Trump-Gutfeld-West! We need to take this show on the road!


  1. You would definitely have the libtards mocking you. but on the other hand it would be better ratings than MSNBC has

    • Sounds good to me. They need trey gowdy in the Justice Department, at the very least. He is a good candidate as well. Colonel west has more foreign affairs experience, but then if you surround yourself with the right people who can do the job, that will make or break the Presidency. Obama is not even eligible to be there and surrounded himself with thugs and loyalists who have no sense of Justice, fairness or Truth. When this happens, well, you are seeing the results of that.

  2. Please do…
    The more that people like Allen West and Donald Trump are in the news being heard, the better it is for Democrats.

      • Yes. they will learn that as long as extremist wackos on the right push conspiracy theories, most people won’t notice the real problems they’re causing.
        When Obama’s opponents keep blathering about birth certificates and gun grabs, it takes attention away from his failed economic and foreign policies and helps make it easy to dismiss his detractors.

      • Are you implying Democrats have too many defects for the rest of us to handle talking about all at one time?

      • No… just that crying wolf about fake defects makes people ignore you when you try to show them real defects.

      • Fake conspiracies? According to who? The evidence is right there but too many people are implicit in hiding it and way too many people would rather just ignore it.

      • You cannot dispute facts. Obama is a foreign agent in our government office acting as President. He is illegal, illigitimate and has no besiness being outside prison.

      • You are confusing beliefs for facts… and as long as you keep pushing those conspiracies, you help Obama by distracting from his real failings.

      • Simple.
        there are many legitimate problems with the Democrats… many failings, many bad ideas… all of which are ripe to be used against them by their opposition.

        But people like Allen West and Donald Trump broadbrush and marginalize anyone left of them and, more importantly, stir up conspiracies about gun grabs, secret muslims and birth certificates.

        The conservative movement has an opportunity to win many centrists and independents over to their side… centrists and independents they will need in numbers to help win elections.

        West and Trump stir up the fringe of the Conservative movement… the fringe that scare away centrists and independents.

        Easily dismissed conspiracies also take away credibility from Obama’s opposition and make it easier to distract from his real failings.


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