Russia controls Crimea; Ukraine plans joint exercises with US & UK. Anyone listening?

Masked by the media frenzy and focus on the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, Russian President Vladimir Putin is increasing his military incursion into Crimea, while Ukraine struggles to defend its sovereign nation. Faced by the Russian threat, Ukraine’s security chief announced it would hold joint military exercises with the United States and Britain.

As reported by the Associated Press, “Ukraine’s government said Wednesday it has begun drawing up plans to pull its troops from Crimea, where Russia is steadily taking formal control as its armed forces seize military installations across the disputed peninsula.” The most recent action involves masked Russian-speaking troops who seized control over Ukraine’s naval headquarters in the city of Sevastopol.

The several hundred militiamen who captured the base in Sevastopol met no resistance. The Russian-speaking troops, who arrived on the base after the storming, wore helmets, flak jackets and uniforms with no identifying insignia — a clear Geneva Convention violation. By afternoon, they were in full control of the naval headquarters.

Ukraine’s defense minister and deputy prime minister had planned to travel to Crimea on Wednesday in bid to avert an escalation in hostilities. But Sergei Aksyonov, the prime minister in Crimea, warned after the announcement of their departure that they would be turned back. And so it seems Crimea is indeed no longer a part of Ukraine — it is Russian — while the world stands by and watches. And as this video by The UK Guardian shows, for Pro-Russian separatists, Crimea is only the beginning.

Russian news agencies on Wednesday cited Constitutional Court chairman Valery Zorkin as saying the treaty signed by Putin has been ruled valid, thus formally clearing another hurdle for Moscow to annex Crimea.

In a warning to Moscow, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden declared the United States will respond to any aggression against its NATO allies, which include neighbors to Russia. “Russia cannot escape the fact that the world is changing and rejecting outright their behavior,” Biden said, after meeting in Vilnius with the presidents of Lithuania and Latvia. Ukraine’s secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, said today that his country will hold maneuvers with the countries that signed the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, but he didn’t give any specifics.

The 1994 Budapest Memorandum was signed by the U.S., Britain and Russia to guarantee Ukraine’s territorial integrity when it surrendered its share of Soviet nuclear arsenals to Russia — how’s that working so far? Seems the only country holding maneuvers is indeed Russia — and not guaranteeing Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty.

As well, it seems Russia is now massing forces for “military maneuvers” near the Estonian border — any ethnic Russians there? The proverbal clock is ticking and twelve F-16s are not going to send a message. I think I know a great mission for the A-10 Warthogs. Oops, I forgot, Defense Secretary Hagel wants to retire that fleet — supposedly it’s outdated and its original mission is no longer valid. Think again, Mr. Hagel.


  1. This is what happens when we have a weak president, a weak military, a weak foreign policy, a corrupt government a president that is most likely behind closed doors giving Putin a free reign. biden, barry and kerry are all talk no action. Mean while hillary is trying to grandstand. It’s all a load of horse dung. Putin has them in his pocket and Crimea is his to take. Sad but true

    • I tell you what I love: we have a president that has almost taken “Our Country” to her knees and removing our rights every day, but yet he tells Putin, “The People of Ukraine” have spoken and you need to abide by their wishes and more. I have to laugh when he is bound and determined to take all of ours away.

    • I wouldn’t really call the Military weak, they just do what they can within the ROE, etc… Given total control you would have a different opinion I’m sure. Obama has most definitely caused this Country to be a huge laughingstock.

  2. This feels like a set up and, non-coincidentally, we are ill-prepared.
    I can only take heart in this knowledge:
    Divine Providence weaves His way though the clandestine schemes of world leaders and produces the destiny that is according to His plan. Simultaneously, He turns evil men and women over to the desires of their hearts. Nothing that they do is really sealed in secrecy, though they may fool themselves to think so. One day those private phone calls and under-handed dealings…the deceitfulness and betrayal toward country and the intentional conspiracy against God’s plan will be revealed.

    • God demands that we all try to do our best; doing nothing and just leaving everything to Divine Providence would not solve anything but make our world impossible, as thousands of years of human history and conflict have proved

      • Hello Brian. We don’t “leave” everything to Divine Providence. God is sovereign. In other words, He is in control and though mankind seems to be catapulting itself into physical and spiritual devastation, He has a plan for His children that have surrendered to Jesus the Messiah. God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. Nothing escapes Him. I am all about people working towards His will and His kingdom though. That kingdom is coming. It is inescapable.

      • O.K but I was thinking that in human terms, freedom only comes with a price; God gives man free will and God does not interfere with wars, famines etc we all have to try and do what we can to help the less fortunate to survive threats and oppression as in Ukraine, Syria etc. God allows us to fight just wars and to kill in self defence.

      • True. Meanwhile we are so ready for a new “guardian” for our republic. Someone reliable and trustworthy… sounds about right to me;)

  3. Could this be the beginning of the ‘more flexibility’ the community organizer was telling Putin about before the election? Its getting more and more obvious that there is traitor in the White House and the destruction of our country was the plan all along. I wonder at what point the useful idiots will admit they were duped – the second before the trigger of the gun to their head is pulled? Probably not even then….

  4. The fools who occupy the White house, pale in comparison to the fools who put them in office. Individual states and “we the people” need to stop paying federal taxes. or we will become even bigger fools.

  5. Perhaps NATO maneuvers in Northern Poland and Southwest Lithuania would also be appropriate. Russia stole East Prussia and forced the inhabitants to flee. I wonder how they would like it if we corrected history there. That little piece of Russia should at the least have the chance to be an independent country.

  6. No need for the US to get involved. The only people who are beating the drums of war here in the US are those who will not be anywhere near the war zone. From my perspective no one is deaf , were all just sick of the false propaganda and have gotten wiser . Fool us once (Iraq ) shame on you , fool us twice get it.

    • Putin knows that the American public is war weary and I’m sure that mattered a lot more in his calculations then what kind of jeans Obama wears. Those two wars did a lot more to weaken America abroad then anything Obama could have done. Putin knows we don’t have the stomach for another war and thinks he can sustains sanctions. The wasting of our resources in Iraq is what emboldened Putin and yes I’m blaming Bush.

  7. Refreshing to see something that contains facts and offers more than just blind criticism of the President. Thanks Col West for steering clear of the standard Putin looks good without his shirt and Obama wear mom-jeans nonsense. Obama is not perfect but he is what we have right now and he’s just one man it’s up to ALL Americans to stand strong. Hopefully with help of God we will find a way out of this mess.

    • Blind criticism? If you can’t see at least 30 valid reasons to criticize Obama then you, Rafael, are the one who’s blind. If you don’t wake up soon, you and you’re seeing-eye-dog will be standing alone, while the rest of us are doing a lot more than criticizing. Oh, I get it. The little character next to your name says it all.

      • Hey be nice 🙂 Only 30 reasons,,,I have a lot more but I’ll start with we are threatening Putin with sanctions and the possibility of military action and at the same time Hagel and Obama want to cut our military. Putin is not afraid of Obama,,,period. I listened to Putin’s address to his people and it scares me but SOME of the things he was saying made sense but he is ruthless and I don’t trust him anymore than I trust Obama. But at the same time I have so many conflicting thoughts going through my mind that I don’t know anymore what is right or what is wrong. My husband was an officer stationed at Ft. Presidio during Vietnam. On base I saw the helicopters bringing our wounded to the Letterman Hospital, our base hospital from the USS Enterprise. I would be at the hospital when they brought them in. What I saw will never leave me. The hallways would be packed with the wounded and dying because there wasn’t any rooms to put them in. All a couple of us wives could do was stay with the ones that were dying and holding their hand so they weren’t alone. I would really be interested to here from an American Vet on what you think of this whole thing with Ukraine and Obama.

      • Hi Sherill.
        You write: “But at the same time I have so many conflicting thoughts going through my mind that I don’t know anymore what is right or what is wrong.”

        Please read my comments above:


        The TRUTH is very importent in the light of the History and in the light of UNDENIABLE, UNDISPUTABLE, IRREFUTABLE, UNARGUABLE and BEYOND DOUBT FACTS.

        God bless you.

      • Thank you. You have sent me things before that have helped. I appreciate it. I will read these.

      • I copied them to a document so I can access them easier for my family. Read the first one and as usual you laid it all out and makes it so much easier to understand. Thank you for that.

        God bless you too.

    • Obama … not perfect … reducing the U.S military to pre WW11 levels … destroyed the economy, destroyed the nations health system … attacked the country’s Christian roots … promotes Islam at every opportunity … actively supports the gay/lesbian communities to the exclusion of heterosexuals … attacks marriage … promotes alternative life styles … unsuccessfully hides his Muslim roots … Obama “not” perfect Oh My God … what an understatement!

      • All OK, except the ‘muslim’ stuff. Obongo is an ashkenazi by his mother, NOT a muslim in any way. That’s jew-daic propaganda to tease Americans against Islam, Divide and Conquer. FAILED.

        The ONLY enemy of the US is the ashkenazi world mafia, seated in London. Period.

    • Dead wrong. Obongo is an illegal alien subversive for Zion, and already charged with 17 crimes against this nation and the Constitution. By, Rev. Manning, of NY, in a disclosed Constitutional People’s Grand Jury, with notification to ALL authorities, real and fictional, including the UBBER corrupt CON-gre$$. And the highest charge: Usurpation of the highest office (TWICE, already), with the Constitution demanding the DEATH PENALTY. Any wonder why these animals want American’s GUNS, at almost any cost (no Revolution, of course)? Want to kick-start WW3 (to distract everybody away from their crimes, and consequential PUNISHMENT)? Failed. The Prophecy WILL be fulfilled. “Beast to ABYSS”, for EVER.

  8. Hagel is a True “MORON” His Boss….”Bath House Barry” Same Story.
    Got this Plane Thing Running Cover (thanks iran) Now Lets See What Happens Next..
    I Think I’m Moving To BRASIL…..
    Sempre Fi’

    • One place is as good as another. Recall the Frenchman who moved out of France to escape the war drums of Hitler…he moved to Guadacanal. S/F

  9. But does Putin really desire another world war? Unlike Crimea (to which Muslim Tatars actually hold a better historical claim than Russia; Stalin deported most of the Tatars to Siberia), Estonia is on the doorstep of the EU and is strategically important. This would be Putin’s overplaying of his hand. Even if America is war-weary, there are some battles that must be fought with military means.

    • We fought the last one with proxy wars, our intelligence community, deterrence, and strong Republican leadership. We can’t fight Russia directly – no way. If Europe allows it to happen again, then so be it. Agree – protect our shores and sphere of influence – the Western Hemisphere. Actually – we were better off with two world superpowers than the mess we have now. The first Bush was right – the ending of the Cold War will just create more smaller problems around the world.

      • WRONG. All the Bushes ARE criminals, traitors, and yet to face justice. Old F*rt Bush himself said publicly, “if they ever find out what we did to them, they will chase us down the street and lynch us.” Meaning, the American public. And it may still happen, sickening beasts.

  10. If Putin is going to annihilate the muzzies there, I am all for it. Putin and I have the same common enemy. At least HE can see what kind of filthy pedophiles they are– while our prez bows down and kisses their muzzie arses and wants to impose sharia law in the US. Keep us out of it, let Russia do what they are gonna do. I stand with Putin on this one.

    • Will you stand with Russia when it annexes Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Georgia, Belarus, Maldova and possibly Poland, Slovakia, and Romania? What if it goes for E. Germany, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, or Turkmenistan?

      Have you ever heard of Chamberlain or Quisling?

      • As long as Putin leaves the U.S. alone, I couldn’t care less what he does. When (if) he directly attacks us, here on our soil, then we need to get involved. If he stays in his own neighborhood, it’s not our problem.

      • If you want to know the TRUTH, see my reply to Liz above and my comments above. And please spread the TRUTH and debunk the LYING Propaganda of the true Kriminals and LSM.

      • You sound an awful lot like Neville Chamberlain. No doubt you’re not very cognizant of history or economics.

      • Oh, you mean the man who led Britain through the first several months of WWII when Hitler invaded Poland? Actually, I’m quite cognizant of history, thank you. I’m also aware of economics. For example, at the onset of WWII this nation wasn’t trillions of dollars in debt, nor was a huge amount of that debt owned by China. At that time we also had a President who’s priority was American’s (as opposed to everybody else). America, as a nation, is NOT in the same position it was back in the late 1930’s. We have incredibly serious problems HERE that must be prioritized. We have spent far too much time, and far too much money, trying to “fix” the problems in far too many other countries. We cannot afford to become militarily involved against Russia unless U.S. interests are directly attacked.

      • You’re right that we can’t become militarily involved with Russia. Even if we didn’t have very serious economic problems, there’s the small detail that Russia is a nuclear armed country. Of course I never suggested we start a war, but who cares about details.

        However, if anything history tell us is that by putting off opposing tyrants early we almost guarantee an eventual war, usually a big one. Great Britain and Europe could have cut short Hitlers ambitions and avoided WW II had they acted early, that was chamberlains error. We could have delayed WW II by not acting against Japan when it ravaged China, but while some deny it, Hitler was planning on attacking the US eventually. Had he waited, he’d have had jet bombers, ballistic missiles and atomic weapons with which to have defeated the US.

        Hitler made two statigic mistakes. First, he declared war on the US when the US declared war on Japan. He didn’t have to and shouldn’t have done so. Secondly, he broke the treaty with the Soviets and invaded the USSR at the wrong time. Our winning WW II wasn’t because of FDR or our economic potential, but because of Divine Grace if the truth be told.

        As for our economic status pre-WW II, you do understand that America was in a depression at the time it started? FDR didn’t save the country, WW II did.

        However, what I was referring to is the mistaken belief by many isolationists like you that the US can sit by and allow a rogue aggressive superpower to establish hegemony over the Mideast and Europe, Putin’s goal. Eventually, he could cripple the US economically by cutting off much trade from Europe and oil from the Mideast. China would then isolate us from the East.

        As it is, Russia might cause us great economic harm, including a depression, by dumping US bonds on the open market. Granted, a lot of it is our own fault with our profligate spending and borrowing. However, most nations get out of a depression by going to war, which obviously neither of us want.

        However, neither isolationism nor pacifism work, never have, never will. If Russian directly attacks the US, believe this retired former EAO, recon, and Intel military officer that while we’ll destroy Russia, it’ll be a pyrrhic victory, as we’ll be a smoking radioactive rubble.

      • I’m not sure if you’re correct about Hitler being thwarted had Britain and Europe acted earlier. That kind of megalomania never stops pushing. I think Hitler would have continued on his path no matter what. But who knows? Debating how the past may or may not have been different is pointless, since time travel doesn’t exist. At least, not yet.

        I do know you’re correct in your assessment of the dangers of isolationism, and normally I’m not an isolationist. Never have been. I’m just very frustrated and fed up with the foreign policy our administration has been practicing for years. The wars that should not have been started, the “foreign aid” rubber stamping that has all but bankrupted us. The last I heard, we were still paying Japan “reparation” for the damage we did in the war that THEY started by attacking us. The insane level of illegal immigration and the refusal to enforce our immigration laws. The “political correctness” that has us succoring our enemies, both here and abroad. All of it has created a high level of frustration and anger. So I officially retract my original statement.

        The one thing I’m not so sure about in your argument is that Putin could cripple the US economically by cutting off oil from the Mideast. Perhaps if that begins to happen, we’ll finally start developing our own oil production at a significant level and end our dependency on OPEC. We have huge oil reserves that we aren’t developing and tapping while spending billions on oil purchased from countries that hate and despise us. Perhaps being forced to stop those purchasing and develop our energy independence could be the one silver lining to this black cloud.

      • Many history and military experts believe had Britain with France and the US called Germany on its violation of the arms limitations of the Versailles Treaty WW II might have been avoided. The major against that are the results of the WORLDWIDE Great Depression who some believe made a global war inevitable.

        But why discuss, debate if you will, the past? I suppose you’ve heard of the adage by George Santayana that, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Do you put any stock in it? I most do certainly.

        I agree with your implication that we’ve gotten into wars we could’ve avoided, and those we got into have often been mismanaged. Also, most of our foreign aid has been driven by the CIA types who think bribing people works. We could’ve avoided the Koren War had Dean Atcheson corrected a grievous mistake in a speech. Sometimes it’s as simple as not letting a potential enemy underestimate the US’s resolve. But not always.

        As for repatriation to the Japanese, the only such payments we’ve made were to Japanese AMERICANS we put in concentration camps in the US, a black stain on our honor and on the Republic. Of course we rebuilt Japan after the war, just as we did Germany and Italy. That was necessitated by the USSR’s actions right before the end of WW II and after. During WW II one of our generals, realizing the threat, wanted to take all of Germany and continue into the Soviet Union to push it to its pre-war borders. Most doubt it could have been done.

        As for illegal immigration, this Hispanic believes we should adopt the immigration laws of Mexico. They’re draconian, but we’re a sovereign nation, although it seems the progressives object to that. Right now first time illegal entry is a misdemeanor. It should be made a felony and the country of origin should pay for any incarceration of their citizens illegally entering the US. Also, I see no point in not deporting any illegal if found, and we should institute E-Verify and Voter ID. But the Democrats fear such measures might succeed, so they lie about conservatives’ motives.

        The problem about becoming more or less oil independent is that while we’ve a lot of reserves, and a lot of natural gas, it’d take five years to develop the fields and build more refineries. But we should start immediately. In addition we should expand nuclear energy and the use of clean coal. However, I believe this regime won’t in order to cripple America, which they see through an anti-colonial racist lens.

      • Are you kidding? Of course those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it. Many of those who CAN remember the past are doomed to repeat it as well, because they’re foolish enough to believe they can “do it right this time”. Then again, I also believe many of the same people fit the classic definition of insanity as well.

        I’m a bit torn on the whole Japanese repatriation thing. On the one hand, it’s reprehensible that American citizens who just happened to be of Japanese descent were rounded up like that. On the other hand, even though I don’t agree with it, I can understand the thinking that led to the belief it was necessary at the time. We certainly should have made restitution to those people, and I have no problem with that. I had heard, some years ago, that even after the rebuilding of Japan, payments continued to the Japanese government for many years. Perhaps that was incorrect. I certainly hope so.

        If the immigration laws of Mexico I’ve seen posted online are correct, they are quite draconian….. and I agree we should adopt them as well. But we don’t even enforce the laws we do have. I also have a big problem with the whole “anchor baby” thing. Or people who are here illegally using the Constitution as a defense (or a weapon, depending on the situation). I’ve always believed that our Constitution was meant to apply only to our Citizens and those here legally. I don’t think anyone here illegally should be afforded the protection of the Constitution.

        The last thing this regime wants is to encourage any kind of independence, either as a nation or as individuals. The more I see of the Democratic/Progressive/Liberal agenda, the more frighteningly Orwellian it seems.

      • No, I’m not kidding. However, I love your comment about those foolish enough to believe they can do it right this time around. I remember one of the definitions of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over despite getting the wrong results.

        As for the Japanese-American internment during WW II, at the time it was based on racism and economic greed. There was never one incident of any Japanese spying on or committing sabotage against the US which can’t be said of German and Italian Americans. For that reason I don’t find it understandable, moral, or according to American values of any era in american history. Like slavery, segregation, and the era of Jim Crow laws, it was wrong, period. My father, who served in the US Army during WW II, and my mother firmly taught me all that.

        Did you know the architect behind the internment was none other than Earl Warren, who became chief justice of the supreme Court? Also, did you know that the businesses, farms, property, and wealth of most of the internees were confiscated by wealthy whites who resented the moderately prosperous and hard working people of Japanese heritage? It was outright theft! Rarely do we discuss the suffering and deaths in those concentration camps nor do we discuss enough of the young Japanese American men who served gallantly during WW II.

        When the US recently agreed in 1988 to reparations, it was cents on the 1940s dollar. As the Civil Liberties Act said, the government actions at the time were based on “race prejudice, war hysteria, and a failure of political leadership”.

        As for payment to Japan itself, we’ve helped her beyond just rebuilding. That was because the constitution rightly forced on Japan by Gen. MacArthur forbid any offensive military capabilities and severely limited defensive capabilities. So we helped with their military defenses. Now I believe it’s time to stop and withdraw most of our troops from Japan with some bases allowed in Okinawa. I also believe we should do much the same in Europe.

        Concerning illegals in the country, your right. all we owe them are the rights afforded by international law and common decency. However, all benefits, welfare, medical insurance, etc., should be limited to US citizens. the protection of our laws of course apply to everyone, but they shouldn’t be an excuse to hide behind as you mentioned.

        As for your last paragraph, it’s painfully correct.

      • Of course he is not correct! He is a zionist troll for the world rapine mafia! Now, if he was a six year old boy, give him a break, been reading too many Hitler comic books, but he is OLD ENOUGH to have learned the truth, and the treachery of the zionist mafia. Ooh! But watch him talking about terrible ISLAM!! Barf!

        Conveniently, typical, he ‘forgets’ to add that ashkenazi traitor F.D. Roosevelt (Rosenfeld) and half-and-half Churchill, KNEW a week before the Pearl Harbor attack, and kept their criminal mouths shut… To? kick start WW2, for their rapine gods, the RAT-a-childs in London. Then hauled the American Fodder for just another holocaust to Molech; who gives, duh? Sick, very sick mentalities.

      • You don’t ‘sound’, you ARE, a zionist troll pretending to help kick start the LAST salvation for the commie bolshevik zionist ashkenazi ’cause’… WW3… FAILED. No more wars for the criminal terrorist traitor zionist mafia. YOU want war? Get yourself a gun, and your mastas, and go get shot for YOUR “cause”.

      • Have I ever said I want war? Obviously you’re quite aliterate.

        Like I’ve said before, get some professional help sir.

      • We are in no position to war with Russia or even oppose them or stand in their way. Most countries hate us anyways, so why do we constantly run to their aid? Who is going to aid US when we need it? Not Ukraine, Latia, Estonia, Lithuania, Georgia, Belarus, Maldova, Poland, Slovakia or Romania!!! Nope, not E. Germany, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan or Turkmensitan either. Let them all kill eachother off. Our greatest enemy here is the islamists and Putin is against them also. I hope he rids himself of their filth in the process. We are really in for it here in the US soon, we need our defenses HERE for when people finally wake up to what they are in for. We have VERY few allies and this administration is hell bent on ruin the relations with the ones we have!

      • A Fortress Isolationist America First policy is a death warrant for this country. If you had an inkling about history you’d know that.

        I agree our greatest enemy is the Islamists, not only here but around the world. I’d go so far as to say ISLAM is our enemy, just as socialism and communism still are.

        I also agree that Islam is the enemy of Russia and all of Europe. Sadly, out of socialist political correctness Eurpoe is slowly submitting to Dhimmitude and will soon come under Dar al-‘Ahd and eventually Dar al-Islam. Sharia Law will become the norm unless the wake up and do so very soon.

        I’m glad you oppose that and we should hope European nations realize the threat. I’m also glad you see this administration, I say regime, for what it is. But acquiescing to Soviet, oops, I mean Russian aggression and hegemony is an invitation to eventual economic war and ultimately nuclear war.

        So I’m glad that Col. West understands both the Islamic and Russian threat to the Free World and to the USA. We need people like him, Dr. Carlson, or Condoleazza Rice as president, vice president, Secretary of State, and/or Secretary of Defense, not the socialist welfare nanny one-party state advocate we have now. <!–
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      • Pathetic ashkenazi troll, obviously, you are NOT a Constitutionalist (what??), but an accomplice to warmongering using OTHER’s fodder, typical of your kind.

        As for Islam, WHICH one? Mohammad’s, or of YOUR overlord ashkenazi RAT-a-child rapine vandals at The City? Your pretended but complicit ignorance is sickening.

        ● Confessions of a British Spy and British Enmity against Islam.pdf
        ● A Real Case Against the Jews – (Marcus Eli Ravage)
        ● Some call it Communism, I call it Judaism – (Rabbi Stephen Weiss)
        ● Communism Is Jewish – (Inter-City Researchers)
        ● Maxims of George Washington – (George Washington)
        ● From HoloHOAX to Organ Trafficking – (
        ● Russian General Reveals Truth About 9/11 – (
        ● How Jewish Manipulation Killed Thousands – (Matt Hale)
        ● The Mossad Role In The JFK Assassination Conspiracy – (Michael Collins Piper)
        ● Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution – (Antony Sutton)
        ● Know Your Enemy – (Delia Mares)

      • I see you’re still spewing your anti-semitic hatred despite the fact I made no comments about the Jews. You’re also proving that you don’t even know the meaning of either “troll” or “ashkenazi.”

        So please get some help sir before you harm someone.

      • When you throw out such a puerile benighted charge, I suggest you have the cojones to back it up with erudite facts concerning the history and the tragic results of appeasement in the face of tyrants. Or is that too much to expect of a partisan demagogue?

      • Pathetic ashkenazi troll, you got your share of IT, upstairs. DARE read, and debate. IF, you really really have any cojones, rather than ‘just’ an observable BIG mouth.

      • Your anti-semitism says a lot about you. However, I’d rather be a Jew than like someone like you.

        Come to think of it, according to the New Testament I am an adopted Jew. In addition, since my heritage is likely Spanish Maranos, I am also ethnically part Jewish. Got a problem with that?

        However, I suggest you learn some facts about history and the results of Chamberlain’s actions. If you believe allowing Russia to resurrect the Soviet Empire you’ve a lot to learn. So don’t talk to me of debating when you haven’t a clue what that means.

      • Cynical delusional ashkenazi. You are NOT a ‘jew’, unless you admit you are NOTHING, an invented TAG, cloak for evil, in the 13th c. AD. Are you THAT ignorant, or pretend to be a ‘smart’ trollie? Disgusting, from every angle, side, or view.

        ● Letter ‘J’ invented – (
        ● The Jews are an Invented People – (Shlomo Sand – Tel Aviv Univ.)
        ● The Thirteenth Tribe – (Arthur Koestler)
        ● Fountain of Fairytales – (
        ● The Hidden Tyranny – (Harold Wallace Rosenthal)
        ● Some call it Communism, I call it Judaism – (Rabbi Stephen Weiss)
        ● A Real Case Against the Jews – (Marcus Eli Ravage)
        ● Genesis 10:3 – The sons of Gomer: Ashkenaz, Riphath and Togarmah.
        ● Myth of Judeo-Christian Tradition – (New Dawn Magazine- #23 – Fb-Ma-1994)
        ● Why the Old Testament is a Lie – (Banjo_Billy –

        As for being ‘marrano’, cheers! Your compadre Torquemada is waiting for you in Gehenna…

      • Sir, I take it you have an issue with my being Hispanic and a possible marranos, although I doubt you understand the latter. After all, it was Torquemada who was partly behind the Alhambra Decree.

        It’s also obvious you don’t understand the term Aqshkenazi. I suppose that it has “nazi” in it is what intrigues you.

        But tell me, why won’t you answer my simple question, are you Muslim? Or are you KKK, Aryan Brotherhood, or a member of another white supremacist group?

        Why won’t you state the reason you started your inane and puerile diatribe against me about Jews when I said nothing about them, just that it was a bad idea to allow Russia to re4start a Russian/Soviet Empire? Is it that you’re an aliterate caitiff sir?

      • Troll. Why don’t you worry instead about ALL the annexations your bolshevik ashkenazi comrades have done around the world, using goy fodder, and tax robbed money from US tax suckers?

        Here, have a taste of it. . And there is a BIG difference between Czarist Russia, “bolshevik Russia”, “soviet jew-nion”, and Putin’s Russia..

        ● The Rothschild Bloodline – (
        ● The Rothschild Octopus – (Vlada Sindjelic)
        ● Ukranian Famine – (
        ● The Mass Murder of Russian Christians and the Destruction of their Churches – (Dr Lasha Darkmoon)
        ● Under the Sign of the Scorpion – (Juri Lina)
        ● Proof: From Cocaine To Rothschilds – (Tatum)
        ● Kerry’s Jew-Ridden State Department – (
        ● Rule by Secrecy – (Jim Marrs)
        ● Proof of Conspiracy Against Religions and Governments of Europe – (John Robinson)
        ● The Hidden Hand – The Secret World Government – (Cherep-Spridovich)
        ● Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution – (Antony Sutton)
        ● Some call it Communism, I call it Judaism – (Rabbi Stephen Weiss)
        ● Who Brought the Slaves to America – (Walter White)
        ● High Priests of War – (Michael Collins Piper)
        ● Jews, Zionists Behind Armenian Genocide Holocaust – (
        ● Katyn Bolshevik Massacre – (
        ● The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – (Zio-Psychos)
        ● Zionism in the Age of Dictators – (Lenni Brenner)
        ● Crimes Of The Bolsheviks Edited by Isabella Fanfani – (Dr Lasha Darkmoon)
        ● Secret Behind Communism – (David Duke)
        ● Secret Jewish War Against Humanity Uncovered – (Robert J. Antonellis)

      • Troll? Do you know what the word even means?

        So you side with Putin, and ex?-communist? It also sounds like you have a problem with Jews. Are you unhappy that Hitler failed in exterminating them? I’ll bet you think my comment to Liz Nunya was about Judaism.

      • Uh-oh! CONFIRMED! Look WHO just wiped you UP! bOObs6969, the dumbest zionist troll-glodyte on the boondocks!! CONGRATS!!

        TROLL, YOU obviously side with NathanYahoo!, the RAT-a-childs, and the bolshevik ashkenazi DC Latrine dwellers. Then you are a shameless traitor, not only a lying and deceiving troll, SINCE…

        ● Adolf Hitler, Founder of Israel – (Hennecke Kardel)
        ● Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers – (
        ● Simple Arithmetic vs. the 6 Million Myth – (Liberty Bell Publications)
        ● Debunking the Genocide Myth – (Paul Rassinier)
        ● The Myth of the Extermination of the Jews – (Carlos Mattogno)
        ● The Hoax of the Twentieth Century – (Arthur A. Butz)
        ● The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism – (Robert Brock)
        ● The Holocaust Industry – (Norman Finkelstein)
        ● Long-Hidden Death Certificates Discredit Extermination Claims – (Mark Weber)

        ● How Israel Caused 911 – (David Duke)
        ● Russian General Reveals Truth About 9/11 – (
        ● How Jewish Manipulation Killed Thousands – (Matt Hale)

        ● A Real Case Against the Jews – (Marcus Eli Ravage)
        ● Germany Must Perish! – (Theodore Newman Kaufman –
        ● The Hidden Tyranny – (Harold Wallace Rosenthal)
        ● Jews, Zionists Behind Armenian Genocide Holocaust – (
        ● Judea Declares War On Germany – (
        ● Secret Jewish War Against Humanity Uncovered – (Robert J. Antonellis)

        ● Some call it Communism, I call it Judaism – (Rabbi Stephen Weiss)
        ● Secret Behind Communism – (David Duke)
        ● Crimes Of The [jew] Bolsheviks Edited by Isabella Fanfani – (Dr Lasha Darkmoon)
        ● The Mass Murder of Russian Christians and the Destruction of their Churches – (Dr Lasha Darkmoon)
        ● Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution – (Antony Sutton)
        ● Revenge of the Neanderthal – (Willis A. Carto)

        ● Final Judgment – (Michael Collins Piper)
        ● The Mossad Role In The JFK Assassination Conspiracy – (Michael Collins Piper)
        ● Kill the Best Gentiles – (James W. von Brunn)

      • You certainly unearthed many of the anti-semitic bigots and sites around. So what can I say to an aberrant anti-semitic bigot who’s obviously aliterate? Or am I addressing a rabid Muslim?

        Like I implied, you don’t know the definition of what a troll is, although you certainly qualify as one with your acerbic ad hominem attack. A troll is a person who sows discord by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community either accidentally or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. Your unprovoked anti-semitic screeds certainly qualifies.


Not one of my comments were about Jews, Israel, or Zionism, until you brought the issue up, but were about whether or not we should allow Putin to resurrect the old Soviet Empire on a forum discussing that very issue and with a poster who believed we should allow Putin free rein. Nor was my comment controversial, certainly not like the poster I was responding to.

        I was discussing rationally, which is more than I can say about your comments, the consequences of the poster’s stance and current events that could have dire consequences for Europe and the US. Was that really for you too difficult to understand? Or do you approve of Soviet, oops, Russian hegemony from Western Europe to the Pacific and into the Mideast?

        All I wrote to you was, “It also sounds like you have a problem with Jews. Are you unhappy that Hitler failed in exterminating them? I guess you’ve answered my question in the affirmative as you retort with such a puerile inane comment, “Then you are a shameless traitor, not only a lying and deceiving troll,…” Even Liz’s comments didn’t address the Jews, but rather Muslims.

        By the way, have you ever served this country? Are you even an American citizen?

        But please understand one thing sir, I’d rather be called a Jew than side with the KKK, white supremacists, Holocaust deniers, mass murder attempters, or insane white supremacist miscreants.

        May you have a Saul experience on your road to Damascus with the one I follow and serve who was once a Jewish carpenter.

      • Typical die-cast, cookie-cutter, molded and baked zionist troll. Moan, whine, and cry. And “innocent”, even with blood smeared all over… tsk, tsk, perverts…

        ● “anti-Semitism” invented by ‘jew’ agitator M. Steinschneider (
        ● Crimes Of The Bolsheviks Edited by Isabella Fanfani – (Dr Lasha Darkmoon)
        ● Ukranian Famine – (

        HERE, zionist TROLL, this is YOUR failed MANUAL, for losers…

        ● The Art of Always Being Right – (‘jew’ ‘logic’) [BARF!]

        “Putin = USSR”?? Yeah, zio-troll, tell me the one about the 3 Lil Piggies, instead!!

        ● The Mass Murder of Russian Christians and the Destruction of their Churches – (Dr Lasha Darkmoon) [while the Sin-of-Gogs were being built by ‘atheists’…]
        ● The Secret Holocaust – (Eustace Mullins)
        ● Jews, Zionists Behind Armenian Genocide Holocaust – (
        ● Under the Sign of the Scorpion – (Juri Lina)
        ● Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution – (Antony Sutton)
        ● Katyn Bolshevik Massacre – (

        ‘muslims’, ‘islam’, ‘hitler’, ‘gestapo’, ‘nazi’, blah-blah… WORN thread, useless cliche, old fairy tale. But the murderers squatting Palestine are ‘sacred’. The butcher bolsheviks did NOT exist. And the ‘Soviets’… ah-they were RUSSIANS, of coz! Hypocrite zionist TROLLS!

        ● Confessions of a British Spy and British Enmity against Islam.pdf
        ● Blood Passover – The Jews of Europe and Ritual Murder – (Ariel Toaff)
        ● Architects of Deception – (Juri Lina)
        ● Anti-Semitic fresco causes uproar in Poland – (

        “served this country”… THIS country? OR the Crown of the ashkenazi Rothschilds?? Because since ALL wars are contrived, financed, started, and finished by THEM, you served THEM, IF YOU DID (at the front lines, not in a couch somewhere in Washington, tel aviv, or London). But since am ignorant and a liar, let’s rely on a ‘credible’ psychopath criminal ashkenazi idol of yours…

        ● “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in [ZIONIST] foreign policy”. – Henry The Kissinger, Wanted Psycho.

        “KKK, white supremos, holoHOAX deniers, mass murder attempters, or insane white supremo miscreants”… DUH?? Last i read, top honcho KKK is a CRYPTO ‘jew’… ‘white supremacists’ are NOT worse than zionist criminals, are they? “insane supremacists blah-blah”… have NEVER bombed a Navy ship (thrice), bombed military barracks (Beirut), or downed high rise buildings in Jew York, duh, mister ‘jew’?? But YOUR Mossad HAS! Just GOOGLE! As for the ‘mass murderers”… let’s talk about GROSS demented murderers and LIARS…

        ● The Mossad Role In The JFK Assassination Conspiracy – (Michael Collins Piper)
        ● How Israel Caused 911 – (David Duke)
        ● Russian General Reveals Truth About 9/11 – (
        ● The Golem, A World Held Hostage – (Michael Collins Piper)
        ● Long-Hidden Death Certificates Discredit Extermination Claims – (Mark Weber)
        ● The Holocaust Industry – (Norman Finkelstein)
        ● Debunking the Genocide Myth – (Paul Rassinier)

        ME, the “Saul experience”??… You mean, NON-Disciple-NON-Apostle Saul of Tarsus? The Edumean infiltrator, spy, subversive of primitive Christianity; grandson of Salome, the sister of Herod the Great? Who never confessed his real name (typical)? The ‘Fool of Hope’, according to REAL Apostle Luke? The co-murderer c.62, of Iames (NO ‘J’ in those times), brother of the IESHOUA (Issu, Yeshua), the Christ, the NAZARENE, long AFTER ‘Paul’ ”claimed” to have ”converted to the Lord” on the road to Damascus?… Now you ARE being abusive, and ill wishing ME!!

        ● Gospel of Paul – (

        And if the Christ (the Nazarene) were a (“jew” NOT invented yet until 13th c AD, remember?), then WHY would another ‘jew’ (Edumean, Herod) would want to kill HIM?? Because he was NOT! And he was even born in… ‘Galilee of the GENTILES’… (cough-cough)… Your talmudic trainers are a total FAIL. And so are you.

      • I must apologize to you. I didn’t realize you were that mentally ill.

        All you can do is retort with KKK, white supremacist references, and make up imaginary facts. You need serious help before you harm someone sir.

    • Here are the FACTS about Mr. Putin and WHY the Bankers/Globalists hate him:

      1) Mr. Putin NEVER was “the head of a defunct KGB” as McCoin, Hitlery and LSM falsely highlighting it. His highest rank was Lieutenant Colonel. Mr. Putin served his country as any American CIA agent serves his country. That was his job. KGB = CIA.

      2) Mr. Putin was born THREE generation later after the Bolshevik Revolution.

      3) Russia is NOT the Soviet Union

      4) Vladimir Putin isn’t a Kommunist, and the communists are not in power today in Russia. The communists are in opposition to Putin. The Russian Kommunist Party is highly critical of the policies of Mr. Putin. Mr. Putin won presidential elections with 65% votes; Kommunist Party’s competitor got 17.7% with the 64% turnout to the polls.

      5) Mr. Putin’s world view is totally different from the previous leaders of the Soviet Union. He is another generation, who grew up with the rejection of the communistic régime with its dictatorship and authoritarianism, which required complete citizenry obedience.

      6) Mr. Putin’s policies are opposite to the ex-Soviet Union’s as they are opposite to the treacherous policies of the KKK (Korrupt Kenyan Kriminal)

      7) When Mr. Putin was elected president of Russia in 2000 for the first time, Russia was BANKRUPT. By 2006 Putin had PAID OFF Russia’s DEBT to the Rothschild-run International Monetary Fund and to the Rothschild-controlled Paris & London Club of Creditors. Russia’s FINANCIAL DEPENDENCE on the foreign financiers was now OVER.

      8) Mr. Putin won the battle for oil over the Rothschilds & Company (The Bushes, The Clintons, Soros, Kissinger, et. al.)

      Jacob Rothschild created The Menatep Banking Group in Russia, which was associated with the Rothschild-Soros Carlyle Group. Then through his agent Mikhail Khodorkovsky (the former Russian oligarch found guilty of stealing billions of dollars in oil) they bought Yukos Oil for $309 million. In 2003 the same company was ASSESSED AS WORTH $45 billion (or 145 TIMES the purchase price).

      The 40% (!!!) share of his Yukos stocks would pass into the hands of Lord Rothschild.

      “In 2007, JNR acquired a corporate intelligence firm called Diligence to coordinate its intelligence operations in Russia as well as elsewhere. Diligence was founded in 2000 by Nick Day, a former British special forces and MI5 operative, and ex-CIA agent Mike Baker, who no longer works for the company. Day reportedly saw an opening for a new business when British companies were entering emerging markets, TARGETING Russia. According to Handelsblatt, more than half of their roughly 100 employees are FORMER MEMBERS of an intelligence service.”

      9) Mr. Putin issued international ARREST WARRANT for Rothschild & Financial TERRORIST George Soros. Watch YouTube video… and you’ll understand who organized
      the Greece’s financial chaos & mess.

      Now the terrorist Soros and also the Rothschilds & the Rockefellers can’t continue the evil speculations with the Russia’s FINANCIAL SYSTEM. THEY HATE Mr. Putin, because he puts his country’s interests FIRST.

      10) Mr. Putin does not flirting with the Muslim World nor supports jihadists. Russia is a victim of the Chechen islamic jihadism.

      11) Putin restored Christianity in Russia. In a televised Christmas message on January 7 2008 Putin said:

      “The Russian Orthodox Church contributes to the promotion of moral values in society. One should not completely draw a line between the culture and the church. Of course by law in our country the church is separate from the state. But in the soul and the history of our people it’s all together. It always has been and always will be.”

      Further to the surprise of many Americans, particularly Evangelical Christians, Vladimir Putin carries a Christian cross with him at ALL TIMES (from the Putin’s interview with Larry King). Vladimir Putin has frequently praised the Christian Russian Orthodox Church for “educating citizens in a spirit of patriotism and love of country, passing on love for spiritual values and history.”

      Interfax of Moscow reported: Christian influence penetrates the Russian Military “…in the last ten years many garrison churches and Sunday schools have opened in the military towns of Russia.”

      Putin is a defender of the Christian faith and Christian VALUES, in contrast to the decline and decadence of the West and USA. That is one more reason WHY they hate him.

      Please read my comments above and watch the Videos I posted links for and you will understand WHO REALLY PUSHING FOR THE WAR WITH RUSSIA and for the WORLD WAR III.

      God Bless.

  11. Do you really think that the Russians have been following the Nuclear Peace Treaty all these years? Sure, they destroyed the required number of nukes to satisfy the fools that inspected their known facilities. I would bet that somewhere in that vast expanse of Russia there are several “underground” nuclear warhead manufacturing plants that have been pumping the nukes out and being placed in an “underground” storage area.

  12. Wonder what kind of special tax considerations Obama is giving companies for moving our manufacturing and engineering to China and India. 100 million unemployed or underemployed, 40-50 million on welfare, inflation 23% and our country in shambles. I think it time to rebuild America.

  13. Romney anticipated this …Palin emphatically stated that this could happen … clueless Obama chimed that things like that do not happen anymore – a complicit, corrupt U.S media used the event to heap ridicule on both Romney and Palin while applauding Obama’s “brilliance”… who is laughing now!


    Dear People, the entire Ukraine/Crimea “CRISIS” was created by the Bankers/ Globalists/ Fascists. Their hands all over of the “CRISIS”.

    Did you hear from our LSM about how TWO top US Officials were discussing
    a plan that they had for a future [Ukrainian] Gov’t with plan to bring UN officials to seal the deal. This is more than U.S. trying to make suggesting. This is U.S. playing a midwife in the process. They were planning the type of the Gov’t THEY wanted for the Ukrainian People. And now the Mafiosi thugs are seting down conditions to Mr. Putin? It’s AMAZING!!! Just listen their phone conversation:


    The “protesters” were not the overwhelming majority in the Ukraine. They were funded by Soros groups & the EU. They were stirred up by the EU and the U.S. All of it was to get the Ukraine to move towards UN and NATO.

    After watching these very reveling videos, please ask Yourself WHY there are so many FALSE FLAGS with this Evil administration? WHO is provoking the GLOBAL “MAD” NUCLEAR CONFLICT ???

    WHY U.S. ship enters Black Sea near Crimea?

    ONLY People can stop this LYING administration and congress and prevent Global Catastrophe and bloodshed of the innocent.

    People, please spread the TRUTH all over an Internet.
    God’s Love & Peace be with You.

    • Wow…”personality management?” “Brokering” for a future government? What about the people sans the seedy influence? The world is being run by this kind of corporate-like A-Teams? Big business. Highly manipulative. All toward NWO. I know that sounds like a cliche by now, but so true.

      • Yes I agree and was going to edit that after I finished Larouche. It’s the unthinkable but we are arriving to a pinnacle of world events that I believe are Biblically prophetic.

      • All but the ships entering the Black Sea. Thanks for all your research. It’s very helpful to all.

      • Read my comment above.
        P.S. I know the situation from the First hand. My maternal grandma was Ukrainian (East) and I have there my two cousins and three second cousins. My friend here has her mother and brother in Crimea.

      • I just had visitors from Moscow this Christmas – their sentiments are that it’s okay for US to do what it wants but we condemn their country – they want US out of their business – it’s their sphere of influence.

      • Your statement is a Self-Contradictory.
        1) “their sentiments are that it’s okay for US to do what it wants”
        2) “they want US out of their business”

        These TWO accounts are contradicting each other — they are in clash / disagreement. Please be coherent.

      • ahem… excuse my unsolicited diplomatic intervention, but am just trying to prevent an Internet war…. Cathy up there SHOULD have said “it’s okay for THE US to do…” but in her excitement, missed the “THE” (TWICE!), creating a complicated war like situation possibly leading to WW3, IF, i don’t intervene, and explain to Commander Alondra, already with her finger on the RED button, to take a second look, slowly, peacefully, prayerfully, and Bingo!, NO problema! But then, Commander Alondra is already in no mood for reconciliation… Or, is she?

      • Hey, rebelde, how are you?
        Where are you lost? Fighting Zionism?
        I hope everything is OK with you and yours.
        My daughter and I, we plan to go to Spain in May maybe in June. My mother is not good. All winter she is sick after the flu vaccine. Three times she was hospitalized. I spoke with her on Monday. She is very weak. I hope for the better. Everything in the God’s hands.

        I as always fighting with the deranged Liberals. I don’t want to, but they are chasing me. So I acquired two new “admirer”. And I do not want to spend my time on the nonsensical fight. One, I think, makes steps toward the paz. will see.

        Warmest wishes to you, my Friend, and do not fight with insults. Insults do not help and it’s a waste of the time and energy.
        Chao. See you later.

      • HOLD IT! STOP! LISTEN!! Commander Alondra, this is GENERAL heroay and you better LISTEN to me!! Go to your EMAIL, and get VERY important information for YOUR MOTHER!!

        THESE G/D animals from the latrines in Shinar MURDERED my brother WITH THE VACCINE! They wanted to murder 10% of the population of the USA back in Winter of 2009, but someone in AUSTRIA pull the plug on them SONS of the DEVIL (and the NT backs me up)…. E-MAIL, capisco?!?

      • Watch this: Pro-Russian sentiment ineastern Ukraine (Eastern Ukraine wants their referendum. They also want to go to Russia)

        The Bankers/Globalists/Fascists — the West and USA, the idiots do NOT understand that the Russians and Ukrainians are Slavs (East Slavic) who are united by more than millennium long bonds (language, marriages, customs, culture, wars, etc.) U.S. and West Europe NEVER will be able to break those bonds. Their marriage is very solid and sealed by centuries.

        May God Bless, Guide and SUPPORT Mr. Putin.

    • I doubt O bama would do anything if Russia invaded Canada – Crimea, are you kidding – that is like on the other side of the world

  15. No, no one is listening. There is a plane missing…….and Moochelle Obama is going on a vacation to China. No one is hearing the rattle of sabers. No one cares.


    1) Kievan Rus’ (882–1283) — Russia started in Kiev (the present capital of Ukraine).

    2) Crimean Peninsula was conquered by Russian Tsaritsa (Queen) Catherine the
    Great after TWO Russo-Turkish Wars:

    The First war of 1768–74: The Russian victories allowed Catherine’s government to obtain access to the Black Sea and to incorporate present-day southern Ukraine, where the Russians founded the new cities of Odessa, Nikolayev, Kherson, Yekaterinoslav (literally: “the Glory of Catherine”; the future Dnepropetrovsk). All BIG cities were founded BY Russia!!!!!!

    The Second war 1787-1792: This war, catastrophicaly for the Ottomans, ended with the Treaty of Jassy (1792), which legitimised the Russian claim to the Crimea and granted the Yedisan region to Russia.

    3) From the beginning of the USSR era, Crimea belonged to the Russian Federation. But in the 1955 Nikita Khrushchev (I hope you know who he was) gave Crimea to Ukraine. On WHAT grounds? He was Ukrainian. The population of Crimea always was over 70% Russians, because Crimea was the Russian territory from the 1770’s.

    FACT #1: Eastern Ukrainians ALWAYS was closer to Russia and about 60% Russians lived there. But with the time thru the marriages they blended. Even the Eastern Ukrainian language is softer than the Western Ukrainian.

    FACT #2: the Western Ukrainians always were unfriendly nationalist, hostile toward Russians and toward Eastern Ukrainians and hard chore anti-Semitists, who during the WW2 collaborated with the German NAZI. The majority of the Jews’ Pogroms were staged and done by Western Ukrainians who served as policemen on the occupied territory by German NAZI. But they were in the minority in Ukraine.

    The UNDENIABLE, UNDISPUTABLE, IRREFUTABLE, UNARGUABLE, BEYOND DOUBT, CERTAIN, CONCLUSIVE and UNQUESTIONABLE FACT is that 95.5% Crimeans did vote to DIVORCE Ukraine and go back to Mother Russia where Crimea belong from the 1770’s until the 1955 when Nikita Khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine.

    Lady has a poster that reads: “Пришло Время Вернуть Моё Имя! Я Русь, не Украина.”
    Translation: “The time has come to return my name! I am Russia. And not Ukraine!”

    Pro-Russia demonstration in Simferopol — Capital of Crimea:

    • What about the Turkish descent that occupied the Crimea and were removed during the Forced Famine of Ukraine, 1932-1933? I think the Turkish descendants were put in work camps or killed by the Russians. The Russians then re-populated Crimea by re-locating Russian citizens to the area. That is why so many in the Crimea still has a connection with Russia. Talk about long term plans.

      • what about when the Turkish killed 1.7 million Armenians in 1917 and the west/Europe did nothing?

    • Hi Alondra,
      I really appreciate that you take the time to inform about some of the history. I’m very familiar with this, and I think that it’s important for westerners to know. I have many friends (Russian and Ukrainian) in southern Ukraine,.. Kherson is like my second home, :).
      This history is important,… but it’s not valid for engendering ethnic bitterness and fear of anti-semitism. I don’t excuse the cruelty of some Ukrainians, and others in past history. But according to the truth of the Bible,.. BITTERNESS,.. is the most effective and useful tool of spiritual darkness, and Satan. Just as in America many blacks STILL use the horror of Slavery to justify their own bitterness toward all whites,.. and this ‘immoral bitterness’ has become ingrained in their souls, preventing them from clear and right judgment in life. I see this dark-spirit of bitterness clearly because I’m mixed-race black-and-white, and yet my mind is opened by the Holy-Spirit of God, and the truth of the Bible–the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua ha Messiach!.
      Unfortunately, your view is only ‘one-sided’,.. and is designed to create distrust of Ukrainians by Russians. It’s simply under the heading of ‘propaganda-pretext’ that Putin and the Russian oligarchs are using to justify the annexation of Crimea (and whatever future territory which has a lot of ethnic Russians, they have in their plans).
      This is not about ‘protecting’ Russians. It’s more about the desire for freedom from the gangsterism of Russian oligarchy,.. that at one time was folded into the Communist-Party of the Former Soviet Union. Yes, it was an autocratic move by Krushchev, to give Crimea to Ukraine,… so what? As you rightfully stated there is much ‘blending’,.. mixing of ethnicities in Ukraine. Now Putin and oligarchs want to ‘split the baby in half’ ??
      There have been injustices by every group/ethnicity in past history,…and there has been historically as much anti-semitism in Russia as there was in Ukraine.
      Do you think ALL Germans, and ALL Ukrainians, .. or ALL Russians are ‘anti-semites’,… of course not!
      So you’re mixing apples-and-oranges when you try to associate a demonically-inspired hatred of Jews (which has occurred among all races of people, .. because it’s an IDEA-BASED,.. DARK SPIRIT,.. and NOT ethnically-based!

      As far as justification of national-ownership of territory,… Mexico could use the same logic regarding my home state of Arizona,.. or California, or New Mexico,.. since they at one time were a ‘part of Mexico’ (and Spain, for that matter).. And many speak ‘Spanish’ here, and are of Mexican decent. Several members of my family, including some of my children are married to ethnic Mexicans,… so what??
      Maybe there are some who use this errant logic (like La Raza),.. who wish to create confusion about territorial integrity?
      However, Mexico doesn’t have the military power to face-off against the USA,.. and so can’t simply aggressively occupy Arizona? BUT Russia does have the military and propaganda power to occupy Crimea,.. so what’s the difference?

      It’s simply an opportunistic ‘power-play’ for more territorial wealth by Putin and Russian oligarchs! Why try to dress-it-up as something else? They have masterfully used ‘propaganda’ to justify their incursion. They have persuaded many ethnic Russians of NOT being more closely economically-politically aligned with Europe and the West. And they have used the always effective ‘Nazi-fear’,.. and old blood-feuds to instill fear of pogroms by the Ukrainian-and-Western Nazis against Russian Jews,…HOG-WASH! Their lies are obvious to most Americans.

      And they use the very same ethnic/race-based propaganda that the American-Left,… like Obama and the Democrat-Party have been using for decades here! But most Americans (who are not blinded by race-bitterness) who are open-minded, easily see-through Obama-crat tactics,…. and we also see-through Putin-oligarch tactics!!

      Someday many Russians who are afraid of the ‘Nazi’ spectre will see the REAL spiritual battlefield clearly.


      [email protected]

  17. None of our business. Stay out of it. If the Jews want to fight Russia let them go do it. Americans are not paying attention because they are sick of war. We don’t want anything to do with that Jew war and Mossad CIA operation in Ukraine.

    • z-out,
      You are a blind and evil coward.,.. a child of Satan.
      You are extremely ignorant as well, since the Russian propaganda-pretext for seizing Crimea … is to protect Russians from anti-semite Nazis like you!


      [email protected]

  18. This is a “no go” for the US. If Europe isn’t rallying up against Russia, then we need to stay outside of any military action. Obama if he had any intelligence would have enhanced US oil and gas output……run the pipe, drill and provide the energy grid with additional product to offset any of Putin’s antics. We should be self reliant and then let Europe grab North Sea oil and arab oil ……and put out enough to diminish Putin’s threats. Next put the defensive missile systems back in Poland and other Nato members in east Europe. The fool took out these defensive missiles when Poland wanted them to stay. We waited 50 years to get eastern Europe out from under the old Soviet boot……..then this idiot removed defensive missiles for his own obscure, inept reasoning. Then you void all visas to the west from Russia…….it ends business travel and spy travel. All Russians who are not citizens of the US on visas, education or other reasons…….have to go back to the “homeland” during this period of “unfriendliness”. There are other actions to take and over time they take their toll. No need for military action since Crimea is really a small piece of nothing……..but doing these actions would at least show Putin……he’s not the almighty and not to pursue further aggression. Gas and Oil is about the only commodity he can trade for money and if it is not demanded………he returns to the bankrupt shell they really are.

    • Rifftop,
      I agree with a lot of your assessment,.. particularly agree with unleashing our GREATEST WEAPON — OUR HUGE RESERVES OF NATURAL GAS AND OIL,.. and our fracking technology to Europe and Ukraine. This is the wise thing to do! And can ameliorate fears regarding a shooting war, .. although we need a strong military deterrent as well. Re-instituting the defense shield in Poland and Czech would definitely in order! These 2 moves alone would de-fang Putin and the Russian oligarchs, … and give us a REAL BASIS for negotiating ‘real’ diplomacy.

      However, I don’t agree with you regarding deporting Russians,… revoking visas, etc. Yes, there are some here who SHOULD BE ‘TARGETED’ (remember the Boston-marathon-bomber),…who are anti-Americanism-pro-marxists or Islamists,… and especially among the ‘extreme-environmentalist crowd. Mikhail Gorbachev founded the San Francisco-based ‘Green Cross’ organization,..for Social-justice/wealth redistribution,.. an early promoter of the ‘Global-warming/Climate-change’ scheme, Along with other idiot-Americans like Al Gore,.. they have ‘strangled’ America’s strength of natural resources,.. ingenuity and creativity,………. The VERY THINGS that gave us victory over tyranical ideas during the 20th century.
      But now, like a ‘Trojan-Horse’,… this freedom-retreating ideology has been foisted on America in ‘phase 2’ of the Cold War. Yes, there is still a BATTLEFIELD OF IDEAS,.. regarding the best way to govern,.. and at the moment America is losing, But we are not lost …. quite yet!

      Many Russian immigrants are more ‘American’ in their values, than many native-born Americans. They came here to escape the oppressive tyranny of ‘Socialist-Gangsterism’,, and hope for a better life. They are horrified by the turn America has taken toward Socialist ‘big-government’ policies. Many of them are now interwoven with us,… through marriage and family-ties with native-born Americans Some have been adopted by compassionate Americans, and have nothing to do with the aggressive ‘lust for power’ by Putin and Russian Oligarchs.

      So the Natural Gas-Oil-LPG ‘option’ is without question our most powerful Chess piece,… not only for halting Russian aggression,.. but for rebuilding America’s economy and Freedom-status!!

      I’m amazed that this isn’t being ‘shouted from the roof-tops’, and hammered-home by political leaders,.. and advocates of freedom?
      Are the ‘totalitarian-environmentalists’, and their propaganda-war really that strong in America, and the West???

      I hope that this crisis in Ukraine,.. where I have many close Ukrainian and Russian friends will WAKE-UP AMERICA,.. to the treasure we are sitting on,.. which can promote freedom and prosperity here,.. and elsewhere!!!
      Will God Bless America,… if we REFUSE to be free??


      [email protected]

    • Cremia was not invaded, Russia had bases there and filled them with 25,000 soilders, (HIS limit) to protect russian bases there. Cremia took a vote and with 97% in favor joined Russia,,, Ukraine makes money from Russian pipelines that suppy oil and gas to outer countries that run through Ukraine,,, Untill Russia uses force to take over Ukraine we should not get involved,,, President Obama passing things like sanctions by excutive order is violating and over reaching his duties as president of this country and the presidential lmits placed on the presidents office by our Contitution,,, Russian actions in Cremia have no effect on our saftey and well being Mr. Obama should be brought up on charges for over reaching his presidential power as allowed, What he has done now by placing undue sanction on Russia is to insight WAR,,, Is this what President Obama is triing to do??? We the People of the USA need Congress to man amends with Russia, and Limit or remove President Obama before WWIII happens!!!

  19. This could have been avoided. I don’t want war either – let’s see what Europe does and if they do nothing, then shame on them. I just watched an interesting documentary The World Without the US – the world has no thanks for what we do – the Europeans in the film were smug and want us out of their business – until it’s too late. It’s time the US retreats, becomes self-reliant, secure our borders, reform immigration and cut out the BS at home like Common Core – that’s not going to improve low functioning schools, and I am a good urban educator – it begins at home. COL West please run for president and I would love to work on your campaign here in CT. Bring the rest on as your team, Paul, Huckabee, Rubio and Cruz., Carson. But you need to be our LEADER.

  20. What does Russia care about sanctions? They have all the natural resources they need, and a leader that uses those resources for his nation’s benefit. Like it or not, because of leadership, they have a stronger nation, because of patriotism, they have a stronger nation, Because we are stuck with crooked leaders leaning toward socialism, they have a stronger nation. What do we have anymore? Oh yeah, crooked, immoral leaders. And citizens who don’t care one bit about what’s morally right, only what’s politically correct. Citizens who care more about what the Hollywood elites think then the capitalists elites think. The Hollywood elites are just as rich as the capitalists, but didn’t work hard for what they have, and they want the capitalists to give what they earned away, while the liberal Hollywood scum think they’ll keep what they have.

  21. The answer is very easy. Russia did not invade Ukraine. Ukraine was having political problem because of the split in discussion on joining NATO or Russia. That is why Russia went in Crimea to support the Ukraine people that wanted to join Russia. The protesters that were in support for joining NATO and the EU went to drastic cause by fighting and rioting. The other Question is why is The U.S. or EU saying that Russia is invading Ukraine. The answer is to start World War III. The EU and America in on the edge of bankrupt and the only answer they can think of is to bomb the strong economy of Russia and the East. The thing is that if it happens the EU will survive, but at the cost of kill billions of people, and they are o.k. with that. The only way we can get this to stop is to open glass seagull. Do your research. We can all chip in to save the world. check website

  22. Crimea, as far as I’m concerned (I’m British) has always been Russian. Russia did not invade, they have bases there; over 200 years they have been there. America’s perception of Russia does not chime with with many in Europe.

    I learnt that the Jamie Kirchick, of the Foreign Policy Initiative, obsessed with Russia arranged a resignation stunt against RT News. Obama’s sanctions list includes Russian politicians involved in the law against homosexual propaganda. Obama did not suddenly discover honesty. I believe that to the Obama govt foreign policy is treated in much the same way as your domestic law, except diplomacy is serious, not about ratings. The Ukrainian govt is riddled with neo-nazis who beat opponents, steal Kamaz trucks, smuggle weapons. They do not deserve support.

  23. As an American citizen I resent the promulgation of reports that sanctions have
    been placed by “order of Obama,” when Obama has no such authority to
    do any such thing! No sanctions have been placed as Congress has not passed any
    such bill yet!!! It is wrong that the President of the United States is issuing
    edicts about things that he has no authority to even put in place, and that
    other countries (Russia) react as though something Obama says is a done deal.
    This is a violation of our U.S. Constitution, which states that such actions
    must be put in place by Congress, and these Congressional actions do NOT require a Presidential signature, but are independent of the President’s authority! (Art. I, Section 8, “reprisals”) approved by Congress, but this administration implements whatever it just orders on the world stage, and our County is seen as having taking action that it has not. It is up to Congress to decide what to do, if anything should be done–U.S. Constitution, Art. I, Sect. 8. It seems Russia is even reacting to this supposed act by Obama! Obama does not have this authority because the people of this country are not supposed to be under a dictator who just moves things that concern their country according to his own personal whim! By not complaining about this, Congress allows itself to be placed in the position of refusing to go
    along, or to rubber stamp what Obama was, as if that saves the face of the USA
    on the world stage! Congress has to pass a bill about this before any sanctions
    are actually in place, and Congress should refuse to do so! What the USA should
    do is issue a statement as to what it stands for and stop trying to get Putin
    to retreat, something he is not going to do, and we paved the way for Putin’s
    advance in the first place!

  24. Obama has a whole lot of nerve tell Putin that it is in violation of their constitution! When he tramples all over our constitutional rights every single day! Changes laws that he doesn’t like! What a JACKA$$ JOKER that Obama has made out of himself on the world stage. Obama does NOT have a clue. He barks & expects the world to listen to him? OMG what a TWO-FACE HYPOCRITICAL LIAR!

    • Just like an American to think only of their rights why you have been trampling over other countries rights since you formed into a country. Obama is just giving America a taste of its own medicine Russia is preforming military actions against a nation with out declaring war and his soldiers are wearing no tags. If you ask me they should be declared a pirate force and crushed if Russia try’s to ask why you bombed its troops just go sorry but they weren’t wearing any tags as an official military so we treated them like a rouge force

      • dopey comparison…….trampling “over other countries” you have your history upside down. Europe has been having wars, border conflicts since the beginning of history….and we get sucked into it, because these nations……CRY FOR OUR HELP. Even those pointless “police actions” such as Vietnam and Korea of which our democratic presidents felt a need to HELP OUR ALLIES from oppressive regimes of communist persuasion. Of course Russia is merely rebuilding its EMPIRE……but to you that is okay??? So when Russians or Chinese cross borders to RECLAIM some piece of land….they are entitled? Because some ancient or medieval map? Russia with uniforms or not doesn’t deserve special consideration. One point of history or land occupation is any more valid than another. Is Russian holdings before 1990 more valid than the Spanish holdings in Mexico, Central America? Maybe that should be given back to the Spanish…….just because they were there before? Let’s go back to Rome…….they occupied half the know world in its time…….maybe Italy should reclaim all their former empire? The other line of crap is Russians living in Ukraine want to be part of Russia??? Well why don’t they just live in Russia……people move around the planet all the time. If they were so oppressed……nobody was forcing them to stay in Crimea or Ukraine. And don’t use that line about generations of owning some dump farm or piece of land…….today’s world, nothing is so locked in a legacy. People sell off the “family farm” everywhere if they seek a better location………so be it for the Crimea. Like the Germans living in the Sudentenland……….just an excuse for Hitler to attack………so it’s the same for Putin.

  25. One of the most idiotic stances taken by politicians over the years toward the Russian/Soviet entity is telling the world they view the Russians as “partners”, friends, allies etc. Russia has never been any of these……in WWII they were two faced dirt bags, first they allied with Hitler, when the Nazis attacked they became allies of the US/England……and of course we sent them billions in aid, equipment, weapons etc. The same idiocy is played with China…….they are not FRIENDS, they are constantly our adversaries, some times it’s a bit more cordial, sometimes not, but they are NOT OUR FRIENDS. Because of stupid politicians we have wasted billions and many lives alternating between conflict, and fake peace. The Russians and Chinese are more allies than anybody, they instigate unrest and constantly cause border feuds. When the US stupidly installed Obama …… was the worst, most incompetent mind to deal with these world affairs………..since Carter, whose misreading of every event caused the US grief, lives, money and security, now we repeat the idiocy but 10 fold. Crimea is just the tip of the Russian plans. It’s a test to see how all react. Europe is moronic in that they decided to rely on Russia for their energy, knowing full well the Russians are thieves and liars. Russia run by Putin is still a Marxist entity as is China. They USE the elements of capitalism to enter the market and utilize technology and gain access to markets, science and business. And we with dolts like Obama keep falling for the b.s. Reagan was on track with his “evil empire” label. He at least was skeptical enough to “verify” all deals. He was intelligent enough to keep up the defensive missile posture, yet keep open lines to the sneaky Russians, thus showing them……….he knew what hand they were playing. Crimea is a non military issue for the US. However their incursion violates the useless UN treaties and the basic sovereignty of the Ukraine. It is a parallel to Hitler’s invasion of the Sudentenland as a bogus excuse that ethnic Germans were being “disenfranchised”. Putin is doing the same crap with Russians living in Crimea/Ukraine. If the Russians living in Crimea were so abused , then why didn’t they just move a few miles across the border back to Russia? It’s all b.s. The Russians like the Germans would place people in these surrounding nations to use them in the future as a reason to attack or claim territory. We know Putin wants to restore the old Soviet empire, which will include many other small states….Estonia, Lithuiania, Georgia, and some of the “Stans”. Obama is an idiot for removing the defensive missiles from Poland etc, when in fact the Poles wanted to keep them……after 50 yrs of Soviet choke hold on eastern Europe, they broke free after the collapse of USSR and they wished to ally with NATO and the west for protection……and this idiot undoes the entire work of generations. Obama is really a criminal to humanity. He sees no difference in people wanting to be free of a communist/Russian/fascist/German yoke, but he jumps to rally for muslim demands such as Palestine. The worst creature to ever sit in the white house and we will pay for it for many years. A complete upside down philosophy of he world, various political processes, historically barren in comparative events and absolutely no inkling of self preservation for this nation or fairness for its citizens.


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