New report hints at bipartisan culpability on Benghazi

The intricate web spun around the incident at Benghazi seems to have no end. It is really quite shameful for this nation that we have come this far and still have no resolution as to what truly occurred that fateful night of September 11, 2012 — nor do we have a select committee with subpoena powers, despite broad support in the House.

However, there are some who embody the highest level of journalistic integrity and will not allow this story to fade away. One of those individuals is Catherine Herridge of Fox News. Her recent analysis brings forth more questions than answers about how a particular consulting firm, Beacon Global Strategies, is entwined with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and others involved with the controversy.

As Herridge reports, Beacon Global Strategies employs former CIA Acting Director Mike Morell, Philippe Reines, whom the New York Times magazine recently described as Clinton’s “principal gatekeeper” and who traveled with her to over a hundred countries, Jeremy Bash, former chief of staff to Leon Panetta and Andrew Shapiro, a Clinton policy adviser at the State Department whose portfolio included ridding Libya of shoulder-launched missiles called MANPADs.

But this is also a bipartisan mess, as Beacon Global Strategies also employs J. Michael Allen, who was a former majority staff director for the House Intelligence Committee.

For the full report by Catherine Herrdige, click here.

One just has to become more and more suspect about what happened in Benghazi, but even more concerning, will we ever ascertain the truth?

Herridge’s report does nothing to dispel my belief there is bipartisan culpability on Benghazi and hence why, even with a majority of House support, we do not have a select committee with subpoena powers.

There are far too many lies, cover-ups, and unanswered questions — not to mention secrecy and questionable maneuvers. I believe one day America will come to know that Benghazi was one of the darkest days in our history, and our government sought to hide the truth.


  1. There are too many POWER PLAYERS who are in the game and they will save the day for Hillary and Hillary. I will not be surprised there is money and Sex involved in the mix and no one wants to rat on the other as too many will be implicated. The only reliable info will come from CIA and NSA. If the Hillary gets confirmed you can kiss the whole issue good bye.

  2. It should be against the law to have “Conflicts of Interest” involved in scandals that blatantly hide truths from the American people. All who are involved in this tragedy should be tried as murderers. I can’t stand it when politicians use their power to their advantage over others. Let the laws of the land do their job with these that continue to hide this tragedy! If that was my child that died in this tragedy I would fight to own this country for allowing it to happen

  3. There is a huge cover-up here as both sides are guilty of failing to do their job to protect and defend this nation. On many level, I think the ruling class is robbing us and our kids blind with their incompetence on every level. Since the bosses are corrupt, the rank and file in the federal bureaucracies are the same – IRS, ATF, EPA, CIA, FBI and so on and so on…

  4. Could it be that the “establishment” in Washington DC is both parties? Tea Party adherents get it. Will the victim classes of the left ever have the courage and intelligence to acknowledge the effect of liberal establishment policies on their communities?

  5. i’m sorry but the people that were in charge, obama and clinton are the only ones that should bear the blame for this awful tragedy. their failure to act, whether together or seperately, is a travesty that must not go unpunished. now that leaves the ONE PERSON that has the power to begin a comprehensive investigation involving prosecutions is the speaker of the house, jon boehner. his failure to act makes him complicit in this affair and should be further proof that the republican leadership needs a big shake-up and should be shook out in november 2014.

  6. There was a CIA arms running operation to Syrian rebels going on in Benghazi. Read about it in detail in Impeachable Offenses of Barack Obama by Aaron Klein.

  7. The president should have ordered action, and if he were really unavailable for some strange reason..the secretary of state should have known well enough to order action on her own….this was a very bad breach and and a break down and most likely a large reason that Putin knows he can push the little american president around

  8. the following are links to insider reports, by Doug Hagmann from CanadaFreePress.dotcom. The informmation comes from an insider of the CIA tells the whole story. I only wish the reps in Congress read these
    4 May 2013: Benghazi Unraveling the Benghazi cover-up

    25 April 2013: Benghazi Report: Trinkets of Treason

    21 February 2013: Brennan: From Barack to Benghazi

    24 January 2013: Running down the clock on Benghazi

    8 January 2013: Flashing red lies of Benghazi

  9. Hillary Clinton has been going around giving speeches about “unfinished business”.
    She got THAT right!! CAN’T wait for her to finally be charged and put on trial for the murders of the Benghazi Four!

  10. More whitewash to paint over the incompetance of barry and hillary. Incompetance or a willful act intended to silence potential whistleblowers.

  11. My belief is that members of the Republican leadership were fully briefed on whatever furtive transfers of weapons to Syrian “freedom fighters” were being conducted via Benghazi. They are hence complicit in these events, and very much interested in stonewalling the investigation of the Benghazi attack which might lead to their door. What other explanation can there be for the lethargy and disinterest evinced by those Republican leaders?

  12. Many of us have suspected for a long time now, that the stonewalling on convening a Select Committee to uncover Benghazi truth, has been due to the GOPe being implicated in the scandal, …… in particular Speaker Boehner

    LTC West asks: ” Is this why we don’t have a Select Committee with subpoena powers?”

    and I follow up with *these* questions:

    * Is this why Speaker Boehner has recently bought a condo in FL? … he knows he will be retiring, because the lid on Benghazi can’t stay on forever?

    (If that’s the case OH Conservatives should look carefully at anyone challenging Boehner in his district … dig dig dig deeply into their associations to find out if they have GOPe backing … the GOPe will only back a Candidate that they know will *be* or *become* pro-amnesty, IMV)

    * Is this one of the reasons why Rep Trey Gowdy has been doing such great *loud* work, attacking the cover-ups of both the Benghazi and IRS scandals …. because he is being groomed by the GOPe, to take over as Speaker … and they are making his unabashed Conservative credentials known far and wide ……. (but they also know he is really one of ‘theirs’ because he is an open borders/amnesty guy?)

    I believe there are very DEEP DEEP machinations taking place under the surface ….

    May TRUTH be uncovered and may JUSTICE BE SERVED …. DEO VOLENTE


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