Race of Philly attackers revealed – will it matter to media now?

As we mentioned yesterday, we’d keep an eye on the Temple University student assault and guess what, there’s new information to report. A surveillance video caught the suspects on camera, and now their race is revealed.

According to Philly.com “Police are looking for the group of teenage girls who hit a Temple University student in the face with a brick, and are warning students to be on alert near the school’s North Philadelphia campus.

All four suspects are described as black girls who were about 16 or 17 years old. Police said one had braids and a red t-shirt; another had straight hair, tattoos on her arms and chest, and a denim jacket; a third was about 5 feet tall and wore her hair in a bun; and the fourth was tall, had straight hair and was wearing white clothing.

Here’s our report on the original attack.

It appears to be a trend.

In a message sent to students and staff Monday night, the university said its campus safety department was aware of “multiple off-campus assaults on Temple students” in the area of North 17th Street just west of the campus.”

A 20-year-old student told NBC Philadelphia that she was also attacked by a group of girls on Friday night. And Temple said a pair of juvenile girls tried to snatch a student’s purse on Monday evening. “We are asking everyone to remain alert and report any suspicious activities to Temple Police immediately,” the university’s message said.

Heartfelt sympathies go out to the victim and her family and we pray that the suspects will be apprehended and brought to justice. I’m a dad who has a daughter attending college. We parents send our children off to further their education, not to become targets for barbaric behavior.


  1. open season on hood rats. that will diminish their enthusiasm after a few dozen end up assuming room temperature.

  2. it will depend on the color of the brick…whether this is a racist attack or not….certainly using the color of the skin to attribute blame….would be “racist”…..

    • It is only a Hate crime if it were white on black or any other race on black… Sad but that’s exactly how the blacks see it. Anything they do is never racist to them. Blacks are the biggest racist there are.

    • Yes, and Obama has given his consent. It’s too bad the most divisive, racist, deceitful, unlawful administration has such mindless, violent morons as their supporters. The Democrat party has worked hard for their base. Let them live with them.

    • Pretty much. You see whites getting gunned down by blacks on a pretty regular basis these days. Wait a second…oh sorry I think I may have that backwards. Hang on, I’ll get back to you…

      • How about just one example of a black person killing a white person unjustifiably without an investigation or charges being filed. Open season on whites would imply that this was happening all the time, and I doubt it’s even happened once.

        White people however HAVE gotten away with murder of blacks. Not as much of a problem most places anymore, but Florida essential declared open season on blacks with stand your ground.

  3. Get the eff out of Philly and let it go by way of Detroit . . . won’t happen because the feds will prop it up because of historical landmarks. Seriously, white people get the eff out of there!

    • Don’t listen to this pathetic coward. STAND YOUR GROUND. These “people” run out all the good working, law abiding citizens in our cities. Stop being a vag and grow a pair. Our forefathers didn’t die so that you can cower from a domestic enemy, you worked and earned for your property. People like this man are exactly why we have a massive and corrupt government. Things aren’t going the right way at your home? Just leave and watch from a distance, it’ll sort itself out! . . . .

      • That would be fine if you could stand your own ground, but white people aren’t equipped to do that, especially college students who in all probability are not from the city. They attempt to reason with thugs likes these, which is a rational typical thing that white people do. The real way is to meet force with force regardless of age or gender. Can you imagine the press headline if the assaulted male had successfully used force against the juvenile girls? Rev Al and the gang would be all over it like stink on sh#t. A white person cannot win in this situation . . . and I promise you it will not sort itself out.

  4. There are literally millions upon millions of bricks out there in America and anyone can own one. None of them are registered. WE need each and every brick registered asap so only good citizens can own one. I also believe that anyone who is mentally ill, has a felony record, or is not a U.S. citizen have no right to own a brick. Also, I don’t see the need for owning more than one brick. Why would someone with 20 or 30 bricks need to have so many? Unless they were planning some sort of terrorist act. Hopefully, Obama will buy up all the bricks in the nation and hand them over to the FEMA army.

      • it does not count cause it is black on white violence, now if it were perpetrated by whites then holder would personally take charge for it would be a federal offence as a hate crime

      • Because barry, holder, sharpton and jackson fuel it. Why do they fuel it? because when the time comes, that they start an up rising they want us divided. the ole maxim “divide and conquer”

      • Oh, yeah. You’re not fueling it at all…you’re totally innocent and powerless to stop the tide of hate. No one was dividing and conquering before they came on the scene.

      • I am not racist or a bigot. How am I fueling anything? Racism has been around since the beginning of time

      • “it does not count cause it is black on white violence, now if it were perpetrated by whites then holder would personally take charge for it would be a federal offence as a hate crime”

        Keep on dividing, my friend. They’ll keep on conquering.

      • citing an observation or fact is not race baiting. If you do not know the difference then I suggest you get do some homework

      • You said race baiting, not me. I said you’re fueling the hate that divides us. How the events of a hypothetical situation unravel is considered an observation or fact? Are you capable of any introspection whatsoever?

      • again I am merely pointing out what has been in the news. It is fact because it is the news? That is not fueling anything. You are projecting, not real well either. Nice try. I did not cause any of these hypocritical situations. I cannot cure these situations but merely point out what Liberals say. That is not fueling hate

      • No, you’re actually not. There is nothing in the news about holder personally prosecuting whites as a hate crime without cause, and nothing about black on white violence “not counting” whatever that means. You’re delusional.

      • The you haven’t been paying attention, a month ago there was a white guy who played the knockout game on a black kid and Holder said he was personally take the case
        OH! you called me delusional lmao, Run out of material have you? Like I said earlier do some homework because you are all wet

      • Unless you’re talking about a relatively obscure case, I see a case in December 2013 in which a white man attacked a black man, videotaped it and posted the video online. His goal was to seek out a black man, attack him, and see if the video got national attention. The man needed hospitalization and reconstructive surgery. Do you think this case should NOT be prosecuted as a hate crime? It clearly was, the intent was to attack a black man, possibly due to publicity of the knockout game as some sort of retaliation. Textbook hate crime. Oh, and pretty much a direct result of the sort of hate you and this site spread. You and your like should take responsibility for that man’s injuries, but you won’t.

        Maybe I didn’t do enough homework, but I couldn’t find anything specifically referencing Holder. You’re saying federal charges = holder. Fine, but your statement is misleading and hate filled. Black men have been charged with hate crimes in connection to the knockout game (just not federally), and no knockout game instance has gone without investigation. No one is getting a pass, and no one is saying black on white violence doesn’t count. And yes, you’re still delusional. You’re seeing things that aren’t there, and it’s thanks to garbage sites like these. Allen West’s main purpose seems to be to divide and spread hate and brainwash people into seeing things his (and the conservatives’) way.

        I will never run out of material. Just patience with brainwashed lunatics like you.

      • AWW Poor baby, You missed me by a mile. You would only know what hate was if it smacked you in the head. There is no hate from me you brain dead, pathetic excuse for a troll. My ex is a black woman and we are still friends I do associate with them as well. I have no hate for black people only morons like you. Who have no idea what you’re talking about. Get an education and some therapy, you need it really bad

    • what if i were the third little piggy and wanted to build my home in brick. now i gotta make an appeal, go before the magistrate, pay for the permit and 4 extra inspections… why ya gotta turn the bricks over to FEMA for?

    • I worked swing shift in a big city and usually walked home because I could be home quicker than waiting for the bus. I did however, have a brick in my purse,which had a very long should strap. A few guys started following me one night, I turned and swung my purse at one and hit is arm with it. They left real fast after his being hit.

    • How stupid and senseless of you to compare a weapon that gave an unsuspecting victim bruises and broken teeth to one that can clear a room full of people in a minute. If the Newtown shooter had a brick instead of a Bushmaster rifle how many kids would have died that day, you disgusting excuse for a human being. Your failure in logic is just mind boggling.

      • That was senseless. If the hijackers on 9/11 had only a brick, the twin towers would still be standing, and 3,000 would still be living. Shall we ban planes?

      • We should ban weapons on planes so they can’t be so easily hijacked. Flying should be highly regulated, and it is. 9/11 was a pretty huge failure of intelligence and security. What I said was not senseless, you just confirmed what I said – a brick is not capable of what a semi-automatic weapon is capable of so they should not be compared.

  5. Philadelphia is a beautiful city but these attacks are the reason that many people do not visit. This has been going on for decades. The Quakers who control the city always look past these things and turn a blind eye. Take a trip to Reading Terminal Market and hang out after dark and you will get my point. Mayor Nutter, who is black, is doing a great job but this culture of violence, which has existed for decades during my lifetime, does not want to go away regardless of the victims’ race.

    • Mayor Nutter is himself a racist and isn’t overly concerned about the safety of the college kids at Temple, Penn or Drexel. Nutter recently declared Philadelphia a sanctuary city for criminal illegal alienss. He refused to renew an agreement with DHS that had Philly police reporting criminals that are illegal aliens. Philly is a dirty, corrupt and unsafe city.

      • Let me guess….Democrat? Is Philly the next Detroit? Chicago?

        What do the top ten cities with the highest poverty rate all have in common?


        Detroit, MI (1st on the poverty rate list) hasn’t elected
        a Republican mayor since 1961;
        Buffalo, NY (2nd) hasn’t elected one since 1954;
        Cincinnati, OH (3rd)… since 1984;
        Cleveland, OH (4th)… since 1989;
        Miami, FL (5th) has never had a Republican Mayor;
        St. Louis, MO (6th)…. since 1949;
        El Paso, TX (7th) has never had a Republican Mayor;
        Milwaukee, WI (8th)… since 1908;
        Philadelphia, PA (9th)… since 1952;
        Newark, NJ (10th)… since 1907.

  6. And most blacks don’t understand why people of all races, even their own fear them… They are animals!!! No regard for human life and want to destroy everyone elses happiness.

      • Nope, I sure haven’t. But I do check out the not unusual postings on weaselzippers.us about ISIL or ISIS Muslims beheading Christians. Our ‘animals’, as bad as they are, haven’t degenerated to that level of barbarity – yet.

    • There are many, many fine, upstanding blacks just as there are many many whites who are “animals” with no regard for human life. To lump all people of one race into a common box is wrong and part of the problem.

    • They don’t understand why they, upstanding citizens who follow the law and contribute to society, are labeled animals because a teenager who happens to have the same color skin as them hits someone in the face. But like them, I too have a hard time following the logic of stupid racist assholes. Luckily for me, that racism doesn’t destroy my life as it does them.

      • I’m sorry, did I use the word ALL??? No, I used the word MOST… Big difference! Maybe you should learn to read.

      • Did I use the word all? You said most blacks are animals, whereas in reality the vast majority of black Americans are decent citizens. Yet many get treated like they’re animals…why? Because of pieces of garbage like you. It’s hard to believe that you waited five months to reply with this stupid bullshit. It’s sad to see that you’re still a racist idiot.

    • I think they attacked the whites because they figure blacks wouldn’t have anything worth robbing in that neighborhood.

  7. Exactly what difference does race have to do with anything? Criminal acts should be prosecuted regardless of the race of the victim or perpetrator. The only way to stop a culture of violence is to change the culture. As long as our nation is divided into different cultures, we will have violence where different cultures meet. In the melting pot of American culture, we strive to take the best parts of all cultures and make them our own. We also reject parts of cultures that are not of benefit to the whole. I call on us to reject this culture of violence and embrace whatever beneficial parts of inner city youth there are. Are there any?

    • It makes a difference when you are asking the public for help to identify the assailants. I have noticed that when descriptions are given for suspects in other cases of crime, that race is olften left off. How can you identify a suspect without the basic color of their skin? This wasn’t an article about look at what the African Americans are doing now. The point was that race was not included in the original description of the suspects but now is that a video is out.

    • What race has to do with it, Ken, is that our news media, attorney general and others keep trying to ignore how many of these attacks are made by black kids. Yes, there’s a general culture of violence, but it seems to be worse, and endemic, in black neighborhoods. Time for black leaders, especially, to face it and do something about it.

    • Actually race does matter in Philly only when the victims are black or hispanic. Mayor Nutter and Seth Williams won’t be at their podiums making a speech about hate crimes in this case b/c the victims are white college kids from Temple Univ.

    • Now that feels good, Ken. You know what would feel even better. Prosecute them for hate crimes like they would a white kid beating up on black.

    • Ken, I felt the same way for the last 50+ years. My parents and I were immigrants in ’53 and we have assimilated very well despite all the prejudive and dislike for foreigners back then (can’t tell you how Pollack jokes I had to tolerate).

      But there is a new breed of racial hatred propogated by generations of being fed misinformation from race pimps, white guilt movies, offspring of drug addicted mothers, poverty, and failed government programs. It’s gotten to the point wheret any group of black people is initially viewed as a potential threat. Want proof? Look at the national stats on black on white crimes. Case in point: I would rather pet a stray collie than a pit bull. Why? Common sense tells me pit bulls (not all) bite because of their breeding. I am NOT a racist but a race realist. BTW I drive a scholl bus and can attest that this group think behavior starts early.

  8. And then she reached into her purse and pulled out her .45 acp and shot all four of them to death, with one well placed shot in each of them.
    They don’t do this stuff in Arizona. I wonder why. Maybe it’s that an armed society is a polite society.

    • You don’t see that crap here in SC either. I look forward to the first attempt and seeing the story on the news of 4 thugs killed by person who was being attacked. Time to put a stop to this.

      • I’ve been told that PA is Filthadelphia on one end Pittsburgh on the other end, and Alabama in the middle. I’m so glad I live in the Alabama part. It would have been 4 dead ghetto rats in this neck of the woods.

  9. When one of the network TV cop shows does its version of this, the victims will be poor black children trying to better lives being attacked by white, drunk & high sons of the 1%.

    • There are already plenty of people to help the whites. They advocate for black people because no one else will. Not something I would expect a numbskull like you to understand though.

  10. It probably is time for local men to begin to patrol incognito and take this trash into custody. They might fall down and get bruised before the police arrive.

  11. I live in suburban Philadelphia, and commute to Philly to work on a suburban train. It goes right through North Philly and the Temple Campus. I would NEVER send my children to that school, it is located and surrounded completely by the WORST ghetto of Philadelphia. It is NOT safe and the police usually don’t care much….unless the victims are like Trayvon. The townies are gang-bangers, drug addicts,violent thugs. Not a good mix with the college kids trying to do something positive like earn a degree and further their education. PARENTS BEWARE.

    • I have a family member whose daughter wants to go to temple. i told her she is crazy, I would never allow any of my kids to go there.

    • That the said Constitution shall never be construed to authorize
      Congress to infringe the just liberty of the press or the rights of
      conscience; or to prevent the people of the United states who are
      peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms…Sam Adams You notice Sam said “peaceable citizens”, not just militia.

  12. I believe the point here is not that one is trying to state that this is a hate crime, but that when trying to apprehend suspects, a FULL description is warranted. For example if the released description had read, and using the last girl as an example, “…the fourth was tall, had straight hair and was wearing white clothing” could fit many on or near the campus, while a released statement of, “…the fourth was tall and was wearing white clothing and all girls appeared to be of African American descent ” could vastly improve the changes of apprehension. That is not any more racist than stating (accurately) that I am a Caucasian, middle aged, overweight woman with curly blonde hair and blue eyes. The truth is just that, truth. When one omits data in fear of offending others, then it is no longer the truth.

  13. Let them try that in Texas. The headline would read, “Four attackers shot DEAD by assault victim w/ CHL. BHO, Jesse an Al scream ‘Racist’ and demand justice.”

  14. And then they’ll cry foul if somebody shoots them dead. “They were just kids. They didn’t want to hurt anyone, you should have just given them all your valuables. You’re racist, you could have prevented the killing of a poor young African American kid.” It would be just like that kid who got killed while trying to rob a dollar store. The kid had the employees at gun point and a good Samaritan, who was in the back of the store, heard the gunman yelling. He draws his gun and tries to get the kid to put his gun down. The kid turns and aims the gun at the good Samaritan so the G.S. shot and killed the kid. The mom of the kid started to cry racism, right after the fact, until they found out the good Samaritan was black. Then she tried to sue the G.S. for wrongful death because, according to her, her son wasn’t robbing the G.S. and her son wouldn’t have been a threat to him if he had decided to hid in the back of the store. and if the G.S. had “minded his own business” her son would still be alive.

    What’s really disgusting is they actually have people believing in their false cries of racism. I bet if this couple would have crossed the street to try to avoid this group, they would call racism and use that to justify a brick to the face.

    • Wait, who’s crying racism here? You’re saying it’s disgusting to all the commenters on this site crying racism against whites, right?

      In the shooting case, here’s the real test of justice…what happened to that good Samaritan? Are they in jail? Did they face any legal repercussions? Was justice served, or did they get thrown under the bus for defending themselves?

      Oh, and do you really think a distraught mom will just be like “It’s ok my kid deserved to die and it’s fine that I’ll never see him or talk to him again”.

  15. Surprise surprise surprise.. NOT….. The African-American community wants respect it needs to rally it’s people and make the changes that is so badly needed.

  16. Senator Daniel Moynihan suggested race relations would benefit from “benign neglect”–I do not believe he defined it as “neglecting” black crimes,whether against other blacks (far more common) or whites, which has become the current mantra since political correctness determined identifying race in describing the perpetrator was discriminatory.

    I have always been angered by this for numerous reasons–first, as most crimes in any “high-crime” neighborhood occur within the same area, hence the victims are most likely of the same ethnicity or race. It is depressing to think of parents attempting to protect and raise families being subjected to a higher risk simply because we choose to ignore the criminals. This is a tremendous injustice to those righteous people, period.

    By ignoring the peer pressure of “gangsta-ism” we in effect permit the intimidation of those who seek to better themselves, to follow the mainstream rules and practices, and by doing so, perhaps escape the boundaries of those who break the rules.

    Of late, however, it has not only become pandemic through the social media exposure, in a twisted sense glorifying the criminals, but because of the race-baiting tactics from the white house and attorney general on down, we have assured ourselves LESS deterrents and FAR MORE actions like the actions of these sub-human bitches.

    Until the streets are taken back by sanity, this random danger is likely to increase exponentially. We sadly owe this to the man supposedly in charge, the o-word, and his sycophantic liberal cadre of fools who live in gated communities protected from the thugs and very willing to allow innocents and bystanders to suffer the brutality they have in effect condoned.

    The most hypocritical element of this entire fiasco is the “progressive” practice of denigrating successful African Americans who, instead of being the race-baiting whores who lead their herds, have succeeded despite the hardships, largely through following the rules of the overall society, taking advantage of opportunities and most of all working hard and intelligently to overcome the plantation mentality of the liberal race view. This may be the saddest and most tragic obituary to our society that for political power a national party encouraged ethnic and racial dependency and attacked success.

    • Yes, it is the biggest tragedy: as their idolized leaders – pity their poverty, numbers of criminals, etc.; they encourage them to CONTINUE on that path, by blaming OTHERS/prejudice, never teaching them CHANGE within themselves is the SOLUTION.

  17. But if you stand your ground and harm or kill one of them, then that hits the news! and becomes a huge deal! Major media outlets are a joke!

  18. Major cities in America are concrete jungles.
    …and like all jungles, more dangerous after dark when the predators emerge from their caves…

  19. How horrible! This is what I LOATHE about the Main Stream Media. As pointed out by LTC (RET) West is the first article, NO DESCRIPTION WAS GIVEN! This is ANOTHER BLATANT ATTEMPT TO PROTECT MINORITIES BY THE MSM. News should always be about the truth, no matter whose feeling get hurt! If they were Skinheads, the KKK or a white biker gang, would the report have protected these groups? For the safety of everyone in the “Danger Zone”, TELL US THE TRUTH!

      • These thugs aren’t above assault/murder, they would think it was white man’s fault for poor economy – so they would be FORCED to break into stores, burglarize, steal… They will eventually be killed – live by the sword, die by the sword. Blacks don’t have the same longevity, and it’s the crime – not the healthcare.

  20. Hate Crime ?? Maybe they rocked her with a brick because they Love her. Huh, ever think of that? Hate crime, what an unnecessary concept. Isn’t assault, battery, or attempted murder ‘crime’ enough? This ‘1984’ terminology stinks. Is that ‘hate’ speak? I won’t say it next time I’ll just think it. Wait, would that be a ‘think’ crime? Slippery slope ‘Hate’ crime. Show me a ‘love’ crime!

    • Just wait till one of those spawns get shot. Then you’ll see Not So Sharpton running as fast as his little legs can carry him to Philly

    • No, they’d probably say, “…the brick hit the b-tch.” Like it’s the brick’s fault. Theodore Dalrymple, MD, reporting on the underclass in London, said that after interviewing countless prisoners, one key to their sociopathic behavior is disconnecting themselves from their actions. “The knife cut him…” “The gun went off…”

      I find it extremely troubling that these days the girls are as bad as the boys. The fist fights and other violence, gang behavior, etc. At our company we had to fire two female employees for getting into a KNIFE fight on company property. They sued us for racial discrimination, alleging that physical violence is “an acceptable means of conflict resolution in the black community”, and by prohibiting them from exercising this “acceptable means of conflict resolution” we were discriminating against them for being (and acting) black. Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up.

      And now that there are so many reality TV shows with people demonstrating outrageously bad behavior, we’re having a lot more trouble with white and Hispanic employees too.

      • Wow. I hope they didn’t win that suit against you! Or did you opt to settle out of court? The arguments you quoted are completely ridiculous. How could any judge even hear a case like that? Any judge with a brain, I mean.

      • It’s the “blame” game that Obama, Sharpton, Rangal, CBC, etc. do. It eliminates any possibility of self-responsibility or change by the person committing the crime. And, increases anger/hatred of the object (gun) or other person.

        It is where we’ve moved since Obama took over. And the results are obvious.

    • There WERE many girls involved, also, in the KNOCKOUT CRIME. Which I’ve NOW HEARD, “it’s nothing new”??? It’s been going on for a while?? Why?? Where are our black leaders – speaking out against it?

      And, black leaders/blacks/MSM – don’t join the ignorance of calling it a “game”. It is assault/battery/murder – IT IS A CRIME. Please stop falling for the propaganda.

  21. Saw the initial report via Allen West regarding the fact that race had not yet been mentioned. Guess what, I called it-sight unseen!

  22. Interestingly, back in 1987 I interviewed for a spot at the Temple Medical College.

    Even back then I was told that even though the college and medical college were separated by only about four (4) blocks, never to WALK between the two, that I should always take a vehicle.

    So even as far back as then, there were racial tensions in that part of Philadelphia.

      • Nope. Hard to imagine racial tensions have increased. 1987 was only 20 years after civil rights laws passed. It’s now 2014. I guarantee you that tensions were much higher the closer to the 1960s you get.

      • They did up until Obama got in office. It has increased at an accelerated rate since Obama has enlisted Sharp-tongue & J. Jackars to increase unrest.

      • I think racial tensions have decreased in this country. We don’t have race riots anymore. What we have, it appears, is a lot of black racism against whites. I blame the destruction of the black family, and I blame that on the Democrat policies that monetarily rewarded single motherhood, abandonment of children by their fathers, and out-of-wedlock births. I don’t care what the motivations were, the results of liberal policies were obvious. Convincing people that they need the government to take care of them is cruel. It’s a lie, and its purpose is to keep black people as a voting block to put politicians in power and luxury. I’ve had enough of this crap!

      • I believe race relations in this country have become volatile. Race riots where directed to government or business. With the teachings of Obama, Sharpton, Rangal – they have given the RACIST a white face, they have been feeding the anger/hatred against that white face. The VIOLENCE, one on one has increased – which Obama benefits from “divide and conquer”. The strength of the country/citizens is weakened.

        With all the problems in the black community – increasing, even in the past decade – they move farther and farther from all the necessities to success. We cannot kid ourselves – the black war against the white individual – has started.

      • I agree. It is a sad, destructive, ugly, horrible mess. Black kids are being raised to hate people they don’t know. While Obama has nothing in common with the experiences of his “voting block” (he pretends, and evidently many people fall for it), he fuels the hatred at every opportunity, as does Eric Holder. They are evil, self-interested, greedy, immoral hate-mongers. And our news “reporters” fall in line with Obama’s agenda by editing out every detail that might expose this black-on-white violence and hatred. When the perpetrator is white, they do the opposite, trying to feed their lie that whites are attacking black people all over the place. I want the truth. I wish we had journalists with integrity. They seem to have lost all interest in the truth, and are easily intimidated and controlled by this administration and their own fantasies of black victimhood. If the propaganda in the black community, from the politicians, from the White House, from the news media would stop, if they would discontinue their campaign of lies, I think Americans of all colors could continue to get along very nicely. We were doing pretty well before Obama got into office. He has encouraged the blind hatred that was already fomenting in poor black neighborhoods. Why? To keep his party in power, to hold onto his own power, affluence, and socialist political ambitions. It is hideous. I pray that Americans of all colors will seek out the truth and refute the lies. I wish I knew how to do my part to make that happen.

  23. The Blacks can assault other Races and that’s OK but if one of them gets assaulted or killed by us White Folk it suddenly becomes Racist!!

    • and here comes sharpton and jessie to hold a news conference with the president saying oh it could be my child.. when he should be holding our youth regardless of color to a higher standard than making excuses for behavior

  24. Typical black actions. Oh we are so oppressed and held back, so let’s just go commit crime instead of being productive humans. Then when we get busted, we cry harder than the victim and call the system racist rather than admit they did wrong. To easy a race to hold down, no real brain capacity!

  25. The city of Philly wouldn’t by chance have a demoncrat mayor and demoncrat city council and has had one for several decades have they???

  26. This was once a wish for the future:

    I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a
    nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by
    the content of their character.

    It has now evolved into:
    If you judge a person by content of their character and they are dark skinned, then you are racist.

  27. Everyone and anyone who commits a crime should pay the consequences of who and what they are regardless of sex, race, color, creed, national origin or sexual orientation. If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime.

    • This is the result of Left/Lib ideology, that the only reason these individuals fail – is due to someone else holding them down, be racist, not GIVING THEM ENOUGH HELP!! The War on Poverty – during the last 50 years – is now quickly becoming a War on our society/our streets. At what point, if doing the same thing over and over again; actually makes the problem worse?? Do we disregard this SOLUTION. And go back to a religious, family, responsibility, self-respect, independence (conservative) ideology?

  28. remember the 2007 election when black panthers had control of the voting populace AND NOT A WORD from holder and obama…you think bricks layed upon a foundation are not swayed by that foundation?

  29. Is that a poplar tree I see in the background? Looks like its time to make a Mississippi wind chime in the city of ‘Brotherly Love’

    • You just lost all credibility and negated everything else you said by bringing up lynching. And using that euphemism just makes your comment more hideous. Shame on you! Your racism is just as ugly as anyone else’s!

      • er… I’m not really working the credibility angle here, but thanks for thinking about me.

  30. I don’t care what color you are. Your skin color doesn’t dictate your actions. When you act like a rabid animal you should be treated like one. Quick, clean and humane with a bullet between the eyes before the disease can spread any farther.

    • Only to be released within the hour. These poor underprivileged sweet innocent girls never did nothing wrong. At least that is what their parents would be singing.

    • Pretty sure that’s the idea…cops don’t really care much about this kind of thing when it happens to college students though. They’re like “Sorry you got hit with a brick, just try to be more careful next time”

      • Tell that to the injured girl. She has serious injuries & needs to be compensated for her pain & suffering because of some scumbag. Color is of no consequence to me. If the victim was black, she still needs to be compensated for her pain & suffering.

      • Or tell that to the victims of rape the get laughed out of their precinct, or those whose car was broken into and possessions stolen, or those who are harassed or abused by their spouse or significant other…hey, I get that it’s not fair. Unless you’re a certain class of citizen you’re not going to get much attention or respect from the cops. If the victim was black this would probably not even get reported.

      • If the perps were white, Sharp-tongue would be all over it if the victim was black. it shouldn’t make any difference, it should be reported regardless of victim or perps involved. Injustice for any injuries sustained should not be based on color. I have absolutely nothing against blacks, Asians or any other group. That said, blacks have proven to be more violent for whatever reason. Two police just killed by black thugs in this area in the last two weeks. Another killed yesterday by a Hispanic, who committed suicide after. No whites have killed a Police Officer here in at least the last ten years. I have black friends that are appalled by young violent blacks, because their own children are law abiding citizens. Of course they aren’t city dwellers & we are in a rural area. Until a few years ago we never locked our doors, but we do now & so do my black neighbors.

      • You’re right, it SHOULDN’T make a difference but it does. That’s the problem. In our justice system it is worse to be black than white, plain and simple.

        Saying blacks have been proven to be more violent suggests that their blackness makes them more violent, whether you meant to say that or not. That’s the problem, the violence has nothing to do with their blackness, in fact we know where the violence comes from and it’s socioeconomic factors. White people in the same situation as these “thugs” are also much more likely to commit violent crime.

        So in this context of course your ignorant neighbors are appalled. How can these black teens be so violent when my black teens are great kids? Because it has absolutely nothing to do with being black, it has to do with being poor and uncared for. Like you said, race shouldn’t matter but it DOES because we make it matter.

      • This black violence results from: being poor and uncared for.

        Lib solutions: more entitlements – which only maintain poverty, and subsidize poor single parents. Blame it on white racism.

        Conservative solutions, by people such as Bill Cosby, Col. West, Dr. Carson – self-responsibility, good parenting, EDUCATION, don’t commit crimes, work hard and get a job.

        Are you Libs REALLY confused as to why the FAILURES have increased?

      • I’m sure it would have been reported even if the victim were black, due to the horrific nature of the crime. This story is similar to the girl in NY whose face was sliced wide open by a gang of black girls who shouted racial slurs before, during and after the attack. The victim was white, but again was a horrific crime that needed to be reported on. Color does not matter, but these crimes by their nature do. A victim is a victim no matter what color. These animals need to be brought to justice! If they are let go with no charges, it will fuel anger throughout America. We are already seeing it on these posts. Vigilantes are going to start popping up to take back their neighborhoods and they, not the thugs will be vilified. Maybe if people start standing up to these animals it might stop.

      • We already have an example that you’re correct. It was only the last few months, I learned of this KNOCKOUT CRIME? It made me sick to my stomach. However, many in these inner cities – were well aware of this CRIME, said it’s been going on for years? It was kept in the dark, never made out to be A SERIOUS CRIME – ignored. And, it’s grown as this “gang” attacks 2 people, not physically strong enough to hit someone with their fist – so they carry a brick!!!

  31. The original report of this incident that I read said there were children in this gang, but from the video it looks like a gang of black teenaged girls, most of them pretty ugly. And where did the brick come from? Was there just one conveniently on the ground, or is it in one of those large purses the one girl was carrying? In other words, did they come armed with the brick, indicating that they were just out looking for a victim?

  32. Carry pepper spray in a holder on your belt. Go to a uniform shop and pick up both. Get the one that sprays a cloud about 10-15 away. Then beat the fukk out of the ghetto rats. (Since you can’t carry in most places libscum runs the city you need to be able to defend yourself).

    • Listen, idiot, if you think that Obama and Holder should spend their time personally managing every crime that happens in a nation of 300+ million people…well just think about your ridiculous statement.

      • they won’t mention it because its not white on black crime. were it the other way around the president would say they could have been my kids. and holder would have the local prosecutor moving fast on this. don’t kid yourself.

      • Here’s the situation; the president was in a situation where his supporters were essentially DEMANDING he respond to the most publicized shooting in 2012 and he responded in a way that was sympathetic to his supporters. So this happened once. Get your head out of your ass.

      • He has a history of only responding to stories that suit his prejudices like the break-in incident in Cambridge, MA when his buddy Henry Louis Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct by a police officer responding to a 911 call while Gates was attempting to break into his own home and became belligerent to the cop.

      • That’s your opinion, and it’s perfectly valid. With the publicity it got it was no longer a local incident. Did you hear or read his responses, or just hear the conservative soundbites? He talked mostly about the national implications of the event, and the reaction of black americans.

      • I heard the whole response & it did nothing to diffuse the anger & rage being instigated by Sharpton. It is funny that Sharpton met with Obama the day before he went to Sanford to cause more unrest. It would have been deffused if Sharpton stayed out of it, but he never will.

      • It’s not Obama’s or Sharpton’s intention to diffuse or improve race relations. Lib entitlements keep them living in poverty, without seeing any way out of it. And, as they continue to blame white racism for their problems…. all they can do is hate whites. The solutions, as shown by many successful blacks; are not talked about – because they require self-responsibility and changing their OWN LIVES.

        Obama’s agenda is helped, with “divide and conquer”.

      • You’re right, he’ll never stay out of it. He sees it as his job to get in the middle of it. And keep in mind that he speaks for a lot of people, and there was a lot of anger and rage associated with that situation from the start. So what I’m saying is you can’t just ignore him, which is how he wants it to be. He wants people to face reality and deal with it, instead of pretending racism doesn’t exist.

      • Obama has never even met or seen REALITY off in the distance. We are all aware of prejudices of all sorts, people aren’t angels, people do bad things… blah blah. Had nothing to do with Trayvon/Zimmerman – or enough of a problem in this U.S. to EXPLAIN the failure a large number of the black population. It’s called self-responsiblity. You want respect? Be respectable.

      • When a large number of the black population are failing it no longer has to do with self-responsibility. There’s something else going on and we know what it is because we’ve studied it extensively. Poverty is much more strongly correlated with violence than race, and poverty is a societal ill.

      • If poverty is the strong correlation? What is the cause of poverty and why such a large % of black population? And, at least conservatives have real solutions. What are the Lib solutions?

      • Anne, I have a feeling that KPMcGeezer is going to ignore the strong correlation between single parent homes and out of wedlock births and poverty. (The Great Society programs, initiated in the 60s, have really discouraged men, particularly, from taking responsibility for their familes or for any children they have a part in bringing into this world.)

      • Again, conservatives don’t have any real solutions. The liberal solutions have been keeping people out of poverty but it’s hard to stay effective when those programs that work are being cut by conservatives every chance they get.

        The cause of poverty is many, including lack of access to affordable housing, education, food, jobs, economic resources in general, transportation, etc. The reason a large percentage of the black population is afflicted with poverty is that they are denied access to these resources. The segregation and denial of resources in addition to the inequalities in the justice and political system are the backbone of systematic racism.

        So liberal solutions are essentially to invest in these segregated communities to enable access to these resources, allow these people the kinds of opportunities others have, give them a voice and power within the system, and allow mobility upwards and otherwise. Give them the tools they need to escape if they’d like, but also the resources to stay and live well.

        Conservatives (see Paul Ryan) act like this is some sort of drain, and it’s a racist attitude. They claim that given the chance they will stay in poverty (due to the saftey net) that they are somehow inherently lazy and don’t want to make their own living. No, that’s not it at all. They just don’t have the same chance. Black unemployment is consistently about twice that of white unemployment, which means that the vast majority are still employed, and many of the remaining capable adults would seek employment if they had any hope of gaining it. What conservatives are doing is essentially making poverty a long-term issue while liberals see anti-poverty measures as both a humanitarian effort and an economic investment, because these people can and will get jobs when they are available and can and will contribute to society. We just need to let them in.

      • Fine, Obama responded; but it’s what he said. And, most importantly, like he always does; he ended his statement with: “there’s no doubt if Trayvon had not been black, the outcome would’ve been very different”. = anger/race/hate baiting.

      • No, I’m sure you’ll keep thinking your imagination is real regardless of the facts.

        Oh, and what he really said:”… I think, to a sense that if a white male teen was involved in the same kind of scenario that, from top to bottom, both the outcome and the aftermath might have been different”

        That’s quite a bit different from what you claim he said. It just goes to show you, he says one thing and you hear something completely different.

      • And, we can READ your posts… you’re simply a follower of Obama, even if he is secretive and lies/disrespects you; which means you either can’t make those determinations as to good or bad character – or simply are a paid lib troll. So, who cares what you’re posting on this site?

      • You misquote him, I correct you and you think oh I must be a blind follower. So if I’m not willing to lie about our president, that makes me some sort of kool-aid drinking cultist? What does that make you, who lies and tries to undermine confidence in our president, a straight up traitor? Keep hatching those schemes, you still have a few years left to find that impeachable offense.

      • From White House transcript: July 19, 2013, Obama’s speech at Trayvon verdict. Not for your benefit, but others actually discussing issues on this site:

        “And that all contributes I think to a sense that if a white male teen was involved in the same kind of scenario, that, from top to bottom, both the outcome and the aftermath might have been different.”

        As with YOUR other information… apparently, you don’t have the intelligence to search “to find the quote” or as usual – you’re too much of a follower to open your mind to facts – but we’ve become to accept that from Libs.

      • I found that quote. That’s why I could say with confidence that you misquoted him. See, when you misquoted him, I searched for what you said he said, assuming it was a quote since it was in quotation marks. I couldn’t find it, because he never said it. So then I took like one second, and found the official white house press release that contains the above quote in your reply which is notably completely different in tone and meaning from what you said.

        You can see this is true, because I posted this exact same quote in a reply that precedes yours…a reply to you. So actually you didn’t have to go to the White House transcript to find this quote, you could have just read my frikkin comment.

        So I’ve got to ask you this question…if to you his actual quote means the same thing as your misquote, and it’s so easy to find, why did you misquote him? Why take something he never actually said, and pass it off as something he did say?

        And no one is going to benefit from you posting this reply, it’s for your own smug self-satisfaction which I can only assume will be untouched by the fact that you are completely and hopelessly wrong because your brain would collapse under the realization that it’s filled with garbage. I hope those reading this reply chain (not that anyone actually is) at least finds it entertaining…

      • If the quote doesn’t mean, that the outcome would’ve been different had Trayvon been white? How do you interpret the statement?

      • If you’re not willing to answer my questions why should I answer yours? I’ll just answer with more questions, as that seems to be the way things are done around here. Ok, so that’s your interpretation; the outcome would’ve been different for sure if Trayvon had been white. Is he wrong?

      • He made the statement AS FACT. And, it is NOT FACT. It was his opinion, so yes, he was wrong to state it as fact, that the outcome would’ve been different. NO ONE can possibly know what would’ve happened if Trayvon had been DIFFERENT. He was race baiting, trying to lead those with prior beliefs, to take from it what they chose.

      • Ok, good. Now we’re getting somewhere. What he actually said that probably the outcome would have been different, based on the FACT that statistically our justice system is harsher on black people and more protective of white people. I hope this was a good demonstration of why phrasing matters. Your misquote took his statement from his opinion about what might happen to a fact that it would.

        Oh, and you took from it what you chose…that he was straight up lying about facts and race baiting while he was merely hypothesizing based on statistical trends and sympathizing with those Americans so hurt by the events of the Martin killing and Zimmerman trial. (Well, that’s what I took from it, as an Obama follower)

      • I apologize for the (“) marks, as it wasn’t word for word; but the message that if the race had been different – the outcome would’ve also been different. Race baiting.

      • Maybe you should put your head up your ass and jump. It would make the liberal racist population decrease by 1

      • the president inserted himself into a situation that had it been the other way around, he never would have. he is a total racist. he also inserted himself into a situation involving a white cop, and a black professor who was drunk and decided to mess with a white cop for doing his job. Obama, not knowing any of the particulars, sided with the professor saying the cop acted stupidly, when all he was trying to do was his job. He also said “my grandmother was a typical white woman” I am a white man, and I don’t even know what that means. it would be like me saying all blacks are criminals and welfare mothers. and by the way, Get my head out of my ass? I don’t remember insulting you boy, just because I have a difference of opinion you insult people? grow up. until then, go back the the kids table and let the adults talk.

      • What was his comment(s) about the 2 blacks/1 other youth who shot Australian jogger – because they were bored?

      • Wait…. I know what he could’ve said again. Had those 2 blacks, been white… I have no doubt the outcome would’ve been very different.” Yes, the jogger would probably still be alive.

      • Your right about Obozo, he’s clueless. But Holder is in charge of the DOJ which has the power to bring charges on “hate crimes”. I know on your world blacks can’t commit hate crimes, but if this happened to you you would be screaming bloody murder

      • I have a feeling, there was an altercation prior to this event. The female victims “friend’ was assaulted 15 minutes prior in the same area.

        But you believe what you want to believe.

      • At least I QUALIFY my feeling. Most just spew them as fact. (not you, THOSE OTHER idiots)

        By the way, DO ANY OF YOUR COMMENTS HAVE A POINT other than to demean?

      • Obama had plenty to say about the Zimmerman/Martin case but never speaks out about young blacks & their “games” of violence against anyone. Where is Sharp-tongue or J. Jackars or Holder speaking out against such behavior. Not a peep out of them.

      • True…Obama and Holder are too busy committing their own crimes against America, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, drone strikes on American citizens, abandoning servicemen and an ambassador to die, giving arms to drug lords and sworn enemies of the United States, etc. Yes they are very busy. BTW, calling someone, ‘idiot’ is not how a civilized and educated debate will take place.

  33. When you get a group of them all you see is trouble. We need bigger jails so that they can live their life out in cages. Seems all they want to do is cause trouble. or want everything to be free. They dont want to live together in peace. They think they are owed something from years gone by. Last I new your only a slave if you want to be now a days. Move on and get over the past. Kinda like we have to move on and get over this Jack ass of a President we have. Its bad enough we have to fix the last 5 years he screwed up. The only way anyone is going to make it is to make it on your own. Cause I’m sick of having to pay taxes only to have it handed over to a bunch of lazy people.

    • We don’t need bigger jails, we just need jails to be a prison, not a country club that serves three hot meals and gives you a bed with free cable TV. If these animals were subjected to twenty years of hard labor, say making big rocks into little ones and one meal a day and -0- outside contact for their entire sentence then maybe there would be rehabilitation of criminals but as the system is now all we do is build more violent and repugnant non-members of society. If for instance the death penalty was just that, when convicted by a jury of their peers the offenders were lead out to as public execution site and hanged, I would bet that the amount of violent crime in the country would plummet in very little time as for offenders of less violent crimes make them do time as prisoners not as inmates to a behavioral facility. Make it dark cold and uncomfortable just as they make their victims. Eye for an eye worked for thousands of years it wasn’t until the liberals got involved that prisons became huge corporate profit centers.

  34. Just totally uncalled for but destruction seems to be on the minds of so many. They must answer to a Holy God if not the judicial system on earth. Jesus is the answer to hatred and violence. I would say to the perpetrators that they must pay for their crime. It is inexcusable. What adult thinking person throws bricks at another person?

    • It wasn’t thrown, it was used as a club or bludgeon. She smashed her face with a brick in her hand. The victim has very serious injuries.

  35. I have worked in this area, and on the dorms were the kids stay when they are in school,it’s a really bad neighborhood around Temple, it is so bad that there are police phones, on the corners for people to call for emergency help, this is nothing new in this area, happens all the time, there are a lot of races young black people, who are stuck in that mindset, also very big drug area around Temple, the crime that goes on in this area, is suppressed by Temple to keep it out of the media, a lot of families who bring their kids there, are shocked by how bad the neighborhoods are around Temple, I have witnessed the fear on the parents faces,when they would bring their kids to the dorms for the start of the school year, the projects were so bad in these areas, the police would not respond unless they had 35 officers, eventually most of the high rise projects were torn down, racism in Philadelphia is very bad, but it’s the Young blacks who commit most of the assaults, but is the older blacks in city Council, who keep anything from happening to these perpetrators.

    • There are people, and solutions to solve some of these problems. The promoters of hate/racism, who seem to have the ear of these criminals; have created a crisis in our society. Those with real common sense solutions, speaking of self-respect, self-responsibility, etc., who speak out – these criminals tune out? Are they hoping for a race war? Blacks will not win, simply due to numbers, lack of power due to lack of money and control; and it will leave the country with even more hatred.

      I pray someone can reach these individuals; as Obama had the chance, but has increased problems in all areas of our society.

      • Don’t bet that blacks wouldn’t win a race war. There are plenty of whites who would sell there race out and side with blacks because of their liberal guilt complex. I pray it never comes to that.

      • If you mean Liberals/Progressives, they will hide in a corner. The rest of us are well armed & know how to use them. It would be a very short war.

      • German soldiers LISTENING to their political corrupt leader, Hitler – who did more damage for many more years to the German citizens and country – than any outsiders ever did.

      • Yes the Bush family should have never helped finance Hitler.
        At least Preston Bush should have stopped after the war broke out.

      • And, which countries do you think Obama should stop funding, giving military weapons, military aid to now? Syria? etc….

      • Really, Habib, is part of the problem? You know that he’s out assaulting/murdering people of a different race?

      • There are a whole lot of legal gun owners, prepared to protect people against criminals; and I believe they do outnumber these thugs.

    • Odd one of the victims lives there. She ran home after the attack on her, she is friends of the girl who was hit with the brick.
      No it is wrong to hit someone with a brick, and they should be punished.

      But why wouldn’t a person after being attacked, they tried to hit this girl in the mouth as well., not go the police when they are just feet from her home, and then not call the police?

  36. As much as I hate saying what I’m about to say, I believe it to be the truth. Obama and his followers and advisers want this. He has been fomenting racial hate and promoting black on white hate crimes. Just look at what has happened with non-black on black crime. When it occurs, Obama and Holder are all over it like flies on cow poo. When black on non-black crime occurs, we only hear the chirping of crickets in the night.

    From FBI statistics: Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit a robbery.

      • You seem to be quite blind and deaf, not to mention decidedly ignorant, to what’s been happening over the past 5 years, 2 months, and 5 days. I can understand that if your main sources of “information” are MSNBC, Comedy Central, the “mainstream” media, and so forth. I try to look and listen to several sources, not all of one leaning or the other, mind you, in order to determine the truth.

      • I lurn from the best.

        I hope you see the irony.


        “You seem to be quite blind and deaf, not to mention decidedly ignorant, … I can understand that if your main sources of “information” are MSNBC, Comedy Central, the “mainstream” media, and so forth.”

        yes, “and so forth”

      • Actually, it just seems a bit snarky, especially the deliberate (I hope) misspelling. But, having read some of your other posts, I didn’t necessarily expect any better. I do hope you have a better evening.

      • I was stating my opinion, which I believe is true. It has nothing to do with Allen West. I could have posted the same anywhere else since it is (my) opinion, I guess that would make me a pawn everywhere ha…

  37. Just more ghetto trash doing what they do because they have turned feral & become uncivilized. Hopefully they will be caught & not only pay legally but monetarily for the hospital costs as well as pain & suffering. If there is any permanent disfigurement or post treatment required, they should be made to pay for that as well. That is the only way this will stop.

  38. These people are cowards and would scatter like a tribe of simians at the first sign of a serious defense. It would not take long for the word to get out that ‘cost/benefit’ is not worth it for messing with the peach colored homo sapiens.

  39. Same Old Same Old. And if a White person uses deadly force to repel the attack they’ll be prosecuted and called a racist by that POS Attorney General and his fellow race baiters.

      • Don’t be a complete ass. I hate to say it because this spate of Black on White crime hits home in a big way for me. I am White, my only and much loved son is Black. It terrifies me that this is going on and I am fearful that it will get worse. I’m afraid that, when he goes out on his own in just a couple more years, he’ll be caught up in it. Not that I’m afraid he’ll suddenly turn racist and attack Whites, but that he’ll get beat up (or worse) by Whites in retaliation. That’s why it hurts my heart in a very real way, every time I hear about another Black on White crime. That’s also why it terrifies me.

      • Because she was Very Very Injured!!! Her teeth were knocked out Jaw broken and broken bones in her face..and there was another attack from the same group of girls on a Temple student..But the School did not care to warn their students..since it was off campus a few blocks We dont know what race the victim is..but the boyfriend is

      • my son went to Temple . Everytime we went to Phili, there was some racist incident with which we had to deal. I was always happy to leave.

      • Do let Us all know when MSNBC airs this story or and when Sharpton address it..I’ll bet my last dollar They will Not or they will twist up the story..edit it out!

      • It’ll be reported on msnbc and by Sharpton and his ilk if and when the female thugs are arrested and the Philadelphia Police are accused of somehow violating their civil rights. Likely the words “racial” and “profiling” used together in a sentence will get some more air time.

      • Actually, it’s often not in the news when a White is attacked by Blacks. I just wish it would stop happening. This is nothing but a hate crime and I wish the Justice Dept. would treat it as such. If some of these young people were charged with hate crimes and severely punished, their peers would think twice before following their lead.

      • No, it’s not often in the news when blacks attack blacks.

        This is a terrible example, since, WELL, it was IN THE NEWS.

      • Okay, I put that badly. What I meant to say is that they rarely mention the race of the attackers when they are Black, if the victim is White – while the opposite is almost never true.

  40. Why is this all about race and how is the president to blame for this? These are some stupid nasty little snots for girls, acting like jack a$$’s. When I was in high school, groups of white girls jumped other white girls and it was only the fault of the ringleader girl who wanted all to do her bidding to be cool. It had nothing to do with what race, religion or anything else. For whatever reason, they chose a victim. That is it. Everyone is looking for some deeper meaning. These girls were looking for a victim and there was one. End of story. Find the girls who did this and punish them. I wish the best for the poor victim. So sad her fate is being subjugated to everyone who has a bias and soap box to stand on. So much hate in the replies I see here. Every one blames everyone, everyone hates every body else. Grow up people!

    • People are simply pointing out the hypocrisy of this administration and justice department going nuts over a white-on-black crime when your point is exactly correct – it shouldn’t matter, a crime is a crime. But apparently, a white-on-black crime is more important and racially motivated regardless of whether or not it really is. Remember Trayvon? Or did you already forget about that?

  41. Can you imagine the media/political uproar had the details of this assault been reversed. Had it occurred at say, Boise State. Had the “gang” of 16-17 year old girls been white, and the victim black? I suspect we would have CNN/MSNBC running an ongoing series of interviews about the outrage, with Al Sharpton calling for a federal investigation. Civil rights activists would be all over the paper and TV demanding justice. We might even have Eric Holder and/or Obama holding a presser about it. As it is, I have only seen any news on this on the internet. Can you say “double standard”?


    Police said one had braids and a red t-shirt; another had straight hair, tattoos on her arms and chest, and a denim jacket; a third was about 5 feet tall and wore her hair in a bun; and the fourth was tall, had straight hair and was wearing white clothing.

    You know, black people.

  43. If you read the original story and then compare it to the other assault that happened 15 minutes prior, (to a “friend” of the victim) I’m believing that there’s some part of this story that is missing… the part that led up to the assault.

    I’m not saying these women are right to have done what they did, but I don’t believe the assault was the first contact these ladies had with each other that night.


    • You are the victim of an ‘unprovoked attack” and you run home instead of to the police station a few feet from your home? Then when you get home you don’t call or considering how close just yell for the police? Then a Driver who happened to see the attack reports it? And this Driver knew where the victim lived? How lucky was this victim.

      “The student says a group of seven to 10 girls took part in the unprovoked attack that left her with a few bruises. When she was able to break away, the woman says she ran to her nearby house, which is just feet from Philadelphia Police’s 22nd District headquarters.

      Minutes after, the woman said a Philadelphia Police officer knocked on her door asking if she was OK. A driver apparently witnessed the attack and flagged down an officer, the student said.”

      • Hm, police report says brick caused extensive damage to her face. What are you a family member of one of the attackers?

      • No there were 3 Temple students attacked on the same day in the same area most likely the same group of girls

      • You would run too..if you could get away from a attack..or would you just lay there and take it??? You wouldnt last five minutes in a large high crime dangerous drug plagued city!

      • They aren’t humans they are RACIST ANIMALS and if they are minors their parents should be charged too maybe they will try being parents.

      • No they are not racist animals. They are teenagers.
        A group of them for some reason last friday night attacked 3 people by hitting them in the mouth.

        One of the victims didn’t even call the police.
        BS. I raised kids and as a mother I know there is more to this story.

      • They’re “teenagers” who obviously weren’t raised right. More to the story or not, they have no right to attack anyone. They have the right to defend themselves, just like the rest of us do, if they are being physically threatened. I can say anything I want to anyone just as someone can say whatever they want to me but they, nor I have to right to put hands (or bricks) on someone else. Do you feel they had the right to hit her w/ bricks??

      • Really so you live in Philadelphia??? The other woman ran to a house next to the 22nd police district..and a police woman saw what happened but only asked if she was ok..(punched in face) The police woman didnt take a report..and that is being investigated..reports are worthless..that would be family court and the judge give out jobs instead of jail time

      • So Darla let me get this right , black on white crime is just kids
        acting out , white on black crime is racism , and if anybody didn’t vote for Obama they are racist did that sound about right ,….. it is people like you that are the true racist

      • You cease being a teenager at the age of 17 in Texas, your tried as an adult, so no their not teenagers!

      • Parents’ major job is to teach their children how to be/and live in a civilized world. As with our current “youth” problems – parents ARE raising wild animals – failing to them them how to be civilized. This knockout crime/gangs = failing to abide by our laws of assault/battery/murder – is not civilized.

      • Even our retarded President admits the black family unit has ceased to exist, only 23% of newborn blacks are born into a married mother and father, compared to 76% of whites, coincidence as to why the prisons are filled with blacks. Call me racist, THESE ARE THE STATISTICS. It’s time we stop crying racism when a white person states the truth about a black person and they don’t like what you are saying.

      • Retarded is a medical condition . You could put your whole post in caps and I still only notice a vile ideology

      • People that initiate violence against others are animals. Worse than actually as animals usually have a reason to attack.

      • No Darla is clearly white, just a white liberal. News flash were all related, be it evolution or you believe in the Bible.

      • Do YOU wonder where children learn to hate?

        I don’t. They learn from their experience, their surroundings, and their first examples and teachers; their parent, their home.

    • what never heard of the Knock Out Game??? OR Flash Mobs?? Which BTW stated in Philadelphia the Flash Mobs that is! It is more for Chits and Giggles that is their Fun! That is why these gangs are beating all races of children They are Bullies..yesterday a teacher was cold cocked knocked out cold! by a teen in a Phila High School he is black..so what the school expelled him?? That was about the size of it! Maybe when the city gets sued they will open their eyes! http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Student-Accused-of-Knocking-School-Worker-Unconscious-252040071.html

      • (CNN) — A man has been charged with a federal hate crime in connection with what authorities say was a racially motivated “knockout” assault against an elderly black man, the U.S. Justice Department said Thursday.

        Conrad Alvin Barrett, 27, of Katy, Texas, has been charged with one count of violating the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

        According to the federal complaint, Barrett attacked the 79-year-old man “because of the man’s race and color.” He will next appear in court Friday afternoon for a detention hearing.

        The suspect made a video of the attack November 24, the complaint said. In the video, he allegedly commented that “the plan is to see if I were to hit a black person, would this be nationally televised?”

        New York police previously charged suspect Marajh Amrit with a hate crime in the alleged attack of a white Jewish man as part of a “knockout” game.

      • Oh yea it is Only a Hate crime if it is white on black..and the DOJ will only investigate white on black..the Atty General already made that statement last year!

      • Well then they messed up when they investigated both of these, I seen a picture of Marajh Amrit he is not black.

        Brooklyn beating suspect charged with assault, harassment – NY …
        New York Daily News
        Nov 23, 2013 – Amrit Marajh, 28, exits Brooklyn Criminal Court after posting $750 bail. … University students bullied black roommate, face hate crime charges …

      • So this guy was a moron, attacking an elderly man, but black do it to whites only natural that it would soon become the other way around. I wouldn’t do something so stupid, but I’d shoot anyone trying to cause me bodily harm. But it is race that motivates these crimes and this white guy just wanted to see how the black people would feel. It’s not right, if he wanted to really make a statement he should go out and try to have someone knock him out then shoot in self defense. But sadly he is a coward just as most of these punks, though they do it in a mob he did it by himself.

      • Yes, but in those cases, it’s the element of surprise. The boyfriend tries to make it seem like a robbery, AND THEN COMES the brick.

        But yes, those negroes are animals by nature. Says you and a whole bunch of other racists here.

      • Oh Please..with all seriousness ..I know of many black white Hispanics..that moved out of Phila and never will even visit. One black woman could not believe how bad the city was..she moved back to rocky mountain high! I even knew of a black woman that was a Jehovah witness and she moved out..Crime rate is staggering..when the City is hit in the pocket..they will abandon their plans to build more sec 8 houses..and put it into more police and child welfare workers!!!

      • Thanks for not repeating negroes and still making your point.

        Cities don’t BUILD SECTION 8 HOUSING, that’s a federal program and private landlords own the buildings/homes.

        I know, I have one or two. (they’re not all black tenants either, some are hispanic, some are white, and some you can’t tell by lookin’ at them (and that would be really scary to People Like You that have to put a label on everything for you to judge it faster))

      • You many want to search CBS3 (I included the link) Really it is not a race it is a class..the people that need help are not being helped and the ones that should be on these programs are .. many of landlords are stuck with damaged homes that are stripped of all copper cast iron..what happen to the Inspections of Sec 8 homes??? Thing of the past! http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2014/03/17/phila-lawmakers-announce-plan-for-construction-of-1500-low-cost-homes/

      • Years ago this is what started happening in Detroit.
        You are correct this is not a race issue.

      • FYI there is a federal program for more HUD homes this one is for outside of cities..No if your a landlord..what would you do if you went to your property and it was stripped of all copper pipes wires cast iron??? And all the windows were broken out? Or squatters were in there and you could not move them out because the city/police said they can stay there and live there?

      • ” if your a landlord..what would you do if you went to your property and it was stripped of all copper pipes wires cast iron??? And all the windows were broken out? Or squatters were in there and you could not move them out because the city/police said they can stay there and live there?”

        Did this happen to you?

        ME, PERSONALLY, I’d stop PRETENDING I was a landlord.

    • yeah, I can only imagine what happened to these poor girls to cause them to resort, to have to resort to such draconian an assault. teeth knocked out jaw broken,,,etc.

    • The victims race wasn’t reveled. Maybe when the third victim “tries” to file a report today they might tell us.

      • What are they supposed to do? escort all the white people in Philly? how about a certain segment of society rediscovers shame and grows morality. It isnt the job of police to “protect” you. LAW protects you.

      • You really are an idiot. I guess when one of the ghetto rats comes at you with a brick you’ll say stop or I’ll get my law after you. Yup, that ought to do it. They’re shaking in their boots.

      • One of the victims lives in that ghetto.
        In fact a few feet from the police station but she went home and didn’t call them.
        Now why would she do that?

      • I thought about that as well but something doesn’t fit.

        There were 3 attacks, 2 girls are friends and both victims were hit in the mouth.
        Unless it is new gang girl “game’ (like the knock out) I just find this odd.

      • yeah, white mans Law. but not blame the police. they go to work everyday in that city with a target on their backs. BTW. pause before you insult.

      • well if they took the guns away from the young black boys society wouldn’t have anything to worry about, right??? SMH at the way you think!!

      • I apologized above for not adding that I was using sarcasm.
        I really am ashamed at the way that sounded to you.
        My mind went to Sandy Hook, and Columbine they were white boys who murdered all these children.

      • tell us how you feel about black children. the numbers dont lie.mentally ill people should not have guns.

      • And not just any white boys, mind you, but deeply troubled young men, some of whom were already on medication that they refused to take.

      • How about you keep the racism and sexism to a minimum. More like, we need all good, law abiding individuals with some common sense to carry. More good white men and white women, and more good black men and women, and more good people of all genders and ethnicity. The only reason race becomes an issue, is people like you make it an issue. The issue needs to be the right to self defense vs. the criminal. And I am sorry, but if a criminal wants to remain a criminal and assault people with a lethal weapon such as a brick, they chose the life by the sword. Those who carry concealed just want a peaceful life, yet are forced by these criminals to take up arms therefore, the criminals also have the choice to die by the sword.

      • It just so happens blacks are more likely to commit crimes, EVERY statistic proves that, so dream all you want, it isn’t getting any better, EVER!!

      • How about you read the article that you are commenting on before telling me that I need to keep the racism and sexism to a minimum.

      • You don’t have to be white there has just been more school shootings by young white boys than black.

      • Pollyanna! There you are!

        While it’s true school shootings have been perpetrated by young white males more than any other demographic, the vaaaaaaaaaaast majority of shootings are carried out by whom? You guessed it. And w/o my even having to tell you.

        Good day, ma’am.

      • But taking guns away from those who need the protection isn’t the answer, either, since those with evil intent will always, ALWAYS be able to gain access to firearms, not to mention other weapons.

      • No one said anything about taking guns away, the guy above said we should arm the school kids . I disagree

      • You’re “sorry” all right: a sorry excuse for a conservative or libertarian. Even if you don’t claim to be conservative or libertarian, you’re still a sorry excuse for a troll.

      • I don’t claim to be a conservative or libertarian.
        A troll starts the arguments

        But I am sorry a comment I made earlier sounded racist when I was responding to a racists statement.

      • almost every one of the school shootings have been done by very seriously mentaly ill people.as to the gang violence, I have seen no indication that mental illness present.

      • There is no indication of any reason this happened.
        A group of girls last friday night attack 3 others by hitting them in the mouth. 2 of the girls are friends.

        West was the person who lied and brought up the race issue.
        By his other post yesterday crying they hid the race when there was a video right beside the article that shows these girls are black.

        then instead of removing or editing the previous post he started a new one. Don’t like racial issues? Dont start them.

      • He lied? LOL you really do live in a blind dreamworld… He didnt lie as the very first reports about the incident did not mention nor show the video of the offenders. I saw when it first came out and no mention of race… so please get off your soapbox trying to pin Col West as a liar… next of course he brought it up because he is one of a few who has the balls to mention this about his own race and the fact that the media, Sharpton, Jackson and Obama turn a blind eye to the seriousness of this issue. The ONLY time they want to grandstand this is if it is a White on Black crime with a hint of racism….

      • Oh that is racists to say that the school shootings were done by white boys?
        Even though it is a well known fact?
        Try again.

      • So then when someone brings up the fact that most crimes on the street involving gangs and innocent bystanders are killed are black isn’t racist? Wow tell that to the liberals who always point the finger and anyone who brings that up and called them racist when they point out the facts…

      • There are plenty of people who has already posted that.
        There is a difference in making a racist statement than just repeating true numbers.

        If I heard a liberal call someone a racist for quoting crime statistics I would tell them the same thing.

      • Really ? Do you see any of it or just the word black?

        I know that blacks shoot other people.
        I know that whites shoot other people.
        It doesn’t make it any better to say “they do it too”
        At least not to me it doesn’t.

      • yes, we dont want white teanagers to have guns. Look what guns have done to thousands of black teanagers. Heaven forbid.

      • Darla,any minor carrying a gun to school is already breaking the law, but, then, criminals don’t ever worry too awfully much about abiding by the law. Your comment was off-base, quite frankly. As a mother of a 22-year-old at a college that’s in the middle of Atlanta, I can tell you that the students (mostly adults, mind you) are at the mercy of the criminal element, since criminals know that his college is a “gun-free” zone. Right, gun-free to those who need to be protected from those who care less than a whit about whether or not they’re breaking the law…actually, they have every intention of breaking the law.

      • Do they have campus police? I understand what you are saying but I still think more guns in the hands of our younger people is not the answer.

      • Campus police or regular police. Neither is actually very good at preventing crime, overall. Their job generally is to solve the crimes that have already happened. There have been several instances over the last couple of years of students being robbed at gunpoint, just off the campus (so the campus police really wouldn’t have jurisdiction), not to mention being beaten and more. You know the old saying of where’s a policeman when I really need one? Yeah. Not putting down the police. There simply are not enough of them to protect each of us from the criminal element. I think trained adults could handle guns quite effectively. Notice, I said trained adults, not just anyone willy nilly carrying a gun. I understand your concern, but there really aren’t easy answers when you have the criminal element just watching for the next victim.

      • Your a moron, were talking about legal gun ownership, and legal concealed carry. Allow me to enlighten you, the reason a person conceals carry is not so they can go and shoot other people, it’s so that they can defend themselves, and most concealed carry holders hope that they never have to draw their firearm. But go ahead and continue to be ignorant of lawful gun owners, go ahead and continue. Because mind you criminals will get and carry guns regardless of age, I.E Sandy Hook(no gun zone) shooting, shot his mom illegal, stole her guns illegal, entered onto school campus illegal, shot the children also illegal, Auroa Colorado(fun fact the town outlawed firearms and the man had to drive 60 miles to that town), Navy yard shooting, DC sniper, Columbine, guns protect the law abiding citizen, criminals use guns regardless. Fact the cities with the strictest gun control, or out right banning weapons which is unconstitutional such as in Washington DC or Aurora Colorado have the highest break ins and violence.

      • Umm, it wasn’t the guns that did it .. it was the criminals with the guns. Plenty of knives, clubs and pipes have been involved.

      • Hell No the white moved out in groves from Philly..they are not coming back..Please tell the Mayor that the middle class is Not coming back! He would be lucky to see parents put their child in Temple or visit Philly after this weekend of blood shed!

      • I read the other news reports. Actually this one is the lesser of the violence I am trying to figure out why it was targeted.

      • The Problem is that even the Local news are Not reporting on all of the Crime violence that happened since Friday in Philadelphia It is the Gateway to Hell..Maybe the Mayor will think twice about building more low income housing for people that dont want to work or never worked a day in their lives.. That program is fine if you want to work but sitting on welfare and committing crimes! These are their offspring!

      • Is there something that triggered this? I read a woman was raped this morning near the school

      • I didnt read that…maybe old news..I have no idea what is wrong.. I would take a guess and say Drugs..hard street drugs and Hate Jealousy ..the kids are raising themselves..just a shell of a parent..No one tells them No You can not act like this! and No Discipline..and the adult will say they are Just Playing it is their Fun.. Courts are a joke too..

      • I read where you said drugs on the other post last night.
        I still think this incident has more to it. and I am not sure it is related to the rest of violence.
        But there are serious problems there someone needs to start doing something and fast.

      • Thats as racist as if I were to say the same thing about Blacks and guns anywhere… in other words Darla.. that was probably the most insane comment you have made yet…

      • Really you might want to tell the rest of the world that.

        School Shootings and White Denial | Alternet
        Mar 5, 2001 – After all, as the Mayor of the town said in an interview with CNN: … Andwhite males are twice as likely to bring a weapon to school as are black …
        White men have much to discuss about mass shootings – The …
        The Washington Post
        Mar 29, 2013 – Nearly all of the mass shootings in this country in recent years — not just Newtown, … For example, our schools teach American history as the history of … What facets of white male culture create so many mass shootings?

      • Do you not get the jest of what you said? So based on what you are saying is that white boys are going to shoot up schools… now if we change what you said to read

        “Yeah cause the thing we really, really, need is more young BLACK boys in schools or public with guns.

        We don’t want any young people easy access to guns.
        (I am being sarcastic we all seen the results of BLACK boys in PUBLIC with guns)”

        you would be yelling racist at the top of your lungs… do you see the double standard you have here? Perhaps most of the school shootings were committed by whites, does that mean judge ALL white boys by what those few did? How many shootings committed by young black men in public have there been where innocent kids are killed by gangs? Really open your eyes, walking with blinders on is a really really stupid thing to do, you might bump into something or fall in a hole…

  44. The cops need to do their job and the Justice departments need to close down and get some people in there who will administer Justice.

  45. Colonel West: You and Trey Gowdy could do a great job running this country. Flip a coing to see who is President and who is Vice President. Either one of you would also be great in the Justice department.

    • Of course , West will have to do interviews on CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the liberal media. No soft ball FOX questions . Even Romney spoke on front of the NAACP. Will West speak to, even after all he said about the organization? Or on front of Muslim groups? Paul spoke in front of students at The ultra liberal Berkely, will West do that?

      • So he ‘a just sticking with the reps? Not a great idea . So Obama going on FOX has more balls than West? Romney at NAACP and CNN. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz all over the place. Everybody on the supet liberal Daily Show.

  46. Universities in places such as Filthadelphia need to be abandoned and left to the animals. Why would anyone want to go there?

    • Just bec it’s a black on white crime, doesn’t mean it.’a a hate crime. Whites are more likely to be assaulted by other whites, esp white women .

      • read what Cary Davis has to say: ” Reverse the rolls of the players to 4 white chicks bricking a black person and you will have 4 white girls in custody the same day, Al, Jesse, and all the Liberals posting it on every media outlet, and Obama would have another daughter! Sad but true!”

      • So what, I can get my own yahoo to say different. Just bec it ‘a a black on white crime doesn’t make it a hate crime. If a man kills a woman does that make him a women hater?

      • It’s a Halloween custume. I thought it would be funny since you people are Muslim haters.

      • That is something you can apply to me,,,, and Muslims have done nothing to make me change my mind about them,,,their leaders never condemn the atrocities that are committed through out the world by Muslims . Sorry I have no use for them and I do not care what anyone thinks,,,got it!

      • Lets not talk about Domestic Violence..because you can say that about every race..we are talking about Hate..

      • And domestic violence isn’t about hate? I was aaying, if black on white crime is always racial then what about black men who beat white wives? Black on white , right?

  47. This is why I carry a .45 double stack and being a Marine , I would have not thought twice about shooting that Afro-amercian POS. So were is Al ” the race baiter ‘ Sharpton and the Rev. Jessie ” Rainbow ” Jackson on this one. Black on white hate is a ” Hate crime and yet ? Nothing from the White House……

    • Why do you always think Sharton, or the White House have to be involved this crime just bec it’s a black on white ? Michael Dunn in Florida ( white man) was accused of shooting a black kid. Were was his support? Fox, Rush, Beck, West? Not a word.

      • Because every time there is a white on black crime the race baiters come out in force. Even the MORON in the WH house has open his mouth on white on black crimes and yet…..SILENCE on the black on white crime. We live in a world of PC and everyone says nothing…..Well , I got news for you…….and you OBAMA lovers – the party is over. This was a hate crime and should be treated as such. The black on white crimes are up and the blacks know they can get away with it.

      • You need to prove it was a hate crime . So far I haven’t heard anything from the police or the victim . Just bec it’s a black on white crime , doesn’t ‘t make it a hate crime .

      • We don’t have to prove anything to you. Your just a race baiting troll. The only voice you have is the one we allow by responding to your stupidity. Go away, you can’t even spell Sharpton. Dunce…

      • Of course , what better way to deflect the fact you have no prove by insults. Thanks for making my point. That was easy .

      • Zimmerman wasnt even white..MSNBC made him white..then they found out he was half hispanic and looked it..so they made him a white hispanic..they just invented another race of people!

    • Yes, I remember when they made up new terms in order to make sure Zimmerman was “white.” Jerks. I don’t think they even needed a real story in order to tell one. They just make up whatever they want and broadcast it. Zimmerman seems to be no gem, but why did that case have to be prostituted as another fake “case-in-point proving that white hate blacks”? It was total b.s. I want to see justice, not a farce of a trial. Nobody outside the local area would have heard a thing about that case if the newscasters hadn’t found a way to make it fit their racism story. Racism among some black people in this country is such a lucrative commodity that they have to vilify any black person who doesn’t keep in line with the hatred. That is pathetic.

    • There is no such thing as a white Hispanic . Hispanics don’t indemnity themselves are black or white. They indenify themselves as Cuban , PR, Dominican, Mexican, Argentinian , etc.

      • Did you not notice the quotation marks are know anything about the Zimmerman case? Zimmerman was labeled a ” white Hispanic” by the New York Times in an effort to say it was a white on black crime.

  48. Obozo’s People-trying to make up for what welfare , food stamps, free cable/college/electricity/heat/obozo phones, and everything else these parasites GET FOR FREE !! SUCKERS !!!

  49. West, your daughter is in college ? If there is a crime in her school and the campus police report the assailant is a black female, I hope you don’t mind if the police stop her and take her in for questioning . Will she be the first to say, ” do you know who my father is ?” Or will to call the campus police and complain for the harassment of your daughter ?

      • What does that have to do with anything ? You said most cops are black . So of if most cops are white , they don ‘t arrest whites?

      • Were the shoe on the other food and a group of white girls were to hits black girl with a brick every race baiter in the country would be demanding hate crime charges but you try to excuse this as just a crime. You are a racist.

      • Yes and ? Blacks on white crime is nothing new. Neither is white on white , black on black. , white on black , etc. white people are more likely to be killed by other whites , esp white women. And just bec it’s a black on white crime, doesn’t ‘t mean it ‘a a the crime. What if a black man kills his white wife of 20 years? Maybe he caught her sleeping around ? It doesn’t matter, it’s a hate crime to you.

      • Send a link to the white on black crimes in Phila..the links I posted are black on black,,,they have been Arrested so go back to msnbc

      • I don ‘t know how many times I have to say this, but just bec it ‘a black on white crime , doesn’t make it a hate crime. Is white on black crime a hate crime?

      • YES White on Black crimes are Hate Crimes..Black on White are Not Hate Crimes See DOJ Crime is Crime Hate is Hate! And it should be Equal Charges! I saw a black girl being beating by a group of black girls and boys were video recording..I called the police..so maybe I saved this poor child from being fatally beaten! I dont care what color you are..I am not some low life that stands there and laughs

      • So why were so many white people people saying Zimmerman wasn’t a hate crime ? I don’t remember the victims saying it wS a hate crime .

      • Majority of any white on black crime is considered a hate crime right off the bat,,,where are you getting your news from?

      • That’s a presumption, not fact. The prosecutor has to prove it . Let me ask you, if a black friend called from a police station and ask to be bailed out. You would say , you need to stay there, bec you are guilty ? What if West got nto trouble , is he automatically a criminal ?

      • I dont now what you are talking about what white cops?? The majority of Phila is black and so are the police

      • There are other cities with prodomantly white people with dominantly white cops in America believe it or not. So you say the white cops don’t arrest white people who commit crimes ?

      • Sure there are white cops and they arrest white people.. the issue is a group of teenage girls for chits and giggles smash a brick into a college students face..Just because she is walking white in a black neighborhood..And now they are facing a Judge and most likely a few will be charged as adults..Wait till the Mayor comes back from Italy..In one weekend there has been at least 6 murders 3 stabbings and a shooting

      • Actually in white neighborhoods white cops tend to keep busy with traffic duty and taking college classes. We know that based on a little thing called statistics. Perhaps someone should introduce you to these strange phenomena.

      • Guess what, not all black neighborhood are crime ridden and in the ghetto. And there are plenty of poor crime ridden poor white neighborhoods. Esp in the Midwest where they make meth. That’s statistics too.

      • No, there is no racism anymore. Every white person is colorblind and have many black friends.

      • Phil why are you hiding your face? Perhaps your just trolling trying to spark up racist hate. Sadly racism is not Dead its more alive than ever in the hearts of angry shallow race baiters like yourself.

      • It’s the headdress from a Halloween custume. I thought it would funny since you peopke hate Muslims so much .

      • Ummm, another retarded comment. Again you’re inferring that only Whites are racist (making you a racist….oops). the term “racist” has been bandied about, mostly by non whites, because it’s seen as an effective tool that leverages the guilt, the left leaning marxist academia has been shoveling on the white population. It used to be “bigot” but that fell out of favour and as such, has lost it’s manipulative effect. Well I have news for you. EVERY race is racist. By definition racism is the belief that any one race is better than another. It is not limited to whites thinking blacks are worse.

      • WOW, that’s the best ya got.? so off target again. Did ya miss the point this time that I was referencing your comment re “no racism anymore”. Clearly you can’t keep up. Oh and I love your “or keep out” comment. what a silly little, albeit prolific, person you are.

      • What are you talking about . The usually republicans deflection . Don’t put words in my mouth abd stay on subject . Check her first reply, they called her a racist right away .

      • WOW!! (as I hang my head in disbelief), could you be any
        more vacuous?

        A little cliché targeting me as a republican as if that was
        a bad thing J The
        usual Sanctimonious Democrat’s approach to “discussion”. So self-satisfied in
        the belief that you hold the only key to enlightenment, that you’re unable to perceive
        anything but the single track you have your mind set on. A classic example of psychology’s
        premise of “willful ignorance”. Yet again, you avoid my challenge regarding your
        initial poke at Adam west with your inferred idea that he’d leverage his
        celebrity to get his daughter out of trouble. As I have said before, you
        completely MISSED the pretense of the article and then degraded into the
        classic race baiting tactic of feigning indigence at “our” racism. You keep
        claiming that “you were right” regarding someone’s post being labelled as
        racist, which is fine, but has no bearing on my issue with your tactics of
        antagonism. Thus my comment on your single mindedness (wow, I really have to
        spell these things out for you. Please do try to keep up 😉

        And regarding putting words into your mouth, the
        only way anyone will get a rational, cognitive comment from you is if I, or
        someone like me, does, in fact, prompt you with the words….

      • Are you one of those people that have to be right and have the last word on everything ? Well, I don’t have the patience to continue stroking your ego bec whatever you sleep next to refuses.
        I missed the point the pretense of West’s article? This is what I got after reading… The media didn’t report race of assialance. Then , the race was reported, what will the media do? Is that what you got ? Did I get a gold star for reading comprehension ?
        Also Adam West is Batman. I bet you mean Allen West. I case you don’t believe me, it should be on the wedsite somewhere.
        Secondly, people with influences do use their connections to get their kids out of trouble. I’m sorry you are a no body.

      • Well I bet you thought you’d sent me away with my tail
        between my legs on this last one. Sorry, But I had real world things to do. Now I have a few seconds to devote to bitch slapping you again 😉 So in response:

        a) Am I “one of those people” Nope, When I’m debating someone who’s cognisant I have no need to. I am, however one of those people that kicks at the darkness till it bleeds daylight. I cannot simply let a troglodyte such as you, spout off the nonsense I constantly see attributed to your moniker.

        b) There you go! It’s nice to see you finally read the article. Yes you get a gold star for reading comprehension, and I’m flattered that you’re now looking to me for validation.

        c) Re Adam, vs Allen. Well you’re right, ya caught me. However, if I took the time to correct all your typos, spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors, well then, we’d never have enough time for our scintillating conversation now would we? 😉
        – Text based abbreviations are not grammatically appropriate in a generally complete sentence structure (“bec” should be “because”. It’s just indicative of you being lazy, much like your research into the things you post here)
        – “sleep next too refuses” is the wrong use of “too” (wow, To, Two, and Too are really easy ones too 😉
        – “assialance” isn’t even a word
        – “I that what you got ?” I suspect should be “Is that…”
        – “wedsite” ???? Are you proposing?…. 😉

        d) Yup, some people do use their influence. Actually, everyone does. It’s the base definition of politicking and the root of ALL human interactions. If you get out more with real people, and stop trolling this site so much, you might learn that first hand.

        Glad to see you made an effort this time and pulled on your
        big girl panties. Bet ya really do think you can play with the big boys don’t you? Of course I do have to be frank with you, you are after all simply replacement entertainment when there’s nothing on TV. Hope you didn’t think I cared about your opinion, I mean, c’mon, a little girl’s insight into the world? Justin Bieber has more vision 😉


      • Butch slap?? Save it for the beast who is forced to kiss you in good morning . I couldn’t figure out if you agreed with me or simply talking trash. Whatever, I feel sleep after the 4th line. If you don ‘t care about my opinion and think I ‘m such an amateur , than why the hell did you spent so much time writing such a long post ? Again, are you one if these pretentious a holes who have to have the last word??

      • This is too easy (note my correct use of “too”

        How typical of people of your ilk. Not getting the desired
        traction by trying to poke me so you resort to going after my family. Like I said, this is too (there it is again) easy. (might I point out again your horrible typing and grammatical skills… “kiss you in good morning”… really?!?!?!? 😉

        The fact that you could figure out anything would surprise me, so I’m kinda underwhelmed at your revelation that you couldn’t figure out if I agreed with you or not. Not really a bombshell there, and the fact that you claim to “feel sleep” (not sure how one accomplishes that) after the 4th line, that’s a natural occurrence when one is trying to read something beyond their capacity for comprehension. Sorry, I’ll try smaller words next time 😉 Oh, and speaking of comprehension, I’ll have to take that gold star back as you clearly didn’t understand A, C, or my closing paragraph.

        I guess I’ve exhausted your repertoire as you just recycle the same ol’ same ol. Maybe with a few more years of experience you might be able to play in the same sand box.

      • You alone cured me of my insomnia . I was out like a light by line 5. I would say bottle it, but it only works on people who don’t give a damn about whatever you have to say.

      • You talk like a racist. Perhaps you cannot see the world except in terms of what color everyone is and how much people hate you for being black. I’m curious, do you have any sympathy at all for the girl who got hit in the face with a brick, or are you cheering, “yeah, take that, whitey!”?

      • Personally, I don’t care what color these girls are, except that it is an important part of the description when they are looking for them, along with what they were wearing, how tall they were, which direction they came from, which direction they went afterwards. Who cares that they were black? What bothers me is when that one piece of information is withheld because it doesn’t support the myth that black people are perpetual victims of white people. I want the facts, all of them, not propaganda. I’m tired of being lied to. How can we solve a problem of unprovoked, violent attacks on innocent people if we can’t even be honest about what happened? Should I pretend that I have no reason to avoid strolling through Stony Island in Chicago after dark? Should the campus police not be warning students to avoid walking the neighborhood where the college is located? Should I pretend that I’m not shocked that a group of GIRLS did this? Should I pretend that I’m not surprised that the girls were all black because I’ve read of many similar attacks in recent months by groups of black young people? I don’t like it. I don’t believe black people are more violent than whites by nature or anything like that. I just know there’s a serious problem. Racism in a police force is also serious. Racism means assuming all kinds of bad things about a person because of their skin color or ethnicity. How about we not judge the campus police that way, either? I don’t like how you assume that the police are racist against blacks, based on something that has nothing to do with those people. Do you honestly think all white Americans are racist? Do you hate white people?

      • I don’t hate white people, I don’t even think a majority of white people are racist let alone all white people. I’m sure not all cops are racist but I’ve encountered racist cops. Let just say you don’t make any sudden movements. Now I’m not going to advocate anyone putting themselves in danger to make a point. Campus police have a duty to warn students of danger if not what’s their purpose? But at the end of day wether it’s black crime, white crime, purple or polka-dotted crime is for the police to solve. When police judge it necessary to release information of a perp (any perp) they do. And if they judge their purpose will be better served by witholding info they do. Now my question is do you believe a majority of black people are criminals or on welfare?

      • WOW, I guess I was too subtle. Your comments are Peurile at best, inflammatory at worse. You bounce around threads from all angles, backtracking when ever challenged. If you believe in your comments have some testicular fortitude and stand by them.

        Oh yah, and you’re a racist.

      • OK, ya missed it again. I just don’t think i can dumb it down any further (but I’ll try).
        I’m referenceing every one of your comments from the “West, your daughter is in college ?” through the duration of this thread. What point are you trying to make in your circular style? Is it that you assume Adam West would leverage his celebrity? Are you complaining about the potential for racial profiling? Your reference to Campus police places too much onus regarding the small portion alluding to the fact that the student was from the university and the proximity is close. The point of the article was the assault of one race by a gang of another race and that there seems to be unbalanced reporting of these types of crimes depending on the race of the perp’s (look at the headline). West’s comment re his daughter was simply a fathers’ worry about the proximity of these crimes to the institute his daughter is attending.

      • I never said the campus cops were racist . All I said was if the description of the assailant was a black woman, why can ‘t cops stop West’s daughter if she is a black woman. I wasn’t talking about the other story . Keep up.

      • No! But this mob violence is getting out of control ,,,do you agree? And closing our eyes and pretending that it is not a majority of one race doing it is not reality.

      • I’m glad to hear it.
        No, I don’t think a majority of black people are criminals. I think the vast majority are law-abiding, decent people.
        I have no idea how many black people are on welfare. I assume there are more white people on welfare than black people on welfare because there are more white people in this country.
        I was not talking about the police withholding information. They are the ones who should decide what info to put out, and they do. What I object to is the news media editing out race in cases where a black person attacked a white person, and emphasizing race in a case where a white person attacked a black person. That is dishonest and manipulative, and designed to support a lie that most crime is white on black, which it isn’t.

      • If a crime just happened , the police will look close to the area where the crime was commited. If all the cops have is black woman description , then they have probable cause to stop black women. That’s the defense NYC cops use for defending stop and frisk. PROBABLE CAUSE.

      • I don ‘t know. If it’s going my way, it’s great. Of the cops are after me, then I hate it.

    • Why do you assume the campus police will turn on their own students? Why do you assume the campus police are racist against blacks? Most likely, they are aware of the problems in the local neighborhood. They already warn students about it. You think they would go after the black college students? Wow. What a rotten assumption to make.

      • Hello Philadelphia is a Black city..the minorities are white..so where is the racism when the Mayor, DA, Police and Fire Commissioner are all African Americans..I thing all of them are doing the best job they can! What is needed is for someone to tell them in no uncertain terms they can Not Commit this type of Violence and get away with it!

      • If the report is a black female the police would look for a black female.
        Why wouldn’t they look at the black college students?
        Isn’t that what they are supposed to do?

      • No, they don’t want the police to be looking for a black women bec that will be racist. Like the Philly police won ‘to be looking for black kids even of the description is black kids bec that will be racist . Do they support the liberals and minorities of NYC who think stop and frisk is racial motivated. God bless The unracist Anerica.

      • Who said the police are racist? I said they were looking for a black woman . What if West’s daughter is off campus at 7-11? Cops can stop her? Even if she’s on campus , it’s an open place , anyone can walk thru it. And who says college students are all innocent ? There is plenty criime on campus caused by other students. Rapes, car thieves, muggings, even murder.

      • You make no sense. Trying to agitate? We have Alan West who isnt afraid to state things the way they are regardless of race, and you bring in the race card talking about his child. I bet you are a typical racist liberal who loves all minorities as long as they agree with your political view. But if they dont, you throw more nasty insults than any conservative has ever been accused of. Im sure if the description was for a black female, and she was treated respectfully, he would have no problems; just like if the description was for a self righteous moron, you would understand being stopped.

      • I am racist and make no sense? All I said was the only description the police have of an assailant is a black women. If West ‘s daughter is a black woman walking down the street on or off campus. , why can’t they stop her and ask her to come in for questioning ? Is it bec who her father is? Guess what kids of famous people commit crimes.

      • The police have a profile,I Mr. West’s daughter fit the profile I would understand them stopping and questioning her. They have a description of the suspects and being black is not the only description. So your logic is flawed. Do you only see what you want to see?

      • In my scenario the only description cops had was black female . I wAsn’t talking about the Philly story. Plus, West story was why didn’t the station say they were black ( only black).

      • Its not so much that what you say doesn’t make sense. Its more like the point you are trying to make sounds completely ridiculous. Just saying. ..

      • So if you get attacked and the only thing you remember is she was black. You don ‘to think that’s enought to tell the cops?

      • I don’t believe that the police are going to be harassing black girls carrying books as much as they would ones just hanging out on the corner!!

      • Oh I forgot students have books glued to their arms and never stand on street corners waiting for rides. Maybe she was coming from the gym or visiting a friend at another dorm.

      • And so real men should all hide under their beds? Shoot the bassturds there’s a freakin war going on!

      • Also you are taking me too literally You should defend yourself, but it will always be twisted by the media.

      • Trust me, I would not be in jail. I would be a hero in my home town for keeping my family from harm. My wife or kid would have videotaped the whole episode on their iphones and we would upload the truth to the webz.

      • Your Taking me too literally. What I mean is that you defending yourself as you should would be twisted by the media and you would be called a raciest and it would be all over the news.

  50. need to round them all up and start shipping them back to africa , and 90% of the crime in the US would go away

    • Actually, about 95% of all violent crime would go away. It’s in FBI stats. 95% of all violent crime is committed by BLACK people. Conversely, 95% of all white collar crime is committed by white people.

  51. It had better be a hate crime!!! all of these should be, I don’t give a damn if the media is reporting it or not!!!!

  52. You could hit her in the face with a brick but her face is already flat.Remember there are three things you can’t give a black.A black eye,a fat lip and an education!

  53. NOTE: I am visiting the same area all the time .To visit my son attending Temple U. My Concealed carry permit allows me to always have my 45cal with hydra shoc ammo .On me at all times ..Just a note my Firearm does not discriminate with age/color/sex/ . If you pick up(brick) or have a weapon to cause injury to my loved ones. I will do whatever it takes to keep my loved ones SAFE! Careful who you pick as your possible victim? It may be your last!

  54. …Please someone take these animals out with “Conceal Carry” I love reading tragic stories like this with a happy ending, perpetrators being taken out by a armed law biding citizen!

  55. Everyone says other races are the ones to blame but if you notice most of the attacks are done by black people. There is the one of a guy beating a truck driver and how he picked on the wrong person. It was a black punk who thought he could get away with it. Goes to show Sharpton, Jackson and Obama are so wrong when they say “poor black boys”

    • If other races committed a crime then they are at fault. If any person commits a crime they are to blame.
      I don’t believe making the comment “poor black boys” is wrong.
      Our jails are filled with poor people, of all races.

  56. There are some very racist comments on here. This is not my people talking like this. You must have a leftist troll problem making conservatives out to be racists.

  57. Please everyone, ignore the race baiters, and comcentrate on other posts. They are only trying to create division and start more race hate.

    • They are old enough to stand trial..and the thought of DHS Child welfare for the next few years..with home visits and investigations..

  58. Reverse the rolls of the players to 4 white chicks bricking a black person and you will have 4 white girls in custody the same day, Al, Jesse, and all the Liberals posting it on every media outlet, and Obama would have another daughter! Sad but true!

    • and it will be all you hear and see on tv…. baffling huh– depends what color of your skin is if it matters if attacked..

    • wow, they attacked two other people prior to attacking the student w/ a brick. is this their idea of “something to do” on a Friday night? I’m sure their parents must be proud. I hope they’re tried as adults and have the book thrown at them…. maybe they could substitute it for a brick… eye for an eye you know what I mean?

      • sun was still out..this is their fun..last summer a mentally disabled woman sitting on her front steps was pulled into her apartment and beaten by a mob of girls and robbed

    • CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) — A group of teens violently attacked a mentally challenged woman at random in Chester and recorded the entire incident on tape. During the vicious attack, which was later posted on Facebook, the teens could be heard screaming obscenities and even laughing.

      • They are terrorists. In this case, the knockout game is not terrorism but a deadly, vicious and cruel game young blacks play when they get together. The police need to stop hiding it, the so-called media need to stop ignoring and lying about it and let’s fix this problem. More and more white people are carrying concealed weapons these days for protection. I don’t want to see a race war begin over this stupid and moronic game.

      • The prosecution needs to prove it is a hate crime . Presumption is not proof.,if a women is wearing a tight shirt and gets raked, the defense can ‘t ask get what she was wearing . White people are likely killed by other white people , esp white women.
        BTW, if West was in trouble, he’s automatically a criminal ?

      • but when it is a supposed white on black crime in this nation– it automatically is labeled as a hate crime– and themany in the nation uproars and out comes Al Sharpton—-I wonder why that is…very strange & troubling to free pass a certain race and never want to label it as hate… much of this is going on in the nation— while media and society ignores– dismisses, condones which encourages more to do so… rather baffling.. Someone needs highlight this epidemic of black mobs attacking white folks– because it sure aint like we have any real leaders addressing and discouraging this issue…

      • You know Al Sharton means nothing., you side has many people who are rebel raisers too. I guess you never heard “the sneaky wheel gets attention. What’s the diff bet West having liberals are racist and Sharpton saying liberals are racist? Get over it.

      • It’s the squeaky wheel gets oiled. The pont is 4 black people beat up one white person…no big deal. 4 white people beat up one black automatic hate crime. What is good for the goose is good for the gander

      • Who ever said? Prove it ? No one is out to get you . It’s just the right wing media controlling you. The Australian baseball player ? The old vet? Who else? And how many whites have been killed by other whites at the time time? I can’t look up crime records right now , but will later. I have a feeling you and the rest are wrong.

      • Okay, this info is from FBI stacts for 2012, not your crazy Nat Enquirer websites.
        Anti white crimes crimes- 763
        anti black- 2,295
        66.2% of of crime incidents were anti blacks
        22.0 were anti whites

      • And blacks make up 20% of the population. All people regardless of their color should be judged by the same laws.

      • Prove it !
        That ‘s all I heard from you people , but when I ask to prove it, I get SILENCE. Abd stop bringing up Sharpton, no body listen to him but angry white people. His program on MSNBC is the lowest rated in that tine slot.

      • Here’s a suggestion which may open your willfully averted eyes which cannot see the Truth. Visit whitegirlbleedalot.com and review the overwhelming number of black on white epidoseds of black on white violence there and see if that has any effect on your perverse denial of Truth.

        Unfortunately, facts are facts and with a liberal mind such as your own, I despair the data will impact you at all. But one can only try.

      • Sorry, but Colin Flaherty’s (the author) facts are not right. Just another case of white yahoos creating something out of nothing just to em flame and control the white masses.
        According to the latest FBI stats, 2012 of hate crimes,
        anti white victims – 763.
        black victims- 2295
        66.2% were victims of an offender’s anti black bias.
        only 22% were anti white bias
        White are likely to be killed by other whites, esp white women.

      • Honestly, you are doing nothing but making a fool of yourself. Your knowledge of current events is lacking.

      • All you did was repeat the same words 4 times.
        What are you trying to say?
        What are you trying to say?
        What are you trying to say?

        What are you trying to say?

      • Plantation ? That sounds, dare I say, racist, but instead , as a person who likes to think eveyone is deep down inside a good person, I ‘m going to think you mean Soup Plantation.

  59. I still have not heard the actual motive, but I suppose since there has been no one arrested, that without a suspect, there is not motive established as of yet.

  60. Arm yourselves people! Get trained on hitting the target. Be ready at all times. Why do you think the victims are on college campus,,gun free zones. All easy victims. All a gun free zone means to me is you are more likely to be victimized.

  61. Here is the problem.
    The State’s Govenor
    Corbett’s troubles started early; when faced with a $4.2 billion deficit, his budget cuts forced teacher layoffs and reduced county social services programs. He imposed a limit on assets for people who received food stamps. This year, he proposed expanding Medicaid to cover the uninsured but wanted to require that recipients prove they were searching for work. He has since backed off the proposal.

    “He proposed cuts to very popular programs,” says political scientist G. Terry Madonna of Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa. “His job performance (approval) drops and he doesn’t recover.”

    To be sure, other Republican governors elected in the 2010 Tea Party wave have faced trouble. Walker faced a recall — he survived — and Florida Gov. Rick Scott is also in a tough re-election race against his predecessor, Charlie Crist.

    • Darla, I doubt very seriously Charlie Crist has a snowball chance in hell. He was already the Governor of Florida and turned on the people in this state. Saying that, I wish a Conservative would run against Rick Scott, because I’m beginning to dislike him more and more.

      • That was a copy not my opinion. I am not sure what I think about Crist. But I do know I don’t like Rick Scott. He is really a crook. But I don’t live there so I just watch from the sidelines.
        This Gov Corbett I read is the lowest ranked Gov in the U.S. I think it said 37% approval.

      • Don’t get me wrong, Scott has done a few good things, but the things he has done that I don’t like, pretty well delete the good things.

      • I only ran across a fraud case about a year ago. It had something to do with medical. I want to say it was medicare but I can’t be sure. He got on my ‘radar’ somehow.

      • A lot of Medical Offices have committed Medicare Fraud and got caught. It might be the business he worked at before running for Governor, but he was not charged or he would not still be a Governor.

      • That’s true. I don’t even know how I ran across it , I haven’t researched medical fraud. With me who knows I see something I read it.

    • Corbett gets my vote! Faced with a budget deficit that has improved. Ooohhh my he imposed a limit on assets for those receiving tax payer money,,applaud. Wanting recipients to prove they were searching for work…applaud. As for teacher layoffs the put that one squarely on gov. Spendel ,,who used money from the big Os stimulus to pay teachers then when the money ran out ,,,theses teachers expected Corbett to keep funding the same amount , which meant the Pa. Taxpayers would have had to pick up the slack.

      • The article said he wanted them to show proof of looking for work for health care.
        But he eliminated it.
        We already have an asset limit on people who get food stamps.
        They used to have a requirement to look for a job but the Gov privatized it into right to work.
        Reading about all the violence that happened there it probably wasn’t a good idea to cut education and social programs.

        They are going to build new section 8 housing when they cant lower the crime rate? That is a bad plan.

      • Darla, the discontinuation of looking for a job was done by the administration. I agree with you; no one should stop job help
        and education. All it does is keep people from moving forward. That is what some of us try to explain when we are posting.
        The administration keeps pulling things that help people and they will not work with others to fix the problems. Anytime Republicans tries to initiate something they call them a racist.
        They don’t want people to move up; they want them to be dependent on the government.

  62. Judge Joe Brown refers to young women who act like this as girl-illas. Their actions are simply despicable. It starts with a certain attitude and can grow into this.

    • Actually, these savage thugs need to be strung up by the neck with piano wire, set on fire, & left. They are hazardous to society. Get rid of them altogether. Make an example of them. This kind of barbaric behavior will not be tolerated.

      • I believe these kids need harshly punished, but what you suggest is as barbaric as what they did. We are better than that.

      • No one with a brain would advocate inhuman punishment like the above person suggests as an answer to subhuman behavior, but our justice system has become a poor excuse for equal justice – our legal system has become a biased failure because of selective enforcement. Even our “leaders” get away with criminal acts. The actions of these young people come from a lack of any fear of punishment or isolation and their strength comes from being part of a gang culture. If they have no fear of any consequences, what is there to stop them from hurting others.they actually are proud of these criminal acts because it pleases their gang leaders (who have replaced their parents who have failed them)

  63. Apparently it is racist to report a suspects race if they are black! Not if they are any other race. I pointed this out to my wife at least 5 years ago!

  64. A Liberal Marxist Democratic Party in America has created a “Living Hell” for those they enslaved through generations of mothers and fathers being replaced by Communist Policy.

  65. Hopefully the girls will be caught and the justice system will work accordingly. It’s sad to see our nation on this downward spiral thanks to the democrats doing their best to make people hate each other simply because of the color of peoples skin. We’re a better nation than that and we need to get it back on the right track. Don’t forget to get out and vote, don’t stay home even if landslides are predicted. Every single one of us has to get out and vote period.

    • Unlikely. They are a protected minority … they have greater protection than the average citizen. Thought crime protection, if you are from an unprotected group and you violate the rights of a protected minority the gummint will attempt to impute your motives and charge you with a hate crime (thought crime). Thought crime do not cut both ways.

  66. Why the hell dont people arm themselves. If my parents had sent me off to a school where that BS was going on I would’ve carried a weapon and would never have given a damn about anyone telling me I couldn’t. This barbaric BS must stop.

    • You would see a lot more violence if kids were armed..they act on their emotions rather than good sense! Responsible adults i would agree with!

      • Act on their emotions …. sounds like a Liberal! The kids that want guns can get them … illegally … law abiding citizens must be 21 or older to buy a handgun 18 or older for a long gun … who knows what it takes to have a gun legally in Philly … lots of $ for permits / registration and time for the machine to issue said permits / registration.

    • Need to start prosecuting the parents of these kids and maybe they would start paying more attention to their children! this is the result of bad parenting!

      • Ben Carson was raised by a single mother. The reps love Ben. They want him to run for president. Go ahead and tell me why I’m a moron bec he somehow doesn’t count.
        BTW, being raised with two parents doesn’t mean anything. Hitler and Ted Bundy had 2 parents and look how well they turned at for humanity.

      • Having been a Communist evolving to a Socialist then adopting the Democrat Party as my home for many years I can relate to your anger. Having a kid and starting my own business took me across the aisle to The Stupid Party™ for a short while. Soon the misrepresentation of TSP™ revealed that the Red vs Blue paradigm is an illusion used to divide and conquer the sheeple while the guys running both teams make out like bandits … ’cause they are criminals. Corporatism aka fascism is currently the name of the game in DC. Occupy and the reviled Tea Party have similar complaints (Banksters Gone Wild and Corporate Interests running DC ) if they could shake the media narrative that paints them as polar opposits and unite to present candidates to run against the corporate owned politicians in office …. Ah well the Red Team vs Blue Team narrative is not going to go away anytime soon. Peace Brother.

    • Guns are probably … no definitly forbidden. Due to the school’s “Gun Free Zone” policy. The kids can not carry on their way to and from campus. We have a similar problem here in Atlanta at GA Tech, the predators ambush students on their way to and from campus … increased police presence has done little.

  67. video trailer- “White Girl Bleeds A Lot” is about an epidemic of racial violence in more than 100 cities, more than 500 examples and many documented on video and how the press and public officials ignore it, condone it, excuse it, sometimes even lie about it. “That’s why I wrote ‘White Girl Bleeds A Lot ‘ because nobody is talking about it.” ~Colin Flaherty – (His book even has a way to show many videos that media ignores and suppresses. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCCsAarSkhA&feature=share

  68. I was good friends with Alex Haley, He said that he feared for the future of Black kids because they had so many great opportunities and seemed more interested in becoming Thugs.

  69. Black supremacist hate crimes go against the manufactured narrative of the neo-liberal/statist/democrat/media mafia about race in America so there is a deliberate vast-left wing conspiracy to censor, distort and redact any and all coverage of this out of control black supremacist vigilante, KKK equivalent hate epidemic. They should all be made accomplices to the crimes for aiding and abetting the perpetrators. If the people rise up and demand justice it will be done. Beware the democrat/government/Hollywood/media complex. “We don’t report the news, we manufacture it.” Said every leftist media conglomerate.

  70. Temple University is in a real bad part of town, was known to be bad back in the late 70’s too. It may be a great school but location is horrible.

      • Your Governor is failing the whole State. I looked it up yesterday.
        I read that the police dept. did receive some extra funding last year . Sounds like they need more.
        From what I read I understand your position on the section 8 housing and agree with it.
        It is useless to build houses when the city is unsafe.

        The issue is these funds are from a different grant and can not be used for other purposes.

        Writing State Lawmakers would be your best option .

      • Hello..it is Not the Governor it is the City..run by Democrats since 1958..I fact Phila is a One Party City 100% Democrat controlled ..Put the Blame on the mayor that had Police and Fire working for atleast 4 years without a contract!!

      • That Housing is Federal funding from HUD..HUD is purchasing houses or giving Millions to move these poor misguided “little” children to Rich white neighborhoods..thinking they will be raised better in a white rich neighborhood

      • Since the issue is an issue of weak laws that prevent the fixing of broken windows, it is a Harrisburg issue. Republicans currently hold all of the keys.

  71. I was viewing the trailer of “White Girl Bleed Alot” reminds me of a cousin in Philly years ago..he was in a serious auto accident near housing projects..he was knocked out with a head face injuries..they stripped his car!! Stole his money and other items in side the care..and all for tires after he was taking to the hospital..When he went back for his car a 10yr old boy was sent to him..asking if he wanted to purchase a set of 4 tires!!! COPS DID NOTHING!! Oh That is a Shocker!!! What kind of drug infested low life would do something like this?? Pure Evil..

  72. no, since they are black this case will no longer go “on air” nor will it help the victim. I have seen this way too much on tv.. if it was the other way around it would be everywhere. not being racist just stating facts.

  73. The ignorance on this page is amazing. If I got hit with a brick , the appropriate response isnt to murder someone. Im a Temple University graduate, C/O 2012. I know the neighborhood better than anyone else here. First of all , the ORIGINAL report stated the race of the assailants, I guess this editor completely missed that part. Second , THE RACE OF THE ASSAILANTS WAS GIVEN IN THE ORIGINAL REPORT! Stop trying to cause drama and misdirection. Theres enough problems in this world that we dont need false stories being spread that only create more hate and drama

    • If you got hit with a feather you would pee your pants. Come back when you can make an intelligent post.
      It isn’t murder when you are being attacked by a gang, or being hit with a deadly weapon. A brick is a deadly weapon.
      Your total lack of knowledge shows that you must be very young. Wait until you wake up in a hospital with half your teeth missing. Maybe an eye or two gone. You may just have a little understanding of real life then.

  74. Also what kind of punk would murder someone to stop their butt from being kicked? Ive been in a number of fights in my life and Im sure you all have to. Why would you find it necessary to bring out a gun if you didnt feel your life was in danger. Take your beating like a man and move on. If they have a brick , you get a brick , dont pull out your gun you punk

      • I’m with you there (opposed to Fitch’s stupid statement), but I’d try not to shoot to kill,I’d just try to be sure that they’re never able to breed !

    • Its not “murder” if a person simply defends themselves from an unlawful assault and that person reasonably believes that their life is in danger or serious bodily injury is about to be inflicted upon them. Being struck with a brick – which is a deadly weapon I might add – could certainly place ones life in jeopardy and clearly would cause that person serious bodily injury. No person should allow themselves to be subjected to that kind of abuse if they are armed. Your thesis not only lacks legal theory it is devoid of common sense.

      • Race doesn’t matter to me. If you attack me they stand a better chance of living than if they attack my family. I might try to fight someone with a brick coming after me. I would simply shoot them for going after my family.
        And yes, I do carry.

    • A 9 yr old boy was spray painting a car..and the owner “a black man” yelled at him to stop..the boy said he was getting a gun..the man said like this one?? Showed the boy, the gun he has..from the door way..Kid ran away!! He could have had a gun..a 14yr old had one at 1:30am and tried to hold up a pizza delivery driver..the driver packed and shot him dead! You are So So out of touch of what is going down!!

    • Hey slick. If you pull a knife or a club on me you will get shot. A brick is a deadly weapon, that will get you shot, too. If you want a straight up fight that’s cool. If you want weapons I have my own.

  75. This is NOT the Only Attack..this is a chronic problem with Phila..these children are bored and it is Their Fun! They attack all races..if the person is different from them! That include skin tone..and appearance..A Mother and daughter were attacked at 12 noon a few weeks ago..both dark skinned..for No reason..the poor Mothers face was badly injured..on a avenue with what ever stores are left! So no one saw the attack?? Outside of Facebook internet?? http://abclocal.go.com/kfsn/story?section=news/local&id=9433314

      • Oh course Nutter was in Church..and it was aired on TV at noon that day..so No One Saw It Or Even Heard It..but a few good people I think if the police step it up..maybe even the National Guard/State Police YES in Riot Gear!!! Crime is Exploding in Philly..On Friday night three Catholic High school students were walking near a public school in Phila a group of teens threw a bottle at them..there was a fight and the 3 were stabbed ..on in the neck and head..For What??? Lock Up the Kids and Their parent(s) I would bet they are all on hard street drugs!!!

      • Unless they had a prior record, or the perps are under high school age, the parents can’t be blamed. The National Guard’s presence might actually exacerbate the situation.

  76. HUD Proposes Plan to Racially, Economically Integrate Neighborhoods
    The Department of Housing and Urban Development has proposed a rule to desegregate U.S. neighborhoods.
    (So the little girls would be different if they were in a rich white neighborhood?? Bet your Life Not one of the Top Democrats Block or even in their neighborhood BLOCK BUSTING!!!)

    • Hey Raffy, I guess this is Bush’s fault too or maybe people like you should grow up, man up, and take responsibility for the actions they perpetrate.

      • Hey Bobby, I didn’t hit anyone with a brick why should I take responsability for someone elses action. No one ask you to take responsibilty for criminals that look like you.

      • Just like most of your people, don’t want to take responsibility When folks of your generation create these situations. Take responsibility For condeming people of your color and political beliefs for harboring, igniting, and flaming these actions. And Oh BTW Growing up Italian in NY you were always looked on as some sort of gang member, your dad was in the Mafia, all kinds of racial profiling or should I say ethinic profiling going on

  77. This is a Serous Problem in Philadelphia..and I’m sure other Cities..It is Not Being reported on the news..only 2% many on Local News..Denial is the reason! There have been Flash Mobs in Philadelphia and the Knock Out Game..Police are too busy with Rapes, Murders, Shooting etc..and the Courts..they give a slap on the wrist!! Boot the parents off of welfare..and out of the Sec 8 free home if they are criminals.. THIS CITY NEED THIS WOMAN!!! http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/story/22198161/a-real-message-to-the-leaders-who-govern-detroit

  78. Will Eric Holder get involved? This is a hate crime. Will anything happen to these animals if they are caught? My guess is no to both questions.
    If this were 4 white girls attacking a black girl and smashing in her teeth with a brick it would be all over the news and every race baiter in the country would be demanding action.

    • On Sharptons facebook page..people update him on the reverse hate crimes leaving comments..He NEVER addresses it!

      • If I were Sharpton, I’d respond to them pretty acerbically with the comment: What about it? Form your own organizations, don’t hijack mine as I am not causing these problems.(Those people are similar to militant gay organizations who seek to hijack other organizations for their own benefit.) If someone asked Sharpton that on the street, he should punch them in the face for being too “lippy”.

    • And they only need 10% to post bail “$10,000/$750..or get a bail bond! ((Bail was set at $100,000 for two of the girls and $75,000 for the third. No defense attorney was listed for them. They’re due back in court April 10th.))

  79. http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?section=news/local&id=9477253 The charges stem from several assaults near Temple’s North Philadelphia campus between 5:45 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. on March 21, 2014.

    In the first instance a couple was walking west along Norris Street approaching 17th Street when they say they were confronted by a group of kids.

    Authorities released video of the group of children, ranging in age from 8 to 14, who they say began to taunt the couple – especially the girl.

    The children allegedly began to push the Temple student and pulled on her hair.

    “That’s when she turned around and pushed them back, told them to stop,” explains Temple University Acting Executive Director Charles Leone. ”

    As the victim resisted, there was a violent turn.

    Philadelphia Police Lieutenant John Stanford says, “One of the teens, they struck the female in the face with a brick, causing significant damage to this young lady’s face.”

    The victim suffered dislocated teeth as a result of the attack.

    Shortly thereafter two other female Temple students were attacked – one along the 1700 block of Willington Street and another on the 1700 block of Cecil B Moore. In both instances the group allegedly punched the victim before fleeing.

    Police say the group then boarded a bus and fled the area.

  80. Probably not—unless the race factors into lenient sentencing. The real blame for this, in addition to the perps themselves, is on Harrisburg, which should have known for a while that the laws need toughening. Michael Nutter can’t do anything more than he has.

    • Nothing to do with Harrisburg..the City is a One Party 100% Democrat city without one republican in office or State Rep or City Rep..That I know of! Anyway both Mayor and Governor are in Italy Rome this week..All the State can do is call up the National Guard and State Police to help patrol the streets of Philadelphia

      • Look at who enacts the laws and metes out the punishment—it’s not Philadelphia! Republicans have the votes to change the laws without requiring a single Democrat vote..and if Corbett doesn’t come back in time, such a measure would become law without his signature.

      • Philadelphia is 100% Democrat City a Single Party of Just Democrats in City Govt..and there are No Republicans in Phila State offices or city offices..and the Democrats “State Reps” that are in office DO NOTHING..you have a problem..if they even contact you back the DO NOTHING!! Philadelphia will be the Next Detroit and soon..

      • Um, which city is Democrat? Philly is, not Harrisburg. We can’t help who got voted in as mayor and Harrisburg has NOTHING to do w/laws enacted in Philly! It’s the job of the mayor of Philly to make sure those kids get thrown in jail or juvy!

      • Yes I know I agree with you ..And YES they need to be thrown in Jail..it is Not a Game..like Mommy says..”Little Children Playing” The children are 15+ is that little..I know I have a neighbor that has a group hanging outside with he teen daughter..they busted up my elderly Mother home..I called the police and nothing! Yes it is our race that is the reason the house was a target! I emailed with photos the damage of $1000 to the State Rep for the area Nothing..Democrats in office in Phila Do Nothing..I dont care what color they are!! They ignore everything..except the poll results! Their thinking is Harass the old white lady and she will move..then they can have a sec 8 home next to a babe!! And Yes the Judge could give jail..he was heartless to rape victims but give jobs to criminals!

      • If the problem in PA is that the law does not impose punishment sufficient enough to serve as a deterrent, and that appears to be the case (not just in PA by the way), it is Harrisburg’s responsibility to rewrite the laws. I stand by that statement.

  81. WELCOME TO PHILADELPHIA!!! A mob of about 40 people stormed into the Sears department store on 69th Street Thursday, and in a flash stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, officials said.

    Police were able to round up 15 juveniles and one adult, 19, all from West Philadelphia.

    “They came in on the El train and hit Sears,” police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said. “They stole sneakers, socks, watches, whatever they could get their hands on, and left.

    “Imagine the guts of this gang of young hoodlums. One was 11 years old. The others arrested ranged from 12 to 16 years old. They planned this out earlier in the day on a social networking site. It was pre-planned. They got on the El, got off at 69th Street Terminal and walked up the hill to Sears.”

    Kyree Marsh, 19, of the 5500 block of Spruce Street, Philadelphia, was arrested and charged with retail theft, conspiracy to retail theft and corruption of minors.

    Police recovered some of the stolen sneakers and socks that were in the backpack of one of the individuals arrested and in the pockets of others taken into custody.

    According to the affidavit, the Sears loss-prevention officer saw the mob enter the store at 7:09 p.m. on Thursday.

    The group then began taking merchandise off the shelves.

    “He watched the group enter the store together from the 69th Street entrance,” Chitwood said. “It was fast. They ran out, leaving empty shoeboxes and store tags behind. Fortunately, no customers or store employees got hurt. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2011/06/another-mysterious-flash-mob-hits-philly-sears-store-stealing-thousands-of-dollars-of-merchandise/

  82. I go to Philadelphia I am taking my sidearm. A group of punks (any color) come at me, I am leaving a pile of dead punks for Philadelphia to clean up.

    • BTW most Philadelphia Police Do Not Know This or Forgot this law!! So if you OC Open Carry in Philadelphia it is legal.. Just remember to bring a copy of the law with you..last time a man was kissing the concrete of over 1hours..as the Sgt spent a hour with police radio..searching this law..at the end he was “Cut Loose” Union1 car responded with the law that said it is Legal to open carry in Philadelphia! Oh it is on google but the Sgt broke his cell phone camera.. the sound was still recording HAHA

    • Kane has said she closed the investigation in part because prosecutors had made an unduly lenient deal with the case’s undercover informant, dropping 2,088 charges against him in a massive fraud case in exchange for his cooperation.

      That, she said, rendered his credibility “horrendously tainted” and would have prevented prosecutors from winning in court.


      TWO THOUSAND CHARGES, seems “reasonable”


      • RECALL!!!!

        District Attorney Williams blasts attorney general in sting case ((Kane has said the sting investigation was poorly conceived, badly managed, and possibly tainted by racist targeting of African Americans. She also said the undercover operative, Tyron B. Ali, had been given “the deal of the century” by Frank G. Fina, the chief deputy attorney general who led the investigation.

        Williams spoke out in defense of Fina and Claude Thomas, who served as the operation’s lead agent. Both now work for Williams.

        Fina and Thomas, he said, had excellent records of prosecuting corruption, targeting Republicans and Democrats, blacks and whites in some of the most high- profile cases in recent state history.

        As for Kane’s suggestion that the sting investigation may have been tainted by racism, Williams wrote: “I am offended. I have seen racism. I know what it looks like. This isn’t it.”

        Of Thomas, Williams said, “Like me, he is a black man.. . . He has absolutely, unequivocally denied that he was asked to, or agreed to, engage in such reprehensible conduct. . . . I believe he is telling the truth.”)))


      • And he got the charges against him to go away after he became a narc.
        Only a fool would think this guy is telling the truth.

  83. The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office ran an undercover sting operation over three years that captured leading Philadelphia Democrats, including four members of the city’s state House delegation, on tape accepting money, The Inquirer has learned.
    Yet no one was charged with a crime.
    Prosecutors began the sting in 2010 when Republican Tom Corbett was attorney general. After Democrat Kathleen G. Kane took office in 2013, she shut it down. http://articles.philly.com/2014-03-17/news/48269239_1_investigation-kane-ali

    • “people familiar with the investigation said. In some cases, the payments were offered in exchange for votes or contracts, they said.”

      Or as the GOP calls it, a “campaign contribution”

      Remember that time John Boehner handed out cigarette money ON THE FLOOR of the HOUSE? What ever happened to THAT guy?

      • Well if they got away with their crimes..John should Sue win and be back in office! The only State Rep to help people with City and State Problems..only one to even look at cases! City had 15yr to resolve a case of a foreclosed home..and a mortgage co that didnt transfer the deed and title and stuck the homeowner with the taxes..and a squatter got inside stripped it down and then got a job with the state as a reward!!!!!!

      • no that was the percentage of democrat votes in some areas of Philadelphia the last election…Philly.com did many stories on this subject published in the Phila Inquirer

      • By the way, you should move. Jersey is lovely! Move to the shore, the salt air is good for you.

      • Remember the fist article posted about this brick incident?

        I remember reading a comment asking what the missing piece is?
        Lets see A Black Dem. Mayor
        An impeachment attempt against Kane.

        Which I am not even sure is legally possible.

        But please by all means write and tell them to get the whites to move back in , how else are they ever going to win an election.

      • Mayor Nutter hands are tied..But he is Delusional if he thinks the working wage tax payers are moving back to this city! But in the same breath he is building 1500 rentals/sec 8 homes for low income..but does not address the drug use/crime in these Federal housing..Kane stepped in it..search PA Atty General Dropped Case “Investigation” and there is a long list of cases! She didnt even want to represent the State in a lawsuit..it is Her Job! If you contact the Atty Generals office even for the “Do Not Call” violation they can do Nothing! Why are they there..to yell at poor females???

      • Wow what a set up the prior administration set for this Woman.
        Yes did not want to represent the state.

        Who would want to drop charges such as these in exchange for a sting (set up) operation. Ali should have paid for his crime, not be paid for it.

        “In his statement Tuesday, Rendell argued that prosecutors who launched the sting offered the investigation’s key witness, undercover operative Tyron B. Ali, a deal so generous that it would have compromised his credibility in court.

        Ali had been facing more 2,000 counts in a fraud case involving $430,000 in funds diverted from a state program intended to feed low-income children and seniors.

        Rendell also questioned the deal’s timing – made just months before Kane, a Democrat, took office in January 2013.

        “Any experienced prosecutor knows that you don’t agree to drop all charges pending against a key cooperating witness prior to trial,” Rendell wrote.

        The cooperation agreement with Ali was signed in November 2012 by Kane’s predecessors, although it was Kane who formally di