Obama is completely missing the point on Ukraine

President Obama just took to the podium to talk more about the situation in Ukraine, namely, Crimea. Do you think Putin really cares what Obama says?

I really don’t think Putin cares, or is listening.

Consequences for their actions? What? Sanctions on Russian officials? You really think that makes a difference to Putin? And we’re sending Vice President Joe Biden? Now, that’s really going to bolster confidence and spook Putin.

Exact a greater toll on the Russian economy? Then open up the Keystone XL Pipeline and more federal lands to natural gas exploration and send energy resources to Europe and Ukraine.

Obama said nothing about NATO expansion or restarting the missile defense shield. Just more “red line” rhetoric. We all know Putin “violated” international law — heck, he just invaded a sovereign nation!

Dire consequences, Mr. Obama, nobody cares what you say, and just so you know, those Russian oligarchs already moved their money and can vacation and shop in other places. The center of gravity here is energy resources!


    • actually , this circus clown is clueless to America when there’s a crisis or job that needs for the Americans to have in their future, but he has done nothing !!

  1. What a dam joke of a president this great nation has PERIOD! We got to rid our great nation of Obama PERIOD BEFORE ITS TO LATE!

  2. obama’s ONLY interest is to realize the demise of America and Western capitalism as envisioned by his own father that he expressed in ‘ Dreams From My Father ‘. He is like the shop-keeper Leland Gaunt in ‘Needful Things’ – He’s a stranger with a murky past who sets up a curio shop, and convinces assorted townsfolk that he has what they want. But what they actually get is something altogether different. Envy, division, and hatred ensue, leading to death and destruction. ” MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” , imam obama.

  3. Obama is so far over his head it’s not even funny. Smoking too much choom when you and I were standing the wall in the 80’s during the Cold War

      • damn!,2 years and 11 months is a long way to go to kick his damn black ass out of the White House

      • What we also need to do is take over the Senate in November so we can dry the ink in his pen and scramble the signal to his cell phone. I’m actually working on a calendar so I can mark off each day and the last week will have how many hours left before he is gone. Getting him out of office will be hard unless that witch Lois Lerner points the finger to Obama as being behind the targeting. And then of course we have Holder who won’t prosecute him. In November’s election,,,Nancy Pelosi needs to go, Durbin in our state needs to go (and that one maybe a tough one), Reid needs to go but he’s not up for re-election. All his yes people need to go in November that are up for re-election. Then we have better control and remove the crown from his head. He’s a narcissistic jerk.

  4. Gotta read the column by Andrew Napolitano on the situation in the Ukraine. American “intelligence (sic) officials,” instigated the recent uprising, our hands are dirty, there is even a recorded phone call where an American official admits as much. Don’t believe these war-mongers, all is not as it seems at first reading.

  5. I guess Republicans aren’t above letting a crisis go to waste. The Keystone PL is a red herring. It would take years to complete it, then you have liquify the gas, also build more ships to transport it. Don’t forget Keystone is a project to bring Canadian NG to the US. Sure it is a long term solution, but it isn’t a threat to Putin for at least a couple years. Even then, Russian NG would be cheaper to buy than whatever we could send over by ship. Not to mention that it is now springtime and the need for NG for heating is greatly reduced. I am not saying the Republicans shouldn’t use this opportunity to push the Keystone PL, but don’t fool yourselves thinking it will make any difference to Russia.

    • It’s been 2,000 days now since Transcanada first filed it’s application to build the Keystone XL pipeline. On March 22, 2012, President Obama stood in front of a pile of pipes in Cushing, Oklahoma and proclaimed, “I don’t want the energy jobs of tomorrow going to other countries. I want them here in the United States of America. And that’s what an all-of-the-above strategy is all about.” Now, nearly two years later, still no answer and the president continues to delay. He states one thing and works with the EPA to drag their heals and not get it done. He’s so full of BS.

      • for one thing i know is that obozo sides with EPA and he really is the biggest bullshitter when it comes to creating jobs if there ever were to have a pipeline to be build. he hasn’t done nothing about ever creating jobs since 2009 and what is he waiting for ??? time to kick his ass out and over the Potomac river !!!

      • Totally agree with you. Otherwise we are stuck with him for 2 years and 11 months more. Last Sunday on one of the news talk shows they brought up the Pipeline and how nothing was being done. The comment was made that Obama tells the people one thing about getting it worked on and goes and tells the EPA to put it down. Not one person on that panel, Left or Right, disagreed with that comment. You see more and more where the Left on these panels are starting to becoming discouraged with him.

      • Obummer doen’t think that gas and oil are the future, at least that’s what I remember him saying. He thinks that solar power is the future. Of course, I’ve NEVER believed a word he says. Even if he were to recite the Constitution, which I once raised my hand and swore to defend, I wouldn’t believe him because a man if more that what comes out of his mouth. A man is what he is. Now people are talking about the hot mic situation in which the entire world heard what Obummer said to Putin. No surprise there, but the spin on that was to “catch” Romney saying something he though was private. I don’t remember what Romney said, something about 50%? just don’t remember, but I know absolutely that I agreed with Romney 100%. I just wish that more and more people would learn not to trust Obama. Maybe some of the founding fathers were right? the common rabble is too ignorant to rule themselves? what a shame that the left has taken over our education system. I am rambling, but I find it hard to compartmentalize most things these days, sorry about that, but one thing that seems to be in common with most things US, these days, is a commander in chief who is the biggest ever mistake, anywhere. 🙁

      • Gunner you can ramble all you want. I do at times. You are saying the same things a lot of us have said. As far as our Education system,,,a lot of states are now starting to fight it. The problem is big corporation is setting in and defending it by putting out commercials on it. Bill Gates has sunk how much money into it? Our state we have representative against it, parents, teachers, teacher union and we are going to fight to get rid of it. Corporations and Federal Government does not belong in the education of our children.

    • PhilDirt to be honest I have no idea if i agree with you completely or disagree vociferously. While invoking the pipeline and calling it useless to the argument is disingenuous. I’ve been hearing from the left since 1991 no more wars for oil. This conflict is absolutely an energy crisis, but not for us. And the reasons you described such as length of time and infrastructure to implement instead of make untimely the remarks, make timing critical. It’s spring so we shouldn’t worry about natural gas-smh-. Okay grasshopper us ants know winter is coming right on schedule and we tend to prepare for such. Also if we need to build more ships all the better if you haven’t noticed some high paying union jobs wouldn’t hurt our economy to much right now (unless Obama has another Canadian buddy that owns a ship manufacturer). But the whole argument of intervention in this US fueled debacle is beyond me. We just need to get Obama out of office in a timely manner before his lack of diplomacy loses him the Cold War after it is already over.

  6. Here is Obama saying that Russia needs to abide by the Ukraine Constitution and LISTEN to the majority of what the people want. Seriously??? Perhaps Obama needs to follow his own advise and ABIDE by the US Constitution and LISTEN to what the MAJORITY of the American People want. Oh yes,,,Putin is shaking in his boots when Obama speaks,,,not. It’s more like Putin is thinking who the he$$ are you to tell me what to do when you have screwed up your own country, broke your own constitution and don’t listen to the majority of your own people as he was giving Obama the one finger salute. Maybe Putin will send Obama a “let’s make up gift”, a new pen and phone.

  7. Hold one. Putin invaded a sovereign nation? You mean like Iraq or Afghanistan? Oh and by the way, what business of ours is this anyway? Crimea was part of Russia, they gave it to Ukraine when both were part of the USSR. Now Russia wants it back. The people there want to go back. Done deal. That part of the world has been sorting and resorting their alliances and their allegiances for hundreds of years. They will continue to do so with or without our approval.

    • Gary, as long as the people want to go back to Russia that’s fine but as longa as blood shade involve then Putin, cant do what he want. so Saddam, is involve the Blood shade, people don’t like him The Kuwait do not like Saddam, Their for they ask for help. Iraqi people don’t like Saddam because he Is brutal leader. Afghanistan? want U.S.A in there because they want their children to be Educated not stupid and Saddam founding the terrorist to terrorizing the U.S.A. if the helpless people ask for help? who do you think is going to help them? of course the country who understand more about Humanitarian and the word of God. there for U.S.A and his allies come to help..

    • So the fact that the Ukraine disarmed according to a treaty signed by Russia, Ukraine, the US (Clinton) and Great Britain, were granted assurances their borders would not be changed and they would be defended, should be ignored and forgotten? I have no clue what the best course of action is right now, but I guess our word no longer means anything to our allies or our enemies. Pathetic.

  8. Gary, as long as the people want to go back to Russia that’s fine but as longa as blood shade involve then Putin, cant do what he want. so Saddam, is involve the Blood shade, people don’t like him The Kuwait do not like Saddam, Their for they ask for help. Iraqi people don’t like Saddam because he Is brutal leader. Afghanistan? want U.S.A in there because they want their children to be Educated not stupid and Saddam founding the terrorist to terrorizing the U.S.A. if the helpless people ask for help? who do you think is going to help them? of course the country who understand more about Humanitarian and the word of God

  9. I 150% agree with Gary! It’s none of our business. How many times have American forces stepped-in to provide citizens of other countries “assistance” or “humanitarian efforts”- some very genuine, but many not. Some have definitely been more political-driven than the average US citizen knows. If the Crimean people want to succeed from Ukraine & become a “sovereign nation”-let them. We cannot police the world and pick leaders for other countries- as we have historically done in many other countries. Putin is not stupid, and he is not a puppet, unlike our own President. And, yes, I do believe that Obama is using this as a “smoke-screen” … I am sure he is working on another “executive order” as all of this is happening.

    • It was this attitude that kept we Americans well un manned as a military under FDR and it nearly got us completly behind the eight ball… We had guys who could fly a plane who went to Canada and joined up with them and went to Europe and went against Hitler… If Germany had have over powered all of Europe, where do you think they would have come to afterwards…When the little rising SUN came to The Big Island and bombed our ships, eyes began to open…We had military like Jimmy Dolittle who told years before in his one prediction what he thought was going to happen in the world front; and it came true to the complete prediction…He was ridiculed by his peers and almost run out of DC…

  10. I don’t think it’s wise to comment yet on the decision. As we examine the decisions over the next 6 months, then I think we can look retrospectively on the situation. My sincere hope is that the sanctions will be enforced, not just threatened. Putin’s power play is reminiscent of WW2 type antics by the former USSR, so it is certainly necessary to be involved. Again, I hope this isn’t one of those flexible red lines, and what the administration is doing holds true.

    • Name one time this man called POTUS has ever followed through on a “promise”, ‘red line’, except for skyrocketing energy prices,

      • I agree with that Annie, but it’s this as an initial step, or war. Which is the lesser of two evils?

      • Just saying sanctions won’t be enforced or will be meaningless and Ukraine will be taken over by Russia. This pres. is on the side of Russia.

    • It’s more like Hitler’s antics prior to WW2, when Britain and Europe gave up Czechoslovakia to keep him out of the rest of Europe. We know how that turned out.

    • It is barry’s plan to divide up this country. He would like nothing better than to see CA, NM, AZ and Texas to go back to Mexico, barry truly believes they should have stayed Mexican and we had no right at the time to take it from them.
      He believes that The northwest states should go to china to pay off the debt he has incurred. And the rest of the states to the muslims for their caliphate

      • CA, NV, UT approximately half of NM, 2/3rds of AZ, and 1/4 of CO were purchased from Mexico for $15 million in1848 as part of a treaty agreement known as the Mexican Cession. In 1853, the US paid Mexico another $10 million for the Gadsden Purchase which included the southern 1/3rd of AZ and a small chunk of the SW border of NM. Call it what you want, but it ended up as a land deal in exchange for cash. So, it wasn’t “taken”. It was purchased.

      • That’s correct,but barry sees it as a bad deal and he “thinks” it should be given back. Just like it feels this whole country is illegitimate. Made on the backs of the poor and slaves. Not to mention Chinese immigrants. barry also claims that the country had a lots of muslims here also. When the truth is that the slaves themselves, were mostly muslim and converted to Christians later on.
        barry feels that it should be given to the muslims because in his mind they made us what we are today.
        I think barry is demented. but that’s just my opinion

      • $25 Million in gold-backed currency 160+ years ago was a sizable chunk of cash. Math is just one thing in a long list that Bathhouse Barry can’t comprehend. I agree with you, the pResident is demented.

  11. O’liar misses the point on a lot of things. He is nothing but a green horn community organizer. He can’t be called a President, he is very incompetent and all he knows what to do is spend other people’s money and party. He has no military experience, ’cause he was too busy smoking pot and sniffing heroin, maybe that is why he misses the point always, the drugs fried his brain and he is only functioning on two brain cells.

  12. To all the people that support Russian invasion in Crimea because they gave in to Russian propaganda that Russia used to have Ukraine, let me point out your flaw in logic. Just because England held the 13 colonies, does it give them the right to come back and seize them from America? Or does Mexico have the right to seize or South Western States, and have the world respond “well that used to be Mexican territory”. Or can Russia claim that they want Alaska back and the world will say, well that used to be Russian land?
    I know conservative people are smart, so please don’t give in to communist propaganda.

    As a Ukrainian tea party American, let me inform you a little bit about the elections in Crimea. The Russian military took over the parliament, out of the 100 congressional members their, Russia forbid the entrance to 19 who were Western leaning. Then a proseccesionist (whose party held only 3 positions), was appointed as Crimea’s Prime Minister (and the previous one was forced to step down). From then on, all the voting happened behind closed doors, with 18 gunmen supervising them, and no media was allowed to enter the parliament. So then the 81 congressmen “decided” to hold a referendum, where people had only 2 options to choose from: 1) Independence from Ukraine, or 2) Join Russia. No option to choose to stay with Ukraine. As a result Ukrainians, Russian Refugees and Crimean Tatars boycotted the referendum. However, to hide the truth, all Ukrainian and western media was banned in Crimea and Russian state media refused to show the protests of the opposition, Russia refused to allow international observers. When the vote was announced, the Russian media reported that they expect an 80 percent turn out, and despite nearly half of Crimean population boycotting the referendum, there was an “80 percent” turnout. Its not hard to see that the elections were extremely rigged, and the people do not want to join Russia.

    I’d like to thank Alan West from pointing out the weakness of Obama’s administration response. US should take advantage of this and bring in US exports of Natural gas. Open the Keystone pipeline. Isolate the Putin administration. Expand NATO. Put an imbargo on Russia and use Reaganomics to bankrupt the Putin regime.

    I was really suprised that Obama responded, as the pro-Russian party is in coalition with the Communist party.

    • Thank you for getting the truth out. It however does not surprise me as this is the same strategy that is done here in the US to get democrats elected.
      what barry tells putin behind closed doors is probably supportive of putin’s actions. barry does things to make it look like he is trying, but ineffectually at best.

      • It wouldn’t surprise me if Obama is in with Putin on this. And what about when he was in a meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, South Korea, when a microphone inadvertently caught Obama telling Medvedev, “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this can be solved, but it’s important for him to give me space,” him being incoming Russian President Vladi­mir Putin. Obama continued, “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.” They milked that comment over but I wonder what is the truth about it. Obama has been nothing but a pathological lair in office and of course he was one before he was even elected.

      • What happens behind closed doors and closed microphones, I am sure would astonish all of us.
        I have no doubt in my mind that barry is just going through the motions of caring. You are correct as far as I can tell

      • I wish one of those lap dog reporters would ask him about that. Not that he’d answer with the truth.

      • What gets me is he was so sure he was going to win the election. Of course that is part of a narcissistic personality. Lap dog reporters are only puppets. 12:00 noon, January 20, 2017 just can’t come fast enough.

      • I’m sure that also occurred to many people..he sounded exactly like he knew he’d be elected. It is astonishing to me that no one called him out on that and that he has not yet been impeached for treason.

      • The House can impeach him but the Senate will never convict him. If they can get Lerner to say who was behind the IRS targeting and his names comes up then they have him. And in November we need to take those seats and kick the Dems out.

    • Thank you so much for the information. So many Americans that vote don’t seem to have any idea what “voting” actually means around the world. Keep informing as many as you can.

      • In what democratic election can someone get even 90 percent of the vote? These “majority” votes happen only in communist nations with extremely rigged. Even in the most liberal cities like San Francisco, they barely get 80 percent of the vote, and you expect a state (Crimea), which had a larger Russian population in 1991 vote overwhelming to stay with Ukraine vs Russia (yes they has this referendum before), it was 54 percent for Ukraine vs 41 percent for Russia, and after 23 years of Ukrainianisatiom and demographic changes would all of a sudden vote 97 percent to join Russia?

      • 16 upvotes shows either a lack of knowledge or selective memory from those commenters. “Coalition of the willing” never had UN or Nato backing. Noted NATO ally Canada did not follow the US in Iraq but they did in Afghanistan. Then Premier Jean Chretien only reason not to request authorization from parliament was the lack of UN mandate. Feel free to look it up.

      • You are incorrect there were 29 countries that took part in the gulf war. You’re free to look it up

    • Are you serious? WE had UN approval to invade Iraq along with all of congress Democrats and Republicans. And they all had the same information to base their decision on that Bush had. But Obama did invade Libya illegally and Syria, he had no support or legal ground for what we did in those countries. Do some research geeez.

    • Nope… How old are you? Probably not around during ‘Desert Storm’? Things make more sense when looking at history, and context. You might dig a bit deeper, and try to get a more complete pictture of events, than just parroting left-wing sophistry…. Also ‘illegal’ is often the term used by those who don’t agree. It becomes a circular argument with no way out. The better question is ,… is ti right? Legal arguments often end in a perverted and wrong judgment. ‘Legal’ can often justify what is immoral,.. and paralyze what is morally right. ‘Jim Crow’ laws were ‘legal’, but were morally wrong. Abortion is ‘legal’, but in most cases is morally wrong.

      Tyranny, murder (killing without a morally-right cause,.. and theft can often be made to appear ‘legal’. International laws are even less binding than laws of nations. Certainly Putin feels no constraints by Obama’s, USA or UN definition of ‘legal’ when it comes to Crimea? It’s a non-issue. There is no one to enforce legality anyway?
      But I think a better case can be made for the morally right-or- wrong jjudgment of the case. The morality of the action gets closer to the truth. In this case the consequence might only be shunning by other nations. And some nations make no difference, which is the status what the USA is becoming with Obama foreign and domestic policies.
      Maybe you just need to study history a bit more? Just sayin’

      [email protected]

  13. I don’t care what Obama does….I actually don’t want him to do ANYTHING…b/c then he’ll get credit for doing something good. Keep invading Vlad! 2016 can’t come fast enough!

  14. The Marxist brat isn’t missing the point at all. Remember his hot mike issue with the then Russian president during the 2012 elections? As of now he is just posturing, bloviating, and applying “financial sanctions” after the fact that the Russians transferred their funds out of harm’s way.

  15. Obama talks about Ukraines sovereignty. Yet his CIA payed for the uprising so a banker friendly western puppet can be put into office. Just like in Egypt, Lybia and still trying in Syria. The real target is Iran. Putin knows what is up and will not allow it. Obama is the one destabilizing the region. It is Obama that will cause WW3.

    • U sound pro Russian in your Statement. News for you Bud, the People spoke but Putin aren’t going to have it, he wants Ukraine and nobodies going to stop him. So much for Obama being the Leader of the Free World, Putin and his Autocratic Allies run the show.

      • Putin does NOT want Ukraine. Ukraine is a bankrupt disaster with corrupt leadership and nothing to recommend it except debt and unruly residents. Putin already got what he wanted, the Crimea and a warm water port.

      • True its Bankrupt but we know why, Putins puppet, who the Ukraine people kicked out before Russia invaded. Best bet for the Ukraine is to get Putin out of their and finally they get to join the EU and get out of their mess.

      • I’m no fan of Russia. Just looking at the facts. Obama was pushing to attack Syria and Putin put a stop to it. Now Obama tried to take away Putin’s warm water port in the Black sea and Putin put a stop to that. Obama installs a puppet in Ukraine and plans to bring Ukraine into NATO. Putin will put a stop to that

      • You know why, Putin loves having control and influence, and would do anything to keep anyone from stopping him. Ukraine rise up against Tyranny and took control of their country, and Putin wasn’t going to let it happen. No room for pro western nations in Putin’s Spare. I don’t like Obama for his polices but I can’t see anyone, in par with Putin. Remember Hitler people were saying the same thing, ** He was taken back German lands for Germans and people in Europe wanted Hitler.

      • It does look that way. But now I think this is just all staged. To get us into WW3. I recall the hot mic insident between Obama and the Russian President Mevedev. Then there is Obama cutting our Military and his weak pathetic response to Putin. I think Obama has sold Euope and America out.

      • True, but I always thought of it as a way were, President Obama didn’t want a thing to do with Putin. Remember the reset button, what a joke. Now he’s in a box, ether forget that reload button or pretend that Putin is Afraid of using his own muscle to get what he wants. Everyone knows Russia wants the old Soviet Union back.

  16. Us doing nothing here just gives Russia and the rest of the world to go after Israel. Of course God will protect Israel.

  17. If Putin is allowed to invade sovereign Countries why doesn’t the US occupy Mexico, no more immigration problems no need for border patrol end the Mafia’s reign and we get some great vacation beaches. No more hidden US factories.

    • No, Putin gave the Mexicans an idea. The Mexicans will call for elections in the Southwest of USA and with all the illegals there the Mexicans will vote to join Mexico and will win thanks to all the self hating liberal whites that join in. Voila the Southwest of USA is back in Mexico’s hands. Then after a few years the Southwest will become the same s#!t hole Mexico is and they will start moving into what is left of the US. But then again maybe by then the US will be a socialist dictatorship under one party – the democrats and there won’t be any jobs for the Mexicans – besides even Mexicans don’t want to be poverty stricken serfs. The Americans will move into Mexico where they uphold their immigration laws and the Americans will be put in jail to rot and die. A great correction is coming that will make WWII look like two tiny itsy bitsy skirmishes. But that’s a great idea for liberals to hope for as that will drastically reduce population of mother earth to sustainable levels – you know maybe 20 million – all socialists praying to their new Gods Karl, Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

  18. It embarrassing the presidents USA has chosen in the last few years, from bad to worst! hahaha, From a womanizer, to a poor idiot that couldn’t even talk, to a pussycat. what’s next?

    • It’s too easy and lazy just to sit and criticize our Presidents. I believe George W. Bush was a good President,, and a good man,… a class-act. The same can’t be said of Obama,… or you. Who among you is perfect,… and without sin,.. or faults and flaws? We don’t elect gods. They’re all just flawed human beings. It’s mainly their ideas and vision of life that matters. What is your vision of life? Or do you only pleasure in poking holes in others,… so as to not draw attention to your own holes?


      [email protected]

  19. You make me sick Allen, We have no interest in Ukraine. You are supporting Western creep. The West may be the Evil Empire. We should not spend a dime on Ukraine. The Neo-Nazis should not get support from the USA.

    • Tomas,
      I don’t know why you think this,.. and what life experience you have, that would lead you to draw such an errant conclusion? Maybe you’re just a fool uninterested in reality? Or maybe you’ve just been indoctrinated in false information? I hope that you study the issue a bit more, with an humble heart and open mind? Check my replies to ‘Barry’, and ‘Koowah’ in above posts. Maybe you are open to learning? Maybe you don’t care? I doubt you understand God loves you?


      [email protected]

  20. Looking at history, we have invaded, both publicly and clandestinely, other sovereign foreign countries, so who are we to point fingers? Also, Russia has business there and we are obnoxiously inserting our big nose into something that is none of our business, once again. Our own country is going downhill. What are we trying to fix in the Ukraine? and Why? We lose nothing but money and gain more enemies around the world.

    • Barry,

      I appreciate
      your view,… but it’s a bit short-cited? Yes, America has problems,
      and imperfections especially in the area of moral-confusion. But what
      nation is perfect? America is still a leading ‘light’ for the
      ‘idea’ of Freedom,..private property, less government, economic
      and Individual rights and liberty.

      don’t always live up to the ideal,.. but these ideas are unique in
      history,… and America has taken the leading role in providing
      opportunity for freedom and prosperity for the greatest number
      of it’s citizens,.. in comparison to a world that’s mostly not
      free and with opportunity to the extent that we are.

      Have you
      done some traveling? Have you been to Ukraine? I’ve been to Ukraine
      several times during the last 12 years,.. I speak some Russian
      (not fluent), .. and I have many Russian AND Ukrainian friends
      in Ukraine. I love my Russian and Ukrainian friends,
      so I think I can speak objectively, without bias to either
      group. For the most Russians and Ukrainians already, live peacefully
      with each other.

      It’s not the Russian people, but rather
      Putin, and Russian Oligarchs who covet more power, wealth, and
      territory,.. and they use old bitterness from
      (WWII) to create fear and distress in Russians living in Ukraine,…
      Using media propaganda, false claims of Anti-Semitism,.. closing
      opposing media (TV),.. threats of energy reduction, and military
      intimidation, in order to force sham elections (referendums), and to
      gain more territory, wealth, and power.

      This is a great
      concern to me!,.. though I understand why it seems in consequential
      to you.

      much as some Americans might want to live
      ‘isolated’ from the
      world,… inevitably these type of aggressions by someone like
      Putin,… is very reminding of history,… and the
      woeful consequences to nations seemingly very far away?

      ,this scenario seems distant now in light of new technologies, and
      global markets,… which make us more interlinked and connected
      than at any previous time in history,…… then imagine how
      events in
      Europe and Asia, 70-80 years ago must have seemed,…
      like they were on another planet compared to today!
      Nonetheless, as
      much as Americans wanted to stay out of these far-away
      conflicts then,…. events boiled-over into global conflicts
      which couldn’t be escaped ,… no matter how far away they were!

      couldn’t escape them then, and we can’t escape them now. We can only
      work for a peaceful resolution.

      This is the problem with
      an isolationist position? Of course, you want to mitigate
      conflicts, if possible with diplomacy, and economic tools,.. and
      hope to avoid a greater conflict. But inevitably — if you want
      freedom,…then it usually has to be fought for, even when the
      fighting might be half-way around the
      world .

      wish it were not so,… but that’s the nature of men and of the
      world. There is spiritual darkness, and evil. There will always
      be despots that have no constraints on their desire for power
      and dominance.
      History has shown us that their appetite
      is never quite sated,… and they usually don’t know when to
      ‘stop’,.. until a stronger force has the will to stop them.!

      look at and study history. It continues to repeat
      itself over-and-over again.

      thinking doesn’t change it a bit.

      That’s why basic forces for
      good, such as America, in a leading role,.. and others like Canada,
      Europe democracies,… now including Japan, India, South
      Korea, Australia,.. and some other democratic-based nations,….
      must stand-up to all despots and tyranny.

      Whenever despotic
      aggression is appeased and allowed to continue, it usually draws a
      greater-and-greater appetite for dominance over others.

      doesn’t give people more freedom, but rather tries
      to dominate and
      control more-and-more people,.. AGAINST THEIR WILL.

      You may
      say this is the same as the actions of USA,.. but history
      proves you wrong, if your read of history is taken ‘IN CONTEXT’,. and
      not just misinformation and information intentionally twisted to
      diminish American ideals, .. which has been happening to
      textbooks in our public schools,.. and in much of
      and media during the last several years.

      There has
      been a deliberate attempt to re-educate people to a perverse,
      Socialist (big-government), anti-capitalist, anti-free-market,
      race-baiting, and
      untrue ‘politically correct’ spin of history.,,
      It’s just propaganda meant to undermine the basic
      principles of
      truth and individual freedom.

      I’m old
      enough to have observed the ups-and-downs of our media, information,
      and educational systems. I’m also mixed-race (black-and-white), and
      lived in ‘Jim Crow’ era,.. so I have a clear view of those issues,
      but I’m not hindered by immoral race bitterness. I was not always so,
      bu now I’m a Christian Conservative. I thank God,… and I hope I can
      help fellow travelers see the stumbling blocks on the road
      freedom,… and help them avoid the road to

      Ukraine matters greatly! America has the
      power, in the form of our HUGE energy resources (oil , natural
      gas, LPG- Liquid propane gas), and
      fracking technology,… to help
      give more freedom to Ukraine’s people,.. both Russians and Ukrainians
      living there,…. and release them from the energy-coercion clutches
      of Putin’s (and Russian oligarchs) autocratic designs.

      This will
      also expand our own economic opportunities and jobs growth and
      and help to release us from the clutches of
      big-government dependency.

      It’s very important to
      remember that Putin CAN BE STOPPED without even firing a
      shot,… IF we will have true leadership, and allow our
      to use our greatest weapon, our ENERGY RESOURCES– oil and

      Also remember that if such steps were
      taken early-on inst despots such as Stalin,
      Hitler, and the
      Japanese Empire before WWII,… we might have avoided
      the horrific
      cataclysm, destruction, and 50 million deaths?

      learn from history,… or we’ll inevitably repeat the

      can easily become a
      world-wide conflict, if we don’t work for
      peace through our
      greatest strength,… our own natural and creative
      (oil,natural gas) .

      In the end we gained victory in WWII
      because we ‘out-produced’ the Nazi
      and Japanese empires with our
      natural and creative resources….. we
      did the same to defeat the
      Former Soviet Union to end the Cold War. Putin thinks the fall of
      the Soviet empire was the greatest tragedy of the last century! And
      he wishes to restore the Soviet empire,.. don’t laugh,… if
      freedom-loving nations — particularly America, is weak,… He will
      do it!

      If we are wise we can defeat his plans to re-enslave
      FSU nations, by using our greatest tool and weapons,.. our economic
      strength, springing from our NATURAL AND CREATIVE RESOURCES– our
      energy! We can do it ‘preemptively’, without firing a
      dealing with Putin’s dreams of empire (along with his cohorts,
      Iran, and Syria).


      [email protected]

  21. What was done to Serbia set the stage, Putin’s actions were bloodless, not so during the devastating bombing of Serbia. A totally illegal action as NATO can only act in defense of a NATO member that has been attacked. No NATO nation was ever attacked and NATO under an American general was our proxy army. Why?? To give Germany the mines at Mitrovica, now controlled by Germany and run by their WW2 toadies, the albanians. Now we are again beating the war drums for the benefit of Germany and the E.U. Does anyone else find this disturbing?

    • Koowah,
      Do you support Putin’s actions, … seemingly based on the pretext of old blood-libles from WWII?
      I love my Russian and Ukrainian friends living In Ukraine. Is it possible that these 2 groups can live in peace with each other? I have seen that it seems so, if there is not constant stirring-up of old feuds. blaming, and bitterness. But this seems to be more of a conflict of political ideas, than of ethnic conflict. All people are subject to mindless ‘bitterness’. But God gives us a mind to reason and understand,.. and His Spirit can show the humble-heart about love,.. His Love and acceptance in Jesus Christ.

      But many prideful people will miss it,.. and Putin’s move seems so obviously a power play on his part. Maybe he has also exploited some bitterness by some Ukrainians who seek freedom from Russia’s dominance, too. Some emotional statements by some Ukrainians can easily be used as propaganda (covering the true motives for Putin’s aggression)?

      I was not as attentive and informed during the Kosovo (Balkans) conflict,..and I’m still a bit confused about it? …Can you give me an objective,…. non-ehtnic, non-agenda driven assessment of that situation/history?
      Or do have you a hardline-side already taken, based on your own, or family experience,.. or ethnic bitterness?

      Since I love both Russian and Ukrainian friends, and I harbor no bitterness toward either group, I think I can give a somewhat fair assessment of the situation there? But I know that my judgment is limited, and not perfect. No one’s judgment is perfect,.. except for God’s judgment.

      But I wish to see a more complete picture, so there might be a way found for forgiveness and peace?

      We are not ‘drumming’ to go to war with Russia.
      But I propose that we release our own huge Energy Resources (oil and natiral gas) which is held up by the Obama Administration’s (DOE) extreme-environmentalist policies,.
      Thiis alone would give pause to Putin and Russian oligarchs,.. by reducing prices,. and availing Europe and Ukraine of more Energy! We can also avail them of our energy technology (Fracking oil and natural gas, (LPG), allowing them to produce their own energy,…. which will free them from too much dependence on energy from Russia.
      Unfortunately, Russian energy has been used by Putin as a weapon of intimidation to cower Ukraine, and Europe.
      Perhaps you think this is a good thing? I do not. I want to see as much economic/political freedom and prosperity available to all freedom-loving people as possible..
      But it’s seems Putin is using a bit of gangsterism, and propaganda (shutting-down opposition media, and proponents),… typical of all despots, and despotic ideas. giving locals only one-sided news — much like our Leftist ‘Main-Stream-Media’ here in America.

      I’m open to your ideas about it, and about economic freedom (free-market), and prosperity. Are you against this?

      -Boyd .


      [email protected]

      • Having spent a lot of time in Ukraine over the past 5 years I can share what I found to be some of the answer. During these years the Ukraine economy contracted substantially. The cause was clearly the looting of the economy by the 50 or so oligarchs that control about 60 percent of the wealth of the country. The corrupt governments supported these guys. A number of them are Russians.
        The country is in open revolt as is seen by the success of the “Students Revolution” that recently drove the President to flee to Russia. That revolution also must have sparked Putin to action as the new government was clamping down on these oligarchs. Given time the failed economy in Crimea and elsewhere, the new government could , and can, repair the damage caused by the prior government of cronies of Putin. So, using the ethnic mix of Crimea as the excuse, he empowered the bullies to take over.
        Sadly, he is likely to try to extend his game to takeover the rest of the country, and the west is unwilling to stop him.

      • Yours is a very long reply. Ukraine is complex issue. The U.S. response is to immediatly recognize, and have to the White House, a man not elected, but put in a position of authority by mob rule. How this will unfold can only be known when legitimate elections are held. As for Putin, he took advantage of the situation and seems to have achieved his goal. Again, how this unfolds is not truly known. I beleive Crimia will become part of Russia, politicians will bluster and then move on. The U.S. played it’s hand poorly and has slipped in world opinion. As for Serbia, over 500 cilvilians died in an illegal operation. As I stated this set the stage for what Putin has done with former Gerogian provinces and Crimia. I have no dog in any of these fights, I watch with interest, and comment on what is hyprocrisy. Our press has not been honest in the coverage of events in Ukraine, but then, neither have the Russians. As for the Ukraine, when two dogs fight over a rabbit, it is the rabbit who looses.

  22. OK America…. did we wake-up yet??

    Obama is, and always has been, a ‘political prostitute’. He’s a feckless fool when it comes to foreign policy, and standing-up for freedom. Leadership? He doesn’t have a clue about it! He’s been ‘check-mated’ by Putin,… but the game is not over. America has work to do in protecting our own freedom,.. as well as standing four-square behind freedom-loving people around the world,… starting with Ukraine.
    I’m not ‘surprised’ at all, having close contact with many Ukrainian and Russian friends in Ukraine during the past 12 years. They understand Obama is feckless, … weak for freedom, and Putin is a strong despot. They believe America is the last-best hope to unchain freedom to people everywhere. They don’t understand why many seem Americans hold their freedom and prosperity so ‘frivolously’, so casually,… as if it’s the natural state of affairs in the world, …. easily attained and maintained?
    What’s ominous is that America is precariously close to losing it, because of the careless, moral-decline o1f it’s people. THAT’S WHY Obama got elected,… TWICE,..!

    Despite the Obama’s administration hand-wringing claims of ‘illegal’ aggression by Putin,.. Putin and his oligarchs BELIEVE they have the ‘moral-highground’, and they’re not about to give it up to assuage Obama! They are also the masters of propaganda — easily putting Obama’s bald-faced lies to shame.

    There’s only one thing that will slow-down Putin,…. POWER! Not just adept hard-ball handling of diplomacy (which the Obama administration sorely lacks),… But power as in consumable ENERGY!!

    We must ‘release-the-grease’.,.. and what better cause than to supply not just ENERGY to the world, but to avail FREEDOM to people struggling to be free and prosperous!! At the same time it will give us the REAL power to oppose despots,.. and increase our own prosperity!!

    It’s a WIN-WIN,… except for the former Soviets who poured out of the FSU when the ‘Iron-Curtain’ fell,… and they took over Green-Peace and other Left-Wing Environmentalist organizations.
    Just as Mikhail Gorbachev summarily founded the San Francisco-based ‘Green Cross International’ organization– an early promoter of ‘Climate Change’ nonsense,… and was designed to promote ‘Social Justice’ in connection with extreme-environmentalist agenda to reduce ENERGY PRODUCTION in the West,.. especially the USA!,…. Gorbachev always contended the Former Soviet Union did NOT LOSE the Cold War,… they just changed ‘tactics’,… to attack America’s rich Energy resources, and ability to out-produce despotic regimes.
    This is exactly what Putin also believes,.. as he wields ‘energy resources’ as his only real weapon against the West!!
    Not withstanding our own feckless leadership in Obama and the Democrats ,.. and many isolationist ‘Independents’, who in-effect give power to the Democrats by their opposition to Republicans.
    Putin has the same sense that the greatest tragedy was the fall of the Soviet Union.
    So now in cahoots with China, Iran, and other unfriendly-to-freedom players,…. with the threat of oil/natural gas shortages to Europe,… with a weakkneed, bloviating, morally-confused US President and Democrat Party, and voting public…. the time is right for a bold move into Ukraine. We’ll see if the American voting public witll ‘wake-up’,… or if they’d rather focus on games and amusements ,..like ‘March-Madness’, while Europe and Asia stumble towards diminished freedom,.. and possibly another world-war scenario?

    Ironically, we could easily stop Putin! But Obama is
    an idiot,… stupid and foolish ‘political prostitute’,.. NOT a wise
    leader. The simple solution is to allow Americans to drill and retrieve
    our own huge energy resources. We have many energy permits
    stuck in bureaucratic DOE red-tape, which Obama could release
    immediately!! This would diminish Russian Oil/Natural Gas prices
    immediately…..and weaken political leverage of Putin and Russian
    oligarchs tremendously!
    We MUST immediately open our huge energy
    resources to export to Eiurope, and Ukraine,… which would alleviate their fears
    about reduced energy supplies which Russia sells to them. It’s a very simple
    and powerful step to stand against Putin!
    He CAN be stopped now,..
    just as Hitler’s Nazis, and the Japanese empire could have easily
    been stopped prior to WWII,.. but the Western Allies were timid, and
    afraid of war, so they capitulated to early signs of aggression, ‘hoping’ they would stop, but not giving them a real reason to stop their aggression… which
    only lead to more terrible destruction later! OUR GREATEST WEAPON
    NOW IS OUR ENERGY RESOURCES, and we can easily use this to stop
    It only depends on if we believe in Left-Wing Extreme Environmentalists, and their prostitute, Obama and the Democrat Party,…. OR if we believe in FREEDOM, and Prosperity, through the power of our own Natural and Creative RESOURCES??

    We have elections soon, which will allow us to help
    Ukraine Freedom more. For now we (Republicans and conservative
    Americans) must put more pressure on Obama,..and Left-Wing Anti-Freedom-Extreme Environmentalists and agencies like DOE,.. to release OUR Energy resources!

    So I continue to hope that America will WAKE-UP,.. and support more Freedom
    here, … and in Ukraine and Russia!


    [email protected]

  23. Listening to Obama speak about foreign affairs is like listening to amateur hour. Heck listening to him talk about anything domestic is called the liars club.

  24. haha….I live in Dubai. The Russian’s here could care less about OBAMA. They think he is a joke. and 95% of Crimean’s WANT to be part of Russia. So…just butt out..and I doubt the Russian’s money is going to the USA…hell…we will be BEGGING them to come shop- to help our economy. As an American Expat, I have learned a lot about how the world perceives us…and I TRIED to tell all the Dems back home that Obama was NOT well respected abroad, but they THOUGHT Mitt was the joke. The Joke IS Obama.

  25. As I understand it Obama and his robots were behind the ousting of the Ukraine president that created this mess…I am sure Mr. Putin knows Obama was incorporating Ukraine into his Arab spring world take over scheme…Putin is doing what he can to protect Russia from the Hitler in the white house…If America doe not wake up soon it will be too late…

    • The Tatars who are the ones most vocal about being free of Russia and part of the EU are muslims. You nailed it the Ukraine is part of the Caliphate mission. Putin was dead on right to move to protect Russia. I am no fan of Putins but the truth is the truth.

  26. It does no take a rocket scientist to see that Obama is dismantling the muslim governments and installing the muslim brotherhood..This is the beginning of the caliphate… Obama is the head of this caliphate serpent…I am sure Mr putin is aware of what Obama is doing….

    How can the American people condemn Putin for wanting to protect his country and countrymen and ignore Obama’s Arab spring war mongering…
    Do We no longer know good from evil.???..

    • I actually agree with you. Not a Putin fan but he is no push over and he knows the enemy is islam. Further he has vowed to protect the Russian Orthodox Christians. Obama smiles every time a Christian is slaughtered.

      Good is now being called evil and evil is now being called good.

    • Strange as it may sound though…the USA should be supporting the Muslim Brotherhood for now as the alternative is Putin. To oppose them would in essence cede the entire Middle East to Russian dominance and hurt the USA more than the Brotherhood ever could. The Brotherhood can them be dealt with in the next round.

  27. I keep hearing people refer to Obama as “dumb”, “stupid”, “idiotic”, etc., He may be a POS but he is far from any of these things or he would have not made it this far over 5 years. He has every agency heavily armed and doing his bidding without much resistance from anyone. He has had the ATF raid/attack 2 Gun Manufactures this week and numerous ammo manufactures this year even against court orders without so much as a chirp from the American crickets!

  28. When we watched the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, there was a lot of bombing, killing, retribution, prisoner abuse. Where is the evidence of this Russian invasion? Our press “lied” to us in Britain, there were no weapons of mass destruction, Afghanistan… I have no idea what that was about, there is no such thing as a moderate Syrian, Libyan jihadist and there is no such thing as a nice nazi. When I see conclusive evidence, I will believe there’s an invasion.

    • ? Did you notice the tanks and soldiers? Have followed the transition of GVT in Ukraine? My relative live in Ukraine. They are not lying to me.

  29. (Translated Google Translator) Miroslav Pech, Czech Republic, Praha – America Ronald Regan and I am grateful for the downfall of communism in my country, USA here in the Czech Republic in Central Europe přineli freedom 3x. For the first time in 1918, when the Czech repuliky created by contributing U.S. President Woodrow Wilson. After the 1945 liberation from the Nazis and the third time in the fall of communism in 1989, thanks to the U.S.. I would like to express gratitude to the USA and its people. My land was occupied 40 years Russia, America, brought her freedom. God Bless America and you also. ([email protected])

  30. (Translated Google Translator) Miroslav Pech, Czech Republic, Praha – America Ronald Regan and I am grateful for the downfall of communism in my country, USA here in the Czech Republic in Central Europe brought freedom 3x. For the first time in 1918, when the Czech repuliky created by contributing U.S. President Woodrow Wilson. After the 1945 liberation from the Nazis and the third time in the fall of communism in 1989, thanks to the U.S.. I would like to express gratitude to the USA and its people. My land was occupied 40 years Russia, America, brought her freedom. God Bless America and you also. ([email protected])

  31. Allen you’re not even an effective useful idiot. What are you gunna do, export natural gas across the Atlantic? You think you’re going to affect the demand, the price, the timing? Dopey.

  32. Justa a reminder, think what happened to the last despot to invade a sovereign neighbor! For those with a short memory, that was Iraq under Hussain who ended up at the end of a rope!
    This is EXACTLY why the relentless attack and abasing and neutering of our military is wrong! Obviously the world does need a “policeman”. The UN can NEVER fulfill that role so Putin is trying to take their place. I would much prefer the morals and integrity and respect for humanity that comes from American military might than Russian!

  33. You know what else is also about the energy (and is actually related to this because of the Russian angle)? Syria and Egypt. The relevance of those areas, plus Ukraine is: if Putin’s allies get control of Syria and Egypt, that allows Putin to consolidate his monopoly on natural gas supplies to Western Europe. The Ukraine situation also has the added issue of getting the last bit of farmland needed for Russia to become for all intents and purposes self-sufficient on food staples. That is why I see Ukraine as relevant to the USA; however, for the same reason…and this may seem controversial on a conservative forum like this one…I see it as necessary for the Muslim Brotherhood to defeat regimes that are allied with Putin first—then deal with the Brotherhood ourselves to get pro-NATO governments in place.

    Nothing in the world happens in a vacuum…nothing! Everything must be viewed in the paradigm of a complex and tangled web.

  34. What John Kerry said – “You just don’t invade another country on phony pretext in order to assert your interests,”

    What Vladimir Putin should have said – “You’re right WE don’t, that’s YOUR thing”.

  35. You do understand the ridiculous amounts of money it would cost to ship NG and oil to Europe? Gasoline is already ~5US$/Litre in Europe, shipping it would double the cost in 3 months. I think we’re all waiting to hear your resolution to this issue in the Ukraine, or, is it nothing more than incompetent rhetoric backed by a convoluted, and blinkered understanding of foreign affairs. I’m guessing it is the latter. Also, you may want to recall, the Crimeans VOTED in a referendum to join Russia. 96% of them in fact.


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