Common Core opponents under attack by big business

Photo: Bruce Ackerman, Ocala Star Banner/LANDOV

Recently we reported about Common Core and shared this enlightening video regarding the government’s attempt to mandate education standards.

Common Core has run into very strong grassroots opposition and has become a focal issue for the conservative grassroots Tea Party. However, Common Core supporters, backed by big business special interests, aren’t going down without a fight. And they’ll fight in the manner they know best — with big money.

According to Politico, a coalition including the Business Roundtable and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will launch a national advertising blitz Sunday targeted at Republicans skeptical about the standards. Spots promoting the Common Core will air on Fox News and other conservative outlets.

The campaign — a major ad buy that could last months — aims to undercut dire tea party warnings that the standards amount to a federal power grab, akin to Obamacare. The TV spots and online ads will project a positive tone, featuring teachers praising the Common Core.

I spent a year teaching American and world history as well as honors government in high school after my retirement from the Army. I can attest that what is happening in our schools is not teaching but rather instructing on test-taking strategies. We are not preparing young people to be productive participants in our communities, developing their critical thinking skills or making education relevant.

It’s all because bureaucrats and those who profit from them are developing standards — national standards — that seem to forget one integral aspect of education: it is local. We have school boards for a reason and that’s to set standards and guidelines that educate children in coordination with the local community.

For example, you might think that since South Florida is home to maritime heavy industry, education would focus on preparing our children here for that industry. And why wouldn’t the Business Roundtable and Chamber of Commerce support more private sector involvement in practical application of education to support the theory taught? Evaluations should be based on skill set development, not nebulous and arbitrary standards developed by folks just peddling their wares, textbooks and such.

The bottom line is that big business has been recruited by Common Core proponents to destroy the grassroots, everyday Americans. And they intend to use their financial might to meet that end.

Dane Linn, vice president of the Business Roundtable and one of the architects of the Common Core says “State leaders, and the general public, need to understand why employers care about the Common Core.” The Business Roundtable, he said, is urging members to work their connections with “governors, committee chairs, House speakers, presidents of Senates” to stop any bills that could undercut the standards.

Mr. Linn needs to understand why parents care about Common Core.

And so it begins folks, the fight between big business and the grassroots. As I’ve said before, progressivism has nothing to do with party affiliation. It’s all about a philosophy of governance and the relation between government and the individual.

It is not the purview of the federal government to nationalize education standards. Nor is it proper for the federal government to blackmail states into accepting their terms of education. And it’s certainly not proper for big business to seek to financially crush the voices of concerned parents and teachers.

Neither I, nor my wife, Dr. Angela Graham-West, PhD, support common core. And I offer a word of advice to Republican candidates: listen to the people, and resist the temptation to betray them over the 30 pieces of silver these special interest groups promise. You will lose. I for one am more than willing and ready to stand up to Big Business as a champion for the American people.


  1. Pepole whether you believe it or not can control big business, by boycotting them. It works if enough people stick together. It has in the past it can again now. They want to sell a product. They want us to buy yet punish us with their Ideology. So we can play that game as well starve them out. the free enterprise system works and we can use it to our advantage.
    Big business is not going to dictate to my grand kids what they should or should not learn

    • Well said! Everyone needs to take the time to learn who these big businesses are and avoid them at all cost. Even if we have to do away with cable tv, phone service, buying cars from dealerships down to certain food and clothing. Just stop using their products period. They’ll see the light when it cuts into that big money they are using to support Common Core. The trick is getting people to stand together and actually boycotting these companies!

    • I said before; tell the businesses, if you are a member of the Chamber of Commerce, I will not spend my money at your store. Start putting the word out through comments in the Newspapers, online, etc. I would like to see a list of the “Big Businesses” that Mr. West spoke of.

      • Me too. I would also like to find out just who has controlling interests in those businesses. That would make for some edifying reading. Oh, and you can bet that vile puke, Soros and perhaps a Rockefeller or two are hip deep in this tripe.

  2. It always comes down to a power crab! To big business and the government, children don’t matter. They don’t care what is best for the kids. I don’t believe that all big business are Liberal. I hope that people support the Tea Party and get rid of Common Core!

    • Around here it’s pretty clear, the Tea Party are the power crabbers [sic], working on a plan to give public funding to private schools. For them, eliminating Common Core means the private schools that will receive public funding will not have any educational standards to meet.

  3. I do not understand how big business gains anything from supporting common core. what kinds of lies are they being told and more so, why are they listening? Apparently, big businesses, much like our government, have forgotten who made them what they are today. Mr. West is right, if it’s a fight they want, it’s a fight they’ll get! BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT!!!!

    • Better educated employees are better employees, more capable and worth more. It’s as simple as that. Better question for Mr West would be what does the GOP have against educational standards?

      • Have you read the new standards? Did you know that 2+2 can now = 5 if you can provide a good enough argument.

      • I have to ask, what is your take on this? What’s your angle? You seem awfully Unionized in your context.

      • I’m an individual with an interest in the topic and a fondness for commenting online. I think it’s funny that you’re looking for agendas.

      • Your the only person defending CC….. You think that spending 30mins and 5 sheets of paper to add 139 +45 +692 -183 is ok so long as they are creative(even when they get the wrong answer)……Rather then teach kids their times tables and Basic math Only until they have got it understood completely….. Easy to fail a grade because you cant add/subtract/multiple and divide.

        Your either in education or work for the govt. is what everyone here probably wonder`s…

      • I might be the only person you’ve seen defending Common Core on this page but by no means am I the only one.

        I doubt your understanding of Common Core is any better than your speculation about me.

      • Common Core places more emphasis on how you draw your conclusions than to rather or not the actual answer is correct. Snertly, you don’t have to believe anything I’ve written, however, I provided books, websites, and I also looked at the standards and they verified what I was reading. You draw your own conclusions. My kids are grown, but I don’t want my future grandchildren or anyone else’s children exposed to such nonsense. I know what it is like to receive a bad education. In 1968 I moved to Albuquerque, NM from Texas and entered the second grade. My dad was an Air Force officer, and I spent the next five years of my developmental years learning very little. They were into that whole Open Room Concept as well as open ideals. In my opinion, I’m guessing some were doing a little too many of the psychedelic drugs that were popular at the time. I was taught in an open space building with no walls between classrooms. Not too good an environment for someone who later in life was diagnosed with Adult ADHD and was already known to have a learning disability even at that time. I remember occasionally participating in what would be considered a normal lesson plan, but far too often I was learning things like basket weaving, toothpick sculpture, and a host of other things that would have been better spent doing at home in my spare time if desired. Five years later our family moved back to Texas and I was in for a rude awakening. I spent the next several years trying desperately to catch up with the rest of the students because of the sorry education I had received at the hands of educators trying out the, “Newest Cool Fad in Education.” I came to hate school and it’s a wonder I ever graduated. Later in life I self-taught myself, returned to college in my forties, and graduated with honors. I know what a bad education can do to an individual and in a job market like todays, I say enough of this standardized testing and the Liberal nonsense they are now going to throw at our children, get back to the basics!

      • As a preacher’s kid, I’m pretty sure your childhood experiences as an Army brat are no more typical than mine. However, one can easily suppose that if a set of standards were actually in use at that time, both of us could have been sure that when we were in grade X we were doing grade X work instead of just getting jammed in where ever they had an open desk.

      • Spare me! I know what kind of an education I received for those 5 years and I know how long it took me to catch up. I also know for years now our educational system has been going from one new fad in teaching to the next and our children have paid a heavy price. Please tell me your just a rebellious teenager just trying to have some fun with us Conservatives, because based on your comments, it appears the only reason your on this site is for that purpose.

      • Most “fads” in education take decades to come and go. New math, phonetics, on and on. Standards would have mitigated against the very left out, left behind feeling that came from changing schools every couple years.

      • If the subject at hand is How to Estimate, then sure! Fast, ballparky answers are the hallmarks of estimating.

        Besides, in the higher mathematics, it’s always been true that x + y = whatever you can prove they equal.

      • Yes, learn the Obama method. Sort of a spin on the Al Gore Fuzzy math logic core.
        “I have deported over 2 million people” “Unemployment is at 6.8%” “I have stopped Al Qaeda” “I have only played 1 round of golf this year” “We only need this much more to re-open the government” “Insurance premiums will go significantly down with Obamacare” “I have drawn a red line in the sand Mr. Putin. If you cross it, I shall draw another. If your cross that one, then another I shall draw and so forth. How many lines will I have drawn before I fall into the ocean?”

      • What’s more important, understanding educational standards or indulging your anti-Obama spite? At this moment I would have to guess your answer is B. By the by, nearly three fourths of what you present as Obama lies are actually someone else’s lies about Obama.

      • 2 + 2 = 7 even. Its not about any average. Its right sorta, as long as you can explain how you came to that answer. Then they pass you on it and give you the right answer.

        My neighbors middle school kid can’t confirm but ive read about it many times. Maybe lower grades?

      • Colonel West will confirm, that the US Army teaches the same methodology about estimation. Being close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

      • It’s estimating. Ever take a typing class? The method is to first get you going fast, then work on becoming more accurate. Same, same with estimating in math. Quick guesses that demonstrate some understanding of the mathematical operations but with little emphasis on exact answers.

        For example, assuming positive numbers, for x, y, and z, if x + y = z then z must be a larger number than either x or y. So if the question is what’s 3 + 4, answering anything from 5 to 9 would demonstrate an understanding of addition, 4 or less wouldn’t.

      • I understand estimating and that was not what this was about…. It was about being able to “explain” how you came to an answer whether right or wrong..1+0 = 3. No possible estimating there but if i can BS an explanation of that i get a pass and given the correct answer.

        I agree higher standards could possibly help But, there are kids that struggle and when everyone including the smart kids are using sheets,cubes,vertical lines and dots to add up Numbers i don’t think that is a standard that anyone will be helped by.
        Maybe not all of it is bad, but some is horrible.

        I see more kids failing out of school because of common core stupidity.

      • I think you’d need to more fully recreate the problem, without understanding that, we’re both BSing.

      • On a different/school issue –
        Neighbor`s kid brought home a permission slip today to go on some survival learning trip… As it turns out they are going to be taught how to prevent getting STD`s (This was in tiny fine print and not part of the main body of the letter she showed me)…. Survival / teaching them about sex.. What i read IF has anything to do with survival would be “life as a prostitute!”
        Sydney is a 7th grader.

        The whole school system is screwed up. Home Schooling is still the best option by far!

        Indiana wised up and got rid of common core, wish more states would.

      • Well, that’s a pretty weird anecdote. Don’t see how destroying educational standards would fix that though, since all such class trips are entirely in the province of the local school. If you’re going to be angry. might as well be properly focused about it.

      • See if this passes the mods.. Tried once and its on hold and ive seen posts on hold for a week here oddly..
        Angry? I never said anything other then typing what i was shown about a 7th grade School trip…..

        Already seen that 4th graders “Under the Common Core approved picture
        books” that showing various n(u)de photo`s of young to old men and
        women during some s(e)x- ed like class…
        The 2nd thing stated it was
        approved and part of the CC . They showed copied pages showing
        everything, then the other once where the young girl has to ask for a
        Le(s)(b)ian Kiss in front of class with another girl..

      • The article, from august

        (WARNING: Graphic) Common Core Approved Child P(0)rn(0)graphy

        Then there is the 11th grade. Search The Bluest Eye, which is on the Common Core’s list of exemplar texts..

        (Note from editor: Even heavily edited, this is still very graphic.)

        Words from someone who is on a registered site with the feds because of what he done to kids!

        Search and read the articles on it, posting here wont go thru.

        May not be approved in all districts but its made headlines and should Never have been considered for school!

        This don’t make me angry even, but IF i had a kid still in school you can bet i`d be one of the loudest voices Against CC and all this BS…
        Anyone who thinks that sending your kid to a School to learn an education and being taught this crap is acceptable should Not have children!

        Deny it all you want, i`m not wasting more time here.

        In my state if you Home School your Not forced to follow the CC at all.

      • Do you really think fourth graders get to pick their text books? Common Core does not specify curriculum. It’s specifies standards for outcomes, not how you get there.

      • 1st thought when i read about that was all those classroom clowns that like to disrupt class will have a field day!

        Think Spicoli (fast rimes at ridgemont high reference) except much worse.

      • The chamber of commerce and the businesses they represent seem to think it does. I wonder why.

      • By the by, the web page you refer to has a list of anti-Common Core goals, updates on anti-Common Core efforts, but doesn’t, as in Does Not, bother to say what’s wrong with Common Core or educational standards in general.

      • No, I would be reading them for your explanation.

        ps – on the one I’ve seen so far, you don’t say there’s anything wrong with educational standards. But I did get the impression that your initial encounters with the standard were somewhat rocky.

      • Typically speaking though having educational standards increases the quality of education. All Common Core is, is a set of goals that say a graduate of grade X should be able to perform the set of tasks deemed appropriate for a student of that age. A standard.

      • True, but the methods that Common Core uses to have a student meet those gated standards sets most up to fail. I am being told that my Kindergartener may have to repeat Kindergarten because he will most likely fail 1st Grade because he does not comprehend sentence structure. He can’t even read yet which is not a requirement. How is that even a matched skill set? So they are failing him before he even has a chance to learn more over the summer and actually get into 1st Grade and try it. I am told that there is no prior year review and if a child is missing a skill, they will be left behind. BTW, Kindergarten is not required to attend 1st Grade yet my Child is struggling because he did not attend the Pre-K that is optional as well. This system has failure written all over it. I am not going to chance of jeopardize my Children’s educations on some Liberal whim to force their diatribe down their gullets.

      • Each state gets to form their own specifics of implementation. But I don’t think you’ll be doing your child any favors by aiming lower.

        Actually I would think have well defined standards more of a conservative trait than a liberal one, not to be confused with “Conservative” (political brand) traits.

    • Look at the big players in Common Core and you will learn they have plenty to gain and it is all monetary. Money they gain from the sale of their text books, computer programs, etc…I hate to tell you, but they are in on the lie.

      • The whole chamber of commerce doesn’t mobilize to help textbook manufacturers get rich. The problem with you people is you don’t believe anybody can disagree with you honestly. Everybody has to be in on some conspiracy.

      • I don’t base it on a conspiracy. I researched it. Read three different books and looked at it from both point of views. Everything that I read I looked up to verify if what I was reading is true. Tell me what did you read?

      • You believe they’re all “in on the lie.” That is the definition of a conspiracy theory. The next book you read should be a dictionary.
        And just out of curiosity what were the titles of these 3 books you read about Common Core?

      • The books Children of the Core and Uncommon by Kris Nielson
        were two that I read written by a teacher who quit because of his disgust in the system. Another book I read was the Story-Killers by Terrence O. Moore, a professor at Hillsdale College in Indiana. You can see a video by Prof. Moore if you really want to know more. I am very familiar with what a conspiracy is and I can tell you I don’t spend my days trying to figure out who is responsible for the killing of JFK. However, when people I know and love are affected by change in policy I can assure you I check it out.

      • Thanks for the apology. I can’t blame it on media bias because I’m disgusted that even Fox News is not covering this subject. I will admit the books I read were against Common Core, but I read plenty of articles both for and against before purchasing those books. It was because of the articles I read that I chose to purchase the books and what my younger sister has told me is happening in my nieces school in New Mexico. I live in Texas and they did not pass Common Core so until the last few months I did not even know what it was until my sister started complaining and I decided to check it out.

      • “I suspect that most of the research you’ve done has been in media that favored the point of view you already had”.
        What other media reporting and research is out there for Public consumption? Common Core was never heard of before it was secretly slammed down our throats. There were no positive media reports extoling the virtues of a new paradigm Public Education system that was going to turn academia on it’s ear. There were no stunning exposés dissecting the curriculum to assuage any fears that parents might have. Even with the uproar and all the controversy, still no gleaming media reports or main stream media positive spins on it. This is big news but the MSM ain’t even nudging to report it. That can mean only one thing. There is something rotten in Denmark. Just on these facts alone, no parent should accept anything less than a complete removal of the Common Core curriculum and reversion back to former system. It may have not been perfect but at least it worked. I have a hammer and some nails. We can fix it and get it working correctly but the demolition job on Common Core has to start now. The 2014-2015 school year needs to be Common Core free!

      • No, Common Core was a publicly developed standard grown over a couple years by several thousand educators. This is a pretty good brief history of Common Core:

        The basis of the anti-Common Core movement that I see in Alabama is a desire to remove any sort of educational standards because they might throw a hitch in to the plans of a former governor, Bob Riley, and the current Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard to pass public school money to private schools without having any sort of accountability or method of gauging performance. These people have the same interest in children and education that Bonny and Clyde had in banks.

  4. I haven’t spoken to the first educator in Hickman County, Tennessee who support Common Core nor do they understand how it is preparing our children for real life situations. I have seen some of what my children are doing in kindergarten, second, fourth, sixth, and tenth grades and it is the stupidest mess I have ever seen. Our children will know nothing about day to day math, writing, or critical thinking skills when they grow up and join the work force. How big business see’s it’s a good thing for them is beyond me unless it’s because they are training human computers who look like the children in the video to Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall! We need to fight this with all we have and vote against anyone who even appears to think there is anything good about Common Core. It is more of Obama and his minions turn to Communism!

      • Is it true that the big, lying, bag of madre in our white house taught you your “fundamental understanding of the English language”???? You have as much audacity as your leader!!

      • He’s just the president of the United States. An office you have absolutely no respect for. I have no respect for you or any haters like you. You are WHITE TRASH and pure scum.

      • And here I was going to compliment you on your expertly crafted play in words for your Username.

      • Thank you for the show of support Aunt Dot and The_Patriot. Apparently The Last Prepper is like what resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and the rest of their minions and thinks they make no mistakes when in fact they are a mistake that no one wants to own up to!

    • It’s all about “human resources”, not employees. Remember years ago when they used to keep donkeys down in mines and never let them see the light of day because they would never get the donkeys to go down in the mines again? Well, that’s how “Big Business” and the “U.S. Chamber of Commerce” sees us peons – as donkeys, to be used up and tossed aside when we become too expensive or have outlived our usefulness.

      And the dumber the sheeple, the better. We are not individual human beings to them, with God-given grace and dignity, we – and our children and grandchildren – are just commodities. If our eyes were opened to the truth for just what the globalists have planned for us, they know that we would fight them tooth and nail. Can’t have thinking, reasoning people screwing up their plans for the enslavement of mankind now, can we?

    • We fight it by going to PTA meetings, but my kid’s schools all got ride of their PTA charters. We do it by attending the school board meetings when they discuss the Common Core curriculum and it’s directives, but those meetings are not announced and on separated days from the regular schedule. All our options have been blocked. Politicians seem to be complicit or unabashed by it. Home School is the only route I see that is best for my kids. Besides, my Kid’s Elementary is overrun with illegal immigrants, about 70% of the student population. They have ESL classes all the way to 5th Grade. They seem to be on a “special” Common-Core program that helps them “cope” with the challenges.

      • I can’t blame you for home schooling. Fortunately my children attend small country schools. Our PTA and Board of Education has fought as hard as the parents have and the state seems avid on taking all the extra grant money being offered to go Common Core and our little community really has no say. One of the biggest issues we have had in Tennessee is the “bribe” money or as they call it millions in extra grant money the state would receive for education. Our schools never see any money from the federal or state government so we feel bought off, forgotten about, and nonexistent until we are counted as that county with a 95% free or reduced lunch rate and get the state more money.

      • So your problem is not on the federal level. It’s on the allocation of resources at the state level.

      • The federal end makes it too appealing for the state end of it to listen to the constituents. We all have a list of those backing it for the next elections but that may be too little too late. We want what is best for our children not the almighty dollar. We already support and provide the biggest part of what our county schools need so why not do what is right by the children and let the billions promised by Obama go but politicians will go for the money every time and the citizens never see anything from it!

      • Well, it’s not like the federal government is bribing anyone to adopt Common Core. And it’s up to each state as to how and what get adopted regarding educational standards. Where I live, a group of “Conservatives” have been working on ways to pass pubic school funding onto private schools. Eliminating the in state educational standard will then eliminate any formal method of knowing just how badly they’ve wasted our money.

      • Remember the scene in Jaws where Matt Hooper is trying to explain the danger of the giant shark to the mayor, who refuses to see the truth? “You’re going to keep on ignoring this particular problem until it swims up and bites you on the azz….” Well, that’s you!

      • A state’s education system is decided upon by that state. That’s state’s rights. Consider this: if Common Core is sooo bad, why had it been published for nearly five years and adopted by over 90% of the states before this great furor came about?

      • And that is the true rub about Common Core. It might be used as a tool for the Progressive Left, but it is the money being made and played that is the driving force. There is Liberally biased publishers making millions upon millions of dollars selling their brand of Common Core (yes, it is not all the same!) to the States. The States enforce it to get the blood money and our children are left in the lurch as pawns.

        The only reason that the New York State Teachers
        Union is standing up against Common Core now, has nothing to do with it being a
        terrible curriculum for our children.
        No, this is strictly about their jobs.
        It appears that Teachers the Nation over are going into panic mode. Current Teachers are having extreme
        difficulties comprehending and implement the Common Core Standards in their
        classrooms. The students just aren’t
        getting it and the Teacher can’t keep on the CC schedule. What most of these Teachers are realizing is
        that next year, their students’ performance directly reflects upon their own
        Teacher performance evaluations. They
        are in dire risk of being fired. Why is
        that? President Obama has implemented a
        fast-track program to train new Teachers who are 100% Common Core compliant and
        indoctrinated to replace any Teacher that does not perform. It is akin to the Government ordering
        thousands of body bags before a hurricane.
        As with Gates and the book publishers, with the Teachers, it’s all about
        the money.

      • And it is sad that money comes before what is best for We the People! Did you know they are actually asking fourth grade children what two of the first ten Amendments of the Constitution should be changed because they are outdated. Fourth graders! I mean come one, first, the Constitution should not be changed for any reason. Second, it should not be left up to fourth graders if it was meant to be changed, And third, it is leaving our children with the impression that the Constitution can be changed with nothing more than a special election if that. At the rate the current administration is going they change them just because they feel they have a right to. As for teachers losing jobs based on the performance of the class. Five years ago Tennessee started basing tenure and teacher pay raises on how well the children performed on what we call T-Caps. Now that we stop and think about it Obama and Tennessee was working toward this Common Core mess back then. The voters were against it because it should not be placed on our children’s shoulders for their teachers to receive pay raises. As for how teachers are being trained now, my cousin’s wife is in college now to be a teacher and all I hear from her is how once the teachers get use to the system it is going to be so much better for the children. The young people coming out of college and into the classroom have already been brainwashed into thinking Common Core is all that and more. I will teach my children the correct way to do things as well as correct any changes they are taught about how the Constitution is worded or any laws were originally worded.

    • I think part of what you say is plausible, specifically this part, “I haven’t spoken to the first educator in Hickman County, Tennessee.”

  5. I became interested in finding out what Common Core was when my sister kept complaining about the sorry education my nieces are now receiving as a result of its passage. My sons are grown now and as bad as “No Child Left Behind” was, it appears that our government is capable of making things even worse. To those interested, two books summed it up for me, Uncommon, The Grassroots Movement to Save Our Children and Their Schools by Kris Nielsen, and The Story-Killers (A Common Sense Case Against the Common Core) by Terrence O. Moore. I concluded that they plan to use this junk to push their Liberal agenda on our children and the new standards are going to dumb our children even further down so those that have something to gain can manipulate us that much easier. Planned Parenthood is involved as well and according to them our kids need to start their education with Sex as early as 5. Don’t believe me, read these books and do some research. Try looking at some of the standards and draw your own conclusions. I made mine and as far as I’m concerned everyone involved in this passage should be in trouble for the selling of the “American Dream.” Their messing with our kids now and that is not ok with me.

    • Yep, they are all about to get a swift kick in the nards. Will check those books out. I wonder if they are in the Common Core approved school library? We are planning on removing out kids out of Public Schools altogether and homeschool while we can.
      You are more correct about that indoctrination than you realize. It is a fairly safe bet today that, save for the odd few, most Universities are overly staffed with Liberal professors, associates, road scholars, regents, deans, boards, and student councils. This has been a Liberal breeding ground for the Progressive movement since the late 1950’s. That is one of the main reasons to push everyone to go to indoctrination camp…uh hum….I mean, college. But that still does not guarantee conversion as the mechanisms to run everyone down the college assembly line are not in place yet. This leaves a chink in their armor that can allow freedom of thought to flourish. Can’t have none of that so they devised a method to attack their minds earlier on in High School and even Middle School. Common Core is their Trojan Horse. The tool that assures them unfettered and unchecked access to developing minds to mold them as they see fit.
      But there was one huge obstacle in their way. That is the parents. At the college level, the young adults are fairly out on their own out from under the watchful eyes of their parents direct tutelage. In contrast, parents are highly involved with their children while they dwell at home attending Public school.
      This they tried to account for by clouding Common Core in a veil of secrecy and bringing it to life under the cover of darkness. What they did not count on was how prolific the word would get out about the truth of Common Core’s practices and it’s ultimate goals.
      Parents are the only defense our children have against this attack against their futures. There is a ravenous mountain lion set to pounce on and devour your child. Parents! Are you going to stand there quivering in fear while your child meets a gruesome demise or are you going to charge headlong at the assailant with your teeth glaring and your nails at the ready? Fight Back!!!

      • I know what you mean by the Liberal professors. I returned to college in my forties and graduated in December, 2007. I walked out on more than one lecture because I had my fill of the Liberal BS talk for today. I was there to learn, not to listen to their biased opinions.

      • It’s all part of their stated agenda (Bill Ayers). I have been hesitant about using my GI Bill and heading for a University. I won’t take no smart arse lip from those know-it-alls.

      • Yes, yes, education has a known liberal bias. People who learn to think for themselves are less likely to sit down, shut up, and take what they’re given. How horrible. Most schools love parental involvement. Of course if you go with the attitude of how you’re going to fix all their problems, it might not go so well.

  6. Thank you, Col. West for informing us of this. It’s not surprising, but it is disgusting. Thank you for also having the courage and integrity to tell “Big Business” and the shysters “Round Table” where to go.

  7. Check to see what group owns the textbook companies! Then you will know why common core is being pushed. You’ll be able to draw your own conclusions as to why our Judeo/Christian roots and beginnings are being phased out. I could say more but this should be enough

    • and aren’t most of the textbooks coming from Texas? Obviously I mean the companies involved with this dumbing down Communist agenda?

      • Not from Texas per se. Texas is the largest purchasers of school text books then anywhere else in the USA. As such, the version that we approve for purchase in our Public schools establishes which text books that a publisher will take to print. For instance, if Texas were to go all Harry Potter on President Obama, he would soon be known as “The President that must not be named”. lol

      • Thank you Sam for your response. Have a great day, after all today is technically the first day of Spring.

      • That’s why Texas spent a few months on the laughing stock block for wanting to rewrite history to suit their own ideas of how things should have been instead of how things were.

      • Sorry but you are wrong. You misunderstood the model here. Texas picks from a list of books from various publishers who sometimes supply various version in pre-print. What Texas chooses, the some States voluntarily follow to purchase text books at cheaper cost. Texas does not dictate how the history is written in the books.

        Look at it this way. Way back when you could buy a Ford Model T off the line new, Henry Ford said this, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black”. Now, a customer could get a car for a different color but it would cost more and take longer to get. School Districts are always looking out to save money where possible with shoestring budgets and crazy mandated programs like teach to test, no child left behind, and common core.

      • They re-wrote history to by voting to include Conservatism into the Liberally biased history books? Are you that daft or do you really believe the Liberal tripe in that article? Liberal history is exclusionary in that they paint a view where Conservatism does not exist and that Conservative values are self-centered morals designed to punish and hate those who are not White. Try again Snertly. You can do better than that.

      • And exactly where does “Conservatism”™ enter US history? Although it has deep roots, as a movement “Conservatism”™ probably didn’t really exist before the founding of the Tea Party by Fox News.

        History is not liberal or conservative, although it can be interpreted to support a great number of different points of view, after the fact.

        ps – Your capitulation of the point is in the first three words of your reply “They re-wrote history”.

    • Last I read, Lybia was one of the top two shareholders in Pearson Publishing so, of course, there’s a heavy Islamic bias.

  8. Dear Mr. West- I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, but I will politely disagree with you here. Spending a year in education simply does not make you qualifed to comment here. 1st of all, check your facts. CC is mainly supported by states aiming for higher standards. The federal government plays a small but necessary role. While CC is not perfect, it has checked out in all areas from my view (which includes more than 8 years in education). I teach 8th grade Language Arts and see too many flaws in our present educational system (which presently does teach to the test). Our children will suffer for several years since we are so far behind, but we have to start somewhere. Please join the cause to improve our education rather than stir up more conspiracy theories with Obama. He could care less and will take credit when this comes together in a few years…



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    • So sorry to disagree w/u Stephanie, but Col. West is right, in fact 100% correct. Let’s be honest, our educational system stinks, in fact it’s poops. Our kids are so inept in subjects that should concern everyone. Graduating HS today is no great feat, and then on to college for at least a year of remedial instruction that students should have been taught in middle/high school. Wow, tell me, do you think that is cause for accepting another controlled system? Common Core is in my opinion, just another agenda by the left and the unions (which are left of ctr)
      to enforce more propaganda and control. And as you can see, it is very easy to control the minds of the impressionable. Also, beware parents of the “No Child Left Behind” now that within itself is a farce!!

      • I was amazed that in High School, we could fit that thick Senior Government Class textbook into only 1 semester.

      • Exactly EG- I have a friend that is an “Intake Assessment Counselor” (Stupid Checker) at a local college. He and I had an interesting discussion one day whereby he revealed to me that they were having to divert so much in resources for remedial training in the most basic of skill sets that it is draining their coffers. His frustratingly disgusted comment- “How in the world these kids were ever allowed to graduate high school is so far beyond me……….they’ll never make it through college.” As in “how in the world are they going to hold down a JOB (You Know-Just Over Broke) and survive in life? Well, they didn’t go “Kindergarten-College” There were some years in between, someone is responsible for what didn’t occur and what was allowed to be overlooked. It would be different if it was an occasional kid, the odd lot if you will, but I interact with them every day and it is all too COMMON. Since COMMON is the root word in CC, why don’t they just simplify the description of the program-Equality Based Failure.

      • Exactly Elizabeth- this is why the educational system is under great revision. We have to start somewhere. Take the name, CC, out of the equation. THe bottom line is about making the system and overall education better and getting our students to think on a higher level. Most adults with a highschool diploma can’t compute a basic percentage or write on a 6th grade level. Students and families don’t read anymore unless it’s an assignment. While it has some flaws, the new program is sound overall. Most Americans believe CC was invented by the government when in actually has been in the works for at least a decade to my knowledge. States had to get the feds involved to help fund it…End of story. There is no conspiracy here, other than the fact that the government does not care enough about education. NCLB was a joke in my opinion, but this is not the same! THis whole program will take years to get to where it needs to be and parents already hate it from its conception. No one is saying this will be painless or easy. I feel like I’m wasting my breath here when I even attempt to clarify the facts. We need more support and less negativity, conspiracy theories and fear.

    • What planet are you on?? It’s not just about testing – it’s about actually learning/retaining. If you’d done your research, you’d see they’ve been dumbing down education since the 1950s and CC only makes it worse. Step back and look at history.

    • Well Ma’am, I successfully navigated the old Public School system in Texas without a hitch. I even attended college night classes while I was a high school Senior. I have Children in every level of the Public Education system with one in Pre-K up to a Senior in a 4 year University. I even have a Son who is already an adult living his own life. I dare say that I am a bit more qualified than you when it comes to discerning the validity of Common Core. I volunteer at my younger Sons’ Elementary school. The teachers and administrators are just overwhelmed by the scope of this program. They have lamented that they were under trained and ill equipped for this fiasco. The teachers have difficulty explaining the assignments to the parents who ask for they themselves aren’t sure. We are talking about Pre-K, Kinder, and 1st. Their work loads have doubled with the unspoken social programs that coincide with Common Core. The flip-side of the program that is not divulged to the parents. Too much Secret Squirrel stuff going on for this to be a Public Education. Testing, metrics, stair-step goals, unified skill level requirement stages, intervention levels, and more. It sounds more like a corporate board meeting that a child’s education. Testing to teach had gone on steroids. Now there are even more required tests a the Grade level increases.
      In the middle of all this are the children, lost. My Kindergartener has 4 days of homework. Constant homework in Kindergarten. Are you kidding me? Instead of learning sounds, letters, colors, and objects, he is trying to comprehend math addition/subtraction problems, full words, sentence structure, reading comprehension, story dissecting, complex shapes. We were unprepared for this. Common Core was thrust upon the Public with no warning, no manual, and no help. My 3rd and 8th Graders was having trouble with their homework. Both the wife and I could not figure out what it wanted her to do. There were no instructions or examples. I asked to see their workbook and it was very limited in scope. I asked to see their text books that they work out of in class and they both said, “That’s it. The workbook”. I had to turn to the Internet to look up some math theory on one set of questions. Google came up blank!!! Without the teacher’s guidebook, it was utterly impossible to help them. Common Core is just all wrong for America. It needs to go adios pronto.

    • Teaching lies and inaccurate history is wrong, I don’t care how you wrap it, spin it, present it or dress it. It can only lead to disaster, this Nation is in enough trouble already. Yes, our educational system is in deep trouble, many of our youngsters are seriously lacking in proper spelling, grammar, mathematical skills, history, and science comprehension, but who’s fault is that? You guys have been in charge of the system for 150 years and it’s been steadily going downhill. I do believe Mr. Einstein had something quite interesting to say about said insanity. There is a plethora of identifiable problems and approaches to solutions, this isn’t one of them. It’s stupid and I believe it will be a huge mistake.

      • Great post, thanks!! Yup they can’t spell, read, do basic math, etc, etc. yet more and more money is poured into this defunct educational system, if indeed, one wants to refer to it as educational?? So as usual I ask why???



      • how would you like to have your children to be a robot this what common core is all about to train kids not to think

      • I would scold my children if they had presented that as an English sentence. Sounds like someone’s already trained you to not think.

  9. Common core is communist core. The textbooks, which put money in the pockets of big business, have been rewritten to denigrate our Constitution by taking out references to freedom of choice including freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the Second Amendment, and the Fourth Amendment. It promotes communistic and socialistic theories and favors the Muslim beliefs over all other religions. The math is atrocious and impossible for children to understand, let alone the teachers. Yes, I am a teacher and this is the most blatant form of indoctrination that I have ever seen. If my children were young, I would home school rather than subject them to this indoctrination.

  10. I left teaching with a bitter apple taste. Teaching is not teaching, the Army was train to task not time, in the class room it’s teach to the test stay on schedule and if a kid doesn’t get it too bad move on failure is their only option. Technology is the preferred method, use a key board to write not a pencil, the internet to research not the Library, calculators in-stead of the brain for every day math, the Smart phone to remember your address and phone number. I could go on.

  11. The implementation of common core Standards is part of educational plan to strip children of their self-determination &establish a one-world economy.
    Horrible program. Effort to force every child to all be alike.

  12. No one ever said that Big Business was smart.

    They care more about the almighty dollar than the welfare of YOUR children!

    Keep that in mind and boycott/punish whatever businesses support anything that harms YOUR children…and vote out anyone who does the same!

    That’s YOUR currency! Use it!

  13. Ever since the federal government has become more and more involved in our LOCAL schools, the quality of education has dropped significantly. So to have the feds AND big business getting their fingers in the pot is a recipe for more…stupid.

    Honestly I feel that if whole neighborhoods took their children out of public school and joined together to teach their children in a collective home school environment you would get smarter children. The point is to get the feds out of our school. They have NEVER had any business putting their nose where it doesn’t belong.

  14. Wonder how obama sleeps at nite knowing that his own Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, owns/owned a charter school (Ariel Community Academy) in Chicago and invested heavily with John Rogers Jr in Ariel Investments (and their Big Business supporters).

  15. Why is the US Chamber of Commerce involved with promoting Common Crap? I thought we were told that this hideous program was developed and approved at the State level with the NGA and State Educators. Me thinks we have been lied to yet again.

    • Naaaaaa……..they wouldn’t dare. Would they? Maybe we should all start lying to them. Like “No, we aren’t upset enough to revolt against this mess, we could never…..”

      • Yep, King Obama and his minions are beginning to squirm in their sits. They are finally feeling some of the heat coming their way and they are scared Shiite less. Expect more out-of-control behavior, pandering, and run for the hills mentality as we turn the screws on them worthless piece of a mule’s backside. We should drive them into the ocean.

  16. I bet if some of these straight jacket nuts that think common core is great sat in with other parents on parents nite where the teachers try to explain this stuff to the parents and then give them some of the easier problems that they demand the kids have 2 mins to do each period and see just how Messed up it is they just mite change sides!

    My neighbors got 2 still in school, the younger one needs help from time to time and comes over to use my internet. Ive seen some of it, common sense is not just gone, its on a different planet.

    Stuff like If the teacher took classroom roll call and came up with 90, but only had 18 students, what factor was used to reach that?
    If you say 5 you got a Zero. 5×18=90 yes, but this problem takes Exactly 108 steps to complete it the Common core way!

    You also cant just add 1200 + 548 and come to 1748 by stacking the numbers.

    She has to draw a box onto the side of another and connect it so it`s a 3-d cube(worth 1000), then 7 squares (100 each), 4 longer vertical lines (10 each) and something like 8 dots which are 1 each. Add them together and hope you don’t woof it like some do when the problem is a larger number. Cant stack until the end?????

    I`d like to know just what cashier job using basic math has squares,lines,dots and cubes on keys!

    Your change is 2 lines and 4 dots. Tank u come again.

    • Wait a tic. You mean that your school had an actual a parents/teachers conference to actual tell you about Common Core and even attempt to explain it. The Parish School District here in Southern Louisiana kept the Common Core role out a complete secret. I actually read a memo that was accidentally forwarded to us in an email from the school board to the principals to keep a tight lid on the role out and that it would be best not to discuss it with the parents till they have more information at a later date. Well that later date came and went in a non announced, off schedule school board meeting half way into the school year. Only because I volunteer at the school from time to time and my wife has known the resource counselor for over 15 years did I find out that the school was in fact already utilizing the Common Core curriculum without parent knowledge.

      • My neighbors kid goes atleast 1 day every 2 weeks (sometimes 2) and sits for 30mins in a class with multiple teachers after school while they try and show what the kids must do

        I don’t know that they use the words common core. They know many are against it and last i was told they were trying to rename it here in hopes it would not be removed

      • haha, mine are grown and out! No more plzzzzz

        I feel for anyone having to go thru this stuff. I almost broke an elementary school principal in half once because he paddled my 2nd grade son soooooooo hard he left 7 perfect paddle imprints (that became bruises) from his lower back to the backs of his thighs!
        I was told he was busy when i got there and i kicked his door open and after a short convo i wont repeat, i left with 1 final sentence.

        ” If i ever hear of you(principal) paddling another kid i`m coming back and will break every paddle he had over his head!”

        edit- His excuse was he played tennis and didn’t realize his own strength…. He apologized many times that day to..

        This was back in the mid-late 90`s, today i would have went to jail .

        This guy had atleast 20 wooden paddles all with tapered holes in them in his desk, Elementary Principal….

      • We had those, but they were in high school. You should have told him that you have a gift of channeling spirits and that sometimes a mischievous spirit will enter your body whenever it sees a wooden paddle and I just loose control of my body. “There aren’t any wooden paddles around. Oh no, it’s too late. Run!” Then you grab the paddle and just start waylaying him with it. You can’t be held responsible for what your body does under the control of a spirit. lol. Even if you didn’t hit him, it would scare the tar out of him if you were convincing enough. Sorry, I like to torture predators before I take them down.

      • 6’5″, 245 when i graduated in 85 (Basketball mostly but a few years of football). The principal was at best 5’6″ 150.
        Wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t run to the potty after i left.

        I intended on hurting him, then i seen he was small as my wife was nearly and i couldn’t

  17. To those that have been arguing still that common core`s Higher Standards will make your kids smarter, go read this article that i found today.. This is another math issue..
    (((Angry Mother Destroys Common Core by writing this on her son’s test)))

  18. After scratching my head trying to figure out my
    Daughter’s 3rd Grade Common Core math worksheet, I decided to go to the official website for clarification. Odd to
    discover that my Child’s Louisiana Charter School on a DOD installation is
    using the New York Common Core program. The workbooks used for both
    classroom and homework assignments in all the modules appear hurried and not
    proof-read as they are full of formatting, grammatical, and numerical
    errors.. Two well-learned parents, over 40 years of age, could not figure
    out what was expected for an answer or the actual answer itself. Even an
    advanced math studies high school Senior understood what the question was that
    was being asked. So nothing but warm fuzzies on the CC site so I poked
    around. I made a startling discovery that explains why math has been
    pushed off the rails. The Common Core author for the Eureka Math
    module, part of Ascent’s core math program is a Muslim woman named Katrina

    Mrs. Abdussalaam was the recipient of the 2012 Presidential Award for
    Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching for math in the DC area.
    An Internet search revealed that she earned B.A. in English literature from
    Haverford College and has been teaching for about 10 years in the DC
    area. She introduced what is called Singapore Math to DC elementary 4th
    grade class so it is safe to assume that she was from Singapore or elsewhere in
    Malaysia. She also spoke of missing family so that tends to verify that
    assumption. Wonder if she was a foreign student that stayed past her
    student VISA. Her award info is here

    Information about this Singapore Math and it’s institution and adoption in the
    DC School system is here

    She introduced the program to the 4th Grade
    because of the second place that Singapore took in 4th Grade math. Please
    note that the passage rate of 49% remained the same the year it was
    introduced. The following year passage rate plummeted down to 23% as the
    new set of 4th Graders took the course. It was surmised that the overall
    failure was caused by the then current (traditional) method of teaching
    math. Again, failure of the students to comprehend this new teaching
    methodology was placed not on the merits of the new teaching curriculum but
    that of the method that was previously taught to our children, your selves, our
    parents, and our grandparents. Read for yourselves.

    I want to know exactly who this woman, Katrina Abdussalaam is. What is
    her background. Also that of Ms. Nuhad Jamal – Mathematics Prof.
    Developer at Bruce-Monroe Elementary School, mentioned in the second link, that
    approved and supported the Singapore Math experiment. Those that failed
    it the first two years most likely suffered in further learning.
    Interesting to note that the school, where nearly 60 percent of the 400
    students are Hispanic, uses a dual-language program. So it appears that
    this is what the Common Core math program, at least from the Eureka module, is
    based from. An experiment that focused on the needs of a 240
    non-American, Hispanic immigrant students that now effects just about every
    child in the USA. Special non-American interest at work.

    • Hi, I’m Katrina! I’m an African-American born and raised in DC! Nice to meet you! You’ve given me a lot of credit for some things that were definitely not all my accomplishments. I’m a very minor writer of the curriculum. I helped with the 3rd grade curriculum, so if you have a specific question, perhaps I may be of some assistance.

      • That’s funny as the person’s bio that I read stated you were a Malaysian from Singapore, you worked on the 4th Grade curriculum, not the 3rd Grade and you were a major contributor to the New York State Eureka Math module. A fact that garnished you praise and award not only from the Professor at your school but that of the President as well. Care to esplain away all that? What? You created this account in such a hurry that you forgot to dig up a photo of the real person. Tell me about Singapore. How was your time there? So you speak Mandarin, Malay, or Indian?

      • Please send me the link to the bio that you found.
        Thank you for sharing that you are aware of the page that lists all the “team” of contributors to the curriculum.
        You’ll see my name as one of many who contributed to the 4th grade curriculum. I also can assist perhaps any sincere parent who wants to discuss supporting their child with math.
        As far as my photo, I am African American, believe it or not. My family’s heritage is quite a mixture of Native American and European ancestry, as well as African. I may look like someone from another land, but I’m your fellow American.


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