’s benefit. Some of them even call critics “racists” for asking for accurate news coverage.

      All of these “media elites” place political correctness far above public safety. For the past year, I’ve been collecting news articles on the subject. Here are my complete findings.

      The TV Show COPS

      John Langley, creator and producer of the TV show COPS bragged to conservative columnist Ben Shapiro that he censors black crime.

      Langley states “What irritates me sometime is critics still watch something and say ‘oh look they misrepresent people of color.’ That’s absolutely not true. Au contraire. I show more white people than statistically what the truth is in terms of street crime. If you look at the prisons it’s 60-something percent people of color, and 30-something percent of white people. If you look at COPS it’s 60 percent white and 40 percent, it’s just the reverse. And I do that intentionally, because I don’t want to contribute to negative stereotypes.”

      Langley boldly admits to censoring black crime for political reasons.

      Associated Press

      Tom Kent, deputy managing editor for standards and production at The Associated Press recently admitted that the AP censors black crime.

      Last March Kent said that race is not usually mentioned unless it is a “hate crime.” As you know, the media rarely declares black on white crime to be a “hate crime.” Only the extremely rare white on black crimes are ever considered a “hate crime” in the media.

      Kent said that if the police are looking for an at large suspect they may mention race. However, Kent stated “but once a person is captured, it probably would not be germane to the story.”

      In other words, unless the perp is white or the police specifically ask for it, the AP censors the race of black crime perpetrators.

      New York Times

      Philip Corbett, associate managing editor of the New York Times recently confessed to censoring black crime.

      Last March, 18 black males aged 16-27 were arrested for allegedly gang raping an 11 year old Mexican girl in Cleveland, Texas. The radical New Black Panther Party actually held a rally at an all black church demanding the release of the perpetrators. Over one hundred local blacks attended the rally.

      The New York Times ran an article that critics say blamed the victim and her family. It also expressed shock that members of the public were supported the accused perps.

      However the Times completely censored the fact that the perpetrators are black. The newspapers also portrayed those who were supporting the perps as “Texans.”

      There was a backlash against the New York Times for their insulting coverage.

      The New York Times published a follow-up admitting their first piece “lacked balance.”

      Philip Corbett, however, defending censoring the race of the perpetrators. He said that mentioning the race of a crime perpetrator does “not really providing any useful information and it could be sort of boiler plate.”

      By “boiler plate,” Corbett means that it would be politically incorrect to inform the public the truth about crime in America. He feels that political correctness is more important than public safety.

      Chicago Tribune

      Last June Chicago Tribune senior vice president and editor Gerould Kern admitted the newspaper censors black crime in a rather nasty response to his critics.

      Kern stated, “we guard against subjecting an entire group of people to suspicion because of the color of their skin.”

      His admission of guilt came after a series of brutal racially motivated mob attacks against white people in Chicago. The Chicago Tribune censored the race of the perpetrators and concealed the nature of the attacks.

      When critics attacked the Tribune for their coverage, Kern proudly boasted of the papers’ censorship and personally insulted the white victims. He ranted, “there is no evidence to suggest that the victims were singled out because of their race.”

      Following the diatribe by Chicago Tribune Editor Kern, Chicago Tribune opinion page writer Steve Chapman, who calls himself “a minority of one,” stated the same thing and defended the practice.

      Chapman, who is on the far left, states “It’s the newspaper’s sound general policy not to mention race in a story, whether about crime or anything else.” Chapman then got very nasty in his diatribe defending censorship. He states that people who advocate accurate reporting of crime stories “fear or dislike blacks.”

      Chapman also decided to take a jab at the innocent white victims of black mob violence in Chicago. He claimed the race of the perpetrators was not relevant. Then he said stated “what good would it do to trumpet the skin color of the thugs? So pedestrians on Michigan Avenue can run away when they see two or more African-Americans?”

      Obviously Chapman would rather see more innocent white people attacked than report the news accurately.

      Washington Post

      In August of 2010 the Washington Post Ombudsman Andrew Alexander stated that the paper censored race. He said that Weekend News Editor Robert E. Pierre supported the censorship.

      The Post came under criticism by readings for censoring black mob violence on the local metro system.

      Alexander whined, “The Post should always be sensitive to overplaying stories, especially if race is involved.” Keep in mind that Alexander is talking about a story that the Post was criticized for downplaying, not overplaying.

      Pierre attacked critics of the paper’s coverage as “racial insensitive.”

      LA Times

      The LA Times was the first newspaper I ever noticed openly admitting to racial censorship. This was back in 2007. The paper made an online database of homicides. They offered a sort of apology for including the races of the perpetrators. They stated that it was normally their policy to censor this information.

      On June 6, 2007 the LA Times made this official statement. “Racial information was once routinely included in news stories about crimes, but in recent decades, newspapers and other media outlets stopped mentioning suspects’ or victims’ race or ethnicity because of public criticism. Newspapers came to embrace the idea that such information is irrelevant to the reporting of crimes, and may unfairly stigmatize racial groups.”

      By “public criticism,” they are referring to bullying by radical racial groups like the NAACP.

      • Interesting. I would imagine that we are going to view this information on different isles of viewpoint considering your expertise in journalism and mine as a consumer of information.

        In 7th grade a long time ago, we had a mini chapter on journalism . The very basics but something I feel everyone should constantly be aware of is this.
        1. writers write for a reason
        2. Headlines are there to sell you
        3. 10 people can be watching an event and you are going to be told 10 different stories.
        4. Who, What, when and Why, If you have not found this keep reading, the last paragraph is probably where you will find it.

        As for the editors opinions concerning the censors.
        I think I pretty much agree. Some of comments
        here would cause me to keep quiet .
        My question that I just answered yesterday was why was this brick incident. Singled out.

        Now I know it was for political reasons.
        Since I have discovered that it is not relevant to the other reasons the editors above said they had.

        Of course to edit is one thing, to insult another for asking why is unethical.

        I think that if they edit they are not contributing to safety issues. If they don’t edit they could cause unneeded fear, or worse.

        I am going be surprised if this article doesn’t get someone else shot. Look at the comments.
        I would think if an editor were to include race in an incident and another person was harmed it would anguish the writer.

        I don’t paint with a broad brush. I question stereotypes. I have a more difficult time realizing that others do not. This is not just race, it is in Laws, and religion. Of course is about my vote, I belong to a party but I vote for who I feel like.

  57. it is just a shame in this day and time that things like this happen the real sad part about this story is that when it happens to a white person there is not everybody and thier mother come out of the cracks to say there needs to be something done about it but when it happens that the gang is of white people attacking a black kids or kids then there is Jessie Jacksone Al Sharpton and the naacp are all over the story that is just my take.

  58. People like this have no right or purpose in society. Lock them up and throw away the key. This will begin the cleanup process for planet earth.

  59. Godless upbringing! No accountability, no self-respect, no respect for others. what happened to mothers/fathers teaching “Do unto others as you would have them do to you?” Too religious for some folks??? GOD help us all. GOD help the victim heal quickly. GOD help her NOT be afraid to walk the street again minding her own business! Rabid dogs should be dealt with. Hold parent of perp accountable too.

  60. “If Americans could accept the Oneness of God, then perhaps, too, they could accept in reality the Oneness of Man”

    Malcolm X

  61. When Mayor Nutter returns from Rome..he will have to salvage the Tourist Industry of Philadelphia and the College enrollment! Because I already read Parents are Pulling their child out of Temple or Not Sending their child there in the first place!

    • I’m glad parents are taking action to protect their kids. The only thing that will wake up the Elected Officials is “MONEY”. Maybe, just maybe, this will clean house for you guys.

  62. Darla Buckland BTW It was the Mayor Of Philadelphia that allowed the Phila Police and Fire to work for 4+ years without a contract!! They were making $32,000 to start for the past 4+ years..He Just settled with the Police/Fire union this past Fall with a New Contract LOOK IT UP!! BTW the unemployment in Philadelphia is double digits and that does Not include long term Unemployment..so without jobs there is less and less wage tax being paid..the sales tax is 8% ..PA just doesnt give $$ to Philadelphia there are other cities and counties in PA

      • No one said the assailants were ‘poor’. They were just out of control, assuming anyone had ever tried to control them. Being ‘poor’ is no excuse for this type of behavior. If this had happened to my children or grandchildren, I would be slapping the parents of these thugs with lawsuits and if they are not put away for a long time, also the City of Philadelphia because their judges and prosecutors are totally incompetent. It is time for the non-black population to stand up and say enough.

      • I agree that there is no reason for this type of behavior.
        The reason I said they were poor was based on comments from others who live there.
        It is time for everyone to stand up and say something.
        The black people who are in this situation need the support of the other black people, the white , the Asian , or any other skin color.
        If the City of Philadelphia prosecutors and Judges are incompetent then people should Contact the Governor .

      • First, people need to stop believing that it is because they are of a specific race that they are the way they are. Sorry! I do not and will not believe that they behave the way the behave because of their race. I will however, stand firm that they are the way they are because of thier characteristics and lack of values and morals. People who are behaving so violently and ruining the lives of other people do not need pitty. They need to be taught that thier behavior is unacceptable and they need to be punished. They need to be held accountable for thier actions. You cannot tell me that a person is born violent and that they are more violent because of their race. Being poor does not make you violent or greedy. What makes a person harm others? They have no fear of any consequences. The risk of bashing someone’s face with a brick was worth the reward. Basically, there is no risk for these types of people who have no regard of human life or respect of humanity. The person who bashed a brick on the other person’s face shoud be punished. No sympathy. Maybe the risk will not be worth it.

      • There are ‘poor’ of every race. Even I was at one point. But it lasted less than a year because I had too much pride to take help if I did not need it. I raised 4 kids after my divorce with little help from my ex for almost 2 years. My kids NEVER acted like this. They also had pride. Why should I give more of my taxes to support the lazy asses who whine about being ‘poor’ but are unwilling to get off their lazy asses and get educated and get a job. Right now I have four kids in college, 4 grandkids in college, another in Job Corps getting trained for a career, and 5 in high school who will also go to college soon. And my daughter in law is in college as is my son in law, who just found out his job is disappearing. We are none of us rich but we are rich in pride in the way we have taken our lives in our hands and made something of them. I also have to say all 4 of my kids are vets, my son just retiring after 21 years as an MP.

        Maybe those hands out for help should grab a rope and pull themselves up. Without the desire to have a better life, there is not enough help in the world for them.

      • I agree with you Mary. I only said that about poor because I asked a man who lived there what he thought the problem was in this city. Not specifically about this brick incident, as there were more violent attacks that weekend.

        He said jealously , and drugs.
        I found out that a former Director of Children’ s programs was stealing large amounts of money.

        I know you can not help those who won’t help their self.
        I also know that to stereotype all blacks as lazy moochers is also wrong.
        That is really where my objection lies. I hear this from more men than women and I am not sure why.

        And congratulations on all you have done!
        Being a dedicated Mother.

      • Are you serious? You are saying if you are black and poor or not so poor it is permissible to smash a white person in the face with a brick?

      • No that is not what I said. Hitting someone is assault which is a crime simple as that. It is never permissible.

        I said that in my opinion being poor (and jealous) was more of a motivating factor for this violence than race.
        They are teen aged girls.

        Regardless of the motivation it was wrong and they should be punished.

      • Your rationale eludes me..if a white teenager smashed a black person in the face with a brick..would the motivating factor be considered racist or jealousy…and why?

      • I think it would be jealousy because of the age and that it was girls. When I was in High School (way back when) girls fought, my daughters and their friends fought.Nothing like this and they knew the other person but It was always jealousy.

        My first thought would have been drugs, but I found it odd that 2 of the girls attacked are friends, and both were hit in the mouth. (only one with a brick).
        There was a gang who met little resistance why hit them then be done with it?
        One girl had her phone out, they didn’t try to take it.
        I think these attackers viewed these girls as rich girls.

        I am pretty sure they say Princess. (regardless of race).

      • You are, of course, entitled to your opinion….but you will never convince most rational people that this wasn’t racist regardless of the sex of the female thugs! Have a nice day!

      • That’s all it is, my opinion. I am not the judge or jury.
        I only wanted to make it clear that regardless of the reason, She needs to be held responsible.

    • I did look up the new contract. I do know there are other cities and counties.

      It is still the Governor that has to take action when Local administration is not effective.
      That is just the way it works.

  63. Thanks to Obama and the Doij run by Eric Holder they
    have given permission for the Black man to take revenge that they feel they deserve with little consequences!!

    • Honestly, I sincerely believe that’s what Obama wants. BUT we can’t fall for his tricks. He has done numerous things which I see as purposely trying to piss off the American public. If We the People riot… Obama wins. Trust me.

  64. We can post percentages all day long, but does it really matter? I don’t think so, because it does not take care of the problems “Our Country” has. To me, it does not matter who the criminal is, just that he/she is rightly charged and pays for his/her crime. Honestly, I would like to see people discuss the problems and ideas on how it can be fixed. I would like to see the people go after their Elected Officials to do their jobs. Do I think it will be easy, done overnight and not cost anything? No, but either something is done to stop it, or it will keep growing.

    • You’re missing the point. It does matter because racial division is a big problem, and it is perpetuated when the media points out every single time a white person assaults a black, but never when the victim is white and the perp is black. Just like every time a republican politician is found corrupt, he’s introduced as “republican”. Bit if it’s a democrat, they leave that out. So people just think it’s republicans that are corrupt (low-information people, that is).

      • Well I guess you missed the little tidbit about Sen Lee yesterday.

        Your comments are not correct and it does not matter what race or political party a person is.
        Discrimination like in your comments are what is going to keep this from being resolved.

      • I probably could have said it a better way than I did. Yes, racial division in “Our Country” is a big problem and became a bigger problem when obama stepped into office. The Media or Law Enforcement is not going to cover it fairly, no matter what people say. I do not believe the percentages are accurate that the government releases. Yes, the white people and the Republicans will be blamed. You can’t have a discussion without being called a racist and Nazi to name a few, because you voice your opinion. If you don’t believe me, read the post between Reba and Camotim.

  65. i’m trying to understand the point, is it because the teens are black that the media failed to mention the race, because here in Michigan that’s the only time they mention the race well most of the time… especailly if it’a a black person assaulting a white person.. that’s something different there in Philly.

    • I have never heard the media mention race. Unless they are trying to identify a person.
      It doesn’t matter when a person commits a crime what color their skin is.

      • i agree Darla so i’m trying to understand this story, i know here in Detroit, the will show the person face if the are black, but won’t if the person is white in particular cases not all why i can only speculate

      • I think there are many reasons that people do not have their picture or race mentioned in the media.
        The main one is they don’t want it in there.
        If the police are looking for someone , or if it is a mug shot the person has no choice.
        I just think of people being arrested with a coat over their head , think about it they have handcuffs on, how did the coat get there?

  66. “Race of victims not mentioned. Why?”

    Silly question. Of cause because they were Whitey.
    The race of attackers neither were mentioned, because they could be children of the “honorable” barry hussein.

  67. You know what the media would latch onto? If the victims of these assaults faught back and caused harm to these hoodlums. Then it would be the poor underage black children that were beaten by white adult college students. The media would have a field day and Eric Holder and Obama would take action.


  69. There is a simple solution to all the blacks that think violence is the answer to all issues…. Start shooting their dumbazs and soon the heard will be sufficiently culled that this violence well cease…. very simple solution….

      • I think they should rope off the area, and let the gangs go at it.The gang member standing gets to clean up the dead bodies and bury them. I think that the victim or the victim’s family should decide the punishment. For example, a person murders my husband,upon conviction of murder, I get to choose the murderer’s punishment. If I was raped, I get to choose the punishment of the rapist. Yup! I think that would be right.

      • I can’t say I have not thought the same thing.
        But we have to trust that the law is just, and if it is not we should strive to make it so.

      • If the law was just, Eric withHolder would not be attorney general and we would not be giving guns to Mexican drug cartels while trying to take them from law abiding citizens…. Holder is a criminal and belongs in jail…..or hung from a light pole….

      • If the Attorney General actually were commit any indiscretion against the law he would be removed, it isn’t like his every move is examined by the right 24/7

      • Darla; you are either black and cannot understand what is being said or you are a troll that is here to only support the criminals and Nobama’s administration….
        Eric withHolder was held in contempt of congress and that complaint was sent to the US Attorney in DC to prosecute Holder… This is on the record….. The US Attorney did not prosecute because he would be prosecuting his boss…. Ergo; Holder got away with the crime of perjury in Congress and that issue is still pending in a court…. BUT Holder is a crook and sold guns to Mexican drug cartels and is guilty as sin…. So your support for him puts you in the black class or troll class…. So Darla which one are you????

      • Maybe I am black and understand things better than you?

        You have little idea what you are talking about, your statements makes no sense.

        The US Attorney did not prosecute? Holder got away with perjury , but it is still in Court? Seriously

        Ronald C. Machen Jr. The US Attorney you speak of Could not Prosecute Eric Holder.
        Congress did not Charge Eric Holder, the House did.
        Everyone knows the house likes to waste time creating fake scandals that Issa can waste more money on.
        Don’t hold your breath waiting for this to be pending in Court.

        POSTED: 06/28/12, 9:00 PM PDT

        WASHINGTON – The Justice Department declared Friday that Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to withhold information about a bungled gun-tracking operation from Congress does not constitute a crime and he won’t be prosecuted for contempt of Congress.

      • Darla; I thought you had some intelligence for a moment, but you are one of those low information voters that vote for skin color wherein I don’t…. You need to get out of your racist gutter and see what is really going on….
        Nobama is a crook and liar…. Remember when he said “If you like your policy you can keep your policy?” Nobama is one big fat slimball liar and Holder is just as guilty because he should appoint a special prosecutor and he only appoints Nobama croneys that have donated to Nobama’s campaign…. Look at the IRS scandal…. another Nobama crony…. You better hope your welfare checks don’t run out because Nobama is ruining this country….
        AND it is people like you that are racist and vote for skin color ONLY!!!! You are pitiful….

      • ” I thought you had some intelligence for a moment, ”

        Then I proved all you statements wrong, so you revert to a 12 yr old mentality.

        You thought for a moment, you should try doing it more often.

      • Not just yes; but Hell Yes….. We are fighting ignorance here not just skin color….. So your answer is Hell Yes!!!! and anybody else that acts in such an ignorant manner….

  70. I was born in 1952…. I am a white male. Commonly referred to as a W.A.S.P. (white anglo saxon protestantP. Here it is in a nutshell. I never killed any Indians, Women have always had the right to vote, and I have never owned any slaves. I am a product of free public education, understanding, with that knowledge given, would make my life easier to be a productive citizen. I know I must work everyday to be successful and feel no one owes me anything. I am free to travel within my country where I please and can be anything I want armed with the knowledge to do so. The only mistake I have made in judgement is believing everyone, given free education, would readily do the same. Not true. Many feel they are owed, to have what I have in the absence of working, as I have to do so. I simply ignore these people, and know the more of them that feel that way, makes less competition for me to be successful while they lay whining about what they do not have. Color has no issue in the above. It is a social disease, spreading at alarming rates.

    • As a people and as a nation, we have grown to be weak and lazy. People want and want it now. They want someone else to take care of them. The government has enabled people to be dependent on a system to ensure government power. It seems that right is now wrong and wrong is now right. Evil is desired while good is condemed.

  71. Hate Crime Stats
    in 2012 there were 5331 hate crimes recorded/documented. Hate crimes being that the attack on the victim was solely due to the victims race, gender, sexual orientation, age, or religion.

    • The percentage numbers are based on the number of hate crimes, It is the percent of 5331. According to the census in 2012 there are 313,873,685 people in the US.

      Could you imagine the percentage if it were based on the total population?
      I would do the math but I have enough home work to deal with.

  72. I have to keep you updated because I’m simply AMAZED at the results of this spell you performed for me. Everything is going so well and EXACTLY how you said it would be. Even though it took 5 months to fully progress, it was so worth it because things are just about at perfection! How you took my situation and completely turned it around to give me exactly what I wanted is beyond me, but something I will never question and just be completely grateful for coming across you. Bless you for helping so many people get what their heart desires. You truly gifted! . you can also contact him for help as well ([email protected])

  73. Okay clowns , if black on white crime is automagically a hate crime, so white on black crime is too . Or did that white guy ‘s fist accidentally hit that black guys nose and break it? Or did that stupid black guy’s face get in the way of that white guy playing catch with a brick?

    • I have only seen one person state the required offensive for any crime to be classified as a hate crime by law.

      It must also be determined by the evidence before a crime can be prosecuted as one.

      A hate crime is not striking someone of a different race. That is assault.
      They can add hate crime to the assault charge if the attacker also proves the victim was targeted do to their race, which can be proven if racial slurs are included and witnessed by at least one witness.

      This is the reason why the majority of knock outs were not prosecuted as such. Plus the reason the white guy was since his video provided the necessary sound evidence they needed

      • You know I have saying the sane thing for 3 days now .
        The reason everybody was freaking out about the knockout games bec idiots were posting their attracts on u tube. The politicians made issue over it.

      • I know but they have to have sound. That white guy included audio, he should have been charged , once for doing it, and the second for being so stupid.

      • He was convicted. They used the tape against him. I’m not sure how long he got, probably life since he was so stupid.,
        Stupid people post there crimes on social media abd don’t think about tge future. Some thieves post pics of the stuff they stole . Police say they get lots of info off Facebook .

      • We all know the knockout games aren’t hate crimes.There’re just crimes against animals. After all, they’re called Polar Bear hunting games.

  74. I know there was one in this area who did that. Absolutely stupid.
    Had one in this town accused another boy of stealing his guitar. Filed a police report. had it hid in the trunk of his car and posted it on his public FB. with a picture.

  75. There’s a simple solution to this: Parents, don’t send your kids to Temple. When enrollment at the university drops below break-even levels, they’ll have to shut their doors.

    Or, Temple could avoid this scenario and take more steps to protect their students…hmmm, what to do?

  76. OK Mayor Nutter is back from Rome..and didnt notice all the Hate in his city!! He was too busy giving Jerseys to the Pope and a tiny liberty bell..This City had over 15yrs to Transfer a Deed/Title from a foreclosed family to the Proper Owner a Bank! But No Lets Ignore it..and Railroad the foreclosed x homeowner and Stick them with $20,000+ in taxes!!!


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