Russian Deputy PM tweets his disdain for Obama

You know it’s gotten bad when you get dissed by another world super power via Twitter. Talk about “frenemies.” We have become a freakin’ joke in the world. We have become the Rodney Dangerfield of nations. We just don’t get no R-S-P-E-C-T.

Here are the tweets from Russian Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin about “that prankster” and your president, BHO. Tragic.



    • OH, sure he can! He’s too stupid to figure out that he’s played & over played the race card for so long, it’s like the parents are talking in a Charlie Brown Special, “Wa wa wa waa wa wa.”

      • exactly . since Obama was elected this country has been torn apart with class warfare and race, all a part of the socialist agend. im a 20 year military veteran. allan west is one guy that I would loved to served with.i never had many heroes , my daddy and Reagan. allan west is another

  1. This is what happens when someone that never ran anything more complicated than a petition drive is elected to run the free world. My problem isn’t with Obama. It is with the idiots that voted for him.

  2. If we don’t put up with crap coming from a friend, a sibling or family member, then we sure as heck shouldn’t be putting up with obama’s crap.

  3. Obama no problem. The problem is the brain dead zombies that voted him in twice. Yeah right Dr Ron Paul hes the nut case. I can see the floride thing is working pretty well.

  4. Jimmie Carter being taunted and mocked by the iranians! Now Obama pitifully mocked by some Russian Clown is so hard to swallow by an old man who honorably served his country! Along with the rest of Bumma’s regime is Heartbreaking! What has happened to my country?

  5. I don’t understand why people blame Obama for what “has happened to this country’ when most presidents don’t do what they promise anyhow. This is a joke R E P U B L I C A N S !! Democrats or Reps THEY LIE !!!!!!!!!!!! wake the hell up

  6. OH AND LET ME GUESS, the man on top of this page (Allen West) must must must must be republican, he has to be LOL this page is a freaking sad joke

  7. If you are bothered by this Allen, then you clearly are not qualified to be president. President Obama is ten times the man you are.

  8. More right-wing media figure using their platform to do Putin propaganda for free. If I was Putin I’d make every soldier occupying Crimea read right-wing media and comment section to boost morale. Sad people calling themselves patriots are rooting for the enemy.

      • please tell me what his qualifications are to be a leader of the United States. He has no leadership skills based on his prior positions before entering the White House I have one question for you; would you follow obama into battle? I think not

      • come on!!! you must be kidding your so called President was no where near seal team six. He is a coward and a sorry excuse for a leader. and you never answered the question would you follow this idiot into combat?

      • He gave the order they and they followed bar none. They surely know better then me. The answer is I would follow any Commander In Chief if he makes the call. Real soldiers don’t question orders.

      • why change the subject. Its obvious you have never been in combat with people with real guns shooting at you and you having to kill them. Therefore if you would follow this Commander in Chief into combat you are just plain STUPID

      • Nope I’ve never been in combat. Never even shot a gun. But those who killed Bin Laden are the elite of our forces and did not second-guess the president executed their mission the way American soldiers are expected. So if Seal Team Six did not second-guess President Obama’s orders who the hell are you to do so. Unlike those gushing over Putin’s “leadership” I root for America no matter who’s the President.

      • In the real world, Sailors, Soldiers Marines and Airmen do follow the lawful orders of the President, and officers appointed above them. Seal Team 6 followed these lawful orders. That is their job. You and I (retired Air Force) live in the best country in the world. The Exemplar to all the world… where quite a large segment of the human population of the rest of the world can only dream to have it this good. You and I have the FREEDOM to disagree with our elected leaders, without concern for our safety – that old nasty piece of paper says that our Creator gave us that right as well as several others. Thank you for your opinion. I stood, as does the present military for your right to agree or disagree! 🙂 Have a Great,Exceptional American Day.

      • No, they followed the orders given from their commanders, Obama was not present and sat on his hands, and later took credit. Then he and his gave up the identities of the members of SEAL team six involved, which got most or all of them killed. You think the SEALS like this POS? Obviously you were never in the service, and certainly never seen combat.

    • I bet ole Rafael had lots of respect for bush and Reagan. we don’t hate the man ,oops boy Obama ,we hate what he stands for

      • I have respect for Reagan but less for Bush but they where still Presidents. I was as happy the day Saddam Hussein was pulled out his hole as the day Bin Laden caught one under the left eye.

    • Rafael X, obummer has EARNED our hatred. We are disgusted with his amateur foreign policy and disastrous social policy. He has made the USA the laughing stock of the world. Wise up! obtw I would make Putin’s soldiers read your tripe to punish them.

      • Trust me the world is not just your trailer park. Those around the world who are laughing are laughing at people like you not Obama. It’s the American people Putin doesn’t respect.

      • That is the purest BS, they mock the weakness projected by this fool that is POTUS. Don’t think for a moment they forget who kicked their butts in WW2, the people of the US and allies, not the POTUS. In other conflicts, I’ve seen these mockers run like little chicken s–ts when they should have stood tall with us, but no, why should they do anything when they had us to support them? Take your American hatred and put it where the sun don’t shine.

      • Don’t give up the fight my brother! There are very few of us who are not tarnished by the same people saying the same thing. We think independently. Hail free thought.

      • I think it’s hilarious they love that picture. Can you image the holy crap hissy fit they would throw if Obama ran around shirtless . It’s disrespectful to the presidency !!!

      • And nothing was sagging. Unlike butterball Putin who looks like he needs a bra. That’s probably what counts as manly in conservative circles.

      • Yes, I was going to write that in my next post. Do you remember what happened after that pic came out? One camp said he looked hot. The other said it was disrespectful.

  9. Get on more foreign blogs Obama is an idiot and the foreigners pick that up faster than moron Americans.. wake the hell up people he needs to be out of that White House he is a joke!

  10. This ceases to be funny. Obama has put this Country in a very precarious position. Even when he tries to act “tough” he fails. His so called sanctions actually punish this Country as well. This whole issue is none of our business—it is a civil way; 95% of the people voted to secede and stay tied to Russia. The people of that Country are the only ones who should be involved in this, not the US, the EU or anyone else. This is a loose-loose situation for this Country. We need to butt out, now before this escalates into something that we will regret.

  11. Perhaps the Oslo progressive socialists should give obummer another Nobel Peace Prize to remind the world how great he really is. Some folks (the world) just don’t understand or appreciate our CINC.

  12. As usual the normal Obama bashing. You people will never be satisfied. If he threatens sanctions, he’s not doing enough and showing his weakness. If he shows aggression and threatens to send in troops, he’s over compensating for his weakness.
    Are you more of a Rolling Stone- “I can’t get satisfaction” or more of a Prince- “never satisfied”???
    West must have gotten the reps talking point about DEFLECT FROM BUSH DEFLECT FROM BUSH. When Putin invaded Georgia, Bush set sanctions and what happen? Nothing people. Russia is still in Georgia. Oh yeah, like you told all demos after Obama was elected, don’t blame Bush for anything. He’s no longer president. Sorry I forgot.

    • Instead of defending Obama for poorly executing Bush policy, that by the way made you hate anything Bush, join us in ending the insanity that we have created by allowing bickering between ourselves over who is worse. They have both advanced us to where we are today. First step is to recognize that Obama is destroying us from within now. What are we going to do about it? Arguing who’s fault it is will not serve you well as they turn off your heat & you grow cold & hungry.

      • I never hated Bush. I lliked the guy. I’m one of these stupid people who no matter who is president, i support that person. If Americans voted him in, then I have to accept that. I was on Dallas tx a couple weeks ago and visited his library . Very nice, defiantly recommend it.
        And please stop with the “stop arguing who’s fault” and hug it out BS. That’s not what I hear from you people .


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