Obama ruins March Madness for basketball fans

As of yesterday we got the bracket for the 2014 NCAA Men’s basketball tournament, March Madness. However, already the Obama administration is ruining it for us college basketball enthusiasts. An advertising campaign called, “16 sweetest reasons to sign up for Obamacare,” dovetails off the NCAA Tournaments “Sweet 16” theme and casts a socialist propaganda cloud over the whole proceedings.

So now we’ll be bombarded until March 31st with images of Lebron James, Alonzo Mourning, Magic Johnson, North Carolina men’s basketball coach Roy Williams, UConn’s women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma (as a Tennessee grad, I never liked that guy), and others peddling us this failed healthcare policy.

I wonder if any of these political tools agrees with wealth redistribution? Because that’s the end state of Obamacare.

Hey, I just realized something. Why do they get paid so much money for playing, coaching, or having played a game? What about all that income inequality? Why shouldn’t someone like myself, a former Soldier and retired combat veteran make make the same money as these fellas? Oops, that’s right, progressive socialists live by the “do as I say not as I do” commandment. We poor, simple, hard-working schmucks should just cheer and turn over our money so these guys can tell us to surrender to the collective will of Obama Rex. Hey, Obamabots, the young folks ain’t buying into this mess!


      • Growing up, how I loved watching Smith and the Tar Heels. I can’t remember when I first heard he was a big gun control advocate and a democrat. Hate to think it, but he probably would support Obamacare. Took a while to shake it off and get back to enjoying the games. He was such a good coach and should have stuck to what he knew.
        Same with Williams, but universities are so liberal anyway, including my beloved Tar Heels.
        It would be interesting to see how many players are signed up or still on mommy and daddy’s policy. Since Obama has decreed a person is still a “child” until 26, could some of these guys could sign a million dollar deal with the NBA and still be on parents plan?

  1. Every holiday, every major event Obama figures out some way to make it about himself and his plans and dealings. The narcissism has become downright nauseating.

  2. It’s also ruined when Obama goes to the tournament and they constantly pan over to him and gush. I just lost a lot of respect for Coach Williams. I just want to watch basketball. Not a bunch of hucksters peddling snake oil.

  3. My evangelical conservative mother was trying to tell me to sign up for Obamacare. I was looking at her thinking “WTF is wrong with you!?”

  4. Obama’s continuos use of television and internet ads, and celebrities for his in-your-face propaganda is unprecedented. You need to go back to the Hitler’s Third Reich to find something similar.

      • Nancy’s “Just Say No” campaign wasn’t an attempt to force people to buy a product from the government, now was it? Public service ads, such as anti-drug use campaigns aren’t state propaganda. I don’t agree with Arthur that one need go back as far as Nazi Germany to find this kind of propaganda, but “Just Say No” doesn’t compare in the least bit.

      • I agree its like cabke tv if you dont like it turn it off. But I think his point was more to the fact that its a bombardment of cult like behavior in how obama comes at america vs. Nancy Reagan. Nancy was just not wanting to see the streets of Marion Barrys DC become the streets of America. She was educational he is not. She came on a couple times a day for a year? He has been on full time since 2008. Where does the funding for all his commercials come from? Tax payers , PAC? Doesnt matter either way sucks. When I saw Nancy for the first time I was think how kind this old lady is. When I saw Hussien for the first time I was thinking this isnt the right pic this guy isnt even black ( Of course he is part but you can tell its the least of his blood). how quickly i felt he was full of shart when he spoke. Bottom line theres a big difference between what obama is doing and what nancy did. On a footnote the war on drugs was a flop. We kept drug lords in power, helped inflate pricing making them richer as well as made felons out of nonviolent crimes. Although that war was a failure it clearly performed better than obummercare. How bout we stop spending money on all these bs plans stop giving money to the UN, stop earmarks, stop congress’ golden fleece benefits and stop giving money to foreign aid etc etc etc. This wont happen while Dems are in charge abd Ican safely say there is a lot more he is going to di befor ehe leaves. Imagine all the criminals he will pardon the day before he gets sent packing.

    • Fortunately, no one is buying any of it.

      And where the reich says they have X million signed up and Y to go? They’re blowing those numbers out of their butts. They won’t allow anybody a chance to verify just how many actually have signed up so it could be as few as 1 million and they say they have 3 million to go? I say they have five or 6 million to go.

  5. Sorry Coach Williams, I just lost ALL respect for you! Becoming a tool for The Obama Socialist Healthcare System, is unacceptable!!

  6. Hey, Allen West: I would gladly start thinking of you as an American Patriot instead of a Political Coward and American Traitor that displays himself as a Professional Political Bullshit Artist if you would start speaking out having a Kenyan born Muslim President that submitted a computer-generated Certificate of Live Birth as so-called proof of being born in Hawaii.
    You have no idea how many Americans like me are fed-up and pissed-off towards so-called American Patriots like you that keep your mouth shut and allow an illegal president to remain in the White House.
    You can speak out against Obama on all the issue you want, but until you start speaking out against his fake Certificate of Live Birth – you are just showing us that you are more concerned about not be called a Birther and therefore just protecting your ass.

    • There are much better ways to fight that battle. Take the anger down a notch and work with folks like Allen West to “WIN VOTES”, not turn off voters.

    • It’s bad to say but a lot of people out there today that have the power to make things happen just sit on their hands and do nothing to correct the problem.The main thing is that it starts with We the People not just one person.We as a Nation have got to stand against this person or persons and take them to their knees and get them out of office no matter what it takes before they destroy our country.We have to stand and fight and do our part to rid this country of evil.

  7. Nothing about college ball is liberal. Teamwork, do your best, no affirmative action on the courts. I’m in carolina, I’m a heels fan, I just puked on myself. I am shocked Roy. What a hypocrite. I can’t believe I am saying this…..I hope providence kicks yalls butts. I’ll never be able to look at him with any respect again.

  8. That’s the beauty of this failing ponzi scheme of zippy’s, the yutes ain’t buying into it… Ya gotta love it!

    I wouldn’t worry, the newly Republican-led Senate with the new rules laid down so recently by Minority Leader-to-be Reid, and the stronger than ever before Republican dominated House of Representatives will have the answers to all your woes, zippy.
    You’ll have the best seat in D.C. to wave bye bye to the disappearing single payer scheme that you spent all this time laying the groundwork for, with the seeming ineptitude you showed, first and foremost, stumbling your way through the presidentin’ as if you hadn’t a clue what you were doing, and the outright villainy of the people around you, plus the thousands of executive orders that didn’t make sense unless you looked at them from the standpoint of ‘suppose the aim IS to truly rip the guts out of everything Americans revere, and hold to be the pillars of our working republic.

    Strap yourself in, zippy, the change is kicking in in just about a year…

    Yippie Ki Yay…

  9. Hey West, former soldier, retired combat vet, how much does FOX pay you for political consulting ? Or how much for a speech CPAC? Do they fly you coach, put you up at the Super 8 and give you buy one get one free at Burger King?
    Also, why do you only mention over paid athletes and entertainers when you talk about income inequality ? We fans have no problem with ball players who barely speak English making 25m signing bonus. Why should you?

    • Funny how the ones with money that SUPPORT obama are defended by ones such as yourself yet the ones with money that disagree with obama should REDISTRIBUTE THEIR wealth.

  10. And I have lost all respect for Dan Rooney, owner of the Steelers, Obama’s puppet showing up on KDKA shilling the healthcare plan about which he obviously has no clue! We have so many major problems in this country and all POTUS can do is play gold, fill out BB brackets, campaign for his failed ocarenot and take vacations.

  11. The USA is being transforming into The MSA. The Marxist STATE of America. The Puppet in Chief and his Puppet Master Valerie Jarrett are slamming the steel boot of their Marxist State done on America. Their “Prize.” The Hugo Chavez play book is being read page by page. No, America we are not exempt from reality, nor history. The establishment of a Marxist State is often compared to turning on a food processor and tossing in raw meat. A bloody mess. The blood of citizens. Having a Dependent and Ignorant Class will make it easier for The State to tighten the noose around freedoms, liberties, Constitution, and our Bill of Rights. Their Savior has arrived and they are blind. The ghost of Chaves is smiling.

  12. Please leave Baseball Season alone! This is about the only thing I like on television these days, don’t ruin it for me by having to listen to an Obamacare Sale. Kinda like listening to a car salesman trying to sell you a lemon!


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