Temple University student assaulted with a brick: Funny how race isn’t mentioned

I’m going to continue to track this story to see if it ever comes to any resolution – or if any more facts emerge.

NBC Philadelphia reports that two Temple University students out walking to get something to eat were verbally and then physically assaulted by a gang of teenagers ranging in age from 8-14 years.

A 19-year-old Temple University student suffered serious facial injuries after an attacker hit her with a brick only a block from campus Friday. The student was walking with her 20-year-old boyfriend, who also attends Temple when a group of about 10 teens and young children began taunting them, according to sources.

According to the boyfriend, who asked to not be shown on TV, “A couple of them started to grab at her earrings and her hair,” he said. “My instinct was to stop them from hurting us and leave and get away.” He says he asked the group to back off, but his request went unheard as a female member of the group took a brick and smashed his 19-year-old girlfriend in the face. “Her teeth were out of place,” he said. “It was terrible, it was terrifying.” “What scared me most,” he said, “was that there were a lot more of them than us. So even though they were small kids, if they all had bricks, I might not be here talking to you right now.” The female victim was rushed to Hahnemann University Hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery to save and align her teeth.

Now I’m not familiar with Philadelphia and certainly not the neighborhood surrounding Temple University. However, one thing is certainly missing from this report — a description of the attackers — y’all know exactly what I mean. And there is no way you can’t tell me that simple fact isn’t known.

Thank God the story for these Temple University students didn’t end like the extremely disturbing story of Christopher Newsom, 23, and Channon Christian, 21, in Knoxville, Tennessee. Their horrific killing occurred in January 2007 and to this day I believe most people have never heard of this horrendous assault.

Newsom, 23, was a standout baseball player who was working as a carpenter. Christian was a 21-year-old student at the University of Tennessee. The happy couple had been dating for a couple months. After having dinner, the plan was to visit friends to watch a movie, but the couple never made it. When they arrived at the apartment complex where Christian’s best friends lived, they were carjacked by multiple assailants — all black — four men and one female.

It wasn’t just the crime committed by the assailants, but the crime by the media in not covering the story.

This warped idea of social justice has to end — just as we reported about Chris Lane in Oklahoma, Delbert Belton in Spokane Wash, 13-month old Antonio Santiago in Brunswick Ga — and others.

We are watching what happens in Philadelphia.


    • You used to not be able to carry in cities of 1st class in PA, that has long since been changed. I carry in Philly all the time. Stay safe.

    • Article 1 section 21 of PA state constitution, “right to bear arms in defense of themselves SHALL NOT BE QUESTIONED.”

  1. The 20 year old man is a wuss.. pick the biggest one out of the crowd and punch him dead in the face the rest will run away. That is how you deal with a bully or bullies. This is why people need to learn to fight..or to be pc defend themselves.

    • You are kidding right? That only happens in the movies and not real life. Ive seen mob mentality in action and it only adds fuel to the fire these guys are already burning.

    • Right, a 20 year old White man assaults a Black teenager.
      Can you say hard jail time for a ‘Hate crime’ ?
      It would be on every news station from New Zealand to Norway.

    • I’m afraid it would have had to go a step further. I don’t know all the circumstances, but I would certainly have tried my hardest to KILL the leader of that pack, without exception of race, gender, or age. My intention would not be to murder, but to save and protect life (my girlfriend’s and my own), which is righteous.

    • He did his best. Somebody smashed his girlfriend’s face with a brick. He was outnumbered. The story doesn’t say what happened after the brick attack on the girl. Presumably, the gang of evil kids disbursed because he did get his girlfriend to the hospital. Why call him a wuss?

    • His girl friend was hit with a brick used as a weapon by a girl. So while he was hitting the biggest guy she still would have been hit by a brick. Yes people should learn self defense but knowing self defense when attacked by a mob is unlikely to keep you safe. Authorities need to find out why mobs are forming and make it stop. If they don’t the citizens will, we call that riots in some cases..

    • James I’m with ya buddy. I dn’t care if the little cocksucker is 7 years old. Once he picks up the brick, he has a target on him. Punt the little sumbitch into tomorrow.

      • Me too! He should have acted when they grabbed at her earrings & hair. That should have been the trigger for him to start swinging. The first one that got punched would have dispursed the bunch of them. They are cowards & that is why they attack in a group.

      • Yes sir!! You been there too eh? Yeah you make the first one bleed severely, and the others will run off. That’s sad too because they leave their fallen comrade. Sadder still, if it lives, it will go back to thinking they were his friends, and doing the same thing.

    • Sorry …easy to say because that is what my father taught me…however…in modern society Dirt Bags act and travel like packs of dogs…taking out the biggest dog does not stop the rest…these arent the days of honor… these are the days that only if that Big Dog never gets up again…do the rest scatter. That is most oft handled by a CCW moment.

  2. Hate fuels racism, it is not just a color. This administration has done all it can to further this instead of bring people together.

    • Calling disagreement ‘Hate’ is very childish.
      By bringing ‘people together’ do you mean prohibiting an all White anything to exist, anywhere ?
      The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
      ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

      • This isn’t disagreement, it is hate by young blacks that hate anyone that they perceive as above them in status or wealth. They hear it at home from a parent that doesn’t work & is dependent on the government for everything. Government subsidized housing, welfare, EBT cards, cell phones etc. They will cut your throat for your jacket, sneakers or cell phone.

      • Oh come on, I was responding to ‘Pam’ who as an Anti-White was making the standard Anti-White response that it’s White people’s fault.
        ‘Hate’ with a capital ‘H’ is applied exclusively to White people.
        How often do non-Whites get charged with ‘Hate’ crimes. Yes that’s right, NEVER.
        I agree on your assessment of young Blacks, they are filled with rage because of our better qualities. They call intelligence, hard work and conformity to law, ‘White privilege’
        Instead of working hard and improving their own communities they insist on coming to our communities and then wondering why those communities rapidly come to look like the place they just left.
        The Ghetto IS the Jungle, tread carefully and keep a look out for dangerous animals, of all types

      • Wait, are we commenting on the same article? Col West is addressing the failure of the news media reporting blacks committing crimes. I agree that he did not identify the victims as white but he did identify the perps as black.

        Now I concluded that this was a comment about under reporting of these incidents. I was speaking to the situation between Black and White Americans. Not immigrants. How does racism on both sides not come into play. Not just white people are racist, all colors of people are, to an extent. Like the old saying ” Birds of a feather flock together”. But it would be better if all could at least find a way to respect each other.

        I am not pro immigration. If they are not here legally pack them up and send them home. Close our borders and enforce a system of immigration and tracking people. English is the language, learn it. We are mainly a Christian nation, we offend you, go home. We are not going to change to accommodate you, you came here. So main stream or go home.

        My statement was strictly addressed the subject of American black and white. We are all here and Martin L King tried to elevate his race not get them hooked on a nanny state of never ending generations of welfare.

        I there was a discussion of immigration in this article, I totally missed it. And Yes the present administration in DC has done everything it can to further degrade race relations.

      • You are just another Anti-White trying to push the agenda of forced integration and ‘assimilation’ to create a ‘melting pot’ of ‘blended humanity’, which targets ONLY White countries.

        The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE.

        How’s it feel to support your own peoples Genocide, Pam ?
        ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

      • Only need to look at South Africa and Rhodesia (Afro-name Zimbabwee) to see where we’re headed…

        White farmers in Rhodesia are being EATEN by black cannibals today, in 2014. REALLY.

        Please let the Revolution start while I’m young enough to enjoy it!!!

    • I don’t agree at all. Ignorance fuels racism. Hate is a product of ignorance and / or racism. Hate is one of the results of this administrations divisive policies and the only way to fight it is with education and the discontinuation of this divisive policy.. I don’t mean to imply that this administrations policies are the only reason for this of course, the hate mongers have been busy for ever and they seem to be encouraged lately..

      • Think that’s what I said, maybe I should have said result instead of product. I didn’t look it up in the dictionary, I was just relying on personal observation as usual. I don’t think we disagree really. Ignorance is the root cause of both hate and racism. I believe that racism develops before hate but it doesn’t matter because in either case it seems later education seems to have little affect (observation) once the racism, or hate takes root. Once in a while a Ben Carson or Allen West comes along and catches one of those afflicted while they are having a brief moment of clarity or sanity and they are capable of recovering. But that is another conversation.. So Peace ?

      • Pam I think that we can hate without ignorance. I am very close to that now as regards the current resident of a large house. I am not ignorant and still hate is born. That is the root of my difference of opinion I think.. racism is not a factor now or ever for me at least..

  3. Temple is located in North Philadelphia. It is a mostly black/latino neighborhood. Most of the crime in Philly is in N. Philly. Mr. West nailed it.

  4. Not mentioning race tells us exactly what was the race of the assailants. It’s the same as when the media says ‘youths’, everybody knows WHO are referred to by ‘youths’.

  5. I lived in Northeast Philly for 9 years. Temple University is on North Broad Street in North Philly. Its a predominantly Black area, besides the campus, its surrounded by urban blight.

  6. It’s sick how because someone is black in this country their evil must not be reported. And, likewise, if someone happens to be white and commits a crime against a minority, the crime is a “hate crime” and reporters rush in. And yet when black babies are aborted at astounding numbers, everyone still remains silent. How much evil will we allow in our black neighborhoods and culture? It is the GOOD thing to do to point out these evils so not to allow the entire black culture to rot in hell.

  7. Col West, as has been said many times, the only time the media mentions the race of the perpetrators is when they are white and its a white on minority crime. You never hear of them mentioning the race if they are black on white or minority on anything. This sort of reporting has been going on for decades now, not something new. For instance when the two brothers in Kansas attacked and killed a group of whites who gathered at a friends house, or the mass murderer in PA who went on a killing spree at a Burger King and McDonald’s if I’m not mistaken, and this guy even left notes saying he was going to kill only whites…

    The media stopped doing this because of the black-lash they were receiving from special rights groups getting their panties all in a bunch because they said it makes minorities look bad and they were being stereotyped.

  8. It’s as if the seams of humility and courage have ripped out of this nations fabric in a flurry. now generations of young boys come with a ‘you got it and I want it’ attitude. white and black, and any other color you want to throw in the mix, our current administration who wants us to ‘go easier’ on the general black pop. in our schools today.There is no reason to hold back any thoughts anymore. PC is not even a concern, it seems like humanity just wants to put on the gloves and go for it. As long as you are in the light you’re safer than if you cower.

  9. I cant even call them animals. Because animals attack for food. These pigs are under educated, low lifes, that don’t deserve to breath the same air, good people breath.

  10. At least cary a pocket knife. The good Kids today are bunch of wimps, too politically correct. The bad ones got the uper hand of the situation. But I would go down before any those thugs, low lifes had touch my girlfriend. In my view, two major factors are taking over this country: 1- Liberals, 2-Gangs.

  11. I understand what you are getting at completely but one thing you have to take into consideration is that when the black people commit a crime or hurt someone it doesn’t take 2 months to get them behind bars

    • The problem is that they don’t learn, as the recidivism is about 80% & they only wind up in more trouble when they are released. They seem to have gone back to their feral state & lack basic human instincts of civility & lawfulness.

  12. If a disturbed student entered a classroom and blasted everyone with an AK-47. Would we still be clamoring for the “description of the attackers’? What a crude race-bait.

  13. If a victim shoots one of these animals in self-defense, their face and name will be all over the news and internet. Black celebs will post their address online. They’ll be vilified. And the dead perp? We’ll get an angelic picture of them as a child. Sound familiar?

  14. I grew up in NYC in the 50’s and 60’s when there was desegregation. White gangs beat up black kids and it was the crime of the century. Black kids in gangs beat up a White couple and it’s okay. Double standards are in place because barry and holder are dividing this country. Racism has never been greater than it is today.

    • I grew up in Mississippi in the 1050-60s, and I’ve never seen the hate and racism as I do now. Only now, it’s black on white. Where I was in Mississippi, it was more subtle. I never saw blacks attacked. It’s not safe for young white people in Mississippi today.

  15. I would have started swinging & not quit until they ran away or were all lying on the ground had my wife been their target. Female brick swinger would have a broken jaw at a minimum. People have to start fighting back. Pacifism is BS & you must protect yourself. Since he didn’t have a mark on him, he is a woos plain & simple. His gf needs to dump him as he sure didn’t even try to protect her.

  16. Reading the report of this incident I was reminded of that scene in ” The Passion of the Christ ” when the pack of DEMONS in the form of children began to torment, and then attack Judas Iscariot. Roving bands of feral children tormenting and attacking people in Philadelphia – the ” City of Brotherly Love “. What is going on here people…..?

  17. Carry concealed and at the first sign of a weapon, a brick is a weapon if it is used to try to strike you, from a gang, kill them all, and let God sort them out!

  18. What a terrible story, regardless of color. However, it is true, that blacks on white attacks is not reported equally. This young man took care of his first priority, his girlfriend. The children all ran away, and for good reason. They were afraid of getting attacked and they are cowards. Our country needs to get a hold on our youth. Can you imagine what this country will be like when these children are running our country ? God bless us all. And, yes . . . we should all carry for our own protection.

  19. Allen – the Temple campus, unfortunately, is surrounded by very bad areas. If you leave the campus you are taking your life in your hands. It is not a great area.

  20. she needs a new boyfriend. if it was my girlfriend they would have to go through me to get to her. I don’t care how old they were. If they want some action I would give them plenty. want to fight a grown man, then wear the war badge. Color doesn’t matter. If my son was with his friends and they attacked a couple, he had better not come running to me when he got his butt whooped. If he did he would be getting another one.

    • Ten teen-age blacks with bricks. Do you have any idea of how vicious they are? Had he tried to stay and fight, they could have both been killed. Even if he was holding his own with eight of them, it would only take two to crush her skull. And by the way, look at the president’s daughters, Very big girls, and most black girls are not petite.

      • Yes they are vicious sir. That is correct. The problem is, the normal person is not prepared to, or can deliver the ferocity and disregard for life and limb a counter attack on these ruffians needs. And that is why he did not fight. He was not prepared to do those things. He shouldn’t have to. And by the way, when one reacts properly to such threat, and removes an eye from one of the “alleged attackers”, all of a sudden the thugs are the victims and society then prosecutes the intended victim. Yes they do.

      • He wasn’t prepared for this attack because he doesn’t understand the nature of these street thugs that are preying on whites. That is the fault of our media in under reporting these crimes. They fear if they report fully whites will learn they are being attacked and begin fighting back. That is when the war starts becoming serious.

      • Agreed sir. He shouldn’t have to though. There was error somewhere along the way, mistakes were made by people in power. Their good intentions actually fouled things up, and now we have this product of those erroneous decisions. More than media exposure, we need to eliminate these current threats.

      • That’s why I don’t follow what the government tries to impose on me about not having high capacity magazines. I have MORE than enough bullets in one magazine to put at least one in each of these little animals skulls. Obviously they all didn’t have bricks or this story would have been about their murder instead of an attack. I would bet you if I was attacked by 10 little street apes whether they all had bricks or not, I would be the last one standing.

  21. Maybe the press is witholding the “description” of the attackers because authorities are trying to prevent some hysterical over-reaction like the ones on these comments. Or maybe that’s what they always do with juvenile offenders. But it’s so much easier to speculate and fan the flames of prejudice.

    • There is no speculation If the group would have been white and attached a black couple Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would have already called for action to be taken

      • “Now I’m not familiar with Philadelphia and certainly not the neighborhood surrounding Temple University. However, one thing is certainly missing from this report — a description of the attackers — y’all know exactly what I mean. And there is no way you can’t tell me that simple fact isn’t known.” When you admit of not being aware of one fact and still hint at your interpretation of said fact, it’s speculation.

      • Well I’m familiar with the area around Temple and it is damn near ghetto with a large majority of black residents. Once you take a step off of Temple property you’re at risk. Sometimes people are at risk ON Temple property. The race of the attackers is always downplayed because it would be unfair to blacks to point out that blacks are attacking people.

    • Wow. You are a special kind of idiot, aren’t you Rafael. How many times did you cry about a hysterical over reaction every time your boys Sharpton or Jackson or Obama chime in without having some facts. What you are seeing here is not an over reaction to an obvious hate crime. You are seeing a reaction to the criminal element of an under reaction of the black “community” condemning this type of crime. Blacks would be much better served looking in the mirror and taking care of what’s wrong with their own than making something racist that isn’t.

      • Another big whopper of a logical fallacy. Lets spine the wheels…this one called “You also” or “Tu Quoque” in latin. Do I need to explain or is it covered by the homeschooling curriculum?

      • So because I disagree with your rasict views, you assume I am homeschooled. Wow. Yet another profiling by the intolerant left. No, I went to public school and a private college. I just refused to be indoctrinated by your government schools and unlike you, learned to think for myself instead of being a blind follower and robot of the government. I would love to compare our intelligence quotients but I can seem to make my brain go that low.

  22. Black on white crime has increased ten fold since Mister Obama was elected president.. This says something about the way certain groups think. Whereas a white president is expected to protect all, the same standard does not apply with a black one. A black president seems to give certain people carte blanche to vent their hatred and be protected by those in power.

  23. IMO……it’s part of a cultural shift that’s occurred since Obama got elected and put Holder in charge of DOJ. It’s “Payback Time” in some black people’s minds and this is the manifestation of it. Prior to 5-6 years ago, this kind of thing was rare.

  24. You dont knew really any of the facts of the case yet you’re stirring a pot of your own narrative? Your blog stinks

    • Wow. You really are quite the idiot, aren’t you? The report didn’t say if the attackers were black. Lt. Col. West was saying you can’t tell him that the ones that wrote the report didn’t know, because they did know. The just didn’t put it in their reporting of the story because it doesn’t fit the liberal agenda. But don’t think for a second that Lt.Col. West doesn’t know. Because he does. He would’nt make this accusation without having the facts, unlike liberals. Let’s just follow this story and we’ll see. I the meantime, put your money where your mouth is. How much of your welfare money would you like to put up on a bet that they were black, or at least a majority of them were black. I’d bet all were.

    • Sweety buns this ain’t a pot that stirs. This pot is boiling over and you best get out of the way cause whitey done had enough of this.

      • Yet there are white college students in that area. Impossible that they could commit a crime? Racism doesn’t fit it in a closet, let it out.

  25. Of course race is an issue. If you get in an argument with a black person about ANYTHING, they’ll find (invent) a way to call you a racist.

    “It’s cuz I’m black…”

    “No, it’s cuz you’re a jerk.”

    The double standard in this country makes me absolutely sick

  26. White people everywhere who never ever had a bad thing to say about blacks are now forming resentments and hatred for what they see as a war being perpetrated on them and their people by blacks. In greater and greater numbers we are buying and carrying firearms and preparing for the worst. Black people and the media that refuses to report this war are in for a big surprise soon.

  27. Current history shows that it is gangs of blacks that commit these type of assaults. Apparently they are incapable of trying such stunts ‘on their own’ but put them in a mob and the mentality to hurt and abuse easy targets comes into play. Too darn bad the victims did not have CPL licenses and loaded protection.

  28. Race should not be a factor. It should be just as this states…. a GANG assaulted 2 students. The past big race cases, race should not have been an issue. A crime was committed. period!!!

    • Except for when a hate crime is committed. If a group of white kids attack a black couple, according to Liberals and most of the black community it has to be because the kids were racist. However Conservatives and the rest of the black community can not question the motives when the circumstances are reversed? If you don’t think that whites are targeted in black neighborhoods then you sir are a fool. It’s a shame that people like you refuse to see the actual issue Mr. West is trying to bring up. The only way to qualify for a hate crime charge is if you’re white and your victim isn’t.

    • Since when should race not be an issue? When it is white person committing these acts or it is assumed to be a white person then it is splashed all over the media, but when the offender(s) are minority not a peep from the media about race.. so most the of the time its not hard to figure what race they are. The point about this is, the double standards the media and society full stop has about race and racial crimes.

    • You’re the same dum_ a__ idiot that went on a verbal vomiting campaign the other day. Go soak your head for awhile or get an analoptomy. You have a real crappy outlook on everything. No one should have to hear from you on anything. You are wrong headed and offensive to anyone with any common sense. You are the epitome of the “TROLL”!

    • Let’s see Mr. Brandon, West is a race baiter since you don’t like what he’s saying? He is pointing out to you pinheads that the media is deleting it when its black crime and over stating it when its a crime by some white dude or can you think that far? It is racists on your part you fool. Now, had it just been a gang of kids, you know mixed from all types this would still be a tragedy, bu it was a group of kids with an attitude, assaulting a couple (oh we don’t know if they are black or white do we, so maybe that would be racists too…..or perhaps they are black themselves) a couple that are black and they fit the MO of black on black crime or does your racist little mind go over every scenario or are you profiling to troll for dollars. You are an emotional PIG! Go troll with the carp. By the way, that’s a bottom feeder so that you don’t misunderstand what I’m saying to YOU.

      • Black on white crime is a real and serious issue.
        We do not yet know if that was what happened in this case.
        It is ignorant to make assumptions without the facts.
        That is what he is doing here.

        See. I typed that nice and clearly for you, using proper grammar so it could be easily understood.
        get it now troll?

      • Watched the news broadcast on this following the arrest of five teenage blacks girls all 17 or under. Witnesses pointed out the brick user. It is interesting that during the broadcast the victims origins or skin type is never mentioned beyond “students”.

        By the way Brendan, I got it before you did! You need to just tone it down until you have a real basis to open up with. I don’t know, maybe you like speculative conversations? Just saying….

        Makes me wonder if West had a better view of the problem by seeing a news broadcast and not just writing on here like either of us. You made an assumption without the consideration of the source. West is not above mistakes but he has impeccable character and a high sense of honor in everything he does.

        It is knowing your source and its credibility and reliability or not that will serve you better in making a judgement. Good Luck!

      • You are replying to a comment two weeks ago and suggesting Mr West may have written his comments after seeing the news footage that showed race.
        The news footage you are referring to was after Mr West wrote this article and after I wrote my comment.

        He was speculating.

      • Draw my own conclusions?
        No thanks.
        I think I’m one of the few people here who is willing to wait for the facts before drawing conclusions.

        Racially motivated black on white crime is a real problem… but we don’t yet know if that’s what this was.

      • Well Brendan, there are only, right now, two witnesses willing to come forth and tell us what happened. They are the two victims that were attacked. Obviously, the thug brats that attacked them are not about to turn themselves in and admit they did a no no.

      • if someone pisses down your back…your going to believe them when they tell you it’s raining….(Josey Wales movie ).

        Your missing the point I believe West is making….when it’s black attacking white the news does not report race. When it’s white attacking black….they are all over it…24/7. It’s sad that race is an issue at all, but it’s reality. We , as in all rationality thinking humans would like to see all hate crimes, no matter the race STOP. Religious killings need to stop as in Jews, Muslim and Christians. Thousands of years perfecting their killing abilities.

        You overlook the concept of how blacks in this area feel about these issues. Maybe a ground swell of people will step up and demand students, children, elders, and the young people help stop this violence. When they know it’s in their neighborhood they can attack and resolve the issues. When you, or the news media, denies the same treatment to blacks as they do to other races, they gain special favor status. This generates hate and discontent. The opposite of what we need. When you call it like it is….then we are on a level playing field and no excuses allowed.

    • Since when has the media ever had a problem about making racial assumptions? Ohh wait, that’s right, they only have a problem doing that when the victim is white. People like you seem to miss that point altogether. You don’t even realize the point that Allen West is trying to make and still you open your mouth. The only one making an a$$ out of themselves with assumptions is you.

      • Buy a dictionary and look up the word assumption.
        I make no assumptions… that’s my point.
        I will wait until I have facts before assuming this was race related.
        You, and Mr West, however, do not feel that all the facts need to be in before making assumptions.

  29. I’m from Philadelphia and can confirm the area around Temple University (North Broad Street) is one of the worst in the city. Not too long ago, an 81 year-old Temple professor (Gopalakrishnan Veeraswamy) was attacked and robbed in his office by a black Temple employee. Students taking night classes are said to run to their cars out of fear of being mugged.

  30. Interesting: A few weeks back the Obama Administration and many prominent black Democrats took the initiative pointing out that the Hip-Hop Industry is mostly to blame for the moral decay of U.S. black cultural aiding crime, sex, and murder even to the point of satanism. Oddly myself, along with millions of other Americans with eyes wide open have been saying this for years and finally I thought, they finally got their heads out of their asses. Has anyone seen or heard anything since, seems to have fallen on deaf ears or maybe the likelihood of Hip-Hop being a multi-billion dollar industry, slipping hundreds of millions of dollars into Democrat pockets. So the cultural decay and the killings continue. And the moral attributes of Democrats is still in question, anything for money and a vote at any cost…….sad

    • So someone getting their head bashed in has something to do with Hip-Hop music? Ok let’s pretend like that’s true. How about Death Metal? I don’t hear many positive lyrics in that..I for one love rap music. There are plenty of republicans who do too. Obama and other “prominent black Democrats” are not the representatives for all black people. Music is music, nothing more.

      Also, is it really that funny that race isn’t mentioned? Crimes like this happen everyday. Some are white on white, black on black, black on white, and white on black. Last time I checked, black people do not control the media. Far from it. The sad thing is that no one seems to care about a girl who got her teeth knocked out.

      And please, a republican accusing democrats of being greedy is just plain hilarious. The moral attributes of AMERICANS is constantly in question, and will never go out of question, until WE pull OUR heads out of OUR asses so WE can work together on making this country what it should be.

  31. The media has been doing this for years now. Most times their words don’t match their pictures. They will say hundreds showed up today and the pic will show maybe 45 as they interview one.

      • Even though the LSM always hopes that the suspect is white, male, and preferably conservative and a member of the NRA. It doesn’t turn out that way for the left.
        And, Rafael, kindly link to the last time anyone on any campus, anywhere got “mowed down by an automatic rifle”?

      • North…..don’t put her on the spot….play nice ! ( secret message to Rafael…only …..automatic weapons are BANNED….against the law…didn’t happen….(special permits required to own one ). and stop watching CNN….they don’t even know which end the lead comes out of.

      • Apparently, Rafael doesn’t have access to Google or Bing so that it could find that out.
        As an addition to your post, I do think that if an “automatic rifle” had been used, the stories would still be running on MSDNC and CNN.

    • Where did that happen? Have not hear of any since the early 90’s shooting in Virginia by a liberal muslim. Oh, You mean the DC murders by those two muslims?? What are you talking about.

      • Well, people were only asking you for 1, so where is it. My goodness 44 dead and never in the news. Obama must really own the media like the crazy tea party guys say.

      • Funny thing is they only reported the shootings where a white did the shooting. The rest were probably done by people of color. Hard to say since they only reported the race of the shooter where it was a white person.

      • Mmmm, Bomb threats, fake shooters in our school phone tips, Shootings after school between gang bangers on the basketball court or cops shooting some knife wielding punk on PCP do not count as mass shootings as much as you would like to count such things.

      • Just the news that you cannot link to I suppose? What was not in the news was the shooting with a shotgun the week after big one. Someone on the campus was armed, approached the killer and the killer committed suicide. He had a shotgun with 30 rounds I think. Good honest citizens that are armed stop bad guys that are armed every day. Every day. Every state with concealed carry had dramatic drops in violent crime. Every country that banned weapons saw horrendous increases in violent crimes within 2 years.
        Of course none of this addresses the crime within the black community. If you care to see where it came from and realize that it was PLANNED because democrats believe that blacks are near sub-human, read Margaret Sanger. She was one of the heads of the dem party for decades and wrote the plans. Just as LBJ said “we will have them niggers voting democrat for centuries” after legalizing welfare, she agreed to start Planned Parenthood as a means to abort blacks from existence.
        As a Christian I must defend the defenseless and despise all politicians, dems and repubs. They are all paid by the bankers to do what makes them wealthy. Obama has made his millionaire friends into billionaire friends all with tax money. Bush, Clintoon, and Bush did the same.

      • Guess those liberal postings of “No Guns….School Zone” an’t doing da job they had intended.

      • Brendan, As a convert from islam, immigrating from Egypt, I think it safe to say with some authority; There are no conservative muslims. They and it is a totally socialist authoritarian way of life and political doctrine. Nothing in it is conservative or allowing people their own choices. Please read a queeran or use a web site that translates it’s writings. Islam is pure evil and makes Stalin and Hitler look juvenile.

    • cause we white folks already know it was one of ours…yall just shoot each other for the most part. You want to speculate on that for awhile.

    • Because the shooter is generally killed at the scene and is usually white. The knife fights in the parking lot and at football games are usually black.

    • Navy yard shooter, Christopher Dornen… I am sure I could find more but I think mass killings are not exclusive to any race… Lets not cast one image for BS sake.

    • Uh they do Hello. MSDNC had often tried unsuccessfully identify shooters as Republican conservative or Christian, unfortunately each time they are proven to be wrong. In fact over 95 percent of mass shootings are perpetrated by self proclaimed liberals or Democrats. So In reality what Obama should be doing is taking guns from Democrats because they clearly can’t be trusted. ..

  32. You’re tmatter ic chemical that is who have with our society now. It shouldn’t matter what the race was. What should matter is that the culprits are caught.. Not what race they are. There’s enough hate in our country as is, and to have a black man perpetuate the hate is ridiculous

    • The problem is, almost certainly if the victims were black and the perps were white, the headlines would be all about hate crimes and institutionalized racism. Holder was right about this much: too many people are too scared to talk about race, even when it’s an important component of an event. Conversely, there are way too many who complain about perceived racism when there’s nothing to back it up.

      • Holder is one of the worst racists of all. OVER 20000 black on white knockout game attacks reported, ONE white on black knockout game attack and bingo he gets slammed with a hate crime attack. Holder is a criminal and will go down in history as such.

    • So if you had a daughter and she was attacked like this….you’d be upset if the news media reported the color ….yeah right. Does it not occur to you others might have seen this gang or know who they are….based on identifying race, sex, age etc. which could aid in the capture and arrest. Maybe you have other biases…like sex, could the news media report what sex they were are do you think that is irrelevant too ? You don’t want the world to think only women commit crimes do you. Height would be another aid….but then that might be bias towards people 5′ 10. My solution, shoot them and let the corner’s report give ya that info, plus one cold ass.

    • the reason they were attacked was because of the color of their skin. This MUST be known. Why don’t we hear Obama screaming “that could have been my child?” Because he WANTS race wars so he can declare Marshall Law and remain in office indefinitely to “fundamentally change the United States of America.” (His quote)

      • Because white on black crime sells white hate which buys black votes for democrat. Black on white crime, well who cares about the whites? Sorry but it IS that simple. And they call us racist. Think about it. ..

    • Yes you’re right. I wish it was that way but the same people who use that line (not saying you are) are the same people who find the need to report skin color in CERTAIN stories not every single story…. just sad

    • Unless their white, then it needs to be mentioned especially if they have a gun. Because Obumpkin don’t like guns. ..

  33. We are heading to hell in a hand basket. I never thought I would see the day when a gang of small children viciously attack, adults or young adults. Evil is alive and growing thank you Liberals! Perhaps Liberals can grace us with their blame someone else excuses! The time may have come to put up a wall and divide nations to the left and right. See how the evil parasitic left survives on their own. I believe they will end up eating their own in the long run without the help of the Christian right. God’s speed.

  34. Those who say that mentioning the race of the gang doesn’t matter would certainly bitch if the victims were black and the gang members were white. Why doesn’t it equally matter if the races are reversed? Why keep the race of attackers a secret? What’s the underlying problem with identifying the blacks out of control??

    • I think police can take care of a roving pack of children attacking people. They probably know the race even the identity of the perps. Maybe they don’t want that assault investigation to turn into a murder investigation when a packing citizen shoots the wrong black kid.

      • Perhaps that has happened, but if the person doing the shooting was NOT being attacked at the time, he would be prosecuted.

      • So, if you are so sure the police can take care of a roving pack of black children attacking people, then why have they not done so? It is precisely because at some point they will pick on a packing white person who will shoot and kill several that you should wise up and demand some action now, before one of those misguided “children” gets killed because of attacks on people of a different race.

      • Wait he said the police could handle the pack of kids…. yet thats why her face got smashed by a brick and needed surgery…. I guess the police allowed that one to happen… like wtf really? He went full retard. You never go full retard.

  35. Eric Holder said he and his administration would not pursue hate crimes against blacks. Apparently they are incapable of hate in his eyes.

    We we’re promised unspecified “change” by Obama and I’d say we’re getting it.

  36. We have way too many people of the non-white population occupying our prisons. We need to look the other way and concentrate on the white population to equalize the prison population, you know, equality. Can’t we all just get along. Smile while the brick is hitting you in the face, turn the other cheek and let that one take a brick also for equality of your face. I’m sorry, this stuff just gets my blood boiling.

  37. “Dear White People” Movie will clarify everything average white people are always at fault and wrong in the mind of most media and Hollywood stars. We just need to understand that and all would be OK the world. 😉

  38. I’ve been told that PA is Filthadelphia on one end, Pittsburgh on the other end, and Alabama in the middle. I’m fortunate to live in the Alabama part.

  39. I sure wish Allen West would run for office in ANY election where I could muster votes his way. I admire him for his military record and I admire him for always being a straight-shooter.

  40. TO ALL WHITE PEOPLE: Look, black people are not inherently evil, dangerous, or trying to harm you. Most of us are out here trying to better ourselves and our families just like you. We need to stop this. It’s 2014. Grow up. Blacks assume that all white people are trying to keep them down, and whites think that all blacks are potential criminals. We will never gain anything from our mutual trust issues. Blacks do not choose which stories to run with. Whatever FOX, CNN, or ABC decides to run with is entirely up to them. Another thing. WHITE PEOPLE: The media is NOT out to get you. How many positive stories do you see about blacks in the news? I’ll wait…Exactly. The only time those channels want to show us is when someone uneducated is speaking or when we have committed a crime. Not all of us are like that, so stop putting all of us in a box. You wouldn’t say all white people are hillbillys right? Well not all blacks are criminals.

    • Kendall, I don’t speak for all white people, only for myself. I don’t fear “all black people,” nor do I believe all black people are out to harm me. Just as all white people are not out to harm you. Col. West’s point here is that, had the victims in this case been black and the gang of kids white, the D.A. in Philly would be on TV yelling about “hate crimes” and Al Sharpton would have helicoptered over to do his show live from the site of the assault. The point of this story is the blatant double standard in the media reporting.

      I guess you could probably relate because there also seems to be a blatant double standard when a pretty girl is murdered. If she’s white she gets 24/7 coverage on shows like Nancy Grace until her killer is caught and convicted. If she’s black, what we hear from the media is…crickets. The media reaction and treatment – reflecting their biases – are what is wrong with this picture.

      • The thing is, general population, the media covers other races – it’s not totally equal but it isn’t nearly as disparate as people contened. People don’t remember the names. However, the big salacious stories are with the white female “pretty” population. Name me a famous white girl case without a salivating side story. Chandra Levy? Involved with a politician. Natalie Holloway? International politician and eventually repeat killer. Lacey Peterson? Initially NO coverage – it was the family who used the internet to press her story and the police didn’t even initially search. It got the majority of coverage after a $250k reward was offered and the family had managed to gather almost 1000 people on their own to search. Also used as part of a case to strengthen feticide laws in California raising the ability of charges and thus the maximum sentence. Even the Caylee Anthony story didn’t get national attention until the bizarreness of the case and not reporting for over 30 days came to light because it was so unbelievable.

        On contrast, Avante Oquendo gained international attention (black and autistic) without any push from the family. Police even blared his mother’s voice from their cars while every single transit worker was summoned to investigate the train tracks. Adji Desir, profiled on Nancy Grace, got international attention. Hassani Campbell – national attention, profiled on Nancy Grace with repeated attention as the foster parents were arrested and released. Nicole Crowder, national attention. In proportion to census statistics, the main group with a complaint would be Hispanics, but the downside is often some of the families don’t go to the police quickly for various reasons.

    • Here’s the thing… the majority of black people are criminals. The majority of white people aren’t hillbillies. It isn’t a matter of opinion, more than half of the black adult population has arrests and convictions on their records these days. I don’t “assume” black people are all going to kill me. I do however watch as the stats rise and rise and rise on how many black people are charged and convicted of serious crimes. While I wouldn’t have thought 15 years ago to worry about several black people together, I do now. Why? Because it’s a safety issue. You want it to change? Start with the culture of the majority of blacks to think success is a “white” thing. Start with the culture that gives aunt and uncle and all other sorts of race traitor names (which by the way, blacks have more racial names for other blacks than any other race has for another) for being successful or not falling over themselves to vote Democrat. When you see one Stacey Dash stand up for herself, you see literally MILLIONS of other blacks “kick her out” of their race, give death threats to her, her mother and her son and say she needs to be doused in acid to “wash the black off her”. FROM OTHER BLACK PEOPLE. I have never seen so much hate in my lifetime from ANY group as I do from blacks to other blacks who don’t fall into the ghetto line of thought.

      Call me a racist. I don’t mind. Why? Because, I DO discriminate by race – because statistics by race are facts and my thoughts are based in fact. I will not deny friendship to a black person, I will not disparage a black person I do not know but if I see a group of black teens, I WILL hesitate, switch sides of the street or go the opposite direction. It’s self-preservation. It’s fight or flight and I can’t fight worth a hoot. Those instincts weren’t born in me and not taught to me by my parents. They were given to me by the black community themselves and until the community stands up as a whole and says “NO MORE!” and stops killing each other in record numbers daily (such as over Nike shoes) and stops the random attack on whites, then I will continue to cross the street and I will continue to post to people like you just what I do now. Because if we aren’t truly honest with each other, then we can’t address the root problem.

      • to add to your comments of which I agree…..when boarding a plane and I see Muhammad getting on…..I’m catching another flight later. They did that to themselves….too….and I just want to live another day.

    • There’s a Hell of a big difference between a Hillbilly and a Criminal. Most people, who you call a Hillbillies, don’t want to live in Tribes in the Cities. Forests with Wild Animals are a much Safer Place than living in the Cities with all of these Evil Criminals. Have U noticed that wolves, bears and coyotes are moving to the Cities for a free lunch? Enjoy. You put yourself in the Box U live in. When I visit the City I bring many cans of Hornet and Wasp Spray for self defense. Want a squirt ??????

    • Kendall: Honestly, I don’t think that most white people think that most black people are inherently evil or dangerous. I think we know that the majority of black people are just trying to live life and do the same things white people are doing with our lives. The problem is that the exceptions in both races—-white criminals and loudmouths and black criminals and loudmouths get the majority of the attention. The silent majority (I count you and me in the majority) stand by embarrassed by a lot of it—and horrified.

      • Not at all Proud. In fact, I’m a Reagan Conservative and think the problem with today’s GOP is that they are not conservative enough—-too many RINOs. So politically, I’m on the far right. But what does that have to do with race? I was raised by very conservative parents who told me often when I was growing up that there’s good and bad in everyone, all colors—don’t judge people by what color they are. To me, that’s a very conservative outlook—-if you judge people, you need to get to know them first. Please leave it to the liberals to put us into groups. They’re very good at that. I think in this country, we’re all in one group: Americans.

    • But when the media tries desperately to disavow race as an issue if it is a black on white crime and suppresses the info…they are doing a dis-service. And then the same liberal media portrays every White on Black incident a hate crime. What do you get from those examples? Trying to protect the blacks from punishment. Don’t do the crime if you cant do the time.

    • You can thank Obama, Holder, Emanuel and others in the Obama administration for the green light to blacks to commit violent acts against other races. They’ve jumped on the defensive black band wagon before any of the facts were known just because a black was involved. You never hear a peep about the black on black or black on other races criminal activity. They refused to prosecute the Black Panthers for intimidating voters and publicly shouting “Kill Whitey”. They’ve moved racism back 60 + years since Obama took office in ’08.

    • sUSure..and just how MANY “White” people are playing the “KNOCK OUT THE RINO” game ? ONE<==WHITE does it..HATE CRIME! tAKE CARE OF your "brathas", because soon the tide WILL turn..Ain't goin' to be pretty!

      • And the white punk who did that needs to be locked away. Although I think the federal hate crime charge against him needs to be dismissed for invidious discriminatory animus

    • Kendall…you start off being a racist….”ALL WHITE PEOPLE”. Not all white feel or think as you suggest.

      The only whites I know that want to keep blacks down, “put you back in chains” Joe Biden and the democratic party. Don’t agree ” I refer you to LBJ, saying “I’ll have those nig*ers voting democrats for the next 200 years” . Not enough for you, try Senator Byrd from West Virginia, long standing member of the KKK. Which we all know the KKK was founded and exclusive to democrats only.

      Try this one one, Your wiping out your own race. Abortion clinics abound in black neighborhoods as do liquor and gun stores. Why is that ? That’s not some fluke, it was planned and implemented via the democratic party. Study the formation and founder of the Plan Parenthood. Your voting for own execution.

      Drugs and drug wars prevail in poor neighborhoods many of these or of the black race. Drugs made legal would stop this almost over night. Devils in the details but it can and has been done in other parts of the world. Instead they would rather keep it on the street. Only when some rich white kid gets shot do they come in to declare a “war on drugs” and stop the drug trafficking.
      Who makes these laws and benefits, democrats.Police,jails,judges,lawyers and all that goes with them.

      Do your research.

      Why do you really think Jessie only shows up in when a white kid gets shot….to encourage hate and racism, which does what….moves the money….in his direction of course.

      Muhammad Ali said it best ” We were Once Kings”. Stop with the victim crap and get on with it. Col West is a great example of someone that gets it….and moved past it.

      Is life unfair…you bet it is….move on anyway. Set a higher standard and then another…be a light that others may see in the darkness.

    • Not ALL Blacks are criminals…What is the PERCENTAGE of WHITE – RAPES/ASSAULTS/MURDER against BLACKS, vs..BLACK -RAPES/ASSAULTS/MURDER against BLACKS. Go “GOOGLE” it, then come back with the TRUTH.

    • I just find that in 2014, everything “Our Country” has overcome has almost been undone by this administration, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others. It makes me sick to see what has happened and how far we have been set back. I just wished people would open their eyes and see what is purposefully being done.

    • Numbers don’t lie …people do! 78% of homicides involving guns are black people..A white woman is 3 times more likely to die at the hands of her black lover than if she married white! Almost 80% of black women today have their children out of wedlock, mainly because of the benefits our government doles out on a “per child” basis! In order to have a positive story, don’t you need a reason! It’s really not a racial issue, I can hear you calling me one about now, but a social issue cause 54% of Latino’s are doing the same, 48% of white women as well! Problem is, with all the different races that do actually hate white people, we have to be concerned about our safety, that’s not profiling, but simply common sense! Our current President attended the church of “God Damn America” for over 20 years, but says he hardly paid any attention! This country was making progress on the racial divide in the country until we elected our first “so called” black President! Intelligent people see the real problems and tell it like it is, not sugar coated as most would like it to be! Until we address the “Fatherless Child Syndrome” nothing will get better, but slowly get worse!

      • Is West included in your “blacks are dangerous ” philosophy ? You do know he’s black right ?

      • Not really since they kicked him out of the Army. No, ALLOWED him to leave . So, if the reporter said the assailants were black, would be give Col West a double take ?

    • So basically, you’re trying to argue that “ALL” white people think this way and should know not all black people are the same. Hmm, maybe you should look deeper into your comment and understand not “ALL” white people think that way. Ignorant.

      • You, ma’am, are one shameless, blithering, liberal idiot. Since when did reporting actual news, which the mainstream media refuses to do, qualify as race baiting? You are aware Allen West is a black man?

        You’re almost too lost to argue with; attempt thinking, before posting.


        “Thank God the story for these Temple University students didn’t end like the extremely disturbing story of Christopher Newsom, 23, and Channon Christian, 21, in Knoxville, Tennessee. Their horrific killing occurred in January 2007 and to this day I believe most people have never heard of this horrendous assault.

        Newsom, 23, was a standout baseball player who was working as a carpenter. Christian was a 21-year-old student at the University of Tennessee. The happy couple had been dating for a couple months. After having dinner, the plan was to visit friends to watch a movie, but the couple never made it. When they arrived at the apartment complex where Christian’s best friends lived, they were carjacked by multiple assailants — all black — four men and one female.”


        Or this….

        “Now I’m not familiar with Philadelphia and certainly not the neighborhood surrounding Temple University. ”

        Really, NOTHING? It is fairly well know that Temple is in a largely black neighborhood.

        Or this…

        “I’m going to continue to track this story to see if it ever comes to any resolution – or if any more facts emerge.”

        Seems he was RIGHT. But he wasn’t trying to be RIGHT, just Race Bait.

        Uncle Toms I believe they’re called.

  41. It’s pretty sad that the Left has become so intellectually and morally bankrupt that one would actually have to explain to them why it’s important to include racial descriptions of criminal assailants in news coverage. I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible for you. PUBLIC SAFETY – to give accurate descriptions of criminal suspects being sought by the police. It’s to accurately report the news so the public is informed and can take the necessary safety precautions.

    • I’m wondering if the “N” word is ok to use in RAP lyrics, why can’t it be used to describe suspects? Just saying, after all they probably just got done listening to RAP and are acting it out.

    • You have to watch the whole video (I know asking a lot) to understand that police are actually looking for videos so they CAN give a description.

      I mean really would “some negro kids” really be much better for finding them. Do y’all still call them negroes?

  42. Jackasses need to stop teaching black kids to hate non-black people. Too many kids who grow up in poor urban areas learn that white people specifically are the cause of their poverty and they hate them accordingly. The kids are brainwashed.

      • Hello Miss Reba. A couple weeks ago there was a simpler story here in MIA. The reporter said the assailants were still at large. In their description , race was not included . I didn’t understand bec I knew it would be important to the public.
        I even tweeted the station “why”. Not sure what happened, but that night the station included their race.

      • Hello Miss P. Yes, people want to know, but sometimes I think we would be better off if the said the innocent-person and the not-so-innocent person. Then again, if you are looking for the public help, you have to give all the information.

      • You should not assume. Maybe she is covering her face, because not everyone shows themselves on post. I’ve seen many other pictures a lot worse. Don’t be nasty, it doesn’t help anything.

    • and then the thug’s moma would have been demanding that the boyfriend be prosecuted for depriving her good baby of his right to play the knockout game.

      • Then they would of trademarked, copy righted, or register their name to say its not for the money…. thats why you did all of that lol.

      • and then they would start demanding repeal of laws that enable people to defend themselves against criminal attacks

      • There’s no such thing as the knock game . That’s FOX making white people paranoid to control them. Hitting someone on the head to knock them out is nothing new. It’s called assault and it’s, been on books for years.

      • A raghead with Fox News Derangement Syndrome. How very precious. BTW, with your theory Al Sharpton is controlled by Fox News since he has condemned the knockout game.

      • Ohh, sweetie, thanks so much . I can handle myself from the yahoos and clowns . If you stand up to them, they back off.

      • You know I like to comment on here at times, you should see me in yourblackworld.com ..The level of vitriol is amazing and yes on these pages as well…Why cant we all just have discussion and leave our emotions at home…

      • Like I said, control. They get you to vote, donate money , buy their products. Both parties are equally to blame ..

      • I need to do some research on this . If the media is not reporting race , bec they don ‘t want to offend minorities , then I want to find out why? do you know what Crime Stopper is? I wonder if they do the same thing ?

      • Good morning Ms. P.
        Crime Stopper: When a crime is committed and Law Enforcement needs help finding the person or persons. Law Enforcement gives as much information they can, a phone number to call in anonymously, if they have any information on that crime. Normally they offer a small reward.

        Someone posted last night that Law Enforcement is using (something like this) Light, Medium and Dark now. I could not find the post.

      • I can see the “light , med, dark.” People come on different colors. Dark skin blacks, brown Latinos / blacks, light skin blacks, white Latinos . Also hair , short cropped , corn rows. If they describe whites it’s usually taboos or scars . Good morning , BTW.

      • To me, it doesn’t matter who they are, put the description out if they are looking for someone that has committed a crime.

      • That why I have a dog, a Pitbull actually..he is my best friend, and you should see how I have to defend him on these blogs from time to time..You would think he was a mass baby killer….Its worse than politics…lol

      • Dude what the hell are you saying…..You just lost the argument when it could have been easily overcome…

      • Yes, it’s NEVER Black people who attack White people, is it ?
        It’s all a conspiracy to keep the Black man down !

      • True, but it was not always used as a form of entertainment..maybe we can blame it on social media and youtube….

        Me and you have had these conversations before. I know you understand we have differing ideologies, but it can not all be FOX News fault..

      • It did all start on you tube. People don ‘t know that . Double gold stars for you. Just bec the crime is black on white, doesn’t ‘t make it racial. Blacks will attack white bec they know you may have more cash than a black, not bec they hate whites. Whites are more likely to be killed by other whites. Esp white women by white men.

    • Wrong… had the boyfriend been packing heat, the Sharptons of the world would then crucify for boyfriend and scream “hate crime”. That’s exactly what would happen.

      • I’m sure that’s what they tried with George Zimmerman, it’s just it backfired because they assumed he was White, due to his name, rather then actually being Hispanic.

  43. Just watched the NBC video.. got the impression the boy friend might need a little training to take on anything more dangerous than the family cat.. Not that he or anyone else should have to, but as we all know, stuff happens.. It happens a lot more often than the media reports

    On that note, make sure you teach your children well.. if you can’t, find someone who can.

  44. First of all I stumbled upon this website, never would I voluntary read anything Allen West wrote. I graduated from Temple University two years ago. Im African American and had friends from all over the country. My friends brother was attacked and hit in the face with a brick at a house party. He was black , his attacker was white. If he had a gun and killed his attacker I bet not a single one of you would come to his defense. Stop with your lies you racist pigs. You would call him every name a thug or a gangster without even hearing his side of the story. Thank God this country and its people are slowly changing and there are less and less of you here.

    • Wrong! Do not put everyone in the same group, because it makes you a racist. It does not matter what color someone is, it’s what they do. If a white guy walked up and punched someone or hit them in the head with a brick, then he has committed a crime, unless he is trying to defend himself. If a black guy walked up and punched someone or hit them in the head with a brick, then he has committed a crime, unless he is trying to defend himself. PERIOD!!

      • Don’t think you’ll get to far with fitch711. looks like this is only his second comment using Disqus, he has his own reasons for being here.. re-read his comment and you’ll understand.

      • Im open to discussion , unlike most people here , I welcome new ideas and if I am wrong I can admit it

      • Who hasnt been up for discussion or is that your assumption? As far as I have seen the only ones here that dont want a good discussion are the people calling Col West a sell out…

        I am very open to discuss this as I have seen this happening since the late 80’s early 90’s where they are conveniently leaving out the race of the offenders if they are minority but if they are white they are very quick to jump on it, especially if it is a crime against a minority.

      • Because the majority of White on Black crime is because that white person hates minorities. I know black criminals who would as easily rob a black person as a white person. It all depends on who they see that day . Whereas a white person would go out their way to find a black person to target

      • I do research , use common sense and dont hate people based on the color of their skin. Yes I am horrible

      • Fitch, I don’t know what the jury saw, because I was not there. What matters to me is: The Truth and The Facts. You can’t blame everyone for what happened, because they were not a part of it. You are an educated young man, answer this for me. What would you like to see that will change things? What would you like to see that would help the people that are living in poverty?

      • One thing that might help is to get people who are upset about race being left out of a news report to try and help other people. Whatever problems the af-am community has , their roots are still with the effects of slavery and Jim Crow. What will help is for people to learn the difference of a hate crime and a crime and then use their free time to help move this country along

      • You know something Fitch; we were not alive during slavery.
        We can’t be responsible for what happened then, only make sure it doesn’t happen again. Nor can all of us be responsible for what an individual chooses to do. That’s why I asked you, what you would like to see done to help. A lot of other posts
        have covered these issues and everyone trying to figure out what can be done. People are angry, because of what this Administration has done to try and bring racism back. People are angry, because of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others that keep spilling hate. People are angry, because of how all of the above keeps hurting the low income people and even middle class, instead of helping them. Sometimes during discussion, individuals are not always clear in what they say. I get what you are saying about Hate Crime and Crime. I believe the Hate Crime came from an individual saying he hit a person upside the head because he was a Jew. (I could be wrong). It’s like a game to these kids and it is damn sad that it is happening. Do me a favor, okay? Think about what I’m asking you, because I want you to be precise in your answers. You live around this world and you know more about this world than a lot of us do. Talk to us about what we don’t see and understand that “Our Country” is missing. Send me a post tomorrow evening and be specific on what needs to be done to help “Our Country” to move along. Don’t point your fingers at anyone; I just want to know what you honestly think in more detail. Remember, we are all “Americans”.

      • We are having a discussion and people are entitled to their opinion. I think you are missing the point. We have had black
        groups punching out all different ages and Ethic Groups and they are not charged with a Hate Crime. Then a white man punched out someone and he was charged with a Hate Crime. It’s called double standards. It does not matter what Ethic Group you are. If you commit a crime then you should pay the price. The facts are; our Administration, Media, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others are causing the racial problems in “Our Country”.

      • If you commit the crime then you should pay the price is correct. George Zimmerman should be in prison for the rest of his life but he isnt . He isnt because he only killed a black “thug” . Dont bring up this idea of reverse racism , youll lose that argument every time

      • George Zimmerman is Hispanic not White. I do think he should have been charged with something, because he left his car after he was told not to. Other than that, I was not there and I did not see what happened. I myself, never called Travon a black thug, I called him a young man. No, I will not lose the argument of reverse racism, because I’m not a racist and you accused everyone on here being a racist.

      • It’s criminal to not allow your head to be smashed open by having it repeatedly smashed into the sidewalk, provided the attacker is Black ?

      • Zimmerman is an idiot, he in all likelihood will end up either dead or in jail at some point in his life. BUT the facts are the facts.

        1).He was brought up on charges by a grand jury
        2). He was allowed to make his case for self defense
        3). The prosecution failed to give sufficient evidence to get a guilty verdict
        4). He was found NOT GUILTY by a jury of his peers after a trial.

        Now no amount of political spin makes no difference in this case at this point. If you want to argue “self defense” is not justified in a homicide change that law and reference this case, but good luck in that..

        The best anyone on the left has done is cited a defense that was not used, a law that had no bearing in the case, against another minority who was rebranded “white Hispanic” for effect by the media.

      • Many year’s ago, as a 15 year old kid I was unloading a box-car in DC with a couple other white boys.. we got jumped, I took a brick.. and spend four days in the hospital.. Few years later once again in DC a guy came out of an alley with a knife, he wanted a piece of the girl I was with.. I was just out of Army Basic.. when he realized he’d have to actually use the knife, and maybe get hurt in the process, to get what he wanted.. he changed his mind..

        That doesn’t give grounds to hate black’s because they’re black does it..

        On the other hand, I figure it gives me grounds to to strongly dislike anyone that uses superior numbers and bricks to hurt other people just for the heck of it.. Also not to fond of people who use weapons to try and take from others either..or to try and commit rape..

        Regardless of race

      • A group of whites attacked my family with empty beer bottles while on vacation in the Outer Banks of N.C.

      • Ok, you admit you are only speaking hollow rhetoric that is basically fantasy that has no relation to the Real World.

        Why are you backing away from your statement ‘color doesn’t matter’, is it because ‘Affirmative Action’ programs prove in the REAL WORLD it matters a lot ?

      • If the person falls in the category of ‘Affirmative Action’ and is partially qualified or qualified then, yes I would hire them. Sometimes I found that a under qualified individual would be a better person for the position.

      • Ok, sorry you are not Anti-White.
        You understand that means you support White people being able to have freedom to associate in White’s only clubs, suburbs, schools and churches, right ?

      • No, what it means zombiekiller, it didn’t matter how I answered your question, and it would not have been the right answer.

      • Not @disqus_gnp17l49Nm:disqus – but affirmative action is, for all intents and purposes, on its last legs once Fisher v. UT-Austin, where a 7-justice majority decided to set the bar for requiring affirmative action prohibitively high, returns to SCOTUS.

    • You are the racist, far to many of these incidents are happening and white society is being blamed for the acts of our ancestors. We were not there, we had nothing to do with the 60’s, and 70’s. Yet we get a President who is Muslim and could care less about black people unless they are Muslim, yet he wants your vote not because of his character but because of the color of his skin, and yet we are called the racists. Anyone black or white who commits a crime of this nature should be sent to prison and if the victim dies they should be executed for their crimes and because of a racist and crooked Government it is only charged as a hate crime if it is white on black, but that I suppose is ok in your book because after all whites started racism. Oh wait the first slave owner was a black man.

      • You are exactly the type of person we need less of . As rude as that may seem. I still cant believe there are people out there who believe our President is a Muslim. If white on black crimes were the only ones being prosecuted , how come every crime statistic from every city and state in our nation has the opposite stance. Minorities are imprisoned at a higher rate than whites ,even though whites commit more crimes. George Zimmerman is a free man while Trayvon Martin is in a grave. Race was started by the wealthy white slaveowners to control the poorer less intelligent whites. Why else would they agree to work for low wages ? Because they were tricked to hate blacks more than they hated rich white people , even though poor white people had more in common with blacks

      • So, you really believe that minorities are put in prison more frequently than whites, even though whites commit more crimes?? Show me where you got that statistic, please.

      • Dont say I believe. The truth is the truth , youre an adult , find peer reviewed articles online and find that information

      • Please supply your peer reviewed articles that dispute that please. If you are making the accusations then you make the case by proving it, otherwise you aren’t proving anything but parroting Sharpton and Jackson.. show the proof that whites commit more crimes… As bmcmull stated… substitute poor for black and you have a case as poor white people also end up in prison as well. Money talks in this country and buys you a lot of freedom for those who commit crimes, and there aren’t that many rich white folks either.

      • Whites do commit more crime, the population is far greater. African Americans disproportionately get put in prison.But like I said, that is a financial issue more so than a color issue..

        Also, it is good to remember that most black crime is perpetrated on the black community, so I am not sure just why you would want to give it a pass…

      • lol….Opposite stance about crime rates in every city..Where ar you citing your information from? The most dangerous place for an African American is in his mothers womb. the 2nd most dangerous place is in is own neighborhood from someone who looks like him. Get it straight……

        As for the woman parroting that Obama is a Muslim I happen to agree with you on the fact that is ridiculous.

        Now to address your imprisonment issue, lets leave race out of that and just say it is a poverty thing, there ar a lot of poor ass white people who could not afford attorneys as well. So to correct your statement lets substitute Black with poor and then you would be accurate. It has far more to do with finances than skin color..

        Now to the Trayvon deal, as I stated above, had your BF had a gun and shot the white man, i would have cited self defense or stand your ground depending the situation..Using your own situation if you replaced your BF with Zimmerman and the white thug with the Trayvon, you would have made the case for your BF, so please check your “victim” crutch at the door, sack up and do something positive for your people and lead them out of this bullshit mentality that you displayed here tonight….

      • Your facts are way off base, George Zimmerman is Hispanic not white, so that argument don’t wash. Everytime you read the paper it is a young black person who is committing violent crimes but it’s apparent your blinders don’t let you see the truth because your too busy playing the victim. Your statistics are extremely off and your facts are just as off as the poor me syndrome don’t wash with me. The news is full of black on white or black on black crime but I suppose a white man bought the gun then gave it to a black young person and told them go murder some older white people. You need to think and research before you speak and prove your a fool.

    • The thing that most people on here who is attacking Col West for posting this and attacking others for supporting Col West, don’t realize or cant get through their heads is that there is a double standard in America in the media and society full stop when it comes to reporting about crimes committed by whites or blacks or any other minority.

      If the crime was committed by a white person against anyone.. especially if the victims are of colour, then there would be a huge outburst of people coming out yelling hate crime this and that and Sharpton, Jackson and Obama would be at the front of every media camera calling for justice.. but since this is a black on white crime hardly anything is being said about it not to mention that the race of the offenders is conveniently left out of the reports…

      Please don’t tell me you are that blind not to see it??

      • Show me other articles and reports of crimes committed against white people where the race of the assailant wasnt mentioned.

      • Ronald Taylor killed 2 people and wounded 3 in what was said to be an anti-white rage.. his race was not revealed until the next day when they had him surrounded and he then turned himself in… I watched this on TV from the start to end when it happened so I also know first hand that they did not mention his race although you could catch a glimpse of him when they arrested him. you can read here… I will find more for you if you need…


      • Thats one , still not naming the race of the assailant isnt a tragedy. I WISH the worst thing you could do to my people was to not name the race of the person who committed a crime against us

      • You apparently refuse to see the point of this article. You said name one I did, and the point of it is there is a double standard in this country now to only report crimes such as these when a white person commits them and not the opposite. If we continue to hide our heads in the sand that there needs to be something done about these crimes then it will continue to get worse. This is what Col West is trying to get people to understand…

        The black community is being let down by these actions, by turning a blind eye to these things and it creates at destruction of values in the black communities…. the problem now is not “whitey” holding them back its themselves destroying themselves from within.

      • I think race is cited far to often in most crimes..It should be Victim and thug period…I mean really does it matter what color the person was that smashed your face with a brick was…All I know id the brick is hard and it takes one cruel ass person to use one on somebody, be they black, brown, white or yellow…

      • I agree completely however that is not how the media sees it nor do people who like to race bait like Sharpton and Jackson and the crux of society who still thinks we owe someone something that happened over 100 years ago.

        A crime is a crime and race should not be the factor in that crime, but double standards in the media will keep this a racial battle no matter how hard we try to avoid it as long as they only report the race when its a white person and not a minority.

      • They do need to “sexy up” the issue….In reality someone getting hit with a brick is not news, at lest not national news..

    • Col.West didn’t mention anything about race except for the fact that a description of the attackers was conspicuously absent from the news reports. Do you think if they are Hispanic or Caucasian we would know. Is it safe to assume the assailants were black because a physical description wasn’t given? Why? You see I already know the answers to these questions, it’s because of their agenda.

      • I just read in the Pew that Philadelphia does not have a hispanic race they are either white hispanic or black hispanic and they are grouped as such..I think they are trying to hide the fact that 75% of white working class moved out of the city from one zip code..The Mayor wants the working class back in the city..for their tax money..so he raised the property tax 300% and he is going to build 1500 low income houses

    • No I would not have, I would have cited “stand your ground” and that I was glad he was able to protect himself from the thug with a brick….

      • You say that now , but most other people who are reading this wouldnt feel that way. If that was the case , the amount of whites that effectively use the Stand Your Ground law would be equal to the amount of minorities in being found not guilty of crimes

      • “You say that now , but most other people who are reading this wouldn’t feel that way.”– Kind of profiling now aren’t we?

      • I believe you understand everything I am saying, i also understand your points as well. just wish it was as black or white as you say…Truth is if we (me and you) and I think myself somewhat reasonable, can not agree to disagree on some issues and make concessions, what hope is there for our politicians to do any better…We are witnessing a new day in racial issues in this country, the likes we have not seen since the early 60’s…..

        No need for me to worry though, the policies enacted on your behalf by your community leaders are destroying your population..You do not need any help from the right or conservatives..

      • Because they have other things to worry about , mostly being shot while going to the store or playing their music a little too loud

      • Ridiculous, I am going to assume you are parroting the “talking points” on the Trayvon Martin case, in all reality it was a tragedy of epic proportions, a lot of things had to go wrong for that boy t have lost his life, and they did. I still support his right t shoot the kid in self defense as tragic as that may sound. Just like I would have supported your BF right to shoot the man with a brick..

        Lesson to this deal, don’t engage in a fight unless you absolutely know who you are dealing with.. This young man got caught slipping, he brought knuckles to a gun fight..Meanwhile in Chicago, how many people lost their lives to gang violence, how about aborted in NYC…

        Nope, did not think you really wanted to address the real issues facing your community…Shame, you seem to have a spirit about you, to bad you do not have the will to think for yourself…

      • I thought you were one of the most sensible and logical ones in this discussion. Youre just as ignorant as most it seems. Trayvon did not engage anyone into a fight , if George didnt follow and stalk him , he would still be alive. Gang Violence and abortions are not just black people problems. Abortions are not even problems at all since they are at an all time low. Some white problems you need to focus on are the abuse of prescription pills, corporate fraud and horribly seasoned food.

      • Okay, following someone, even profiling them is not grounds to put your hands on someone..It was established that Martin doubled back and attacked Zimmerman.. So lets recap, had Trayvon not confronted Zimmerman, he would also still be alive today…That is unless some one in his hood had not taken him out first..

        Abortions are at an all time low? What the hell are you saying, I hope I just read that wrong….Lets look at some facts

        African American women constitute only about 13% of the female population (age 15-44) in the United States, but they underwent approximately 36% of the abortions.

        According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, black women are more than 5 times as likely as white women to have an abortion

        On average, 1,876 black babies are aborted every day in the United States.

        There are roughly 36 Million African Americans in this country, there have been apx 16 million abortions since 1973..That is about 40% of your population in 4 decades…

      • No I am not one getting an abortion, but your thinking is not inline with your statements..Lets just say you were not the one having to defend himself from Trayvon so why do you care he got shot?

        I am just going to go off the reservation here for a moment and state a few things that are evident..

        You are incapable of seeing things other than the way you perceive them, even when your stance is flipped around and presented in another situation that uses the same logic, just not convenient to your truth..

        Again, it is not against the law to follow someone or even disobey a 911 operator..The next issue I have about that and I will be ending this, if it was so bad, why did the left and your poverty pimps feel the need to edit the 911 calls. I’ll tell you why, because narrow minded people such as yourself only need the one listen, it becomes the truth where there was only speculation… You probably did not even know that MSNBC and NBC were sued over those tapes and the coverage..

        My last point about abortion, simply because you cut the number of abortions in the country by 3% is not something for you to stand on. In fact, I would have you check up on the number of abortions in your community as it pertains to your population…Did you read it correctly when it stated that 36% of all abortions are done by 13% of the population or is that an issue your proud of, seeing as it was cut by 13%..I would also state that it is lower today due to the effortless work of the right and conservatives , not through any solutions of your own or the liberal left….In inner cities like NY you are aborting more black babies then are born, don’t get me started about the births out of wedlock or with only one parent…You want to fix your community, try asking black men why they are not in the house taking car of their families… Do not say well white people do it to, yes they do, but no where near the number proportionately as in the African American Community….You area victim because you were brought up to believe that by people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson..

        I guess the grievance industry is alive and well in this country, even for educated people like yourself…

      • The abortion rate is starting to climb again. The more planned parenthood and women’s clinics that are shut down is putting pressure on women to go ahead and have one before they are not able to.

        And yes we do thank the right wing for increasing the number.

        As for Zimmerman he wasn’t supposed to have a gun to begin with. He grabbed the gun and started the chase.
        You don’t know what he said to Martian.
        We do know that teenage boys think they are all grown up. Most of them would have went back on zimmerman.
        I thought it odd when the news said he was a white man.

        And they didn’t report on the fact his father was a Judge who got his sorry boy out of trouble before for assaulting a Police officer.

      • So your point is to thank the right wing for the increase in abortions due to a woman getting one prior to changes in laws? what are you talking about..Getting an abortion is about you being pregnant and wanting terminate your fetus, Its not like there is a sale on abortions, and you must get one before they run out… The only changes in abortions involved it being dropped from 24 to 20 weeks in most places, 80% of all abortions are done before 13 weeks anyway, so the changes in laws makes little difference..

        Zimmerman had a CHL , he owned a registered gun, he was within his rights to carry it.. There is absolutely NO evidence supporting your claim, had there been he would been in violation of that law, then lost his CHL after the case, he was not, and did not… And again, I will just say, it is not against the law to follow someone, nor to profile and follow them, nor to disobey a 911 operator..Neglagent maybe, criminal no way.

        His father being a judge, and all that mess is irrelevant to this case, as was Trayvon’s history. There was plenty of douchbaggery going on from both sides…Lesson here like I stated before, the young man brought his fist to a gun fight and lost, tragic as that may be, in hindsight, can we simply dismiss the fact that Zimmerman had no idea if Trayvon was armed or not, could have very easily went the other way..

      • I just try to keep up on most stuff like this..To be honest with you it gets way to much “national coverage”..this is a state issue but media will not leave it alone..they tend to “sexy up” the coverage and depending how you prefer your news spoon fed to you, depends on the spin you get…

      • The abortion rate rose everywhere they started enforcing stricter laws and closing clinics.

        I have not looked at the data for a couple months. But I thought about why this could be. As well as a few others.

        Women feel threatened , they are constantly hearing about it. Some could be defiant. An unwanted /unplanned pregnancy already feels like a loss of control, this is serious in many people. A major factor in eating disorders.
        I think the bigger focus should be on prevention..

        As for Zimmerman the police chief who trained them for this neighborhood watch gave in interview and said they were told no guns. He said this more than once.
        Following someone is not against the law, but following someone with a gun while in a position of agreement that you would not have one should be.

      • Let me simplify it for you and everyone else. The amount of whites that
        use the SYG rule and are found not guilty is significantly higher than
        minorites that use the rule and are found not guilty. A black woman used
        Stand Your Ground when she shot in the air when confronted by her
        abusive husband. She was found guilty and sentenced to 20 years in
        prison, despite not aiming at her attacker.

      • I know the case, but there were also other circumstances in that trial… If I remember correctly the man was not engaging her, plus she was a felon with a weapon…Was the man NOT trying to get away from the woman when she discharged the weapon?

        You have t have a case to use that SYG defense..simply citing it does not make it true, especially in cases of gang violence.

      • Why was the man there in the first place? Of course the man was trying to get away she pulled out a gun.

        Pretty sure he wasn’t welcome there.
        My guests leave long before I would even have to think of shooting them.

      • There was an open restraining order on the man from the woman…He was ordered to leave and tried, she discharged the weapon..She was not arrested for discharging the firearm though, she was a convicted felon, with a weapon and they revoked her parole for having the weapon…

        I am going off memory , not sure about how accurate all that is but it was not a simple case of I fired at yo and got 20 years…as mentioned by the above woman..PLUS, they were BOTY Black so I am not sure what the point was to begin with….

      • It is the fact he was there to begin with.
        I understand she violated probation, but he was an abuser. 20 years is much to time for what she did.

      • Probably so. She was on her third strike as well I believe…

        Unfortunate, she should have been able to shoot his dumb ass, .

      • I have worked with abuse shelters. This is one area I am biased. But it is not concerning skin color

    • As an African in America you should feel privileged.

      Africans have 50+ countries all to themselves in Africa,1/2 of Earth’s natural resources, the biggest and best agricultural land on the planet, that is the entire continent of Africa.
      Africa has the largest population the World has ever known.
      My people, White people are 8% of the World population. Africans demand to live among us as ‘minorities’. WE are the minority.
      In the USA an African is the President.

      I’m sorry, I don’t know what else we can possibly do to help you ?
      If you’re so upset you always have the ‘right of return’ to Liberia.

      • All to themselves after 400 years of their land and people being raped and abused by Europeans. To this day and probably for the next few centuries , Africans will continue to rebuild from the destruction that was done to them. And actually Asia has the largest populations the world has ever known

      • What ‘destruction’ was done to Africa ?
        Any functioning infrastructure in Africa was put in by White people. You do realize building is the opposite of destroying, don’t you ?

        Africans were given fully functional countries with healthy economies by Europeans and Africans still can’t get it right.
        You complain of ‘rape’ but when White people refused to have sex with Africans and made it a special crime to have sex with them, even with consent, the Blacks screamed ‘Apartheid’.

        What exactly will it take for Africans to stand on their own 2 feet like everybody else on Earth ?
        Africans received fully functioning modern countries.
        Free money as foreign aid from White countries.
        Access into our White countries.
        In USA an African is the President.
        Face it, you’ll never be happy, you just want an eternal free ride on the White mans dime.

      • The kidnapping of millions of Africans. The murder of millions more. The theft of most of its natural resources. Africans received countries that were created in a convention 100 years prior making false borders that put people who spoke completely different languages and had completely different cultures together. The small amount of money given in aid is a slap in the face when this country is worth trillions more. This money was created on the backs and blood of slaves. And Obama is half white as well 🙂

      • The kidnapping of Africans that was done by other Africans who helped supply the Africans to the White Settlers. Something that is still going on today but this time its not Whites who are buying them but other Blacks… The US had slaves but got rid of that in the 1800’s… more than 100 years ago, the Civil Rights were fought for by Whites to free the slaves. As ZombieKiller stated… you will never be happy but yet as he also stated you take what the whites give out over and over till it runs dry.. then what? Will it end up like Zimbabwe, when they murdered and kicked out all the white farmers there?

      • The problem is you need a history lesson. Africa held a majority of the worlds wealth up until the 1700s. Timbuktu was one of the worlds greatest centers of knowledge until the slave trade began. While Africans did sell others to whites in the beginning of the slave trade, pretty soon all Africans were subject to capture and enslavement by Europeans. 150 years since the end of slavery but only 50 since the end of de facto Jim Crow segregation. This after 400 years of destruction.

      • “Africa held a majority of the worlds wealth up until the 1700s”

        Is this the same universe where Spock has a beard?

      • Africans today continue to sell other Africans into enslavement, such as happening in the Congo today. White Europeans have nothing to do with that today and have abolished this act 100 years ago. As Zombiekiller pointed out, and I myself, after Whites left these areas where the land was flourishing, the Black leaders have taken over where the White farmers were kicked out or murdered and Zimbabwe is now in a state of destruction because of a greedy government, not because Whites destroyed it.


      • You’re aware that the reason Africa was wealthy was BECAUSE of the slave trade, yes? Until Portugal got interested in the slave trade, tribes would sell slaves to other tribes. The Europeans just came over and gave them a new market to help them “hold the majority of the world’s wealth up until the 1700’s”. Yes, Timbuktu WAS a great center of knowledge, but not “up until” the slave trade began. The slave trade, again, was part of it’s wealth. It was actually up until Morocco captured Timbuktu in the late 1500’s.

      • Might want to take a look at sex trafficking. They have a real problem with this during Superbowl. I seen a few people were arrested and a victim. They were white, but the report did not say that.

      • I didn’t either, a friend told me about this last year. This year they did catch a few.

        I don’t understand why this was written as it was but I went to the nbc site and they have a picture of the suspects, you can tell they are black.

      • Oxen and horses contributed as much to creating USA as other farm equipment.

        If you had the courage of your convictions you would move to Africa and be free rather then to continue to benefit from slavery and receive a free ride on the White mans dime.

        I suppose though that some people are happy receiving a free ride, as slaves always get fed and accommodated…..

        I notice though that White people are able to get on with their lives even if borders change, as they did after WW2 etc and then again in the 90’s.

      • And yet that hasn’t stopped those people from being able to maintain infrastructure, or organize industry or export markets, has it ?

      • “The kidnapping of millions of Africans”

        By Obama’s Muslim lineage. Why not move to Africa, seems you’ve got an affinity to their plight.

      • What are you talking about Europeans?? What about the Jews Polish Ukrainian and others that were killed or imprisoned Hitler and the USSR??? They had nothing to do with black slaves in the US..since may Europeans came to this country the year before WWII 1939 or so..Lincoln a republican freed the slaves in 1863!! So you are blaming all White people..even Hispanic?? Since they are called white hispanic, black hispanic?? There are Good People and Bad People are all races..Skin is Just Skin!

      • I am curious to see the answer to that question.
        Besides it wasn’t left out, the police just released it

      • It has to do with double standards in the media and amongst the grand standers such as Sharpton and Jackson who use race as a reason to exploit blacks when its a white on black crime as opposed to something like this where its black on white crime, as has been posted by me and others through out this thread.

        Col West is tired of this double standard by the media et al when it only benefits to race bait the nation into some sort of racial war that only exists in the minds of Sharpton, Jackson and others…

      • If Col West is tired of it he should stop it.
        He is the one who left the race out .

        And trust me by these comments the race bait is working. Not in the minds of Sharpton or Jackson.
        In the writing here.

      • This is where you are wrong, he is trying to get people to see the double standard. If he had said they were black then the left would be saying he is a sell out, an uncle tom as so many in the past has on here. He is damned if he does, damned if he don’t, like most conservatives. No matter what we do the left will find something to fault us with.

        But in this case, he is making a point that this is what the media and the Sharptons, Jacksons and Obamas if he had a son would look like do. They jump on the bandwagon when its a white person attacking minorities, especially if they are black but they do nothing at all and turn their backs when its the other way around instead of calling for something to be done about this type of behaviour.

        This is why he is doing this to make it known something has to be done! This type of behaviour is NOT acceptable and EVERYONE should be doing something about it, not turning their heads when its a White person doing the attacking. This is why so many people think that only whites can be racist and only whites do this sort of thing, attacking in droves, when in fact its more than just that…

      • This happened Friday night. I read the article, the reporter did not mention race. The reporter did not mention the victims were white.
        There is a video right beside the article, The screen shot showed the attackers were black. The video had it in print before showing them walking down the street.
        Yes it was channel 10 the same one as the women in the picture above is reporting from.

      • White people are grouped together as White people regardless of differences, that’s the reason why ‘Diversity’ couldn’t exist without making White countries less White.
        Otherwise ‘Diversity’ could have been achieved without non-White immigration, SILLY.

        The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
        ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

      • Africans were given fully functional countries…but Europeans didn’t bother preparing the native young a generation prior to be able to lead and thus breed future leaders (in part because of World War 2). IQ does not become static until about age 20 or so, and challenges increase one’s IQ during the formative years. When you leave someone with a functional world but they have not been trained on its maintenance, things will go downhill.

        During one’s teen years, IQ can rise or fall as many as 20 points.

      • Oh come on, the African leaders were given education at universities such as Oxford, for example, that’s where Robert Mugabe was educated.
        Are you claiming that all the maintenance schedules and all the maintenance manuals where burnt in a giant book burning on handing over so that the entire country would collapse in some giant act of spite ?
        Are you claiming Blacks were not employed in infrastructure maintenance ?
        That is one of many fields Blacks were employed in.
        I suspect you have never ever even been to Africa, let alone be familiar with colonial/post colonial Africa.
        What has IQ to do with anything, people have been telling me that IQ has no bearing on anything and that we’re all equal and that sort of thing.

      • Employing someone in a field isn’t exactly the same as training one in its management (the former is just following instructions; the latter requires formulating a game plan and executing that game plan)…and yes, IQ does matter when it comes to being able to manage something. The problem is that IQ becomes static by the early 20s. It is necessary to give the entire population that kind of education in elementary and high school…to challenge the mind. Otherwise, you have no managers.

      • You do realize that North Africans were conducting slave raids into Europe long before, and for sometime after the Europeans were involved in the Black African Slave trade.. Do you know that Barack Obama’s brother, Malik Obama works for Omar al Bashier, President of Sudan.. Under Bashier 1000’s of South Sudanese Christians have been sold into slavery.. Are you aware that Arab slave traders have been dealing in black slaves for 1200 years, and continue to today.. Oh and the Otterman Empire took so many white slaves out of the Baltic that the name Slav actually means slave

      • Philadelphia is a black city 55% ..minorities are whites at less then 40%
        Doesnt matter..what matters is 75% of the working class ran for their lives out of this city!! All races of black, white, asian and hispanic moved out of the area..when drugs, dealers and crime moved in!! 75% of some areas of the city are rental sec 8 housing..see Pew report

    • All you have to do is look at the web page, there is a picture and a video. You can tell they are black. I guess they should have started the headline with it.
      They can’t release to much information on any crime until the police say so.
      I hope your friend is ok.

      • Do you? With all of the name calling and assumptions in your post I find that hard to believe. I think you’re being a little racist there yourself sir. If you can be racist like that, what’s to stop other people from doing it?

      • Im definitely not a racist for one, it just that I hate racists, closet racists and ignorant individuals like Allen West. Ive dated people or all races , have friends and family of all races. Plus I am not a racist. I voted for Hilary Clinton in the primaries , not Barack Obama. I can go on and on but itll just fall on deaf ears. At the end of the day , the truth is this article written by West is stirring up a discussion more important than anything he wrote in the actual article , maybe thats a good thing to take out of this. If one of these individuals arguing with me will look at life differently based off of something I said , then Im glad I got their attention by calling them a name, either a racist or ignorant

      • Ughhh I wrote this long piece but I guess I forgot to press send. The end of the day ignorance comes in all shapes , colors and sizes. I find ignorant black people ( Allen West , Chris Brown) as annoying as ignorant whites. The problem is bigger than race

      • I hate ignorance. Allen West, Chris Brown , plenty of other ignorant blacks get on my nerves like ignorant whites do. Im not a racist, I just dislike ignorance

      • They keep deleting my comment I put under hear where I mention Allen…its ok though …..talk about media control

  45. The neighborhood all around Temple is and has been very bad, unsafe. Temple probably has more guards than city Hall to try to keep students safe. As far as the mostly white media, they are a group of misled, hero following progressives that think they are helping blacks by covering up black on white crime. Typical because they actually think the present welfare system is helping rather than destroying the black community. Until they face the reality of the devastation they are helping to promote and the increasing white opposition to the welfare participants who are able bodied and refuse to work we will continue to see this type of behavior.
    Back in the ninety’s a very liberal president, bill Clinton and a very conservative speaker of the house bonded to form a coolation to reform the welfare system. Among other things they changed the rules to force able bodied recipients to work or not to recieve money. These changes were working when Obama was elected and one of the first things he did was to change the regulations to allow people to receive money without even attempting to work. A change that took us backward and moved us further along to self destruction.

    • Whitenose…I like your post; but I’m not so sure about the “progressive” media types being misled. As long as they “protect” the blacks, they stay on the bottom. It gives the media (“all” Progressives, for that matter) someone to “keep helping”, so they can keep telling themselves how high-minded and kind hearted they are.

      • Joe, you are right with some of them but remember that these journalists were schooled in a progressive academic climate and IMO most of them believe they’re right and that the programs are doing good. There are some that are only promoting the climate for votes. I’m not excusing anyone, just trying to be as factual as I can in an emotionally charged situation. Again, IMO, they have ruined about three generations of young black men who have become white haters, have no incentive to better themselves and have become junkies and or just bully, steal and eventually kill to get what they want. There is no leadership in the inner cities that they will listen to or obey. I really don’t know if there is a solution to the problem.

  46. Allen..if the Media does not report on the race of the victim then they are white/Hispanic. If the media does not report on the perps ‘subjects’ then they are minority..In Philadelphia there are two races listed in the pew report.. white that includes white Hispanics and black that includes black Hispanics..This is something new..Doesnt matter the race.. what matters is..the Mayor is silent on these crimes..could be the Knock out Game But this is one of many assaults by children as young as 8yrs..flash mobs..and Nutter does nothing!!! Parents are allowing their children to do what they want when they want and with who they want..all hours of the day and night.. no discipline..no guidance..everything is a game and they were “Just Playing” A 14yr old boy was shot dead..6 years ago he pulled a gun on a pizza delivery man..and the driver was a x cop and had a gun..he killed the teen..the parent said he was Only Playing it was Not a real gun..at 1:30am?? Going into the drivers pants pockets??? It was a real gun because the police took it as evidence

    • Problem: Nutter is largely helpless on this issue, believe it or not (although the parents are not…especially if this wasn’t the first offense or this is occurring at odd hours). One may be able to make a case for charging the parents if the child has had prior juvenile convictions, but not for the first offense. On Nutter: his hands appear to be tied on this issue; what more can he do that he has not already done that would address this problem—keeping in mind that the actual punishment meted out is beyond his control? He’s not in the state legislature or the governor’s mansion.

  47. The Root of All Evil is Drugs..the parents caregivers are Stoned..maybe the children are too..this is the children fun..it is a game for Chits and Giggles..What has to be done before the summer..is Arrest these children..and Arrest the parent..no more give a job to the criminal teen in lieu of prison time! And DHS Child welfare case worker till the child is 18yrs once a week home visit! Since the Mayor is in Italy..he can not speak out and condemn this..he did condemn the Knock out game last summer..the DA is in Phila as is the Police Commissioner..they have to Step Up To The Plate..and Not Ignore this or Make Up excuses

    • Stoned? Not sure if you have any experience with marijuana but it is a relaxing drug, people don’t commit violent acts while stoned, nor for weed money.

  48. In Marion County (Indianapolis) 2012
    114 homicides
    1 indian (dot)
    3 yellow
    6 brown
    30 white
    74 black

    In Marion County (Indianapolis) 2013
    146 homicides
    1 yellow
    7 brown
    24 white
    114 black

    In Marion County (Indianapolis) this year..
    35 homicides
    0 yellow
    1 brown 1 black suspect
    12 white 1 black suspect
    22 black

      • Click the link.. the number’s there.. most of the murders were white -white or black – black.. White murders of blacks 193, Black murders of whites 448..

        1/7 of the population committed over twice as many interracial murders as the other 6/7 According to the FBI

        That’s just murders.. there’s a ton of charts you can research.

      • Im asking about convictions. Whites get convicted of murder at lower rates when the victim is black. Blacks get convicted of murder at higher rates when the victim is white

      • All you have to do is look at the article from the site, It has a video. The screen shot shows them. Then it states in writing they are black.
        Who is having problems with facts? I read the one above and it didn’t say the victims were white.

      • Obviously you are black. I can promise you that in today’s society a white against a black crime will get more attention and more jail time than vice-versa. And it should not be that either is more important than the other. If it’s not equal it isn’t right. But the facts still remain that more crimes: murder, assault, theft, burglary, and on and on are committed by blacks than all other races put together. This isn’t prejudice it’s fact, proven facts. Ask yourself WHY! Then, if you are a black person, see if you can make a difference in your culture so others don’t hate on blacks so much. In every case I’ve studied, not just in America, I have found that the higher the black population the higher the crime rate. If you don’t believe me then you have the world wide web to prove me wrong.

      • HA! The fact is, there just isn’t any homicide to speak of in 89 of the other 92 counties in Indiana.
        The only other counties in Indiana that DO have homicides on a regular basis reflect the same parentages..
        It is the same as any other large city in America.

      • In Marion County (Indianapolis) this year..
        51 homicides
        1 yellow 1 black suspect
        1 brown 1 black suspect
        17 white 3 black suspect
        32 black

  49. I see there is a MSNBC viewer..here is a Fact that MSNBC doesnt want you to know Search Google for Freddie’s Fashion Mart, a Jewish-owned clothing store/ Al Sharpton

      • BBC is the Best and Daily Mail UK .com CNN boring! Doesn’t Matter what matter is Philadelphia has a Serious problem with flash mobs of minors! Where are their parents?? 2am and their little darling is running the streets..there are shooting and shooting..crime exploded and one warm 60’s weekend it was a Blood Bath! And a Family Court Judge gives jobs as a punishment for assault and robbery of those arrested in a flash mob? Think only white people are the victims?? A woman was beaten by a gang of teens when she walked with her daughter she was black. They wanted to jump the daughter but the Mother was jumped and they beat her in the face video taping the entire assault at 12 noon!! The mother took a terrible beating and one short store buried on the local news..and Nothing no arrests!

      • Those are problems yes , but those deal with the state of Philly and arent the issue at hand. I was born in NYC only because my grandparents decided to leave Philly and I am grateful , but the article is about the news report leaving out race in this assault

      • The News always leaves out race to not offend or get sued who knows! who cares! But they use the race of Hispanic’s and that is Not fair! The point is..how can you ID a person if you can not use the race?..Light Dark Medium complexion Doesnt Cut it! NYC has less crime per number of people then Philadelphia.. Nutter can keep his head in the sand and Ignore what is happening around his oval office at City Hall..or put his foot down..and Say If you Commit the Crime you Will Do the Time! No One Told Them To STOP! And MSNBC Sharpton Fuel the Fire! This is Not the 1960’s..he is setting back race relations 50 yrs!!

      • I ask you this question: what can Michael Nutter do that he has not already done? People are complaining, but no one is actually saying what he can do that would not be a waste of time and that is within his control.

        Nutter can keep his head in the sand and Ignore what is happening around his oval office at City Hall..or put his foot down..and Say If you Commit the Crime you Will Do the Time!

        That time is often probation or only a few months in the city lockup…hardly a deterrent, but that’s a problem for Harrisburg to solve.

      • If you go to the story NBC reported and look to the right there is a video, you don’t even have to watch it to see they are black. If you do watch it, it states they are black.

      • The parental issue is a legitimate issue…unlike the issue of race. There should be a question asked of whether or not the perp had a prior record or not (yes or no would suffice; yes probably indicates that this person was in need of actual parental supervision). There was a similar shooting in NYC on a bus route I usually take, and while the race of the suspect wasn’t really germane, his lengthy juvenile record was.

        Vis a vis punishment handed out by judges, I’m not so sure that I can blame the judges, as many of these crimes do have really light sentences. (A curfew would also help…if a city is permitted to do so in a particular state; in New York, juvenile curfews are unconstitutional, but they aren’t in most states).

        As for the end of your post, if the police know for whom to look in a thorough description (i.e., if the video was posted on social media), then race becomes germane; just saying that you’re looking for a black male doesn’t really narrow down the search field.

      • Police use skin tone to ID..light skin, medium complexion and dark Really there are dark skinned whites too..so there really is no reason not to state the race..

    • Thanks for Posting the Images of the defendants “Perps” Hats off to NBC for their fantastic coverage..and Temple administrators look Bad..not concerned at all because it was off campus..reminds me of the public high school principal that made a statement that it was not his problem what his students do down the block from school..because they were off campus at the time..there was a flash mob riot with assaults..assault on police officers shop lifting and vandalism

  50. If the suspect was arrested, that should be the end of the story…unless it comes down the line that there was special treatment that was done by government because of the suspect’s race compared to what a non-black defendant of the same age and prior record would get for the same crime. I know that this will sound controversial, but this has all the makings of the creation of a crisis where none existed prior…unless the failure was because of an action or inaction by some level of government.

  51. I had alot of people comment to me about things like hate crime and reverse racism and such. A white kid gets beat up by blacks and its not labeled a hate crime , why is it that? A black kid gets assaulted by a group of whites , why is that a hate crime? Most of the time , whites attack blacks its because they are black. There is a history of whites traveling to find and attack blacks. If a group of black kids want to attack people , most of the time , they turn against one another. Most blacks dont feel threatened when they see whites in their neighborhood, but plenty of whites feel afraid of the sight of black people in theirs. The reason why so many whites are charged with hate crimes compared to minorities is because many white americans have been raised to literally hate and fear minorities. While this number is shrinking, those who hate black people far outnumber the black people who hate white people.

    • A white kid gets beat up by blacks and its not labeled a hate crime, why is it that? A black kid gets assaulted by a group of whites , why is that a hate crime?

      Because one group is more likely to make its intent known than the other. Short of a confession, a hate crime is next to impossible to prove; think of the law in terms of the principle of Darwin. There is also the fact that you can’t augment the charge of murder to a hate crime for a minor (who cannot even face life without parole).

    • Whites don’t just run around looking to beat up on blacks, that is a prejudice remark if I ever heard one. However, there are way too many black gangs running around to do harm to anyone they can. And if they happen to be white than all the better. A perfect example of that would be the knockout games. Blacks just running up and punching out a white for no reason at all. And most of these are older folks or women. Senseless. If there is ever to be a balance then the hate has to stop on both sides. I have seen in my own family the removal of prejudice since the 1960’s. I have raised my children to accept a person by their individual character and not the color of their skin. I have two half black grand-daughters and many other family members too. I invite all races and religions to my home because I love our melting pot country. However, I am still a bit put off by the violence that breeds in black communities. Whites have no fault in that and they have no control of that, it has to be fixed from within the black community. If you want the rest of us to stop fearing blacks then the gangsta needs to end and the righteous needs to step forward.

    • For your information very few whites are raised to hate and fear minorities today, get a grip on reality and out of the hole in the ground. We are not living 100 years ago, not even 50 years ago but in a whole new millennia where the only ones talking and race baiting are people like Sharpton and Jackson and feeding this country that whites still hate blacks and minority and want to keep them “down”. Take a look at who is doing that to the black communities, its the Democrats who fought against Civil Rights and gave birth to the KKK.

    • As a white guy I can honestly tell you whites as a whole are not raised to hate and body but communists. I do think blacks are raised to resent whites it’s just to prolific to be otherwise. What teaches whites to hate (anyone I suppose) is experience. This will sound dumb but I have lived it over and over. With diversity ( it can be social economic as well as race) comes undesired change, crime goes up, tax income goes down, business suffer, and towns wither a slowly die. It’s litteraly like a cancer. Want whites and blacks to love eachother, everyone should act like RESPONSIBLE contributing members of society. People don’t know shame anymore. Bad behavior is revered instead of shunned/abhorred

  52. Went there one time! Told friends I would travel to that city again, gangs run the city not the police, they were out numbered, and had their hands tied by the Admin. At that time, sad I had hoped things had gotten better! I know the police are trying, but they do have a Race problem it seems, and the media is yellow, walking a fine line Fear can kill a city, it also hurts the college town, no students means less $$ in city account,
    Please try to solve this problem before it is too late, I would not allow my sons go there for school.

  53. Why is it even necessary to mention race…..What does it matter??? Those kids were guilty of a serious crime and I hope they get caught and justly punished. Sadly if the boyfriend had hurt one of the younger attackers he would have been arrested and charged with some form of abuse. Kids that do this deserve to get what they get.

    • Don’t you get it? This article was to inform people how black on white crime are never reported by the mainstream media. Reverse it to a white perpetrator and a black victim and you will have the media having a hay day plastering the story 24/7 on cable. Al Sharptown, Jesse Jackson and all the race mongers will incite riots and such. When, if ever you saw a black leader of the black community get out and speak against a black on white crime? Hypocrisy by the media and black leaders. Got it McFly?

      • There is one prominent black “leader” who is speaking against “black on white” crime…Rev. Manning….

      • Get this McFly it is in the article on NBC news with a picture of the suspects. Now why would that have been left out here?

      • What you appear to be so deliberately ignoring, Darla, is that the news story you keep posting is a local station. It this were a white on black crime it would be national news, all over CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS nationally, and probably on the AP wire as well, in the London times and Al Jazeera. It is a black on white crime and only gets local coverage. You accuse a black man of race baiting a black on white crime? To what end? If it was white on black or Hispanic on black, Al Sharpton would be all over it, unless the Hispanic was an illegal, because that;s another pet project of the left. You keep strumming your guitar, but it only has one string.

      • The news story I keep posting is the same one that is above. From the same one this article is copied from.

      • It is channel 10 nbc, look at the picture above, the link is in the article had you read it you would see it. Hint it is the red words.

        So why post and say that the race wasn’t listed?
        It doesn’t matter what you think would happen , or what Sharpton would do.
        This just happened for real. Right in front of your face and you were to blind to see it.

    • It matters because you can bet had the couple been black and the gang of kids been white it would be plastered all over the news. Hate crimes know no color!

    • It’s important to mention race because this upside-down political-correctness picture of white racism depicted by media will fade away in days if the truth becomes known… That black Americans are the most racist people on earth.

      • Ah yes the wound that will never heal. You dilute the argument with dumb comparisons. Blacks are just as racist as whites, but it’s accepted in society. So many things out of Spike Lee and Jamie Fox mouths would be atom bombs if the counter argument spoke by whites. All I can say is THEY are damn sure to dumb it up in the news when it’s white on black. Except the one time they thought it was jew on black just to fund out the Jewish fella was mexican… Then he was a white mexican…..BS

      • Another left wing fool who doesn’t know a damn thing about history. If they had allowed the southern states to claim full representation for blacks who couldn’t vote, you’d still be picking cotton.

      • That would be the North At that time there was numerous parties It wasn’t the right wing who can take the credit for that one. Read some history.

      • Who said anything about the so-called right wing, bonehead? I was addressing left wing cretinism. I’ve read plenty of history, maybe you should learn to read, period.

      • How many years back are you going to go? Or should I say Centuries? What is true TODAY is that blacks do attack whites, in gangs, numerous times, and it isn’t reported in the “Media” because they are so deathly afraid of being called “Racist”….And this isn’t new…I was attacked by a gang of blacks on the sidewalk of a busy street, in broad daylight, and that was in 1969…so even then, the “Racism” by blacks against whites was evident…( yes, I’m white)

      • In 1969 I was robbed at gunpoint by 2 black men. It did NOT make me hate all black men.

      • That is ancient history. No one alive has done it. My generation marched for equal rights. Did we waste that on you?

    • Because if a white person did it to a little ghetto rat, it would be headline news and a ‘hate crime’, that’s why it matters.

      • no matter either of the races here, it still sounds like a hate crime to me, but it sounds like the ones dolling out the pain are dealing with a lot of self hatred that’s being chanelled towards someone else’s face.

      • Many attackers have said they were having fun. It’s a game. If a friend films it and posts it to YouTube that increases their “FUN” an street cred. Some black adults were also interviewed and said it was just kids having fun, no big deal. The only white who attacked a black is being prosecuted fir a hate crime by Holder. None of the back attackers has been charged with a hate crime. They are charged with assault – IF anything.

      • Yes it is for Chits and Giggles..That is their Fun and No One Told Them To Stop!! When they break out a elderly white womans windows.. a adult will say “They are Just Playing” “They are Little Children” (15yrs old) and “Dont Call The Cops!” Sounds like intimidation to me eh??

    • because its a big deal when a white person commits a crime on a black person!!!Riots !!!but always hush up when it is a white person!

  54. Philly police are always called racist when they snatch up black perps but the sad fact is the neighborhoods surrounding Temple are primarily black and this isn’t the first time black-on-white crime has happened here. Its a major wonder to me that Temple hasn’t moved away from this area………..

    • As a Temple alum I can recall hanging out with my friends after Spring Fling. A group of 8 bike cops asked us what we were doing . We stated we were hanging out. They found a beer can on the ground and said they saw us drink and toss it on the ground. After a lengthy argument between myself and the cops who threatened to arrest us ( I studied Political Science and was on the Mock Trial Team) they realized it was best to leave us alone. While the neighborhood around the university has plenty of crime , no reason for cops to waste 20 minutes interrogating 6 black students when they should have been focused elsewhere

      • LOL are you saying that a group of white teens would never have been arrested for beer cans or pot?? Yes they would have and that was what happen in the 1970’s..the wagons would back up to the corner and everyone was piled inside..if you were not involved you were scooped up too..and they took the beer!!

    • the city is only 35% white..but they had to raise the white population so now Hispanics that are light skinned are counted as white..this just happened in the last year or so..and the Mayor thinks middle class white people will move back into the city?? No way they ran for their lives from 1999-2013 and they are Not coming Back!!! All he cares about is their wage taxes, property taxes..

  55. When the hell is our country gonna give ouut the death penalty every time some one hurts or kills ppl for no reason. I would LOVE to be in charge of the death penalty

    • Interestingly, a guy who murdered a black man by dragging him to death behind a truck actually was executed in Texas some years back, and rightly so. I just wonder why ‘justice’ in today’s world seems to be so one-sided.

  56. God, I love articles like this. Paragraph upon paragraph of commentary from deluded “internet racists” NEVER fails to entertain.

      • No… I’m saying that internet racism amuses me. I thought my comment was pretty straightforward. Did you even read what I said before you responded?

      • Do the internet search for gangs of any race attacking and harming or killing. See what you find. Its not racism. It is facts. Any gang of any race who attacks anyone of any race should be met with deadly force.

      • Such a cavalier response to a growing problem, shows your lack of humanity. You are amused? What a cold hearted low life.

      • Racism is a terrible thing, to be sure. We can all agree on that (Well… At least, I think).

        E-racists, however, are extremely entertaining and have the added bonus of being completely innocuous.

    • The video intro caption said it was a gang of black girls. Neither the reporter nor the written article mentioned race. Had whites attacked black students it would been stated and written. The denial of truth by internet racists like you is mind boggling. How is it racist to acknowledge truth?

      • I said nothing of the written article, beyond the fact that I love it for the sect of society it brings to the surface for my reading entertainment. I also said nothing of the reporter, nor have I even mentioned anyone’s race.

        I said that internet racists amuse me.

    • check out MSNBC and Sharptons facebook for all the hate you want! They are the Real cause of this Hate..why are they still on facebook and the air ways? I cant see why the cable tv is losing customers

  57. Can you even begin to imagine the media outcry that would have arisen had the victims been black and the assailants white? When’s the last time that white gangs have attacked black couples? I’ll tell you what. Google this: White gang attacks black couple and tell me what comes up.

  58. There’s no profit to be had for the race baiters here. No manufactured media outrage, no photo op for Jackasson and Pimpton. No corporation to shake down. Nothing but another pair of ignored victims.

      • Black was written in the intro of the video. The reporter nor the written article mention race.

      • that is the Philadelphia Police log..it is time stamped with district control numbers, time and date..that is what phila police issue to their police officer via laptop so the officer can ID the perps

      • The video from your link began with the fact they were a ganga of black girls. Thanks for the confirmation.

      • That’s what I keep trying to say. The news can not report information until the police say it is ok.

      • Cops all over have been told not to mention blacks. In NYC the cops can’t mention race when they’re hunting for criminal. They can mention height, weight and clothing only. They have used race to describe whites they’re hunting.

      • When the police are looking for someone they mention the race regardless . If they have surveillance video they post that.
        I have never seen it any different. It really just depends on the journalist .
        I did hear Zimmerman be described as white when that was first reported.

      • That was NBC/MSNBC that started that crap..many people were beaten due to their hate spewed news..they created the White Hispanic! First they reported him as White..then when they saw he was Hispanic..they changed his race to white hispanic They edited their videos on the injury to Zimmermans head and edited out the real 911 call..making Zimmerman look like a racist And MSNBC/NBC was Sued over this..and If I remember a few were fired

      • Yes I read that Pamela even on Police Radio..so I guess they are using the skin complexion light dark medium complexion but they still used white, hispanic asian and gender correct?

      • Gee…might it be because they know for whom to look specifically and don’t need the race? (That is, they have a name and prior records negating the need to mention race?) You really don’t think for yourself!

      • Crap…they have No problem reporting a white male bank robber but if it is a horse of a different color..they ignore the race and add everything else to the mix..eye hair color and skin complexion..this has been going on since 2009..new will add the video and then you can see for yourself..we know the racial make up of the city..75% of the whites moved out of one zip code ..there really is less then 35% white..and the Mayor thinks the middle class whites will move back to Phila with him building 1500 new low income sec 8 HUD/ Rental homes in Good Rich neighborhoods??? [email protected] Not going to happen! He wants govt guaranteed money and funding..not property home owners or they would not have raised taxes 300% on the poor elderly and working homeowner!

  59. we can thank obama, sharpton, jackson and oprah for the race attacks. they have totally destroyed what martin luther king died for. them 4 pigs need to just shut up and go away. it makes me so mad mr. king lost his life for jack ass’s like those 4 uneducated morons who use the race card.

      • I think the point is that news outlets don’t care to make stories out of black on white crime, while when reversed, the President muses about how he would have had a son who looked like somebody we ALL know.

    • While I agree, people like you mentioned have really hurt society, by playing on gullible peoples’ emotions, it’s just a symptom of a whole society that has turned away from God. It won’t change unless there is a revival.

    • Except that they’re not responsible at all. Don’t believe me? I ask you: what actions have anyone other than Sharpton (back in the 1990s) done that would make a rational American believe that blacks have special rights? What has Obama or anyone not done that could be done to solve this problem—given that they’re not legislators and cannot make a solution happen? I hate to say it, but I’m not sure that white America or most of America for that matter is capable of thinking rationally on this issue.

      • nbc did report the race , I posted the link. They had a picture. West is race baiting.
        And no they don’t report it when they are white, they didn’t report the victims were white.

      • they report if the perp subject is white..or if the victim is black..every other race is reported both victim and perp..If the victim is white their race is not reported..That network created this Hate this madness! Now the black leaders have to speak out and condemn this violence..and the violence is Not limited to white only..the black on black hate is terrible..The Mayor of Phila is in Italy..but when he gets back he Must address this serious issue ASAP..and threat with arrest..this is a game to the youths either the Knock Out game..or just for Chits and Giggles

    • It may have been edited in later.. Last night it was not on the article or the video the Colonel referenced, I looked..

      The local newspaper down here refuses to publish race when the offender is black.. it got so obvious it became a standing joke in the comments section..

      There’s nothing like “Police are looking for your help in finding the subject described as” — followed by a full description that omits race..

      But readers automatically knew, because if the suspect was white, it would be included..

      • Now the media uses skin complexion..light, medium dark..and eye color and if they are Hispanic they use the race hispanic..such Hippocrates But I have to commend NBC10 for their excellent reporting above and beyond..the other news networks! About time Temple sent out a notice to their students! How about Police Details on every other block in the badlands???

  60. I understand that these kids were most likely black and no one talks about race admittedly that is wrong but the worse thing is that we are going to see more of this and not because of race but because these children do not have a father they don’t have structure and they don’t have a purpose in this life. Regardless of race the true horrific thing that is happening in this country is that we are losing an entire generation of children because parents are selfish and don’t think of their children.

      • Media is pushing birth control on one race..did you see the story of how great life is without a child?? Really so you end up in a nursing home without any family..sounds like a great life to me eh??

    • Cut back on welfare for the mothers who will not give up their babies’ fathers’ names. They were never meant to be able to use the welfare system as a career, It is suppose to be a helping hand, not a family business.
      We let our politicians use the welfare system ( our tax money ), to buy votes. Everyone involved is to blame.

    • When blacks are no longer given a free ride. When their parents stop spreading the hate. When the left wing politicians stop using racial tension to get votes. When the legal system starts getting tough on blacks who attack other races. When the other races start standing up in masses to put and end to it.
      Until the mindset is changed this will never be a civilized country.

      • There is already; it is simply hard to prove one without a confession or a pattern. (Also responding to @RVNMike:disqus ‘s post…that most of America thinks that parents are spreading hate tells me that they’re being told what to think…they’re not—some parents just go bad.)

        As for the legal system—how do you get tough on blacks who attack other races and keep the laws 14A compliant? RVNMike is approaching close to Constitutional non-starter status.

      • I don’t blame blacks. They all stick together to be heard, us white people do not know how to gather together united to make a difference, and have our voices be heard, Us white people sit back complain and hope that it will change,and someone will feel sorry for us. We have to stand together and make a difference when injustice has been done to us, and the judgement goes against us. Nothing to do with race its the the principal. Society has become very used to black people having more rights than us, or white people feeling that way, and its about the louder person gets heard. Something to think about, lets let our voices be heard when the judicial system screws with OUR rights!!!!

      • You know the Govt has signs in the National Parks that say “Please don’t feed the animals, they will become dependent and wont be able to fend for themselves” as the govt then turns around and feeds the animals in the inner city’s. Those who do not pay for things, from the sweat off their own backs, do not, can not, will not take pride in their selves, their family’s, their home, their community, OR other human life. Same as a home owner will maintain their home, a renter will ruin your property. holes punched in walls and doors, drawing on walls and doors with sharpie markers, cabinet doors torn from the hinges, cig burns on the floors. Pride in ones achievements is the new BAD!! SLOTH and destruction is the new GOOD(BS)!!! I agree, RVN, to the elimination of the Social Programs, (If a man does not work, a man shall not eat….GIVE a man a fish he eats for a day, TEACH a man to fish, he will eat for a life time) but like a staffer at my Congressman’s office once told me, once you give out free stuff it is next to impossible to stop it. I remember a time when “WORK FARE” was to replace “WELFARE”, I can only guess liberals were voted in and that stopped “WORKFARE”. Also, the State of Mississippi has reported they are starting to drug test those on Social Programs. As long as liberals preach and scream “income inequality” this will never be a civilized country. All of our Reps in Washington should preach and scream “WORK ETHICS INEQUALITY” Spread our “work ethics” NOT or “wealth” because the middle class is drying up and liberals are to STUPID (not ignorant at all, just STUPID) to understand Sooner or later, you run out of other peoples money!!!!

  61. Sadly, it’s the FIRST thing that’s mentioned when the victim is black and the assailants are white. It’s “obviously” racial, according to the liberals. Reverse the situation, and those same liberals waving the race card now look the other way.

      • Philadelphia is over 60% black and maybe 35% white..but now to raise the white population they are counting Hispanics as White..and completely dropped their race from stats! How terrible for the Hispanic Latino population

      • Just like the gal in Florida last week or so who lost the election, her statement about Mexican, Illegals, Hispanic and Latino’s was something to the effect of “who will mow your yards and clean your hotel rooms”?? Do the dems have so much brain damage that they really don’t know when they insult people?? I have heard many times Liberalism is a mental disorder…..

  62. I’m sick of hearing that this is a lack of family structure. What is lacking is a hardline approach to discipline in the home, school and prison system. Why did the judicial system quit giving these thugs an option of military service over jail? Why do we no longer have hard labor prisons and chain gangs? When these tugs have no fear of consequences they will just keep running like the wild animals they are….. PS…..Too bad these idiots didn’t run into a citizen with a CCP.

    • I wouldn’t want these people serving in the Army, which is all volunteer, because they wouldn’t have the necessary sense of pride and patriotism eeded to function in it. They’d simply end up in a military brig. As for the rest—that is what happens when you have a subjective 8th Amendment.

      • When I was serving from 79-84 they were still doing it. Basic training use to straighten people up and make them walk tall and give them a purpose. It was all volunteer then. We certainly had our share of guys ending up in the brig or they sent them to Ft. Riley for the Retraining Brigade. From what I heard, you didn’t want to go there. I am sure that it has gotten quite a bit softer since then though. Thank you for your service Aemoreira81.

  63. Any time anyone says the obvious about the racial hatred of the blacks toward other races the ones pointing out this fact are called racist.
    The guilty whites are idiots. They have never seen a slave. Their parents have never seen a slave. I doubt their grandparents ever saw a former slave.
    Blacks are treated with suspicion because of their actions. No racial hate, just common sense. If you see a dog that growls to you run over and pet it?
    When people are allowed to get away with acting like animals they act like animals. Just like baboons they will travel in packs and attack others. Unlike baboons they attack out of pure evil and meanness. And our politically correct left wing media has chosen to turn a blind eye to this.

  64. Philadelphia is over 60% black and maybe 35% white..but now to raise the white population they are counting Hispanics as White..and completely dropped their race from stats! How terrible for the Hispanic Latino population..Blame MSNBC

  65. 1. Why is the author obsessed with the race of the attackers? Would the race of the assailants make the story more complete? Would it make the story more understandable? Is the author attempting to confirm his notions about one race or another? Why does the author believe the story is not completely told if the race of the attackers is not discussed?
    2. Is the author a racist? Does the author want you to be a racist too? Does the author want you to think people of one race or another are bad, or more prone to violent behavior? Does the author want you to dislike black people because the attackers may have been black?
    3. The author believes that the failure to mention the race of the attackers constitutes a “warped idea of social justice.” Do you agree? Is the author suggesting any action against the attackers? Does the author believe that discussing the race of the attackers will satisfy the requirements of “social justice” as he sees it?

    Take your time with this one.

    • 1. Because that’s what his readers are obsessed with. The goal is not to inform but to invite more speculations.
      2. Don’t know if the author is racist be he sure knows how to exploit his readers preconceived notions about race
      3. I believe the failure to mention the race of the attackers might have been a request from the authorities. The author does not believe in social justice.

      • Only racist call others RACIST!! Say you have a female who has just been mugged, when she makes a report, she tells the police he had a blue jacket and jeans. She did see his face. Would race be a non-issue? NO!! If the mugger was white, the police could call out to cops on the streets to keep an eye out for a white male, blue jacket and jeans. Why waste time focusing on black males if the mugger was white, or the opposite. Learning the facts, is knowledge, knowledge is the power to complete a job. However, I do understand liberals hate FACTS!!

      • I did not call anyone racist. I said I don’t if the author is racist. I don’t know him personally so I chose not SPECULATE about his character. As far as the race of assailants authorities probably know victims sure do. The issue is as to why it was not released to the public. At the end of the day cops on the beat are going to solve these assaults. They have the discretion to decide if they need to get the press involved.

    • It really doesn’t take much time with this one, Bond J. First of all, I noticed you have no ears, so have you ever heard the truth? Why would you not want to know the facts of the case? The author is black, Bond J. with no ears. What are you hiding from? Take your time answering.

    • I don’t blame blacks. They all stick together to be heard, us white
      people do not know how to gather together united to make a difference,
      and have our voices be heard, Us white people sit back complain and
      hope that it will change,and someone will feel sorry for us. We have to
      stand together and make a difference when injustice has been done to us,
      and the judgement goes against us. Nothing to do with race its the the
      principal. Society has become very used to black people having more
      rights than us, or white people feeling that way, and its about the
      louder person gets heard. Something to think about, lets let our voices
      be heard when the judicial system screws with OUR rights!!!!!!!
      thank you

      • That’s your fault! As for injustice…injustice cannot be carried out by anyone other than government or one working under the auspices of the same. Private individuals or organizations are inherently incapable of committing injustices.

        Society has become very used to black people having more
        rights than us

        Name these rights, especially considering that affirmative action is for all intents and purposes dead (and will be officially by next year at the latest)

        …or white people feeling that way,

        Maybe they need to stop listening to other outlets and actually—think for themselves for once? I notice that most Americans regardless of color just don’t have the capacity to do so.

        Something to think about, lets let our voices
        be heard when the judicial system screws with OUR rights!!!!!!!
        thank you

        You kind of have to have rights screwed with before you can protest.

    • The author is “obsessd” about the race of the attackers because the main stream media, does not report black on white crime, they report white on black crime routinely but not the other way around, nothing. even though black on white crime happens three times as much. The author is black, so I doubt he wants you to hate black people. The author feels that the media is afraid of being called racist, just as you seem to be calling the author. don’t need to take any time with this one. Its just another way the current leftist press pushes the race agenda without fair reporting for all sides. The Black community has killed off a whole percent of their population, 10 years ago it was 13% it is now 12%. out of 12% of the total population I would like to believe that only 2 or 3 percent of that are thugs. its interesting that they take up 38% of the prison population in America, and whites (78% of the country’s population) take up 35%. with Hispanics who make up 17% of the population make up 21%. I know, the cops are racist, the judges are racist, the population is racist, blah blah blah…….. nothing said about personal responsibility. How about just justice, instead of that wonderful tag “social justice”

  66. Ridiculous! What’s wrong with people? I will tell…the feeling of entitlement to everything and no consequences for actions!!

  67. (This was all but forgotten by Media and Police) PHILADELPHIA – February 14, 2014 (WPVI) — Philadelphia Police are investigating the attack of a mother and daughter caught on video in Frankford.

    It happened on Wednesday near the intersection of Frankford Avenue and Allengrove Street as the pair was trying to walk to their car around 12:00 p.m.

    Jennifer Harrilall says a group of teenagers approached and yelled at her daughter. That’s when the teens started throwing punches. http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?section=news/local&id=9433314

  68. Even Jesse Jackson made this statement! ((( Even Jesse Jackson said a few years ago, “There is nothing more painful to me … than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”))

    • These groups of uncontrolled teens and tweens have been running in packs all around Philadelphia..till 2am all minors Remember Flash Mobs??? That was started in Philadelphia..without discipline and consequences..this is allowed

      • Someone in your area should form a group…lure these teens into an alley and teach them a lesson. Make sure that they limp away with a few broken bones.

      • No Parents need to take responsibility for their kid..and if not then charge the parent along with their offspring!

      • Most of them have no parents in any real sense. Drunk, high on drugs or in jail – or dead even. Product of the welfare state, hiphop gansta generations.

      • They probably did not release the race of the offenders to prevent exactly this type of idea from becoming reality. Heisenberg might lure the wrong kid and someone ends-up dead.

      • If they keep this up, some of them WILL end up dead, as they will pick the wrong person or persons and they WILL be carrying!

      • I hope the gun owner doesn’t go to jail for protecting themselves. But you have to be alive to face the cops, court or jail time.

      • How old are you? Are you really that stupid, also his idea is stupid in the first place, the parents need to be held accountable for the actions of the child, and the children need to be held accountable for their own actions at age 8 I knew not to walk up to somebody and hit them with a brick, then again , and I had two parents and I was born with common sense.

      • wink-wink…we ALL know the race of these offenders. They are the miscreants who started this knock-out game to begin with.

  69. Too bad the couple aren’t concealed carry permit owners. Chances are the criminals would have run away especially after you drop the first one. A brick is a deadly weapon, it could have just as easily killed the woman as caused serious injury. No sympathy for street scum. It’s simply a matter of survival and protecting those you care about.

    • It would also be considered at least in the state of texas as deadly force, any force that can cause death or injury if left untreated even a broken bone and I agree as well.

    • What about them? What happened here that requires their attention? Form your own organizations to protest these things and don’t hijack others…if I were a member of an organization that did not cause this action and I were asked about it, I would not be amused…and as a New Yorker, I’d be liable to treat an ambush interview as a robbery attempt and act accordingly.

      • No one asks where’s Sarah Palin how come she doesn’t have anything to say when a white person commits a crime. But Sharpton needs to answer for every black criminal. Cry me a river.

      • Welcome to liberals they just assume everyone is racist when in fact they are the ones that are racists from the beginning. I know right, how do people go throughout life being ignorant and putting everyone into separate categories, of race, sex etc.

      • Typical answer from the likes of trolls. Really sick of “POOR ME’s” Who are you suppose to be? Angela Davis!?

      • Good morning Rafael. You are missing the point. Do you not worry about when you and your daughter are out? Do you not worry about the elderly when they are out? This is about young people attacking others for no reason whatsoever. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Elected Officials and others, should be talking about how wrong this is and that it’s not acceptably and something needs to be done about it.

      • Not @Rafael X:disqus – but generally, the only ones who can “do something about the problem” are legislators at the state capitol and the perps themselves. No one else can create a solution.

      • Outside of the state legislature, no one is capable of doing anything to address this problem. In the case of PA, that would place the problem squarely on the Republican Party, as they control both houses and the governor’s mansion.

      • Yes it’s very annoying how republicans can pass any groundbreaking, mold breaking laws they can without the liberals blocking the legislature, and yet they don’t do it. We need right thinking people, sadly that the republicans are right thinking, they just don’t have enough balls to follow through.

      • Rafael, Look up what 5 large people, adult did to these kids. They raped repeately both of them. Stripped both took the guy to railroad tracks raped him by each again. Shot him in the head and set him on fire. The girl they tortured for 2 days. Ramming objects in every orifice, over and over. Beat her continually. The autopsy showed bruises that penetrated into her body all the way through. They put her in a plastic bag, and then covered and tied her head in a plastic bag and stuffed her in a garbage can. When found the police said she had stuggled to open the bag over head but was too weak and beaten to save herself.

    • where is the Mayor of Philadelphia..all hell has broken loose this past weekend Philadelphia was a Blood Bath..and here is the Mayor Phila with the PA gov Gov. (((Corbett, Mayor Nutter, Archbishop Charles Chaput and a cadre of local business leaders have traveled all the way to the Vatican this week to invite Pope Francis to Philadelphia next year for the World Meeting of Families: http://bit.ly/1fedvkJ

  70. I saw a video that was linked in an email I received, a young black male from New York was taunting a couple of young white men in Arizona. He made a big show of how he was alone, he was from New York and was being very loud and rude to them (which they did reciprocate), however it seems the two white guys were moving away and the man came back at one of them and proceeded to swing starting a fight. He lost badly.

    It seems this behavior is always groups of young blacks attacking random innocent whites (and a few others, Hispanic, Asian) but this time it wasn’t someone defenseless. Sadly and predictably the comments on the story were very racial in nature and overly broad in assertions.

    The people that commit these acts need to be gone, planted if needed. Its about the only way the rest of us in society can peaceably exist. However, Sharpton, Jackson et al will be the first to defend them, keep them on the street in their community and the community will continue to be a horror of anarchy. I don’t know that many of these kids are salvageable – they have been weaned and raised on hate just like the Muslim kids raised on a very similar ideology of hating others.

  71. The answer is easy..Black Leaders will have to Step Up and Condemn Violence! Not like Sharpton MSNBC does by not reporting on anything outside of their own Hated views..they live in the past of the 1960’s..this is 2014..not 1960’s..The youths have to be told they will be prosecuted and go to jail..Hold the parents responsible! Phila Mayor DA and Police Commissioner Must Condemn the Hate crimes..regardless of the race of the victim and perp defendant! (Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter took the podium at his church in West Philly on Sunday, August 7, 2011 to admonish teens for making the city look bad with the recent mob attack) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXwCOcBjpbg

      • Because of Liberals, there is no “hard labor” in prisons. Murderers, child molesters/rapist, armed robbers, (the worst of the worse) are given more rights in prison than an unborn baby is given, by those same liberals. They have TVs, internet, soccer fields, gym equipment and so on, If we brought back hard labor in prisons it may become a deterrent. Until that time, it is 3 hots and a cot, with a doc on stand by. Prisons and County Jails are the poor mans Ritz Carlton!! NO BIG DEAL, they will be out in a few months to pick up where they left off. Call me heartless, BUT I believe in the 3rd strike you are OUT rule, if a person is a 3rd time offender of ANY CRIME, send him to the gas chamber or electric chair. That person has proven they can NOT be rehabilitated. How many innocent lives have been lost by repeat offenders??

      • They are Doing Nothing..for the Victims of these senseless crimes! Of Hate and Revenge! It the City does not take action Now..they will have No Tourists this summer..and already parents are thinking of pulling their child out of Temple and other colleges in Universality City or Not sending their child to the intercity colleges in the first place .. I read their comments and concerns on the local news posts! (So how many heard this story on National News Networks??? Wasnt even on local news) http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?section=news/local&id=9433314

      • Maybe he is being pressured to not investigate and prosecute Hate Crimes or is it reverse Hate Crimes DOJ made a statement that they will not take any reverse hate crime cases

      • State has Nothing to do with Philadelphia’s crime or their problems..but maybe the State Police can assist Philadelphia Police..and what about The Federal Housing Authority Police why are they Not Patrolling areas that have a high percentage of Federal Housing?? Arrest them and their parents! Dont just say it do it! BTW when the Mayor made this speech..the OWS 99% took to CIty Hall in defense of the minors and the curfew as unconstitutional..Enforce Curfew! People want to sleep at 2am not have a bunch of kids running around screaming as if it were 2pm..which BTW all summer long the children sleep all day and come out to play at 9PM!!!!

      • Yes, the state does! That you think otherwise tells me you’re not thinking for yourself.

        1. There is no FHA police.
        2. Arresting and locking up the parents (except for when the problem is clearly failure to supervise) will result in an ACLU action likely in their favor.
        3. The curfew issue will require an amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution to enact.

        All of this requires Harrisburg’s action.

      • This speech has been all but forgotten! Sad..it is the Best Speeches I have ever heard!!! Time for a Repeat Mayor Nutter..there is No reason any child as young as 8yr old is outside at midnight..or later running amok on the next city block..Where are the Police when a elderly woman is getting her windows busted out in day light? Causing a thousand in damage to windows and doors..while the adult and I use that loosely says “They are Just Playing” They are Little Children” (at 15yr) Hope the Mayor comes back fro Italy swinging! And one again takes to the podium and Condemns this Violence regardless of Race!!

  72. it’s time to take back America from only a few owning what we see and hear in the news media.Stand and fight for what is right!

  73. Let’s be honest, Black culture has been decimated in the United States. Approximately 70% of black children are born out of wedlock. Black Americans make up 12% of the population, yet over 40% of all abortions are black children. We are talking about a segment of our society and culture that has been here from the start, in many ways the country was built on the backs of Black Americans. What is the problem? They are still enslaved. They’ve gone from being owned by landholders to being owned by the Progressive left that uses their population as a weapon. They are kept in a state of disarray and then told by the progressives that it is the fault of white middle class and well to do Americans, that it is the racism of the of the general white population that is to blame for their condition. The black citizens of this country have seen their situation worsen under the progressive banner, the demise of the black family, the rise of the gangster culture, the decimation of communities by drugs. They have no personal liberty and whenever they dare to step up and out of line, as the handful of libertarian and conservative blacks have, they are painted as race traitors. The only way for this condition to end is for the black community to be liberated from the despotism of progressive government and enlightened with the ideals of personal liberty and responsibility. Until then, this is a perfect example of why concealed carry rights and the second amendment must be protected from the progressive statists at all cost.

    • You said alot in your comment , but almost all of it is wrong. One thing you had right though was this country was built on the back of black slaves. If not for us , this country wouldnt be the greatest country in the world. We are enslaved by a system of laws and rules set over 150 years ago after centuries of slavery that although illegal now , these rules still make it harder for us to gain access to many of the privileges other people have. Its not coincidence that drugs affected the black community hard after the civil rights movement. Im not sure of too many blacks bringing drugs from overseas, that was done by the US govt and the whites in power. Conservative blacks for the most part are seen as race traitors to some because they completely lost touch of the reality and history of their people. For 400 years we were enslaved , the minute we were set free by the Em.Pro , we were still enslaved. To this day , the powerful individuals and institutions in the country are used to help mostly whites and to hurt most blacks and other minorities. The idea that all one has to do is pick themselves up by their bootstrap and they will be free is ludicrous. The last line of your comment if Im correct states that until the black community behaves and conforms to the rules and standards that you see fit , then whites must have the right to carry and use guns to kill blacks. But youre not a racist

      • I believe what Penn said was spot on and logically and fairly stated. Your answer just added validation to their point. You refuse to see yourself as anything but a victim. The black community is held down by the powerful white? That is ridiculous. The amount of programs designed to help minorities are immeasurable, but that is not enough?

      • The number of programs used to hinder us are also immeasurable. Read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander and realize how many schools are just used to funnel black males into new expensive prisons. Philadelphia just built a half a billion dollar prison , but closed dozens of schools because a lack of funding

      • Is Philadelphia run by democrats? Is Detroit? Is Chicago? If you’re really concerned why arent you and others holding democrats accountable? Blaming big bad white man is actually irrelevant when you look at who is controlling these violent cities. Why do so many blacks allow themselves to be enslaved by the left?

      • YES and Philadelphia has Only One Political Party Democrat there is Not a Republican in office that I know of for years and years..they dont even run anymore..not worth it

      • Id rather be living down the street from you , where your mother and sister could see me in all my glory and want to have my children and be down

      • Fitch, you are in denial, knuckle dragging apes, like YOU, are TOTALLY IGNORANT!!!! THE ONLY EDUCATION YOU UNDERSTAND IS A BULLET!!!!!!!!!!

      • You did a good job of reading into my words and twisting for your own use. The statistics about black families are well known and true. Abortion is a left wing, progressive democratic institution. Google the great progressive hero Margaret Sanger. It was the democrats and their progenitors that upheld the institution of slavery and when they saw they could no longer control the black population through the old Jim Crow laws, they switched to a more insidious tactic of creating and controlling an entire population of people through making them poor, keeping them uneducated and the use of “progressive” language to perpetuate the myth of left wing compassion for the black population in America. I said nothing about bootstraps. It’s not so simple, especially when the “bootstraps” are being intentionally kept from you. You will find as time goes on that the left will leave the black population to languish and cater more and more to the new immigrants in this country, as they actually always have. The rules and standards that I see fit are those that are fit for all human beings. Love of God, love of family, dependence on self, pride in self and an active desire to accomplish for oneself and ones community, regardless of race. As for second amendment rights, they apply to all people, of all races, to protect themselves from an ever more powerful and intrusive government, and those who would victimize others out of hate. I love the racist comment, is that the only argument that a progressive has? When all else fails, just call ’em a racist. Beautiful. As a Black American you really need to open your eyes and see who is doing what to your community, and it isn’t the descendants of the Lincoln Republicans and the tens of thousands of white Americans that died to end slavery. Look at the situation of Black Americans since 1965, the civil rights era. It’s worse than ever. MLK was a republican, a conservative, a man who worshiped and preached the Word of God. He didn’t die so that Black Americans could live in horrid conditions they do today, so that millions of black babies could be murdered in the womb. You can call me racist all you want, the truth of the matter is that I am not, and I will never succumb to the belief that all the black community needs are more handouts and midnight basketball. I have more faith in Black America than you.

      • The Republican Party of today is not related to the Republican party of Lincoln. From there lets try and continue. As time goes along , the only thing that will continue to happen is the decline of power the Republican party has on politics on this nation. Whether it’ll implode by itself with the Tea Party doing a pretty good job of creating havoc on its on , or when a younger , more educated population ceases to be controlled by conservative “morals and values”, only time can tell. My God and Jesus Christ must be looking at this country and specifically at those conservatives that use his teachings to hurt and harm others and is shaking his head.

        Luke 6:20-21 Then he looked up at his disciples and said: ‘Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.

        ‘Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you will be filled. ‘Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh

        And yet we must look down upon those who use food stamps and other programs to help their children eat.

      • I hate to tell you this, but it is the conservatives that are concerned with the teachings of God. I am quite familiar with the Words of Christ in the Beatitudes. No where did I say that we should look down on the poor, another statement you have inferred and that I have not made. The poor must be helped, as you pointed out above Christ blessed the poor. However, that is not what is done in Progressive America, the poor are made and kept poor. Food stamps are to be a stop gap, a bridge to help those cross a difficult time, not a way of life. Matthew 7:7, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent? If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

      • Actually it is the same party. I’m always amused when I read comments like yours. Explain Al Gore. Robert Byrd? Gore’s dad voted against the civil rights act as a Democrat, Gore is a Democrat. Small towns filled with the KKK are still democrat. I know, I live in the south.

      • 5 Republican Presidents were members of the KKK, Lets not forget David Duke, and this guy.

        It was Lee Atwater who showed Republicans how to appeal to the racist vote without sounding racist. He was the refiner of the finally backfiring Republican Southern Strategy. Atwater taught Republicans how to hide the racism upon which the Southern Strategy was built.(politicausa)

        They know it’s “bad” to be a racist, and so they will deny the white hood while hiding under the deflection that Democrats wore it first way back in the late 1860s when it was founded by six veterans of the Confederate Army. Yes, Democrats were a big part of the original KKK over 150 years ago. But Democrats were on the other side in 1948 with the addition of civil rights as a campaign plank and on into the fights for Civil Rights in the 60s, losing Southern white voters to the Republican Party. But really, what matters when you are voting is where each party stands TODAY. (The KKK had a resurgence in the 20s by white protestants angry at industrialization and immigration and high on Prohibition and the Bible, and a third big incarnation in reaction to the Civil Rights movement.)

      • you are totally wrong about the 60’s civil rights movement. the 1964 civil rights act never would have been passed without republican votes. Johnson had to “cross the aisle” or it wouldn’t have ever been passed with just the democrats, 8o%republican aye votes as opposed to 63% in the house, 80% in the senate as opposed to 69%. and you think Johnson did it because he liked the black People or believed in his bill? He is quoted as having said ” this will keep those Ni**ers voting democrat for the next 200 years. don’t believe me? look it up. and your statement of five republican presidents having been kkk should be prefaced with once upon a time. pure fairy tale. in 1924, Pres. Truman a democrat was accepted into the kkk, He was a judge at the time. there is absolutely not Proof that there were any republican pres. in the klan. Harding was rumored to have been but it has been proven otherwise, as was Coolidge. Woodrow Wilson a democrat was a proven klans member.

      • Please…we should not argue with the troll….as tempting as it is.
        This person’s world is FLAT…..

      • whats the matter? you cant handle facts? these are all well documented facts, not some hope and change bullsh*t. but that’s ok. you keep on believing in bullsh*t. so go ahead, Oh Boy and I stress the Boy part. submit to your temptation to argue with “a troll” by the way, you are the one that’s doing the trolling as this is a conservative blog and not some Obama, democrat bullsh*t site. you cant argue with the facts. so unless you can show facts instead of all talk, go back to the childrens table and let the adults talk.

      • not sure here…but thinking you belive I don’t agree with you which would not be the case……you need to take some meds or less caffine…seriously you go all postal on me and for what…exactly….?
        Your reaction is exactly as the paint US…and I do stress the us….

      • I did reply, don’t know if it went through. sorry about that , thought you were trolling me. no meds, needed, maybe less caffine…….

      • Hmmmm….Kooolaid gooooood……………
        Bla…bla…..all that said it is the LEFT that keeps the black family down in modern times…it is the LEFT and business that destroys middle and lower middle class jobs……Buiness by definition is not RIGHT… look at who they contribute to……
        It is the LEFT that is marxist and turns from the very document that in the end was the tool and jusfify to end slavery driven by the RELIGIOUS RIGHT.
        So… hmmmhmmmmm good sing the obma song.. who with his ilk only make things worse….

      • It is only the left that recognizes that Blacks are Americans with the same minds as the white.

        They like myself don’t need to base our association on others opinions we choose based on substantiated evidence.

      • ahhh…. the programming run deeep in you… you must get good grades in college.
        Y yes…of course your soo right unless someone of color disagrees of course then they are torn down brick by RACIST brick by the ooh… so ever tolerent and sooo inteligent left….
        evidence … you would not know what that was if it sat down next to your tutition payment your parents give you.

      • I think there is something in there also that says that those who won’t work shouldn’t eat. Of course we know that Obama’s policies have killed the job market, and there are a lot of people willing to work. Instead, he wants to legalize millions of illegal aliens, who have hurt BLACK MALES more than anyone.

      • The TEA PARTY is the only thing going now that can save this country ..
        I am starting to think your a college professor or preacher..your not programmed your a programmer…
        You spin better than a washinton mouth piece.

      • I’m sorry… but my family is made of America Indians and English immigrants… this country was not built off the backs off “slavery”… it wasn’t built off the backs of any particular race… you are demanding credit for things my family did for this country as well… we are all responsible for the development of this country in some way… our ancestors came here one country at a time and built America… we are not China or Mexico or Africa… where everyone looks alike…and acts alike… we are all different and mixed in some way…. one day Americans will see that we are a breed of races… not 1 or 2… but all… we are all the same people with the same opportunities… we all have “Obama care” lol.. and the same college grants to apply for… ignorance says racism is our biggest problem… and let’s hate another race to make that right..lol… so stupid… and just adding to the problem…

      • This country was built off the backs of my ancestors, Without slavery this would not have been the great country it is today. While all races had a hand in building it, my people gave their entire life for it , their blood and sweat fertilized the earth that enabled plants to grow, while the hand of the powerful whites were used to beat woman and children as if they were less than human.

      • It always amuses me that nobody ever mentions that there were Irish slaves right alongside black slaves 400 years ago. the “masters” used to “mate” them so they didn’t have to buy more “stock” I don’t hear the Irish crying about something that happened 400 years ago. Get over it. its just being used now as an excuse for showing absolutely no personal responsibility.

      • You sir… are very well programmed…
        Its a shame you don’t see that history does not support your point… they are just beliefs……
        Liberals/Democrats have been kiling off the black family for generations and you are still holding to the Big Govt boogey man…..
        BTW – Irish, Chinese, and a multitude of others made this country what is along side the black family so dont be so full of yourself.. you suffer mirror syndrom greatly.
        Everyone must have the right to carry a gun… an informed speaker would know that guns have helped the black community in the past to preserved itself the fact that the black community “generally” speaking has let its children and families down sooo bad that it has creataed a generation (and more to come) of people that must be dealt with in a self defense way is yet another liberal outcome…
        Abortion… 80% black… the right to choose.. a liberal GOD..hmmm….what say you to that sir.
        Never mind…I sense your a lost soul or a simple troll either way it is very sad.

      • do some research stop blaming slavery in the US that happened 150 years ago. If you want to get pissed off blacks are still being enslaved in Islamic today.

      • Come on, it is the systematic genocide of millions of black children! Go read about Margaret Sanger and eugenics. She is a great hero of the progressive movement, not exactly a friend of Black Americans. I mean come on, I’m so terrible because I hate seeing a huge portion of Americans who have been here since the beginning being left it the gutters of our culture? Friend, you need to take a look around and switch to the side of freedom.

  74. The murder of Christopher and Channon is such a horrific attack, I pray for the parents of these kids. Attacked by sub humans for “sport”. The courts are still hand wringing on how to charge these goons. WHY? Because all were black. Arm youselves America. Don’t call police they are worthless. Shoot to kill and get rid of the bodies. The police and the courts are for sale. And they are being bought by our DOJ.

    • Would I be wrong for ripping this individual a new one ? Youre scared of blacks thats fine , all we want to do is kill you white men, have babies with your wives and daughters and then abort the fetusus. Be terrified of us. But before you do that , pick up a biology textbook and learn that every single human on this planet and their ancestors are ALL descended for Africa. White people , haha we are all indeed black

      • So,fitch711, so what’s the problem then? You should be proud that we White and mixed race Africans are doing so well. And I’m not afraid of Blacks like Colonel West but I am cautious when I see a bunch of teenagers approaching, especially if they are black.

      • I get nervous when I see a group of white teenagers too , not sure they wont try to lynch me like they did to my great great grandfather

      • Nice try but you don’t have a leg to stand on. Unless these whites you speak of come from your violent, Democrat controlled cities.

      • Not every white person is racist just like not every black is racist. I thought the point was to not make broad sweeping judgements of entire races?

      • That would be your Southern Democrats who think that way. Terrified? No. Disappointed that so many want to stay on the government plantation? Yes.

      • I wonder where children learn this violent behavior?
        This is how you react when someone makes a comment that hurts your feelings? You want to kill them?

    • This was the most horrific story I have ever heard about. I still think about Channon and Christopher and pray for their families. You’re right, the media did everything to could to bury the facts about their attackers. As though we aren’t aware that thugs exist.

  75. Again it shows that to many people have lost respect for others and themselves. Hurting an innocent person is just for fun and laughs, until it happens to these thugs then they will yell all the usual remarks. Hard to think of an 8 year old as a thug. But they are trying to fit in with what they believe life is really like. God help these people to find the right way to live and to respect themselves and others.

    • hy is it people allways try to bame it on a poliical pary when in realatiy its the uncivlized uneduceted parents that dont raaie there kids what little they do learn is on the tv or on the streets start holding the pareents responnsable an then then they may wake up

  76. These Comments are nothing more than generalizations and stereotypes. Generalizations are the most dangerous thing in this country. You should all be ashamed.

    • Really? You are free to be ignorant if you choose but the media should have revealed the attackers when they first reported the story. Conservatives are fully aware that not all blacks are violent sheep….we know because WE have plenty of good examples on our side. The left can’t say the same. Save your selective outrage for people dumb enough to buy it.

      • You have every right to be mad at those individuals who committed that crime. You have every right to demand justice for their actions. I myself would feel better at night if they were put away. I am a conservative at heart. I am a registered republican. I am a good Christian. When you speak in generalities about OUR SIDE, it makes me very uncomfortable. There is no side. That is the biggest illusion that mass media has pulled over your eyes. Divide and enrage. The tactic is as old as time. It is people farming 101. If you want to “win” and “your side” can make all the decisions. What do you want to do with the people who aren’t on “Our Side”? Mathew 26:52.

      • Again, you are free to disagree but if you’re incapable of acknowledging that this country is in a battle for our soul then you’re not paying attention. Your attempt to sugar coat everything is not productive to those of us who stand on biblical principle and wish to do so in the town square without being arrested for it.

      • I don’t want to do anything to those who disagree with me…if they love socialism and communism there are plenty of places to live besides the US. Unlike the left who would like to do worse to those of us with dissenting voices. You quote biblical scripture but fail to understand that God expects his children to be informed and diligent.

      • OK< Steve..lets look at some other scriptures…abt self defense, and standing for righteousness…read on!

        Proverbs 25:26
        Like a muddied spring or a polluted fountain is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked.

        Psalm 144:1
        Of David. Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle;

        And there are dozens more….,we are allowed to speak up, and defend righteous living, and to protect ourselves from those who perpetuate evil. We are NOT ever, as Christians, to take action with unforgiveness in our heart…that is a command, but people get all confused…thinking that to forgive we must also agree..that is NOT Biblical. God sets the standards by which we are supposed to live. Defend righteousness, but forgive as God does.

      • Do you see the things these people are saying? KNUCKLE DRAGGING, BLUE GUM C.O.O.N.S.!!!! KILL THEM ALL, LET GOD SORT THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!! – Paul Shelton…

        You want Nuke practise this would be a good place to start! – trnichols… this hate and rage is unhealthy.

      • There is hate all over the world and there will be as long as there is sin. I don’t condone hatred. I was called a “cracker whore” yesterday. Are you outraged? I am not a whore but I guess I’m guilty of the cracker part. I didn’t let it affect me because its ignorant.

      • One plan of the left is to masquerade as conservatives, or Tea Party people, and show up with racist signs, or put racist posts on message boards. Every time, these people are SHUT DOWN, because that is not what this movement is about.

      • Assuming that Tea Party members are doing this is interesting but not worth wasting your breath about. Just because the MSM puts it out there that all Tea Party members are racist doesn’t make it so. In fact, when the media is challenged to show PROOF of said racism, they go silent.

      • Still waiting for any proof that racial slurs were used against minority House members in their victory march. No evidence exists.

      • The media did there was a video right beside the article posted Sat. evening.
        Save your ignorant low information comments before you judge others.

  77. I am familiar with the area.It’s a Ghetto inhabited by mindless self serving Blacks.There’s a grocery store near Temple I went to and it was packed.We were the only White people in sight.Everyone in front of us used EBT cards even the guy who was dressed to the nines,black style had the grill and bling everywhere.We paid with cash and I thought the cashier was going to have a stroke.When we left we saw Mr. Nines getting in his customized Cadillac Escalade.You want Nuke practise this would be a good place to start!

    • I went to the school for 4 years . Ive been to that grocery store every week. Its not the safest neighborhood in the world and its definitely not the richest , but you suggesting the only way to fix it is to murder thousands of women and children , is extremely racist. I hope you never have children you racist…..ape you

      • Sorry, but in those types of environments..those ‘sweet little mamas” are simply raising the next generation of gangsters…and on and on…Thank God there are a number of conservative blacks, like Allen west who are demanding that the Afro-Amera community begin to call their people to accountability…and stop playing the victim/race card! if only Oprah would spend just 1/2 of her money freeing the ghetto slaves…instead of the racist blah, blah blah!

      • But we spent the last 400 years as victims of slavery. At least give us more than 50 years to correct this !

      • 400 years as victims of slavery? I’ve been to and studied African culture …. it’s been a lot longer than 400 years on the continent (where slavery still thrives) and over here, there’s been a lot more than 50 years to correct attitudes.
        Yes, I have ancestors who were slaves. No, it is not anyone’s fault who is alive today.
        End of story.

    • Here’s the thing…that’s that cool. Conservatives have a lot of good examples of black Americans and I personally have many friends of color who are conservative and understand what the left is doing to blacks. Please save your hateful comments.

    • @Paul Shelton…when you express yourself in such a crude way…you literally join the ranks of the “knuckle draggers”…. i am radically conservative…and I understand your anger …however I would like to post a disclaimer: Ladies and Gentlemen…this man does NOT represent the way all conservatives want to solve this problem….

  78. As I said, you can NEVER criticize homosexuals in the American media, even (it appears) in Col. West’s blog.

    This statement that I posted just minutes ago has already been taken down:

    The under-reporting of black crime isn’t the only element of reportage now permeated by liberals’ “Social Justice” self-censorship campaigns. In fact, reporting the race of offenders — even when other elements of their description (clothing, height, age) was available — became taboo in most newsrooms long, long ago. (The 1980’s for most big city media; later for smaller market media.)

    But we see the same self-censorship campaigns today with the homosexuals, who commit some of the most vicious “domestic violence” and child physical and sexual abuse crimes you can imagine.

    The liberal press gerenally tries to finesse homosexual criminal activitiy by three means:

    1. the media hides the fact that homosexuals beat and murder each other by saying they are “roommates”. One usually must go to either the foreign or very local press to find that the latest murder and dismemberment of a “roommate” was carried out by a homosexual on his lover.

    2. the media uses gender neutral pronouns in child sexual abuse cases where the abuse is committed by a homosexual. If you see an offender attacked a “child”, a “student” or a “victim”, and the victim’s gender is not provided, the victim is almost always the same gender as the abuser. (Oddly, the media has no qualms identifying the gender of a heterosexual abuser’s victim.)

    3. The media will simply omit the offender’s disorder all together. In New York City a few months ago, the most precious little boy was beaten to death by his father’s “girlfriend” while he was doing time in jail. Only ONE media outlet reported that the father’s “girlfriend” was actually a pre-operative male to female “transgender” (i.e., a man) and even that reportage was promptly scrubbed from the story that, thereafter reported the “he” as a “she” without mentioning that “she” was actually a man.

    The final way the media covers up homosexual criminal activity, to show that they are “just normal people” is to simply not report a story or leave out crucial facts.

    We’ve all been told that Russia’s “anti-gay” laws are a product of Putin’s “homophobia” and that Russia no longer allows the adoption of Russian children by Americans as “retaliation” for some diplomatic sanction imposed by the USA.


    Russia adopted so-called anti-gay laws and barred US adoptions because Russian children were being adopted — and sexually abused — by homosexual American “couples.”

    The most notorious case involved American Peter Truong and his lover, Mark Newton, who appeared on Australian TV as “happy parents, just like you” who had paid a Russian surrogate $8,000 to bear “their” son. In truth, the two homosexuals had sexually abused their child from about 20 months old until the abuse was discovered when he was six. The two had let the child to other homosexuals and videotaped the abuse to trade on homosexual “boy love” networks.

    Russian officials have rightly screamed bloody murder about the abuse perpetrated by the American Truong and his “husband”, but you can Google the American press high and low and you will find no mention of the Russian officials’ claims in the US press because it has been censored.

    So, beware the American media and the meme that “homosexuals” or “gays” , as the media prefers, are “just normal people”. They’re not; not by a long shot. They’re sexual deviants, they are far more likely to be sexual predators, and they are nothing at all “just like you.”


  79. I go to temple. These attackers are raised from a young age to hate any AND all white people from their convict parents. no one in their right mind just walks around on a friday with the mindset of attacking innocent, unsuspecting white college students with bricks. This is an attempted murder and without a doubt a hate crime. I bet if the boy managed to hit/subdue one of those girls. it would be NATIONAL news that a white male hit a black girl. the double standard is sickening and this will be swept under the rug like every other attack that happens on campus.

    • I graduated from Temple University with a degree in Political Science , was on the Mock Trial team and can tell you for a fact that you are absolutely wrong. There wasnt a report when a white student attacked my 16 year old black friend visiting his brother for the weekend with a brick was there?

      • People get in fights all the time. The fact that this violence towards total strangers is happening frequently in certain areas is the point.

      • The majority of the violence by the youth in North Philadelphia is directed towards other blacks in North Philadelphia. The student body at Temple is left alone for the most part, the handful of cases of crimes against us had little to do with race. I know blacks that were victims and I know whites that were victims. A bunch of white kids house was robbed 2 years ago by some black kids . It turns out those white students were pushing heavy drugs

    • Or how we students throw parties at all times of the day and night disturbing the families that live in the neighborhood around us? People urinating on steps , vomiting on cars that belong to someone that has to get to work to make sure their child has something to eat. How we are forcing these families out of the neighborhood so that a group of students can have live close to campus so that the freshman and sophomores can drink and smoke without having to travel too far ?

      • first off.. most people in that neighborhood are up all hours of the night because they don’t work. how are you going to tell college kids to respect a neighborhood that has abandoned buildings falling down, bums walking around, and trash everywhere. People in that area raise their kids like animals. If you scream and hit your kid, why is it a surprise that your entire neighborhood is full of loud, violent people?…

      • yes, and with reason. respect is also earned. smacking your child while yelling “no hitting” is completely hypocritical, and is proven to raise the chances of your child committing a violent crime.

      • no just tired of blacks beating their kids, creating monsters in society. whites do it too, but not nearly at the same rate as blacks. do you have an actual argument with reason and evidence or do you just say racism!

      • Well as long as you think it’s OK for white’s to beat their kids, then I’ll stop accusing you of racism…. if you’re white that is.

        “no just tired of blacks beating their kids, creating monsters in society. whites do it too, but not nearly at the same rate as blacks. ”

        No out logic-ing you.

      • You’re the expert on beatings and their justification, you tell me.

        I didn’t think anyone beat their kids anymore, but again, you’re the “expert”

        People in that area raise their kids like animals. If you scream and hit your kid, why is it a surprise that your entire neighborhood is full of loud, violent people?
        no just tired of blacks beating their kids, creating monsters in society. whites do it too, but not nearly at the same rate as blacks.

      • http://www.childtrends.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/51_fig2.jpg

        single parent mothers that have a higher rate of child spanking and abuse leads to young blacks committing violent crimes at a higher rate than young whites. facts are facts. you can either acknowledge it and look to change it, or just keep sticking your fingers in your ears yelling racism. i don’t care either way. it isn’t racist to judge other people. it’s called playing your odds. if a woman clenches her pocketbook, it isn’t because you’re black. it’s because there is a torrent of violent crime coming from young black men.

      • Thank you for the link… I’m not so sure it makes your point, but thanks for the effort.

        I like the title… “by race and Hispanic origin” …. um… i’m not sure that’s a real thing. HISPANIC ORIGIN.

        “it isn’t racist to judge other people.”
        Isn’t it god’s job to judge?

        OK Silky Mitts, here’s the scenario.

        You have to walk to your car, at night, across a long parking lot. You can see your car.

        20′ away is a black man, between you and your car.

        You look to the left and you see a Hispanic man.

        You look to your right, you see a white man.

        Which way do you take to get to your car?





        You deserve to be mugged.

        The black man was Bill Cosby (I know you probably believe he’s a racist, but it’s not likely you believe Bill Cosby is a criminal threat)

        The Hispanic Man is Pope Francis (Argentina, a “hispanic” country)

        And the White Man is Charles Manson.

      • first, show me evidence of your god that judges.

        second, I would look around before I walked to my car. an old black man? no threat. an old hispanic man? no threat. a scraggly haired white guy with a swastika on his forehead? probably a threat…. being afraid of getting attacked by a young black male is not racist. I wouldn’t be afraid of an old black woman in a wheelchair, because they aren’t statistically a high percentage of violent criminals. so it isn’t race that is the factor.

      • ” being afraid of getting attacked by a young black male is not racist”

        Not on this page. Thanks for making my point.

      • only in your assbackwards world does making rational decisions based on objective data make you a racist. if it was a black thing, why don’t ladies clench their purses when an old black woman walks by? again, you can get mad and claim racism, but the real problem is the violence coming from young blacks perpetuating the stereotypes. if a woman walking at night gets scared by me walking right behind her, do i get to claim sexism? no.. because i understand most rapists at night are men and she is just reacting to that FACT. i also wouldn’t be so sensitive that i took her reaction as some personal attack against me… and if i wanted to stop getting reactions for walking up behind women at night, I would have to do it by stopping rapes by men… instead of getting mad at the woman for reacting the way she does.

      • Things racists say to justify THEIR behavior.

        “from young blacks perpetuating the stereotypes.”

        Ouch, damn those “stereotypes”

        1 a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.

        Please stop, pointing out what a racist you are is starting to make me distrust humanity….. I might begin to fear old white racists…. oops, too late.

      • A lot of people grow up in college towns and experience this. I did. But I never thought, “I’m going to grab a brick and smash some chick’s face.”