Shock! Hollywood conservative group gets non-profit status from IRS

President Obama (in)famously claimed there was not a “smidgen of corruption” in the IRS – but I’m sure anyone who has undergone an audit would challenge that assertion – as would numerous conservative organizations seeking non-profit status, who were forced to undergo their own invasive exams. Such is the case with the Friends of Abe, as we reported earlier.

However, this story does indeed have a happy ending, as Variety reports the FOA has been granted 501(c)3 non-profit status three years after applying.

FOA is Hollywood’s largest fellowship of conservative and right of center independents – an oasis of conservatism in an industry that tilts decidedly left. As Variety reports, the Hollywood conservative group, launched nearly 10 years ago has included such figures as Kelsey Grammer, Jon Voight and Gary Sinise among its members, and a roster of speakers that has included Paul Ryan, Herman Cain, Eric Cantor, Ted Cruz – and yours truly. I had the distinct honor of addressing FOA and will never forget leading them in singing the theme to “Beverly Hillbillies.” But I digress…

FOA’s mission is to provide an intellectual exchange of current policy issues and solutions as a conservative educational fellowship, and it sought non-profit status as its membership grew to the point where they needed to pay for office overhead.

But even stylish Hollywood types are not exempt from the nefarious actions and intimidation of the Obama administration and the IRS. At one point, the IRS asked for access to a password-protected portion of the Friends of Abe website that included a list of members. The group said no, but then faced a substantial delay in obtaining the status as the IRS sent queries about its events and activities.

I am quite certain when George Clooney and Matt Damon and all the other far left liberal Hollywood lap dogs get together no one asks for their membership roster.

“We feel the outcome is the right outcome, but after three years it is hard to be really enthusiastic. It is just a relief,” Jeremy Boreing, FOA Executive Director said. “There are a lot of other organizations that are probably in a similar situation.” Yes, there are, Jeremy.

Congratulations to FOA and all my friends out there in Hollywood for persevering over these three years and not wilting under pressure.


  1. I question this statement:

    “Moreover, the IRS’s guidelines for 501(c)3 organizations, set up so charities and educational entities can have tax exempt status, say that it cannot be an “action organization, i.e., it may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and it may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates.” If this was fairly used across the board, then MADD would not be allowed to propose and back legislation on drunk driving. PLEASE do not get me wrong, I am delighted that they can and do………but how can the IRA statement be accurate when we know this happens?

  2. What, over paid, over privilged actors can’t get it together enought to pay their “office overhead”? They can’t find someone all of Hollywood who “wants to break into show biz” or even a free be intern? Looks like another case of rich people working the system for their own government payouts. I can see a local Tea Party group getting help, but rich millionairs???
    Secondly, as for asking for their password. Guess what? It’s totally llegal. Most states haven’t passed password protection laws.
    Also, does the Holylwood liberals have their own non profit? You conveniently forgot to mention that?

      • I have a life which you do not, Since Our esteemed host is not a journalist. He does not have to give alternate ideals. This is advertised as a conservative site, you’re an idiot liberal who just likes staying here to cause trouble so trouble you will find.
        You do not like what he posts feel free to go else where. I saw you post you were a veteran, I call bologna, you were not a veteran of our armed forces, they wouldn’t let you join as you are illiterate go out and play in traffic that is all you are good for

      • Ouch, I would say you hurt my feelings , but I don’t feel anything for you. I’m on this site bec you people need up hear the truth . Not what is fed to you.

      • You don’t have any feelings to be hurt.
        B E C A U S E spell out the whole world, lazy good for nothing troll

    • Why do I think these patriots would even bother with one lowly intern. These people want the penthouse corner office llooking Beverly Hills.

      • I do my best.
        Stop contacting me about BS . If you want to continue, stay on my subject. Or am I so right you can only agree?

      • your subject? This is free speech, I can say anything I care to. You obsess with berating people but do not like it when you get the same treatment, The answer is stop berating people and carry on with constructive posts. othwise I will continue

      • Ok, if you make a statement, it’s free speech . When I do it , I’m a moron. As usual, simple right wing BS. They can use the constitution whenever it fits, but trouble if someone else wants to use it. Die . Stop writing me .

      • Deflecting, projecting and lie that’s all you know how to do
        You are a moron no matter what you say, because it almost never makes sense. You are free to post whatever you like. However when you berate people expect it back, which you cannot handle.
        You are incorrect yet again. I have no wish for you to die, I just which you could intelligently debate without berating people

      • I simply ask questions. All you get from West are half truths. I hold him and the rest of you people . You should try it sometimes . I’m doing God’s work on the internet .

      • No that is another lie, You do not just ask questions, You imply he spreads falsehoods or fraudulent information.
        You are incorrect. If you asked questions for clarification that would be fine but you don’t. Your posts talk down at people not to people. You rant about others telling lies when you perpetrate the lies yourself.
        How dare you invoke God as your work when you lie. You project falsehoods and sarcasm. You berate people and that is not in the name of God.
        You are a half baked troll who for the most part does not understand half of the English language.
        You are a pathetic excuse for a troll, let alone someone that God has put forth to spread teachings

      • Always projecting never anything of substance or value. conceited lil troll, with no cause, no justification, no substance just hot air.

      • I bet, if the word got out to the younger generation, that movie stars are making more money than any of us will see in a life time, are getting special favors from the president and are being able to keep more of their money than the ones working, it might wake them up.

      • Probably not I do not think they pay that much attention, young kids heroes are either athletes or singers

      • Apathy runs deep in this country, most people do not care or want to know unless there is a gun in their faces. It is a known fact 20% of the people do 80% of the work and 80% of the people do 20% or nothing.

      • Very True! I would think, with as many young people that are unemployed, they would start paying attention.

      • They feel helpless and hopeless, that of course depends on how long they have been job searching. They feel that there is nothing they can do and soon enough their self esteem and self confidence fades into nothing

      • True, but we can always pray they wake up.
        I wonder why West hasn’t posted about the airline that went down.

      • There are enough wackos doing just that. He is keeping his eyes on the ball not the distractions playing out. barry finally said something about it today, (I saw in the news). I ignored the article. I couldn’t care less

      • I am almost done for the day. If I had not been talking to you I would have left already (chuckling) it is good to see you I always enjoy our conversations

  3. God bless Gary Sinise, Kelsey Grammar, John Voight and all who love this country and have the courage to stand for their convictions!


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