Shock video! Democrat Senator says something stupid about Ukraine

One thing you can count on is for liberals to say something so totally obnoxious and ridiculous that you just have to shake your head.

The episode unfolding in Ukraine has certainly provided a backdrop for the theater of the absurd. Enter Democrat Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut — who votes for these loons anyway — and his recent venture into Bizarro World.

As reported by Daniel Greenfield in, after a visit to Ukraine, Murphy appeared on MSNBC to explain that everything is just fine: “Frankly the fact that we are here today with a very weak Russia, having the entirety of the Ukraine turn away and having engaged in a panicky reaction is partly a result of the United States’ strength on this issue, standing with the protesters.” Folks, you just cannot make this stuff up.

As Greenfield points out, some of us might be a bit confused about his assertions as ” Usually it’s the countries doing the invading who are strong and the countries standing there frowning impotently who are weak. But soft power advocates know that real strength comes from not invading countries and not doing anything to stop those who do.”

This is right up there with the stupid idea from the Obama administration about “Combat Restraint Medals” –remember that one? Yep, ol’ blood and guts Obama wanted to reward combat troops for not shooting at bad guys in Afghanistan under the guise of protecting civilian casualties.

To claim that supporting the protesters from a distance in Ukraine is a show of strength is both cynical and hypocritical. Oh yes, Obama Inc. showed enormous strength since he kinda sorta supported the Iranian Green movement protestors but eventually cut a deal with Iran to let it go nuclear anyway.

You see, in Obama’s world, peace through strength is replaced by peace through appeasement, but wait, appeasement is actually a show of strength and a deterrent. There are no more combat operations, just overseas contingency operations. There are no terrorist attacks, just man-caused disasters and instances of workplace violence.

But Putin’s actions to invade a sovereign nation, use military force to intimidate, and then annex territory shows just how weak he REALLY is, and our restraint in sanctioning 11 guys shows our powerful resolve.


  1. He’s from Connecticut and a Democrat what would you expect from him, something logical? Never!.
    His ideas are basically lay down your arms and they will surrender. What does he think will work confuse the enemy to death?

  2. this guy Sen Chris Murphy is determined to go down, clinging to the stinking Obama ship …. he is still ‘spinning’ wildly…..

    he’s nearly as bad as wasserman shultz and pelosi (and axelrod too, I think), who persist in claiming that the DEMs WON’T be hurt by Obama/Obamacare in November and should embrace both

    oh my ….. talk about Bagdhad Bob REDUX ….. remember him as Saddam’s #1 propaganda guy back in 03? He continued to tell Iraqis (and the world) daily in his press briefings that the US Military was NOWHERE NEAR Bagdhad … until the Marines were knocking on his studio door … and he fled … **__**

    I don’t recall what happened to that guy, but I do know his daily briefings stopped .. quite suddenly ….


    If any Readers out there are parents/grandparents of school age children, you may wanna investigate this insidious outrage I came across yesterday:

    #CommonCore is teaching your children that #2A requires citizens to REGISTER firearms (photographic evidence in pic below)

      • I tweeted the tip to also, and asked them to post the info tweets also, if they are deemed newsworthy

        … shouldn’t curriculum writers of EDUCATION CONTENT for American children be FULLY ACQUAINTED with the content of the US FOUNDING DOCUMENTS???

        Who on earth would write such lies? Certainly not Americans who VALUE the Constitution …

        such people should NOT BE IN CHARGE of curriculum selection for American children

        one aspect of the *Restoration of Constitutional America* goal will surely be the EDUCATION of her children

        #BeClingers ——————————> #AmericaRISING

      • Where can we see the rest of this falsified school lesson ( Amendments 1 – 10 as it states at the top of the page)?

      • Google up Common Core Second Amendment, see what the “instruction manual” is planning on teaching our kids about “that” pesky little tidbit of history.

    • I do not know whether the will or they won’t. Putin is gambling that they are bluffing and will not do anything. Much like the beginning of World War 2 When Hitler called the Bluff of The UK. and Invaded Poland and then Belgium. Each time Hitler called their bluff and advanced his agenda.
      This is little difference from those days. As I said I do not know what barry and the UK have in mind, but if history is any indication they won’t do anything.
      Putin advances his agenda rebuilding the USSR.

  3. Lesten, stop saying that Russian unlawfully “annexed” Crimea. Crimeans voted to go to Russia. New Ukrainian “government” is unlawful by all International standards, They weren’t elected, they overturned the democratically elected government (no matter how bad it was) and what’s going now in the Ukraine, is horrible. There are 5 fractions in that government that by all international laws are nationalistic, anti-Semitic, and pro-Fascists. Do you want these people to rule the Ukraine? What’s going on is an opened craziness because Russia didn’t follow what the Europe and the USA wanted them to follow. Leave them alone – otherwise, we’re heading for a disaster.

    • Putin isn’t any worse for the USA than Obama. For the present, Obama, Kerry etal should give it a rest. The history of Russia and Crimea is long and bloody. they took it, they lost it, The Soviet Union took it, the Soviet Union gave it away and on and on.

      We need to stay out of these civil wars and uprisings. Look at the recent record. Most of the countries have wound up in the hands of radical jihadists. We financed a bunch of terrorist thugs in Syria.

      Further, we need to asses our situation. Our manufacturing base has been eroded and exported. Most of the electronic parts and products are manufactured in China.I am sure that many of these products are not “clean” but expose us to unknown vulnerabilities.

      We cannot pay our debts, the country is in a borrowing spiral without any foreseeable resolution. We depend on China to pluck our chicken and then have to borrow money from them to pay for the chickens.

      The United States doesn’t defend it’s own borders. We have a virtual army of people in this country illegally. They continue to erode the country from the inside by exhausting our resources, ignoring all of our laws and creating division and unrest.

      The United States must make a strategic withdrawal. People must recognize our financial situation has rendered us unable to defend ourselves much less challenge any aggressor nation. It is time we get our financial house in order, rebuild and regroup.

      Valdimar Putin is well aware of our situation. The saber we are rattling is, in reality, a rusty knife. We ARE down, but we ARE not out. It is time the United States looked after the United States. We must address our problems, solve and overcome. Only then, can the United States emerge a strong nation once again.

    • Innessa,… where are you from?
      I can guess, :):? You must be a ‘PUTIN-PUPPY’,.. well-trained, and licking-up all of the PROPAGANDA that he and the Russian oligarchs are dishing-out.
      Get off of your ‘holier-than-thou’, half-baked propaganda, hobby-horse! Your comments are straight from the Russian propaganda machine. I have lived in Ukraine,… I know and have friendship with Ukrainians and Russians in Ukraine,.. and in Russia. Putin and the Russian oligarchs are gangsters who masterfully using economic and ethnic ‘division’ to create distrust between people,… so that they can ‘steal the farm’, stealing the average person’s decision-making capacity and judgment,.. by feeding them ’emotion-targeting propaganda’,….. which you obviously have ‘swallowed’. Ukrainians are NOT anti-semitic, fascists. They simply want MORE ECONOMIC FREEDOM!! The Ukrainians (including ethnic Ukrainians, ethnic Russians, and mixed ethnicities), who rejected Yanokovich,.. were simply rejecting ‘Putin’s puppet’, and the Putin gangster-ism that colludes with the Russian oligarchs.

      Anyone not BLINDED BY THE PUTIN PROPAGANDA can see the deceitful game he is playing with Ukraine,.. and the West. It’s called TYRANNY!

      Exploring, retrieving, producing, and exporting America’s natural gas/oil/LPG,… will halt Putin in his tracks. That’s an effective and immediate remedy,.. as well as defense shield, and military, and financial support to the Freedom government in Ukraine!!

      So you ‘PUTIN-PUPPIES’ can peddle your anti-freedom propaganda,… but we will fight you all the way, until truth reigns!


      [email protected]

  4. There is no such place as The Ukraine, anymore than there are places called the England, the Norway, or even the Russia. It is an independent country, not a district. It’s correctly called Ukraine — no ‘the’ needed.

    • Um… yeah and that’s why we live in the United States not – “Where do you live?” “I live in United States.”

  5. Russia and China are joined at the hip. They are going to collapse our economy and come in for the kill. When we no longer can get loans, and do not have the worlds reserve currency, we cannot print money and I think our gold is gone. We put ourselves in this position and we will pay dearly for our stupidity.

    • Is that why Michelle decided to go to China, is Obama hoping Michelle can sway China away from Russia and join Obama with sanctions against Russia?

      • I do believe Michelle is on a mission and not vac. Whatever it is, they don’t want to share with the public.

  6. Obama totally demonstrated his strength when he put the hurtin’ on Putin’s fist with his face. And then Putin was begging for mercy after our dear leader impacted Putin’s kneecap with his crotch.

  7. Trying to convince himself & the sheeple! I’m glad we have men like you, Mr West, who will be able to lead those of us who stand & fight the incoming aggression.

  8. Does Russia become stronger over accident or USA becomes weaker and not able to defend their allies over the world under Obama rule ?

  9. Why do people think a Marxist like Obama and a socialist like Clinton want to hinder a socialist like Putin? Sanctions my ass, if we really wanted to slow Russia down, stop giving them tax payer money! Beginning with Clinton giving them 60 billion in the 90’s we helped them rebuild after the devastation of communism. Obama borrows from the fed, gives money to American banks, corporations and contractors to build in Russia. Obama is truly progressive. Instead of waiting until the world is all under one government, he is just going on with financing china, Russia, cuba, Europe etc.. Bankrupting America and strengthening Socialists around the world. Its a win win for commies. Either we bankrupt and fall to the new world order, or we end up in a war with the commies that we have strengthened at our own expense. Pushing us further and further in debt. Win or lose America is becoming slaves. Commies are given yet another chance to prove that f’d up system can work.

    • All of the above you mention are indeed communists. “Socialists” are just light communists in my mind. All lead to the same goals and conclusions.

  10. Wow they will put just anyone in office! I would love to see them gone, yes that includes the RINO McCain too! They have NO idea what Obama the Socialist Dictator will come up with next. Since all of Congress is no longer effective, Obama will do what Obama wants to do. I say the Crimean people have spoken, we need to stay the hell out of it!

    • Nanci,.. please read my above comment.
      McCain and other RINO-REPUBLICANS are NOT as much of an enemy to America as you portray them to be. It’s misguided PEOPLE who vote for folks like Obama, and Dems like Chris Murphy, who misunderstand the nature of the ‘spiritual’ (ideas-based) battlefield.

      Right now spiritual darkness (bad ideas) are winning, … because we are distracted and focused on the ‘wrong enemy’. It’s largely a matter of degree of error,… and generally Republicans,… Yes, even McCain,…. are LESS deceived about the nature of this battle than Democrats.

      The ideal outcome of the tyrannist-Socialist-oligarch is for America’s ‘common people’ to bicker amongst themselves about petty differences,… while they ‘steal-the-farm’. That farm is our freedom, derived from own natural resource production capability,.. which is the source of our own economic power and prosperity,.. and the enabler of our Constitutional Freedoms! But these God-given natural resources (oil/ natural gas) are like KRYPTONITE to the enemies of freedom.

      And Extreme-environmentalist WATERMELONS are like Kryptonite to those who love of American Freedom here and around the world!

      ONLY BY VOTING FOR REPUBLICANS (the best ones you can find) will America have any chance of correcting the course of this ‘ship-of state’. Democrat philosophy is now antithetical to freedom. They need conservative confusion, and bickering in order to continue to dismantle American power and freedom!

      So be very careful about purely emotional and foolish reactions to Republicans that you don’t agree with,… don’t through out the baby (freedom) with the bathwater. If all you do is criticize all politicians (especially Republicans) then you’ll ensure Democrat control ,.. and world domination by tyrants!


      [email protected]

      • while I can agree with you Mr Smith that our world cannot survive very long under democratic rule, Sir if we endorse those republicans that often vote with democrats we are not doing ourselves any favors, I pray we have strong conservative people that will run to put those rinos out of a job now instead of our party becoming something just left of center.

      • Danny,… certainly you have judgment? You use it every day. Often you don’t get what you want,.. and you choose what is 2nd best. Is it necessary to ridicule, and waste time condemning what is 2nd best? Of course not,.. you set about to find how to have a better choice, and live with what is 2nd best, until God provides you with something better! And you continue to be ‘thankful’ that you can have what is even 2nd best. You leave the rest in God’s hands.

        Well, in politics (as in life), ALL are flawed, and lack full understanding. If you want to live in peace, then you learn to accept the present situation,… while endeavoring to move to a better situation. Fortunately, in our system we can voice our disapproval– mainly by voting. The trick is to persuade enough people to ideas you agree with. Until we learn to persuade more voters to have better judgment about ideas,.. we can’t be too discomfited by the politicians we have?

        I just think we need to limit our ‘whining’,.. especially about Republicans,… and persuade more people to understand the principles of truth and freedom.

        It’s not easy to turn the ‘titanic-of-government-policy’. Our founders designed it that way! You must remember that if Republicans control the House, AND the Senate,… then they will also control the AGENDA,.. what bills and what ‘policy business’ even gets to be heard and discussed. They will also control the committees, and the calendar.

        So one Republican that you disagree with is not as bad as the Democrats controlling the ‘agenda’.

        You have to keep things in perspective in an imperfect world,.. while you work (not whine) for a better outcome.


        [email protected]

      • Boydasmith, bless you for your patience and excellent comments in trying to explain the situation for some extremely mindless fools and others just a little off the mark. I agree with your comments 100 % but I lack your energy. My 2 cents on this: No one is asking the US to supply troops to find on behalf of Ukraine on this. But simply turning the other cheek on this is a mistake. As Murphy himself said, this sets a precedent for other rogue nations like China and many others to use their power to indiscriminately invade their neighbours at any time they wish. Since the US gives billions of dollars to dubious rogue nations like Pakistan and various, potentially explosive Arab countries in the Middle East, surely the US can afford to help supply Ukraine with military aid now when it’s most needed. Regardless of the result, it’s the message that’s so important here. So far, Obama’s record on the international scene has been pathetic at best. Here’s an easy opportunity to help remedy the flaky, weak picture that he’s painted all over the US. Of course sanctions must also be taken but based on how Obama misused this important tool against Iran, I wouldn’t hold my breath on sanctions on Russia being effective at all.

  11. Looks incompetent, sounds incompetent, acts incompetent…..must be incompetent. Why can’t we have an “Automatic override, toss from office for incompetence” button?

    • I just got an image of there being so many on both sides being tossed or popped out of their seats, it would look like a see through old time jiffy pop popcorn, you know, the one you would hold over a fire and shake. What a wonderful thought!!!

  12. Do these kunckleheads have any brains at all? Putin took the world’s world’s magnifying glass, foundn obama’s minuscule testicles and then handed them to the lying kenyan.

  13. The Frick and Frack Follies!

    And Combat Restraint Medals?? A lot of citizens would probably qualify for one right now.

    • “Those who vote decide nothing, those who count the votes decide everything…”

      “Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands…”

      “Ideas are far more powerful than guns. We don’t let our people have guns. Why should we let them have ideas?”

      ~Joseph Stalin (all three quotes).

      I don’t think anyone ever doubted Stalin’s intelligence. You don’t run an empire like the USSR for decades otherwise lol. The stupid ones get assassinated early.

      On a side note: Do those Stalin quotes sound anything like the playbook of certain politicians in the USA? hmm, I wonder why…?

  14. Well, .. I disagree with McCain strongly on some issues,..

    BUT on this issue I AGREE WITH MCCAIN COMPLETELY! Not only should we begin immediate specific military support to Ukraine,.. but we should ‘tear up’ our East Europe missile defense agreement that Obama-Hilary Clinton made with Putin,… begin moving to install the defense-shield in Poland and Czech,… AND RESCIND ALL RESTRICTIONS ON OIL/NATURAL GAS DRILLING,.. AND IMMEDIATELY OPEN THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE!!

    The ‘WATERMELONS’ (green on the outside, red on the inside)— the extreme-environmentalists, who poured-out of Russia when the Iron-Curtain fell, … and took-over Greenpeace, and other environmentalist organizations, and founded other AMERICA-DEFEATING organizations, like the GREEN CROSS (founded in San Francisco by Mikhail Gorbachev)! They have been working fervently to reduce American power by hindering our NATURAL RESOURCES AND HUMAN CREATIVITY, and REDISTRIBUTING OUR WEALTH to other countries. ‘CONVENIENTLY’ using huge falsehoods and hoaxes such as ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ (initially called Global-Warming in the 90s after Marxists/Socialists took-over environmental organizations in the West).

    IF we are too short-sighted and weak AS A NATION not to have good judgment about our REAL need for energy (oil/natural gas),… and we elect turnip-heads like Obama, and this ‘USEFUL-IDIOT’ Chris Murphy,… then we ‘deserve’ our demise,.. and loss of FREEDOM here, and tragically, around the world,.. to ambitious oligarchs like Putin and his ilk!

    We’re just playing kids-games in a BIG-BOY world!


    [email protected]

    • We DO need to shore up our defenses in Poland. The Poles are very worried about Putin. They’ve been to this dance before and did not like how it turned out the first time. Reagan never would have won the Cold War by exercising strength through appeasement and downsizing our military and deserting our allies. And the recent assurances by Joe Biden? The Poles know the guy is an empty suit – a joke.

      • With respect, John,
        …. Neither do I ‘WANT’ to see America (or Ukraine) involved in a shooting-war!

        How do you think wars and martial conflicts are avoided?? Through appeasement, and weak,flaky sanctions? … which only kick a present relatively small conflict ‘down-the-road’ to a much greater conflict in the future??

        Your ‘intentions’ and objectives may be good — peace is a good thing,.. BUT your faulty mindset has been disproved repeatedly by history.

        Simply ‘wishing-for’ peace and yielding to aggression, without calmly establishing (not just ‘talking’) physical-force limitations,…is the same naive and feckless tact of the Obama’s administration. It’s simply demonstrates weakness,… and creates the VACUUM-OF-LEADERSHIP that has ALWAYS led to an ‘escalation’ of conflicts, and wars,…. contrary the fantasy that many wish to believe.

        Treaties have not caused wars to cease,… they are and have been easily broken.

        Remember Chamberlain waving that piece of paper (Munich Pact) that Hitler signed,,.. and Chamberlain saying,..’peace in our time’,…? Within 6 months Hitler occupied what remained of Czechoslovakia. So much for peace. What’s sad about that was that Czech had a good army and was prepared to fight Hitler (which he didn’t want to do at that point). It Britain and France had backed-up the Czechs at that point,… it’s possible that Hitler’s aggression would have been nipped-in-the-bud,.. and WW2 might have been avoided in Europe.– and millions of lives possibly saved.

        But appeasement has always proved throughout history to be ineffective—and in fact, leads to greater aggression by tyrannical forces and ambitions.

        But how do you think that shooting wars are most often avoided?? It’s by showing courage in the face of aggression! Perhaps you’re aware of history,.. maybe not? There are countless examples In history, where armed conflict was avoided only because the aggressor demonstrated enough ability-and-willingness to ‘fight-back’! You can see this principle in every level of human relations. Whether it’s with bullies on the school playground, or dealing with gangs with the martial-force of local police. Or maybe you don’t believe in the value of police or military?

        I think that it’s ironic how the willingness— or lack-of-willingness, to use martial force to defend freedom or sovereignty, most often leads to further aggression.

        It’s difficult to tell from your incomplete reply what your basic ‘principles’ of life ARE?

        Do you feel or understand that there is ever a need for military strength, willingness to fight,… or war itself?

        Are you willing to ‘fight’ for your freedom?

        Have you been in the military, and involved in armed-combat,..and actually fought in war?

        In this world it’s ALWAYS necessary to defend freedom even far away from America’s shores. If so, then I thank you. Maybe you know someone personally who has fought, or been a casualty?

        Unfortunately, individual freedom– and respect of human ‘rights’ is NOT the natural state of the world.

        Maybe you live in a different world ‘in your mind’?

        The greatest WEAPON (tool) we have for stopping Putin and Russian Oligarch aggression is OUR OIL AND NATURAL GAS resources,.. and willingness to retrieve and use them to quell Putin’s aggression,..!

        Simple taking executive action open Keystone, and release permits bottled-up in DOE,,… would alone chill Putin’s ambitions!
        But does Obama have the political courage to do this??


        [email protected]

      • I find it amusing that people call hitler our ultimate evil when he was nothing compared to the likes of Stalin,Lenin ,Marx,Mao.
        50+ million christians were killed under communism in Russia/Europe alone and who do you think started and ran communism? It was jewish people. Who runs the banking system and most of the major companies that have hurt us? Jewish people. Who started the bavarian communist revolution to which it angered the german people so much to get hitler elected to power? It was jewish people.
        Who was the biggest threat and who has influenced our country so much with filth and leftist thinking these days? Take a guess.
        I have many friends who are russian, living in russia. Putin cares not about the rest of Ukraine. A vote was held to see if people of the crimean want to join russia and the super majority voted yes. Even Ukraines next door neighbor had their own vote to join Russia. So a guy who has a treaty with ukraine to have troops in the country in an area that was given to them and have been renting suddenly wants to protect the area because of the country going into turmoil because the leader was overthrown for corruption and the people are going a bit crazy, deserves military action?

        Do you see russia building its military along the borders of surrounding countries to take them over? Russia’s military is huge, so where are they? Sitting at home doing nothing.

        Im sick and tired of americans who want to jump right into war when its not their fight. Its usually always the people who dont do the fighting, Putin hasnt done squat but to protect his only warm water port and assests, while the media and politicians drum up this garbage of war.

        Hey lets go to war with a country that is the number 2 world power over nothing and certainly not our business !

        How much more debt and my brothers and sisters do you want to kill for your own amusement?

        This isnt iraq or afgan, this is a country with the technology that matches ours and has a huge capable military and is able to shoot down the F-22(our stealth fighter) How about we just trade nukes? Does that make you happy?

        They are not some pushover country, and I do not care to have this country’s economy and young adults get destroyed because people try to make this situation out to be more than it is.

        I am always for having a strong military, which of course is being tore down and then filled with politically correct garbage as well.

        I do not condone the use of it for senseless and non important reasons.

        By the way, you do realize that Russia supplies Europe with most of its oil and natural gas right? They can easily cut that off and literally destroy europes economy. Guess what happens when their goes? Our super in debt barely surviving economy goes as well.

        Little fact very little people know, In ww2 General Patton said we declared war against the wrong country. Communism and that whole train of thinking was the real evil.

        This was the man who saw Germany first hand and truly understood the real issue. It was only later that history was written to tell a different story.

        By the way, Patton was killed by a car accident, he actually was in the hospital recovering just fine, he was poisoned.

        Take a guess on who might have poisoned him for his beliefs and what he said? Mind you, he was easily the most influential man of that time.

        Give you a hint, these people own the banking industry, most major companies, most of the media,hollywood. they are also the biggest anti-gun types and cheer open borders and the influx of the third world into our nation. They home country also is one of the worst spying countries on US technology.

      • Well John, … I can see now how CONFUSED you are.

        You sound like a frantic and paranoid lost soul? Are you frightened of your own shadow, :).

        Not only are you confused, but you’re immoral in your confusion.

        Your demonically-inspired ‘knee-jerk’ attack on the Jews parallels Hitler’s convenient scapegoating of them. . And then you suddenly switch to adoration of Socialism, and Russia’s military? You’re all-over-the-map in your nonsense. Your information is a hodge-podge of distortions. Your first mistake is ‘Jew-blaming’,… and you just go downhill from there. The fact that you believe unsubstantiated anti-semitic nonsense just proves you’re not a serious thinker,.. but rather just a gullible, naive idiotic chuckle-head.. Sorry to be so frank with you. .

        Your ‘assessment’ of the situation in Ukraine is ill-informed Russian PROPAGANDA! It’s obvious that you are clueless about the full story in Ukraine?

        Every informed person knows that Russia supplies Europe AND Ukraine with a large percentage of their natural gas and oil. I have lived in Ukraine, and have daily contact with Russians and Ukrainians in Ukraine and Russia.

        One thing is certain they don’t want war,.. but they know that America is the only ‘light of freedom’, and hope for opposing Putin and the oligarchs,.. and averting a hot-war by a SHOW OF STRENGTH! Ukrainians that want freedom from Putin and Russian oligarchs understand that left un-checked,… Russia will not be satisfied with Crimea.

        Of course, you must realize that the first actions by the Russian military into Crimea was to SHUT-DOWN all Ukrainian and opposition media,… while showing only so-called ‘atrocities’ of Ukrainian ‘Fascists and Jew-haters’ (so-called) in Kiev?

        (Ironically, much of the Russian propaganda that you defend, would not acceptable to a ‘real’ Jew-hater, like you.)

        Putin is counting on the masterful use of propaganda,.. in Russia, Ukraine, America and the West,.. to be effective enough to allow him to continue with his plans for a reconstituted Russian empire..

        It’s easy to see how effective Russia’s PROPAGANDA WAR is on Russians in Crimea,… as well as, obviously on some American’s like YOU, John…. Very effective indeed! You seem to be a perfect usefull idiot!

        Regarding Russia’s military prowess,.. it’s largely a ‘bluff’ compared to the U.S.military,… even in light of recent cut-backs by the ‘buffoon-in-thief’ Obama. They won’t engage in a hot-war with the USA,… but they don’t NEED TO,… since we are leader-less, and their propaganda is effective enough to paralyze any opposition in the West.

        However, what you are completely neglecting are OUR very effective ‘options’ for averting a hot-war.

        The greatest WEAPON (tool) we have for stopping Putin, Russian oligarch,
        and Socialist gangsters of all stripes from their aggressive ambitions for
        political power and territorial imperialism,…….is OUR OWN OIL AND
        NATURAL GAS resources,.. AND having the willingness to retrieve and
        use them in order to enhance freedom/prosperity,.. here, and around the world,… just the ‘whiff’ of releasing our own natural gas and oil resources and fracking-technology to Europe WILL freeze Putin’s aggression in it’s tracks,..!

        You see John, every informed person knows that Russia’s economy depends almost solely on their natural gas and oil industry. If we were to release our own, then it would drive the price of Russian fuel down,.. creating ‘real’ hurt to the Russian economy (Russia’s economy is already weak in regions outside of Moscow). This would happen IMMEDIATELY– they would lose billions, with one stroke of the Presidential pen!

        And if we should begin supplying Europe with OUR oil/natural gas/LPG,… it would bring Putin-and-oligarchs to their proverbial ‘knees’.

        taking executive action to open ‘Keystone pipeline’, and releasing scores of permits bottled-up in DOE,,… would by themselves chill Putin’s

        does Obama have the political courage to do this??

        This would mean opposing all of the watermelons that flooded out of the old Soviet-Union, and took over Greenpeace, and other environmentalist organizations, who have STRANGLED the American economy for that last 20 years with HOAXES like ‘Global-Warming/Climate Change’,.. through burdensome rules, regulations,.. and ‘redistribution of wealth’ schemes!

        Get a clue John,… change your sources of information,..change your friends,… begin to understand principles of truth from the Bible.


        [email protected]

  15. “But Putin’s actions to invade a sovereign nation..”

    The Russian troops did not invade. They were already stationed in Crimea due to an existing lease agreement with the Crimean government. Just like there are American troops stationed all over the world in bases the US govt. leases.

    Just bear in mind that the legitimate Ukrainian government was ejected from Kiev by force and his holed up in Eastern Ukraine. The Crimeans passed legislation months prior to Russian involvement to the effect that they would not accept any laws passed by their central government and until the legitimate government was restored then they would operate independently.

    I don’t think I have ever sided with a Dem on anything prior to this in my life, but I’m going to have to agree with Senator Murphy at least in part. The part where he says that the USA is “engaged in a panicky reaction [with Russia] is partly a result of the United States’ standing with the protesters [in Kiev]”.

    He’s dead-on the money in this statement. If the USA had condemned the coup and supported the EU-brokered deal between the protesters and the legitimate government [President Yanukovich] to hold an early election then in all likelyhood, Russia would not have annexed Crimea and none of these sanctions would be occurring and the Ukraine would not be rapidly approaching civil war.

    And the God-Damned chicken-hawks like McCain are NOT helping the Ukrainian’s prayers for peace.

    • alan,…
      You’re simply WRONG on your ‘facts-on-the-ground’. You need to inform yourself a bit better. The Dems are wrong, as usual, on this one,… and so are you.


      [email protected]

      • Hello Strawman.

        Are you suggesting that the 1997 treaty between Ukraine and Russia didn’t allow Russia to station 25,000 troops in Crimea? Are you suggesting that the 16,000 troops they had in Crimea was in violation of that treaty and constituted an invasion?

        Are you suggesting that the USA doesn’t have troops stationed around the world in other countries such as Japan, Germany, the Philippines, etc?

        Given that I was in Ukraine during the protests and that you are unable to provide a single fact in your post, I would suggest that I am substantially more informed than you on this issue.

        Ideas matter. Information more so. Learn to read, and more importantly, learn to THINK.

      • NOT well said,,.. alan,

        … or should I call you just another ‘PUTIN PROPAGANDA PUPPY’? What’s important to understand about the 1997 Partition treaty between Ukraine and Russia,… it that Crimea was still to be considered UKRAINIAN TERRITORY (per the 1994 Budapest Memorandum),… that the BLACK SEA FLEET would be divided into independent Ukrainian and Russian fleets,….and that Russia was ‘allowed’ to LEASE major parts of Ukaine’s Black Sea bases — particularly Sevastopol, until 2017. But when Russia’s BSF began creating conflicts,.. especially in operations against the Georgian Navy in 2008,.. Ukraine President Yushchenko said that Russia’s lease would not be renewed after 2017. Shortly after this (by 2010) Yanukovych — a Putin shill was elected (?), .. and the lease was ‘renegotiated’ and extended to 2042.
        Putin and the Russian Oligarchs are mainly concerned with keeping the oil/natural gas lines pumping through southern Ukraine and Crimea.. their main source of personal wealth and power,.. which allows them to continue to pump their ‘propaganda’, as well.

        They have used this well-heeled propaganda masterfully to create ethnic division in Ukraine and Russia,… just as the Democrat Party-Obama use billions to promate race-division, class-warfare and demonizing Conservatives and Bible-believing Christians and Jews,… wealth-redistribution schemes like ‘Climate-change’,.. and big-government entitlement schemes, like Obama-careless,…. purporting to lift the average person, but ultimately only feathering the beds of their supporters.

        Yes alan, IDEAS DO MATTER,… because the information you are licking-up as a Putin-Puppy, … is corrupted, and poisonous propaganda,.. intended to stupefy you into acceptance of tyranny. Tyranny and servitude usually happens gradually,.. through complacency, and self-righteous arrogance.
        Yes alan, you need to check your ‘ideas’, and principles,… if they be true, or just convenient, corrupted, but acceptable LIES?


        [email protected]

  16. this congressman is a idiot, for one thing Russia isn’t as weak as he dreams they are. as far as McCain let me see if I understand this it’s bad for americans to have guns, but it’s okay for the Ukraine people to have them, and McCain thinks that our military can be the world’s nanny, well sorry the world now has to grow up and take care of their own messes.

    • terry carter,
      You lack understanding, information, and good judgment. .. You’re naive, short-sighted,..and lack understanding of history, and world events.,.. which is why you take the ‘blind-ostrich’ position on foreign affairs.


      [email protected]

      • then what is our benefit to sticking our nose in this business? or do you wish to continue to be the world’s nanny, while others do nothing and hope we come to clean up their mess? it’s past time for the rest of the world to grow up and take responsibility , and let them know that if we’re not there to save them from themselves, they’ll learn to behave themselves.

      • Ignore boydasmith, he only deals in argumentum ad hominem attacks and other logical fallacies. I’ve yet to see a single non-strawman argument from him.

  17. First off, Obama is mad because Russia is in a position of power here. Also Americans who are so war hungry dont seem to get that Russia is not a push over country. They have a very modern and powerful military. They also have the best missile systems and radar in the world. They can track and shoot down the F-22 and the up and coming crappy F-35.
    Russia knew that they could never keep up money wise at the time to keep with the fighter technology, in the stealth department. They are finally catching up and the T-50 is right behind the F-22. They also have 63 nuclear subs and plenty of firepower to sink our navy. If we go to war, it will be a blood bath on both sides.

    Obama has weakened us drastically and this further harms our ability to fight. I do not cared to be recalled because some idiot Americans want to start a fight with a country over something they were legally allowed to do. They have a treaty to have troops in the crimean and as America does things in our interests, so does Russia with its own Warm water port that they gave to ukraine and rent. This is not our issue so dont make it our issue.

    • Well John,… still regurgitating Putin-Propaganda,… I see that you’re a well-trained ‘PUTIN-PUPPY’, licking-up all of the propaganda that he dishes-out to you, :). Get off your ‘holier-than-thou’ war-monger-card hobby-horse.
      But apparently, you can’t help yourself,… it’s like a drug for you, isn’t it? You need lessons in HOW to sort-out deceptions,… how to find truth. Your judgment is half-baked, and in disrepair.

      To start with, you keep mouthing HALF-TRUTHS,… half-truths don’t lead you to full-truth,… they only lead to FULL-DECEPTION,… and revelation is usually TOO LATE!. Not all Russian people are as empty-headed, and stupidly-gullible as you..YOU DO NO SERVICE TO FREEDOM-LOVING RUSSIANS OR UKRAINIANS!!

      Your just a Putin-pawn. Sure you can mouth your ANTI-FREEDOM tripe here,… without consequences,. Most informed people just consider you an ignorant shill. But have you EVER considered how well an opposite view would be received in Russia or Crimea? First, you wouldn’t have the wisdom or the courage,.. 2nd, ask the Ukrainian refugees from Crimea?



  18. Terrible article. Whats with all the partisan hacks.

    If people really bothered to do the research they would understand:

    1) Putins actions have gained him Crimea at the expense of Russias image outside of Russia in particular with foreign investors and those countries under his sphere of influence ie Belorus and Kazakhstan.

    2) Has forced the EU, which needs Russias gas, to look elsewhere and diversify. Russia needs as much if not more EUs business. Especially with growth and thus demand in China slowing down and unlikely to pick up the slack.

    All in all Putin gains the adoration of a large number of Russians at the expense of international investment, customers for his countries only real valuable export and at the relationships of those countries in Russias near abroad.

    It was the decline in oil and gas prices that spelt the end of the Soviet Union and Russia is pretty much in the same spot.

    Thats without getting into how sactions on his elite cadre will affect the neccessary support of those people.

    Heck even the republicans poster boy Regan learnt the hard way that dealing with Soviet Union could not been done through being beligerent.


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