In the dictionary under weakness, there’s a picture of…

The dictionary defines weak as liable to yield, break or collapse under pressure or strain; not having much political strength, governing power or authority; impotent, ineffectual, or inadequate…well, you get the idea.

This week we saw clearly the contrast between weak and strong. This week President Obama did his NCAA basketball bracket, delightfully referred to as “Barack-etology.” discussed mom jeans with Ryan Seacrest, and chatted up Ellen Degeneres about Obamacare and those critical issues on “House of Cards” and “Scandal.”

In the same week, the territory (Crimea) of a sovereign nation (Ukraine) was annexed by an invading one (Russia). Down South, would-be football champions dream of going “between the hedges.” Instead, we have a President who went “between two ferns” — and that’s supposed to instill confidence? Nah, that’s a display of weakness, regardless of how liberals see it themselves.

Now, some believe President Obama is displaying the highest degree of strength and resolve — by not fighting back. They think only a real strong guy can say “there will be no military option.” It reminds me of another heroic Obama administration idea: the Combat Restraint Medal. Yep, a medal to be rewarded to combat troops for NOT firing back at the enemy. Only in Obamaworld is not shooting back at the enemy reason for an award.

In the world of progressive socialists, crushing your political opposition by using governmental power is strength. I call it tyranny. However, not standing up to a dictator who has invaded a sovereign free nation is showing strength? Both instances show weakness. Rhetoric about standing with protesters is courageous — unless of course those protesters are Iranian and belong to the Green movement. Then no one stands for you.

Liberal progressives are very adept at changing the meaning of words, altering the lexicon and turning words upside down. After all, a terrorist attack is just a man-caused disaster or workplace violence. Ergo weak is relative, according to the “living” meaning of the word. What a crock!

America, we elected a president who believed we needed to improve our global image. Someone who thought that it was more important to be “liked” — as if foreign policy is a Facebook page — than respected. We elected a person as Commander-in-Chief who truly believes “peace through strength” is an imposing and threatening mantra, and prefers “peace through appeasement” as a means to make friends. We elected a person who hasn’t a clue about geo-political strategy — as he evidenced by his sarcastic remark to Gov. Mitt Romney telling him “the 80s are asking for their foreign policy back.”

The only thing Barack Hussein Obama has brought to America is domestic tyranny and a cult of personality — neither impress the current list of despots, dictators, autocrats, and theocrats who now salivate at the naiveté and weakness of this “prankster.” Both are making us weak, at home and abroad.

So what does this mean for the American Republic? It means we have three more years during which we shall suffer, unless we wise up and take the gavel away from Harry Reid in the US Senate. But then again, Obama, keeper of the pen and phone, has shown his abject disdain for the rule of law and our governing Republican principles of separation of powers, coequal branches of government, and checks and balances. Has anyone ever had a front row seat to a train wreck? You do now. Sadly, there are those who actually bought the tickets — twice—and the rest of us are forced to watch. Heck, we’re all on the train.

The spinmeisters can try all they want, but you cannot deny the fact that Obama is weak and it is crippling America. The seminal question is, how low does America have to go? Have we now decided as a people that we no longer wish to lead? We no longer aspire to be exceptional? Are we fine with just sitting around watching reality TV shows, getting fat, and smoking dope while a new era of global brutes step forward? Barack Obama is forcing us to decide, and define, who we are: weak or strong.


  1. Why the Ukraine? 3 ex. orders within 2 weeks. This is a pivotal point in our dollars vs world bankers, shadow gov. and NWO. Forget the plane, get to the real issues.

  2. This just in: Putin: “We must refrain from retaliatory steps for now”.
    TRANSLATION: The sanctions are starting to take their toll and the oligarchs who are my real boss have problems conducting their business. Looks like the definition of weakness has my nogads in a vicegrip.

  3. Harry Reid……. Folks need to convince the people of Nevada to recall him , preferably before the elections this year . Easy ! Yup . Just make it so very plain to them what he has done to America , and make known every one of his crooked deals . That might make enough of a difference , that the Republicans could win the Senate , entirely . But , Don’t tell Nevada that !
    And that is all assuming that the Republicans can field something other than limp wristed idiots who are closet progressives , or worse , simply insane , such as Arizona’s McCain .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry !

      • The only way to remove a US Senator rom office, save defeat at the polls, is by expulsion by a vote of 2/3rds of its members. US Constitution, Article I, Section 5, Clause 2. Impeachment seems to only run to executive and judicial officers. But removal by a 2/3rds vote is similar to that required to impeach (Id., Section 3, Clause 6) and does not require a vote of the house. The House once impeached a Senator but the Senate expelled him and dismissed the impeachment for want of jurisdiction.

  4. Col. West, bho is weak on foreign policy for a reason. He thinks that the US has pushed it’s weight around for too long. So he makes it look like he cares, but in reality he could not care less.
    He is hell bent on the destruction and or dismantling of our country by any means necessary, even if it means forcing WW3. He is not just making us “look weak” he is deliberately making us weak so we can barely defend ourselves let alone attack or defend other countries abroad.

      • If Obama starts WW3, are you going to dig that hole your head is stuck in , deeper into the ground?

      • Nope, I knew WW3 was coming a year ago, I am ready for it. I know you don’t believe it is going to happen, but it will along with the crash of the US Dollar. You are projecting again, you are the one with your head in the sand, believing barry and his libtard followers.

        You pray or hope for socialism, becareful what you wish for you might get it and when it does happen you will be begging for the republic back again. You will not have the freedom of speech to protect your rambling rants.
        I will be laughing at you when the take you away in chains

      • Yeah, I heard that all before from you people. I file it under “what happens when you never grow out of Dungeons and Dragons”

      • Okay that’s just your opinion, The same opinion that the people who designed the Titanic. It could never happen. You are the one who will suffer not me, good luck with your voyage on the barry Titanic

      • Obama president forever in history books even after you are dead and buried. Think of it, your great great grands will have to study all about him . With all the respect presidents get .

      • That’s what you think now, Democrats rewrite history for grand kids and their grand kids that is not new, but just like the peanut king barry will have written that he was the muslim in Christian clothing, That he almost destroyed this country, that he was the most corrupt, the biggest liar and worst traitor this country has seen since Benedict Arnold. That’s how history will remember barry

      • Nope there is no way this country will settle for that. Carter was known for his failure and so will barry. Go back to putting your head in the sand you are better off that way

  5. Sure glad you are ol’ school, LTC West because YOU are exactly what we need in the White House; an ‘ol warrior who knows how to git-r-done.

  6. Obama is a weak and corrupt person, but Americans are still strong and truly care about each other when the chips are down. The landslide in Washington state is a good example of that. As quick as word of the slide got around, loggers and other workers in the area quickly started moving workers and equipment for moving dirt and picking up logs and other debris to search for people. Volunteer search and rescue people were there from all over the state as fast as they could get there and teams of people worked to find any survivors. People set up networks to provide food, shelter and help to those who needed it, the communities in the area rallied to provide support. That is how people in small towns take care of each other and deal with circumstances. Obama is weak and coldhearted, the heart of America is still strong and caring. May God bless them all…


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